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o2 Wireless Review


H2O Wireless is part of Locus Telecommunications, located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. They offer nationwide GSM service with phones from manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and more. This is not to be confused with U.K. carrier O2.

Pros: H2O offers a wide array of plans that can fit the needs of many consumers.

Cons: Some of their plans can confuse consumers. The Feature Card in particular presents confusion. 

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.14
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: No
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Lowest Price Per Anytime Minute: $0.14  

Plans: H2O offers both monthly and minute plans. The 25 dollar monthly plan gives users rates for various services. Minutes and text messages are 2.5 cents each, picture messages are 10 cents each, and data is 30 cents per MB. Customers can use devices in any way that adds up to 25 dollars or less per month. There are also 40, 50, and 60 dollar monthly unlimited plans, each of which provides unlimited talk, text, and picture messaging. The 50 dollar plan includes 250MB of data, and the 60 dollar plan includes 1GB. The 2 dollar per day plan provides unlimited talk and text. On the pay-as-you-go side, minutes and text messages cost 5 cents each, picture messages cost 10 cents, and data costs 30 cents per MB. Finally, H2O offers a Feature Card, which adds 10 dollars worth of services to monthly and pay-as-you-go plans.  Read more about o2 Wireless plans

Customer Service: Customer service is available by calling a toll-free number during normal business hours, or by email.  

Free Nights: No  

Credit Check: None  

Free Weekends: No  

Contract: None  

Daily Access Fee: No  

Payment Options: You can pay for your H2O Wireless account buy purchasing refill cards either at a retail store, or by ordering online.  

Text and Picture Messaging: With pay-as-you-go plans text messages cost 5 cents each. With the 25 dollar monthly plan, text messages are 2.5 cents each. Picture messaging costs 10 cents (unless it is covered by an unlimited plan).  

Data Plans: H2O offers a data allotment with its 50 and 60 dollar plans. With all other plans data costs between 15 and 30 cents per MB.  

Downloads: There are no downloadables.  

International Calling: H2O offers a number of international calling options, including plans that offer calling to certain countries for the same as domestic calls.  

Text Messaging Available: Yes  

Roaming Charges: H2O phones do not roam off the primary AT&T network.  

Shop Phones and Plans: Shop for o2 Wireless  

Text Messaging Charge For Incoming: $0.05 ($0.10 for the first message of the day)  

Calling Features: Voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling.  

Unlimited Text Messaging Plan Available: No  

Activation Fee: None.  

Nationwide Long Distance: Nationwide long distance is included with O2 Wireless plans.  

Unlimited Plan Available: No  

411 Calls: Directory assistance is available for $3.00 per call, plus airtime.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: H2O Wireless refills expire at different times. The 10 dollar card expires in 30 days, the 20 dollar card in 60 days, the 30 dollar card in 90 days, and the 100 dollar card in one year.  

911 Calls: Yes.  

Phones: H2O offers a number of handsets, both new and refurbished. These include touchscreen and QWERTY handsets. There are some that come with bundles as well, allowing customers to get a discount on the first month's service. H2O also offers a SIM starter kit, which allows users to use unlocked GSM phones.  

Standard Calling Features: Voicemail, 3Way, Caller ID, Call Waiting  

Some Available Cell Models: Palm Pixi (shown) LG Neon LG Vu LG Prime Samsung A187  

Coverage Map: See the H2O coverage map  

Cheapest Phone Model: Alcatel 206  

Read Full Review: o2 Wireless Review  

Visit Website: Visit o2 Wireless  
Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.14
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: No
Shop For Deals on o2 Wireless Plans and Phones
Visit the Official o2 Wireless Website
o2 Wireless Reviews
Average Rating by Users:
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2 stars of 5 based on 113 reviews

David D 10/25/2012
I like the service. It fits my needs exactly. I have the $30 plan - good for 90 days, 5 cents a minute. Works great. I don't spend my life on the cell phone, and I know how to limit calls. Overall, I give them 5 stars. Thanks for a great plan.

Rocco Colantonio 2/15/2012
I guess I am lucky. I love this service it saved me about 500.00 that I owed AT T and can use my galaxy S captivate phone. I have wireless so my internet is always available somewhere. Never needed instant customer service any question I have is answered by email.

Rob 1/31/2012
I've had H2O for about 3 months and it's great. I use it on an iPhone 4. Because they use AT&T's towers you don't need to jailbreak or unlock the iPhone, just pop in the SIM card and you're good to go. The only drawback I see here is that you're limited to 1gb of data per month. The voice quality and signal coverage is the same as AT&T. The best part is that I pay about half of what I would pay with AT&T.

Luis 12/1/2011
I have been Using H2O with my IPhone 4 & works great, I get a average of 500/1mb speeds of data not the fastest but It will do for the price.. Ported my number from Tmobile with no problem. But Customer Service Sucks!!!!!!

cpip 10/25/2011
Just switched to H2o Wireless and I don't have one single complaint. I knew what I was signing up for and was perfectly alright with it. I have a rooted HTC Inspire 4G and for the price I pay each month, I'm getting EXACTLY what I expected - more in fact. I'm located in Louisiana and had no problem with porting my number over from AT&T. Just be aware that you will need a new (never used) SIM. I'm using the same phone I was using on AT&T for $80 a month less than I was paying AT&T (I had the $45 4gb data + tethering) and get service in all of the same locations. I tested this service for a month side-by-side with AT&T before leaving and in every place that there was AT&T service, I had H2o service. The data speeds ARE NOT the same as AT&T's (250kb - 1mb per second has been my experience using the SpeedTest app), but I personally don't need the "fastest" network speeds. If I really needed that, I should expect to have to pay the premium price that AT&T was charging me. I have found that data can fluctuate from 4G to 3G, but I have been able to watch YouTube, and other streaming video with some buffering. Again, I don't really have a need for any "high-demand" data so this works for me. My email is pushed, Android location (Navigation app), and all other Android services are working as they did on AT&T. As far as customer service, the same philosophy applies; I am getting COMPARABLE service at OVER HALF THE COST. If I need immediate CS I should expect to pay for it. While I already expect to wait when calling, the representatives have been helpful and responsive. With most other prepaid carriers you have to purchase one of their phones. With H2o Wireless, you can bring any unlocked device you want. I paid for my phone and I own it; I would like to keep using it and this has got to be the best deal going. If you're considering H2o, I suggest that you give it a try. If you have a spare phone, or if you have an unlocked GSM phone, it's worth spending an extra $60 one month and testing the service for yourself befor switching. If you need lightning fast 4G or great Customer Service I suggest staying where you are, but if you're in the market to save some money on COMPARABLE service using your own phone then I really encourage you to give this service a try.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.14
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: No
Shop For Deals on o2 Wireless Plans and Phones
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