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TracFone Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 530 reviews

MILLER 9/3/2013
TERRIBLE customer service, spent over an hour on the phone, with no results, we will see if I get money back....

nk 8/29/2013
for some reason, just recently, when someone leaves a voice message it is turned into SEVERAL text messages. to then read each text message costs 30 seconds! tracfone customer service still hasnt fixed the problem. it seems to me a way for them to make more money.also, the speech to text is sometimes messed up. very strange

jerry 8/29/2013
trac phone inactativated my phone when there was no reason. in fact they said someone had mad a mistake. ive had the same for over 5 years and when the "fixed the problem" they change my number. didnt kno about that till someone i called didnt recognize the call.

Rara 8/28/2013
If I could i would give 0 stars. Spent 3 days , 3 hrs trying to add minutes from a prepaid card. After customer service adding my minutes to wrong phone they refused to fix it. If u sell in the US, you should be able to speak and understand English. ABSOLUTLEY. Do not buy trac phone...

do not buy tracfone 8/21/2013
I have tried for weeks to get my number ported and everytime I call, nobody knows what's going on. Several times, they don't know what they're talking about because they can't understand english.
I have had this phone number since I was a kid and I may lose it because they claim the number was approved, but an error was caused. I spent 2 hours today being moved from dept. to dept. and then told I have to call back in 24 hours because they can't fix their own error.
If you don't want to go bald from pulling your hair out due to this company's ineptness, DON'T BUY TRACFONE.

v 8/21/2013

Grandma 8/20/2013
Grandma here again. I neglected to say I like tracfone. I can get tracfone cards at 4 places all within half a mile from my home. Thats very convient compared to driving 5 miles or more just to pay monthly cell bill. I just put on a lot of time on my tracfone so I don't have to add to add time for every month. I also have never had any trouble with tracfone,so there for I have not dealt with customer service-nor do I hope to. A piece of advice before getting a trac fone. Make sure which carrier is dominate in your area. Next thing to do is to find out carrier codes via the internet. I knew what they were so all I did was look at all the info just the bar code om bottom of package. That way I knew the phone work. In my area cdma works way better than gsm. Those are the reasons why I like tracfone.

ls 8/14/2013
had tracfone for years but now the Motorola phone is deducting minutes when phone not in use and even when turned off! previously I had the touch screen it was horrible , just try to make a call the screen would just roll and roll!! impossible to touch without rolling. I tried to get tracfone to help me with the new Motorola phone but got the usual run around. call THE CRS and be on hold for an hour, if you have nothing better to do with your time, like go to work, go ahead call them. good luck getting English speaking help.

Bewilidered 8/14/2013
Apparently most customers give bad reviews. Have the 'editors' tried calling for help, or have they receive advertising $$$$

Discusted 8/14/2013
Coverage changes with phones. Telephone service ridiculous! Language barrier insurmountable. E-mail help gives multiple wrong answers. I'm dropping t'fone, losing over 2000 minutes, and good riddance!!

Alan Savishinsky 8/14/2013
The deals are good, howver the customer support is HORRIBLE abd the phone didn't work properly and Tracfoe caused me to lose my old phone # due to their inetness. I was an unhappy Tracfone customer for only a short time.

RuralNevadan 8/13/2013
Outstanding Coverage in Western USA on my CDMA Tracfone. Customer Service is decent. Tracfone is a good value to people who need a basic cell phone and who do not use it much. Per minute cost is expensive.

JMD 8/13/2013
Trac Phone just lost 3 customers. They say the minutes roll over but ours didn't - we lost 1600 minutes on one phone and after an hour on the phone, they refused to give them back. Great way to treat a senior citizen on a limited budget...

zilla 8/12/2013
I tried to activate my phone (still trying) and on my prepaid page there is no Add Airtime where I can do so. I've done this with TracFone. This is the first time I've had no place for Air Time. Also it doesn't give me a phone #!! Defective phone or what??

NORM 8/8/2013

Unhappy 8/2/2013
Lost Nokia 2600 that worked well. Replaced with LG840G. Spotty coverage. Customer service almost useless. Language barrier.

Justin 8/1/2013
I switched from my iPhone 5 to an LG 840g on Tracfone and I will never look back. You can read more about why I chose Trafone at

usuallyeasygoing 7/30/2013
Tracfone is great for those who live in areas that are close to Canadian borders. I had gotten one two years ago to be used everytime I came home to visit, since
At&T doesn't have coverage in Calais, ME. However, I have run into some issues with reactivating my phone. Apparently, I'm not the only one. I have talked with technical support about 5 times now. Two days ago they told me that they were experiencing technical difficulties and that I should call back in 24 to 48 hrs for the issue to be resolved, plus any minutes lost from previous attempts would be refunded. So here I am sitting on the phone as the girl on the other end is trying to just change my phone number (for the second time) and the past 20 min all she has been saying is that she's working on it; telling others that she's encountering issues.
I'm getting a little impatient... it would have been easier to just buy a newer phone than to be 30 bucks short and a cummulative guestimation of 3 hrs of my life wasted. Not to mention, that the first line of contact is usually rude and short of which they transfer me each time anyway. But if they're having issues like this with pretty much everyone, no wonder the staff is a little irritable.... yup still on the phone. Tracfone what's the deal?

William 7/30/2013
Horrible service and you can never hear anyone on this phone and not a single person can hear you. I end up yelling trying to see if anyone can hear the conversation on the other end. Customer service is a waste of time. Been with Tracfone for five years and this company does not care about a loyal customer. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY. You will be sorry.

Does it matter 7/30/2013
Awful service. TERRIBLE. If you let your service go without activation for 30 days, tracfone takes all your minutes away. I have several phones and just overlooked the 30 days. I guess what I am saying is your minutes may role over but read the fine print. Also, when ordering minutes online, I usually have a promo code for bonus minutes. It will take the bonus coupon and act like it is going to give you the bonus minutes but it hardly EVER DOES.... Will be switching phones.

deh 7/29/2013
Misleading service hidden fees: After one month, mine wouldn't turn on and Tracfone charged me 600 of my prepaid minutes for a replacement.

RevT 7/19/2013
Forgot to say I had LG500G with ATT Service and hated it, can't connect, dropped calls, no service, etc. so I switched to LG505C with Verizon service and loved it, all minutes and they round up from 55 mmins to 60 mins transfered + the new phones mins and days were added on as well.

RevT 7/19/2013
Tracfone is awesome, the phone, the price, the cell service anyway. If you have to call a customer service then it's the worse company in the world.
If you can deal with everything either thru the seller - Radio Shack/Walmart/etc. (not tracfone) or via website - activation/help forums then it's a great phone and cell service. The ATT cell towers in my area suck with dropped calls plus I'm sure they are way down on priority. Verizon cell towers are numerous and work very well, using the Tracfone LG505c. Phone # transfer worked well after spending 20 mins online inputing codes to verify and authorize service (yes keep inputing those codes, there are about 10 lines of codes to input, rekey them again if you get an error otherwise you'll have to go the dreaded CSR route)

Beau 7/6/2013
I bought the LG 440G and a one year plan 8 months ago. It rarely connects or receives calls. I leave it off and only use it for health emergencies and if I am meeting someone. Voice quality when it does connect is horrible. I've been with TracFone support for days. They won't fix anything or give me a new phone. Absolutely horrible service.

datgrl 7/2/2013
Tracfone 411 does not have the option to reach a live operator. Instead, after listening to an ad for at least 2 minutes, you are given a menu tree to choose from. In my case, I was looking for a specific doctor's office and I was never able to obtain the number. There is no option to spell the doctor's name or speak to an operator. I will be looking for a new mobile provider.

k9kiddie 7/1/2013
Customer service is terrible with the Tracfone. I've been using this service for more than 10 years. My husband bought me a newer phone, it came as a kit with accessories. In the box was a completely different company/brand car charger. Called the customer service, and was basically told they couldn't help me out with getting the correct car charger. In my opinion if you're trying to keep your customers, you would do what ever it takes to rectify the situation within reason. I was even willing to send the incorrect car charger back, they didn't want any part of that. The only reason why I continue to do business with this company is because I don't use my phone a lot and it's the cheapest prepaid I can find. Can't beat paying only about 8 dollars a month for cell and text.

tomthomtwin 6/22/2013
most people are on the web and use the phone for hook-ups like i'll be there at such a time or meet me at me. I got tracfone w/1400mins and a triple plan in 7/12 and the next min card I bought was 400mins 4/13 sure to get the one w/wifi. I upgraded the phone and it wouldn't except sim card. company sent new one the next day free. saved big money!

anna 6/22/2013
for long time i m trying to buy from tracfone webside.... but is some thing problem with the web side.... every time i call costumer sevice... they dont understand.... the connection uses SSL 3.0 ,,,, tracfone shipping and billing infoormation page expire.... plz contact your webside specelist modify it.....

Candy Slackman 6/19/2013
Aside from the frequent times that I can't even get a signal in my area, TracFone seems to know nothing about customer service, and to think very little of customer loyalty. I admit, it was my fault that my minutes expired, but first of all, why should minutes expire after 60 days? And, they have my contact information, why didn't someone remind me that my 200 minutes were about to expire? And, let's face it, they could have given me back the minutes when I requested them, but basically they told me that they don't find my 10+ years of loyalty worth as much as the 200 minutes that they took from me. I already paid for the minutes, it's not like it would have cost them anything. If I valued a customer that had stayed loyal for over 10 years I would have given the minutes back.

Albigensian 6/19/2013
I've been happy enough with my Tracfone LG800G, considering its price. I paid $100. for it, including a year of service with triple minutes (that comes to 1200 minutes/one year, which I expect is all I'll use). The LG800G is a touchscreen phone with hard buttons for send, off, back (in menu), on/off, and up/down volume buttons. It's a featurephone not a smartphone- there are essentially no worthwhile apps for it.

Lorraine 6/3/2013
So I made a terrible mistake when I bought a tracfone. It was cheap, I just needed a backup phone to have around for a few little things. I should have shelled out for something a bit better; $30 down the drain. I topped up my phone online, only to find that while my credit card was charged, my phone didn't get any credit. phoning customer service yeilded 4 attempts wherein their computer answering service *litterally hung up on me* because they were too busy. The 5th call finally went through to a 20 minute que, after which time an increadibly unhelpful woman looked up my phone number, and informed me 'there are no credits on this phone'. NO **** SHIRLOCK! I wouldn't be calling if that wasn't the problem. She checks again - using the phone number again - and then tells me that no, I did not, in fact, purchase any credit. I'm looking at my credit card statement at that moment. There definatly was. She then has the audacity to ask - after jsut telling me that ha, no, I imagined that $30 - "Would you like to purchase credit?". No, no I wouldn't. And I will be changing my service. Today. The charge is currently in dispute via the credit card company. Do not go near these guys! They'll take your money and run.

PGuerrero 6/2/2013
I purchased Tracfone for my mother who had gone into a rehab facility after a stay in the hospital. I thought she would only need it for a little while and so did not want to spend a lot of money on a cell phone for her. Little did I know that all of her conversations on the Tracfone would be her last. In the last week of her life she talked about how when using the Tracfone she couldn't hear anyone, they couldn't hear her, and calls dropped. I honestly thought it was just her because she was elderly. After she passed away, I gave the phone to my husband for his use and guess what? He couldn't hear me, I couldn't hear him, calls were dropped. That means that all of my mother's LAST conversations with her loved ones were totally trashed by this piece of junk telephone and service. Do yourself a favor, if you think your life could ever depend upon your telephone, DON'T choose Tracfone. If you don't want your final words to your loved ones to possibly be you screaming into the telephone "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" or "ARE YOU THERE?" DON'T choose Tracfone. I mean, really, just DON'T.

Anne Arendt 5/31/2013
I have been working for weeks (starting on 5/19/2013) to get my phone, a Net10 (company owned by TracPhone) LG900G, to be able to send images (it can take photos but you cannot send them although it will charge you for each attempt but will fail) with customer service. Over and over and over again I have to do the same steps, as if they have no record of what had passed before. I have spent between 50 and 100 dollars in minutes now trying to get this resolved (for which I am told I can only get reimbursed after the problem is fixed which it is not). I actually have two of the exact same phone (one for me and one for my son) which are LG900G and they both have exactly the same problem (and have have the problem since we got them). Finally they sent me a SIM card for one which did NOT fix the problem and yet they closed my ticket although it is unresolved (help desk ticket 1070211487). I have over 8 hours of phone time with them on this single issue. I have filed a better business bureau complaint over a week and a half ago (BBB case #90206603) and have yet to have any resolution or even movement on the issue. I cannot say enough about how bad this experience has been. And what is sad is that I had been a customer for years but now cannot say a single good thing about them. Update on 5/31/2013 I have yet to get any response from the better business bureau case contact named Shelly. She left a note on the BBB message site saying she tried to contact me once but there is nothing on the call logs of either my phone or my son's. I have attempted to call her every day this week during business hours and have sent a corresponding BBB message after each one.

Lenore 5/27/2013
I only give Tracfone 1 Star because 0 is not among the choices. This predatory company wants you to keep calling Customer Service, and hopefully buying minutes from them to do so. It would make a book if I tried to write everything I have gone through with this company with "Customer Service," at their Website, and with email correspondence. What should have been simple issues to resolve became highly complicated with new issues created. SAVE YOUR MONEY. STAY AWAY.

M Chant 5/27/2013
Just spent an hour and 15 minutes trying to add air time... ridiculous. The customer service/ tech people are awful. I gave up- it wasn't worth it. When everything works, it is a good cheap phone. When you need help to transfer a number or add airtime, it is REALLY frustrating.

Myn 5/15/2013
The most amazingly horrible experience. I have the LG phone that offers 3x minutes. After buying it I realized what a lousy phone it is and it actually just died - doesn't turn on at all to charge or anything.
Called TracFone and sat on hold for 20 minutes before a rep named Kurt answered, took my TF # again, and asked how to help. After stating my issue I had nothing but dead air from Kurt. I said hello louder, finally got a hello back from him again, followed by dead silence. On asking if he was going to answer my issue, he asked me to repeat my question. Asked why he didn't hear it the first time. Was told he's busy working online too and I'd have to repeat the issue to him again. I did. He then told me he'd have to verify my alt phone number before he could assist further. Gave him the only other phone number I've had for years and was told nope - that's not what Kurt has so TracFone can't do anything further for me. I insisted he has to try, that I'm logged into my online acct, using the same email it's set up with (and has always been) so if a phone number in their syst is not matching perhaps it was their entry mistake - but that they couldn't simply keep my money and minutes and refuse any further investigation - informed me can't do anything with me as the number I gave doesn't match what he was looking at. Asked for a supervisor, was told ok and txfrd to a voice box stating an overload of calls being received at the moment and please call back another time followed by disconnect.

drb 5/13/2013
My story: I ported my number to Tracfone. First I received a blank SIM during the port process...strike one. Called Tracfone and was transferred four times before I spoke to a rep that assured me that the problem was fixed and that they were shipping out a new SIM with my ported number...strike two. Received the package with the SIM three days later and when I opened the package...there was nothing...that's empty package (you can't make this stuff up)...stride three! So, I decided to call (three times) and each time was waiting for a minimum of thirty minutes. Never did reach anyone. I then started email conversations...and they actually responded. After a few emails back and forth, I told them that I was leaving. Boy, were they offering all sorts of support...even a number that they called "for special support". That was the final red flag...and strike four. I'm not back with AT&T and couldn't be happier. Also, AT&T has a much better pay-as-you-go plan (which I didn't know from the start). So, after my long-winded story...give yourself the best gift ever...stay with your company and stay away from Tracfone.

Henry 5/12/2013
Terrible service it always takes about ten minutes or somtimes hours to get a signal If would have had an emergency I would have been Serewed!!

Cody Acuff 5/10/2013
FOR TRACFONE: Today, I had to call the 1-800 number to get my new phone activated with the minutes switched over and the number from the old phone to the new one. Was a total waste of time.. I was placed on hold over and over again after giving them the proper info need to do so. Gave me ticket # and stated that I would not be able to use my phone for 24hrs because of whatever reason it was. Was bull if you ask me, because in the past had to do the same thing no problems then. This is common with this company all the time. To people out there thinking of going with this company think again. BEWARE THIS COMANY SUCKS!!!!!

soldiermom 5/1/2013
I have a Tracfone I purchase in 2009. The phone is great and I like the idea of purchasing only what you need. But, I didn't use the phone for several years because I had a new cell phone to use. When my new cell phone quit, I bought a minutes card to add some minutes so I could start using the Tracfone temporarily. I called the 1-800 number to reactivate the phone. I was on the phone with the "Service rep"...what a joke...for over an hour and 15 minutes. She asked me at least 4 times what my address, zip code, serial number, etc. were. Her voice was very soft and I could not understand much of what she was saying. I suspect she was located in some other country where English was not the primary language. Then, after all of that, she had to get approval from a supervisor to reactivate the phone. That was another 20 minute wait. But, she had to go over all the information I gave her AGAIN!! It was the most frustrating and stupid phone call I've ever experienced in my life. And, after all of that, the phone is still not reactivated. They have to send me a new SIM card. I don't know if my new SIM card will ever arrive at my home because the rep had such a hard time getting the information I gave her straight. The phone is a good concept but the system stinks. As much as I like the quality of the actual phone, I will not recommend this to anyone.

Lorry 4/29/2013
The Tracfone is a Mexican owned business that contracts with American companies to use their services for their product. One of the reasons you probably have bad customer service. Same with Net10 & Straight Talk

Jim 4/25/2013
I have had my motorola tracfone for 13 years now, the "antenna" came off a few years ago and I still get great reception. I talk to friends in Europe as if it were next door and as far as Tracfone as a prepaid provider goes, I couldn't be happier.

Al Baker 4/23/2013
I purchased this phone 2.5 years for my daughter. She used the phone for around a year. We recharged it several times during this period. Prior to purchasing the phone/minutes I spoke for 15 minutes with a Tracfone rep to understand their service. I thought I got it, but I now realize I did NOT. Around a year ago I had to call and get more minutes so I could use the phone on a business trip. I again spoke with a Rep and recharged the phone. Now I need the phone again. It had 67 unused minutes. The rep said that I needed a new SIM card, but said nothing about minutes or days. When I called to get the new SIM card working I was told that I must purchase more days. NOW I understand how it works, but they would not credit my unused minutes or refund my money.
Do not use this Tracfone system unless you plan to use it as your main phone like my daughter did - you lose minutes and days IF you fail to use either. The supervisor kept telling me the same thing over and over rather than giving me REAL service help.

Guest 4/20/2013
LG 440 is a piece of crap phone. Rings for exactly 2 seconds and then goes to voice mail.

nin 4/12/2013
Can I purchase a tracfone when having safelink I don't like phone sent so I want to purchase another and use it for safelink its a tracfone

thomas 4/4/2013
brough a double min.s and for awhile it worked out for awhile, now when i have min left over they disappear at the end of the month not happy about that, but other than that its a good basic svc.

Barb 3/21/2013
Customer support is horrible. Hard to understand, and they give wrong instructions. Very frustrating. They also give false information just to get you off the phone. It takes several calls to get any help at all. If there was a "0" I would give that as a rating.

L 3/18/2013
I've been using Tracfones for years, but that is about to change, due to the new, non-functional - even dangerous - 411 service.

Tanya 3/17/2013
Bought a year plan. Went to renew was told needed free "upgraded phone." Got phone with no minutes. Spent 8 hours with customer service, never got year minutes. They have the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. The plan was a Christmas gift for my grandmother.

e nathan 3/17/2013
The phone works OK, very cheap, but I tried to reactivate one of my old tracfones for my husband to use, and three sim cards and hours (literally) on the phone with sticky polite foreigners who spell everything back to you has made me want to run the phone over several times with my car. I still have no service, and expect I may lose my double minutes for life deal with a new sim. I dread reactivating that, but I'm paid up for half a year.
Advice for tracfone users, stick with one phone, don't change anything, don't overbuy, just in case, and if you want to change anything, get a new phone.

rislab 3/15/2013
Was charged $45.76 for a phone I returned. They told me that didn't happen even with my bankstatement showing the transaction they said I never paid it and then the story changed to they returned it, not. I'm still fighting to get my money returned. Run and don't look back.

jumpingamma 3/15/2013
call customer service,to reactivate my phone, told it would take 4 hours to do this, also told me that I would have to have a minutes card, was a customer for 6 years, they transferred me to thier supervisor, which had me on the phone saying she could activate immediately with my debit card, then after 30 minutes was told again that it would be a 4 hour wait and would need a minute card I live 2 hours of driving away from getting a minutes card, but even having me on the phone they could not or would not reactivate my phone I will not be a customer with them ever again. my husband has a trac fone and when time expiress on his we will no longer use this service.

Bob P. 3/14/2013
I have a Tracfone. Extremely difficult to contact Tracfone.
Tried internet & Phone. I called 27 times in four days. All options led to recordings only. I have never encountered such terrible service. They take your money very quickly and then totally ignore you and any problems.

Wendell 2/27/2013
I have had this phone for several years. Over the last 6 months, have had to make 8 phone calls to fix having the phone stop working. Each call has taken at least an hour. When fixed then, the phone has later stopped working, or the minutes have been reduced. Each time there seems to be little that the employees can do that will last as a fix. I have lost time and patience.

Microbe 2/22/2013
Positives: I have used Tracfone for 18 months and I love the idea of paying as I go. No lost minutes because they did not get used that month. No extra minutes tacked on the bill. Turn on the phone and the home screen tells me how many minutes I have left. A Verizon customer saw that and wished her phone would do the same thing. Also, there is no contract so there is no worry about early termination fees if you quit Tracfone. (Verizon nailed me twice in the past.) Service has been reliable with very few dropped calls. My LG 220C is a simple, basic telephone without bells or whistles but it works well and has excellent battery life. It is easy to add more minutes to your phone whenever you need them.

Jerry 2/21/2013
Tracfone gets good reception in most places I've been. However, I just bought a new Ford car with Ford SYNC, and the bluetooth feature will not stay connected. So I have a great hands free feature in my car, but a phone that evidently won't support it. Also, Tracfone customer service is terrible. You can't find a phone number to contact them and emails that you send don't get answered. Worst customer service I've ever experienced with a phone carrier. They sell phones, but don't have a number for you to contact them on a phone.

Amtrac 2/20/2013
I used Trac for five years w/Very minor issues. It stopped working. OK! I bought new $20 model w/365 days & 400 min (doub'd to 800). Activated it Jan2. 800 minutes disappeared to 20 minutes. TRAC mgr said I used them and would not fix the problem. Do not use Trac Phones.

Finished 2/18/2013
I'd give Tracofone 0 stars if I could. What is not wrong with this service? Phone settings are bizarre, often pushing calls to voicemail without ringing with no obvious way to change this yourself without wasting minutes online with customer service. Speaking of minutes, they are expensive vs. T-Mobile (though coverage is a little better). Text messages are sometimes delayed. Texting itself is awful on my phone with predictive text that routinely produces words like "xxjft" and has yet to offer one word that's reasonable English. The manual that comes with the phone covers only the simplest usage issues with no guidance for most troubleshooting questions. For a simple "pay-as-you-go" plan, I have never before had to keep track of so many separate serial numbers, PIN numbers, and passwords to make any changes. I literally do not know how to purchase minutes on this phone. The last time I tried, I spent an hour on their website and on my phone being told my PIN was invalid or this or that plan wasn't available. I finally purchased minutes via a 15-minute conversation with a service rep. (with a 5 minute wait, which of course, I'm paying for with my minutes). The first words out of my mouth were, "I'm trying to buy minutes," yet 10 minutes on he accused me of not telling him I wanted to buy minutes because I'd given him my (invalid) PIN instead of saying I wanted to use my credit card. (The PIN was the first thing he asked for after my phone number.) He was surly and combative--though, by this point, I was too. Once these minutes are used up, I will probably take a sledgehammer to this phone.

JIM 2/12/2013
1st customer service call I made got someone in philippines. Then I asked for supervisor and got Guyana.

Wayne 2/2/2013
Today may not be the best day for a review It took some time to get air time and it has beenover 8 1/2 hours and they haven't got air time to the phone and calling their number is a joke the just tell me to call back in 15 with no humans around

Ted 1/19/2013
Nothing wrong with the service - price is right in kine w/the rest. You need to be on at least the double minutes plan to be decent value. HOWEVER - their customer service is THE WORST I have ever dealt with. Difficult to find a rep that I could understand and that was after a 20 minute on hold period. After 2 hours and speaking w/ a Manager did I get any stisfaction with a problem that was admittedly theirs. Go elsewhere unless you have lots of time

gary 1/16/2013
I have been trying for 10 days to get this phone to function as it shoukld.After hrs of talking to little voices a million miles away, the supervisor said i would have to accept it as it is all xucked up.

Robert Aleman 1/15/2013
All my minutes disappeared for a second time, lost 700 minutes the first time, this time I lost about 500 minutes. They just disappeared after receiving 1 small email. Got them back the first time, after a spending a lot of time with customer service. not sure how this 2nd time will work out

BEN 1/15/2013
First Tracfone was on the HSN special the LG800....great deal....within 3 days the audio 'record' feature was not working..I thought it was something I'd hardly use anyway, so 'just let it go'..then I thought, hell, no, I paid for ALL the features on this phone.called customer service and they sent me another phone....more problems with another phone, STILL more problems...SO NO MORE LG PRODUCTS FOR ME, EVER!!!.so decided to try a simpler model...since Im retired, decided I didnt really care about a camera/video, etc....searched and searched online and found the PERFECT SIMPLE PHONE the ALCATEL A832G...BIG BUTTONS, easy to use, etc.....only bad thing you only get double minutes with the lower-priced models but so what? double's better than none...The customer service IS aggavating...once they told me I HAD to do this and that.....I said I had no other phone to call from..after hemming and hawing, she finally went ahead and did what I wanted her to do in the first place, without my having to call from another phone... what's up with that???!?!?!
THE SECRET TO GETTING THRU: the Philippines are 12 hours ahead of us.....until I found this out, I was amazed at how fast I got thru..I was calling around 3 or 4PM, which is 3 - 4 AM there; obviously a less busy time!!! SO TRY IT THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE TROUBLE GETTING THRU.
I am now spending an average of $30 per month with Tracfone, whereas with my old AT&T landline, it was $70!! and that was after going thru with a fine tooth comb all the features I didn't need, best they could do was $70...
So in that respect, I'm glad I found Tracfone.......Yes, they are not the perfect company, but double minutes and a phone I really like make it all worthwhile!!!!!!

Rob D 1/6/2013
All I wanted to do is buy airtime with someone on the phone. Called Tracphone 6-1-1. Firstly, they charge you to call 611, what ?? Then, they were not able to sell me air time because I have Canadian Credit Visa. What ?
Wasted my time, about 15-20 minutes. Now I have even less airtime, but am rethinking the whole thing.

IMarks 1/2/2013
I was reasonably happy with my Tracfone until I ran into a problem - minutes I had purchased were not credited to my account. I then discovered the worst customer service on planet. Interminable wait times on the phone, then customer service reps (obviously outsourced to a call center in the Philippines) who had no idea which way was up. To this day I still have not received the airtime I was promised. However, my blood pressure's gone up ten points, so I guess that's something.

