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Consumer Cellular Review


Founded in 1995, Consumer Cellular prides itself on simple and low-cost service. They offer a refund within the first 30 days of service or 30 minutes of usage for unsatisfied customers.

Pros: Rates are relatively low, even on their lower-tier plans.

Cons: Minutes on their Casual plans and overage minutes are very expensive.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.10 to $0.25
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: No
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Lowest Price Per Anytime Minute: $0.10 to $0.25  

Plans: Consumer Cellular offers seven different monthly plans. The first is 10 dollars per month and provides all minutes at 25 cents each. For 15 dollars customers get 150 minutes. For 20 dollars customers get 350 minutes. For 30 dollars customers get 750 minutes. For 40 dollars it's 1,500 minutes. For 50 dollars customers get 2,000 minutes, and for 60 dollars customers get 4,000 minutes. Overage minutes are 25 cents each except on the 60 dollar plan. Overages are 10 cents per minute for that plan. Customers can add 10 dollars per month to add a shared line to any plan, up to two additional lines.  Read more about Consumer Cellular plans

Customer Service: Support is available via a website form, email, or by calling a toll-free number.  

Free Nights: No  

Credit Check: None  

Free Weekends: No  

Contract: None  

Daily Access Fee: No  

Payment Options: Payment can be made by credit card or check on the website.  

Data Plans: Consumer Cellular offers three levels of wireless data. 2MB is 5 dollars per month, 15MB is 10 dollars, and 30MB is 20 dollars.  

Downloads: Ringtones, wallpapers, and games are available for varying fees.  

International Calling: Direct-dial international calling is available. See website for rates to specific countries  

Text Messaging Available: Text and picture messaging costs 10 cents for both incoming and outgoing messages. Customers can also buy bundles of message. A bundle of 100 messages costs $2.50, 500 costs 5 dollars, 1,000 costs 10 dollars, and 2,000 costs 20 dollars.  

Roaming Charges: There are no roaming charges with Consumer Cellular.  

Shop Phones and Plans: Shop for Consumer Cellular  

Text Messaging Charge For Incoming: $0.10  

Calling Features: Voicemail, callier ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forwarding is available.  

Unlimited Text Messaging Plan Available: No  

Activation Fee: There a 35 dollar fee to activate your Consumer Cellular phone.  

Nationwide Long Distance: All calls from the US and to the US are charged as normal airtime.  

Unlimited Plan Available: No  

411 Calls: Directory assistance costs $1.50 per call plus normal airtime.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: All plans are monthly with Consumer Cellular, and minutes do not roll over.  

911 Calls: Yes.  

Phones: Consumer Cellular offers a number of simple, clamshell phones that go well with their stripped-down service. These come from both Motorola and Nokia, and are all 50 dollars or under.  

Standard Calling Features: Voicemail, callier ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forwarding  

Some Available Cell Models: Samsung A177 (shown) Nokia 2720 Motorola W259 Nokia 2680  

Cheapest Phone Model: varies  

Read Full Review: Consumer Cellular Review  

Visit Website: Visit Consumer Cellular  
Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.10 to $0.25
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: No
Shop For Deals on Consumer Cellular Plans and Phones
Visit the Official Consumer Cellular Website
Consumer Cellular Reviews
Average Rating by Users:
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2 stars of 5 based on 70 reviews

Rhiannon 5/11/2012
I have been with Consumer Cellular for over 4 years now, and I can't imagine switching to verizon or any other big phone company. I'm a college student, and they provide very affordable individual plans, about half of what I would pay for the same amount of minutes/messages elsewhere. Even if you go over your minutes, you're able to change your plan at the last minute to avoid overage charges. Also, despite all the complaints on here, I have received fantastic customer service...I had to cancel my service when I was traveling abroad for several months, and they responded very quickly to my email, not to mention that it was friendly and personalized, including a "have fun in India, Rhiannon!" I'd definitely recommend this company.

DBrown 6/29/2011
We have been using Consumer Cellular for about 10 years now. They offer great service at a great price with no hassle. The phones they offer are not the most current, but they are good quality, proven phones. Without a contract, you can change your plan at will. Most any transactions can be completed online. If you need to speak with a rep, you'll get *ONE* recording asking if you are a current customer or calling to sign up, then within minutes you reach a rep in the USA who is able to help you with anything you need. In all the years I've used Consumer Cellular, I've only called customer service a handful of times, but each time, I've spoken with someone who professional, courteous, and helpful.
~~ Can't ask for more than that!

Grace 9/6/2010
I've been very happy with Consumer Cellular after nearly 10 months of service. It's easy to check minutes and add more if it looks like you'll go over. My phone hasn't had any problems, and the plan hasn't given us any surprises. The customer service reps are helpful and knowledgeable. The only complaint I have is that when I call within my family (who also have CC phones), we're charged double minutes -- but that's negligible in the long run.

GrandmaNtxs 8/22/2010
1.I have been a Consumer Cellular customer for almost a year now. I visited their website to possibly change my plan. I clicked around just to get an idea of the costs of changing my plan. I was not asked to submit changes to my plan nor was there an email confirmation to let me know my plan had been changed. I was charged for the upgrade. I called and was told I had changed it. I felt, from the conversation, the charge would be waived. Not so. They didn't have any problem letting me know by email that I had the outstanding balance from the change. They use email to their convenience.
2. The next statement I got, there were charges for text messages. I don't text message with my phone due to the fact I don't have that as part of my plan. I called customer service and was told EVEN IF DON'T open text messages I am charged for them. The rep. said it was likely "JUNK TEXT MESSAGES". I have never heard of such. I guess I'll continue to use CC as my service but I'm not as pleased as when I first signed up.

Riley 7/25/2010
I am 50+ and only wanted a cell phone for important calls and emergencies. After researching other providers I found C.C. the best deal for me. I've been with them a few months now with no problems. Here are their pro and cons.
1. Free phone (Motorola W259)
2. Phone arrived 2 days after I placed the order.
3. No waiting on hold for Cust. Service
4. Customer Service was knowledgeable, respectful and courteous.
5. No heavy accents.
6. Monthly billing.
7. Price: $20/month for 250 minutes.
8. If I get close to my alloted minutes they send a text message so I can upgrade plan.
9. Can upgrade/downgrade plan as often as I need with no charge or penalty.
10. AT&t's Network. The only network of the major carriers that works in my area.
11. 5% discount for A.A.R.P. members.
1. No night and weekend minutes.
2. Selection of phones is limited.
3. Extras like text messaging and web access cost extra.
4. From what I've read the Motorola EM330 is an inferior phone and easily broken.
5. They do a credit check.
6. Activation fee is a little steep-$35.00
Over all, I am very satisfied with their service.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.10 to $0.25
Unlimited Data Available: No
Unlimited Texting Available: No
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Visit the Official Consumer Cellular Website