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3 stars of 5 based on 860 reviews

j.c. 9/10/2013
Purchased a samsung cell phone ($60 with prepaid plan) with 1000 prepaid minutes ($100) after reading good web reviews about the T-Mobile prepaid plan. The gentleman at the T-mobil store in the local mall checked my home address on his coverage map and said that coverage near my home would be very strong (highest category - 5 bars). When I brought the phone home, I couldn't get any coverage. But when I returned the phone to the store 2-days later, the store manager said he would only refund the $60 cost of the phone, but not the $100 I paid for the prepaid minutes (even though having prepaid minutes without a working phone is obviously useless). Called T-mobile customer service. The supervisor there politely said he understood my concern, but there was nothing to be done. Rather unhelpful.

alber 9/10/2013

Chuck 9/10/2013
I have an old Nokia Hershey Bar phone with T-Mobile. ABSOLUTELY no issues or problems. I buy the 100.00 refills and that holds me for quite a while. I travel on work throughout the Caribbean and have always had coverage. That does get pricy though, 2.99 per minute in Trinidad. I'll probably buy another phone soon, for the newer features like a camera, but my Nokia is flawless. I love T-Mobile, will suggest this to anybody.

Tink 9/10/2013
This is the worst plan I have ever had in my life. Im switching over to US Cellular. The Gold Rewards dont even apply anymore. $10 is like 30 min. This prepaid plan is ONLY good if you do not use the phone AT ALL. If its just for pure emergency with 2 min. phone calls. Tmobile prepaid practically steals your money. They rip you off on your min. The ONLY good thing about Tmobile is the phones and the ringtones. THATS IT! Tmobile in general is the worst prepaid plan that exists!

jakeoff 9/10/2013
No complaints. Buy the $50 refill and it's pretty cheap overall...lasts me about a month with moderate usage, which is way cheaper than my cingular contract plan was. It's GSM, so you can use pretty much any unlocked phone you want. Plus, the CSRs are far nicer than the idiots at Cingular. So far I'm completely satisfied.

!ShopOhoLic! 9/10/2013
OMG!As soon as i got the fone,i flipped it open and it broke in 1/2!So i went bak in to tell teh clerk and she did NOTHING about it and said that if i wanted to buy a new cell phone,I would have to buy anoter,including the plan,and for the fone and for the contract!!!!I was SO mad and upset and fuios with her...I threw the cell on teh ground,stomped on it,and stormed out!I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL!!!!AND BESIDES,THEY DONT EVEN TREAT U WITH RESPECT!ALL THEY DO IS TREAT U LIKE A TRASH CAN!!!!!!

U wiSh u CouLd knoW mE... 9/10/2013
I THink tHat ThiS iS oNe oF thE BesT ComaPnieS thAt I haVe bEen witH In a Long TiME!I TruLy Do RecomMenD t-MobiLe!!!!!!!!!!

Qat 9/10/2013
You can't get the sim card by itself, as far as I know -- but the cheapest phone that comes with the prepay plan is only $30 and includes $10 worth of minutes. Advice: Immediately buy a $100 card; that kicks you into gold status and cuts the rate to $0.10/minute, INCLUDING the minutes already on the phone -- so your initial $10 gives you 100 minutes rather than 30.

Fred 9/10/2013
How can you beat this deal. The phone cost $29 with free shipping with $10 included and a free $25 card included. That is almost free. I buy a $ 100 card for $88 at wall-mart and become a gold member with 1000 minutes that last a year. The network is as large as any others. I can put their sim in any unlocked phone if I dont like the one provided. My only problem now is what to do with all my Cingular accounts that still have minutes left on them. Notice how all the people who complain here cant give any good reasons. I am the cheapest person on earth and T-Moble is the cheapest and best plan!!!!!!!!!

j.c. 9/10/2013
Purchased a samsung cell phone ($60 with prepaid plan) with 1000 prepaid minutes ($100) after reading good web reviews about the T-Mobile prepaid plan. The gentleman at the T-mobil store in the local mall checked my home address on his coverage map and said that coverage near my home would be very strong (highest category - 5 bars). When I brought the phone home, I couldn't get any coverage. But when I returned the phone to the store 2-days later, the store manager said he would only refund the $60 cost of the phone, but not the $100 I paid for the prepaid minutes (even though having prepaid minutes without a working phone is obviously useless). Called T-mobile customer service. The supervisor there politely said he understood my concern, but there was nothing to be done. Rather unhelpful.

Diana 8/15/2013
T-Mobile is a horrible prepaid cell phone service provider. They sell defective phones that are supposedly under warrantee and if there is a problem, they replace it with another defective phone. By the way, when you ship your phone off for a replacement, you will have to pay the shipping out of your own pocket. It took three weeks to get my phone back. I lost my prepaid minutes for all that time also. T-Mobile refused to reimburse me for either in spite of promises that they would. My phone is still under warrantee and the issue hasn't been resolved. All I want is a phone that works or my money back. They haven't done either, so now I am filing a complaint with the FCC. I refuse to renew my minutes because the issue with my phone is going to damage my hearing if I continue using it if it hasn't already. When I have the phone against my ear and am in the middle of a conversation, it puts out a high-pitched, piercing, continuous sound directly in my ear that doesn't stop until the call is terminated. The problem with the phone is clearly their fault and yet the customer has to pay the shipping the first and second, and possibly the third time it is returned, not to mention the prepaid minutes lost. What kind of warrantee is that? By the time you are done, you could have purchased a brand new phone out right. No matter whether T-Mobile's phones are refurbished or not, I thought they at least had the responsibility to sell us phones that functioned. Somebody really needs to do something about this business. You have to argue with customer service to get them to let you talk with their supervisor. You are next put on hold and the wait time is very long. They aren't going to get another dime out of me.

Peter 7/23/2013
No dropped calls or network outages in 2 years of service. Very fast 4G and LTE data speeds so far. (15+ Mbps in NYC) You can compare prepaid plans at

Neha Kaul 7/16/2013
I just wrote a review and many to give it one star. Like this one. Sorry for the error.

Neha Kaul 7/16/2013
The phone itself was a good purchase. But the customer service that came with it as a result of the billing mistakes, was so painful that I will not go with this service again. They stole my money in the end by threatening me with collection calls which would affect my credit history. The bills and warning letters had different amounts on them. The customer service people were contradicting one anotherand being extremely patronizing in teaching me how to add (I have a phd in engineering). My family is done with t mobile.

Nabik 7/9/2013
t mobile's $2 Daily UL Talk Text 2G Web is false because when i added money to my $2 daily plan since i had my phone turn off completely.since i only use it my cell for when traveling long distant at i went on the t-mobile site to check out other plans.since i added the $10.00 I only use it then to text and i was actually using an app on my phone to text(LINE+ watsapp) so only $2 suppose to com out instead my account is stating i only have $7.63 balance. this is not the first time i notice this had happen to me..I'm only still putting up with T-Mobile crap because my cell is a t-mobile phone and i can't afford to switch at the moment..ughhh

flyingbeagle 6/28/2013
T-Mobile has the worst customer service EVER! Maybe it was because I cancelled my phones that I must suffer. I called customer service (should be renamed T-Mobile hell) to cancel my 3 phones. We don’t use them that much. It doesn’t make sense to pay nearly 100 bucks a month for something we don’t use. One line still is in contract for another 6 months so cancelling it cost me a $100 penalty. I’d rather pay that then pay $50 bucks a month ($300) to keep the contract. 1. Lesson one. Ignore the stupid computer receptionist Do not attempt to tell that thing what you want. It will not understand you. Just dial “0”, and it will connect you with a customer service rep. Whoever invented these stupid things needs to be water tortured. 2. Lesson two. Do not allow the customer service reps to up sell you. When I told the rep I wanted to cancel my accounts because I couldn’t afford it anymore. She actually tried to sell me a more expensive plan. She tried to scare me with the $100 cancellation penalty. I was expecting an aggressive sells push, but what she tried to do was just ridiculous. It was like trying to sell a glass of water to a drowning man. What the hell T-Mobile! So my 3 phones numbers are cancelled as of the next billing cycle – I think. Before this I was considering changing my phones to a 1000 minute Pre paid plan. So on the day of the cancellation I call T-Mobile again to make two the phones Pre Paid so I can keep the same phone numbers. Here is where I enter T-Mobile hell. I call T-Mobile again, and get the useless computer receptionist. I hadn’t learned to hit “O” yet. Repeated “Pre paid” clearly, but it kept saying it doesn’t understand me. So eventually I get frustrated and just hit “0”. Walla - dumb thing connects me to a customer service rep. 3. Lesson three. Do not talk to customer service reps if you want a Pre-Paid plan – or anything really. Their job is not to provide a service. It is to sell you data plans, txt plans, and keep you on the most expensive minutes contract until well after you and your cell phone batteries are dead. This time I told the rep, I just cancelled my accounts, but I wanted to change those numbers to Pre Paid account. Instead of simply doing what I ask, she tried to sell me another monthly account, with more minutes, data, texting. So I repeated that I want to change them to a Pre Paid plan, never asked for anything else, and she seemed to give up, and told me she had to transfer me to the Pre Paid reps. Which she should have done in the first place. I sat on hold for about 3 minutes, and then the same rep gets back on the line. “Sir are you sure you want to do this. We have a great data plan, and minutes plan for you. BLAH BLAH……” At this point I was starting to think this was some kind of phone prank. I told her again, no. I want a prepaid plan. She gives up and connects me to the pre paid reps. He told me he needed to know the SIM card numbers. I didn’t have both phones on me at the time. For some reason when the pre paid rep gets on the phone the connection was horrible. It is was one of those “Can you hear me now?” moments. I had to hang up because we couldn’t hear other. When I was talking to the customer services reps the call was crystal clear. Was this call routed to India? Later I call T-Mobile again using the phone I thought should be cancelled – for some reason the other 2 numbers have been cancelled, but not this one. I hit “O”, and get a customer service rep. I tell her I need to speak to the Pre Paid reps. She connects me straight to them – no sales pitch – no interrogation. At this point I’m truly fed up with T-Mobile and there sales tactics. So when I talk to the Pre Paid rep I attempted to be stern and very clear about what I wanted. There shouldn’t be any confusion about what I wanted. I told him that I wanted each line to be made Pre Paid lines. I want each of them to be 1000 minutes at a cost of $100 bucks, no monthly plans, no data, no texting. He tells me the line that was still under contract can be changed today, but the other line was cancelled (which doesn’t make sense) so I have to wait 74 hours for it to be changed. He puts me on hold a bunch of times and doesn’t tell me he is doing it, so I mistakenly think he has hung up. Eventually the line just goes dead. He didn’t ask me for the SIM cards numbers like first pre paid rep. Why not? At some point I realize this phone has been changed to a prepaid. So I go online to Refill the minutes. T-Mobile needs the phone number of your bank when you use a debit card I filled in the wrong number for that bank. So instead of giving me another chance to correct it, the website just tells me there is problem with your order, and won’t allow me to do anything else. So now I’m forced to call T-Mobile again. I’m thinking I can just talk to the computer, and use my phone to enter the numbers. No. I get some guy rep who insists on interrogating me. He asks me my birthdate, address, last four number of my SSN. OK – no problem. And then proceeds to tell me he is going to ask me some Yes or No questions from public records. What the hell is that? He starts asking me if I’m familiar with particular addresses, and then asks me If I have ever lived in a bunch of counties and cities. This entire process is blowing my mind. So I get frustrated and just list all of the places I’ve lived so he will stop wasting my time. He stops and tells me I can add minutes to my phone now. WTF? Finally I have the first phone loaded. 2 days later I check my other phone. I’m getting Welcome messages from T-Mobile. I don’t remember this happening with the other phone. The messages tell me to go to the T-Mobile website to learn about your plan. When I check my account, it isn’t a Pre Paid account. They have switched it back to 700 minute monthly plan. I call them back. And tell them they screwed up. The sales rep tells me she will take care of it…a few minutes later I get disconnected – again without warning. My second phone now has no minutes, or plan. And I’m considering unlocking it to use another cell phone service. I love my phone. T-Mobile sucks

Nicia parks 6/24/2013
T-mobile prepaid phones sucks!!! And so does t-mobile....called them three times and still can't use the damn phone.

rjlawrencejr 6/11/2013
I hate to say, but many of the complaints I see are due to you as customers not doing proper research prior to making the switch. Personally, I have had a great experience with T-Mobile. I decided to switch over in September 2012 after five plus years with AT&T. The service I had with "Big Blue" was great. I had no complaints at all except for the fact that my bill was at minimum $100 every month (and that included an affinity discount I received through USC). I was looking for a way to economize. Fortunately my iPhone 4 was out of contract, so I unlocked it. I began reading various online forums when I got wind that T-Mobile had a prepaid plan for $30 with 100 minutes of talk time and unlimited data. While I knew I would be sacrificing a lot in talk minutes, I also knew their were Internet alternatives I could turn to (such as Skype). I decided to do additional research, which included calling a T-Mobile company store. The rep politely explained that I could only get that deal through Walmart or online. Based on that, I went to a nearby Walmart, purchased a ToGo kit, took out the SIM, shaved it down and voila, I was now on T-Mobile’s network with my unlocked iPhone. Another fortunate happenstance for me was that at the time I switched, T-Mobile was in the midst of upgrading their 1900mhz band to support iPhone for 3G (and any other phone using that band for 3G coverage). While it was frustrating at times to be on EDGE speeds (after being accustomed to AT&T’s near ubiquitous 3G coverage), I knew at the time of my switch they were in the early stages of updating their technology because I had read extensively and that the upgrades would soon be complete. To date, all of my expectations have been met - and in some cases exceeded. Do I get great coverage at home? No. But I expected that much. I looked at their coverage map and where their towers were located so I knew coverage in my urban/mountainous region would not be great. But when I come down the hill into the city, it's a different story. Coverage throughout SoCal is quite good. The only other time I have some issues is when I enter certain buildings. But this is not T-Mobile's fault, it's a by-product of the frequencies they use for their signal. Higher frequencies are less able to penetrate buildings than lower frequencies. To sum up my review, the reason I give T-Mobile 4/5 stars is strictly because there is always room for improvement. However, I couldn't be happier, especially since I will have saved well over $800 since switching last year. Don’t get me wrong some of you do have legitimate gripes. It could be miscommunication or it could be total wrong doing on the part of T-Mobile. But I do know that many of the problems stated on this board could have been prevented had consumers done their homework prior to shelling out their hard-earned dollars.

Lamon Unhappy 6/10/2013
Just got with T-Mobile last month and i must say the price is wonderful but the service is terrible. I have unlimited everthing on the iphone i purchased, some times it won't let my text messages go through and this happens when i'm home and at work. And some times i won't receive a text until later in the day that was sent earlier.Also i've had to exchange my iphone twice thinking it was the phone but came to findout it was the service.The good price doesn't out weigh the poor service.

Daren 5/23/2013
Very difficult to get through to customer service. Problems with paying correct amount because of taxes. Even more difficult to stop auto pay. Long hold times when you can get through to customer service.

Dave in Seattle 5/7/2013
Unhappy with overcharges I have been using t-mobile togo for years. The actual coverage and call quality is good here in the puget sound area. It seems I can't trust them to charge my minutes fairly though. I will be watching my balance very closely, if they continue to overcharge my minutes this will be my last $100 refill.

lpool 4/25/2013
I, too, have had *a lot* of trouble with my 1000 prepaid minutes "disappearing" with little phone usage. I just got off the phone with a T-Mobile customer service manager who I spoke with in order to file a complaint about the issue, and towards the end of our call he said, "You do know that every time you call 411 it costs $1.79 plus minutes, don't you?" Well, that was news to me. I do not use my phone often, but I probably call 411 5-10 times per month. (And occasionally I am given the wrong number and have to call back multiple times until I receive the correct one!) That wastes a ton of minutes per call! I told the manager that it would be nice if it was posted visibly on their website, so that I would have known not to use 411. He apologized for that and offered me a $50/month plan so that I could avoid those issues =) I wish I called and found that out years ago! It would have saved me tons of money.

lpool 4/25/2013
I, too, have had *a lot* of trouble with my 1000 prepaid minutes "disappearing" with little phone usage. I just got off the phone with a T-Mobile customer service manager who I spoke with in order to file a complaint about the issue, and towards the end of our call he said, "You do know that every time you call 411 it costs $1.79 plus minutes, don't you?" Well, that was news to me. I do not use my phone often, but I probably call 411 5-10 times per month. (And occasionally I am given the wrong number and have to call back multiple times until I receive the correct one!) That wastes a ton of minutes per call! I told the manager that it would be nice if it was posted visibly on their website, so that I would have known not to use 411. He apologized for that and offered me a $50/month plan so that I could avoid those issues =) I wish I called and found that out years ago! It would have saved me tons of money.

Peggy 4/21/2013
Well, for the unlimited data no-contract plan, it is calculated based on 30 days but not a month. So, I had tried to talk abit more on the last day of the month, but then, I found out I used up the remain minutes of the new month. The could have market it as $30 for 30 days rather than per month

Peggy 4/21/2013
Well, for the unlimited data no-contract plan, it is calculated based on 30 days but not a month. So, I had tried to talk abit more on the last day of the month, but then, I found out I used up the remain minutes of the new month. The could have market it as $30 for 30 days rather than per month

Weisse 4/5/2013
The worst lying customer service I ever encountered

jon 4/4/2013
I switched over approximately Jan of 2013 from Sprint. I live and work in a metro area, downtown Pittsburgh, and for me the service is perfect . Clear calls and reliable texting at a very fair price. I opted for the 50 prepaid plan...also sometimes you can score a $50 card on eBay for much less.. its hit or miss but the lowest I paid is $34. SCORE. My phone is only 3G and that works just fine for me ...I'm not really into my phone being a computer...but I do use it for quick Google searches for addresses and phone numbers. Also the navigation feature seems to work well although I've only used it a few times. the service is also good and most of the suburbs . I've never had a dropped call and I've never had to contact customer service and I hope I never do based on the other reviews .

Melinda 3/26/2013

Ace Nixon 3/20/2013
I got a No-Contract phone with TMo a couple of months ago under a promo package.I paid for the phone and the $60 initial monthly credit.Samsung was fantastic that I used my regular sim card for about 2 months.Just today,I tried to activate the no-contract sim card & it says zero credit.When I checked on the purchase receipt,the $60 was charged but the account remained on zero credit,indeed.IDK if late activation caused the $60 to expire or it wasn't really credited at all.Just to keep the account going,I inquired if I can refill a $10 or $30 prepaid cards from Walmart but unfortunately,it seems it won't work either.Too bad.The only consolation I have right now though is I'm able to keep the SGS that I bought for a relatively cheaper price of $300 instead of the $580 at retail,they say.Oh well, whatever.I'm still sticking it out with TMo,though. ?

tony 3/20/2013
not happy with tmobile,i bought an unlocked gsm android cellphone,and added the $50 dollars unlimited monthly plan and something went wrong.i get 2g speed on my 4g unlocked android.i called inmediately CS and a representative told me my device does not works in the same frecuencies they transmit data so to get 4g speed with tn=mobile you have to buy a compatible device,the representative told me they are trying to fix this problem and transmit in all others freciencies but not for swithing to another company right now like virgin mobile,boost mobile or any other but first iam going to make some research about each provider and choose the best for me.good bye tmobile you don't tell customers they must check their devices compatibility before buy a plan,iam very desapointed with u.

Joe 3/8/2013
So far so good.
Tired paying ATT voice+text for $110/month (tax included) on 3 phones so I decided to try 3x$30 prepaid plans on three diff phone, 2 with unlimited data and 1 for 30MB data. Bought Samsung Galaxy and ordered 2 extra SIM cards (free) from T-mobile. I am happy I've got data plan on my new phone and pay less than before. One cons, the prepaid phone I paid for $400 is not unlocked. At the end people need to match their lifestyle with the phone plans, I have landline at home and phone at work so 100-min a month is OK.

Hardly any 3G, terrible customer service 3/4/2013
I received an iPhone as a gift since my relative found a cheap phone at an auction. Since the phone wasn't under contract, I called AT&T to have them unlock it. T-Mobile has an awesome plan that I wanted, $30 for 100 minutes and unlimited text & web with 5gb's of up to 4G speeds. T-Mobile was working on their towers to support the iPhone so it can have 3G.

Videoanne 3/3/2013
Bad customer service, no customer loyalty. Could care less with a will run you around in circles take up hours of your time with attitude.I had a cell for emergency use basically I purchased 2 or 3 hundred minutes every year for 6 years. Basic model flip style phone. After 6 years T-Mobile closed my account without notice, gave my phone number to someone else who lives locally. When my phone did not work I assumed it was out of minutes, I purchased 50 dollars to load the phone. The minutes went to the other fellow who now had my phone number. I spent hours and hours on the phone with T-Mobile reps attempting to recover the money spent for minutes and my phone number. I was passed around in endless loops without apology or results. Finally Calling Mart
(the internet company I use to purchase the minutes for my cell)agreed that since my husband and I were long standing customers they would refund half of the money I had lost.Calling Mart even attempted to engage T-mobile in assisting with a refund or other arrangement with no result.
Calling Mart who was not at fault was very responsive and helpful. T-Mobile could have cared less. I have a new cell and a new provider and I am warning everyone about T-Mobile. They will close your account without notice and will reassign your phone number. I can't wait until the new fellow gets the 3am emergency phone call from the nursing home where my mom lives! Stay away from T-Mobile. Buy your minutes from Calling Mart but don't load them into a T-Mobile phone. T-Mobile could care less about customer service.

Centinel 2/22/2013
Out of the four national carriers, T-Mobile is trying the hardest to shake things up. They've got no-contract unlimited data, soft data caps rather than hard caps, and relatively competitive prices. I like that.

Andrew L. 2/20/2013
I recently scrapped my AT&T smartphone because of the outrageous monthly bill. I've got a tablet and a laptop, so what's the point? I purchased the T-Mobile Aspect at Walmart and signed up for the $30/mo. 1500 voice/text prepaid service, which is an excellent value. The phone number porting process only took a few hours and online setup was fast and intuitive. The call quality on T-Mobile's network is excellent. Texts are sent and received quickly. I don't use data much (it's a feature phone). For the price, you can't do much better!

John 2/11/2013
My experience with T-Mobile is very negative. First, after 9 years with Suncom (T-Mobile purchased Suncom), I had earned significant customer retention discounts and reward minutes to my contract plan. T-Mobile removed these earned benefits and discounts. After many calls and complaints, I was able to get them to release me from my two year contract early, so I could change my service to AT&T. A year or so later, I decided to purchase a T-Mobile To Go phone for back-up/emergency for travel use. After purchasing a total of over $100 worth of refills (over 1000 minutes) over several years, I was traveling at the end of last year and did not have my back-up T-Mobile prepaid phone with me when the minutes expired. They completely removed over $100 worth of minutes. Upon calling to get these restored, the most they would do (after multiple phone calls and heavy pleading) was give me a $25 credit. Basically robbed me of over $80 worth of purchased minutes. So, T-Mobile is at the bottom of my list for wireless companies.

Barry 2/8/2013
I bought the T-Mobile sim card for an unlocked iphone 4s that I paid full retail for last year. I've used the phone with Straight Talk and H2O Wireless. The card came and I activated it on their website and bought the $30.00 a month plan. To get the $30 unlimited data plan you have to buy it when you activate the sim card. I installed the Profile APN Carrier Setting for T-Mobile. But every time I inserted the sim card it would tell me the sim card was invalid and would not work in the phone. I contacted T-Mobile and they couldn't fix it either. So I asked if I could get a refund on the $30 plan, since I wasn't going to be able to use it and they refused. They said they don't give refunds on prepaid service. That worked out to be a great deal for them, not so much for me. I will never use or try to use T-Mobile again.

PissedCustomer 2/6/2013
Terrible customer service, difficulty porting number to T-Mobile, signed me up for the wrong plan and refused to correct, and then had the gall to try to force me to sign up for a two-year contract. AVOID!

It Sucks! 2/5/2013
As soon as my one month is up, I'm going back to Page Plus Cellular. Call quality is awful and the network is shaky!

andy 2/4/2013
Be aware that when re-filling your account each month, never pay a penny more. The extra amount would not be refunded if you leave. I don't remember ever seeing such notice when I signed up. I have no problem paying the full month but cancel early and forfeit the whole month. But this is not a case at all. I added money to the account and buy the plan each month. It's the extra money that I have on my account that they won't refund.

Dennis 2/2/2013
Very poor coverage (even though I'm out in the boonies the other major providers provide great coverage). I switched to T-mobile to avoid the high rages with AT&T. However, T-Mobile turns over phone numbers so quickly that the majority of the phone calls I receive are for the two previous owners of the number. The last owners listed the number on a swingers site, so I get very sexually graphic voice mails. I've spoken to their outsourced customer service (sounds like the Phillipines) a few times, but their only remedy is to offer me a $5 credit (yes, just five dollars) or change my number. The only problem is that I run my own business, so if I were to change my number, I'd lose a great deal of income. I'm thinking class action.

Anne 1/27/2013
T-Mobile closed my account without notice, gave my number to new customer-my 50 dollar refill today went to the new customer's account!!! T-Mobile reps completely unwilling to rectify.
I spent three hours on the phone tonight with T mobile customer service and on with the on line chat. Absolutely the worst customer service experience I ever had!

julian 1/18/2013
Please don't make the same mistake i carefull if you are using an unlocked android,in most cases tmobile don't tell you that most unlocked gsm devices from another company will not get 3g 0r 4g speed because does not support the same frecuency tmobile transmit data.instead you'll get on the 'edge' data that means like '2g' speed or if you plan to use tmobile prepaid by a tmobile phone or be sure to buy an unlocked cell or android that will get the maximun 4g iam stuck with my unlocked att samsung galaxy exhilarate,i can receive and make calls,get emails but impossible to access the android market with this turtle speed data service.

Ericka 1/7/2013
I got the Samsung Exhibit $60 no contract plan in T-Mobile last December. I switched from AT&T because I was paying a lot and it didnt include unlimited data. My dad just got the no contract plan and my mom has been with T-Mobile for years so I figure that I would try it out.

Marge 12/29/2012
In recently had an issue with no data transmitting on a prepaid phone with numerous text from T Mobile stating I had insufficient funds to transmit. Customer service terrible, numerous transfers etc. Obvious re-routed to foreign country. Service used to be good when I first signed up two years ago. It took over an hour to resolve the issue and I had plenty of minutes to get messages. Seriously considering terminating service at end of month or if another transmittal issue.

jamie 12/28/2012
Probably the worst customer service around. Manual not written in logical manner.

TZ 12/17/2012
Not sure if it can be any worse. Tried them very briefly, Most expensive prepaid I have used. As soon as the phone was active, I was hit with a barrage of wrong numbers, unsolicited calls, and calls from T-Mobile that were for someone else. Long automated messages when account is low, can't be skipped. Just trash. Gave em a chance, then left em.

Kay(1) 12/17/2012
I've mulling over switching to T-Mobile for years. AT&T my current has be working more than fine, I really had nothing to complain about and the customer service was great. I think that can make a break a place. Anyway, me doing that yearly research I do to make I'm being cheated and T-Mobile was looking nice. The phones were decent. They had prepaid on the 4g which was a deciding factor and I don't even use my internet on my now. I will either go to my ipod or my tablet or my two labtops. Oh did I mention this was my second tablet. I don't whats the deal with technology and people we buy a lot of despite a need or not. It's habit I really need to conquer it would ave me tons of money in the future. So back to T-Mobile I brought a phone stole my number from AT&T to use for the T-Mobile

Kay(2) 12/17/2012
Brought a $50 air thing for my account just to talk. After a few phone calls with support who seem to have no idea what was wrong gave more than enough to go back to AT&T on hands and knees asking for forgiveness. They gave it to me even got that number back from T-Mobile. I returned it got my money back I assumed the money for air time would come later. Later passed I called got a person who didn't understand, no offense to the people out there making a living.
a word i was saying I called just to be transferred to the person who could help just for to tell me she sees the order but i like the help of their defense team or something and they cost two dollars an hour. I said to her that I have pay for right that is mine in the first place. I went through the same thing with Boost and they reurned all my money no questions asked. Why do we as custmers have to remind of every single purchersed we made with you. Im you are all the money you are making from us. Now im waiting for that team to call me back with what i should do next and if doesnt fly i will be talking to a manager on how they are portrying a companay that only cares about money and not the customer support they claimed. And after this is over T-Mobile will never be on a list of consideration if I ever get stupid again about AT&T. I hope this helps.

Eddie 12/15/2012
I am very happy with t moblie I have no problem with them .

Da'rrell 12/15/2012
After switching from AT&T I ported my number to T-mobile Prepaid! The whole entire process took about 6 hours! I selected the Unli. Web & Txt w/100min Talk!
1st. Complaint - Tmobile told me that my Att 4G Device would work perfectly on their network with their 4g network! WRONG! I was stuck on the Edge network, and when I went to tell them they was like SORRY would you like to buy a Tmobile Device for $200 Dollars? Im like NO!

Beth 12/10/2012
I have had TMobile Prepaid plan for years. I don't use my phone for anything other than occasional calls and alot of texting. I have not had to uss customer service because everything is fine. Some comments I've noticed are in regards to customer service calls going overseas. Are you aware that you can state you want to speak with someone in the United States? They will transfer the call to the US. This goes for any company you talk to.

Annie Fischer 12/10/2012
Have had tmobile for years. Love it!

Unhappy 12/9/2012
Where's the 4G and 3g? Tmobile is just asking for a class action lawsuit! The claim to have the fastest and largest 4g network yet it's non existent. Then they throttle you to the snail pace Edge system. Tmobile should go out of business.

Scott 12/7/2012
t-Mobile steals, they treat you like a moron, as per other complaints: "Terrible customer service and illegal practices. I have had pre paid service and every month they say my balance is too low to use my service even when I haven't used my phone at all. Every month for teh past 3 mnths I have had issues and they won't explain where the minutes go--I tell them what reflects on my phone and they just transfer me to another rep. One rep wouldn't let me finish a sentence and I wasn't mad or agitated, just explaining what happaned then he transferred me mid sentence and the payment rep said they couldn't tell me anything about my payments--that I had to speak to cust serv again. Unbelievable scammers. I didn't use my hone for a month while I was in Germany--just paid the monthly prepaid and had a balance of 10 minutes and they said I used up all of my minutes. Total scam." Thats exactly true. Also, the mexican made Noki 1616, otherwise a nice phone, strangly I get endless voice and text messages from latino gang affiliates in greater Los Angeles area, the frequency seems to parallel usage of the phone, e.g. every time you use it, within 24 hours later I'm getting anonymous messages to buy / sell, then they stop after 2 or 3 attempts to contact. It makes you paranoid. the latino T-mobile service

Xavier 12/6/2012
I bought myself a unlocked Nexus 4 from Google and signed up for T-Mobile's $30 unlimited text/data(5GB at 4G speeds) with 100 minutes plan and their Montly 4G handset protection service. So far everything has been working without problem. No spam text messages, coverage is comparable to Sprint (which I had and left due to slow data!) no missing minutes. Everything has been going smoothly. Perfect plan for a teen on a budget! Highly recommend the Monthly 4G Plans

Dan 12/4/2012
Have the Exibit 2 and 30 dollar data plan, my wife has the same and the 50 dollar plan. We save a lot with it and I am switching her to the 30 dollar 500 min plan soon. So far, in San Antonio it works fine. My 30 dollar 100 min talking plan is hard for me to use, but I started using free Vonage app when home and a talktone and google number linked in and all is good. When we travel, the reception can be non existant, in west Texas, intermountain, eastern oregon, no data at all. Good cheap plan, and ok phones.

angela 11/19/2012
Took over a week to transfer landline number to cell phone. Received an email on Sunday stating it would be done within 24 hours, that didn't happen. When I called kept getting transferred to different departments. House phone was completely shut off 2 days later and had to go 6 days without any phone service. It took approximately 10 calls to get issue resolved,was some kind of clitch (that happens occasionally) was told I'd get a free month of service once phone was activated. Called and of course no-one could verify that I was entitled to free month because of the aggravation. So much for keeping the customer satisfied, it's all about the money and so what if I was inconvenienced and have children at home.

