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Virgin Mobile Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 705 reviews

Luci 9/6/2013
Virgin Mobile sucks i have one for text messaging and emergency use only. Always have to top up even though i never use the phone, and my phone sends me text messages form my own cell number WLF!

ChicoStick 9/6/2013
I've had Virgin Mobile for several years. In fact, I got VM when it first started up. I switched from Sprint prepaid. The plans and prices can't be beat.
Sure, I've had a problem with one of their phones, but they've been pretty good about it. I recently bought a phone from Circuit City (my 7th VM phone) and it took a complete crap on me. The battery life went down to a few hours and the screen stopped working. I called customer service and they offered to give me a new phone at a large discount ($44.00 for a $99.00 phone, plus $20.00 additional airtime) along with reimbursment of any ringtones, games, and wallpapers I'd purchased for the phone that didn't work. Once, a few months ago, I did get a rude person on the phone, but after so many years with the company, it would shock me not to. I asked her to hold on a second while someone asked me a question, to which she replied, "Maybe you should call me back later." ~click~ But honestly, every other person I've spoken to has been courteous and helpful. People should have the self-control to not vent about one bad experience. They've been a consistently great company with coverage that is equal to Sprint PCS (which I have also had).
If you need a generous plan and a phone you will use daily, Virgin Mobile is a quality service for a bargain.

Heather 9/6/2013
i purchased a virgin phone in Dec 2006. Before I had a tracfone. ON the virgin plan my minutes disappear. WHen I check the account activity it shows the phone is being used while I'm in the bed alone in my own home. Calls to area codes I don't reconize. Worst choice ever for me!! NOw I have to find new prepaid phone. I've called and complained numerous times without avail.

Maden 9/6/2013
I purchased and received two new phones from and received. Today I tried to activate online entered the ESN number then the webpage started over. I repeated four times then gave up and call the 1-888 number. The automated system asks for your ESN and Zip, birth date etc. Then you get transferred to a live person. They ask you again for the ESN again. The say the ESN doesn't work. They try again and tell me they can not activate either as I tried to activate online. Now I have to wait 24-72 hours for "someone" to rescue my ticket and attempt a fix. Perhaps it will be less difficult to buy another provider product. This is not a satisfactory first time experience.

Jeff Bloom 9/6/2013
Although Virgin Mobile is an inexpensive approach to pay as you go phones, I do have two fairly significant problems with them. Being over 50, I avoid calling them at all costs. They're "hip" talk is annoying and covers for their inability to solve problems, such as dealing with lost passwords for retrieving voice mail. They were never able to solve the problem. The other very annoying problem is their smaller service area. I've been in two areas (one along a major interstate in a major university town in the west and the other in a smaller town in Arizona) where I did not have service. The university town along the interstate was the most annoying. If you are traveling along an interstate, you really need to have continuous service, just for the sake of safety. In the other area, a friend's Tracfone had service, but my Vigin Mobile phone did not.

Secret 9/6/2013
All yall grown ups out there listen up yall act so stupid, talking about virgin mobile is bad, saying "when i got my phone it was broke or didnt stay charged for a long time" Shut up man life is life deal with it yall are grown ups yall got money yall got a job so buy another phone DANG!!!! yall is a bounch of complainers the people who really should be complaining is the kids because some of yall parents makin yall children pay instead of yall paying which is stupid if you got to complain, complain to your low life husband or wife instead of on the computer Virgin MOBile rocks i luv it and thats the only thing THAT MATTERS

LM 9/6/2013
Virgin Mobel Hell is what I have been in. I was hung up on by three customer service reps and then was told there was no way to contact anyone other then there group for help. I was charged on my CC and my minutes never were posted to my account. They say that is impossible but I have the CC bill to prove it. No one was willing to help me or address this at there customer service center. When I tried to add more minutes by using my phone I would get the statement I was successful for top up but again, no minutes ever posted to my phone. After over a year of there service this was the last staw. No longer will I stand to be in Virgin Mobile Hell!

ambermarie 9/6/2013
k, im 14 n i love VM. if ur over the age of 19, then u hav no right to give VM a bad comment review. its geared toward teenagers, not adults. i hav had tons of different cell phone companys, in i think virgin mobile is the best. i had pay for it myself, so i went for the cheapest phone company. tryed t-mobile, it was okay. tryed cingular and virzon wireless, didnt like them tryed VM, its GREAT!

Charles B.-Cleveland,OH 9/6/2013
I have have used Virgin Mobile for only 3 months now, I don't think there really bad at all, there service plans are decent and phones are reasonably priced as well, I hope they come out with a smart phone, if they do I will buy it and give it a test run.

Mark 8/28/2013
I thought AT&T was bad. This is the worst experience I've ever had trying to make a purchase. I tried to place an order on line but their policy - which I've never seen on any other web site - that the shipping and billing address have to be the same. I have a PO Box for my credit card for my security. Most online stores allow entering both billing and shipping addresses, even if customers want to ship something to their work address, instead of home. I tried chatting with the online technician who kept sending me boilerplate messages before finally saying I'd need to call a number for help. The phone system is the stupidest I have ever encountered. It is set up for existing customers with NO menu item for making a purchase or checking on an existing order. I had to go through every menu item before this was clear and only by continually pressing ####### could I get the system to finally connect to a human being - one who barely speaks English and is only reading a script complete with boilerplate greetings and assurances that he's there to help me. The person I get is a technical support person who can't help me and then has to transfer me to someone to take my order. 36 hours after placing the order I see my credit card has not been charged, so I go on line to track my order. THe web site has no record of my order so I go through the whole ridiculous phone system again and after being put on hold 3 times the script-reader has no information at all on my order and I'm told to call back in a few hours. I ask for the number I'm supposed to call to get directly to someone who can with an order, and I was told I'd have to go through the support menu again. Unbelievable! How the hell do they stay in business? When I was called back after they found my order I cancelled it, was given a cancelation number, but the phone was shipped anyway. It wasn't signed for so I couldn't refuse it at delivery. It has been a nightmare trying to get the dam thing back and biggest insult is I have to pay for the shipping for a phone that wasn't supposed to be shipped to me anyway. Only masochists should even consider doing any business with Virgin Mobile.

Update 7/23/2013
I posted yesterday how VM seemed to be getting worse/shadier because I was upset and frustrated after having continuous issues for months and not much help, but was just pleasantly surprised by a customer service rep who not only answered my inquiry faster than usual (before it took few days to a week to get a response email), but was able to explain everything very clearly and even fixed the problem I was having and saved me my roll over minutes I thought I would lose for sure if I didn't get help on time. So giving 5 stars just for that, my faith in VM is a little bit renewed, cs people are not all bad there after all, I do apologize for my earlier negative generalization to all the good ones.

Getting shadier and shadier 7/23/2013
After their updating in April and losing a lot of minutes because of it and getting no help from them I've been having problems almost every month now, strange problems and no help with anything. Previous month I was finally able to do what wasn't a problem for years prior to their idiotic updating which screwed up a lot of me, which is add a minute pack. Impossible to do from a phone now since the very option is gone, and now I can't even get to my account on the phone, but was doable from VM site. Takes ages for money to be added now while before it was instant but whatever. I had some unused minutes that were supposed to roll forward when I added a pack this month. Today was the day it was due, so I added a 20. For years I was getting 200 minutes for $20, no problem. Now I tried to do it and all I got was only one option, 1000 minutes for $50, nothing else. While above it still says $20 pack is possible. Got no prior warning they changed this and removed 200 min deal. Another shady thing was another month, when I wasn't able to add a pack for some reason, it seemd to be applied and then disappeared, and was stuck with 20 cent a min rate, unused were supposed to expire in 3 month, unlike with a monthly pack, yet even then my unused expired somehow before 30 days were over. They just do whatever they want and provide no help and clear answers. Not trustworthy anymore. Don't know what happened that they went downhill so fast. Whoever does the technical part there is as bright as their customer service reps, who are completely clueless.

Getting shadier and shadier 7/23/2013
After their updating in April and losing a lot of minutes because of it and getting no help from them I've been having problems almost every month now, strange problems and no help with anything. Previous month I was finally able to do what wasn't a problem for years prior to their idiotic updating which screwed up a lot of me, which is add a minute pack. Impossible to do from a phone now since the very option is gone, and now I can't even get to my account on the phone, but was doable from VM site. Takes ages for money to be added now while before it was instant but whatever. I had some unused minutes that were supposed to roll forward when I added a pack this month. Today was the day it was due, so I added a 20. For years I was getting 200 minutes for $20, no problem. Now I tried to do it and all I got was only one option, 1000 minutes for $50, nothing else. While above it still says $20 pack is possible. Got no prior warning they changed this and removed 200 min deal. Another shady thing was another month, when I wasn't able to add a pack for some reason, it seemd to be applied and then disappeared, and was stuck with 20 cent a min rate, unused were supposed to expire in 3 month, unlike with a monthly pack, yet even then my unused expired somehow before 30 days were over. They just do whatever they want and provide no help and clear answers. Not trustworthy anymore. Don't know what happened that they went downhill so fast. Whoever does the technical part there is as bright as their customer service reps, who are completely clueless.

Margarita 7/22/2013
The absolute worst, most insane customer service ever. Do not even think about it! You will have problems with the phone, and when you do, the guy from India will say things you can't hear, understand and even if you do, will not make sense. They will not cooperate, your account number is nowhere to be found to prevent you porting back to your old carrier. Evil! Bad! Stay away!

michael 7/20/2013
iam in the paylo plan and iam happy with it.however the signal strength in my area it seems to drop a little but i still can make and receive calls.i tried in the past android service, but 3g is too iam waiting to buy a 4g android phone to try 4g speed and see if it works.overall iam happy with virgin but ultimately the signal strenght is like dropping without afecting my service for this reason i give 3 stars.however to al those new folks..remember to check your coverage area before buying.

Lindsay 7/18/2013
I thought my husband & I could save money by switching from AT&T. Virgin Mobile's low prices really are too good to be true. After I activated my Samsung Galaxy SII, I could not receive ANY service (fluctuating from 1 to 0 bars), much less 4G. I live in Jacksonville, FL, in what is supposed to be a full coverage area. I called to cancel my service the same day I activated. Virgin Mobile refused to give me a refund for the month of service I had paid for. They said I had used too much data, even though I had only tested a few things just to see if the phone was working. After several phone calls of being repeatedly put on hold, hung up on (while on hold), etc., I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Luckily, I was refunded through my credit card company after disputing the charge. Do not waste your time with this company. The cell phone service is terrible and the customer service is even worse. (NOTE: I now have Metro PCS and it works great. Once in a while I have a text message sent twice but that isn't an issue for me.)

felix 7/11/2013
first i checked the coverage area.i live in hialeah,fl and iam very happy with the service.i admit the signal streght i get is only 3 bars but consistent,i get good call quality,no dropped calls,texting is very good at least in my area.the plans are excellent,iam using the paylo $30 dollars 1500 min/1500 text/ and i must admit their plans are amazing.before i had android service with VM, but the 3g speed is very slow,so iam waiting for dropped prices on some VM 4g android cellphones to try the beyond plan and hope to get decent 4g speed.meanwhile me and my wife are very happy with paylo.i have heard VM uses sprint towers so it appears there is decent coverage in my area.

omasoon 6/26/2013
They really have a very bad customer service, I phoned them to buy a phone and become a client I waited more than 15 minutes in order that the sell representative check that the phone is available. I waited to receive my phone but after two weeks nothing. I contacted the sells department but no one was able to help me. Every time they promise to call me back but they never did it. Finally one gay named Andy hung up the phone.....waw, this is really bad, I will never, ever become a client of vergin mobile....

Beyond Done with em 6/24/2013
RUN AWAY!!! As fast as you can! Don't look back! Virgin Mobile sucks! Top off required regardless of nonrefundable balance in your account at time of account closure! Very limited coverage - save yourself the frustration - go elsewhere. Long time customers mean NOTHING.

Juan 6/18/2013
Unless you live by a highway, I wouldn't recommend getting the service. Numerous drop calls, as well as "network unavailable" and let us not forget a day late text. $35 is not much, but I still expect to receive calls and text on time. Its embarrasing to keep on talking when the other person is no longer there. Customer service is not so great either. I'm beginning to think they are high schoolers. They don't have a clue sometimes, and when they don't know what it is they blame it on a third party. Give me a break. I have had it for six months and I can't stand it anymore. If your calls are important go somewhere else.

Barbara 6/12/2013
I bought a Samsung Victory through Virgin Mobile in April. The phone is in my name and whenever I call out the Name on the phone comes up someone other than me. I am also getting another person's messages. Customer service is TERRIBLE!!!~Tried to get this resolved 5 times----was told it would take seven to ten days to fix. Five calls-50 days? Still not fixed. Today I went to another phone service who is a RESPONSIBLE CARRIER. If I could give Virgin Mobile minus 5*****I would. Beware of this company! Service area is also terrible.

Stephanie 6/5/2013
In short: the worst company that I've had to deal with in my life. I've been a Virgin Mobile customer for the past 9 years. At first, their pay-as-you-go was the obvious choice for me at the time since I didn't need to use my phone often, and the service was decent. In the past few years, however, I've noticed a definite decline in coverage, tons of individual text messaging charges (15 cents each) despite having available messages in my messaging pack, and generally unhelpful customer service representatives that are difficult to understand and can only give you solutions if you're experiencing one of about five or so most common problems. Check out their Facebook fan page. Look at the majority of the reviews on this site. A 2/5 average rating and thousands of customer complaints? Definitely not something to overlook if you're thinking about switching to Virgin Mobile. Right now I'm in the process of doing what my brothers and dad have already done and jumping ship to a more reliable carrier and save myself the frustration of having to deal with this company.

Horrid customer service 5/26/2013
On 4/6 they had their system update, I already posted how I was supposed to add a minute pack on that day and couldn't because of their updating and thought I'd lose all my roll over minutes, and cs rep's 'help' was worthless. But the next day it seemed that it worked, mins were saved and I added a pack. Thought it was all fine and over. Not. In a while I noticed that somehow my pack deal was gone and I was on 20cents a minute plan, it reverted to that all by itself. Must be their moronic 'updating', from fine to crap. So I ended up losing all my forwarded mins and had to add them again. I tried buying a pack, now it's a problem to add them in a phone, takes forever and buy a pack option is not where it used to be, I had to look for it. It's no easy anymore. Finally it was applied, I got confirmation message, only to revert to 20 cent/ no pack deal again without me doing anything to the phone. So I emailed them, it takes them days to reply, I keep describing the issue, saying how I lost my mins because they wouldn't let me add them on that day and now I can't seem to add a pack either, and they either play dumb or are really dumb. Their response is I should have added a pack then I was supposed to. I keep saying it's they fault I couldn't, they will not even acknowledge that. Won't tell me why it's so hard to add a pack now and why it won't apply even after I get a message it was applied and it keeps reverting. No help whatsoever, just a whole lot of bs, 'sorry it took so long to respond, you are a valuable customer', but no actual answers. Hate VM, doesn't even deserve 1 star, help cannot be counted on and they don't take responsibility for they own screw ups and blame the customer.

Horrid customer service 5/26/2013
On 4/6 they had their system update, I already posted how I was supposed to add a minute pack on that day and couldn't because of their updating and thought I'd lose all my roll over minutes, and cs rep's 'help' was worthless. But the next day it seemed that it worked, mins were saved and I added a pack. Thought it was all fine and over. Not. In a while I noticed that somehow my pack deal was gone and I was on 20cents a minute plan, it reverted to that all by itself. Must be their moronic 'updating', from fine to crap. So I ended up losing all my forwarded mins and had to add them again. I tried buying a pack, now it's a problem to add them in a phone, takes forever and buy a pack option is not where it used to be, I had to look for it. It's no easy anymore. Finally it was applied, I got confirmation message, only to revert to 20 cent/ no pack deal again without me doing anything to the phone. So I emailed them, it takes them days to reply, I keep describing the issue, saying how I lost my mins because they wouldn't let me add them on that day and now I can't seem to add a pack either, and they either play dumb or are really dumb. Their response is I should have added a pack then I was supposed to. I keep saying it's they fault I couldn't, they will not even acknowledge that. Won't tell me why it's so hard to add a pack now and why it won't apply even after I get a message it was applied and it keeps reverting. No help whatsoever, just a whole lot of bs, 'sorry it took so long to respond, you are a valuable customer', but no actual answers. Hate VM, doesn't even deserve 1 star, help cannot be counted on and they don't take responsibility for they own screw ups and blame the customer.

Scott 5/15/2013
Hey folks, I've got news for you: Cell phones and companies are all a big scam, no matter who you use, you are getting hosed. All of their marketing teams want you paying $100/month period. I got Virgin about 7 months ago. I was always pleased with the service and price. This month however, I have had horrible coverage due to them upgrading to 4G or whatever. I don't use the web, only talk and text. I have missed calls and texts constantly for 2 weeks. They did credit me $30 after many emails back and forth. I'm willing to give them another shot due to the upgrade thing. If it goes back to the way it was before, I will stay with them. If I have any more problems, I will switch to someone else. I pay $30/month for 1500 mins, 1500 text, and some data. I refuse to bend over for Verizon, AT&T, or other monopoly just to use a damn telephone. Overall, Virgin has been good and so has their customer service, other than the past couple weeks. We'll see.

Pervaiz Iqbal 5/6/2013
Stay away from virgin mobile. In the beginning they the services is good as your warranty expires, the services goes worst and they call it "black hole area". you will stuck with phone with no service.

Sharon 5/1/2013
Stay away from Virgin Mobile!!! They have the worst customer service dept ever. I have been a 5 year customer, not anymore. They give you the runaround trying to correct issues so I am demanding my top up money back and shopping around for a new carrier-new phone.

Sherry 4/29/2013
My actual rating NEGATIVE 5 stars...Got an iPhone. Nothing but dropped calls texting was ok, but slow. Coverage is terrible. Soo I get a Samsung galaxy victory.. Loved the phone....volume way too loud. Bluetooth volume too low, Could not get tmobile messages. Reset my phone 3 times! .switched back to my iPhone its been 1 still sucks!!!!
I paid to get unlimited everything and can't even use this phone or any other phone that i have. Coverage is crappy.. Customer service u can't even understand!!!!. Now I can't receive any messages from anyone who has tmobile...they want to keep resetting my phone. It's not my phone this is the second one! It doesn't help at all! Virgin mobile is a complete waste of time n money. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I'm goin back to boost. Never had a problem with them...I switched because I got the iPhone for of the worst mistakes I've made was actually thinking it would work with such a shitty carrier! NEGATIVE 5 *****!!!!!!!

RIB 4/23/2013
I have been with quite a few carriers throughout the age of cellphones. Trac,Singular,Verizon,AT&T,Cellular 1.....contracts suck. Verizon charged roaming when they shouldnt, AT&T dropped calls and screwed up billing consistently. Lets face it- as consumers we all have to deal with customer service outsourcing. Sometimes it is ok other times it sucks. (when bad- always stay respectable but firm and tell them that you are writing a letter to the ceo about your treatment. THIS WORKS, because it is a reflection of their hiring service. The company that provides the outsourcing be it India or Asian doesnt want complaints)Anyway, Virgin service works great for of Sprint network. I have activated 5 phones with only one that was difficult to start. Customer service did not speak English well but when do they? All in all I have been very satisfied not having to pay 230 bucks a month for three smart phones. Those complaining most likey complain alot.

Disgusted 4/21/2013
Negative as many stars are in the sky. Have never had such poor customer service in my life.

Karel 4/20/2013
This is an opinion on the general Virgin Mobile phone survices,and not this store.

Follow up to 'Rip Off' 4/7/2013
I wrote a negative review on 4/6/13, about not being able to add minutes because VM was updating their system on that day and my account was locked and I thought my roll over minutes would expire if I didn't do it that day, and customer service rep confirmed that they would and nothing they can do. Well, I checked my phone today, and roll over minutes remained and I was able to add the new pack successfully. I know I said I won't be their customer anymore but since I already had a prepaid card and it's not returnable I would have lost that money. So guess I overreacted, but still can't give more than 3 stars because customer service rep was absolutely incompetent and had no clue how it would actually work out. Could have just said 'don't worry, you will able to do it tomorrow and your roll over minutes will be saved'. He didn't even know.

Rip off 4/6/2013
I have a prepaid plan. Today I was supposed to add minutes and have the rest roll over, and when I went to do it I got a message that my account is locked because they are updating the system, try again in 24 hours. Which is when I will lose all the minutes that would have rolled over, which is a lot. I called cs and rep was nice but useless, just confirmed that I will lose them and nothing they can do. No offer to save them because I can't add them on time due to their updating. And they just don't care. They lost me as a customer and many potential ones, as I will never recommend them and will warn people.

tnrr 4/5/2013
This isn't about Virgin's phone service but about their so-called Broadband2Go service -- internet connection via a device called Overdrive Pro, which supposedly gives you unlimited 4G service and 5 gigabytes of 3G. I've never come across the 4G service. I was using the 3G service for a couple of months and then told Virgin Mobile, via their website, to stop my service because I was going to the Philippines. They went ahead and charged me $55 for an additional month of service after I told them specifically to stop. I have written them five emails. After the first, I got an automated message saying they would respond quickly. That was two weeks ago. They have yet to respond. Clearly all they want is your money, and they will steal it from your account if you leave your credit-card or bank-account info on file. They are no worse than thieves. Why would anyone give them even a single star, I wonder?

yougottabekiddingme 4/5/2013
I just bought my phone today and after seriously being on the phone with them from 4 to 7:30 they finally disconeected the persons service ALREADY ATTATCHED TO MY NEW PHONE. now i cant even call customer service. I was put on hold for over half an hour TWICE! my call was disconeccted multiple times and trying to get past the robot to a customer service robot is nearly impossible. All these problems and I haven't even made my first call yet because since they disconected the phone I can no longer use it to speak to customer service. I sent them an email two hours ago and no response! I can not beleive how horrible their customer service is. I will be leaving as soon as my first month (already payed in full) is complete and I can find some one to buy my phone.

Jim 4/3/2013
I pay $35 a month. I'm not a talkative person. I'm not joking when I say i average about 20 minutes of talktime a month. I use text messaging to relay messages to my wife. I like using data, but my at&t plan was 200mb.

Paul 3/29/2013
One star because zero is not an option. The only thing worse than their phone service is their customer service. In 3 months with VM, I've spent more time talking to them than with everyone else on my phone combined. 15 days of downtime on my prepaid, in full, phone. "We might have figure out why our system won't give you access in 5-7 days" is not what I'm looking for in a phone service.

Laura Lasater 3/25/2013
If I could I would give Virgin a 0. I am completely disgusted with this carrier and their incompetence. I bought a phone in Dec and signed up for Paylo, but after trying for 2 hours to activate the phone with 3 different people, I gave up and switched carriers. I thought I was done with Virgin, but I've been billed each month since then for a total of about $60 even though I was never able to use the phone. Now, they say they are unable to deactivate the phone or stop the automatic payments b/c I can't give them the phone number (don't remember it). They're unable to access my acct with my name or the serial # on the phone. Unbelievable! The told me that I have to call my credit card company to stop the payments. After I'm done here,
I'm reporting them to the Better
Business Bureau. Buyer Beware!

Perspective 3/24/2013
I recently joined Virgin Mobile since my Verizon contract was coming to an end and there was NO WAY that I was going to sign up for 2 years of "Share Everything" and the outrageous cost.

Andy 3/21/2013
Zero stars if I could. First got Virgin on 2/21/13 and still cannot get all my text messages. Customer service will tell you anything to get you off the phone. The blame outages, your friends phone, your phone. They tell you Oh take the battery out and it'll be fixed, transfer you to 6 different people who you have to explain everything to again and then never fix the problem. So frustrated and furious. WORST DECISION EVER.

Guest 3/20/2013
I would give them zero stars if I could. Their service value is fine, but their customer service is so beyond bad that I can't even put it into words. The countless hours of my life that I have wasted on the phone with these useless people is unbelievable. And I still have a phone that doesn't work properly and a replacement phone that a month later is still nowhere to be seen. They should be ashamed of themselves. The worst customer service experience I have had in my 40+ years of life which is truly saying something.

carlos 3/20/2013
don't understand all the bad reviews about virgin,this cell company has issues but is not that true the billing system is very bad but you can pay with top up cards instead using your credit card,virgin uses sprint network so it must work very good where sprint has coverage.i have been with virgin mobile for 2 years and i have saved a lot with them,i was using android service but is true the 3g service is a little slow so..i switched to a paylo plan and iam getting a better deal since i don't use my cell to much.overall every prepaid company has issues but virgin mobile is reliable if you live in an area with coverage so check the coverage map before buying.

Krista 3/20/2013
This is the worst phone company i've ever went through.I find myself wanting to bash my phone up against the wall everytime I use it,I wish I could rate it 0 stars. I'm switching to another phone company in another weel or so,and i'm never going through virgin again,and I will never recommend this company to anyone. The phone I bought is horrible all on it's own,it's just junky,the buttons don't work,the connection is screwy,you can't even understand customer service because they barely know english. They shouldn't even be able to be a phone company,i'm sick and tired of being this angry almost every minute of the day,and i'm not exaggerating. Terrible phone company,don't waste your precious time.

V.L.MCCLEND 3/19/2013

hmong 3/15/2013
worst phone company ever. i purchase and activate my samsung galaxy s2 and i only used it for only 1 week, they did a system upgrade and i couldnt use

Galaxy S2 4G 3/15/2013
Great coverage & 3G / 4G here in Boston.
If you dont then it sucks to be you.

Guest 3/13/2013
They may have great prices and the coverage in my area is pretty good, but they are absolutely HORRIBLE when it comes to customer service. You would think all would work fine so you don't need CS, but periodically these IDIOTS say my payment (which I have set up thru paypal on an automated basis) could not be made. When I call to ask what's going on, they can't give me a straight answer but they do ask me if I would like to pay with a credit card. I told them straight out, there is NO WAY I would give my cc number to someone not even in the think I'm crazy??? Then, when I tried to update my paypal on their website, there isn't even a paypal option...just "give us your credit card number"...they are absolutely out of their minds!!! Right now I am sitting on hold (past 20 minutes) waiting to speak to someone HERE in the US because they tell me they are "updating their system and that is why I do not have service". When I asked where they get off shutting me down when I am a good paying customer, their response is "just wait 24 hours", I told this person I wanted to speak to someone in the US that CAN give me a logical answer....still waiting.....UGH!!!!

Joe 3/12/2013
I took some of the low rating reviews with grain-of-salt, BIG MISTAKE. This company bad reputation is for real, order HTC One phone for $139.99 (target won't match VM web site pricing @ $179.99), so I went ahead order it from VM website. Received email confirming order, so far so good; a week later no phone and never receive tracking number. So I called, waited for 20-min, operator told me order has been cancelled but my CC has been charged; thus operator said wait for 10-working days for refund. 2 weeks later no refund, so I had to dispute the charge with my CC (still no refund). All in all I was lured by $25 no-limit service, now I have T-Mobile $30 (100-min voice and unlimited everything on GSM network, 10cent/min over on voice calls), Anyone still going with VM is either a masochist or ....

vmuser 3/10/2013
wont take paypal since website redesign
just loops asking for credit card

James 3/6/2013
This is the worst cell phone company. That I have ever to deal with. Poor reception, spotty at best. Return process is a nightmare. Please do your self a favor, stay away form this crappy so call company.

Decent 3/4/2013
Purchased the HTC Evo V 4G. Got it on sale, glad I got it when I did as it went out of stock a few weeks after. The $35 a month plan suits my needs best. Signal has been subpar, I get a great signal outside when I'm closer to the city and a good signal inside. I live in rural area, I knew the signal was gonna be low ahead of time. I can make calls and texts at home just fine, but internet is pretty slow in rural areas if your home internet goes out.

Billy Smith 2/28/2013
Wow so many bad reviews and mostly people complaining about coverage? Should have checked the coverage map, DUH!!! And yes they DO use Sprint's towers but you do not roam as Sprint users do, so make sure you check Virgin's coverage and not Sprint's. And you all say you don't have reception but somehow spend 30 mins talking to customer service, where did your coverage come from? I have been using VM for almost 2 years on 2 different phones and no problems so far. Coverage and service is fine. For those who do have problems it is most likely a USER deficiency or error.

rachel 2/28/2013
This service doesn't even deserve 1 star! I bought the Sumsung Reverb thinking this would be a great alternative to the contract carriers. God was I ever wrong. Took the phone out of the package set it up, charged it did all the great and wonderful things we all enjoy doing when we get the new phones. So I start playing around, loading contacts and the phone shuts off. THIS PHONE KEPT REBOOTING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! This was not only an annoyance, but major inconvenience. Virgin mobile doesn't have wide coverage, which was stupid on my part to even consider them to start with, but one foot in the wrong direction and this phone dropped calls. This was all discovered in 1 day. ON TOP OF ALL THE ABOVE MENTIONED, customer service SUCKS! The online service is even screwy, it would not recognize my number. Returned phone, got money back, but the $35 card for service- not worth calling the customer service people to try and get back. Which leads me to believe is the only way they are making their money, because no one could realistically use their service for any real practicality.

alan 2/26/2013
sincerely i don't understand all the bad reviews about virgin mobile,i have been with them for 6 years without a single problem i live in south florida, west palm and reception is incredible good,to all people having issues please review the coverage map before buying,i understand everybody can have a problem and is true CS is not the best but the website is very usefull and you can do almost anything in it.something bad about VM i have to say is the billing system is awfull be carefull when you set up autopay because they can steal money from ur account like any other prepaid company,instead i use prepaid cards.overrall i think VM is the best prepaid in my area i have the $ 30 paylo plan since i don't talk and text a lot and iam very happy with them.please if you call customer service be nice and try them with respect,iam sure they will resolve your problem fast of course if you are out of the map coverage you must look another cell company

dean 2/25/2013
I have an account with virgin and here is where there is a big problem with privacy...When I leave my home; I call forward my land line into my cell number to get my calls....ANYONE from a telemarketer and so on; call my home number and does not know it is being call forwarded to my cell number. I can see who is calling me on the cell phone and if I choose not to answer and call back later or not...and I do NOT have a voice mail set up on the choice... A taped message comes on and instead of the ringing just timing out and call is dropped; a recorded message comes on and says "sorry; 323- and my phone number is given out; does not have voice mail set up. NOW; everyone who has called my home phone number has my cell number whether I want them to have it or not. I contacted them and was told that there is nothing that can be done that it is a blanket recording for their system...and cannot be changed. not only have I not given my permission to give out my number; but where does my privacy come into play? Dean.

Guest 2/19/2013

Never Again 2/17/2013
Absolutely the worst phone service provider. Incompetent customer service reps and horrible service. Initially, activation, hardware, and text messaging were problems. My most recent issue had to do with lack of internet service for 12 days (which they never helped me resolve). I'm shopping around now so I can switch providers at the end of the month.

trevor crusing 2/17/2013
this service was cheap but not worth the trouble. iv spent over 5 hours trying to fix what they mess up. the support team is based out of bangladesh and most of them barely speak english

Dan6 2/9/2013
Absolutely awful company and awful service.
Yes, it is somewhat cheap, but there is a reason for this. Shortly after moving to a new home, it had no coverage almost 100% of the time. Even outside, it was not possible to make or receive calls. Numerous calls to tech support were not at all helpful. Worst of all was that it stopped being usable when I was trying to schedule a job interview.
Then, to make things worse, VM stated it was their policy to not refund any funds left on the account when you cancel service. This was after being left to wait 40 minutes on hold to speak with someone.
I will never do business with VM again, and would recommend other persons avoid them. Companies this bad deserve to go out of business.

Wayne 2/3/2013
Customer service is quick to respond but coverage in all areas I've tested has been horrible whoever has said att has bad coverage has never used sprints network boost sucks too if you need to go cheap try t mobile prepaid or straight talk or even better if you don't need a cool phone go verizon prepaid this service is horrible.

Joey 2/3/2013
The coverage map shows full voice coverage for most of my area, yet I literally cannot make phone calls 80% of the time. On the rare occasion that my phone does make a call, it drops it. Half of the time my texts do not go through. If I make a call inside, it doesn't work. When I step outside to make the call, the person I am calling cannot hear me, and then the call drops. 3G? Forget about it. The only city in Michigan that I travel to is Lansing, and there I get decent coverage. If I had to rely on my phone to save my life, say to contact emergency services or the like, I would surely be doomed.

misia 2/2/2013
worst cosumer service ever, dont deal with them ......

J 1/29/2013
I specifically bought the HTC EVO V 4G phone for the 4G. I have not received 4G service since purchase of this phone in AUG 2012. (I live in a prime 4G area and travel to other 4G areas). I have made countless calls to Virgin Mobile "Customer Care". They consistently open then close trouble tickets without fixing the problem. The last trouble ticket I specifically told the representative to NOT close the ticket but she did anyway even though I was still not receiving 4G service. I have spent hours on the phone explaining the problem and going through troubleshooting steps with every representative. They will transfer you from one person to another until eventually you are accidentally disconnected. (Of course they refuse to give you the phone number to the person they are transferring you to or to speak to a supervisor.)

JJ 1/29/2013
Worst customer service. worst techs. This is bs Macus.

D-Man 1/29/2013
I have been a customer for about a year. We have three VM phones, Optimus V, Venture and since Christmas, Iphone 4s. Two phones were swithced from Sprint, one phone was switched from Net10. We have had zero problems with phones or service. I have found the reception suprisingly good. If you go to rural areas, don't expect coverage, and for whatever reason, Alaska has no coverage. I know that VM has saved us 100's of dollars. Two phones are on the $25 a month,and the Iphone is $30 a month. Find that price anywhere. Just one thing, if you call cust service, be nice. Don't start yelling or complaining. Just be very specific on what issue you have and keep thanking them for helping you. A little kindess will go a long way. I highly recommend VM.

julian 1/27/2013
well i were with t mobile prepaid for a week,then decided to come back to virgin mobile.the problem with tmobile was i was getting 'edge' 2g speed with my android unlocked 4g device and it was hell accessing and downloading content from the android market because they don't tell u they transmit data in another iam back with virgin mobile,the $ 45 plan is excellent for me since i don't use to many minutes and data is unlimited with your 3g or 4g the way i purchased an new 4g android from virgin and the speed is excellent and the coverage in my area 'miami' is excellent too.good bye tmobile you lied to me when i was told my device will work with your 4g speed and the true was getting 2g turtle speed,welcome back virgin mobile if you continue giving me good service i will stick with u for a long time.keep going

Carl 1/17/2013
I used to have fantastic service with Virgin Mobile. Then one day I kept getting a "Network busy" message, and that was the end of that. No more cell phone at my own house. It would work if I went to different towns, but that's ridiculous to have to go to other towns to get service. I called customer service everyday that I had the problem and they always told me to wait three days because a special team was working on it. Lies. All lies. Im very very disappointed because I had just bought a brand new HTC phone that works amazing until I was booted off of their network. Full bars, no service.

John 1/9/2013
Very sorry I ever got mixed up with this company. Never again. Bad customer service, terrible service, nothing but excuses with no results. Can't deal with same person when thiers an issue(which is constant). Complete run around with different answers for same problem every time I call. Always wan't to call you back and never return calls. They sold me products over the phone not even compatible with my plan and then are giving me a hard time about refunding. Completely rediculous! Never again!

RUDY MZ 1/9/2013
Have a mixed experience. Got a pay as you go (LG Optimus V) phone last January in FL and it was great. They told me (as I spend periods of 3 or 4 months there and short periods in NYC) that I can keep my phone and get a new SIM and number when back.
WELL, no way. Las November in NYC they told me I've to buy a new handset...for a couple of weeks which I refused. Got in touch with Customer service and no help at all, the serial number of the phone, a new one, was not recognized, even the model wasn't on their list anymore. And they didn't answer my question about their policy regarding the buy of a new phone.

SharonIL 1/7/2013
My husband and I really loved our new phones and best part is unlimited data usage included. We used AT&T and T-Mobile before, but this is the best one. The purchase is straight forward if you just follow the instruction step by step. The international calling rate is awesome!

Anders Svensson 1/6/2013
Listen folks, Virgin Mobile USA offers excellent service for what you pay. You can't beat their $35/Mo unlimited web and texts with 300 minutes. Anything that comes close is T-Mobiles $30 plan with 100 minutes. Of course you can check TracFone or Net10, which are essentially the same America Movil, but their phone service sucks - a lot of dropped or static calls. I picked up a Kyocera Rise for $30 during Black Friday, an awesome deal for a brand new Android 4.0. I understand there are tolerable drawbacks like the internet speed, especially inside buildings or when you are in an urban area surrounded by tall buildings. The bandwidth never goes above tens of KBits - terrible if you want to stream Pandora. When you're out in the open, it goes up to hundreds of KBits. Overall, VM offers decent service if you consciously accept that you will not be getting Verizon's LTE, and you won't be paying arms and legs for bragging rights.

joshua 1/3/2013
My wife and I have used prepaid Virgin mobile for over ten years. We cannot recommend it to anyone, because it has poor coverage. Most importantly, however, we have experienced mind-boggling problems with getting the service period extended after paying in. For example, we paid $10 on October 25, $10 on December 28, and $10 on January the second. My service period was cut on January 2, 2013. My wife has had similar problems. Her service was cut December 28, 2013, in spite of having paid $30. If you rely on your cell phone for medical reasons, as we do, stay away from Virgin and, by extension, Sprint.

