Net10 Prepaid Cell Phone Service Review


Net10, a division of America Movil's Tracfone, launched as a simple pay-as-you go service in 2005. It has since evolved to offer various plan options.

Pros: There are many different options, including family plans, that can meet nearly any user's needs.

Cons: Net10's customer service is horrendously terrible. Hold times are really long and the representatives oftentimes don't know the answers. The managers are incredibly rude as well. 

Lowest Price Per Anytime Minute: $0.066 to $0.10  

Plans: Net10 offers a variety of unlimited monthly, pay-as-you-go, flexible monthly plans and international calling plans depending on what you need. They have several plans that offer discounts if you sign up for auto-refill as well. Read more specifics about Net10 Plans.  Read more about Net10 plans

Customer Service: Net10 Customer Service is available 7 a.m.- midnight EST, but wait times can be extremely long if you need to speak with an actual representative. For basic functions such as refills and activation, the auto answer menu can help. Click here for Net10 Customer Service Number.  

Free Nights: No  

Credit Check: No  

Free Weekends: No  

Contract: None  

Daily Access Fee: No  

Payment Options: You can pay for your Net10 airtime by phone, online or via any authorized retailer.  

Text and Picture Messaging: Text messaging is available for 5 cents per message sent or received, which is deducted from your minutes account. MMS counts as data  

Data Plans: Net10 has several unlimited data plans that include a limited amount of high speed data and unlimited lower speed data.  

Downloads: Net10 does offer a variety of downloads such as ringtones, graphics, news, weather and sports. However, not all phones are capable of utilizing these features.   

International Calling: There are specific unlimited plans which allow for international calling.  

Text Messaging Available: Yes  

Roaming Charges: There is no additional charge for roaming with Net10  

Shop Phones and Plans: Shop for Net10  

Text Messaging Charge For Incoming: Yes  

Unlimited Text Messaging Plan Available: Yes  

Activation Fee: There is no fee to activate your Net10 phone.  

Nationwide Long Distance: Net10 prepaid wireless includes nationwide long distance in all of their calling plans. Calls made within the United States are charged regular airtime rates.  

Unlimited Plan Available: Yes  

411 Calls: Directory assistance is available and you are only charged normal airtime to make 411 calls.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: Most of the minutes purchased through Net10 expire in 30 days. If you purchase additional minutes prior to your expiration date, the later expiration date is applied. Note that with some of the minute plans, such as the 30 Day Plan, the minutes do not roll over.  

911 Calls: Yes  

Phones: All phones offered by Net10 have color screens and are low priced. Some of the phones include minutes when you purchase them online or in store. Both smartphones and old-fashioned flip phones are available. The phones offered by Net10 lean very heavily towards the Motorola brands, and generally are not very expensive. You can also bring your own device.  

Standard Calling Features: All plans include voicemail, call waiting and caller ID at no extra charge.  

Some Available Cell Models: Motorola W408G, LG Optimus Q, Samsung R455C, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, Samsung Galaxy SII, Blackberry Curve Read  

Latest News: News about Net10 Prepaid  

Cheapest Phone Model: $19.99  

Read Full Review: Net10 Review  

Visit Website: Visit Net10  

Activation Guide: Net10 activation guide  
Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.066 to $0.10
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
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TruckersWife 8/3/2013
My husband and I have used NET 10 for about 7 years. Overall, we have not had problems. One thing I will say, is that sometimes problems arise when you get a defective phone, and this can be even a new phone. This happened to hubby. They sent him a new phone (the same exact model) and it worked fine. The bottom line: buy a decent phone. I don't recommend pay as you go. We use 50 dollar unlimited, which is taken out of our checking acct, it's debited. I don't recommend pay as you go. Seems more people have problems with that. Customer Service is "average to above average". What Company can you name where you get EXCELLENT Customer Service. I can't think of one. Also, NET TEN works best in larger towns/cities. Problems exist in remote areas.

Elizabeth 8/2/2013
I felt compelled to add my own review because my experience with Net10 customer service was extremely positive. I read through these reviews while on hold with Net10 and prepared myself for a long, frustrating phone call. I had a complex problem, and the website was very frustrating. I needed to reactivate service because it had expired while I struggled to get this done online. My husband lost his phone and it still had minutes on it. We had a new phone, but the website said it was already activated by someone else. Prior to this, the website had claimed that 4 different credit card numbers were invalid. The customer service representative was helpful, polite and efficient. English was not his native language, but he communicated very well. He helped me with each problem, step by step, until I had active service on the new phone. He even transferred minutes from my old phone, taking my word for how many were left. The entire phone call took about 1/2 hour.

Dennis 7/6/2013
I ordered a phone off of NET10 wireless' website. The website stated if ordered prior to 3pm it would ship the same day. It wasn't shipped for 5 days. I paid for overnite shipping and they didn't ship it that way. I asked for a refund of the overnite charge and they said they can't. Also you get put on hold for hours at a time and most of the time when you do speak to someone they say they can't find you order. I know the shipping cost isn't much, but I'm feeling more people have been scammed with the overnite shipping charge and their phones weren't shipped that way. Would love to see if there is enough people with the same issue for a class action lawsuit to stop them from doing this to more people. Stay away if you need any customer service you will just make yourself crazy trying to deal with them. They know nothing and even "supervisors" or "managers" can't help you and have no piwer to fix things. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with for anything.

Joe 3/8/2013
I used net10 pay-as-you-go plan for my son, when he is camping, doing summer camps etc. I bought a plan last summer, used all but 34-min, that plan expired after 6-month, which is OK. then I bought similar plan from net10 again to my surprise their credit that 34-min into this new plan, and also got lucky the number still the same for my son to use. Cool since I thought net10 only roll-over minute on plans that has not expired.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.066 to $0.10
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
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