Jennifer 12/31/2012
Just bought the LG840g and absolutely hate this phone! It deducts units even when not in use. My husband called tracfone and they weren't the best people to deal with. Said the browser was on, even when it was obvious that it wasn't. They refused to refund any of the lost units. Apparently they don't care about customer service. Prior to this purchase we were happy with tracfone but at this point would not recommend them to anyone! Buyer beware! You could get a monthly plan cheaper than this and save yourself alot of headache as well.

Becky 12/29/2012
I am on my first Tracfone now. I did have a cellphone through Verizon before so I got to keep my number. I've had the Tracfone since November 1st, 2012. No problems until today. I tried to add 120 minutes to my phone at least 5 times today and I kept getting the "System is unavailable. Try again later." error. I called the company at 9:30pm tonight and of course the person I spoke to had a thick accent. But, she fixed my minutes and I asked her what I did wrong. She said that I didn't do anything wrong and that the Tracfone system was down today and that I wasn't the only one who had trouble adding minutes to a phone. She also said that I shouldn't have trouble adding minutes next time. However, reading these comments, I'm beginning to wonder if I will have trouble adding minutes the next time I try.

Guest 12/29/2012
Got this as a Christmas present-bottom line-WORST present ever! They must have neglected to install an antennae in this phone because I only can get a signal if I am standing under a tower and holding it up in the air. Otherwise, I have NO SIGNAL ANYWHERE! Pictures that others have sent to me come out completely dark and unviewable unless you hold the phone at about a 60 degree angle, and even then, you can barely make them out. The same picture on other phones displays bright and clear. Costs for this phone are out of this world! I understand that it is a "pay as you go" phone but these charges are crazy! It costs $1.00 to recieve a single voice mail, $1.00 to recieve a text message, $1.00 to NOT CONNECT to the internet, etc. This phone comes with 1 pre-installed ringtone. If you want to purchase more ringtones, they charge you 33 minutes of airtime for each one plus the time it takes to download them. Phone comes with 2 pre-installed games(java games, not Android games) and if you would like to install other crappy java games or "apps" they charge you an HOUR of airtime for each one (plus the time it takes to download). Battery life totally sucks! Had a Virgin Mobile flip phone and regret ever switching! Looking forward to the day when I can get rid of this piece of junk and get a decent phone and service plan. Final word--DO NOT GET THIS PHONE--you will be sorry!!!!!

patricia 12/23/2012
cant beat TracFone. I got mine on QVC LG800GHL with 1200 triple minutes (for life triple minutes) I live in a VERY rural area and TracFone works fine, never lost a signal no matter if I'm squeezed in a narrow canyon somewhere.
Friend added minutes for me and was told 24 hours for service to add minutes and I got them immediately!! I get internet, voice mail no problems. Customer Service was great when newbie me (to cell phones) couldn't get phone 2 work. Had me reset the battery in it's casing. No problems since. I'm rough on things so have service plan to protect against dropping on ground/in water etc and phone will be replaced. I'm totally happy w/phone and service.

Elizabeth 12/18/2012
Battery died on my Tracfone a week before I was due to go on vacation. Yike. Checked Radio Shack--no luck. Only Tracfone provides batteries for Tracfones. OK, called Trafone. They laughed. You need a new phone; we don't replace batteries. I go to local discount store and purchase a basic Tracfone. Now the challenge is to get the old phone number and about 1200 minutes transferred over to the new phone. This took 7 separate calls to customer service over about ten days, with very long waits on hold each time...only once or twice was it less than 15 minutes. At least once or twice I logged in about 45 minutes on hold, all the while listening to a loop of dreadful music. And then, when I finally reached a human, no customer rep seemed able to perform this basic operation. They would apply some procedure and tell me it was fixed, but it wasn't. Finally left on vacation with the nonfunctioning new Tracfone, and eventually...on the seventh try, from the woods of northern Minnesota...they did it. Crikey.

Barbara 12/17/2012
One star is too much for this comapany, Tracfone Customer Service sucks. I bought a LG800G, wanted to download wallpaper and was told by the system that my serial no and/or phone no doesn't exist (after it was aktivated). Called tracfone, was told to punch in some numbers in the phone which came back to "code4". Was then told the phone was defective and they would send me a new replacement phone. Phone got here, same phone but reconditioned. Who does that?! So I called, 45-50 minutes later I was told they would send me the correct phone and to send the reconditioned one back. Ok, I did that. Then I received the shipping confirmation for the replacement phone. It stated that they send me a LG501C. Hello, that is not the phone I have and not even close to the style. The phone got here and not that it was just the wrong phone, it was also reconditioned. So I called them again, again about 50 minutes with one of their "managers" just to be told and assured they would send me a brand new LG800G. Yeah, right, who would believe that now. Anyway, phone came in today and guess what, it is a "LG500GR" and reconditoned. You can not even find this phone on their website or LG website. So I am done with this company, I have never experienced such a lousy customer service. And if a "manager" is incapable of doing the job correctly then I don't know why this company is still in the market

iceman7377 12/8/2012
The trac phone i have is the very basic and the service is ok. And the customer service was preaty good

Bill Shelton 12/5/2012
We live in an area, where Trac Phones leases with local carriers was not renewed or was cancelled. Therefore, we can no longer activate a new Trac Phone if we should want to upgrade. Even before the leases were lost, or not renewed, it was difficult to add minutes. Almost every time I tried to add minutes, we had to call, then when we would get a service person, they usually were almost impossible to understand because of their accent. Last time I called, the automated system did work well, but I still had to add about a million numbers of new code .I want to use this system, it does provide us with what WE need, but they have made it difficult to use and it seems to upgrade with a new phone.

andy 12/5/2012
new to tracphone and i have the lg 840g it showes the min. and days left and the min. you use when calling or text. for you people having bad service you get that with every carrier and even in restraunts. so you get what you pay for. the phone is a good deal.

Never again! 12/4/2012
I just got another TracFone and tried to transfer my minutes and service but was told all they could find was 1100 minutes of the 2800 listed on my phone. I spoke with a "supervisor" who assured me that all of the minutes were transferred to my new phone, but all I got were 1300! I have always had difficulty adding minutes and service to my phone and the only reason I stayed with TracFone was because I had so many minutes left. Will not get another one!

S. Stewart 12/1/2012
I owned a Nokia Tracfone for years which allowed me to pay-as-you-go. Last month I decided to upgrade to an LG800 by Samsung. It took 1 hour between two reps to process the transaction. I provided full information 4 times. When the phone did not arrive after 1 week I called back. The rep could not explain why my order had not been sent but offered to input another order. This took .5 hr and I was told shipping would be free. After 2 attempts to deliver by FED EX I was informed that Tracfone shipped the phone by a method that required that I be home to receive it. The package could not be left with the official management office of my property as is standard practice. I was also charged for shipping. When I called Tracfone to request an explanation the rep asked why I couldn't go to Fed EX and then hung up abruptly durring my reply. I work 9-5 and the FED EX hub is open 9-5 60 miles from my job. When I called Tracfone the next day I was told flatly they would not contact FED EX to request standard delivery. No apology was offered. I am done with Tracfone and this is why I am now shopping for a new company on your site. Tracfone does not deserve the 4 star rating provided.

StuRat 11/29/2012
Good: Best rates around, that's why I'm here. With triple minutes, rates can be as low as under 6 cents a minute for heavy users (I can get a 400 minutes/1 year card for $85, which triples to 1200 minutes, or even 1450 minutes with a bonus 250 minutes using a discount code). Or, if you use your phone for emergencies only, it can cost a little over $6 a month, by buying the 60 minute/90 day plan online for $20 and adding on the extra year for $50. You really have to do your homework to get the best rates, though, as they don't make it easy. They also have some decent phones.

GRT 11/19/2012
Difficult to use. Instructions are terrible. On-line help is useless. Buy a different pre-paid.

tami 11/11/2012
i just started with tracfone, i like it, i don t care if your with virgin mobile or boost or any other prepaid service, i read many bad complaint from customers not happy with the customer service its not just with trafone its with all of them, and you think tracfone is bad you will get rip off from others too, the touch phones are highly price i know i cant afford to pay a hundred to 600 dollars for a phone, i appreciate the basic phones, people stop complaining and appreciate what you got, times are tough these days

Amy 11/5/2012
Purchased the LG800 because of triple minutes. No problem with 1st phone. I do not get great coverage with Verizon where I live - tracfone beats their coverage hands down. At this point I would have given them at least a 4 star review. However, the 2nd phone I purchased had software problems. They replaced right away but with a reconditioned phone. I felt a taken advantage of because I had paid for a new phone. As everyone has stated customer service is a problem. Ultimately it is the company that is not providing good customer service. I do not blame the reps that are trying to help, I believe they are doing the best with what the company has given them. Was unable to transfer number from my defective phone to my replacement. Tried 2 times for a total of 1.5 hrs. A ridiculous amount of time to spend trying to fix a problem.

steve 11/2/2012
I wish I could give a 0 star but its not an option. Ive been a loyal long term customer of tracfone for many years. I liked the dependable service and no contract. As my family grew we enrolled in the family value plan. It was fine for several months no problem . Then last month we didnt receive our minutes even though our credit card was charged. My wife spent several hours on the phone with tech support/customer service trying to resolve the issue. She had to enter codes into each phone one at a time while the tech support worker on a different continent worked from his end. We were told there was an error. In order to fix the problem they unenrolled us from the value plan and told us to re-enroll later and everything would be fine. Now I find out it isnt. Now I cant even purchase or add minutes to my phone making it useless. I get an error message telling me to call the same number we called before. Also since tracfone requires you to purchase your phone I now have a less than 1 year old 79.00 paperweight. I wonder if tracfone with a click of a mouse can junk your phone out trying to force you to make a new purchase? Stay away stay far away.

Dia 10/30/2012
If I had the option of ZERO stars I would have chosen so.
Tracfone is a company that exploits people who depend on a prepaid plan. The amount of dropped calls, weak signal, and poor customer service is prove of this.

hcw 10/19/2012
The worst service I have ever had. No help at all plus they will not release my number so that I can go else where.

Bamlen16 10/10/2012
They are trying to discourage the bonus codes by forcing you to call the 800 number to complete your transaction. Their support is horrible, you won't probably call, minutes run out sooner and they make more $$ in the end.

Roger 10/9/2012
I am dumping two trac phones due to the company involvement in the Obama phone program. Just one more corrupt administration program wasting tax money and benefiting administration cronies. Shame!

Ann Steinke 10/7/2012
Unfortunately, if I could give it one half star, I would . Little did I know when I purchased the very basic flip phone that trac phone would not provide voice mail. What! I thought that was standard,
Then if you try to call them, the wait is usually 25 minutes or they will simply say their lines are too busy and to call later. That;s another first for me and in a negative way. I am searching for another phone and plan and won’t go back to them if they paid me!

Wendy 10/2/2012
You are better off with walkie-talkies than with this company. Seriously, I have rarely seen such incompetance -- what passes for "customer service" at Tracfone is shocking. Go anywhere else. Anywhere.

karen 9/30/2012
i've had trac fone for 4+ years and i'm honestly telling you that the coverage areas has DECREASED and in my own town, i can hardly get a signal. i'm shopping for a new phone/plan now.

Heather 9/28/2012
one star is too generous...terrible company to deal did not work.Very frustrating to deal with their customer service,I finally gave up and I'm out 50.00.I files a complaint with the Better Business Bureau...hopefully they can resolve the issue

Paul 9/28/2012
Phone delivered did not work, only offered to replace with a less desirable phone, mis=shiupped the replacement phone ot the wrong address, refused to expedite shipping again inspite of thewir error, hard to understand their outsourced customer service...who hung up on me. 1 star is too generous for this terrible company that should go out of business for terrible customer service! Never again

Ronald Whiteaker 9/28/2012
The worst phone system I have ever ran accross in my 65 years. When I was not able to call out, I called ther service support 3 times and they could not fix my phone. BUT they still took away 27 min of air time of mine, when I couldn't even call out. I paid for the service charge that did't even do me any good. My phone still doesn't work. SORRY< SORRY Business. Stay away from them.

AndrewT 9/27/2012
Service seems to be good, price is fine for my level of usage. My problem is text spam. Lots of text spam. I've never responded to any of them and I've never even sent a text to anyone but family and I get loads and loads of spammy texts from unknowns. "You're a winner!" and the like. Reporting them to Tracfone seems to do absolutely no good. My wife has had a basic plan with AT&T for nearly 10 years now and has NEVER receive text spam. Every text spam costs me minutes, so I'm afraid Tracfone has very little interest in eliminating it.

Megan 9/25/2012
Crappy service. Bad customer service! lol. On top of that they screwed me out of $50. I wanted the 200 minutes but some how I accidently got the unlimited. I'm only human, we make mistakes. I was thinking I could resolve it by calling customer service and get my $50 refunded and buying the 200 minutes instead. 1st off I was on hold for 30 minutes and finally I get to this rep who can barely speak english. They make you repeat your question over and over again! Then they transfered me to a new rep. And again I had to repeat my question, more than once lol. Finally he said we cannot refund you after you've already paid. I stayed classy and just said thank you for your help and that was it. I was then furious and made up my mind that once this unlimited expired I was going to switch to virgin mobile. Unfortunately I have to use this awful phone for another month. I don't want to just deactivate it after I just spent $50. I hope they go out of business! Don't waste your time or money!

Tim 9/17/2012
We recently got 2 of the LG500G phones and love them. They have a lot of features, except the most expensive phones, but enough for our needs.
I dropped mine awhile back and the keypad on the front came loose but it still worked. Nevertheless, I called them and they said they would replace it. About two days later, my new phone arrived via FedEx ... really quick! It also came with a prepaid shipping envelope to return the old one. I activated the new one and they added my unused minutes from the old one to the new one and I got 10 extra minutes!
The only complaints I have is the amount of time spent on the phone to activate the new one and get the min. switched over, took 10-15 min., and I had to manually enter all my old data into the new one. There should be a easier and quicker way to xfr the data from phone to phone.
Anyway, I'm still pleased with the phones and they call from about anywhere. Also, the camera and video on them are very good quality.
Would highly recommend these to anyone!

Dan 9/12/2012
I have a track phone LG 500 G for over 6 months now and at first service was nice and all worked out just fine with an activation.Due to recent layoff from a job i stayed home more often and realize i had no reception in my living room at all. So i called in CS for help when CS after 55 minutes of testing decided to ship a new SIM card which arrived 5 days later. When i activated a new SIM card quality of the voice improved a lot like i couldn't believe this is a track phone! Now here is the bad part , i lost my phone number b/c new number was assigned to me automatically. So i started to freak out , all my contacts over the years have my old number not mentioned all potential employers that i have been targeting for the past months. So i calmed down a bit and call CS again when they try to explain to me that it's impossible to retrieve my old number. I new there is a way to get my old number back and after 2 hours on the phone back and for with CS i was told new SIM is on the way with my old #. Well 3 weeks later my SIM card with an old number arrived and guess what?? no signal at all with a new SIM card,so i decided to keep my new # and told the guy in CS at this point i can't be w/o service. So a few days later i had to purchase new minutes when i discovered suddenly my old # showed up on a screen and it's active?! But no service at all my phone got locked... Today i finally got 4th Sim card and AGAIN a new number with a great reception.Just wondering for how long? Finally i have decided to go "back to future" and bought me a cool Android phone . Bottom line is , if you want service on demand you need to save your money on some other things but not on your mobile provider!!

Irene Petersen 9/11/2012
Every time I bought minutes I had to call tracfone and enter a series of codes in order for the minutes to appear on my phone. This last time I was unable to get the minutes on my phone and asked for a refund.I was told no refund. After about 9 hrs of calling and getting codes that did not work my son called and told them he knew they could put those minutes on that phone as he worked for verizon.Magically the minutes appeared. No more tracfone and codes for me. I am done with them.

Susan 9/7/2012
I have always had and used a tracfone and haven't had many problems, except one. It has happened 3 times now. While making a call and receiving a call at the same time, the phone will freeze up and eat up all my existing minutes/units. I have called the company and after 45 minutes and talking to a person who doesn't speak English,have gotten my used minutes back. This has just happened to me AGAIN and instead of calling the company and staying on the phone talking to an Indian for 45 minutes, I decided to make my complaint and ask a question as to why this always happens to the tracfone website. The tracfone website said they could answer my question after I pay a fee of $15.00. This has made me so mad and have me thinking about trying another company. I have just purchased a new tracfone for my son. The website said it would work fine in our area code, but when the phone arrived and we tried to hook it up, were told that this phone would not work and that they would send us a phone compatible to the one we purchased. The one we bought was for triple minutes for the life of the phone, the one we received from tracfone was double minutes. I askes the girl purposly about the minutes and she said, (I think she said, poor English remember) it will have the triple minutes. Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with your phone freezing up and losing all your minutes/units in a matter of second?

Laurie 8/26/2012
I've had Tracfone for years and loved it. It was reliable and cheap. But I had the LG200C, it just has the dialpad and I was getting into texting more. I figured I would just get a phone with qwerty and be good to go. I got the LG800G but it was horrible. Crackling sound, dropped calls, in and out of range even when holding still. I was out of town when I bought it so I thought maybe it was just a lemon and exchanged it for the same model when I got home. This one is horrible too. People can hear me but all I can hear is broken-up crackling and today it just went black. The store person had enough trouble dealing with customer service, I'm not even trying. I'm switching to something else. Too bad cause my 1st experience was so good!

Harrison 8/23/2012
Unacceptable service. Their customer support is horrible, they can't understand you, and you can't understand them! Call quality is worse than the original '80s phones. It may seem like a good deal, but trust me, it isn't.

Check 8/22/2012
I purchased a year plus double minutes. Entered the pin number from my phone and of course I get the system was down try again later. After 2 hours I decided to call CS and talked to someone that didnt understand me and sounded as frustrated as I was. After she put me on hold numerous times to talk to her supervisor she told me to wait the minutes should appear. I added air time. Then tried the CS on their web page. I assume it was all computer responces. After over 4 hours of pushing buttons and scrolling through screens. I'm still waiting. I dont use this phone often maybe once a week for a few minutes. This makes the 2nd time I've been burned by them. I thought this was the best plan. I think Im going pay as you go shopping again.

HBvN 8/21/2012
For the casual user, TF (with triple minutes via HSN)is an excellent deal. New Sansung phone included. Have reduced my monthly VZ- (senior rate) charge from $38 to the equivalent of about $9. As TF piggy-backs AT&T, service on the East Coast is good.

Gyozadude 8/20/2012
School was starting soon and I finally bit the bullet and decided to get two more phones for my middle schoolers. I found Tracfones at the local Walmart for dirt cheap and doing a few calculations, it became obvious, it if worked, they'd be FAR cheaper and easier to limit than my current Verizon Family Plan. Most of the things that folks seem to complain about Tracfone, dropping calls, eating minutes, bad customer service - I get from Verizon and AT&T. I admit, I am an uber techie. I understand telco biz and telephony and wireless standards. I also understand provisioning. So I sort of knew how the phone has to be on to be activated, and how when they say in the manual to go online or use a different phone to activate - well, that's what you should do. Also, if you're going to upgrade minutes, do so online and if you want to see the updated minutes, you better be in a home GSM service area or some of the features aren't going to be coming through without a reboot of the phone or until you get into the right service zone. I'm in the heart of SF/San Jose and cruise that 101/280 corridor. I have been harassing my kids to do homework and get ready for mom to pick them up from school. And the phones have been great. Texts are cheap. At 0.3 minute per txt plus getting double minutes and buying a bundle, it's like 3 cents each. Cheap. The other vendors are charging me a buffet plan, which comes to about 50cents/txt per phone over my current family plan. I do some limited texting, but not my wife or parents. And I see lots of folks who text a lot - well, limited life span because their texts get expensive in the car when the cops pull them over or they get into an accident (illegal to txt and drive or use phone without hands-free in California). All told, the clarity, quality of service in my area, and cost are amazingly cheap. Around $7/month per phone. With others, it was about $100 for the phone and $25 per extra line with contract. I'm going to try the monthly family plans with double minutes on the device for life and see how that works. I understand the family value plans also have rollover minutes and double minutes. I could sponsor 4 light/moderate use phones for about $27/month. That's the cost of just one phone with the other vendors.

Lori 8/19/2012
I've had Tracfone for a little over a month and it's the worst service ever! There is not one call that has been dropped or where the connection is so bad you only understand a few words of what is being said. I live in the foothills of the Rockies and apparently there are pockets of no service here. A total waste of money!!

Jim Corbin 8/18/2012
They're not stealing my minutes like Alltel/Verizon did, but most of my calls are like 10 to 15 seconds long, and when they ding you for two minutes per call, it gets expensive. Also, I'm getting about 5 telemarketer calls per week, it's frustrating when you work the night shift and can't get a days rest.

RVH 8/18/2012
Their customer service stinks. This is my business phone. Old phone number not transferred properly. After almost 10 hours w/Reps Rachel Robeth, Katherine, Hilda and Manager Omar I still don't have an operational phone. Was told by Omar a new sim card would be sent FedEX but in checking my ticket number they are sending it standard mail. I am on call 24-7 with my clients and I am already out of touch w/them for 5 days, trying to resolve this, and it will be another 3-5 before the sim card arrives. Can we say they are bankrupting me!!! My customers will quickly find someone else to fill their needs when they can't reach me for 8-10 days.

Pete Swarr 8/17/2012
I love this fone. Don't call cust service often, but they are always cheerful and helpful and fix the issue. I have been with them 4 years. I just buy the minute cards at a store and add them myself.

Tired 8/15/2012
I have mixed emotions about tracfones. I have owned 4 types, including motorola and samsung in the past 4 years. The phone itself has okay features but some phones are just defective. I don't know why they are even placed on the market! The customer service is plain horrible without a doubt. I have yet to speak with someone that understands english. I have yet to spend less than thirty minutes on the phone when asking for help and sometimes my problems are never resolved. The phones charge you for messages that failed to be sent and it is easy to press the wrong button.
On the other hand, when the phones do work well and you have double or triple minutes, the value of the phone is great and saves you money. But do I really want to stay with a company that has the worst customer service and "sometimes" my new phone will work if I am lucky? Nope. I am going to find another company that's is reliable. Sometimes that is the most important feature

Nora 8/12/2012
I got a new LG505C phone and it works and sounds great. It has all the new features of current phones. Other service providers charge much more for this type of phone and monthly service. Tracfone charges only a fraction of their cost. It is a CDMA phone with touch screen and sliding key pad. It is simple to learn how to use all the features. Texting is easy, mp3s sound great and camera is okay. It is all you need.

Rob P 8/12/2012
I purchased 2 phones with a promo from a TV shopping program. I did this last year also. My old phone had time and mins but my Wife's phone had 50 days and only 20min so I decided to activate her new phone first. This was a nitemare. I really like the concept of Tracfone as we don't use a lot of mins and I purchase an exceptional package that is a phone with triple mins, starting with 400 mins. I could not activate my Wife's new phone online so called and was on the phone on and off all day. The Caribbean CS supervisor could'nt activate it either so decided to send a new phone out. Now her old phone and new phone do not work.

Cherry 8/12/2012
Yes, it is a good deal if you don't use a lot of minutes. It becomes a bad deal if ever you need to speak to a customer service representative. Instead of helping, they'll make the situation worse. I wanted to consolidate my minutes, but what they do is cancel both my numbers. That "please hold for "2-3" while we work on this" took them 2 hours and 30 mins and 4 non native English speakers, who mumbles their words. I definitely got what I paid for - service full of headaches. Good luck to those who still signs up. You'll need it!

Xray 8/11/2012
I had a tracfone that was getting old and I wanted a new one. Went to the store, bought one, called tracfone to transfer my number and service over to the new phone. This is when the nightmare started. I called at 2:00 pm and it took until 9:30 pm being on and off the phone to get the phone working. They hung up on me several times. Calling back, had to restart the process over, tons of static on the phone ot the point that I couldn't hear. Stay away and go with another company. You'll be sory if you don't.

LC 8/10/2012
To bad there isn't an option for negative numbers. Already had problems with registering/activating two other Trac phones. One went back to the store and the other I pressed until it was activated while I was with customer service. Had to buy two more and looks like the same thing is going to happen. Do ANY of the SIM cards in these phones EVER work? Or do they all require replacing? I wouldn't be with Trac again except for losing the time I had due to inadequate descriptions from a local store about the product they were (Or in this case, really weren't) getting in.

Tracfone (Reserve) 8/6/2012
Tracfone reserve is a bunch of crap. You add plans on your service before it expire and can't use it. wtf would i waste money like that if it(money) on the phone i should be able to use it. I want my money if i can't talk on my phone for a month $50 just sitting there ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!

hamdy bassiony 8/6/2012
my cellphone service is disabled and I try to contact for reactivation but the sound record couldn't help.I added airtime on 8/5/12 with code bonus 80967,but I didn't the 20 minute bonus,Please advise.

Frank Sileo 8/4/2012
Received a bonus card in the mail, if you bought 120 min. you would get 270. Received only 120. Also got a birthday card with 20 min. and couldn't get those unless I bought another card. Rip off.

Carlos De Uriarte 8/3/2012
I am spending $7.00 a month for two and have all the services we need.
I used to pay $90.00 a month.
This is my third year. Will never go back.

J. Allen 8/1/2012
Been with Tracfone 5 years. Works almost everywhere I've been, minutes added accurately, customer service takes some persistance but they have solved every issue to my satisfaction. Yes, they have accents but get over it people!

Don 7/31/2012
ZERO stars i always buy the one year card for over 5 years. this time I bought the one year card for 124.99 at cumberland farms 800 min plus double for 1600 total. but i only recived 1200 min. they stole 400 min. customer service was usless and i was hung up on when i asked why are 400 min's missing. I called back the same number and the menu changed. called a different number i fount on the net talked to a person i could not under stand and she could not understand me asking me to repeat what i was saying again and again. i gave up. ny othe tracphone same problem but the pin keept comming back as invalid is card was also over 100.00 dollars with no refund offered from the store and usless customer service tracfone ripped me off again. i will tell everyone how usless this company is and will do anything i can to get folks not to buy or use the tracfone system. thanks Don

Darlene Batory 7/28/2012
Horrible cell phone. Ripoff with minutes. Buyer beware.

David 7/28/2012
Bought a 120 minute card online and got 240 mins with a promo code. Later I realized that I paid INTERNATIONAL RATES even with this deal ($30). Also I tried downloading a picture to the phone cause it doesnt have usb, and it took 3 mins and didnt go into pictures. If you were planning to switch to tracfone, either dont or give them a taste of their own medicine: steal minutes from THEM (look this up online) and be as rude and hard to understand on the support line as possible.

FoonTheElder 7/26/2012
Tracfone stole my phone. After working fine for 7 months, my SIM was suddenly unregistered.

John Hirsch 7/23/2012
I have been a Tracfone user from somewhere in 2003 until now. Their SERVICE is beyond poor, it is abysmal.. I LOST my phone...the very next day I went to Walmart and bought a new one, exactly like the last...July is now July 23rd and it STILL does not work. After numerous calls, emails and NEW Phones, and SIM cards, it STILL does not work. I gave up today. I will find another service...Too bad, I had a lot of service days left...but if you can't make a call, it's worthless.

Eric 7/23/2012
1 star minus 1 star, equals NONE. Thats what Tracfone is, nothing!!!. I have been with them in the past, but now use PlatinumTel, and Page Plus. Both are much more reliable, best Prepaid rates in the market, and best of all, they SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH. Best advice, lose the tracfone, and everyone, quit buying tracfones, Net10s, and straight talk.