NO (working) PHONE YET 1/1/2013
I ordered a phone. It arrived and didn't work. Virgin sent another phone (but no new battery or elec cord). Second phone arrived and didn't work. Now they are going to send another battery. Why didn't they do that in the first place?
They haven't lost any time billing me for service however. I'm paying for service, but can't make or receive calls. Thanks for nothing Virgin.

martin 12/30/2012
I hated AT&T for the worst coverage ever and the plan was expensive for my iPhone 4. I looked into Sprint for the iPhone 4S or 5 but didn't want to commit to 3 yr contract. Did A LOT of research into what was available and Verizon (while the best coverage was way expensive). Almost went with Sprint but saw Virgin used the exact same Sprint network at 1/2 the price. So, plunked down the $ for the 4S and set up with Virgin. The phone is fine, the service is around 2 bars in my home and office (similar to AT&T but calls have not dropped). The downside with Virgin - their customer service is the WORST - from their miscommunication sending me to Best Buy (who does NOT carry the 4S any longer), to Radio Shack (who MUST provide only a new # if you buy there) to mismanaging the order delaying it one week before I finally received. The customer service staff also had issues transferring my old # as well as applying the first month's payment. They appeared to work it out BUT it took me quite a bit of time and patience and sitting on hold 30 mins at a pop listening to their crappy music and announcements that "they are so busy".

Guest 12/30/2012
I've been with Virgin Mobile for almost 2.5 years now. Last month I was still on the old $40 a month plan. When I bought Virgins newest phone last February, i was allowed to keep my low monthly service. I recently got a Galaxy S II for Christmas and was forced to upgrade to $45 a month. However it seemed more of a downgrade. Since I've started my new monthly service. I have had a lot of people tell me they have been trying to call me, but my phone never rings. I am not able to send text messages in my own home because my coverage is so low and Virgin Mobile promises 4G coverage, but we all know there's so such thing as 4G with Sprint/Virgin Mobile. I can't believe I'm paying more for less coverage. Last month I had absolutely no complaints about my service, but since I've been change to this new plan, my service is terrible!!!!

J Drake 12/29/2012
I have been a subscriber for over 5 years with the 'beyond talk', unlimited web/mail/messaging 300 minute plan at $25/mo (now $35 for new subscribers). I am quite amazed at the poor reviews. Most of these people are either dumb or lazy technically. The system is reliable, with excellent coverage on the East coast where we live, but also everywhere we have visited except Alaska. Down times for anything have been non existent except for the Hurricane when everything was down.

MissDenver 12/28/2012
Worst customer service of my life. Run, don't walk away from them. There are better companies who offer similar plans at about the same price. I recently purchased 2 phones from VM after they assured me my address had good coverage. Upon activation, I couldn't get a signal. After several hours on the phone with VM and being transferred many times to people who didn't have a clue what they were doing, someone finally admitted that the coverage at my address was "poor". How about non-existent. I told them I had to return the phones because I couldn't use their service. Their policy is not to pay return shipping (unlike AT&T) but the person I spoke to said they would refund me in this case. All I needed to do was call and give them the amount of shipping and the tracking number. I called with that information. This time, I was transferred to technical support, then to finance, then to shipping (I was disconnected when they tried to transfer the call). So I had to call back. Each time, I had to spend 10 minutes explaining the situation. The second call I got technical support. They said they would transfer me to shipping. They transferred me back to tech support. Despite having the notes on my account, and the person on Fri. telling me I would get a refund for shipping, I was now told they would not refund the shipping, despite what I had already been promised. When I insisted, they finally agreed to open an "investigation" and told me to call back after a week. I have no doubt that when I call back, I'll be told that after the investigation, I won't be receiving a refund for shipping. I am 56 years old and I've encountered poor customer service before. But never in my life have I dealt with a company with such incompetent, horrible, impossible customer service as VM. I was a longtime AT&T customer and the difference in the 2 companies is night and day. The only reason I was going to switch is because of the cost. Well, you get what you pay for I guess. Even if I move to an area where I can get good VM coverage, I will NEVER, EVER do business with them again.

m 12/20/2012
Bought an HTC Evo 4g online, only to notice that it went on sale two weeks later. I emailed their customer service asking for a price adjustment, even if it was just merchandise credit that I could use towards my monthly bill. Received response email days later saying:

Marlene 12/16/2012
I just cancelled my service with Virgin mobile. Before anyone signed up make sure you're area will have a good reception. Do not assume that because it is Sprint it is good reception. The phone I bought Samsung intercept was replaced twice and the 3rd one I had did not last just like the two ones I had.I wasted $200 for that phone and yes it is only $38.00 a month but a lot of stress I had to go through with the poor service phone and customer service. Though Virgin mobile sent me new phones, I was told the warranty was based on when I initially signed up with the company not when I received the replacement phone. I spend long hours with customer service and a lot of times representatives had conflicting information,at times I was transferred to a phone which just kept on ringing, or just simply put me on hold forever. Lastly, I had money left on the account and was just told they cannot credit back my account. So just be ware and do not believe the HYPE check other companies.

Seth 12/15/2012
I was unable to ship my phone somewhere different than my billing address online, so I had to call. Worst calls of my life. The first time I was confirmed to have ordered the phone, but I got an e-mail several days later without absent one order number telling me my order had been cancelled. I called back and they were couldn't even place my order over the phone. They told me I had to go into a store to buy it. This is idiotic!I have never had this many problems ordering something in my life. I tried two different credit cards, both of which I know were good. Save yourself a lot of hassle and go with someone else. I want to buy their phone and they can't even sell it to me! Bad omens. Steer away.

Rae 12/15/2012
I've used VM for several years and I like the service. I'm giving 3 stars for their policy around phones. I bought a new, expensive phone from them which is defective. They replaced it was a used phone. I was told they always replace new defective phones with used ones. Buy your phone somewhere else. I'm planning on checking out Boost.

Jessie S. 12/15/2012
I've seen quite a few bad reviews here. I understand if something goes wrong, people get upset. I've only had service with VM for a few months, but I am overall very happy. I've never had an issue with customer service. Each time I call, I speak to an English speaking person in the U.S., and am quite happy with the company. I do have a suggestion for the people who are having issues with their phones not working- you can call the manufacturer and if your phone is under warranty, they will replace it no problem. I have had to do that a couple of times when I had service with ATT and Verizon. You don't need to call your service provider if your phone has a warranty.

John Doe 12/13/2012
My son and I have been with Virgin for about a year now. Coverage is the Sprint CDMA Network which isn't the best but it gets the job done for $35 a month. Customer and web service has been fine. Pay as you go gives an email and text message reminding us to top off when needed. Honestly, this service has been very good. I will not pay out the nose by signing a two year contract and have no idea why others do but hey, sheep are sheep. I wanted to offset some of these lousy reviews with my own since they deserve some positive feedback.

HAZEL 12/10/2012
I attempted to pay by phone plan over the internet.....the first 2 times I tried I kept getting an error message with my payment transaction so I tried a third time and it took....I called the same night and spoke with one of your reps who assured me that the first 2 payments plus tax payments did not go through and that I should wait 12-24 hours and check back with my bank and I would see my account updated....however this is not true...Virgin Mobile took the money from my account all 3 times ...I called my bank and they said they paid VM twice in the amount of $ 75.94 along with once in the amount $37.97...all paid and deducted on the same day 12/06…I also have a copy of my account statement that says posted......I called VM to request this money (in the amount of $151.88) be put back into my accout ASAP.... and after waiting on hold for 30 mins , I get a non-english speaking person (surprise, surprise). After talking for over and hour, she tells me that it was computer error that caused this to happen...After which, I spoke with a manager named Alex who said he would forward this to their “finance” department and someone would contact me within 24-72 hours. You didn’t take me money in 24-72 hrs……This has caused me undue stress........ this is the second time this has happened and someone is lying to me...This originally happened on 12/5…I called on 12/5, 12/6, and today 12/9 and nothing has been resolved. Nor has my money been put back into my account. I am going to switch to another carrier as soon as this problem gets resolved……and to top this off…….. I had a phone that went out after about a year, so I called VM about 2 weeks prior to this incident to get informationas to what my options would be. I was told by another rep that all I needed to do was order an new one and call them to have them activate it under the old number. I specifically asked if I would be able to keep my old plan….the original $25.00 plan they offered when they first started with the Beyond Talk pland…..however this was another decietful practice of stealing from customers…….when I got the new phone in the mail, I was told that in fact I could not keep my old plan as it was grandfathered and that I would have to purchase one of the higher plans if I wanted to keep the new phone. WOW……lie after lie….after lie……and I find it strange that all 4 times I called and asked for a manager , a man by the name of “ ALEX” got on the phone….either that’s another lie and he’s not a manager or they have a lot of managers named ALEX… VIRGIN MOBILE SUCKS AND I WILL CANCEL ASAP ANDI FIND ANOTHER PROVIDER…….

Kim 12/5/2012
Virgin Mobile has the worst customer service I have ever had. After being with another cell phone carrier for years with no problems I had decided to switch to virgin mobile because they "appear" to have a good deal at the 35.00 a month. What they don't tell you is they don't even know how to get their phones activated and every time I contact them for the same issue they still tell me it will take 3 more days! Who can go without a phone for several weeks??? Wow, really disappointing. If you want a no contact phone go with Boost Mobile--you can talk to a live person and they actually know what they are doing and care to please their customers.

carie 12/4/2012
This is the worst ever I had to call them so many times about the phones that I bought. They are cheap and stop working in a short time. The customer service sucks and they dont speak english you cant understand them.. I hate this company and will look for another if they raise there prices.

Joseph 12/2/2012
VIRGIN MOBILE is raising their prices December 31, 2012. Walmart put out the new Top up cards and the prices are going up. Virgin Mobile is denying it but it's right there on their Pay as you go cards. Pretty deceptive to offer great deals for new phones at Christmas and then raise the price a week after Christmas.

Cilla 12/1/2012
Don't do it! My sin has Walmart's Straight Talk and I'm thinking of switching. At least his phone has consistent coverage. Not sure how their support is, have had to call. Virgin mobile's support is horrible!

chuck oldynski 11/26/2012
i thought virgin at first was a good alternitive from higher priced providers but after 3 months of service suddenly we had none, customer service was not helpful or understanding. If you are considering using virgin some areas may work but i would recommend paying more to get the best coverage

jenn 11/24/2012
HORRIBLE!!!They do not care once you buy their crappy overpriced phones, you are on your own. 3 phones in less than a year, all of them freeze,and are faulty...their solution- buy a more expensive phone! I paid 80.00 for the one I have but cannot use 3/4 of it's functions! HORRIBLE!

dee 11/24/2012
Tried to cancel service and get a refund. They hang up on me and say no one can do it. I had the service for 24 hours. All I hear is "I understand and Im sorry but we cant do that. You could restart your service and we can give you a free service." I will never do this service again.

Sally 11/23/2012
After being very happy with Virgin Mobile for years I am now a very disappointed customer. I never had any issues until I bought a Motorola Triumph last spring. What a disaster. I am now on my third Motorola Triumph and now this one has stopped working, too. I cannot make calls. Technical support doesn't have any idea what is wrong. I can probably get Motorola to send me another phone in exchange for this one, but I'm sick of dealing with this model of phone. To send it in and get a replacement takes at least a week. And Virgin Mobile mobile has been useless in dealing with this issue. After months of problems I asked them to give me another brand of phone or at least give me a big discount to change phones. They refused.
But I still may stay with them because from what I'm reading other service providers are even worse. But I guarantee I'll never buy another Motorola phone.
Many bad words go here.

Carl Haaland 11/21/2012
They do not deserve even one star. This company has the worst customer service and should not have a license form the FCC to even operate. They are incompetent and do not have people that can speak English. You would be better of with a phone in Bangalor since that ie where this terrible company tries to fix things. They cannot get the caller ID name fixed on a phone and then try to convince you it is your fault. Do not bother with this company or service.

Matt 11/17/2012
People have to realize that the majority of people who write reviews about companies are those who are pissed off. Those that are satisfied and decide to write about it are few and far behind.

tnrr 11/14/2012
This review refers not to the Virgin Mobile phone service, which has poor connections and is overpriced (20 cents a minute for me), but to their "Broadband2Go," which depends on an Overdrive Pro "mobile hotspot" they sell. When I returned to Iowa City after years away I did all I could to find out about internet possibilities. There weren't many. The mobile hotspot sounded sort of iffy, but I read the reviews that made it sound almost as good as a cable connection (though Virgin Mobile was much more expensive, $55 a month as opposed to $29.95 for Mediacom, than cable internet would have been). I saw this for sale at Best Buy and should have bought it there or at Amazon or Radio Shack or anyplace else where I could have returned it and gotten my money back. Instead I bought it through Virgin Mobile because they had a lower price. When it arrived I paid the $55 for a month's service. I was amazed to find how slow it was -- about equivalent to the dial-up connections I had once upon a time in the last century. After using it for 29 hours, I was startled to see that I did not even have the unlimited use I thought I had paid for; instead I had an allotment of five gigabytes for the month, and I had already used up 2.2 gigs. That left me less 2.8 gigs for the remaining 28 or 29 days. Simply turning the Overdrive Pro on without even trying to connect to the internet, I observed this morning, used up eight megabytes in three minutes. Clearly it will be useless to me even for checking email. I wrote a complaining letter to Virgin Mobile through their website's "Contact Us" page, but that page seems to be nothing but a placebo; I tried sending my message three times, but each time I clicked "Submit" I was transfered to a page that said "Specified URL cannot be found." I sent them an email detailing my complaints, and they have not deigned to reply. Please don't waste your money on this little piece of plastic or on the overpriced lack of service you will receive from this company!

carlos 11/5/2012
been with virgin a long time,for me the service have been excellent.the reception here in miami,fl is great, however i had noticed in the last month an decrease of the signal strengh.i hope VM take notice of any other prepaid company it has issues but if u get informed u can deal with it.i heard some people are having problems swapping cells over the VM website in the last 2 weeks,i hope if someday i need to replace my phone this get fixed by VM.overall iam happy with this company i hope they can increase the service quality and get better every month,customer service is not that great but almost they can fix problems without too much delay.

vicki 10/31/2012
Virgin mobile is a terrible prepaid cell phone company, their coverage is pathetic . when i tried to make a call i had to go way outside of my house just to get on bar. the only way it works good is if you live in the city, where theres a lot of technology.

alfred 10/30/2012
like other reviewed said i was very happy with virgin mobile here in fort lauderdale,Fl,i receive strong signal,excellent call quality,excellent plans,however i have switched to an beyond plan for this reason i tried to change my phone to an motorola triump bought myself a few months before and for my surprise i cannot swap phone over the internet,called customer service and they cannot do the swap they don't have idea what is happening,i have called like six times,every time i call i receive a new no help stupid response,(you must wait 2 days,4 days,we'll call you back,) what the hell,even their no customer service that is very inexperienced cannot tell me a reason for whats iam very angry to the point that throw away my old cellphone (not the motorola triunph of course) thru the window.iam sorry VM i have been with u for many years but this is a serious inquiry and iam switching to another company tomorrow morning

Aram 10/28/2012
I have had great success with Virgin. The nextel/sprint network works fine. Its not the best but its good enough for what I need. Customer service has been amazing!! so helpful! I'm pleasantly surprised with Virgin Mobile

Abner 10/27/2012
been with VM for five years,the reason is i have good coverage in my area,usefull website,diferent payments options.however yesterday i changed to their $45 beyond plan but apparently the website is having problems swapping phones,i don't understand how a cellphone company cannot deal with this problem,customer service very inexperienced,uselless they says they are not permited to access the whole system and tell u to call next day,sometimes that problems will be resolved in four days or they call u back that never happens.overral iam not satisfied the way VM is handling with this technical iam thinking in switching to another company.

cali 10/27/2012
My son got the Optimus V for his birthday a few years ago. He got the $25 unlimited talk, text, email, Web, data plan. He's experienced a few dropped calls here in Ventura County. But none when he visits family in Arizona. He also told me he feels the data is a little slow, but as with most plans, if you use more than one data application at the same time, there will be slowing. For example: streaming music while watching Utube.Overall, a good deal for a teen that uses their phone for all of it's capabilities.

John 10/27/2012
I have been a customer of virgin mobile for 4 years. This company is the best prepaid cell service around. They offer unlimited text, talking, and 4g internet for $55.00. Very easy to pay your monthly bill, the only thing you have to do is add money to your cash balance and your good to go. I stay in the md/dc/va area were the sprint 4g coverage is very good. Customer service representatives are always there to help you when you need them. No dropped calls, text messages always come in on time, 4g data that works all the time. Would i switch to another would pay verizon or at&t $125.00 for the same service that you can get for $55.00. I see all these bad reviews. And im like what are these people talking about. The virgin mobile/ sprint network is very reliable. I took a road trip from dc to Michigan and still had coverage all the way throw, dc coverage, va coverage, west va coverage, pa coverage, oh coverage, in coverage, then i reached mi and still had coverage. My grandmother just traveled from dc to nc on a 6 hour train and had coverage in nc. I dont know any other prepaid cell phone provider thats able to sustain that level of consistent service. Plus all there phones come with full one year warranties. So if your android phone messes up virgin mobile will replace it free of charge. And if you buy there cell phone from somewhere like bestbuy or walmart thats kinda better because you can buy a in-store cell phone protection plan for like 20 bucks, and they will replace your broken phone will a brand new in-the-box phone from straight off the wall. I give virgin mobile 5 stars. keep up the good work.

almost a customer 10/25/2012
...i am soooo glad i read these reviews! i was considering transferring my service to VM- there certainly are not enough positive comments to override the negative ones..thank you for sparing me the headache!!

Brian 10/24/2012
Should have trusted the bad reviews! I live in South Florida and purchased a HTC One V online from VM during their recent sale, paid extra to have it shipped expedited, phone itself is nice, great quality but the service sucks.

Guest 10/24/2012
I've been a customer for years and my experience with VM has been uniformly good. I've never had problems with coverage, dropped calls or even (I think) delayed texts; I guess I'm lucky I live in a good coverage area -- a large metropolitan area. I used to have the $20/every 3 months plan, with $5/200 monthly texts and $0.18/minute. I eventually upped it to $10/month for 1,000 texts and the occasional top-up to cover voice calls (still at $0.18/minute). Since I rarely talk on the phone and mostly text, this was ideal.

Lorie Stories 10/17/2012
I bought two Virgin Mobile phnes for my kids as emergency phones to reach me from school. They suck! NO reception even in our house. I would give it zero stars but that option is not available. I also did not keep the receipts, so I can't return them. I am out $200. I switched both kids to T-Mobile (which I have had for years) and am very happy.

Horrible 10/17/2012
I had Virgin Mobile for only 6 months! I was assured by the retailer that my location where i lived at had "GOOD" coverage (he put my address in to look up the coverage on the internet). Well, turn out i only had 1 bar that would go in and out of service! Horrible! Less than 7 days after i activated my phone they had a outage. My phone was useless for over 50+ hours no matter where i went! Over the 6 months the network always had outages (mostly with text or web). I needed a DEPENDABLE cell service, so i switched to Net10, been with them for over a year and NO OUTAGES yay! I recently upgraded to a Android (ZTE merit) and its been great with Net10. Virgin Mobile is horrible, NEVER again will i use this service.

Frankie 10/16/2012
not that bad,like any other prepaid company it has issues,i had an android smartphone,the service is ok but internet really slow so i changed to a paylo plan,bought a new cell and now am happy with my $ 30 plan,not dropped calls,strong signal at least in my area,i think this company is not the best por enyoing an android or smartphone service because the internet access has it issues, but for a paylo plan i found the service to be good and reliable,another problem is they take money from ur account if u pay in advance so i pay only a day before or the sameday amount due using prepaid cards and avoidind use of my credit card because their billing system has some problems too.soo keeping this in mind you can get a better service when you know the good and the bad of a prepaid cellphone company like this.

tina wang 10/15/2012
virgin mobile stole the remaining funds in my pay as you go account. If they feel they want to close my account, so be it. But they should refund any remaining funds to the customer, just like any other public utility.

Pat B 10/15/2012
Awful, awful service! Especially the US office! When my phone got stolen, they promised to send another, free one and re-activate. Three months and many phone calls later, they still haven't replaced the phone or followed up! Plus, the first time I ordered a second wireless phone, they sent a phone WITHOUT any guts or back -- just the front cover!

aaron 10/10/2012
Sadly, my last review was mistakenly set at 3 stars and no way to edit it. If I could give 0 stars, I would have gladly done so.

aaron 10/10/2012
The most horrible, ignorant, air-headed, sloppy "service" I have ever seen in my entire life coming from any corporation... and I am NOT exaggerating.

Acer 10/9/2012
I do get reception I didn't get with AT&T or T-Mobile, but since Virgin Mobile Paylo insists on not allowing blocking of phone numbers, I get calls at all hours, several times a day from different collectors for someone who apparently previously had my number (or is using my number still). This becomes very annoying and Virgin Mobile refuses to help. All other companies give a way to block unwanted calls but not Virgin Mobile. I'm not a child and don't appreciate being treated like one so I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Cheryl Nelson 10/8/2012
They get 1 star because 0 wasn't available. Other than the phone itself, everything about Virgin Mobile sucks!!!!!!!!!

tburleigh 9/26/2012
Bad bad not use virgin i have to call them every two weeks bc i do not recive my text or my phone calls and i always have droped calls if i am paying for a service i expect it to work i dont thank that is to much to ask good no good i am droping them and going to a diff comp.

CN 9/24/2012
I got Virgin Mobile for my son and we've had no problems at all in the past 4 months. I do, however, have a lot of issues with Net10, which is what I have. I was thinking of switching to VM since my son has no issues, but after reading these reviews I'm unsure. The problem I have with Net10 and have had for 1 year, is that right after I pay for a new service month, my phone stops working. I have to call and get switched around for about an hour. It's the same problem each time but they I guess are too stupid to see that. My question is, does this happen with VM? Is the customer service really hostile and terrible? Thanks

Matthew 9/22/2012
We have 3 VM phones in our house and 1 Boost Mobile account. My wife and daughter have had VM phones for 8 years and my son has had one for 5 years. Initially they all were on the pay as you go plans, but as time has gone by we've switched all of them to the monthly $35.00 unlimited text/data and 300 minutes. Since switching we have had multiple cases of top-ups being applied not to our monthly plan, but as minute-minute balance. I will say that customer service has gotten these charges applied properly with no extra money out of my pocket, but calling customer service is a NIGHTMARE! I have spent as much as an hour being transfered multiple times only to repeat phone/pin numbers as well as the issue about which I called. I have been disconnected, told conflicting information, and unable to understand heavy accents. Twice, in one call, I requested someone who speaks english as a first language and was told by the voice on hold that "a genuine French representative will be with you shortly". The final straw came today when my son's phone broke. I went on line to see about a replacement where they offered me a refurbished phone for $24.99. I thought that was a great deal and tried to accept the offer. The website froze. After trying again, I called customer service. In usual form, I was transferred many, many times, only to be disconnected. My second call went as well, except this time, I was the one who did the hanging up after letting the person know in colorful language what I thought of their service. I will be getting my son a boost mobile phone later today.

Tim Harper 9/18/2012
I was lured in by the Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S. What a load of crap it turned out to be. My "good" internet download speed was, get this: 0.06Mbps. Does anyone remember 56K modems? It's beyond abysmal. It's a complete and total joke. And that's about 1/5th the speed to which you'll cap you for exceeding your allotted data transfer.

Stacey 9/7/2012

Lorenzo 9/6/2012
Bought Blkberry Curve w/this service a year ago and they both double sucks so you only get 2 stars, Virgin! On my 2nd phone (sent original 1 back about 2 wks ago because it could no longer be charged) Virgin has great tech and customer support so I wasnt suprised when the new phone arrive next day, but same probs still exist: many dropped calls/internet access spotty/battery life is about 4 hours/can't send text w/pic/ring tone gets 'knocked out' and can't reset/ plays video and stream music when it damn well feel like it! Can't take anymore--shopping for new phone and servicem hence why im on this site--DEUCES, Virgin!

Shawn 9/5/2012
I had signed up for automatic top-up for my virgin mobile cellphone. The virgin mobile charged three times in 3 consecutive days in August. I called and got one charge refunded. But I had difficulty to get another charge refunded. I called three times and still I haven't got my refund. Customer service is bad and even hanged up on me once.

juliet 9/3/2012
very good service here in miami beach,great reception,3g is fair,no calls drop,very nice smartphones,what else can u ask,i bought an htc android and selected the 45-1200 minutes,unlimited everything,so far so any other prepaid, customer service is not that great but...there is worse prepaid out there so keep going virgin and improve the service in anothers areas too.

Amy 9/1/2012
We bought a phone or my son, optimistic that this would be a good service for him. We knew going in that the service would be so-so in our area, but it works fine where he attends college. The problem came when he had problems with his Optimus V. He was able to send in his phone and get a replacement. The 3g did not work on the replacement. Over the last two weeks he has been on the phone with numerous different customer service reps and unable to get any assistance. The last call, they told him the phones warranty ran out a week ago. Seriously regret not going with Straight Talk. For the extra $10 per month we would have gotten better coverage and the customer service couldn't have been any worse.

Patti 9/1/2012
We've had the minute2minute plan for over 7 years for a emergency phone. It always works, probably because of the towers being close. I'm happy enough but soon probably not going to be. I haven't heard yet, but caught on that our plan may go away if we had to get another phone. Now I think it will be gone sooner. I suggest looking in the faq questions at their site.
Lots of plans I never heard of are ending.
Heads up on some...
Pay By the Minute Plans:
o Minute2Minute with Big Bonus
o Day2Day
o Inner Circle
o $6.99 per month to call at 10 cents per minute
o 20 cents per minute and 10 cents per minute for Mobile to Mobile calls
o 7 cents per minute with Round Down
o 15 cents per minute with Round Down

I only hope our $300 credit will transfer to another one of their plans.

Greg 8/31/2012
After 2.5 years of good service ... it has all gone very bad very fast. I ordered a replacement phone online, 8 days later still no phone. Only a list of reference numbers and different excuses from different VM employees. the latest excuse was that the order was never placed but at the same time thy confirm that one was shipped and signed for at an address that is not mine.

Jeremy 8/27/2012
Wonderful! I am so pleased with my LG optimus elite. I've been with virgin mobile for a little over 4 months now and I have next to no complaints. The web surfing is pretty fast, i get service pretty much everywhere I go. I dropped my phone yesterday and busted the screen all up--I was devistated. Called VM and in 20 minutes I had a new phone coming my way free of charge. I will not go back to a contract ever again!

Re: Guest 8/26/2012
Virgin Mobile is a good company. Dont be mad at them because you brought some 2 year old "Motorola Triumph" you should have done your research and purchased one of there newer android phones: which they have been been releasing alot of this year (2012). I just purchased the virgin mobile lg optimus elite last week from best buy and it works perfectly no problems what so ever. Before that I had the virgin mobile lg rumor touch phone and have been a customer of virgin mobile for 4 straight years. The connection time of there customer service is the fastest that I have ever seen. 99% of the time it only takes them 1-2 minutes to answer the phone and be connected to a live representative. The "Alex" system is also very friendly and helpful. And for your information alot of prepaid cell phone do not offer 3-way calling to maintain healthy network usage. Virgin Mobile offers both 3G and 4G phones. All new phone have a one year virgin mobile warranty. Plus if you buy the phone from somewhere like walmart, target, bestbuy, etc, they will sell you a store warranty (one or two year) for 20-30 bucks that allows you return the phone to the actual store that you brought it from and take a new phone from off the store shelf free of charge. If it was an equipment issue virgin mobile dont got nothing to do with thats Motorola's fault for inventing a defective device. In my experience virgin mobile is the best for perpaid. Unlimted talking, Text, internet, staring from $35 and for everything you only have to pay $55.00 dollars. And I know people that be like they verizon phone got turned off, there att got turned off, there t-mobile got turned off because they couldnt pay the bill. I just look at them and laugh becuase I dont got those problems. I pay my 35 upfront and always stay talking. When other people cant pay there 400-2000 dollar over due bills get there stuff turned off. Plus if you want to do things like use 411, buy ring tones, ring backs, games, the only thing you got to do is add 10 dollars to your cash balance. Virgin Mobile, reliable 3G/4G Sprint network, professional sounding voicemail system, text messages that never drop. I give this company 5 stars!!!!!!

Guest 8/25/2012
It is 0 starts, not 1. I have to say I was shocked to hate Virginmobile. I changed to them 2 months ago and I'm going back to my earlier service. I lost 100s of dollars. You have to say you want to buy service in order to get to a real person in customer service and even then you will wait for over 20 minutes at a time. They are more expensive and do not do 3 way calls, 411, regular stuff you would get on any other service. The Motorola Triumph is the worst slowest phone ever. I cuts off at any random time, locks up. The speaker is always horrid and it sounds like you are talking under water no matter what you do. Which surprises me as I have loved Motorola in the past. It was a horrible horrible experience. I would never go back and I will tell anyone that asks - do NOT USE Virginmobile.

steven 8/21/2012
very good service in my area,good reception,clear calls,3g is slow true,customer service sometimes a pain to deal with,but i found others prepaid i feel happy with my $30 plan,the only problem i had is that they steal money from your account so i pay using top ups cards instead using my credit debit card, otherwise not a bad prepaid there is worse out there

Chris 8/20/2012
Worst support staff ever. Get ready to be transferred over and over and nobody can figure anything out. Bad coverage and bad support.

RL 8/19/2012
I had no problems with vm until they discontinued alerts from my bank where I would get a text every time money went in and out this is a service I need because someone got a hold of my numbers and because of the text I was able to put a stop to it so I am now looking for another cell provider

Joe m 8/18/2012
Virgin mobile by far provides the worst customer service known to man. Incompetent people providing incompetent service. They don't honor warantees, the service cuts out almost daily. They won't send you a new phone replacement, only junky refurbs with the same issues as the previous phone. Endless hold time. 2 CS reps ever admitted their service isn't what it should be. We have called 34 times during the 6 months we we with them. Shut my service today! YEH!!!!!STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Joe 8/17/2012
They lie about their 30-day guarantee. I bought a phone, and it didn't work when it arrived. I had them replace it, which they did, but that phone didn't work either. So I decided it is a bad product and asked to return it for a refund (it had only been 2 weeks). They told me that I lost my right to a refund because I had the original phone replaced. IT WAS BROKEN!!!! I was a loyal customer with my last service provider for 7 years. I would have stayed with Virgin Mobile for just as long, but now that I know they lack integrity, I will take my business elsewhere.

No More Virgin 8/15/2012
Signed up for Virgin Mobile, it was too good a deal, unlimited text, date and 300 minutes for $35! I didn't understand why anyone would pay contract. But know i do.

Kat 8/12/2012
I just switched back to VM after 2 yrs of being with other companies and I have to say even though there were problems porting my number over (12 hrs of being on hold collectively and not being able to make calls) they resolved it and no problems since, calls are clear and internet fast! Just be warned if porting your number there might be issues

Tweetie 8/11/2012
I wish I had of read these reviews beforehand. My son bought a EVO V 4G this past Tuesday, he has not been ablel to text or receive texts from that day. Called VM support, and got no support and still has not been resolved. They act like they can't understand why he has no texting. I asked to speak with administration or supervisor, and was put on hold forever, and when they finally transferred the call, no one picked up the line. I'm very disappointed with this service. We've never had problems with them before. As good faith customers, we shouldn't be treated this way.

Melissa 8/8/2012
My husband and I have had Virgin Mobile for a couple years now with no problems. For the past week we have not been able to use our phones in our town. After being on hold for an hour 2 days in a row and promises of service being restored that night still nothing. I was told that they are doing a major internet/satellite update that can take up to a month! I am beyond pissed because I have a newborn and don't even have access to a cell phone if there is an emergency if we go out.

Tony 8/8/2012
Horrible customer service. Super long wait times and you get disconnected on a consistent basis.

Disappointed 8/5/2012
My husband and I have been Virgin Mobile users for years. Up until recently we had no problems with their service.

ED 8/3/2012

sarah 8/2/2012
i like VM,have been with them over 5 years,good service at least in my area,call quality,great cellphones,the only problem with them is when they steal money from my balance,then i must call and they put the money again,for this reason i use only top ups cards and add balance 1 day before my service expires,anyway all other companies do the same in a way or another,overral am happy with VM.

Jeff 8/1/2012
Great service, great deal!! My wife and daughter both have Virgin Mobile's Beyond Talk plan (300 talk minutes, unlimited web/text). It's now $35/month, but we're grandfathered in at the old $25/month rate. Service in mid-Missouri is always good -- calls, text and web searches always work. Full range of phones to select from.

Kenya 7/31/2012
Just like any one else my father is ederly and he has been cheated out of his money from the prepaid services he has had. So please be aware do find another phone service. They also wanted him to pay additional money to have his phone turned back on after paying his regular bill.

Jeremy 7/31/2012
If I could give them less then 1 star I would. To make a long story as short as possible this company is terrible. I can't get coverage in my house, I have to walk outside to call someone, even though the coverage map had good coverage in my area. The phone stops working at least once a day and I have to turn it off and turn it back on to reset it. The biggest problem is the coverage. Holy cow its terrible. I left my small town in KS and lost coverage about 15 miles north and didn't pick up coverage again until I got to DENVER!!!! Denver is 7 hours away and 5 hours down the most traveled highway in the country I-70 without coverage. I also drove down I-80 through Nebraska and was only in coverage when I would hit a major city! I am paying $48 a month and its a joke. Stay away from this company you will only have frustration.

eduardo 7/26/2012
not that bad,i have been with virgin for 5 years,the service till now is great,strong signal,good call quality,$ 30 1500 minutes,1500 messages 20mb web is excellent for me.however be carefull adding money to ur account,they can steal money added,so you must call and tell them put back the money in your account.for this reason i don't use a credit card, i prefer buying prepaid cards and top up at least one day before my plan expires to be sure they are not going to steal money from my account,till now iam happy with them

Nathan 7/24/2012
I first bought this phone for my girl in 2002 or 2003 then one for myself. We had Sprint, but she still being in College she wanted something more affordable.

Andrea 7/21/2012
Have had Virgin Mobile for years, it's as cheap as chips (I have the WAY old $20 every three months plan) but am getting really sick and tired of only about 50% of my texts being received and only receiving about 50% of texts sent to me. I'm done.

alex 7/20/2012
well here in miami,and all south florida the coverage is excellent,iam in the paylo plan and am very happy with it,$30 for 1500 minutes,1500 texts,30 mb internet is excellent,also they have the $20 plan that offers 400 minutes and the $40 plan unlimited everything.since they use the sprint network the call quality and service is very dropped calls,fast internet and texting,however i must admit the 3g speed on android phones is very slow in many areas,but since i switched to paylo i don't use 3g anymore.i have heard in some areas the service does not works well,if so i agree with some not positive reviews.overral i found virgin mobile service excellent

skids 7/20/2012
Pre-payed plan customers who use their virgin phone as an emergency phone are in for some fun surprises when their balance eventually exceeds the maximum allowed amount.

Adam 7/19/2012
I got a LG Optimus phone and have had nothing but problems. Dropped calls, no service, no internet, data connectivity issues, and vm reps telling me it will get fixed but never does. Its July and I finnaly said screw this. They shut my phone off 10 days early. I called them and they told me IM RIGHT, they will fix issue. OK, good then after that I couldnt understand a word he said.
He said bye and thats it. Its been a day now and phone still wont work.
Ive spent hours on phone just to get nowhere. Done with the top up crap, done with losey service, and done no reception at my dame place of living.

atom22xy 7/19/2012
Virgin Mobile sucks big time. Must of my phone calls drop all the time. I feel they are ripping people off. Their customer service reps can't explain the drop calls. I have a blackberry and i live in the city. The Blackberries work fine in any other carrier except VM, explain that to me. I'm changing carrier very soon and never ever go back to Virgin Mobile. What a rip off!!!!

MrMega 7/11/2012
Really getting sick and tired of having my phone show no service ("Looking For Service") while others, on different carries can use their cell phones just fine. Beginning to realize it isn't cheaper if you cannot use it or rely on it!

