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3 stars of 5 based on 618 reviews

K 9/6/2013
I don't see why Verizon charges $.99 a day! (Even if you don't use your phone). That is the craziest thing I've ever heard of! The service is good and the phones are cool though.

marcus 9/6/2013
i will give it 3 stars thats just for the service, night calling, and in calling. but over all the phone is just to expensive 1 dollar aday is just crazy... your minutes will be going before that 15 days...becuase the bill phone has free txtin and poeple with txtin you it cost you 10 cents a txt... with a 15 dollar card you get 150 txt not taking off the dollar... i found my self buyin a card on sunday then again on friday becuase of this...its just a big rip off i spent 60 dollars on minutes last month a bill will be the same price...believe me.....!!!!!!!!

Christophe 9/6/2013
Nice phone plan. I had Cellular One and was paying about $40 a month, I figure I'm still coming in under that with Verizon, and have a much nicer phone than what our local CellOne people have. One major disappointment for me: It was not made clear to me before buying that email, text, and pic messaging are only available in certain areas in which I'm not. I'm still not able to find anyplace that tells me where I can go nearby to use those features

Tina 7/20/2013
I purchased a $35 500 anytime minute plan. I don't talk on the phone often but my cell is my only phone. My plan was supposed to renew in a month however in the past week I have had to reload my phone 3-4 times at $35 a pop because there were no minutes on it. I am currently unable to call customer service or anyone else because my minutes are gone. When I DO call the "customer service" number, I am placed in an endless loop that never leads to a real person. I cannot view my bill on the website to find out what is going on and I am more than frustrated with this plan right now. As of this minute, I will either get a resolution before the weekend is over or this phone service will lose my business permanently.

Lg Girl 6/7/2013
Verizon has great service and read your agreement before you activate your phone prepaid is just what it is and boost is a dead zone phone service. I have Verizon postpaid since 1994 and came to prepaid in 2010 because of budget. Thank you Verizon!

Chris D. 5/11/2013
I will never recommend going to Verizon Wireless period. They took my money four times and never credited my prepaid phone. When confronted with it they stated, we have no control over this you need to call our billing department. When I called the billing department, they stated "you are on a prepaid line, you'll need to go to one of the stores to get this straight." I went to the store and they told me to call the 800 number. I am now with Boost Mobile, they haven't messed up yet and have better service! Go to BOOST you will not be disappointed!!!

teresa 4/12/2013
Verizon prepaid are thieves!! I paid for a 60 dollar a month plan and went in to try to contact a human and hit the wrong button and accidentally changed my monthly plan to 70 and they shut my phone off until I pay the 70 …with a week and half left in my previous month!!! I called , an hour later got a human adn they said I forfeit it..thats BS!! NEVER again.. ILL go to AT & T

Heather B 3/24/2013
I was thinking about getting a verizon pre paid phone.I have boost mobile now.I buy a $20.00 phone car every 90 days and I still have between $12 and $8 dollars left after 90 days,the money does roll over so it builds up.But I have to renew in 90 days again so more money adds up. Anyway most of my friends have verizon plans so I was thinking, talking to them with out it coming off my minutes would be ok until I found this site.I am kind of starting to like my $20 every 90 days plan and 10 cents a minute.(I did see new contracts are 20 cents a minute,but the price drops after you are with them a while) I'm staying with Boost mobile until I can get a plan I feel is better for me. After seeing that verizon is for 30 days it would cost me more in the long run

Shirley 3/16/2013
I got on a $15/mo pre pay account years ago. I have a lot of money in my account since I don't use it that much. Things used to be tight but are now better so I wanted to upgrade. I get all the bells and whistles but can't use any due to the old phone. Got the old, "there are no phones you can upgrade with, you'll need to start a new account at $50/mo!!! No way!, waited researched, a friend with a prepay account gave me her old phone and insisted I could upgrade with it. Renewed, I walked into Verizon and waited for the old spiel that they couldn't help me but insisted, they relented (don't give up!!!). I upgraded twice using this friends two old phones, but now I want a smart phone. I hate having to deal with Verizon but I have a ton of extra money in my account because they won't upgrade the software on these older phones so I can't use the internet (!!!) Oh, and they finally let me pay once a year instead of each month, did you know that? They are the ones who told me I could, so maybe you all can bug them and tell them you'd rather pay yearly, just be sure to mark the date on your calendar (so you have to buy next years calendar or put in big letters at end of December to add to the next years calendar). Anyway, now I'm dealing with finding a phone I can use, of course they are very expensive, I'll research as much as I can before going in, right now, I was told Walmart has a phone I could use. I went there last night, they had no idea about prepaid phone upgrades, but I think I can buy it (the best they had wasn't so great but cost only $99, way less than the stuff I've look at on Amazon, hopefully not too lacking), then try to upgrade, if they balk at me, I can return it to Walmart w/in 15 days. Wish me luck. I gave 2 stars instead of 1 because it's so darn cheap (can you believe $15/mo!!!), but really Verizon is hateful to deal with, even their customer service people have to wait, wait and wait when they call their own company for help, 2 stars because even though I have to fight for it, I got a great deal that so far, I'm able to keep, with a little (or a lot) of work.

Guest 3/9/2013
Awful service as far as prepaid telephones are concern. I have two prepaid phones and due to me not adding money to them by a certain date. Verizon took my money and when I called I had a 0 balance. My balance should have been $70. No wonder they are the number company in the USA. They rip people off and the government should step in and protect the citizens. Verizon has a message on their machine that says they are welling to work with their customers. Not.... They just want to screw you. Be careful customers.

luna 3/9/2013
The outright thuggery and daylight thievery of Verizon Wireless Prepaid I choose to buy a full-prized iphone 4s in January for I was fundamentally against the kind of exploitative business model of contracts. I bought the said phone from Verizon and signed up for their monthly prepaid, until I found a more suitable arrangement. At the time of signing up I was informed that it was a monthly arrangement and on the 7th of each month I simply had to renew for the next month, or set up autopay. I choose the manual option. So when February rolled around and I got a text from Verizon that my phone will be inoperable on the sixth I was concerned and called. It seemed that the system was set up to eat a day off every month. The Verizon person on the phone explained that it was not a monthly scheme, but a 30-day cycle. Astonished at the temerity and wilyness of these corporations, I accepted the explanation, renewed for the next month. When asked for the date of renewal, the Verizon employee informed me that I needed to renew by the 5th of March! Right away that should have given the game away, but I challenged her pointing out that Febuary has only 28 days and the 30 day period should extend to the 7th of March! She was flummoxed and basically verbally agreed with me, that yes it should cover me till the 7th of March, but clearly her computer system told her otherwise. Sure enough on the 5th of March there was an ambiguous sounding text message implying that the service was to be cut off that day. When I called immediately I received an automated phone message that said something to the extent of apologizing to those who received the message on a 28 day cycle, and Verizon has already addressed the problem and that I could rest assured that the 30 day cycle is reinstated. Yet, the next day my phone was no longer working. I was later informed that friends who called me on the 5th itself were told that the phone was out of service! When I called Verizon on the sixth, and after an intolerable wait of nearly 20 minutes I was told that I had a monthly service, meaning that on the same date of each month the service has to be renewed! How atrocious is this? When it works for Verizon, it is 30 days (saving the one day charge in January), and monthly (saving 2 days in February), in total that is pilfering nearly 7 dollars in total from account directly, but also with their ever shrinking month with its service having to be renewed a day before rather than the day of expiry, that is an additional day on each month earned. Say there are a million such a customers, that is a cool 10 million made in the span of two months without doing a thing except adjusting dates and numbers, and pulling wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting. If this is not downright thievery and corporate thuggery than at the very least they are pickpockets! Verizon’s system shows the same level of endemic corruption that Banks such as BOA showed in the days, months and years leading to their colossal failings and my eventual refusal to participate in their morally corrupt and ethically compromised models of business. How convoluted should a monthly renewable service model need be? Every day on the 7th as in this case the account has to have the monthly fee deposited. Instead all this shameless manipulation and downright corrupt sheneniganism is shameful. Corporations have become thoroughly shameless and fearless in their thievery, and for this the rest of America has to take blame as well, for the checks and balances of the system are clearly not enough. They work on the habitual model of too little too late. It is not enough. There must be a way that these corporations are SHAMED. Such pervasive moral delinquency should not be permitted. Shame on you Verizon for stealing money straight out of the wallets of the hapless customer. Shame on you for institutionalizing thievery and incorporating skimming off as a corporate policy. In whichever way you look at it, it is nothing short of ROBBERY. Shame on You, VERIZON WIRELESS PREPAID.

John In up state ny 3/5/2013
Not having the moblie web when I want to use it [get a bad get way message alot of the time] 983 drop calls in 7 months with the web to and the message your account has a no balance when try to make or get phone calls. After getting to some at 2123218700 thats a home offices number for land line you have to be transferd over to cellphone from there. They well give me 100 dollers in credit for this problem but not fix it. Like that helps they well not give the mfc code to fix the problem but do to you can unlock the phone with that code they well not. The phone is schu365 samsung that they know there is a problem with. Don't even get me started on the lack of 611 information or the bs when you call you can only call in 3 times a day in 24 hours. If they fix the phone I would be having that big of a problem but they wont. If you want to call people 9107946230 9107946251 the last 4 numbers just need to be changed to talk to a person or a voicemail at the wireless deparment. So have fun If you want to get your money back you well have to sue for it by you self if you have a problem like me or get stock like me and give bs at the share holders meeting.

No name 3/2/2013
When people called to activate their phone and if they listened to the actual details of the plan then they will know what they are getting but most are too busy to not even listen to what you have to say about the plan. Customers im sorry but you can be a pain in the ass. Most call in for every single little problem, and are so rude..99% of the time the billing is correct, the 1.99 plan takes a 1.99 for each day you use the phone you get unlim calling until 11:59 PM, SMS is 2 SENT AND RECEIVED, Picture messaging is 25 sent and received, Mobile web is 99 cent for 24 hrs, 411 is a 1.99 per call so that needs to be corrected on here. Yes their are expiration dates..I def don't agree with everything verizon has set up, but for the most part is the lack of listening on customers.

Jans 2/22/2013
I had about $195 left on my prepaid service and missed the 365 day to add money because I only use it for emergency. Verizon stole the $195. It's theft, plain and simple, you prepay for a phone service, that's all, because it's convenient. They know it's not worth suing over so they do what they like with customer's hard earned money. Typical big company attitude today. I am so glad I am on the downward path and will be gone before the whole World is corrupt.

mS mEEKS 2/12/2013
I find it very sad the way that they treat their prepaid customers. I chose verizon wireless prepaid, because in the past their reps have mislead me into a contract that was suppose to be within my budget. Turns out their calls aren't monitored at all! Now when your prepaid device is interrupted their is no way to speak to a rep at all. Some respect huh! We spend more money than some of their contract customers, and they won't even give us enough repect to at least listen to us

Lori Goodner 2/9/2013
Bought 2 prepay phones last year for $99 each and have been using the $50 unlimited plan on each since. No problems until now, both phones need to be replaced mine I dropped mine in the toilet and the other I dropped under running water. Mine still works but the other the screen is black. This is what led to my current situation. I went to the Verizon Corporate store per referral by customer service and was told I was not allowed to purchase the prepay phone for $59 due to my existing prepay account. I was told I'd have to pay phone $250+$35 to activate in store and that I couldn't walk out with it unless they activated it. That's a classic bait and switch and in no way mentioned in the terms of service. Even if getting phone for new line the store charges the $35 activation fee even though package states free activation. So left and called the 800# to try there, same thing I can't order the phone onto my existing account and there is nothing I can do but go to the store. Web account clearly states ordering another phone is not available at this time. Called the Corporate phone # 1st time person xferred me to 800# post pay to which I argued again about this issue. Called Corporate again today and reached a person named Karri who told me she would check with the store and call back in 1 hour. After 6 hours she finally called back, knowing I was at work and she refused to speak with my partner other then letting him know she noted the account and I could call 800# for the info. I called during lunch and the note states that I called about a free phone (NOT) and that I wasn't eligable for "upgrade" until 3/11/13 to which she was authorising a $20 credit for phone for new line of service with a $35 actv fee and my old account is lost. WTHeck, that is not what I wanted I want to buy the prepay phone for $59 and activate on my existing phone #. Anyway left Karri I message in the general mailbox as this is unreal. Plan runs out on the 10th and I'm looking for another provider. 2 accounts lost Verizon hope you rot I don't need or want a post pay account also not paying 3x the cost for monthly service I can't afford that, so bye bye.

JSD 1/27/2013
Be careful when you choose Verizon. While they say that there is not a contract, they will automatically bill you every month, even if it is just month to month. If you call to cancel, they will not refund the money even if you have not used any services whatsoever. I would not use Verizon wireless ever again.

Paul G 12/10/2012
I had a prepaid Verizon phone. They continuously dropped first calls of the day after 37 seconds. I actually had to tell callers that it would happen. Of course I would inform them that I was with VERIZON. And like Deborah(11/29) stated it was very difficult to get a human...and when you did there was little proof they were(human). I dropped them for Cricket..better for the last year.

Deborah 11/29/2012
Had Verizon prepaid for a number of years and left because the customer service was terrible. I had a problem and could not get through to a person--ever! Even using a landline I could not contact a living human being. Their automated system just sent me round in circles. Finally bought a plan at AT&T, which I was nervous about since I'd heard equally bad things about their customer service. Surprise, surprise, I have never had any issues with AT&t customer service. If there's a problem I call and it gets resolved. I would never go back to Verizon.

frank 11/28/2012
got this for work cause i drive truck and am all over the place..worked good for the frist few days and now i can get calls in..nothing out,not even cust. service..have already cost me $120.00 and missing out on load's whitch make my money,bout $200 a i have a useless phone and will not go there ever again also will tell every and there brother bout the bad deal it is..customer service for verizon can't do anything with prepaid at all..can't even get prepaid service on this paper weight of a phone..

Amy 11/24/2012
I purchased a prepaid Verizon Pantech and a $30 phone card. THREE people in the room witnessed the activation of the daily usage plan, which stated Verizon-to-Verizon calls were free. I also purchased the mobile email app for $6.99, because the mobile internet device would not allow access to email.

James 11/20/2012
I need two phones because at one location I have has no service for T mobile at 10c per minute. So I went for a Verizon pre paid at 25c per minute. I soon noticed that my $ value was going down fast, so I did a test and found this. As soon as you press send, the clock starts even though the dial sound has not started yet, a voice tells me who many minutes I have in total and the the phone starts ringing, if it takes 10 to 20 seconds before the other end picks up, you are paying for all of the time since you pressed send. I make calls that last less than a minute but this system means I am paying 50 c for every call. T least 30 plus seconds have been charged too me before I am connected with the other end.
I spoke with a Verizon rep and he in the end admitted what I had found was true. I am considering contacting an attorney on the matter as I see no where in the paperwork that tells me of this act of deception. My T Mobile phone only starts charging when the other end picks up.

JC Wolfe 11/16/2012
Verizon wireless prepaid is a total ripoff unless you live in a city where they have lots of towers. I got a $50 prepaid phone recently from Verizon after my two year contract with them ran out. I currently live in a remote area of New Mexico where the closest group of towers are at least 25 miles away. When I received the phone, and activated it, it immediately began roaming with no way to shut the roaming off. They don't tell you that they charge .20 per minute roaming when they sell you the phone. And I couldn't find anything about roaming on their website anywhere. They mislead you by saying you get unlimited talk and text for $50. It's a lie!! So basically you pay $50 a month and .20 a minute roaming if you are in an area where they don't have a tower and you can't do anything about it. I returned the phone immediately and they reimbursed me for the phone but refused to reimburse me for the $50 service which I didn't use at all. In addition to this when I had my two year contract with them I got an LG Ally with the contract with a $100 rebate making the phone free. I was three days late sending in the rebate because of some family problems that I was attending to and they refused to give me the rebate. I would never use Verizon again for anything. They pretty much steal your money wherever they can. My father worked for General Telephone, which is now Verizon, for 35 years. If he were still alive, he would be so disgusted at what Verizon has become and how they rip their customers off at every turn. I got the prepaid phone to save money because where I live you don't get service and only can get it in town. Prepaid will end up costing you more than a regular account. So unless you live in a city, don't do it!!

will 10/22/2012
hastily bought the new Samsung illusion for $169 a few months ago and only paid attention to the UNLIMITED message on the package and NOT the 1GB of data. I use up the data package in 12 days on avg. Last month I added an additional $30 to continue using data. I am VERY disappointed in $80 plan. I have tried to sell the phone but no one seems interested at any price.

chuck in ohio 10/17/2012
i went to ky from ohio on a trip,i have a vzw prepay 50 a month unlimted,no internet in ky limited txting,i have to call numbers 2 times to call out,its supposed to be nationwide..this sucks.its supposed to be nationwide,dont do it....

Not for Smartphones 10/17/2012
The smartphone plans are too expensive $80 for only 1G of data with unlimited call & text. At that price it be better to sign a contract..ugh! Atleast Straight Talk and Net10 has good plans for smartphones. Why can't Verizon?

Thunder 10/6/2012
We desided to get a straight talk phone and we wanted the internet removed and and who ever we talked to removed all of our minutes on the phone taken and deactivated the phone. No wonder everyone we talk to say go through att.

John Greenhalgh 9/26/2012
I purchased a plan that, I was told, charged nothing on days that I did not use the phone, and only $2 on days that I did not use the phone. As it turns out, the plan effectively requires at least $15/month and, more importantly, I am told you LOSE excess (over $15) remaining at the end of the month. If you fail to keep a balance at the end of the month, then you have the reactivate the phone--at additional expense. What a scam!

Sam 9/15/2012
If I received 1 text only- it cost me 1.99 plus 0.02. Rip off. Very expensive plan. The catch is they tell you have no charge on the day you don't use a phone. However if someone calls you, even a wrong number, or just one text received, you charged full 1.99 plus extra

Kate 9/4/2012
I'm so sorry I got a verizon pay as you go phone. I can't afford to pay $30 every 3 months and if I don't I will lose the balance I now have of over $140. Why can't they just let me use my money up without demanding that I pay either 15 a month or 30 every 3 months. Also, the phone is very cheap and you can't access the internet which I really need.

Michael J Dixon 9/3/2012
The hidden "gotcha" in the prepaid minutes plan is that deposits to the account EXPIRE, and vanish if a new deposit is not made. $15-$29.99 payments expire in 30 days $30-$74.99 payments expire in 90 days $75-$99.99 payments expire in 180 days $100 or more payments expire in 365 days The minimum online deposit is $15, store locations will accept $5. This information is difficult to find, at best, certainly not presented "up front" anywhere in the advertisements or even on the website.

Roger in KY 9/1/2012
I'm a 50-something that only wants to use my cell phone occasionally when *I* want to use it -- which is pretty rarely.


Michal 8/24/2012
I purchased the Pay as you go Phone. It was sold to me at Walmart. The package and employee told me that I only pay for the days I use it and it would be $1/day. Actually to keep the phone active you have to pay $15/month. Scam. Sure it is cheap if you need a second phone but they falsely advertise the plan. I had $15.94 as my balance and because I didn't continue adding $15/month my phone service was canceled and they kept my balance. I strongly suggest you do not use this compnay for a prepaid plan.

Jay 8/23/2012
Super Dependable call quality and coverage. The number of dropped calls in the last year can be counted on one hand.

Gary Arnold 8/10/2012
When compared to other prepay companies I feel Verizon is the worse equipment and service we have ever had. I am returning to Boost.

Roger 7/12/2012
As a senior, I don't use a cell phone regularly and carry one for emergency only (AAA e.g)
On the family plan, I was paying $120/year plus taxes so I went to a local Verizon store and was sold a deal that I could any amount down as a prepay and at the end of a year, I could extend the plan for only a dollar added to the unused balance. I put down $50 and surprise, surprise, it expired in 3 months. Now I find that what the salesperson told me was incorrect and that I have to pay one of the four rates, all of which exceed my family plan cost. So, no use, no service, and no money.

DAV 6/26/2012
It's too bad all of you who are complaining of being "robbed". Everything you've claimed has been stated in the terms and conditions of their prepaid plans. PLEASE READ THEM BEFORE you activate your phones. It's fully explained. Good Luck

JOAN 6/19/2012
I just switched from a contract to a pre paid plan. My phone that I had worked perfect. LG flip phone. great reception and the battery lasted all day. On the prepaid plan I got a Samsung Intensity II and it drops calls, I only get 1 bar in my house and the battery dies after 3-4 10 min calls.

Lynn 6/14/2012
They should be investigated for overcharging people especially for a phone you don't use & don't have when you upgrade & try to keep your old number that's where they get you! BUNCH OF CROOKS!

Frank 6/6/2012
I would give verizon a 0 star if i could. It started in 1995 when they were called Bell Atlantic. They robbed me of 500 bucks .Now i wouldn,t give them a penny. I always wished that they would shut down for good.Go with At&t or tmobile , way better plans. Even a mvno like airvoice wireless is way better. anyone but these crooks. Stay away from them.

randy 6/4/2012
the 30 day activation required fee is the hidden exploitive tactic used by corporate verizon on the little guy. Verizon took my 20.90 because i didnt pay 15.00 exactly 30 days after my previous payment. I use only texting 10 dollars a month, now my 20.90 credit is gone and cannot be used for the monthly fee. My phone will be deactivated because i did not pay another 15.00 within 30 days (its only good for 30 days folks...theres the rub). Even if i have 29.00 dollars credit or balance it would be seized, taken or where ever verizon puts it (in their bank account i think!) The rep told me i could get it back (one time only) if i paid 100 dollars prepay for one year without deactivation. I only want to pay 10 dollars a month for text only.. Verizon would not allow that on their 10 dollar plan, you must pay 15.00 minimum each month and if you don't use the extra it can accumulate as long as you pay 15.00 each 30 days BUT you will never be able to use the overage for the 10 dollar monthly fee. Its criminal!

Guest1 5/21/2012
Pay as you go is NOT pay as you go. It is more of a prepaid plan. You have to put a min. balance of $15 on you phone or they will deactivate it after 30. They don't tell you that. You just find out when they disconnect you line. I was told by a representative that I will be charge 1.99 a day for the day I use but he never mention that I have to put a balance on it. Verizon sucks!

Eden 5/15/2012
I bought a prepaid phone back in December for only $60 and since then I only have to spend about $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web. I would have been happy just with unlimited texting maybe a couple hundred minutes, web isn't even necessary because I have a laptop and wifi at home. But it's great. I never drop calls. Rarely if ever lose signal. I haven't ever had to call customer service with a problem. My phone does what I want it to at a cheaper price than the contract phone I had with Sprint which was always dropping calls and not picking up a signal.

Andrew 5/10/2012
Regular customer since 2005, who decided to go with prepaid. Starting making the reasonable $15 payments per month and added more when necessary. However the moment I overpay money or underuse my minutes, VZW suspends my balance until I make another payment of $15 or so. It doesn't matter that I had a balance of over $17 prior to the expiration date, I still have to pay a new $15 to have the $17 added back. It is extortion to hold someone's money and demand more, when you could continue their service with what is available! Complained to FCC already.

DRG 5/2/2012
I had a prepaid verizon phone for several months. Using the $50 unlimited plan, i had absolutley no complaints. yes, the device i had was a basic flip phone, but it was cheap, and was running off Verizon towers. Never had a dropped call, never so much as had to call Customer Care. it simply WORKED. every month, on the due date, id drop a quick payment over the phone using my debit card, and kept right on trucking. execellent signal, quick at recieving texts, and even the mobile web, not even 3G, was plenty fast for what i needed. a cheap, easy to use device that WORKED. No compliants. i actualy prefer my Gusto over my current contract phone, and i was 1/5 the price.

anonymous 4/29/2012
I would like to know why i could get mobile email for the 1st ten days I had my prepaid verizon phone, then when the ten days expired I tried to buy it for the $7 per month but it won't let me!! What is up with this?

Chris 4/23/2012
I tried this out while maintaining my old service. The customer service has been great. I've always been able to get a rep on the phone in a few minutes and I've called many times because.

Tim 4/17/2012
I attempted to sign up for the pre-pay plan for 2evenings. Crazy. Everyone on the chat line told me something different. Then I was finally informed that I could get a contract, but the prepay wasn't avaliable in my area. Don't really understand, but it seems like a bait and switch to me. There are many more negatives than positives on this review forum. So, no I don't want to go horizon. Too many gimmicks.