Lodo 7/22/2012
We've been customers for over 5 years and originally bought the Tracfone for emergency highway calls on a long trip. Been with them ever since. Even with our move across country the phones still get service with minor glitches. 1) some delay time with conversation repeat back, like a 2-way radio. 2) Not good sound quality with phones incoming or outgoing. 3) Some calls don't ring but go directly to voicemail. 4) Minutes get expensive when being put on hold or getting run around from insurance companies.
Bottom line, if you need a bare bones service with no contract and don't drive around all day with a phone stuck to your head like the soccer moms, then Tracfone is OK. Like they say, nationwide coverage (check their map) and NO HIDDEN FEES. Other startup companies like MetroPCS are all about the sale and will just rip you off. Their service calls seem to go somewhere in the Caribean so you can't understand their babble. Until I can find an honest cell company that doesn't hide their fees or lie about their guarantee, one offers basic service with no contract, Tracfone is for me.

Victim 7/20/2012
Worst company ever! I have spent hours on the phone with them this week. Their customer service people appear to be from India & don't speak english properly,claim to not have access to your minutes & keep you on the phone for at least more than one hour each call...sometimes even up to an hour and half. They politely read you a script where they steal your minutes, repeatedly transfer your call, put you on hold & make you call back "in 24 hours" and only care about making money. I will never purchase a tracfone or more airtime with them. They are also affiliated with Net10 & Straight Talk. Pay a little more & get Verizon or another company.

carolyn mumme 7/20/2012
Dont buy one of these phones they are junk lost all of my contacts becuase of this phone could buy minuites with a debit card. Virgin mobile is much better at least if you complain about something they give you free minutes not this company

NP 7/17/2012
Horrible Service from Tracfone. ....
Here is my suggestion - always buy minutes and/or handset using your creditcard. If things don't work, then simply call your card company, lodge a complaint saying that Tracfone has defrauded you....(it's that simple), and send a complaint letter to your state's AG's office with details. It's that simple. When Tracfone's revenue dries up because of your refusal to pay the creditcard transaction then they will come crawling to you and provide you a good service. It worked for me.

Gene 7/17/2012
I did away with my home phone and now I just use my tracfone and so far it is working out great for me . I like my tracfone very very much it works great and it seems to work every place I go I have the new LG800G phone with triple minutes I love it I have been with tracfone for about 8 years now and it's been good to me and there phones keep getting better and better I have had 3 of there phone's over the 8 years that I have been with trackfone and the new phones are so nice so if you are looking for a good cell phone I would say look at the tracfone there good cell phones .

Karen S 7/14/2012
I have had a Tracfone for at least 8 years. I use it mostly when I don't want my home phone# shown. I have also found that it works in certain areas where my monthly contracted cell phone can not get a single. Since I do not use my cell frequently, I plan on cancelling my other cell phone when my contract runs out and just keeping the TRACFONE.
I feel that it is a great deal for people like me who only need limited usage and don't care about frills. It is also very convenient to add minutes. You can either purchase them at many locations, go online, call Tracfone or add them directly from your phone. They also have many monthly plans with no contract.
I did have a slight problem one time. I needed to have my area code and phone no. changed. It took a few phone calls and a couple days to get it right. I think their customer service is based in another country. I had to ask the rep. to repeat himself a few times, but, they are very courteous.
One last thing, there is a website, I believe it is "" that reported that when you add minutes they expire in 30 days, THAT IS NOT TRUE, they expire in 90 days. If you add new minutes to your old minutes, the old minutes WILL ROLLOVER with your new minutes and will be included in the new 90 days.
I would...most definetly...recommend TRACFONE.

Scott 7/12/2012
I love my tracfone it's the best cell phone around it works great .

Melissa in Syracuse, NY 7/10/2012
I bought a Tracfone Unlimited Double Minutes All In One Bonus Pack for $10. This included: the phone(Samsung T105g), 20 starter minutes, battery, wall charger, car charger, hands free headset, a phone case, and savings book with promo codes. I liked getting all of that for $10. I haven't had any dropped calls. I haven't had any problems sending or receiving text messages.

Roda 7/6/2012
This is a joke! I've had one tracfone and no trouble but i tried to upgrade and can't get a person to answer the phone. wait time estimated 15 minutes but I waited 55 before I hung up just hoping someone would care. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER!!!!!! THIS GOES BACK!

Buschman 7/3/2012
Just bought the LG800 and the phone is awesome it has a lot of cool stuff. But when I transfered my old phones minutes (1471) yea there gone come on tracfone log onto this site and read some of your problems and deal with them

JimmyG 6/30/2012
I've been with Tracfone for over a year,have LG420g double minutes family plan can't beat it! Was with Verizon over 22 years, started out as Sprint but they have name several times in those years. I use this service as a telephone, some times take a picture or send a text.

Mark 6/30/2012
We have had tracfone's for 7 or 8 years. I still use one of the old Nokia phones that we first got. That thing is tough as nails. My two sons and my wife have had at least a couple of phones each. My Nokia, I can add minutes and months on-line without a hitch. My older son has to call tech support for some reason-his phone will not receive the minutes when he updates on-line. We have never lost any minutes, but you need patience when you call tech support. I have always been able to resolve any problem to my satisfaction, but it takes time. I do not change phones often, so I get a lot of service between calls to tech support. Our phones do not have lots of bells and whistles, we use them as telephones. I have found some variation in the quality of our phones, and voice quality, but the cheapest phone is not the one with the poorest audio. My younger son had a mid line Motorola, and the transmitted audio quality was poor. It finally broke and he replaced it with the same model, and this new phone has great audio output. The coverage is as good as any I know, and my cost is about $100/year (activation fee)plus $0.08/minute (double minutes for life). This amounts to about $20/month per phone for what we use. Got a better deal than that for a reliable phone?

Kevdoggy 6/28/2012
Good coverage, and good Customer Service. My lg500g has mms and internet. Works good for me. Too bad people get a bad taste for them. I know their CS is not good, but if you treat them as HUMANS, they will help resolve your issue.

joko50 6/24/2012
I bought a new tracfone and tried to transfer my phone number from my old tracfone to the new one. It took 7 days and only because on day 7 I stayed on hold for "just 3 more minutes" for a total of 5 hours. Now the phone does not show up in "My Profile" and when I try to access the website to add minutes, I get an error message. So now I have a tracfone but can't add minutes. This is extremely frustrating. I can't understand how this company can stay in business.

Sally 6/23/2012
Bought this for my grandson for Christmas, he loved it but when you go outside of your area, you have no tex or pic tex and when we called customer service, it took an hour on the phone of them trying to fix it for them to finally tell us that it will not work out of the home area.
So if you are going on vacation you can not tex or pic tex so that is a big issue with us and no where was this mentioned in their ads.

mark 6/23/2012
Customer service is VERY VERY POOR and RUDE!!!! She told me that I have no clue what I'm talking about and Im the one with the problem. I called because I paid for minutes i didn't get and she didnt help me or give me the minutes i PAID for. ---->>>TRACFONE IS SCAMMING PEOPLE<<<<<--

Jenna 6/22/2012
STAY AWAY!!!!! WOW.. how do I start....
I use the web site to buy minutes until I stopped getting minutes but still getting charged. I call "customer service" for help and they keep hanging up on me. After a couple hours I found someone who didnt hang up but she wounldnt help me. so I got ripped off by Tracfone a couple times on line. Tonight I called them to buy minutes so I didnt have trouble with the web site.... well after 3 hours on the phone and a bank account saying tracfone charged my account over and over again till ALL my money was gone! Now I have no minutes and no money!Then the girl said she cant help me. WHAT??? They just took all my money and wont give it back or give me any minutes. NEVER NEVER buy a tracfone! They are rude and rip u off. Im soooo sad tonight:(

Olduser 6/20/2012
From the very beginning the customer service was poor and rude. I have had enough and am ending my association with them.

Bob 6/18/2012
This is my second phone with them. No problems.

Marie Poulin 6/16/2012
I like the tracfones but their customer service is awful! The customer service people are usually rude when I contact them.

Andy 6/11/2012

Jim Rodriguez 6/10/2012
Everytime I buy minutes on the website I have problems, Tracfone does not send the minutes to my phone and then I have to call wait 1/2 hour to speak to some Asian guy or girl who just learned english two days ago, and try to explain that my purchased minutes did not come thru the service was good, then as soon as it got popular the service went right down the tubes, just like all the others, however this company doesn't put any effort into fixing any of the issues

princess 6/8/2012
stars would be negative , I bought this phone giving false information, told me this phone worked in the USA to call Canada and did not work, was not activated and working for 3 days when told it would be 1 day. Called customer service to get people who cant speak english and dont understand what yu are asking, plaed on hold for more than 1 hour and everything is please hold 3 minutes, dont BUY THIS PHONE. DOES NOT WORK.. STAY AWAY..

Robyn N. 6/5/2012
I had 2 Tracfones and is/was very disappointed with customer service, and how they make it seem so great that you get double the min. when you buy a prepaid card! Well,I would lose min. if I hit the wrong button by accident and it froze on me twice! When I would add airtime min.,sometimes they wouldn't show up! So, I would have to call customer service and couldn't understand a lick of their English! I'll tell you what I am happy with though, is the Net10 phones they have out now and some are through Android with a nice camera,Facebook,GPS,3g's,You can watch any video you want. For exp.,You tube,movies,etc...That phone at some Walmarts are 100.00 and you buy the 50.00 unlimited Airtime card for everything, including the internet! I have the Touch Screen only, which is cheaper,but I love it!

Hank 6/5/2012
I bought LG420 back in the spring & had poor voice quality. It was a special buy with gift card & free accessories. Beware of freebees. I had to switch back to my old phone Motorola 370.

nlthomas 6/3/2012
On March 27 I purchased a new tracfone with minutes on the old tracfone showing646.9. The rep would only allow 560 minutes. I got a "need more info reply." What gives?

Tom 5/31/2012
This company does NOT honor the minutes customers purchase. On more than one occasion, they deactivated my phone and instructed me to buy more minutes, even though my minutes were still valid. Customer service was terrible and we are now looking to other options.

Keith 5/30/2012
Customer Service is a joke! There is no service to it. You talk to someone who can't speak English and has no idea what you are talking about and you can't decifer a word they are saying. You sit on the phone for half an hour while they are "working on your account" and you have know idea what they are doing to it. As long as you don't need customer service the phones work ok. Just hope to God nothing goes wrong. If it does, run out your minutes and try again.

shay 5/26/2012
I had a tracfone for 6 years and it worked great. Then two weeks ago I had to switch to a new phone because I moved and the old phone couldn't get a signal here. I didn't mind that. I understood the old phone used the ATT standard and where I'm at now only the Verizon standard CDMA works. So that's not tracfone's fault and I was fine to buy a new phone. That's when the problems started.

Jenni 5/24/2012
Travelling in the USA we were looking for a phone so we could SMS and phone home to Australia. We purchased a Tracphone only to find when we rang to activate it that you can't send or receive SMS's. We spoke to customer service and had it activated to ring Australia but when we followed the instructions in the manual it kept giving a restriction message. We tried to ring customer services and they were closed! We left USA with $30 still on the phone that we couldn't use. We will never use this company again. Used Tmoilbe on previous trip and had no problems at all.

leslie 5/23/2012

I must add something we recently did in my family that saved us ( family of 4- so 4 cellp hones) 200 dollars a month. We switched from the cellphones with contracts to tracfone family's program and it has been... So far INCREDIBLE. I could use this money and eat out to lunch everyday! BUT i wont because its better to save. I mean I never thought I was the type to get a prepaid phone but they have really upped their company and their phones because we have similar phones to before and the service is the EXact Same.

Jenna 5/23/2012
Very poor Customer Service!!!!! WOW.. Tracfone just charged my card for minutes I didnt get, then they do nothing to help. Someone needs to shut Tracfone down!!

Laura 5/20/2012
I've been with Tracfone for 10 years. Nine and a half years I sang them praises. The past 6 months have been terrible. Problem after problem. Today I spent 2 1/4 hours on the phone with customer service and my text messaging STILL wasn't restored. Time to find a company that can provide the service tht Tracfone used to.

tovey 5/18/2012
I switched from my double minute LG500 to the triple minute LG800g. This was an eezy peezy process with no complications at all! When I was using the double minutes phone I really noticed the difference in what I was spending monthly on my cellphone. With the triple minutes I already see that I am going to save evenmore. Often with me things are hit and miss, but what I am so pleased about is that in my cellphone world it all seems to be hit. Sure it is because I have a good server

Jan 5/11/2012
What a headache....frustrating! Horrendous customer service & business practices. I have a save email stating min. were added to NEW phone. Made the mistake (yes, another one) of adding the $99/yr. triple min. on phone. As I was speaking to them the LAST min. was used because they never added on the min. from 8 hrs. earlier. Am going to port # back to old carrier & found out that may NOT be an option since the phone went dead due to no min. Seriously?! NO STAR FOR REVIEW. I've wasted days & money like crazy on this scam.

John 5/10/2012
The worst customer service experience I ever had... next to Verizon. I never got my phone to work. Tech support is in mumbi you can not understand them. Had to enter codes over and over again to activate and troubleshoot phone. Do Not buy anything from them.

R. Yancey 5/10/2012
It has taken me 3 days -2 of which I spent 25 minutes each day trying to get an old tracphone transferred to a new trac phone. Today was 20 minutes to get my minutes transferred from the old phone to the new phone. These out of country employees are impossible to understand and they have to repeat themselves several times before I could make sense out of the English language. I talked to Bogota SA, the Phillipines and to South America today. I came real close to throwing the phone in the garbage because of the very poor service. They kept putting me on hold telling me their equipment was slow. When are you going to bring these jobs back to the United States where we can talk to people that know what they are talking about. One of the people I talked with was a supervisor and he couldn't help me either. I didn't appreciated being awakened by your robo call to tell me my phone needed to be activated. And the extra phone call from the Phillipines lady was not welcome either as I had told them I would go to the store (Walmart) so I could get help to make the backlight stay on. This has wasted almost an hour of my time to do a simple task. Very poor service.

karen 5/7/2012
What a rip-off!!!!! Got a TracFone for my mom with alzheimers, still have 70 days left but no minutes. She never learned how to use the phone so the only minutes ever used was when I was there to help her, maybe used 15min. I paid for 120 min.

MOE 5/7/2012
Their service is terrible and they don't offer a large variety of phones to choose from I don't care what zip code you enter all the phones are the same but they will never tell you that when you call them they just act stupid which is not good for business they have no answers

Bill 5/4/2012
I have been with TracFone for at least 7 or 8 years. Like the coverage very much and have never had dropped calls. I used to have a cheap Nokia with them and my wife as well. They were okay, but not great. Then we got the LD290C and have much better service. However, the customer service stinks and I do not like talking to the people in India since they cannot comprehend English. More than once I have been on the phone with them for over an hour just to add minutes. Buying a card at the local store usually does not work, so I have to call India. I like the features of the LG phone and have used the browser many times in areas where there is no wi-fi, mostly just to check the weather reports. The reception on the phone for voice is great and everything works just great, including the so-so camera. The main reason I have stuck with TracFone is because I do not do much talking, but I get double minutes, as does my wife. So for $19.95 I get 120 minutes every three moths and so does she. That's about $6.66 per month for each phone, before taxes. And the unused minutes roll over. I have found nothing to beat that. I am happy with the quality of the phone and the quality of the voice and browser, but not the chats with the customer service in India.

disappointed 5/3/2012
Got the LG500 with new Tracfone service. The phone died w/in two weeks & continues to die about every other time I use it.

Stu 4/30/2012

HateThisThing 4/24/2012
I used to like this company...have been with them since when they were the only prepaid service around and had not yet outsourced customer non-service. But I tried to transfer 1966 minutes from a no-longer-working phone to a new one just like it... Like everyone says, every call was a long hold, and in the end they INSISTED I only had 130 minutes so that is all they transferred to my new phone!!!!! 3 months are now up with the new phone, I do not intend to add more minutes to replace the ones they stold during the transfer 3 months ago. Adios, lost a loyal customer due to your customer non-service and obviously flawed system for tracking minutes.

molly 4/22/2012
excellent phone and service been with them for 10 years

Guest 4/21/2012
I am fed up with this phone. Sometimes when someone calls me I cannot answer the phone. It says not authorized 34. It does not show who is calling so I have no way to find out whose call I could not answer. Called "customer service" about this twice. 1st time they called me at that phone and I could answer so they said there wasn't a problem. The second time I was on the phone with them for a long time and they never could figure it out. When I said that since I cannot always answer my phone it was useless to me, they said wait a minute and came back with a code to put in the phone. The next day I still had the same problem. I give up on it.

tinker 4/21/2012
I don't think that there is any smarter and cheaper choice (for what you get) than the Tracfone LG800g which comes with TRIPLE minutes for life. This is a real money saver and I have no regrets at all about turning in my contract for this phone

Bill Stemen 4/21/2012
TracFone earns extremely poor service reviews from us! We were shipped two phones - one was defective (SAMSUNG 404)and when they replaced it (after extensive waits using their help desk)they closed both of our accounts. Buyer beware - their service and help system leaves much to be desired. Speaking English seems to be a problem! Both phones are now operating well but the "sour service taste" remains!

Linda 4/19/2012
actually I would rate my experience as 0. I use my tracfone when I am out of town. Days are about to expire. Tried to renew, couldn't. I had problems with them when I first signed up. Same as others, S. Americans who couldn't understand me and vica versa. I am done with tracfone and going over to Mobal yes, spelled with an A MOBAL.

Don 4/19/2012
Just transfered my cell to Tracfone and still can't get any minutes on my phone. After buying a phone card it made no difference. I still can't get the minutes on my phone. It took six days to transfer my number my number to Tracphone and I still can't call anyone because I don't have any minutes even thou7gh I bought 60 minutes at Walgreens. No one to talk to without calling the 800 mumber and you can't understand them very well. Sorry I got involed with TracFone.

Cindy 4/13/2012
I live in a well populated area of California. I have found that my Tracfone does not work in many areas even as close as one mile from home. In my home, I am constantly experiencing 'dead' areas; some of the times I need it most, I have an emergency only' notice. I have been looking for another low-cost option as I am not one of those people that use it all the time.

Xavier 4/9/2012
Move out of the 90's and get realistic about your prices you can't charge $0.33 per minute to talk anymore. That is approx. $0.10 per text, so it's $0.20 per exchange of question answer, every 5 exchanges I have spent a dollar... Can you say ripoff.. I get UNLIMITED EVERYTHING data, txt, web, talk for $40 per month. I was spending that with your for pathetic 120 minuets, and your big promo x2 minuets... oh well thanks 240 min or 800 texts. And I better not want to send a picture or that's two full minuets plus the .3 text charge.. and if the text fails to send I still get charged for the call/text that didn't happen. And your customer service is the worst support I have ever dealt with. They can barley speak English, and half the time they can't even fix the problem but that is only after wasting hours on a phone line. Like getting my number to port, 3 days and talking to 5 of your incompetent employees finally took a demand or let me speak to your manager, then she did it in about 30 seconds :/ Basically your service is overpriced, with an inferior product, poor tech support, and your competition uses quality smart phones for a FRACTION of the price on much better networks. I loved my tracfone and would have kept using it had you supplied service. I have used your company for serially about a decade (10 years), I recently bought your smart phone (touch screen) and it was a piece of %^&#. Maybe I could have lived with that but being unable to use the smart features without paying by the minute wasn't going to work for me or will it for anyone in the long term. When I got to the point I was spending $30 a month (for only 90 minutes), for $10 more I get unlimited everything with a real touch screen smart phone it wasn't even a decision...

REJEAN 4/9/2012

damon newto 4/6/2012
I give a 1 stgar because there is nothing lower. I bought a phone for a stcking stuffer at Xmas it has nev eer worked call aftger call has got no help.One lady says she'll send me a new sim card aboiut a month ago which is yet to happen another suggest I move closer to a transmitting tower. The phone will work if I drive down the road about about 3 mkiles kinda stupid I'd tbhink this makes aboujt the 10th or 12 th phbone I'd bought with no trouble IK know I won't have any further trouble since I have no plans on buying another. bottom line I paid 15$ os so for a phone and 20$ for a time card thats a piece of crap

Dorene 4/5/2012
My 1-star rating is based on the most recent ordeal -- and I do mean ordeal -- which I just went through trying to tell Tracfone how poorly their new 411 information service works. It went into effect last summer 2011, replacing a splendid AT&T service. The new 411 is INCOMPREHENSIBLE: the voice and phone quality are terrible and its "Voice Recognition" system is awful. The system could not understand my responses to the prompts and I couldn't make out what the robo-answers said to me. I never got transferred to a human. I called 411 for local popular restaurant's number 8 or 9 times spending 10-12 minutes each time. I took my problem to Radio Shack to see if they fared better. They did not. The upshot after a tedious stream of calls and waiting on Tracfone's customer service (including one disconnect)was that Tracfone has nothing to do with the quality of 411 and nobody seems to know how to complain or whom to contact. Of course, with the new 411 system, you also sit through ads at the front end (the time for which is deducted from your stash) and are then turned over to an excruciating experience with the Voice Recognition system. What a joke. After 3 years during which time I relied heavily on 411 while road traveling, I'm looking for a new provider. Tracfone, you've contributed a dog pile toward making America the newest 3rd World Country.

dom 4/4/2012
keep getting unsolicited text msgs. from - yes just like that w/incorrect website info & can't get them stopped. Turns out to be from company named w/no way to contact them directly or indirectly to stop msgs. Tracfone can't or won't help.

DJ 4/4/2012
Just spent two very aggravating days trying to transfer old tracfone to new tracfone. First operator insisted it WAS NOT MY PHONE. I am the only person in house using said phone, the only person in house who has the fortitude to deal w/messing w/tracfones in house. Should have known if they couldn't spell phone, it was a bad idea to do business w/them. It went downhill from there until I finally hung up on her. I was beginning to think she was going to ask me personal info question up to and including what color underwear I had on. I'll get a new phone or phone number before I try to transfer a phone number again.

Rachel 3/28/2012
I have had quite the opposite experience than those here. I did not get ANY solicitating phone calls and I have been with Tracfone for over 7 months now. I have a great phone. ( the samsungt301g) and the price has been steady and great for me.

Crafterlady 3/28/2012
Dear Ripped Off:

ripped off 3/26/2012
Tracfone is VERY misleading and needs to own up to it! I bought 3 of the 1year phones cards from my local Wal mart,1 was bought about 2 years ago and the other 2 I got this past Christmas. The 1st go round was amazing with this tracphone, we paid $100.00 for the card and for the whole year my son had mins and because the phone doubled he would get 800min a month that reloaded each month, because of this we decided to give phones to the other 2 children we went to the same Wal-Mart was told the same thing only to find out that we only bought the 100.00 card for 400 min and airtime for the year...REALLY!!!! So when i call to make my case Im told that they have NEVER had a plan like that and that they have no record of my sons phone(which is the 1st phone)..."LADY IM LOOKING AT IT ON MY ACCOUNT AS WE SPEAK!" Needless to say I got no where and i threw 200 bucks in the trash! They wouldnt even try to make it up by giving more mins or any of my money back...DONT BYE THIS PLAN ITS A JOKE!!!!!!

felicity 3/26/2012
I have been with Tracfone for, I think it is nearly two years now. When I read reviews and comments about Tracfone they are mostly good and in comparison very few negative ones. In all the time I have been with Tracfone, I don't really have a complaint. Service has been adequate, reception has been good to excellent - I don't get dropped calls, and I have the double minutes on the LG500 which saves me a whack of cash. If I was asked to, I would recommend them as a service supplier

Tom 3/25/2012
Coverage is OUTSTANDING.
- My number is on AT&T network, worked in all states I have been in && Vancouver, Montreal CA.
Customer Service is SLOW. Most CS reps are named Julie. Patience is needed by all on both ends of the telephone line.

Jesse 3/25/2012
I would give this company and their affiliates negative marks if I could. Had a tracfone for a few months. My minutes expired midnight this morning. At 2pm I tried to add more minutes to find they already gave my phone number (the one everyone I know has) to someone else. They were more then happy to give me a new #, but that is a major inconvenience for me. Instead, I will tell every single soul I know not to even bother, the reception was horrible anyway, and it always dropped calls. I will take the phone I purchased, and "recycle" it to dust as they so eagerly "recycled" my contact number. I will utterly destroy the phone and never do business with not only them, but any business that has anything to do with them. If my utility company uses tracfone, I will build an outhouse and think of tracfone every time I use it!

Echo Funk 3/21/2012
I am a brand new customer. First day of service. I am not super mad. They tried in terms of user experience on the website to a pretty good extent. However. I just bought a $100 "scratch off" card at Target and the the "scratch" part didn't function. it was sort of a peel and lose half the numbers underneath. Nice. That is not really working and needs some refinement. So I am trying a guessing game on the website now to enter what might be the right numbers. And now that I have completed the activation step - it is asking me what phone number I want to apply it to...

Karen 3/20/2012
This is a company that is not service oriented. Most of the employee's do not speak good English. They do not care to help with problems. I tried to change my phone number to another phone and in the process they released my number and I had go through the process of letting everyone that my number had changed. I am a substitute teacher and it is really difficult. Lately I added time to my phone and they charged me 3 times. There is one problem after another.

Ken 3/19/2012
I don't know about the rest of you but tracfone does not have English speaking people, they really do not know what they are doing or how to solve a problem. I started my "issue" 3 months ago and am still awaiting an answer from them. After purchasing 3 phones LG420G w/ double minutes I found 2 of the phones "loosing" minutes at an incredible rate. We only call and for very short conversations. No text, no internet, nothing but short calls. I contacted the customer service and after 1 1/2 hours was told there was nothing wrong with my phone. I wanted a 'call list' so I would know where my minutes where going, they don't provide those. I did find out that my phone has a counter of calls w/ minute duration. When I counted up less than 30 days worth of my 800 minutes added it did not match the minutes used. I explained this to customer service, because they don't speak English, they really do not understand English. After several more calls to there Florida office and multiple emails (use the emails they tell you not to respond to, for some reason it gets their attention a little better & you will have a running list of issues that you have spoken to them about and what transpired) I finally found out that they do provide a complimentary call list only once per customer. You would not believe the hoops you have to jump thru to get "approved" for this one. After a month +, I finally filled all the paper work they required. I am still awaiting my call detail list, they said I should get it in 30 days or so, that was a month ago. The problem they have 1st and foremost is the language barrier, the 2nd is that each person you speak to has got to go over each detail w/ you from the beginning, they don't seem to be able to access info that already cost you hours to give. 3rd-they seem to have a script w/ limited parameters, "I'll have to transfer you to another person", good luck, I have been on hold for literally hours over the last several months, hung-up on regularly, disconnected due to technical difficulties, transferred more times than one man could use in a lifetime, and get this...ASKED TO EXPLAIN MY PROBLEM AGAIN. They are not really versed in how to solve problems. I got to the point where I would direct them to the email I was using to correspond back & forth w/ them, and point out to them, in the correspondence, where they had already spoken to me or directed me , what the outcome was and would they please do something different. Do yourself a favor, don't use this company

Trina 3/11/2012
Tracphone is great for my husband and I since we use our cell phones very little. Their Customer service is the absolute worst service I have ever received on any product. I spent two hours just trying to change my family plan billing from one credit card to another!