Outraged 7/11/2012
2 yrs of service (insane). I'm not sure why I stayed with VM this long, even with a $25 monthly plan. I barely use this phone and over 50% of the time it doesn't connect my calls or I have no or very poor data services. They have the worst customer service under the sun, period! I will do me best to steer you clear of this company. They will not unlock the phone so it can be used with another carrier, they will not refund any remaining balance to your CC or a check. They put you on permanent hold, you will die waiting for a person which knows what they are doing. I promise, this is the truth, you are being forwarned...STAY AWAY! Pay more for another provider: Sprint and Virgin Mobile are the worst. I'm grinding my own teeth here, due to the fact I own shares of Sprint on the exchange. The truth hurts!

Frank 7/9/2012
Iv'e used many prepaid companys in the past; Virgin has been the best in reception and in coverage.I mean a lot of people like GSM service,I dont know why ? its not reliable you drop calls and service gets interrupted. Sprint service is the best in my area, Calls are clear never dropped a call. Now with their new $40 a month plan I dont think that i will switch again. The next move will be the Iphone.

Brian 7/4/2012
I just started the new i phone 4s with Virgin and have have a pretty good experience so far. The only gripe I have is when I activated the phone, the site made it seem like I needed to prepay for another month to start service. It was misleading. The 35 dollar a month with a five dollar discount is a great deal if you don't talk lot. 30 bucks unlimited text and data!! I'm not a genius, but that is a great deal. Will see if the prepay for next month is applied. It seems to me most problems I see on reviews is from the paylo program and people who don't live in the city. Some people give 5 stars some 1, kinda weird don't you think? Don't ya think?

todd 7/3/2012
i have had virgin mobile now for 18mnths and its been
nothing but issues with the service, i should say lack there of my web goes out atleast twice a mnth. sure the cost per mnth is low but the hassles getting your service isnt worth it. i came on this site to find a new company togo with someone more reliable.

MJS 6/25/2012
Users of the Virgin Mobile Minute2Minute plan should know that Virgin does not refund your Top Up balance when the account is closed.

Esther 6/25/2012
This company has terrible customer service. They sold me an invalid pin yesterday for $40. After 90 minutes with them on the phone, they still have not resolved the issue. They request that I fax copies of my receipt to some fax numbers that don't ever pick up the line, and they have hung up on me when I complain about this.

Michael D 6/23/2012
Just bought a new LG Rumor2 and am distressed that it does not come with any ringtones other than three distorted "music" clips. It is apparently impossible to acquire a ringtone that sounds like a phone ringing. Ridiculous.

James Whitley 6/20/2012
I've been with Virgin Mobile for about seven years. As far as I'm concerned it's the best pre-paid service there is. I currently have the Optimus V and except for a few areas,I have never dropped a call and have always had a good signal. Besides, it's not the carriers fault, it's the fact that cell towers just are'nt that numerous in certain areas. PROS and CONS: the cheapest pre-paid service available (at 27.75 a month unlimited web, unlimited text, 300 anytime minutes) the GPS feature is worth that and more. There no downside, in my opinion to Virgin Mobile.

Mizuri 6/19/2012
Had to go out of my way to get activated, couldn't understand customer service with their disgusting accents. They entered all of my account info incorrect after I spelled it to them. Only used 23 minutes until I decided to cancel and return. no refunds on extra money in your account

Harold Hankins 6/17/2012
There are "hidden fees" on their prepaid plans. There's a termination charge that's hidden deep in the prepaid terms and conditions. Their customer service's attitude is tough luck it's in there. It's a rip-off. If you apply a $50 prepaid card to the phone account with a $30/month plan it leaves $20 in the account. If you stop using the phone for a few months they cancel the account and keep the money. They even call it a "termination charge" in the terms and conditions. It pretty much defeats the purpose of having a "no contract" prepaid phone.

steve 6/16/2012
Been with VM for 2 years, Washington DC metro area. Overall very weak signal from downtown to outlying suburbs. Call quality good enough, very few dropped calls. Internet speeds on a 3G phone are horrible. Consistent 600ms latency (with worst 1500ms and best 250ms). Upload on average is 150-200 kbs (with worst 35 and best 450 kbs). Upload averages to 80 kbs. Often 3G outages dropping to 2G or going offline. Don't expect to use it for more than text. Don't make the mistake of buying iphone on this network.

Greg 6/16/2012
Do not get a phone from VIRGIN MOBILE, if you would like to pay it with a credit card. Their business was not able to process a credit card. I would think being able to process a credit card on a monthly basis, is a core competency of any retail business that requires a monthyly payment.
My attempt to automate this online failed and I had to call them. 3 calls later, I would guess 1 ¾ hours of phone time, 22 attempts on 1 credit card, unknow attempts on another, I had enough. I called the credit card company and that's how I know they approved me 22 times. Evidently the error code 481 means nothing to their people.

mazikeen 6/15/2012
Am surprized by all the poor reviews, have been using Virgin Mobile for 2 years and am very happy with it! Used to share a family account on Verizon with my room mate, neither one of us talk on the phone much but the minimum we could get was 700 minutes a month + 20 cents a text for about $90! (I'm start to freak when I got unsolicited spam texts as that was practically a collect call!)

nwgal 6/14/2012
I had an awful experience with Virgin Mobile at Best Buy in Tukwila.
Bought a $300 HTC phone and a $35 prepaid Virgin card (and a car charger and a screen protector). Had the phone for a day and had one problem after another. Called the Best Buy Mobile store in Southcenter to try to help me get the phone working, and he gave me the wrong information. Said he’d look further into it and call me right back. Two hours later, no call. Went BACK to the store, and THAT’S when the manager (who had sold me the phone based on a glowing review of Virgin) told me not to expect much of Virgin’s customer service. He seemed to be okay with the notion that if you’re a prepaid customer, you shouldn’t expect basic customer service—like competent help with getting your phone to work. I listened to him talk to Virgin to try to fix the problem, and they gave him the wrong information—and kept insisting they were right (and that was the supervisor, after the first person was of no help). They weren’t. He finally got it straightened out—sort of. My sister, who was with me, still couldn’t get through on her phone—which otherwise was working fine. I decided to return the phone—and what was my reward for finding out how horrible Virgin’s customer service was? They kept the $35 for air time- none of which I had used. I hadn’t made a single call (other than a couple of test calls to see if the phone was working); and ONLY returned the phone because I saw firsthand how hard it was to resolve a small problem with Virgin.
Bottom line? Virgin was horrible. And Best Buy’s attitude toward my problem with Virgin was horrible. I won’t deal with either again. Ever.

Drillnow 6/14/2012
Having tried many cell phones I decided to give Virgin a try as a few friends have it and love it. I tried (2) different phones and the call quality was great, just could not get the internet to work for me. Spoke to customer service and they were also great but could not figure why both phones worked but the internet didn't! The real problem I had was returning the phones for credit, Virgin was the only company that would not give full credit! I still had to pay the $45.00 air time. I have had cell phones for about 15 years with about 10 companies and all that I canceled in the trial period gave me full credit except Virgin!!!! My opinion is that wasn't fair as I tried it for 4 days trying to get it to work and only used about 50 minuets calling. Oh well....

Nicole 6/14/2012
I purchased 2 cell phones from Virgin Mobile totaling $325 with a 30 day money back gaurantee. After numerous problems with coverage and text messaging that never worked, I cancelled the prepaid service after just one week. My boyfriend never even activated his cell phone after seeing all the problems I had with mine. We put both cell phones and all accessories back in their original packaging. Everything is in mint condition. I called Virgin Mobile and got return verification numbers to include with both cell phones when I mailed them back. I paid $20 to put tracking on both phones with the US Postal Service. Virgin Mobile received both phones on Thursday May 31, 2012 at 9:38am. It is now Thursday June 14, 2012 and Virgin Mobile STILL has not refunded me my $325 for the cell phones they already received. I have spent numerous hours on several occassions trying to get my money back. Virgin Mobile and the way they do business is crooked. They are criminals as far as I'm concerned. This has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. I am still trying to get my money refunded to me for products they have had in their possession for almost 3 weeks. I will never go with Virgin Mobile again and I will tell everyone I know not to do business with them either.

Shan 6/14/2012
I got this as a gift. Had to replace the bad sd card at my own expense. Paid for web access but it often just doesn't work and vm will not compensate the loss. Customer service is difficult to understand because of thick accents. It has been a frustrating experience and if I hope this review saves someone the time and money that I am now out of.

zo-Man 6/12/2012
I got a virgin SIM card (pay as you go) - I put 25 Euros on it. What do I get? Well ....Almost nothing, well no ... I got a lot of frustration!!!I try to make a phone call and it says:"Suite a un probleme technique le service est indisponible merci de renouveler votre appel ulterieurement""Due to a technical problem, the service is unavailable, try again later"So I give them a phonecall, they tell me they will look into it ... 2 days later, still no news, and I always get this &^*%$ message. When you really need to make a phonecall and you can't, and you try 20 times and it always returns you the same message ... that's quite irritating.I go to the Virgin Store on the Champs Elysees, she tries to use my phone, she hears the message ... she is sorry for me but tells me ... "I'm sorry but I cannot do anything, you have to wait".Worst of all, although I cannot make phonecalls, I my credit decreases like crazy as if I was talking hours on the phone (I wish I could do so).So my advice to you is to avoid this company if you want to save time and money.

Marty 6/10/2012
I have been with VM for 1 yr and have been quite happy. I have the LG Optimus V at $25/month. The phone outside of being a bit slow has given me no problems. I have rare instances when text pictures don't go through. The Sprint network is no Verizon but it's pretty good and for the price you can't beat it. Just for the record I have called customer service a few times and have had no issues. The people who complain about VM customer service should try Verizon. That's a problem.

KT 6/7/2012
Very affordable, but internet access is rather weak. I've had 3 devices and I guess I haven't learned my lesson yet.

RITA 6/6/2012

MAY 21, 2012


Current VM 6/5/2012
Great service i had been with Virgin Mobile about 7 years know and it's a good company.THE BEST COMPANY I LOVE

ginny 6/4/2012
Virgin Mobile charged me .10 a day for internet i never used

Tom 6/3/2012
VM changes plan terms without notice, they have routinely caused my phone to not be in service without cause due to their attempt to change the plan to a more 'lucrative' one, I am very displeased, they are really not good.

TRAVIS 6/3/2012
I've been with them off an on for over 7years I love them, An if they decide to up grand my phone r give me a free month I would say Thank You. V-very-----M-much

SLE 6/3/2012
I would give them 0 stars if I could. I have used VM for several years. @ first they were good, but the last 2 years they have sucked. And I am done. One problem after another and you can NEVER understand anyone on the phone. They have ripped me off more than anything. I will never go back to them and I will tell everyone I meet and know NEVER Use VM.

TB 6/2/2012
I have had VM for a year, almost two, and it is AWFUL!!! I am so through with this company, and would no recommend this to anyone! The experience is awful, especially this call I am making now, about no being able to receive or send calls and text messages, to the young lady in India who is as confused as I am! :/

WOOHOO 6/1/2012
I've been with VM for almost three years now. What can I say..its the best carrier ever. I'm a broke college student and to be able to pay 40 dollars a month for min. and messaging and best of all UNLIMITED WEB. there's a app where you can tether with your computer which is major for me. Most co. make you pay extra. phone service and unlimited web. Even when there rate when up from 40 to 45 they said I could keep my first rate. This is the only phone company I've been with that seems to care about there customers. If you are broke and love being online than virgin mobile is great!

ariel 5/31/2012
have been using virgin mobile like 6 years,the plans are getting better,iam very happy with the $35 dollars android plan,at least here in miami area, the reception is excellent,better call quality,the 3g a little slow but it works.what else could i ask?.i hope in the future they continue improving the phones and plans.the website is very usefull,maybe there are problems receptions in others areas but here in florida is excellent.iam very happy

kelley 5/29/2012
Made the mistake of using Paypal to fund my account once. Out of the blue one day they charged the monthly service charge 17 times on my Paypal account. Which took money straight out of my bank account. I eventually got my money back, but not without investing hours of my time. Three times my account balance fell to zero with no explanation. There is no worse pre paid phone service. This is designed for kids who don't question when someone tells them money is due. I have used T-Mobile To Go and AT&T Go Phone, with none of the nonsense.

shasta405 5/29/2012
Virgin Mobile wanted us to deposit money every month into the account, even though we had a balance. This was an emergency phone only for my husband & we always had a creddit balance but still they disconnected the phone anyway. We requested that the balance be refunded & they told us they could not do that. I asked them why not, & they just beat around the bush with ridiculous answers. I will never recommend them to anyone, they are a rip-off company as far as I am concerned. If I deposited money every month & always had a higher balance, guess who would get that?? Not us, VM would keep it. I am going to throw the phone in the trash & go with a more reputable phone service.

Sarah Maurer 5/27/2012
I have held on to Virgin Mobile for two years because until they raised the prices it was cost efficient. The price was enough to make me forget the terrible coverage and call quality (I'm in the middle of Denver and I can't get a good signal half the time), as well as the laughably bad customer service. I've been considering ditching them for some time and just had the final straw. I tried to make a call and found out that my phone was suspended. ?. I called and it was totally a mistake on their part, but will take hours to fix. I told them this was unacceptable and that I wanted a free month. They said no, but they would give me 100 anytime minutes. I asked to talk to the manager and got the same song and dance. I could tell the people on the phone did not care and were not interested in solving my problem. Then I tried to email to complain and my email bounced. I am switching carriers tomorrow and hope that others will not waste time with this ridiculous company that prays upon naive preteens (who else would put up with them?)

Cindy 5/25/2012
If I could give them less, I would, every single month, without fail I lose my data connection for 3 or 4 DAYS!!!!!! So unbelievably unreliable!!!!!! Not at all worth the savings.

RITA 5/20/2012

Dawnzerlylite 5/18/2012
My elderly parents & have all used VM for several years with very few problems. We're all on tight budgets & want to keep our landlines, so VM has been a great budget way to have a phone handy when you need it. With Auto-TopUp, I can run a cell phone for only $60-$80 per YEAR--yes, YEAR. I would not be able to afford even $25 or $30 minimum with other services, so I'm thankful VM keeps us light users in mind.

Emily 5/15/2012
We have trouble each month paying for our virgin moble plan with Alex. He puts our money in mintues not on our monthly plan. It is very hard to talk a live person. Please help us.

Leah 5/15/2012
I inherited my son's phone when he decided to get a "real" phone with a "real" provider. Starting a business on a shoe string and needing to keep my day job for a while, I thought a prepaid phone would be the ideal solution. It was for a while, but then the dropped calls became so frequent I had to actually quit answering my phone and letting it go to voice mail and then call back on a landline or another cell. No longer on a shoestring and no longer needing mobile, I've tried no less than three times to port to another provider and can't - VM's porting department tells the new provider that the owner information is wrong, so the new provider tells me I need to get VM to send me a form, and everyone I ever talk to at VM states they don't know what that form is. I can't change my number because it is my business line, and VM is making sure I can't change providers, either. VM SUCKS. I wish I had never, ever heard of them.

schwar 5/14/2012
Virgin did not allow me to make a call because I needed to "top off" my account with at least "zero dollars"... that's right, they said I owed them no money so that was why I could not make a call. Unbelievable... Virgin sucks!

Alex 5/12/2012

RITA 5/11/2012

Sam 5/7/2012
Dear Virgin Mobile,

Emily 5/5/2012
Virgin Mobile is terrible in many ways. I've been with them for about two years or so, and I would have cancelled sooner but hesitated because of all the money I'd lose in my balance if I did. Recently I bought a new phone with them, the LG 101, and it broke within four days and it was never dropped and barely used. I once made a small error typing my phone number in when I was adding a top-up card to my account and when I contacted them about it, they pretty much said "too bad" and I lost my money. Their customer service is dismal. It takes days to get answers and they're very generic and unhelpful. If you buy a new phone, you have to pay all over again to get your ringtones. At $2.50 for one, this is such a waste.

M White 5/3/2012
I had been a customer of Virgin Mobile for nearly a year and due to problems with my phone/service I decided to start service with AT&T.

dale 5/3/2012
I showed the radio shack sales person where I would need the service and was told that I would get exelent service. If you call 153kb exelent or even good, I would hate to see poor recdeption. SCAM!!!!

byrdlps 4/29/2012
I just found out after the fact that you now lose any minutes you have left if you don't top up on time--not what I was told when I first started with them a number of years ago. Yes, I have had mostly bad experiences with calling their customer service including being charged for talking to them when they told me I would not be. I think this is illegal. I also have to pay for all the texts they send regarding top-ups--which they did not used to do. So I tried to contact them thru their "contact us" forms--first thru their email link (otherwise it was of course a "do not reply" email). The 2nd time today after I signed in to my account & NEITHER OF THESE FORM LETTERS WOULD GO THRU--an error message that the URL could not be found. I think I will look at the PagePlus Cellular--it looks to be a lot cheaper.

buyerbeware 4/28/2012
Hi Everyone Out There!

Refugio 4/28/2012
I love it. My son has been using it for 3 years and has always loved it. Its very cheap and its worth it. Unlimited data is his favorite because of all the internet. Data is a little slow but it is fine. I text a lot and like the Unl. Messaging. The calls are great too because i dont call to much so 300 mins. Is perfect

Erica 4/26/2012
I had Virgin Mobile for almost a year, the last month and a half EVERY call I had dropped. I waited about 3 weeks before I called to complain, they told me they would call back within 5 days!! I wasn't happy, but I waited, after 7 days I still didn't get a call. I called back, this time they told me to wait 3 days to see if the problem had corrected itself o_O. Of course the problem persisted, I called back after the 3rd day, they transfered me a few times, when someone finally answered my call they told me they had to escalate the call to another department but I had to call back in 3 days!!! When I asked why in the world I had to keep waiting they told me that they had to see if the problem would correct itself... I asked if it hasn't corrected itself the past couple of times I had called what made him believe that it would be corrected within the next three days??? All he could say was that he was sorry and he assured me they would escalate the issue and he didn't know why it wasn't escalated sooner. When I asked for compensation, he couldn't give me a straight answer, he then said they do offer compensation once the issue was resolved. WHAT??? Really???? Then fix the issue! UGH I got tired of calling back time after time so I canceled.

Kitty 4/23/2012
I have been with VM for several years now. My husband and I have the LG Optimus V and we are very happy. We signed up with Virgin Mobile when the plan we chose was $25 each. We haven't had any problems that weren't taken care of by customer service reps promptly. We had iphones years ago and liked them but very expensive to own. We were paying $132.00 monthly for the iphones vs. $53.00 monthly for two of the LG Optimus V. We use our iphones ad ipods nows so they still have a little value for us. We love Virgin Mobile and would not buy iphones again because of the expense.

Janey 4/14/2012
I am on prepay, but automatic withdrawal from Virgin Mobil for unlimited $55 month. When I checked to see how much data vs. phone calls I make, I decided to take the $35 month for the data and 300 minutes. This was 2 weeks before my bank was to be charged and they charged me according to today, instead of giving me my full 30 days. they ripped me of 2 weeks worth of money or minutes, whichever and will not honor what I already paid. I am so pissed I'm switching the provider. Be careful with prepaid if you change your plan!!!!

alex 4/12/2012
virgin mobile sucks anything that sprint sucks I've had virgin mobile and boost mobile oh and cricket and there text messaging dosent get to you when its supposed to you most of the time don't get it period.

Beca 4/9/2012
Service in the beginning was not bad but more recently they have had nonstop outages. You can't call, text or use the internet and they do not compensate you. CS tries to help but nothing gets accomplished. They instead put in incident reports that supposedly take 3-5 DAYS to accomplish and it still doesn't work. I would say spend a bit more money elsewhere and actually get service that you pay for.

Liv 4/5/2012
I love Virgin Mobile. It's seriously the best price for what I need. I have the LG Optimus V, which I love for the time being. I might switch in the future, but I'm in no rush.

jbro 4/4/2012
It all depends where you live!! Sprint coverage is spotty if too far outside a major city. I'm just outside Philly so service is great!! Never had an issue with cust serv so I have no idea what some of you people are talking about and I don't think you do either!! If you want top level service DON'T GO PREPAID!!! And consult the coverage map fist!! Duuuuhhhhhh!!!!

Krista 4/3/2012
Do not use this company. First of all, the phones are pieces of junk that break down after a few months time. When you call to get help the company sends you a used phone, which in turn breaks down just like the previous ones. I had gone through three replacement phones and onto my fourth. When I receieved the phone the camera did not work. I call technical support and they could not figure out why, told me that someone would call me back in 48 hours and nobody ever did. They sent me another replacement phone. Same problem. I finally asked for a new phone since the "refurbished" phones did not work properly. Two differet employees assured me I was receiving a brand new phone. The first time they sent a cheap phone that was nothing compared to the one I had. Then they sent me another used phone. I spoke with customer service again and was called a "liar" and "idiot" by the non-english speaking representative. The company is a joke. They lie to customers and then call you a liar in return. Don't waste your money.

duke 3/31/2012
Do you like not getting phone calls? Do you like not being able to send texts? Do you like not getting missed call notifications? Then Virgin Mobile is for you!

Sandra Lee 3/29/2012
I've been a happy customer for over 5 years. Love my LG Optimus V phone and Beyond Talk. Note to G. Soto: You are probably signed up for Virgin Mobile Extras. To cancel, go into your Virgin Mobile account, go to edit service settings and un-click Daily Access Subscriptions.

Jim 3/28/2012
I have virgin and it sucks the tower here in Jacksonville Fl goes down every week this service is by far the worst i have ever seen....VIRGIN SUCKS..........

G. Soto 3/28/2012
Do not Use PayLo service. It charges $0.15 per day even when the phone is off or not in use. I tried to contact virgin mobile customer support via email but they never answered.

Americanlady 3/26/2012
I don't even know why America let some nonsense as Virgin mobile on the market!
I have been a customer for 3 years. Of course, beside some few issues with Alex, the virtual representative which you have to harass before he or it handle you the live representative, everything was fine. Here is the nonsense: Just because I would like to change company and transfer my Virgin Mobile number, Virgin mobile showed me their real face: I kept calling, calling until I pissed off: same thing all the time " error in pin, error in name, this and that did not match for you to transfer your virgin mobile number to another company". So after all these years of being a customer, Virgin Mobile cannot do me this favor? Go to hell Virgin Mobile and never again see you on my phone.

aplus32 3/21/2012
My 2 older daughters have Virgin Mobile and love it. They're heavy texters, so I signed them up for the Beyond Talk plan. I wish the handsets were cheaper (I saved money by getting their phones from Best Buy), and that they offered more talk minutes for their cheaper plans (my oldest daughter burns through her 300 minutes in the first week! LOL) but I cannot complain about reception, call quality, or the value. We are all on prepaid wireless plans (they are with VM, I'm with Straight Talk, and my youngest will be with GoPhone because she inherited my wonderful Samsung Flight) and with over 800 dollars in savings a year (all three of our bills are only $110/mo) we won't be looking back!

TeeTee 3/17/2012
I loved my virgin mobile phone but i had to switch to T-mobile prepaid; pricier then Virgin Mobile but i am moving soon and sprint's service SUCKS where im moving :( hopefully one day in the future sprint can put up more towers where i live. but i really did love the plans.

Robbin 3/17/2012
Unless you live in the middle of no where this is a good company and they have three very good phones(LG Optimus V and Motorola Triumph being two of the best). This company is owned by Sprint and it runs on the Sprint network. I have had extremely good customer service every time I called including a fast delivery of a free replacement phone. They honor all of the warranties on the phones as well as offering a third party insurance program. This is a service that is cheaper than Cricket(which also runs on Sprint) and has the most amount of data available of any company(2.5 GBs/Mo. after which you are switched to 2G). The Triumph which I have is based on the Droid and is a great 3G phone. It has a 4.3" screen and a 1GHz processor with 2GB internal storage and up to 32GB sd card. The coverage map is huge. Unless you plan on going into the wilderness I doubt you will lose calls or data. I have yet to have a single dropped call and the 3G allows streaming of videos anywhere I have gone. I pay 35 dollars per month for unlimited data and 300 minutes. It has a 55 dollar unlimited call and data package also. Find any other company that is giving that kind of a deal. I set up my service so that I pay every month automatically with Paypal which means I never see a bill or worry about paying. I can look at my Paypal monthly activity page and see any charge that has occurred and have a permanent third party source of any charge verification. I can't think of an easier way to do business and I don't have a contract. I can walk away penalty free whenever I like. And I would like to point out that I was able to get my number ported over from my last company within an hour with the customer service rep from Virgin. Don't listen to naysayers. If you live in a city and want a reliable phone go with the no hassle Virgin company.

Renee' 3/17/2012
I am happy to say I have been with Virgin Mobile 9 years and 3 Months Straight so far. I have used 4 virgin mobile phones and I have Android ow. Only had to stop using a flip phone, it didnt work down near woods in n.c. So I went to tracfone. They charge too much for minutes. I pay $55.00 plus tax my Android virgin mobile unlimited 30 days. I pay $90.00 month on tracfone not unlimited. So I will stop tracfone and put back to virgin mobile minute plan. I am better off with virgin mobile. I am probably the longest custumer to stick and stay, and I am not easy to please lol.

Laurent 3/16/2012
Imaginary customer service, slow, incompetent ... Bad phones

bnn 3/14/2012
horrible customer service!!!! they have misplaced my payments a number of times and it takes hours on the phone with them bc no one can speak english. along with that the service is horrible and i miss calls and get text messages days late! absolutely ridiculous! the only reason they are getting 1 star is because there is no option for ZERO

ana 3/14/2012
sincerely iam very happy with their service,for $35 dollars you can use an android cell with unlimited web,text and 300 minutes,also i can get in android market free navigation apps instead of paying for vm navigator,also i get many usefull and free apps.however if you do not want an android,maybe you could consider the $30 paylo plan who gives more option,or the $20 dollars plan that gives 400 minutes.overral i found VM service excellent,of course maybe sometimes you must cal their CS but in most cases they fix issues quickly.just one thing for android user don't buy samsung intercept,this phone is defective and will cause several problems with your service instead get the lg optimus or another better phone.

intrathecal 3/12/2012
I've had 5 lines with virgin mobile for over a year now, and I would say hands down this is by far the best value I have ever experience in a cellular company. I does matter which phone you get (I prefer the Optimus V and definitely NOT the Intercept), but I have had virtually no problems and the few minor ones I did have were resolved by helpful English speaking reps. I will be with VM for years to come.

Cristina 3/8/2012
It kind of sucks. I saw someone say that we're a bunch of babies because all we're complaining about is poor service and customer service? Umm, hello? What do we need a phone for? SERVICE durrr. Bad service=complaining. Sucks cause I always make sure something's good before getting it: reviews reviews reviews. And before I got it, I read nothing but good reviews, 4, 5 stars. Then I got it and get super bad reception. Now I look at reviews they're all bad :|. Not cool.

Michael 3/4/2012
Their service sucks. Internet was essentially useless. Phone wouldn't ring due to no service (LG Optimus V). Spend the extra money and go with a better company.

Rick 3/3/2012
REALLY folks! You get what you PAY for!
My Optimus cost $100 and $35/mo for unlimited data. IPuds cost up to $800 and well over $100/mo sometimes for data charges. I'd been watching for months and knew pretty much what Froyo could do and what kind of reception I could expect, and what kind of accessories I could use. It is a fine little gadget that plays Iheart or TuneIn Radio all day, surfs the web, runs Youtube vids, reads docs, or plays games (and can do 2 at once). Oh, and it recieves phone calls.
Yes, it is no Gameboy, nor is it 4G, and travelling far away from town gets me dead spots. It was not a surprise that the first one died, I didn't speak to the CSR worker like they were personally responsible for ruining my day, or for speaking English badly just to mess with me.(There are a lot of things about business and society I would like to change, but that is not the fault of another working stiff like me and probably you.)
I got another Optimus with minimum fuss, and it is fine. I did not expect, nor require, them to wipe my tears dry and tuck me into bed. I understand you can purchase that kind of service, but it costs a LOT more than $35 a month...

noe 3/2/2012
i have switched to VM,i have been a VM customer before and now i come back,the reason,good phones,good service here in miami area,a helpfull website where you can care for your cell and account,i ported my number to them thru the website and now they have the option to give your info and they will port your number without calling,of course sometimes you may need to contact them about an issue,their billing system is not that good,sometimes there is errors and wrong charges, for this reason i only use top up cards instead giving my credit card number,customer service not bad, but can be better and i hope they continue improving the service.overall iam happy with VM and the paylo $ 30 dollars plan is excellent for me.keep going virgin.

bill 3/1/2012
Very Bad Service...I do not reccomend this cell phone company. They advertise International Calls, and you CANNOT call Mexico. Most of the time you cannot reach their own network from your phone....says network not available.
Poor quality, dropped calls..the worst service Ive ever had.

JO 2/29/2012
Was having great service until a month ago. The towers went down in my area and I was told by customer service they were upgrading them.

Kim 2/28/2012
If I could give Vigin mobile less than 1 star I would. For more than 18 months, despite being on an autopay plan, I get threatening emails and phone messages that my phone as been turned off because I haven't added minutesin three months. I keep calling their so called customer service and asking this glitch to be fixed. All I ever get is we'll invetigate and nothing happens

McEwen 2/27/2012
I've been using Virgin Mobile service off-and-on since 2007. Coverage in Western New York isn't the greatest, but it's not all that bad, either. I believe I experienced one dropped call and that was with a very old, crappy phone. I've also used the HTC Wildfire and the LG Optimus V. I currently have both of those phones, as tinkerinv with smartphones is one of my hobbies. I did have an issue with a long-term 3G outage last summer, which I inadvertantly "solved" when I wiped my Optimus and restored a custom ROM (I don't know how it fixed the 3G, but it appears that it did).

bells 2/25/2012
michael 1/31/12,
I had the same situation.

IA 2/24/2012
I have had the Virgin Mobile Mifi2200 (mobile broadband) for 3 days and I have already spent almost 3 hours with customer service. No I have to wait for a higher lever rep to call me back to, hopefully solve our connection problems. The few times I have been able to connect the speed has been OK, not impressive. But the customer service reps are very badly trained (at least they are polite) and cannot help with anything beyond resetting the device.

Sherrie 2/17/2012
I'm on my 3rd Samsung intercept and they want to send me a fourth. I use this phone for both personal and business. Because of the calls not coming in, voice-mails not received, lost/missing texts, inability to make or receive calls, days talking to Virgin-mobile; I have lost sales and business, not to mention the cost of my time dealing with this awful company. The reps are ill-mannered, incompetent, unable to listen, have no authority, are drones and ineffective. I have been disconnected 3 times when requesting a manager. I refuse to take a 4th phone of the same type. I've paid phone insurance since 2010 about $120, then had to pay a $65 deductible for 1st replacement (by the way the Intercept was $200 when I bought it; it now cost $ do the math). I requested another phone where I could use the $65 towards an upgrade...since their phone WON'T work. The upgrade cost $ if the $65 was used I would still be giving them $135 more. However, that was not an option. Of course, I will take my business elsewhere. Found Straight-talk $45 unlimited everything plan LG Optimus Q $180. DON'T get sucked into the propaganda that Virgin-mobile is the only one.

Ed 2/16/2012
I have been a VM prepaid customer for 6 or 7 years, and never had a problem. Called customer service maybe 3 or 4 times and always had success. Their plan is cheap and exactly what I need. so far so good anyway!

Al 2/16/2012
Virgin Mobile is the BEST. I've had Verizon and ATT. VM phone calls are no different than Verizon and ATT. Still get dropped calls occasionally just like any other carrier. Customer services is far better than ATT and Verizon. You get a live person and answer to your email within 24 hours. With ATT or Verizon you will get a live SASSY person who offers no solution. I love my LG Optimus Slider with unlimited data plan (at least up to 2.5G) for $35 versus $60 plus compared to ATT or Verizon. How can you go wrong?

Tymnus 2/6/2012
Virgin Mobile has saved me thousands of dollars over the last two years. Their unlimited service at $55 per month, and their $40 plan have offered service that trumps our old Verizon service (except perhaps in data speed). Living in the Bay area, we have had no coverage issues whatsoever. Rarely will we ever get a dropped call except in the most remote parts of the county in the rural areas perhaps. We had these same issues in these same areas with Verizon.

ACR 2/4/2012
This was my first cell phone I loved it until stared havin dropped calls so deciedto u another phone cost more after that had alot toble adding cards had to call cust service that sucked took 20-30 minto talk to a live advisor and they finlly aftet 45 min fixed andput the min on phone then when bought another card same troube so switched even thougth loved there service had way to much troble adding min! And I think these phones are for the younger genration!

Cesira 2/3/2012
Virgin Mobile does not even deserve one star. From the lack of customer service to the poor quality phones, Virgin Mobile allows you to get what you pay for.. almost nothing. If youre lucky enough to get through to a real person on the contact line, be prepared to be put on hold for five to ten minutes at a time.

Michael 1/31/2012
To whom it may concern:
I don’t know if the right individual will get this letter but I hope it will get into the right hands .
About a year ago I became a customer of your company . I have purchased two telephones and registered them and was enjoing a good service and always recommended your company to all of my friends and relatives. I have registered a credit card on your site attached to every account and I have always paid my bills on time. So I would sy that your company has gained a valuable costumer .
So why would a company force me to leave and look for another provider ?
Here is my story:
I have purchased a android phone initially for account and I was enjoing it and learning how to use it. Later your company has released anew telephone called “MOTOROLA TRIUMPH” so I decided that I may want to switch o a more advanced telephone. I started to look around on the web
For a good price of this type of telephone. One day I have found one on a site:CRAIGS LIST. And someone was selling it for 225.00 so I decided to purchase the phone from that individual. I have met the seller in a local mall and after he showed me the telephone I asked him is why he selling it and his answer was “financial dificulties” well it sounded genuine . Before I made the purchase I have called Virgin mobile and told them exactly what I am doing and asked them about the phone. I provided IME number and asked them to check if the phone is not stolen, if it can be registered to my account ,and if it will be supported with no problem by your company? The answers I got were all positive. The person from your company asked me if I want to make the switch then , and I told them that I will have to get home and charge the phone and familiarize myself with this new handset. So later in the evening I went on your site and did a very easy phone swap with no problems. I started to enjoy the new phone. So it came to be a big surprise when Yesterday my phone sopped to work and the only place I could call was your company. I have spoken with 3 different individuals . None of them was able to help me:
Here are some coments:
1. You should not bought a phone from the street used (well check E-BAY, Craigs List and many other sites and people buy and sell used phones all the time) the main reason to save money.
2. When I asked them why my account was frozen I was told because of the phone belong to someone elses account (so just because due to incompetency of your personel I should be penalized? I asked them about the handset and they said it is ok . But if they were competent enough on their job and having the ime number they could have checked and know that this was a replacement phone send to some dishonest customer that sold it to me.
I asked what were my options ? the answer was such:
1. Purchase the phone and they will lift the suspension of the account (*when I asked how much the ansver was $299.00 (keep in mind I already paid $225.00 for it . the ansver was that we can do nothing about since this is an” replacement phone”
2. They suggested that I should return the phone and once they get it , they will lift the suspension of my account and I will be able to register back my previous LG handset that I still own.
3. When I said that why don’t they do it right away and I would send the phone back the next day they said no. that is not how it is going to be done? They need the phone first.
4. Then I decided to switch away from you to another carrier using another used phone that I purchased on E-bay. No problem the only thing I was not able to port over my number that I had for the last 10+ years. Do you think this is fair?
5. All of my suggestions were kind of ignored and I felt that your company does not value a customer as much as I imagine they would.
So here is what I did today ? I have switched to another carrier, I will not send the phone back to you since You had the opportunity to tell me that this was a wrong phone for me to purchase (but since due to incompetent employees in that department I have lost the $225.00 and I was asked to pay another 299.99 for a phone that Best Buy is selling for 249.00. No one realy cared what I had to say and they all said that they understand, but they can do nothing…etc.
I would like you to see if you can correct the wrong that was done to me by your company .
I am willing to pay no more than a $100.00 to put the phone back in service the way it was before, since I am in this predicament due to the incompetency of your personel. I already lost $225.00 plus the new activation with another monthly carrier $45.00 plus a bunch of accessories that I have purchased for my MOTOROLA TRIUMPH (new batteries , a car charger, a phone holster. A screan protector etc.
And now calculate how much will you loose if I start talking bad about your company and your customer service . Because even if you loose one customer it is much more that you want to get dishonestly from me.

Lisa 1/31/2012
Slight issues with customer service is an understatement. Been trying to have the credit card I use to pay my monthly plan changed for two months now and actually had to close the credit card account to stop being charged. I feel like I have hit a wall and corporate offices are only open a few hours later in the day. Also all the customer service reps., including management have said the famous line " have I helped you with all your needs today?" and nothing has changed. My bank has said I should contact the police regrading this. I don't want to have to go this far to use my phone.