Trollolol 4/6/2012
I got my prepaid phone today for 15 bucks its a nice basic flip phone and got the unlimited plan for 52 bucks a month 2 dollars is for taxes anyways i owed them tons of money there contract plans are complete rip off by the way they shut off my phone i picked this up 67 bucks later im back up and running with UNLIMITED everything thanks verizon !! aka chump wireless

frances A. compton 4/2/2012
I put 100.00 on my prepaid phone april 12, 2011. I was going from FL to NE to watch my grandkids and I needed a phone. Now Today I went to add the MUST 15.00 but they won't let me do it til exactly 4/12/2012, (today is april 2nd. If I don't do it EXACTLY April 12 I lose my 72.00 that I have left. that seems like stealing to me. I am so furious, No one told me when I put the money on that I would lose all that was left, but they won't let me do it today. I have never had a cell phone and I only know how to dial the phone - the first call I received I did not know how to answer. You tell me how they can just take my 72.00 and not give it back or let me transfer it to my brother's verizon. I hope I can convince him to cancel when his contract is up. I see the answer to Chet they say it's not stealing it was the terms of the contract but if they won't let me pay 10 days early than It is stealing. I am almost 68 and I will be lucky if I remember to pay MORE money on EXACTLY 4/12 I can not express my anger. I have to pray to calm myself down. thats all

chuck 3/2/2012
Only problem I see with verizon prepaid and i have the 50 unlimited plan is cant make calls while roaming other than that best service i ever had with sprint at&t much better

Guest 3/2/2012
I have the lg extravert.50 amonth everything it is 3g it plays youtube and no pausing or buffering .I was useing boost mobile android and I ony got good coverage at my house but anyway evenknow my virizon phone is not an android it is only just a step down from it .works great and excellent internet never lose signal

Michelle 2/26/2012
Put my family of four on Verizon's pre-paid unlimited everything plan for $50 each per month. Love the coverage & auto pay. I would have given 5 stars, but customer service sometimes has long (more than ten minutes) wait times.

fraiser 2/25/2012
I tried Verizon prepaid for one week - while still maintaining my account with another major provider, just in case. My experience was that not only was Verizon's coverage in my area nowhere near the competition, but their customer service was non-existant. Getting a live person on the phone when you have an issue with prepaid service is virtually impossible - I had to call their sales line (where you *always* get a live human being) and ask to be transferred to tech support every time. When I mentioned I was a prepaid customer, they began addressing me in a very diff. I was unworthy of their time. I started off calling them about an issue I hoped to resolve, and *2 hours later*, after being bounced around to like 5 diff. people and being on hold for more than half the time - I became so frustrated that I told the person "just cancel the account"...which they were obviously reluctant to do. Very odd style of customer service Verizon has - I'd suggest avoiding them at any cost.

ACR 2/4/2012
I had this service for about two yrs back then I bought a card plus had to pay a aily charge rather i used the phone or not nowthey have the fee only if you use the phone. I really loved there phone had service everywhere no dropped calls, great internet speed, travled from tenn to fl and never lot service at all the ony reason I switched was te cost had to end up paying almost80-100.00 every month hope they improve there plan would love to have there great phone and service aging!

Lori 2/2/2012
i purchased a verizon prepaid phone in October and have the unlimited 50 dollar plan. I couldnt be more pleased.I have had a couple dropped calls but I had that with my other Verizon phone that wasn't prepaid!I can text talk and use the web if I so desire.The price is right and the service is great.

MichaelSF 1/31/2012
Oh, I forgot to comment on the phones.

MichaelSF 1/31/2012
I tried Verizon Prepaid, but under California's Buyer's Remorse law (30 days to return a cell phone, prepaid or not, no questions asked) I returned the phone.

Todd Sawasky 1/30/2012
In the past 4 years I have changed my contract twice with restrictions on 1 phone which belongs to my 10 yo . Each time they "forgot" I was stuck with 1000.00 in downloads because of it and each time they would not admit to fault and I got stuck with paying it...well the first time anyways. Never again will I give these slimy bastards a penny.If you are smart and value your money then you will too!!!!

john patrick 1/27/2012
i hate verizon period. prepaid or regular calling plans, they stick it to you. they have a monopoly in the cell phone business. there should be more laws governing people from being ripped off so easily.

Pissed off Anon 1/25/2012
I had a prepaid phone that i loaded up with $17...with a $10 bundle plan.
The day it was suppose to be renewed.
i got a 'your balance is low'
then a 'you dont have enough' text with all my balance at $0
...Verizon is a rip off

VZW Rep 1/22/2012
First off regarding the pricing above... 411 is now $1.99 per call + airtime!
Smart phone plans are actually 450 minutes for $49.99+$30 for manditory unlimited data package. and if you want text + $20 for unlimited. same on all min levels add the data package plus text if desired.

Alicia 1/16/2012
We used to have a family plan with Verizon until they got greedy. I very much liked Verizon coverage. I don't understand why a company has to be so difficult to deal with. With these reviews I'm not even going to consider the prepaid. And the horror story of trying to switch back to Verizon and immediately the next day getting a bill for $199 for service I never got. Followed by a couple more $199 bills. I cut my losses and paid the early termination fee. Their "final bill" was 9 pages long and took an account to figure out Verizon's creative accounting. I had service for 9 days, of those 9 got 6 actually connected days of service. Final cost of that debacle? $1000. Meanwhile, store employees deny any knowledge of Verizon accounting practices. "Wasn't meeee"

Atheria 1/15/2012
I switched to the $50/mo. Verizon prepaid plan from Boost Mobile because Boost's (Sprint's) coverage in New Mexico is pitiful. Although I miss my Android and now have a dumbphone (the Pantech one that looks like a Blackberry Curve) the coverage in NM is waaaay better. Verizon HAS been dropping calls, which is surprising me though. AT&T rarely dropped a call. The camera on this phone sucks, but overall it's a decent phone. I mostly talk and text because the data is SLOW...not even 2G. But, if I want to pop into my Facebook page or check my email, I can. I have a job where you are not allowed to bring your phone, so I refuse to spend $100/mo. for a fancier contract phone. Besides, I hate contracts and plan on never signing one again.

Charles 1/13/2012
I have had the Verizon prepaid service with the $50 unlimited plan for a week or so. I am very please with my phone and service. I had Boost mobile and the coverage with Boost was not the greatest and the customer service did not speak very good English. Verizon has fantastic coverage, I have 5 bars just about everywhere I go. And....for $50 I have unlimted talk, text, web. I am very happy.

jon 1/3/2012
PRO: Have been with Verizon for 10 years now and have been happy with the phones and service. they cake care of the problem or i get a refund. always satisfied so far.
Con. Billing dept sucks!! always making errors and never gets it right the first time.

Jeanette 12/30/2011
Coverage area is great, other than that Verizon is terrible. Been ripped off, overcharged numerous times when changed phones and monthly costs are outragious. Just looking to see what carrier I will switch to. My daughter uses Boost mobile and gets the 55 dollar per month prepay. Its about 90 dollars a month less than the plan i currently have for 1 phone. Will be checking to see if I can get reception where i need it and off I go. Verizon is GREEDY. There customer service is also terrible. Go into a store and plan on waiting an hour before talking to customer service.

aronin in indiana 12/27/2011
SCAM! i got talked into buying a verizon prepaid phone and a $50. refill card at walmart by a walmart employee. it seemed like a good deal at the time. the phone came with some prepaid minutes and i was told that with the $50. card i had unlimited time. it worked well for a few days and then my minutes ran out. it turns out that verizon only has a few small pockets of coverage for the "unlimited" plan and that everywhere else is "roaming" and is not covered by the plan. walmart does not accept returns on electronic items and would not take the phone back. walmart will also not accept returns for the refill cards so basically i have a $75.00 paper weight that is of no other use. the verizon employee i talked to told me that i should not have bought the phone because in indiana, and most of the mid-west, there is no verizon coverage for prepaid phones. i feel like i was raped.

Casey 12/16/2011
ok i love the $50 unlimited plan but its crazy that u have to buy one of the phones that are prepaid. If u already have a basic phone whats the difference, u should still be able to use it on the $50 unlimited plan because its basic but stupid verizon tries to get money out of everyone and make u buy a basic prepaid from the store.

wahine 12/14/2011
After having verizon for MANY yrs, and this last year had gone through 5 phones. All they would do was send me re-furbs of the same phone that didn't work. Because of that, and financial considerations, I finally went with a prepaid from T-mobile. I got 5 ... count em... 5 bills from Verizon within a 10 day period, and then less than 30 days after canceling my service got a letter threatening a collection agency. I had always paid my bills on time... Verizon, never again... Hope you put my $75 cancellation fee to good use, hopefully into research of how to treat your customers.

Cindi 12/13/2011
I would have to say that Verizon offers the best coverage in any area; however, they seem to want to push customer into getting a contract with them for 2 years. First, they offer you a $50/mo Unlimited but with phone most of us don't want (basic). Secondly, all of their smartphone and blackberry phones start at $65/mo plus you have to add a data package...Go figure! Isn't that why we don't want a contract, DUHHHH!!! Bottom line, If I didn't mind paying the $100/mo for 2 year and can get any phone I wanted free or low-cost, then yes a contract says great. On the other hand, most of us are trying to save a little money these days so why Verizon want us to purchase an over-priced smartphone, increase the monthly charge, limit the amount of minutes I can use without be charged extra, and still add an additional charge for data usage. In the famous words of Fred G. Sanford, "ARE YOU CRAZY". And the the G stand for Get the Hell out of Here!!

sam 12/11/2011
Verizon prepaid is more expense than others but the coverage is much better and the customer service is quick to help you out and get you using your phone. Spending $10-$15 more a month to get the $50 unlimited everthing is well worth.

victora 11/22/2011
I had the verizon contract plan for several years, there were a few times of sweating since the minutes went over on a few occasions. I was also charged astronomical early termination fees a couple of times. I REALLY want a smartphone, but would rather settle for the $50 unlimited plan, since they are charging an extra $30 per month for data on smartphones. Hopefully it will work with a basic type phone where I can still access the web, text and talk unlimited. I don't think I would ever go back to their contract plan. Been ripped off too many times. Their greed is obvious since they don't work with customers at all. I would love to go with someone else, but where I live and work, they are the only service that works. Wish me luck! : )

Chris 11/19/2011
I have a lot of friends that have Verizon and when I heard that Verizon was doing an Unlimited prepaid plan I was excited. I have had Revol for about 7 months. It was 7 months too long! I was getting dropped calls all the time! At least 6 times a day!

Martha 11/17/2011
Switch to Verizon in August. Pretty happy with it so far. It is more expensive then tracfone, but the customer service is great as well as the coverage.

Matt 11/11/2011
I've had Verizon for six years! I've been through more than 20 phones. (From texting so much LOL) I get service EVERYWHERE!!! I've tried to find a place where it'll lose signal... I was out of luck :D Verizon cell phones pick up signal when no other phone can! I get full signal at my house, and I live in a very rural area! Trees and such all around. Excellent call quality. Great phones to choose from, and now with their $50 UNLIMITED plan, I use my phone more than ever! No extra charges, EVER! If you're with any other prepaid company, I suggest you switch to the most reliable network, Verizon Wireless. You'll also get a great phone! I'm writing this review from my phone! Switch to Verizon Prepaid TODAY!

ladyloc 10/25/2011
thank you verizon 50$ a month great service & unlimited web & text what more do i need , o droid phones , but i know that wiil come along soon...

systemBuilder 10/7/2011
We bought 400 mins for 1 year on verizon with no daily charge, but TMobile offers 10c a minute @ 1000 mins, not 25c which is the verizon ripoff price.

Jan 10/2/2011
We have a pretty old cell phone that we just use for traveling and in power outages. It's a Nokia we bought from Alltel, which is now Verizon. I buy $25 of minutes at a time. They last forever! I can't even remember what the charges per minute are for local and roaming anymore! No annoying reminder messages either! I just call for balance occasionally and add more if needed. They don't store my credit card number. We really want to get a new phone but I don't want to jinx this plan that works for us! Maybe Verizon will read this and let me know how to get a new phone and keep the plan status quo!

jenn 10/2/2011
I have the 99cents plan and it sux, its suppose to be 99cents on the days you use it, they charged me for the day that I used it n made a phone call at 11pm and charged me for another day and its also 10cents a min. and if I make a call that's less than a min. It still charges me the 10 cents.....

@all 9/24/2011
i have verizon 50 everything and so far so good.just wished they had 3g phones.

Dav F 9/23/2011
@ Teresa....Oh yea, and unlimited mobile web as well.

Dav. F 9/23/2011
@Teresa...Unlimited Talk, Text and MESSAGING for only $50 month. They are modifying the way their plans are to accommodate all users. Why would you even compromise the best signal for one that doesn't even come close?? My advice to you...stay with Verizon.

Teresa 9/22/2011
so after many many many years of having a prepaid verizon phone; i am now switching to another prepaid; i dont know which one yet but i recently got a message saying starting october 14th all pic messages will be charged; ive had teh 20 dollar unlimted texting bundle for so long; and now im being told its gonna cost extra to send pictures. My nephew's aunt lives in hawaii and their are many pictures sent and recieved between us two will cost me alot. So now im searching for a new unlimited texting bundle with someone else; that includes pic messages.

Dav. F. 9/21/2011
Verizon prepay now has $50 unlimited plans for everyone !!!!

kolyur 9/15/2011
I can't believe all the people whining about the cost of Verizon prepaid. The costs are clearly spelled out, if you don't like it then don't sign up. Prepaid is not for everyone--you need to use your brain (gasp!) to look at the pricing plans and determine which is best for you (if any). After using Tracfone/Net10 for several years, Verizon is a welcome change for me. Switching phones is much easier and the service is better in my area. I like that you can use many of the postpaid phones with their prepaid service. I was so sick of all the cheap chintzy phones that you're forced to use with the other prepaid carriers. You can also go to their website and see a detailed breakdown of your usage--not possible with Trac/Net10.

paul 9/10/2011
i have been with verizon for over a year now, there service is great! i will stay with them for a long time!!

Eric 9/6/2011
I'm leaving Verizon after many years. Their phones and voice quality are good, but their customer relations is unacceptable. Their greed motivates over-the-top inflexibility. For examply, you can't activate a phone without a GPS; you can't activate a Vrz Blackberry unless you add a data plan; there are no loaners if your phone dies and you need time to select a new one; etc., etc. After 15 years with only three phones (I bought others outside the plan), I expected some assistance when my phone crashed, but they refused to accomodate me in ANY way - "Sorry, that's our policy. Have a great day!" Well, I have a policy, too - Stay away from Verizon.

nightfall 9/3/2011
By far the most irritating problem is the area of service. 5 yrs. into Vrz; i still have to rely on a landline. If the co. would use some of the mega bucks they get from folks like me to ensure phone usage for its customers, we might have nicer comments. Imagine still living in the dark ages!! Especially when a simple tower would satisfy a very unhappy customer.

KATHY 9/1/2011

Me 8/26/2011
Way overpriced! You have two better options: T-Mobile Monthly 4G and Page Plus.

dimitri 8/18/2011
After many years I finally had the smart to leave Verizon for Virgin. Thank god! I am now saving $100.00 a month for the exact same service!

Wayne 8/17/2011
My Verizon account fits my needs well. I pay $10/month ($30 cards for 90 days) for very occasional use with the $.99 plan. As I don't use it most days and don't want texting, my balance keeps increasing. When travelling, I use it more and cut into the reserve of minutes accumulated. For occasional basic voice needs, I don't know a cheaper option.

ozzy74 8/12/2011
I have HTC smartphone, from Verizon that was on a plan, we cxxld wthn 14 days too much $. I still have the phones though, long story Target kiosk screwed up bad, but since the incredible is an acceptable device for prepay, & we text more than anything, the rep at "prepay" service offered me the usual data/talk/just bend over cause u have a smartphone plan he informed me of what he called a loophole Wth Verizon that I can get a activated, with new numbr and the 250 / unlimited to vz customer msg plan for 10$ each ph. so I have 2 phenomenal hndsets, that are online Wth WiFi browsing, email, Google etc. for 20$ a month, and I just added a 10 card to put 5 on each ph. in case a ph. call is mando. to me that's incredible has any1 else heard of this option? Am I missing something?

holmes 8/4/2011
i want to no if im able to buy a prepaid card for someone els...the problem is that i cant get ahold of them and i dont have any transportation right now and for a while (car is in the shop)....What i want to do is buy one for there phone then have someone just put the money on the phone or phone number how ever you want to put it....Is that posiable? i contacted walmart but they said in 24hrs will they get back to me and i need to no sometime today

Wanda 8/3/2011
I hate verizon, I was thinking of getting my 73 yo mom a phone, put after these reviews no way, Verizon does overcharge it's customers, I have to use them because we like in the backwoods.I'll just get mom the Wal-Mart Straight Talk

Jen 7/30/2011
What a scam. I cannot believe they charge so much more than other pre-paids (which i found out too late). Also, the phone ringtone stopped working after a week, so I have to check msgs all the time. Went back to the store for help but told it is my problem now. At least I know now that Verizon is a company to avoid for all ICT in the future

Merlin 7/28/2011
I have had a Verizon Wireless pay as you go phone now for over three years. It is a rather old model flip phone with a built in camera. I started out buying a big old pay as you go card and because of that I have only ever had to buy refill cards in either $15 or $30 amounts and they have always rolled over.

liz 7/24/2011
Verizon is a friggin rip off they cost too much I recommended going elsewhere trust me dnt get this vz prepaid its horrible

Dav F 7/22/2011
@ Chet, Also Chet, it's not stealing. It's in the terms and conditions to which you agreed to.

Dav F 7/22/2011
@ Chet, You have to refill every 30 days regardless if you have money left in the account or not. this is prepaid and that's the way it works with this carrier. So my suggestion to you is if you do not want to add it every month then buy a $30.00 card and then you only have to refill every 3 months averaging it out to only $10.00 per month. Good Luck.

Dav F 7/22/2011
@Dean, Those texts are not from "spammers", they are free text message reminders from Verizon that your minutes are running low. As far as that "annoying voice" that you are hearing, you can remove that from My Verizon or by calling *611 and having customer service remove it for you. It doesn't seem you are very familiar with the service that you say you have. Good Luck.

Dean 7/21/2011
The daily usage charge is a rip- off.They give you two ways to be ripped off that way.$1/day ,and $1.99 daily access fees.Since their rates are .10 cents a minute,you lose at least 10 minutes of talk time before you start talking. When the minutes run low,you get texts from spammers. How convenient. When the minutes are low,every time you make a call,you get an annoying voice reminding you to add minutes.I would never recommend this service to anyone.

Jess 7/21/2011
I was on Verizon prepaid for about 2 years. I never had a problem with it, had great service. You can even put smartphones on prepaid for about the same as they will cost you on a contract plan for a single phone. However, my husband put me on his contract - with 2 phones on a contract, it is cheaper than 2 phones on prepaid. I will not use another provider. Great customer service, great reception. GREAT phones.

Sandy 7/13/2011
their customer service and service availability is great. their prices though are too high. they wanted 94.99 per month for 450 min and a data plan for my daughters phone. they are by far the most expensive prepaid out there!

Joan Hageman 7/12/2011
Verizon texted me that I was eligible to get a new prepaid phone. Phones start at 19.99 & includes $10 air time. Visit a Verizon Wireless retailer, which I did. Their phones started at 22.88, still a good buy, but I was told I couldn't keep the same number and if I did keep it I couldn't get the free air time. I've been all over your voice mail and can't reach a customer service person. Your text was just a ploy and I can't believe I fell for it

Chet 7/12/2011
Every time when my amount gets around 12.00 or 10.00 verizon keeps calling me to tell me to refill my card which i don't bother to answer but when next time I look they take the rest of my money even thou I had 10.00 left ,this is about the 3rd time they did this to me,is this legal? To me I think it's stealing.

Tess 7/6/2011
Verizon is the most expensive prepaid service out there. There is just no way I can support $30 a month for using a phone just once or twice...what a rip-off. And they don't even sell the minutes card on their website, you have to buy it on some other website. Or get it snailed mailed from Verizon, in this day and age! I absolutely will never use this company again. Don't even want to donate the phone because I won't be doing any favors, just saddling someone else with this expense or paperweight. AT&T, PagePlus are wayyyy better. Don't get Verizon prepaid.

Jon 6/30/2011
My issue with this service is their shameless spam texting, especially when your balance drops low. As only five people have my phone number it's rather obvious as to what Verizon is doing. The only thing I really enjoy is not having my voicemail set up, ignoring calls has never been more fun.

not me 6/27/2011
dosent matter what if verizon did do like att ther phones will be locked down so u cant do anything with them.

Matt 6/26/2011
Verizon will need to consider that AT&T has just dropped its prepaid unlimited talk, text, and web for feature phones to 50.00. Smart phone users can add a data package from 5.00-25.00. It will be interesting to see what VZW will do.

ed smith 6/19/2011
I have used the prepaid service and it works great. I only have one question. do you have to pay for emails under the 2 dollar plan.

@ Jay Smith 6/17/2011
Verizon has unlimited mobile to mobile with other Verizon customers prepaid or postpaid(contract)

@DavF 6/16/2011
i can get a post paid phone and my credit is proubly better than yours. i've had post paid but dont use it much so why throw away money that i dont use. if thats why you think people is on on prepay then your crazy.

myphoneisawesome 6/15/2011
all and all for verizon you could get a better company but for my prepaid Samsung SCH-u340 it is amazing :DD i cant tell you how many times i smashed it banged it threw it it still worked lol it even works in the rain and in the shower everything lol i love it to death im a big texter but not a big caller so i get the $20 unlimited texting and its all good ive had this phone for almost 6 years and its the greatest thing in the world lol i only had to get 1 new charger for it but thats because i left it by an open window and it rained :s its better than a regular cellphone plan and way cheaper lol

john d 6/15/2011
I was considering verizon but after reading all these horrible reviews, I will NOT be considering them at all anymore. Thanks for your feedback, it definitely changed my mind.

verizonismoneyhungry 6/14/2011
i will give verizon 1 star for being money hungry,but other than that they have excellent coverage. if they would stretch their new unleashed prepaid plan with unlimited talk text and web for 50 a month,with more than 3 handset selections,they would be gaining everyone on their network! Until they quit being money hungry,they will not get anywhere!

Tina 6/14/2011
I also have been thinking about switching from Metro PCS thinking that I would get better coverage, but I am very happy with my service and I get unlimited nationwide talk, text and web for $40 per month and if I don't get to paying the bill until the day after, they turn it back on in minutes without a reconnection fee and they have been really good to me and I do not have that stress as I did with other companies of going over my minutes. I can use my service unlimited. It's wonderful. I'm not going to switch. I thought that maybe they were offering the same kind of deal, but I can see that they are still gauging people at every turn.

jasmine tyler 6/12/2011
ok so i have had a cell 4 mabye 2 years now so i have had about 4 phones so today when i call my bestfriend she has the same co as me and i only talked 4 5 min then she had 2 go so i just put money on my phone and now i only have 1.12 it spent 30$ so i think this is poor im going back 2 at&t

Gina 6/9/2011
I've tried every prepaid plan Verizon Wireless has offered so far. I HATE them all. On the $0.99-2.99 pay-as-you-go daily access plans, I was only talking a few seconds/minutes per day to 1 person and had to pay @ least $50.00-60.00/month anyway. In reality I was only talking about 40-60 minutes per month! So I switched to the $50 plan. NO GOOD! Its additional $$$ for texting. Recently, due to financial setbacks, I wasn't able to afford the $50 for this month so I just added $15 thinking it would buy me at least two weeks of talking. Starting balance: $15.00, made a quick call to my bank, balance went down to 14.55. Made 3 texts and balance went to 12.85. Finally I received a call from Mom. We only talked for 35 minutes before my phone got cut off by Verizon. Overall, Verizon is a ripoff. It shouldn't be this much money to only talk 40-60 minutes per month. GTFOH! I'd rather be stuck with no service somewhere than to pay these ripoff prices

Laura 6/4/2011
I purchased a prepaid phone for my son for emergencies only. He had a balance of $35.77 on his phone but I did not make ANOTHER payment before the required date and they locked the phone. He had an emergency and could not use the phone until more money was put on the account. Very disappointed and they will not refund the $35.77. I have since cancelled the phone.

Jay smith 6/2/2011
Can someone tell me if verizon has a prepaid unlimited mobile plan for smart phones I need a phone where there is verizon coverage page plus doesn't have androids and virgin mobile wont work in that area PLEASE HELP ME OUT OVERHERE

scott 6/1/2011
I love my verizon phone there the best you get what you pay for ! $50 for everything what more can you ask for and your on the verizon network there the best of the best !!

Chels 5/31/2011
I just got my prepaid phone about a month ago. Did nothing to it. Made sure it was charged and everything. Left it in the car for about an hr just to watch the memorial parade here, and now it has no sound to it, unless someone is calling me then all I get is the ring tone, same when I get a txt, but you cant hear anything. I have never had this issue until now, and I have been a verizon customer for years. I called to get help, and no one seems to be able to tell me what happened or anything. I cant afford another phone I just want this one fixed.

Tony1234 5/29/2011
I live in CA, and have had Verizon for almost a month, so far for the texting it works just fine for me. but i want to upgrade to 50$ UNLEASHED PLAN IF ANYONE THAT LIVEs IN CA CAN GIVE ME A review of thier experience with this UNLEASHED PLAN I WOULD LOVE TO READ IT! PS I USE IN 562 AREA CODE/ 90605 ZIP. THANX

PJH64 5/25/2011
I purchased a prepaid card added to cell but found out too late that couldn't remember security code for the phone. Now I would like to add the minutes to another phone. Who do I call to get help with this???????????

Britney 5/10/2011
I really like straight talk because it' s inexpensive, $30.00/month for 1000 mins. and 1000 texts and web access or $45.oo for unlimited. The only thing I Don't like about it is the phone selection is not that great.