Dolores 3/11/2012
I have had my tracphone for about 5 years and have never had a problem or issue. I bought one about 3 years ago for my daughter and it works just fine. She uses hers all the time I just use it when I am out and need too.Yesterday I bought another one had it attivated in no time for my husband because I am go on vacation and we may need to call. We have found some places it doesnot work but so do not other cell phones. I have heard horror stoies about expensive phone going bad. I will stay with the trac phone

Tom 3/9/2012
Only rating 1 star because it won't accept 0. I got a TracFone because I wanted a low cost cell phone. The minutes are so expensive. $20 for 60 minutes?!? And TracFone sends you fake phone calls and they just end up wasting your minutes. They "conveniently" place the "Browser" button right where the back button is so it is very easy to press by accident, and waste .50 minutes of airtime. They do that on purpose so you waste your minutes and you have to go buy more. The customer "service" is HORRIBLE! I cannot stress that enough! They cannot even speak proper English and they put you on hold for HOURS. Do yourself a favor, and don't chose TracFone.

JC 3/9/2012
• Hi, this is JC with TracFone. I read your post and am sorry that you are having problems. Please send me your contact information to the following email address . My colleagues and I can help you get the problem resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number. So you don’t have to retype this information, just copy your blog complaint and email it to us.

tracphone 3/7/2012
I have used this phone for several years. I do not recommend it because every time I add minutes its a complete hassle to get the minutes added, usually involving lengthy phone calls with people who barely speak English. I have just added minutes for the last time. Enough!!!

marty 3/2/2012
as soon as you buy the phone you start getting calls and texts from soliciters and unknown people and before you know it all your minutes are gone. Tracfone is a scam to waste your minutes

Jeff.of Indiana 3/1/2012
I was a Tracfone fan until this year. Today I have spent well over 3 hours trying to upgrade 2 LG800G's one for my wife and one for me. I had bought a LG420g in 2011 but it never worked well at all and it got worse as time went on. My wifes phone also developed a problem with a broken screen. We had decided to upgrade. They messed up the transfers and now neither one of the new phones work they way they are supposed to, we were keeping the same number but they have messed that up.It will take them 5 days to fix the problem after I have spent 4 hours on the home phone most of it on hold. They need to send new sim cards. I spent several previous hours on the phone trying to get the LG420G issue resolved and was convinced that I needed to replace the phone. The worst kind of customer service ever. looking for new carrier. Not tracfone or one of there many subsidarys.

J. SIPOLA 3/1/2012
Buying airtime is nearly impossible and
their Customer Service is the worse I have experienced. Getting thru to someone is impossible.
I receive e-mails with promotions but I am not able to connect to them and it is not the computer.
The last 2 days I called 4 times and was put on hold for 40 minutes.
I am now searching for a new Provider.

tracfone 2/24/2012
They are the bigest rip off phone I've ever owned!! I had to buy it because of a emergency . It made my life hell!! I used it for not even 2o min it took 400 min away,and they said that they would only credit me 30 min.I CONTACTED TARGET,WALMART PURCHASE DEPT.Beware of tracfone!!!

Charlotte 2/23/2012
We have had tracfones for 7 years, I learned a long time ago to deal with their offices in Florida. I took copious notes. Spending hours on hold and talking to a person that doesn't speak English it total &*.@#. I do everything from changing numbers to new phones to buying time from the computer. They don't like getting e-mails or calls in Florida. But, tough.
I just wish I could go from a G phone to a G phone. Can't transfer minutes and time.

Michele 2/22/2012
I'm on my second Tracfone, and although I like the phones and have never had a problem with phone service, the customer service is the WORST of any company I have ever had to endure. First, you have to hold forever to even get a person, then they keep you on the phone for hours trying to solve your problem, only to eventually have to transfer you to "manager status". Then you have to start all over again, entering hundreds of codes, and being on the phone for hours again. Everyone I've spoken to is so soft spoken it is very difficult to hear and to understand them! If you have no problem with your phone, tracfones are great, but if you need to deal with customer service, you better have the patience of a saint!

Jo-BoB 2/21/2012
Upon reactivation,I had issues receiving
my double minutes.My phone was totally
inoperable,(still is). Charged me twice,
same amount,same day. Still trying to
get a refund,and so far,denied. Some
customer rep's are very rude, and I
still can not understand their "ENGLISH"
If you decide to go with T/F,be alert.

Angry 2/20/2012
do not use this company, we've had three tractfones and are constantly waiting for their customer service, eventually killing your time as hour after hour passes by. The person i talked to was also very rude, and did not help me that much. I disapprove of this company greatly.

Jen 2/17/2012
Each member of our family has owned several Tracfones. In the years we've owned them, their cell service has definitely improved. I can get service nearly anywhere anyone with a high profile carrier can. We've also comparison shopped lots of carriers. Can't find a better deal anywhere for price if you're a low volume user or in need of a cheap family plan. HOWEVER, and that's a big however, if you need customer service or need to use an online account for changes or transactions, that can become a major nightmare. Customer service is subpar, often requiring you to wait a long time to get a rep and when you do there's no guarantee they'll know how to help you. You may end up getting transferred to different departments and have to start all over again explaining the problem. My online account has been malfunctioning for months and after two frustrating efforts to get it fixed, I've given up. I'm back to comparison shopping with desparate hopes that some other company will compete and set us free from Tracfone.

Bonnie 2/15/2012
Customer Service is a nightmare. On hold for 30 min. then on with them for over hour, then they disconnected me. husband and I have over 6 hour on the phone with them. What a mess. using up minutes and getting rid of it!!!

Konig 2/14/2012
I recently purchased my Nokia E5 with Straight Talk and I had no issues. Also, I did not want to go out of the house to buy an airtime and I called TF customer service and made the purchase with the agent over the phone. Satisfied customer.

Ally 2/13/2012
People don't waste your money on the TracFone Motorola EX124G. Recently, I tried to activate two of the Motorola EX124G phones on different days and spoke with the same female who spoke english with a foreign accent. I tried to get my number ported and a new number for the other phone. She had me to enter several codes into the phone and I'm like WHAT? Now, I'm waiting on some stupid SIM card because the codes would not take and the phone says unregistered SIM. As for the other phone, after entering all those codes the phone froze. I like the look and feel of the phone, but TracFone's customer service sucks! They probably have only 2 live customer service reps or maybe 1. I think the chick didn't know what she was doing. After reading the negative reviews, the phones are definitely going back. Who has time to put in codes they should already be programmed into the phone. What a waste of time and money because now I'm going to have to pay for shipping to send them back!
I didn't get the SIM card for one of the phones because I found out from customer service a week ago that the shipment for the SIM card was canceled because my number had ported. However, I still could not send or receive calls (Hum?) As for the other phone that froze after putting in all those codes, I did receive a SIM card a few days later. It was too late to use the SIM card because I had already shipped both phones back. Before sending the phones back, I had to get a return authorization number and write it next to the return address. TracFone was very prompt with refunding my money back. I used FedEx to ship the phones back and it took less than a week for a refund. TracFone would be an okay cell phone carrier if they made the activation process easier for all of their mobile phones and shorter wait time for customer service. I do not mind being patient to get service, but if I wait pass the 30 day money back guarantee and still no service-- guess what? No refund. I gave a rating of 2 stars because I did get my money back promptly and I did not have to wait 30 days to get it. However, I had to pay all shipping charges.

sassy girl 2/8/2012
I don't know why your rating includes excellent customer service. I didn't get any after trying and trying to get something resolved it just led to more problems until I had to contact the FCC to get them to handle the situation. With TracFone customer service does not exist.

Vialgiiknea 2/7/2012
Some of these posts are out right lies. Messages from Tracfone, DO NOT use up your units, never have, never will.

Cal 2/6/2012
One other thing I would add. When Tracfone shows you pictures of their phones, they often omit pictures showing the home screen where your two main choices are Menu and Browser. For those who may not like or desire using the browser and who might not like having this feature so easily and accidentally activated, the omission is intentional.

Cal 2/6/2012
Phones generally work great and it is nice not having the monthly bill with all the taxes. Online support is great but by-phone support not so much. My biggest complaint is having the browser key in the main menu. The same key used for 'back' and 'exit' in the other functions. Hold the button for more then a fraction of a second and it goes to main screen and triggers the browser which automatically deducts another half minute from your time. It almost appears that this was by design as I've read hundreds of complaints about this, and even filed my own complaint but Tracfone responded they have no intention of changing this obnoxious feature. In the first week of having the phone plan to lose at least 5 minutes of your airtime just doing the setup and never using the browser. The browser button is also located in a way it is easy to accidentally touch. Very bad design

ACR 2/4/2012
Had Tracfone for 6yrs nd had few simple problems that was always resolved.Only reason i switched was that wanted a better phone and a monthly service!

Ally 2/2/2012
People don't waste your money on the TracFone Motorola EX124G. Recently, I tried to activate two of the Motorola EX124G phones on different days and spoke with the same female who spoke english with a foreign accent. I tried to get my number ported and a new number for the other phone. She had me to enter several codes into the phone and I'm like WHAT? Now, I'm waiting on some stupid SIM card because the codes would not take and the phone says unregistered SIM. As for the other phone, after entering all those codes the phone froze. I like the look and feel of the phone, but TracFone's customer service sucks! They probably have only 2 live customer service reps or maybe 1. I think the chick didn't know what she was doing. After reading the negative reviews, the phones are definitely going back. Who has time to put in codes they should already be programmed into the phone. What a waste of time and money because now I'm going to have to pay for shipping to send them back!

tom 2/2/2012
I have had a number of tracfones for 5 years and 4 phones. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. I use the web site for the number porting, new phones, etc and the purchasing of minutes on sale has worked well for me with everything occurring quickly. Once, when I had a phone stolen, I purchased a new phone online and then did call customer service and they handled the transfer well. Ported the number from the previous phone and gave me back my 1000+ minutes with no issues. Received email notices as to status also. So, for my needs, this company has been great.

Megs 1/31/2012
Still the low-cost prepaid king! I have tried two other prepaid providers during 2011 and I finally decided that it is simply not worth the trouble. Tracfone is not the cheapest, they are not the best where it comes to customer service - but they DO have the best reliable coverage! I am sick of little regional carriers...

rlinton 1/30/2012
Worst Experience ever!
I've been a tracfone customer for seven years. I recently updated to the LG800G touch screen. This phone is defective, as you can not check messages. Tracfone admitted, I had a defective phone, and sent me another LG800G. After HOURS with technical support, again, Tracfone agreed the LG800G is defective due to the screen locking up, and can not be unlocked. The "Manager" (1-866-234-4357) told me, I am not entitled for another exchange, or refund, as Tracfone is not responsible for defective phones they sell. I have over 830 minutes on this phone, which is useless, and non refundable.
Buyer Beware!! Also, as in previous post, most of their IT support are of Indian decent, and do not speak English well, and most difficult to understand. On one event, the IT person thought she had placed me on hold, and was laughing to other workers about my "frustrations", and thought it was funny I was upset.
Due to my experience and many long wasted call's and time with the IT dept., who do not know what they are doing, I highly do not recommend Tracfone.

Ed 1/30/2012
The worst experience ever!!! The phone worked OK, but setting up time is deleted from the time you pay for calling, the "customer service" rep from India or South America or wherever spoke broken english at best and wasted nine minutes of my call time with no help and I was calling from my personal cell to set up the tracfone!!! Never again, I'll activate an old cell 1st.

Rick 1/29/2012
Good service so far. Great service in Phoenix and Mesa AZ (5 bars) but "OK" service in California (3 bars in Santa Cruz). Have had no problems adding minutes from their website or from the phone itself.

Robb 1/28/2012
I have been a tracfone user for many years and I do not use a cell phone very often. My old phone still worked for calls but I wanted a newer phone that had a keyboard for sending text messages on occasion. After reading many negative reviews I was uneasy about switching to a new phone. I ordered the Samsung T404G and it arrived the next day. When I attempted to transfer my minuets from the old phone to the new one I received less than half of what I had. Calls to service were not much help but I filled out the "Contact" selection on their website and was contacted by their service a few hours later and the missing minuets were added without any problem. The new phone is great and the quick service was better than expected. If you do not use a cell phone often then Tracfone is a very good deal.

Chris 1/28/2012
Don't waste your time or money.....

Bob 1/20/2012
I left a previous review on 01/17/2012 but failed to mention that while being able to send/receive text messages to SE Asia for several years, it was discontinued in the last month. Again, I am convinced it is their way to force users to use TracFone's 800-number system at twice the minute rate (and with only ten 800-numbers available). However, after many messages to Philippines and China with the "message sent" response after sending, I found that they were not sent but, surprise-surpirse, I was billed for those minutes. When calling the CSR in Miami, I was told that they do not have an agreement with China. But they do have the ability to call China with the 800-number to landlines and cell phone. Now it is an emergency-only system. When checking with Net-10 as an alternative, I found that it is more expensive that TracFone and, again surprise!, Net-10 is owned by TracFone... NOTE: I want my old TracFone system before I am forced to pay more with another company just to send/receive text messages between America and SE Asia.

Travis 1/18/2012
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Terrible service and that's if you can get a clean connection clear down in Belize!!! Buyer beware and avoid this rip off gawdaweful product and service. 8 months of trying to solve problems and still nowhere.

Anthony 1/18/2012
Here again, zero rating if they had one. Promises made. Promises not kept. I cannot get a signal from my home in Crystal River, FL. Promised to ship new sims card which would give me a stronger signal. Waited, called a few time more and finally gave up. Won't be with them anymore.

Bob 1/17/2012
I lived in China for over 4 years and the China Mobile system there is about the same as the one here. The Nokia phone I had there is 99 percent the same as the one I use here. For about 4 years after coming here, I could use texting to contact China and Philippines but in the past month, they discontinued this. I can receive text but cannot send (except to Mexico...). I called and they said they have no agreement with China. What is happening, though, is the International 800 number service they have (with 10 numbers available) costs two units per minute and text messages were only 0.3 units per message. This is their way of getting more money and it is my way of looking for another service that can be used for texting to SE Asia. TF is fine here and if I want to text to Mexico (and possibly Canada) but their reasoning is going to shoot off their toes. Penny wise and dollar foolish. I will NOT use their 800 numbers.

MzMac 1/17/2012
I'm forced to give them 1 star and that's way more than they deserve. -10 stars would be more approriate for these idiots.

Wanda 1/17/2012
I give them a 1 star rating because they don't have a 0 star rating. First, they do not allow texting from the US to Canada, but you can call Canada if you go through a long and complicated process. Porting a number over takes up to 2 days and they don't tell you that you have to call back after that to activate the number.
I bought a new phone from them not knowing I wasn't going to be able to text to Canada anymore, my old tracfone I could text to Canada and text while in Canada. But I upgraded to a new phone and now they tell me that I can't text to Canada where my family lives. They said it was a glich in the system that allowed me to. I was told I would receive my phone on the 12th, didn't arrive till the 13th. After I got it I called to transfer my minutes and number over on the 13th and so far I've been on the phone with them for about 10 hours total including the wait times and I still do not have phone service. The operators speak lousy english and they are hard to understand. I've talked to 2 managers and I still have no phone service. and today is the 17th and they now tell me to call back tomorrow! They may be the biggest pay as you go cell service but they're lousy at customer service. If you like being screwed around for hours and hours go ahead and get this cell service.

Karen N. 1/16/2012
I have been a TracFone customer for 6 or 7 years, and during that time the company has gone into a serious decline. Formerly excellent customer service is now non-existent. The phones themselves are a good alternative to expensive monthly plans, but their ability to solve customer problems is highly erratic. TracFone used to be great at problem solving, but not anymore. The people in customer service are forced to stick to a script, and have no actual power to solve anything. I hate to say this, because I have loved TracFone for so long, but the TracFone I bought on Jan 9, 2012 is probably my last one, and if they don't fix it this month, they will have lost a longtime, loyal customer. More fools they.

Ray 1/16/2012
Customer service could be better.
Phones work as good as I've ever owned (at least 10).
For the 800.00 a year I am saving its
great phones for us.
BUT we also have a land line ...

Dee 1/8/2012
I have been with Tracphone about 8 years & no real problems. I bought a new phone and was able to transfer both my number and minutes without difficulty. However, I tried to download a ringtone from their website. The ringtone did not download to my phone but the minutes were deducted anyway. After dicussions with 2 separate csr's (which mostly consisted of me going "excuse me?") they agreed to refund the minutes, but they did not. They continue to send me text messages to contact them to complete the transaction, which I have attempted to do. However, each call consists of a very long wait, me having to explain the problem to someone who has difficulty speaking/understanding English, being transferred to another csr, and on the last occasion, disconnected. Never call Tracphone from a Tracphone because you'll burn up all your minutes. Come to think of it, maybe that's their diabolical plan. The phone service is actually very good unless and until you have to contact their customer service.

BETZ 1/5/2012

Bob McIntyre 1/5/2012
If you want to get cheated, ripped off, and treated badly, then TracFone is for you!

david 1/4/2012
Tracfone is a reasonable deal. Yes.their Customer service is much to be desired and iin deplorable condition. Even if you lodge a request via their website, it goes unanswered, / or the answer to the question has nothing to do with what you had asked. For domestic calls and to keep a communication device in the pocket for emergency-it is petty good.. Their International service is a kind of so so and calls are very frequently get dropped out or poor reception and long connecting time-you pay no matter what-every second on the phone gets to be deducted even if you don't get comnnencted to the other end. The positive side of tracfone is unlimited roll over minutes. I have already accumulated over 1000 minutes. Of course, the question remains what do you do with those minutes. You still need to purchase new add on card at the end of the card's expiry. In general, if you just use your tracfone for only needed communication-it is the best buy in the market.

Johnny O 1/4/2012
I have had Trac for 6 years and two phones. I love it. Just a few small glitched in that time but overall It has been great for me. The mobile web I have on my Moto phone leaves something to be desired though.

Bob 1/3/2012
Yes,customer service is horrible but so is signal strenth in two areas where I regularly use the phone. Williamsburg, VA and Charleston, SC. Had to change to Verizon, their signal is strong in both locations.

R Peterson 12/31/2011
I wonder how many people have had dealings with customer services from other providers? I'm yet to find one that gives top service! The thing with Tracfone is that yes, you deal with slow and not always easy c/s, but in exchange, you get the option of one of the lowest priced services, with affordable phones, carry over minutes, no extra fees, activation fees, etc and still get to make use of any of the 4 top networks(depending on which subsidiary of Tracfone you use)Another tip with regards resolving problems, is to make use of their facebook like a dream comparatively!

Derek 12/28/2011
Thier customer service is slower then a one legged dog with no where to run. If they cant figure something out they will just tell you to wait another 24 to 48 hours. And if you ask a question and it isnt on their peice of paper in front of them they wont know what to say.

John 12/26/2011
There's a lot of bickering going on about a company that works in a niche' market and predetermined margins. TracFone isn't a Verizon and does not aspire to be. That said, they're also not a supporter of the American workforce and likewise force Americans to subsidize non-domestic economies through lucrative service contracts in countries like Grenada, the Philippines, etc. I would consider them a five star organization if they could also figure out how to provide their service using strictly domestic resources.

Charlie 12/24/2011
I wrote a one star review over a year ago. It was a one star because that was as low as I could go.
However, within the last year I have seen a vast improvement in customer service--to their credit. There have been a few minor issues with the phone, but the service is much more efficient.
I was ready to give it up in favor of a more expensive cell phone option, but now I am willing to stay put.
Not perfect, but much improved--and a bargain price.

kellyr 12/22/2011
if i could give them no stars but still review them here i would. it isn't the price or the plans - the phones pretty much suck, but the customer service is the worst i have ever encountered.

Amber Hines 12/21/2011
If I could give tracfone zero stars, I would. I ordered Friday with free overnight shipping. It's now wednesday and after two calls and speaking to four different people, I have no tracking number. I tried to cancel my order, but they told me I can still be charged and sent the package. Their customer service is an absolute joke. Each person said the same exact thing to me, like they were reading from a template. When I asked questions, they repeated the same thing, without ever answering me. Tracfone is the worst company I've ever dealt with! Stay away!!

JaniceT 12/21/2011
We have used TracFone for over 4 years with no problems until recently. Late this past October, TracFone did some type of "Network Upgrade" which has now caused the "My Account" section of their website unusable for their customers. Contacting their customer service is a total nightmare! Be prepared to be on the phone for a long time to be asked the same thing over and over, to be trasnferred to several people, to hear an extremely noisy background and to deal with people who speak with a very strong accent making the conversation difficult to understand and very frustrating. I, personally, have notified TracFone on 3 different times about their web site issues starting before Nov. 1st and as of this post, December 21, 2011, it still does not work! IMO, TracFone has a great concept but feel they could greatly improve their customer service and correct whatever the issue is with their website. If the section of "My Accout" how their website is not accessible the next time I want to add time, I will be finding a new cell phone plan!

VJ 12/19/2011
Just signed up with Tracfone.
Cust service sucks big time.
Initially they offered 'free overnite delivery' but later it was changed to '3 business day for 5$'. These people need to learn some English.

Roger 12/14/2011
I have used Tracfone for years with reasonable satisfaction for years, but after being told a coupon code had been applied which they did not apply and the rude behavior of the employees, intentionally repeated processes and mumbled and spoke fast when they did not want to me hear what they were saying, I will be ending my relationship with them forever. The supposed manager gave me a wrong number for Corporate headquarters (I did read it back to him to be sure). When I found the right number I am positive it was the first woman I spoke to. I asked her several times if this was the case and she never would respond. She painfully went through the spelling of my email with the whole n as in Nancy crap even though she surely had after looking up my order number. This is surely a Indian call center which I think most companies have abandoned due to hard to understand accents and high unemployment here in the USA. I just wish I had recorded the calls so I could post them on YouTube and you could see just how bad they are. You have been warned.

Louise Norris 12/13/2011
Have been trying for months to activate a new phone. Technical support is poor. Major obstacle is that I owned a tracphone 15 years ago, but no longer have it. Technical support can't seem to get me past this.

Elguason 12/12/2011
Been with them for 5 years, check it, five years. Yeah, at first, their customer service were a bit slow to wait and I been getting a run a round at times. But the real reason I stayed is because of their roll over minutes. From 60 days to 90 and more. Originally, my first tracfone was back in 2002 or 2003. A small regular phone, no camera or web browsing. And it was very cheap to afford one. (like about $20 at that time) But I switched to another phone company a year later cause Sprint was selling their motorola at the same price on sale but i never notice about their 2 year activation. (I was a slow learner)
So at 2006, I went back to Tracfone and I never left. Within every minutes I paid, my due date went from next year to two to four years. Holy freakin' wow. O.O And the best part is not only they double your minutes but if you got a promo code, that's even a little more minutes. ( 20 or 40 min.) Two years ago, one of my phone wasn't working properly when I brought it from the store and I had it for more than a month so returning it with the receipt is worthless and I can't afford another one at that time. But when I call customer service about the problem that I had, they said that they will mail me a new one and have me return the defected one. I was so happy on that that I take everything back on what I said about them. Still the waiting period is a bit long though but it was worth the wait and they were really patient on me, I'm not kidding. I somehow change phones not because they're not working but for an upgrade.
You know:
- a regular phone
- a regular phone w/ a camera
- a regular phone w/ a camera w/ video
- camera phone w/ video, fm radio and games
- now a cam phone w/ vid, games, mp3, web browsing, comes with MICRO SD CARD( I've been waiting for that instead of sending my pics by email, eating my minutes, I could now connect to my computer with a USB connection.) and it has a 'touch-screen'.
That's my latest, until it somehow been dropping my calls. But no worry, to this one is my second phone to be replaced from Tracfone. Hey, anything could happen to any phones. Nobody is perfect. I'm gonna be their true loyal customer for a long time.....

cjo 12/12/2011
Saved a ton on my cell bill and never have any issues. TracFone R O C K S!

Haro K 12/11/2011
A great deal. Costs about $12/month for one year of service and 950 minutes of air time. Need more air time, buy more minutes. Government user complaining about the lack of a receipt should buy time cards from a retailer & ask for a receipt (duh?). Phone support is slow but effective. Stop complaining, you get what you pay for!

sean 12/6/2011
never buy a tracfone, unless your made of money and know spanish.
horrible prices on minutes. one text message sent is half a minute, getting a text back is another half minute gone, so pretty much one text with a reply back is one minute. the highest minute card they sell is 1500 for 200$, which is basically 1500 texts which can easily be done in a week or two. which is outrageous and a complete rip off considering you can buy unlimited everything plans for 45$ or less depending on the provider.. they're customer support is also complete crap, i've only called 4 or 5 times, 3 of the times i was on hold for 15-20 minutes which is very frustrating. not to mention every agent i got sounded like they've known english for a year or two. when on the phone with support i try to answer everything with okay because i can't understand 3/4 of what the helper says.

dlb in NH 12/5/2011
I've been a TracFone customer for about 5 years, and for my purposes, it works very well.

Jonathan 11/30/2011
I would think that Tracfone is the way to go in my opinion. It is the most affordable and has great coverage. I think that its not for eveyone though, you gotta check ur bill but its most likely the best option for you too.

Gretchen 11/29/2011
Why is there no option for 0 stars? Was a TracFone fan for years, but customer service has gotten so impossible I will be switching to a real phone. Upgraded to a new phone that didn't work well in my area, and tried to transfer minutes (1000+) back to my old phone without having to BUY more airtime to reactivate the old phone or get a new phone number. Ended up with both phones deactivated after several e-mails and literally hours on the line with "customer service." Absolutely ridiculous, and nobody there seems to realize this is not a good way to treat a loyal customer. I have no hope I will get anything out of this.

JIm 11/27/2011
I've been with Tracfone for 5 years now. I just upgraded my old faithful Motorola W376G to the new Motorola EX124g with a touch screen keybord and internet web surfing cababilities (2G, so it's slow). Both phones used the AT&T network, so porting the phone number from one phone to the other was a snap. I called Tracfone customer service, they walked me through the steps I needed to do, and within 5 minutes, the new phone was working. The call quality is excellent and I enjoy the easier texting compared to my old flip phone. Thanks Tracfone.

Paul 11/20/2011
Tracfone can be okay if you don't need to use it much, and if everything goes right and you don't need customer service. In my experience, about 10% of calls are dropped.

TRISHA 11/17/2011
Fantastic! Walked me thru transferring to my new phone, transferring my minutes, and explaining how the new phone works.

