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Liberty Wireless Prepaid Cellular Plans Review


Liberty Wireless is based in Michigan and is a leading provider of prepaid cell phones and plans. Liberty Wireless specializes in prepaid cellular and you won't find other services being offered on their site.

Pros: Liberty Wireless has few but flexible plan options. Some of their cards offer unlimited nights and weekends, and they now offer an unlimited everything plan.

Cons: Liberty doesn't put much information on its website, and complaints about service have mounted since early 2008.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.04
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: Unknown
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Lowest Price Per Anytime Minute: $0.04  

Plans: Liberty customers can top up with five different cards. The 85 minute card costs 10 dollars, the 500 minute card costs 20 dollars, The 150 card, which includes unlimited nights and weekends, costs 30 dollars, a 14-day unlimited everything card costs 35 dollars, and a one-month unlimited everything card costs 50 dollars.  Read more about Liberty Wireless plans

Customer Service: Customer service is available through a toll-free number.  

Free Nights: Unlimited  

Credit Check: None  

Free Weekends: Unlimited  

Contract: None  

Daily Access Fee: No  

Payment Options: You can pay Liberty Wireless via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. You can also make payments online by using a credit card or debit card. Cash and checks can only be taken at retail partner locations. They also offer payment options through MoneyGram, Western Union, and In Person Payment.  

Text and Picture Messaging: Text messaging is available on most phones and costs one minute of airtime for every sent or received message.  

Data Plans: Liberty Wireless does not offer data services at this time.  

Downloads: Ringtones, games and wallpaper are available, but availability varies depending on the type of phone you have.  

International Calling: International calling is not available on Liberty Wireless.  

Text Messaging Available: Yes  

Roaming Charges: Roaming is free nationwide and there are no extra surcharges or per minute fees for calls made while roaming. Calls made while roaming are treated the same as regular calls.  

Shop Phones and Plans: Shop for Liberty Wireless  

Text Messaging Charge For Incoming: Unknown  

Calling Features: All service plans feature voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and 3 way calling.  

Unlimited Text Messaging Plan Available: Unknown  

Activation Fee: None  

Nationwide Long Distance: Long Distance calls within the United States are treated the same as regular calls.  

Unlimited Plan Available: No  

411 Calls: We could not verify the ability to make 411 calls or the costs associated with making them. See customer service explanation.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: Liberty Wireless features refill cards which expire 30 days after activation.  

911 Calls: We could not verify the ability to make 911 calls. See customer service explanation.  

Phones: Liberty Wireless currently offers only one prepaid handset, the Sanyo 2700. New customers can bring their own Sprint network device for service with Liberty. Existing customers can upgrade to the Moto Q for 50 dollars.  

Standard Calling Features: caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, 3 way  

Some Available Cell Models: Sanyo 2700 Pink Sanyo 2700 Blue (shown)  

Latest News: News about Liberty prepaid  

Cheapest Phone Model: Free  

Read Full Review: Liberty Wireless Review  

Visit Website: Visit Liberty Wireless  
Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.04
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: Unknown
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Visit the Official Liberty Wireless Website
Liberty Wireless Reviews
Average Rating by Users:
View other 62 Reviews

2 stars of 5 based on 66 reviews

Quincyuser 8/11/2010
I have been with Liberty for some time now. They have been a good company to do business with. The rates are excellent for someone who wants an unlimited plan. My daughter trashed her Moto Q phone I purchased from there, so I switched to a different company for a better rate. The porting (movement of her number) from Liberty to the new provider only took about an hour. I have to give Liberty credit for that! I would recommend Liberty wireless to anyone who has good coverage for their area. Only issue is that there is no "out of network" roaming.

Susan 7/2/2010
I got 2 of these phones, one for each teenager. And after nearly 3 years of AT&T "SURPRISE!! You owe 300.00 this month!" bills, this is one of the best moves I ever made! I bought the 500 min for 20.00 and got the free flip phones, which are just basic phones, they do have a camera & sending pics is the same min as a text. So the deal is I will purchase 500 min for each (for agreed chore) AND IF THEY burn right through that they will have to buy their own refill. Honestly, I don't know what some of you are whining about. Where else are you gonna get 500 minutes for 20 bucks??? An old phrase from the south that involves a new rope comes to mind. lol I don't think it's a bad deal at all. As for me, I downsized to Cricket. I'm done with 200.00 cell bills.

Frustrated 6/1/2009
LONG time user since they were called WorldCom. Last summer I got several calls saying they would no longer be a regular cell phone company but would be going totally prepaid beginning at the end of 2008. I elected to stay with them until that time. However in September of 2008 my phone was disconnected, because they wanted me to call so they could tell me I would have to start purchasing prepaid minutes, which I did. I was told I would no longer get bills. Guess what - next month after purchasing prepaid minutes I got a bill for over $70. I called and was told it was a mistake, not to pay. The next month I got another bill so I called and was told that I really owed $32 and then I'd be paid up and would be prepaid only. I paid and cancelled my service. In December after receiving another bill I wrote a letter explaining that I was told by 2 supervisors on 2 separate occasions that I owed no money. Ever since then I have gotten a bill each month for more and more money. I call every month and am told a supervisor will call me back. Last month the customer service rep filed a "report" and said I would hear back in a couple of days. Nope. Just got another bill for $128.89. I have not used this service since Sept. of 2008, I am not on a contract, have been told numerous times that I am a prepaid customer, yet they bill me an additional $17.16 each month. Will file a complaint with BBB but don't know if it will do any good. I can pay the bill but I don't owe it and I'm afraid they will just continue to bill me. STAY AWAY FROM LIBERTY!

Dianne 7/1/2008
I have had this service for the last five years and have had no problems with it. They don't offer good deal to their long time customer. I would change services but I just don't have a problem. I want a updates phone but don't want to pay a arm and a leg. When I ask about a updated phone I was told it was just for new customers. That's not fair to long time customers.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.04
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: Unknown
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