Dave 5/7/2011
Vz is way to much money . For junk phones . I switched to virgin and the lg optimus for 25 a month for unlimited txt and web and 300 talk mins .

william 5/7/2011
The biggest reason people has problems with a prepaid phone is, it is a used phone when you buy them, that is why they are cheaper

Kim 5/6/2011
This is the worst service ever. If you are looking for a prepaid plan please go somewhere else. They will take your money. They disconnected my sons phone even though we had a credit with out any notice. No phone call, text, email or even a letter. Also when you ask to speak to a manager you get directed to their website. Horrible Service.Go some where else verizons plan is horrible

DAVID 5/3/2011
I have been a Verizon customer for 7 years, always had the prepaid phones. I never had any problems until about 3 months ago. I had the $100 Samsung slide phone and had unlimited text messaging. Worked fine for more than a year then one day I got a text message from my girlfriend (she has verizon, same phone) and i got the message again, and again. About 8 times in a row. Later on, a friend text me and he has Cricket. I got the message, opened it, and before I could read it, I got it again, and literally 6 more times. I called Verizon customer service after receiving hundreds of duplicate messages and they re-programmed my phone. That worked until someone sent me a text. I happened again. I called again, same action, same result. I bought a new phone. Activated it on the same number and everything worked fine until today, I got a message from my friend twice. Now I'm receiving 2 of every message. Really annoying. Other than that, never had any other problems or complaints. I am thinking about switching to straight talk, right now with verizon i am spending close to $70 a month for no deal. I have unlimited text but still counting minutes. Step it up verizon, or your going to lose $140 more a month.

Lisa 5/1/2011
I activated the unleashed plan and they lied again. You would think after the law suit they would be more honest with what the plan offered its not unlimited text and the mobile web want get you anywhere.. You can't get any text messages with attachments or music unless you have extra money on your account. But it doesnt say that on the advertisement...I experienced nothing but problems since i paid for the plan.Customer service has not been cordial in the matter or of any assistance since its promotional.It's a don't buy!!!! Disgruntle customer

astraweb 4/29/2011
My best friend has a Verizon cell phone and says that Verizon is free if you call another Verizon phone. I want to get the Verizon PREPAID phone at Walmart. Will I still have unlimited minutes if I call another Verizon phone??????

jose 4/20/2011
go with pageplus.they use the verizon network without the high prices.

Kate 4/9/2011
I first got my prepaid plan with Alltel before Verizon bought them out, so as a result my plan got grandfathered in. I pay a daily access fee of $1 for unlimited texting, unlimited mobile to mobile, and unlimited nights and weekends. Thirty bucks a month for that really isn't bad. The only downside is daytime, non-verizon calls are 10 cents a minute, so I just never answer or make calls before 9pm! Customer service has always been very helpful to me and I plan on keeping this plan as long as I can, since I could never get a deal this good anymore.

mommy4 4/4/2011
I have a contract phone with verizon and these phones are too expensive per month.A friend of mine told me about straight talk and how they have an unlimited everything plan for less than $50 a month and yet him paying $200 a month for 2 lines.that is a big difference in the price.I like verizons service but its too expensive.the economy is in a recession and we are trying to save every dollar that we can

Carol Sovern 4/4/2011
I was told that I could go on line and
check the calls to see if the number was acceptable. I have had a lot of
wrong numbers(from people I don't even

Roger 4/2/2011
I had no problem with their service or customer service. Their prices are just way too high for what you get. I switched to Virgin Mobile and my wife switched to Straight Talk. We are both very happy with our service and we get a lot more for our money.

Tonya 4/2/2011
How can Verizon let a 8 year old charge music on their phone with someone else credit card information? My GOD he's 8 the rep should have known better. Now they don't want to reverse the charges. Poor service. will never use phone again.

NickiGene 3/30/2011
My family and I have pre-pay $1 per day with Verizon. The money I don't mind, it's the service that is horrible. Half the time when my family call me they get someone else named Melissa and half the time it goes directly into voice mail ... the phone doesn't even ring! I know, we were having an emergency and I was wearing the phone all day and no calls. When I went to call them to see how everything was there were 2 voice mails from them and my phone was set to ring really loud. It's gotten so bad we just don't use our cell phones anymore.

David 3/28/2011
I had an account that was changed without permission. Now I owe over 800.00 in airtime.Called customer service. what a joke.Very Very Bad Co. and POOR service.Was a 15 year customer with perfect credit.Not anymore! Shame on Verizon.

Jimbotenna 3/24/2011
It must seriously burn loyal verizoners to see Straight talk customers use the same network, at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost being strung to Verizon.
Melody! Net10 also have CDMA options as far as handsets are concerned. They make use of exactly the same network as Verizon.

Leah 3/23/2011

Angelica 3/22/2011
I've been with Verizon 2 years (next month will be the last, yey!) and it has been a nightmare.

Peter 3/20/2011
0 stars. Horrible customer service. You never can get a live person, except when it involves money being paid. I will never give a cent to verizon again. Had cell phone 1 1/2 yrs. Only endless problems with service. Never again.

danica 3/10/2011
verizon has such a horrible plan!!! like last year i made 1 simple call on my prepaid phone also the fact is that i just had it renewd on the same day and guess what... the phone call i just made droped my balance to 1.98 like sersouily the phones are good but not the plans theyre horrible and now my mom wont let me get a phone plan ever since tht day like she spent 20.00 on tht for nothing. Also what is up with the phone payment dead lines besides there is no point to them even if u barley use the [hone what i think is that they should remove the dead line date and just let us use up all the money by ourselves instead of having a deadline and wasting all tat cash for nothing

Prepaid 3/10/2011
I pay ten dollars a month for unlimited texting in the prepaid..since being a teenager thats all i do. its a greatt investment! if all you do is texting, its 10$ a month for verizon and 250 for nonverizon..or $20 for texting anyone. you can also add minutes like 15dollars if you want to talk. i found out my way,that the cheapest way is the basic 25cent a minute thing. so if oyu only use it for a minute a day your not taking off 2$ or $3.. Also my friends mom was on this plan for $50 a month for verizon got a certain amount of texts or calls i forget which one but unlimited for the other one! im not sure what it was called or how to get it. but verizon is the only prepaid phone that actually gets good service.

candy 3/8/2011
verizon wireless is awful prepaid cell phone company they charge you way to much its like 20 cents for every minute

Becky 2/27/2011
Actually, no stars. I have a question...why does this company, Verizon, still have so many customers? Horrible "customer service". I don't get it.

Michael 2/25/2011
Just a month ago Verizon has revamped their prepaid plans. Now you can get unlimited calling for $1.99/day only on the days you use the phone. Text messaging is 2 cents a message sent/received. Someday they will get on the band wagon for prepaid and offer better rates then what they are now. But still Verizon Wireless has the best coverage. Sprint, T-mobile & Cingular don't even have the coverage of that of Verizon Wireless. Even where i live. Mt. Pleasent, oh it shows no coverage on their map. But I get a full 2 bars out of 4 bars on my Postpaid and prepaid phones I have. I don't nothing with Sprint or Cingular.

john 2/23/2011
Verizon sucks charged me $700 for texting for 2 months . I was supposed to have had $25 fix texting plan. Customer service was so good they spent 8 labor hours on the phone and worked out a deal $400 only to forget it the next month and bill me all over wife just spent 3 more hours to no avail. They spent more money in labor cost than reducing a $50 fixed bill. what away to gain loyal customers. How does consumer reports rate them high. Consumer report sucks too.

Stacy 2/17/2011
This is a generally good service, but I've had issues with little to no service in a bunch of areas.
My biggest issue with this service is that your balance expires so quickly. It's simply ridiculous, and I've lost quite some money from this. Very angering.

greg 2/17/2011
the verizon prepaid $1.99 per day and unlimited calls is cheaper than any other verizon unlimited plan (contract or no contract or prepaid). If you use it everyday, that is $60 for the month with unlimited minutes. and NO TAXES! the contract unlimited plan is $70 per month plus about 15%-20% taxes depending on where you live making the monthly bill about $80-$85 dollars per month!

Pat 2/16/2011
The phone is OK, $1 a day to use it, OK,
but to charge you to check voicemail at $.99 a minute plus your $1 is too much, aafterall the voicemail is a Verizon phone number so why charge you?

Guest 2/14/2011
Verizon Prepaid just sucks there prices are an joke, Why would any one want to waste some much money when then can get cheaper prepaid from others, It's time Verizon Prepaid got with the times.

fuzzywzhe 2/11/2011
Verizon sucks for prepaid service. You have 3 plans:

emily 2/10/2011
can someone hep ? umm...what phones have unlmited talk and teaxt
Thank You

Michael 2/2/2011
I have a postpaid alltel which now is verizon. I also have a prepaid account with verizon just in case i do decide to get rid of my postpaid account.

Jackie 1/31/2011
I am about to change my prepaid cell phone to another company because Verizon will not let me trade in my Env2 the old black one for a new phone wish is dumb. I do not see what the big deal is if they start doing that they will make a lot more money for when parents or kids by the Verizon pre paid cell phones

Amanda 1/30/2011
I know you can activate different phones than showed on the website, BUT I was wondering if they all have to be as cheap as the ones shown. Whats the nicest phones I can activate thru Verizon Prepay?

wrong info on the site 1/27/2011
This website has incorrect information there is not activation fee for verizon prepaid service and the $30 dollar cards last 90 days not 60

Guest 1/23/2011
My old phone was dying so a friend gave me a couple of used phones and I went in to have my numbers ported over. In the process I complained about the high cost of my phone service(I'm on a fixed income)so the used car salesman at the Verizon store convinced me to convert to the prepaid service and to buy new phones for $20.apiece. He told me that they would be much better than my old phones. With the taxes and fees each phone actually cost me $60.apiece. Despite the high cost of my long standing Verizon phone service I used them because of what had been good reception and coverage but when I arrived home ,much to my dismay, the new prepaid phones did not work in my apartment. They sounded like someone was doing Morse Code with a circuit breaker when I made calls and this was spectacularly annoying. I also started to experience frequent dropped calls. When I attempted to return the phones the used car salesman in their store told me that I wouldn't be able to get any refund for prepaid fees that had already paid and told me that I would have to incur a $35. restocking fee per phone! Imagine the incredible nerve of Verizon to charge me $35. for returning a $20 phone!!!
I took the phones that I had originally wanted to port over back to their store and am using them now without any problem. It is obvious to me that either their prepaid phones were substandard or the prepaid network was at fault. Their "Customer Service" told me that I could send the phones back to Samsung and claim that they were defective. This is the old trick that Dad use to pull when he would say "Go ask your mother." It appears that Verizon does not want to admit to any imperfection. I purchased the phone from the store ...the store should take care of it!

Jamae 1/22/2011
I have been considering switching to the verizon pre paid.. But after reading all this I will NOT be switching!! I am going to stick with my Nokia e71 Straight Talk for 45 dollars a month.. Thank you but no thank you!!

joe 1/15/2011
There prepaid cost and arm and leg too expressive and not worth it.

holly 1/11/2011
i have had a contract with verizon for almost two years and i can not wait to get away from them in august i recently had my phone broken and bought a repaired phone and put it on my plan well when you have a two year old phones get broken and so did that one so my friend told me i could go get a prepaid phone and put it on my plan through the website but everrytime i tryy to go onto the website the thing blocks me and i call them and they just reset it and wont fix it and now im paying $140 for my 2 phone lines and aboutt $15 every 4 days on my prepaid phone tell me how thats fair im going next month and getting out of my contract then going to a place where prepaid its 40 unlimited everything !!!!!

BeckSeattle 1/8/2011
I had a similar experience. Verizon sucks.

Mike 1/8/2011
Verizon = thieves. The STEAL any unused balance on the next payment date. What kind of low-lives would do that?

LadyKrypton 1/7/2011
The only reason I give this 3 stars is simply because Prepaid thru Verizon is awful compared to a contract with them.

timdennis 1/1/2011
They are the most expensive but the best service. Tons of applications available. I had two problems recently and both times my CS experience was great and the problem resolved.

nicky 12/31/2010
hey am from blue front in mississippi and when i gave mi daughter her fone she went crazy

shirley 12/30/2010
i recently purchased a verizon prepaid phone in va for my boyfriend to use in pa. Had the phone activated and had a new number put on it with the pa area code and everything. so my boyfriend gets back to pa and cant use the phone because it wont come out of roaming. when a call to the verizon customer service was placed, the explanantion was that it was because of the towers . what a crock. I personally have att. I have been with them for almost four years. I have never had any problems. If i ever had a question it was always answered. They have plans that work with the working peoples budget and you dont get a bunch of stupid answers and the run a round to your questions like you do with verizon. I will stick with att. They deserve a better rap than they are getting.

tom 12/27/2010
had the phone for less than two weeks. Very expensive and if you have money left on the plan after 30 days you lose it--its gone. I plan on throwing the phone away.

Denyse 12/26/2010
My husband and I bought our daughter her first cell phone for Christmas. She was so happy to get it and we loaded a prepaid card onto it right away. By the time Christmas was over she had used 50 dollars! We were told when we bought it that the unlimited messaging would last for 3 months. WRONG! It lasts until the money is out! Thinking about just scraping this phone and buying her something else and cheaper. My husband and I have contracts with Verizon and never thought it would be like this!! Boy were we wrong! DO NOT go with Verizon prepaid plans!! You would be better just adding a line! We didnt want to do that because we wanted her to work for and earn her minutes! At this rate she would need a college education to get a job that would afford the minutes and messaging for this phone!

Talicia 12/24/2010
I switched back to Verizon after being on a contract with them for over 10 years. They overcharged me for roaming within a 100 mile radius of my home, which was just stupid. So, I decided to come back and try prepaid and love it! It is more expensive than other prepaid providers, but I'm on the basic plan and pay .25 cents per minute. If you spend between $200 to $300 a year, you still get 60 to 100 minutes a month if you don't use your phone a lot like me. I buy my cards from places like ebay and Amazon, which saves some money. I also signed up to get bonus bucks for every $20 refill, which helps extend my minutes too. I'm saving between $100 to $200 a year than before when I was on a contract. Plus, I love all the features (i.e. gps, web, email, im, etc...) that you just can't find on any other network. Thank you Verizon:)

FRANK 12/18/2010
I love Verizon prepaid 50 bucks a month unlimited talk and text and the service good.

Smurfette 12/17/2010
I finally got fed up with paying $$$ with Verizon and went with TracFone. It took me a while but I finally relized that I'm paying way too much for more min. allowance than I intend to use every month. So now, paying less than $15 a month with TracFone is a welcome, the reception is great - which is a very pleasant surprise :)

Colleen 12/12/2010
I have been with Verizon Wireless for 3 months now, and will be getting out of my contract. The service is impeccable but the price is outrageous. If they would follow Sprint's $69.99 unlimited everything package, I would stay put with Verizon. Their customer service rates a full five stars. Excellent customer service. Beautiful, but very expensive phones.

phonesmith 12/7/2010
I have had Verizon for 10 years. Yes the service is great, no dropped calls. However they need to make their plans more economical (compared to no contract, unlimited plans) if you add unlimited text and more minutes you are paying close to $100.
Need to come up with better plans,roll over minutes, cheaper texting, something.
For the first time I am looking to cancel when my contract is up. There are so many prepaid plans out there now that make more sense cost wise and reliable too.

Scott 12/7/2010
I have had Verizon for 2 years and i'm very happy with them . I have the $50 a month unlimited everything and have been very happy with it !

verizion hater 12/6/2010
where is the o star do not go with verizion i had a plan with them rip off like 80 bucks a month for just me i pay 45 on straight tlak and get better service get straight talk

MICHAEL 12/1/2010

Joe 11/27/2010
Verizon Just Plain Works.
I had att previously and while I had decent service I simply could not tolerate their dishonest business practices. I went with Verizon and have never looked back.
My Wife and kids still have att and their welcome to it. I pay less for my Verizon than I do for my Wife's att per month, plus I've never been able to find a phone that works with att that even comes close to being the phone that my Verizon is.
I also have a Son in Law who's a truck driver. His personal phone is att and his company phone if Verizon. When he passes through the midwest, there are entire states where his att is useless, but his Verizon works great.
I've read the other reviews and frankly can't see what everyone is whining about. Maybe if I didn't have a life and "lived" on my cell phone, it might get a little costly, but since I have other things to do than talk and text all day, my bill is very affordable.
The service simply can't be beat.

Gary 11/23/2010
Verizon has had the best service for me so far. Had sprint and the signal sucked. My gf has an at&t iphone and her signal sucks as well. You pay a little more for their service but at least you have a reliable coverage.

Bob 11/22/2010
Love verizon. For where I am it's the best signal of any carrier and ive tried them all. Yeah Its a bit expensive as compared to the 50 dollar unlimited offered by some other plans, But In my opinion u get what u pay for. Also they offer a camera with there most inexpensive phone witch most others don't. So i love verizon Great service and good inexpensive phone

Dwight 11/22/2010
AT+T,. Was good. But Verizon,. Nearly all my friends are on their network. Pre-paid,. Or contract. No complaint's from me. X-wife n son who live near. Myrtle Beach,. Have had Verizon,. For 4 yrs.Good enough 4 them. Good enough 4 me.

Guest 11/21/2010
Reception is great being charged for 8 calls when you have only made one is not!They also charged me for a call that I did not answer. Also lots of prepaid roaming areas here in the northwest!

beth smith 11/19/2010
what happened to verizon prepaid reliability? As of summer 2010, all hell broke loose with mine. My caller id, which had worked fine for a year, disappeared, and so I was forced to use voice mail, which you get charged for, to know who called me, in addition to this, plenty of other malfunctions which made the phone nearly useless. Get it together, Verizon. You are ripping off your customers. Your reputation will suffer.

will 11/18/2010
Verizon network is great but the prepaid service is very expensive. I keep reading about all of the competition in prepaid driving down prices, but not with Verizon. I decided to switch to ATT prepaid $2/day unlimited talk and text.

rhyanna 11/12/2010
I don't use my cell phone every day. In fact since I have had the tracfone cell phone (Curtsey of relatives), then after reading all the reviews, I am still contemplating letting my tracfone activation expire. although I still have minutes that I haven't used and can use. Well I have until Feb to decide. ANyway, Tracfone, well they have this thing where you can buy a 1 yr activation for $120 with 400 free minutes, the $100 activation has I think 200 minutes...sigh...still costs money. Now I do have the Verizon Gusto phone, I like the features, a montly plan is costing $40 plus activation which is only $35 for 450 minutes talk, unlimited nights especially to other verizon users which my cousin is.

alfred 11/12/2010
Verizon refuses to provide incoming call phone numbers on your invoice. Yes, you are billed, and you cannot question it because they won't tell you the caller's number. Period. And their customer service agent had the audacity to tell me it was due to privacy concerns and FCC regulations. A response letter from Verizon Customer Service verified that the rep had completely made up that story.

natalie 11/12/2010
i have been trying since july to renew my automatic deduction since my credit card was changed, and every month i have been told it was taken care of only to find that i was suppose to jump through another hoop i knew nothing of. wasted a whole hour with customer service. time to find a better plan.

Melody 11/10/2010
I was on net10, but living in a rural area i got drop calls or no reception. Not with verizon. Go Verizon!!

Robbie 11/9/2010
I purchased a verizon prepaid phone for myself and it is the most expensive phone I have ever used or owned. I only paid $20.00 for the phone but it has already cost me $40.00 and I have not made but 1 local call. I would never suggest this phone to anyone and if I could I would return it for a full refund but I have been advised by the store, they are not returnable. Never will I do buisness with Verizon prepaid again.

toki 11/7/2010
isn't 1.99 / day used $60/month..since most pple use their phone daily at least once!

silver 11/6/2010
i dont get it so if you get a monthly plan and only pay a certain amount not all of it can you still get unlimited texting?

Ripped off Jim 11/5/2010
very expensive, I think they are the worst prepaid service. daily plans .99 or 1.99 cents when receiving or making a call. monthly plans are crazy. Their idea is to force you to a contract by being so expensive.

Eric 11/1/2010
To amanda,

amanda 10/28/2010
does anyone know why the LG Chocolate 3 can not be a pre paid phone?

patricia 10/26/2010
i have buy mine today, and i have no idea how activate it! It looks like imposible :( please help

Nickster 10/26/2010
I have the pre pay verizon phone for emergencys. I put $50 on the pre payed phone but never used it. Offcourse a few months later when i needed to use it i found out the the $50 i put on had expired. Nothing like expireing money to make your day. I called customer service. worst experience i had ever had. Long story short. Im out $50 and i didnt even use the phone.

lee vice 10/26/2010
i had another service provider and they constantly ripped me of from my
account so i thought i would go with another provider to stop that type of action and as it turns out i moved into the same type of actions i tried to get a way from and i resurched it very well so now i find i am getting the same treatment as before being charged over what is in the hand book for minute to minute and to call or recive a call or text from another verizon ohone is to be free of charge it turns out they charged me over $1.00 when it should have free and to top it off the distributers do not want to do anything to recencile my discrepencies they dont care about their customers or what they put in their hand books as to poliecys that they seem to be so proud of!!!! so they are`nt no different then my last two service providers cause im still getting ripped off.

WiExpert 10/20/2010
Pros: Network.
Cons: Very expensive!

Nathan 10/15/2010
If you like to be charged for things that you did get or use they are good. However they will normally take it off of your bill.

Nickkey 10/11/2010
I loved it when i first got it but then after i used it, it helped me aloot but now its off completely becuae i didnt renew. Will now i have a phone that probly wont renew! need help??

Steampunk 10/8/2010
Verizon has kind of a bad rap, and rightly so. I live in a rural section of Mass and was with a company called Unicel. Great CS, good service, but a few drop pouts here and there. They were bought by Verizon, and I was a bit perturbed because my bill had been rock-solid with Unicel. Not so with Verizon. We finally hammered something out and got my bill "liveable", though higher than some.

Jebus 9/30/2010
just had to comment on the because of the naysayers i read here. i have had Alltel/Verizon since 1995 and have never had one single issue with CS or signal all over the USA. i know "results may vary" depending on how, where, and when you use ANY cell phone. after trying and seeing many cell companies out there, Verizon's CDMA network can't be beat anywhere across the globe. CDMA beats every GSM network across the board in reliability and coverage.

Chad 9/27/2010
I just switched to the new verizon prepaid monthly plan with 400 anytime minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile and free night weekends.I love the phone its great I can talk a lot and not pay a lot

Chelle 9/17/2010
I have a Verizon Prepaid phone. and I will admit until the new $44.99 plan (450 anytime, unlimited nights, weekends and V to V calls) came out I was paying WAY too much for my service... but I still have to get the 20 dollar unlimited messaging on top of the $44.99.... moral of the story... I love the service, but I feel like I am still paying too much

DrCandela 9/15/2010
Good network, but I'm tired of the hidden fees, I asked to change my billing date and the charge me 42 Dollars, I had Metro PCS and I can't wait for my contract to expired.I'll never again get Verizon!

Guest 9/11/2010
In the last few days my Verizon phones have been having signal issues.I have never had this problem before.Is there a problem with Verizon now?My phones used to be reliable,but not right now.I update my roaming capabilities and have never had a problem.Last week my phone started acting up ,both of them.Is Verizon about to crumble?I pay a great deal of money for my phones to work when I use them.This is not cutting it!

Samba 9/10/2010
Verizon is thievery company. Do not buy any prepaid phone and card from verizon

paul 9/7/2010
I have an Alltel account and a Verizon account.The reason for the Verizon account is my son and daughter live in(2)different States and even if they call they also have Verizon,so it doesn't cost me but .99 and I can talk as long as they want. The service rep.for Verizon changed my phone over to another one,he was very knowledgeable and courteous.I've been with Alltel for 3-4 yrs.They wanted me to change for another phone but I said no.I've gotten good service from Verizon and besides they use CDMA system which was developed in the USA,the GSM an European System,and they did not let the CIA take over like the other big Company did.I'll stay with Verizon unless the rates become too high.I use Pre-Pay.

vl 9/6/2010
Prepay monthly is a rip. Minutes don't roll over as stated in their "features" section which says if you pay on time that your minutes add to the previous balance. If you call them about this you get a "sorry".

hooptee65 9/6/2010
I have been a customer of Verizon wreless since 1994. They wern't even Verizon wireless back then they were G T E mobilenet. I love there phones, there servcie and especially there network. Sure i have had a missunderstanding or two over the years but eventually always got it worked out. Verizon might be a bit expensive but they are worth it.

queen of <3's 9/5/2010
I had a veryzon contract it was very expensive and I did't had anything like unlimited txt, internet, etc... but
the only thing I like about *verizon* is that the calling service is good almost no roming in the country

Jason Robinson 9/5/2010
I love Verizon! I had a contract plan with them a few years back and let my account go into default due to major financial problems. I remember paying more than other carriers were charging back then, but the coverage justified that for me! Fast forward to now: My credit is in the toilet, so I get me a Verizon prepaid phone plan. LOVE IT! I paid $60 for the outdated and simple Motorola V3 and love it! I put down $50 and the phone came with $10 of airtime. Got me a $20 unlimited text plan, so that leaves me with $30 of airtime. I chose the 99 cents daily plan, so that means I pay a dollar a day if I make or receive any calls plus 10 cents a minute for calls to non-Verrizon customers (unlimited to Verizon customers). I'm a big texter and not much of a talker so that means that for $60 a month I should have more than enough airtime to talk and send unlimkted text messages on what I think truly is America's most reliable wireless network! I even get coverage in my basement, and I have tested this with friends on all other networks and they get no coverage in my basement. I would love for them to come out with some new phones for their prepaid line, and maybe come out with an unlimited talk/text/data plan to compete with other prepaid providers, but I'm a believer for sure!