Donna Garcia 11/15/2011
OMG, worst experience ever. I got this phone a year ago from Qvc. just now getting more minutes.Received a message from 800 6206203. Never did figure out their name (from India).First thing they tried to do is get me to pay 2.95 service charge for a 100 dollar shopping card. Asked for expire date on my m/card. I told them I want to get minutes, kept saying it finally he said I can talk to supervisor but he was busy, then he was not there, then he gave a a number to call 555 1212 the information number. I told him every one is U.S. knows that number. I still don't know name of company he said "123" . I hung up. Still don't have minutes.

marilyn 11/15/2011
called them today to get my phone activated and the girl said my phone was already activated and i said to hers how comes if its activated why does it saids activated required still shouldnt it not say thats if it activated shes tells me to turn it on then turn it off a couple of times and make a test called and it should be working and if not leave it off for a hours and then try it it should be working so its been 2 hours and nothing its still not workng the chick is crazy i cant get my minutes on it or get get it activated so something is wrong there not good people to asked for help or kmow what there doing there company is a laughable joke if you asked me

Tom 11/15/2011
used tracfones for years with only occasional talking to someone with d calls skill in English as a second language.The phones have always worked at home (WA) use well as snowbird house in AZ. Now the phones aren't picking up signals. I talked to 6 (SIX) customer service reps, and each call was dropped before it got started. Then I asked for online help and was told to call a service rep. I am dumping over 1000 minutes because they can,t or won,t fix the problem. Now we have a smart phone, and are dumping the tracfones. Absolutely the WORST customer service I have seen.phones are not picking up signals even tho I can see cell phone towers on the hills outside. I tried to get help by computer after I had 6 (SIX) droppe

diane 11/15/2011
I love my trac fone. I had a verizon cell phone for years that I paid 100 dollars for and the thing did not even work in my home. Dropped calls all the time. Then I bought a trac fone. Best phone ever! I got the double minutes already added that lasts me for months. With my Verizon phone I had to buy mins every month because i didnt use a lot but had to keep buying them to roll them over. With my trac fone I can make a call from inside my garage which my wireless home telephone does not even let me do. Paid about 20 dollars for the trac fone and i spend about 10 dollars a month for my minutes. I also bought 2 more trac fones for my two teenagers, also are great phones, no problems, and I control how much they use it by the minutes they receive. LOVE TRAC FONES.

Carly Mriscin 11/14/2011
Horrible Horrible Horrible! Never go with Tracfone. My husband and I have spent over ten hours on the phone with them working on getting minutes for our two phones. We have gone for weeks with out a working cell phone due to them having to send us new phones and new parts to phones. NEVER use this company. Their customer service is no help what so ever.

Big BROTHER 11/12/2011
We have been with Tracfone for 15 years with many issues-but stayed because it's a hassel changing...but today we got tired of the poor customer service and tracfones technical programming we are spending several hundred dollars to switch companies. We do not have the money, but we also don't have the time to deal with tracfone.

Harry 11/11/2011
This company has THE WORST customer service I have ever seen. I simply asked for a receipt to be sent to me via email and after several 45 minute calls I was told "no, we don't give receipts" I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said "no, our supervisors do not speak with customers" When I asked where this pitiful customer service was located I was told the Philippines. If I did not have so much money tied up in this phone I would leave. They do not care when you tell them I am going to go to a new service. What a joke!

Olga Cano 11/9/2011
I have had a Tracfone for over a year and service has not been satisfactory. There have been many times when I was not able to make calls. One time I was sitting at a hotel lobby in Las Vegas and my daughter was trying to call me from her room at the same hotel. The phone didn't work. My daughter thought my phone was not on, but it was. Their customer service is the worst. I have been trying to talk to somebody here in the US and first I got somebody in Guyana, asked her to transfer to US agent. Was transferred to Colombia and talked to 3 different people before I gave up. I will be losing over 500 minutes but I'm going to try a different wireless company.

Phyllis 11/8/2011
You are so wrong telling people they have to buy an International card, I had Tracfone used it locally and to Ireland, they even made it easier for me by giving me an 800 number for each person I was calling, same price as locally. The service was super, when I called Ireland it sounded the same as calling someone here in the states. So please do not tell people that. Customer service is lacking in they do not answer you when you email them, when they call you back and leave a message you cannot understand the thick accent of the person who is calling, that is a problem.

robert breisch 11/4/2011
For over a month I have tried and tried and tried to resolve issues with these idiots.I cant access my voice mail and the instructions are bullshit! The customer service are located in the Philippines and all are idiots none have a clue.You have to have 2 phones to set up your voice mail! They keep saying we will fix it but dont do anything.Dont buy a tracfone as they are liars and committing fraud as we speak. Here is what I had to say to them to get a response from management-which still was worthless! Luis, You may want to research this: According to United States Code TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 > § 1038 Prev | Next § 1038. False information and hoaxes How Current is This? (a) Criminal Violation.— (1) In general.— Whoever engages in any conduct with intent to convey false or misleading information under circumstances where such information may reasonably be believed and where such information indicates that an activity has taken, is taking, or will take place that would constitute a violation of chapter 2, 10, 11B, 39, 40, 44, 111 (A) be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both; TITLE 15 > CHAPTER 2 > SUBCHAPTER I > § 53 Prev | Next § 53. False advertisements; injunctions and restraining orders How Current is This? (a) Power of Commission; jurisdiction of courts Whenever the Commission has reason to believe— (1) that any person, partnership, or corporation is engaged in, or is about to engage in, the dissemination or the causing of the dissemination of any advertisement in violation of section 52 of this title, and (2) that the enjoining thereof pending the issuance of a complaint by the Commission under section 45 of this title, and until such complaint is dismissed by the Commission or set aside by the court on review, or the order of the Commission to cease and desist made thereon has become final within the meaning of section 45 of this title, would be to the interest of the public, the Commission by any of its attorneys designated by it for such purpose may bring suit in a district court of the United States or in the United States court of any Territory, to enjoin the dissemination or the causing of the dissemination of such advertisement. Upon proper showing a temporary injunction or restraining order shall be granted without bond. Any suit may be brought where such person, partnership, or corporation resides or transacts business, or wherever venue is proper under section 1391 of title 28. In addition, the court may, if the court determines that the interests of justice require that any other person, partnership, or corporation should be a party in such suit, cause such other person, partnership, or corporation to be added as a party without regard to whether venue is otherwise proper in the district in which the suit is brought. In any suit under this section, process may be served on any person, partnership, or corporation wherever it may be found. (b) Temporary restraining orders; preliminary injunctions Whenever the Commission has reason to believe— (1) that any person, partnership, or corporation is violating, or is about to violate, any provision of law enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, and (2) that the enjoining thereof pending the issuance of a complaint by the Commission and until such complaint is dismissed by the Commission or set aside by the court on review, or until the order of the Commission made thereon has become final, would be in the interest of the public— the Commission by any of its attorneys designated by it for such purpose may bring suit in a district court of the United States to enjoin any such act or practice. Upon a proper showing that, weighing the equities and considering the Commission’s likelihood of ultimate success, such action would be in the public interest, and after notice to the defendant, a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction may be granted without bond: Provided, however, That if a complaint is not filed within such period (not exceeding 20 days) as may be specified by the court after issuance of the temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction, the order or injunction shall be dissolved by the court and be of no further force and effect: Provided further, That in proper cases the Commission may seek, and after proper proof, the court may issue, a permanent injunction. Any suit may be brought where such person, partnership, or corporation resides or transacts business, or wherever venue is proper under section 1391 of title 28. In addition, the court may, if the court determines that the interests of justice require that any other person, partnership, or corporation should be a party in such suit, cause such other person, partnership, or corporation to be added as a party without regard to whether venue is otherwise proper in the district in which the suit is brought. In any suit under this section, process may be served on any person, partnership, or corporation wherever it may be found. (c) Service of process; proof of service Any process of the Commission under this section may be served by any person duly authorized by the Commission— (1) by delivering a copy of such process to the person to be served, to a member of the partnership to be served, or to the president, secretary, or other executive officer or a director of the corporation to be served; (2) by leaving a copy of such process at the residence or the principal office or place of business of such person, partnership, or corporation; or (3) by mailing a copy of such process by registered mail or certified mail addressed to such person, partnership, or corporation at his, or her, or its residence, principal office, or principal place or business. The verified return by the person serving such process setting forth the manner of such service shall be proof of the same. (d) Exception of periodical publications Whenever it appears to the satisfaction of the court in the case of a newspaper, magazine, periodical, or other publication, published at regular intervals— (1) that restraining the dissemination of a false advertisement in any particular issue of such publication would delay the delivery of such issue after the regular time therefor, and (2) that such delay would be due to the method by which the manufacture and distribution of such publication is customarily conducted by the publisher in accordance with sound business practice, and not to any method or device adopted for the evasion of this section or to prevent or delay the issuance of an injunction or restraining order with respect to such false advertisement or any other advertisement, it goes on and on and on-much like my attempts to fully utilize the services advertised by your company! It still does not work! I missed 2 important messages this am and cant access either! Your employees are poorly trained-I have heard the following from each> my password is > my entire phone # is the default password > the last 6 digits of my phone # is the password > the last 4 digits is my password > press the 1 key to set up my password-I have heard that 6 times-its all BS! as without a password you cant gain access! I tried over and over and over and it never worked. In my attempts to access my hotmail on the phone-it wont work either. Do you require employees to be trained? Do you use individuals outside the USA to save money or generate lawsuits against Tracfone? I see you are in Miami-do I send the subpena to you to appear in court? Its a long flight from Florida to Seattle-then a nice drive to the court house-for the cost of all that I suggest you simply send me another matching phone with free service as i have wasted over 400 minutes talking to those idiots in the Philippines who obviously have no correct training and refused to connect me to any manager. As a consumer who read your advertising on the internet & at Walmart for your services and read the advertising on the box that the phone is shipped in-it was my belief that I had access to voice mail when in fact-without having 2 phones-I cannot access any voice mail.That is fraud. I have no intention of wasting any more minutes on my monthly service trying to resolve this. I have several options to fully resolve this to my satisfaction 1. create a video showing my attempts to gain access to my voice mail and post it on youtube for the entire world to view and decide on not buying your phones or falling for your false advertising-my last video on that service got thousands of hits. 2. Just calling my friends at KING5Investigates our local news in Seattle and let Jessie expose you on CBS news so all consumers can avoid being ripped off by Tracfone and StraightTalk 3. Allow you to communicate to me and see if it is actually possible without me buying another phone,or finding a payphone and racking up another $20 in fees to gain access or flagging down some fool on the highway to see if they are willing to allow a long distance call to the Philippines to try to resolve this-Personally-I would never help anyone I dont know this way as there are so many frauds out there trying to pull a scam on tracfone,straight talk etc Therefor: I demand replacement of all costs associated with the utilization of this cellphone,and or costs associated with the purchase of a similar phone with another carrier that works in my area, full reimbursement of all monthly fees at treble the damages of my expenses to communicate with your company and loss of time in minutes,internet,etc as a majority has been spent trying to setup this service. Its is entirely possible that I picked up a defective unit simply by chance still since its impossible to set up voice mail without a second phone-your still guilty of consumer and wire fraud.Who wants to be held responsible? Just supply me with that persons name,business license information-so I can ask the Dept of Licensing in Washington State to suspend or revoke permissions to advertise,display,promote,or sell all Tracfones or Straight Talk services in our state. May I suggest you forward this to the CEO of your company to resolve it as you did not even bother calling me? It shows you could care less-youd rather have consumers file suit than provide customer services. Better yet-I think I'll do some research and find the corporate officers and forward this to them and post this up at Boeing's main building ( largest by volume in the world ) in Everett so all the 26,000 employees who pass the complaint board each day can avoid this mistake i made by choosing your product and shitty services! It looks like I can communicate directly with > Mr. F. J. Pollak Chief Executive Officer and President Mr. Kevin Gulbranson Senior Vice President of Product Management Mr. Steve Ritter Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Do you suppose they will be upset to learn your employees caused all this or that you took no effort to resolve it?

Gil 11/4/2011
Without warning yesterday, Tracfone made my LG800G Tracfone inoperable by changing my number. Their helpers gave three different lying reasons for this - that the 801 number had 'expired' (what does that mean?), that they could restore the original number by codes (which it didn't), and that they would send me a new SIM card (which they didn't). Two operatives cut me off the phone. If they are using my old number that is identity theft because my contacts will be identified. Do I need to phone the CEO? Why no warning?

kevin 11/2/2011
Dunno why so negative. I have had no issues with 2 calls to customer service to change phones. First one found a defective aim card so they sent me a new one. Received 5 days after first call. Called back and lady was able to move time over to 'new' phome. Gave me 5 kin

Steve 10/31/2011
I actually got tracfone for my kids because it allows me to monitor their usage. If they want to pay for more minutes they can and its cheap but they have a minutes allowance and thats it!

sfbets 10/28/2011
RIP Off OFFERS. They "randomly" text offers with bonus minutes. To redeem the offer you spend $79.99, enter the pin number and then the promo code. Then they ask you to call them to complete transaction. WHEN you're told your phone doesn't qualify. RIP OFF

Bren 10/27/2011
For 2 years would have said customer service at least 4 stars. But recent experience has just drained me. Waiting for sim card for new phone purchased. 45 minute wait time to speak to a customer rep 1st time and although tried to be helpful did not receive sim card as promised. Waited 7 business days before calling a 2nd time and background noise with heavily accented customer rep who was trying to sound polite, but was clearly impatient when I had to keep asking her to repeat what she said for clarity also promised sim card and gave me a customer # which I wrote down, and was asked if I wanted it to be sent to my e-mail address which I replied yes, was not sent. So when I tried to enter the customer # which she told me on the site to track order, was told not a valid # and no e-mail had been sent with the # either. Also received a vm on my home phone 2 days after the second call saying that the phone is now functioning. Not true...sim still says rejected. Have to move on to new company now. My husband has been without a phone for a month and even though at this moment I'm not having a problem with my phone, I will just switch both of us to a new company.

Steve 10/24/2011
Bad phone company, period! I purchased a phone with a double your minute feature already included, the phone broke two months later. Called Tracfone, they replaced under warranty with the same model phone, however, they removed the double your minute feature that was on the original phone. Called Tracfone again, they refused to correct the problem, told me that the first phone never came with the double minute feature. I canceled my phone with them as well as the rest of my family's Tracfones. I will not be called a liar by a poor English speaking, read only from a script, refuse to solve your problem, customer service representative. This company deserves a -100 rating.

Mickey 10/21/2011
We have had our phones about 2 months and they do the same thing as our Verison phones at a fraction of the cost. If you want a phone for a phone, this is it. Great for seniors!

polloloco44 10/16/2011
I've had a Tracfone for 7 years, and had great service, until I recently did a Network upgrade, now I rarely get a signal. Customer service is lousy, I'm going to have to switch to another company

Carol 10/16/2011
Had tracfone for years they had US Cellular as their Carrier. Was notified to call tracfone or Upgrade in our area. We were put with Verizon as a Carrier. Coverage now very poor and getting dropped calls and can't make or receive calls in areas that we could when they had us with USCC when calling tracfone they say it shouldn't make a differencebecause both Carriers use same towers. Coverage better with USCC

Jerry 10/13/2011
Don't expect any help from customer service. They are the most incompetent people I've ever had to deal with. They are all complete idiots!

Mr Nifty 10/10/2011
Great company. Sure they have some issues. Every cell company has room for improvements! But tracfone minute rates rock if you are not a heavy phone user.
I recommend straight talk if you use a lot of minutes or like to text.
Remember when you purchase a phone from either tracfone or straight talk. They do not own cell towers. They lease time from AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint for the galaxy precedent.
If the model phone you buy ends in a C it's on the Verizon network. If it ends in a G it uses AT&T.
So before you buy find out what cell company provides the best reception for your area.
I often hear how someone loves tracfone for years and than buys a new cellphone. Than they think tracfone sucks because they choose the wrong model replacement cell phone.
In my area either C or G tracfones work. But C's get way better coverage inside buildings.

LAK 10/7/2011
Honestly, you get more than you pay for when taking advantage of promos and double or triple minutes per life. Yes, phones are mostly basic, but the low as $7/month price for basic phone and text service compared to other carriers can't be beat. Service is generally good if you use GSM and are in an AT&T area. Customer service: Non existent.

gary g 10/3/2011
What a horible company. I have been with them for 4 years and went online to add minutes and I selected 400 minutes total for 39.99 and was charges over $120.00 in a website scam. Do not use this company they are crooks and will not credit my card to what I ORDERED. I was sent to customer service in India and they will not help me. Bad Bad Comapny.

Kristi 10/3/2011
"Great customer service" is a load of bull poop. They 'lost' 3000 of my minutes and would only return 200 of those. Getting anyone who would help me is a joke. Worst customer service, ever.

Sarah 10/2/2011
I like to use the value plan since it has all the same benefits as the more expensive plan like no contract, national coverage and all that except it only costs me 9.99 a month. I mean I dont even come close to using 50 minutes a month.

Scott 10/2/2011
I've been a tracfone user for over a year now and I am very satisfied. I'm surprised to read so many negative comments here. Has anyone used the value plan; thats what i've been using and its 1000 minutes 1000 texts for $35 a month. I've saved a good amount compared to what i used to pay and the service is just as good.

CeCe 10/2/2011
I've Tracfone for years and never had a problem. The only issue I have is that I cannot call mobile phones overseas so I have to get prepaid cards. Most prepaid card are awful so I'm stuck getting AT&T which are very expensive. I'm thinking of going back to a land line phone, life was so much easier then.

Sarah R 10/1/2011
Got a tracfone the other day because my Verizon got shut off (159$/mth for my family plan. Ridiculous) and I'm wanting a cheap phone for potential jobs to call me. Turns out 1 out of every 10 calls get through to my tracphone! My neighbor will call me in the morning and it goes through. By evening, he'll knock and wonder why I'm not answering my phone. No record of him calling at all. How is the phone not working 90% of the time????? I'm terrified I'll miss job ops now because of this and I'm broke. I can not afford a different phone right now. I Will NOT be using this phone soon as I get money to use another pre pay phone company. This is ridiculous.

Jim 9/29/2011
Just upgraded my Motorola w360g to the new EX124g. I called CS and transfered 1400 minutes and 15 months of service to the new phone with absolutely no problem. Call quality is excellent and it's simple to text other. The only flaw, it's easy to hit the brouser button on the first page. I've used about 10 minutes up before I got learned how to avoid it (I did the same thing on my old W376g too). Best value: buy the phone on line from tracfone with Triple Minutes for Life, then buy the 1 year, 1500 minute plan (triples to 4500 minutes) for $200. You can usually find a code that wil add an additional free 200 minutes. That's less than $.05/minute.

Burt 9/29/2011
@ Lyn:
I can't figure out why you are adding time over the phone to begin with. Don't you have a computer?
I'v had tracfone for over a year now and have never had a problem adding time. I just added minutes yesterday without a problem. Just go to their web site , click on "add minutes", use the form to enter the card's pin, your phone number and a promo code for free minues.
I have the LG 420g which has double minutes for life so when I entered a 60 min. card I got 120 mins. and with bonus code 67861 I got 60 free min. for a total of 180 min.
This was added to my phone almost before I stopped typing. I don't know why it would take two days to enter the info.
Don't add time over the phone! I have always had great reception almost everywhere and have never had to call CS.

Lyn Hendrix 9/29/2011
I am appalled at the extremely poor service I have received as of late. When attempting to 'add minutes' I was kept on the line for almost an hour by someone who did not know what he was doing and then my account was charged twice. When attempting to place calls between our land line and cell phone, the service was denied. So went out and purchased a 'card' and have not been able to activate it for 2 days so far. This whole experience epitomizes the "Peggy in Siberia" syndrome.

Steve Straley 9/27/2011
Tracfone's motorola ex124g drops calls, when contacting customer service about this problem leaves a lot to be desired, represenatives that you cannot understand, cannot do anything without a supervisors approval, so plan to be on the phone for a while

mollymorph 9/26/2011
We have been TracFone customers for six months and from the very beginning have had the Family Plan (just my husband and I use these phones when we leave the house and occasional texting, we use our land line for everyday conversations and business calls). Sounds simple: one phone is the primary phone and costs a little more than the other phones on the plan. Payments are deducted automatically on an agreed-upon date each month.
NOT ONCE has TracFone gotten the billing right. Every month I have to call and speak with someone who doesn't have the authority to solve my problem so I must be transferred to a supervisor ... it can sometimes take 30-45 minutes total to resolve my problem. For some reason, they cannot get my husband's phone to stay registered with the family plan, so he gets close to running out of minutes and I have to pay extra to buy non-discounted minutes to tie him over until the automatic monthly billing. I just paid $10+ for 30 minutes rather than $5.99 for 40 minutes as it should have happened automatically several weeks ago.
The supervisor couldn't make certain that my husband's phone is properly registered on the family plan and the proper deductions will happen on the 12th of the month. I HAVE TO CALL BACK on the 12th to add him yet again!
When I voice my frustration that I haven't had a satisfactory monthly transaction in the six months that we've had our phones, the supervisor blandly apologizes, but really could care less that I am unhappy with the service. When I suggested that I will be shopping around for another prepaid provider, he told me that of course I have the right to do so!
Believe me, I am! With millions of customers, I guess the good will of a low-end user just isn't a priority. TracFone has the worst customer service I have EVER dealt with. I know this is an international provider, but still ... just once I wish I could speak with someone for whom English is not a second language!

C. bronner 9/23/2011
Tracfone claims that they provide international service, but they do not. International text messaging is not available. I upgraded my phone recently, have a lot of time and almost a year prepaid, activated for international, and followed directions exactly, and get a recording "your call can not be processed" I called tracfone, spent a lot of time waiting, spoke with a rep, and they refused to put the time spent (not) resolving the problem back on my phone, saying I should have called from a landline. They lie and they steal.

Guest 9/23/2011
The call quality is great - I have never had a problem making or receiving calls. But if you ever have a problem, which you eventually will, and have to deal with customer service....the good is all gone! I went to add time & the phone wouldn't accept it. Now allow yourself several hours, allow yourself talking to person after person who doesn't understand or clearly speaks English, allow yourself to be treated as an idiot - now you find out why so many people complain about Tracfone. I was told someone wrongly added airtime to my phone two months before and I used the time up - so I owed tracfone for the time (102.00) before they could add any more minutes to my phone. When I begged them to please just check, I hadn't used more than 200 minutes in the past 3 months they said while it appeared I hadn't in fact used 102.00 worth of time they still had to have payment (via my credit card number) before I could add any time on my phone. After I used the remaining minutes on my phone it was no longer good for anything. I lost the phone, my number and couldn't do anything about it unless I paid 102.00 for I still don't know what. Sad, the phone call quality was extremely good in my area, but NEVER, EVER again would I deal with Tracfone or their cousin Straight Talk.

Rob 9/15/2011
Don't use Tracfone or Net10. They will call your home and wake you up with a recorded message trying to make you buy airtime. Their customer service consists of a bunch of third world idiots who can hardly speak the language and do not know anything about cellphones. My biggest issue is the telemarketers though. Leave this greedy company to slowly go out of business, wither, and die.


Chris 9/14/2011
First, I cannot complain about the phone and coverage area, but customer service is the MOST HORRENDOUS I have ever dealt with in my entire life! Ever see those "Peggy" commercials...that is TracFone! I bought a new phone online but the order resulted in errors (twice!). The third order finally went through. A couple of hours later I received three emails confirming my order. I immediately called TracFone to cancel two of the orders (remember the error messages) and, after 2 1/2 hours and several transfers(FYI, at least 1 1/2 hours were on hold), I thought I was all set. WRONG!!! The next day I received 3 tracking numbers and shortly thereafter 3 charges on my card. I contacted customer service by email this time (no more 2 1/2 hour calls for me) and 3 days later they answered by saying that I should refuse two of the phones. Fedex could not hold the phones at their location so I could deal with this by accepting 1 phone and refusing the other two because TracFone does not allow this. I could call Tracfone to see if they would allow it but know how I feel about that. So, I refused all three phones, demanded a refund and disputed the charges with my bank. 3 weeks later I have finally received the credits for the phones BUT TWO DAYS AGO I RECEIVED TWO "THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER" MESSAGES!! I HAVE NEVER PLACED ANY FURTHER ORDERS NOR WAS I EVEN ON THE COMPUTER AT THE TIMES THOSE MESSAGES CAME IN! WHAT KIND OF SCAM ARE THEY RUNNING! I have sinced canceled the credit card used on the original order and I WILL NEVER USE TRACFONE AGAIN!! Zero or negative stars should be an option here.

JM 9/12/2011
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND $ WITH THIS COMPANY.the customer service really, really sucks.I would give them negative stars if I had the option.they make things sooo much more complicated than need to be. Why should it take 45 min. to an hour of time,- minutes from another phone just to add airtime.Its a complete joke !!

Scott 9/10/2011
6.66 a month. You can't beat that. I have one for my son. my wife and me. 3 phones under $20 a month. It more reliable than my land line.

Jan 9/10/2011
TOTALLY DISATISFIED. They are not honest. I have also been a tracfone customer for many years but have decided to switch to another service. I purchased a LG800G phone which I liked, however, I could never get any service inside of my house. I called them regarding this and they suggested a new SIM card. The bottom line - they replaced the SIM card two times which did not resolve the problem. They basically said that it was too bad and tough luck. They would not give me a refund or an exchange (I offered to pay for an upgrade). I would not recommend buying a phone from them - they don't care if they sell phones that don't work. If I would have known that the phone would not get a signal in the house, I would never have purchased it. I have wasted $50.00 and hours of phone time to realize that they are an unreputable company.

Joanne B 9/10/2011
Needed to buy another TracFone because mine was old and wouldn't hold a charge. Bought a Motorola EX124G and have had nothing but problems. No coverage, doesn't work according to manual; have spent hours!! (yes) with customer service on a landline. Have 3 ticket numbers that don't help. Need someone who speaks American English and knows what they are doing. Guess TracFone can't find responsible reps to assist purchasers. Were good in the past -- but now couldn't be worse with their service. Suggest you shop elsewhere.

Randy 9/9/2011
I like the concept and the phones work OK, but....
I have been trying to transfer the ph# and time from one Tracfone to another for going on 4 days now, evidently if you have an inactive phone to transfer the service to it is easy, however if the phone you want to tranfer to is already active it is dificult to near impossible! Maybe it wouldn't be so hard if they had anyone in customer service who's first language is english!

KRIS 9/7/2011
Save your money and go with another carrier. The customer service (or lack thereof) is horrible. Wait on the phone for an hour, no one answers. Try to reach them on their website - you get nothing. You may not have a problem when you first buy the phone, but eventually you will need help and trust me their is NO ONE at Tracfone or Net10 to help.

Veterans Assistance of Kendall County, Illinois 9/7/2011
We've been a customer for several years, but NO MORE! According to their customer service supervisor, they will take your money for renewing your minutes but they won't give a receipt for the transaction. We are a government agency and we have to provide receipts for all transactions which they refused to issue. WE'RE DROPPING THEM! They won't get any more of our money. Legally they have to provide a receipt for a purchase transaction. But they say NO they don't have to furnish some sort of invoice to their customers. MY GENERAL RECOMMENDATION IS DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

Rob 9/5/2011
My old Tracfone was working fine, but very old. I purchased a new phone about 3 weeks ago and the customer support for Tracfone have been unsuccessful at transferring my phone number and minutes have spent numerous hours on with the tech support people but they seem to lack the knowledge of how to transfer old numbers and service to a new phone.

mizden 9/3/2011
While a good deal for pre-paid cells, the customer service and return policies are not what you'd expect from a company. The wait times are outrageous and then the rep will keep you on the phone as long as possible. This is to insure having to buy more minutes! No one can give you a straight answer, transfer you without dropping you or have understandable diction not needing a translated ear. I'll still use mine as I like the phone and the plan, but I sure don't like the people who represent Tracfone.

Sarah 8/31/2011
Picked one up for my kids in preparation for Hurricane Irene. Although we didnt end up having to use it for an emergency overall we were impressed with the service and value

Hector 8/31/2011
Has anyone had any experience with SVC, senior value cell phones? I have an elderly parent who I would like to get in touch with and vice versa in case of an emergency but I am not sure what the service is like.

fantasticalice 8/30/2011
The statements in the above review have NOT been my experience. If I were a consumer I would stay away from TRACphony. So far they have been unable to transfer my minutes and dates, after several calls and HOURS on the phone with them. I am so done with these phonys!