Mr. Taylor 11/12/2012
I switched back to T-Mobile when my contract with AT'T was too high. I like T-Mobile and they have the right business approach.

king 11/10/2012
Terrible customer service and illegal practices. I have had pre paid service and every month they say my balance is too low to use my service even when I haven't used my phone at all. Every month for teh past 3 mnths I have had issues and they won't explain where the minutes go--I tell them what reflects on my phone and they just transfer me to another rep. One rep wouldn't let me finish a sentence and I wasn't mad or agitated, just explaining what happaned then he transferred me mid sentence and the payment rep said they couldn't tell me anything about my payments--that I had to speak to cust serv again. Unbelievable scammers. I didn't use my hone for a month while I was in Germany--just paid the monthly prepaid and had a balance of 10 minutes and they said I used up all of my minutes. Total scam.

David C. 11/8/2012
I really don't call that much nor interested in using data so this prepaid service is good for me. I just buy a 100 dollar refill and it last for 4 to 6 months. Signal is very good for the San Francisco area. I know that any drop calls is due to the budget T-Mobil phone I use so I'm planing on buying an unlocked phone in the future to get a better signal.
Anyway, if you just want to call and text and not that often then this plan is good for you. OTOH if you require data and make lots of calls then this plan may not be for you.

Mike 11/7/2012
T-mobile's prepaid data-only plans look like a good value at first glance but have two annoying caveats, one of which is a dealbreaker:

s ensign 11/5/2012
had t mobile prepaid for 1 month. service was consistent, but really slow. I was even verified in a 4g market in Phoenix. After I switched to Verizon, I called to get a bill to keep on record for my business. What a joke. Their customer service for prepaid is HORRIBLE. If you ever plan having to call into T Mobile prepaid, never plan on getting anyone who speaks native English. WOW, strongly do not recommend.

Robert DeZurik 10/28/2012
We have had T-Mobile pay as you go for a few years. Their coverage has been marginal and it is not the same as their coverage for monthly plans. Their customer has fallen apart and are terrible to deal with. I dropped my service with them 4 months ago and am dropping my wife's today.

Lorries Stoires 10/17/2012
I've had T-Mobile pay as you go for about 5 years now. Love the convenience of a pre-paid. I only use it for calls to or fromn the school or my kids. I recently got my kids phones form Virgin they both suck!!! They don't have any coverage in our area. (San Francisco) wtf? So,, T-Mobile does not work well in some areas such as Carmel or mountains, but in our area they work great. I now have T-Mobile for my kids too.

Jolie 9/24/2012
So here's my complaint that I sent tmobile for false advertising...he charged me for the insurance... I have the reciept ... The tmobile reps are so useless and need to actually get our issues resolved before letting us get off the phone still unhappy...prepaid customers should be a priority just as well as the postpaid customers.....

Josh 9/23/2012
Worst - they actually cut your prepaid servive in 25 days, so u never get 30 days complete month.

ej 9/13/2012
T-Mobile has the most God awful service there is.Dropped calls,no coverage, data never works, and always running edge.Where's the 4g?!!!

Dave 9/7/2012
I am with T Mobile for 10 years and for the past two years I feel that I have to let them go!!!! As of today they cannot compete with other providers for nothing. Someone can say that i cannot compare their service with other, new companies and I might agree, but I am definitely letting them go in one month when my contract is over. Today unlimited service for text, call and data should not cost more than 50 dollars, taxes and fees including. T-Mobile is too greedy and it is a fact. They probably feel that they are too big and they can afford to keep their prices but they are wrong and they are no longer getting my money.

Peter H. 9/3/2012
About a year ago, T-Mobile took out the $1.50 day tokens for Web access. Now, to get on the Web you have to change your whole plan?! And, the daily plan is from midnight to midnight.

Bobby Cell 9/3/2012
Been with T-Mobile for 10 years! Now using their pre-paid monthly as it cannot be beat!
Yes most customer service sucks every where , but the savings and service is great!
Appears most problems are due to people NOT following the terms of service and just flat out NOT knowing what they are buying!Most if not all cell phone time is rounded up to the next minute as has been since the old brick phones.
I am one happy $30.00 per month person for now!

Cody 8/23/2012
I'm about to purchase my 4th T-Mobile prepaid for my daughter. I switched from Verizon two years ago in an effort to save some money. My children and wife use the phones very little, and it has save us a tremendous amount of money. $100refill for my wife lasts about a year which works out to a little over $8/month. A $10 refill for my son will last a few months, so $3 or $4/month. Daughter has texting plan, so less than $20/month give unlimited texting and whatever calls she makes. Bottom line is I'm paying about $30/month total for 3 phones whereas I was paying $80/month for two before. Verizon's coverage was better, but T-Mobile is still very good. For good coverage and low budget, I highly recommend it. My employer pays for my Sprint phone, so I haven't switched, but the coverage seems about the same.

Dennis 8/9/2012
I bought a new unlocked Galaxy Nexus which requires 3G & 4G networks. Have been a TMobile customer for 11 years. Nowhere in its website or in conversations with TMobile customer care people did they ever warn that once their data plans were throttled they went to 2G. Naturally, if you travel and have a job that is web intensive without constant WiFi access you are going to bust their data limit at some point during the month AND at that point your phone as a data device is useless because of 2G. Now, Google can tweak the Nexus for 2G but that kills the purpose of the phone. What frosts me though is that TMobile never ever mentioned 2G at any time before I discontinued my BBerry plan for the new plan. You know, if you have suspicion that something is wrong you can check it on the net, but who in the hell would expect throttling to go to 2G in this day????

Micah 7/28/2012
I used T-mobile for about 6 months before moving to a contract T-mobile line and I have to say it was a pleasant experience.

B 7/21/2012
Most of the people rating low are rating because of something THEY did. I switched to T-mobile after I moved out of my mom's house because I did not want to get stuck with an expensive contract and everyone else's Go plans were either horrible or expensive. I can also use just about any phone with T-mobile and that's important because I often use imported or unlocked phones. I get 3-4 bars in my house and this is on an unlocked iPhone. Outside I consistently get 5 bars and I believe if you live in the city or close to one, you will get more bars.I've never had a problem with stolen minutes, missing minutes, horrible customer service or anything everyone else complains about and I've been with them for 2 yrs. I'm only giving them 4 stars because they won't allow current T-mobile customers to purchase the new 30$ plan they introduced with unlimited internet access!! I'm a heavy internet user, but a very light phone user and I just don't think that's fair. Otherwise, everything is great.

Denden 7/17/2012
Coverage is less than Tracfone. Lots of searching zones even near cites. Right after the warranty expired the phone stopped ringing. They told me tough, I had buy a new one. Was few days late in renewing my minutes, so lost $33 dollars of minutes.
Tracfone is more expensive, but a whole lot better.

7 Year TM Customer 7/5/2012
Recently had a problem with a ringtone company spamming my phone. Stole $10 from my prepaid account. Prepaid customer service rep refunded my money immediately plus gave me a few extra dollars for my time. Rep was also polite and blocked the spammer. All in all a good experience.

Deb 7/3/2012
Extreeeemely difficult to get a tmobile pre paid phone set up. 'Family Tmobile' (WalMart) had poor sound quality (fewer tmobile cel towers) so I had to switch back to a Tmobile. One terrific internet tm manager helped me order my Dart & gave me a small credit for all my trouble. But she wasn't in the dept. that sets the phone up: First after calling Tmobile 611 then the 877 # to activate my new tmobile Dart, I was re routed overseas to 3 different people/incorrect departments, back to the wrong dept in the US, then back overseas. The strong accents were VERY hard to understand & one man could not understand my phone # I gave him 3 times. Up til a month ago I was a month to month TMobile customer for 3 years, pd every bill on time, but tried to leave tmobile recently when they wouldn't give me any options for a better priced phone when my tmobile Samsung stopped working correctly. I've lost 12 hours & counting in 3 weeks & $45 of tmobile service ('sorry no pro rating folks, no matter what a great customer you've been we want every penny we can squeeze out of you!!') trying to get a decent phone this past month :( Whew. Why lock myself in to a 2 year commitment w/ a co.that doesn't care about me, just to get a deal on a phone.

Hate T Mobile 6/18/2012
I do not understand why this prepaid plan is given such a high rating. Customer service is offshore, they are rude and speak poor English. 90% of my calls get dropped or have poor reception. I am constantly getting "no coverage" "call cannot be made."

taibairen 6/14/2012
The T-Mobile prepaid phone sucks, never use it! I bought one last month, refilled 30 dollars. After 3 calls, at most 5 minutes, my service is shut down by T-mobile. I called the service dept., they told me my refilled money get lost, and they did give me back. If I do not ask them, I would never get my money back. These happens again and again, and I don't wanna to talk to those indian agents anymore. I really can't understand what they are talking about. Then I just throw away the phone and bought a Tracphone instead, which is much much better.

Jayne 6/8/2012
T-mobile has unlimited texting with two plans (speaking of pre-pay)... I don't know where this site gets its information... I have it and it works, but not at work... I like T-mobile.

Angry customer 6/8/2012
Their customer service people lie to you. Do NOT fall for the loyalty plan of purchasing a phone up front and they will credit your tmobile account an almost equal amount, promising that if you return it the will credit your method of purchase. The phone was faulty and they refused to credit me even though I sent it back with in the 20 day buyers remorse period. Two of their cust. service managers LIED to me about returning the money and reversing the credit on the tmobile account. The got that extra $286.00 out of me because I fell for the offer of $250.00 credit on my tmobile account. DO NOT BELIEVE THESE LIARS!!!!

Rebecca 6/2/2012
I love the prepaid service I have with T-Mobile. I pay $60 a month for unlimited calls/text and 2gb of 4g internet (after the 2gb, I still get internet, but only at a 2g speed. When I fill my account, I call the *233 and use a credit card and it sends the info automatically with no lost money. The only reason I didn't mark with 5 stars is the wait time to speak to a representative by phone or by internet chat. Also I get spam sms on occasion, but not all the time. Other than that, I have no problem.

Barbara 6/1/2012
Really, no stars. Last November I went into the Clearwater, FL store on Gulf-to-Bay Blvd to add minutes to my husband's Gold Plan, and they somehow lost the rollover minutes, and cancelled our Gold Plan. Since then, all I talk to is foreign people I can't understand them and they don't care about helping, they just cut off the call if it is complicated. They are rude as well. I have another phone with 3G and a contract with TMobile, and I have been loyal for a long time, but something has changed, service is bad, hard to get people in America, and no one cares. I don't recommend TMobile anymore - get a company with US people who actually want to gain your business.

Bob 5/31/2012
T-Mobile prepaid 1) blocks international calls and texts (including incoming). 2) Their payment website rarely works, and usually just says "online payment is unavailable at this time, try again later". Apparently they don't like money. 3) There are a number of apps including account information, app-payment, and visual voicemail, none of which actually do what they're designed to. 4) T-Mobile forbids you from seting up call forwarding. 5) Their data network frequently stops working without explanation. Apps and web browsers sit there staring at you with a loading... 6) Calls are frequently not connected at all or dropped. 7) I frequently receive the same text message 4 or more times in a row from someone.

jeburn 5/27/2012
Warning!! Pre-paid T-Mobile Exhibit II 4g from Wal-Mart and or other stores. Don’t buy. After 2 months its shot. Can’t access internet, drop calls etc.: Customer service can’t help either. No matter what they tell you to do not fix the problem.

Mr. Taylor 5/12/2012
I had a contract with them 2years ago. Somehow I saved my phone. Well I have been using Sprint in a contract... Bills were too high. Sprint sucks... Now I am using my old phone. It still works. I am happy so far. I have the 50/month which takes care of my needs. Smaller plans will nickel and dime you. I give 4 stars not 5 stars because I cannot use it at work when my sprint phone worked. But other than that it is real good. I recommend T-mobile prepay per month and not pay as you go or on a contract.

very satisfied 5/10/2012
I have tmobile $50 monthly 4g plan and I LOVE IT!!! It's automatically billed to my credit card so there's never an interruption in service.. NO added $20 in "taxes and fees" like with contract plans and the best thing is I use my HTC G2 smartphone on this plan.. Yeah after the 100mb 4g is gone my netflix "buffers" like crazy.. but hey for $50 unlimited everything I can deal with that :-)

CCCC 5/8/2012
If you buy a $100 per year plan, with Gold status, it will be an excellent plan for you under the condition that you are not a frequent user. The average monthly cost is low.

sb 5/3/2012
The thing simply did not work (unable to receive calls or SMS, which were forwarded to some other number), the 30 minutes for $10 are more like 10 minutes, credit expires, and their overpriced customer hotline is the worst ever.

Dwight 4/22/2012
This year, no SMS reminding my daughter to renew her minutes. Minutes expire, no-customer service to restore minutes. Why would I continue purchasing service from TM when they steal $$ from my kids.

d2f 4/21/2012
I signed up for $10 and a few days later the account was zero. It seems that T-Mobile signed me up for some premium service without telling me. That service costs more than ten dollars and I was left with nothing. I went on line and chat with them, eventually they restore the $10 but days later I found it was down to $5.61. I chatted with them again only to find out the T-mobile had third party services attached that I did not know about nor is it mentioned on their web site and there is no way to turn them off unless you chat with T-mobile. This time T-mobile did not refund the charges. But I was able to have them turn off everything, no third party services, no premium services, no dam crap that I did not sign for. The only problem is unless you know about it they will nickel and dime your account like a vampire until you either kill the account or contact them and ask them to bug off. So what do I think of T-mobile? if zero stars was possible they would get it.

Jesus 4/12/2012
T-Mobile is a pretty good prepaid cell phone company. I've been with them a few years and haven't had any major problems. They recently released a new prepaid refill android application. It's pretty good.

Laura 4/10/2012
I purchased the exhibit 2 from walmart on the 50/per/mo plan because tmobile gets reception in the buildings at my school. but its been nothing but problems! 1) i had to change my number since the porting department fails at life and could not port my old number over 2) i pay my monthly bill via refill card but it does not automatically post!!!! WTH?! i have to call them at midnight on my due date and b***h until they restore my service and my phone constantly shuts down saying it has not been paid even though i always pay early 3)customer service is full of complete idiots who contradict each other and no one can get the job done! 4) the exhibit is a very cheap phone and it shows 5) i cant even use the 4g i pay for b/c then it will not send or receive texts but that happens half the time anyway so what's the difference? I will rethink before I buy prepaid again.

NJdude 4/4/2012
No connectivity problems but money in account seems to disappear and there's no way to track usage other than by using the phone's own records, i.e. no online account records of calls/texts made/received. Customer service is worthless and as usual English is a second language for them. Switching two/three phones to another prepaid service. Find a service that respects their customers.

Sunny 3/27/2012
T-mobile service waste of money.. Bad.. I had t-mobile for 2 years..

Bob 3/27/2012
I changed for ATT to T-Mobile about a year ago. So far the $30 1500 min/text w/30mb data is working for me. I have even found the UMA on my Nokia Mode E73 to be of value in areas that don't have great reception. My house is just 3 bars without the UMA on Wifi, but full bars as soon as I get into Wifi range. When we travel my phone works at all the hotels with Wifi even if the coverage is not there. I am told that the UMA feature works anywhere in the world with Wifi to call the States. Very convenient - and I'll try it on a cruise this summer. Don't look for great customer service from anyone if you have a prepaid account and most providers have outsourced their CS Depts. My best advise is to buy a used T-Mobile phone if you want T-Mobile prepaid to work the best. Their bands are different than AT&T and although my old AT&T Nokia phone would work (after it was unlocked) it was not as good as the T-Mobile native Nokia phone. So, follow the rules, get a proven phone, and don't wxpect miracles. The service is well worth the $30/mo when compared to Verizon and ATT's $75+++.

Mick 3/26/2012
If I could leave an even lesser score - I would. Let me say that I picked up TMobile prepaid (coming over from Boost Mobile) and immediately after I was signed up and ready to go, I ran into issues. I had to have a certain security measure unlocked on my HD7 so that I could fully access the web. Not only that but I do a lot* of traveling, and a GPS is a must. With Boost Mobile, the GPS was free and FULLY* helpful. The phone (Samsung Prevail) seemed to basically transform into a handheld GPS with voice-over's as you travel along and the maps would INSTANTLY update should you decide to hop off or take a wrong turn. TMobile's "Mapping" service (as they call it) took WAY TOO LONG to update. In the 2 or 3 minutes that it's calculating, you've driven well far off the map. Tmobile also offers MORE 4G coverage for more money. Well here's the catch, ALL internet services on cell phones slow's down - 4G or not. So basically all you're paying for is something that DOES NOT EXIST. I find it ironic that Tmobile has been around longer than Boost (which i'm sure is another company under a new name) yet Boost offers a RELAXING prepaid expierience for it's customers with NO hassle. With TMobile - I was prompted -VIA PHONE - to give up my social security number to access the internet (A feature that is supposed to be UNLIMITED) READ MY WARNING!! TMobile=LIMITS... PERIOD. THis is the WORST* phone service I've EVER had to endure and I'll be MORE THAN GLAD to avoid adding another month and going back to the NO HASSEL- NO HAGGLE - Boost mobile (which also has bill shrinkage.) Get it together TMobile - Prepaid accounts for more than half of our nations cell phone users.. YOu're losing business and turning away customers.

very angry 3/19/2012
I'm soooo mad right now tmobile is a rip off, I was under the tmobile contract and somehow I woke up on yesterday to find out my acct was transferred to tmobile prepaid. Wtf?? How is that even possible? So I called tmobile both prepaid and postpaid customer care, told them my issue and was told oh its ok we can fix it that it would take a few hours for this issue to be resolved, a few hours later still no tmobile service I called back and was told there's nothing they can do... I was so mad I just said screw it transfer me to prepaid so I could put 70.00 on my phone for the monthly 4g plan it went through successfully... tried to make a call the call couldn't be placed called cs they tld me to wait 1hr it should work 1hr came and went still unable to make a call or txt and I can't get a refund!!!!

Charly 3/17/2012
If i could give your Pay as you go plan a zero I would!!! I paid over $200 for the exhibit II thinking it would be a good phone. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! It NEVER has service even though on your map I should have good coverage. Every call I have had has been dropped. Im lucky to even make calls!! I dont get my texts until half a day later. If i want to send one I have to resend it like six times!!! DONT BE FOOLED!!! THESE PHONES ARE NOT WORTH IT!!!!

Teresa@Charly 3/17/2012
i had the same problem; and after some digging on youtube it was the APN; something was amiss with it; so i typed some new stuff in ((like i said youtube helped me lol)) and then i restarted my phone and its been working fine since(: Idk if you will see this but i hoped it helped abit

TeeTee 3/17/2012
I recently got the Samsung Exhibit 2 from my local walmart; they helped me set up my new phone there any everything; and when i told girl i wanted the 30 dollar unlimited text and web and 100 talk minutes she said that plan was not allowed on my phone. And that i would have to get the 50 dollar a month plan. I am one of the many jobless people; and continue to search; and i don't think i can fork over 50 bucks a month for a phone; reason why i left verizon for virgin mobile; and i would have stuck with Virgin but i am currently moving where sprint's towers and reception is basically non-excisent. So how can i get on the 30 dollar plan; if thats possible? everyone says it is; is there a way to change my plan?

Guest 3/16/2012
I have been ripped-off the last three times I bought a pre-paid card. I call it in they up date my phone, and without using my phone I go from 205 minutes to 82 over night. I am done after 14 years.

Junior 3/15/2012
I have been with TM pay as you go prepaid for about 7 years. I use to use about 1200 minutes/year but currently use about 500 min/year and I always have minutes to rollover. The rollover feature is simply the best because some years I only use a $10 card to save my unused minutes & thereafter my unused minutes are then extended for another whole year!

Nellie fox 3/10/2012
I don't have many problems with the phone except, phone constantly needs charging and I get crappy reception 9 times out of 10...I have a problem with their billing department and their constant messages on my phone . I can make my payment for 1500 hours at 10am and I still get messages all day, telling me my service has been disrupted because I haven't paid for my service...This happens every month and it is very annoying. I am going back to Verizon next month.Terrible consumer service as far as I am concerned

DC 3/7/2012
Been with tmobile pay as you go for more than 5 years. Best deal. I find nothing comes close to tmobile flexibility for low/medium usage, non-smartphone. Ed: what service do you use instead? It sounds like you never use your phone if you have $278 accumulated minutes, and didn't notice until 2 days (if you are not lying). I've also lost dollars when I forgot to recharge after a year, but got most back as a 1 time courtesy by adding $50. So I learned to check my expiration date and always renew 1 day before. If you just added $50 a year your minutes would have rolled over for a whole other year. You sound a cheapskate and Tmobile was losing money off of you anyway.

Pattee 3/4/2012
According to TMobile's coverage map, I should get "moderate' coverage where I live. I bought a phone and I use the pre-paid plan. It worked out while I wasn't using the phone from home very often, but I would get "No Network Coverage" messages more often than I thought I should when I did call from home. Recently I've had to use the phone from home more often, and I've had trouble sending and receiving calls. I contacted customer service, and the agent told me that there is "almost no" coverage where I live. Their coverage map isn't accurate. It's misleading. I'm looking for another provider, and I'm glad I don't have a contract with TMobile.

Ed Rayman 2/29/2012
I had this sevice for about 4 years. It was fairly decent. No complaints about signal, it is a prepaid.
What I have a problem is that every year when it was about 3 weeks before year was up, I would get a text almost every day reminding me that it was time to renew.
My time was in Jan. The end of last year and into Jan was very busy. My wife went to use the phone in the middle of Jan and said no minutes left. I said this can't be. We had about $278 left. I checked and the minutes was erased. I called service to find out why. She said it was about 2 days past the nenew date. I checked the phone and no text messages at all. I told her this and she insisted messages were sent. I said B.S. as I had previous messages other people sent before that so I did not delete any for a while.
I tried to reason with her and ask if there was someone I could talk to see if I could get my $278 restored. She said NO with a very cold attitude and ask I would like to buy more minutes? Really. You just stole $278 from me and asking me if I would like to buy more minutes now. I said I will look into going to another carrier and she said oh well, we don't like to lose you, but if that's what you want. Anything else I can help you with? me!! About talking to someone you actually can. She said there was nothing nobody could do since I forgot to renew my yearly minutes. I stated that I did not get the yearly text reminders that I did like the last 4 years and forgot since it was a year ago. Too bad. So now I went with ATT. Unless they restore my minutes, I will never go back to these thieves. I sent emails to contact and never got one response back for any of those. So, again, TMobile, thanks for stealing my money, I hope you really needed it.

Dan 2/27/2012
Really like the 30 dollar unlimited data/txt and 100 min talk. Call during the day and ask to talk to US rep when porting number. Did not know you have to ask for 30 dollar unlimited deal when first sign up.

Ed Travis 2/19/2012
A SERIOUS Warning! Pay as you go is the only way. T Mobile will extend all contracts you may have on your plan if you make any changes to any single cell plan service. This keeps you stuck as one phone in your plan dies (we have 5). And the sales people do not tell you this one SERIOUS FACT!

Nader 2/18/2012
Terrible service. They don't give you any refund for your used prepaid minutes no matter what. I'll never buy any of their products/services.

Joe 2/15/2012
Here is the deal. Ive been with Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T over the years. Their contracts suck, coverage is decent, except for sprint, and their monthly prices are through the roof. I decided to go with t-mobile after getting fed up with my $110 a month bill for 700 min unlimited text and 0 data for 2 lines. I canceled them, ported my numbers to Sim cards and bought 2 iphones and unlocked and jailbroke both of them. Installed sim cards and off to the races. Unlimited text, data (you can only use 2g on unlocked iphones so no data limit) and unlimited text for $100 a month. Coverage is just fine, better than sprint, have yet to have a dropped call. Screw the big companies, think about the numbers, and go with T-mobile. Fantastic.

Mike 2/7/2012
T-Mo's not so bad. You get what you pay for. I have an unlocked iphone 3GS running g-voice and SIP primarily over a Clear 4G hotspot. I keep it in airplane mode and use the T-mobile prepaid as a "batphone" when there's no clear signal, as a backup (or for a light user) you cant beat the price - grab a $100 card to get gold status in year 1 and your service is $10/year thereafter if you don't use many mins.

Michele 2/2/2012
Through with T Mobile. I should have known after my last problem with losing minutes, but dummy me, I decide to hang in there and purchase more minutes. Then end up with bogus phone calls/ads. I only purchased the phone for emergency use so it was rarely used. Then one day I purchased a ten dollar card, activated it by phone afterwhich I received the message that I had done so, afterwhich I try to use my phone and get "sim card failure." Took it to the TMobile shop and they told me that someone else now had my phone number and that increase went to another phone.o_O ???? Money in the trash. Stick a fork in me. I'm done!

phamm 1/31/2012
I have had a T Mobile prepaid phone for over issues, at all! The price can't be beat, some months I spend $25 others I might spend $50...but at least it is up to me. I am now considering upgrading to a smart phone and would use the monthly plan T Mobile offers for just $50 per month...can't beat that!

WP4sale 1/31/2012
I even want rating this plan as "0" star, but there is no choice. I had this plan for a month and the signal is always weak and unstable at all. It made me so mad whenever I need make a call, there is no signal. So far I had no a call completed yet, I even called six times to finish a call. What a worst plan in the world. Stay away from T Mobile if you want to live longer.

bill 1/26/2012
worst customer service on the planet earth

MeMyself 1/19/2012
I am trying to reduce the average stars.
Reason- TM owes me $120
Reason for not giving 1star- 1 star sounds angry frustrated and contrary to 5 star that people give.

Rob 1/17/2012
Don't sign up with T-Mobile!!!! Do some research before getting you make this mistake as I did. Search reviews to see what a bad company T-Mobile is.

sali 1/12/2012
I got my pay as you go plan today and I'm very angry now because they charged me for all incoming calls,I checked that for a an incoming call which takes 2:01 they charged 3 minutes and exactly 30 cents

alice 1/10/2012
I have the walmart deal $30 unlimited web and text with 100 min talktime -- I ported two lines over from ATT in mid December and have had 3 really difficult times with customer service in just these last 3 weeks (getting the lines activated, one line was put on wrong plan, and they've messed up auto pay on one line)
I had noticed when I tried to sign up for autopay on the t-mobile website that it kept kicking me out. They said I had to call to sign up, so I did (he messed up on one line and evidently I have to call again in a month to try again)
What I find odd is that I cannot access the auto pay or refill screens online for either number, and I can't tell if even the one line that is supposed to be already signed up for auto pay is good to go.
Anyone else on the walmart plan having horrendous customer service experiences??

Lin R 1/6/2012
After reading the horror stories on all carriers, I decided on T-Mobile. Went to a T-Mobile store and selected a cheap Samsung phone and $30.00 card(in case experience turned out to be too bad to continue). Everything went well and I just refilled account online and got instant confirmation on my phone.

Colin 1/6/2012
I live in a difficult cell area. I live near an airport, so they cannot build a lot of towers nearby. I have had AT&T and Verizon and neither was very good. Verizon was so bad, I had to stand up to make a call, though the phone would ring if I was sitting down.

MJ 1/4/2012
Ordered a phone from tmobile. It was delivered yesterday. Have been trying to activate it for 2 days. First, invalid activation code (on the card they sent me with the phone). Been transferred to customer service people in circles. Can't understand most of them. Finally on Day 2, I got another activation code. Tried to activate it on-line. Still nothing. I give up. No wonder Apple is trouncing everyone.

Andy 1/3/2012
I have the 30$/ Unlimited Text and Data + 100 minutes. To be able to get not only get real unlimited data whereas companies like Verizon and AT&T offer "unlimited web" which only allow you 2gb, but to get 5gb at 4G speeds thats insane. I thought of it as 15$ for unlimited data, 10$ for unlimited text and 5$ for 100 minutes the best deal out there right now. The only plan that comes close is the Virgin Mobile 35$/ Text and Data + 300 minutes but on their plan your still limited to 2gb of data and its not even 4G. The best phone the Samsung Exhibit II 4G for 200$. That may seem a little expensive but for a 3.7" high res screen a 1ghz processor and front facing camera one of the best prepaid cell phones out there.The coverage where i live i.e. between two mountains doesn't get 4G but driving 1 mile out the 4G is blazing fast and i spend most of my day away from home anyway.

Matt 1/2/2012
I live in an area that indicates that I have 4G service in a strong coverage area yet I get a very weak signal. Before going out on a road trip for New Years, I could at least get 2G (EDGE). Now I get nothing except a phone signal. T-Mobile customer care is no help. My next door neighbor also said the same thing happened to him. The Monthly4G plans are only really useful if they do big things like work. Considering my use of data is less than 500 megs, it might be high time to consider Page Plus ' "The 55 Plan." I was previously a Page Plus customer but left only because they did not offer enough data. The service was otherwise outstanding.

Jay 1/1/2012
I have the $30/mth 1500 min plan. Hands down it beats anything the other major carriers offer. I did some online comparisons today to see if I could find a better price, and instead found comparable plans going for $45+. Tmobile has earned my business with their foresight to offer this cost effective service which meets my needs.

Cletus VanDamme 12/25/2011
Purchased the Samsung Dart Android OS based phone for $150 and have had the $50/month unlimited plan for the last 6 months. Haven't really had any issues at all, the data slows down a little bit after 100mb, but I still can use most of my apps without a noticable difference (facebook, pandora, even navigation) and the price sure beats my old Verizon plan that was just shy of a hundred bucks a month. The only issue I had was transfering my number from a diferent carrier, but the problem was easily solved with a little patience

T-mobile spam 12/18/2011
I activated a new phone number with T-Mobile prepaid and within 24hr started to get Spam text and phone calls. So I called T-mobile and they changed my phone number and within 24 hr I had spam text messages again. WOW. this SUCKS. Looks like their batch of numbers been sold to spammers.

starr 12/14/2011
Sprint sucks big time... I switched from t mobile to sprint and all i get from sprint is crapy service and they have added preimium service's on my account almost evry other month that i didnt aprove ! The sprint web is very slow & sprint 4g aint down here. When i signed with sprint in april they told me it would be here by augist NOT. its now december and its still not here . SPRIJNT IS FULL OF B.S..... IM GOING BACK TO T MOBILE!!!!!! T MOBIle is alot better than att or sprint or boost or virgine

Amy 12/6/2011
I've had my prepaid phone with T-Mobile for 5 days now. Since I've gotten it I have been trying to get my old number attached to this phone. Customer service for T-Mobile is horrible. I have managed to talk to 4 different customer service representatives and none of them have been able to take care of this for me. The one I talked to this morning told me just to wait a little longer because it can take up to 72 hours (this was on my 5th day of waiting). I am currently attempting to talk to a manager and have been on hold for 30 minutes. I'm sure the phone and plan will probably be fine, but I'm not sure if they're worth the headache with the support department.

Lovepizza 12/6/2011
By the way, using this you don't need to feel ashamed to say I use, tractophone, or boost or virgin. You can say I use Tmo, Tmo is a cool carrier world wide.

Lovepizza 12/6/2011
Being using it for 1 year, and it is the best thing ever.
I have the 30 dollar per month.
There is roaming, Canada sms included.
I buy the pre paid card at calling mart and I don't pay tax,shipping and get 5%discount.
There is no other plan in att, verizon or sprint similar to this.

BW 12/5/2011
@ Me...The merger has "NOT" happened. As of Dec. 2011 AT&T withdrew its merger application from the FCC while simultaneously the Dept of Justice is still standing firm on preventing this merger. AT&T did not expect this type of opposition...