Sally 1/29/2012
I forgot to mention in my previous review. We ported a number over from ATT and had no problems doing it.

Sally 1/29/2012
We have 2 LG optimus phones and have had no issues whatsoever with the service or the phones. We have had one phone for over a year and the second for 6 mos.
The only reason for not giving 5 stars is that the last billing cycle on the cheaper phone we were double billed on the same day. They DID credit the amount but I wasnt thrilled about having to give my card number to resolve the issue. Customer service was less frustrating to deal with than direct tv or centurylink. Not impressive just adequate.

Amy 1/28/2012
I activated for my Daughter about 3 months ago....they did take 2X the amount out of my account. I called customer service and yes he was hard to understand but very nice!! The money was promptly returned to my account and so far its been good.

Richard 1/27/2012
virgin mobile WAS my favorite phone company. But for about a month and a half I didnt have my cell on with my monthly $25 a month plan on my Rumor touch due to unemployment. So after I got working again I wanted to turn it back on. You have 90 days to get your phone turned back on before they delete your account from the system. So I go get my top up card and add the money to the account and figured they would automatically turn it back on like they did before. I got a message from them right after telling me my payment was not enough to cover. So I use my friends cell phone and call them. They put me on wait for almost 45 mins thankfully my friend had unlimited minutes with US Cellular. then they answer and send me to another person with another 15 minute wait. Then I cant understand them and they hang up on me because I asked for a different advisor I could understand better. So I find out after calling again and going through this all again that they deleted my account thinking I passed my 90 days. They told me it had been 91 days since I had my phone on! By then they changed their plans to $35 a month. So I had to go to the store and get another card. Mind you I live 1 hour from the nearest retailer who sells that! so after spending $100 in gas and $35 in top up and about 3 hours later I got it on. Sooooo much more problems I wont list because I would have to write a book. This was most recent. So after all this I got US Cellular on a contract and have more options and good costumer service and the store is in the next town 20 minutes from my house and I finally get service everywhere even in the mountains which i didnt have before!

Optimus 1/18/2012
I purchased a Motorola Triumph from the Virgin Mobile web site on 11/28. I wasn't signed in to my account when I placed the order.

Naja 1/16/2012
I have been using Virgin Mobile since 2002. Activation..smooth...Customer so. As the years went on they got better. I never do auto payments with them. I decided to go to T-Mobile and it was the worse experience ever. I was overcharged monthly $86-90( not even an Smartphone!!) and my cancellation fee was astounding($297). The phone was horrible, because I had to talk on speaker phone for it to work. I went back to Virgin Mobile after a year and six months of crap. I have a HTC Wildfire (my first HTC!! and Tmobile wanted to charge me $400 just to upgrade)that I got it for only $99 on Black Friday. The plan is awesome I do the $45 a month. When I am home, hook it up to my wifi. I live in a major metro area so it works great. I use pandora at work and its on a military base...runs smoothly. I have not had any problems so far. Just don't register your payments as auto, and their website works great. Yeah its shaky in smaller towns or doesn't work at all( like Rapid City, SD) I hope they come out with the iPhones like they have in Canada in Europe. People living in major cities this phone is great and take my advice (Don't register for auto payments!!) If transferring from another company(Just get a new number!!) If push comes to shove (Top up cards are best!!)

Word 1/15/2012
The worst phone and minute plan you can buy. I lost 63 dollars using this phone. The minutes will be lost if not used right away. Do not count on Virgin Mobile customer service to help you.

Spieg 1/12/2012
I am on the VM no contract plan for 2 months now. Everything went pretty smooth with the purchase and setup, but a few days later I discovered the outbound Caller ID was showing up with bogus info... When I call my mom's Comcast phone, her caller ID says "John Fiero" (not my name). When I call my brother's Century Link phone or my work line which uses Vonage service, the caller ID says "Boulder CO" (not where I live, or where I am calling from).

VAB 1/9/2012
I am using the Optimus V that I bought from VM on cyber Monday at half price. Coming from a Net 10 $27 phone I am in heaven and loving this smartphone. For $35 per/mo it beats $100 that my friends pay for their i-phones. Both my sons are on VM and have BlackBerry's and now I am so you cut back where you can and cell phone use is a no brainer so I would recommend VM all day. Cust. Svc. was no problem when I called problem was resolved professionally and courteously. Why the bad reviews??? Some people like to complain. Even when with Net-10 I never had a CS issue. Only believe half of what you read on these review sites.

Jacob 1/8/2012
IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND SANITY, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I have used their service for exactly 40 days (Los Angeles area) - I have had to call their customer line 12 times, and have also sent about 10 online help requests. I have wasted at least 6 hours on the phone with them. They have bungled everything: the port-in of my old number; phone, texting, and web service has spontaneously failed; my online account disappeared; their billing system is an automated thief. Their customer service department is hyper-compartmentalized - the first or second person will never be able to help you, and you will have to repeat the same information/problem description over and over like a parrot. Their customer service people only read from scripts and have zero ability to problem solve. If you are lucky your issue will be "escalated" (read:unresolved) while you wait for someone to call you back. They won't call you back though, but they might fix your issue behind the scenes only for you to notice later, and also notice that something else has gone awry.
They charged me twice for the same month of service, when I requested a refund, they apologized and granted it. Now my service doesn't work. Why? They refunded BOTH payments, and then decided that my account was overdue and cancelled my service (without any warning or message to me). Now I have lost the cell number I've used for 10 years and they don't know if they can recover it.
I have used many cell phone companies over my life, in fact I used to work for the BBB dealing with customer service complaints, and I have never known of a national company to be so inept at resolving standard customer issues.

Sean 1/6/2012
Man, Most of these BAD reviews are of people just whining about how customer service sucks or how coverage sucks. HELLO, Its prepaid Sprint. Without roaming. I knew this before I bought the phone and service and I also made sure I would have good coverage in my area. Unlike most of the babies who are complaining about how this sucks and that sucks and now this sucks. Come on people, If u are going to give a BAD review of something, Be educated about it and give some more details. Not, "This sucks and so does Virgin/Boost Mobile", WOW, Really. Now, I have been with Virgin Mobile foe about 5 months now and "Over ALL" I am happy, and I did write a review on here last month giving details on my experiences so far. From the bad reviews I am reading on here seem to be mostly with the basic feature phones and not from the Smart Phones, Except maybe the Samsung Intercept, Which thats there most crappy Android phone. So don't get that one. I am using the LG Optimus V and its a very good phone and probably Virgin's BEST phone. The $300 Triumph would have been there best but has to many issues, One of which is reception problems. Not to mention the $300 u have to cough up. Not worth it. I have had to call Customer Service a few times, Which I stated in my review I put up on here last month. But my customer service experience was good. So I have no idea why there are so many on here complaining about there CSR. I think part of the reason is these people calling customer service and then disrespecting the Rep or yelling non-stop at them and acting all "Ghetto" like. Another reason could be at the times during the day they are calling. If they are calling during NON-Business hours, Then I am sure all the USA CSR call center is CLOSED. Go figure, LOL. So you are for sure going to get an CSR from India or China. Another complaint I have read on here has to do with Virgin Mobile "Stealing" your mins or charging your credit card more then once after paying online through there website. Like I said, I have been with VM for about 5 months now and I have experienced neither issues. For the RECORD, My bank card is ON file in my VM account but NOT set up for Automatic Payment Withdraw. I would advise you to NOT give VM access to the Auto Pay. I have heard issues about that, But only if you give VM the Authority to charge your bank card each month on the due date. I OPTED OUT of that but have my card on file. Five months later and NO issues. Now I DO agree that VM/Boost Mobile's coverage does lack in ALOT of the county, But in most Metro Cities and Interstates your good. ALL Sprint MVNO's have this issue, cause for some reason, Sprint will NOT allow Roaming onto Verizon's towers like there Post-Paid customers have. I DO understand that this is Pre-Paid service, But even T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon MVNO's have access to Roaming. Either at an extra cost or free. Even Metro Pcs and Cricket offer roaming at an "Extra" cost. So why not Sprint MVNO's? Other then that, So far for $35 a month for an Android Smart Phone and service, I can't complain.

lesakins23 1/4/2012
they suck i paid my phone bill and then i went on to my bank account and they charged me so i went and bought other things then i checked my balance later to see what it was and it was lower than i expected so i look to see that virgin mobile charged me twice this month and ive never been late on a payment or anything so why they chrged my credit card without my permission i dont know i sent a message to them telling them that if they dont refund my money i will sue them most of the time when phone companies see the word sue they do what you want them to do well see what happens if they dont refund my money i will be suing them and i will win

Viki 1/3/2012
I purchased a Virgin phone at Radio Shack and returned it a day or two later. I was not able to make a single call, even to their customer service. Even RECORDING my greeting was impossible. Something was wrong with the phone apparently, and something is WRONG with Radio Shack and Virgin. Although I was not able to make a single call, I LOST OUT - like a donation to a charity or some such -- on $45 hard-earned bucks. I have to file my complaints endlessly and go to small claim court to retrieve the money.

GNA 12/29/2011
HATE THIS PHONE! drops calls and the phones is always breaking up!!!!! going to metro!!!

Danielle 12/28/2011
I would give them zero stars if I could - and I never even got to try their service!

Kevin 12/26/2011
I have gone through att tmobile metro piece of shit and virgin mobile being the best of all has stuck with me. im on the 25 monthly plan its perfect and simple unlimited data and text including pix it does give u 300 min it seems like a little but no one calls these days everyone texts so its perfect its always 25 a month every month its not 27 99 or 30 plain simple 25. i think now its 35 but its still good

Chris 12/22/2011
Best deal there is! For $30 plus about $2 in taxes I get 1500 minutes/1500 texts a month, something I'll never come close to using ever but it's nice to know I'll have enough of both every month. I bought the LG 200 for $50. A good looking, light but comfortable cell, similar to blackberry. Meant for talking and texting which is exactly what I wanted. I have I believe 30MB of net a month but I don't use it.
Everything is great except one thing which is why I give Virgin 3 stars and not 5. COVERAGE. I'm in a "best" coverage area and when it's just partly cloudy I have only 1-2 bars out of 6. I still have my flip Motorola phone with Verizon service for another few weeks or so, currently that's sitting at all 4 bars for coverage. I was fine with Virgin's coverage area because the 100k city I live in is mostly in "best" coverage and the only traveling I do is mostly by interstate and those are all covered, but as of the 7 days I had my Virgin phone and coverage, most have been partly cloudy and over half those days my bars were 1-2 of 6. Hopefully coverage gets better. But again, nothing beats 30 a month for what I get. I've been paying Verizon and ATT 100+ a month for years for smartphones I never really needed, been paying 42 a month just for a emergency 250 minute plan to end my contract with Verizon so I don't have to pay their ridiculous termination fees.
As long as coverage is acceptable I will be staying with Virgin, if I begin to get dropped calls and bad reception on a regular basis I'll be looking for a new service. But honesty, the 4 BIG carriers have basically cornered the coverage market therefore one really wouldn't have a choice but to go back to the 50+ month plans through them for just talk and text or 100+ for data plans, if the prepaids like Virgin and others become inferior in coverage.

Laura 12/22/2011
I have had VM for about 6 months now. I have the MOTO Triumph the service is sketchy to say the least. It took about 3 days to get my phone activated due to NOBODY in customer service knowing what they are doing (and most speaking hardly any English) I just wanted to port a number from another sprint carrier and ironically that's what made it hard. Go figure? I have had spotty service on occasions and even lost service for a whole day for no reason. And when I contacted customer service I was at first told that my phone needed replacing they never got on that so I called again and was told a tower was down in my area and to wait 4 hrs and call back so i called back again and was told they did not know why it wasen't working but that i would get 50 bonous minutes (that's great except you cant use those with the beyond talk plan!) 3g is always fluctuating and is very slow. when I am at home or school I just connect to wifi its faster. I'm completely disappointed with the phone itself as well it is cheaply made and it shows! The touch screen and home buttons are slow to respond and the phone freezes all the time! Waste of money for that phone if you ask me.

Richard 12/20/2011
Bought a LG Optimus V at Best Buy 04/08/11 went to top up 3 days ago with the top up card as usual wouldn't let me online to do so. Went on computer wouldn't let me in account. So called them gave all info guy couldn't find account gave him the MEID he was trying to set me back up. My account was flagged for fraud alert(claiming phone stolen) WHAT? Nobody called phone in stolen! I had to scan copy of receipt added phone without cover. Since that lie was shot down with my proof now claim credit card on file did charge back for fraud that's strange there is not, never has been a credit card on file with them. Always used Top up cards! I'm not going away like they want me too. I'm fighting them all the way! This is their screw up so I have a $35.00 top up card sitting here, a phone I can't use. They just keep lying, lying, expecting you to keep jumping through hoops! I'm suing them in small claims, I've reported them to the attorney generals offices, other agencies! I'm not just going to go out, buy another phone like they are trying to force me into by locking my phone out. Go with Straight Talk or Boost these Scammers aren't worth it! I loved their service, was the first to sing their praises until 3 days ago. Beware.

Don Johnson 12/20/2011
I had their service and it stopped working and they could not fix it. They took all of my balance.

Barb 12/19/2011
I've had VM for about 8 months now. I use an Optimus V, it's my 1st smart phone. Is it as slick and speedy as my friend's phones who are locked into a $100/mo plan for 2 years? No! Does it do everything I need? Yes!

Kim 12/16/2011
I have been a VM customer for years and reallyy have no complaints other than being unable to download videos, music, games, etc. From anyone other than VM. It really isn't fair to have a smartphone and not be able to use it..

Travis 12/11/2011
I really dont have any major complaints about the company... and the few ones i have, I really dont feel justified in complaining about (like shotty web service) when im only paying $25 a month. I read alot of comlaints and the only thing I agree with is bad customer service. But again Im only paying $25 a month, and yeah if you pay $50 or more with another company youll get better things.... but like my mom always said you get what you pay for

Rebecca Holland 12/11/2011
Great products but terrible customer service. I bought a Peel and was unable to connect it to my ipod...neither was anyone at customer service. After about 30 min on the phone they just suggested that I return it.

Robert 12/10/2011
You must be kidding about the web site being for those under 20 yrs. old! I'm 59, almost 60 and I didn't/don't find the site confusing in any way. Maybe you have a low opinion of older people or you have an inflated opinion of younger ones. OMG, I even understand Wifi, bluetooth and all the technical stuff, what's with that?

Sean 12/8/2011
It seems that 99% of the negative reviews are because of Bad Customer Service or Lack Of. I have been with Virgin Mobile for about 3 months now and overall I am pleased with the service. I am using the LG Optimus with the $35 plan. I have only needed to call CSR twice. Once, To activate the phone. The second time was also to activate again the second month. Cause my credit card on file would NOT work for some reason. So I called and they took care of the issue within 2 mins and I was back up and running. So both times having to call CSR where problem free for me. The phone itself is a very nice Android powered phone, Although Android 2.3 would be nice. But 2.2 is just fine, No complaints. I'm not going to tell a review about the phone, Just YouTube it. Virgin Mobile runs off of the Sprint 3G network and coverage/3G service is good in my area (Metro Atlanta).

Karl 12/6/2011
It's true they steel your money! The are criminals. I am out 149$ for the phone i bought up front. As long as I live the the Virgin name brand will be dirt in my book. and I plan I warning everyone I can. Why would an international company soil their image so?

Sandra Lee 12/5/2011
I don't get all the negative reviews re customer service. I've been a Virgin Mobile Customer for 5 years and any time I've called they've been very nice and helpful. This morning I called because I had been without 3G for 24 hours. The representative helped me reset my phone and it's working perfectly now. Anytime I've had to call I've had a very positive experience. If anyone is considering Virgin Mobile, don't believe all the naysayers on this site. I think people are most like to give a review after a negative experience which skews the numbers.

Diesel Man 12/4/2011
I had an issue early on when I first got my optiums V when the first introduced it. Science then I have not had any issues my my 3g. Voice calls are clear, customer service for me has been fine since I started using the facebook email. My phone broke by way of mfg defect, VM overnighted me a replacement phone free of charge, credited me a 1 month of service. So myself personally I have no real issues with them so far. My whole family is no on boost mobile and im on VM we have not had any issues. USE THE FACEBOOK email they are really good at getting back and geting you the right answer. Just dont go off on them as that as in anything in life wont get you any where.

Co 12/4/2011
I've been with VM for over 1 year now and have had no more problems than with any other carrier. I don't understand all the complaints about customer service - the 3 times i've had to call them they were very helpful and had my problem solved quickly.

Virgin Mobile 12/3/2011
Virgin Mobile has the worst Customer Support I have ever seen!
On Cyber Monday at 9:15PM I went to the website and found several phones at 50% off. I wanted to buy 4 sale phones for my family for Christmas. Every time that I added a sale phone to my cart it showed up at the regular price, which is false advertising. I emailed Customer service and explained the situation and received an automated response telling me that it could take up to 72 hours to hear back from a representative.
On Wednesday I received a response from Customer Service telling me that the sale was only for Cyber Monday and that they could not sell me the phone for the advertised price and that my web browser needed to be refreshed to display the correct price. I called the Customer service number and asked to talk to a supervisor to straighten out the misunderstanding. The 3 Customer Service representatives I talked to refused to give me their full names or their supervisor’s name. Each one of them put me on hold for over 30 minutes, 3 hours total between the 3 calls and deliberately hung up on me when they said that they were transferring me to a supervisor. They have been giving me the email run around for 6 days.

Virgin Mobile 11/30/2011
Works great in the DC area.

Tom 11/29/2011
They are HORRIBLE! Horrible customer service.. it is like that tv commercial with the "this is Peggy" guy. I got bounced around to different people. I could hear people laughing in the background. They are false advertising!!! They have 3 phones on their web site that say half off but they are full price!!! THEY SUCK!

marcelo 11/28/2011
Virgin Mobile has a terrible customer service , and the worst coverage of all others . If you live in Land o Lakes , Fl you will regret having Virgin mobile.

Fabian 11/26/2011

I could not activate my LG Optimus V with my Minute2Minute plan, even with a Virgin Mobile manager on the phone.

YH 11/16/2011
This servce is a last resort kind of thing. The company steals money from your account when you put money in before you plan is due. I liked the fact that it was $25 per month but it's not worth the cheap plans
a note: i've had virgin mobile for about a year or 2

Timothy 11/16/2011
Their customer service is poor. I was call them that i dont happy with my phone with Samsung Intercept. As i request them to switch with different phone with LG Optimus slider. Since it was under 30 days. Guess what it never solved since Oct 27 to now. They are avoid and make some excuse now as they said will send me pre paid postage for old pager to be return. It never happen yet. It really poor service. As i do like Virgin mobile's plan with unlimited data but not peasure with their customer service.

DP 11/15/2011

Travis 11/14/2011
Sold refurbished phone for prepaid plan. Phone does not come with battery, an important detail I had not read anywhere on the website. Wow, that's really lame customer service. I hope their marketing department isn't getting paid much.....

richard granado 11/12/2011
service sucked!! i called to get my 100 bonus minutes and the customer service lady was absolutley no help. NO STAR RATING.

Jay 11/10/2011
I want to warn people who use virgin mobile, watch you billing virgin mobile charged my mother $1.75 for call toll free directory assistance mind you its a toll free call (mobile or landlines) if you have unlimited, 1200, 300 min it doesn't matter your gonna be charged $1.75 if you call 411 or 1-800-555-1212 for which the airtime read 0.00 it took me 30 min of yelling and pointing out their failure to disclose that fee for a toll free number before they issued a refund. They did how ever issue a 30 mins free airtime credit because of the 30 min I wasted on the phone with them because of their own "accounting and legal error" in times like this $1.75 for a toll free call adds up and that type of corporate behavior in times like this shouldn't be allowed. Other then that they haven't given her any problems. Thanks for reading.

cheapskater 11/8/2011
0 Stars! STAY AWAY! Purchased the LG Rumor Touch because of the navigation, social networking apps, emailing, web browsing and texts features on this phone. Second day using the phone, find out that the navigation feature was a separate monthly charge - which was misleading advertising. First week, found that all the email provider apps didn't work, with the exception of the IMAP/POP account. Second week, the social networking apps stopped working as well as the browser. Emailed customer service and was told the network was being upgraded and that I'd be emailed to "reset" my phone and all the apps would be usable again. Two weeks passed, I contacted customer service and the social networking apps are no longer available on the phone, and no surprise, but the photo uploading app was also cancelled. Their solution was to for me to use their browser, ignoring my complaint that the browser didn't work - so basically I was compensated with NOTHING. I'm out of a chunk of change for a phone that barely does a 1/5 of what it was advertised to do (Hello BBB, I'd like to file a complaint of false advertising). I could have bought a cheaper phone and a cheaper plan.

Jason 11/8/2011
In this day of ever worsening customer service, Virgin Mobile is leading the charge!

Griffin 11/6/2011
It is possible to have no stars? Even one star implies there is something good somewhere. My complaint is about service and support--really echoing what thousands of others have said. There is just no way to talk to anyone in authority to resolve a problem. I realize that is how Virgin keeps their costs low. They need for customers to 1)either not have problems, or 2) solve them without talking to a human. The crazy problem I have is this: I wanted to buy a new phone. Upgrade. I was not able to find a way to take my existing phone number with me. I think probably this is because I choose to be on Virgin's lowest, low cost, no contract plan--which is $20 for every 3 months. Now that is super cheap. Maybe it is too cheap for Virgin to adequately serve anymore. Therefore, they don't offer me any help in changing phones. I actually feel sorry for the guys at the other end of the 800 #. It's not their fault. I even had one guy acknowledge that Virgin's service and policies are pretty poor.

Graham 11/5/2011
I used to have Sprint service but was completely sick of them charging me extremely outrageous amounts of money for terrible service. I always had issues with Sprint and their customer service... and their insurance plan was just a bunch of BS. I bought an LG Optimus for $99 on sale at Best Buy and bought their 2 year replacement plan with it. For $35 a month I have had absolutely no problems with the service so far. I buy all my top-ups online and haven't been double charged or anything so far. I get a better signal than I ever did with my Intercept on Sprint and my data speeds are faster than they were on Sprint too. For $35 a month compared to $100... I think I'll stay with Virgin Mobile.

DM 11/3/2011
I am in Queens NY and Virgin mobile said my area had "excellent" service but I had no bars, they put me off for 7 months with nonsense. The Optimus V is a cute phone but slow and 3g was on and off. I had no bars for service. Teh customer service is very veyr misinformative and extremely frustrating. they sadid they were going to get back to me in 2 business days but never did. They lied and said they were going to scredit me and give me one month free while I wait to hear back adn than lied about that and never did.

Tammy 11/1/2011
My husband and I have been with VM for about a year and love it. We had been with Verizon and paying a fortune for phone service only. This is perfect for us -- 300 minutes each, unlimited texting, and unlimited web (and NO contract). The only downfall is coverage is limited in some small towns in the midwest.

Decent..... 10/28/2011
Pretty decent. I had VM for probably 6 months, and didn't really have any issues. The reception was always great (they run on the Sprint network) and customer service was pretty good. The only issues I had was my card being charged and not getting my minutes. But, a quick call to customer service fixed the issue. The issue I realized was you need to pay for your service at least 1 full day prior to your service expiration date if you're on a monthly plan. As long as you do that, you won't have any issues. Despite the other reviews, I found their customer service to be pretty good- the rep always knew how to fix an issue quickly. No real complaints here.

User86 10/20/2011
I just got a phone with VM and if your cheap like me I gotta say its the way to go. Using it for only emergencies does the job. Nothing fancy. No texting or web surfing just plain ol' talk'n when I need too. 20 bucks on paylo is also an eye-popper and gets refilled every 90 days [3 months]. If your looking for something better VM is not for you.

Steve 10/20/2011
Virgin Mobile has a variety of options for cheapskates like me. Nice phones as low as $20. Plans that mix talk/text/data for $30-55. What sucks is their customer service. I have had several issues including repeated small overcharges, and have tried to resolve them by email with the idea that email would give them more time research and find the answer. Yet every one of the more than half a dozen responses I received have had one thing in common: they have not answered the question I was asking. Sometimes I get incorrect info; sometimes they answer a slightly different question. I'm so frustrated that I'm considering switching, even though I'm happy in all other respects.

Linda 10/20/2011
After being with AT&T for so many years, I was apprehensive about changing over. But I was paying $70 a month for 800 phone minutes, no data or messaging, and to upgrade my phone I would have to enter into another contract for 2 years or pay full price. I checked all the services out there and finally decided to give Virgin Mobile a try, since they use the Sprint network. I live in a very remote area of northeast Florida and do not get a good signal even with AT&T, which has gotten worse over the past year. I got the LG Optimus V and the $45 plan w/unlimited messaging and data and more phone minutes than I will ever need. I tried it out for a couple of weeks to make sure I was going to be happy with it and I LOVE my phone, I have great coverage, I have a data plan and messaging, WOOHOO I am a happy camper. So when I called AT&T to cancel he asked why I was canceling, so I told him what bad service I was getting at home and how much I was paying just for phone service and what I was able to get with Virgin for half the cost and he said I should have called him first and he could have given me the same plan for the same price! Bottom line is AT&T will rip you off unless you call them and complain. Who wants to do business with a company like that?? I LOVE Virgin Mobile and will stay with them FOREVER!!! Thanks for listening!

RICHARD 10/15/2011

Gloria 10/14/2011
Virgin Mobile is incredibly dishonest and sexist! I was lured into getting a virgin mobile phone by the promise of a no contract, $40/month plan. They promise $40 flat, no hidden fees, no surprises. Yet, almost every month I have a surprise charge. I've tried paying with my credit card, with their "Top Up" cards, via internet, via phone, and nearly every time there is some problem that causes me to be charged extra. They've charged me overage charges (though I've never once even gotten close to using up the 1200 minutes of the plan), they've billed my credit card twice, they've charged me and then not restarted my plan on several occasions (meaning they processed the charge and then told me that I have to pay again to restart the plan), and they've made up random "taxes" that I need to pay. What's worse is that every time I call, the person on the line is condescending, unhelpful, demeaning and is often not "able" to help me. Yet, when my boyfriend calls, 10 minutes later, the person who helps him is helpful, nice, and able to help him right away. The last time I called I spoke with two people (an employee and a supervisor), and I spent 20 minutes arguing with them about why they suddenly decided to charge "government taxes" and they spent 20 minutes telling me that if I did not want to pay taxes that I should contact my government. In the end they refused to help me because they said that there was absolutely NO WAY they could restart my plan without charging me these "taxes" as they are imposed by my government and they had to follow the laws of my government (note that they kept saying "your government" not "the government" or "our government" which really made me feel like they were hostile towards me because they dislike my government and they were the ones that had a problem with my government). Yet, 10 minutes later my boyfriend called and he asked them to restart my plan for $40 and they said "ok no problem" and done. He asked the guy, "sir, what is the amount that will be billed to the card?", "$40" he said. "$40 even, no taxes or any other charges?" my boyfriend asked. "No. $40 even" the guy replied. And I wasted 20 minutes of my time and got yelled at over something that my boyfriend was able to get done in less than 5 minutes and no one even argued with him. But, thinking back, every time I've had a problem with them and they can't help me, it's always resolved after my boyfriend calls. From reading other posts here it sounds like their customer service is pretty bad overall, but in my personal experience, there's been a significant difference between how they treat me and how they treat my boyfriend. So if you're a woman, be extra prepared to be treated like you are not a valuable customer and like no one cares what you have to say. Also be prepared to pay hidden fees.

John 10/14/2011
So far so good. The LG Optimus V is fantastic. I simply could not justify paying $90 with Verizon or ATT for cell phone this is working out really well.

Guest 10/12/2011
I had VM for well over a year but temporarally disconnected my phone for a month due to low funds and was told as long as i reactivated within 90 days my phone and plan would still be there.When i called to reactivate it I was no longer in their system at ALL! After speaking with their so called supervisor he told me that they issued my phone number out to someone else and if i want to reactivate i have to pay 35.00 instead of 25.00 because that plan is no longer availible. He assured me there was no one else higher than him to talk to. Their customer service is horrible! I lost my phone number that all my family and friends have due to mis information that THEIR REPs gave me and now im SOL!
Verizon has a prepaid for 20.00 a month unlimited texting. since i dont use voice hardly ever i can add a few minutes that roll over if i dont use them. I will spend less than i did with VM. Obviously VM does not want or care about their customers so im moving on.

robert price 10/11/2011
i recently bought mins threw web site,they charged me twice,on same day back to back,one for a couple cents more,the rep said there was no proof on there part so i shared my bank statment with her,then i got there att, they stole my money,i am persuing charges aginst the person that done this,mabey even trying to sue,im very dissapointed,i have 3 phones by them,consistantly,is this how i can trust there reps for buisness,just to say PISSED.

LAK 10/7/2011
Is it perfect? No, but for the low price of $25 per month for 300 talk minutes and unlimited text and data, I cannot complain. I'm saving so much money versus the big guy carriers that I can never go back to non prepaid. And, yes, I've used their customer service with mixed, but mostly positive, timely, friendly results.
My LG Rumor Touch is great for texting with my fat fingers on the full slide-out qwerty keyboard, & call quality has been good too, especially speaker phone volume and clarity which I use all the time.
To be expected, service in rural areas is slower and lower, but I've nearly always been able to connect. City service has always been top notch 3G, which is good for the limited web/data surfing I do.
Speaking of coverage, the Wilson Sleek cell booster is the best 100 bucks I've ever spent. It nearly always takes what would be no or only one or two bars on the road & gives me four or five. With the home adapter kit & my new Panasonic TX-TGA420 home phone hooked up to the cell via bluetooth, I'm now making cheap long distance calls with excellent clarity from home!

Trish 10/6/2011
I have had this service for 6 years and love it. They are GREAT in customer service and help. Very very few dropped calls. Keep going VM...

Sam 10/3/2011
Sure. It's affordable. Sure, they're starting to get android phones. Sure, it might be a decent alternative from other expensive services. But I'll tell you right now, this service is absolute garbage.

JESSE 10/2/2011
IVE BEEN with virgin mobile for about 3-4 years. and this is what ive learned.

ShyGuy101 10/1/2011
Virgin mobile sucks! they scam you, and do not help you what so ever. SCAMERS!

Toni Shuck 9/30/2011
Have had their phone for over a year now. Have automatic withdrawal for monthly fees. In the past 3 months they have withdrawn to much every month. Now they think I'm the problem. Needless to say I'll be looking elsewhere for a cell phone.

Joey 9/29/2011
Today I found out that they have been charging me 35 cents a minute for years when I make toll free calls. Even though my plan is 10 cents a minute local and long distance. I'm switching over to Koodo and give it a try. they have a 45 dollar a month plan for unlimited calls anywhere in Canada.
I spent thousands a year on virgin pay as you go and they were ripping me off the whole time. Nowhere on their site can you find what calls you actually made and how much they charged either.

Carlos Sy 9/29/2011
I have used Virgin Mobile for the past two years. I do not use a cell phone very often, and have found that phone companies couldn't care less about your satisfaction. There are no good choices, just some that are less crappy. Over the three years, Virgin Mobile has continued to change and rearrange their plans, and made them more and more pricey. Now that they got rid of all of their SMS plans, I decided to switch to PlatinumTel, which seems to have fairly reasonable rates. Also, the Kyocera phone that Virgin offers is simple sturdy, but has a lot of bugs, and the battery keeps failing.

Daveinlex 9/28/2011
Their customer service representatives lied to me several times. I have a Motorola Triumph phone purchased 8-21-11. On 9-12-11 I contacted VM because my phone malfunctioned and would not obtain a signal. After more than 2 hours on the phone with various VM reps it was concluded that the phone needed to be replaced. I was informed that a NEW phone would be shipped to me within 24 hours. Being satisfied, I thanked the rep and got off the phone. 2 days later I called back since I had not received the phone nor had gotten the email conformation with the tracking number I was promised. The new rep told me that the phone was out of stock but I should have it by end of the week. Monday 9-19-11 no phone, no email. I called again asking to speak with a manager after 20 minutes on hold I speak with a manager and was informed that the phone was out of stock and that it was impossible to ship me a phone. I asked when a shipment was due and she did not know, I asked if she could transfer me to someone who would have the answer and she told me that she could not transfer the call. I called again 9-22-11 spoke with a manager and was told that the Triumph was a popular phone and they were out of stock but they were expecting a shipment on Friday and that my case had been "escalated". I called Monday 9-26-11 and was told that I should be patient and that I could call back on Wednesday 9-28-11.

AQ in NYC 9/28/2011
I've been fairly happy with my little phone--it was the one that came free with the deal. How's that for cheap. I don't need the web surfing, though it has some web ability, and I'm amused that every once in a while I can check facebook and even see Yahoo news or BBC headlines when I'm on a bus. I had an iphone for a couple years and don't miss the bills, though I'll probably get another smart phone this year or next. In short, for a 60% cost savings--I have the 40 dollar plan--I've only once run out of minutes and I've learned how to text and I feel like I've won the lottery.

Best Deal by FAR 9/28/2011
Bought my virgin phone in april 2011....the first couple weeks was hell...but customer service was able to fix my web problems. After a rough start i can say it was well worth it to save HUGE amounts of money. Where can u get unlimited data (no caps), 300 mins and text for $25 a month ( im grandfather in old plan) its $35 now for new customers. Just make sure u got good coverage in your area before you buy!

Sean 9/26/2011
So far everything has been great. I just bought the LG Optimus V from HSN, ($170 total but 3 flex pays of $57. Also came with rubber case and car charger). The phone itself is well worth the price, and service in my area (Atlanta) is good. Call quality is good also. Battery life is exceptable once you optimize it. I can go a whole day easy with moderate use. 3G speeds in my area are also good, I average around 550Kbs - 650kbs and during off peak hours it goes up to 2MB down sometimes. My biggest gripe with the service is, Virgin/Boost Mobile only use Sprints native network. Which anywhere other then a Metro city or major interstate Hwys, coverage is spotty. If you have Sprint with contract, you have access to free roaming (Verizon Network). Sprint disabled that with there prepaid phones. If Sprint would allow for paid roaming, Like Metro Pcs does, I would not really have any complaints. Sprint should just charge say $0.20 min. for roaming. Other then that I am happy.

JOHN T BURR 9/26/2011
I tried switching from ATT to Virgin and after a week of frustration and expense returned to ATT. I got zero to 1 bars in my office--even though Virgin assured me I'd get excellent reception (with ATT I have 5). The whole experience was negative and I could not get a refund even after being assued I would.

Yeah Dog 9/26/2011
Great so far. I bought an Optimus on sale at Radio Shack, took it home and activated it. Tried activating it first on the phone and got an error message, then went to the website and figured out that you need to set up an account first. Then it worked perfectly. It really wasn't that difficult.

Trash Service 9/25/2011
I got VM because I was in school and needed something affordable. Getting the thing activated is a job in and of itself. The customer service menu really gives you the run around and it takes a ton of guessing to get to an operator. They take forever, they have billed me twice before, my calls are constantly being dropped (it happens to me every day without fail), their selection of phones is pitiful, my reception in my hometown where I bought the phone is awful, I could go on and on really. I stayed with them long enough to really give them a chance and at least use the phone for what it's worth. I'm getting rid of this crap next month. DON'T DO IT! Oh, and I recently received a VM message stating that if you want to change your phone number, they will be charging $10 to do it online and $15 with a live advisor. Ridiculousness.

Sheesh 9/25/2011
What you must know about how to "Top Up"!!! If you go to their web sight to pay them STOP before you select "Pay Now". I just learned I would have to look for "Top Up" and select it first. I have been paying for multiple months at once, and just learned that every payment made online has gone to pay by-the-minute charges, rather a more econamical monthly plan payment. Very Deceptive. Got no special paperwork about how paying works. Never got a phone manual either. If I get satisfaction in my work with their customer service dept, I will update my review, but want to warn everyone today and maybe save someone some money and blood boiling.

Former Customer 9/23/2011
It is nearly impossible to cancel a Virgin Mobile account. Never agree to automatic billing. They will not refund your money--even after saying there will be no further automatic billings.

clarissa m 9/20/2011
I bought the LG rumor and in less than a month, phone screen went black, called virgin mobile on the 10th and was to receive a replacement phone in 3 - 5 days. As of today the 20th I still don't have a phone and they keep giving me the run around. Those customer "no" service in india or where ever they are located half of the time have no clue what they are doing and each time you call they tell you a different story. Other reputable networks are now offering pre-paid services and even cheaper, and of course I am switching, atleast if I have a problem I can walk into their store and speak to a live person rather than dealing with morons over the phone

stanley 9/18/2011
virgins web connectivity is un balievable,sometimes when you go on to the web it cant even load that page because its so even freezes while its loading a video.