Kathryn 8/28/2011
I've had 2 pre-paid TracFones in 2+ years with double minutes for life and just upgraded to another - more advanced model - with TRIPLE minutes for life. I don't understand WHY people pay such high rates for their phone service. People I know people who have those $40 per month unlimited calling/text messaging and my TracFone out performs them 2 to 1. Aggravated at their carrier's poor transmission and repeatedly dropping my call I asked them why don't they get a TracFone so they can experience REAL cell service.

joni 8/26/2011
Worst customer service ever. Hold times long, can't speak English, "trying" to read a script....she finally just hung up on me.

Weak 8/26/2011
All Tracfone companies are extremely weak. Unfortunately, when you go with prepaid, the company owns you because you give them your money in advance of service. Try T-Mobile Monthly 4G. It works more like a postpaid plan even though you still pay up front for service. Page Plus is second best.

M. 8/25/2011
I've been with Tracfone for many years, and for what I want it is perfect. I had issues with my phone and they promptly overnighted me a new one. Not only that, but if you dial the Miami corporate number, you won't get the hold times with the general number (and the folks I spoke to could speak English clearly. My new phone was activated in minutes, and Raphael the customer service rep picked up after 1 minute--and stayed on with me the whole time, from sim card to activation. Great experience, especially for the price.

BJM 8/21/2011
I would give this company 0 stars if it was an option. I had Tracfone service for several years. In May I bought a year of service. In June I had no service. They told me a needed a new SIM card for my area. So I had to wait to get a new one in the mail. Again in July I had no service. I spent at least 7 hours on the phone (Not Exagerating). Kept getting passed to someone new and they kept doing the same things and asking the same questions. Finally I was told there was a tower down in my area. I know other people in this area whose Tracfone service was not affected. They said to give them 24 hours, but my service was never restored. I tried to get a partial refund since it was their fault, but they wouldn't do anything to reimburse me. Most of the Customer service reps are impossible to understand and the phone connections are horrible. I wrote the whole thing off as a loss and went to ATT for a Go-phone.

Marilyn 8/19/2011
We have had Tracfone for years and found it to be exactly what we need. We only use it when traveling so we did not want to sign up for a monthly contract. However, their customer service is a disaster (out of country customer service and you can't understand them). The website does not always work like it should. If they would fix both of these problems they would have a gem!

Robert 8/12/2011
Do any of Tracfone's (or any Prepaid company's) phones come with the manufacturer's operating manual? I have the LG420G model, but the manual it came with just had the Tracfone activation and service guide. I was able to figure out some features on my own, but I think it would have been better to have the actual manual.

Janedoe 8/8/2011
Let me join in the customer service is TERRIBLE crowd. I had no problem setting up my tracfone, however I do not have any internet capability nor MMS messaging. If I want to send plain texts that's fine, but MMS and web are non existant. My phone is an LG500g and is "supposed" to be a smartphone. Making calls is no problem on this phone. But I've been on hold waiting for customer disservice for 2 hours and counting now. At NO TIME should a customer ever have to be on hold for 2 hours. I will be getting my money back for this phone (thank goodness for HSN's return policy) should I not receive some satisfaction

Wendy 8/7/2011
I haven't had a need to use their customer service much until this spring. The voice mail stopped working, and they were not very helpful, as there was a delay (talking to the Philipeans I later found out) & a language or pronunciation problem, and the guy was just reading his screen, repeating everything I had already tried online via email (and was then told I needed to call. I asked to speak to a supervisor afer I realized that this was repition of things I had already tried: but none were available. After 30-40 minutes, I insisted on speaking to supervisor & was put on hold. I had to go to the airport and couldn't wait any longer. I still don't have voice mail & don't know why they killed it in February. I am shopping for a new company to replace my 2 phones. We only use them occassionally & on vacation (for family to reach us via voicemail), so now it's not very helpful without voicemail.

Martha 8/6/2011
This company is awful. Been on the phone trying to get service. Yesterday their system was down for two hours,called back two an a half hours later and you guess it, the system will be down another two hours.
Going to the verizon store as soon as they open their doors. Bye bye tracfone.

Ibnhoodwincked 8/4/2011
-5 rating!!! Tracphone, net ten, smartphone all owned by same company need a class action lawsuit slapped on them for deceptive business practices and outright stealing!!!!!!!! Avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!! Who do you complain to? Customer service does absolutely no good only wastes hours of your minutes!

E. S. Strickland 8/4/2011
I have to join the throngs of people who are fed up with Tracfone. Customer service is nonexistent and they put you on hold forever (for me, it was 42 minutes but I read of another customer who was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours. Also tried communicating by email with no satisfaction. The end result was that they told me they could do nothing about the problem that I have. After doing some research, I find that this is a common complaint among Tracfone users. It is apparent that Tracfone does not want or care about, their subscribers. There is no reason why customers should have to wait to speak to a rep for more than an hour. It is just not good business. Hire some more reps! Fed up customers are not likely to stay with you.

wayne 8/4/2011
I will never have to put up with this phone company again because I could not take the headache of the crappy service let alone their customer service that will intentionally stall you so you will burn up your minutes if you use your tracphone to call. Just wish I could give them a 0 star rating. Complain to your congressmen and the FCC something has to be done about these thieves! They need to be prosecuted. Class action law suit anyone interested! I can not believe the government is letting them get away with stealing from their customers. My phone is now in a thousand pieces. I got great enjoyment/satisfaction smashing it after I was finally able to use up all my minutes. Avoid prepaid phones at all costs unless you like to be frustrated all the time. One of the biggest mistakes I ever purchased! I stress again call your congressmen & the FCC to complain!!!!!! I really want to cuss so bad that I am about to turn into an atomic bomb that is how mad I am at this company.

Mike 8/4/2011
I have had several TracFone's over the years and I like them, here's a few tips for better service:
Buy a one year card with lifetime double minutes, that way you save money and don't have to deal with customer service.
Visit CallingMart on Facebook for coupons, you can save as much as 10%.

Patricia 8/3/2011
I have had probably six tracfones and that is because i upgrade to the newest phones when available. I have not had many problems with my phones but my husband has with two that he has had and that is with the batteries. Yes customer service can be just awful Ive had to wait as much as 30 minutes and yes for some reason they do not want to talk into the headset and most of the time you can not understand the person on the other end so i ask for a supervisor. for the most part i am pleased with tracfone and I find that it is 100% better than the other prepaids that I have used. I have recommended it to several of my friends. And by the way it is the only phones that I and my husband have except for the buisness phone.

Nan 8/2/2011
The absolute WORST customer service on the planet. Deducts time for DIALING - calls don't go through, recordings come on asking for collect or soliciting to buy minutes when you already HAVE minutes. First number given had someone else's voicemail with no access to change since it was still under password. Hours on the phone with 4 different reps, finally transferred to a supervisor who managed to correct everything.

Dorothy 8/2/2011
Purchased this phone with lifetime unlimited double minutes. Initial set up was fine. At the expiration date with 3 minutes left, I purchased 120 minute card & accessed my online acct to install them. The minutes never showed up on my phone, yet I got a message on my phone to contact 1-800 customer service. I used up those remaining 3 minutes to call customer service & used another phone to call back. I spent 35 minutes with one rep who put me on hold every 3 minutes, like everyone has been saying they do. Her english was very poor and she spoke very slow, but she would not speak into her headset and I had to ask her several times to do so because I could barely hear her as she reatedly instructed me to enter the same codes, with the same result of an invalid code. I was given another 800 number to call & I spent 49 minutes with her. She did install the 120 minute card, plus the 20 minute promotional card, but I did not get the double minutes and spent 84 minutes on another phone trying to get this resolved. She offered me 20 minutes for my inconvenience, but I ask her about the double minutes and what about the 84 minutes I lost from calling and she put me on hold for the supervisor and that was the last I heard from her. From the numerous complaints I have read. It appears to me that this phone service company has no interest in promoting future business with customers and is better off used as a one time disposable phone that is most likely good for drug dealers & criminals to use mabey to detonate an explosive device or something. I would say that the customer service reps are aware of these practices and are doing this to discourage customers so they will just hang up and go away. I would not buy this product with the intention of having a dependable source of communication. This is an intentional and very poor business practice.

Sandra 8/1/2011
I love the original phone but wanted to upgrade it. When I called for support I ended up listening first to music that sounded like the station hadn't been dialed in clearly. English was not the first language of the person I spoke with - very difficult to understand, spoke loudly and quickly. Was not able to communicate in a calm reassuring manor but sounded like he was reading from a script. I gave a poor rating due to customer service. This company could do so much better as their phones and plans are definitely good.

Gibson 8/1/2011
Just set up my phone and have been making a few calls already and so far im really impressed by the service. Has anyone had any service disruptions when traveling through the middle of the country?

Kms 8/1/2011
This company has the worst customer service I have experienced. I am trying to change the phone number for my grandparents so the phone will no longer roam. I can't do that online and have been on hold for almost two hours. There are far better pay as you go companies out there that have good Internet services and quick phone service. I will be recommending that they switch.

Shawn 8/1/2011
TracFone is the oldest and largest prepaid company in the US, for a prepaid cellphone their products and services are good. I have used them off and on for 11 years when I needed a cheap backup phone. When you compare prepaid services from the major carriers(eg Verizon) you will pay a high price for not signing a contract(min $46 a month), at <$10 a month you can have cell service with TracFone.

Patty Hayes 8/1/2011
We purchased a track phone last winter. We basically needed it to call our children in Canada while we were away. I could not call Canada. I did what the instructions said and call would not go through. I called support and they were of no help to me at all. Just last week, I tried to purchase more minutes for the cell phone, It would not accept any of my Canadian Charge cards, which by the way one of my Canadian Charge cards is owned by MBNA. So I guess my phone will go in the garbage - this phone was a waste of money for us.

Freda 7/31/2011
We have used Tracfone for sever years and have had good service around town but find that there are entirely too many places in which we cannot get service when other people are getting service.

Mike 7/31/2011
Less than zero stars for this company!

lexie 7/29/2011
i have had a few (4?) trac fones and have been very pleased it is not my main phone i have a land line but use the trac fone mainly for when i am out and about. i have also never had any trouble w/ customer services either in fact they have always been quite helpful the few times i have had to use them. i am getting ready to get my self a new phone (giving my old one to my son) and get one for my daughter for when she is at school. i guess i will see if the new phones are any good i have had this one for long time.

HP 7/27/2011
Set up a trac phone over the internet and gave them all the information requested. Recieved the phone and found out it wouldn't work in my area. Had to call the company and it took 45 minutes talking to someone who I could not understand over the phone their accent was so strong. Recieved the new phone and had to pay to send back the non working phone. Found out I wasn't getting the special internet double minutes I signed up for. Emailed the company and they agreed I'd get the double minutes that came with the original phone. When I called to set up the phone they refused to give me the double minutes.. Talked to 3 or 4 people who barely spoke English, they refused to stand by their word, and then I had to pay to send back the 2nd phone that phone call took 1.5 hours - and then call back the company with my shipping verfication # and wait 30 days for a refund. A horrible hassle. I was very dissapointed.

carmine 7/23/2011
i had just purchased the nokia e5 i had the e71 before that i had a problom with my internet service and had called straight talk about the matter they had told me my internet was shut off bc i used tomuch data and my internet was suspended bc i was using my phone as a modem for my laptop now people why would straight talk get phones that have that option on the phone if they dont allow us to use plus we are paying for unlimited data so why should we not be able to use it as a modem if we have the option on the phones that straight talk sells and like i said when we are paying for the unlimited data i think they are miss leading us and we need to take a stand we pay well over 200.00 for a phone that we cant even use for what we want it for and paying 45.00 a month for unlimited data when we are indeed limited with the unlimited data plan

thoward 7/22/2011
great coverage and inexpensive to people who don't talk much.
phones have limited features and
VERY poor internet

Sue 7/17/2011
I've had Tracfone service for 7 or 8 years. I like it because it is by far the lowest price service that works anywhere in the country I've gone, which includes the East, Midwest, South, West and Hawaii. I've upgraded phones 4 or 5 times and recommend that you purchase a new phone, not a refurbished phone. The customer service can be quite challenging, but now that I'm very familiar with the company, I can do most things online and do not have a problem. It's really important that you check that the phone you are going to get works in the zip code where you will be using the phone the majority of the time. I would also recommend that after you initially determine that the phone works well for you that you buy a one year plan in order to keep costs low and also so that you don't have to deal with customer service as often.

Barbara 7/17/2011
I have had this phone for 4 months now and 99% of the time is "no service"
My pharmacy called on Wednesday and I did not get the message till Saturday. Still waiting to get the mesg from my doctor who also called on Wed.
Called c/s off and on for over 4 hours and never got anyone. The message stated you may also contact us on the internet. Did just that got an auto reply...will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours. In 47 hours got a need to call us. I am not sure what part of stupid that cannot read....I can never to to anyone.
I live in the county with a lot of medical problems and need a phone to work, Tracphone does not care!

Lois 7/15/2011
This is the worse company I have ever seen!! They gave my number to someone else and cut my service off when I had minutes left for a year.I spent 2 days and a total of maybe 4 hours on the phone with them telling me one lie after another.I told them my daughterhas cancer and I need my phone when I take her to her for chemo 75 miles from home.They finally told me they would over night me a new sim card and a new number.I have yet to recieve either.I will be looking for another company and also will be telling anyone that will listen do NOT buy tracfone.They don't care about anyone.If anyone knows who to report these people to please let me know.

kyle 7/13/2011
I LOVE TRACKPHONE it is by far the best plan i have ever had it dont work some places but mostly you allwes have 5 bars the bigest problem is that thay dont have phones with kye bords other then that my fave

GLORIA Abernathy-Lear 7/11/2011
My Verizon phone died while on vacation--wire contacts no longer allowed battery charge. I decided to try prepaid, because I was only using 50mins month max and no texting, etc. Chose Tracfone w/lifetime double minutes. Major hassle when tried to port old number over to new phone: According to emails from Tracfone, first attempt was successful. Then when I accessed my Tracfone account summary to buy more minutes, my ported phone number/serial number were not in system. After waiting 35mins to get service rep, was informed first port was not successful! Had to get new temp number and wait for another SIM card; then I will have to go thru another activation process. Would not have know this if I hadn't tried to access my account...

jeanne 7/10/2011
I really liked my tracfone until it was deactivated because I forgot to add minutes. I agree that the service is rotten. I am still trying to get it reactivated and may decide to change phones.

Rob 7/8/2011
I've been with TracFone for some 10 years now, only because they are extremely cheap, for my limited use. However, theirs is the worst service ever! Their worthless network always encounters problems (like when it clouds over, not getting a signal inside of buildings, etc) and their Customer Service is beyond horrendous! The people they are using barely speak English and, no matter what they tell you, they never really resolve your problem. Worst yet, and the reason I'm writing this, is that they'll occasionally screw up all on their own. Yesyerday I found that they had "deactivated" my phone, for no reason whatsoever (had over 300 minutes left--not the first time they've done this). I spent an hour talking to them (calling through my computer) and, as I found out today, in reactivating my phone, they wiped out my voicemail! After an hour and a half talking to them today, they seemed to get my VM working, but had "reset" my phone, wiping out all of my contacts! I just got all (66) of my contacts re-entered only to find out that once again, I have no voicemail! Next Friday when I get paid, I'm going with a different carrier!

irish 7/7/2011
I'm on a plan where I keep my minutes and it costs me $6.39 per month. They are supposed to automatically change the date on the phone so I can use it but they never have. Each month I have the hassle of calling, waiting on the line forever and then not being able to understand the customer service person's attempt at English. I ask they to simply email me my code when they charge my card each month. They sure know how to charge the card each month on time though. I only use the phone in case of an emergency and I'm about to throw it out the window.

R S Walker 7/6/2011
Is there such a raring as zero? I returned a phone to these people in April 2011, and have yet to receive my refund. They are foreign based with their Customer Service and couldn't care less about your money as long as you are sending it to them. They do not know how to handle a refund, and this is going to a lawsuit. This has been way too long, and I have reached the end of my patience

larry 7/5/2011
I have both a tracFone and a net ten phone and the service on both of them is terrible. They are not dependable at all. You go to make a call even with a full signal and 50% of the time you will not be able to make a call because it will say "no network or emergency calls only or you have zero minutes" and need to refill when I have 170 minutes showing on my phone. I call a friend in oklahoma on my tracfone and it goes directly to his voice mail 100% of the time so I call on my net ten phone and get him and ask him why he did not answer and he says his phone never rang and there are no messages. I have the same problem with my net ten phone calling friends in arizona but can call them sometimes on my tracfone. I would not have either of these phones again if they gave them to me free and free service. The aggrivation is just not worth it. Heaven forbid if I have an emergency and not able to call. Avoid these phones at all costs. As soon as I am ever able to use up the minutes on both of these phones they are going into the trash in a hundred pieces. I am also filing a complaint with the FCC. As far as I am concerned they sell you a phone service and then make it unavailable is out right stealing!

Kate 7/4/2011
If I could give this company zero stars, I would. The phone itself is okay for what it is-- a prepaid phone. The price is okay for the amount of minutes and the coverage is not bad either. However, I just got rid of my Tracfone and will not be getting another one due to their atrocious customer service. I recently tried to reactivate my phone, and was unable to do so online, so I called customer service. They told me that if I purchased additional minutes over the phone, it would be working within one hour. A full day later, I was still unable to make or recieve calls, so I called customer service again. To summarize the next 4 days (and 6 phone calls): I was lied to, hung up on, told that that problem would be fixed in 1, 24, and then 48 hours, told that my service ticket had been lost, told that a representative would return my call (still waiting on that) told that no numbers were available, told that a number was available but a system error was preventing my phone from working, and lastly told that they could not in fact reactivate my phone. When I asked for a refund for the minutes I was told I had to purchase, they refused, stating that it is not company policy to give refunds. I finally reached a senior manager who at least agreed to put in a request for a refund, but told me it will be 24-48 hours before it goes through. I am not holding my breath for that, and am disputing the charges with my credit card company.

Jennifer 7/3/2011
RATING-0 stars!! I have been a tracfone customer for many years, but this past month has made me decide to switch! I signed up for the online $9.99 50 minute value plan, the minutes are supposed to automatically show up on your phone on the day you are charged for the service. Not one time has this ever worked!! I have to call customer service every single month and try to get my minutes. Well, this month they placed the charge on my card and for 5 days I was calling customer service only to have a pre-recorded message tell me their call volume was too high and be cut off. It finally took me being aggressive and threatening to turn them into my bank to get a call from a manager(while i was at work) I finally managed to call back the number she gave me, and she tried to tell me I had already received my minutes.....I had not!!! The customer service is HORRIBLE!!! The minutes are kind of expensive compared to some and their online services are no good at all....Avoid if possible, After all these years, I will be switching to some other company, I just don't know which one yet.

Sharon 7/3/2011
It's cheap, but they sell your number to telemarketers.

Edward Doyle 7/1/2011
I love the phone but when do i get the minutes put back on

Mary 6/29/2011
I am so mad. Just purchased a new tracfone and found out I can no longer send international texts as I was doing on my old tracfone. This is a service I really need as my daughter flies in from overseas and it's the only way we can hear if her flight is on time, etc. I think I'll be getting rid of tracfone...

karmen 6/28/2011
Ive had 4 tracfones over 2 years, I wish they offered better quality phones. LOVE only the price per minute and no contract. HATE what they call customer service and their operators will leave you wondering if 10cents a minute is worth it!

jennifer benware 6/27/2011
the phone and the service sucks! been on the phone with tac phone for over an hr waiting too speak to a manager! i bought air time for my son for his birthday and called too add it and they added it to another number so i was ripped off and will never giv my bussiness to tracphone again!!

Julie Esposito 6/27/2011
Just a word for seniors who are looking at getting themselves the Samsung SVC phone: It's a really good mobile for any seniors. It has all the hearing aid, big buttons, large font stuff that makes it easier to use, but it needs mentioning that it's specifically a GSM model phone. Meaning that it needs a semi decent AT&T presence wherever you're located. If you're not in such an area, you need to look at getting one of tracfone's other CDMA model phones. They're all pretty basic, and senior friendly - just make sure to get it with double minutes for life included.

Barbara 6/26/2011
I am so pleased with my new Tracphone! Its super easy to use. I got the SamsungT model and coundnt be happier with it. Would highly recommend it to those who want an inexpensive phone.

Burt 6/25/2011
@ zeromus:
I had the same problem of calls from from bill collectors and such on a phone Tracfone I got for my wife. 10 to 15 calls a day, sometimes more.
Tracfone wouldn't change the number so the phone went in the landfill and I just bought another phone for twenty dollars and no more problems with unsolicited calls and I now have a spare battery!
I figured $20.00 was a good price to pay to keep my blood pressure down.
Just an idea to help keep the stress away.

Zeromus 6/23/2011
A decent phone for what it is. I honestly havent had any real problems with it-- the only issue Ive had is that I seem to get a LOT of BS calls from area codes Ive never heard of. Ive checked the codes online and found that they come from all over the US. I never answer these calls, as they eat your minutes up and I know exactly who my friends/family's #s are...but I have to wonder if Tracphone releases your number to any company out there in the hopes youll pick up the call and blow more of your minutes.

Tom 6/20/2011
This phone is the biggests piece of crap i ever seen. been on hold 4 over 2 hours. no one will ever take care of wounder were all going down the drain . what a rip off.

Jason 6/20/2011
Agree with a previous poster -- if 0 stars were an option, then I'd award it.

Margaret 6/18/2011
Just bought two phones through HSN. Tracfone computer glitch will let me add minutes only to one phone. They tell me the second phone is not activated, although it has a number, and I tried it out to see if it works. Two days of numerous phone calls to get the minutes I paid for, and still no minutes. I even had a HSN supervisor call Tracfone for me, and still no luck.

dedbir 6/18/2011
So far So good. Got an LG 800 G phone W/ 1200 min, triple for life- $99.00 from HSN.
decent coverage. Activated w/minutes in 30 minutes. Phone is cool. Leaving Verizon prepaid because of cost.

TruckerMatt 6/17/2011
I use my Tracfone as a backup. Often I am in places where my AT&T Wireless or Verizon don't work and the Tracfone does. So, its a great backup, simple to use and I would recommend one to someone that isn't a "Cellphone junkie".

Steve 6/14/2011
Ho hum. I decided we could save money by going "prepaid". Did some research and went with Tracfone. Not unhappy, not excited. The phones are OK, some good features, some poor ones. We are simple, occasional, short-conversation cell phone users, and I will text VERY rarely. Coverage is adequate. Cost is MUCH less than our old Verizon Family Plan ($100+/month for a jillion minutes we never used). MY RECOMMENDATIONS: Get one of the flip phone models or better, stay away from the "slide" or lesser models. Get a phone with double minutes or a double-minites-for-life card. Buy airtime cards of at least 120 minutes or larger.
Also: Their customer service lacks A LOT. It took me 4 calls to their service center to get my second phone working. (Same model as the first phone, and I did my part exactly the same). It was not the phone it was the system software that FINALLY got set-up correctly after 3 promises that were failures. Since then we have had no problems. If you are easily intimidated when requesting service or are "technologically challenged", find a different Company. But if you are a somewhat tech-savvy cheapskate like me, consider Tracfone.

Dave 6/13/2011
If zero stars were an option I would leave that instead. We have a phone that does not work due to a SIM card error. We called on June 3 and the man on the phone said he fixed it over the phone but to wait four hours. We waited and it still did not work. We called back. After another 30+ minutes of wait time we were told we would be sent a SIM card but it could take up to 7 days. 10 days later we called back and they said it had been delivered but we did not get it. We asked them what address they sent it to and they refused to tell me. Guess what - another 3-7 days of wait time. We only needed the phone for the month of June while my son is visiting and now he will only have it for a few days before he leaves. We got him the phone for safety and now we can't even provide that. The Customer Service was HORRIBLE and they were not willing to help us at all. They even argued when we asked to speak to a manager and tried to talk me out of it. I just wanted the 2nd SIM card sent overnight but they refused until we spoke to 2 different managers before finally getting a kind one who was actually willing to help.

Kandy 6/12/2011
I've had a Tracfone for about 6 years and so far like everything about it. Easy to activate and add minutes either online or on the phone. Needed support to switch my phone number to a new Tracfone and they were very knowledgeable. A friend is still using my old Tracfone. My current Tracfone came with double minutes witch I like even more. Coverage is complete and in all this time never had a dropped call or a location that I couldn't make a call.

Dottie 6/12/2011
This has been to worst experience I have ever had with customer service. Speaking with people who do not speak English very well. I have tried to remedy a problem since February and wasted $4o. on no service. They will not refund my money. I've had to go and get a new phone and carrier and at least verizon has been a joy. Two people in my family have switched because Tracphone is a waste of time and money.

Jackie 6/10/2011
Customer service is a joke! The caller ID shown from my phoneto callers is not my name . No one is going to answer if they do not recognize the caller's name. I was told to contact my home phone service company...Really?? Won't be using this phone very much until this matter is settled.

Paulus 6/8/2011
My wife purchased a Tracfone for $4 at Fred Meyers. It came in nice packaging with an easy to understand pictorial "get started" card. The "Spanish only" instructions should have been a clue.
I tried for four days to sign-up on-line for a pre-paid contract. Multiple "internal server error" crashes, hung pages, bad javascript errors etc.
But their telephone support was even worse. The usual multiple button pushing to get a carbon based life form only to discover no-one there speaks English. Support is in some Central American republic and they only speak Spanish, even the "managers". Several days of racking up hours and hours on their 888 number and I managed to get a 30day trial offer set up.
When that expired, the web site was no better; many hours on the 888 number again until I found an agent who spoke some English. He then tried to overcharge me by $16 for the yearly service as "tax" (even though there is no tax in my state). Ask to speak to a supervisor - call dropped.
Eventually, I found that by using the web site in the early hours, I could recharge the 'phone using the on-line system.
O'h the $16 "tax" was in fact $1 60cents federal line charges. Makes you wonder where they get their people.

angle 6/7/2011
So far texting works ok, but i was given an Nebraska area code and I dont live anywhere near nebraska. Called customer service was told I would get the phone number change, still waiting.

Marley 6/7/2011
I've never been able to activate a Tracfone online. I always have to call their toll free number. I don't know why they have online activation on their website. Their service is horrible!

Becky 6/6/2011
I dislike my Trac Phone for the most part. But the thing i really hate about it, is that I lose the signal about 50 % of the time. I'll be talking to someone whether it's long distance or just up the street and my signal goes dead. It's a royal pain in the ass for that. I don't know what the problem is other than it loses it's signal.

Preston 6/5/2011
I have the new 500lg phone.SO far the service is good.

Iowa 6/4/2011
The tracfone is a terrible phone. Poor customer service and there are much better plans/providers out there.

David 6/3/2011
Tracfone has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I spent over an hour on the phone trying to have a charged removed because they billed my Visa twice in the same day. They finally admitted they had a computer error, but claimed they only received one payment from visa instead of two. They scolded me and refused to credit my account or give me the extra minutes. I have never experienced anything like this. I paid $80 for $200 minutes. Ridiculous. Do not do business with this company.