SB 12/2/2011
EXCELLENT!!!! I love the T-mobile prepais service. I just recently switched for the pay as you go to the $30/1500 minute talk and text plan. Perfect for me. I love the freedom of no contract. It's also perfoect for my 10 year old son (he has the regular pay as you go/purchase minutes plan. The only reason why I did not give 5 starts is that the pre-paid customer service leaves something to be desired. It seems as the the "contract" folks get US based agents and the "no-contract" folks get offshore agents. That's about it!

Brian 12/1/2011
I have the per minute plan, which is perfect for me since I normally only use a cell phone for emergencies. After a few years I got to their "Gold Status" and now just pay $10 a year to keep it going.

EndOfTmobile 11/19/2011
The $1.49 DayPass data plan metntioned above is no longer available. T-Mobile has screwed a lot of it's customers and appears to have stopped caring about long term customer relations. I bought a $500 phone from T-Mobile because they ofered this plan which was a very good match to my usage: I really only need data to get wind and wave reports at the beach about 1 or 2 days per week.

Linda 11/18/2011
I would give minus 10 stars if I could. I purchased a T-mobile prepaid plan and then found out I could only make and receive calls if I was outdoors at my house because its a very poor reception area! What!! When I tried to recover my money I got the run around being transferred from person to person, half the time I could not understand the person I was talking to, and they would just talk over me and not listen to what I had to say. All I wanted was credit on what I had paid as I can't use T-mobile where I live. They have quite a racket going, get your money, and if you can't use thier service they just keep transferring you so you never get an answer. Is it just me or does this happen a lot? Call me confused, frustrated, and extremely angry.

Juan 11/16/2011
One star, and going down to zero, nada
I'm sending text messages to my girfriend and the message arrived 6 hours later. I had a big problem with her because of TM Do they care about my relationship, NOOO.
Guys, look for other companies, there's a lot of competition out there. Good luck!

Sam 11/14/2011
The biggest drawback with a prepaid plan from T-mobile is that they do not let you see what you are being charged for. There are no records available to you online. So if your prepaid money can disappear, and you have no way of figuring out where it went. This, to me, should not be allowed because either T-mobile or a 3rd party can place fraudulent charges on your account, and you have no way to figure this out. My suggestion: block sms and downloads as soon as you start your service, but even then you can't be sure that your money isn't being taken improperly.

bobm 11/13/2011
I purchased a Samsung Exhibit II Android phone 2 weeks ago. The phone is spectacular and I have the $30 per month 100 minutes talk , unlimited text, unlimited data with 5GB's at 4G speed. The coverage is great. The phone is one of the best on a pre -plan. I am extremely pleased.

Ray 11/12/2011
There are pro's and con's with any cellular plan or provider. I'm quite pleased with T-Mobile's prepaid plan. It has saved me a lot of money. However, a few nits. First, there is no monthly statement and no statement available on-line. If you think you don't need one, then you accept paying for an endless number of SPAM SMS messages. I have left my SIM card out of the phone this month and so far have used up $25 worth of credit. I have no way of knowing what these charges are for but I assume they are charging me for the endless number of SPAM SMS messages I get. The second nit is their Customer Service has gone down the tubes. I've been using T-Mobile for 12 years now and since they outsourced Customer Service it stinks.

HLG 11/3/2011
Had T-Mobile pre-paid for years. It's perfect for me. We're talking amount spent per year. I don't use that many minutes. I have a land line. Usually short calls. Maybe 1200 minutes a year. I did locate an unlocked Android Comet and took to Europe. Bought local sims there and used Skype from hotel wifi. Popped T-Mobile sim back in. What a bargain! It's not love for T-Mobile but they offer what I need.

goingsomewhereelse 11/3/2011
I can't stand my mobile me service. The calls drop all the time. My network coverages often give me a "not in network" reading over 70% of the time. It's such poor service my friendly callers are giving up on me because of frustration. I sure made a bad decision!
Walmart is giving cheap with a lousy product.

PB 11/2/2011
T-mobile s__ks. My Comet cannot hold a charge longer than 12 hours. I sent it for repair to 4500 Campbell Road in Fort Worth Texas (by their instructions). Who kept it for two months, only to return someone else's phone to me. I had written down the IEM number off back of phone (I almost photographed it). Along with someone else's phone, they sent me a prepaid mailing label telling me to send my phone to this guy whose name was on the prepaid label. WTF? It was like some chain letter scheme involving crappy Comet phones. I had my sim card, put it in and have to charge it every 12 hours still!!!! Two months later I am in the middle of a phone call and am notified I have no more minutes. I originally bought $100 minutes and got 150 minutes bonus. I did not use 1150 minutes. I am sure I had 600-700 (maybe more) minutes on the phone. I called their sterling customer service department in Mumbai or Bangladesh ("We are not allowed to tell you where we are located.") and got nowhere with them. I have the card and the receipt, but cannot access my call list on my account page. I cannot believe this company. Why do we allow companies like this to be in business? I bought the job to use while looking for a job, and first they steal my crap phone for two months in their repair shop, where they didn't fix it, and then they stole my minutes. I had to update online applications and take that phone number off so I don't miss a call about a job. And some moron in India has I job, and I don't. Something is not right with this picture. Occupy T-mobile CEO's front yard.

Aiai 11/2/2011
I am also rating on the new pay-by-the-day plan. As some other people have mentioned, you get charged $2 everyday no matter if you use it or not. They call this data sync. I actually talked to the customer service, they said if you don't want to be charged, you have to turn off the feature. I really want to know why knows how to turn off this feature. I bet most of us don't even know what it is. After fighting with them for almost an hour, it turned out I can't turn it off with my phone, I don't know about other phones though.

Beth 10/31/2011
I've been with T-mobile for 7 years. If you want to talk to a US Customer Service Rep, just ask. They will transfer you to one. The only thing I don't like is that my tablet speed slows sometimes and the battery get's eaten up after a couple of You tube videos. I've had no problems with the cellphones. Customer Service is great. AT&T sucks. AT&T put me on hold for 2.5 hours awaiting a billing person for a 32 cent bill. T-Mobile, don't merge with AT&T. T-mobile -Get cheaper plans for those of us that don't text or surf the internet on our phones. Call it the Pauper's Plan so I can get my adult son off my phone bill.

BW 10/28/2011
If the proposed merger goes through, I will refuse to transfer to AT&T. Their problems are worse than TM.

ralph 10/28/2011
I am rating the new $2.00 per day unlimited talk and web plan. If you have a smart phone such as LG Optimus T and you simply turn the phone on once, without using it, you will be charged $2.00 because there are apps in the phone that communicate with T-Mobile and it is considered as using it that day.
Also if you don't turn on the phone and simply plug in the battery charger, you will be charged $2.00 because apparent the phone communicates with T-Mobile when you charge it and that is considered to be using it that day.

Guest 10/26/2011
I got the Pay As You Go prepaid out of safety concerns for my mother and I must say it has worked out very well. I refill her phone once or twice a year and she always has rollover minutes. I save even more money by purchasing a $100 card at a discount ($85-$90) from online auctions or local ads such as Craigslist.

Donald 10/24/2011
I recently had a "NO SERVICE CONNECTION" on my 4 year old Nokia 6030 phone. Was on hold for over 20 minutes before a customer rep answered phone. However, the rep was very polite and walked me thru the steps to get my phone working. Rep had me turn off phone & remove my battery & SIM card for approximately 30 seconds, and thereafter the phone worked again. I was as also given access to a free SIM card when needed.

Kimberly 10/21/2011

anne 10/20/2011
Left T-Mobile because LG phone they recommended I buy at another store only rang sometimes causing me to lose jobs.
customer service did nothing to solve problem, also minutes seemed to disappear faster than previously.Left them for Platinum Tel who sent me a phone that doesn't work, took days to "activate" after which I still couldn't make calls while on hold with their "supervisor" on my landline trying to get their "service" to work. T-Mobile has deteriorated but Platinum Tel is awful.For now I'm taking a break from cell phones as I don't need them for work, being fully employed.When I have reported Platinum Tel to the approproiate Attorney General's office I will probably go back to T-Mobile as the best of a bad lot and use it strictly for the bare minimum when I need a cell phone again.Right now seems like the wild west out there and until some leglislation passes as a result of enough complaints to attorney generals it is unlikely to change.I had been a customer of T Mobile and used to be v satisfied with their service before they started cheating customers

M Azar 10/17/2011
Beware of the limited/unlimited plans. I had service for about one week. I only needed a data plan for internet usage on a computer in a mobile situation. Was sold an unlimited plan with a smart phone. It worked fine until I used 1.5 gigs of data at which point my connection speed dropped by
90%. It couldnt even load a webpage. False advertisement? I was told to return the phone and I wouldnt be charged. That was the only resolution offered bt t mobile. Customer service didnt even asked why I was cancelling my service. I assumed its because many of their customers cancel service after the reach the limit of their unlimited data plan. I would rate t mobile at 0 stars.

Me 10/16/2011
If you think dealing with T-Mobile's prepaid division is tough, try dealing with one of the Tracfone companies. Now that is an exercise in pain. I am very satisfied with my T-Mobile service. It is reliable and you can avoid customer service for the most part by going online.

Matt 10/15/2011
If you were on Tmobile postpaid and want to switch to prepaid because you have a paid-for phone this can work. Contrary to what Tmobile reps told me, I DID NOT HAVE TO BUY A NEW SIM CARD. Just call and ask to switch to postpaid - you'll also get a $5 credit. So no activation fee or need to buy a card. The cust service SUCKS - it is outsourced; they don't speak English and they literally don't know what they're talking about. ITs a joke- every single thing they told me was wrong. They told me I didn't have to pay for incoming calls; that I had to go to a store to sign up; that I had to get a new number and then port my old number; that I had to buy a $10 new sim card. ALL WERE FALSE. The price for me is good as I don't use web and now paying only $30 for 1500 talk/text combo. Also you pay no tax or fees. So my $40 plan used to cost about $ I have a $30 plan that costs $30...on the dot. To save money with a phone you own is good - otherwise i will switch to another company cuz tmobiles phones are too expensive to buy outright and id be better off with verizon or boost. Tmobile service is the worst!!! and switching was a hassle but at least made easier by what i read on blogs

Homemaker 10/14/2011
Had posted a glowing review when we first received our monthly prepay service. This morning after paying to re-up my account, T-Mobile sent me four texts, alternately telling me my service had been cancelled and/or renewed. Can no longer log into my account online, as their website tells me my account has been cancelled. Monthly payment has been charged to our bank account, so they have our money. As long as I'm able to call and text (so far so good) for the month that I paid for, I'll stay with them until next month. After that, adios!

MsBailey 10/13/2011
My husband has bee musing TMobile pay as you go for years with never a problem. Very impressed with the service and value. He is not a heavy phone user, nor does he text often, so it is perfect! Once you spend $100, minutes are cheaper and last longer. It is NOT for surfing the what it is, it is highly recommended.

Ray & Helen 10/12/2011
The straight "Pay As You Go" prepaid has worked great for me for the past six years and I reached Gold status the first year. I only use my phone occasionally & for emergency purposes (less than 45 minutes a month). An excellent feature of this plan is I can roll over my unused minutes with the minimum $10 refill card and the minutes will be good for another full year! No hounding every 90 days for a top up & no credit card requirement. With this plan I have saved over $350 per year...

DONT DO IT 10/10/2011
I got the no contract T-Mobile unlimited plan for $50 cause I was paying $80 and thought why not save $30 a month. DO NOT DO IT! I was unable to send or receive emails, they said I needed a new sim (which was odd cause I had no problem sending or receiving emails with my old plan) but I went and got new sim, still couldn't send or receive emails and the whole process of transferring information from my old sim to new sim screwed all my contacts up. Then I started not being able to send text, only could respond to text that were sent to me. THEN I went to make a call today and it said I was out of $ on my plan, which when I got the plan they said $50 for unlimited everything for a month. And to top it off when you try to call customer service it automatically transfers you to a "no contract prepaid specialist" who can't speak english!! It was nothing but a nightmare!!

Rudy 10/10/2011
Before I jump into reviews, I need to say something about myself. Im from India where there contract plans does not exist for any mobile service provider. We purchase cell phones according to our budget and get the option of choosing our carrier. When I arrived in United States I already had a smartphone with me, so it was evident that i would be needing a talk-text-data plan. Also I would be staying in USA for about 1 year so i could not opt for contract plans. The only options I had was At&t and t-mobile. Considering these i am happy with $50 monthly plan from tmobile

Me 10/8/2011
I'm still very happy with my T-Mobile service. I like the fact that they let me tether my myTouch 4G to whatever device I choose. Please note that I am in no way affiliated with T-Mobile

Me 9/24/2011
The first month with T-Mobile prepaid on the Monthly4G $70.00 plan went flawlessly. I will be sticking with T-Mobile and hoping that the merger chokes.

Peggy 9/24/2011
T-Mobile customer service in my opinion and from my experience is very unsatisfactory. First of all I got disconnected 3x's today and the next point is Many of the centers are overseas. The transmission is poor, too much background noise coming from the center and language accents that are difficult to understand.
I want the American T-Mobile back.

lonnie 9/24/2011
t-mobile prepaid works great for me been with them 1 year

Sue 9/22/2011
Pros:I LOVE the T-Mobile Pay as you go Plan. Pay $100 at a time and have one year to use it.
Cons: T-Mobile's coverage in rural areas can be very spotty. Wish they would reciprocate with all cell phone towers.

Sergey 9/20/2011
Cannot refill my prepaid minutes.
Customer service is useless.

schorzfj 9/20/2011
Absolutely horrible. Continuous junk voice mails and text msgs. that you can't turn off or unsubscribe from. I'd rather have 2 tin cans connected by string than use T-Mobile!

novus 9/16/2011
had same issues several times with other local, national or international carriers for that matter: poor customer svc, lack of transparency in phone records, feeble connections, dishonest advertising material. The point is that the cellular telecommunications industry association feels its power & uses to its advantage, they constantly issue statements to remind us how convenient is the use of cellphones in the u.s. We should unite & organize to first counteract those claims second to have changes implemented in congress that could be just the first step of a steep mountain to climb

jonie 9/15/2011
Anyone on Tmobile Pay As You Go plan can confirm whether Tmobile charges all incoming and outgoing call EVEN though the call was not being answered.

colin 9/13/2011
While not perfect, t-mobile prepaid has provided me with vastly superior service compared to AT&T and Verizon, both of which I used previously for 2+ years. I am not a heavy cell phone user, and my prepaid plan is saving me about $1,000 per year (for two lines). T-mobile has better customer service, and vastly improved service at my house. For example, with Verizon, I had to stand up to send or receive a call! (I live nearish an airport, and tower heights near airports are restricted for obvious reasons). Negatives are minor: a lack of better phones available for pre-paid users. I would really give them 4.5 stars if I could.

Susan S. Davis 9/9/2011
I switched from a non-contract phone plan with T-Mobile to the Prepaid 1500 talk, text and 50 mb data. When I asked what the difference in service would be, I was told that it was the same network and that there would be no change. That is not true.

cricket Criminals 9/5/2011
I have never had a problem with T-Mobile - no dropped calls, and customer service has always been good, the few times I've used it. I regret wasting $200 to switch to Cricket from T-Mobile. If I had done my research and known that T-Mobile now has unlimited no-contract plans, I would've stayed with them. Cricket is horrible and I will be switching back to T-Mobile next month, now that it looks like the ATT merger won't go through.

Me 9/5/2011
I really don't understand the negative reviews. I don't work for T-Mobile, I am simply a satisfied customer. I was referred by my friend, also a prepaid Monthly 4G customer. They make it pretty clear that if you have a Blackberry, you need the BIS add-on. I don't understand that negative review. Try dealing with Tracfone if you think T-Mobile is difficult and you will be back in a hurry. I can't believe I have all of the bells and whistles of post-paid service for the nice control pre-paid gives you.

STHLR 9/4/2011
I am reluctant to upgrade my 5 year old phone because I feel that if the new phone has a defect I won’t be able to resolve the problem as TM has fired or laid off many of its knowledgeable customer service reps. This is the real reason TM customers are left on hold 30 minutes or longer!

mary 9/3/2011
Eff you t mobile!!@!@! That's why yall are getting sued left and right. Negative stars.

Ivan 9/3/2011
Ok Tmobile, we know that all these ppl who are rating you 5 stars are tmobile employees... no one in their right mind would give you 3 stars......

TM Customer 6 Years 9/2/2011
So glad the Justice Dept. is filing lawsuit to block the merger between TM & AT&T and hope the Supreme Court blocks the merger permanently.

jonie 9/1/2011
hi guys, need some help.

Linda 8/31/2011
For someone like me, who only uses my sell for emergencies or infrequent local calls, the pay as you go plan is perfect. I bought the $100, 1000 minute plan 8 years ago, and refill it with a one $10 refill before my year expires. The unused minutes- about 800- carry over, and I retain my same number. In 8 years I spent $180 or $22.50 a year. What could be better? If you only use a cell phone infrequently, and not for messaging, photos, etc., this plan is golden.

Ghalia 8/31/2011
The prepaid sevice is HORRIBLE. I had been with Tmobile for sometime and had been very pleased given the price. I switched to prepaid and has regretted the day I switched. It took forever to get it activated. Customer service is horrible. The service is beyond terrible. I purchased the unlimited talk text and web for $50, but so far I have rarely been able to use the internet as it gives me errors for almost anything. I can't use my facebook, messenger or upload pictures via web because that's separate "blackberry" charge. DON'T DO IT.

Dora Smith 8/28/2011
Let's see. I've been with T Mobile for six years. Always use their 1660. Minutes reasonable once you've spent a hundred dollars - if you use it for emergency or occasional use.

juni 8/27/2011
I add my prepaid $100 for 1000 minute on jan 05, 2011 plus 400 minute carried over, and my minute gone within 3 month, when I called customer service, she said will credit it back 1400 minute but will effected within the next day. waiting day after day, my minute never come back. When I call back another people give me a different answer she credit it back 1400 minute for different plan which is $50/month unlimited web,text. The problem here, the customer service doesn't make sense, my phone not able to use for web nokia old phone and they force me to take it or leave it. T mobil can't satisfied the customer and make the customer pay without the right service.
Again I purchase another $100 for 1000 minute prepaid for 1 year on june 2, 2011 in side the store. I bought prepaid for emergency, I don't have a lot of friend to make a phone call and my phone always shut off. Couple week later after I purchase, I check my minute and my balance only $3.67; on the third week my balance suddenly pop up for 700 minute. When I am available , I return to the store and the store call Tmobil and they give me back 1000 minute. Again the purpose I bought prepaid for emergency and I don't have a lot of friend to make a phone call and my phone always shut it off, right now my minute going down without I using it, my balance 848 minute.
I want prepaid Tmobil protect the customer rights. You took $200 ( 2 times $100) and I want my minute back without any argument with the customer.
Thank you.

Me 8/26/2011
It has been Day 2 on the Monthly 4G Unlimited 70.00 plan and this by far is the King of Prepaid. If it weren't for T-Mobile, the very close second place contender is Page Plus Cellular.

Me 8/26/2011
UPDATE: I just updated my phone to Android 2.3.2 and it works even better. T-Mobile has a great value proposition going. I hope it stays that way if evil ATT takes over.

Me 8/25/2011
I just came back to T-Mobile for the Monthly4G 70.00 prepaid plan. I fired up MyTouch 4G and I am good to go. This is the best service for unlimited data, bar none.

Ilanrab 8/21/2011
I've been on the pay as you go plan for almost a year. That's the plan for me. I am about to hit the year's mark. I will add $10 and the minutes should not expire for another year.
Please note that I do not use the cell phone much, so the plan is the perfect one for me.
The only complaint. I do not like getting unsolicited emails or SMS messages (advertizements). When I received a few such emails I disconnected the email feature. I complained about the SMS ads, but have not noticed any change. Since I have to pay for these Ads, at my end, not having the ability to disable/enable SMS is a real problem. Since I don't switch on my phone much it's not a major problem, but nevertheless it is an issue to be discussed.

Dana Crumley 8/19/2011
If I could give 0 stars, I would!! Can I just say that I am on ETERNAL HOLD currently with T-Mobile prepaid! Phone was activated on 8/15 using an activation card with $3.34. It is now 8/19, I have spoken to countless T-Mobile representatives, even those at the T-Mobile store where I had to purchase a $50 refill card to get the monthly prepaid 4g unlimited plan on 8/16 that has yet to be posted to the account although it has been deducted from my bank account! I have requested on numerous occasions to speak with a PREPAID supervisor/manager and I'm not sure there are any. Yesterday, Joanne was supposed to have created a "help desk" ticket and someone was to call me back within the hour, but NOTHING. It is going on 53 minutes on HOLD this time and I am waiting for Vincent, Diorico's supervisor, perhaps they went to lunch and forgot I was on hold. At this point, I just want my money back and will take the phone to CRICKET who can activate it in less than an hour!! To say the least, this is the MOST frustrating experience I have EVER had with T-Mobile and it is the PREPAID diviision that will most likely cause me to leave T-Mobile whose customer service in the CONTRACT division is and has been exceptional. WAKE UP T-MOBILE !! I have heard "you're call is very important to us, we'll be with you shortly" one too many times, BUT I will speak with a REPRESENTATIVE before I hang up!

Rana Nissan 8/18/2011
They Suck! i don't wanna give it any stars... the prepaid service is horrible.

Bruce 8/17/2011
On July 7th I paid the monthly fee, due on July 20th. On July 21st my service was cut off because I had called '411', apparently a premium number. I had a balance of most of what I had paid. It seems draconian to cut off service when a credit balance exists. I think T-Mobile should review the policy and give customers more time to refill when needed.

Bad Customer Service 8/17/2011
I've had tmobile for some time now, and wanted to upgrade my phone. I called in the order, and they charged my bank card twice. I called them more than 8 times in two days and no one would help me refund the second charge. They blamed the bank and three days after the order was placed they cancelled the duplicate order, but said I'd have to wait 3 more days for the money to be refunded. It should not take 6 days to refund my money for their mistake.

TK 8/15/2011
The price is right. I knew service would be okay. I decided to buy an iPhone 3G from a friend. I knew from the start I would JB & Un-lock the iPhone for t-Mobile. I went to the T-Mobile store in 15217. They signed me up for the $30 Pre-Paid Plan & gave me a SIM Card. I inserted the T-Mobile SIM Card & within minutes I was on the network. T-Mobile also had the MMS Settings for iPhone users in the Support pages.

Lorene 8/11/2011
I have been a T-mobile for several years, some what satisfied until recently, I sent a phone back to t-mobile in June for repair or replace,they acknowledge they received it that has been 2 months and I have not receive the phone or heard from them
I like T_Mobile but I think they should have return my phone

linda 8/9/2011
I only use my cell phone for emergencies. I don't chat, don't text and never saw a text from T Mobile one year after they accepted $150 from me. Since I did not 'refill' at the end of one year they wiped out my minutes and money and refused to reinstate any part of it. They are a rip off operation you should stay away from!

JC 8/3/2011
Two years. Where I am located in 60617, I typically have one "bar" or zero "bars" indicating the T-Mobile network connection. There goes your data plan. T-Mobile will swipe some of your minutes. You have to call them, to get back those minutes.

Unknown 8/3/2011
I was happy with the T-Mobile service when i first ordered my T-Mobile Prepaid Activation Kit from Amazon. When the sim card came, it worked well on my iPhone 3GS. I used the few bucks to test my iPhone with the sim card and worked, but only have 0.66 left now. I asked my dad to add minutes to my account and did it last night. But this morning, i checked my balance, it was still at 0.66. How long does it take to get minutes after you order??

ed 8/3/2011
I've had the prepaid phone for 4 months. I've had no issues with the phone. Works fine. I bought the 1000 minutes for $100. I wish there was a way for me to access my calling records on-line. As other posters mentioned, it does seem like minutes disappear and I'd like to verify that I've actually used them.

anne fischer 8/2/2011
I have had tmobile prepaid for several years. My phone is a motorola renew and I buy 1000 minutes once per year.

prepaid phone user 8/2/2011
My husband and I both use the unlimited prepaid plan.. been purchasing the minutes at the same time..but for some reason my husbands plan keeps getting shorter and expiring before mine. How could that be?..considering we purchased minutes on the same day. His minutes should expire the same day mine do. T-mobile is definitely cheating him out of his minutes. Beware!

Sean 8/1/2011
Just bought a Nokia X2-01 prepaid T-Mobile phone from my local Walmart. The phone it self is pretty nice for only $80, minus the camera, but there is one thing that has me alittle worried. While placing a call, my signal fluctuates pretty bad at home and some other places. I could have full signal at home while the phone is at idle, but goes crazy when placing a call. Before having this phone, I had an Nokia Astound, G2, Mytouch 3G Slide and Mytouch 4G and none of them had this issue. I thought it might just be the phone, so I returned and exchanged it with a new one. That didn't fix the issue. So I got a new SIM thinking that that my be the problem. Nope. I then called T-Mobile to try and get this issue resolved. The Rep said that he was going to reset the service and that it would take up to 2 hrs and if the issue still persist to call back. Well, it still persist, LOL. I haven't had a dropped call yet, but reliability is now a concern. Never had this issue with my "Contract" service. I switched to T-Mobile from MA Bell (AT&T) cause they are a bunch of NAZIS, LOL, and RAPE you like Verizon does. But then again, Service is MUCH better and more reliable. Even with AT&T. I am going to wait till I use this month's service up and see how it pans out. But if the service turns out to be unreliable and too much of a hassle, Well its back to AT&T (Prepaid).

ZeroStarsReally 7/27/2011
Purchased TMobile pay as you go per recommendation from one of the cell phone guys at Target. Was happy with the purchase, seemed like great service at reasonable rates. Have been happy with contracted TMobile for our regular phones but this was purchased to be used as an emergency/sports phone for my kids for them to use in case they needed to get a hold of us asap.

a will-intended customer 7/25/2011
T mobile DOES steal your minutes. And, when you catch them, they send you on an infinite loop of customer service that takes you from one person to another, they may tell you that they'll refund you the next day and don't, and they send you on another refund loop again so that you wait on the phone forever, eventually you wasted all your time, getting no refund back, and paid lots of money for no minutes. If I can afford/or need a monthly plan, I will stay away from this. Just buy with caution! Too bad these people use this plan to scam on people who doesn't need nor want a monthly plan. Life is hard enough!

Xray 7/15/2011
I got a tmobile prepaid phone. I paid $29.99 for 1500 talk and text minutes. Never used the phone once. As a matter of fact, I renewed the plan with a dead battery and never charged it. I get an email about three days before my month was up and it said that I have less than 100 minutes remaining!
How can this be?
Stay away from tmobile. They will steal minutes from you and try to get them back! They will dance around the issue and give you every excuse imaginable.
How is this not illegal?
Go elsewhere. Not worth the hassle. I went today on their forums to see if anyone else has this problem and their forums have changed making harder to post HMMMMMMMMM sounds fishy to me.

Gibby 7/14/2011
Afetr a 30 secon conversation Tmobile charges me 2mins

RCS 7/14/2011
I've been a prepaid customer for 5 years and I've been really happy. I may have had minutes disappear; I don't have the time or patience to monitor my use that closely.

Bruce 7/3/2011
Monitor your account balance and minute usage constantly. If unused minutes are deducted from your account, make a list of all inbound/outbound calls using the call log in your phone, including date time and length of calls. Then battle your way to customer service (and it will be a battle - they will disconnect you on purpose, transfer you to other departments just to get rid of you, be rude and argumentative, pretend like they're going to help you then run you in circles for an hour to exhaust you into giving up) and have them read the call log from their system, and compare. We have found chunks of improperly deducted minutes on multiple occasions, and they could not account for the missing minutes in their computer either. That's stealing. Another thing, keep track of rollover minutes because T-Mobile pre-pay's system does not document rollover minutes according to a supervisor - they don't even document the minute balance when you add money to the account, again according to a supervisor. They only list the dollar amount added. T-Mobile pre-pay has a very poor documentation system. Someone needs to look into T-Mobile pre-paid, i.e. class action lawyers, regulators, etc. It seems their goal is to tire you out and waste so much of your time that you won't bother to call or will give up. Their customer service is the nastiest most ineffective and combative reps to a shocking degree, and there's no accountability or apparent supervision. They refuse to say what country you have called into either, they are very secretive and shady. If you have been ripped off, report it to appropriate regulators.

M/M 7/2/2011
(prepaid)...but if the minutes just Disappear??? What good is the plan??
(this has happened to me, though usually in small instances...The above references sound like HORROR STORIES).
Also...was told (just recently) that it would cost me JUST to access my voicemail, ...FROM ANOTHER, TOTALLY DIFFERENT PHONE. (I could understand this if I was accessing VM from my own cell).

JJ 6/28/2011
Be forewarned, T-Mobile prepaid service has the following issues and they will leave you very unhappy and frustrated:
1. On my Samsung t369 slider phone from day 1 the voicemail message icon on the phone shows there are new messages but when you dial in to get them there are none and the icon remains on at all times. I have been on with Customer Care 8 times across 4 hours and they have tried all kinds of resets, engineering escalation, even had me go to the retail store and try a new SIM. Think how annoying it is to never know if you actually have new messages. They even went so far as to suggest it might be because I ported the number from AT&T. Only last thing they can suggest is getting a new number?! How about fixing may mail like it says on the contract instead?!
2. A letter to the CEO office asking for a $95 refund on the defective phone was answered but with a resounding "...we do not give refunds on prepaid plans...".
3. They make you pay for shipping back a defective phone unlike most vendors who either ship you a prepaid label or send you a new phone and only bill you if you fail to return the old phone.
4. The stores are great with good trained people but if you have any problems you cannot rely on them and all issues have to go thru Customer Care via phone where NO is the preferred answer.
5. It seems their monthly plan customers get better terms and support but of course at a higher locked in price.

tyrone 6/22/2011
i dont have tmobile yet but im bout 2 get it. unlimited talk text and web first 100mb at 4g speeds. the best deal eva and i have a tmobile g1 just need a battery anybody got one i can get for free please. cant wait 2 be a tmobile customer

eddie 6/14/2011
i have t moblie for 6 six month i have no problem with them at all ,t moblie for me is good at san diego county

Troy 6/14/2011
As a T-Mobile customer of 8 years I bought a pre-paid phone from I received the phone and then I switched from post-paid to pre-paid. After a couple of days I found out the phone is defective; now the funny thing is that whenever I call t-mobile they tell me that the order number I have is not of t-mobile and that I did not buy the phone from them at all! Even though I have emails from "T-mobile USA" with their logo including order number and shipping number; t-mobile reps say none of these numbers could be found in their system, not even phone's IMEI or even my SIN!! Basically this seems to be a NEW SCAM when they sell defective stuff and then they deny selling it to you all together.

wp 6/13/2011
@Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson 6/12/2011
I have been using T-Mobile for my prepaid for over 5 years.
I am not much of a talker so $100 on prepaid lasts me over 6 months. I am in Los Angeles area and the signal is as good as any other carrier - I don't remember ever getting dropped.
They would have gotten 5 stars, but I took a star off for having minutes disappear on my my wife's phone. T-Mobile gave us minutes back but at the different rate. Basically, they pocketed $15 from her account. However, all is relative and there is no one else on the market with a long lasting minutes (1 year) for low volume users.

jdm 6/11/2011
Erica, Dan B couldn't understand what you were saying when you said you didn't have a phone to change your PIN. Which should be understandable if you were talking to him using a phone when you said that to him.

jona 6/11/2011
The customer service is very poor and I am constantly dropping calls and have dead areas, which I should not have due to living in the city. I am very disgusted.