@Folks 9/3/2010
I just wanted to comment on the fact that StraightTalk phones are as good as Verizon since the are on the same network.Just go away and eat your bologna sandwich.Yeah,clean your glasses to "NERD".Ask your mother for a tissue.I know she has some next to her bed.Do not ask me.........I just know okay!

Folks 9/3/2010
Put your Straight Talk reviews in the Straight Talk section. Straight Talk is an MVNO of Verizon and is not Verizon. Actually, Straight Talk is a unit of TracFone.

Charles 8/30/2010
I have been a StraightTalk customer for about 6 months now.When I first got the phone ,the service was spotty.Signal,no signal.The phone was no comparison to my Verizon phones.I liked the phone(Samsung R355c) so I renewed every due date.First 4 months same thing,spotty service.In the meantime my minutes were rolling over.I had over 4,000 minutes, 3,800 texts.Good deal,but phone sometimes worked and sometimes not.Last refill,minutes and texts were reset to 1,000 each.No big deal.I come nowhere even close to using that much.Here is the "kicker".Now my reception is great.I actually get a better signal that with my Verizon phones.I can place a call or send a text with only one bar.The places where I had signal issues in the past are now a thing of the past.If this continues I will be a customer a long time.For the price you can not beat StraightTalk.I have never had to deal with CS so I can not comment on that.Right now I am loving my StraightTalk phone.I would recommend this service to anyone.I think that the company is finally getting all the bugs worked out.You can not go wrong with the service in my opinion.I love it

Joy 8/28/2010
I think Verizon should live up to their claim "Can you hear me now?" I purchased a Straight Talk phone with Verizon as the carrier. very bad move for Tracfone to go with Verizon. I live within 8-12 miles area in my county that has service but my area blocked out, called Verizon they say they have no plans whatsoever to add service to my area...WHAT GIVES? bad plan for Tracfone to go with Verizon

Justin 8/26/2010
perfect thing to do when you get mad is to give up. ever thought of hustling a little to get what you want. well thats what it takes. from my experiene verizon managers are allways reasonable and often discount hugely, i recieved broadband internet anywhere the technology and new phones and only had to pay the sales tax. which is great. why not try to get something out of it than giving up.

Jan 8/21/2010
We got sucked into adding me on my husband's family's plan--told it would cost $10/mo. Ended up $50 /mo. and my pho was defective, wouldn't keep charge. Bought new battery for $44, still didn't hold charge. Finally a guy at kiosk admitted pho had a programming defect and he fixed it. I've since discontinued with V.

Barb 8/19/2010
I was thinking about getting this verizon service because I live in the country- and getting a signal in the valley is hard-after reading these comments-I will stick to my virgin mobile phone,I had for about 2 years. I had the pay as you go plan-you have to top up (add money) $20.00 every 3 months or when you need minutes. My plan is 18C per minute but has long distance also. The phone is fine for everywhere but the road I live on.There are other phones and plans to pick from also.The only downside is -if you forget to add minutes when time-you won't be able to use your phone until you do and you can lose your minutes that were on there if you don't.

David 8/19/2010
Verizon DOES NOT charge you for the day if you text. Only if you use the cell to speak to someone who you call or if you answer if they call you.

Cindy 8/18/2010
This is without a doubt the most expensive prepaid plan I've ever had. If someone sends you a text, even if you don't check it, they charge you for the entire day. The signal is fine but so was AT&T's gophone that I had before this one. I don't use a cell phone often so prepaid is best for me. I switched to the Verizon because most of my family has it and I thought it would be cheaper however it is more expensive than my previous plan and every time I turn around my account balance is low even though I add money about every 2 weeks. The Motorola phone I have works fine and has good reception. It's just too expensive for someone like me who is on a limited budget.

Bluefish 8/8/2010
I have a Samsung Verizon Impulse. Original battery went dead after a year, replaced with a lithium battery for Impulse but not from Vzn. It will not recharge even with a VZN charger! Must you buy one of their Batteries?

Kevin 8/7/2010
DON'T USE VERIZION PREPAID. I got the phone July 8th 2010. My next payment of $44.99 was due August 8th. I paid $44 (my bill said I owed 43.26) on July 29th 2010. When I paid early they said because I did not pay the .99cents. I did not pay the full bill so I went to an 'air-time' charge for usage, which gave me 1 hour and 40 minutes of time. The customer service rep understood the error and tried to get the manager on duty to rectify the error. Long story short, they said I had to pay again ($44.99) on August 8th. I am cancelling the account and will be posting on my web company accounts (all 2679 of them and 2.3 million readers) to post our new 'BAN VERIZON' ads. They lost a good costumer and will loose many more.

marvin nubwaxer 8/2/2010
no daily access fee with BASIC prepaid--$.25/minute. no per unit break for buying airtime in bulk either. $100 on Verizon gets you 400 minutes, whereas $100 on T-Mobile gets you 1,100 minutes good for a year. that's with t-mo basic prepaid too.

Guest 7/29/2010
Verizon is expensive but it works.I have tried a few different prepaid providers and NOONE comes close to VerizonWireless.They could do a better job on rates but they are far and beyond all of the competition.I love my VerizonWireless phone.If you want reliable service and do not mind spending a little extra ,this is the service for you.

dissapointed caller 7/26/2010
Verizon's prepaid phone plans are too expensive, I am thinking about switching over the VM, which is much cheaper. They have good coverage, but it is just too expensive for me.

KEVIN 7/22/2010

computer shop 7/19/2010
verizon sucks where I live I can't get anything else like att or sprint without paying too much for roaming.
I'd like to be able to have any carrier I want.
another thing is if verizon want's to be the KING of my area so to speak!! then they need to put up more towers in the gully's so we can tell frontier to kiss our well u know!!!!!!1

Verizon Prepaid Unlimited talk/text 49.99 7/19/2010
As of today, July 19, 2010, Verizon prepaid has launched unlimited talk/text for 49.99 in 11 states as a test market. You heard it right. Verizon prepaid is launching in 11 test markets running it until at least early September . 49.99 unlimited talk and text (no mms).

Hawk 7/19/2010
Verizon PrePaid is lousy and too expensive. MetroPCS With 3 other people is about $30 to $35 each depending if you have internet connection and it is all unlimited calling and text messaging and internet usage. It does not drop that I have seen in my area. It is not in some areas but I hardly ever go to those areas. What a waste. The largest company in the business and they charge the most. They have to buy up all the competitors because of their greed. That is the only way the can force everyone to us them. What happened to the laws to protect us from usury and monopolies?

Michael 7/9/2010
i was wondering is it possible to buy a prepaid phone.Then not activate the prepaid plan but activate the phone to a verizon plan

marvin nubwaxer 7/4/2010
incorrect information: Verizon has BASIC prepaid with no daily access charge and anytime minutes are $.25. unfortunately you do not get a better unit rate for buying in bulk like with T-mobile where anytime minutes are only $10 when purchased in $100 block which are good for a year. Verizon by far has the largest coverage area though.

gina 6/21/2010
very expensive, poor reception,and nasty customer service reps

aa miller 6/20/2010
when it is time to refill the phone (even if it has ample credit) they notify the seldom used phone#. If you miss the refill deadline, they ABSORB the credit balance.
Choose a fairer plan.

Jim 6/4/2010
What I disliked most about having a Verizon account was the poor customer service that was provided. I am much happier with Sprint.

pat 6/3/2010
my telephone was cut off because they said i did'nt pay my bill when i no i did when i call these people they are so rude all i want is my money back in my account

gail 6/2/2010
i love verizon pre paid because i have kids and they get the expensive things and i get what is cheap and the service is great for what i pay

Dj 5/31/2010
i love this service....the best way to set up your plan is go with the 99 cent a day plan called the core plan n what i did was add the $10 a month unlimited texting. This plan works out awesome for me anyways because 99% of the people i know have verizon. With that being said i can talk to any one on a verizon phone for as long as i want for only 99 cents and only on days i use it(any other minutes to non verizon will be 10 cents a min). With the core plan texts are 10 cents but if u get the 10$ unlimited plan u can text as much as u want n wont get charged... seriously this combo has worked out very well for me.

If you want REAL UNLIMITED vs Page Plus unlimited,... 5/31/2010
You get what you pay for. Verizon prepaid is the REAL Verizon network and allows TRUE unlimited calling even though it costs more. There is no cap, no limit, no "abuse" clause like there is with Verizon resellers like Page Plus.

Casey 5/27/2010
When I first bought my Verizon pay as you go phone, I liked it a lot at first. Once I ran out of minutes, I just use my debit card to pay for more. Now, the bad part, I've had it almost 2 years and all of a sudden, I can't pay for minutes via the phone anymore. It gives me an error message saying my financial institution does not allow me to make this purchase. I called my bank up and they said there's absolutely no reason for it not to work. Yet, I still keep trying and it still won't let me. So, now I have to buy the refill cards at Walmart which is a hassle because I have to drive to get it.

mack 5/24/2010
i have had this service 4 2 years itsnice but its 2 exspencive it would b cheeper 2 have a contract from vzw

Joy 5/21/2010
I called VZW customer care via *611 from my handset to inquire about the prepaid plans. I was told that there are monthly prepaid plans available for $5 more than the post-pay accounts,e.g. 450 Min/$44.95; 900 min/$64.99; and Unlimited Min/$74.99. In fact, these prices are actually less expensive because there are no taxes, fees, and VZW surcharges charged to the monthy access fee. That information is not given on the Verizon Wireless website. Walmart's Straight Talk and Page Plus Cellular are paying Verizon to operate on their network. Love them or hate them, Verizon is getting PAID anyway!!!

Martha Rice 5/13/2010
Someone changed my Security code and Now I can't use my Visa Card to add minutes. If the Account is still in my name and I have my phone it is really ridiculous that I can't get my Security Code and Security question back where I had it in the first place.
You need to chane your rules. If my other phone gets changed I will hold Verizon responsible.
I am very unhappy with your Company and will tell everyone I know how I was treated.
At the end of my minutes I will crush my phone and your Company will lose $ 180.00 a year. Is it worth it?

mom 5/13/2010
My daughter who is a high school student was told at the Verizon store in Panama City, Florida that she could buy a prepaid unlimited texting plan for $20 a month without purchasing any kind of talk plan. When I went back to the same store today a different person said that you are required to purchase some time of a voice plan and can't just purchase a texting plan.

marvin nubwaxer 5/9/2010
wrong. now they have BASIC, which seems like the only really sensible prepaid option. you pay about $.25/minute. that daily access charge seems like a rip off. i had been using t-mobile for years prepaid at about $.10/minute by buying $100 time each refill. that way your minutes are good for a full year, but i can't can't get t-mo's signal here.
guess what, i paid $30 for a tiny nokia verizon phone from walmart and verizon's service is excellent.

Brittany 5/9/2010

nayeli 5/8/2010
i love verizon wireless prepaid phones they are hot and nice i got a texting phone it is amazing

hillaryheroine 5/5/2010
i was wondering.. if i bought the Samsung Intensity off of amazon or ebay (not the prepaid version, but there is a prepaid version for that model) could i still use the normal, not prepaid module WITH the prepaid plan?
get back to me soon,

dcc 5/1/2010
I hate that every time you make a call it tells you how many minutes you have and sends a ring tone. Very aggravatig. It is easy enough to check your balance and they also send you Text messages when you are low, I have the annoying ring and message each time I make a call. I am switching to T-Mobile. They have a new $50 unlimited text and talk coming our on 5/16.

little man 4/26/2010
i bought a verizon blitz phone about two months ago. i used it alot but never dropped or any thing. but some how my phone would not charge so i bought a new charger which was approximately $35. just too find out it was my phone it self. so if your planning on buying one.. not a smart idea. keep in mind not only did i buy one my family also did and there having the same problem as me.

Kev 4/26/2010
Pros: Great network coverage. That's all.

trace 4/25/2010
this plan sucks really bad it works goodfor kids though

Chels 4/23/2010
i don't usually check my mins or charges with verizon, but lately i have been doing so. i found out that there's a kind of glitch in the verizon calculation of mininutes. i manually added it and even made their rep add it to see a false total, but he said theres nothing he can do that it is coming from their corporate. he said to call them and i told him the corporate office told me to go to a kiosk... i just left. i'm canceling after my contract ends. they are stealing by trick.

sandie 4/20/2010
I hate verizon. i had tmobile for a long time and never had any major problems with them. i love tmobile. i switched over to verizon and immediately regret it, verizon sucks they really don't have all that good of a reception as they say they do. tmobile has way better reception and plan. and their charges and plans are so ridiculous!! all of you who are planning on getting verizon for phone service i have one word for you ..RUN!!!!

John 4/18/2010
Just to let you know, I used to be a Verizon customer with a contract. Then I found out about Page Plus Cellular. They utilize the Verizon Network but I now get unlimited minutes and text for $39.95 a month all-inclusive. The best!I compared all the plans and Page Plus Cellular gives the most for the least. Although their C/S sucks and you are on hold forever, just go online to buy new minutes. This is the way to go. Now only if their phones were nicer....

brandy 4/18/2010
verizon is so money hungry they will charge you hidden fees and then smack you with a monthly data plan you pay for even if you dont want or use it my plan total was suppose to be 120.00 pre month not seen a bill yet under 200.00 bye bye verizon

Andrew 4/18/2010
well guess what joanie and paul,
on behalf of us alltel customers that they screwed over, im getting my fair share out of them. just as you guys mentioned about data, the same service that would cost $60 a month, i get it free. and its totally legal because i asked a customer service rep about it. oh and dont let them lie to you that the alltel phone wont work.. it will because i still use mine right now. i have it connected to my laptop as a wireless modem. i use it all day and doesnt cost me anything. whatever you do dont surrender your grandfathered alltel prepaid plan. thats what they want you to do so you wouldnt get to use their expensive network for cheap.

Joanie 4/18/2010
Have been an Alltel customer for prepaid minutes for years, but today, April 17 2010, I was told that Verizon refuses to service my very recently bought prepay Alltel phone bought at an Alltel/Verizon that was going through the switch to Verizon. They will not buy back the recently purchased prepay cell phone, but insist on my buying a new Verizon phone to get activated. Plus they would re-charge us for activation, despite being activated when purchasing the new prepay phone. We were so disturbed by their lack of customer concern. How many other Alltel customers have found themselves ousted and forced into buying yet another cellphone like this? Just for service?! They have dropped all Alltel connections now and you may as well say Alltel customers! This really pi**es me off! I don't have a lot of money to waste and having an emergency cell phone is a must. Prepay was all I could afford and Alltel did a good job for me. I have twice paid #25 dollars for a ten dollar amount of time because of Verizon's underhanded way of attacking Alltel customers! Need I say, huge lawsuit? They have stuck me with a useless phone that they had no intention of servicing, and refuse to activate the phone service. It would seem that I have no recourse, and since I don't have a lot of money, you better believe that I am looking for a new phone company that will service for me! Verizon is only interested in their bottom dollar!

chumstickcl 4/15/2010
I love my Straight Talk but cant seem to figure out how to get my call history online. Please help or tell me where to get help. I'm new!

Paul from No Hope 4/14/2010
Connectivity is pretty decent, but sadly the phones are LOW END SUCKY phones. Verizon pushes BIG TIME for DATA accounts, and every decent phone they have require an asinine DATA account!!!

Frantone 4/8/2010
I think verizonwireless has its ups an downs as far as the service go! Every time Ilook up I'm out of minutes.Whats the plan to have more minutes.Waite for promoe codes! Or go virginmobile.

Patricia 4/5/2010
Thought this was a pay as you go phone. If you don't pay, they deactivate your phone. Took my $15.00, added it to my previous balance,told me it would be good until the end of the next month. Not true. You may as well get a regular plan.

Harvey24577 3/28/2010
Verizon Wireless has no competition.These other cheap prepaid cellular providers may claim to have hold of the VW network to get their service.To a degree it is true,but each and everyone of them have signal called dead zones.I have never got this from a VW prepaid phone.Yes they may be a bit higher but you can depend on their service.Leave these "small time "players alone and go with VW.They are dependable.

Paul Valley 3/26/2010
Best prepaid company Ive been with

aaron 3/26/2010
verizon is ok the prepaid aint so bad

brianna 3/19/2010
ok im 13 years old and i talked to a guy that worked @ virizon wireless and asked him why everytime they txted mi it would say free message but when i read it it would deduct minutes. his reply was it shouldnt. well why cant you put them back? he replied...NO.. i am going to be speaking with their manager. that is bull crap.): <

MS . BROWN 3/19/2010

Carl 3/10/2010
I have to say too that Verizon is an alien money sucking scam machine. One day I found out that I was charged for 9 minutes then 11 minutes. The day after I was charged for another 15 minutes. I talk to customer service and since they had no answer (how convenient) they transferred me to tech support. They told me that they were legitimate charges. I told the guy that on the second day I did not even use my phone, I just turned it on. He said your phone was transmitting some updates. I said who? Verizon, Kyocera, who else? He would not give me an answer. He told me I should go to the local Verizon store (Again, how convenient, "pass the buck"). It seems that at Verizon nobody want to take ownership of anything. (They remind me of AOL. When I wanted to cancel my account, I had to argue with a girl for 20 minutes before they finally agree to let me go). Verizon must be related to them. I loved Alltel I never had any problem with them. I started with Simplefreedom. Then they switch me to Alltel and now to Verizon. I suppose they are going to keep buying the competitors. After that they will charge an exorbitant price for their service. That reminds me years ago President Reagan had to break the main phone company into several because they were monopolizing the phone business. (They could sue you if you would touch any phone outlet in your house). Hopefully somebody in the government will investigate them one of these days and teach them a lesson. I only want to pay a normal fee for a phone service and I don’t like to feed those fat cats with my hard earned money.

courtney 3/10/2010
This is a very nice place

Mercedes 3/9/2010
heyy i aint ratin nothin im just sayin the samsung intensity is so much better than the smooth lol get it...i threw mine though so it broke in half):

Roseline Sanary 2/23/2010
Verizon supplies their fantastic coverage to the Prepaid Straight Talk. I get Unlimited data, minutes and messages for $45 monthly with Straight Talk.
There is also a $30 monthly plan with 1000 minutes, messages and 30mb data.

Briana B. 2/20/2010
I like Verizon because they have decent, reliable coverage, but the minutes get used up very fast. You get the option of the basic prepaid plan, which is $0.25/min. and $0.20/text message. As you can imagine, that would not last you long unless you're one of those people who only use their cell strictly for emergency reasons. Otherwise, you get to choose from the Core plan, the Plus plan, and the Unlimited Plan. With the INpulse Core plan, text messages are 10 cents each. With the INpluse Plus plan, text messages are 5 cents each. And with the unlimited INpulse plan, text messages are just 1 cent each. Verizon also offers two text messaging bundles. The first provides unlimited mobile to mobile messaging, plus 250 out of network messages, for 10 dollars per month. The other provides unlimited messaging to any network for 20 dollars per month. International text messaging is 25 cents per message sent and 10 cents per message received. Picture messaging is also available and costs 25 cents per picture sent or received.
I've rarely had problems with the service, but something that irritates me is that whenever you make a call, an automated message takes time to tell you how minutes you have left. Compared to other companies, the prices are much higher and you would probably benefit more from getting a contract then the prepaid cards. I've been buying several cards each month, which adds up. Neverthe;ess, I have to admit that I like the Unlimited texting bundle. It's your choice whether Verizon InPulse is for you, because it depends on how much you actually talk and how often you make calls. I would also like to add that the Mobile Web feature isn't what you think it is, it's kind of crappy and slow and it freezes...

Polly 2/19/2010
Beware of all the surcharges and taxes that Verizon charges you on a contract plan. RIDICULOUS!!
Also they will not reimburse you for text messages that are unsolicited. I was getting porn site text messages from random people and Verizon's customer service argued with me that I had to pay for them anyway. It came to $1.00 and they wouldn't take it off but gave me a headache from arguing the issue with them.
WELL. I am getting the last laugh because my contract is now up and I'm switching cell phone service.

Jim and Kay 2/18/2010
Purchased International prepaid card. When we reached our destination we could not figure out how to use the card. Internet website did not exist, no pay phones would accept the card, and we could not transfer minutes to a cell phone..... recommend not purchasing the Verizon card

Dave Gave Up 2/9/2010
Mystery charges ate all my minutes. Got the phone with lots of minutes good for 365 days. Seldom used it. Did not scientifically track the minutes used but firmly convinced that this has to be the most expensive pre-paid plan ever. Plus their expensive phones. Ouch.

Todd NST 2/6/2010
Several weeks ago I decided to see what the hype was about Verizon. I have Nextel, Sprint, and AT&T Postpaid accounts. I tried T-Mobile but had no reception where I live. My disappointment with VZWPP was first the set up. If you do it over the Air and then call your voicemail to set it (As it is encouraged) up for the first time, you will lose your daily accruement and since I did this at 10:00 pm., I lost it rather quickly. (Set it up in the morning to get more for your money) Then, while calling Verizon Customer Care, the maze has made a bad impression on me and the people seem to be rather distant to any concerns you may have. (By the way, after you chose your reason for the call, use option 4) I also decided to add $25.00 to try for another three months but wait; It is only good for 30 days. You see, with other prepaid services like AT&T, Boost Mobile, & T-Mobile, you get that amount for 90 days. (I don’t use much of the prepaid minutes because I have post paid accounts. I just try them out for coverage comparison.) The VZW Web does not tell you while you are reloading how long your payment is good for until you submit the payment. (Note to newbie’s, make sure you pay $30.00 if you want your balance to last up to 90 days in case you don't use it as much. I know I don't.) Also, the coverage is less than post paid accounts and you have to see for yourself on their coverage maps. As for the coverage, I get two bars and it seems steady. Please review what I said prior to your first set up. It is best that you become acquainted with VZWPP so that you do not lose any revenue in the process. As for those who lost your pre paid savings account, begin to print your screen prior to reloading. If then you lose it for some reason due to VZWPP carelessness, you can then take them to small claims court. Keep track of everything with every prepaid and postpaid wireless carriers. Take Care!!! Todd

ted05acg 2/1/2010
now I cant say this is a very phone comp. becouse they have a good strong signal but they have now a good plan 45.00 a month but the problem is they goin to charge you a .40 cent or .29 cent a minute to call to puerto ricooooooooo wen p.r is part of usa wend they have to charge the same rate like usa .10 cent a minute

Cody 1/29/2010
well there is one minor difference the basic call plan does not feature mobile to mobile the plan i choose is the $1.99 a day plan because i like being able to have unlimited n/w

megan 1/23/2010
I love Verizon it has great service have never had any problems i would highly recommend you stick with verizon or switch its cheap and the phones are great I got my grandma a phone and she's 71 and she loves it she gets to talk to her friends for practically free . I hope you get a verizon phone there the best thing out there all the phones have the latest technology . There the best phones ever!!!!!!

SummerDay 1/20/2010
Verizon is my FAVORITE network, I love how awesome the coverage is and I have yet to come across a dropped call. I recently switched from my monthly contract to a prepaid plan called Straight Talk which is still on the Verizon network and I couldn't be more impressed. Walmart sells this plan exclusively nationwide so its a great price! I use the $45 Unlimited texts/calls plan and it is the best :) If you are looking to save money the smart way and still have a great deal, I highly reccommend Straight Talk!

Michele 1/17/2010
Verizon wireless is what we have now, but they seriously need to come up with some new prepaid plans. Even if they are a bit more than the other UNLIMITED plans by Boost Mobile or Cricket their service would be worth the extra charge. I love Verizon, but want better plans, UNLIMITED text, talk and web would sell me at $75. per month.

Mike Freeman 1/16/2010
Verizon prepaid is coming out with new Monthly plans in addition to its' daily/paygo plans. There are three of them. 450 anytime minutes/nights/weekends/m2m for 44.99, 900 anytime minutes/nights/weekends/m2m for 64.99 and unlimited talk for 74.99. Still pricey but the $74.99 unlimited talk plan, for example, is $45 less then using their 3.99 unlimited talk plan every day for 30 days. A big relative savings.

julie 1/15/2010
hubby has verison phone which was a prepaid alltel we used the phone number to get a att phone today i want to keep using the old alltel plan but because he took the phone number i would have to go to the verizon plan what a crock of crap looks like a rip off to charge you for using your phone that day we had 39.99 400 days 2000 night and weekends and now a good phone that will now be another phone put in the cardboard box for storage.

stacey 1/14/2010
My daughter recently had her minutes stolen from her prepaid account. Please be aware of this. It has happen to my mother and my client's mother. Verizon stated it is nothing they can do. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS. They try to say my daughter gave her passcode to someone, but my daughter did not know her passcode I!!! set up the account. So who is doing this? Verizon?

chris 1/12/2010
The service area on my verizon phone of my buds has a verizon service plan and he has service everywhere.I have the prepay and i get service except my phone is always on roaming so i cant make calls and can only recieve texts.whats the logic in that.

chris 1/9/2010
I had a Boost mobile phone for many months and it was USELESS. Couldn't send international texts or local texts. Making phone calls was a nightmare, as the person on the other end couldn't hear me due to loss of signal all the time! soo frustrating. Then i bought a prepaid Verizon phone and wow! what a difference!!I can now text internationally and get a signal every time i use the phone. I'm VERY happy!! Everything is PERFECT!! Verizon is the BEST!!