John 6/1/2011
Tracfone has the worst costumer service I have ever seen. They absolutely suck

Mary S. 6/1/2011
My first basic Tracfone hardly ever worked. When they finally got better ones in this area, I was about to get one, when TracFone called and said my original one was obsolete, and they would replace it for free. The "new" one was another basic, refurbished one.
It worked great! Doesn't work in my own house, but it sure does everywhere else, even better than some of the fancy ones. It has been kind of a problem "feeding" it time, however. It will not automatically update like it's supposed to and I always have to call. Today, it is charged up, has time on it, would work fine...but they said I couldn't reactivate it and would have to buy a new phone. Definitely bummed about that, and now doing research to see if I want another TracFone or something else. Looks like the reviews are pretty divided. I am not crazy about having to call India so often either....but if the phone works as well as this one, guess it's worth it.

C.M.R. 5/31/2011
I have had TracFone for two years and, althoughI use it rarely , I am satisfied with the phone itself, but I feel that your lack of directions and instructions is unbelievable. I am asenior citizen and all these new gadgets are very difficult even with best if instructions. PLEASE add instructions or make them available somehow so I can use my Tracfone more often

darlu14 5/27/2011
I've had Tracfone for me & my two daughters for at least 6 years & I can honestly say that I've had very few problems. When I first had them though, it took a great deal of time & energy to resolve an issue of getting the phones to work. I'm glad I stuck it out was worth it. Yes, we do notice that customer service is foreign, but they've always been polite & informative. Great deal & value.

lee de cola 5/26/2011
my tracfone fully discharged, and though it says it's now fully charged, it's not working. i tried to access the tracfone/samsung forum but can't seem to do so.

Don 5/25/2011
I spent 4 hours over 3 days after buying this phone trying to get it to work. Despite spending this time with technical support and assurances that "it will work" it never did. I returned it to the retailer for a refund. I will never buy another Tracfone nor would I recommend it.

Guest 5/24/2011
Beware of tracfone, first time I had an issue and had to deal with customer service and it doesn't work. They sent me a broken phone but I can't get them to tell me how to return it to get a refund. They keep putting me on hold, sending me new sim cards (How many can they send me before they realize it's the phone) and not accepting the return. Was so excited about the new LG800g, but beware!

kirsty 5/24/2011
Just as an update to this website Tracfone has now introduced 2 qwerty keyboard phones the LG500G & LG800G (which is a touch screen phone with a larger screen).
The LG500G costs $29.99 with DMFL has mobile web, bluetooth, APPS, MMS & 1.3MP camera, etc. The LG800G costs $49.99 with DMFL, mobile web, bluetooth, 2mp camcorder, mp3 player, APP capable, MMS, etc.
I don't know how fast the web browsing is on these phones but I really feel that everyone should have this feature on their phone for emergencies.
I think these phones are super cheap and I can see the kids not wanting a phone that doesn't have web browsing on from now on.

Layla 5/20/2011
I've never had to deal with their customer service, so I can neither agree or disagree with the posts about that, but I will say that I've had tracfone for a few months and haven't ever dropped a call that I can remember. I like not having a contract because it works best with my lifestyle, but because of reviews here I'll try to avoid their customer service?

ron mc 5/16/2011
don't be fooled.The worst customer service runaround you can possibly get.You will spend hours on the phone,trying to understand them. They disconnected my phone with 680 minutes and 6 months left on phone,they still can't figure out the problem.I have three of them on my counter and can't get one to work. I going with Virgin mobil tomorrow.Please heed this warning

jim 5/15/2011
OK, I have the lg 420 g just wish u could delete all texts instead of doing it manually! i am trying to find another track phone that has that capability and querty key board ...all in all it's a great deal ..

msmaryntn 5/14/2011

char 5/12/2011
i had tracfone for 3 day serivce good

Burt 5/12/2011
Tracfone is the best!
I just made a trip from the Dencver area to Payson UT just south of Provo and tracfone worked just as advertised.
I had reception and clear calls all across Wyoming on Interstate 80 a couple of spots where no phone has had reception. This is using an LG 420g phone.
Great service, great phone!!

Rose 5/11/2011
I purchased 2 phones in January 2011 for me and my 20+ yr. old daughter who likes to text. The phones cost me #20 each and came with auto-double mins. for life, so any minutes would double, even the family-plan minutes.
I have changed my mind several times on the Family Plan, getting it then cancelling it. Most of the trouble I had was my own fault. I called them yesterday to be put back on the Family Plan and to add my daughter's phone (which I had previously removed from my account). It did take a while but it was a toll-free number and I called them from my landline phone. The person I talked to was a foreigner but was very kind and did help me get my screwed up account straightened out.
I love my phone, my daughter doesn't like anything so she doesn't count. She's using it and texts all the time. It hasn't slowed her down much.
My minutes last me a long time and my time is good clear up to next year so my unused minutes will roll over whenever new minutes are added each month. Besides I can add additional minutes on my own anytime by buying a card at any store, they are everywhere.
The reception is fantastic, never a cut off or cut out. The sound is just like a landline phone or a verizon which I used to have.

Mike 5/10/2011
Spent many hours on the phone with Tracfone trying to get my phones updated correctly. They have the worst custemer service. Today I spent 5 hours trying to get a phone updated/cancel service. And still it is not done and they want me to call them back in 24hrs to complete. I do not recomend.

LG 5/8/2011
I would give zero stars if I could. Worse company ever. I spent 1 hour on the phone having to educate their customer service reps. None of them were helpful and they offered the worst customer service I have every seen. Don't buy a tracfone. You do not want to deal with them, EVER! Buy another company's phone!

Carson 5/6/2011
I've had Tracfone for a few years, and overall it is OK. I have a plan with them where I am supposed to get 100 minutes a month for $10, and I can buy additional minutes if I want to. What annoys me is that several times I have not gotten my monthly 100 minutes but have been charged for them. Tracfone denies that the minutes were not provided to me. Their customer service center is somewhere in Central America, and while the customer service reps all speak moderate English, their accents are so heavy they are all but impossible to understand. When I can find a plan I prefer at a decent price, I'm bailing on Tracfone.

Burt 5/6/2011
I just made a trip from the Denver area to Salt Lake City.
On previous trips I had a prepaid I-wireless phone from Kroger (Kingsoopers) and found that I had no reception or ability to make calls at all because I-wireless uses the Sprint network and Sprint has NO towers in Wyoming.
This trip I had an LG420g from Tracfone. The reception was great and the calls were clear almost everywhere on Interstate 80.
So all you people who want to bad mouth Tracfone go ahead. I'll just keep on enjoying great reception and being able to make calls when I want or need to!

annabelle 4/30/2011
like reading those svc reviews.
Frankly these phones are really great. IM glad people are writing about it. Perfect for my grandmother who has hearing aids. They really are the best phones and I find that their service is great and my grandmother isnt screaming into the phone that she cant hear me. hahaha thats always a plus!

Jeffrey 4/30/2011
how great is that that despite all the changes that are going on with other companies, that tracfone has only gotten better and they’ve managed to keep costs the same. They’ve added some good new phones to take advantage of the data plan too. There’s not a complaint coming from me. It’s good to see that good things can last.

Marc Lichtenberger 4/29/2011
It was very easy to order the two phones from the website. However, 5 days later still no phones even though they promised to have them to me overnight. Called customer service on the 5th day and then did not even know where the phones I ordered were at and wanted me to wait a few more days. They had the audacity to blame FEDEX for not delivering them but they had no tracking number for the "package". I will not even consider using them again.

CHRIS 4/29/2011

IndianaNana 4/29/2011
I ordered online from Tracfone. It came and never did work. The minutes and plan time registered fine but it went to "No Service" and stayed that way. I spent too much time with 4 calls to them. Nothing they did would make the phone work. I called the next day for the return info. After another 17 minutes with them, I hung up. At this point, it is easier to throw it away than pay shipping and probably not get a refund anyway. Poor customer service to say the least! I couldn't understand the people on the phones. Cheap phone, cheaper service. I won't make this mistake again.

OKAY PHONE 4/29/2011
I don't use a cell phone much and don't us texting or the camera at all. Couldn't figure out how to make the speakerphone work and figured it out by trial and error. Porting my number was a nightmare but they finally got it right. I miss my verizon phone and the great customer service but I don't miss the bill. I paid about $120 for phone and over a thousand minutes(bonus=double minutes). This is less than I paid for 2 months of ordinary verizon service.

kate 4/28/2011
The phones are average. Very good starter phones or emergency phones. Specially with the double minutes,you do get very good use out of them.I would have to agree,minutes a bit pricy,but that's why you need to use your double minutes card which never expires.And the balance display screen helps to keep track of you minutes. Overall,good service.

Cindy 4/27/2011
ALVIN BROOKS: Don't bother calling their customer service, rather contact them via their Facebook page (at the bottom of or contact their corporate office in Miami:
Or call us at: 1-800-876-5753

Al N. 4/27/2011
Low price but calls often will not go thru unless I make four or five tries. Never never have that problem on our
Verizon phone. Complaints to tracfone useless.

alvin brooks 4/27/2011
We bought this from HSN off tv.with double minutes and we cant renew our contract for double minutes . We cant get in contact with a person to discuss the problem this is the problem. Phone and service is good but cant renew with double minutes already paid formy ph 336-434-4135 alvin brooks

Jan 4/22/2011
I decided to upgrade my Tracfone after 4 years. What a mistake. I spent $50 for a phone that doesn't work. Spent 5 hours with customer service. Was sent a new phone which also doesn't work. Can't receive any calls. Now I'm without my emergency phone and out $50. Don't trust them.

Joe 4/19/2011
My tracFone is great!the service is cheap and i have pretty good coverage way better than AT&T. I really like how they give you 3 months of survice... But one BIG problem they dont have any good texting phones!!!

Brent 4/18/2011
I have had real good luck with this service. It's not the best phone service out there, but it is a good bang for the buck. I don't talk on the phone a great deal but I have used it all over the U.S. with no problem. The customer support does leave something to be desired but if you are forceful and persistent with the techs they will come through every time. Over the years I have encountered most of the problems I've read about in these reviews but, when threatened with leaving their service, they have done whatever I want (usually takes about an hour over a hardline thought).

Peonlittleguy 4/16/2011
Good phone service, WHEN & IF you get it up and running. Have been using Tracfone for approx 10 years--Pros--Once in operation service is good, to excellent price per minute is good, especially when you hit the promos, NO contract is a plus! As I still only use the phone for basic service and emergencies, this works for me. Cons--Really Really lousy Tech Support!With extended wait times when they are contacted, You'll be lucky if you don't get disconnected a couple times. DON'T USE YOUR TRACFONE TO CALL TECH SUPPORT Providing it's working of course. If anyone could mess up technical support Tracfone takes the number 1 slot.
After 10 years I'VE HAD ENOUGH! moving on to someone different. Tracfone has my phone soo messed I believe the RAPTURE will take place before they get itresolved!!!!!!!!
Scott's right we do get what we pay for.
Maranatha ya all!

Jamie 4/16/2011
After being VERY unhappy with several other companies, I switched to Tracfone and have been very happy with my service. I text a lot but don't talk on the phone much, and it's so much cheaper than if I went with a traditional plan. I get better service where I live out of town than my friends do, and I have had ZERO problems with their customer service and adding minutes and such. I get double minutes for life and it's a great deal. My only complaint is that they don't have a single phone that doesn't look like it's from 1999. I'd REALLY like a phone with a keyboard.

Mike 4/14/2011
After a year, my phone wouldn't work and they said it was de-activated. They said my number had been transferred to another company. They didn't know who to or why. There customer service is totally unresponsive. Avoid Tracphone at all cost.

KC 4/14/2011
Am I missing something? Why on earth would anyone choose this service? It appears to have about the most expensive rates out there!

minerva 4/14/2011
You get what you pay for with tracfone. The service is cheap...but it is made up for in the lack of customer service. It is all golden as long as nothing goes wrong and you need to speak to a person. The people in India (their customer service) try very hard, but they just can't meet my needs and my problems were not resolved.

Rene 4/13/2011
If I could give a zero rating, I would. One star is too kind with all the lies, rudeness and hours on the phone -- no joke. These people are on power trips.
My new phone worked exactly one week. Two months later, we finally resolved the problem. They were not going to refund us for the lost days at all, but I asked them what they were willing to do. They said they would give me a week???!!!!! I was missing two months. I kept at them; they transferred to yet another "supervisor". (ask for the floor supervisor - or they'll hand you to one of their cronies.) I had to tell them to keep looking back further in their records since they were only looking at latest phone call with the latest agent and ignoring all of the other times that I called in the space of two months.
One representative said, "We really did mail it to you this time." Meaning we were lying all the other times. I caught several other reps in outright lies.
Oh, and get this...when they finally mailed me what I needed to make my phone work and I called in to activate it, they tried to tell me that my old hours wouldn't transfer. They said I needed to purchase more hours. I laughed and said that I hadn't had service in over two months. I wasn't going to spend another red cent! If I would have done what that person suggested, I would have stolen my previous minutes. I called the next day, talked to a different person and that person didn't have a bit of problem transfering my old minutes onto the new system.
These people are crooks. If you have trouble with your tracfone, be prepared.

Thomas 4/12/2011
Used them a few years ago before I moved on to Boost Mobile. I don't miss their jankey phones or poor service.

Marcia 4/12/2011
I really like the fact that I can cut my monthly phone plan from $80/month being on a contract to a $19.99 plan/90 days/120 minutes (if bought with the double minutes for the life of the phone plan) using Tracfone's cheapest plan. I haven't found a cheaper plan anywhere else on the market for someone like me who doesn't use the phone allot.

Dave 4/9/2011
phone's are sub-standard quality and the web site can be iffy when you try to load more minutes.if you need a low cost phone to get by on,it does do the job till you can find a better deal.

Jim 4/9/2011
I have been trying to get my 60mins. added for the last 6 days and went through 9 phone calls with 4 transfer for each call if they do not hang up.No one seems to know what to do. this is crap. just give me my 60 mins that I paid for. If they continue this phone chase I'm going on facebook to make sure other people will not purchase their phones or cards because it is a scam.

graham 4/5/2011
after reading some other reviews i consider my self lucky to have had pretty good service for years; however, i'm disappointed to find now that the 200 bonus minute option for 365 day 400 minute (doubled in my case) extension is no longer available, so that the price per minute has suddenly increased by 25% from 10cents to 12.5 cents. not the end of the world, but a large increase. might try t-mobile.

Maureen 4/5/2011
The service is ok. I will probably move over to another pre-paid service when my minutes are up. I'd like a phone with a keyboard and tracfone won't provide that for my area. You need a translator for customer service too.

don 4/5/2011
I like my tracfone!!!!just to stay in touch.and to be able but reached with out paying $$$ monthly is great.load the phone and don't worry about it for several months.I had a problem turning on the phone so, removed the battery and Sim then put it back in .no problem min and time remaining was still friend bought a new phone and to get the min to come through from cs he had to remove the Sim and then put it back in .I think that would be the first thing I would do if min don't come through before I call cs. to Text my daughter and tell her to have a great day or to to say I love u is meaningful using the lg420g

Carol 4/3/2011
The actual phone service is good. Customer Service is not. My daughter lost her phone which had 1250+ units on it and at least 10 months of service time. Bought a new phone and went to transfer her units and service time. They tried only giving us 4 months of service time and I fought to get the actual. Even if someone was using the lost phone, they couldn't use up the service time. Customer Service only would transfer 280 units and I thought someone had found the phone and used them all. Nope! Found the phone 2 months later when my daughter cleaned her room. Almost 900 units stolen from me by their customer service!!!

Burt 4/3/2011
I think this is the greatest phone service ever.
Have never had to call cs. My contact with them has been online with positive results.
A few minutes ago I added a 60 min. card and a promo code number. With dmfl got a total of 150 min. Added these min. on line and they were added almost before I stopped typing. Not bad, I'll stick with Tracfone.

George Sego 4/3/2011
If you are traveling along the coast of
washington or oregon forget about service. sea level reception is almost non existent

c47charlie 4/1/2011
Tracfone has been a great backup phone and travel phone as well. I love the fact that I pay domestic rates when calling a certain list of countries, huge money saver. Also love that the signal strength is really clear.

garry 4/1/2011
Love the Tracfone service! I used to use a metro pcs but i couldnt stand that my phone just kept on losing signal everywhere i went. this phone rocks and I see no signs of switching services!

Teddy 3/31/2011
Best phone that I have ever used!What i love most about it is that there are no contracts and no monthly bills! Couldnt deal with the monthly hidden fees that are tackled every month by contract phone companies. Tracfone has me only paying like 30 bucks a month!

Sad 3/31/2011
Eight year + tracfone customer with the same original phone. Just bought a new one this year and ported my land line. The old phone had 1500+ minutes and I was assured I could transfer then to the new one. They never transferred the minutes, no big deal I figured I would just use them. Today they just shut down the old phone and the minutes are gone too? Never got a response to any e-mails about this issue and customer service will keep you on the phone for an hour and only jerk your chain. They lie!

NN 3/31/2011
Really good phone with really good service and reliability at a cheap price. What more can you ask?

Jeanette459 3/30/2011
Personally I'm a big fan of Tracfone. It makes my life a lot easier considering I have plenty of bills to worry about. Im never worried about getting an outrageous cell phone bill in the mail. With my tracfone I know exactly what I'm paying and more importantly exactly what I'm getting. Great customer service and great reception as well.

Donna 3/28/2011
I recently bought a 1 year 800 double minute card for my Tracfone but when I went to put the minutes on my phone it I couldn't so I called customer service gave the pin number the automated voice said that my phone already had double minutes so I could not add them on my phone! I called back customer service and talked to someone explained the problem, they said they would add the minutes but not double as my phone already had them which I was fine with.. as they tried to put them on they said they had encountered an error the minutes were on my account but not showing up on my phone yet and it could take up to 48 hours, the next afternoon I had a message on my ans machine stating that the problem had been corrected I could visit their web to complete the transaction when I did it said the card had been redeemed! That was 3/20/11 as of 3/28/11,I have spent 4 hours on the phone, had 3 automated calls from them saying that the problem has been resolved that I can get on the web site to finish my tranaction, I still don't have the minutes on my phone. Horrible customer service!!! I will use up the remaining minutes and go to Virgin Mobile or Net10 never ever would I recommend this company to anyone.

BillyZ 3/27/2011
I have been with TracFone for over 6 years now. When their service works, it is great. However, when you have problems and you have to call customer service you are truly sucked into customer service hell. I have spent literally HOURS on the telephone with TracFone customer service without the problem ever being resolved. Their standard dodge when they can't resolve an issue immediately is to tell you to wait "24 to 48 hours" for them to resolve the issue(s). Of course, you never hear back from them nor is the problem resolved in "24 to 48 hours". Yes, TracFone really does provide rock-bottom rates for prepaid cellular service. But you get what you pay for: when it comes time for customer service you will pull your hair, gnash your teeth and generally pound your head against the wall. All, unfortunately, with little or ne effect! Caveat Emptor truly applies here.

MrsBuster 3/26/2011
I would give Tracfone a zero if I could. Customer service means talking to someone in a foreign country who you cannot understand. It was a technological nightmare to get our new phones up and running that took hours & hours of time, and tried my patience to the limit. Did not know it at time of purchase, but the extra charges for data usage is very expensive.

Genice 3/25/2011
Horrible phone, horrible service. How about getting some service reps. who speak ENGLISH? The hold times are disgraceful. I can only get one bar in my home city. I got this phone for rare/emergency use, but it is worth nothing since it doesn't work. I have carried it for several years, but after trying several times to use it in the last few months I've realized I'm paying for "no service." I can't afford to throw money away. I'm currently researching other pre-paid plans. Don't waste your money on Tracfone.

PatTheHat 3/25/2011
Best deal on a cell phone I've ever had.
Bought a little cheapo for spare, had it for five years, it became my primary phone after the first year with never a problem.
Lost it a few weeks ago and bought the LG420G online for just under 22.00 with free shipping, double minutes for life, and accessory kit including car charger.
They transferred my leftover minutes and my old number with nary a problem...well, that's not entirely true, I could hardly hear the guy, and I had to wait maybe a whole whoppin' ten minutes to get through, but for the dough, who's complaining?
Pretty nice little phone, the camera ain't too bad,I really like the digital recorder, it's Bluetooth enabled, and had no problem accessing my e-mail.
Oh, and the battery life is great, I don't know yet if it gets the seven hours as advertised, but I did get almost six before I recharged, and it probably would have gone the next hour.

Ron 3/24/2011
Terrible company. Went through 3 phones in
one year. Each time online activation
failed and I was required to enter 50 digit numbers on the phone. When last phone died I had to kiss $75 balance good-bye.

Ron Elliott 3/24/2011
Trac Phone sends Promo Codes to your cell phone , then they refuse to honor them stating they were last years code. I purchased a 450 minute card at there word to receive 50 bonus minutes then they refused to honor their word. False advertising to say the least. I'm checking with the F.C.C.

marvin 3/24/2011
I love Tracfone,so far I've gotten exactly what I've paid for, well really a little more with the promotional codes, I have talked to customer service and they were very nice and helpful, I can't see how anyone could complain about a company that is so good and very reasonable on there airtime cards, however if live on the phone as some folks do, then Tracfone would'nt be for you, you would need an unlimited monthly plan,but for me and many others that only use there phone when needed can certainly save a lot of money, I might add that I live in a dead spot, everyone that comes over here can't get a signal, well my Tracfone has a signal here and sounds good. I love it!

HawaiianDude 3/23/2011
Been with Tracfone for 3 months now. So far, have had no problems initializing the phone thru their website. Voicemail was easy to setup as well, all I had to do was listen to the voice prompts, and make the right selection.

SE 3/23/2011
I am very dissatisfied with TracFone. Last summer, I signed up for the Family Value Plan. After 6 months, my phone no longer automatically received minutes, even though my credit card was charged. I called TracFone to receive the minutes I paid for and after alternately being transfered to customer assistance operators ( many with very thick foreign accents) and being placed on hold, I only received 1/2 the minutes that I was owed. I did this on three separate occasions. I was on the phone for about one hour each time. The operator continued to say please hold for three minutes while I talk to my manager. After the third month of not receiving my minutes, I made another call that lead to many transfers and wasted time. I finally was able to reach a manager where I requested mt family plan be cancelled and was told that my family plan was cancelled. This last phone call honestly lasted about three hours. Now one month has passed and yet again my credit card was charged. Now I'm on the phone again and on hold waiting yet again for my plan to be cancelled. The operator just told me that she will not remove the charges from my credit card. When I stated that this is their problem to fix not mine, she hung up on me. Do not use Trac phone!! The product and customer service is extremely poor. I now have a much cheaper prepaid phone service, a much nicer phone and contacted a very friendly customer service operator who helped me get set up in less than 2 minutes.

KJ 3/22/2011
there's got to be better providers out there. Signed on recently because it advertises no extra costs to Mexico or Canada, and even includes free numbers in those countries. A month later, those services have disappeared from my phone and now they're trying to sell me another plan. I'll just call this a $75 lesson and find something better

raul 3/21/2011
rainy go with pageplus.they use the verizon network and for $10.00 you get 100 minutes and refill every 120 days.for $25.00 you get 416 minutes and refil every 120 days.

Rainy 3/21/2011
Carried a trac phone for years, for emergencies only. But when I tried to use the message usually was "the service you hjave called is not available from your area". One day it would work, the next it wouldn't. Then one day I tried to call a land line from a nearby mall, had 5 bars, message said "the service you have called is not available from your area." Contract was up in 30 days, I let it lapse, they keep emailing me with deals. Not Likely! Trying to find another phone for emergencies, cheap, where I can get longer then 30 days ahead. Any ideas?

William 3/21/2011
Having been in customer service for 40+ years I rate TracFone as the WORST in customer service of any entity that I have dealt with! I have literally spent hours on the phone with them and have still not had resolution to numerous problems. I would strongly encourage anyone to pick another prepaid phone service.

Chaz 3/21/2011
I have had Tracfone for years with No problems. Do Not call Customer service.!! Activate & Buy minutes Online.. Also use the Bonus Minutes you can find Online..I have never had any problems..

Kathy 3/19/2011
Same as "Gary" said! Have had for years, horrible experience getting minutes added, multiple phone calls even though I can supposedly do this on the Tracfone itself. Ugh

Gary 3/19/2011
I've had a trac phone for years, but for the last year I've been unable to add minutes to my phone without the torture of a series of long calls to their customer service center! I've called again and again and they always say that they've fixed it, but they never do.
As soon as these minutes are gone, so am I!

Mary L. Taylor 3/17/2011
Recently purchased a TracFone, LG220C and so far I am extremely pleased with the quality of the cell phone. Cannot get a good signal (1 bar) from AT&T, Verizon, etc. in my home. Researched the type of TracFone to purchase and now get 5 bars in my home, office and other areas cell phones with GSM system do not work well.
I did the activation online which went very well and got the phone working without difficulty.

don 3/15/2011
I have the lg420g .no problem adding air time ,enjoy sending photos,texts,keeping in touch.when you reload all remaining min. and air time carry over another 90 days.helped my friend get his tracfone started .CS had trouble getting it turned out that I had to remove the sim card then put it back in .CS figured that out .vary pleased.he got the lg420 with 1year pre loaded.then he added 1 year with min and promo code.his cost w/phone $120.00.for 1200 min and 2 years of service

Dean 3/15/2011
I have used Tracfone for over 5 years and been very pleased. When I lost my first phone and ordered a replacement, their staff was very helpful in activating the new phone and transferring the minutes over.

Dissatisfied Customer 3/15/2011
The worse company I have ever dealt with. Tried to buy minutes for my mother - phone did not work - Not able to get my money back. Cutomer service is the worse I have ever encountered - was hung up on TWICE. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY - YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Joann 3/14/2011
Tracphone.....I have to say is okay, they are a bit pricey when it comes to minutes and the phonea are not very high quality.
But it is good in some ways for those people who only need a cellphone for emergencies or as a back up phone. I wouldnt quite say the phones are functional either. But hey its a compromise. And Tracphone can be for those that have a taste for simple phone to just talk on and the minutes are okay. Soo i'd say their not bad at all but not perfect ;D

dennis 3/14/2011
tracfone has by far the worst customer service i have ever seen after 3 calls they still cant fix my phone.hold time is about 45 minutes per call.also you cant get a English speaking person to talk to.i finally gave up and threw it in the trash.glad to be rid of it

BR 3/13/2011
I'm a recent customer of Tracfone and I've been quite impressed so far. I bought a couple of LG420G phones from them directly from their website, activated them online and added the Family Value Plan and Buy Now plan to buy addition airtime from the phone. They also came with double minutes and the accessory kit for about $20 for each phone. As the Family Value Plan renews automatically on a monthly basis they add the minutes and automatically double them for the life of the phone.

Ron 3/11/2011
Customer service is very slow and very hard to get problems resolved. They cause the problem and you pay for it with cash and lots of your time waiting on customer serice

Scott 3/9/2011
People expect way to much for what they pay for. For $6.66 a month a get a phone that allows me to make phone calls.

Teri 3/8/2011
I've had tracfone for many years. Recently I purchased a replacement phone and that's when the nightmare began. I have been without a cell phone for a week and have spent hours on the phone with what they call customer service in Belize. If I finally get phone service, I will use up my minutes and go elsewhere.

Kathy Barrows 3/7/2011
Service would not work for the first ten days...then worked for a week, then no service for weeks. Customer service is terrible. Never use this company unless you want a useless paperweight, or you want to be stranded in an emergency

Tedi Gary 3/7/2011
Tracfone gets 1 star because there is no 0 star. They are a joke. I will do whatever I can to convince people to NOT use Tracfone.