Erika 6/8/2011
I've had a T-mobile phone for about 5 yrs. now. The first time I had a real problem and needed to talk to a human being, I couldn't. I had upgraded to a new plan and wasn't able to pay online because the account wasn't updating. The 800 number is a computer. The online chat rep, Dan B, 1320818, stated my pin number wasn't correct and wouldn't help me. Since it's the only PIN number I have, that's a problem. His solution was for me to call and change my PIN number. When I pointed out that I didn't have a phone on which to make calls, he seemed to have difficulty understanding that and repeated the information. In any event, I dropped T-mobile and went to another carrier. I don't access customer service often but when I do, I want it - T-mobile's customer service is poor, at best.

sharon 6/7/2011
i've been using t-mobile pay as you go phones and plans for over 5 years. have had no problems. love the 50 dollar a month plan. was costing me over 100 dollars a month as i kept running out before the end of the month and had to add more time. now i pay the 50 and it lasts all month. am on a limited budject and this plan works great for me. no dropped calls etc.never wanted phone on monthly plans. pay as you go is the right plan for me. no surprises. love it!!

Troy 6/6/2011
Loyal t mobile contract customer for 10 years. Just purchased a prepaid phone for my daughter and the pre paid minutes and amount did not show up I called customer service and waited for a half an hour it took 2 employees to help me, they were rude and disrespectful. The contract customer service is completely the opposite of prepaid. Due to tmobile extreme lack of pre paid customer service I will be switching my other phone contract soon. Great job t mobile you just lost a loyal customer and a future customer. I am sure this disappointment you caused my child will cause her to never do business with you again!

Pat 6/3/2011
Minutes disappear. Minutes deleted from total balance in excess of minutes actually used on the call, per the call timer and the clock. As the other comment said, customer service is nasty, and they hang up on you when the issue is too complicated for them, or don't want to deal with it. Reception is spotty. Changed to another company.

wp 6/2/2011
Jonie - it's not local

jonie 6/2/2011
wow..that is expensive...$1.60 per minute to call other country.

wp 5/31/2011
re: jonie

New to TMobile 5/30/2011
I just switched to TMobile from Virgin Mobile just b/c the pre-pay plan fit my needs better and TMobile seemed to have better coverage. As several other reviewers have mentioned, the customer service is overseas and is just plain awful. The language barrier is significant and wastes my time.
Additionally, I am extremely surprised that I cannot access my account acitivity/bill. In other words, with my pre-pay plan, according to customer service, I do not have the right to review my transactions, such as text messages or calls, despite the fact they are charging me for them. With Virgin Mobile, I was able to review all of the account activity I was being charged for. Needless to say, I am probably going to finish out the month on TMobile and then go back to VM or take a look at some other providers.

RE: jonie 5/29/2011
Yes and No:

jonie 5/27/2011
I hope someone can answer my question as this is not a review.
Does the prepaid $100 gold reward includes international calling/texting? Or I have to buy a separate $10 per month unlimited international talk/text.

guest 5/25/2011
i love my t mobile 30.00 monthly prepaid phone. no problems, mins last and the phone i purchased works great. i would recommend t mobile to everyone.

Kinney 5/15/2011
I’ve been with T-Mobile for several years and have the straight pay as you go prepaid plan which really works great for me. However, I am concerned about the merger and coming under AT&T’s prepaid plans. I tried to obtain information from AT&T but as of May 2011, they state they have not worked out the details. I hope that our TM plan can be “grandfathered” into AT&T or I will be forced to look for a new carrier.

Maril 5/15/2011
We are retired and cannot afford expensive monthly payments. We've had our T-mobile for years. It is best to buy the most minutes first, then you can roll over each year by buying the least minutes. Because ours is only used for emergency and necessary calls, while on the road, we are only paying $25 dollars a year. It is a safety issue with us.

Margie 5/13/2011
I love my prepaid plan because I only use my phone for important calls. I've had the plan for over 3 years. $100 for 1000 minutes lasts me about ten months. My previous plan with Verizon costs me $50 months after taxes or $600 year.

teddy 5/11/2011
if we purchase a t-mobile's phone on 2 year's contract in postpaid service then do they charge even though we have not used the phone?

Dorothy Campbell 5/11/2011
T-Mobile sends all prepaid activation to the Philippines or somewhere where you cannot understand their English. After being on the phone for over an hour in 3 different calls, I gave up. They WILL NOT or CANNOT connect you with someone who speaks American English that you can understand! I tried and tried and I CANNOT carry on a conversation with these NICE but incapable foreigners. They keep trying to convince me it's worth it to try to get through it, or they could get me someone who could speak good English, but . . . NOT! If they cannot give me someone who can speak "American" then they need to quit doing business in America. The least they could do is hire one American for people who cannot converse with Philippinoes, but they would rather their new PrePaid customers stay on the phone for hours at a time in an attempt to activate their account. I'm furious! and Exhausted! and Disappointed! and Insulted as an American! I'm not a world citizen, I'm an American citizen!

simon 5/11/2011
top client service rating is misleading.Service has systemic problems.1)agree with Steve above that had to pay $50 for $30plan (got charged extra for simcard).2)5days into 1m plan,the plan self-stopped,the number was reassigned. 3) called 5times to get smbd to deal with the issue. 4)tried 3 times to get a supervisor, but of them 2 times waited 15 and 35 mins and the supervisors did not pick up the finally tphone at all, 1 time was disconnected immediatiely after th? connection 5)finally the new number was given,but I was asked to put up money. Had to spend another hour repeating facts to get the phone reconnnected.

IslandGalPal 5/9/2011
I had an English speaking rep, when I called T Mobile yesterday. I didn't like the phone that you buy for $29.99 but that’s how you get the sim card for a pre paid plan. ($30 for the plan, 1500 min/text, 30mb of data.) I called from the store where I wanted this T-Mobile phone, which had no unlock code for it. I asked if I could just buy a sim card and use a different phone. T-mobile rep said – sure, as long as it was a T-Mobile phone but save your money “I’ll send you a new sim card and the plan minutes w/free shipping”. I’m sure I wasn’t an exception that if you already have no contract phones with T Mobile, use your phone and get a new sim card if you want a pay as you go plan. Then port your original number to it. I am still (unhappily) with my present carrier until my number ports over. All in all T Mobile CS was awesome and what I wanted.

jc 5/9/2011
Do not use cell phone very much so prepaid is best bet add minutes whenever needed usually buy a 10 or 15 dollars every other month sometimes will last as long as 90 days.
Except when out sourced idiots call or text me just so I can buy more minutes. As if, cellular companies are not making any profits.

michael siegel 5/7/2011
bought a prepaid phone on line, had it (2) days and it stopped working, sent it back to t-mobile, with return authorization, have been informed they do not refund on handsets-make sure you buy it at a retail location and you make sure it works before you take it home!!

Vic 5/4/2011
DECEPTIVE advertising!!! You pay $100 you get 1000mins? No you don't... Let's say you charge $100 then you get 1000 mins (or $0.10/min) but let's say the next day you charge another $10. Your rate/min changes to whatever the last charge amount was.. DECEPTIVE!!

Kristian 5/4/2011
Ive just got a plan with tmobile and the next day when i got the 50 dollar plan my web wouldnt work at all...and plus they messed up my plan after i got it. now i have to go get a new sim card cause this one isnt working right. i should get a discount.:/

Lan 4/27/2011
T-Mobile is s rip off...please do your search on google before you buy prepaid refill of plans from T-Mobile! There are soo many people complaining...

The worst-Stay away 4/27/2011
Phone broke under warrantee, had to send it back and pay for it. Never received a replacement phone. Called customer care who sent me a refurbished phone and it died 2 weeks later. Now Maryann at Customer Care will not return my call! They finally returned the first phone without a battery or cover! TMOBIL IS THE WORKST EVER and they should be

L Montogmery 66202 4/24/2011
I am extremely frustrated in dealing with T-Mobile Pre-Paid customer service. There was a defect with the phone I bought my mom to use and with the help of one of the in store associates who was very helpful, I had it shipped back to the warehouse and was told I should have it back in 14 business days. A month later, still nothing. I called customer service and after four disconnected calls and almost 90 minutes on the phone, I was told the return had been reprioritized in the pending status and I should have it in 3-7 days. Two weeks later, STILL NOTHING!!! I have been a T-Mobile customer for 8 years and will be switching carriers when my contract expires. So frustrating!

CeCe 4/22/2011
I have a prepaid phone which was deactivated by T mobile. Someone called and reported my phone as stolen Using my name and security pin they were able to transfer my balance of over $100 to a new phone. Customer service sucks. Repeated phone calls and being rerouted to different departments and still no resolution. Today I tried to file a police report, but I need a letter or email from T mobile. They won't help. Finally Rep suggested that I write a letter to their legal department. Still don't have my minutes, working phone or the required letter. Any suggestions?

Gregg Pyka 4/15/2011
Revised Review
Purchased a prepaid online with $100 prepaid card. As soon as you fill the phone with the $100 (say goodbye to it)
I filled my phone and the phone was defective , not to mention they forgot to insert the activation card in the box.
I needed to call twice for someone to give it to me over the phone since the first person read me a 10 digit code that I even read back to him, You need at least a 11 digit code, He left one number in the middle out !
After calling CS, the reps had confusing answers. One told me to send everything back for a full refund and another said to keep the Sim card. I wanted a different phone but she said I cannot, That I would need to cancel this order and place a new one after a full refund. So I sent everything back and waited for my full refund. As soon as I went to AT&T due to all this poor service and waiting for the funds back on my credit card. I received a credit for the $69 garbage phone only. They stole my $100 prepaid claiming that (in the small print) The prepaid cards are non refundable. So now I have $100 in a prepaid account with no phone attached to it. Pretty much a scam if they send out garbage phones, provide poor customer service so you go somewhere else and steal your $$$, Sounds more like a SCAM (Thief Mobile)
Now when I call them they say we have no such thing as a full refund on a prepaid card. It is untrustworthy for customer service to provide several confusing answers, not to mention just trying to talk to a live person as you listen to numerous prompts from the automatic system, than they disconnect you as soon as you mention a refund on your prepaid card. Even had a supervisor disconnect me. They have all the recordings.
Another Rep , to get rid of me said she put a refund claim in and did it as I was on the phone. NEVER HAPPENED !!!
This company needs a class action lawsuit. I am sure they have done this same thing to tens of 1000's more !

Gregg Pyka 4/14/2011
Purchased a prepaid online with $100 prepaid card. As soon as you fill the phone with the $100 (say goodbye to it)
I filled my phone and the phone was defective , not to mention they forgot to insert the activation card in the box. After calling CS, the rep had no clue. I wanted a different phone but she said I cannot, That I would need to cancel this order and place a new one. As soon as I went to AT&T due to all this poor service. They stole my $100 prepaid claiming that (in the small print) The prepaid card are non refundable. So now I have $100 in a prepaid account with no phone attached to it. Pretty much a scam if they send out garbage phones, provide poor customer service so you go somewhere else and steal your $$$, Sounds more like a SCAM (Thief Mobil)

NotHappy 4/10/2011
Terrible service. It started saying "no service" while there is at least $100 on the account. I couldn't get the customer service to help me because I have lost the pin number.

John 3/29/2011
I had t-mobile prepaid plan for 4 yr's i know people who work for them and there like most sorry a s s's the rude people are the customers that don't get what they want and go around crying like little baby's t-mobile has a 10 star customer service and there plains are the best out there learn how to and witch one fits you and get a life losers...

Candis 3/25/2011
There Customer service is horrible. they are rude people and barely can speak English. they hung the phone up on me several times in one day! i would not recommend this carrier at all !

Keith1 3/25/2011
I'd had been been a postpaid customer for 8 years before I switched to pay-as-you-go. Not sure what took me so long. I buy the 1000 minute refill card for less than $90 online (using coupons - easy to find, say callingmart) & it lasts me around 6 months.

Bonker 3/21/2011
This is a perfect plan for unsophisticated, basic cell phone service for any one with limited needs. Fortunately, we are in a position to always top-up with $100 for both mine and my wife's account which lasts us between six and nine months at 10 cents/minute. I've never had any issues topping up on line. T-Mobile has reliable service across most of the areas in New Mexico to which we travel. Our basic Samsung flip phones work just fine. It depends what you're looking for but if it's just the ability to make limited cell phone calls and receive forwarded calls from a home land line when travelling, I don't think one can go wrong.

Eden 3/14/2011
Poor coverage in Rhode Island. In the smallest state in the country, I would think a mobile provider would be able to cover the entire state, but no coverage in most of western RI. Even near Providence, the biggest city, I was getting a 0 to 2 bar signal in some areas. Also expensive per minute and text rates. AT&T Go Phone is the best prepaid service I have had, and has a full 6 bar signal in the same metro area where T-Mobile was 0 to 2. AT&T is also much more reliable in western RI.

Do not use service 3/14/2011
The customer service was horrible. Credit card information was compromised on a prepaid phone only T-Moble pre-paid service knew the number that was used in the fraudulant transations. Had difficulty getting connected or determining who to talk with, was disconnected several times. On the phone ALL day to address the situation. BEWARE!

jack 3/13/2011
I pay 10 cent per/min on my prepaid
Its about $8 a month.

Nowana Debadsurviss 3/12/2011
In the U.S., Tmobile is a Federal Communications Commission licensed carrier. If you have a problem, you might get better response if you call the FCC at 800-CALL-FCC and let them know your problem. This is probably the best place for legitimate complaints against cell carriers. You will almost certainly get a response from the carrier within a couple of weeks, and if they get a lot of complaints, it might prompt an investigation. The FCC has significant enforcement power over its regulations.

Jen 3/9/2011
I am giving this service two stars only because I did receive good service from them for several years, and I'm not sure what's happened over the past couple of months. In that time, I've repeatedly put 90-180 worth of minutes on my phone only to be told the next time I make a call that my balance is low and needs to be refilled. Where are all my minutes going? T-Mobile has been unable to give me an answer, and I will be changing to a different provider because of this. It doesn't make any sense. I barely even use the phone and all my minutes are disappearing well before the expiration dates. I do not receive any spam text messages.

Mary 3/9/2011
Really the rating would be the worst I have ever had, and all that the know how to do is tell u that that are sorry. That really explains it because they are very sorry. For 3 weeks I have tried to get a phone and I was advised that they was being cancelled by a supervisor. So I out and purched another phone, and the the next night they shipped the order, and debitted my accout. Do not purch phones from this company. Worst service do not order pre-paid phones from this company.

KK 3/6/2011
Do NOT WASTE your time purchasing this prepaid pay as you go phone. I have been in activation process for 72 hours and without a phone and customer service has done nothing for me, except tell me they are working on it. They also hang up when you ask them a question that is too complicated. They are very hard to understand also.

Shay 3/3/2011
Customer Service = 0 stars sucks

Jae1 3/3/2011
Tmobile is a very sorry company that takes peoples mone and dont give good quality or service..i have been on the phone with them since yesterday tryin to resolve some techincal issues .. but not getting anuything resolved they have a oproblem with puttin people on hold for minutes.. majority of the the time u end up getting hung up on..when u call back and tell them you tired of whats going on and you want your money back..they wanna avoid refunding your money ..and want to keep tryin resolve the issue but its not working ...i used to like tmobile but now all i have to say is im done and if i have to take it to better business if im not intitle my refund due to alot of miscommunications about the service

Donna 3/2/2011
I would give zero stars if I could or minus ten! They have the absolute WORST customer service on the planet. It is unbelievable how bad they are. If you find yourself stuck with them do not waste you time talking to a rep demand to speak with a manager right manager right away, it will say you days - yes, days - of hassle. I am on day three of trying to resole an issue that should take five minutes tops. It is always like this with them. I am leaving TMobile as soon as I have time to find another company.

Terry 3/1/2011
THE VERY WORST customer service! I could write a book, but don't have the time. They shipped the wrong phone, double billed me, the said they couldn't figure out how my voicemail disappeared or how to get it turned back on... and then the monthly billing problems started.

L D 2/26/2011
I switched to the $30/1500 minute a month plan a few months ago after using Tmobile prepaid minute plan for a few years. Tmobile reception has always been very good for me in north Alabama where I live. I had a contract AT&T plan for a couple of years and Tmobile has been great in comparison. I've always done my Tmobile transactions using their website and have avoided customer service issues that others here have encountered.

Tom 2/25/2011
Be careful. Their customer service is terrible. I switched from a family plan to a prepaid plan. I tried adding $100 to the account, through the t-mobile web site, paying by credit card. A few minutes later, I got a call on my cell not from a number identified as T-Mobile, to confirm the transaction. After several minutes, they asked for my social security number. I said it wasn't needed for the transaction. They charged my card, but did not credit my cell account. I'm still trying to resolve it, after hours on the phone, but at least it's their dime on 800 numbers.

Mike 2/25/2011
Switched from T-mobile plan to pay as you go with my Nexus One since I was tired of reading that I had used 4 of my 400 minutes most months. (I really only use the phone frequently when I travel.) Contrary to some statements there is a pay as you go data plan that works with smart phones: $1.49/24 hours. Since unlimited data costs about $30/month I only have to stay home 10 days/month and use my wifi to break even and then there is the money I'm saving on the minutes I don't use.

Glamerulus 2/24/2011

Happy 2/24/2011
I brought an unlocked BB Curve 8310 to T-Mobile and can not be any happier! Works well and has a good signal.

Maibe 2/21/2011
I have a jailbroken ( unlocked to a network) Iphone with Tmobile prepaid that I have had now for 3 years. Yeah you can buy a T-mobile sim card add minutes to it and use it in any phone that is unlocked to a sim card network or use any t-mobile phone too You can't do it on a Sprint,Metro PCS, Verizon phone because they don't use a sim card.

Ala 2/13/2011
I use pay-as-you go as my emergency phone.I switched from my expired contract 4 yr ago-kept the same phone -same phone # ,same orig. sim card. I purchase $ 100- get 1000 min + 15 %. I text message oversea for
$ 0,10 and receive for $0,05.The cell works in every area of US. I never call cust service-have no need.I have been with T-mobile for 9 yr now.

Arcopal 2/10/2011
to Cecelia, any tmobile phone or GSM unlock phone will work with prepaid sim card. I only brought tmobile prepaid SIM and use it with my unlock blackberry. I have been using almost 5 months and there is no problem.

Cecelia 2/9/2011
I have a question, I hope someone can answer this for me. I have net10 at the moment but i wanna switch to tmobile unlimitted 50 dollars a month. Now i really want an HTC phone or a blackberry. Is it possible to purchase a prepaid SIM card and load the 50 dollars on and use it in any tmobile phone ? Or will it only work for the prepaid phones by tmobile ? HELP, Before i spend money :) THANKS.

evilscuba 1/30/2011
t-mobile unlimited talk and text prepaid = best deal ever. i looked in to net10=dead zone and Verizon for unlimited talk an text = $80 plus

Nikki 1/25/2011

Steve 1/23/2011
I would like to know if anyone out there has had this happened to them or even noticed it at all:

Rey 1/21/2011
Nikki said:
Last time I tried, T-Mobile would not allow me to transfer my main account to a prepaid phone. You would probably be better off purchasing a cheap Tracfone, transferring the number, and then transferring it back to your prepaid one.

Ben 1/18/2011
I have had T-mobile for many years and only have signal problems in rinky dink towns especially in Ohio. I just got a verizon prepaid and its the worst. Customer service is TERible to say the least. They couldnt even tell me what battery it uses and later on they say i cant get a battery for it. The phone is only 3 months old and is no good now It cost me 150 bucks for a 3 month phone thats no good anymore. Amen to Tmobile. Im sticking with Tmobile.

Matt 1/17/2011
I've used t-mobile to go in the Phoenix area for 5 years. My costs average about $75 - $100 per year. Works great and I don't waste money on something I don't need. I however wish I could disable incoming text messages. They get expensive when some moron decides to continually text you.

Nikki 1/15/2011
Nancy said:
"Sorry I just have a question about the phone numbers.
My plan just ended after 2 years with Tmobile and I'm considering switching to Prepaid cell phones because the monthly payments were too high. If I do will I be able to keep my old phone number or do I have to get a new one along with a new sim card? Also will I be able to use my old phone or get a new one designed for prepaid plans?"

Nancy 1/10/2011
Sorry I just have a question about the phone numbers.
My plan just ended after 2 years with Tmobile and I'm considering switching to Prepaid cell phones because the monthly payments were too high. If I do will I be able to keep my old phone number or do I have to get a new one along with a new sim card? Also will I be able to use my old phone or get a new one designed for prepaid plans?

behrenssimon 1/8/2011
whaat is tha best Mobile Deals ?

pg 1/7/2011
Finally coming back after 1 year with straight talk. STay away from straight talk. Get tmobile 1500 talk n text for $30

irwin 1/5/2011
I have been with t-mobile for about 3 years now.
I have the $100.00 plan for both my wifes phone and mine.
I am very satisfied with this carrier and have had NO problems at all with them.
When its time to renew my minutes,I do it at the main store where i purchased my phone from.
I think doing business over the phone has never worked out too well with me,so i do it in person and i have no problems,because if they gave me a hard time,i wont leave the store and i let them know this,but so far,no problems(yet)
The only complaint that i have is that their data plan costs $1.49 for 24 hours
and they have no monthly deals on monthly data plans yet.
I wear 2 hearing aids and need a hearing aid phone which t-mobile is very limited on.
Their phones suck in this respect!
I was with Verizon for about 10 years because all their phones are hearing aid compatible.
Verizon is more expensive then anyone else and their prepaid is too expensive compared to t-mobiles so i switched.

sue 1/5/2011
I have the prepaid plan which suits me best. My complaint is spotty coverage, which many people here seem not to have a problem with. Too often I can't make calls at all because there are no 'bars'. It is particularly bad when I visit my family in a small town in Ohio. Ohio in general seems to be kind of bad for coverage, but I've also had problems getting coverage at my house in northern virginia. I've had to go stand in my neighbor's yard several times just to make calls. Seems my house is some sort of recurring dead zone.
I used to have tracphone, and never had this problem with them. If tracphone had had better customer service, I would have stayed with them. i may still go back, if the lack of coverage eventually becomes annoying enough. But T-mobiles rates are better than tracphone.

GlennReed 1/1/2011
Although I use Net10 and chances are that I will stay with them, I still am checking other companies out for a good deal (if its even possible to beat Net10, the best company so far, overall). Post feedback in forums such as this one is helpful, but only if they are legitimate.

George 12/30/2010
"When customers buy 100 dollars worth of refills they are are eligible to receive 15 percent more minutes on refill cards" - BALONEY! Even after asking for the 15% extra, they refuse to honor their advertizing. Crooks.

peter 12/22/2010
does tmobile have any english speaking customer service reps i mean dam i feel like i am on vacation in mexico I love there 30 dollar plan but no customer service, If you can deal with non english speaking reps it's great

Unlocked Traveler 12/19/2010
Signed on for the pay-by-the-minute voice/text service in early 2008 in HI on my way back from a contract overseas. Put the SIM in my own unlocked PEBL, and I was good to go.

Anya Sapo 12/17/2010
I've been with t-mobile for seven years, both prepaid and postpaid. Up to this last year customer service has been wonderful. They have often given me more than requested. Now however, I have to fight for everything. Possibly their system is unreliable, but they almost never make the requested and agreed to plan changes and I have to argue with them to just give me what I signed up for. This takes multiple calls and their system tries to prevent customers from reaching a live person. I guess it doesn't matter, as the changes never happen anyway.

Wandersmann 12/13/2010
Fraud! The coverage map of T-Mobile is a lie. To keep me as a customer, they told me in December 2009 that service in NW Cape Coral went down on November 10, 2009 and would be restored soon. I continue to wait and pay $50/month. On travels to Chicago and Wisconsin service was spotty. In Seattle OK.

Jake 12/11/2010
I had T-mobile prepaid since 2005 and always kept it above 100 USD so it won't expire as I rarely used it. The service ended on me last month and I went to the store as well as calling 611 for help. Guess what they say, the number which I had no longer belongs to T-mobile and they could not find any info about me. I lost 100 USD. I need a phone so I bought another sim card and refilled online up to 100USD. Didn't use it until few days back and could not dial at all, not even 611. Went to the store again and the samething, no info about me! And not only that, they told me the phone belongs to someone else! What a rip off! I lost 200 USD just like that!

Maclaren 12/5/2010
This is not really a review, just a complement what what was said about the $100 card. Minutes do expire in one year, but if you buy more minutes, even a $10 card, unused minutes are rolled over and the whole balance is good for another year. This is very good if you do not use all your minutes before expirations. For exemple, I used just $60 (600 minutes) during a year. A week before the minutes expiration I bought a $10 card (100 minutes). My new balance of $50 (500 minutes was good for another year). Of course, I use my phone REALLY only for emergencies and special occasions. The only reason I don't give T-Mobile Pay-as-you-go five stars, is because you are also charged when you receive calls.

shannon 12/4/2010
Great thanks! Are you sure you can for the prepaid monthly plans?

k 12/4/2010
I purchased a pre-paid phone and found it did not have any service in my home, despite their coverage map showing excellent coverage. I called and made a service request and was informed they'd look into the problem, and get back to me within 72 hours. No one responded. So when I called, I was informed the service problem could not be fixed and only t-mobile usage would work with any of their phones outside my home (I live 20 min from a major metropolitan city in the US). So I asked to cancel my service at this point. I was routed and rerouted to different departments while trying to cancel my service and be credited, only to give up 3 hours later. This was a horrible experience.

angelito 12/4/2010
I had tmobile post paid service for about 3 years. About two months ago I decided to switch to a $50 a month unlimited talk/text/100mb data. I also provided my own unlocked phone, and I must say the service has been flawless and the switch was fast.

shannon 12/3/2010
i just bought a tmobile prepaid phone, i'm on the pay as you go plan, and i like it. i'm just wondering, if you switch to a prepaid monthly plan do you have to pay each month with a credit card or can you buy refill cards??
can someone please answer me?

kilya 12/3/2010
shannon u can buy a refill card

housewife 12/3/2010
My husband and I bought two prepaid phones, and went with the unlimited talk and text, which we renew every month. Very pleased! Our daughter and I can talk or text to our heart's content, and I get oodles of priceless picture messages from our granddaughter. This summer I went to visit them several states away and never had a problem with service at all. It's been a good plan for us, and we'll stick with it.

Peter Nielsen 11/28/2010
I was content with my regular T-mobile plan, which was automatically billed to my credit card each month, but then saw a prepaid plan for $30 that gave me more minutes, so I called and asked them to switch me to that. What followed was a nightmare of customer non-service. My phone went dead and I was told that I needed to wait for an activation code. When that didn't come I called in and was told I needed to wait 24 hours. Next day they told me to wait 24-48 hours. Next day still no service. Then they said I needed a new SIMM card, so I had to go to a store. They replaced it without charge, which was nice, but still I had problems. I could no longer access their website. I couldn't dial in to get my messages. After a week, I finally had my service working again. The problem seemed to stem from the fact that the regular billing department is totally separate from the pre-paid department, which is totally separate from their technical service department.
Once it was working, I wanted to make sure it kept working, so I went on the website and signed up for automatic credit card pre-payments. The system said that it would refill on Nov 25th. When that day came, the old billing department called to ask if I wanted to give them a credit card number to pay my final bill -- before they sent it to collections! They had never sent me a bill and since I always paid automatically with my credit card, I didn't expect this, but gave them the number. This apparently cancelled my pre-paid account as well as the old post-paid account, and my service was once again deactivated and web access blocked. I called and they said I needed to wait 24 hours. The next day I called and they again said I need to wait 24 hours. At this point, I'm again without service!! This is really poor customer service.

teenangel 11/28/2010
I have used T-mobile prepaid for many years. A few years back I opted for a Palm Treo (I know it's now ancient) which I unlocked and stuck a T-mobile SIM card into. Works great and has for years. My wife also runs a Treo and together we may spend $150 a year. We both have "relatively" good coverage in metropolitan areas, but lousy coverage outside them. I even took my phone to Mexico and used it there. Admittedly the per minute international charges were exceptional ($1.50) but I knew that going in. If I could find another plan which is as straight forward (You pay X you get Y, expiration is a YEAR) as the T-mobile but offered broader coverage, I would be on it like ugly on a toad, but I haven't found one. That's why I am looking at this site. Haven't found one here either.

Dimitri 11/26/2010
I use the classic prepaid service. I like being able to retain my phone number, but I only have use for the phone for two or three months a year. I get "vampire" spam text messages that keep "sucking" money from my account - TMO says they cannot block them, but I think they can for postpaid. I never use text messages and wish I could switch off that feature because spam cost me money. Spam should be caller-pays anyway -- the US phone regulations are bad.

annoyed 11/24/2010
Horrible, bad reps, bad plans. Just an all around bad comapny.

Annoyed 11/23/2010
Got me the $15 prepaid plan. The way it was presented to me I expected to pay $15 + tax and get unlimited texting for a month, plus 90 minutes of air time ($15 at 10c/min).

Rich 11/22/2010
I was able to get in contact with a tmobile rep. They explained to me that the reason my charge was so high was because I had made an international call it was not domestic so I stand corrected. However, the charge on my account for the international call was $1.50 per minute which caused the balance on my account to take a huge hit. Lesson learned, next time I'll just buy a calling card for much less money.

Rich 11/21/2010
I just purchased $50 on my prepaid plan which gives me 460 minutes. I made a phone call after the purchase which was eleven minutes long. After which I checked my balance and was surprised to see that my balance had gone down to 283 minutes and not the 449 minutes that I was expecting since (460 - 11) = 449. I did the math and at this rate for every minute that I use on the phone they deduct 16.09 minutes from my balance (16.09 * 11) = 177 and (460 - 177) = 283. I guess we are all victims of the new t-mobile math. Interesting that of the 50 reviews so far not including mine 24 ratings have been between (1 or 2).

Dexter 11/14/2010
Time for this site to update their review. I have the Samsung Vibrant phone and I'm on the $30 a month prepaid plan. You get 1500 shared text and minutes and 30MB of data for $30 a month. I like it!

Bruce Berkowitz 11/8/2010
This is the best prepaid plan for those who use their phone very little. $10 (minimum payment) buys 30 minutes that are good for 90 days. Refill prior to the end of 90 days and it all carries over. Plus, after spending $100, all future minutes last a full year, even for a $10 card. My phone expense on this plan is $40 a year. It's great since I use my phone so little and want it for emergencies. T-mobile's coverage is lacking however, particularly in California, but most of the main transportation terrain and communities have coverage.

Chris Harris 11/8/2010
I was happy with the phone service until I started getting spammed with text messages. I put $40 on my phone only to have the whole amount eaten up with spam in 3 days. T-Mobile wasn't interested in stopping the text messages, so I never used the phone again.

Matt 11/7/2010
I've had my wife on a prepaid for the past 5 years now. Its worked great for us. We spend about $100/year on her phone bill. So much better than the post plan we used to have and paying $50/month. I've seen a lot of negative reviews about minutes being used up quickly. You have to look at how many minutes you use in a month if pre-paid will work for you. If you regularly talk 1500 minutes/month this is not your plan. Simple math - 1500 x $0.10 = $150. But if you use 1500/year then prepaid will work for you.

khoi ng 11/2/2010
not only t-mobile a fraud, it was coward and dishonest too! when i remove the fine print (asurion insurance) it retaliate me right away by locking one cellular, muting the ringer of my 2nd cellular.

Bruce 10/31/2010
I am so glad net10 has come out with an unlimited plan for $50, their service is so much better than t-mobile and now i can get that service for the same price.

ed 10/30/2010
Going on four years with t-mobile prepay. Switched both my wife and my Verizon service (~$90/month) and now pay about $120 a YEAR total. Got the $100 card so it doesn't expire for a year, I get warning messages when either the time or my minutes are running low. Never had a single bad experience with the store reps or the 1 time I had to call a custsvc rep.

fraudmobile 10/28/2010
It is a complete fraud, scam, you name it whatever you want,save your receipts because they will not get away with this fraud for too much longer....

