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Verizon Prepaid Wireless Prepaid Service Review


Verizon Wireless is the largest cellular carrier in America, with more than 100 million subscribers. In late 2010 they became the second U.S. carrier to launch an LTE network, and currently operate the nation's largest LTE network. They also launched VoLTE services in mid 2014, which allows for HD Voice calling and video calling in-network.

Pros: Verizon prepaid offers not only pay-as-you-go and monthly prepaid plans, but it also offers its prepaid data plans for tablets and hotspots, with plenty of additional mobile data options.

Cons: The straight pay-as-you-go option is extremely expensive, with calls at $0.25/minute and texts at $0.20/text.

Lowest Price Per Anytime Minute: $0.25  

Plans: Verizon Wireless offers three different prepaid monthly plans: two for basic phones and one for smartphones. Their basic plans range from $35 - $45 depending on whether you need unlimited minutes. Their smartphone plan is $45, but there are different categories for 4G phones and slower 3G phones. Their pay-as-you-go plans range from a flat $0.25/minute to paying $1 - $2 for each day of use and nothing on days you don't use the phone.  Read more about Verizon Wireless plans

Customer Service: Customer service can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email, a toll free number and from your Verizon prepaid cell phone without incurring airtime charges. Their customer service reputation isn't the greatest, but they normally can help with some patience. Read more about Verizon Wireless Customer Service here.  

Free Nights: Unlimited available  

Credit Check: None  

Free Weekends: Unlimited available  

Contract: None  

Daily Access Fee: $0.99 to $1.99  

Payment Options: Verizon prepaid service allows you to set up autopay with a credit card or debit card. You can also purchase additional minutes/pay monthly fees on the Verizon website with a credit or debit card, via phone or in person at Verizon Wireless stores or kiosks.  

Text and Picture Messaging: Text messaging is unlimited on all of the monthly plans, although picture messages are not. The basic pay-as-you-go rate is $0.20 per text message and $0.25 per picture message. The $0.99 daily plan reduces that to $0.10 for text and $0.25 for picture, and the $1.99 daily plan reduces it to $0.02 per text and $0.25 per picture.  

Data Plans: All of the monthly plans include 500 MB of data, and additional Bridge Data can be purchased at any time. Bridge data comes in increments of $5 for 500 MB, $10 for 1 GB and $20 for 3 GB. Bridge data expires in 30 - 90 days.  

Downloads: Verizon offers every type of download you can imagine. Ringtones, music, wallpaper, IM, email, web, ringback, voice guided GPS navigator, games, applications, vcast (which allows you to watch streaming videos and TV) and more. Prices vary based on service and phone. Downloads are subject to a 99 cent download fee, which is assessed for the first download in any 24-hour period. Downloading some things will count against your data bucket.  

International Calling: Verizon allows international calling. Puerto Rico is not considered an international call. Verizon charges normal airtime rates for calls to Puerto Rico. International calling rates start at 29 cents per minute in additional to normal airtime charges. You'll need to check with customer service to get the rates of the country you plan to call prior to making international calls.  

Text Messaging Available: Yes  

Roaming Charges: Calls placed while roaming are charged an additional $0.20 per minute on top of regular airtime.  

Shop Phones and Plans: Shop for Verizon Wireless  

Text Messaging Charge For Incoming: Yes  

Calling Features: Verizon includes 3-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID, and call waiting with all prepaid plans.  

Unlimited Text Messaging Plan Available: Yes  

Activation Fee: There is an activation fee of up to 25 dollars to get started with service. If you purchase a phone on their site, they will waive the fee.  

Nationwide Long Distance: Verizon treats nationwide long distance calls as they do regular calls. There are no additional charges for making long distance calls to the United States or Puerto Rico above normal airtime charges.  

Unlimited Plan Available: Yes  

411 Calls: Directory assistance calls are charged a fee of $1.49 per call in addition to normal airtime charges.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: Minutes expire based on the denomination you purchase them in; $15 to $29.99 expires in 30 days, $30 to $74.99 expires in 60 days, $75 to $99.99 expires in 90 days, $100 and above expires in 365 days. If you refill your minutes before they expire and your existing balance will be carried forward with the new expiration date.  

911 Calls: Yes  

Phones: Verizon offers phones in a wide range of pricing and features. Feature phones are available for both monthly and daily plans, while smartphones, including BlackBerry devices, are available on the prepaid monthly plans.  