Amanda 1/7/2010
I know someone who was on an airplane with their phone turned off...Verizon charged them for a 20 min. call they supposedly received on the plane. They were completely unwilling to do anything about it. Often, his account will just randomly be charged $4.00 or $5.00, etc for calls he never even makes or receives....DO NOT USE VERIZON WIRELESS PREPAID THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!

Krystina 1/6/2010
Just not to long ago i had that boost mobile phone for about 4 months. i hated that phone ever since the first day i got it..first of all it was ugly 2nd of all it was the slowest phone i ever had.. my txt messages wouldnt open up for about 20 minutes later and i coulnt get any ringtones for some were crappy as hell ppl just looked deformed n ugly haha.. and lastly the RECEPTION was a disgrace. most of the time i had it i would only have 1 or 2 bars for reception n den once i moved id loose all of it..oh n the internet was slow n sumtimes it would freeze..CRAPPY PHONE EVERYONE!! But then after getting so tired of it i came upp with that prepaid verizon n omg i loved it rite away..since i kinda knew it was definetly gonna be way better than dat shitty phone it had everything i wanted..everything unlimited but for way cheaper every month..10 dollars less..not bad..hey with those 10 extra dollars you can go n put in some gas in ur The phone is great! i can afford it and i dont have to worry about it as much as the old phone i had..verizon is the best!!!! =]

krystina 1/6/2010
Just not to long ago i had that boost mobile phone for about 4 months. i hated that phone ever since the first day i got it..first of all it was ugly 2nd of all it was the slowest phone i ever had.. my txt messages wouldnt open up for about 20 minutes later and i coulnt get any ringtones for some were crappy as hell ppl just looked deformed n ugly haha.. and lastly the service was a disgrace. most of the time i had it i would only have 1 or 2 bars for reception n den once i moved id loose all of it..oh n the internet was slow n sumtimes it would freeze..CRAPPY PHONE EVERYONE!! But then after getting so tired of it i came upp with that prepaid verizon n omg i loved it rite away..since i kinda knew it was definetly gonna be way better than dat shitty phone it had everything i wanted..everything unlimited but for way cheaper every month..10 dollars less..not bad..hey with those 10 extra dollars you can go n put in some gas in ur The phone is great! i can afford it and i dont have to worry about it as much as the old phone i had..verizon is the best!!!! =]

NY 1/5/2010
VZW are "The Biggest Crooks on the Horizon".

Eldricia 1/3/2010
verizon wireless i just would like to say that this really sucks. Alltel is much better. you get to text unlimited according to your plan. i wish i could switch..

Ed 12/31/2009
I have both verizon prepaid and straight talk and i drive a 18 wheeler all over the 48 states and i can say that my verizon phone has never droped a call or gone into roam it has had the best reseption out of the outhers i have had alltell boost tmobel and i have been where they could not get out but with my verizon and straight talk i am able to call and recive on both of them and have not had any problums oh yea just to let you know even when i was down to 11 cents i was still abel to text adn get texts no one else can make that statement about there phone . so if you really need a phone that works get a verizon and you wouldnt have to be with out in a time of need.

india 12/29/2009
I FOUND A BETTER DEAL. I'm looking for thrift in these challenging economic times. According to Consumer Reports Magazine the top carrier continues to be Verizon. But Verizon has a secret many of you don't know. It sublets its network to the best prepaid cell phone company in the US.

Karen 12/28/2009
I now dislike Verizon prepaid service because you pay over $100 a month to have service especially when you have several companies whose unlimited everything plans range from $40 - $50/a month especially when one of the companies is using the verizon network. I think Verizon needs to reconsider the plans since most people use their phones everyday.

Angela 12/26/2009
I LOVE the Verizon network! It has the best coverage and I never have any dropped calls. I recently switched to Straight Talk which is a prepaid plan on the Verizon network and it has saved me tons. $45 for Unlimited texts and calls, could it get any better?!

The_Billy_Nadir 12/21/2009
I have been prepaid on a simple cell model Kyocera Phantom KX414 for about 4 years now, and I have found the cost to be much less than a contract. The good news: You can now access your call history from your online account. The bad news: They raised my fee without notifying me (from .25 first minute, to .35 first minute ... still .10 per minute thereafter).

Rocker 12/21/2009
Just a heads up. Verizon is going to start charging 300.00 PER LINE!!! to cancel earley. Please read your contracts CAREFULLY when it is time to renue them. If they can sucker ppl to do this then so will the other companys.

Confused 12/18/2009
I bought my verizon prepaid phone from Walmart today. I activated it and waited until after 10:00pm to set up my voicemail. When the instructions came on the woman said, "This call is unlimited", and I thought nothing about it and set up my voicemail. After setting up my voicemail, I noticed that my balance went down by $1.99. I checked my record of usage and there was nothing on there saying that money had been taking from my balance...which confused me. I went online and in the account summary there is still nothing about me being charged....and I am so confused. I thought unlimited calls are free. I will be going to verizon wireless tomorrow and if we can't settle this, I will be taking this phone back to Walmart and staying with tracfone.

Guest 12/18/2009
I FOUND A BETTER DEAL. I'm looking for thrift in these challenging economic times. According to Consumer Reports Magazine the top carrier continues to be Verizon. But Verizon has a secret many of you don't know. It sublets its network to the best prepaid cell phone company in the US.

Norm 12/16/2009
Verizon prepaid is zeroing out balances without reason. In mid-Sep, I had a $250 balance, on 17 Sept after an autopay, my balance was suddenly $30. After wading through the customer service maze, I was told by a "supervisor" that they had no records of my large balance and my records were not acceptable. They simply stole my balance without notice.

meghan 12/15/2009
This is the worst prepaid plan ever. Since having alltel for three years on prepaid, i have had no problems, it was easy to put money on, now with verizon; fillig it up online doesn't work, and it takes an additional 1 or so to get it on through calling customer serivice. I do not reccomend this, its completely inconvienient, and not to mention a waste of money.

Melissa 12/14/2009
I had an excellent plan with Alltel and was grandfathered in when Verizon took over. Since then I have texts that don't go through for hours, recieve duplicate texts constantly, and have calls completely cut off a minute into talking. At first I thought it might be an issue with the phone itself, but since I've started reading reviews on the subject it seems to be a Verizon issue. I am very unimpressed with this company and would rather have Altell back.

Kadi 12/14/2009
I hate this phone with a passion! it is soooo annoying it makes me give up on all samsung phones! I hate it so much I threw it up against a wall--but then the vibrate broke! it suxxxxx!

Rachel 12/13/2009
RIPOFF!!!!! Four family members in my home had alltel prepaid phones! Their plans were great! $1.00 per day for unlimited everything!!! Now verizon!! You don't get unlimited crap and it's $3.99 a day??? Are they freaken crazy?!?! We don't have that kind of money! Mom and Dad of this house are both on unemployment!!!! Verizon sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't never leave a good thing alone!!!! I loved alltel!!!!!!!!!!

rosjanique 12/12/2009
i had had the the boost unlimited for 11 months i liked it but not anymore because sometimes it wouldnt let me get my pic msg and get on the internet. but i had to get me another phone because my phone is water damage. so new i got the new verzion 350 bluetooth camera phone. i like the phone so far. i got unlimited talk and text and pic msg and nationwide and i always get my pic msg. i like the the phone so far. the only thing im having is setting up my voicemail. but im not gonna worry about setting up my voicemail. because im not gonna miss no calls because i always have my phone on me. verzion is the best. boost mobile sucks.

brandon 12/11/2009
well, i like the idea of the 20$ a month for unlimited text, picture, video, and stuff like that. and if you get the 1.99 a day plan you get unlimited nights and weekends, so thats unlimited texting(which you wont get charged a daily charge for texting) and unlimited nights and weekends.. i think this is great, although i see what people are saying about the money being taken away that does suck. But overall i think verizon is good, i used to have verizon then i swiched to tmobile and i wasnt satisfied i was paying a dollar a day for unlimited text and thats all i could use it cost 15 cents a minute for call. it sucked, so it was pratcily 30$ a month for nothing not even picture messaging because i didnt have internet because the plan i had didnt support internet. It sucked :( but i think verizon is a good idea overall, but needs more choices for prepaid phones. :(

joel 12/10/2009
Verizon rips you off, their plans are way overpriced, and if you ever have a problem they basicly do not care. Alltel was far better then Verizon. ALSO good luck roaming on Verizon prepaid, they do not include prepay customers in their 'nationwide' netwrok, lol. OR 3G. They try to tell you they do, its not true.

Leigh 12/10/2009
I have Verizon implulse phones now for 4 years and I love them. I think they ned to get a bigger variety to choose from but otherwise they have been relly great. I am one that sucks with contracts and travel all over for work so this type of phone and service is so very convenient.

marie 12/9/2009
this is the best phone I dint even have to call the store for any probmls

bob 12/7/2009
i think impu;se is a really good idea because not everyone has the money to have a designated amount set for that month. with the impulse plan if you don't have the money that month you can just not use it or cut down your calling or texting amount.

esper_prince 12/7/2009
Made a big mistaking choosing Verizon.They literally rip people off :( and some of my friends who are still with them even know they are being ripped off by them and choose to stay with them because popularity..Trust me you can find better service with our providers.

mrsjamie 12/5/2009
verizon is so lame we should of juxx be able to stay with alltel verizon should of stayed where they were because it messed up alot of suff and verizon doesn't even support smart phn blackberry on prepaid like alltel i say alltel is the best thing to ever happen to prepaid period juxx give us alltel back and over 80 million strong will be happy

BETH 11/30/2009

Amanda 11/30/2009
I think Verizon prepaid is a legalized exhortion from people who do not want to be tied to a contract. Some people have been charged the daily fee for just opening their flip phones & not making any calls. They are higher than any other plan out there: to me they are not even competitive. Unfortunately they have the largest network, which is the only thing going for them. I had a contract before prepaid & it was only for a year. When I tried to cancel, I was told by one of their dishonest reps that it was a 2 year plan & I would be charged $150.00 for disconnect. I couldn't find my contract so I had to stay with it. Then a 9 months later I called again & was told that I did indeed have a 1 year contract. It was my fault because I couldn't find the contract so I chalked it up to my stupidity for not calling & asking to speak to a supervisor the first time. Then I get the prepaid, which has turned out to be more expensive than a contract at times. Their customer service stinks & I really believe they perform every trick in the book to add charges that are not there. I went to Boost mobile & it is a straight 10 cents a minute charge. No activation fee, no roaming fees. It doesn't have the coverage that Verizon does, but hopefully they will get more towers up. As far as Verizon goes, it is an endless money pit. Speaking for myself, I do not have any extra cash to throw away & that's what you do with that company. I really think the U.S. Attorney General needs to investigate Verizon!

Bebe 11/29/2009
Verizon is an alien money sucking scam machine. One star is too many. I was quite happy with my alltel prepaid service for 4 years. I was paying 39.99 per month for 400 anytime and 2000 night/weekend minutes. I added a 750 text bundle for $10. I never went over and never had problems with ALLTEL then Verizon Scam services bought Alltel out. In the three months that i've been with verizon i've been charged for HUNDREDS of text messages per day that I have never made nor received. I've called customer service at least 5 times only to reach condescending clueless reps who insist that somehow these charges are valid and I must be making HUNDREDS of texts per day. The service reps nor their supervisors would give me an itemized listing of the phone numbers that these texts are going to/coming from so it is impossible to see what the heck is going on. I also had a $124 balance in august which i was told could be used for ringtones, etc, but the balance has disappeared and my phone has been cut off before the payment due date THREE TIMES due to them charging me .10/min for THOUSANDS of texts per month. On 11/28/09 after a trip to the verizon store and 3 customer service calls Manager Jamie Lee Laster hung up in my face after raising her voice and arguing that these THOUSANDS of texts they're continuously charging me for are valid. I'm tempted to contact BBB, TCC, and an attorney.

kris 11/25/2009
Robbing my wallet! I use this phone in addition to my cell when I travel out of my coverage area. I wasn't monitoring my usage in the beginning and thought it was strange that I had to reload so often, although I rarely use it. So this time I did not use the phone at all! They disconnected it and I got the texts saying I am out of minutes and need to reload again! I am going to disconnect it. Don't waste your money! Total scam!

asia 11/25/2009
i like this very much giving me mins after i bough 20 dollars and it didn't even put one cent on my phone and they gave me mi 20 dollars for sure.

kalysta.s 11/24/2009
i like verizon because the messaging bundles are awesome and you get unlimited texting for 30 days. but the one thing i hate the most about verizon is they like to take money off your phone and thats rediculous. they have no right to take money because at times when i dont even use it or when i have first gotten a card its gone the next day or on that day

Travis S. 11/23/2009
I had one Alltel prepaid phone,which when transferred to Verizon,had a balance remaining at Alltel of $107. Verizon claims there was no balance transferred. Alltel claims they cannot access my records as Verizon now has the account. Spent an hour on the phone tonight trying to straighten out and was hung up on by "Porsche," a supervisor in Verizon's prepaid call center in Georgia when she could not resolve. She basically told me I was out of luck and there was nothing she could do "since this is not a 'known issue'."

switched 2 page plus 11/23/2009
I had a verizon contract for 5 yrs. and b4 that i had verizon prepaid and sprint. I have switched to page plus cause I liked the coverage verizon has just didnt like the price. Page plus works on the verizon network. They offer a few different plans: pay as you go, the talk n text 1200(1200 voice mins and 1200 text with 50 mb data) for 29.95 a month, or the unlimited talk n text with 20 mb data. Their phone selection isnt very big but u you can use ur verizon phone since they use the verizon network. You can also take ur number with u (they call it porting) i took mine from verizon. If u use ur verizon phone u will only b able 2 talk n text. They r new so they r still workin out sum bugs like takes awhile 2 talk 2 sum 1 when callin them. Im very happy with them. I get the same excat coverage as i did with verizon i just dont pay $200+ for 2 phones anymore.

Chad 11/22/2009
I had Verizon Inpulse core plan , Purchaced in December 2008 . I forgot to put time on my phone when I called then a week ago to have my phone Shut back on they stated I would have to pay 35.00 to get it back on plus having a card . they said that the only option was to buy a 100.00 airtime card over the phone . why do you have to do this on a prepaid phone . you are not locked into a contract . it dosent make any sense I could pay 150.00 all together and get a bran new phone from t mobile with starter airtime Verizon wireless sucks

Robert 11/22/2009
Verizon sucks. I was texting the other day and got a message telling me my balance was 9 dollars. Three text messages later, another message, telling me my balance was 5 dollars. Sure enough, they just stole my money. You would think at this day and age plan rates would go down, so they could be afforded. They just keep going up. Its only a matter of time till plans just go away, and you will pay per minute, and per text, or you can just not have a phone. Thats the way it is though, Verizon could give a rats if they lose your business or not. I really wish there was a different option in my area, but there is not, Cause if there was, I would leave Verizon with the quickness.

darius 11/20/2009
It has been one of the most greatest plams ever

Punkred_15 11/17/2009
Verizon is awesome all i want is a prepaid phone don't care what kind as long as it has a camera and i can txt and call

Rex 11/14/2009
I agree with Alex, 2009/7/11 that combining the basic prepaid plan with the $10 or $20 text add-on is a great bargain for texters, especially if you want the Verizon network. This is probably the ONLY bargain anything from Verizon. Here in DC, it is the only net that works on the Metro, and they have the best signal coverage. If you have an extra pocket, carry a T-Mobile prepaid phone for 10 cent/minute talk calls. Their minutes last 1 year after you buy $100 worth of minutes, and you can extend them another year for only $10.

VAN B. 11/12/2009

shegottadonk 11/7/2009
VERIZON WIRELESS IS EXTREMLEY INCREDIBLY too expensive i just got a $15 dollar card two days ago and the minutes are already gone DO NOT GET THIS PHONE IF YOU HAVE MONEY ISSUES the phone i got was nice though plus when im talking to people they break up i thought i was supposed to have coverage??

Dan 11/7/2009
I've had a variety of prepaid plans over the years. Verizon is head and shoulders above all of them, including ATT. My wife has ATT, we compare coverages often and I ALWAYS win.

nikkie 11/7/2009
i have a prepaid verizon phone and i like it so far..the only issue that i have with it is the fact that lately it resends old texts that are in response to what i send to ppl so it gets frustrating..anyone else have this issue

ron Friedel 11/7/2009
I have had both AT&T and Verizon prepaid phones. AT&T is the better of the 2, AT&T you can use the sim card on ANY AT&T phone, Verizon has no sim card. I have had a blackberry, Palm treo, you name it and i have used it on at&t prepaid, except the iphone i havent tried.Signal strenght was basiclly the same with both companies. AT&T has better prepaid bundle rate's. I had to change sim cards with at&t gophone a couple of times which i got on ebay for 3 buck, called gophone CS and was given the same number and balance transfered with no problems. Verizon has limited choices of phones on prepaid. I have had at7t prepaid for more than 5 years and tried verizon a couple of times and ALWAYS go back to AT&T. So for what it' worth, at7t is the way to go, especially if you want a larger choice of phones to choose from.

Kevin 10/23/2009
I can just about count on every single call to drop after the 1 minute mark at first. The follow up call to continue the conversation generally goes well. Unsure if this is a phone problem or service, but either way, with Verizon prepaid you're pretty much 2nd class citizen as far as they're concerned.

Sue 10/19/2009
Stupid Verizon isnt working for international texts. Is this happening to anyone else? I'd really like it to start working again because it's been two weeks now, and it isn't just my phone i tried from a few other phones.

quane nesbitt 10/19/2009
verizon is the best. it has the best signal ever,best rate plans and good service

Guest 10/15/2009
Gary, Pancho, etc..

Pancho 10/14/2009
I think that the messaging bundle for anyone is great if your a texter.
You get the "BASIC" plan which costs .25 cents a minute and .20 cents a text (send or recieve). So then you add the $20.00 a month unlimited texting bundle and you dont pay the .20 cents fee and no daily access fee.
So other than this if you are going to use your phone for alot of calls DO NOT GO WITH VERIZON ON THIS 1. ONLY IF YOU ARE A TEXTER THAN GO RIGHT AHEAD BECAUSE ITS AN OK DEAL.

gary 10/9/2009
DO NOT use verizon prepaid. They have NO SUPPORT for prepaid. They steal minutes from your account even with phone turned off. They do NOT refund your $$ if dis-satisfied. scammers!

The Duck 10/8/2009
I have been very satisfied with this service. If you talk a lot, however, it could get pricey. I mainly text, so it's great for me. You do not have to pay the daily fee unless you make or receive a call. I almost never have to pay it. You can get any of the texting plans with any prepaid Verizon phone, and even some that were previously on a contract.

Brent 10/8/2009
Just bought a prepaid phone at Walmart.

Sane_Inn 10/5/2009
I heard PagePlus offers prepaid service that includes unlimited voice, text and 25 MB of data for $39.95 per month. They use Verizon's Network so coverage is great (they told me) they use Verizon cell phones as well.

Brooke 10/5/2009
Ok verizon is not good at all ot is so expensive...... well prepaid anyway u have that daily fee and u cant get that unlimited texting unless you buy the phone from a verizon store and alltel i say is way better u have unlimited texting to everyone 75 cents a day and 25 cents picture messaging and free mobile to mobile and 10cents 4 non alltel customers and im hoping when verizon changes alltel that the plans will stay the same and they will still sell the alltel phones at walmart

dale.h 9/28/2009
$20 unlimited text,video,picture,instant messaging for verizon prepaid. its a great deal for anybody who needs a messaging bundle

Peter 9/26/2009
I had Verizon prepay since 2000 and built up $600 credit.
I was told by rep I could upgrade to postpay and the credit would transfer over so I went with the upgrade and then Verzion lost all records of my $600 because the rep gave me a new #. I have spent hours on the phone getting handed from one customer service to another each blaming the other. I am out the $600 and no one will get back to me

John 9/22/2009
Just like the regular Verizon, this prepaid is a ripoff with huge nasty surprises. They dump hundreds of extra dollars in usage and extras on your bill. You think it is prepaid but the lack of a contract will leave you cheated. The customer service is totally unhelpful and has a bad attitude for those who live on a budget.

Ed 9/19/2009
Verizon Prepaid Customer service is beginning to be covered by a third party (ASC) Affilated Computer Service. There are call centers in Georgia, Arizona, and just recently Colorado.

renee 9/16/2009
the only complaint i have is that they don't have a wide selection of phones to choose from.

Becky 9/13/2009
I have had Verizon for a few years now, (on a contract). I have never had any problems with it. I decided to try AT&T, and was EXREMLY disappointed. I had dropped calls and when I went to send texts, at times the service was "unavailable". So, I decided to try Verizon Prepaid, because I was tired of the hight cost of the monthly plan. With the prepaid, I got the unlimited texts to anyone on any network for $20 a month, I have the core plan of $.99 a day with unlimited mobile to mobile calling. (Most people I know have Verizon). I added $20, but I reveived $10 in free air time when I activated my phone and because I added the $20 with my debit card online, they gave me another added bonus of $10. So, I got $20 for free! Also, by adding money online, I will get a $2 bonus added each time. The $20 in texting renews automatically, so I never have to worry about overages, if I forget to buy the bundle. Calls are only $.10 a minute, so even when I am talking to a non verizon customer, as long as I keep the call short, it shouldn't add up to that much. So, for $50 a month, I have a reliable cell phone service. And the nice thing is, I can add money when I need to,- I am in control of what I spend. Thats a nice option, especially when I am on a budget! I will never go back to a contract again!

Frustrated 9/9/2009
This is the worst customer service experience I've ever had. I've called, emailed and searched the website and I still can't even get to my voicemail. I haven't been able to add minutes because the recorded message goes repeats itself 4 or 5 times, then goes dead every time I try.

Andy 9/8/2009
This is easily the most horrifically overpriced prepaid service out there. It would cost me 3.99 a day, PLUS 20 extra dollars a month to get from verizon what i am getting from alltel. Basically, Verizon is one of the most blatant scams you could ever get yourself involved with.

Steven 9/6/2009
No decent web browser - no smartphones - extremely expensive plan. Crappy phones on prepaid with little or no features that break even with minimal use. Corporate brush - offs and arrogrance regarding prepaid customers - you are less than human unless you have a contract. Virgin is awesome, I love the phone and service. Metro PCS offer a blackberry. Using Verizon is pointless and expensive!

veronda 9/5/2009
we have the bolder problem is that when i got my son(he is in a wheelchair)this phone he was put on the eaSYpay 70 plan.well the min.use to rollover.he has had this plan for at least two years.but now for the last two months they have been taking his money and dont even want to listen and wont send me a read out of the last year..he cant afford much he lives on a fixed income..they just dont give a damn i think that is what bothers me more then anything.and they fact that they are rude and say im telling lies...Grrrrr

missthang 8/27/2009
Don't get me wrong verizon is a good network, but way too expensive. I have a prepay where i pay $50 a month for 350 day mins. and unlimited nights and weekends. And on top of that i only get 250 text messages for and extra 10 dollars a month. So now I got page plus which offers unlimited talk and text for $39.95 a month, and they use the same towers as verizon. I am now saving a lot of money because i would sometimes run out of minutes in 2 weeks and would have to put another $50 on the verizon phone. Verizon is a rip off!

James 8/26/2009
I have not used Verizon Wireless directly, but I do have to say their network rocks. 5-Stars to you Verizon Wireless and it is great to see agreements with other companies to provided excellent coverage compared to just area coverage by other providers.

brandon 8/25/2009
the only thing i dont like about verizon is i was gone to buy a lg dare but i couldt get it prepaid.i think every phone should be prepaid becouse verizon would make more money and peaple could get what they want.

toni4567 8/25/2009
After speaking with an online representative, I was assured that I would receive the best pre paid cellular deal online. After finding a better deal with T-Mobile, I sent my Verizon phone back to be charged the activation fee for a phone I NEVER EVEN OPENED! When I called, I was transferred to a line with no help, only automated info on the phone. I called back to be transferred to 2 departments that weren't sure of the answer. They told me that they "thought" that I just lose the activation fee. This was a total waste of time and their plans and phones were expensive. I would avoid this one.

NewVZWPhone 8/16/2009
I just got my phone today. I have the Samsung Smooth which is a nice phone for a good price compared to my 1 year old candy bar phone that wasn't so great. Customer service is remarkable and get this... They're actually in America! I had a problem porting my number over from AT&T Go-Phone and here's the trick, call the port number that they give you and dial 1 for English and then press zero when they give you the next options. You'll get an operator and they'll hook you up. Instead of an account number, give them your four digit pin number (If you don't know it, go to;jsessionid=0D84A481C9241F991CECC3A0337B582E ) and click on Forget my Password) and they'll talk to the AT&T people and set you up. The only problem I have is I like to know when I use up my minutes and my phone doesn't easily tell me like my old Go Phone. Nevertheless, I'm happy with it so far.

uspvteyes 8/14/2009
Anyone, yes anyone who pays a daily fee or over .10 per minute for any prepaid service is getting scamed. There are a lot of prepaid phones for .05 to .10 per minute with no daily fee. The fee per day you use the phone is a total scam. I don't knopw why any one would use these phones. I see some of them are .25 per minute, Boy, what a scam.
I have a Verizon with an old plan its .06 per minute period. I have a Net 10 and its a straight .10 per minute. I have an old Virgin plan, its .05 per minute. If you have an old plan keep it, they don't make them any more.