Pete 9/18/2011
The service is ok although the coverage is limited to the Sprint 1900mhz network. The billing system is mess so only use prepaid PINs to avoid them double billing your credit card . The phones don't seem to last . Customer service is mediocre, Lastly, the value of the service for me was lost when they increased the rates on my monthly plan form $25 to $35 .

NOT HAPPY AT ALL 9/16/2011
STEALING MY MINUTES!!! everyone please read...
deceptive!!! you better keep real good track of your minutes (unless your phone actually has a calls log that will show you EXACTLY the time duration of your calls including the seconds - incoming & outgoing!! cuz my Samsung Intercept does not!!) because I bet I'm not the only one!

Devon 9/14/2011
worst service ever. I thought it couldn't get worse than some of the other carriers I tried, but I was wrong. This bunch is nothing but a bunch of crooks.
Every time you call you get a sugary voice from another country telling you, "No. You can't get a refund for the device you returned." After you argue with them for fifteen minutes, they will say "Yes. You will get a refund in 6 weeks." 6 weeks later, you go through the same thing.
Internet service has been out on phone for two weeks, they can't fix it. Answer from them "We have send you problem to corporate to fix. It will take 72 hours." 72 hours later, you get the same answer.
Paid $200 for phone, three months later, I am canceling acount, lost the $200 as they don't allow unlocking phones.

Wendy 9/12/2011
I started my Beyond Talk service on August 1st that includes 300 minutes, unlimited text and data. For those of you who have never had their service you must pay for the month before your minutes will start over. On August 28th I paid for my September service. On September 1st my minutes didn't restart so I called customer service. The woman didn't want to help me and told me to wait until midnight. If I paid for my service I should be able to access my service. I asked to speak to a supervisor who apparently didn't exist. I called back and spoke with someone else. They restarted my minutes and thought everything is okay. Later, when I checked my credit card bill I found out that they charged my card FIVE TIMES. I had to call customer service which took over an hour to sort out. When I tried to contact them online I only got an email asking me to complete a survey.

TTFK 9/8/2011
After several years of using Virgin Mobile, I am now planning on moving to an alternate carrier. This has nothing to do with the phones themselves, of which I have owned many, from the most basic to my current Optimus. Rather, it is the host carrier coverage.

Pete 9/6/2011
I have had Virgin Mobile for 6 years. I do have to admit that their customer service can be bad at times. Usually their reps don't speak good English. I've had many different phones with this carrier (get a new one every 6 mos to a year). Every time I have had a defective phone they sent me a brand new one no questions asked. Their prices are great and everyone puts their service down but I personally have never had a dropped call. I live in arizona so It's pretty good coverage here. I have had other carriers and IMO I'd say for the money I can't complain. My internet works just as fast as any of my friends on other carriers sometimes faster. I think some people just need to be a little more aggressive with customer service. They have always been willing to fix my problems. All in all VM is a great company with great plans at least IMO.

luc s 9/6/2011
They double billed me. I got my bank to take off one the charges and put it into contest. The crooks at VM then got vindictive and will now only accept payment with a top up card. Use any service but this.

jjon 9/6/2011
Pure junk. Run by a bunch of crooks. Truly the pits.

Margaret 9/4/2011
I have a Virgin mobile cell phone and it was bought out by another phone company, I used to pay &20 every three months for 200 minutes, they now say I can no longer get this that I have to pay &20 every month, This is the last time I will pay anything, I will go to another cell phone company.What cell phone company bought it out? Please let me know why I am unable to get the same service that I had.

Kathy 9/2/2011
DO NOT USE THIS CARRIER unless you are tight on money or completely inconsistent coverage does not bother you. I was enticed by the price but now I am beginning to think it is not worth it. The texting is failing almost everyday now and I am extremely frustrated. You really get what you pay for. All customer service does is tell you to reprogram your phone. On top of that, the internet is slow as possible.

Burt 9/1/2011
@ wondersnevercease:
You might want to check out Tracfone.
I've had them for about a year and have had no problems.
Also have great reception and Nationwide coverage. I don't know where you drive your truck but I get great service even on I-80 across Wyoming.

elliott 9/1/2011
if i could rate this company 0 stars i would all i have is problems with these people taking money from my phone from being charged wrong amounts for studio v to just money diappearing then arguing with customers service you get some of your money back then the next day it is gone again. WHAT ARE THEY DOING????? TAKING WHAT THEY CAN GET IF YOU DONT CALL THEY KEEP YOUR MONEY THIS COMPANY PLAYS GAMES. Please dont give your money to this company and maybe theyll go away

Chris L 8/31/2011
I live in the Hampton roads Va area and was sure I would get a good signal with my 200 dollar phone I got from Target. It's not like I live in the mountains. I've had my phone for less than a week and I think I'm going to refund. When the hurricane hit i was patient when the phone didn't work. But now they say the issue is resolved but hey, my phone can't get a damn signal half the time. I'm not far from civilization. I've called customer service, who I can't understand half the time and they asked did i check the coverage map? YES I did, and it shows I'm in the coverage area. Unless you live smack dead in the middle of a big city, I wouldn't go with VM. Now i gotta tell all my contacts I'm changing phone numbers again.

wondersnevercease 8/31/2011
this company has no customer service. i pay my bill with paypal they double billed me last month and this month. this month they double billed me refunded one of the amounts and then suspended my phone service and no amount of trying to get it resolved through their overseas customer service worked. I spent all day today from 3pm until 930pm trying to get someone to help. there is no management to talk to and when you email this company all i have ever received back is an email asking me to do a customer sevice satisfaction survey. so i was billed twice this month one fee was returned and then my phone service suspended and now i have no phone and they have my monthly fee. i am a professional driver i was stranded out of town today went to call dispatch and that is when i found out they suspended my service. it is now 10pm and they say they have customer service from 4am to 9pm pacific time but nothing came from me talking for hours to them. it is out sourced to another country and you never are allowed to speak with management or higher up to get help. I just ordered their optimus v phone but cancelled it if this is what happens? now no phone but they have my 60.01 cents for this months fee of unlimited.

Erick 8/30/2011
Got the Optimus V which worked good at first. I've now been without internet for a month, my second month with Virgin. Out the door with them and Sprint. 25 bux a month just isn't worth the headaches with their lame service. I've been a sprint customer for over 10 years. Never again. ICYDK Sprint owns Virgin who's based in Europe. I can't imagine what it's like on the other side of the pond.

Alice 8/30/2011
This is a honest review from someone who sold Virgin Mobile as a retailer. It all depends on the coverage in your area. I had dropped calls at home even though the coverage map showed excellent coverage, but when I am outside, I have better service. Even though it is supposed to be equivalent to Sprint service, I've always had my doubts about whether Virgin Mobile customers have less access to all of Sprint's towers. I also sold Sprint and had customers complain about having service and no dropped calls when they had a Sprint contract compared to Virgin Mobile phones where they have dropped calls and lack of service, but I'm not sure why this is the case. On paper, it should be equal to Sprint service, but it is NOT based on tests we have done. I know this has rarely been an issue for Boost customers. Another problem with Virgin Web connectivity that Boost customers do not seem to have is lack of connectivity at night- "data requests busy. try again later." The automated system is annoying, and it is hard to get to a live agent unless the customer knows the dealer support line. In terms of phones, the Triumph is a fully loaded phone that can compare to high-end phones postpaid companies offer. In terms of pros, the prices are great. It is hard to find similar prices at these costs, especially if you sign up for the lower limited plans. Overall, I would recommend customers to check the coverage first before purchasing a VM phone.

annoymos 8/30/2011
never use virgin mobile. they have the poorest customer service ever!. they don't seem to know what thy are doing!

Terry 8/29/2011
I am dropping Virgin Mobile like a BAD habit! I was on their 400 minutes per month for $20 plan and have never seen such HIDEOUS "customer service" anywhere. Do yourself a favor and avoid this nuisance of a company at all costs!

John Sielke 8/28/2011
They claimed "EXCELLENT coverage in my area. Not true. Had NO bars in house, and only 1 bar outside, depending on where I walked. Numerous emails to customer service went unanswered. I called, and after being fed up with the voice mail garbage, finally got a representative, unfortunately, very marginally English-speaking. I tried to cancel my account, and was told that "that is a problem" because their servers were down. To avoid being ripped off, I cancelled my Credit Card. I was told "NO REFUNDS."

KB 8/27/2011
I'm about to buy the LG Optimus V. Heard nothing but great reviews for it and on sites like VM, Best Buy, and anywhere else you can buy the phone it usually gets 4.5 stars out of 5 which is great. Sure you'll have the few incompetent how can't figure out how to use it and the people who complain about every minor detail. People on here seem to be the same. Then again you can never really trust review boards on a product because 90% of the people who are willing to review a product are the ones with problems. If VM is working great for some why waste the time to rave about it. People who are bitter are also more motivated to diiss on a product. Some of the complaints on here are laughable. My buddy already has a VM phone and says it's pretty good. That's all I need to save about $35 a month by switching from ATT and I don't have a data plan and still paying $35 more. Suggest those with coverage problems probably should've gone to their website and use their coverage map BEFORE you buy the phone like a normal person would. Also, if you have problems with your phone like it freezing and battery life that's the maker of the phone not VM geniuses. For all the products I have ever used (not just phones) customer service has always been not a problem for me. I bet the ones on here who have had problems started the conversation on the phone with an attitude as if the person on the other end is the reason they are having problems. I've worked in costumer service and guarantee you the more lipy and attitude the costumer displays the less I care about your problems. Also, the great saying goes "a poor musician blames his instrument" I think applies to most complaints on here (not all but most). That goes for any "review" board. To judge an electronic product I usually look at Best Buy's website. On there the LG Optimus V has, like stated before, a 4.5 star rating. That's out of over 1500 reviews. I think that is a large enough pool to convince me to get it. that and for me to add a data plan with ATT it will cost me around $85 at least. All I want is to check my e-mails throughout the day and maybe jump on facebook once in a while. People who load their phone with a ton of apps are also the ones that usually have the most problems and that goes for every phone and every provider. Common sense people, don't be afraid of it.

Keith Currier 8/27/2011
Virgin Mobile simply does not understand the concept of information security. I had a routine billing issue that caused me to submit an inquiry through their Web site. When the e-mail response came back, it contained both my telephone number and password. Anybody with that information can log into my Virgin Mobile account.

Alex 8/26/2011
If you want a better phone, you're going to have to pay twice as much with ATT or Verizon. I went for bottom of the barrel prices and have a functioning scrap heap quality phone. I paid about $80 for a LG Rumor about 6 months ago. I've been paying $25/month for unlimited internet and 450 minutes of talk. The cool thing about Virgin is that you actually pay just the $25/month. With the other companies the bill adds taxes and government fees. Virgin offers a couple of other phones. Better than what I bought but the selection is still weak. Currently, 7 phones in total. No Android 2.3. Currently, the best phone only has Android 2.2. The better phones are probably the way to go. My phone is ridiculous. The Virgin website leads me to believe my phone will surf the internet... with unlimited data to boot. In reality, some basic html browsing works. That's it. No streaming music. No downloading music. No watching videos. No downloading anything whatsoever. No Flash. No pdf's. Sites barely come through. Many errors. Basically, horrible web browsing capabilities. Think 1990's Netscape 2.1 on a phone. In fact... not even that advanced. At the very least, their cheap smart phone is crap.

Me 8/26/2011
Has some good value if you can get a signal. Has some Grand Canyon-sized gaps in coverage. T-Mobile Monthly 4G and Page Plus are much better options.

Wllliam 8/24/2011
I bought an optimus V three months ago. The coverage near my house is sometimes spotty, but for the most part acceptable. However!! Coverage outside my area is really poor. I will be doing a lot of traveling this fall and VM has almost no coverage where I will be. VM rides on Sprint, and Sprint has roaming coverage in most areas. However, VM does not provide the roaming coverage. I assume this is to keep there price low. However I would like an option to include roaming.

Larry Dillenburg 8/23/2011
My Samsung phone went out and I contacted Virgin Mobile. They said they would send me a new one. All I got was a prepaid envelope to mail the battery back from the old one. I phoned them back up and they said then would resend. Never arrived. So far all I have received are lies and no phone replacement. If you do not have this service, do not get it.

kathryn parkinson-gee 8/22/2011
do not touch these people with a bargepole...appalling customer service, nobody ever calls back about investigations..they take top ups on unlimited plan..the supervisors never pick up the calls when u request one...truly, dont waste your time or money you will come away extremely disappointed and aggrivated...

Janet 8/22/2011
I purchased a Virgin mobile go phone with 1500 hundred minutes. This phone does not work, dropped calls. Calls that do not go through and the phone is difficult to operate. Not worth it.

michelle 8/22/2011
I give it a 0, less than 1 star!!! this is THE worst provider. I have a Optimus V,LG Android,smartphone, $200.00 for nothing. the internet NEVER works, the live advisers{customer service}are getting paid to respond,scripted, to everything you say with, Im so sorry for the inconveinence. No you're not!!! I agree with another customer that they never provide an answer for your problem, I hang up and call back to speak to someone different just to see how inconsistent their answer is compared to the last person i talked to. DO NOT USE VIRGIN MOBILE. I wish that these reviews were going to make a difference. I even waited to speak with a supervisor. I just dont know what to say, i usually research products before i purchase them, wish i had done so with this purchase. And i dont ever write reviews but i had to do this.

Dean 8/21/2011
I called and asked a representative if porting my number would increase my plan he laughed and said it would not. I did and know it has been increase to 35 I would not have ported my number if i had known this would happened.

PAT F 8/20/2011
I ported my number from T-MOBILE almost a year ago now glad I did.The service is great no problems at all in the New Hampshire area.
I now pay 20 a month for 400 minutes. Only thing thats been going wrong now is my caller id is saying restricted when making out going calls hopefully Virgin mobil can fix it. Other than that excellent service! I will be porting my other number from Verizon wireless soon too.

vmuser 8/20/2011
i have had my phone since April and it started out great i love the service but, for about to months now my messaging and mobile web havent been working to well.. but i still like the rumor touch and anyway i only pay 25 dollars a month

Joe 8/20/2011
Absolutely horrible customer service. The reps all sound like robots and they give you wrong information (they told me my phone didn't come with a SIM card when it's supposed to). The agents in the phillipines don't understand what you're saying and they just seem to read from a script waiting to get rid of the call. The plans are the cheapest but VM needs to get some local real customer service agents.

shonda 8/19/2011
I have been with VM for almost a year and I love the service. I have never had a problem with my phone or the customer service. I got tired of paying all that money from Verizon and the other phone companies. And yes I've tried them all.

dimitri 8/18/2011
I just bought the LG Optima from Virgin and love the phone even though I have not yet been able to figure out the web on it. I had Verizon for many years and couldn't wait to drop them. I paid with Verizon over $150.00 for unlimited everything, Now i pay $55.00. Amazing! I give them a 5 star rating because for the price, they are exceptionally good in my opinion.

Abraham.c ramirez 8/18/2011
Vm is GREAT!!! Its plans are exellent and the phones are not the best but what do u expect from a prepaid carrier, anyway the cons for vm is sometimes the internet is slow and it drops calls from time to time but other than that i recomend vm!

Adam S. 8/18/2011
I tried out the service for months and really liked my service with them. Porting my number over, I have been out of a phone for a week, it was supposed to take a few hours, and up to 24 hours... Well, guess what, I called every day, promising me it will be ready in 2 hours... Still, nothing, hours later, I call... Another 2 hours!!!... Anyways, they are the slowest in resolving issues, I depend on my phone very much, I should have never relied on a company like this for important part of my business.

Dallas 8/17/2011
Bought the Motorola Triumph and have no or limited coverage in our area. Tried to return phone after only 3 days and Virgin Mobile has given us the runaround ever since. As a business owner myself..THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! THEY ARE COMPLETE CROOKS! They also made unauthorized charges to our credit card which we had to file a dispute for the transactions with our credit card company. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!

Bill 8/17/2011
We have two Virgin Mobile phones and they work Great! The OPTIMUS Smart Phone for $25 per Month is the best deal Hands down!My wife uses the M2100 and it works great, I just ordered a Mantra M2100 to replace my Straighttalk phone. We DUMPED NET10 And now Straighttalk because their NON service is NON Existant! There isn't enough space to tell you how BAD they are.
Virgin Mobile works great in Florida!
NET10 NEVER worked ,and their service is worse than the IRS hands down!
Straighttalk is the same company as Net 10 and Tracfone is the parent TURD!
35 days and 5-6 phone calls, over 4hrs on hold and listening to robots, STILL NO REFUND from NET 10!!!!!

Micah 8/17/2011

Joe 8/17/2011
I am not a power user so Virgin Mobile is ideal for me. I need an inexpensive smart phone to keep my on time and entertained and I am b=very happy with my LG Optimus V. VM runs on the Sprint network and in my area the service is very good. Sprint can be spotty so if you know their service is not great in your area, VM won't be either. Customer service for me was fine when I needed it. If your expectation is that they will replace a full service carrier you will not be satisfied, but if you are looking for a less expensive option and are willing to accept some of the trade offs. I highly recommend Virgin Mobile.

Cathy 8/16/2011
16 days and still no service. I bought a Triumph on July 31. It is now August 16 and despite numerous calls (all initiated by me) they still cannot get my service to work. They promised that it would be fixed in 24-72 hours, then 6 days. When I called after 7 days, they said they need to "escalate" the issue yet again. If I had not called, no one would have done anything. They said it should be taken care of in 72 hours. It is now about 100 hours later and still no word.

still shaking my head 8/15/2011
I had an Optimus for 36 hours before it failed completely. Took it back and received a refund but could not get a refund for the $45 plan from Virgin Mobile. Call center in Manila was resepctful but useless. Email to csutomer service was hopeless and to top that the post that I wrote for the Virgin Mobile website was rejected. Of course their ratings and reviews on their site are good. They reject the reviews that hit too close to the truth for their comfort.

donnamac 8/14/2011
I've been with VM for several years and have had good luck with them, But looking into other providers. The VM phones are too expensive and Net 10 has the same phones with more options for less money. Have had a problem with them taking money from my account for the 4.99 a month text plan when I didn't authorize, I complained and they refunded my money.

Wolfe 8/13/2011
If I could pick less then one star I would. I tried buying a replacement phone for my niece. Hers was stolen. After 2 weeks 20 phone calls and hours of time on the phone. I just added her to my Sprint account. If u want to be pissed off beyond belief and have people that barely understand English then they're for u lol.

S. Booher 8/9/2011
If I could have posted no stars I would have. Purchased a phone from Virgin Mobile when my phone broke. I had originally purchased insurance on the phone but Virgin Mobile never made any of the payment so 6 months after I purchased this and my phone broke I find out I have no insurance even though I was mailed the paperwork for it. They could not provide an order number for the phone I bought to replace the broken phone 4 days after the order was made. However, they did have my $160.11 and could not find that either even though I gave them the information in order to trace the payment. Spoke with 2 customer service supervisors Lewis very helpful however Kristin was very argumentative and refused to let me speak with her supervisor or even give me their name. To date this has still not been brought to a conclusion but they have my money.

G.R. 8/9/2011
Because virgin mobile has raised their prices, they now suck!! They were the best deal around ($25 unlimited web & email) for those that cared more about internet than talk. Now it's $35. And their internet service availability hasn't improved. Not exaggerating, their web service is - error: network down - at least one third of the time. Which for $25/month I could tolerate but not for $35.
But if your on a budget and only care about talk $20 for 400 minutes is a good deal. Until they raise their price on that too.

yagwit 8/8/2011
Rumor Touch is a horrible phone. The $25 plan was great for my daughter. She doesn't talk much so the unlimited texting is nice. She runs wifi at the house & VM internet out. The net is slow. I'm please with the price point. Until she gets a job, VM is an excellent answer to my teens mobile needs. Each time I have spoken to customer service, they have fixed my issue. I even had the rumor replaced because the touch function wasn't working. 1 year warranty on a prepaid is nice. I had to pay out of pocke to replace my contract phone. Overall I'm happy. I think if I upgrade her phone will be long term customers.

Old User 8/7/2011
The internet service (WAP) never works. You can download the right config package for your phone from Virgin Mobile's site but you will never connect to the internet since they discontinued that service for the fast majority of their customers (i.e. all the PAYG people). And they didn't tell anyone and still don't admit to it. Bad

Jan Peterson 8/7/2011
I need a phone only sporadically - heavy around the holidays, one or two calls a month otherwise - and Virgin Mobile fits my budget; a cell phone is my only phone. However, Virgin's customer service is lackluster at best. Response times are very poor and advice is incomplete. Solutions do not address potential problems - if the advice does not work, you have to start all over with a new complaint and another 3-day wait for more advice. And they always, always have excuses; it's been that way since I started with this company.

Napper 8/5/2011
Horrible customer service. Tried to straighten out a billing problem -minutes wiped out- and I felt I was taking part in a "who's on first" comedy skit and I was Lou Costello. Hard to understand their accent as they butchered the English language. On top of that the foreign rep lied to me just to get me off the phone. Just received an email and told I needed to top off more min.s when it was not scheduled for 2 more months and no bonus minutes were ever added. This is not an isolated incident but now a 3 strikes and you are out case. Bad history of poor cus service. I am dropping them immed.

T 8/4/2011
Absolutely the worst customer service ever, impossible to understand and rude to customers. The positive reviews must be Virgin employees or those rare customers who actually got a phone that worked.
My experience with Virgin Mobile: It took 7 days for the phone to arrive, though I was promised 3 days. The first night, I tried to activate the phone, and it failed. I called customer service, and was told to call back in an hour because it takes time to provision the line. In an hour, their support line was closed.
Next, I called back the next day, and was told to call back on Monday because it was a weekend and it would take 72 hours to resolve the issue.
I called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I got the same lies each time. We are sorry. It will take 24 hours to resolve. We will have somebody call you.
Tomorrow, if it does not work, I will return it for a full refund. Fortunately, that appears to be their policy for internet purchases.
I always thought Richard Branson prided himself on superior products and better prices than the competition.
Virgin Mobile is a complete failure in my book. I will not recommend them to anybody, and I will not use anything from this company again.

rman33 8/4/2011
Virgin Mobile "Top Up" cards have an expiration date after which they become invalid.

These cards are purchased at retail locations and the retailer remunerates funds to Virgin Mobile as the cards are sold – not as they are used. The expiration date allows Virgin Mobile to pocket vast sums of money from the expired cards without ever having to provide the service that the customer paid for.

ty 8/4/2011
i been with virgin mobile almost six years and i have to admit virgin mobile has its pros and cons like there signal coverage but otherwise a good mobile carrier and by the way virgin mobile and boost are carried by sprint

FrustratedinVirginland 7/31/2011
I attempted to switch to Virgin Mobil from T-mobile after hearing rave reviews from friends who had previous switched. After an hour and half of conversation three days ago (being transferred 9 times!) 3 calls today (5 transfers) and an hour and half of customer service, I can finally make phne calls but can not get access to the web. Needless to say it's been a very frustrating experience and I WILL be switching back to my previous carrier once this month is up.

Tink 7/31/2011
Got my VM last month and it's AWESOME! I got a kyocera loft and the internet is great! I don't use the mobile internet. I use an app called opera mini! Txting & calling is great! Customer service is great 2! :)

Cameron 7/30/2011
I end up loosing more $$$
in airtime then I actually use
network is very unreliable
constant problems with connnectivity
to email and internet. tech support
gives you the run around takes 72
hours to fix a problem at minimum
then you get every appology and excuse
why the problem cant be fixed

Doug 7/30/2011
Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Took 4 calls to get activated and 6 calls to get insurance, and still have to call each month to get insurance paid, even though credit card on file

atpeace52 7/27/2011
If you find you have to call customer service at Virgin Mobile.. ASK for Winnie!
Spent a week off and on talking to customer service and she is the best hands down..!!!! She knew what she was doing and was patient with me. I interrupted her and she took it all in stride and fixed my problem in nothing flat.. YIPPPIE happy guy..! Thanks!

Mina 7/27/2011
Super happy with my phone. I've had the Rumor Touch for over a year now, and it still works like it's new. I only pay $10 a month -total- and I get 1000 texts; it's just enough for me. You don't have to be on the $35/month plan to own one of these phones. Touchscreen phone at $10 a month? Perfect. I'll definitely upgrade to a new phone eventually and stay with them! For now, it's great!
Many of the people happy with the service have no reason to go to a page like this, so that's why it looks like there's so many disgruntled customers.

Linda 7/26/2011
Too good to be true if you plan on using Data and 3G. I bought the Triumph and signed up for the first time. Their prices are great and I had no problems with customer service. However, when I actually tried to use the phone and service for internet anything data and over the 3G would take FOREVER if it even managed to come up at all. I was in some highly populated suburbs in Chicago where supposedly coverage was great, but continually went in and out of a 3G connection. After I waited 30 minutes and 3/4 of my battery trying to use Google maps with no success. I returned the phone and went back to Verizon.

Brian B 7/23/2011
Virgin Mobile sucks. Bought the Motorola Triumph to replace my iPhone and it was ok, not an iPhone but it had what I needed. After 36 hours and about 10 calls to customer service, it was activated. Then the 3G data would not work, and tech support could not get it working. Stay away from Virgin Mobile. Went back to ATT

Brian G 7/22/2011
I have had Virgin mobile for around six months. It is dirt cheap compared to other service providers out there. I have never had a problem with customer service, if you treat them like a human you will be treated like a human. You can't go off of other service providers antennas so if there are sprint ones near you then you should have no problems. Let's face it the average American does not travel far from their house on a daily basis, so if it works at your house you should be golden. The only thing that annoys me from time to time is the internet is sluggish, but what can you expect from a pre-paid phone. There are many free wi-fi spots around so I use them a lot to take away this burden. All and all if you are on a budget why pay 100+ dollars for the same thing you can get for 40 or 60 dollars.

Mariah K. 7/19/2011
Horrible. They will not doing anything for you if you cannot access your voice-mail and the passcode or secret question have been lost.

MC 7/18/2011
I bought the LG Rumor Touch and it started off wrong right away when the person I spoke with to activate my phone was rude with me when I accidentally missed a step setting up my old number on the new phone. Then days later my phone would not allow me to send text messages and that same day I was disconnected from a phone call. I also have some problems with the touchscreen not working. I think I am going to send it back and get a refund.

Sandra Lee 7/18/2011
I’ve always experienced good customer service in the 4 plus years I’ve been with Virgin Mobile. I recently purchased the LG Optimus phone. About a week after I got it, I started having problems with 3G. I called and was told that one of their techs would get back with me within 12-24 hours. I heard from someone after about 5 hours. He spent a great deal of time with me and was very patient with my lack of typing skills (expert typist on a regular keyboard, not so much on a virtual one). He had me set the phone back to the original settings. It was a pain having to re-load contacts and apps, but it’s worked great ever since. You certainly can’t beat the prices, either. I pay just $25 a month for 300 minutes, and unlimited text, data and web.

Bob 7/18/2011

Greg 7/14/2011
Virgin Mobile (powered by Sprint) claims to have great coverage all around the Madison, WI area. I live about 30 blocks from the state capitol and can't receive coverage in my house. There are dead zones all over the city yet when you look at one of their maps, it says you have great coverage. Their customer service people are in Central America and half of them can't really speak english and for the most part, are NOT helpful. Their LG200 phone is nice and when you can get a decent signal, it works well. I wouldn't get one based on their lousy coverage and the fact that when you complain, their engineers claim everything is just great and it's the customer's fault.

Carla 7/14/2011
Just switched to virgin mobile from AT&T day before yesterday. Didn't have a good start, called customer service 7 times yesterday. It took forever to activate service. Customer service is very polite but not very effective in fixing anything. My phone is a great phone, but hardly ever works because there's never any service for data/web.. The phone is an Optimus, which needs data/web for it to be useful at all, which is pretty disappointing. I miss my iPhone and At&t service. Guess you get what you pay for and you don't pay for much with virgin mobile.

Ray C. 7/14/2011
Their voice service is OK. Coverage could use some expansion.

dwiglet 7/13/2011
horrible customer service. And when I wrote a bad review about it, they rejeted it. I am very unhappy!

Love VM and my phone 7/13/2011
Virgin Mobile have the best rate out of evere carrier out there. The LG Optimus phone is very good for the $150 price tag. I have not have any issue with texting, e-mailing, browsing the web or calling.

Kshayim 7/12/2011
I have had VM for a month, and I'm enjoying my service. I was a customer of Sprint and the cost for one line was too much so I decided to switch to VM. I have a LG Optimus and it works great. I have not had any issues with service or the phone. VM has a very reliable network. My daughter has had VM for a year and she loves it. And now I'm a believer. I can't believe I pay only $40 monthly. I won't be switching back to Sprint or any other mobile provider.

dan 7/11/2011
Very poor coverage in suburban areas/towns. Blackberry curve advertised as 3g does not have 3g - instead has very slow edge. Frequent outages, no roaming, no customization. You get less than what you paid for - it's ridiculous, I'm switching soon.

Dave C. 7/10/2011
OK, the network is fine, and the price is right.
But the handsets are locked in firmware to prevent customizing.
In simple terms, you can't use custom ringtones or wallpapers.
The phone won't let you.
There is no workaround. Bitpim and QPST, etc. do not work. Transferring files via bluetooth doesn't work. Websites like mobile17 and ventones don't work. Adding files to a microSD memory card is useless, other than for the built-in music player.
The phone is locked in firmware. No matter how you get the files into the phone, the operating system won't let you use them!
You have two choices for ringtones and wallpapers:
1) What the phone ships with (honestly, does ANYBODY use these?!?)
2) Purchase files to download straight from Virgin at three bucks a pop

Diane 7/10/2011
Virgin Mobil ripped me off for $100! I had this amount in my phone as roll-over. They then changed their renewal policy (without telling me)-- one now has to top-up before your plan expires (you have to top-up every 3-months) or you lose all of your roll-over minutes. I had a little bit over $100, I think it was $110 -- Called customer service and no real help. It's been three-months and my "ticket" is still being reviewed. I'm ready to contact the FCC and Better Business Bureau. Thanks for letting me vent - customer service at Virgin Mobile is a joke. I even called folks in customer service from my LinkedIn contacts thinking getting someone who spoke English would be helpful . . . but no - they never even called me back! I had an earlier problem with buying a top-up card, and the vendor where I bought it, Quick Check was more helpful than Virgin Mobile -- actually Quick Check refunded my $20. Virgin Mobile could not care less . . . I really think Virgin Mobil should get NO stars!

Andrea 7/9/2011
Virgin Mobile has very bad service. We have had several instances of the phones just stopping working for a half day or so at a time. When emailing for support, there is no assistance except to ask if we are in a covered area, even after specifying that the phone worked from the same spot (our living room) the day before. In addition, when we did the "top-up", the account was credited, but did not reset the monthly plan. Instead, we were charged 10 cents a minutes, and the phone shut down after a day of use. After calling Virgin Mobile, we were "disconnected"
2 times, and repeatedly told to apply another top off card. Finally, after calling back the 3rd time (and after using about 70 of our minutes), Virgin Mobile agreed to reset the plan. It is cheap, but as the addage says, you get what you pay for.

Cindy 7/7/2011
Kyocera S2300, Keyboard is smallest in the world, can not read without bifocals. Other phones I can. They do not pay return shipping. Can not understand customer service. Bad English! Shipping took about 20 days.

Snassar 7/6/2011
This is my first time writing a complaint about any product ever. However with the issues at hand I feel I have to. I purchased two Optimus V phones for my husband and son. One phone worked fine but the other overheated within two days of activation. Customer Service said they would send a new phone and a new battery in two separate orders. New phone came back but the wrong type (Rumor style). Second time they sent a refurbished phone (I'm not stupid). Third time they sent a correct one but useless without the battery. They said battery was in a separate order with Fedex. The order never arrived. The tracking order they gave was one created by Virgin Mobile(VM) and not Fed ex. Apparently VM never presented the battery for shipment. Fedex said this happens frequently with Virgin Mobile. Fast forward two more weeks, over 18 phone calls, 10 hours+ on hold and still no resolution. These so called "Trouble Tickets" (which are supposed to get you up the corporate ladder for help) have been opened and closed with no resolution or follow-up. They even charged me for the month and only 8 total minutes were used. To appease me they said my account was credited but is has not shown as a debit yet. And, the battery is still not here. Some reps tell me the battery is on the way. Others tell me it is out of stock. Others tell me I have already received it. Really? Not sure what else to do. Hate them right now.

Mr H 7/6/2011
WOW...absolutely incredible. I traded in my Sprint BB curve for an Optimus V and the difference is like night and day. Even though both phones run on the Sprint network I'm getting way better service now that I'm on VM.

Jonathan J 7/5/2011
I pay $25 for unlimited data and 300 minutes! I don't really talk on the phone I use text and email mostly so it works for me. I used to have an iPhone with AT&T but got tired of paying 100+ dollars. While my Samsung Intercept running Android is no iPhone it does everything I need it to do at a fantastic price. Now that Verizon and AT&T have gone to tiered data plans I'm pretty sure I'll never go back. Unless they can compete with $25... lol. yea right.

Dj 7/5/2011
LG Optimus won't hold charge even with all the services turned off. Takes hours to charge. Overheats. Doesn't respond to touch. Has no memo or task pad. I've owned many cell phones, this is the worst of all. And when you call for support, you have to go through a menu option that will make you start screaming, then if you manage to finally get through, you get China.
Phone sucks, support sucks, no reason to stay with them.

Breezy 7/4/2011
I have an LG Optimus V and my 3G works AMAZING! The times I've talked w/ custromer service, they are easy to understand, friendly, and HELPFUL! It almost sounds like the majority of those reviewing on this site are reviewing a different company than the one I am! I've never had a dropped call, my plan is easy to use and work with, wonderful connectivity, and a warranty? Heck YES!!!

kerstin 7/4/2011
I say virgin mobile should come out with a phone that looks like a sidekick or a sharp fx:)

Tiffiny 7/3/2011
TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! they double charged me for one month! they got me for 90.10 for 300 minutes! then wouldn't give me a refund for the over charged items because i had used over 15 minutes! those 15 minutes were spent on the phone with them!

CRAIG 6/30/2011
Everything Mia stated has happened to me as well. Absolutely would not recommened to ANYONE.

mia 6/29/2011
Horrible service, text service down for days at a time, web and picture mail capabilities myseriously stopped working and never worked thereafter,customer service does not understand English and refuse to let you talk to a supervisor, troublke tickets never solved,would never use again nor would I recommend it to anyone.

Monterey 6/28/2011
Virgin Mobile is the worst carrier I have ever had. I asked them to transfer my number to Virgin Mobile on June 22, and one week has passed and I have no phone activated. They even said that they never knew when my phone would be activated. I could not get a new number either, because my number and phone pin are stuck in the middle of process. Thanks to Virgin Mobile, I don't have a phone. What can be worse?

Bill 6/27/2011
My son has Virgin Mobile with the Optimus Android phone for one month, with the $25 per month all you can text and data, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!

T.R. 6/26/2011
I am a former AT&T customer and I couldn't be happier with Virgin Mobile. The coverage quality is comparable or better than what I experienced with AT&T. The sound quality of every call with VM has been hands-down better across the board. I have the $40.00 per month plan and have not once exceeded my minutes limit, whereas with my prior service I paid nearly twice that after taxes and fees and almost ALWAYS had overage charges as well. The two times I have had to call customer service at Virgin Mobile they have been nothing but helpful, pleasant and quick to respond to my inquiries. Perhaps it's because I had such an unsatisfactory experience with AT&T, but I would recommend Virgin Mobile to anyone who lives within their coverage area.

DGV 6/25/2011
Lousy customer service. Reps do not speak English very well. They allowed a 3rd party scam to drain my account, made it sound like my problem. Is it too much to ask that only my phone calls and text messages get debited from my account? I am leaving Virgin Mobile after I use up my minutes.

danyel 6/24/2011
horrible customer service. When you pay your current bill, you will still get multiple messages saying "unable to receive text due to low balance" the staff is terribly undertrained."oh you want to pay your bill,ok you cant use your new minutes for a another week" every sigle month,same issues.Richard Branson needs to invest some of his private island money on service... ready to go back to a contract phone.

BLopez 6/23/2011
Worst customer Service ever!!!"""
Iv had vm for over 6months and no voicemail. I'm paying for this service and have never had access to it. Iv called an spoken to several ppl about this issue an it is yet to be resolved nor recorded in their records EVER that I have called. All I can say is HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! !!

