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Kajeet Prepaid Cell Phone Service Review


Launched in 2007, Kajeet focuses on providing unparalleled parental controls for phones designed for kids, pre-teen, tweens. They sell a variety of phones, but also offer their controls on other devices. Through Kajeet, parents can control access to websites, appropriate times to use the phone, monitor who their child contacts via the phone and more.

Pros: Kajeet offers a number of handsets that are attractive to younger users and their parental controls are second to none.


Cons: The plans don't include many minutes or data, so it might not be suitable for older children.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.10
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
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Lowest Price Per Anytime Minute: $0.10  

Plans: Kajeet offers three solid plans for kids, and frequently offers additional higher-usage plans for parents or teenagers that they occasionally swap out. The three kids plans all include unlimited parental controls. The $5 plan includes 10 anytime minutes and pay-per-use everything else. The $15 plan includes unlimited texting, and 60 anytime minutes. The $20 plan includes unlimited text and picture messages and 150 anytime minutes. Read more about Kajeet Plans.  Read more about Kajeet plans

Customer Service: Customer service representatives can be reached during normal business hours via toll-free number seven days a week. They can also be contacted via snail mail or through an email form on the website.  

Free Nights: 1000 night and weekend minutes are available for $10/month  

Credit Check: None  

Free Weekends: 1000 night and weekend minutes are available for $10/month  

Contract: None  

Daily Access Fee: Only on pay-as-you-go (32 cents)  

Payment Options: Prepaid minutes can be purchased via credit or debit card on Kajeet's website or over the phone. Automatic refills are an option, and many retail outlets sell refill cards, which can be purchased with a debit or credit card or with cash.  

Text and Picture Messaging: Text messages are included in some plans. In plans that do not include them, they cost $0.10 for incoming and outgoing. Picture messages cost $0.25 per message until they are included in the plan.  

Data Plans: Mobile web is available as a pay-per-use feature on all three kids plans at the rate of $1 per MB. Data can also be added to any plan. You can add 50 MB for $5, 500 MB for $15 or 1 GB for $25.  

Downloads: Wallpapers, ringtones, and games are available for varying prices.  

International Calling: International calls cannot be made with the kajeet service. However, international calling cards can be used from a kajeet phone.  

Text Messaging Available: The basic text messaging rate is 10 cents per messages. Picture messages are 25 cents each.  

Roaming Charges: Kajeet does not allow roaming off of the Sprint network so there are no charges.  

Shop Phones and Plans: Shop for Kajeet  

Text Messaging Charge For Incoming: Yes  

Calling Features: Voice mail, caller ID, #900 call blocking and unlimited parental controls come standard with every plan.  

Unlimited Text Messaging Plan Available: Yes  

Activation Fee: None  

Nationwide Long Distance: Kajeet's service includes nationwide long distance calls for the same price as regular calls.  

Unlimited Plan Available: Yes  

411 Calls: Directory assistance is available for a $1.50 connection fee.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: All kajeet monthly plans reset at the beginning of each month.  

911 Calls: Yes  

Phones: kajeet offers a number of phones that fit the lifestyle of a tween. Many of them come in various colors to suit individual children. They're all relatively cheap, ranging from $30.00 to $169.99. They've recently started offering refurbished phonesMost of them have cameras, are Bluetooth-ready and they are all flip phones.  

Standard Calling Features: caller ID, voicemail  

Some Available Cell Models: Motorola Photon Q, LG Optimus S, Samsung reclaim, iPhone 5  

Coverage Map: Kajeet Coverage Map  

Latest News: News about kajeet prepaid  

Cheapest Phone Model: $55  

Read Full Review: Kajeet Review  

Visit Website: Visit Kajeet  
Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.10
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
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Kajeet Reviews
Average Rating by Users:
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3 stars of 5 based on 178 reviews

Cramsey 3/28/2013
I had two children on kajeet for several years. We had no problems with network. I liked the parental controls. The customer service can be a bit annoying since its offshore and when I finally needed to cancel the service it took a long time to figure out I had to call them and choose that I had a problem with my phone in order to get a live person on the phone to cancel. Other than that, really, its a great service.

Keith 1/23/2013
I am noticing a lot of negative reviews and I think some of them are off base, so here's my review. Kajeet uses Sprint's network. So if Sprint has coverage in your area, Kajeet will have coverage. I'm in the North suburbs of Chicago and it works better than AT&T. That's one reason why I love it. The other reason is given you are in a coverage area, the GPS works and works well. It is for my 9yr old and now I don't have to worry about her losing it or me not knowing where she is. The only legitimate beef that I have with Kajeet is that at the current time they don't support calls from their network to Internet lines. So if you are using a cheapie phone like me (non-Smartphone), you may not be able to place calls to a Skype, Google Voice, or VOIP number (i.e. Vonage, Magic Jack, Lingo, Comcast). It shocks me that nobody has noticed this or complained about this. But I suppose everybody has smartphones and are using their Wi-Fi half the time so they don't notice! That said, I still love the service. It is a great price and wonderful for kids.

Bob 12/17/2012
The service was decent and we used it for about 18 months until my daughter became responsible enough for a "real" phone. We must have enough sprint towers in our area because the service was comparable to our other phones. Also, the ability to remotely cut the phone off was great while we needed it. Customer service was always poor. Kajeet would have gotten a higher star rating from me except they have a policy of keeping your "wallet" balance, $100 in my case, upon cancellation. You have the option of suspending the service, but if you never use the service again, you will still lose your balance. A great way to not get referrals. Also, at this point AT&T has an "almost" as good service and I know I can cancel it without losing any money.

crade 10/25/2012
My son has been using Kajeet for about 3 years now. I like it because I can control whether or not he gets picture messaging, donwloads, and such (he doesn't, which is good!). I can add/delete the phone numbers that he can call or that can call him. I don't use the time function because when I review his usage, he doesn't really stay up all night using his phone anyway. The GPS locator is great. I've scheduled it to automatically check at different hours of the day, so I know where he is. Customer service is not the best (hence my 4 star rating), but an interesting thing happened to me back in 2010. My son's then barely 3-month old phone suddenly started displaying "Offline Mode". Customer service was flaky, and in the end said that it was an "unfixable" error. They also said that the cause was most probably water damage. My son said his phone never got wet. I did a little Googling and found the email address of the CEO and Founder of Kajeet. As a last ditch resort, I e-mailed him with the details. I just re-read my email now, and it was very polite and not combative at all. On the same exact day, literally 43 minutes after I sent the email, the CEO replied back saying that they were committed to setting the issue right and would instruct his VP of Operations to be on top of my case ASAP. I did a little more Googling about the "Offline Mode" error and found several confirmations from other users that it was indeed caused by water damage. I then began to doubt my son saying that he did not get the phone wet. I emailed the CEO back with this information, together with my thanks that he was very prompt in his reply and that I appreciated it. But I said I think I have my answer now about why the phone stopped working, so thank you very much for your time anyway. He again replied right back and told me that a replacement phone was going to be sent to me right away, free of charge. It was not a $100 phone, but that was still such a nice gesture, and which is why I am still a Kajeet customer.

catman 11/28/2011
Great first phone for kids. All the desired features at a good price and without the fear of bill shock.

Joe 11/23/2011
I've been a big fan and user of kajeet for about 5 years - first with my older son & now with my younger son. I love the parental control features. And, with their service plans, I'm actually paying less than I would to a line to my VZW account - and I get more features & no contract with kajeet!

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.10
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
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