7thjewel 8/9/2009
the coverage and service is great. however i recently bought a touch screen phone and was told i could not use it on prepaid becuase it is a tochscreen and has to have a data plan. prepaid should be able to use any phone regardless

Joe 8/9/2009
Verizon prepaid is great, I have never had a problem that was not promptly resolved by contacting customer service. For those that are having problems, if you contact customer service through the web portal:
you will have better luck getting more quality service, also adding a card from your phone is better then adding it from a landline or via the web, as it is linked to your number and reduces the chance of a mistake being made in putting a wrong number in!

Ms. Gee 8/8/2009
Write your attorney generals office regarding Verizon not reimbursing you for their mistake of putting $100 on someone else's phone. Then, complain to the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, start a FaceBook Verizon Fraudulent claim network group or page to expose them and warn others. Believe me, the cost in loss of potential income/profit and business will be way more than the $100 that they'll probably reimburse you anyway. It's your money and they should return it. Maybe one of their sales rep. has an inside scheme going on to help our their no good buddies.

Brian 8/7/2009
I am very disappointed with Verizon prepaid. I paid $100 and it was put on another person's phone. The store and the fraud dept. agree with this, it shows clearly on the history. However the prepaid dept. will not help me and resolve this. I will never use Verizon again.

Raven 8/3/2009
Customer service is basically blackmailing me when my balance drops below $5, they text me EVERY night at 2:11AM with the same, Low Balance notification. When I emailed them to ask how to stop the text messages from them, they only respond with an overly politically correct response of, "we can BLOCK all text messages from going to your phone, but that will include ALL text messages being blocked". For someone on a fixed income, I find this kind of harassment highly annoying to be waken up each and every night, unless I go add more money to the account. The last I knew, that is called BLACKMAIL! Unless you can afford to keep a much higher balance, go with another company. There are now VoIP services that can/will forward your "landline" calls(thru your PC)to a hand unit. The crap they tell you in their ads are far fetched!

khammicia 7/20/2009
I like verizon it is alright i just get tired of buying prepaid cards all the time b cause i am on that prepaid plan and it really does kills me sometimes.

Guest 7/18/2009
verizon prepaid is good i have not have any problems with them.............yet

Mendi W 7/15/2009
I have had VZW prepaid since 2007, and I'm pretty satisfied with the service. I have switched from the Power plan, to the Unlimited plan, and back to the Power plan. I like that when your financial siutation changes, you can switch your plan to accomodate those changes. I like the coverage, and I rarely if ever have a dropped call. The phones are pretty good quality. I currently have the Samsung U340, and it's okay for a no frills device. I'd like to see a better phone selection in the future. I don't care much for the daily access fees, and I'd like to see and unlimited plan similar to BoostMobile or Virgin Mobile. Customer service has been good whenever I've needed them, so no major issues there. There are others out there that may offer good deals on plans, but the service is the thing for me, and it's quite good. If you aren't a person who uses a phone a great deal, but know you need one to keep in touch with people, then this is the company to deal with.

jlar 7/13/2009
Okay I have had Verizon prepaid for 5 years. I have the easy pay is an old plan. I feel I need to respond to a few comments. First if you are having customer services issues make sure you are calling the correct number. The contract side does not know anything about the prepaid side and vice versa. The number to call is 1-888-294-6804 follow all prompts and the customer service is more than helpful. 2nd talk with a customer service and they can do a analysis of your call history and tell you own average how much you spend per month They will come up with an average sign up for auto pay for this amount and you will not continue feell it is so pricey. Check out some of the verizon stores they run some very good deals on phones that are compatiable with the inpulse plan. Finally there are several ways to get basic information right on your phone absolutely free! Good luck. Verizon inpulse is truly the best prepaid option as far as services goes. You truly get what you pay for!

Alex 7/11/2009
I love my Verizon pre-paid, and you will long as you properly estimate your usage. I have the basic plan which consists of 25 cents for and call and 20 cents for every text message with no daily access fee. At first this seems like a rip-off for anyone who will even minimally use their phone, but it is a great deal in disguise. I am a big texter, and I rarely ever call people. So I got the $10 messaging bundle (which you can only obtain by going to a Verizon store or calling the customer service line). I only spend $15- $20 a month on my cellphone and I use it non-stop. And its not like I never call on it, I just only use it for important calls and if someone calls me, I always make the call less than 3 mins (which is actually a more than the "average" length of a cellphone call). So some tips:

jake 7/9/2009
i have 3 verizon inpulse cells i have a env2 a juke and a moto w755 i like it it has great coverage but it gets a bit expensive there customer service sucks ass for real but all in all its a cool phone company i think though i might switch 2 boost

tom.a 7/2/2009
yes you can activate any phone on verizons inpulse plans check this out
If its compatible with INpulse, and has a clean ESN, then just follow these steps:

joey baketti 7/2/2009
its great its the best prepaid around! i have unlimited texting and free mobile to mobile and nights and weekends too.dont get at&t go phone prepaid it sucks switch to verizon inpulse its better

veronica.ellit 7/1/2009
yes yo ucan activate any verizon phone on inpulse plans.just dial *228 or *611 from that phone or go to there site online and activate it on prepay yourself free,make sure you have the ESN or MEID # wrote down,dont go to a verizon store and activate it becuz they will tell you no it cant be on prepaid just try it yourself and see if it works

ScOp3 6/30/2009
Did you know that you cannot activate the LG Dare with the inpulse plan at all? Well i think that sucks. I think you should be able to activate any Verizon phone on the impulse plan.

Terri Daniels 6/30/2009
I have tried contract phones and my bill would be around $200.00 a month. I went to a prepaid phone and all I spend a month now is $45.00. I am on the plan with free mobile to mobile and free after 9:00 pm, I do some text messages and some pictures but not many. I have spent $30.00 a month. What I like about it is you do not have to worry about contracts.

tess 6/27/2009
i have the prepaid basic plan and theres no daily update your review becuase i am only payin 20 dollars a month for texting becuase i dont make any calls..i think this is the best prepaid buisness out there

richer_smarter 6/18/2009
my husband has verizon and it sucks. for verizon to be one of the best phone companies and not have a better pay as you go plan than boost mobile or virgin mobile is a shame. boost gives unlimited everything for just $50 a month and virgin mobile offers a good deal as well plus virgin mobile gives you ways to get extra phone time free. Why isn't verizon offering a better deal or at least matching these deals? $3.00 a day is adding up to me to be $90 a month and then you have to add the months with an extra day in it or add more money for the other feature. hmmm....that's a rip off to me .

#1hotties 6/13/2009
that phone is sick but it dont tell you how much it is!!!! We want the phone

holly 6/12/2009
i was woundering if thers any way to change your pre pay account to a contract online if u no how plaese send me any e- mail telling me how to thatnks alot:) my e- mail is

redangel 6/12/2009
First was lost/stolen, called Verizon
immediately and put the phone in suspension. I bought another Version (samsung) prepaid. Customer service was excellent in helping me transfer the balance on previous phone.

Jim 6/11/2009
I went to the impulse plan after completing back to back 2 year contracts. I hardly ever use my phone and it was costing me almost $50 a month for 3 to 10 minutes of usage. I switched to the impulse plan in December and it is now June. I paid $100.00 so that my money wouldn't expire for a year and I now have a balance of $91.00. So I couldn't be happier. However, customer service stinks. It's almost impossible to talk to a real person. Oh well, hopefully that won't be necessary until December rolls around again.

Dave 6/1/2009
Horrible--extremely expensive, customer service rude and claimed I was "a liar" similar to other reviewer so I am guessing it's policy to screw over pre-paid customers. DO NOT go with Verizon.

Alek 6/1/2009
I bought the Samsung u340 and u350 Pre Paid phones because Wal-Mart had them for 20 bux. Verizon's tv ads make you feel like they have the best coverage and service. Wrong. Activation was impossible. After incomplete automated activation procedure it "transfers" you to customer service to "complete activation" (straight to a busy signal w/out completing activation). 6 hours later, no activation, but the phone w/out a number assigned to it would make collect calls and credit card calls to verizon, but verizon still couldn't activate it "welcome to Verizon you are being transfered to another network" ("American Roaming") At this time you are told you can make credit card calls and the cycle repeats. Bought both new at a Wal Mart 5 mi from my house. Their coverage map shows good coverage, no roaming in my area, but dropped my activation attempt calls repeatedly cutting in and out (poor signal reliability) but roaming was the only way the phone would work and then only if you use your credit card. It doesn't activate, it has poor signal reliability, coverage and only credit card roaming use. Customer service was non existent/inaccessible and Verizon is unscrupulous in advertising and customer service. I took them back to Wal Mart. Went to Best Buy, bought 2 ATT Go Phones and presto quick activation and great, always accessible customer service. As well as awsome signal strength / reliability. Go with AT&T!

Courtney 6/1/2009
I put money in and i use it but it keeps asking for a pass word but i dont remember! i dont like it there is no way to put it on!


kayla 5/25/2009
verizon IS the best company because when you go call a verizon lets say today in the morning then its 99 cents and you have the rest of the day free to any verizon that day

Keith 5/23/2009
Ilove the phones, and for 50 a month it's cheaper than a contract phone for unlimited.

Ex-AT&T 5/16/2009
I'm very satisfied, especially since they now have .25 cents a minute with no daily fee. And you can change plans 4 times a month. I don't use it very much, so $100 for a year is great, Verizon has the best network. I'd give 5 stars if it were cheaper, but you gotta pay for the best I suppose.

Jeremy 5/15/2009
i dont have a review. more of a question. i am currenty using a Samsun sch-u340. i was wonderinf that if i bought a phone from verizon and NOT activate a contract, could i transfer my current prepaid to it and keep my account balance?

Brandon 5/5/2009
Ive had verizon prepaid before and went to tmobile went back to verizon postpaid yea its a little expensive but you pay for what you get. If you buy a old pos car thats what your gonna be driving i hardly ever drop a call im even staying with verizon and getting an additional prepaid phone for 20 bux not bad huh since other companies rip you off with poor customer service and phones that could be free end up costing you 300 dollars. Right thats why verizon is my provider. 4 LIFE!!!!

Alicia 4/29/2009
I have had three prepaid phones from verizon, I get the $10 messaging bundle because alot of people I know have verizon but the perpaid gets old after awhile so im considering doing a contract. Prepaid phones are great for texting and I Personally get amazing service.

Ottobismark 4/28/2009
Love the service but cannot figure out how to shut off the announcment of remaining time when you try to call out. Nitrogen TSRH says there is a simple way. Please email me with your instructions on how to do it. Thanks.

SHAY 4/21/2009

scott 4/19/2009
i like my verizon phone, i dont like being charged twice in the same month for my $10 message bundle or for things not purchased

zack clark 4/13/2009
to get the messaging bundle go to the verizon mobile web and o down to "get the msg bndl." and it is only $5$

TRaci 4/1/2009
The phones your company is selling at walmart store are advertising the wrong price plans on package. When I activated my phone, the charges were $1.00 more than advertized

DeeJaye 4/1/2009
I agree with Brandon, the 99 cent plan should have unlimited nights. And it's time for the owners of this site to update this review. Verizon has changed their prepaid plans (again).

brandon 3/31/2009
the only complant i have is that on the 99 cent plan does not have free nights and weekends

lucy luuu 3/29/2009
i don't pay that much beacuse i never answer my phone only text so their for i only spend 2cents per text and my money last

Junito 3/28/2009
I'm not a Verizon fan, but pound per pound verizon inpulse offers the best deal. First, look at the prepaid national coverage map it's pretty good, with the exception of Puerto Rico. With the core plan you pay only .99/day charge. If you text a lot get the bundle deal for ten extra dollars. Compare this vs Nextel/Sprint, AT&T, Tmobile postpaid, your connection with Verizon way better. If you want to turn off the annoying balance reminder just dial *611 a set it to low. *this plan is great if most of your friends have verizon as their phone carrier,free mobile to mobile. You either spend $31 a month or $41 for great service

eureka baby 3/27/2009
I dont like this phone because u have to pay for everything why itcant be like alltel phones you know free text messaging n unlimited mobile to mobile.

George 3/25/2009
I have had Verizon wireless prepay for over a year. I bought a $50.00 card and did very little calling. I still have a balance or $42.81. But the 60 days are up, so--they told me my account had expired. This sucks. I also did not allow any text , or picture messages. They charged me anyway.

Mona 3/24/2009
Right now I have verizon and it is really expensive. Every two days i have to add minutes to it. I think that at&t is better.

SouthernBounty 3/24/2009
I love my prepaid verizon phone. I have been using the same one for the last 3 years, my plan is .99 per day with unlimited mobil to mobil, and unlimited nights. The camera makes great pictures. The battery finally gave up the ghost about 4 months ago, I went to verizon to see if I could get a new one and they told me that battery wasn't available anymore... SO I went to ebay and bought one, now my old dinosaur of a phone is as good as new. I absolutely love it, and I hate that the plan that I have and enjoy so affordably is no longer available... if I can get another battery on ebay when this one dies, I will keep right on with this phone :-)

aka sir eat alot 3/23/2009
this service sucks i tryed to use my messageing bunddle and it would not let me use it so these service is are jank

Mollie 3/21/2009
i am thinking about gettin a nv2 with unlimited text,but from what i can see....this doesnt look like a good really confused and have no clue what to do.

Aaron 3/20/2009
i just got the 1.99 prepaid plan. it's cool the only drawback is when receiving a text from unknowns you get charged .5 cents, other than that if the phone sits you don't get charged a daily fee like T-mobile's 1.00 a day plus usage.

amber 3/18/2009
Ive had prepaid verizon for 3 on the .99cents plan and mobile to mobile and free nights.everyone i know is mobile to mobile. i love it

Shabazz 3/16/2009
I had over 6 hours of talk time left on my phone and I was looking for a job on, i was led to a series of sites that requested my cell number and after I logged in at least 5 back to back text messages came in on my phone eating up all my minutes! How do I get the minutes back?

peter 3/12/2009
i hate how all of these people are complaining about the price if you didnt get the 2.99 a day plan it would be cheaper duh. i got the 1.99 a day plan its easy and if you dont text every 5 seconds it would be cheaper i am conservative of my minutes and they last a while i love verison it is reliable and mildly expensive.

john Wilson 3/2/2009
Your phone selection is excellent and your coverage is good. However the cost of your prepay phones, is prohibitive, you should drop the dollar a day fee. Many of your competitors don't charge a dollar a day. If you dropped the dollar charge I would buy one.

GIGGLES 3/1/2009
Verizon is such a great company and the planes are great.I LUV THEM!!!

Deedra 2/28/2009
The phones is absolutely terrific but i have to ask this do u have to pay with a crdit card to get unlimited texts or can you just put a 20$ card on there and it takes it off of there?

carmen 2/27/2009
my grandma recently passed away and we traveled to mexico. all family was there and they all had cellphones from diffrent networks tmobile, sprint everything....but i am glad to say that i was the smart one with verizon....all other networks were not able to function where we were at grandma's funeral...we had to keep calling other family members and my phone was the phone that was working thanks to verizon i was able to keep in touch with family coming in from all parts of mexico i got my phone in texas (a prepaid!!!!) and it really works!!!!!!!!

josh 2/26/2009
the phones are good but the pays as you go cost is to expensive and if you text you waste all your minutes in a daty

tracey 2/25/2009
i hate verizon i've been with them for quite sometimes had the easypay plan lost it they said and now i;m on the pluse plan which is not good for anyone i would not reccommend this company to any one they are a ripoff foreal i spend more money on my phone than i do on a house phone that's bad i wish i knew someone with a better plan . help......

=p 2/22/2009
i bought the samsung u340 and it was ok for a while, but then i saw everyone else's phones and i was embarrassed to show them mine.

JD 2/22/2009
Has anyone heard about Verizon's new $3.99 a day unlimited talk prepaid plan? $120 a month? That's crazy!

Ben 2/21/2009
I bought the Blitz for $100. I bought $15 and the 30 days didn't get added. I called customer service and the didn't believe me and never gave it to me. I bought another $15 card and the minutes and days both didn't get added. I called customer service they called me a liar and then hung up on me. I just emailed them to tell them about my problem and what their customer service (by phone) did.

hotty dude 2/19/2009
i like my new phone its really cool i have the samsung my phone lets me do ever i want i rally dont call but i text i have unlimited texting it is sick i love it everbody has the phone i have everbody all my friends i really is a cool phone ya man

kid x 2/17/2009
hey i just got my phone today and i got the impules power plan reguarding the free nights and weekends do they charge u when you make a call after 9:01 p.m.

SammThacker <3 2/17/2009
this network is amazing. and everyone has it. i have the plus plan. even if i dont have money left for minutes i still get all my calls after nine and on weekends so its pretty sweet. and i have the unlimited texting to anyone on any network =]

Rosi 2/14/2009
I love Verizon last year I went to Brazil and my cell phone worked over there it is awesome.

Austyy 2/11/2009
I have had this for 4 years and i got the unlimited messaging too. I text a ton and got the new enV2 phone so its all good. I have had nothing but good service with them. I pay about 67 a month. wish we could see how many texts ive sent or recieved online tho.

momof3 2/11/2009
I agree with leonard. If you use your phone alot prepaid may not be best. It can add up fast. But for the occasional users like myself, it's a great option. Verizon gives you so many options to make it work for you. It's always free to talk to other verizon customers, and the text bundle plan is great for saving money too, since you only get charge the daily fee if you talk with your voice during the day, not if you text exclusively. Despite what others said, customer service is GREAT! when I got my phone I spent ALOT of time talking to them to understand my plan exactly what I will and will not be charged for. They were so helpful and understanding. When I was charged for an unknown reason to me, I called customer service and was given the credit back to my account.
Best idea, before getting a cell phone, do your homework. If you talk to tons of other people who have verizon, it's a no brainer to go with verizon since you pay one daily fee and then can talk as much as you want, if you add the text bundle you can also text and send pictures all you want too. If you don't talk to many other verizon customers but are on the phone a lot anyway, why are you thinking about prepaid in the first place? I like prepaid since I only use it occasionally and did not want to be stuck with another bill or be locked into any contract. But having prepaid means being responsible to know what you will be charged for and then making sure you don't go crazy and spend a crazy amount of time on the phone. It also means keeping tabs of your account to be sure each charge is legit. BE SMART about it.

thelma 2/9/2009
well i have verizon andi have the 2.99 plan sucks if you put in 15.00 you can lose it in three days!!!! i hate my mom is trying to change my plan but i dont see it happening yet so my mom wont put money on my phone until she changes the plan

Rose 2/6/2009
I had $5.90 left on my Verizon prepaid account. I made calls in the morning and afternoon having $2.99 deducted for my daily access. THis left $2.91 on my account. At 11:46pm and 11:47pm of the same day I attempted to make calls to which I got the Verizon message that I did not have enough in my balance for my daily access charge. The calls should have gone through as the daily access charge had already been charged. When I called Verizon to complain about it, they claimed that my calls were placed at 12:46am and 12:47am. But my phone log say 11:46pm and 11:47pm. They turned it into a "its your word against our word and how what time OUR system says you made your call" battle. I'd think twice about Verizon Wireless prepaid. If you do, keep track of your daily access, $2.99 is alot!

Makrel 1/29/2009
Good coverage, easy to get to customer service. Been a subscriber for a few years and just went back for prepaid with an old phone. I bought the 100 min to get the activation waived and have enough minutes to last and have them expire in 1 year. After logging on to Verizon, the minutes were set to expire in 30 days! Had to call (2 transfers) to get that extended to 1 year. Easy to get it fixed, but it had to be fixed in the first place.

Kira 1/28/2009
Those who think txtin is a lot its really not. the screen that you see your balance at, go to feature then there is a message bundle in there and it cost 10 dollars, if you accept this, you will have unlimited txting for 1 month. then from there on out you only have to have 10 dollars on your phone once a month to renew this.
good luck!
i hope this works well for you! (:

Larry 1/27/2009
Your Prepaid plans suck, if I don't use my minuetes, my phone eat them up.
Not a good idea to sign up.

Wishes verizon wasn't the most popular service... 1/26/2009
So I just crunched some numbers... I got my prepaid phone on november 10th 2008 an got the 2.99 plan, cause i text a LOT. Ive bought somewhere in the range of 10-12 30 dollars prepaid cards since then, meaning ive spent somewhere in the range of 300-360 dollars, or 100-120 dollars a month.

Kay 1/21/2009
Verizon is not the company for me. With all of Verizon's charges and surcharges and taxes and whatever they call it, I could have bought a house and paid for it with cash.

Jaclyn 1/21/2009
I live way out on an Native American Reservation and the signal out here is okay. I got the blitz phone prepaid for emergencies.. but I find myself using it more for texting... I have the unlimited $20 bundle so i could text other friend on other networks so far it's cool. aslo i get unlimted pic text too. i don't really use the phone minutes unless if i have to though. so i have a question... I'm on the daily 99 cent plan.... Is IN calling free for me, or does it still take out 99 cents when i answer.

Sharon M 1/20/2009
Verizon INpulse is good if you don't talk alot other than's a complete waste of money and you will end up paying out of pocket just as if you had a contract. Their phone selection sucks! I was with Alltel which had excellent prepaid plans (monthly) now that they've merged with Verizon I will be seeking another prepaid carrier. I'm browsing At&T's gophones. I hope I'm more impressed with them than Verizon.

NitrogenTSRH 1/20/2009
You guys have some serious problems...for one, G. Smith, it is verry easy to shut off the notification that plays at the beginning of each call notifying you of your remaining balance, right from your handset. And, DoNotVerizon, you realize that we are talking about prepaid phones here, and not their AirCard service or other wireless modems offered by Verizon Wireless. Therefore, maybe we should keep the discussion and putdowns related to the actual service being referred to on this page. Otherwise, they do become exceedingly expensive, and it seems like the only way to go is to use the InPulse power plan, 2.99 per day but the absolute cheapest per min rate of any cell phone provider and comes with the same per text rate. Also the only prepaid phone that comes with unlimited nights and weekends included, most just have night minutes, not UNLIMITED nights, and I have yet to see another company that offers this in a prepaid plan. And they offer great TXT bundles, the 10.00 one is kind of a ripoff, seeing as their postpay customers get the EXACT same thing for 5.00 less, however, they DO offer unlimited txt to anyone on any network for only 20.00 a month. So, I would recommend this company completely.

Kimberly 1/19/2009
The phones need to be more current. You only give the nice phones to 2-year contract people. We prepaid ones need those phones too.

Kristin 1/19/2009
I love the free Verizon to Verizon, but it's extremely costly, especially if you text. I hate having to add minutes every week because of the daily access charge. I only talk at nine or to other Verizon customer's, but the access charge is rediculous and I like texting, so it kills my minutes pretty quick. Overall, I'm not too impressed with it

Lola 1/18/2009
i never been with verzion.
ive been with T-Mobile for 3 years and there service are ok.Verizon is better & there number 1 but it seems like Verizon is for rich people.half of my friends have verizon and there bill be high.Verizon is good and they are reliable but there billing department is the worst.ive read alot of bad things about verizon.thank god i found this article because i was gonna cancel my contract with T-Mobile and switch to Verion prepaid.
that's not gonna happen now.i'm gonna stick with T-Mobile.

DOUGLAS BARR 1/18/2009

great services 1/17/2009
wow, i like verizon prepay because i pay 2.99 a day only when i use it for unlimited night an weekends an free mobile to mobile an 2cents for ant text messages that is a great deal u can.t beat that especially only when you use

Wonderer 1/17/2009
I keep hearing that the service is bad with the Verizon Prepay phones. I'm just confused on how they work. I know that there is the Daily Access Fee of 99 cents, but only on the days you use it. And then the 10, 5, or 2 cents per minutes. You can also get the unlimited text. If I had the unlimited text and don't make a call on that day, and only use the phone for texting, does the daily access fee still get charged even though I'm not making a call and just texting? I barely barely use my tracfone for calls, only in emergencies, I just use it for texting. I would really like the Verizon prepay because of the unlimited text packs. So I am wondering if this phone would be a good choice, or if it would be more expensive than my current tracfone which I buy minutes for every few months.

leonard 1/17/2009
i love all the things you can do with verizon, it really is the ultimate network, you get so many features like vznavigator = my own gps on demand at just 2.99 for a whole days use (only on the days you use it!) though its the most expensive prepaid i have ever been on, but you are paying for quality, right? and dependability on demand so its worth the steep price. fortunately for me i dont use it everyday (if i did it would be like $30 a month just for access to their service) so the downfall would be if your on a budget like me, then you might struggle to survive making your money last month to month or week to week, depending on what kind of consumer you are. besides if you are spending so much then why are you on a prepaid? you might as well go on their plan? otherwise if your a seldom user like me, then just stop reading and get it! your paying for service and in the end is that all that matters? i mean why have a cell phone if it wont work where you are and where your going?!

some gurl 1/16/2009

mary 1/16/2009
I have had verizon prepaid for over a year and previously had tracfone. I love verizon and it works out to be cheaper even with the 99 cent daily charge. My husband has one also. I have the messaging bundle for 10 dollars extra a month I get unlimited verizon to verizon texts and 250 anyone texts. I never go over it. Most people I talk to have verizon and the ones that do not I text therefore I use my 250 text minutes that way. With tracfone it didnt matter who you talk to, you pay for the minutes and I always had to rush people off the phone so I did not use my minutes. With verizon I can talk to my husband for 2 hours straight and never have to worry about running out of minutes. It runs me 40-50 a month and my husband talks less so his is 30 a month. Consider plans and this is much cheaper without all the extra fees you see on your bill. You dont get a bill with prepay so you are in control. Best decision ever.