Bill 3/5/2011
Used to think Tracfone was great, but I've noticed they continually swap around different phone manufacturers and it SHOWS. I got one of their LG phones, and it doesn't show me I have a text message until 4 days after it was sent! It even has the sent time and everything. Tried to call TS, but they could barely speak english and the quality of the phone communication was SO BAD I could barely hear her and had to keep asking her to speak up. You know that is completely symbolic of their service. The TS told me that having to wait over 4 hours is typical to receive a text message. I guess they outsourced all the engineers as well.

Heather H 3/5/2011
I don't have too much trouble with the service; have used it for a number of years now. When you have no choice but to call the 800# for customer service, however, it can quite frequently become a nightmare. My automatically purchased minutes have not been being added to my phone, though my payments are coming out. I am CURRENTLY on the phone waiting for customer service, as directed by the website, and my timer on my phone reads "1:05:00", amount of time on HOLD. Yesterday I could not get through at all due to "high call volume". Customer service IS in fact outsourced to India (as far as I can tell), and they can be quite difficult to understand and to explain your problem to.

unarmmedpostman 3/5/2011
TracFon will not turn-off text messaging. I get all these bogus text messages, and each one deducts 30 minutes from my phone. They call this inability to turn-off text a "feature".

M. MacGregor 3/3/2011
I'm giving up on Tracfone. LOUSY customer service. Can't change credit card on their website. Difficult to use website.

XOPB 3/2/2011
Here's my reason. Attn: TracFone execs, stock owners, the person who had the demented idea to outsource CS to unqualified people. In the process of researching prepaid phones and services for a few older relatives and friends with no computer savvy, I have made the informed decision that TF is the last company I would go to. Smoke signals in a hurricane are preferable. Thank you to all who have shared their pain.

richardsnide5 3/1/2011
Tracfone has been the only way that I have been able to provide cell phones for my entire family. It's not very fancy and they do not provide good phones. But the pay as you go system makes cell phone service affordable at the most basic level.

Refuses to buy another Tracfone 2/28/2011
Had tracfone service for a few years and used to recommend to others but now we don't recommend. They say that they give you bonus and double minutes for the life of the you keeping the same phone number. That is false if you can't have the screen show up so they can trace how many total minutes that the screen shows up. I have a 1/3 of the minutes that I used to have. When we asked the customer support (which they think that they can speak English but is very hard to understand)to get some minutes for the aggravation they offered twenty to start but then said thirty minutes. Well I had almost 1000 minutes. When I talked to the 2nd manager, he became ignorant with me. Well my husband and I refuse to get another tracfone. I recommend that you find another company for your cell phone service.

"Wally" from Rockford 2/28/2011
I keep getting excellent service from TF and their CS department - never had any trouble with their service. Recently I added double minutes fro life to my phone, and the service was activated in mere minutes! Amazing!! I have only had a couple of dropped calls in close to SIX years of service...can't beat that! I've gone cross-country with my phone and have never had a problem. I am extremely, positively happy with the service that I have received.

Beatris 2/28/2011
I've only had a beautiful experience with my SVC phone. Didn't want it at all initially, and then when I did get it, it only took one phonecall to my husband, to ask him (again), what type of sandpaper he wanted me to get him. Haven't dropped calls, had any problems recharging, topping up or anything really. Will admit not to being a tech junkie in any way. But for my small expectations, the SVC has been good to me.

jonah 2/27/2011
love my Tracfone with it's carry over feature! Provided you fill up every 3 months. But that equals to great savings! Everything about tracfone caters to the frugal budget concious consumer. In a world of sale sale sale,money money money, it's great to find a company that is more low key and cares.

SumDude 2/27/2011
SAVE YOUR MONEY This cell service is a complete joke, they sell your number to so many scammers that you can't even use the phone! I literally had up to 40+ calls per day before I had a chance to give the # to anybody. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

Tracie 2/26/2011
Wow, there aren't enough negative words in the English language to describe how awful my experience with Tracfone has been. I send texts (and are charged for them) but no one receives them, calls are dropped, routinely my phone locks up. The coverage area is horrible and the customer service is the worst of any company I have ever worked with in my entire life. Save yourself the headache and do not use Tracfone. (I have finally given up on mine)

Ruth 2/25/2011
I don't use my Tracfone allot and so manage to save about $70/month by not being on a contract and by only buying the Tracfone $19.99 plan/90 days/120min (with double for life plan).
This has worked so well for me that I bought my mom a SVC phone for seniors so that she could use the same plan but just a phone meant that had a bigger screen with bigger letters, hearing aid friendly, and bigger buttons. The Samsung T155G looks like a clam shape and is small and this is great for her to carry around in her pocket for emergency's. I at least have peace of mind now when not seeing her for a day or two because she can either dial me if she needs something and the main thing is she can afford the cheap Tracfone plans.

Had Enough Tracfone 2/25/2011
Tracfone is a big ripoff. If you think you can save by buying a pre-paid Tracfone to pay-as-you-go, think again. If you don't keep buying and adding minutes to the phone, they will de-activate your phone and you'll lose ALL remaining minutes YOU ALREADY PAID FOR! I bought 75 minutes a month or two back and haven't used the minutes and now Tracfone emails me that I my phone will be deactivated if I do not buy more minutes. This is pure theft, plain and simple. Do yourself a favor and use another prepaid phone service because your paid-for minutes will be stolen by Tracfone. I only gave a 1 star review because zero was not an option.

fedupwtrac 2/25/2011
We get "check call restrictions" over and over with complete inconsistancy. Maybe 3 times in a row, then the call goes through--or not. Makes no difference where or when. No help at all from help desk.

Glenhaven 2/24/2011
I would like to set some records straight here about the Senior Value Plan (SVC), by tracfone. It advertises the use of the samsung t155, that only costs $15, along with a plan that won't cost you more than $7 a month. There is a specific web site specially for this product, but invariably all the links take you back to tracfones web site.
Firstly, there is no $7 plan if you go looking for it. What they say is that you can buy the normal $20 plan that has 3 months of service attached to it, and they then devide the $20 into the three months.
Secondly, the phone is not exclusively for seniors. Anybody can buy it at the same price as it is in any walmart, or kmart. Currently most locations I've tested on tracfone's web site has this phone available online with double minutes for life - which is really what makes it a really good deal, for that extends your minutes to 120 minutes for the three months instead of just 60.
There's nothing much exclusive about this plan, other than the attempt (a good one at it) to market, and create awareness. If you were to wnat a CDMA phone for the SVC plan, you merely need to choose any CDMA option on the tracfone options list, and make sure that it comes with double minutes.

Dave W 2/23/2011
Phone service is adequate if they actually send you a phone, and if you can actually get it to work. Horrible customer service.

Avice 2/22/2011
The only unwanted calls/text messages I have gotten were from individuals and were just wrong numbers. I have never gotten any sales calls. I am very happy with the service. When I have had to talk to customer service, they did not seem to be foreign at all. I live in a rural area and have had a lot of trouble with other phones--Cellular One and some others I can't remember but I seem to get a better signal here with the Tracfone, and I can access the internet here. And these extras are priced lower than the contract companies.

Tammy 2/21/2011
zero stars. Bought phone for my son for emergencies. Since activating phone I have received a dozen calls a day from solicitors WTF they have a "reject list" hmm wonder why cause they sold my number. Only problem is the reject list only hold like 10 numbers. Hate it don't do you'll waste all your paid min on bogus bullshit calls if you answer your phone. Wish they would have respected MY PRIVACY

Jon Doe 2/21/2011
Have used for years for limited use. Switched phones and minutes with minimal problems. Phone has service where others do not. Everything works as it should.

burt 2/21/2011
I'v only had tracfone (lg 420g) for about seven or eight months now but have had no problems at all. As a matter of fact I have had mostly positive experiences with cs by doing business by email.
A month or so ago I purchased a60 min. card as my min. were about to run out. I came home and added the min. on the computer with no problem. The next day I got an email from tf saying I needed to add min. and gave me a code for 20 donus min.. I emailed back that I had just added min. the day before I got their email. I gave them the number from the 60 min. card and the code for the bonus min. and asked them if they would still give me the bonus min. Within two hrs. the bonus min. showed up on my phone and the next day I got an email saying "20 min. has been added to your phone".
Now thats service and I didn't have to talk to people I couldn't understand.
So far I think they are doing a great service for those of us who don't want to be tied down to an overpriced contract.
Easily five stars from me!

Kit 2/21/2011
DISLIKE tracfone. 5 phone calls to customer service & approximately 4 hours and I still have no service.

Mark 2/19/2011
If I could give them less then 0 stars, I would. From the start, I have had nothing but trouble with their phones. The last straw for me came when my phone (the 3rd in slightly over a year) began having difficulty allowing me to answer a call. When I called customer service for help, they acted as if I were stupid, providing no help at all. As of Tuesday, I am switching to Consumer Cellular, referred by AARP. Good plan, free phone, and NO MORE TRACFONE!

Heidi 2/18/2011
I have been with Tracfone for about 5 years and I have never had a problem until recently. I bought a new phone, and had my minutes transfered. When I tried to use the phone it would not work. I called "customer service" and was told that the problem was lack of reception when I explained that my phone wouldn't work when I had full service I was transfered to someone else, I could not hear them and was hung up on. I called back and spoke to someone who said he was a "tier 2" person and that the reason my phone would not work was bacause they could not use the towers that were in my area and I needed to change areas. I said that was fine and they attempted to reactivate my phone after hour 3 they finally said there was an error and that I needed to call back in 24 hours. When I called back the next day I spoke with 4 more people, was hung up on, and finally I was told I had to be sent a new phone. When I asked if the phone would be the same value as the one I had she could not say if it wouold be or not. I told them I wanted a refund and I am now waiting for that, I'm sure I will have to call them again in order to get my refund. I would not reccomend Tracfone to anyone!

Nancy 2/17/2011
I have had a Tracfone for several years. Last summer I was in San Francisco and I could not make or receive calls while there. Last weekend I was in Jacksonville, Florida, and I could not make any calls from there either. What's the point of having a cell phone if you can't use it all over the US?

Paul Lambert 2/16/2011
DON'T DO IT! I wish there was a way to write 0 stars. Every call to customer service takes at least one hour to get through. Today I gave up after one and a half hours. When you do get to customer service they are in Nicaragua and don't understand English. My wife has had three phones that broke within 6 months and I have almost continuous problems receiving my monthly minutes from our value plan. The only positive is the price - that is it!

MK 2/15/2011
The trouble I had with Tracfone was that I used my phone enough that it got too expensive to have to keep refilling. When I got a newer phone, there was a .5 minute charge for each text sent AND received, plus burning what you buy for minutes. No free nights/ weekends like with other prepaid services.

DaveW 2/15/2011
Impossible to understand the "customer service" reps. If you have a problem, the service becomes unusable.

Oblongth 2/14/2011
I mean, this service provider is one of very few that are still interested in providing a service for small users, like kids, and for seniors. But in the first place, there's not one tracfone that has a decent music player. This feature alone will surely attract more affinity amongst the younger generation. Secondly, the SVC plan that I've been wanting to get for my father, doesn't host a CDMA phone for people who are residing in Verizon strongholds. Both of these, I suppose minor issues, can so easily be resolved, and so easily improve their sales.

Mercedes 2/10/2011
I am very please with Tracfone's costumer's service and affordable rates.
My only problem is that I get a "Restrictions" message sometimes when I am trying to place a call from certain places.

Ntrylevel 2/9/2011
For me tracfone has been around for too many years to just discount now. They were the first company (and I speak under correction) to introduce the prepaid method of paying for your mobile phone bill. It is by far the best wa to control an expense. Put a tag on it, and don't exceed. Which is easy enough if you don't need a lot from your mobile phone. Cheap good service.

S Athol 2/9/2011
When my step-dad went on his way, my mom refused to come stay with any of her kids-and I guess she is still young enough to want her freedom. We needed the peace of mind of knowing she could get hold of us anywhere, anytime. Seemed like a waste of money paying for a contract service that she would barely use, so we signed her up for Tracfone's SVC (senior) plan. It costs us under $10 a month and the phone only $15. The phone is really easy to use, and has large buttons and on-screen text, and 911 location assist. The coverage is also reliable, which was probably one of the most important factors for us. Haven't yet had any dealings with cs, but at this price, peace of mind doesn't get much better. Thanks Tracfone for being my mom's new 24hr a day companion when we can't be there!

HawaiianSon 2/7/2011
For what I paid for my phone (LG420G), it was worth it. Initializing the phone was done on-line, and had no problems getting connected. I also purchased airtime on-line, and had no problems with that either. I especially like the DMFL deal.

Mickey Bitsko 2/6/2011
I love their customer service. Why?

John Horstman 2/6/2011
Very difficult to transfer phone # and
minutes to a new phone.Put on hold for over 20 minutes.
Followed instructions on i-net and at end ,failed to transfer.Attempted again. Again failed.

Des 2/5/2011
I recently decided to upgrade my cell phone, from an LG 200c I wanted to get a camera phone and downloadable ring tones, as my current phone doesn't allow it. My story starts back Christmas eve 2009 purchesed a phone at walmart. Turned out to be a sim card phone, Called tracfone, traveled around the countries from my couch. They tried sending me four sim cards (keep in mind I was activating two phones). Then fineally they said we will have to send you a replacement phone/s because you live in a CMDA area. I got the two replacements, and they were a downgrade if you will from what I bought (no camera, ringtones DL or pic texting), I called them they impatiently advised me that is the best they could do. BULL! Again this started christmas eve 2009 and ended almost the end of Jan 2010.

BHoskins 2/5/2011
The customer service is awful. Trying to understand through a thick accent from someone reading from a script is difficult. I tried to change my credit card information which had changed because of a fraud issue and was unable to complete the change. I gave up in frustration and decided to quit the service which I had been giving to my grandson. If a company is going to do business in the USA, they need to have customer service representatives who speak comprehensible English.

barb 2/3/2011
I work at home so don't need a cell phone except on rare occassions like long car trips. So it's a cheap cell phone compared to monthly bills. But the CS is terrible. I'm sitting on hold now for 80 minutes waiting to talk to a human about 116.5 minutes they didn't transfer to a new Tracfone I bought from my very old one. The CS person on some other planet told me she was authorized to only transfer 800 of my unused minutes and to call back later for the remaining 116.5. Yeah, like I'll ever get thru to a human before I die! Will try another pre-paid company next time, NOT TRACFONE!!! It's an impossible phone to add time to, etc. Even my attorney son who graduated at the top of his law school class was spitting nails the last time he added a year's service and more minutes to my phone.

TI34 1/31/2011
Tracfone is easily one of the best services on the market. Tracfone account for not only my phone but both of my daughters as well. WE are proud to be a tracfone family as we are saving alot of money in this horrible economy.

Mayim 1/30/2011
O would like to make a very real suggestion to tracfone, regarding ther SVC plan for elders: Make it exclusive guys. It's nice that I can also be part of the plan, as can my daughter, but what exactly is the point of this SVC marketing drive if anybody can get the samsung t155, and get a $20 plan that will cost $7 a month to maintain service. At least offer the older fogies double minutes for life included with the purchase of that t155 - that'll at least make the plan sooo much cheaper. And further more, please add a CDMA phone for an option on the plan too. What if you're a senior living in a place that only has verizon covering it??

Steve Talley 1/30/2011
I have used Tracfone for about 10 years, and each time I try to purchase more time from their website, my credit card is not accepted, so I have to talk to someone far away who has a set script of answers and no help other than going through the process manually. I asked to speak to the supervisor, and that person could not purchase minutes with this credit card, a card I have used everywhere on the web. I asked to speak to someone who could really help with this problem, but got nowhere. I'm switching providers.

sue 1/29/2011
wrong Lex! There are no roaming fees and Tracfone have the Samsung qwerty slider on offer as well. Their phones improve all the time and now you can get the Nokia6790 smartphone for under $100.00 and it does have all the bells and whistles!

Lex 1/29/2011
I think Tracfones are a good phone for emergencies and urgencies. Only good for when you really don't want any bells and whistles when you use your phone. Airtime is used fairly quickly if you get under 120 minutes.

katia 1/27/2011
I think North America is the only place in the world where you pay to get a call in your pre paid, places like japan, brazil, europe you only pay if you make the call not if you receive!!!
I paid to send a message only to know that the person doesnt pay to get message! This is ABSURD!!
It is amazing how the costumers accept that!!

Stay Away!!! 1/26/2011
I lost my phone it took them two weeks to get me another one. I spent over six hours on the phone trying to get my number back.Each time they said I would be all set each time they set me up with wrong number. They dont anwser any questions they only read off a script. They barely speak english. Im on the phone right now trying to straighten out, second time today.Ive been on phone an hour and a half right now and am no closer to getting problem fixed. I just want my number back so I can port to another company.Dont use this company.I have no idea why they have any good reviews. Ive never been satisfied with them this is not the first time. I wish I could give negative stars. Plus they dont have any stores so you only speak to people who are overseas and dont speak english.

Mike from oregon 1/26/2011
Believe what you want but this service provider SUCKS!!!
They sell your # to any solicitors that are willing to pay a few cents for a phone # as soon activate it.
They continue to give your # out to anybody selling anything.
I quit using the phone for recieving phone calls do to the fact that I get no less than a dozen calls a day even after putting the # on the do not call list.
Trying to contact a real person to address the problem of recieving up to 50 calls a day from solicitors is almost impossible. If you can contact customer service they don't know anything, can't do anything.
This phone service is a complete joke. Save your money and don't believe any good reviews of this service.
Go elsewhere and you will thank me later!

NorCal 1/25/2011
The editor's review is very out of date. Trackfone offers very few phones and they are all bottom of the line.

Chris 1/23/2011
I am enrolled in their family value plan for both my wife's phone and my phone. I should get minutes added automatically every month and pay a recurring charge on a credit card. For the past 4 months, I didn't receive on one of the 2 phones and I had to call to try to get the minutes added. It is a HUGE hassle because the reps keep you on the line for an hour and have you put a series of code numbers (that don't work) and they put you on hold for 3 to 4 minutes in between. Then at the end of the phone call, they tell you to turn off your phone and you will receive your minutes in 15 minutes. Of course this does not work, and I have to call back. Usually it takes about 5 seperate phone calls talking to a different rep each time. Although they are always generally nice and keep apologizing, they really aren't helpful or even knowledgable at all. Sometimes it takes days, yes days to get it all sorted out. One time the rep told me that it showed that I received my minutes that morning and when i told her that i did not, she argued with me saying that I did. She basically called me a liar. And, don't bother asking for a supervisor, because then they tell you that they are no longer on the other line with them or one time they put me on hold with their music playing in the background for an hour. I gave up and hung up then.

steve 1/22/2011
I have had tracfone 10 years or more have been many states a dead place here or there but always worked fine for me love the nascar

Bill 1/20/2011
Not sure why many complaint; I've been a member for 6yrs and replace a few phones without any trouble transferring the number and the airtime. Better signal than wife's T-mobile service. Best deal on prepaid cell phone service!

shalamar 1/20/2011
THe service is awful. It took 8 calls to get it set up correctly.
They do not speak or understand english well. I would NOT recommend this phone just because of customer service.

juscurious 1/19/2011
CS from India would be fine if I could understand them, or if they understood the product instead of reading from a script while remaining clueless. They get testy when I ask them to repeat things. I state the issue precisely, and they read a script that has a couple of the same words in it. They have no real understanding of the product or service.
Cost of phone & airtime: excellent.
Internet set-up of service & transfer of existing Tracfone #: Did not work; kept telling my existing number was not valid.
Owner's manual: 2 meager pages, lacking much basic information. Similar Samsung phone from T-Mobile has a 144 page manual.

j 1/19/2011
I have been on the phone with customer service for a total of 10 hours (no exaggeration) just to get one phone that works
They are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad.
I hate them

J.Thorpe 1/19/2011
I imagine that in order to make their prices so low they cut a few corners, and one of them is CS. With this in mind I've always been happy with my experience with them. I use my Tracfone as a backup and for the amount I use it there is no cheaper way to have a cell phone, such a great deal.

Tristan.D 1/19/2011
I was really hesitant about going with prepaid, and with Tracfone because of all the stories I'd heard about terrible CS etc. I have to say that so far I've been really happy, I haven't had any problems that weren't resolved quickly (all fairly minor though). And as advertized, its really cut down on my cell phone costs each month (about half). Good experience all around.

Por Lee Influenced 1/18/2011
Don't waste your time with Tracfone's monthly "Value Plans". It's ok to use the prepaid "service" (or lack thereof); however, the phones are disposable. The Tracfone customer "care" center is another waste of time. The representatives can't speak english, and the background noise and interference will drown your supposed technical support. Be prepared to dump your telephone number, like a bad habit, when upgrading to a more competent service provider. The phone number is non-transferable, and not worth the headache. Good riddance.

AC 1/17/2011
First I'd like to point out that the information listed for placing international calls is out of date. Calling internationally is just like dialing from a landline now, and charges to 150 countries are the same as domestic charges.

travis seaton 1/16/2011
My wife and I are both in our seventy,s and the trac-fone goes with us all the time when we are in our car. Gives us a great sense of safety in case of trouble or need to call our family. No complaints whatsoever.

Richard Teague 1/14/2011
have had tracfone for 10 years or so.. the calling service has been fine.. HOWEVER, do not EVER try to download a ringtone or ANY other purchase from tracfone.. as i have read.. their customer service is anything but....the download never appeared on my phone, and the minutes WERE deducted from my phone for the purchase.. BUT tracfony "customer service" would NOT refund the minutes used for the purchase.. will be switching soon... CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT......CAVEAT EMPTOR !!!

Adriane 1/13/2011
I bought a Tracfone. Great price. But terrible customer service. Yes you can reach someone and they are very polite but incompetent. I've been trying to get my voice mail up and running for 5 days and have spent at least 10 hours on the phone with their technical support team and I've gotten NOWHERE.
Lesson learned: when it's too good to be true, it is!

carol 1/12/2011
At one time good service and decent pricing. Now, the worse customer service and false advertising of promo codes for bonus minutes sent AFTER the codes have expired.

Rachel 1/10/2011
I have had my Tracfone for over a year. Just after the one-year warranty expired, it no longer showed the service bars. I could neither make nor receive calls or texts. The next day I called customer service and spent a near hour with them, to no avail. The website didn't fix anything. Today I talked with them for over two hours, only to have them tell me at the end of the conversation, that there was nothing they could do and I would have to buy a new phone. I was disappointed in their customer service, and the speed of their help. I am changing companies.

Frugalista 1/10/2011
My family has been with Tracfone for over 10 years and our experience has been positive. Their low-cost plans are perfect for occasional or moderate users. Call quality and reception have never caused us any problems. Customer service is a big of a drag (wait time, imperfect English) but the reps I have spoken to have been courteous and ultimately got the job done. Their phones are practical and reliable but nothing fancy. You get what you pay for, and for Tracfone's budget-friendly price I would consider their service to be a fair and affordable deal.

Brook Tincher 1/9/2011
Hey guys, the best place to buy Tracfone Minutes WHOLESALE is: - 50% off!

Sally 1/8/2011
I've had Tracfone happily for years...then I had a problem...when I added minutes the phone would not activate. I called & talked to people all over the world who would probably be able to sell me a phone but were obviously unable to help with a problem. I repeatedly asked for someone in the USA and finally got transferred. The lady fixed the problem & told me that since I had no signal where I was that I should check it next time I got to a signal & I would have the time extended for the almost two weeks it took to get activated.
Then I started the round of people in many parts of the world with no success getting the expiration time changed. They told me they could not transfer me to the USA and when I finally got the supervisor's supervisor the woman just kept repeating that the phone was activated on the 25th & she couldn't see where it was activated on the following 8th. Then she went on a long, hard to follow, recap (the phone line was terrible & she kept fading in & that irony?) so I said...cut to the chase, are you going to fix the expiration date or not? She said she couldn't change the date but she would TRY to see if I could be compensated for the time I had no service. Admits on one hand that I had no service & says I did on the other. Told her to never mind, I was online while holding & find there are a lot of options to Tracfone.
Tracfone service is the WORST, had the service been better I'd still be a customer.

tangobell 1/6/2011
Zero stars for this company! I just finally hung up after wasting 2 1/2 hours talking to 4 different customer service reps, the last one repeatedly putting me on hold while he tried to reach yet another rep, so he could process my phone return and credit. The Samsung slider I ordered was non-functional. I was unable to place any calls (kept saying "emergency calls only"), and would not hold a charge. The replacement phone they sent me was a refurbished LG that didn't even have a camera. When I called customer service they insisted it was a comparable phone. 3 of the 4 reps were very difficult to understand, and 2 of them accidentally cut me off. I chose this company after researching several prepaid companies, but I'm not sure how they have any satisfied customers at all!

ben 1/6/2011
simply the worse ever , $50 worth of purchases yet no calls

Andrea 1/5/2011
At Best these Phones and service is C-R-A-P.
Judging from all the background noise, it seems their customer service opperates out of the main concourse in a Bangladesh train station, which is the only reason I can come up with for having to repeat such a ridiculous amount of information over and over again... Perhaps their goal is to frustrate you to the point that you just hang up.

Randy 1/5/2011
If you have people in your life that you would like to them a Tracfone. The customer service is the most infuriating experience they will ever have. On the other hand, if you do'nt want misery, do'nt buy a Trafone. Sincerely.

Cydsmom 1/5/2011
My daughter and I both have tracfones. Most inexpensive of all the prepaid even prior to the double minutes for life campaign. Never had a problem with coverage, customer service is fine, had a slight problem accessing the web last time we got new phones; it took them a while to fix it, but they loaded us up with lots of free minuted for our trouble. My husband has been with nextel & t mobile w/tons of problems & they're more expensive. Could have better phone selection, but I'm not complaining.

Jodi 1/5/2011
Horrible customer service! I asked them to activate it the next day when my verizon contract ran out, but they activated it that day! Now I have to pay verizon $75 for early termination. I tried to explain to customer service what had happened, but all he said was "Your phone is activated" about 5 times! It reminds me of the commercial "This is Peggy!)

Tom 1/3/2011
After three years with Tracfone I am leaving. We bought a phone for our son for Christmas. It came with unlimited double minutes. We activated the phone then entered a 60 minute card. We waited over three hours for the minutes to double and they didn't. We called tech support and after 30 minutes of punching codes into the phone we got the minutes. Several days later a friend informed him that his phone was not working because he had tried to call him and got a message about his voice mail not being set up. We attempted to set up the voice mail but were informed that the phone needed to be re-activated. We called tech support again and were informed that someone had transferred the minutes to another phone and that we would have to call back in the morning because the department that dealt with that was open only from 8 to 6. We called back and had to explain the whole thing over again. After about 30 minutes we were informed that the department was closed for the holidays and we would have to call back on Monday. I called on Monday and spent over an hour on the phone only to be informed that they believed that we had transferred the minutes ourselves. After being routed to three different people it became clear that they were not interested in helping the customer, only protecting themselves. I will never use Tracfone again.

Roy Barkand 1/1/2011
TracFone Customer support is excellent. I have three TracFones and the signal strength is great compared to my (Verizon) service. Just super satisfied for over 2 years now with the TracFone. The 90-day service with each add-time card can't be beat !