John K 10/27/2010
T mobile rips off minutes Numerous times i had purchased $50 with 400 minutes .all of a sudden in 2 weeks ,70 minutes used they tell me all my minutes are gone. I called customer service.Waste of time.Went to t mobile store .they couldn't help me.I am glad because of cell phone technology but Its a shame that alot of these companies are not honest and customer service is not what it should be

WiExpert 10/20/2010
Pros: No monthly bill, include all of the basic calling features and text in U.S only + IM messenger.
Cons: Ugly phones, internet T-Zone sucks.

Max 10/20/2010
I switched from postpaid to prepaid 10/18/10 after having T-Mobile for almost EIGHT LONG YEARS. I had at least half a dozen cust reps try to talk me out of leaving, saying whatever about cancellation fees, etc. Good riddance. I have been paying $150/mo for 2 lines on my account, web, text, the works, and never even use all of it. I saw a prepaid plan for $30/mo, 1500 talk+text and 30MB of web data, and figured thats about what I use anyway. I'll pay the canx fees and make that back in savings in 2 months!

John 10/15/2010
I bought my T-mobile prepaid phone 6 months ago. I paid $100 to have it activated for 1 year. Since I don't use it too often, I still have some money on an account. I like the rate $.10/min, however I feel that you get what you pay for. sometimes i has no signal when I'm inside the buildings, which can be really annoying while shopping and want to call someone. Not to mention about no signal at all from basement. My friends have phones working just fine even from basement, but not mine. I live in metropolitan area with a good coverage, I wonder how it would work somewhere out in rural areas. I used to have Virgin mobile before that didn't work well in rural areas, but work pretty well inside buildings. I just wonder if it has something to do with type of the phone. Mine is Samsung SGH-139

Ron 10/15/2010
I have an unlocked t-mobile phone that I wanted to activate. I called t-mobile and they said besides a minute care I needed an activation number and said I could get it at a t-mobile store, so I went to my local Mall and was told they do not have them any longer and I needed to go to Walmart. Went to Walmart spent 1 1/2 hours with Walmart wireless expert and she could not get it to work. She called t-mobile 800 number somewhere and they told her the store at local Mall did in fact have the activation kits for $15.00! Yes, I know you can get this so called kit on-line from t-mobile for $6.99 plus tax. Walmart and t-mobile solution was to purchase a phone in order to get the activation kit! One other suggestion t-mobile had was for me to travel 30 mile to another t-mobile store!

Rob 10/14/2010
Pay $50 for 400 minutes + "bonus" minutes, call for one hour or so and send a dozen text messages... credit is used up! This happens over and over. No ringtones, data, international, directory assistance or anything, just plain basic service ripoff.

steve 10/14/2010
can you check your voice mail from a land line if you are in a area where your cell phone does not work on the pay as you go phones. tracfone and straight talk you can not

JP 10/14/2010
Been using t-mobile prepaid for about 5 years now, and enjoy the money we save. We have 2 phones and spend maybe $120 a year total recharging minutes. Spouse's phone broke, got a used one on ebay for $20, plugged in sim and we were in business.

Anh 10/12/2010
Contrary to some of the negative reviews, I found T-Mobile Customer Service as good as any. I guess it depends on who you get on the line. I purchased an LG SENTiO GS505 from Costco and then called T-Mobile Customer Service to port my old number and found the rep quite courteous and helpful. The port dept rep finally directed me to the pre-paid department for other questions I had and even that rep was friendly and knowledgeable. The entire process took little over 15 minutes and now I'm all set. The T-Mobile web site also looks quite alright. So far so good - hopefully I remember to add my feedback few months later after I've used the network for a while and I save the last * for then. Assigning 4 Stars for now.

Leo 10/10/2010
Have been using tmobile pp for over a year. Service is great. the post paid account my wife stinks. If you look hard enough you will find something wrong with every cell phone company.

Becky 10/7/2010
I wish I had read these reviews before I plunked down $200 to start up service with T-Mobile's Prepaid account. I have used several different providers over the last 10 years and T-Mobile is by FAR the WORST company you could deal with. I have been a customer for 2 and half weeks and have already logged more than 3 hours on the phone with customer service. They phone que is terrible, you stay in that maze for 10 minutes before you can get to a representative. When they tell you they will take care of something within a certain number of hours, they don't! I have had to call back up to 7 times for the same problem. This is a TERRIBLE company, go with another carrier if you have any choice at all.

Mary 10/7/2010
The T in T-Mobile stands for TERRIBLE!!! I would give less than 1 star if this would let me. You never get the problems resolved with the first representative you talk to. I actually ended up talking to 8 different people on my first day as a customer, it took more than 2 hours of my time. To make it up to me they offered me a $25 pre-paid card as an apology, it didn't work. I had to call back to get another one, that call took 4 different people and 40 minutes. This is truly the worst cell company you could use. If you value your time and good customer service, pick another carrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse 10/2/2010
I don't use many mobile minutes, so T-Mobile is good for me. Bought $100 to start, good for 1 year, $0.10/min, just renewed at 1 yr with $50 card for another year. Bought unlocked Nokia E63, put SIM in, works great. Use WLAN for data instead of carrier.

Rick 9/30/2010
Both my wife and I are T-Mobile 'Prepaid' phone user for years. Perfect way to have today's convenience without paying crazy dollars. Even my phone, which appears to have died after 4 years, has been more than sufficient. I'll keep doing the T-Mobile Prepaid as long as it's available.

darrenbolforth 9/26/2010
I am currently a T-Mobile pay as you go user. The per minute rates are ok...that said I must ad that despite your review claims that their sidekick pay as you go provides web for $1 a day I must update you to the fact that T-Mobile no longer makes the Sidekick pay as you go service unless you are already a subscriber to the service so you can say that for everyone else the service no longer is available. I have found that if you tend to wander even slightly off the beaten path you will be roaming even if you're within sight of a major thoroughfare. This one fact has kept me from going with any of their monthly plans. Also frequently in even towns like Hilo, Honolulu, San Diego and Las Vegas the rate of dropped calls can be quite high during peak use hours.

JR 9/25/2010
Tried different money values, and it no matter what they nickel and dime you t-mobile to t-mobile is a joke i keep getting charged per minute don't get it.

jim 9/23/2010
phone did not work after adding 100.00 prepaid card

George 9/23/2010
I have been using two T-Mobile Prepaid phones for seven years now. I always purchase $100 at a time. The service is flawless and T-Mobile is honorable in their delivery. This service has saved me many $$$. T-Mobile's website gives the details and you get what they say. I can't understand the negative comments here.

gggirlgeek 9/20/2010
Pros: $25 prepaid lasts for more than 30 days. GSM service allows me to use any unlocked phone I want. $100 prepaid doesn't expire for a year. Those are the only good points I've found.

Susan 9/14/2010
Six weeks ago I
went on the $50/mo unlimited test/talk, etc. From day one cannot receive texts from any carriers except for Tmobile and Verizon, although I can text to anyone I want to. They have given me the run around, told me wild stories. When I go online I see that this is a long standing problem with Tmobile and I am now looking for another plan to switch to. Online and instore assistance has been pathetic. Coverage has been spotty at best. Find another carrier!!!

Tim 9/4/2010
Awesome customer service. I have 4 prepaid lines for the family over the last 5 years and it has saved me thousands. Love the GSM network. I can switch phones without having TMOBILE activate them for me. I am always looking to save money and have looked into Cricket but they have really bad customer service.

SWT 9/4/2010
We purchased a T-Mobile pre-paid phone. The phone is difficult to figure out. The manual is not user friendly and although we live in a state, MN that is suppose to offer full coverage it does not. If we drive south 25 minutes from our home we lose all coverage. The phone is worthless and the coverage is as well. We are looking for a new pay as you go provider. It is a market that is in need of expansion. If minus stars were an option that is what I would give.

Kim 9/3/2010
I have had T-Mobile for a few years now. I initially paid $100 for 1000 minutes and and my minutes lasted for 1 year. I have never had any problems with reception and have never had an issue with refills. After the first year, any refill minutes will last for a year. $100 a year beats $41+ each month. Of course I am not constantly on the phone, so this was the best plan for me.

Clint 9/2/2010
I have been using t-mobile to go for 7 years. I stumbled on this and read a few reviews. I see quite a few people on here that fail to read and understand how it works that right bad reviews.

Joel Novin 9/1/2010
Worst customer service I ever experienced!Tried several times to reload my phone and was unsuccessful. I tried online, by cell phone and by land line. CS transferred to rep to rep to rep. No one could help me. Never use T Mobile. They are the worst!

tina 8/31/2010
when you are almost out of minutes on tmobile prepaid , you get a prompt "refill soon for continous service you can bla bla bla . well you are charged 1 minite for them to tell you to give tmobile more money , a genuine rip off!!!

Willy 8/31/2010
Are minutes perishable? I simply don't understand why they have to expire. I practically never use my cell phone, so I went with a pre-paid plan. The one time I needed to make a call, I saw that my minutes had expired 4 days earlier. I think I’m just going to buy a $10 card and simply keep it with the phone. It just takes a moment to add the minutes to the point in adding them until you need to use them.

Das 8/27/2010
T-Mobile = TERRIBLE!!!

sandy 8/27/2010
When I am in stores I cannot use my T Mobil. It says emergency calls only. I am so dissapointed. Its like having no phone whem I cant use it when I need it.

Rod 8/25/2010
T mobile is not an honest service. They ONLY have roaming charges where I ive and the price is at least triple the going rate. Not fair, not fair at all.
I need a good phone and this isn't it.

charles 8/19/2010
It seems that some people have problems with the tmobile phones receiving bars, this could be due to bad phones(some brands are horrible)and whether you have a 3g phone or a tri band phone, if you don't then your bars won't be as great.

Susan Carter 8/18/2010
I brought a T-mobile phone with the call as you go plan. Phone arrived quickly with the card with about 3 minutes; everything was fine. I then tried to refill my minutes intending to purchase the 1000 minutes for $100.00. I tried 3 or 4 times on line; called customer service twice; was on the phone with cc the last time for 11 minutes (most of that time on hold) and still have not yet been able to refill minutes. I'm wondering if their 1000 minutes for $100 was a ploy to get me to buy a phone or what since apparently I can't buy more minutes. Extremely dissatified with T-mobile.

Randall 8/18/2010
--For all those's complaining about Minutes being used without them using the phone, thats not true. You must be on the regular Pay as you go.. 33 cents/min with the 10.00 card.. I'm on the Pay as you go daily plan $1/day. Yes T-Mobile has fair coverage but it works, and im proud to be able to have T-Mobile! :)

barbtuba4 8/15/2010
I have used a prepaid T-Mobile Samsung phone for 8 months and I love it -- both the phone and the service has been outstanding. With a contract, I was paying over $35 a month, now I pay $2. Obviously I don't use a cell phone much so this works perfect for my needs. They gave me free minutes with purchase, I paid for the 1,000 minutes, and the customer service has been satisfactory. I'm thrilled I switched, T-Mobile has saved me a bundle.

MRpolak 8/14/2010
I am extremly disappionted in tmoble we have had tmoble for while and when we tryed to swich our phones the costomer service was horrible they keep transfering you and the barley listen to what you say. they even rush you! it is horrible costermer service and i suggest switching to atnt there pricer but they actually offer very good costumer service unlike tmobile

Erwin 8/8/2010
I have read most of the reviews on this page and find it appauling that people would complain about coverage. Known fact, all carriers have issues with expanded coverage for Prepaid Services. Case in point, if I was to leave my town I would not have service. This would have been my choice as their postpaid comes with the expanded roaming service which is not indicated on their coverage maps unlike AT&T who bloat up their coverage maps by showing their roaming areas as home networks (I know this to be true as I worked for AT&T Wireless).
T-mobile USA is one if the best carriers in the country. Best customer service department when compared to the other carriers. And very willing to go out of their way to make sure they have happy customers. I would never be with any other carrier unless I absolutely had to.

Matt 8/8/2010
couldn't set up auto-recharge on-line even after contacting on-line customer support. Couldn't set it up by calling customer service after being transferred 6! (not an exaggeration) times. Now they want me to go to a store to set it up. Colossal waste of time.

harley dude 8/8/2010
I bought an inexpensive basic unlockable quad-band cell phone on the internet so that I could use it in the US as a back up to my regular cells (Verizon) and so I could use it in Europe by buying a European SIM card. I signed up for T-Mobile pre-paid to use it in the US. So far, I've got only good things to say about T-Mobile (taking into account how I want to use the phone). Their customer service was helpful in sending me their domestic SIM card virtually free (don't buy it at a store) and then helping to activate via their customer service phone line. They even offered to unlock it for me to use in Europe if I have problems doing it myself. I've used the phone a few times in the US to become familiar with it. I am a simple user for voice calls only. I don't text. I don't do fancy internet stuff and I only use the phone for about 15-20 minutes per month. I'm not like these people that can't survive without a phone pasted to their ear gabbing 24/7. If their minutes seem to disappear, maybe they've let them expire or maybe it's because you pay to receive as well as make calls. As I understand it, some services charge you pay for "airtime" not just originating calls. It seems to work as well as my Verizon phones in the area where I live. I will buy a European SIM and I hope the phone works in Europe. We will probably only use it for an emergency or to check with our daughter in the US periodically. It's true ya get's what ya pays for, but if you want super fancy service with all sorts of bells and whistles, you'll probably have to pay through the nose. However, so far T-Mobile seems to satisfy my minimal needs.

Bob 8/8/2010
Fraud: T-Mobile is subtracting way more minutes than used. I did a detailed, careful study of 2 weeks usage comparing minutes used in phone's log with difference between beginning and ending minutes available for the period: The phone log showed I used 25.3" if I didn't round [total seconds divided by 60], or 35" if I always rounded up. By contrast the difference between the remaining minutes on each date was 125" So my minute total was decreased by way more than the minutes I used. If the non-rounded usage was compared then the reduction in minute balance exceeded actual usage by 99" or nearly 5 times the actual minutes used. If fully rounded-up minutes were used, then the balance was reduced by 90" more than actual usage or 3.6 times the actual usage. If the difference in $ balance is compared to actual minutes used then my cost per minute would be 51 cents/min non-rounded or 37 cents/min rounded up. Online chat with t-mobile rep revealed they always mark up usage to next minute: 1.01 minutes = 2 minutes used. They claimed that I was getting minute for minute and my time was only costing 10 cents a minute, but steadfastly refused to provide their record of my calls so I could check for calls somehow not made on my phone. Claimed the FCC rules wouldn't allow me to see my own records.

MJ 8/7/2010
I've been using T-Mobile for multiple phones over the last few years and have never had a problem. It's a good deal if you make a moderate number of calls (like $20 for 200 minutes), but it's an even better deal if you don't use the phone much and want one for security. Buy a $100 card the first year and then you only have to buy a $10 card each year to fund your emergency phone. Perfect for little kids and older people.

Mike 8/5/2010
I can make a phone call without problems. My beef is with the company. I had a post-paid plan but decided to go pre-paid. I called to find out the price of the plan I wanted. They said 10c/min. I asked again to verify. 10 cents. So I did the math with my old bills and decided in the long run, it would be cheaper. I called back and talked to another person. That person also verified 10c/min. LIES! I made the switch, and my minutes cost me anywhere from 33 cent so 50 cents per minute. I sent a letter to complain and got a phone message back saying *I* must have selected the wrong plan. Uh...I verified twice with both people I talked to. So, T-Mobile (in my opinion) told me to F-off after 8 years of loyal patronage.

Ruth 7/31/2010
HORRID the phone the coverage, the customer service is HORRID and I am being kind.

Rick 7/30/2010
I've been a T-Mobile prepaid customer for 3 years. I'm very happy with the service. Spotty coverage, yes. No record of calls, yes. I imagine those complaining about disappearing minutes are people who underestimate their usage, or those that buy less than 1000 minutes at a time, causing the minutes to expire.

Guest 7/26/2010
you can be in the heart of a city and tmobile wont work

Al 7/25/2010
If T Mo's prepaid service is anything like its post paid service, then you need to RUN, not walk away from T Mo. I'm currently on a no contract plan but will be dropping them after only 4 months due to extremely poor coverage. They paint their coverage areas with an extremely wide brush that doesn't come close to their actual coverage. When I called cs about the coverage problem, I was told that they would have their techs check it out and repair as necessary. Well, they did one heck of a job! Now the area where I barely had service before I called nas exactly no service! Nice repair job, T Mo! My suggestion to anyone considering T Mo is that you go to T Mos website and check the customer reviews under connection problems. Seems that T Mo service has been going steadily downhill for awhile now.
Bottom line is STAY AWAY FROM T MOBILE!!!

Ron Yeary 7/25/2010
As a former long term customer of Tracfone, I've found T-Mobile pricing to be roughly half that of Tracfone for a prepaid service. Tacfone offers 400 minutes over one year and T-Mobile offers 1000 minutes. Roughly the same cost.

ash 7/23/2010
you can have any phone made prepaid, i recently did the $50 unlimited with a blackberry and it works fine (:

B.Fleagle 7/21/2010
We have the Tmobile prepaid, where you buy the 100.00 card, receive 1150 minutes, and then can keep any minutes if you purchase more airtime before the 1 year expires. I am not a big phone user. Less than 10 minutes a week, really. This plan works for us, coverage is usually pretty OK. We are low maintenance users, do not call the call centers, do not need any special services, etc. I think that overall, I spend 5-6 dollars per month to be able to have cell phone access. Great plan for low minute users. Big time talkers, not so much.

Soccermom 7/21/2010
Beware of the disappearing minutes! We used to have two prepaid phones with T-mobile. The phones will use up the minutes without the users touching the phone. Yes, they disappear like that. We called t-mobile to fix the problem too many times and just finally gave up.

Florida Rick 7/14/2010
T-mobile is really messed-up. They used to have free T-Zones that included ESPN, CNN and ABC. Now, the only thing left is ABC News and that only works part of the time.

Mary 7/13/2010
I'd give "0" stars if I could. I was charged twice when trying to put minutes on my phone via the internet. First transaction said it "didn't authorize", so I put through a second transaction. Now both went through and I was charged twice as much. I was transferred several times from customer rep to customer rep. I was on hold for 30 min. before anyone answered my call.

Bruce T. 7/13/2010
Have used the basic prepaid for a year with no problem except spotty coverage in some areas. But I knew that coming in as T-mobile is the smallest of the big 4. Had to deal with customer service and return an accessory that I ordered by mistake and they were very responsive. I bought the $100 /1000 minute package up front and they seemed to keep giving me bonus minutes that I didn't expect. I'm now about do my first refill so this couldn't be simpler or cheaper.

donta 7/12/2010
custpmer service was fine they spoke english and check to make sure it worked here and it did hotspot roaming but no roaming on 15$amonth unlimited texting,net10 unlimited is a joke,prepaid debit card or unlimited talk and text.picture messenges,

cekdar 7/10/2010
The worst ever,

Barbara 7/4/2010
I've used T-Mobile prepaid for a couple of years. As long as I used it as a backup only it was fine; as soon as I started depending on it as a primary phone it got way too expensive, even at the 10c/minute rate. I'd recommend it for backup or light use only. I also found that their customer service, which used to be convenient and helpful, has become very poor: I have been unable to speak to a human, and the robot isn't programmed to answer what I need to know. They need to add a way to contact them by email; if there is one I haven't been able to find it. Trying to deal with their website is totally frustrating.

magali 7/3/2010
i have the prepaid unlimited with t mobile for a week now and has been great, i recommend it!!

Deidre 7/3/2010
I have been using T Mobile to go prepaid for about 5 years. We live in Southeastern MA between Boston and Providence RI. My husband sometimes has trouble getting service while on his commuter train, but other than that, this has been a really economical way to do cell service. We are not big cell users and do not text etc. so did not need thousands of minutes a month. We have three phones in the family with really very little problems. My 1000 minutes just lasted me 7 months and my husband's will last a whole year. It works for us!

JMS 7/2/2010
Picked their prepaid service because of the apparent coverage map for southern IL (right across river from St Louis). I bought the phone plus $100 card to get the 1 yr service. Activated this morning. Coverage map is a lie. Their idea of a "good" reception zone is "good luck getting any reception" zone. I will now go out and buy another phone and service and chalk it up to another of life's lessons. Wish I had come across this review site earlier

Goofcat 6/28/2010
I been using the prepaid for years. I put $100 on it and it last me almost the whole year. Tmobile texts me warnings about the expiration date, so I refill before that date and all my minutes roll over.

keith 6/24/2010
I manage about 5 prepaid T-mobile phones for my immediate family members and friends. T-mobile has deducted all the minutes from two of the phones to ZERO within a 45 day period. I know both users only used the phone very cautiously and they seldom use the phone except during emergency. T-mobile is not giving me any explanation. The first one maybe a mistake but TWO phone accounts went to ZERO balance? Come on. I think T-mobile is getting to be a bunch of crooks.

haley. 6/22/2010
im about to get tmobie prepaid, unlimited. i just wanna know can you put the sim card in a different tmobile phone.? or do you have to keep the same ugly phone.

Robert Burns 6/18/2010
I do not recommend buying TMobile Prepaid under any circumstances. I recently did and had one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I bought the Prepaid Phone and $100 card directly from TMobile. It took me 1 1/2 hours to activate the phone and then the phone key pad would not unlock. I send back the phone and card and they will only refund me for the phone and I'm out the $100 for the card. I am totally disgusting with TMobile. DO NOT BUY TMOBILE!!!!!!

Travis 6/16/2010
First thing you need to know is that T-Mobile does NOT care about you. They have no consideration or compassion - they just want your money. I was a loyal customer for years. Today I went online to charge my phone as I've done over 20 times. The website had an error and my card was charged, but the minutes didn't get credited. Tried the online chat - couldn't help. Tried talking to Levi, Brian (0527), Yalita (1005) and Emanuel (12578). Everyone had a different story, but after over 1 hour the bottom line was "FU customer" call your credit card company to dispute the charge. We won't help you and could care less if we have wasted an hour of your time. My wife has Straight Talk. Moving there now! T-Mobile sucks!

bbbb 6/16/2010
I just bought a T-mobile prepaid phone, I put the sim card but now I don't know what I have to do, I know I have something to do with the numbers but what? could you help me please?

Bern 6/15/2010
Anybody notice that you can't use many of the existing features on your phone if you have prepaid with T-Mobile instead of contract? For instance, you can't adjust it to call forward after the number of seconds of your choosing (your stuck with 20 secs), nor can you have a call forwarded to a number other than the voice mail number. I find this most annoying, as I'd often like a shorter or longer ring time, AND often prefer that the ring forward to my home phone number rather than to voice mail. These feature ARE on the phone, but you can't use them (the big STOP sign comes up) if you try to activate these features. Anybody else have similar experiences where everyday setting features like these can't be used if you're on prepaid? Also, they don't make it clear that if you haven't used your 1000 minutes in a year, you only have to buy a $10 refill card to keep ALL your minutes going for another year. This seems to be a pretty well-kept secret.

Moosette 6/15/2010
MY Samsong gravity turns off when i slide it or just leave it sitting for a few minutes or if it bangs against something not my recommendation that you get it!

Holly 6/14/2010
What a nightmare. I got a prepaid phone # and immediately started getting phone calls from a message center which clogged up my voicemail. I called t-mobile who said that they would block the #. I also blocked the # on my own. Unfortunately I continued to get phone calls. I finally had to change my phone #. Then I was told that I was charged for all of the voice mail messages which is well over 40 minutes of calls. When I asked for reimbursement, I was declined. Crappy customer service and a rip-off. I am going back to verizon.

Cheryl Sherwood 6/13/2010
This prepaid service has dead zones where your phone does not work in Illinois.

reality_check 6/11/2010
Just looked at the T-Mobile site and they have only 4 prepaid phones. How old is your review?

cf 6/10/2010
pooooor customer service, never buy!

Greg Smith 6/10/2010
I had T mobile prepaid for years with no problems, however, I just recently had to change my phone number and called customer service to do it. My phone was frozen for weeks. I called customer support every day and they kept giving me the run around. I had a hundred dollars on the phone and now I have nothing. Somehow....someone stole my minutes. I will never do business with T mobile again.

Sanford 6/9/2010
Most economical per minute pre-paid calling plan available - if you buy $100 calling card. The $100 equals 83 minutes per month for 12 months calling time at just 10 cents/minute. I have found reception pretty good wherever I go, however, at home I get only 1 bar because the cell tower is over a hill from our house with trees for obstruction. We have had 2 plans for over 3 years and are quite happy with them.

Manny 6/9/2010
I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer since 2005. I had been satisfied with their customer service & service until recently. I called to get help about minutes being deducted from my phone that were not & could not have been made from my phone. The rep transferred me to tech support who then transferred me back to a customer service rep. who took an alternate number from me & told me to "please hold" then hung up but never called me back. This happened twice. Finally when I called back to talk with another rep they told me all the calls appear to be legitimate and that they could do nothing for me. Done with T-Mobile for good now. T-Mobile isn't what it used to be and they are now really just a bunch of crooks!!!

sax 6/7/2010
how come this concept of "money with expiration date" goes unchallenged by consumer groups and government? like, you pay them money before using any services, they can use your money right away, and if you forfeit using their services you also forefeit your money! i call this highway robbery!

Frank Del 6/7/2010
Poor reception pretty much everywhere. Went to TMobile store and CSR tells me that their service sucks! Nice. Be sure to check that you get service before you buy, no point paying .10 a minute for something that doesn't work!
I'm switching to a different carrier and so is everyone in my family since we only use PPD.

BIll 6/6/2010
I've had T-Mobile prepaid for several years. You really can't beat the $100 refill for 1000 mins with a one year expiration date. And you can access some useful web sites...not bad for being free. I've traveled extensively and found the service to be about as good as other carriers I've had. The reception inside some buildings can be bad, but that is a function of the service being GSM. But the tradeoff is you can buy a new prepaid phone, stick your GSM chip in it and be ready to go. And your phonebook comes over too!

Freddie 6/2/2010
I am a light cell phone user. I bought a tmobile phone and 1000 minutes for a hundred bucks, good for a year. The problem is tmobile service coverage is the pits. I could never rely on the phone where I live and where I traveled. Their coverage maps are a total lie. Also, the roaming was to be included at no additional cost but t-mobile turned it off. Often I would have 5 bars and get message emergency calls only. I now have tracfone and it is nice to actually be able to use the phone. Not so with tmobile. Why they are still in business I cannot understand.

Gmoney 6/1/2010
it was ok but pretty lame if u ask meh but its still a phone lol ...............i wont a new 1 lookin out for iny that are

jackie 6/1/2010
eh its pretty good if you have no choice but after a while this phone kills your thumbs my thumbs now have indents the set up of the phone is annoying though the flashlight on it is tacky but pretty handy :)

ANNOYED!!! 5/25/2010
okay my mom got me 1000 minutes on my samsung gravity and i used about 200 minutes. my mom said she was gonna get me more minutes next year, so i thought it was a pretty good deal so i decided to limit my time. anyways, i was taking an iq test cuz i had to for my school and stuff and to get the results i had to agree to the terms of service and give your phone #. so i did and they sent me a text with my pin number and then they sent me FOUR FREAKIN' ADVERTISEMENTS THAT TOOK 100 MINUTES OFF JUST FOR RECIEVING THEM AND NOT EVEN READING THEM!!! I HATE THIS SERVICE SO FREAKIN' MUCH!!! so now i have 326 minutes whereas i used to have 826 minutes just yesterday. THANK YOU TMOBILE THANK YOU SO FREAKIN' MUCH!!

Sebastian 5/24/2010
T-Mobile is the best kept secret. I've been with them since they were VoiceStream on the family plan /$60 per month/ but last few years went on prepaid for $8 per month. You can't go wrong with that.

David 5/21/2010
This has been the absolute worst company that I have ever dealt with. The customer service is horrible, the management is awful, and the compassion from the entire company is despicable. Starting with Lou ID# 0955170 "Coach Floor Supervisor" call center #9 will put you on hold until you run out of patience so you call another call center which in return will place you on hold again. I started this whole process a few weeks ago for my grandmother. The family bought her a pre-paid T Mobile phone which cost roughly $20 and I personally set up with $10 so she could have a way to contact her family in case of an emergency, she made one phone call, the phone went into security mode and could not access the phone from there. I called customer service and "they" including upper management admitted to having a software malfunction with in the phones software and advised me to send the $20 phone back at my expense. Which we gladly did. A couple of weeks later we get the new phone with no battery, sim card, or back. We spent many of hours trying to resolve this matter with nothing but laughter in the background of the phone conversation. And an offer of a $45 credit which will expire if you don't use it in a certain amount of time. Meanwhile we have no phone and no compassion as a pre paid user. I know this because I know of a large company that has an extensive line of phones dating back to the Nextel era that have been advised to change providers upon my request. Just because you don't have an account, you should NOT be treated the way that my grandmother has been treated for being a pre paid phone holder. I rest my peace!!! God bless and hope that those that read this follow this lead.... Its just not right and does not have any common since backing it....

Lena 5/20/2010
If I could give them no stars or negative stars then I would. There is no such thing as a $50.00 unlimited plan from T-Mobile. More like $70.00+ and with a smartphone it's $99.00. I'm changing services right now. The only thing good about T-Mobile is their customer service. They are polite & someone is always there to assist you & talk you through whatever your problem may be but it's way too expensive to be a prepaid plan. You may as well have a contract with them if you're going to be paying so much for a PRE-PAID plan.

valire.j 5/19/2010
jst got the new $15 unlimited text,vid,pic messaging plan with 10cent a min for all calls.ITS A GREAT PRICE AND PLAN for those who text alot an dont call much

jc 5/19/2010
The new $15 unlimited text prepaid plan from t-mobile is their best kept secret! I actually called t-mobile today and they told me about the $50/mo prepaid plan, but not this one.
It's perfect! I don't have to ignore texts anymore b/c of 10 cent to send, or spend $100 just to get 10 cent minutes!

harry 5/18/2010
get tmobiles prepaid $50 unlimited talk/text including email, plus roaming

Wael 5/18/2010
While being in the US for 1 week visit, i bought a T mobile prepaid sim card and this is where the disaster started. the coverage is not as good as expected. while doing the refill over the internet, my credit card was charged twice although I didnt get any penny as a recharge. Calling the customer service to report the porblem, they listen, transfer your call to technical support, they listen, then they refer you to refill division, then you repeat the same story on and on and on... until they tell you call your bank to stop the transaction. THEY ARE REALLY SO PROFESSIONAL!!

Tom 5/16/2010
T-mobile is the Best! $100 for 1000 min that last 1 whole year!!! Hey, that's only $8/month!!! I've been using t-mobile for 5 years!

INFURIATED 5/13/2010
They STOLE $60 from my account! If you don't top up EVERY month they DELETE whatever money is in there! CROOKS! SCOUNDRELS! Virgin mobile gives you 3 months to top up as a comparison and has MUCH better coverage. This one is a no brainer folks. Don't go near tmobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David 5/12/2010
Good phone at a good price. But you cannot access your actual calls but have to "trust" them that their calculations are correct. Service calls take interminable amounts of time and they don't make it easy to talk to a real person when you don't fit their cookie cutter options.

nonregla 5/10/2010
So, after being on hold for about 30 min, a supervisor finally picked up. He told me that each of the three legs of the trip will only take 3-5 days as opposed to 3-7 and that they could give me another $30 service plan on the new phone once it arrives. When he picked up, he had no idea who I was or what my story was; he received no information from the person I called before him.

Jean 5/8/2010
I am looking for a prepaid phone and travel some. Does T-mobile have good coverage? Does it roam so I don't lose the call or will the call drop?