Shae 6/22/2011
I have been with VM altogether 8years and never had a complaint. Any defect they send you a replacement right away, No drop calls, Just bought Intecept. I love the fact that it picks up wi-fi in my neighborhood and unlimited data. I love the plans unlimited nights and weekends. I can do everything a smartphone can do like link into my e-mail at work and have 5 web pages open at the same time for less the price of contract. Awesome deal that I can control.

bcw1111 6/21/2011
Okay customer service, they seem to want to help, but the service SUCKS. Took almost 3 minutes just to load this page. $40 a month!

worst virgin mobile 6/21/2011
They have the worst internet ever I have the wifi internet and it continually disconnects and never works for 30mins straight. I HATE this service.

phone user 6/17/2011
worst customer service in the business.
I've had inconsistent data service for six weeks and every time a trouble ticket is opened it mysteriously closes without any notification to me, I find out by calling them back, however nothing is ever fixed.
Really poor.

Gaviota Tejana 6/17/2011
I have been a Virgin Mobile customer for several years. All has been good except for two things. Text messaging is not dependable. I am still having problems. Customer Service has failed to contact me back regarding this. I am online line looking for alternatives.

chrisd 6/15/2011
3 1/2 stars

omg! 6/15/2011
What the freaking goin here!.. cs is good..not quite on explanation is vg..
ihad lg optimus..connection is great..text and internet.

mkr 6/13/2011
very happy overall - lg optimus v

JDfresno 6/12/2011
VIRGIN MOBILE SUCKS! I paid for a month of broadband to go to stay connected during an out of state trip. It barely worked here at my home, but I wasn't needing it here. From Fresno to Seattle, I got no connection in Northern Cal, Southern Oregon, Portland, Southern Washington, Seattle or points north. Could not connect to google or gmail at every location I tried. ZERO value for my dollar. It took hours to talk to live person at their support line, and they said a supervisor would call. No calls or follow up. They will keep you clicking and waiting and then hang up on you. I tried this at least a dozen times, and got through only once. The rest of the time, they would would try to make up for their ineptness, b y hanging up on a support call after I waited 30 minutes or more.

Cheryl 6/11/2011
On the 18th and the 28th of May I topped up $20 to my account each time. The first time (May 18) I did it I had to call and the agent had to put the 750 minutes in and said everytime I did it I had to call to get it corrected/adjusted. The second time (May 28) I did it I was on the phone with one of your representative aware of all my information and is assisting me with this top up. After the top up is completed is when she said you can only top up one time a month with the 750 minutes special and that the $20 will be charged by the minute which is .10 a minute. With my account up and all the information you have to give to the recording and again to the agent when they get on the phone why wasn't I told this before I put my money in. Now the minutes are going out too fast and I call to see what the problem is and I find out they are charging me minutes fees for seconds. I talk on the phone for 5 seconds and get charged for 5 minutes. ok this is corrected and was told to call the next day to get .20 back on the account because it was not showing up yet to get the money back at $20. Now I'm not please because I got to call to many times to get things done and it seems like it always the same person answering the phone and just changing their name and it takes forever for a real person to get to the phone. So on May 28 I went on line and found another phone service. Here is the problem, my new phone arrived Tues May 31 and I transfer my service to them, I had a balance of $12.60 left from the top up I made and I called to be reembursted and talked to 10 different agents all with different stories untill I talk to Josh who said that when the account closed it automatic transfered the money back into my account. Ok I'm happy until June 10 and I don't see any reemburstments made. I called and as usual you talk to a recording forever offering non of the options you need, a person finnally gets on the phone and don't give you the information you need, you ask for a superisor and they are supposedly all in meetings all the time and they issue out non working complaint numbers to call and then you start all over. $12.60 you mean to tell me I can't get back my $12.60. This phone service is suppose to help people with low income not get rich off of people with low income and I am trying to reach an english speaking person who can rectify this problem.

Jeff 6/11/2011
I'm very happy with my phone. I get unlimited calling for $39.99.
400 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7pm. I have never had a dropped call, as my friends that have straight talk get them all the time. I paid a few bucks more for a nicer phone, just under $100.Have never had a problem with Vigin Mobile.
I Will keep them there great

joe 6/9/2011
Due to the lg optimus v virgin mobiles data never works, so many people are killing virgin mobiles 3g because of that phone and now an new phone is comeing out vm will suck even more please stay away from vm data never works cs is an joke

ihatevirginmobile 6/9/2011
This is the most unreliable service i have ever used! I cannot use my Yahoo messenger 98% of the time, and the phone cannot receive text messages from a computer at all. I would never recommend them to anyone.

Leslie J 6/8/2011
Horrible Customer service. I refuse to top up my phone and am going without a cell phone because of how rude 3 customer service reps were with me. I was having an issue and was told by one of the customer service reps that it was done and whether I choose to believe it or not is up to me. I also had to take my battery out to get my phone to go onto the internet. I had the Kyocera Loft. I also was never able to get onto the internet at all the day before my pymnt was due. Please do not use this service.

Leslie 6/8/2011
Terrible! Purchased BB at Target, phone could not be activated! They were updating their software. I hate VM!

They Say I Am Ugly 6/8/2011
I tried 3 times to get the minutes put on the phone for my 72 year old mother. Each time I was told that it was taken care of even when it was "escalated." So I wasted $25-because after 90 days my mother still did not have service. Good job VM. No one there really cared.

Jay 6/7/2011
You get what you paid for. I called the customer service line to transfer my existing number to new VM, and the guy hung up on me in the middle of conversation because he couldn't understand what I was saying.

Ragin' Rick 6/7/2011
VM sucks, even for the price. Price is no excuse. You either suck or you don't. And VM truly does. Even their website is dysfunctional in some ways. I had Tracfone before, and they are famous for sucking, but my phone service with them was flawless, web was flawless. The CS was lame, but everybody's is. And my LG Rumor Touch -- there's a rumor that you can use your touch to navigate the menu, but it's a lie. You have to repeatedly PRESS firmly down on icons to get anything done, and it has this annoying stupid sliding screen lock that has no purpose other than to annoy and delay you.

Sep 6/6/2011
I have the optimus v and I think its great other then no flash, and poor battery my area i can watch youtube videos on high quality and no buffering even thru high usage times of the day.overall I'm happy with it and will be keeping it.

ApParent 6/6/2011
Why is a "chat with hotties" link and "for him" list of lewd websites automatically part of my kid's VM "Beyond Talk" phone? I found the many customer service reps I've talked to over the last few days to be genuinely surprised about this and interested in helping (one went the extra mile to try to help, "because he has a child, too"); the phone itself (LG Rumor Touch) is great; and the plan's at a great price point. But with porn-like sites pre-loaded, the cost now seems too high.
The only way to remove these inappropriate links is to remove web access, they found. But why put any kids at risk by pre-loading such sites on a phone? Why push adults to such sites? There are a lot of less controversial sites to include as customer service. OR at least allow phone owners to remove such lists. Can't be done, according to VM reps. But I know VM can make different choices for pre-loading web links, making this problem go away.

Chris Cat 6/5/2011
40.00 unlimited web is a great deal BUT customer service ranges from useless to non-existent. The scripted answer is 'yes we can fix that for you' yet nothing EVER gets fixed regardless of the number of times you call. No problem escalation procedures and most of the time you speak to a non-english speaking Nicaraguan who can't fix anything. 6 months and still having texting problems - no resolution in sight!

happyface 6/5/2011
I love my Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V phone. Trust me, there are problems with EVERY carrier, with EVERY phone, at one time or another. I have found Customer Service with Virgin Mobile pretty good to deal with. Be kind, most Cust. Serv. Rep's want to do a good job(and so WHAT if they have an accent).NOTHING is perfect! Relax. Enjoy life. Enjoy your phone!

KodaSkye 6/4/2011
I hate Virgin Mobile. two months in a row now i've top'd up the day before my bill cycle date and now the day of and my cash balance just disappears. It's a huge waste of my low budget and I plan on getting a new carrier immediately

tamz 6/4/2011
i have the virgin mobile Instinct and i CANT STAND IT. it's a great phone, with great apps, it just NEVER signal. ANYWERE. calls are constantly dropped & the minority of my text messages never get send due to "no signal." 250$ phone and it's trash. thanks VM.

lee 6/2/2011
2 words. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!. If I could give this company negative stars if I would!! WORST customer service!!! You would think that what ever 3rd world country they outsource to would be grateful for the 1 dollar hourly wage, and treat customers nicely!! Give these jobs to grateful Americans instead. If Im going to treated like crap, Id rather it bt done in ENGLISH, by an AMERICAN!

Xray 6/2/2011
I had virgin mobile for about 4 years now and I am going elsewhere. The phones & coverage are okay for me but the billing is always, always a hassle. Every month I am o nthe phone tyring to sort out some over charge or some payment that didn't go through. It's annoying and too much trouble. I would stay away.

C.T. Griffith 6/1/2011
I've had service on their "mifi" device for all of 4 days and the connect times are so bad it's completely unusable. Customer service for the problem has been a maze of long wait times only to get disconnected over and over again by their "automated attendant" named "Alex."
I've even had one of their reps say they would call me back in 10 minutes- this, after leaving me on hold for 38 minutes just to talk to them in the first place. Guess what? They never called back.
Seeing as how I've spend more time on hold trying to fix the d@mn thing than actually enjoying it, I see no other recourse but to give it 1 star- and one more attempt to contact them to make it right before I give up on the whole venture and just renew my reliable but uninspiring Cricket service.

P Horton 5/31/2011
Purchased optumus V great phone, $25 month unlimited text, web an 400 talk minutes. Text an talk service are excellent, web service is spotty at best, cannot connect to server between the hours of 4 to 9 just about every day. Must turn off phone to acquire web service frequently.

NyxSeraphim 5/31/2011
So far, we've gotten amazing service from Virgin Mobile.
I hate that everyone here complains about the crappy phones when virgin mobile only supplies the service, not the actualy hardware. My LG Rumour2 is great and I only needed it replaced once due to water damage.
I can nearly always receive/make calls or send/receive text messages except in thick walled buildings like the ones on my campus.
I've only had a problem with the network being down twice and it was a problem with the phone, not the service.
The plan I have is the $25 monthly which is pretty amazing since I've preferred to talk to someone's face rather than on the phone.
It's cheap and reliable and I'll definitely buy the same plan when I move out. :)

Sharita 5/31/2011
I switched to this plan in order to save $. What a waste!! The phone service was awful! Couldn't get a signal at work at all. I used it for 4 days and went back to my old carrier. DON'T put additional funds on the phone until you see if it works for you! I prepaid for a 2nd month and they won't give me that month back. Every time you call the company it is impossible to HEAR the person on the other end! Maybe they are using their own crummy cell phones, UGH..this was a NIGHTMARE experience.

Mary 5/28/2011
Virgin Mobile You Suck!!!!!!!
From your outsourced customer service
to your lousy reception
and whats up with not being able to call 411 no matter how much I pay.
$250 for a piece of crap NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Bart 5/27/2011
Add me to the list of ANGRY users that demand better SERVICE!! Why do I have to talk to someone that is reading a script off a screen? Why can't we talk like grown ups and sort our issue out? All I wanted was a phone that would WORK, not asking much since I paid 200.00$ for a "smartphone" that can barely connect to the net. The only time it works is early in the AM, once the sun comes up and people start texting and browsing the connection fails, its like 56k all over again. My advice to the potential buyer is BEWARE you have been Warned!! Switched to Verizon, bought a droid x and im a happy camper. Blazing fast internet, blows the competition AWAY 8)

tracy 5/26/2011
Truly awful customer service. You cannot find a $25 dollar top-up card anywhere, they are just not sold, so you have to top-up online or at a Sprint store. You top-up and they accept your payment, then a few hours later your top-up fails. Then you try to reach customer service where they barely understand you, or you them, and they disconnect, so you have to start the process all over again. Then you go into a Sprint store to get assistance with the problem, and they give you the same telephone number you have been dealing with for days. There is virtually no way to get a refund for the $25 dollars you wasted. What is wrong with this world that you cannot reach a real person on the phone that is based here in the U.S. That is a terrible thing when so many people here need jobs! Must make sure the big execs never run out of as much money as they can possibly use in a lifetime.

Paul 5/25/2011
I bought the Optimus V 4 moths ago and have never had a problem with it or there service techs are friendly and helpful and Android for 25 bucks you cant get this any where else

Theresa 5/25/2011
I switched to this service only after reviewing the reviews and talking woth people who have this service.I bought the intercept and love it the service is great have never had a droped call, toping up is easy i just do it online, I got the 20 a month service for my girls to.You need to remember this is a prepaid plan but well worth the money when it comes to get smarphones

me 5/24/2011
virgin mobile FAQ's list that you can block certain numbers (up to 10) from calling your phone. This is completely false. I called customer service three times and they could not help me. They stated they can not block any calls from any virgin mobile phones. They can only block text messages.

Big Barr 5/24/2011
The only(2)problems I have with V.M. (1) The virtual adviser, get a live person instead. and(2)they never let you know when their phones are retireing. Other than that Ive never had any problems with V.M.

shari j 5/23/2011
The phone service itself is great. Never have lost a call. However, payment history is useless - no balances shown. Customer service is horrendous. Trying to reach a person is awful. Never ending loop that gets you nowhere. After finally reaching someone, trying to get my payment history to find out why my charges did not show up online, girl said "just a minute", then I was hung up on.

Ronaldo 5/23/2011
Cannot send or recieve text messages using my Intercept unless I remove the battery every 5 hours. Customer service is useless most of time. The phone resets itself every 2 days. DO NOT BUY FROM virgin Mobile unless you want countless headaches. Even Jitterbug has better service and that is just embarrassing.

Maiky E 5/23/2011
To be 100% honest I regret buying my phone from VM, first off when its time to top up you will not be able to use the phone (instantly) no matter how much money you spend. When I called the CS dept., the lady that answered the phone told me that the reason my 50 dollars was not showing up was due to the fact that the plan needed to be reinstated, why would I have to wait 2 hours in order for THEIR systems to acknowledge that I paid my 50$?? How inconvenient is that? To top it off every now n then the phone will not send or receive text messages unless I remove the battery, that is just plain unacceptable. If you are reading this post and you are thinking of buying a useless phone from VM STEER AWAY!! Ohh forgot to mention, the internet is a joke, I have tried the Optimus V, Inetercept and Rumor Touch and all fail when it comes to loading a page on a Friday afternoon, it works fine at 3am but that is just another example that VM is by far the worst cellphone company on the planet. The CEO is swimming in a pool of cash and he cant take time to address these issues. Metro PCS here I COME!!!

KWorth 5/22/2011
Their customer service is terrible. slow to straighten out problems that are their fault. they have alot of young people and don't need anymore business.

William 5/21/2011
Excellent phone at a truly outstanding price. $25 per month for unlimited internet and texting. Good customer service. I am saving more than $100 per month over Sprint with better service and a much better phone.

Nick V 5/20/2011
Got the $25 a month plan for my 13 yr old daughter. Perfect for her because like most kids, they dont actually talk on the phone. Everything is messaging and web. 300 talk minutes is plenty and unlimited data is great. Only reason for taking away one star is talk quality coverage is not as good as Verizon in my area NW New Jersey.

Seung 5/19/2011
I'm using $20 a month.
My usage was not reset when I paid the fee. I issued this problem but they only asked me to wait for 6 days. I'm using my phone paying expensive rate after overlimit.

KITH 5/19/2011
I spoke to a customer representative today to activate my phone. I was surprised at how rude and condescending she was over the phone.

Never Again 5/19/2011
Worst decision I have made for a long time. Customer service is shocking. Internet is terrible. Wish I never switched

RMC 5/18/2011
Great service in Phx,AZ to S. California. 3G is decent customer service is ok. Optimus V is nice and only $25 for 300 mins. Unlimited data and text. Coming from Verizon at $100 mo is a no brainer.

Arun 5/18/2011
Just switched from TMobile.
Customer Service was fast. They were not american , but they spoke understandable english.
Switched me within 12hrs.
The LG Optimus V is a cool phone for $180
Call Quality was super clear (Both ways)

jj 5/17/2011
do not get virgin mobile. i understand it is not an expensive company but when im told i will get something for a certain amount i expect it. once again this month my texts are not working. if you are looking for a phone company who has service that works about 70% of the time and you cant understand customer service people when you need help this is perfect for you. On top of that when what you pay for does NOT work they will not refund you. pay a little more with another company and actally get your service.

MT 5/16/2011
Several months with Virgin Mobile so far, with a refurbished MARBL. Paying about $15 a month. It's a phone, and it works consistently.
The only complaint I have is no "call blocking" feature.
As an experienced computer tech and former user of several "smart" phones; the constant changes every few months and enforced-restrictions is bad technology at a poor value. Do not use, I am boycotting, join me.

Jenn 5/16/2011
Quality of phones is bad, you get a free replacement if your phone breaks, but nothing if the replacement breaks. You will be disconnected and English is not the first language of the customer service reps.

"PO-ed customer 5/16/2011
I have an auto top up plan, which does work. However I always get an email alert telling me my phone has stopped working until I top up. This is routinely sent after the auto top-up has happened. The wording of the email is kind of rude in tone, it's mistaken, and it represents a really poor corporate approach to customer relations. And yet, despite several complaints, they're collectively too lazy or uninterested to do anything about it. If the coverage area was better I might live with the willful ignorance of the customer relations department, but this coupled with the lack of coverage suggest to me that it's time to look for another cell provider..

Trish 5/14/2011
Is there any service provider worth it salt? I have gone from page to page trying to find a good cell phone provider and very few people have anything good to say about any of them. I really don't want to spend $150-$200 on a phone and the service is crappy.Are there any good/decent providers out there....i see t-mobile is out of the question..

lalaine 5/12/2011
I don't get why so many people have problem with virgin mobile. I think the phone and the plan is awesome. I use to have verizon wireless and it was way too expensive. I recieve calls and text regularly without any issues... At times the web lags but beside from that I think virgin is a bang for buck.

knoom 5/12/2011
I tried to change to a new phone, they cancelled the service on my old phone but after 3 days and several calls(from a friends home) I still dont have any service on my new phone. It would be nice to talk to a person in the USA that can actually discus the proble m and not just read from a scipt. I've missed out on 2 job interviews because I haven had a phone. Customer service is non existent with these people.

Jose 5/10/2011
I bought my Rumor Touch phone because of its internet access. I have not been able to send a single email message! I can't retrieve my messages because I don't know my mother's maiden name(?)!!! Their customer service is a joke. Be forewarned-This is a bad investment!!

Customer Service - LONG 5/9/2011
I have the beyond talk 300 plan. I do not normally use a lot of minutes, but I have been recently and while the $.10/min per-paid overage is not bad, it can add up quick. Still, the plan is only $25, 26.75 with tax from their website...150 for the phone.

unhappy 5/9/2011
this service suck I can;t get into my voice mail without pin numbers and such its like you need 10 codes before I can get in there not only that I only had my phone for 4 months and then it shuts off so I tried charging it all night for a hole day,and even took the battery out to see if it would work and still got nothing thank god for a back up phones even though I had to pay $60.00 for a phone I can't seem to use at the moment

RK 5/7/2011
This is great if you dont go any where it has good deals but if yoo need reliability forget it more dropped calls and dead space than any phone I have ever used

wheelie 5/6/2011
used a virgin mobile phone on a trip driving across 8 states it was horrible it only worked about a third of the time

DJ 5/4/2011
I switched to virgin mobile from a verizon smart phone plan because it saved me over $60 a month. I didn't realize that I would actually be getting better service where I spend most of my time. Can't beat the price for a smart phone.

steve 5/3/2011
Add me to the list of people with horrible Virgin Mobile customer service experiences. I had Virgin Mobile service in 2004 soon after they first started providing service in the US. Their CS back then actually was helpful. Now their CS is unintelligible. Virgin Mobile does have cheap phone service but it's still not worth it. Sorry.

Pat 5/2/2011
What a hassle! I have $127 worth of prepaid minutes in my account and I can't use a single one. Horrible customer service! I'm ready to throw my phone in the trash and just walk away from all the accumulated minutes.

terrible 5/2/2011
i was with VM since 2004 until there was a problem with the Sprint cell tower in my area and i had only intermittent service. then the fun began, i stayed for 50 days trying to resolve this with them. hopelessly bad customer service. i lost almost $60 + a phone i paid around $180 for by leaving them but i need a phone for work.

Me 5/2/2011
I paid my bill yesterday even though the 30 days wasn't over till today, and the money cleared our bank, but our account wasn't credited. It shows on the recent history a payment for $32, but it still shows that the bill is due today. I tried to contact Customer service with no luck at all. If the cell phone gets shut off tonight, I'm suing.

unhappy 5/2/2011
Virgin Mobile USA's customer service is based in India and it is abhorrent. They create a ticket for you and then tell you it will take 3-10 business days to resolve. Then 15 days later, when I call to follow up, they simply close the old ticket and create another ticket for the same issue and tell me to wait another 7 days. It is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way for a customer to reach a U.S.-based representative or supervisor to resolve an issue.

Guest 5/2/2011
to nick calling people whiners vm sucks thats all there is to me back when the rumor touch can out there were an crap load of data and text probls almost an year later same crap, the fact is data is an game of lets see if it works today, 25 a month is an good price if they could give the data they say, good luck to all the stupid people who use vm things will become more bad when there new phone comes out.

whattayanutz? 4/30/2011
This is my second go round with VM.. My wife and I had Verizon prior.. I didn't get anything real fancy as far as handsets go. (LG Rumor touch)I use my phone on more of a limited I went with the $25/month plan which gives me all talk time the minutes I need (300) plus unlimited text and data!
So far so good. It's no contact pre-paid folks.. It's not gonna be perfect.

Hannah 4/29/2011
I got the LG Optimus V about a month and a half ago, and I couldn't be happier! I'm a 16 year old girl, which means I have a lot of want/need for a decent phone. My parents even like the amazing plans they offer, so that I can call if my car breaks down, I get lost, etc. I can't find a better deal anywhere for an android phone. Most of you, (not saying all of you) writing reviews on this page can't even type one sentence correctly, so I don't think you have any right to be reviewing a cell phone company. I think they do the very best they can with what they have. People should understand that this isn't like At&t or Verizon, where they have actual contracts. You pay for what you get, and nothing more. Customer service is a little crappy, but call any carrier's customer service and you get the same thing. Sent to someone in a totally different company, who you can hardly understand and doesn't know what they're doing. If your that unhappy, instead of complaining to people you don't know, go out and get yourself a contract.

nikki 4/28/2011
I also wish I could give virgin mobile -0 stars. They have the worst customer service. They have been fraudulantly charging my roomates credit card and had to nerve to say "you better" calm down when i called furious about the unauthorized charge. Do not pick this cell phone carrier. Metro is better than this!!!! I will be switching real soon!!!!Customer service is very unprofessional and rude.

Patrick 4/27/2011
I have had so many problems since getting my Intercept. The network is currently down at the moment. I have been calling them for the past 3 weeks trying to get it fixed. Its been nothing but a huge hassle and I have had enough of it.

peter 4/25/2011
Well as it is virgin mobiles network can't handle the lg optimus v data never works and if any one else says so they are talking out of there ass, Data works if you are lucky 13 days out of the month now virgin mobile will be getting another new phone so there network will be even more crap then it is now, look price is good but they just suck i sold all 3 of optimus v please stay away from them.

Amanda 4/25/2011
I have been with VM for a long time and have had no problem with them EVER!! I would recommend to anyone!!

will 4/25/2011
new customer. got the it so far. How do you send an email message for an email account at yahoo or other providers to a virgin mobile phone? What is the address you use?

Mike 4/24/2011
I switched from ATT to VM in Dec 2010. I'm using (and so is my wife) a Samsung Intercept. We've had very few problems. We've had absolutely no problems with calls, and very few with data and texting. Over all I'm very satisfied with VM considering that we get 1200 minutes and unlimited text and data for $40 a month per phone.

phrotz17 4/24/2011
Would not recommend Virgin Mobile at all!!! Customer service sucks... I was never able to get my phone activated over a period of a week. I cancelled the service, and after speaking several customer service reps. they still didn't know how to refund me my money. Finally after three weeks of calling every single day I got my money back.

Tim 4/22/2011
DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT! Let them have your credit/debit card number. Use top-up cards only. They will make unauthorized charges and you will spend hours on the phone trying to fix it. Customer service couldn't be worse.

JG 4/20/2011
Horrible phones, connection, & customer service.
I have had the LG Flare and $30 PayLo plan for about 3 weeks. I am on a 'replacement' phone now, and have spent hours in the past 2 weeks trying to get problems resolved. First, the phone call quality is beyond terrible. No one can hear me (including the people at Virgin Mobile who I've been calling constantly), so it is useless as a phone for calls. Second, I stopped receiving (though could receive) text messages for several days. I discovered this by chance and called and this was resolved. Then I got a replacement phone, which still has beyond terrible call quality, and have been told it is not possible to get a different kind of phone because there is a "system" and a "policy" that no one (no one?) can override. Now, most recently and most annoyingly, my phone has begun to send the same message to someone at a rate of one/minute. When I called about this, I was told that I have to wait 24-72 hours for a "resolution". My poor friend.

dawn 4/19/2011
We've been with Virgin Mobile now for at least 5 years and up until the last few months we've been happy with the service and the phones (as long as they are not Kyocera phones). My inlaws have the same phones (LG Rumor 2) as we do, but with a different carrier, HOWEVER, both carriers use the Sprint network. They have the same problem as we do with texts failing to send, not receiving texts and calls, etc. I've never been able to send pics to my MIL, but can to everyone else (stepsons have the same phones too). I've been told (can't remember by whom) that the problem is with the Sprint network.

whocare 4/18/2011
I was with Verizon, I paid them 3 time more less service than Virginmobile, I really happy with virgin mobile.
keep up a good work,

PAT CALDWELL 4/17/2011

dantevan 4/17/2011
I also experienced the same as everyone else.

jon 4/16/2011
virgin mobile has the worst customer service ever.... They blatantly lie to their customers and tell you to call back later, never fixing their problems. They stole money from me by suspending my account because I transferred money between two phones and then wouldn't respond to emails... Horrible horrible company.

Marilyn 4/14/2011
Excellent everything! The phone is amazing, the service and 3G are better than my Verizon ever was, the price can't be beat, and the customer service was above and beyond what I needed. My phone was activated and ported in a matter of hours, no issues, no delays, nothing - except I was put on hold for 20 minutes by a rep in Nicaragua. In case you didn't hear, they had an EARTHQUAKE and she stayed on with me throughout! I was only put on hold for their safety checks after the quake.

dan 4/14/2011
I've been with VM for ~ 4yrs. Generally happy till now, except for the one time about 3 years ago when i'd bought 9 90$ top-ups on ebay and only topped up 4 of them, asked Cust.Srvce if i should use the others soon or will they expire, she said 'oh they'll never expire, don't worry about'. well lo and behold i lost about 450$ worth of top-up $.
But now, my VM Wildcard, had for 2 yrs, happy with, suddenly 'restarts' every 10-30seconds nonstop, or if i try to place a call, or check balance, or do anything but txt. I see a lot of people can call but not txt, but mine is the opposite, i can txt (if i hurry and find the contact, then write, then send it in the 10-30 secs b4 it restarts..), but not call or check voicemail. The foreign chick at Cust.Srvc gave me the oh-so-politely-annoying brushoff via, "sorry it's out of warranty". I'm pretty darn sure they're screwing me via their network-control to make me buy a new phone. The phone is fine, the problem started aroung midnight on the last day of my month. H8 to leave, but yeah, the Customer Service sucks.

Jon 4/13/2011
Virgin Mobile has horrible customer service but good plans for calling and texting. Don't really care about the data plan part.

RK 4/13/2011
Do not use Virgin if you plan on taking any road trips.My friends and I planned an awesome road trip going from Colorado to Nevada stopping to hike and camp along the way .My phone worked 2 times during the the whole trip, dead the rest of the time I could not believe it.I switched to a different carrier the day I came back.

Heatherweather 4/12/2011
Called them again to report the 3g issue and this time they told me that a ticket has been placed and that it has to do the with android phones and their tech dept is working on the issue and he thinks that in 2-3 days it will be all fixed!--sure thing.

Sue 4/12/2011
The service is horrible. My data has not worked for more than 2 weeks, closer to three weeks now. When I call all I get is a person telling me they are working on it ans call back in 24-72 hours. I have made about 18 calss now. Nothing ever happens. How long do I stay with them? Great price $25.00 a month, but I am not getting what I promised.

Heatherweather 4/12/2011
My optimus v has not had 3g for more than three days a week...and I have only had the phone for 4 weeks! At least once a week I have to call and get them to try to help get my 3g work. One time I had to take the battery out and wait 5 min....this did nothing. Called back got someone else...they told me to take the battery out and hold the power button for 5 seconds then put the battery back in. This worked...for about 3 days. Called back and the next time they told me to dial ##847446# and go to edit. Retype my phone number and the othe number press done--phone resets and turns off and back on...this fixed the problem this time....but does nothing this time that again my 3g is not working. I find it crazy that they can not seem to keep the 3g working for more than 3 days a week.
never had an issue with voice mail or I guess I am lucky.

Tom B 4/11/2011
I have called them over a dozen times. The people in the call center dont understand English and can only do basic things. I still can get my number of remaining minutes to appear anywhere on the phone. When I log in to my account, In one section it shows 0 minutes used and he otehr section shows the correct anytime minutes used.

J. Henry 4/11/2011
The pricing is good, but the service over all is horrible. Constantly double charged, plan would have issues every month it rolled over, and the customer service is rude, accusative, and absolutely worthless. Shell out the extra 40 dollars for a nationally known service, because you will end up paying that anyways in over drafts and VM mistakes during your service.

Deanna 4/11/2011
Pros: Price

GangStar 4/9/2011
i been with this company since 2004 b4 they even had color screens on there phones and i have never had a problem with my phone ever!! and maybe there customer service is crap but what company is not all companys have Indian PPL FTW lol i mean its cheap what do u expect if ur phone breaks or don't work and u no they not gunna fix it cuz they just bull shit u on the phone then just buy a new one its just a pre-paid phone not the end of the world.

Holly 4/8/2011
This is the worst company for customer service, when you call don't expect an american that you can understand or even understands you (like all american companies are getting to be). Every time I needed to top up the cards didn't go through so you would have to call and fight with the jerks to get the money on your phone. Half the time you were "put on hold" only to have them not come back or transfer you to someone else then you would have to start the spelling everything and talking really slow so they understand you over again. I am looking into a different service for my son, an american run service, tired of this foreign crap

Christina 4/7/2011
I would give Virgin Mobile 0 stars if I could.

JP 4/7/2011
When working, coverage and data are fine. I had 10 days with no 3G while they were doing a system upgrade but no issues since it resumed. Customer support is horrible, something I really hope they work on.

Brew City Stew 4/6/2011
Got an update Monday. A woman from "Executive" relations called. Apparently it's an issue only affecting the Optimus V. She told me they're working on it, but it still isn't known what is going on. Fine, at least it's a little info.

It's all relative 4/5/2011
After reading all of the previous reviews, it seems that whatever problems are being experienced with VM may be relative to the type of phone and the type of application used. I have been a VM customer for 3 years. I have the cheapest phone offered yet I have never had to buy a car recharger. Once I've charged my phone I can use it for two days without recharging. Of course I don't talk on the cell phone all day. Another thing which I didn't see anyone mention is how VM will replace your phone one time free if it's lost or stolen. Most cell companies make you pay a monthly insurance fee for that coverage. The best advice I have is to try it out and if it doesn't work for you, go elsewhere, but don't assume that just because it doesn't meet your requirements, it won't meet someone elses. What other cell company will allow you to just drop them without paying a huge fee. Remember from whence you left, i.e., Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.

wimpyls 4/5/2011
vm like throwing t paper feed vm
because service not there ok be better
going t-moblie att are net10 are trancfon are etc good luck

RJS 4/4/2011
Like many other posters here, I am appalled at the reliability of text and data and the "customer service" that Virgin Mobile offers. I have had issues with sending and receiving text messages from day one. Essentially, I have to reprogram my phone to the network several times a week (sometimes several times a day) in order to keep texting working. The only way I know it's stopped working is by sending out "test texts" a few times a day to my email account to make sure they get through. Customer service has done next to nothing to help me. They've launched countless investigations into the issue, whatever that means, and even sent me a replacement handset... which immediately started doing the same thing. I used up half of my monthly airtime talking to tech support yesterday (NOT reimbursed), and all they would offer me was yet another identical replacement handset. Did I mention I had to MANUALLY TRANSFER over 100 contacts when they sent my last phone? I told them to forget it, as the new phone would probably not work either. They refuse to send me a different model or refund the $160.00 I spent on the original phone. I feel completely ripped off. I have no way of knowing whether it is their network or their handsets, but whatever it is, nobody is offering viable solutions. It's always "why don't you try this exact same thing again that didn't work last time?" I am currently stuck with them (can't afford to jump to another provider/get a new phone right now), but you can bet your life I will be ditching them ASAP, as well as reporting them to BBB and FCC for their awful service. When I pay a someone for a product and their services, I expect them to work as advertised... definitely NOT the case with Virgin Mobile!

Update: More of the same 4/4/2011
I wrote a review on here a while ago telling my horror story with Virgin Mobile. Like many of you, my web never worked. I would always get a data connectivity error message. This problem started the second week of February. After daily calls for the first month, and being their monkey by doing the same troubleshooting steps over and over again, I gave up calling and emailing. It just became too frustrating. So now, April 4th, I called back for the first time in a while since I still have no interenet. Guess what? Tech support asked me to take out the battery and put it back in and wait 4 hours!! When I asked them why they thought this time it would work since it failed the last 40 times, I got nothing but silence. This weekend, I don't care if I have to get two cups and a string, I will not be using a Virgin Mobile phone. And in case you were wondering, removing the battery for the 41st time didn't do squat.
Not even close to being a decent company.

Tarun Das 4/3/2011
Virgin Mobile USA do not support Three-Way Conference call! A very useful feature provided by every other service provider.

Yanie 4/3/2011
@ amrap make sure you file with the fcc. there the company you contact when phone cable and other company's over charge you or not holding to there far a whining to the man commenting you would be pissed off if you just bought a optimums v and the next day it stopped working and that was over a month ago. so call it what you wont yes i mad as hell. and yes there service sucks when they can take your money but not tell you why your new phone doesn't work.

Roger 4/2/2011
I'm very happy with VM.The service and customer service is great. I get a lot more for my money then I did with Verizon. Haven't had any problems

Madison 4/2/2011
Have you noticed that we basically have the same complaints with all companies -both prepaid and postpaid! Usually the whiners, out of millions of customers, are the ones that post in these forums, that's why. My brother connects with Virgin Mobile, and he's a very satisfied customer. I personally connect with Net10 (Have you read all of the complaints?) and I don't think I will ever leave them. So, why research is good, beware of the whiners!

amrap 4/1/2011
Funny you should mention the BBB. I have just filed a complaint with the BBB in Millington, NJ. I have had great results from filing BBB reports on companies. Hopefully, I'll get a positive outcome from this filing.

Yanie 4/1/2011
so i have a lil news about virgin. first off there a bootleg company. i have not had any web access since the 21 of march on my v. so i took it a pone myself to do a little web surfing. first vm is from Canada there pretty much hacking sprints lines. so no they don't have 3 g service sprint does vm don't. after weeks of calling vm and only speaking to Indian people. i contacted the BBB. come to find out vm is not backed by the BBB. which is the better business bureau. so when i pulled up the vm file they have like 4000 complaints on vm. so to all out there that is spending all your hard eared money on your cell and your not getting no where with vm. go to the city you have to file your complaint with is in Trenton, NJ. i believe that there is some kind of way to beat vm at they own game.i filed my complaint and i hope i get some kind of justice. can anyone tell me another place i could contact as far as prosecuting vm. any info would be nice.

Amrap 3/31/2011
I haven't been able to receive text messages for 2 weeks now. All of us know the drill you need to go through to get to a Customer Service Rep. It is very time consuming because of all the prompts and numbers that need to be dialed. Most CSR speak with an Indian, the country accent, and they try to speak American English. 10 years ago when I signed up with them, the customer service was beyond a 10 on a scalle of 1-10. Now, it would be -1. No one can say they are sorry, and everything seems to be my problem, like not getting text messages. I would love to drop them, but based on reading other reviews, the customer service I get at Virgin Mobile isn't that much different from anyone else. I guess I'll be calling the FCC tomorrow.

Brewcitystew 3/31/2011
Just a couple more thoughts and I'll be done.

charlie 3/31/2011
after reading some of this comments i dont think i want anything to do with this company...thank u for all the comments and yes it helped...