Standard Calling Features: call waiting, caller ID, 3 way, call forwarding  

Some Available Cell Models: Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, LG Cosmos 3, Moto X, Apple iPhone 5, LG Optimus Zone 2, LG G2  

Cheapest Phone Model: varies  

Read Full Review: Verizon Prepaid Review  

Visit Website: Visit Verizon Wireless  

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.25
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
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3 stars of 5 based on 618 reviews

Chuck U. Farley 12/8/2012
It's a fair complaint, everyone has, about the funds expiring, but you can't act like they don't tell you. The expiration dates are posted everywhere and any time you call in, the automated system tells you and the customer service people tell you. Also it's on the phone all the time. Press the "Up" key. It's right there. Make a payment and you get a text message telling you that. It's not even fine print. Getting mad that you didn't know is unfair to them, because they do tell you, in great detail. Every single complaint I read on this page (and I read all of them), misses this. Yes, I do work for Verizon Prepaid as a supervisor, but I'm also a very, VERY happy customer. I've spoken to people from other companies (and in my business, I talk to WAY more people about phone service then you do, I assure you), and I hate to sound like a shill here, but other companies are WAY more shady. Don't even get me started on hidden prices T-Mobile and Sprint pull. I do wish I knew WHY the funds expire. I've asked around, even talking to Verizon corporate people, and nobody knows. It most likely is a way to make extra money, for sure. But they aren't a bank. And even if they were, banks charge you for holding onto your money.

Chelsea 12/4/2012
Yes, the phones are basic and boring, but the coverage and ease of the plan are unbeatable. It is super easy to pay every month and they make it so you can do it right from your phone if you forget and aren't near a computer or store to buy a reload card. I am going to hold out on buying a smart phone simply because the coverage and price are unbeatable. I bought my phone through Best Buy and get absolutely amazing customer service through them and just bypass verizon's.

juan 11/7/2012
not bad, the $ 50 prepaid plan is fine,the call quality is excellent,good reception,coverage nationwide.however there are still better prepaid companies that offers unlimited calling and texting for less like metro pcs,virgin mobile, at this point iam going to try another company and lower my bill

Jennifer 9/13/2012
I don't know why everyone is so confused about having to add money every month, it seems to be very clear. In fact other prepaid plans require the same thing. Of course your not going to get everything you want, but it's still a whole lot cheaper than paying a regular bill every month. Just think of the money you save from not paying all the taxes every month! The 4 stars is because the selection of phones could be better, but they will improve in time like everything else does! I think some people are just never satisfied and need to complain about something!!

carolyn 7/2/2012
have no complaints about the $50 prepaid. the service is great. warning: dont even think of considering it as a primary source for your web.
most of the apps are free trials...and verizon has blocked you from unauthorized downloads. you will be limited on their "unlimited" plan. other than that..well...let me say that when everyone around me is trying to stand where they can get a bar...and i have great service...i dont mind doing without the emails and games...

Samantha 12/2/2008
I just got my phone a little over a month ago and I dont have any complaints. I got the unlimited texting bundle for $10.00 a month, I buy a $15 refill card at a time...they take the $10 right from the refill card and its paid for the month. I just wish in my small town they would put a tower so I could signal in more my apt! I have no complaints about verizon...yeah they charge you alot but I've never been charged on the days I didnt use my phone.

Pamela J 3/24/2008
I have the easy pay plan. For me to txt is .05 so that's cool with me. I don't talk that much, but occasionally I tend to overdue it on the Vcast downloads. It's trial and error, you know exactly how much you got on your card and what you can indulge in and what you can't. You overindulge you have no minutes; you learn to resist and you've got enough to sustain until your next paycheck. I've got the cherry chocolate slider and it only cost me with tax and all $107 and some change at Walmart. Considering what you have to pay on the plan it's a bargain for me. They just got in the Juke at Wallyworld to for $124.85, but I don't like that one because of the "switchblade" action so to speak. Looks like it would break easy. Cons with the phone, hard to find a cover for the slider sometimes. In the mall I know they sell some. I bought a "PLAYBOY" slider cover, but just for one it was $16! I usually by a $50 card and it can last me for the month. This prepay plan fits right in with our budget right now; we really can't afford a plan with expensive texting. I'm 42 so like I said I don't txt or talk that much so it works for me.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.25
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
Shop For Deals on Verizon Wireless Plans and Phones
Visit the Official Verizon Wireless Website
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Coverage & Network
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Customer Service Number & Contact Info
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Data Plans & Rates
Most popular Verizon Wireless Prepaid phones