Businesswoman 1/15/2009
Verizon gets one star for this reason, bad return for your precious dollar. Verizon has a good network but is exceeding expensive.

"ok" customer 1/13/2009
I have a Verizon INPulse phone and it is pretty pricey. I think it has good reception. And for all of you that say " Verizon Sucks" then go with AT&T or T-Mobile - The sucky service carrier(s). There is only 1 cons. Once you hit the send button they charge you immediantly. 5c gone. (this happened when i was calling my landline phone). I clicked talk and the minute it connected, BOOM! your 5c disapears. BEWARE OF THAT!

les 1/11/2009
plan sucks and is way to expensive. You'll will nickel & dime yourself to death with all the misc fees. Avoid this plan. Plus calls seem to mysteriously drop even when you are in a "good" zone.

WOW! this has to be the worst fone plan i've wasted money on. i paid $100.00 for a samsung blitz that cant even be activated where im from. thats complete BS. seriously if verizon is SOOOOO good then how come where you need service you have none?! Its a big WASTE OF MONEY!!!! ALLTEL is wayyyyy better. Just about everything is pretty much upset that i wasted money on something that was really pointless.

Jenny 1/5/2009
i really dont like prepaid cause 15$ only lasted like a week, when i was with alltel i only had to paid 20$ a month, but now i paid like 60 a month for verizon. they a better cheaper plan!

jake 1/4/2009
verizon prepaid sucks because you cant buy ringtones,etc. i dont like verizon prepaid because it is to rather go to metro or cricket they offer much better get pretty much everything unlimeted for $50 to $60 why go spend $50 on verizon prepaid and be out of miutes in one day beecause the miutes are really like 25 sec. thats a minute to verizon prepaid

michael 1/2/2009
My mother and wife both had paid for $15 cards and after one being in the hospital for two weeks and the other where the phone would not work, in Arkansas for ten days. Both were told their time had been used up. This is when neither had made any daily calls for ten days of the two weeks after they had bought the cards. I feel there is overcharging going on! They should have had $10 left, at least, and were "out of minutes" Are they charging the $.99 fee, whether or not the person truly uses the phone that day?! And I was also wondering if they might be calling all of those new offers over the phones and charging the $.99 fee even though they were marketing calls! Not happy at all with the expense when the phones were used only a few days.

Luke 12/31/2008
At first I did not like my verizon Pre-Paid. I wanted to return it or sell it, but then Verizon did something unexpected. For twenty dollars a month, you can get unlimited texting with the prepaid, with no daily cost! Not as pricey now =)

sumer 12/28/2008
i agree with maria i like tp text alot it is like so fun but i am gettin a new cell and i want the blue or black one that they show on the top idk when i am goin to get it well bye

Diamond 12/27/2008
I hate this plan i only been with them for about 2 months now and my mom is telling me to sell the phone. im a texter and a talker so i got the 2.99 plan with the unlimited text and its still not worker bout to go back to at&t they are way better
verizon is pricy and they dont care about their costomers!!!

DOUGLAS BARR 12/26/2008

I like it 12/24/2008
I don't recommend this phone to someone who wants to use their cell phone every day; uses their phone to text; or likes to talk alot -- the contract plans are much cheaper. But I call mine my "portable pay phone." I use it only in an emergency, and most of the people I call are using Verizon, so I don't get charged minutes with them. It's a quality phone with quality reception.

its ok 12/23/2008
ok i am an 11 year old boy and i got verizon for my 10th b-day i like it so far but that daily chrage is hell imo they take it out even when you dont use it

remy 12/22/2008
this is the best prepaid program. i tried them all. i like the daily access plan cuz the one i choiced gives me free nights and weekends. but wats a big hit to me is the messaege bundle service. u can choose from a $10 a month(unlimited Verizon costumer texting and 250 additional messages to other carriers but picture messaging cost) or $20 a month where i have unlimited messaging to any network.

Raymond/jamestown,ny 12/19/2008
Verizon wireless is (SIMPLEY THE BEST)! Yes i agree that it's the most expensive service choice but i need reliability on demand and too date verizon has provided just that! Also the fact being that most everyone i know has a verizon cell phone so most of my calls are (IN) & don't cost me much. In a nut shell the RELIABILITY & IN factor will force my continued bussiness relationship w/ verizon wireless! I don't entertain texting on my pay as u go also i have been a customer of VZW since 2003 and VERY HAPPY . Seasons Greetings 2 all!

WG 12/18/2008
Verizon has served me well, I would not switch to anything else, I sware by it. Verizon wireless has never let me down regardless of when, where, why. I highly recommend Verizon Wireless to anyone.

David J 12/8/2008
I like the prepay plans.They are reasonable.My phone supports Web 2.0 surfing.It will say so on the back of the package.99 cent for 24 hours.Sorry Blue Samsung.

Tyler 12/1/2008
Verizon now had Texting packs.

mike 12/1/2008
I had the old prepay plan that was so cheap for 5-6-yrs and they claimed someone "hijacked"my account and i lost it.Wonder who hijacked it?I think the company did it.New plan too expensive.

betty boop 11/16/2008
this is the best prepaid program. i tried them all. i like the daily access plan cuz the one i choiced gives me free nights and weekends. but wats a big hit to me is the messaege bundle service. u can choose from a $10 a month(unlimited Verizon costumer texting and 250 additional messages to other carriers but picture messaging cost) or $20 a month where i have unlimited messaging to any network.

11/15/08-NE Ohio 11/15/2008
I love my Verizon phone and plan. I have the alias. I only pay 99 cents on days a make/receive a call. I have the 10 dollar messaging bundle with unlimited Verizon texting and 250 additional messages to other carriers. Service is always great as well.

quontavious 11/11/2008
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it it is the best network ever

Tweety 11/5/2008
Verizon always works any where i go

carey 11/1/2008
they only charge u the days u use your phone it 99cents a day and 10 cents a minute ,1.99 a day and 5 cent a min ,or 2.99 aday and 2 cents a min and u can choose almost any of there phones to be prepaid

joe 10/23/2008
I had 'verizon pay as you go' for a while but found it very expensive compared to its competition. I found it best to buy a verizon prepaid phone for $30 at wal-mart & have cricket flash it over to thier service, which have much better no credit/contract plans.

Brianna 10/20/2008
I think that Verizon should do $15 a monthy for unlimited text to anybody for 30 days. I had Verizon for 5 years and i dont think ots good enough.

Mel 10/13/2008
I love my prepaid phone. I spend about 70 a month. I had a contact phone and was spending the same amount. I have had my phone for 2 years and never once has it been shut off.

ken 10/6/2008
I have had this plan for a two years now and havent had any problems with it. I also added the unlimited messageing for an additional $10 a month and now I can text as much as I want. I pay $30 a month and dont have any problems with it.

Tyler 10/5/2008
Love Verizon Pre Paid.
There use to be an OLD one where it was .99 a day for unlimited nights and mobile to mobile. even if you didnt use it. then they changed it to .99 1.99 2.99.

Andrew 10/5/2008
It is the best! Think of it HIgh Quality product and it is cheaper then a contract plan and you dont need a credit check. What freedom!!

Like AT&T 9/7/2008
Sept 6, 2008. North Florida.
Wow! Glad I found this forum. I was getting ready to switch to Verizon, because AT&T has some weak signal spots in my area, and my Verizon friends don't seem to have that trouble. I currently have Cingular/AT&T GoPhone service. The phones you get at Target/Walmart/wherever blow dead goats, but you can get a good phone on ebay. I've had 2 Razr's (broke both within days), some bar phones, and now am using a Samsung flip. Used the same SIM card in all the phones; just pop it in and go. The per minute cost seems high (25c), but I never text and don't yap that much, so I end up paying about $22/month. GoPhone also has a 10c/minute plan with a $1/day access on days the phone is used. Dunno about videos or music downloads, I don't mess with that stuff; I use my phone for talking.

.heart. 8/22/2008
Okay, so it may not be the cheapest thing. All I do on mine is pretty much talk. All my friends/boyfriend has verizon so I get to talk to them for "free". The only prob is TXTING! I hardly to any of that. 10 per msg. Outgoing AND Incoming. May not seem like a whole lot. But it adds up.

Sarah 8/22/2008
This plan is so annoying!!! I mean it's so confusing, too! I asked two different people on the verizonwireless website about an important question...if the daily fee you pay is good for the rets of that day or for 24 hours...they both gave me different answers! So it is critical I get the correct answer because you can save/lose a lot of money by saying the correct/wrong answer! You also can't buy any text plans so I have to tell my friends that I'll text them first and don't send me chain texts or anything since I don't want to pay the daily fee! Even if someone has the wrong number and they call you and it goes to your voicemail, you STILL have to pay the fee!! Atleast that's what one of the verizon workers told me. If your phone is off, and someone calls you, but they don't leave a voicemail, but it still GOES to voicemail, you get charged!! It doesn't even say missed call if your phone is off! Then I had a popular phone which they don't sell anymore, but I tried to get ringtones from the site, but they said it wasn't compatible. So I have to deal with these sucky ringtones. The only good thing about the plan is they still let you have free verizon to verizon phone calls. This plan would be good for someone who seldom uses their phone.... The only reason I don't switch to say...Virgin Mobile who has atleats a decent prepaid plan is because their phones aren't as attractive and I don't want to lose the free verizon to verizon phone calls since a bunch of my friends have verizon. All in all I get really frustrated with this prepaid plan and the only reason I have it is because the down payment was too much.

jan c 8/20/2008
I had Verizon monthly, and loved that they never dropped my calls in the mountains.
In May, I switched to prepay. Vic told me I would only be charged on the days I used the phone (.99)And it would be cheaper to prepay $100.00, so I did. Now, it's August and I find they have been charging me a dollar a day. My money is gone, and when I called, Stephanie & Gerrard (her supervisor) both said, essentially, "Tough Luck. you don't have any proof they said that. I'm switching to another service, but I don't know which one. Verizon is greedy and deceitful!!!

Tyson's Mom 8/20/2008
I currently have Virgin Mobile pre-paid service for my 11 yr. old son. He recently requested the Verizon pre-paid because he likes their phones and the free mobile to mobile the plan offers. After checking the InPulse Plan out for myself, I realized that we would end up paying a minimum of $30 per month before taxes and surcharge fees with the cheapest plan. With Virgin Mobile, we are only contracted to spend $20 every 90 days. I spend a little more if he uses all his minutes. However, ultimately the plan is for emergencies and costs $120 per yr. I'M STICKING W/VIRGIN MOBILE.

DoNotVerizon 8/19/2008
I had a verizon wireless card through verizon wireless and the salesperson promised no contract I trusted that when I signed the e-contract when I cancelled I had to pay the termination fee when I thought I was not on a contract. Either that or the remainder of the contract. What was unfair was how they sold it to me verbally saying it was not a contract when the terms of the econtract were something else and I trusted that salesperson verbally. Then I called to discuss this with a representative when I cancelled and the representative promised to reverse the fee before the last bill came out and then when I call again to talk to two supervisors, one says I cannot do anything about that at this point the termination fee is valid and the second says that the representative who agreed to reverse the fee reversed one of two termination fees (totally wrong and un-intelligent) and then the third supervisor says that it does not matter if the representative verbally promised the representative's manager makes the final decision. Well this was not told me to when that representative reversed and disconnected my service and it was a false verbal promise. A verizon representative himself said frequently these misunderstandings occur in sales. Verizon is just lucky that I am not taking this to the law because I know about promises of verbal contracts as I have studied business but I will do everything in my power to make sure everyone I know does not buy from Verizon wireless. Corporate sharks, cheaters, losers, do not give them your money. They promised to reverse the fee and then do not answer the question "Is it illegal to promise a customer something over the phone and then not keep that promise". All they can say is "you signed a contract" (which was also sold to me on the wrong terms) and then they say "you agreed to the termination fee in conversations" yes I did, with rude supervisors who say they "can't do anything else at this point", who will not say "okay" and then they say "the manager did not agree, the representative only promised something verbally" well they did not tell me that when they were promising me that verbally. Horrible business. Rude shark personalities.

G. Smith 8/18/2008
It seems like a good idea at first but you run out of airtime very fast. Also you cannot text because it takes up too much of your min. You have to buy cards every 6 days it seems even if you are not even using your phone that often. Too expensive. (It is also very annoying that before every call you make there is someone telling you how many min. you have left.)

matt 8/18/2008
there should be a plan were u could get free text plan to any one. and pay 20 dollars montlhy plan or higher the 250 text thing

db 8/13/2008
Honest to Goodness, i found a nice verizon phone, it's a LG VX8300, and the previous owner wanted his phone back and i was gonna give it to him, but he harassed me so i never gave it back, well i figured out the security codes (last 4 digits of the number) and changed the phone into my own, bestowed upon me was Verizon's INPulse plan, i was excited, annoyed, in love, outraged!

what can i say it's a valid love hate triangle, i'm not about to buy some other phone, i love the features on my phone, love the coverage, hate the rest, while i wouldn't reccomend verizon to a friend or family, id still shamefully use it as i have been since i acquired an INPulse phone.

Bottom line: all the thrills of a pricey plan, without actually having a "plan" you will PAY for the convenience of this phone, through the nose.

guest 8/11/2008
i love dat they have a 10 dollar montlhy plan for text messages!and da best part is its unlimited text messagin!

Guest 8/9/2008
I had the Verizon $60 monthly plan, which worked fine, except I never used all of the 400 minutes I got with that. Ever. So I was just wasting money. I switched to the prepaid phone which is even worse. I spend at least $15 a week, which obviously translates to the same price I was paying before, only with far, far, far fewer minutes. Either I pay more for too much, or more for too less. I wish they could provide a phone where you were billed each month for the minutes you used, not the minutes you could have used or the ones you're not going to use. And if I have to listen to those damn automated messages demanding I give them more money for a service I'm hardly even using just one more time, I'm going to go crazy. Verizon prepaid is garbage, absolute garbage.

Becky 8/9/2008
Verizon service is pretty good around here but at my home I get no service from anyone so my phone is only used when I am out at work or shopping or what not so the price of verizon prepaid is not for me. I have net10 and I spend 15 a month and It uses any cdma(verizon, Alltel) tower or gms(Cingular, AT&T) tower depending on the phone you get. So this is by far the best plan for me and there are no roaming charges. My friend has a Verizon prepaid and she spends close to 70 a month on her phone for minutes because of the .99 a day charge and text costs. It would be cheaper for her to get a contract plan. Anyone who uses their phone that much shouldn't be using prepaid anyway.

Jessie Rae 8/7/2008
I'm Sorry but Verizon is a huge rip off when it comes to prepaid plans 15 dollar card last me about 3 days and thats barely texting and calling ridiculous

Mimi 8/6/2008
I purchase a impulse phone a little over a month ago, put in $50.00 in minutes, I hardly ever use my phone maybe 2-3 times in a week anyway I had just put minutes a day later a got a text message saying that my profile had been updated. That same afternoon I tried making a call and could not make the call or receive call, the next day I went to verizon store for help someone had stollen my minutes and my phone number and changed it to someones else phone and changed the # so it could not be tracked!!! verizon would not help me because I didnt know the pass word that the thef had used... in other words I'm left with out a phone and they stoled my minutes..

jim 8/3/2008
I just got my verizon phone with the prepay plan. I also have a tracfone, for several years. I'll still be keeping it. I got the verizon phone because just about all of my family members, who are spaced far and wide in the U.S. have a verizon plan.So I can talk to them for almost free (Don't forget the 99 cent thing) when using the phone.
So here come the cons of the verizon plan. Do away with the 99 cents and up charge. Even though it's only when you use the phone. I like tracfone because they offer a plan where for about 5dollars they will add a month to your phone when your month is about to run out when you still have a lot of minutes left and you don't need to buy minutes.Of course It is good to have a credit card so they can take out the 5 dollars automatically. After awhile, when I get a lot of use out of the verizon phone, I'll probably let it laps and later when I think I may want to try it again, I'll re subscribe to it. I'll get around the 35 dollar re subscribe fee some how. Verizon needs to use at least some of tracfones ideas. Also by the same token tracfone needs to get bigger selection of phones like the motorazr or others.

doris 8/1/2008
verizon wireless stinks.60 bucks a month even if you don't use it!

annie 7/29/2008
i have the 99cent core and i only talk to people that have verizon and money takig away i can see if i was talking to someone who have t mobile.iam going to att.99cent it not good.and idont talk that much and stillcharge.need another plan.

Maria 7/28/2008
I like it...I think its a good Idea...the only bad part is that I text like crazy so I think they need more text buddle plans...other than that one issue....I feel InPulse is great and I would probably recomend it to my friends....oh yeah and any one with the samsung in blue with the camera do you get online?

lulu 7/22/2008
ALLTEL IS WAY BETTER AND U SAVE A LOT. You pay the same amount that you pay on verizon prepaid and get A WHOLE LOT MORE!!! You get unlimited txting, free weekends, and u can call after 6 for free!!!On verizon u pay the same amount and u dont get any of it!! i thought verizon was good untill i switched to alltel.

Chloe 7/10/2008
I just left Verizon INpulse not long ago but I slightly miss it. For the exception of the rates, INpulse is a major improvement over companies like Virgin Mobile and Boost. I am 17 but I can't stand the childish marketing (or whatever you'd call it) those two companies have ("top up" "where you at?"). The phones seem to be of excellent quality. I had the LG Chocolate (VX8500). Verizon has the best signal I've ever encountered with a cell phone company but their prepaid rates are nasty. $3 on days you use it just to get the unlimited nights and weekends. If you use it every day, that'd be $90 a month while some prepaid companies offer UNLIMITED calling for cheaper than that. If their rates were better, they'd be perfect. I just miss the signal and cell phone quality (I'm a cell phone junkie).

~L47~ 6/30/2008
Verizon's service is great, but why cant i download ringtones from the phone?? every other provider lets u do it with even crappier phones than verizon has. it doesnt make sense to me, but other than that, i like verizon

Erin 6/18/2008
I had cingular contract before and they screwed me over so I vowed not to have contract again, I've had inpulse now for about 6months and I really like it, they changed it now so you only pay daily fee if you use it which is nice and the m2m is FANTASTIC!! Most of the people I call have verizon anyway so I don't use many minutes, however I too think texting should be free after 9 like night minutes as well as free weekends. I would definately recommend it though! Also, we need a broader phone choice.

Tom 6/12/2008
Verizon is pricy. Charging $1 per day for usage is a ripoff.

David 6/6/2008
It's true Verizon is not cheap. but ya get what you pay for. I love the Razr v3m being able to download music from the phone is too cool. I like the vzw mobile web too. I was pleased with virgin mobiles pricing when I had that service,but the phones are really childrens phones. as for verizons service being 24/7 I don't know,I never had to call it,which is as it should be. I guess if you only talk there are cheaper companys. For me,I like and use lots of the features especially vcast music and web,also I.M.and pix place is really useful,you can text your pix to verizons site store it there send it to a lab to print you have your own free pic site to store stuff in video ,sound ,pix.etc. again if you just talk,unless you need good sound quality for some reason you can get cheaper...for lots of stuff verizon's #1 for me.

Sophia 6/6/2008
it's so cool but 15 dollars is not enuff for anyone and there are no free weekends and inpluse texting is to much......

Douglas Hopper 6/3/2008
Verizon use to be the number one prepaid I dont know what happened to them they use to have the best plans now there crappy.For seventy dollars you use to get 700 mins with free nights and weekends now they charge 99 cents off the top or 1.99 off the top or even 2.99 of the top thats alot of money to keep a phone on plus it cost u when you talk if verizon customers started to complain I think they would switch it back. Virgin mobile and boost mobile got good deals 60.00 dollars u get 600 mins free after 7:00 pm cant beat that verizon needs to step it up before they start losing customers im on my way out and ive been a customer for a long time.

Joey 6/2/2008
Inpulse help is not available 24/7.

Bob 5/26/2008
I had a VZW phone, the 2366i. I bought it on the INPulse plan, VZW's pre-paid plan, becaust it was in my knowledge, cheap. NOT true. The daily activation fee costed me $0.99 A DAY, as well as losing minutes, just for having the phone on. I couldn't even go more than a week without having to pay for more minutes. It ended up costing me a fortune.

Raven f 5/23/2008
I love Verizon. Im not going to say its better than other phones but other than that its treating my well.

John 5/21/2008
The most expensive pre-paid by far. I'd only recommend if: 1) Verizon is the only reliable cell provider in your area 2) You will be specifically speaking with other Verizon wireless customers...where you can take advantage of their free mobile-to-mobile.

J 5/19/2008
5-19-08 I have had many verizon inpulse phones all my friends have verizon so the calling is cool but the think that is really a kick in the balls is when a txt message is sent to your phone whether u open it or not BOOM -10 cents automatically and that happened to me some girl spammed my phone over and over with those stupid forward messages and it took 30$ in 2 days away verizon needs to include unlimited verizon to verizon txt for like 10 bucks a month if they did verizon would rise even higher the service is really cool and such and the thing 10 cents a minute ya gets pricey once u like call voicemail to check ur mail ya thats a big no no im 13 and im paying 40 dollars a month atleast because of the automatic -10 cents a txt if someone sends it to your phone and it dosent make it automatically minus 10 cents like i called my friend once and day before i added 15 my balance was like 7 dollars u know and im like wtf and looked online the culprit forward txt messages so verizon u need to include unlimited verizon to verizon txt or else ull lose customers

Eugenia 5/19/2008
I've used Verizon for over 10 years, recently change to the Core plan to be able to send/recieve ringtones and pics. I think the price for the prepay plan is great but would be slightly better if the minutes lasted a little longer as I don't talk much and 90 days or more would be better but as long as you get more minutes before your time is up you don't lose any minutes. I also have to consider that everyone else I know has Verizon so if I even tried to change to another company it would cost all of them a lot more money to talk to me and I think $15 a month for prepay compared to +$30 a month for a contract plan (once taxes,etc are added on) is just not worth it for me.
5/19/08 TN.

Alan 5/18/2008
I have found that Verizon is a mixed bag of pros and cons. Unlike most other services, they don't offer ultra cheap poor performing phones, which in the end is a plus. Coverage is what Verizon is known for, another plus. I also like the announcement of how much time I have for the call when I dial out.

kenny 5/17/2008
verizon is the best i have had no problems with the service the phone is great and they r just the BEST!!!!!!!!

kim 5/9/2008
it sux verizon takes your money its cheaper to b on a plan than pre pay but their deposits are rediculous. I have impulse and they take more than .99 i know this in 4-5 days i get messages saying my balance is low with no texting...its a giant scam

james 5/7/2008
i love verizon

skyforces 5/7/2008
you people like verizon because probably never went with other prepaid. try t-mobile and you will see the differents in your pocket. verizon rates are way out of control. paying a $1 a day if using the phone plus your minutes its crayzy. and expiring after months base on your prepaid no Goldmember like tmobile. after seeing their plans all i can say they are a ripoff. even if the tmobile wont have the service like verizon(i never had problem with tmobile, but some peoples complain)tmobile will be a much BETTER choice

JayDee 5/3/2008
Posted 5/3/08: Verizon's prepay plans are just too expensive so I switched to T-Mobile's Pay By the Day prepay plan. Customers on T-Mobile's Pay By the Day prepay plan get free m2m, free nights that start at 7PM and end at 6:59AM and all their over calls are just 10 cents a minute. T-Mobile charges a $1 a day to use this plan but only on days that the phone is used. I'm so happy that T-Mobile introduced this plan. I was paying an almost $90 a month fee($2.99 a day) just to use Verizon's Power Plus Inpulse plan. Never again!!!

Boo 5/2/2008
I think it would be very helpful if everyone dates their reviews and mentions their geographical area. This would weed out obsolete issues and and better reflect local coverage.

Smiley 5/1/2008
I've had many other prepaid phones and have always been told verizon is the greatest of all prepaid phones well i finally got one and i have to agree it is it really is i tell all my friends about verizon.

rudy 4/30/2008
for .99 a day just get a Cricket pay in advance for $35 and its anyone you want day or night and text too.

JP 4/29/2008
I recently got a Verizon prepaid cell phone at one of the corporate stores. I got the 1.99 daily access fee plan and I am pretty happy with it because I only pay the 1.99 on the days i use it. The only thing I did not like was the $25 dollar activation fee they charge you at the corporate store. People don't get charge this fee when they activate through walt-mart or target. It would be nice if they had some text packages too. What other things do you guys think they should include to make service better??????