Brewcitystew 3/31/2011
Run from this company! 6 weeks ago I upgraded one of my (3) VM accounts from a Rumor Touch to the Optimus V. $150 well spent for the first month. Then on the 19th at 5am the internet died. The CSR told me it was because the bill was due. Due on the 19th, and shut off at 5am on the 19th? OK. Long story short, I talked to them again for the 9th time in 13 days. It's gone to engineering now for the 4th time. I'm to wait 4 hours. Why an I not hopeful? If I connect to wi-fi everything is fine, so the phone works. Elixer shows it's connected and available.

massapequa susie 3/30/2011
..add on...sorry - I was upset and didn't see the 3 stars...PLEASE let me crrect that - if it were possible to make the rating minus 5 stars - that would be my rating. Massapequa Susie

massapequa susie 3/30/2011
I have had Virgin Mobile since it must have been OK at one time. Starting Mar. 11, 2011, I was unable to use texting. I am patient and spoke to a total of 12 nice Customer Service reps (sometimes waiting as long as 16 minutes and having to repeat & repeat my reason for calling...each told me they would pass my concern to a higher person, and wait '2 to 4 hours and try to text again'. My cell was reprogrammed 3 times (one time a customer service rep tried the instructions for a different model-no luck!)Then I was told my cell needed replacing (I had asked 5 ties if I should just buy a new phone and we told 'wait 2 to 4 hours...' Now I have been on hold 28 minutes waiting for a supervisor regarding the automatic payment they took 3.26.2011...nobody is coming on the I guess they want me to hang up! People - run from this cheesy company...I switched to another company today...hope my story helps someone. Massapequa Susie

Chris 3/30/2011
This is in response to "Frustrated"'s comments on 3/30/11. I've had the Virgin Mobile "Super Slice" phone for 3 years but have had problem receiving texts for about 2 weeks. I've called and emailed the company multiple times without getting the problem fixed. the customer service reps are polite but don't really seem to know how to fix the problem. I'm getting very frustrated with them. At first, I thought it was only MY phone but since you have a different phone and are experiencing similar problems (and other people have said they have similar problems), it's probably not exclusive to any specific phone. I like the phone and I like the price of Virgin Mobile's plans. But if they don't fix the problem soon, I'm switching to another company.

frustrated! 3/30/2011
i switched to VM last Oct and bought a used lg rumor touch (on ebay). once in a while, the internet wouldn't work, but other than that, I haven't had any problems until a few weeks ago. it's going on 3 weeks now where i can't send or receive text msg. sometimes when i get an incoming message it says it didnt come through (or go though if i sent one) de to a low cash balance and i have to buy a messaging pack. doesn't VM only have unlimited txt plans? WTF? so i called cust service like 20 times.

Joe Ferrara 3/29/2011
I moved from SPRINT which I had for over 10 years. It was a big mistake. I have not been able to access the WEB with my cell phone. This problem has been going on for over 7 weeks. I am getting ready to send a letter to the regional office with the names of the Reps that have done nothing to resolve this issue. This is unacceptable.It tells me the level of incompetence that Virgin Mobile has for Technical Support. I will be going to T-Mobile. Their plans are just as good even better.

Perry 3/29/2011
My husband & I have had Virgin Mobile for about 2 months now & are not satisfied. The first month was okay, we both got the LG Rumor Touch. When it was time to top up, we did it about a week early because we like to pay things before they're due. The website said our new month would restart on the 4th, which was totally fine. On the 4th, we had no service. The first time I called, I was on the phone 20 minutes for the girl to tell me their "system was down" & to call back. The second guy I got said the same thing & that he was sorry for the inconvenience & that he would credit me an extra 75 minutes airtime until my new month started. He then comes back on the line to tell me that he can't even do that. He said he didn't know when my service would be working again. I was very frustrated, as I had already paid & was at work. I have a 3 year old & need to have my phone working at all times. I called back & got a lady who easily "restarted" the month & it worked right away. It took in total an hour on the phone & much frustration just to get my service working.

Chris 3/29/2011
OB 2011/03/27
I leave in a small town with no 3G but the internet service is great. My only problem with VM is that I do not have 3G and there is no service after about 10 miles from my town. I have been to many African countries with great networks so I just can't believe there is a network in the US with such a poor coverage area. This is very disappointing. It sucks because all other networks in town have 3G. I am as some of you said, I am stuck with a $150 phone. I gave VM one star because there is no point in having a phone with no service 10 miles from home and also what is the point in having a smartphone with not 3G?

Maddiedirl 3/28/2011
Mr Joshy is right - call customer service and ask for Tech Support. Tell them you want Android Web Data for your LG Optimus V. I just did it tonight and the difference is immediately apparent. Great fix!

Diesel 3/28/2011
Got an optimus V. Listen I was with the V network. I decided to take a hike and port my # to virgin. With that being said I fully expected some major faults with the service. However, I have had NO problems with the service. Actually my call quality is much better with Virgin that it was with the other guys. And im saving 100 bucks a month. Ill take a stumble and fumble with virgin network. But overall, I cant complain one bit. Racked you 2000 mins in 3 weeks on the unlimited plan. Never a dropped call. The 3G thing is beat to death. It hit or miss with it. I would say in my case seeing how much Im using the phone is up about 90% of the time. You can do the airplane trick and it fixes it. Like I said i took the bad with the good by switching. Do I have any regrets. Nope. Im saving money and im not in a contract. I would have went with Boost but they did not have an adriod phone and too boot I got mine while it was on sale for 129 bucks.
Customer service is hard to get a live person. With the automated menus. But I did have an issue. Thought they fixed it, nope. Called back 10 mins later, and got someone else. 2 secs later she said it was fixed. And it was.
Overall you have to realize this is not some giant network. But for the money and value I can live with the hodgie serice. LOL

RazrtoOptimus 3/28/2011
Four stars: excellent value, nice handset (Optimus), OK coverage (native Sprint) ... but the CS is inconsistent. The majority of VM CS reps seem polite and helpful. My port-in request went smoothly and quickly. Only one problem: VM "lost" the TopUp I had just applied to extend Beyond Talk on my pre-port number and shut my phone off. The first rep I spoke with acknowledged the $ had been applied yesterday and then told me it'd take at least a day to restore. He offered some bonus minutes "for the inconvenience" and said VM would be in touch - basically, deal with it. So I thanked him, hung up. Then I called the 888 number again. Reached a rep who quickly assessed the sequence of events, said he understood my frustration and offered to speak with a supervisor to correct the situation. He had my phone working again in 5 minutes, and he confirmed both plan type and next TopUp date. Great work, Bernard! For $25 a month and some persistence, VM has another convert!!

Ray 3/28/2011
I'm having the same problems as many people here. I have not been able to get text messages since 3/17/11. I can send them, and can get and make phone calls.I have had my phone for about 3 years and never had a problem till now.I have tried everything they have told me to do, and it did not help.I believe its a problem in their system that they cannot seem to fix.I just wish they were honest and say so.Its not right to run a business that way.

Garden Girl 3/28/2011
FOR BEVERLY 2011/03/25--- yes, taking the battery out worked for us.
We have not had the problems listed in these reviews. We have had Virgin for many years, at least 5-6. I think twice I have had to take the battery out to reset something. Once, because Virgin told me to and it worked, and another time, because I thought it might fix something, and it did. We bought the cheapest phone they offered, and we do not use text nor the web, just for cell phone talking use only. Has worked great for years, until my husband ran over it with the car, (still worked even though front messed up a little and have to hold front plate on with glue) and then it was left in the car many times to freeze in winter and then again many times when over 100 degrees in summer...after it being unusually abused like this for a couple of years, the charge doesn't hold well, and we need to replace the battery, or get a new phone. Used to be put on hold a very long time for customer service,years ago, but not in the last 2 years, they answer right away, now. (That is after you go through their prompts.) We have never had a problem with dropped calls, etc, and actually, many times when others with more expensive contracts, etc, say they can not use their phone in large bldgs, concrete bldgs, etc, we can. Very rarely have we not had service in the last 5-6 years. Do like that we can top up from phone if out and about and need more minutes, and also, can change what you want, (pay as you go to unlimited month), any time you want and switch back again when that service is no longer needed. Just plan the switch timing so that you do not lose any $ you have put on the phone.

VM: Use at your own risk! 3/27/2011
Just a horrible, horrible experience. I love how VM is still running ads including the line "All on a 3G Nationwide Coverage You Can Count On". It's a complete lie. Got a phone for Christmas, and I can honestly say the amount of time I have spent online is less than 2 hours. Not because I don't want to go online, rather VM has a serious defect in their network. After months of calling/emailing/writing letters, the problem is still not fixed. Like many of you, I have done the reprogram, the taking out the battery, etc. with no luck. I don't expect much from a $25 plan, just what is advertised. However, I am not even getting that. I would understand if I lived in a remote area, but I am in Washington, DC, and I am supposedly covered by their coverage map. The only positive is that I have prevented 2 people from switching to Virgin Mobile by showing them my phone and asking them to try to get on the internet. After repeated error messages and letting them know this has been unresolved for months, they decided against VM.
I would switch providers but VM phones do not work on other carriers. So I either have to buy a new phone or hope that VM provides some quality control and gets my phone to actually work.

OB 3/27/2011
I leave in a small town with no 3G but the internet service is great. My only problem with VM is that I do not have 3G and there is no service after about 10 miles from my town. I have been to many African countries with great networks so I just can't believe there is a network in the US with such a poor coverage area. This is very disappointing. It sucks because all other networks in town have 3G. I am as some of you said, I am stuck with a $150 phone. I gave VM one star because there is no point in having a phone with no service 10 miles from home and also what is the point in having a smartphone with not 3G?

intercept 3/26/2011
I've been a virgin mobile user for about 7 years and was happy till I got the new intercept it wont let me surf the web it keeps telling web page not available and i bought some apps that i can't find on my phone this phone has a bunch of features that don't work was a big wast of money

I just gave up..... 3/26/2011
I know it is cliché, but if I could, I would give Virgin Mobile 0 stars. My experience has been a nightmare from week one and I have only had my phone for a little over a month.
After over 1 month of trying to get either a fix to my browser connection issues or a simple explanation as to what is going wrong, I have given up. Countless emails and daily phone calls to tech support have drained me. When I ask as to why after one month I still have no resolution, like everyone else I get the apology and a promise to escalate my investigation. I have come to realize the "escalated tech department" is just a way to get you off the phone. I'm switching cell phone providers this weekend and preventing friends and family from switching to Virgin. It's tragic that I can't use my $200+ phone with another network.

Beverly 3/25/2011
I just uped my virgin mobile cell phone, but, its blank when i asked for my balance, support told me, take the back off, and take the battery out for 10 minutes and put it back in and it should work...does anyone out there know if this is gonna work,let me know

Chris 3/25/2011
I've been having the same problem as Jennifer (3/23/2011) - I haven't been able to receive texts since March 18th, 2011. I've called 4 times and keep getting told that the problem is fixed but it's not. I've shut the phone off, taken the battery out numerous times, reprogrammed it with their instructions and still have the same problem. I can send texts, make calls, and receive calls, but I can't receive texts. Although customer service is polite, I don't think they know what is causing the problem and I don't think they really care.

Ablinkin 3/25/2011
I've been with them almost a year and so far so good. My first phone was a Loft, 2nd an Intercept, and now the Optimus. All worked very well on the VM network. Voice quality is extremely good compared to Tracfone and Verizon.

Martin 3/25/2011
Been a customer for about 7 years or longer, I forget. Only use phone, $20 per month.
Pros: Never had one problem with phone or texting, but I don't text much.
More minutes per $20 than before.
Cons: The website, the customer service, the variety of phones offered has gone downhill from previous years.
Yesterday they charged me 9.99 for some service or other that I didn't order. Got it fixed, but this never happened before.

perturbed 3/24/2011
allmost no customer service, allmost no 3g access. I never should have switched carriers as my old provider now has a smart phone for the same prices and they have no conectivity issues. Sprint should warn you that they will give priority to their contracted customers and not the pay as you go I'm all for a class action law suit. Will feel bad offering this phone up for sale knowing how lousy their service is guess I really got what I paid for.

Jeremy DeForrest 3/24/2011
Virgin Mobile is my current prepaid service provider and for the most part, I've been happy. I've had good experiences with the customer service for the most part. I think the "Beyond Talk" has a nice selection of phones and the ability to have an android plan for 25 bucks a month is pretty hard to beat. The only real complaint I have had is that it seems like it's taken them forever to roll out a 2.2 update for the Intercept and the Sprint coverage area kind of sucks to be honest. I live in small town so I can't really take advantage of the 3g speeds but taht's more of an issue of where I live then it is on Sprint' part.

iza 3/24/2011
Virgin's fine for the price as long as you never try to change anything and once you experience a problem you will NOT get help. I feel bad for the Indians at the call center, of the eight I've talked to one actually tried to help me then his manager said he couldn't and my "ticket had to go through". I haven't had service for TWO days now. I PAID for service, I expect it.

Jennifer 3/23/2011
My text has been out since Friday, March 19, 2011, and that's just when I realized the problem. I still cannot receive texts. Customer service is horrible and very difficult to understand. It simply is unacceptable to force your customers to try to understand very difficult accents. I am switching providers this weekend.

Leah 3/23/2011
I only gave this a 1 star rating because thats what this site offers but i would give it the lowest rating possible -10. The first day i had the service they over charged my card, the service itself is the crapiest service i've ever had. The phone dies and drops calls and not to mention the web oh my gosh it only works if i use the wifi in my building so i cant imagine how its gona be if i leave town. And the number that i call to get help i mean come on can i talk to an american at least i would know what they were saying and not sound like a broken record because i have to repeat myself and have them repeat themselves. I tryed to get a refund back and i've only had the phone for going on 3 weeks and they said their policy states that they dont give refunds. I asked what about the over charge on my account? they said they dont know why it over charged my but they dont handle that and i wouldnt be able to get my money back. LISTEN, IF YOU READ THIS PLEEEEEEASE DONT GET THIS SERVICE! It is the worst service EVER! they should stick to Music and not phone service.

fergie 3/22/2011
I haven't been able to receive texts for over two weeks now. I have taken the battery out, reprogrammed the phone, etc. I have talked to three live advisors and sent two e-mails. One advisor told me my problem was listed as "solved" in the system!! They tell me, "Wait three days." Then another said, "It takes six days." This is bull. No help at all.

new customer 3/22/2011
I loved this phone when I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Then it suddenly couldn't get on the web just as I needed it for driving directions. Since then it has experienced loss of internet every few hours (and lasting for hours at a time). I called customer service for the fix offered by Mr Joshy. It seemed to work at first, but I'm now back to square one. Called customer service again and was put on hold for ten minutes before the line went dead. Now they say they know about the problem, but are "escalating my case to head office." The tech support have obviously been told to say this, as she didn't know what was actually meant by that statement when i asked.

VK 3/21/2011
VERY BAD Customer service.

T.K. 3/21/2011
If you have the Optimus V you MUST do what "Mr Joshy" posted below about contacting tech support and telling the to switch your data to the ANDROID data plan, I did this and POOF! Like magic my internet works and is SUPER fast and the tech even asked me how I knew to ask for this and where I got the information from. Before you return the phone for this problem at least try it! I'm SOOOOO hapy I did!

Karen 3/21/2011
I have been with VM for years then all of a sudden I have not been able to receive any texts for 4 days now. What's going on????

1 Star is more than they deserve. My net service never works. I spoke to at least 12 people on 8 different occasions. All they say is the server is down (tough luck basically). File a complaint with the BBB. I've done it and got compensation. I posted a review on their site and they took it down because it warns future potential victims of their horrible internet service.

T.K. 3/21/2011
HORRIBLE internet (or lack there of!!)Bought My LG Optimus 3 days ago with great expectations, (my hub has one with spint)I didnt want to renew my contract so I switched to VM hoping to save us $60.00 a month. The price for the service's would be awesome IF you can get the service! my internet works maybe twice a day, when I call all they say is "the server is down, it's a known problem we are working on it" 4,5,6 hours later I can use it. My husband never has a problem getting on the net. Guess I'll have to take this crap back and go crawling back to spint :'-(

Mr Joshy 3/20/2011

Gary 3/20/2011
WTF is going on?? Bought a new Optimus V two days ago and the web STILL doesn't work. Called customer service and they told me it was down and they are "working" on it. They gave me (20) bonus minutes - BIG F-ING DEAL!! I want the web. My friend has a Blackberry Curve through Virgin Mobile in the same town and his web works fine. THIS SUCKS!! If it's not on by tomorrow I am returning the phone and canceling the service.

anthony 3/20/2011
i have a blackbery and it doesnt get mms i hate i know its cheap $25 but i need a phone that works guess i have to go back to a contract phone

ALFRED 3/20/2011
VIRGIN MOBILE is a mess. bought their lg optimus v with great expectations. phone and text were ok. couldnt get internet access right away. waited patiently for over 12 hours for internet access. network was down according to the customer rep who answered the phone. She advised me to continue to wait. AFTER 24 hrs. of waiting, i returned the phone to radio shack where i got it and i vowed never to buy their product. bye bye VM. SIR RICHARD BRANSON THE BILLIONAIRE WHO OWNS VM should be arrested for taking our monies and not delivering good service.

Cynthia 3/19/2011
VM works PART of the time here in Nevada. You can NOT depend on it. It will not let me on the internet for 8 hours at a time ! $40. a month !! If they can not get their equipment working properly, then WHY are they selling service ????? Last night I called customer service, as I had no internet service from noon until 10 pm. I called and was put on hold for 40 min....then cut off *^#$%^@#$ I dialed back and waited another 40 min. I was told that they were working on the problem. Okay....then why not put a recording on their line, telling people this ??? Instead of waiting on hold for 40 min's. TWICE !!! OMG..... I just want a reliable service.....there is no good service here in Pahrump. If someone would just come here and start one, they would have more business than they could handle !!!

Cleve 3/19/2011
Can't get 3g service on my Finesse phone. Can't get help from customer service. No email.

Stephen G. 3/18/2011
I had the LG Rumor 2 from Virgin Mobile for not even 1 month. After 1 month the LG Rumor 2 started up and stopped at the load up page that says "HELLO". I immediately called Virgin Mobile Tech. Support and Tech. Support said that my phone was defective and Virgin Mobile would send me my new LG Rumor 2 overnight at no cost to me. I got the Virgin Mobile Rumor 2 the next day. Then I had to call tech support again because that phone was defective after 2 weeks. I ended my service with them after they had sent me 4 or 5 phones and all of them with the same problem. Virgin Mobile Tech. Support was very unreliable and unhelpful. If you ask me DO NOT go with Virgin Mobile as a provider. I have had Verizon now for about 6 to 7 months with no problems what-so-ever with my phone. I SAY GET VERIZON PREPAID.

aspie 3/18/2011
I have been with VM since their beginning. I have NEVER had a problem with them until now. Month after month I have to call and resolve some payment problems. About two months ago I was charged FIVE monthly chargesand they refused to give the money back. I had to get my card company to get it back, and now they wont take that card.
No, I don't expect the moon for my $25 bucks, but I do expect a company to NOT TRY TO ROB ME.

not as discouraged 3/18/2011
I wrote a review few days back giving one star---upping to 3 stars now---vm is updating the system/cut my 7 yr old phone off from text---but now have new phone--great help from service to switch it---patient too. perseverance pays---i have no need to switch from vm now---been w/them for 7 yrs--can u believe that!? 3g and other stuff mentioned here , hopefully, will get improved by Sprint---though pr could be better and a revamped vm service line---maybe soon, hopefully.

Tony 3/18/2011
One other thing. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT leave a credit card or paypal acct. on file for automatic billing.

Tony 3/18/2011
Virgin Mobile is ok for calls and texts. That's it. Forget their 3G/internet service. It's slow and unreliable. It goes down for two, three days at a time. If you rely on web access, go elsewhere. Don't take a chance, you'll be sorry. They will not credit you even though it's prepaid and you already paid in advance. That's why it's No Contract. If there was a contract, people would be suing left and right to get out. Oh, and customer service is non existent. Bottom line: you get what you pay for-and less.

Jennifer 3/17/2011
I have been with virgin mobile for six years, and have only recently had problems. I use my phone primarily for texts and calling, not web. I have not been able to receive texts for three days. Extremely frustrating. Anyone else have this problem?

Garth 3/17/2011
Lets see... No 3G when advertised and available via Sprint in my area, I was charged for individual texts/calls when the "My Account" thing on my phone told me I had unlimited messages and minutes remaining, and I was double charged TWICE for the same month. Oh, and three of those four charges were not authorized. To top it off, I paid for a monthly plan... only to not have my 300 minutes reset. That's right, after paying for my plan, I didn't get any more minutes. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and will be contacting the PA attorney general if this isn't resolved. At least this service was very slightly better than Boost Mobile. Stay away from Virgin Mobile at all costs. It is not worth it.

Less Than Zero 3/17/2011
Would give 5 NEGATIVE stars if I to "top off" doesn't work, billing dept overcharges / double bills, phone gets cut off because of THEIR screwups, customer service is rude and/or incompetent, got 5 customer service "surveys" during the same week they said they couldn't get in touch with me to fix my problem...weeks later, overcharge removed, but still charged monthly fee even though I have no working phone. Can't wait to see next months charge bill to see how many more times they've screwed up the billing. RUN, don't walk away from this company!!

Tanya V 3/17/2011
I originally signed up for Virgin Mobile back in July 2010. Every single month, when it came time for them to run my card, they could never run my card correctly - therefore shutting off my phone and causing me to have to call in and have them manually run my card. A few times, it was my fault for the phone being shut off - and I take full responsiblity for those mistakes.
But the last few months of my service, it was just horrible. They said they would store my card of file for automatic billing. And since the beginning of 2011, every month they would try to "automatically" run my card, and again, same issue. Had to call in, have them manually run my card. And for 3 months in a row, they would charge me twice for my service. Therefore, causing me to call back in, and because of their idiotic mistake, have to wait the 3-5 days to get my money back. The call center is in India, so half the time it was hard to even understand them.
The guy I spoke to in February said that for my troubles they would give me an extra 75 mins on my plan. I never did see those extra minutes get added to my plan.
On March 1st, when they couldn't run my card again properly, (causing my phone to get shut off)I was tired of their inconsistancies, and issues with their billing methods, so I switched carriers. I will never go back to Virgin Mobile ever again.

Mae 3/17/2011
I been with V.M. for about 4yrs. I use the company because, they had what I needed I'am not a talker, so I needed a company that offer roll over mins. and V.M. offer that until last year they stop the roll over and I hate that now I have to talk more so I want lose my mins. THAT THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAVE WITH VIRGIN MOBILE. I only got the phone because I have two girls in school.

CallmeLucky 3/16/2011
Have not had a single problem with my optimus. Great coverage, good 3G (even as a hotspot) and not a single issue so far...

Krystal 3/16/2011
I am torn on this issue - the actual phone and internet service is fantastic most of the time. But on the roll date for my account they start charging me for SMS and cut off Internet. I authorize payment one week before the due date and they do charge my card. I have Beyond Talk but their billing and CS is Beyond Horrible. This month they took my money and posted it but then backed it off and froze my account. Calling CS is an adventure. If you call at 5AM PST you get the call center that has some knowledge of English. After 2PM PST you are screwed. This time I sent 5 nasty emails and within 12 hours my payment was reposted and phone/internet restored. From now on I will start sending emails every 12 hours from the time I make my $25 payment until I can verify that they are not charging for SMS and my Internet is good. I suppose for $25 I shouldn't complain but still - every month I have the same problem. EVERY MONTH!

coleen 3/16/2011
The worst customer service ever... can not be reahced... they are liars... run ... run fast... find any other phone service/......they do not back the service or their phone... pick any other phone, do you self a favor

I'd rather have my teeth pulled 3/15/2011
I'd rather have my teeth pulled than to deal with this company ever again. After only 2 short months with Virgin, I switched carriers. I could not deal with the coin flip odds that my web would work. Actually, it really became I would get internet one time for every 20 times I would try to access it. Not cool, and not acceptable. And I could not deal with the "I understand your frustration, we are working on the problem" speech that I got for several weeks. I almost wished they would just be honest and say they can't fix the problem and I could have left a long time ago. I was told that an upgrade may take place the end of March that might solve some of the problems. I hope for those still trapped with Virgin Mobile that it's true.
I wish I had read all of these complaints before I chose VM, please don't make the same mistake as all of us! JUST SAY NO TO VIRGIN MOBILE!!!

grant edwards 3/15/2011
I have tried to resolve a fraud charge on my credit card with virgin mobile and finally had to involve my bank to get my money back. They have the absolute worst customer service and they are poorly trained.I have a $100.00 plus phone that I wish I could take back but I have had it more than 30 days so I am stuck with it. This is a rip-off company. But then with foreign company what can you expect.
Say hello to " Peggy" for me because I have a problem

UK 3/15/2011
the main problem is the support, the menues you go through to get to a human are circular, unhelpful and confusing, the operators seem to be teenagers with bad attitudes and no skills. I wonder if there are any grownups in the room.

Cher 3/15/2011
Can someone tell me exactly how to call and re-activate the $25 pay as you go 300 minutes, unlimited web and data each month ?
I already bouight two $25 cards from Radio Shack and the plan expires on 3/17- I don't want to be overcharged 10 cents a text as they said could happen if I did not do it right ! Thanks for any help.

Cher 3/15/2011
Had a Rumor Touch with $25 plan for one month - horrendous customer service . We left Tmobile because of poor cust. service , butthat was a dream compared to this .
Constant misinformation given -they shorted me 4 days on the 30 days of serviec because of February. Gave me bonus minutes , told me they would never expire and then started taking them immediately . They are taken before the plan minutes you paid for so they expire quickly that way- kind of a scam . Then they told me that I had to call every month with a Top Up card but if I did not tell them that I wanted to activate the service monthly, I would be charged 10 cents a minute rather than the $25 for 300 minutes and unlimited text. I KNOW they will screw that up the first time I do it which is in 2 days .
No one speaks good English and supervisors know as little as the main line advisors.
I am so disguted with this plan ! Buyer beware .

Sarah 3/15/2011
I have been a customer for almost 10 years with no problems. Started having issues last August 23rd and continue to have them. This company is a train wreck. Customer service is abominable. For $25/month, you definitely get what you pay for: one-third the price of a contract phone and one-third the service. Other carriers should thank VM for running their customers off ...

Just awful 3/14/2011
Virgin Mobile has the potential to be great. Good phones, decent prices, etc. I actually like my service when it works. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often. I got this phone for Christmas and I can honestly say that I have not had 1 week of trouble free service. Constant calls to tech support have just frustrated me and not solved any of the problems I have with my phone. First, the language barrier with their customer service reps is shameful. If VM wants to save money by shipping the support offshore, whatever, but I shouldn't spend 10 minutes every call asking the operator to repeat what they are saying. I would almost be willing to deal with the dreadful customer service at $25 a month if I had a reasonable expectation that my phone would work. My web worked great for the first week and then it decided it wasn't coming back. This is actually the main complaint I have. Weeks have been spent on this issue trying to fix the network problem, with not an ounce of luck. I can't begin to describe how annoyed you will get when you are told to be patient and call back in 72 hours over and over again. Buyer Beware! Virgin Mobile is not a relaible cell provider!

Pvalley 3/14/2011
I have to give VM 5 have never had a problem when living in Mke or Portland have used both the topup cards and paypal with no problems so I dont see a problem getting a optimus V when they have them back in stock

Steve 3/14/2011
Gina - you have the "redirect of death". This is a known problem with Virgin Mobile's account management, use google to search for more information. It is part of the reason I gave 2 stars.

Steve 3/14/2011
Terrible customer service, account management, and billing/payment system. I seriously cannot believe how bad their payment system is - it won't take my money. And every month I lose 3G service for a day when my contract renews (via a card at Walgreens since their online payment system is broken for several months now).

gina 3/14/2011
BTW, I'm on the outer edge of Metro Detroit area.

Gina 3/14/2011
@ John--no, still no web. Although a slight change...I can load virgin mobile site (very slow or times out). If I try to access another site, it defaults to load VM site again (or tries). Signal still good, going to try customer service again today. Any advice (other than the obvious?!)

George D. 3/14/2011
I feel like I spend half my time trying to get the 3G to work. Sometimes it's because of major outages (like right now), other times, it just acts glitchy and i have to turn the 3G connection and/or power off and on a couple times and it comes back on line. Either way it's a major hassle and I am considering switching after only a month.

Don't switch to VM 3/13/2011
I switched from Verizon (which always provided me with excellent service) to VM because of the $25 plan. That is the ONLY thing I have been happy with. My browser will not work and I have been in contact with Tech support for one month now to correct the issue. I always get the same responses ( take the battery out, reprogram the phone, clear cache, etc) and nothing works. When I tell them that I have already done this over and over again, they just ignore me and have me do the steps again. I literally just got off the phone again with the direct line to tech support and they have told me they are going to open an investigation and elevate my request. I'm not holding my breath since they have done this at least 4 times already. I have asked to get a replacement phone several times and with no luck. So right now I bought a $240 phone that can make calls and send text messages. I wish I had never switched to Virgin. Until Virgin Mobile can show it can handle the wave of new customers, I would avoid switching.

John B 3/13/2011
@Gina... I got the Optimus V also yesterday, and was having web issues.... but it seems everything is working for me now... I live in Maryland.... Is yours working now? My internet and signal is wonderful...

discouraged 3/13/2011
Sprint took over virgin Mobile and is updating it all supposedly by march 25--my text has been out for 7 days/systemwide problem---am told---my investigation was 3 days---now changed to 6 days---information on the web is non existent except for here---and saying live advisor/activate to navigate the worst customer service line in the nation...i like the prices---watch out for text message charges---go to web and buy 200 for $5---sending/receiving text is charged 15 cents each otherwise----right now---no stars---Sprint/not sure bout them either---poor handling of the takeover.

Gina 3/12/2011
Purchased Optimus V at Best Buy yesterday. Thankfully had it activated by their staff; it took nearly an hour; they needed to call VM customer service. Calling and text -- working wonderfully! But still NO web!!! Originally told problems with VM system, minimum of 2 hours, maybe 4. Called later, told they are investigating my personal problem. Called this a.m. another rep said a tech. engineer would be on the case and call me, text me, or email after investigating--could take up to 72 hours. I had read this site prior and hoped to get lucky. No such luck. It is not a matter of signal; we have great signal strength. Really disappointed in this, but giving it a couple of days...

Alex 3/12/2011
Ive had virgin mobile for about 2 months now. I am on my second rumor touch because it was apparently my first phones fault that the messages "could not send."
I called the horrible customer service every week to get this problem fixed. They all told me to do the same thing to fix it every week even after I told them that I had already done that. They "open investigations" about it every week. They replaced my phone but the new one is doing the same thing. I still cant send all my txts.. only about a third. It was the service, not the phone.
Also, the internet NEVER works, even when I have 5 bars. So my text messaging doesnt work and neither does the internet. So basically its a phone that can only call. How sad.
It is cheap service, but not worth it. If you can afford it, go with a different provider.

dee 3/12/2011
money keeps disappearing from my unused phone have talked to them every month for over 6 months but it keeps going on someone has to have access to my phone besides me and thet won't do anything about it

Dee 3/11/2011
I purchased the vm opitmus and the first day i was happy everyday after i been sad no web connection no pandora omg and the phone i purchased has is faulty i am so unhappy i just got a bad deal all the way around.

Elizabeth Muan 3/11/2011
I find Virgin Mobile customer phone service lines very difficult to navigate. The automatic recorded customer service line will not allow you to get a live person. The calling plans are very reasonably priced, have not experienced any drop calls from San Francisco area.

Mom 3/10/2011
I chose Virgin Mobile for the price for my children's cell phones. The phone, the network and messaging is very good. And, for the price I would give it 5 stars. But, for customer service - just about impossible to get help from a REAL person, and when you do they are rude and offer no help at all. Customer Service gets 1 star. So, average it out, I give it 3 starts.

THESE PHONES ARE TERRRRRIBLE!!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER TERRIBLE PHONE SERVICE!!!!! you will literally want to shoot yourself of how terrible this phone company is. There is nothing worse than this company!

Dont buy VM 3/10/2011
The best prepaid service phone is net10. i had the phone that has the slide out qwerty keyboard, i absolutely loved it! Service everywhere,even where VERIZON customers didnt get it. the only bad thing was i was spending money every 2 weeks for more minutes.($20 ones)

John Fenley 3/10/2011
WARNING - WARNING - WARNING You should be able to give them ZERO stars!
They call one of their offerings "Broadband2go" and for $50 (used to be $40)you are supposed to get unlimited bandwidth - dream on! I bought one of their POS wireless modems when they first came out and it WAS great. Fast connection, good support all the things that are necessary for a good relationship between vendor and customer.
NOW....they say you have unlimited bandwidth for the month .. but, once you reach about 2.5 GB they throttle your speed for the REST OF THE MONTH down to about 256kbs. They are <b>SLIMEBALLS!!!</b>
Find another company to do business with VM does NOT value it's customers!

JLS 3/10/2011
On Mar 9/11 I was unable to connect to the Internet although the device was working properly. I phoned customer care five times (the automated system hung up on me 4 times). On the fifth try, after a 20 minute wait a human being told me their system would be down for at least another 4 hours.
I call the next day to ask for a credit. I was told that their processing system was down and I needed to call back again for the credit.
When you spend over an hour trying to get what you paid for, it's time to find another service provider.

David 3/10/2011
If I could give zero stars I would - 1 star is being generous. My wife is with Virgin Mobile in the greater Toronto area and while the phone is not bad, an LG Rumor 2, the service is absolutely horrible. Even with full bars in various locations from downtown Toronto to Newmarket Ontario calls are dropped or interrupted by periods of digital static. It is nearly impossible to complete a conversation without calling back several times. Calls lasting as little as 10 seconds before dropping. I understand Virgin Mobile in Canada is Bell's so-called "bargain" brand but does it need to be run that way. Two paper cups and a long string would work better. Mr Richard Branson - please buy your phone company back from Bell and make the damned thing work! Barring that revoke their license to use the Virgin brand. It's insanity incorporated over here!

varaporn cates 3/10/2011
I got the LG phone less in a month and will return it soon because I have to turn off the phone once a day to have access to internet. The phone signal is awesome until yesterday. I have no signal or have 1G service maybe 1 bar since yesterday. I like the fact that it cheap but what's the point if you can't use it. I'm lucky that I still can return the phone! Don't get VG go with something else!

Chuck 3/10/2011
Bought my LG Optimus V yesterday afternoon. It is a nice phone at a good price from Target ($109.99 after discount and gift card) . Had a lot of difficulty activating the phone as the website kept freezing up and the activation button on the phone wouldn't work. Finally got it activated. Makes and receives call fine, good voice quality. Works well on WIFI. No web access last night ( I was told it would take four hours to activate) Called again this morning, re-programed phone with "Peggy", told to wait 2 hours for access. Called back in and spoke to another "Peggy" and was told 3G network was receiving maint. and would be down additional 4-8 hours and had been down since yesterday. After a bit of questioning was told it had been down for 2 days last month for same process. The "Peggies" have no clue, nor does VM.

George 3/9/2011
I bought the LG Optimus V almost 4 weeks ago, for the purpose of being able to access the net when I'm out and about. 3 weeks now it seems as though my 3G is non-existent......connecting once or twice. My phone service works well and I receive and send e-mails with no issues. WiFi works well. I need my unlimited web which I'm not receiving, so I'm returning my phone and looking for a new no-contract provider. Boston, MA

Penny 3/9/2011
More like ZERO stars. I don't care that it's $25 a month. It's NOT worth it. I'm shopping for a new phone/plan immediately.

p***edoff 3/9/2011
Had no issues with my phone or service, liked the $25 fee, BUT they double billed me, then cancelled my phone AND broadband service without notifying me and against their own policies when I contested the charge

Jabby 3/9/2011
To those asking whether they should switch to VM or not, I guess it depends on your primary use for the phone. I purchased the Optimus V with the primary use for me being accessing data over 3G. The phone is great, the service is not. Today is my 10th day without 3G service. I have not experienced lack of service with voice, only data. So if you only want to make calls or text or always have access to wifi you shouldn't have an issue. Since I need 3G service and am not getting it they only get 1 star from me. By the way I live in Southeastern PA.

lk. 3/8/2011
I have been looking into getting VM for the past month or so, but hearing that there is no good service anywhere you go basically i dont know if i want to get it! Is there good service in OH,NY,PA,VA,NJ? thats where i usually am traveling to so i wouldnt want my phone to be junk when i leave the state border or even move 2 feet.
and is the optimus v as good as everyone says it is?

GISSELLE 3/8/2011
I really didnt know what star to put since i dont even have VM yet. I am planning to get it, from my point of view, everything seems great except customer service. Though I have doubts on the reception and stuff. I see people saying its awesome, then I see people saying its horribile.
I live in Orlando, FL and would like to know if there is good reception there.
thanks :)

to JJ 3/7/2011
We want something thats worth the $200 we might spend on a phone..and we want reception anywhere we go! Not buy a phone then find out i cant use it because i get no service. how good is your service? and are you from the western side of the USA or Eastern side. if you feel comfortable, please state your state because i'm looking into VM. Thankyou.

jj 3/7/2011
had my Had my LG Rumor 2 and I love it great price. For $25 a month what do you people want? The moon.