Michael Keleher 5/7/2010
Much less than meets the eye.
Pros slick ads and storefronts

jerrey.k 5/6/2010
T-mobile is coming out with new prepaid options unlimited talk and text, with data on may 16! let the prepaid competition wars begin

Judy 5/3/2010
Like Tracfone, T-mobile claims their prepaid phones can be activated online. This is not the case with either.I've never been able to activate a T-mobile or a Tracfone online. You have the call the toll free number. Other than that, the phone is great. Their customer serivce is WAY better than Tracfone and their employees speak English anyone can understand. My question is, why do they even bother putting online activation on their website?

John F 5/2/2010
Good service, cheap. I spend $100/year and get the same quality service as my wife also a T-mobile customer who spends $49/month.

terey,k 4/29/2010
on may 16 tmobile prepaid will be coming out with a unlimited text and talk plan for $50

Gerard 4/26/2010
T-Mobile is letting things go to their heads.. $50 refills used to get me 500 minutes.. now T-Mobile wants to push their $100 refills by offering less minutes for the $50- Well that's dirty tactics so I moved on.. Pretty soon they'll be pushing for $500 refills.. FY T-Mobile. You are Busted. And now others know. It's called a 'review'.

Tee 4/16/2010
I've had t-mobile prepaid for several years now, just using the prepaid cards. I do not use my phone much at all, it's really just for emergencies and for a way to contact me when I travel. But I like that after I spent $100 on minutes, they now last for a year and give a bonus on minute purchases I make. Now it takes me $10 a year to keep my phone active if I'm barely using it. If nothing else it's a great for-emergencies option.

Lynn 4/14/2010
As a disabled person, needing the phone for emergency calls, and the rare long-distance to family, I needed to trust someone! T-Mobile prepaid service CAN'T BE TRUSTED! Hundreds of minutes gone-supposedly to text and pics--a service I NEVER use... CS gave me $2 refund, and hung up on me again.

Kathleen 4/14/2010
Love T-Mobile prepaid. I bought the phone at Walmart. Took out the card and put it in an unlocked phone I bought on ebay. Good coverage here in Seattle. Never lost a call. The plus for me is the phone still works fine in Vancouver, Canada. I can make calls when I'm in Vancouver to anywhere including Seattle. I was with Tracfone and the minute I crossed over the boarder I couldn't make a call.
Easy to add minutes as well. Their website is user friendly. Highly recommend T-mobile for prepaid service.

robert 4/11/2010
people should get verizon prepaid its better

jay,l 4/10/2010
tomo prepaid is gettin $50 unlimited talk and text!

Robert Thompson 4/7/2010
I absolutely love Tmobile's prepaid plan. I text way more than i talk. I love that my unused minutes last me a whole year too. I strongly endorse Tmobile's prepaid plan. Pay as you go is definately the way to go. I have always been a Tmobile customer.

David 4/5/2010
I don't know why T-Mobile pre-paid service ranked high in the Jan 2010 Consumer Reports. I just got a phone today and, thus far, my experience is that it is no better than Verizon. At the T-Mobile store, I was given false information twice by the personnel. Additionally, I feel like I am a 2nd class citizen at T-Mobile because of the pre-paid plan. Despite two calls to customer service, once from the store and once from home, I was unable to get my existing phone number ported over to T-Mobile. They also refused to give me a good number; they could only give me a randomly generated number. And, to add insult to injury, the person on the phone--somewhere in the Far East or South Asia, they refused to say where they were--switched me to a new (randomly generated) number before I even got the opportunity to say 'yes' or 'no'.

Mad Parent 4/4/2010
Not a good plan if you are a parent trying to keep track of your child's usage and people they are texting and talking to. You cannot get this information on their website like you can for the contract TMobile. So make sure you confirm if you can see all activity via a website if you are providing this phone for a child. I found that many of the major carriers don't provide this for their pre-paid/pay as you go accounts.

disgruntled 3/31/2010
Bought prepaid phones at TMobile. Phones reprogramed themselves with key lock on. Security code required. Resent. Then No ring tone. T mobile couldn't fix it, and said "buy a new phone". We reaslly don't do anything with prepaid here( even though we bnought it there!) Buy a prepaid phone with T Mobile, and you'll never get a refund for no service.

slow2anger 3/31/2010
great choice for quiet person, u just pay when u talk or text. for those who loves 2 talk or text, u better stay away from this prepaid plan and get your monthly plan. As far as connection & services, it's great & wonderful.
save your $$$ & live better!!!

anita 3/28/2010
I have had TM prepaid for 2 years now. My unlocked phone died so purchased a new one from TM store and works just fine no problems switching phones. Get text and vm with no problems. Have a whole year before minutes expire. Customer Service is by far the best very friendly and helpful. My daughter who visits from out of state has no complaints using this phone while she visits here and she travels throughout IL. I also have a contract phone with them and see no difference in service.

Mary 3/25/2010
I just spent all afternoon attempting to activate a prepaid phone. Even with all of the documentation supplied with the phone I was told I would have to return the kit to the retailer as there was an error. I was transferred to 3 different reps,2 of which assured me the phone had been activated WRONG! I was so frustrated I will go with another phone company and not recommend T Mobile to anyone!!!!

rodney 3/22/2010
I had T mobile for many years , but had bad coverage, then I wanted to end my contract obviously it cost a fortune so I waited and changed to a prepaid plan to my surprise, I had an emergency my minutes were about to expire and I could not charge the phone on line it did not work because they were updating the website, and then tried by phone no you have to wait we work only till ten. I mean I thought this is ajoke for me , ate least a cell phone is an emergency device if I cannot have it when I need it what is the use of it

Uri 3/17/2010
Very bad coverage! Even worse CS! You really don't want to do this to yourself. Just avoid them, get something else.
I threw money down the drain when I bought a T-Mo prepaid phone.

Einstein 3/17/2010
Great CS!! I just activated my T-mobile some days ago and I had a problem with my voice mail. I called the CS and a representative guide me thorough nicely. Since I lost about 20minutes ($2) because of this problem, I asked the representative if I could get reimbursed for this minutes, and she gave me 50 minutes ($5) back!
I absolutely love the fact that T-mobile prepaid customers have free access to Yahoo mail. I can use my yahoo account to text my friends from my cell for free!

Al 3/17/2010
I used T-Mobile prepaid for close to 5 years and never had a problem. My wife has it and my son has it. I only recently moved off to another prepaid because I'm trying to find something else (mostly web and unlimited, cheap), and I get to be the guinea pig. (I still have mine with service until August if I decide the one I'm playing with now isn't going to work out.) Really, of all of the ones I used since I started (Tracfone, Net10, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile and StraightTalk), T-mobile was hands down the best quality and their phones are decent if you spend the money on the expensive prepaid models or buy them off of Ebay or Craig's List used. (I'd personally avoid Virgin Mobile at all costs - I wrote a review of that one, too.) I have a VOIP number I was porting to a prepaid (gave it up due to caller ID, not service) and had a little problem getting it done. But 2 calls got it completely fixed up and a lot of added time (with about a 4% bonus) back onto another phone I had to use to work it all out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Donna 3/6/2010
This prepaid plan has the worst! coverage ever. Don't bother spending your money.

mark 3/4/2010
i had a t moble phone since 2006. I bought 2 phones. One is fine the other is a nightmare. I activated both on the same day, bugt While on vacation in Fl,I found one was never actavated!
It took nearly 3 hours to do this. The next day i recived a message saying my 1000 minusts wer experiring. I called and told not to worry it was a glitch. Well the following day i needed to make a call to get directions. The phone said i had no minuts! I had to go to a parking space pay $5.00 so i couls get into the trund to get the other phone. I was so upset i did nto want to talk to them ever again. But the next day i called. They coudl not explain what happend. But they could not giv eme all my minuts back at once, just over a few days! I wrote 2 letters, neather have been responded to! When i called and talked to a amployee she said i wated to long to respone to them and they coudcl do nothing. IK reminded them if they had responde to the first letter it would have been taken care of. All i asked for was my parking ree and some compensation. I have now turned this over to the ill state attorney Gerneral. I would Never reconend T Mobile to Anyone!!

Crissy 2/28/2010
Very good! I have had TMobile pre-paid for over two years. So far, so good. Coverage and customer service is good. But to get the 10 Cent a minute rate, you must purchase the $100 card or refill for $100.

Michael 2/26/2010
T-Mobile is the best. Nobody ever mention accessing YAHOO email is free using via GPRS. That is a great plus.

JAKE 2/11/2010


ManChild 1/29/2010
i was on the phone with a tmo agent to make a payment. at the end the dude says to me that i can refill my phone by sending an sms message so, i tried it out and it worked! just send the amount, a space, and the last 4 digits of the CC that you used to refill in the past. easy, quick and adds value immediately. i'll never do anything else. VERY COOL!

westsubmom 1/27/2010
just got off Tmobile chat for 1.5 hour, regarding $200 in minutes that completely disappeared over just 3 weeks. Turns out over 700 picture messages were supposedly sent to my phone, which I most certainly NEVER received. They refuse to restore my 2,000 minutes, since the pic msgs came from numbers that *they say* I previously had received from (they won't tell me which number), they figure that makes them valid, in their book, and therefore non-refundable....I am currently shopping for a different prepaid plan for my whole family which uses only prepaid. I have also written a complaint to TMobile, but, realistically, even if my snail mail letter gets the 2,000 minutes restored, who's to say I won't just have the same trouble all over again? Who knows, it might even be TMobile that sent those 700+ messages.

Arlene Scully 1/19/2010
I received 245 ALERT messages on my cell phone in
3 weeks..called T-Mobile..they said they would block it...I went to their website and it specifically states
that they don't block on pay-as-you-go plans!

D.W. 1/16/2010
I've used T-mobile pre-pay for a few years now in Northern California. It's so cheap to talk and text no other plan can beat it - 5 and 10. I also have a newer AT&T pre-pay phone/plan and it costs 25 to talk and text, BUT it has pop email: hotmail, aol mail and yahoo mail. If I could add email tp pre-pay plan (in which $100 rolls over for a year) I'd just buy a newer, unlocked T-mobile phone and use my current T-mobile sim card in it. I'd pay a litte extra for email, but never for a 2 year subscription for a phone - might as well be making a down payment on a new car (total is about $2,000-3,000 for a phone after paying subscription costs for two years).

Rob in CT 1/15/2010
If you want a no frill service its great. It works in buildings without a problem. Not for the electronics geek but very servicable. I would like to see more expanded service areas though.

Island Lover 1/12/2010
I have to say best deal is the $100 up front for a full year of dialtone on the phone. I use the phone as a voice mail service and access the service via my VOIP service off my DSL. Never use all the minutes and just refill each year to say the service plan. Whe nI do use the phone service is always good near major cities. TM is not a good service if your in a rual area outside major markets. But for travel oversea's and in major cities can't beat the deal. I work for at&t and it's my choice same network GMS and the plan price is better.

manuel 1/9/2010
i like t-mobiles new t-mobile complete prepaid .its awesome.its kinda like flexpay.its the best and i get good service and good price.and customersevice is nice as well

Linda P. 1/8/2010
I love my T-Mobile prepaid service. I've had it for quite a few years. I still have my Samsung X495. Now that my Palm (another device) which is a PDa is about to lose it's working order, I was thinking about using the same t-Mobile sim card that's in my X495 by transfering it into a better phone that is all in one (PDA/Cell Phone), they say that the Blackberry works well with this sim. I would like to explore more on what other unlocked cell/pda options I might have other than blackberry. Most of the unlocked ones require that you follow the network that it works with via contract. Any comments that some of you have, I'd appreciate that. Although I am happy with T-Mobile prepaid service. It just makes better sense to control your calling habits and also your internet access habits as well. Thanks..T-Mobile is great!

Holmes 1/4/2010
I use T-Mobile pay as you go for some three years now in Illinois (outside Chicago). Never had a problem. I try not to use it unless necessary, but minutes last a year and they give me additional free minutes based on purchasing a certain amount during the year. I prefer having "no contract". I keep track of the minutes & usage by reviewing the call timers listed on my menu. Can also dial #999# and get a readout of minutes remaining.

X-tmobile-user 12/23/2009
They force you to buy more minutes by expiring the minutes you have. Sucks! Go STI Mobile!!!! :-)

christy 12/18/2009
searched and studied all the pre-paid phones. love the t-mobile family. i have a great slider Samsung phone. mobile coverage from little rock to jonesboro. first onth free..thirty days to decide pros and cons. best coverage in years. love the 27-7 real humans i can understand cs. thanks for the break christy

Javier 12/13/2009
I think you need to update your info. T mobile offers a 90 days roll over if you buy the 25 bucks card

Linda Cameron 12/13/2009
I have mixed feelings about the Tmobile prepaid plans now. I bought my own prepaid phone about 5 years ago and am still using the same number and prepaid plan. It has been just great because I have bought over $100 worth of minutes and now when I add more minutes, even $10 worth, they will not expire for a year. If I add more before they expire, they are carried over. For someone who only wants to use a cell phone for emergencies and convenience (instead of a pay phone), this is perfect. It was good enough, that I bought my husband a prepaid phone so he could use his the same way I use mine. In fact, when we go shopping together, it would be very handy to call each other when we need to meet up. The only problem is that right after we activated his new number, he started getting spam text messages which were eating up his minutes. He has not made a single call on his new prepaid plan yet and at least 12 minutes are gone. I called Tmobile and asked them to block all text messages and they did. A couple of days later, we checked the phone and the same spammer had sent several more text messages. More minutes were used up. I called Tmobile again and they said the text messaging was blocked but some spam can still get through and there is nothing they can do about it. One person said they would reimburse us 75¢ for what was used up so far but they couldn't do anything about it if more keeps coming! Now I am really ticked off! I just checked the phone right now and there are 3 new text spam messages.

Micael Sezlov 12/3/2009
An awful company, very crooked -- and surprise, surprise, they're German, actually Deutsche Telecom. The bottom line is their service is TERRIBLE. Go with another provider.

Greg 12/1/2009
T-Mobile prepay is OK. I would like to point out that if you use it a lot, all on the T-Mobile native network, you might be happier with Simple Mobile (reseller of T-Mobile service).

sandy 11/30/2009
Two members of fam have tmob pay as you go. It's been great, as they limit their longer chats for the home phone--it's basically a "where are you" and "meet me at...." phone. Only problem: apparently the price of texting has gone from 5 cents to 20 cents in the the three years we've belonged.

wpparkmom 11/29/2009
Tmobile prepaid is a good basic plan designed for those who use cellphones occasionally, not for those who yak all day long. You can't beat the math: you can buy a T-mobile starter phone/SIM for $20, add $100 refill, and hand your child a cellphone -- you get peace of mind for $10/month. Calls are 10 cents each, texts are 5 cents each, and you're not stuck paying $59/month for some basic family plan that doesn't even cover texting.

Meh 11/19/2009
Got the 1 dollar per day plan. Pretty cool since most of my friends got T-Mobile. All I'm charged is a buck and I may talk for maybe a couple hours a day. Saves me a ton of money cuz other plans would probly deduct a lot for the amount I talk =P. I also have a sidekick which I use for unlimited messaging and web browsing for a buck. Kinda sucks having 2 phone to do the job but hey, gotta work with what you got. The only real complaint I have is the damn service, it works good outside and everywhere else I go but as soon as I get into my apartment its like I'm in a train station!! >=|. Anyways, fairly decent plan. If your friends and family use T-mobile, this is the plan for you.

Joshua 11/13/2009
TM is definitely having problems right now. The BBB in Bellevue, WA has thousands of complaints. This "sucking so bad economy" has forced them to make radical changes that have seriously hurt the consumer such as moving CS out of the U.S. to foreign countries...language & dialect creates additional problems when speaking on the phone...Add billing problems, defective phones, dropped calls, poor signal strength etc. and you have even bigger problems. As previous posters stated: complain, complain, complain...

EK 11/7/2009
Problems: Unable to access call or txt history. $100 to zero in 2 months. I know I txt a lot, but I should be able to see my call or txt history online or statement. Lack of it opens the window for fraud and errors in TM favor. I called complaining about this and how I could not see the bonus $30 posted to my account they advertised when I signed up. Difficult to reach customer service. Prepaid customers are treated as 2nd class. I have excellent credit, just tired of paying month for nonuse of minutes and locked in contract. Customer service is very condescending and even hung up when I complained. What a disgrace from 5 years ago when I switch from Sprint. I'm shopping around for another carrier. I'm going to complain to the FCC and FTC for deceptive trade practices and my Congressional representatives as well. No accountability whatsoever. I've had it large conglomerates with oligarchical or monopolistic behavior.

Micah 10/31/2009
Been with TM about 5 years. Back then it was straight prepay and CS was very knowledgeable as they were located in the U.S. I seldom have to call CS, but I do monitor my minutes on a weekly basis, cause there are too many people complaining of stolen minutes to not take this seriously. I don’t use my phone on a daily basis, and thus my minutes have accumulated to the point where the cost to use my phone is less than 5 dollars per month. No where on the planet can you beat that. And I still have the original phone too, but will be upgrading to a more current model. So this plan still works for some folks, but I am concerned about these current problems TM is having.

Pissed 10/29/2009
I'm another one who got ripped off on their pre-paid plan. After four years of never using over 90 minutes a month with Verizon, I decided to switch to pre-paid. Bought 1000 minutes figuring it would last me a year. After two months, I noticed I only had 300 minutes remaining. Called customer service regarding the problem. They told me their records showed I was making about 70 calls a month. I told them that was impossible. I average about 15 calls a month. They said they show 70. I asked for a call log, but was told I was not allowed to see my calls. They tried to sell me a plan where I could access my calls. I said no thanks, fix my current problem. They said they couldn't help, and I should try going to a T-Mobile store to see if they could help. I did...they couldn't. They provided me an email address ( and said I would receive a response within 48 hours. Two weeks and 7 emails later...still no response. After three months, all of my minutes were gone, so I called customer service again. Once again, I was told that I'm out of minutes because I make 70 calls a month, and I should switch to another plan.

marty 10/28/2009
I just got rid of my verizon contract for tmobile to go. they are a good company, plus, I don't need another bill in my mailbox every month.

patricia longmore 10/26/2009
Tried to use my cell phone but it would only take emergency calls only. I had 430 minutes left on my prepaid account which was paid up until July 31st 2010. I called TMobile but got someone on the phone who spoke very little English and out of desperation had to put another $25.00 on my credit card to make the call. I have been a customer since Omnipoint came into Florida several years before Voicestream took over. I am outraged over the way Ihave been treated. Called Customer Service and he agreed with me that I had been treated very badly but he could do nothing for me. Why do they call it Customer Service when they don't care or give any service to their customers!

Ingmar 10/24/2009
Horrible reception at my home and work place in the middle of the city even though the coverage page of T-Mobile shows "Best Signal Strength". It's outrageous.

rose 10/19/2009
I am giving this 3 stars because I love the phone and the prepaid minutes stretch out far. The con is that they did not have a number in my area code and reception can be spotty. The good news is that after removing the battery and sim card and then replacing them, I recovered service. Indoor reception could be better.

Mike 10/18/2009
I'm a teenager, and I text a considerable amount. I'll break this down into a few categories.
- Coverage:
Spotty traveling and at home (east coast). In my own home the service is bad, I've had to learn where to place my phone in order to receive service.
- Rates:
Awful for texting, it's really upsetting how much i have to pay (50-100 per month) NOT TEXTING FRIENDLY. The pre-paid cards are a scam as well, unless you buy the $100 card.
- Phones
I have the razor. It turns off randomly, restarts itself, and wont send texts and i will have to restart it myself. A real pain.
- C.S.
Great costumer service. Wish they had everything else.

bob 9/30/2009
poor rception and customer service if i were u i would get verizon preapid with unlimited txtin bundles

dan.l 9/29/2009
tmobile preapid needs messaging bundles like at&t & verizon prepaid have. they need to get some soon like now.bcuz they maybe lossing customers bcuz of that

Joe 9/27/2009
I love the T-mobile prepaid service. I don't use my phone that whole lot so $100 lasts me a good six months. The best part is I used it on my unlocked Blackberry, and I get to check up on the latest news on CNN, ESPN, ABC New, and SI all for free.

Bob 9/15/2009
Before that I have had Verizon for the $45 monthly contract, what a waste of money.

96 9/15/2009
T-Mobile is the best prepaid service you can get for the money. A lot of people say that they have bad CS but it is 1000 times better than Tracfone or AT&T. I started out using $100 cards in 2007. It wasn't until 2009 that I used up more than $100. These phones are pretty good until you start using the living days out of it. Overall I'm very satisfied, and I never had to call CS unless it was to unlock my phone (I have had 3 phones with T-Mo). The good part is that they don't sell you the outdated cell phones on prepaid. You can buy the newest phone (full price) and use that no problem.

Julie 9/1/2009
Ive had this for about 3 years VEry happy with customer service and I get the 1000 minutes for $100, so its only 10 cents a minute and it lasts for 1 year. Good coverage to. I carry this and a page plus pay as you go, both do GREAT!!

Ian 8/31/2009
Purchased my Samsung T109 about 5 months ago, and i haven't had any problems with it =). I have a simple phone cause i don't use it all the time. This kind of phone, with a Pay As You Go plan, is perfect for anyone who wants a simple cell phone, who wants to go on AIM/Yahoo messenger, and wants to play some games for kicks.

dj flip 8/28/2009
i've been using t-mobile now for the past 5 yrs i never had a problem with the service or whatsoever but the other dat i upgraded my phone then when i got home i decided i want a diffrent one so i took it back and they exchange it for the one that i want they charged me for restocking fee and thats fine with me when i got home the new phone is not working so i took it back and just took my old phone back after i got home i noticed that they charged me twice instead of giving me a im going there today to complaint i hope ill get my money back if not then ill be angry and never will go back to tmobile stores.

Expats_in_Ohio 8/25/2009
Samsung t-209 (2) purchased at Target in Chicago several years ago. Coverage map is not quite as good as Verizon, but good enough 99+% of time. The TM call plan costs less than half of nearest competitor. Phones have been reliable. We moved to Ohio two years ago but have still been using old numbers. Recently bought a RAZR V3 in Ohio - again, no problems.

dee 8/24/2009
well the refill cards work real well if you use the minutes wisley and not jus on anything and everthang!?

Linda 8/20/2009
I love my little phone.Iam a gold rewards member and i chose the plan where its $1.00 when you use it then free from 7pm-7am.I dont use a phone much but i love it for emergencys.

Sanket Dholaria 8/19/2009
i have been using this service for 3 years now as a student. i have only payed 140 dollars for my 3 years of service ! what a bargin

Mike 8/18/2009
Love my prepaid. I use it very little, it only charges me when i use it (unlimited after 7p til 7a!) Had to get another sim card due to if you don't use in for 90days which means another number. I do get sum off calls but not alot, what can i say i paided almost nothing for the nokia, and when i purchased the new sim card it comes w/ a automatic $10 renewal every 30days for 3months which means no cell bill for me for the next three months because like i said earlier i hardly use it and when i do its after 7p (lol). at the most for the next 3months $10 does'nt look so bad .

P-OFF at-em 8/16/2009
Recycled numbers,14 calls from Target collection in 2 days,calls from collection attorneys, obscene text,, all to the previous number holder, security sucks.. stolen acct and all minutes stolen twice in 2 months,,customer service ( no speaky english so good) sucks,,,,Local store personal great,, customer service even hung up on them,, took trips and several hours each time,,,,,Foreign company in US to extract dollars Do you home work I didn't , lot of sites is huge and google is loaded

G G Alexander 8/16/2009
Before getting a pre-paid cell phone service, I reviewed all the providers and chose T-Mobile based on that information. I got my first T-Mobile phone on 4/1/08 and bought 1,000 minutes. I was very pleased with the service until I lost my phone during a long trip. I ordered a new phone on 7/16/09 and had it sent to me in Cody, WY. I called to have it activated and was assured that it was done. However, I have not had phone service at all with the new phone. I have called customer service and chatted online with them several times. On 8/15/09 I visited a T-Mobile store in Spokane, WA, where Nick installed a new SIM card. He made a test call and said it was working fine. NOT!! I went back that afternoon and he installed another SIM card. He called customer service to have it activated and spoke with a supervisor. The supervisor placed a work order at high priority and stated that I should have service within 24 hours. However, after more than a month, I STILL do not have phone service as of this writing (8/16/09). That is the poorest "service" I have ever had!

Colonel Walter Kurtz 8/5/2009
Reps:No hablamos mas english and understand even I wrote in my memior letter in Apacolypse Now - drop the bomb, wipe them all out!!

KARL 8/4/2009
Bought T Mobile Prepaid in did not work, took it back to T mobile next day and they told me I had to contact the Manufacturer, I had to mail the phone back and eight weeks later, I received a non working refurbished phone..I had five refurbished phones in 18 months...finally bought a new one as I had 2000 phone stopped working seems the charger burned out the phone as it was defective..Sim card was damaged and I lost all my minutes

Alli 8/4/2009
I bought a PrePaid T109.. The charger was defective and it damaged the phone...T Mobile tried to accuse me of abusing the phone, they claimed I had a spike and my complaint was with my Electric Provider..GIMME A BEAK ! The Charger was clearly defective

DeeJaye 8/4/2009
For those who keep saying they wish that they could use a more "upscaled" phone than the ones provided, you can. In fact, you can use ANY unlocked GMS phone on T-Mobile's prepaid service, you just have to pay full price for the phone. I'm currently using T-Mobile's Samsung Memoir. I purchased it on eBay for $425 (yes, I know, that's a lot of money). Anyway, as for TM's prepaid service itself, I was OK with their service for 3 years. I changed my phone number last month and, now, I have to constantly check my minutes. I'm on the Pay As You Go plan. Every time I refill, 60 minutes mysteriously disappears from my account. I had to call T-Mobile TWICE so they could fix it.

Jen 8/3/2009
I have had the plan for a month and already the nokia 2760 mini display is not working. When ever I make a call, the caller id is wrong(shows someone else's id) and when someone tries to call me they offen get directed elsewhere. I have called CS a large number of times and have had helpdesk tickets generated a number of times and is still not resolved. The phone is going back today.

Ming 8/2/2009
Not perfect but about the best prepaid service you can get in the US in my experience. If you don't use enough minutes to warrant a post pay plan its fine. Their CS sucks just as bad as all the other cell providers.

eek 8/2/2009
I've had my prepaid service 8 months and still have $50 left of my original $100. It's great, certainly much better than a contract which I had at one time and paid about $35 to $40 a month. I find dialing #999# to check on my balance very convenient and have never had a need to call customer service. My Nokia 2760 is a neat little phone, but sometimes I think I'd like one of the more upscale phones, but they're not available to prepaid (probably just as well). Thanks to TM for simplifying my phone service.

jen 7/22/2009
very unreliable voicemail service: callers often don't get a ring when they call me, or get a message that I'm "out of the service area" when I'm just in my home. my voicemail cuts ppl off in 30 seconds. customer service has not been able to fix

Pietro 7/21/2009
T-Mobile in New York has terrible service: you sometimes have to walk along a whole street to get service. Apartments are dead areas, despite other networks (like AT&T) working fine. Funnily enough, my 6-year-old phone (Nokia) gets better reception than my friend's Moto RAZR: the reception is even worse there. I have a pre-paid plan, the value is reasonable, but there have been issues with being charged twice for credit card top-up. Start-up costs from $20 (if you already have a phone) for the SIM card, and you get some free minutes. I'm trying to find another pre-paid plan. Maybe you'll have better luck in another city.

Bob in Los Angeles 7/19/2009
Been with TM since 2004 after reading some good reviews here & the article on prepaid. I use my phone for calls only (no texting). Customer service (CS) as of 2009 sucks but it was not always this way. As others pointed out, TM is having some problems right now with CS & other issues. As a long time customer, I seldom have to call CS but I do check my minutes at least once a week. Plus the CS is now located out of the U.S. and they are not up to speed in the training arena, but hopefully, in future, that will change...This plan still works for me but I do wish for the following:

Bob in Los Angeles 7/19/2009
Oops...Forgot to post the Howard Forum Wiki address...

Brenda 7/18/2009
I live in the Los Angeles area and after complaining that callers had to wait 7-10 seconds before they heard a ringing after dialing my TMobile prepaid, was told that is how their prepaids are. I had one caller dial 5-6 times and NEVER get a ringing tone, even though his display stated "connecting." And i never got the calls! T Mobile wouldn't refund the 1000 minutes i'd purchased - their solution was to bait and switch me to their FlexPay plan. I wish i'd never left Sprint!

Andy 7/16/2009
I have been using T-Mobile pre-paid for about 6 months now after being a loyal Verizon customer for many years. I thought I would go through $100 in a few months, but I still have 200 minutes. You don't get all the bells and whistles of a calling plan, but your not paying for that either. I access my VM through my Vonage line whenever possible to save minutes. I'm looking into getting a better phone, but I will stay with this service. Can't believe all the money I spent on a monthly plan over the years.

fangli 7/13/2009
My teenager daughter and I both use th TM prepay plan for years. We spent average $10 each per month. This plan really worked for us until last May, my daughter started to do the text messaging heavily and spent all $100 I just added to her account in less than one month. I ended switch her to Virgin Mobile (Texter's Delight). For me, TM's prepay plan is still the best deal.

Allen G. 7/12/2009
We switched from TracFone to T-Mobile prepaid about three years ago and have been very happy with the new service. For those who want only a phone (no web browser, don't text, etc.) as we do T-Mobile's prepaid is the best deal going. We have two motorola phones that each last about ten days on a charge. For the few calls we make each week that's perfect; when we're traveling on business and might use 30-60 min per day they still last a week or so.

James 7/12/2009
I have 4 four phones with 4 prepaid plans. We are not heavy phone users (70-100 minutes/ month). Hated paying all the fees for monthly plans and not using the minutes.
A lot cheaper to buy 4 prepaid plans, get the 1000 minute right off the bat for Gold Rewards status to get the 10 cent per minute rate thereafter.
I refill all the phones after 364 days since once you are a Gold Reward customer, all refills are good for 365 days..AND all minutes carry over for 365 days. Example, my mother uses about 15 minutes per month, I have refilled her phone 3 times with $10 cards over 3 years and she still has
around 700 minutes after 4 years. Essentially, it cost $10 per year for a quality phone with decent phone service. My kids are taught to limit their phone use to the $100 recharge per year and they have no problem (teaches them good CELL phone habits too). Thanks t-Mobile!

Steve 7/11/2009
I have both T Mobile prepaid and post paid accounts.I have good service in my area. Very little to complain about with the post paid account. The prepaid account is a different matter. The only messaging bundle anyone can get is with the sidekick. I talked to customer service a few different time and that is all they offer. The prepaid customer service is different as well. Sometimes the person I would be talking to seemed to be, lets say indifferent. Mentioning that I was also a post paid customer too, seemed to change the indifferent. T Mobile doesnt seem to have an email address on their web site, so you have to send comments via regular mail to New Mexico. Last time I talked to the prepaid customer service I advised them I would be switching my prepaid account to AT&T. They have message bundles.

Dave C. 7/10/2009
You can use your existing cell phone. If you buy a new phone at the store don't let them enter the sim card #er or it's locked into a new #er for good. They will tell you don't worry just use your old sim card. You know the one that has been in your phone for years and baked in your hot car, gotten wet etc. Tell them that you will be calling customer service to transfer your Existing #er to new sim card. Also if they open the blister package at the T-Mobile store tell them that you want it in writing that you don't have to pay the 10 dollar restocking fee since they are the ones opening up the package. They will tell you that it's out of there control because the store computer automatically deducts it but if you call Customer Service and choose the 'cancel your service' option you get a cheerful person who if you tell them that if they don't credit your account 10 bucks you will cancel your T-mobile service and get an iPhone. Tell the people (dopes) in the store that you might change your mind or it could be an unwelcome gift and they have no right to open package if they won't accept it back without charging you $10 fee.