JDOGG 4/29/2008
The $2.99 Inpulse plans now includes Weekends too.

akmam 4/19/2008
i have trace phone and i pay 25$ every 3 months (for minutes) and if i don't use all 500 minutes! (25$):)! they expire so i buy more minutes and then the minutes i didnt use transfer over to the minutes i just bought i want a new phone but after reading some of the comments im totally glade i have trace phone! just make sure you get a good trace phone service

repoman 4/17/2008
ok lets start by saying i spend close to 250 dollars a month on minutes and thats ridiculous but its the only phone that works everywhere i go and every time i need it so unless u have alot of money to waste dont get the phone but if u can afford it buy it you wont be dissappointed.

Teresa 4/14/2008
Love Verizon cause nothing else works and for real ppl learn how to spell thigns the right way no one is going to take you seriously if all you can do is complain with spelling that is worse than a third graders HAHAHA still great service and what not EVERY company has it's faults Thanks again

Feugill 4/14/2008
Ya the prices are a little too pricy but i like it, im only 16 and to me this is great, no locked in agreements, im paying $30 every couple of weeks, and its all acess and no supprises at the end of the month i like it.

Mommy23 3/24/2008
We purchased the verizon prepaid for our daughter and it is the best! You don't pay the daily fee if you don't answer or call off of your phone. All she very does is text message and since we have the INPulse Power plan we only pay 2 cents for each text message and we have NEVER paid a daily fee. It can be costly with V cast and I think the downloadable ringers are little costly, but other than that it isn't bad at all. Evern if you pay the $2.99 fee for a day you get minutes for $.02 and unlimited verizon to verizon. Now days thats pretty good considering almost everybody knows someone with a verizon phone. Not to crazy about the razor phone kinda think it's junk, but the plans are good.

Bria 3/16/2008
Well, I originally started with the $70 prepay plan that Verizon had. I had 700 minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes, free mobile to mobile calling, and things like that. I got the plan in 2006. In November of 2007, the plan basically became obsolete. My number had been given away, and basically, there was no way I could even get the plan I had back. I went along with the INpulse b.s. It has been really expensive and a total disappointment. I purchased a card on November 24th, and the same night someone had stolen my pin number. Get this: the card had never been taken from me. It was still in my purse inside the receipt. I called Verizon, and they told me that it was someone who lived in Wisconsin that stole the number. I live in Louisiana, which is 900 and something odd miles away. They couldn't explain it for the life of me. Then, they would not give me credit. Even though, I had the receipt from Walgreens, and I had proof on my credit card statement from when I bought it. I talked to the manager or something, and he said that he would give my claim to the corporate office for further investigation. To this day, I have yet to be called. Another complaint I have is roaming. I can be sitting in my bedroom, and the little roaming triangle flashes. The cost for roaming charges is .69 per minute. That gets quite expensive. Even if the person doesn't pick up, you still pay that much. Every 30 seconds counts as a whole minute. They can improve the plans by putting the $50 and $70 plans back in. It was a lot better. As previously stated, I had no problems. $70 wasn't bad for all that I was getting. Shortly after I got my phone which was in May of 2006, they changed the $50/$70 plans to 3000 night and weekend minutes. Honestly, I would not suggest going with Verizon Wireless INpulse unless they change the plans back to the way they used to be. If you don't you will be shelling out ridiculous amounts of cash on those prepay cards and other miscellaneous experiences. Another flaw is that you cannot use PDAs on the INpulse plans. I currently own a Treo and a Moto Q, but I cannot use either of the 2 for INpulse. They are just sitting in a box because they cannot use the PDA ESNs. The Verizon contract plans are the best. The prepaid plans suck horribly. I forgot to mention how if you don't add money by the expiration date, your account will be suspended and your number will be thrown back into the pool of "new" numbers. That basically means that if you don't add money by "x" date, your number will be taken away from you. Honestly, there are no pros. The .99 cent a day charge is outrageous. Half of the time my phone isn't on, but I'm still being charged. Point blank: DO NOT GET PREPAID SERVICE FROM VERIZON WIRELESS. It will be the worst mistake you will ever make. I'm sorry that I didn't find out sooner.

v.k. 3/11/2008
i think they should make there inpluse prepaid plans with verizon to verizon intexting soon either in 2008 or 2009

Dawn 3/7/2008
I really enjoy my phone and my service. The dollar a day is not bad if you know how to manage your minutes. You can't get a basic calling plan for $30.00. If you find one, it will be more after the fees and taxes that are added on.

Roger 3/2/2008
I have the 70 Easypay Plan...its pretty decent but notice i dont have service in areas where contract phones do? also need to get with it and offer a txt msg plan for prepay....I spend more on txt than I do airtime, all in all good plan though.

DEBRA MULLOY 2/28/2008

thomas kirk 2/27/2008
you can not get Voice mail with out my code but some can take money from my acount. I stopped at verizon store IN ASHLAND OHIO but after it was understood my phone was a perpay I was told we do not do prepay acounts. I was made to feel that becuse I did not have the credit for a plan they could not help me. it was as if my monye has been going to a nother verizon not the same as there verizion in ashland ohio.

morgan 2/14/2008
Verizon is the only thing that has service where I live, and the service is better than anywhere around here, but the .99 a day is crazy! Plus, you can't txt at all unless you want to add money everyday! They should make a prepaid plan where you pay maybe 10 or 15 dollars a month for unlimited texting, and don't charge you on days you don't use your phone. If they did that, it would be great, but the way it is right now is way too expensive!

Nathan 2/10/2008
Since Verizon no longer charges 99 cents everyday, only on the days u use the phone, i bought one, seems to suit me fine

candice 2/6/2008
my friend works at verizon and he said you get charged the .99 ONLY if you use the phone. you can make as many calls as you want on that particular day for .99. if you don't use the phone then you do not get charge. it says it right above under data plans.

jon f 2/6/2008
the phone break easy

ashley 2/5/2008
i love verion wireless i don't like went they take a dollar off

Brian 1/31/2008
I Love verizon its the ebst service in the whole world its better than nasty alltel, Sprint and Virgin Mobile I would never give up my verizon Phone for anything!!!!! :)

Becky 1/27/2008
I am very disappointed with the verizon prepaid. I went to the website for downloading ringtones that verizon referred to in there pamplet for ringtones. I got $9.99 taken off my account and canceled immediately and verizon would not credit my phone back for there misleading information in there own pamplet....This is sad and dont recommend it to anyone.. People getting taken advantage of by there misleading adds in there books and pamplets.........Very misleading. I would not recommend it

Ben 1/27/2008
My phone kept freezing up, and the $1 a day when I use my phone is pathetic. I did not even use the mobile-to-mobile. I ended up switching to Tracfone to end my misery.

Jersa 1/18/2008
This Plan Sort Of good U get high prices because their popular phones But then agian You have to But minutes So Your Spending a pretty penny on stuff that get broken or stolen Or taken away fom you @ school>

UNKOWN 1/11/2008

evers.. 1/10/2008
yeah horrible plans and no texting thats what most teens are doing these days if they had unlimited texting with the prepay plans they would get way way more buisness so the plan is pretty horrible

Nick 1/9/2008
This service is really a rip off! I would not recommend this to anyone. THe customer service sucks as you only get stock with a computer and never a live person. I also wanted to transfer this number (port it) to TMobile and they have given me the hardest time in providing me a "passcode" that I need to cokmplete the transfer. Since two days before Christmas I have been trying and still have not been able to contact a live person to complete the phone number porting to TMobile (this time a regular contract).

johhny 1/2/2008
oh and i still keep my tracfone which is good till 2040 due date lol on days i dont use verizon at 10cents amin and i dont get charged 3 bucks a day

johnny 1/2/2008
i had tracfone and the double min plan i thought it was the best at 10cents a min cause i talk about 8 hrs a day and it was costing me 40 bucks a day ussually ,i had a plan but the 7 or 8 hundred min plan would run out in one day and the rate after that was expensive so i went prepaid tracfone which i thought was a good deal but i seen verizon which i knew come in everywhere ,ok i pay 3 bucks a day and 10 dollars a day in min, alot better than forty bucks anywheres else come on if they had free weekends it would be awesome ,phones are awesome too ,free m2m and free nights.if u talk alot at work its defiannaly is the best ,ilove my phone and oh they are the only ones with aplan over 2000min a month so i think verizon is number onein my book

JD 12/27/2007
LOL @ ppl giving Verizon 3,4 and 5 stars and then complaining about their service: "I hate Verizon but I'll give them 5 stars." LOL Well, I think Verizon's new prepay service is the best that's why I'M giving them 4 stars. If they included weekends with their prepay service, I would have given them 5 stars.

Pete 12/25/2007
Great network but rates are too pricey .

Nellie Abeyta 12/22/2007
I like perpay verizon wireless phone ,cause it doesn't really take my mins.

JD 12/19/2007
^^^OK, What the hell? Anyway, yes, I'm loving Verizon's new prepay Inpulse plans, too. I've signed up for the Inpulse Plus Plan. $1.99 Daily fee (but only on days when I use my phone), free night minutes, m2m, 5 cent texting and 5 cents a minute for every other calls. It's great!!! I only wish Verizon included free weekends with the plans...that would have been great!!!

Brandon 12/11/2007
The new Verizon Prepay is working out great we like the new way much better !Keep up the good work Verizon !!

easy pays disappearence! 12/10/2007
It really is too bad verizon deleated the EASY PAY option as it was a much cheaper choice. Im sure verizon will soon loose their cutomer base abd loose money by makeing the poor choice to deleate EASY PAY. one of two things will happen ither VZW will reenstate EASY PAY or just drop out of the pre paid bussiness altogeather. I hope they make a good informed choice to bring back EASY PAY!!!

Scott 12/10/2007
I love the new Prepay that Verizon has out now you only pay on the day that you use your phone .Verizon works everywere it's alot better then most Prepay phones .

Jeanie 12/5/2007
**WARNING** AS OF 11/01/07 THE EASYPAY PLAN IS NOT AVAILABLE. I have had a regular verizon account for 6 years and have been very happy with the service. I wanted to get the easypay plan for my boyfriend's 16 year old daughter for christmas, and customer service informed me that it's no longer available. I REFUSE to pay their outrageous prices for InPulse, and to add a teenager to my plan would be suicide for my wallet. As much as I like their service, I'm going elsewhere for prepay. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!

Rawr 12/3/2007
Costs way too much money. Just buy a tracfone for like, half the price. The phones aren't as nice but it will save you a ton of money.

Porsha 12/3/2007
I give it 3 stars because I like the service it provides except with a prepaid cell phone it takes of $1.00 a day and when somebody txt you it takes of 10 cents. I think that if it is a verizon customer it should be free. and to the whore Samantha stop being cheap and get a life.

Samantha 12/2/2007
Verizon wireless seems like a HUGE rip off.
I hope they find this site, read the comments, and discover that they are being ridiculous.
My boyfriend bought one of their phones for me for Christmas this year and I'm going to ask him to take it back, because their prices are just ricidulous!
I run off a $100 allowance per month and I don't want to have to spent close to half of that to keep a cell that I'm not going to use every day.
I sometimes go even 5 days without using my cell because I'm actually with people. I don't want to be lacking $5 at the end of the week just because I have an in-person social life.
Verizon wirless is ridiculous. Don't go with them.

toya 11/30/2007
they got some good phones online and thats what i want

Jasakah 11/20/2007
I give the plan 4 stars when ever they give free weekends also on the plan then i'll give it a 5 till then it remains at a 4!

Tyreese 11/9/2007

Al 11/3/2007
I hated there sevice they charge .99 a day if you uses the phone or not you have to put a large amount if you like to talk alot but I did like the phones I have swithched to vm I like it alot better

ny state 10/30/2007
we recently had a black out in our area for aprox. 2 hours and my cell pone maintained its service the whole time. i have friends with other cell service (BLUE WIRELESS/CELL ONE/VERGIN MOBIL) and during that same power outage their cell service was down and non functioning but verizon customers maintained service. I WAS SO IMPRESSED!!!!! its verizon all the way for my self and my family.

Raymond 10/30/2007
thanks for the NEW INFO. on the new plans. i'll be sure to spread the word. verizon is the best. 4 years and counting here and no plans on switching ever.

JD 10/30/2007
I had the Verizon Inpulse Plan that deducted 99 cents from your account each day, including days when you don't use the phone. I was thinking of switching to T-Mobile ToGo b'cuz the 99 cent a day charge on the Verizon Inpulse Plan was leaving me broke. Thank God that I've found this site before I switched to T-Mobile ToGo. Verizon now offers FOUR Inpulse PrePay plans!!! There's the Inpulse plan we're all used to (the plan that deducts 99 cents a day for your account even on days when you don't use the phone), there's the Inpulse Core Plan (all calls are 10 cent all day long and there's a 99 cent fee-this fee is deducted from your account ONLY on days you use the phone, the same as AT&T's Go Phone Prepaid plan), there's the Inpulse Plus plan (a $1.99 fee is deducted from your account ONLY on days you use the phone. This plan also includes 5 cent texting, m2m, night minutes and all other call are 5 cents a minute), and the Inpulse Power Plan (this plan includes night minutes, m2m, 2 cent texting and all other calls are 2 cents a minute. There's a $2.99 access fee deducted from your account but ONLY on days when you use the phone). I've just signed up for the Inpulse Plus Plan this morning and I'm happy I did. You won't find this information on Verizon's website. You'll have to call customer service for details. Drop the old Inpulse Plan and switch to 1 of Verizon's new Inpulse plans. You'll be happy you did and you'll save money.

Zack E 10/29/2007
Great Coverage, Never dropped a call. I've been on both sides of the playing field (inpulse and easypay). Easypay is so much better, and cheaper. Verizon just came out with Power Inpulse for 2.99 a day, only on days you use it, 2 cent calls to everyone with the ever popular m2m and nights after 9. You have 2 talk 2 someone @ verizon 2 get this plan!!

Jeannette 10/28/2007
Good coverage. Impule- Not good for the .99c daily access fee unless u r doing 2 use ur phone everyday. u get unlimited nights after 9pm. The eay pay monthly is good u have 2 put money on ur phone once a month or u lose ur monthly minutes. Verizon has just came out with 3 new impulse plans, it is not advertized as of yet on the web site. call and ask about them. i know the Core impulse is .99c on the days u use the phone, but u don't get unlimited at 9pm.

TUYO? 10/20/2007
TUYO? never heard of it. im sticking with a barnd name i know and trust. cheaper is not always better. i like verizons easy pay prepaid.

Ashley 10/19/2007
I switched to TUYO mobile. 10 cents a minute no perday charge. lowest refill is 10.00 every 3 months, I purchased a tuyo sim on ebay and used in my razor. (tuyo is a generic company runnin on tmoble network)

Drea<3 10/9/2007
I think that they should make an inpulse plan with unl. verizon in texting. And if i buy an lg env can i switch my old phone to the env?

LAtonya Barkley Barkley 10/5/2007
I love my prepay

Brandi 10/2/2007
Hey thanks for the information on Easy Pay! That helped me a lot! =]

dont understand 10/1/2007
it's ok

desprate housewife 9/29/2007
VERIZON WIRELESS ALL THE WAY BABY! skip the rest and go with the best.

jamestown ny 9/29/2007
I'm a #1 fan of verizon wireless. i read the reviews in here and most are hung up on the (INpulse) pay as you go's $0.99 a day service charge. If you are not happy with the $0.99 charge a day on the INpulse plan then switch to verizon wireless pay as you go plan called (EASY PAY). There is no daily chage for the plan and its much more simple and just as reliable service as the INpulse or contract plans just less expensive. I kicked my brother off my plan becouse he ran my contract cell through verizon over $550 dollars in one month. So i set him up with the EASY PAY plan for $70 a month for 700 min with unlimmited in calling and all the reg jazz. He used his old verizon phone from my contract plan for the easy pay. $78.00 was all the cost was to get him going. They also offer a $50.00 a mo. plan for 350 min. I't was painless and simple and verizon is the most reliable. I agree I WOULD NEVER PAY $0.99 monthly charge for the INpulse plan. GO WITH THE EASY PAY much cheaper and just as reliable.

Brandi 9/26/2007
Ok I like to text! && it charges me like 10 cents per message recieved and sent! They should have unlimited text like cricket and pay $5.00 a month! That would be better. I like the unlimited calling after 9 but still texting is a better option because people tend to text people more often! Like its a good thing for when You need to tell somebody something instead of calling them and running up your minutes.

Chasity 9/24/2007
Wish we could have free weekends on prepaid plans.

brittney 9/24/2007
I hate the daily fee its so laim but over all its pretty good i guess

Rich 9/21/2007
What a joke. A 99 cent daily access fee even if I don't use my phone. Bloodsuckers. Look for my phone out on ebay soon. I'm dumping this piece of crap carrier.

BRANDON 9/18/2007
Verizon is just to high $.99 a day even if you don't use your phone thats $30.00 dollars a month thats to much .

Rebecca 9/14/2007
I love verizon. I had a plan with my family and i loved it!!!! But they took my phone so i was thinking of getting a pre-paid one. I'm a text-aholic tho and in prepaid u get ripped off because of that. If only verizon got a plan for texts, then i'd love them. For now, i'll check on alltel or t-mobile. :(

LAyla 9/9/2007
I love the service. It Is free to my friends and after 9 at night1

Layla 9/9/2007
I love my verizon prepay service!

Josh Troop 9/6/2007
If you are the world`s biggest sucker than you will buy a verizon prepaid. first of all, the selection of phones is very limited,and the features on those phones hardly have anything desirable for the price (except for the razr) and why do most of their phones have the same clamshell design? on top of that, they charge $.99 per day EVEN IF YOU DO NOT USE IT!!! so that means if you buy a $15.00 top up card, you will run out of minutes in fifteen days, and thats assuming you dont talk on it AT ALL during those fifteen days. AT&T go phone (previously cingular) doesn`t charge you $1.00 a day if you do not use it, so basically, dont buy verizon prepaid or tracfone, unless you want to get ripped off.

WINDY 9/6/2007
I like verizon but they are expensive it would be ok if they had a text pagkege like tmobile is 1cent per text or 1000 text for 10.00 month but verizon knows teens are going to come to them because you can choose any phone in store for prepaid and other plans you cant

E-man 9/1/2007
I have the old pre-paid plan where you just add $15.00 per month and no roaming fees. However, My phone recently got damaged so now I don't know if I have to get the new prepaid plan.

habiba 8/31/2007
I think Verizon is really taking "BIG Time" advantage of mostly teens .Also I'm not crazy about contract service either!

Brittany 8/29/2007
your phones are good but some times they brake easly so but um.... i like them i am geting a nother one for chrismas so i can not wait

mike 8/24/2007
verizon is a joke compared to other phone companies.... they nickel and dime your wallet and service areas suck.. and remember that you cant add 3 lines to one name unless $400 dollars falls out of your butt

gotverizon 8/19/2007
I've had Verizon Prepaid for over a year now and I always have service. The only thing that i don't like about verizon is the daily fee.

Mary 8/17/2007
I was thinking of getting a prepaid phone but after reading the comments I will shop around first thank you.

melissa 8/13/2007
i dont like this service because the min. runs out to fast and u have to buy credits to get ringtones and u cant send or recive picture messages.

Lord vadyr 7/31/2007
bad. cant get a way to activate my cell, theres no directions

Steven 7/19/2007
I believe Verizon is the worse at prepay. They do have good service, but the amount one has to pay a month to keep up their account is rediculus. They charge $0.99/day wether or not you use the phone. A 15 dollar card will last at a maximum of 15 days. Altell only charges $0.75/day and allows you to choose your account options. You get to choose two from: free nights and weekends, free texting, free mobile to mobile, and free favorite number. If you are looking for a plan that is cheaper on the money, and yet good on the overall plan, Altell is the way to go. Before I would pay over $45 dollars for one month of Verizon. $45 on Altell gives you TWO months! Now, which one sounds better?

Jacqueline 7/17/2007
I hate the fact that they charge .99 cents per day! I don't even use it sometimes, and I am still .99 cents shorter every day. I hate the fact that by 15 your phone is out of minutes. Which means you are spending about $30-$45 every month. If I were to spend that much I'd be better of with a contrat.

intern77 7/2/2007
I think they get you with the daily fee, they are making more money off you to further develop the monthly plans. What marketing strategy. They take the daily rip-off fee from prepaid and put it into regular monthly plans.What suckers we are???????

tj 5/26/2007
I did get one for my teenage son, but realized he wasn't using it every day and it wasn't worth it. A lot of Boys just don't talk alot on cell phones.. just quick calls to friends. I got out of it quickly....Cellular one had a better daily charge and we could choose any phone in the store (mind we paid for it) but it was so much cheaper than have a cell contract and we come out ahead!! Do the math if your teenager can use the regular phone at home..and use the phone texting and calling at school and out once in awhile. It was cheaper for us to let him use the home phone and just have prepaid for running around!!

John Doe 5/20/2007
Verizon 99cents/day, even when not using the phone, plus minutes is the greediest prepaid plan. And they charge you big bucks for "roaming" in areas not charged their other plans. Switched to T-Mobile $100 prepaid plan.

John 5/18/2007
I just got it today, and I love it! The pricing isnt that bad. For 100 min, unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited in-calling, its 40 dollars a month. I mean, you could probably get 5 times the min with a real plan, but not all of us could get a real plan. Im 18, and have zero credit. Sprint wanted a 500 dollar deposit. So, this is not a bad alternative. Plus you have access to Verizons large online services. I have the razr, and I really do like it. I would reccommend this prepaid company. I would only steer elderly peple away, the people who will use it once a month, not take advantage of the services. Its a good alterntive to a contract. But all you have to give them is your zip code!!!!

Rissa 5/16/2007
I love verizon wireless from the bottom of my heart. They are the greatest network in the world. If they just stop dropping my calls then we won't have a problem. The service does make me mad sometimes but u can't go wrong with verizon. They are great. I have a plan with them but when my plan is over, I'm going to prepaid. Love the phones, just tired of paying that bill every month.

Marchon AKA Thickness 5/10/2007
A wats ^ i luv ur service it's better then virgin mobile they use 2 take my money 4rm my phone any body who read dis dnt choose virgin mobile choose verizon wireless

marina 4/25/2007
I have the old Verizon prepaid plan (circa 2003). I like that I can refill via the web at the $15.00 minimum. The per call and per text messaging can be a bit pricey though. I recommend looking on eBay or craigslist for an old Verizon prepaid phone (pre-InPulse plan)

steve 4/25/2007
verizon is the best

Trevor 4/19/2007
I got this phone thinking that I'd use the free IN calling to talk with my girlfriend on the Verizon network. I also liked the fact that I could get free nights and weekends too. However, this plan is WAAAAY too expensive: 99 cents a day means a minimum of 30 dollars a month, which is almost the base price of most regular, non-prepaid calling plans. I spent hella money trying to keep my account active, all after shelling out $70 for a mediocre phone. After 2 months, I could no longer hear people who I was speaking to on my phone, and after going to a Verizon store they said that they would not replace it because it was not coveed under any warranty. Super. Not reccomended at all. Go with T Mobile orat least Boost (which gets a bad rap, but is actually not that bad).


Ed 4/6/2007
I advice everyone to convert to page plus cellular, it is the same network and rates cheaper and no daily charges.
Page Plus Cellular the most affordable prepaid nationwide, Minutes never expire as long you buy one card every 120 days.

Db 3/31/2007
I have an older Verizon prepaid plan and am very happy with it. Regardless, I would not buy this plan. With Verizon's rates, they apparently don't wnat to be in the Prepaid space. A 99 cent daily fee is steep.

Mark 3/23/2007
Had verizon prepay,way too expensive,way overly priced,got rid of them,paying a dollar a day when you do not use the phone is terrible,a great rip off.I went with t-mobile to go,thats a great company.A 50 dallar card you get 400 minutes,and 100 dallar card you get 1000 minutes,thats only 13 cents for the 50 dallar card,and 10 cents for a 100 dallar card a minute,no one company out there can beat that,thats a fact of life.

Amanda 3/23/2007
Too costly, Verizon nickels and dimes you with added charges, plus roaming fees and daily fees (whether you use the phone or not). I wish I had known how evil Verizon was before I bought my RAZR phone (that only works with Verizon). Did I mention how much I now hate Verizon?

Ashleigh 3/22/2007
the service is really good i have to admit but it cheated me out of my money one min. it would say i have all the time in the world the next i would have like 2mins in one month i probaly spent over $100 the phones are expensive to. that and the free night calling never worked for my i would call somebody at 10 pm and it would say i had 15 mins remaining

FDS 3/5/2007
I like the phone,the coverage and the good customer service. I have 2 things I don't like about the prepaid service (1). You are charged a .99 cents access fee per day regardless of if whether you use the phone or not(if you buy a $15 card it will eat it up in 15 days )(2).If you buy a calling card and you don't put your minutes in within 60 days you lose your money.

russ 11/28/2006
I had it just over a year. Got good service. It always worked. But unless you do a lot of in calling and night calling I fell it has the worst plan. My biggest turn off is paying 69 cents a minute after the 99 cent a minute will roaming.

Rianna 10/24/2006
Worth it just for the vcast... verizon has good service too.

Shiz3 9/28/2006
I like my phone a lot. I'm also addicted to vcast at this point so I could never see going with anything else. I have the easypay plan and its great.