ShouldiGetit? 3/7/2011
I've been looking into buying the Optimus V from Virgin mobile but im sketchy about the reception. After all these bad reviews im afraid of wasting my money but it's the cheapest plan i could get.

FatherGuido69 3/7/2011
Sorry folks but I have to disagree with all the ones who are downplaying VM. I have there service for about 4yrs now and i've had some trouble but nothing like everyone's experiencing. I top up, I txt,email, and IM to my daughter and wife and i even surf the internet. BTW! I have a blackberry and it works great.

Jabby 3/7/2011
I have had Virgin Mobile 'Beyond Talk' Service since 2/23/11. Since day 5 (today is day 13) I have not had 3G service. I either call or write customer service everyday with no answer as to when this will be restored. They claim that they know there is an issue but have no way of knowing when it will be fixed. As others have stated if a zero rating was available, this is how I would rate their service and level of customer service.
I've had prepaid plans with other companies and have always been satisfied. Virgin Mobile service is the worst, bar none.

Paris 3/6/2011
So.. Ive been reading all these reviews and im scared to get a virgin mobile phone, but im afraid I have no other choice. Im getting the blackberry so hopefully everything goes well, if not, im def. returning it and maybe switching to boost. Im leaving verizon because of the cost but the service was amazing. wish me luck on this one?

Nikki 3/6/2011
I just found a phone number that leads directly to a live advisor: 1-866-277-6124.

Dave M 3/6/2011
I am very pleased with my new phone - LG Optimus V and the VM $25/mo. plan. I'm on the signal fringe but it still works. I connect to WiFi at home and that works great. Apps from the Market work great! I think the negative comments are from people who have bad reception areas. The battery life on the Optimus is marginal, but can be optimized by not having network and GPS on at same time if not being used. Also, I use the phone connected to charger if I'm sitting around surfing. No big deal. Great phone and great plan..... so far after 2 days!

Pleaseshootme 3/5/2011
If there was a 0 star rating, I would have given VM a 0 star. The customer service is horrible and the phone service is even worse. I have had this service for 5 months and it keeps going downhill. Right now at least every other call is dropped. That's grand when I have been waiting on their customer service agent for 20 minutes and when I finally get one my call is dropped.

Alan 3/4/2011
Virgin Mobile wifi "broadband" is horrible! I'm in Seattle, a major population center with tons of cell towers, yet Virgin connectivity and download speeds are absolutely lame. The old AOL dial-up back in the day, was actually faster than VM's "broadband" today. How they can call it broadband without getting into false advertising trouble, is beyond me. After one month of this crap service, I'm going back to my previous provider. The $20 per month I saved by switching to VM, is simply not worth the aggravation. Really, VM's wifi service is HORRIBLE.

Steve 3/4/2011
It's been a little over 2 years and all my family members (5 at last count)are still on Virgin Mobile, and love it. I just upgraded to my 3rd phone, and it wasn't because of quality. Their service has been nothing but great and their plans are the best ones out there. And with VM adding Android phones lately they hardly feel like a prepaid company anymore. Quite simply VM offers what every consumer wants, reliable phones at reasonable prices. Keep up the good work VM!!

Dana 3/3/2011
I gave them 1 star because there is no 0 star option. Customer service is absolutely HORRIBLE!! Nobody speaks English as a 1st language. I paid $159 for a phone. The money was withdrawn from my account but the phone never arrived. Nobody in customer service could tell me where my phone was. They only have scripted answers and all 7 people I spoke to..and could barely understand..gave me a different answer. And when they no longer want to talk to you they hang up on you or "transfer" you and then you are hung up on! If you decide to go with Virgin Mobile, PRAY you don't need customer is by far the worst customer service I've ever dealt with! They just do not care about their customers.
I do NOT recommend Virgin Mobile to anyone.

AnnS 3/3/2011
I ended an ATT contract and went shopping for prepaid provider. Was happy with husband's Tracfone experience but let Radio Shack talk me into Virgin Mobile. My bad. While phone service is fine their "live advisor" aka customer service is one star poor. I have been unable to have credit card accepted so I can "top off "texting and data svc". Customer service keeps asking me to be patient while they "fix their system." In 5 days I have spoken with as many advisors" and one supervisor. The explanations given were contradictory and only the supervisor was finally able to assure me the problem would be fixed in 24 to 72 hours. Is that unacceptable or what!

John76 3/3/2011
Just purchased the Optimus V from VM. So far, so good. I love the wireless capability that allows me to connect to my home wireless connection. Spoke to Cust Service twice and both reps were helpful and spoke English. I only had to wait on hold for about three minutes. The life of the battery is short when using the Internet but my LG with Verizon was the same way. I haven't had to top up yet, but I'll be back if I have any problems.

Caroyl Clayton 3/2/2011
I've had VirginMobil for yrs. It is still the best plan for my situation. However, I bought a new phone and DOZENS of phone calls & emails have yet to produce a transfer to my new phone. Their automated answer service produces too many cutoffs before you can reach a 'live advisor'. It is particularly frustrating when I've topped up twice trying to fix this!

KS 3/2/2011
Virgin pre-paid sucks. It charges users if someone rejects your call. I believe if your call has been rejected, you shouldn't get charged for it. Stupid ppl, worst customer service - don't listen to you. Do not got for it.

James 3/2/2011
I hate it. More often than not, I can`t get a signal. If I had to do it all over again, I would pay more for a better service.

jay 3/1/2011
for 25 bucks a month, what would you expect? i've given VM two stars because customer service is horrendous, network isn't reliable and the phone i purchased is by far the worst phone i have ever purchased. if you're looking for an unreliable but cheap option - VM is for you.

heather 3/1/2011
this cell phone is terible you do not want it on the pic up there of it that is not really as good as they make it look!!!!! dont buy it!!!!!!!!!

Patti 2/28/2011
Pros: Plan prices are very good. No contracts.
Cons: Must use Virgin phone. Monthly fee if you want to import or backup your contacts. Must pay monthly fee for downloaded ringtones after purchase.

cam 2/27/2011
I love virgin mobile too! I just got the lg optimus v and while I don't get the best reception at my house (no providers really reach me) once I am in the zone the internet is super fast and I love my phone ^_^ Yay! I went from an htc hd2 to the optimus and will never go back to htc!

Ibby 2/27/2011
I have not had the problems experienced on this site. I have been saving a ton of money over the past 3 years and the phone does everything I want 99% of the time. When I have had had problems it was because they were changing plans and required me to reconfirm my payment settings. Great service. Looking forward to upgrading to the new all data messaging plans

kevin 2/27/2011
Unlimited data plan isn't so unlimited - data will stop working after a few hours on pandora

Dave 2/26/2011

The phone wouldn't activate. Support kept telling me it was activated. They couldn't understand that it said "device not active". I spent a day trying to fight thru the language barrier. The phones on their side were breaking up and one rep clomplained about problems with the phone he was using. They wouldn't take the phone back until I disputed my credit card charge. I have to pay to ship the defective phone it back to them amd then maybe I'll get a refund. If they sent me a free phone I wouldn't use it because their suppport is so bad I won't rely on them.

Drew 2/26/2011
The absolute worse. Had to e-mail twice and call to have internet activated. Told phone didn't have capabilities it did. Phone is stuck in "Canada" zone so many US sites with vids, etc. won't run. Oh well...only paying extra for unlimited data. Any other company and it would be considered a scam.

-2STARS 2/26/2011
If there were a -2star rating, I would choose it. VM sucks! I ordered one phone online, they charged me for 2 and sent 2. My receipt only says one phone was ordere and the receipt I received with the phones showed 2 were ordered but the total only came to ONE phone amount total. I called and they would not keep me on the line. I kept getting disconnected and they were rude. I kept gettig a run around. I tried calling 9 times until I finally got what I wanted..I returned both phones and am taking my business elsewhere. You pay for cheap phone service..and get the customer support you pay for. CRAP. Do not go for VM.

Ticked 2/25/2011
I have the 30 dollar paylow plan which gives 1500 talk time, 500 texts, and 10mb of internet. Well yesterday I topped off my phone in preparation for my billing cyle, and I decided to log onto facebook, but the moment I did, I was hit with some message, telling me I had exceeded my usage, which is not true cause ive never used it. Well it gives me some message about costing a 1.50 per mb, then I abort mission and check my account amouth (I had 32 dollars prior to this) and it was only showing 26 dollars after simply clicking on facebook. So clicking on facebook costs 6 bucks when im supposed to have 10mb of usage per month? My brother has the same exact plan and goes on facebook all the time with no issue. So when it came time for my monthly payment to be processed for my plan IT FAILED!! So I was robbed of 6 dollars and have no service!

tony rios 2/24/2011
Virgin's tech support is the worst. i call because i could not make a long distance call even do i have money on my account he said i would have to add more money to make a long distance call that the money is for local call and that i would have to top off to make long distance call with at lest 10.oo droller when i ask to speak to a supervisor he hung up on me

Kanna 2/21/2011
Virgin Mobile is by far the best deal for prepaid phones out there, (I have yet to find a well known carrier besides Boost that has unlimited messaging and data plans.)
But, they have a lot of problems with service.
My phone (I use the rumor touch) takes forever to connect to call other people, and CONSTANTLY has failed messages. And for a while there, I couldn't recieve pictures (Although VM did take care of that.) This is not my phones fault though, i know two other people who have the rumor touch, but do not use VM and their phones are just fine.
As for customer support, almost all phone companies use reps who don't know a lot of english. Every time I have ever called VM with a question, or problem they were very quick and very polite about it. Yes, it did take a few minutes to get to a live rep, but that is expected.
As for VM's data and internet service, it is very slow, and sometimes doesn't even work.
I have never had a problem with them charging me twice in the same month or anything like that. (I've been using VM for almost a year now.)

julie 2/21/2011
Horrible customer service-same experience not being able to receive or send texts for over three weeks bc it says low balance, when my payment was just debited from my account and I topped up. Apparently Ive been charged tor the texts that Ive not been able to use, Its impossiple trying to get through to a live advisor and then when I do nobody helps me. The reception is horrible, the language barrier is horrible, the service is horrible. I just want a refund so I can go somewhere else immediately.

Richard 2/17/2011
I just jumped on the LG Optimus V & beyond talk bandwagon this month. So far, I have no complaints at all. The phone and the service are a good deal at the current price. I live in San Diego & I've driven from the Mexico border to Orange County without ever having issues with signal.

Beth 2/16/2011
If I could select a zero rating that's what it would be. I had no signal strength, either zero bars or one bar that fluctuated constantly. I bought 2 virgin mobile phones because they told me it must be a problem with the 1st phone. Both phones had no signal. The worst part of this company is that they wouldn't do the right thing and refund my money for a monthly service when the service was non-existent. They also have a scam going, when they don't want to talk with you any more they either disconnect you or put you on hold and no one ever comes back to the phone. I plan to contact the Better Business Bureau next. Stay away no matter what!

Joe 2/16/2011
im glad i looked at this. I was going to switch to virgin because of the new optimus and unlimited for 60 a month. no way i have a shitty phone and service now dont need another one. thanks folks for making me stay with straight talk

JoAnne 2/15/2011
I had VM for about 7 years and it was good at first. And it could tap into a cell tower near me when others could not. Last year and a half have been awful. I had a standard plan that covered messaging yet they kept charging me for messages. Customer service gave me these dubious answers. i went to a Sprint office to ask what was wrong and ended up switching to Sprint.

Doug 2/15/2011
Like others, I have had a couple issues dealing with not having service for a few days. They corrected it and gave me bonus minutes, as well.

Mandy 2/14/2011
I was a customer of VM for about four years. I got VM because I was looking for a more affordable plan without contracts. At first I liked that I didn't have to deal with much as a prepaid customer. I didn't like the quality of the phones but they were cheap so...I didn't have too many technical issues but when I did and I had to call the customer service department it seemed that because it was a prepaid service the customer service was limited. Over the years I had a few issues with billing, signal problems, and when I would call in I would usually get someone that could barely speak english and it always seemed they didn't value their customers and were only willing to give you scripted answers but never really help you with your problem. Finally I became fed up when I went two days without service for No understandable reason. When I called in to customer service explaining that I was sure it was an area problem because other friends of mine with VM in my area also were without service for days; they just kept telling me it had to be my phone. When my service began working again days later it was obviously not my phone and I explained that to them but they just kept giving me these standard scripted answers and saying it was my phone because they didn't want to credit me for the days I went without service. So I had decided to look around for another provider. They day I went to do that, I called VM to see if they were willing to offer me an incentive to stay with them before I switched. The customer service person pretty much told me he couldn't do anything to help me, in essence I was told they didn't care about me as a customer. So I switched cell providers. I would suggest that if you are thinking of getting service with VM that you look elsewhere.

kimsue 2/13/2011
Virgin mobile looks good because it is so cheap. But they rip you off. Every month I go in and make a payment, but I always have issues. They say I do not have money in my account, even though I already paid them. Or they take the money out twice. Also everytime I text it sends the same thing 2 or 3 times so I run out of text. It is cheap, but a huge pain. Either the company is stupid or they are scamming people.

Bill - Salt Lake City, UT 2/10/2011
Cons: Coverage in Salt Lake is horrible. Customer service is horrible.

Marty 2/10/2011
The only problem I had was that if I paid my bill early, then the next month it was due early so I ended up losing days. I guess this is how they convince you to do auto billing. I used a phone that cost &7.99 and it worked fine. Once I dropped it in water and ruined it and they replaced it free. I never had a problem with service, however I did not use web.

Drew 2/7/2011
Pros: Cheap, non-contract, call quality good, unlimited data which mostly works.

Ryan 2/6/2011
I've had VM two separate times, and both times have been a great experience for me. Before their beyond talk plans, I frequently received mail with free minutes for my phone, but eventually canceled to go with a local unlimited provider. Once I was fed up with them, Virgin had introduced the beyond talk plans, which I use now. I started with a Rumor Touch which was great, but went on the fritz after about 6mos. Purchased a Samsung Intercept and have had a really great experience with the phone and service. Customer service has always been responsive to me the times I contacted them. I see many people leaving poor reviews due to bad customer service, but I have not had this experience.

DEBBIE 2/6/2011
I absolutely love VIRGIN MOBILE!!! I recently purchased the new LG OPTIMUS V and its such a GREAT phone. You can't beat VIRGIN MOBILE'S price plan. Customer Service is great also. My only regret is that I didn't switch sooner. I'm planning on getting rid of my landline and just sticking to one phone- my VIRGIN MOBILE phone :):):)

Guest 2/5/2011
To Mike just because you had an bad experience with virgin mobile don't go talking crap on the Optimus v, I have an mytouch 4g and just got the optimus for use as an extra phone and i can say the phone is fast and great 3G, I know some people have an hard time activateing there phones but once you are uo and running things are good, looks like you just had bad luck or an bad phone.

HappyVMGuy 2/5/2011
Customer service/support: F-------
Call quality/coverage: A+
Value: A+++

Vinicio 2/3/2011
I bought my blackBerry 8530 and only pay $ 35.00 a month and I got unlimited tex and data I really enjoy listen music and my e-m without any problem so VM is the best company not other offer that kind of service for so litle money

Mike 2/2/2011
Trying to join Virgin Mobile has been a BAD experience for me.
First the 1229 Silas Creek Pwy, Winston-Salem, 27127 Radio Shack rep. sold me the phone with the knowledge that I wanted to keep my old number, but activated the phone without doing such.
I get to the parking lot, call a friend and he tells me I have a different number. So I go back into the store and an hour later I leave having spent $200 but still using my Verizon phone, with the understanding that my phone should be working with my number "soon".
Called 888-322-1122, Virgin customer service, several hours later only to find the genius at Radio Shack had given the them wrong Verizon account number, so I correct that with the rep. and was told it should be working "soon".
Next evening, like 25 hours later, the phone switches over but is telling me I need to add money.I go online to try and resolve the problem but the phone number and password Radio Shack provided me wouldn't work. So I set up a Google account online, to use their sweet phone dialer to call Virgin cutomer service, but much to my surprise, closed at night. Can you believe that? A company this size providing cell service closed at night.
Well here I am with no phone at all, except of course I can dial out on the net, but no thanks to Virgin Mobile.
I read all the bad reviews and said "nooo that wont happen to me".
Yeah, Get you some!
Oh yeah, and the Optimus phone sucks. No connection, and you can watch the battery meter drop.

Dani 2/1/2011
I got 2 phones for family for christmas. one i ordered the other i bought in the store. when 1.5 weeks AFTER christmas it came in & i called to complain the lady was EXTREAMLY rude to me, she even went as far as agreeing with me when i told her that she didnt care that she ruined christmas for that person.
GOD AWFUL customer service & working at a major electronic company you can be sure if customers ask my oppinion im going to tell them that this is a horrible company.
If you NEVER have to call them then i would recommened the $25 android plan its great! but, again the customer service is horrible.

EDward 1/31/2011
I do not recommend any one to get verging mobile rep you off. Bad customer service
Some one answer you from India can not speak English, hang on your car. If you pay $60 monthly unlimited pre-paid they change you to short minutes and cut your service. Honestly. I do not recommended to any one rating should ne “0”. I am aerospace engineer. They are very much crock.

Chris@WVU 1/31/2011
Just got the Blackberry with full service and 300 minutes for $35/month. You can't beat that deal, especially for someone like me who doesn't need the unlimited minutes package that other plans force you to purchase. When I called to transfer my number they had cancelled my old service and my phone was ready to activate within a couple of hours. One of the reasons I paid a little extra for the Blackberry is because they’re well built phones and so far it’s working great. If I have any texting/internet issues I will go into them in another review but for not I’m pretty satisfied.

Jon 1/29/2011
We have had major issues with Virgin Mobile. We have a phone that worked great for 2 months, and now it won't send/receive text messages. We've been told that Customer Service is opening an "investigation" and to wait "24" and "48" and "72" hours for these "investigations" to be completed, yet the problem still remains (and we have 5 "investigations" underway). Texting has not worked for over a week. Although we paid for 2 months in advance, the account settings won't update and the phone keeps telling us to TOP-UP...

Liz 1/29/2011
Switched to Virgin Mobile from Verizon a few months ago & bought a Samsung Intercept from Best Buy, no problems activating & porting over my old #, very happy to get a Droid smartphone on their $25/mo plan for 300 min + unlimited web & texts, saving about $40 a month from previous Verizon service as I don't use a lot of minutes & they soaked for text usage. Have had no problem with calls being dropped, any time I called VM Customer service I was able to reach a live person much quicker than with Verizon & they answered my ?s right awat Glad I switched!

Anthony elkins 1/27/2011
Worst company i have ever got a phone through i bought the lg rumor in agust phones touch screen dosnt work sent me a replacment that belonged to sombody else and can not be activated cs is impossible to talk to any one live and if you do they barly speak english and a rude and unhelpfull pic only works when it wants to the same with the web good price horrible service

JUDY 1/27/2011
Do not get virgin mobile. Ive had my cell for less than 3 months and its been a headache. No texting, no incoming calls, there customer service sucks!!

Brian 1/27/2011
I have been with VM for many years and use my phone very little. My pre-paid account always accumulated money until this last year. I had over $130 and add $20 every 3 months. For some reason my account kept going down. It is now at $10 and they say i have to pay $50 to get a usage report beyond 60 days. This last 90 days my account dropped from over $40 to $10 and the 60 day history only show about $5 of use. Must be time to find a new carrier.

Linda Nash 1/27/2011
Virgin's tech support is the worst. I have been trying for 5 weeks to get their 'Rumor Touch' phone going. I've spent hours talking to them. I get bumped to the higher level support, but it dosen't help. I wish I had not got this phone.

nancy 1/26/2011
I just finished activating a cell phone for my sister and I think the people at Virgin Mobile are great. The gentleman at customer service was very efficient and professional, and needless to say, extremely helpful. The phone was activated and the old cell phone ported without nay problems; "topped-up" and ready to go! My experience with them was very positive. I currently use Net10, but if I ever switch, Virgin Mobile would be my first stop.

Nikki 1/25/2011
You from Chicago Raven? Not too smart posting your phone number in a public place.

Mike 1/25/2011
Have used my LG Rumor Touch for about five months on the $25 Beyond Talk plan. Zero problems with, well, anything. Talked my son into switching from AT&T - he likes it very well. If what you're after is not too much talking but unlimited text and web - AND no contract, no extra charges - this plan works great.

Jeffbo 1/25/2011
My experience with Virgin Mobile has been fantastic, and we're saving a ton of money! My 15-year-old daughter talks a little, but texts and browses a lot! Beyond Talk plan for $25 monthly gives her everything she needs at a price that is far and away the best deal out there.

Looki Looky 1/25/2011
Great choice for the casual cell phone user. I've had the Kyocera with the basic 400 minute/month deal for almost two years. I don't bother with trying to figure out the online top-up process - just buy a couple of cards at Target (on the way home) every couple of months and call them with the pin#. Not a single coverage or "cheated-out-of-minutes" problem to date...knock on wood.

Liana 1/25/2011
I've had a Virgin Mobile LG Rumor Touch for less than a week and I'm returning it to the store today. My text messaging stopped working 3 times in 5 days, for hours at a time, and when I called Virgin Mobile support, the first time they told me to call back in 20 minutes because their internet was down (yes, seriously) and the second time they told me to "wait until it works again". They can't fix this problem? Absolutely unacceptable. I looked online and saw so many people with the same issue of not being able to text, yet Virgin Mobile doesn't seem to care at all and has no interest in fixing the problem. T-Mobile treated me terribly, which is why I switched in the first place, but at least their service worked. I will steer people away from Virgin Mobile from now on.

Justin 1/25/2011
Worst phone carrier EVER! does NOT receive Picture or Text Messages everytime, worst wireless service, horrible customer service(what a joke they are, their should be anybody being paid to do what they do NOT A JOB) DONT NOT PURCHASE VIRGIN MOBILE.
Either T-mobile or A&T for prepaid go phone. Wow, VIRGIN MOBILE IS TERRIBLE

DanO 1/24/2011
Been the best service yet! Have both the Samsung Intercept and the MiFi 2200 both on VM. Just got the Intercept and haven't had any issues so far. Been using the MiFi for several months now and has been one of the best tech investments so far. Haven't had to contact customer service yet so can't really comment on that. $40/month for each device with unlimited data, can't beat that! All of the other negative commenting people, go use ATT or Verizon and get royally screwed! Then you'll see how nice VM actually is...

s 1/24/2011
i can not get over all the horrible complaints. I read the reviews before i decided to switch to save money. I was scared. I got the beyond talk plan $25 compared to what i was paying which was $75 a month. GREAT! I loved the phone and service in my area seemed good. I did hhave some issues with text not working. So i called customer service expecting to speak to someone i did not understand. When i got a rep and they started speaking clear english i was VERY CONFUSED for a minute. I thought i might have called the wrong place. Anyway the rep had to xfer me and then they hung up on me!!! I thought oh no here we go. So i called back and got another person who spoke english CRAZY!!! i never once spoke to someone i did not understand. They told me i would need to wait 24-72hrs for a fix. I waited until the end of the day and viola it was fixed. I loved the phone and the service seemed right on! I hope i do not eat my words but im loving everything including half price cell phone bill. Even though the review are bad i would recommend it to anyone!

Nae53 1/23/2011
Service is good in my area plan is good as well just hate to talk to cust service since they dont speak english too well and dont understand the tools they have to answer the simplest questions

abby 1/22/2011
It's been terrible! the first couple months it worked great but after that it stopped texting and the web and email stopped working all with 4 bars and it makes me top up twice

PC 1/22/2011
The worst. So many errors - internet stopped working, billed incorrectly, texting stopped working -- all within less than 2 months. Not only is the customer service incompetent, they are incredibly rude as well. Customer service refused to explain why my internet stopped working and why I was billed incorrectly, and the rep refused to let me speak to his supervisor and hung up. Later my phone was unable to send texts, and while I was put on hold for them to fix the problem, they again hung up on me, this time by accident. Run, don't walk, away from Virgin mobile.

Laura 1/22/2011
Real rating: 0 star

Mandy 1/22/2011
Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. 9 out of 10 calls are dropped numerous times after only a few minutes, even with full reception.

highlandot 1/21/2011
I've had the $25.00 unlimited text and data, 300 talk minutes on a Rumor Touch for about 5 months now and really have no complaints. I'm actually quite surprised with their coverage, it's not much less than Verizon's in my fairly rural area. The phone has worked perfectly (once I downloaded Opera Mini), with great call quality and decent browsing capabilities. Customer service has been quite adequate. Once or twice I've done my update and the voice minutes made it, but not the data. A quick 5 minute call each time fixed the problem.
All in all it's not the level of service or coverage you get from Verizon but it's only 50% of the price and no contract, so I think it's well worth it.

Cathy 1/21/2011
Hate this company!!!!!!!! Switched in order to SAVE MONEY!!! What a croc! Beware, twice I've gone to add minutes online, trying to change plans and they charged me for two plans in one month, TWICE!!! Totally not worth it. Called customer service said they were going to refund money, surprise, surprise, didn't happen, they said I had used 15 minutes on it, really on both plans! I only have one phone!! Come on!!!! Get a freaking tech person to fix your online glitch that steals people's money!

raven 1/20/2011
i was wondering can a lg rumor 2 play any music on a website since it doesnt have youtube text me at 7739575694

Dionte G. 1/19/2011
For this to be my first phone I do not like it. It should be unlimited for $30 not 300 minutes. For unlimited on virgin mobile is $60 but for metro pcs unlimited is $35, $40 so why would i want to pay that much. Im so happy im changing my service.

Ed Smith, Southern CA 1/18/2011
I had a top up problem and the person on the phone in some far away land fixed it very quickly. I have the LG Rumor Touch, and it is worth every penny. Definitely one of the very best non-smartphones around. I also get a signal in many more places than I did with T-Mobile, and better customer service. I have heard complaints about all of the carriers, so don't get your expectations too high, no matter who you get service with. Also, Consumer Reports recently rated AT&T the worst carrier, with their customer service being a major factor.

Jodiann 1/18/2011
As of today, after 6 months of being a Virgin Mobile Customer, I am on the brink of calling it quits! Consumer Beware!;- Virgin Mobile wil cost you double your anticipated monthly 'unlimited' plan ( in my case;- $49.99 per month, plus tax), due to 'Top Off ' failures;- which is what has happened with me 3 times during the course of my 6-month relationship with Virgin Mobile.

jen 1/16/2011
Have been with Virgin for over six years and am finally leaving. After buying a defective phone a supervisor told me to return it for a refund. I did (paying postage myself). 8 weeks later I'm told I won't receive a refund after all. A different supervisor finally offered to give me free extra minutes. Surprise! Never received them either. The absolute worst customer service. If you're looking for a prepaid plan with customer service of any kind avoid Virgin.

raph 1/15/2011
all people having plroblems with web in your vm phone downloading aplication Mini Opera you can find go to web on your vm look dowloading ok right there look option mini opera and downloding i have mini poera into my roumor touch so work faster web to find anything my wife have opera is a cellphone color red brand ustarcom i forgot the name on this but is ustarcom color red model flip

Martin 1/15/2011
I've called customer service and I've had my bill adjusted after I've seen errors in it. Then I get an ebill without the adjustments made..WTF ??? I've been with them for only 2 months and I'm thinking of cutting my losses and change companies

Kate 1/15/2011
Phone breaks every four weeks since 2009. The last two replacement phones that they sent can not access the web.VM refuse to credit my debit card since im on the 25 dollar beyond talk plan i feel they should subtract the amount of mins i used to talk on my phone which isn't much and credit the rest back to my debit card. The only thing they can tell me is the problem has been escalated and it will be fixed in 24 to 72 hours yeah right. I have had this problem for over 2 weeks now and all they can do is offer a 10 dollar credit to my phone account. I'm sick of it half of timethe CS hangs up on me or refused to get a supervisor. I'm contacting the BBB about getting my money back now and will not use VM again.

Irish 1/12/2011
I have had Virgin for many years and never had problems until the last year. The problem is customer service. I had auto top up. They started cutting my time in half, then they wouldn't top it up and cut off my service. This took well over a week to fix, and then they only put in half the time again and they service people are very hard to understand. When I asked why I was having these problems they tried saying they had a computer problem that morning (this was the second time in a row, 90 days between them). Now I tried ordering a new phone. After two weeks of them telling me they were having problems with their system and it's now on it's way (they say it ships the next day and you get it in 3-5 days) I was told it was canceled because it isn't available any more, They have yet to cancel the payment even though they keep saying the did. I have never gotten an apology or any type of refund or anything for my trouble. I am going somewhere else for my service.

wes 1/11/2011
Bought a Samsung Intercept and signed up for the $40 plan a month ago. Love this phone and love the service! I live in NYC and I've had reception everywhere even though I get 1-3 bars. Customer service is a slight challenge but if you speak slowly like I did, they're fine. Got my number transferred from MetroPcs within a couple of hours. The internet is ALOT faster than MetroPcs. Only glitch was when I paid my bill. For some reason, they said I owed $2 even though I paid the correct amount. Called customer service and they fixed it within minutes. So far a great four weeks with this service and the smartphone.

Peter Harris 1/11/2011
FIrst: I think the overview of Virgin's service is out of date . I have a simple plan: $25.00 for 300 talk minutes unlimited data/text.

TROY 1/10/2011
i have a vm fone nd its awfull they really want money for a 10 sec rington could say more bt don't feel like typing it . don't waste your money

Steve 1/10/2011
Billing: I’m a new customer and paid for 30 days, the plan expired in 2 weeks. Called customer no-service and was offered a $5 credit. Not good enough, I only asked to receive what I paid for and was denied. Will go to another company for future service. Do not recommend this company as I was over charged with no recourse.

Kashmore 1/9/2011
My husband and I both have the LG Touch phones and LOVE them. We have had little problems and the probs we did have customer service was VERY helpful and resolved the problems immeidately. We have been usesrs for 6 months; great value for the money. I recomment purchase from Best Buy because they will set it up for you if you are not tech savvy and they don't work on commissions and are VERY helpful

jv 1/8/2011
You really do get what you pay for. I have a Rumor 2 phone and it doesn't function very well. It freezes often and can be very slow, and the apps you can get for the phone are useless. The ringtones are over $2 each! I cannot get any messages from TextFree apps or get free Myxer ringtones either, nor am I able to send or receive picture messages to or from certain phones. The web browsers are also an eyesore and feel primitive to what I have seen other devices being capable of doing. Customer service is non-existent; I basically had to search the internet to find the number to call a customer service rep (the number that Virgin Mobile provides merely sends you to a recording that does not help you whatsoever). They also sent me a text after purchasing my last $25 prepaid month saying they would renew my minutes in two days when the new month started...they ended up giving me my new minutes three days later and caused me to go over my minutes for the month before when an emergency occurred and I needed to call family members. I am considering buying an actual smartphone from a different company now in hopes that they can provide better service. Virgin Mobile is as cheap as they sound! If you are looking to buy a good phone...go elsewhere. It's worth the extra money.

alex 1/8/2011
Pay-as-you is cheap if you don't use your phone much, but there are certain headaches come with the low price. It's been at least three times as their "system" would, for now reason deactivate my credit card payment setting and when I really need to make a call I would get that stupid voice reply from their robot "Alex" saying that my phone is deactivated because I (I ?) missed to top-up. They don't even bother to check whatever their system is doing and I have valid credit card. Then I called their customer service and spoke to some (probably in South America or whatever) aggravated customer service with a heavy accent. Horrible! So, beware.

John 1/8/2011
Unable to download ringtones,graphics and games. Have had service for 5 years and once minutes are up i am out.

Becky 1/8/2011
I have been using VM for over 5 years. I have experienced very FEW problems over the years until most recently. I did have my account set-up to automatically charge my CC monthly. I was considering joining my son's verizon plan so I added to top up only when I said to to my account so that I could add money to use up a balance that lingered from when I paid $15 every 90 days. Ever since then I have had problems. I would go online and top up, only to get a text saying there was a problem with the charge going thru. I would have to call to get it straightened out. I was charged by the minute although my monthly charge had went through one month. The service rep said that I had to wait for the top up to clear. I had to explain that I would have been either under the old month- with remaining minutes- or the new month with new minutes- there would be no lapse in time. I was credited the amount I was charged for the calls. Then I was charged for twice for my monthly bill. My account showed a 0.05 balance- although they were 'holding' an extra $25 that would be applied to the following month. WTF? Why charge me and hold it? Bizarre. Customer service wasn't very helpful on that one. I figured I would wait to see if it all works out at the next scheduled top-up- in which I should not have to add money since they are 'holding' money. Today my service was put on 'temporarily out of service". I couldn't make or receive calls. When I checked my min. it said that I was out of minutes. After work, I checked online and I only have used 41 of 300 minutes during the 2 weeks of this months billing cycle. And of course they are closed! All the screwy things lately makes me wonder what is going on with the company! I am again considering joining my son's plan with verizon.

mad in mi 1/6/2011
phone was nice but coverage in our area turned out bad even though map showed decent coverage. returned it via mail within 5 days back in aug 2010 and still trying to get my money back.

Randy 1/5/2011
Don't buy virgin mobile. I purchased the keyocera loft about a week ago and I can't use any of the features and neither can my friends. I decided to get the 25 dollar plan so I could use the web as much as I want. The connect feature does not work, maps and gps don't work, and I can't download ring tones or games from the phone or on the computer. And when I call customer service I get very little help. After I go through the automated help I get hooked up to somebody in India with poor English skills and no concern with my issues. Today I decided to go to the sprint store to ask if there is just a temporary issue with vm service but I was told that virgin is a separate service and I still got no answers. So if you just want to talk and text then virgin mobile is great but if like to use social networking sites, gps or download games, aps and ringtones then you should look somewhere else for service.

Linda 1/5/2011
Terrible support. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get this 'Rumor Touch' fully activated. For $25 all I can get is regular phone service. I can't get on the internet. The support people are hard to understand. They all apologise and tell me the problem is being sent higher up and will be fixed within 24 to 72 hours. I wish I had not bought this phone.

rj 1/4/2011
i ordered phones on 12/20/10 and have called and talked to them and they said they were sent out and never recieved them, they willbe sent out still never done, and now they say they will give us our money back and sitll nothing so we are out $111 ugh

redtopfarm 1/3/2011
Took 6 hours to try to get the service to work. Finally canceled, and Virginmobile could not even refund the full balance. Got the phone, activated it, but could not receive calls or set up the voicemail. After several hours over 2 days with virginmobile, I was told to return the phone to Best Buy and start with a new phone. We had already added $40 and another $10 top-up, so we returned it and got another phone. Same thing happened with that one. After another several hours, got it to receive calls and set up the voicemail. Only after going to check the voicemail, the whole phone key worked! We can not rely on this as a phone for emergencies, so we called to cancel it all. They agreed to refund the $40, but since we had received a call and placed a call (to see if it worked), they said that they could not refund the $10 top-up or even the $10 minus the cost of the placed calls. AVOID VIRGIN MOBILE

Albert L 1/3/2011
Wow; reading lots of bad reviews here and surprised. I've been with them for years and still like it the best for the money. With sprint network it is reliable and most everywhere. I recently bought the samsung intercept android phone and love that I have unlimited everything for only $60 month no contract. standard youtube works fine and the HD doesnt take long to load. the maps on android are great with sattelite layers ect. I think I am getting major carrier phone and coverage with no contract unlimited for a competitive if not the best price, considering the quality/coverage. True customer service and the website I had problems with in the beginning but eventually ironed it all out and now smooth sailing. Sometimes a text will be delayed a few minutes. These problems may be universal to all carriers. Note I do live around a big city. If you do not you should check the coverage map of any carrier before buying into it. I think I have the best deal going.

vennie barbareno 1/2/2011
vm has a $20.00 every 90 day top up agreement, well the store only had 10 and 25 or higher (sold out of 25)so i bought 2 $10.00 cards, well i didnt know that i must use a $20.00 or higher card, i ended up with 45 days and only $10.00 (the other 10 was there but not 90 days only 45).So thats my fault for not knowing i understand that, so i now am using a tracfone (you may want to look into tracfone they have a better policy for 90 day agreements), last thing ill say is all mobile phone companys have faults,that way they can do what they do as usual, and if a company does good to the customer they get bought out so things will be "as usual" (sprint just bought vm).

cup of joe 1/2/2011
lol you need to be in the sweet spots in ordeer for vm to work properly .. here in its the best service provider along with boost ..anyway if your vm is not working for any reason then you must be a moron an should go back to pagers ... enough said!

john 1/1/2011
Nice sounding people ... impossible system. within one year they a) lost a phone in for repair for 7 months. Despite monthly calls and getting the run around from nice sounding but weak customer service. b) when we cancelled the month by month deal they continued to send bills. Called every month to cancel again the nice sounding yet weak customer service rep did not take care of things. In fact they failed to record the conversations either.
Go to Fido.