Mel 7/10/2009
i got 2 of these for my kids today and have discovered the information T-Mobile represents (what's written on their display in the stores) and what they provide aren't even close to the same. The phones are going back ASAP. T-Mobile customer service is the absolute worst i have ever dealt with. The truth is their prepaid service cost is shockingly expensive and VERY limited. Don't believe anything any of their salesmen tell you, they either don't know what they are selling and don't understand the rate plans, or they are all scam artists. i was told sooooo many lies. They sell phones that they advertise as web capable, then when you try to activate them you find out that the web doesn't work with that phone and you can't even buy a plan at any price that will work. WHAT IS THIS? Specifically the Samsung Gravity. it has a slide out keyboard and the display and salesperson told me it was web capable. Yes, the phone has the capability, but T-Mobile doesn't have a prepaid rate plan that will work with this phone, if you want to use it as a web browser. in fact, after being shuffled around through their customer service maze and finally ending up with a representative in india that spoke very poor English, they eventually just routed me to a phone that no one would answer. How's that for customer service? i don't have one positive thing to say about T-Mobile. i just hope i can help others not make the mistake of doing business with this rip-off company.

AJ 7/4/2009
TM prepaid is a total rip off, I bought the $100- x a 1000 minutes, I had left approx 250 minutes, and all of the sudden they disappeared, I was furious, I called costumer services and I was told that I had made "many many phone calls" I told the representative to prove that to me, and she told me that they don't have that information!!?? I have a Sony Ericsson phone that keeps tracks of my calls and her answer could not be further from the truth, TM just ripped me off and I am very unhappy with their BS, I feel like suing TM!!!

Deja 7/4/2009
umm i'm thinkin about getting a t-moble sidekick prepaid plan,but i'm not sure how the pay is the text messaging free and is the bill monthly if anyone can help me or give me some advice my email adress is!!!

Kels 7/1/2009
Umm, im only 15 and ive had tmobile for 2 years with a plan that me, my mom, and my brother share. We get 2,000 minutes a month, and unlimited txting. Every month our bill is around $150. The service coverage isnt that great. I live in Tennessee and there are alot spots where i dont get any service at all.....
when i had my Sidekick id, the screen faded away to where i couldnt see it at all. So we sent it to T-Mobile because they said they would give me a new one. When the package came in the mail i was really excited because i thought i had a brand new one. But i actually still had my old one, that didnt work. They sent it back to me saying it had water damage and they were not responsible for that. But the little dots in the phone were NOT red. (if the dots turn red, that determins if you have water damage or not.)
Me and my mom were really mad. So now im stuck with a little pre-paid phone...

jon.l 6/28/2009
tmobile prepaid has text messaging bundles $5 for 300 $10 1000 $20 unlimited

daniel.b 6/28/2009
Everybody WE need to go complain to T-MOBILE ABOUT TEXT MESSAGING bundles for prepaid customers .because we all need those badly and hopeully they will get some later this year or soon .its a great wireless company so help the prepaid customers out please

Jeff 6/28/2009
I tried it and got NO reception in my area. I would guess that the one-star people are all real people (who would take the time to gripe except people that have real gripes?) but that some, at least, of the five stars are shills. I looked at Consumer Reports for the Los Angeles area and TM and AT&T are tied for last place in the category of reception. CR has four categorical ratings and all of their circles for these two companies have some "black" in them.

K 6/24/2009
I've never really had a problem with T-Mobile pre-pay in the year or two I've been using it. I used to have a verizon contract, but even the $39.99 plan ended up costing me about $60 a month after all the fees, etc., and I wasn't using all of the minutes. I have a phone in my office at work and a home phone, so I use the cell mostly for the in-between times, and it ends up being significantly less expensive ($100 lasts me anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on usage).

ja 6/24/2009
You can use any T-mobile phone or any unlocked GSM phone.

TMPPuser 6/24/2009
Picked up my Nokia 2760 from Walmart about 4 mos ago now and I have no complaints about CS or service. Minutes last a long time especially when it's M2M calls which is most of mine anyway. VM is not a problem, callers never leave a msg or I pick it up. Over-All, way better coverage, rates, than my old service which used to be Boost. Does anyone know if I can use another TM phone and still keep the PP service or does it have to be one of the TM PP phones?

jacob 6/23/2009
I have T-Mobile for years and it is great. Wherever I travel always strong signal. TM - keep up the good work. Thanks.

kathleen 6/23/2009
T-mobile is the best, hands down! I have the prepaid sidekick plan and its amazing. Unlimited text messaging, instant messaging, web browsing, for all just $1 a day. All calls are 15 cents a minute, which is no big deal because I could always text, Thanks T-mobile!

Susan 6/18/2009
After spending over an hour on the phone with their customer service....I found out that they were 'out' of available numbers for my area might want to check this out before purchasing!

Sandy 6/18/2009
I'm looking to get a prepaid cell phone and found this site but IF the Washington BBB has close to 23,000 complaints against TM, as stated by TKM 6-16-09 above, how in the world can this site give them an Editor's Review rating of five stars? Where can you find someone that you can trust? Consumer Reports isn't all that great either. My one star is for the reliability of this site.

Jon 6/17/2009
At least in Ventura, CA the T-Mobile service is non-existent in areas they claim they cover and their customer service is even worse. They will sell you a phone that won't work and then refuse to refund your prepaid minutes. But the District Attorney's Consumer Affairs Division will help you get your money back. And, there are other ways also. Don't deal with them!

TKM 6-16-09 6/16/2009
Close to 23,000 complaints filed at the Washington Better Business Bureau (BBB) is "NOT" indicative of TM customers not knowing their plans. Currently, there are serious problems going on with TM and the public needs to know them.

LOL @ the 1 stars above 6/14/2009
June 2009:

H. Thomas 6/14/2009
Love it - just what I need when I need it.

marvin nubwaxer 6/11/2009
best prepaid rates at $50 and $100 levels bcause they are anytime minutes good or a year simplest plan, ots of phones available(you can use at&t/cingular phones too)

huntress 6/11/2009
I have been with t-mobile since 2001 as a prepaid customer and I have never had a problem. I don't use my cell phone that much I only use it for emergencies or if family needs to get in contact with me when I'm out of the house.sometimes when I go to vermont or to the poconos I can't get service, which worries me a little just in case I'm in an accident but I don't use the phone when I'm on vacation anyway I just have it for emergency reason when on vacation. Overall I think it's a great service

Larry 6/9/2009
Overall - Great price, minutes last a long time and good service! I have had this service for about 5 years. I get the $100 refill yearly which gives me 1000 minutes (only 10 cents/minute) that lasts one year. As long as you refill once a year you can roll over minutes up to 10,000 minutes. I only use my cell for about 1-2 hours a month, so this is a great plan for me. However, if you use *alot* of minutes a month (say 300 or more), then maybe a regular contract plan is better.

Dan 6/8/2009
The worst! Their customer service department are no help and will lock your account if you ask questions regarding your account. Try a different company but not Virgin, they are even worse as you can't understand their customer support.

Jess 5/28/2009
For those who have un-resolved problems with T-Mobile, consider filing a complaint with the Washington BBB (Better Business Bureau). Within the last 36 months the BBB has received over 22,000 complaints against T-Mobile regarding the following:

Don 5/28/2009
I love the cheap Nokia pre-paid T-Mobile for a back-up my car in Feb.'06 & began by filling $100 to always get the extra minutes for the life of the phone. You only do it once. After that, you get the extra at any amount added. Add minutes just BEFORE the remaining expire so you don't lose any! I have had no problems with the phone or CS. The coverage is great from New Orleans to San Diego as it switches between Altell, Cingular & T-Mobile in the desert. Seems too many folks want an amazing deal & full features with cheap service. Grow up! Nothing is free with this plan but your voicemail accessed from another phone, remaining minutes & CS. It's just a simple deal with a cheap plan for light use. If you need a better per minute deal, don't use prepaid! I have not come across any other cell provider with uninterupted coverage for 2,000 miles. My Blackberry sure doesn't. This costs exactly as much as you feel the need to express yourself. Read the contract - you get what you pay for & you didn't pay much! The T-Mobile plan will keep you in touch when nothing else will or it's probably your phone.

TM 5/27/2009
You can call voicemail from any other phone Luis. If service is reasonable than rate it reasonable.

Luis Rocha 5/27/2009
The plan is reasonable, except that voicemail calls are not included in the unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling. Therefore you pay 10c a minute for those, which is a rip off!!

TM 5/27/2009
@ Disappointed - go to Verizon or AT&T, or even Criket - go and be happy.

Mi - Mi 5/26/2009
I love you'lls plan!!!

Disappointed 5/26/2009
The coverage on the map does look good but I'm having trouble in getting more than 2 bars inside my house. The prepaid customer service representatives are not very helpful. T-mobile will not let prepaid customers disable sms function and there is no call history available online.

LeKnee 5/21/2009
I love my T-Mobile-To-Go plan. I use my cel very little, and the $100/year keeps my rate at 10 cents/minute (with no taxes!) and remaining minutes roll over. This $8.33/mo average is just perfect for a low usage cel. Only two complaints -- you can't get your call-history list (except what your phone remembers), and you need to make absolutely sure that you specify your prepaid plan is to be by-minutes only, and not by-the-day. This seems to mean not signing up online, as online seems to automatically lead you into the by-the-day plan (with that $1 for each day the phone is used). I went into a local T-Mobil office to set up my new second phone, after not finding how to get the by-minutes prepaid plan online.

No problems, once you totally understand
how prepaid works, from minutes, to
money on the card, it works to your
advantage. It is no contract, and comes
out much cheaper in what you pay for
monthy contracted or home phone bills.
I have no complaints. Customer assisted
me greatly, in using international calls. You guys are terrific!!

FC 5/20/2009
Calling history & billing information is not available online. This is very inconvenient.

CJ 5/20/2009
I received several text messages from unknowner users almost everyday. I asked a customer service representative to disable text messaging function on my account. was told that it was not possible.

WP 5/20/2009
THX Charles - it's time for people to understand, not just complain. Nothing is free - sadly.

POWow 5/20/2009
Long time prepaid customer with TM - will not quit them

~! 5/20/2009
"Calling history & billing information is not available online. This is very inconvenient."

TO 5/20/2009
great service and coverage

IMSALSMOM 5/19/2009
We have 3 prepaid T-mobile and love it. Once you spend $100 your minutes are good for a year and you can add any amount and they all roll over for a year. Customer service has rarely been called but was very happy when needed. Never had a problem traveling either, always work for us.

WP 5/19/2009
it was supposed to 5 stars

WP 5/19/2009
Another one - Zippy:

WP 5/19/2009
I use T-Mobile pay as you go and I'm happy. Great coverage. People with "problems" - get over yourself. There is no problem. You are making problems by not knowing how it all works.
@ J.C - come on, minutes are not refundable. Stop crying - use it or loos it.
Another guy gave bad review because T-Mobil charged him $1.10 - do you even know on what prepay plan you are? They charged you $1 access fee and .10 for 1 minute (they round it up always - no matter if your call lasted 10 sec or 45 sec). If you didn't call another T-mobile number or you called before 7pm any other number they charged you. Try to understand what you have and than write review.
To all unhappy - go to Verizon - bye, bye.

zippy 5/15/2009
I have the tmobile $1 a day prepaid plan seems pretty fair $1 a day is all you pay write? Wrong they over charge me so it's like $2 dollars a day i don't know why every time i check my account balance it seems like all my money and minutes are used up at least 2 or 3 dollars are taken out of their what a rip off.And supposedly texting and web browsing is free with this plan i guess not because i get charged for that too. you know what screw this i'm switching to boost mobile $50 unlimited where i can text and talk as much as i want.Sure their phones are lame but at least i won't get over charged...

al 5/15/2009
tmobile was doing okay for prepaid for me. i was on the gold rewards so i was getting some discounts. i joined around 2006 and my phone was a nokia 6030. then i lost my phone earlier this year(2009) and i got another phone that was not on gold rewards. i do not know what happens with all of my minutes! i have barely used twenty minutes on the phone and have sent and received sixty texts and all of a sudden i have lost fifteen dollars in my prepaid service! i am so ticked off i am seriously considering going out to target tomorrow, buying a virgin mobile prepaid flip phone for twelve dollars, and i can get 200 texts a month for $5 or 1000 texts for $10. For me, this sounds like a good deal. I would stay with tmobile prepaid if they offered a prepaid texting plan. They claim to only charge five cents to receive texts and 10 cents to send them, but i find it mysterious that i have lost $15 in my prepaid ballance when i have sent 20 texts, received 40 texts, and used 20 minutes. i never had these problems before i lost my old phone and had to get a new sim and start over. looks like they lost one of their long time customers.

Selva 5/11/2009
No way to verify the $/minutes used.

>= 5/7/2009
I paid a lot of money for my T- Mobile that I had been saving for a long time. It does not work and the process of setting up is awful. I lost A LOT OF MONEY.

Markiemo 5/6/2009
Thought Net 10 was the way to go but reviews on all plans, including t-mobile, seem to be frought with service problems.

William Paul 5/5/2009
Beware of the T-Mobile prepaid plan. One month they had me using 220 minutes and the next, 700 minutes, when my calling habits didn't change much. You can't go online to see a call list with accompanying prepaid minutes used, so you can't verify the amount of minutes they say you used. And they aren't willing to email you a list. So I have changed to one of their post-paid plans so I can go online to verify my minutes used. Totally, I spent over 4 hours on the phone today with T-mobile people trying to work things out. I seem to be stuck with T-mobile because it's one of the few carriers that will work with my super cameraphone that I bought privately. Also, I have had loud echo problems with some calls that I've made through their system. The only positive thing I can say is that I was able to talk to a real person relatively quickly. Several of the reps, though, were less than stellar.

Norma 5/4/2009
Can you just use your existing cellphone

anne cosenza 5/2/2009
i was satisfied till i read some reviews. also a question how do you open an account on line which is free.

mobile 5/1/2009
Tmobile sidekick pre paid + iphone = GOLD

Rachell 4/29/2009
I have a Sidekick ID with the $1 a day plan. My two complaints are not being able to answer my phone calls, It's a real bummer that I have to ignore all incoming calls, and that I can only get the pricey ringtones available through the phone itself. But I love the internet access, AIM, unlimited texting, and qwerty keyboard. If anyone knows how I could get a good deal on calls, lemme know? Kaythanks :)

Not happy 4/28/2009
Last July I got a T-Mobile prepaid phone with $10 on it. I added $100 so it would be good for a year. Well, in April I tried to use the phone and I had No service.
I called CS and was told they had no information on the account because it was closed. I told them it shouldnt be closed I had till july 09 and showed them the receipts.
I was transfered from one Hold to another till they hung up on me! This happened twice and took about 45 minutes each time.
The part that gets me is that I had the better part of the $110 still on the phone and I lost my "212" number.
I dont know who to call on this.

PA 4/28/2009
They are CHEATING!! I am stingy and keep track of the minutes, but they keep disappearing mysteriously.

BGNW 4/28/2009
I have been a TM prepaid customer since 2004 when customer service (CS) was located within the U.S. and they were very helpful. This plan still works great for me, but I recently had to contact CS and was connected to a rep in the Philippines who didn’t even understand how to operate or correct the simplest phone yes, there does appear to be a CS problem and a big part of the problem is economy related...many businesses are doing badly & laying off workers & "out sourcing" worldwide including TM...

Melosh 4/26/2009

Prepaid customer service is absolutely horrible. For over a month now I have been trying to have my phone replaced by them.

kenna 4/24/2009
i think tmobile is great!my mom and dad hasn't experienced any difficulty with their phones! it is everything i want in a phone company, well next to at&t

WTF Ever 4/23/2009
0 Stars!!!!!!
T-mobile sucks. I have been with them for way too long, and CAN NOT WAIT for the day I get away from them one and for all. Just waiting on my new phone from my new provider. 0 stars for customer service. 0 starts for the p.o.s phones. 0 stars for the site. Its only a shame that to post a comment you have to give them even 1 star. They don’t deserve it. Nothing but issues after issue. After more then one phone that doesn’t work properly, if at all, many many hours wasted on the phone (MY LAND LINE) with "customer service", and still nothing but empty promises, I’m done. Period. If any one out there is thinking of going to T-Mobile, I strongly urge you to think about it.. HARD!! Trust me, it’s not worth it. unless you are into being treated like crap, poor service, lies, empty promises, never knowing from one call to the next if you are going to even get the call, and just generally being pissed all the time about something as minor as your phone company… then by all means, T-mobile is for you.

Beck99 4/22/2009
Customer service is horrible -- endless run arounds, no one keeps track of service tages, no one can solve even simple problems. A $100 prepaid card, used for only 3 short calls, mysteriously vanished after about 90 days, although it was supposed to be good for a whole year. Feels like a scam operation.

Bill 4/22/2009
I have tried 4 different times to call them and ask some questions. I have held for 26, 17, 24 and 28 minutes over two days and still have not talked to someone. I just hung up each time after holding soooooo long.

Me 4/14/2009
I have had tmobile service for 6 years. I have never experienced any problems, and as far as international calls, you can use a calling card, I use one every week to call my family in another country and it is only part of your minutes, so you should make sure you use your card right an not directly dial from handset. Most people who complain, usually have problems paying their bill or are looking for credits, and when told valid they look for anything to complain about.

Very Unhappy 4/11/2009
My dad bought a prepaid card to use in the U.S. and he has several unused minutes. He often travels abroad for few months. Each time when he comes back to the U.S., ALL his unused minutes are GONE!! I called customer service and they said that he used the minutes, which was not true since he was abroad and did not use it.

motorola v3 4/2/2009
aiight so iv had tmobile prepaid since like 05 when it first came out, i have had maybe 3 problems that i had to get loud with the kids working at the call center...but never had any problem with my number or them trying to overcharge i just got this v3 phone off ebay, dropped in from china, well its unlocked but u cant get tzones or picture messages from it...well after a couple calls i finally made it to tech support and he fixed everything right over the phone, the only good expericnce iv had with tech support, but overall tmobile prepaid is ok, yea ok..its not gonna be top notch service, i mean they aint gonna have geek sqaud at yo house and hold and feed you...its prepaid ppl...your lucky they even got a number for u to call and complain...

Irate in MD 3/29/2009
Prepaid service is a bad joke. Those "gold rewards" for spending a minimal amount isn't always honored. I opened the account in 2006. By 2007, I was a "gold" member so refills were supposed to last 1 year, which it did in 2007. In 2008, however, the refill did not last till 2009. I don't get a signal at the house so I didn't realize there was a problem till a friend told me a stranger answered my #. Apparently my refill in 2008 expired prematurely, the account was declared inactive and the number reassigned. Worse-I had actually refilled the # via the internet in 2009. So, after many hours of talking to customer service (English not their first language) and supervisors-all they could tell me was the number was reassigned and my old records were no longer available. Their offer: spend more money to activate a new T-mobile account and I can get the most recent refill transferred-but it will only last 90 days instead of a year. I seriously doubt it's worth the extra expense. T-mobile would surely screw up something else.

Liz 3/25/2009
I had T-mobile flex pay for several months. i loved it. i dont talk to very many different people on the phone usually, so the myFaves is an awesome feature. i had a sidekick ii and only paid $55 a month for the 300min/unltd text/data package. the only problem i ever had with my service was when i first activated to service. i didnt put unltd texting on the phone till about 2 weeks after i activated it and it didnt hit my plan for a couple days. i called every time i got low on the texts that i did get on my plan and they would add btwn 500-1000 texts to hold me over till it finally hit my account. i did this probably 5 or 6 different times and it was no issue. customer service was awesome (which i was SHOCKED to find). the only reason i dont have the flex pay any more is because im outside the service area. but i will be moving back into the service area and will DEFINITELY reactivate my service.

bob 3/24/2009
I swictched from t mobile to virgin moble and saved a ton of money, get anytime minutes for 5 cents, should have switched a long time ago.

SY 3/22/2009
I agree completely with ZZ. "No stars or a minus for T-Mobile's customer service (but even a minus is still better than Sprint)...they seem to just be able to read their computer screen and not be able to think or solve problems...they just keep repeating the same thing over and over"

Tiny 3/22/2009
I've had T-Mobile Prepaid since 2001 & I love it. I currently have the $1 a day plan, I can make unlimited calls from 7pm - 7am, unlimited calls to other T-Mobile customers & that's ONLY on the days I use the phone. Not bad if you ask me. I also have the Prepaid Sidekick service, so if I want to text, IM, email or just browse the web, I'll use that, this way my balance can remain even on my other phone. No bills, no it!!!

Chai 3/21/2009
Pros: Seems to be the best price around, especially if you buy $100 at a time (or a discounted $100 card). I usually get through $200 per year, and granted, I don't use it that much, but $200/year seems reasonable. That's about $15/month. My wife has a contract with another company, and that's what she prefers, even though it's $35/month for 300 minutes, of which she uses about 20 minutes per month. But hey, she's paying for it herself.

Mark U 3/19/2009
I ahve had the prepaid plan for nearly one year. My wife and I don't make many calls and the 1000 min (for each of us) has lasted the whole year. Reception has been good in Phoenix, AZ. The phones available currently for low price like the Nokia 1680 are decent phones, but because we are prepaid we cannot make use of 3rd party online phonebook managers like Zyb or Mobyko. T-mobile has its own version but it's not well desinged (no export function if you leave T-mob).

Matt 3/19/2009
I love these people. Good Customer service, nice phone (razr v3), and in some cases, cheaper than tracfone. (A whole lot better in terms of customer sevice and selection of good phones).

Alex 3/9/2009
T-Mobile is extremely limited in its networks and is not a reliable service at all. I couldn't even get reception in place like Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Their customer service also leaves a great deal to be desired if not outright dangerous. While ordering the prepaid phone I was transfered to various centers where people in foreign accents were at one point insisting on having my social security number.

B!+c# Umma B!g D@wG 3/8/2009
T-Mobile Straight Dey Sidekick prepaid plan is da plan um currently using cuz all i do is text. they only take a dollar a day so im straight
I think homegurl trippin she payin 100.00 for 1,000 mins when she could pay 100 dollars a month for unlimited everything.
Or 35.00 from metro pcs ......think about it

yali 3/8/2009
I hate the prepaid service with a passion.. That's all.

Artyom 3/8/2009

I bought a prepaid phone from TMobile and I am very disappointed by the service!!! I bought the plan, and then called to another US number that provides international calling services. I called the number then connected to another number in Europe. Basically T mobile should charge me only for connecting to that US number and another company has to charge me for the international call. However, somehow T mobile charges me for international calls although they did not provide that service. Customer service just told me in their system my call appears as international. This is a stupid situation. Imagine you buy a prepaid international calling card from Wal-Mart and then call to toll free number to make international call. T mobile charges for calling the toll free number and also charges the international call according to their rates, although they did not provide that service to me. Customer service told me that they do not support prepaid cards and it is written in the contract conditions. I could not find anything about it in the contract. In any case, TMobile does not have right to charge me for the service that you did not provide!!!

Guy Williams 3/8/09 3/8/2009
I’ve had my prepaid phone & plan for at least 3 years. It is working so good for me that I plan to upgrade my phone from the one I originally purchased (Nokia 6030) to one with a camera and better speakerphone.

Customer Service SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS 2/28/2009
Everytime I called in, my blood pressure rises up to the ceiling. The front phone service people were so unknowledgeable, unbelivable unknowledgeable.

typingghost 2/27/2009
T-mobile sucks!
I bought a prepaid phone and actived two days ago, and still waiting for confirmation! I called the services three times, and they just asked me to wait! the first guy said 6 hours, 2nd one said 24hours... and the 3rd guy said, after two days, said need another 12 hours.... If there is an option for no stars, I will select it for them! Are they doing their jobs?

Nova 2/26/2009
This service deserves no stars!!! I had the Pay by the Day plan. I talked for about 10 seconds on my Nokia 1680, and they deducted $1.10! Now, whats up with that? T-Mobile needs a reality check.

SJ 2/10/2009
I have had my phone for 4 years and have bought one for my son and one for a friend all work great all have the same plan. I am not sure what prepaid plan some of the reviewers have but mine is 10 cents a min. because I crossed the 150 minute threshold. I have never had a problem, minutes are deducted legitimatly. I don't buy cards I use the phone feature of *add or the tzone account feature and use my debit card. Never ever a problem with any of the phones. My minutes are good for a year! I love my T-Mobile service. Make sure you have the basic minutes plan any of those daily charge are not worth it no matter how little you use the phone. Just be carefully going into any establishment where the people work on commission they will try to sell you plans that will make the most business but not smart for you. Basic pay for minutes only and you will be fine! Don't buy phone cards unless they are sealed/wrapped people can steal the numbers and codes and then when you buy it/activate it they use them before you do. Take it from a retailer that knows about this scam. Use a debit card or credit card!

B.W. 2/4/2009
Nice selection of phones, but calls can be expensive. I also wish they had mobile web for non-Sidekick phones...

Former store owner 2/2/2009
Astonishing how lousy T-Mobil prepaid is given the reviews on this site. Either the rest of the prepaid plans must be even worse, or this site is rigged. T-Mobil's website goes out of its way to be hard to navigate, and gives almost no info about the account except how many $ you have left. No way to make sure they're not dinging you incorrectly, which from the rest of my experience I have not doubt they are. The rebate that was (supposedly) offered with the Nokia 2610 I bought (a whole 'nother review about what a piece of junk THAT is) required me to call customer disservice to get my 'billing account number' for the rebate form which is mysteriously not my mobil number and does not appear anywhere on the website. That took 20 minutes and three different CSR's to figure out where to find it, so right there, most customers would have given up. But I don't give in easily so I completed the rebate form, made copies of everything (of course) and sent it in. Four weeks later the first denial- I didn't send in the correct UPC. Since there are four on the package, and nowhere on the rebate form does it specify which one is correct, I chose the most likely one since I wanted to keep track of the ESN, version # etc from the rest of the label. Wrong. So I sent them the whole rest of the label with the other three barcodes. Wait 4 weeks. Rejected. My account was not 'activated in the correct selling point'. I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT EVEN MEANS! So another call to T-Mobil disservice, another 20 minutes on hold, then a (for once) pleasant person comes on, spends ten minutes checking my information and determines it must have been a 'processing error' and he would submit it again. If they reject it again, I should call in and THEN, ON MY FIFTH TRY, they will manually override the system. Why can't they do it right now, since he just verified all my information? 'Only a supervisor can do that'. Fine. Let me talk to a supervisor. You all know the rest; 20 minutes on hold then disconnected. Again, given the high rating given to T-Mobil by this site, I doubt this review will ever see the light of day, but I had to do my part to INSIST that mobil carriers start treating their CUSTOMERS like human beings, not cattle.

md 1/27/2009
T-Mobile has, by far, the WORST customer service!! I have a monthly plan and a pre-paid for my kids. Their okay with customers that pay monthly, but they treat their pre-paid customers like second class citizens. I will NEVER EVER EVER use T-Mobile for prepaid!!

David Thompson 1/27/2009
Prepaid service customers are treated as 2nd class citizens. First, they would not let me choose a number. They gave me a number that had been recently assigned. I complained because I was getting plagued with calls that were not for me. They reassigned me a new number with the same identical results. It is virtually impossible to talk to anyone. My advice to anyone shopping for prepaid service: Don't take a chance on T-Mobile.

Terrible 1/23/2009
It's the worst service I have ever experience. Tried to refill online, but this was cancelled without notifying me. Tried to refill again via the phone. Cancelled again without notifying me. In the end, I had to call customer service for about an hour (including lots of waiting and about 6 transfers).

JaxFLtickedoff 1/12/2009
T-Mobile is charging me for time that is supposed to be during the 'free' time on my pay as you go / $1 per day account. I just spent 1 hour & 35 minutes with 'cust. service.' They opened a ticket - big whoop. They are stealing from me! Anyone else? Check your balance daily!

not so happy 1/10/2009
They recycle a number too quickly. I got a prepaid phone about a month ago, and I get at leat 5 calls a day from "no number" and 2 from a obviously fake number. The larger problem is, whenever these calls are sent to voice mail, T-mobile deducts from your account balance. I keep this phone as emergency only, and put $10.00 at a time, so whenever I get hit, at a minimum of 33 cents are deducted from my account, and it does not take too many days to deplete my account.

Brady 1/9/2009
I won't even give them a star...I recieved my phone which didn't even work. I immediately called, and was advised to return phone, and they would send me another. After waiting two weeks for the other phone, which I never recieved. I called back, getting disconnected twice, and finally getting someone. They had no records of me period.. After waiting for fifteen minutes, the rep talked to the internet folks, and I appeared. I told them to credit my card, which is taking 30 days. With service like that...I'm a happy Net10 customer.........

Melinda 1/6/2009
After reading all the negative comments, I think I found out what the problem was; MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THAT CHARGES ARE BASED ON MINUTE BLOCK!!! If you make a call that takes 30 seconds long, you will still be charged ONE WHOLE MINUTE.

Tawanna Edmonds 1/4/2009
I have a sidekick2 and it is prepaid. I have had this phone for more than 3 years now. the prepaid service for sidekicks are reasonable unlimited texting,sendig and recieving e-mails, pictures, and unlimited access to the internet, phone calls are suppose to be 15 cent a minute but sometimes it seems they charge more. but since service is good i dont complain. i plan on trying there 1000 miutes this year.

Roberto 1/3/2009
I have a tmobile sidekick and its great...I text all the time use the internet and always use the instant messanger. the only thing that I wish was better about a prepaid sidekick is if you could get free tmobile to tmobile minutes and free night minutes..that stinks that you can't..I spent 300 dollars on this phone and get no free minutes

Irwin 1/1/2009
I love t-Mobile.Had them for 2 years,no problems (yet).
I have the prepay and am very satisfied with this plan.
I also have the Verizon $1.00 a day prepay
plan and to me, i prefer t-mobiles plan
because its a lot cheaper and makes better sense over Verizons a $1.00 a day call plan.
That dollar uses up about 10 minutes of future talk time,which sucks.
The only complaint i have over t-mobile
is that their phones are not hearing aid compatible.I wear 2 hearing aids,which is why i also have a Verizon prepay plan.
Verizon has the best hearing aid phones and easy to use phone menus software.
As for service,i recommend going to a t-mobile store instead of calling them,that way,the stores employees will fix any problems and take the Heat from the customers.
Verizon is the most expensive cell phone carrier,so their service is the best,you cant expect the same service from a cheaper carrier,but if all gos will,t-mobile is still the best deal around.
From my surfing around on the web for prepay carriers,it seems that ALL carriers dont care too much for prepay customers.
verizin has a special dept just for its prepay customers.

Jean 1/1/2009
As of today (1-1-2009) our minutes are restored and all is well. It has been a long road but the people at customer service was very nice and finally got it all fixed.
We will stay with T-Mobile as the service is great and hopefully no more lost phones.

Jean 12/31/2008
I am going through a terrible time with T-Mobile now, my husband lost his phone Sunday night. I called T-Mobile customer service after reading on the website about what to do about a lost or stolen prepaid phone. Call them tell , they will reserve the SIM card, set minutes to zero for 30 days. If you find the phone it will be restored or a new phone will be activated with the same number or a new number and your minutes that was on your account when your phone was reported lost.( No minutes were used, lost phone was never found.)

Stan 12/28/2008
I just got a NOKIA 2760 2 days ago, and to tell you guys, IT'S AWESOME! You can't beat the service and plans. I don't really talk a lot but I got the Pay By The Day plan and it's 10x better than the Pay As You Go Plan because for $1 dollar a day, (Only on days you use your phone) you get: Unlimited Nationwide calling to any T-Mobile number, Unlimited Night Minutes starting at 7:00PM ending at 7:00AM and to call any other number it's at a low rate of $0.10 per minute. On Pay As You Go of course, You get GOLDREWARDS (15% more minutes after a purchase of $100 in minute refills). I had AT&T GOPHONE previously an then Virgin Mobile. Both of them sucked. Since I live in Chicago, there should at least be 2 bars or more for signal strength. When I was in my house, I wanted to make a test call to my house phone and on both of them, there was no signal at all in the house.
With my T-Mobile phone, in my house I always got 5 signal bars. So basically, the previous services I had (Virgin Mobile, AT&T GOPHONE) were expensive, and had horrible signal.
I am a very first custumer of T-Mobile and I'll never switch to any other service.

Brittany 12/27/2008
I activated my phone and it is supposed to send you a text message with your number and telling you that you phone is fully activated. After 20 hours i still haven't received that text. Ive tried to re-activate my phone but it still isnt working. The machine you talk to when activating says my phone number is 'a'

Emmett 12/24/2008
I've had T-Mobile prepaid service for about 2 years and I love their service. I have service no matter where I am. Traveling remote places in Texas, New Mexico, CA, FL and even Cozumel, MX. I buy 1000 min for $100 and it last all year. My back up phone is Virgin Mobile. I use auto pay $15 every 3 months ($60 year). Nice to have a back up, but Virgin uses Sprint and the service is spotty.

POED 12/21/2008
MINUS 5 STARS for security and customer service,,,,Was ok until they shut it off,,3 hr later and a trip the branch found my number,pin,sim number didn't exist..the branch spent over 1 1/2 hr on phone and finally got me a new number,,, $60 of time gone they finaly gave it to me,,,,3 WEEKS LATER !!!! ""BINGO"" no service no number no password,,,,instant replay,, constant lies about me changing number reporting stolen,turning off,, but then making calls after it was turned off,,,$62 in time gone,,,,,,people in the branch were great after 1 1/2 hrs and they just gave me a new # and some time,, customer service morons are real thick headed, THEY JUST DON"T UNDERSTAND,, if their system fails and your number/pasword gets hacked twice in 3 weeks you haven't done it that they have a problem,,,,I got the phone for emergency (can't trust them anymore) and traveling and hardley ever use it,, when the time is gone so am I

joey 12/20/2008
t-mo prepaid is ok.truth:all companies suck i say go for sprint in NY( not sure if they have prepaid) but sprint service has improved alot

Kelly 12/19/2008
Some of these negative comments are hilarious. Every company is going to charge you a full minute for a fractional part of a minute!

Tashawn 12/18/2008
T-mobile services is great :) they have plenty of prepaid plans that is great. I have the sidekick plan and i love it i can text all day for just a buck a day and i can use the net.. get this you will love it.. if you like to text....a lot

proverizon 12/18/2008
T-Mobile was absolutely frustrating to try to have a customer service assoc. answer questions about simple service problems. I also checked my account online to see fees that noone could explain. It seemed as though their own employees did not know the company's plans. I was placed on hold and passed from person to person for 1 solid hour before I gave up, hung up and cancelled the service. I have been with Verizon(prepaid)ever since and been VERY satisfied with every aspect of service! The plans are very reasonable and no hidden fees!

Joe 12/18/2008
Don't try porting your number. It is H-E-L-L!!! I called at least a dozen times and talked to guys with strong accents and they cannot even understand basic numbers. One time I have to repeat the same number 3 times before he can understand. Friendly, yes, but absolutely incompetent. When they tried to transfer me to the porting agent, I got cut off. I decided to forget porting and just accept my fate.

mik 12/15/2008
Well, after reading all these reviews regarding cheating on prepaid minutes, I went to the Better Business Bureau website. T-Mobile has a rating of F, with over 23000 complaints in the last 3 years - and the vast majority are unresolved.

Marty 12/13/2008
I have used this service for 4-5 years now. Overall I am very pleased. I only use my cellphone a few times a day, but I use it as much as I need to, and never feel like I couldn't talk as long as I wanted to. Coverage is not as good as Verizon, but is adequate. I refill with $100 cards, which give me 1000 minutes, which lasts me about half a year. Perhaps $16/month including all fees, etc. Data is unavailable apart from a small amount thru t-zones. This is far better value than monthly for me. I'm a physician and earn big bugs, but I'm just too cheap to get a monthly plan with all those fees added on. I just cannot understand why most people don't use t-mobile prepaid.

Miles 12/12/2008
Enjoy using T-M's prepaid with only a few major difficulties.
1) Where I live, Marin County, CA, coverage is sparse.
2) Cannot block spam calls which are received even if reported to the do-not-call list.
3) Customer service, although very polite frequently leave much to be desired, and really don't know the facts. For instance, I had invested $95 and put in $10 more to cross the $100 mark, and lo and behold my cost per minute increased to I think it was 20¢/minute. Had to go through 3 people before it was set straight. (They insisted I would now get the $10 rate, not the $100 rate)
4) Not using Sidekick, hence no internet access.
5) A few months ago attempted to learn about FlexPlan, but no one had info! perhaps better now, I'll check one of these days, because it allows internet which I would primarily use for overseas phone calls.
6) No T-M phone office within many miles and all selling their service here knows almost zero.
Now what's good about it:
1) Previously had ATT postpaid and with the limited number of calls the cost was 20¢/min. It's now 10¢ and expires in a year from last payment.
2) I frequently leave the country for a month and ATT has no vacation policy for postpaid. T-M does allow 1 vacation leave a year for up to 90 days -- and will not be charged the monthly during that time.
3) Voice connections are almost always clear and strong.

Russel 12/10/2008
Most people say T-mobile has horrible customer service. Well if you are patient then it won't seem so horrible. They try do everything they can to help you. With T-mobile you can have a lot more minutes then other prepaid services.

Kris 12/10/2008
I tried to purchase minutes with a credit card online over 5 times! Each time they said that it did not go through because they called my home phone and they did not work. Each time I sat with my phone beside me for hours and no luck. I ended up going to target and buying a refill card but that was a painfull process

Sam 12/10/2008
I was content with T mobile. Sept. 1/08 suddenly lost signal in my area (20 miles away); now my number has been de-activated with 900+ min. and 7 month bal. What happened? I've spent 2 hrs. trying to get help and so far it is a waste of time and energy.Out of 5 reps. one almost solved the problem, then i was disconnected!

Unhappy Customer 2 12/7/2008
account balance goes from $8 to $0 in one day and you can't check your own account history. Callers are unable to leave voicemail, and you don't get notified. Not even that you've missed a call. Customer service is NOT the same on the prepaid plans as on the monthly pay plans. T-Mobile really does not want people to use this plan.

zz 12/3/2008
As for customer service, no stars or a minus,, they seem to try but the broken English and failure to understand what your saying,, gets real old,,they just don't get it !!! it is almost identical to my experience with Dell customer service people, they seem to just be able to read their computer screen and not be able to think or solve problems,they just keep repeating the same thing over and over, It all started when they shut my phone off, when I called my number was not recognized as a number in their system,,,I got a different # off web and explained,, so they transfered me to same place again, still couldn't thru ,called back, hold,, they tried to do the same thing again,DUH! people the number is no good,,,,finally got some one who listened,,, my phone number was not in their system,,the sim card number was not either,resolving is useless on phone,,gave up and went to T Mobile store,,,rep spent about 1-1/2 hrs on phone trying to explain them my phone number was OK and I had the original sim card holder, I think they were telling him it was counterfit or ??, all were ligit as they had just texted me at the number on the last refill and it was still on my phone,,,then they said then it was shut off a month earlier,, then there was calls made after it was shut off, then it was reported stolen 3 weeks after it was shut off,and more calls made,,,finally they just gave me a new number and of course my $70 time was gone. now I had $12 time ,,,they just couldn't understand because all my info was apparently gone,and I guess they figured I was lying,I finally got a supervisor who offered $1.20,,,then $10,,,then 20,,then 30 and finally decieded to give me my $70 which he did not do,,,that night I called again and had to go thru same sick routine,,,I ended up again demanding they give me my credit,, NOW !!!,,,they finally did,,,,,I have found the best way to to deal with these people is first jut their full name, employee number and to be firm and aggressive and just keep asking for their supervisor or some who has authority to handle the problem,,total time wasted was about 5 hrs,,,,I was considering a regular plan but now I doubt it,,,the stock symbol for this company is DT which is DEUTSCHE TELE AG ADS,,,,T Mobile is the US operation

Unhappy Customer 11/26/2008
CUSTOMER SERVICE is bad ! I called the activation line and it was tranfering me (I guess) I heard music playing for a while, then it was slient. Then it disconnected me. Bad customer service.

R553 11/26/2008
They air this annoying message reminding you to refill whenever you're down to like 2 bucks. I check my balance everyday and I asked them to take it off and they refused. Pretty dumb customer service.

pad 11/25/2008
I use T-mobile from year 2001 from the day I wanted to have a cell phone. I never went to another service providor except moving from $19.99/m plan to $29.99/mo plan to prepaid plan. Prepaid is the best I had ever. I spend about $100 a year which is better than $400/year I used to pay.

bob 11/19/2008
I love t-mobile but i found out that net 10 is much cheaper as in that it's 5 cents a text instead of 10.

jinsta 11/15/2008
it alright. the pay-by-the-day works good cause all of my friends are t-mobile. it gets annoying having to refill. would be better if it offered unlimted texting for prepaid besides for the sidekick.

earache 11/15/2008
Been with T-Mobile's pre-paid calling plan for about a year and a half and am still using the "low tech" Samsumg C-225 phone that I originally bought. The phone itself is exactly what I need and I could care less about bells and whistles. The $100/1000 minute plan fits my calling habits to a tee, give or take a month or two. I can always go to Wal-Mart and pick up another refill card for $86-90 then I'm back in business for another year within minutes. On my year anniversary I nearly forgot to "refill" and my phone was disabled for a day or two with remaining credit minutes, I didn't want to lose them or the phone number so I called T-Mobile customer service and told them my dilemma. They told me to buy a $10 refill card and call them back when I had it in hand. Once I did they reactivated my account and rolled over my remaining minutes. Now THAT'S service! My wife's Verizon contract will be ending this December and she's been so impressed with my phone and T-Mobile service she's going to do the same as I and save a couple hundred a year. We live in a rural area of Western Pennsylvania in a valley and T-Mobile's signal is about 40-50% with no dropped calls or issues whatsoever. I've traveled up and down the East coast and never encountered lack of service. I wish I could say the same for Verizon. A recent trip to Orlando rendered my wife's Verizon phone useless for the week, but my trusty ole' Samsung & T-Mobile worked like a charm everywhere we went. as long as I keep getting this kind of service and value, I will never switch to any other carrier.

J-dog 11/13/2008
i'm just a kid, and if anyone else is you know that you don't ever get service anywhere near school. at least that is the way it is for me. i need better service. and i am trying to find a new company. if your a kid and want to use your phone at school, don't get t-mobile.

John Innocenzi 11/12/2008
Prepaid plan is a great deal but also the epitome of " you get what you pay for" do not expect any help from customer service if you have phone or coverage issues. Price is great when buying 1000 minutes but issues with coverage and customer service (or lack of)

C.J 11/6/2008
I just bought my samsung sim from att, its a prepaid phone. this phone is amazing text,call,voice mail,and msn.
its almost like its a regular cell phone from att, and you also get roll over minutes which means you won't lose your unused minutes unlike other prepaid phones from different companys. I love this phone like a brother that i never had.

BK 11/5/2008

Liz 10/25/2008
I was a T-Mobile Prepaid customer for a year. It was great. I had service everywhere, including the subway (I live in Boston) and rural New Hampshire. The only problem was a total lack of mobile web.

Joyce 10/23/2008
I have had T-Mobile Prepaid for about 3 years and have liked it. However, I recently had a breech of security on my service. Someone changed my PIN without my knowledge and used my minutes. They did this without having my phone in their possession. T-Mobile sent me a text msg but by the time I got the msg it was too late to do anything about it. No one can tell me how that happened. I'm still using T-Mobile but I am concerned this may happen again.

CLR 10/22/2008
Every time I turn around it is time for me to reload. I can talk to someone for 3 minutes and $4 dollars will be gone off the phone. It was only intended for emergencies. I am not your typical telephone person. I just hate talking on the things, so for me to keep spending $10 dollars a week is crazy. I have to have a phone to ensure that my children can reach me at all times, but T mobile has me reluctant to pick up the phone because I know I will lose $4 dollars for one call.

jJEAN 10/21/2008
This company has the worse customer service I have ever seen. If you need to speak with a manager to resolve an issue they never call you back. They also promised my service would be activated within 24 hrs, yet 7 days later I still have no service. Don't waste your time with them.

Amber 10/21/2008
Beware! Count your minutes and what you're being charged. I went to a store and bought the $100 for 1000 minutes plan, which expires after a year. The SIM card came free and I put it into my own PDA and it works fine. I had my Net10 phone number ported over within a day. The T-mobile plan was supposed to be 10 cents a minute, no matter what, no B.S., according the guy in the store, T-mobile's website, and the paperwork they gave me. I made a few calls and saw I was being charged 11 cents a minute, and also being charged whenever somebody DIDN'T answer the phone. So I called customer service who were friendly and helpful but when pressed for answer to WHY I was being over charged, finally admitted: "I don't know." She handed the problem to "the only person in this call center who has access to fix pre-paid accounts" and told me it would be handled within the hour. Six hours later I was still being overcharged, so I called customer service again, and the problem was finally fixed because I kept pressing and pressing, asking the customer service rep for her rep ID and a ticket number for my problem and just being diligent. They fixed it in the end, and it's working okay now but I don't feel I can trust this company now and am disappointed. I only switched to T-mobile because NET10 was doing something equally sneaky with my minutes and I can't use their SIMs in my own phones. I was hoping for no more dishonest bullshit and that's what I was faced with right-off-the-bat from T-mobile. I'll say this however, their customer service is way better than NET10 and the fact I can use their SIM in my own phone without having to buy one of theirs is a big plus. And 1000 minutes for $100 expiring in a year is a great deal. JUST MAKE SURE YOU'RE ACTUALLY GETTING THAT DEAL. DO SOME MATH THE FIRST DAY YOU USE YOUR PHONE AND CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE RIGHT AWAY AND BE VIGILANT.

realooser 10/16/2008
although the service is fine, certain shops demand $100 for registration. what a cheet!

jose 10/11/2008
i have had this service for a couple of year and i really like it

Vicky 10/7/2008
I have a question about the pay by the day plan...
with this plan can you pay with a refill card?

Gail Sullivan 10/7/2008
Your Refill Cards are a complete hassle !!
I have yet to get one that works the first time - I'm always assured by the person I buy it from that it's activated, then end up driving back to the store to get my money back after repeated trys. I always end up having to reload the card from a credit card. Waste of time !!

ricoast 9/24/2008
The service used to be fine but lately I have been having a very hard time getting soeone on the phone that can help.

babyv 9/21/2008
i love T-Mobile.ive been with them since 2004.back in 2004 i was on prepaid because i was too young to get into a plan so once i turned 18 i went into a T-mobile store and got into a 1 year contract with T-mobile.i'm happy with the way you could use any t-mobile phone with prepaid.honestly i think T-Mobile should boost there signal strenth because wwhen i'm in a stair well i get no service.or when i'm even in a elevator there's still no reception.Verizon is the best cell phone company but i would never switch T-mobile to go with them.with Verizon you get service everywere.

T.J 9/17/2008
Great service,strong signal in most of metro Detroit,You can save money by buying the $100 refill card it includes 1000 minutes and minutes don`t expire for one year,you can buy the $100 refill at for a discount it is only $93 and you can use coupon code ca3p-1207 or 12offtmo1031 for additional discounts,you will end up paying $90.21 for the $100 card.

John 9/13/2008
Some here have said try beating 12.50 a Virgin mobile phone is about 5.83 a month...for 27 minutes plus I can earn up to 75 FREE minutes a month by watching 1 minute ads on their website. Oh yeah, the phone was FREE also by ordering it in their website! Killer deal! For me, $65 dollars for the year. Sign up for automatic $15 top ups on their website, choose .20 per minute pay as you go. And you're good!

marty 9/12/2008
I gave up my att contract for tmobile to go,and also I had a 20% discount. A 50 dollar card will last me 4 months.Tmobile to go is the best,if you dont talk much,a 100 dollar gets you 1000 minutes,thats alot of minutes t use as you wish,and take your time with them,up to a year.that is why I like tmobile to go.

VC King 9/12/2008
Worst customer service department I've had to deal with in 50 years!

TMOprepaidUser 9/5/2008

Jonathan 9/3/2008
I bought T-Mobile's prepaid plan for my mom and she LOVES it! She rarely uses her cell phone so prepaid plan works fine. Her Samsung phone works great too. Activation is easy and I can buy prepaid card almost everywhere. Yes, I understand the per minute rate is relatively expensive, but signing a two year contract for my mom will actually waste even more money in the long run. I highly recommend it!

Ed 9/3/2008
I'm another $100 / 1000 minute a year customer, satisfied for 3 1/2 years. This was my first year of not using all 1000 minutes. Reading here has made me realize I could have gotten another full year of service with my remaining minutes, for only $10 (or is it $30). I just dropped voice service on my ATT DSL line, and am considering another T-Mobile phone, so I could keep one in the car, and one in the house.

Kris 8/27/2008
I had Tmobile for some time. I have to say i was happy with it. the service was good and i didn`t have any problems with reception. I wish they had more minutes for the price but what can you do. I also put review of this service on

DeeJay 8/27/2008
8/27/08: @ David. You must have T-Mobile prepaid confused with AT&T Go Phone/Prepaid service. T-Mobile DOES NOT charge their customers for incoming calls that they do not answer. AT&T, however, does.

Jonny 8/26/2008
Excellent service and value. Reviewed prepaid plans at great length online and in consumer magazines and decided T-Mobile should be for me. Bought two prepaid phones and after ensuring the service worked well during first 2 weeks, bought two $100 cards (for $90 apiece online) to get 1000 mins for the next 1 year. Very good phone reception generally. Good phones too with nice clear bold numbers and bright screens. With economic use will end up paying about $8-9/mo. per phone vs. $42/mo per phone from VERIZON under a 2 year contract that includes limited text messaging which I never use anyway. T-Mobile has better reception and better connectivity in my area as well which is a pleasant surprise. So it's a fantastic deal and I shall stay with T-Mobile forever if this service continues with great rates. Strongly recommended!

david 8/26/2008
yeah, if you read the fine print you will find out that they charge the moment you press the talk button even if your call doesn't go through so you lose a minute every time you touch your phone. The minutes are rounded and they even charge you on incoming calls you don't answer! this is stealing! I made a mistake getting into this. Yep, I never heard anything like this in my life! It sucks, the plan looks great but this detail ruins it all, you will run out of your minutes very fast. How can you charge for calls that you don't even make or receive? Wow! they figure out everything just to suck your money out of your pocket! Vampires!

Guest 8/25/2008
I was paying a ridiculous amount of money for two cell phones for my husband and I. We don't really text and use less than one hour of talk time per month. This plan is perfect for us. The reception is great and you can't beat 10 cents a minute on a pay as you go plan.

Nanzee 8/24/2008
I've had T-Mobile for 1 & 1/2 years now. I live in a remote area that doesn't get cell phone service, but it's nice to have a phone when I travel (which is infrequently). I don't think there is a more affordable plan for me. I bought $100 worth of minutes with my phone, plus two $10 refills after the first year. All my minutes carried over ... I still have 990 minutes! At $10 per refill card every 3 months, there just isn't a more affordable plan for me. Reception has been great compared to other services I've used, and dependable The cheap little phone I picked out has a lot of features, good sound and really holds a charge. Before T-Mobile I used Verizon, Cingular, TracPhone, AT&T and another service which I can't remember ... so I've used a lot of cell phone services - I know a little about cell phone services. In fact my first cell phone was one of the old "bag" phones (I go waaay back).

Alex 8/24/2008
I have been searching for the perfect cell phone plan for me for months. I recently found this site, and after reading all of these reviews, I'm confident that I will be very happy with my choice of T-Mobile. Thanks everyone!

JimAZ 8/19/2008
This company is rude, steals minutes and refuses to furnish any proof of minutes used. It sounds like a good deal till they rip you off and tell you tough.
I would avoid this company !!

Guy 8/16/2008
Cannot ask better! I am a Canadian resident who visit time to time the USA. Instead using my Canadian cell phone in the USA because the charge to me up to 1.75$ per minute, I fill my prepaid T-Mobile phone with a 100$ prepaid card to have 1000 minutes to spend for a whole year.

Dana 8/15/2008
Would give 0 stars if available. HORRIBLE customer service! Go with another company such as Net10 or AT&T. Don't waste your time and money with T-Mobile.

Jess 8/13/2008
Working well so far. Easy set-up and activation. They offer a very basic phone (no camera, music, or other extras) which is exactly what I need.

Scott 8/4/2008
I love my T-MOBILE Phone it works great and i save alot of money with there free nights .

Tom 7/29/2008
I've been using T-mobile pay as you go plan for several years. It saves my family lots of money! T-Mobile rocks! I'm using it on my iphone!

Ned 7/28/2008
Terrible customer service. Very long waits on hold and when you finally get someone they're idiots and couldn't answer my questions. Got switched around to different departments, on hold again for too long and get more idiots that don't know anything. How could this be?? I was so frustrated that I sent the phone kit back and I'm back with Tracfone.

Julian M. 7/23/2008
I just got T-Mobile to go today. I just ordered a blackberry 7100t on ebay a few weeks ago. I ordered the standalone SIM card for $6.99. The shipping was free and to my surprise it was 2 day air mail. I called up the number from my landline. I think you can activate it online, but just in case I activated it via phone. It is all automated, I typed in a bunch of numbers and got finally hung up and about 3 minutes later I received a text message saying that my service is up and running. I have had Virgin Mobile since 2004 and I am still going to use them for my backup phone. Whenever I went down the street to the grocery store, I got horrible reception. I just went down there tonight and I got 5/5 bars in the store. I think T-Mobile is going to be a keeper.

JayDee 7/13/2008
@ Brian: Do you know about the $1.00 a day plan TM has? If you switch to the $1.00 a day plan, you can talk to your family members for free. The $1 a day plan includes free mobile-to-mobile to other TM customers, free nights (7pm-6:59am) and all your other calls are 10 cents a minute. You're charged $1 ONLY on the days you use your phone. My family and I have TM prepay service, too, and we're all on the $1 a day plan. We get to talk to each other for free and since most of our friends get their wireless service from TM, we get to talk to our friends for free, too. It's great. I love TM.

David 7/13/2008
I originally went into a T-Mobile store and purchased an activation kit for prepaid. I already had my own phone so all I needed was the sim card. It came with 10 minutes on the card from the store already. The problem I had is talking with customer service trying to add minutes to my phone from my own credit card. The first representative demanded to know all my personal information including full name, date of birth, social security number, verified address, billing address on credit card, cv2code, even asked me past questions only available on my credit report such as which county have you owned a home, etc. And last but not least, then she wanted to call my bank to verify I am the actual card holder! OMG! So I gave her the number on the back of the card, the phone number is to my bank, however it is a credit union and is closed on Sundays (which is today). She came back on the line and said she couldn't take my payment to purchase 1000 minutes for $100 because she couldn't reach anyone at my bank due to it being closed. I absolutely could not believe what I was hearing. I provided everything she asked for, I had the credit card right in front of me and she still REFUSED to take a payment for minutes. After demanding a manager, she returned with her "supervisor" I told her I wanted a manager to talk with and she disconnected the phone call on me. I called back, talked to another customer service rep who told me she could take care of my problem, that she would be happy to add the minutes, etc. Then later returned to the phone and saying I can go to a T-mobile store or an authorized center that sells refill cards and I can buy one there. So she COULD NOT help me as she said. This is ridiculous! Needless to say I stubled upon this site while looking for another provider. Stay away from T-Mobile!

Chloe 7/10/2008
I had T-Mobile for about a year and left in 2007 for better calling rates. I had a Sidekick II and used it for probably 90% texting, IMing, web browsing, and email all for $1 every calendar day. Customer service has always been great and signal was pretty good, too. For what I used it for, it was fantastic. I ended up needing better talking rates and switched to Virgin Mobile after them. The phone was excellent. Prepaid Sidekicks are great for those who do a lot of texting, IMing, emailing, and web browsing but little talking (15 cents a minute)(FlexPay without a contract is also a great deal for those who don't want contracts or have poor credit).

Jimmy M. 7/7/2008
Their website advertises a T-Mobile Activation kit for $6.99. You can place the order, fill in the info, provide you credit card info ,but then, T-Mobile will not sell you the SIM card. You simply are entered into a telephone solicitor/marketing department data base and are constantly harassed with efforts to up sell. Stay away from companies that offer something that they will not sell just to get your name in their marketing database!

Jaylah 7/4/2008
I've been with T-Mobile for 3 years now and love not having to be bound to some two year agreement!! The minute time is reasonable for the price of the refill card and I still get to talk on a sleek and sexy Dolce & Gabbana Razr..Beats the hell out of Virgin Mobile with their cheap @$$ ugly phones and bootleg coverage!!!! T-Mobile Rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug in New York City 7/3/2008
I'd give 10 stars for my plan if they had it. For light to medium call usage this is by far the best plan out there if you get adaquate reception in your area. The facts are $100 gets you 1000 rollover minutes [Extra 15%] & puts you on the Gold rewards plan which allows you to buy as little as $25 the next year & add minutes left over from the 1000. These minutes are then good for another entire year if you don't use them up & you obviously can add more money [minutes] at any time. Customer service is excellent & reps are very considerate & responsive. For ocassional to light usage or emergency phone this is by far the best deal & a no brainer. The plan cost me $25 bucks for an entire year this year so far & I still have 600 minutes left on my phone! Even if I had to add another 2000 minutes [15% discount] i'd still cost far less then most pre-paid & other plans out there.

joef 6/30/2008
been with tmobile 2years,who would have any other prepay! on this site to buy my wife her phone,great service in kentucky always tmobil

michael 6/25/2008
I have the sidekick $1.00 a day plan and am relatively satisfied with it . Get unlimited wed browesing text message and email. Plus 15.cent a min for can get cheaper data with att go phone but that's without voice. And tmo cs is much better. But tmo should expand their data plans to other phones besides the sidekicks. But overall a good service.

amanda 6/24/2008
I used to like t mobile and have been a pay as you go customer for over 3 years, but I have over 770 minutes left on my plan, the phone needs to be re loaded within 2 days or I'll loose them all, and my number is not being recognized and I can not refill online or over the phone, even though it is still active and I can call the phone from my other t mobile paid plan;(

Keka 6/17/2008
I am using T-Mobile pre-paid service for last 4 years and love it. I took another pre-paid phone couple of years ago, for my wife. I added $100/- card for each of them in the beginning, and add $10/- a year to extent unused minutes. As I use cellphone sparingly, it is best and cheaper cell phone service I can have. I use my SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

Kevin 6/16/2008
I enjoy the service. No problems whatsoever. A customer for 3-years and bought a second pre-paid phone. The best deal is to get the $100 dollar card right from the get-go. I have average the $100 dollar a year. Yay better than a contract at $40 or so dollars a month. I do not use cellular that much to justify a contract deal. I know some others maximize their service. Again, for my needs T-Mobile is the best.

M-T 6/7/2008
"C-Slim" stated this above, but it should be said again. Check out the coverage maps for prepaid service and notice if your area or an area you will be traveling to is an 850MHz zone. These are NOT covered by the prepaid service.

billy jean 6/2/2008
I TXT all the time, I TXT way more than i call and its rediculous!! its 10cents to send and 5 to their prepaid phones are really crappy..

Bob 6/1/2008
I have several T-Mobile ToGo phones. I use them as glove box phones, for when I forget my main phone. The coverage is good, I enjoy being able to use free T-Zones and for a limited use phone, I don't know of a better deal. T-Mobile now offers 3 months of service for just $10 from the start, so you can keep a phone active for as little as $40/year and then just $10/year, after you have spent a total of $100.

LJH 5/31/2008
I love my T-mobile service. I bought a Gold card last year and got 1000 minutes for 1 year service. I use my phone approximately 75-150 minutes a month. This gives me a a year of service for less than $10.00 a month. I think that this is a great way to go without having to be on a comitted plan.

Jim 5/31/2008
I've been using T-Mobile for over a year. The information given above for the Gold Rewards is somewhat misleading. You become enrolled in this program when then TOTAL amount spent on minutes is $100. You don't have to buy the $100 card. If you buy one $10 card a month, after ten months you'll be enrolled. (Actually sooner, since the time you get when you buy the phone is also credited toward the $100 total)
Signal strength is as good as any I've tried. I don't travel much, so coverage area isn't a factor for me, but the maps they show seem competitive.
The only thing I don't care for is the selection and price of the phones available. Oh sure, they're able to take ANY of their phones and make it a "To Go" phone - but you have to pay 100% of the retail price for it. The phones that monthly contract subscribers pay $79 for will cost a To Go customer $200 and up (and up, and up). I switched to AT&T just because they had a better and cheaper phone I could use. Their plan is almost as inexpensive, but I'm going to miss the one year expiration date though. I barely make over $100 worth of calls a year. :)

LC 5/30/2008
Awesome service! Their $1/day plan gives me unlimited 7pm nights and unlimited mobile to mobile

chip 5/30/2008

t-mobile customer 5/29/2008
I have checked in on all T-Mobile Phones Even The Prepaid phones and here is the scoop! if you have regular monthly service and just need a quick phone at a low cost(to avoid contracts) just pick up a prepaid phone(if the model is right for you)then just swap your SIM card and your good to go! so as far as I reviewed T-Mobile is quite FLEXible on their phones and not so restrictive

Jiem8501 5/28/2008
I am very disappointed with T-mobile's Pay by the Day prepaid plan. Only two weeks after I got my phone, I have been stolen 30 minutes from my account. They paid me back eventually. But they lost my trust!
The phone is for emergency only. During the two weeks after I got the phone, I haven't made any call except setting up my voicemail. But they claimed I made a call on a certain day but refused to give me the phone number. And I was told it is too late to dispute it becasue it happened a week ago. All I can say is the customer service is VERY POOR!

Joe 5/12/2008
T-mobile's pay-as-you-go plan is the best choice for me. $100 gets me 1000 minutes and a year of service. I use my phone about three hours a month and this plan saves me over $200/yr over a post-paid (monthly) plan. I like the straightforward pricing and hope T-mobile doesn't abandon this offering in favor of a pay-per-day plan only.
Also, you can find some decent phones discounted on their website. I can refill online with my debit card and customer service is very helpful.

James 5/7/2008
Its great as long as you dont actually have to make a call. The coverage sucks here in the northeast. I had better coverage with my old Trac-fone!!!I just hope that when i have an emergency, (thats why i have a cell phone),that im within a hundred yards of a tower.Otherwise i might as well send up a flare.

SCOTT 5/5/2008
I like the new plan that they have now with free m2m and free nights it works out great for me .

JayDee 5/3/2008
@ Dee: Yes, with T-Mobile you get free mobile-to-mobile AND free nights that start at 7PM and end at 6:59 AM. I'm not sure if you get free nights with AT&T.

JayDee 4/28/2008
Wow!!! I've just visited T-Mobile's website and guess what? T-Mobile has a NEW "Pay By the Day" prepaid plan. Just pay a $1.00 a day (only on days that you use your phone) and you'll get free mobile-to-mobile, free nights (7pm-7am) and all other calls for 10 cents a minute. I immediately called TM's prepaid customer service so that I could switch my plan but the csr I spoked to was shocked to hear that I knew about the plan. He told me that the Pay By the Day plan will not become available until mid-May. He said that there will be commercials on tv advertising the new plan some time next week. When I told him that the plan is already being advertised on T-Mobile's website, he was shocked about that too. He said he doesn't know why it's already being advertised when it won't become available until the middle of May. Well, I wasn't sure if he knew what he was talking about so I logged into my TM prepaid account online and switched my plan myself. Now, I only pay $1.00 a day for free nights, free m2m and all of my other calls are just 10 cents a minute. I'm going to save so much money on this plan. Who needs Verizon's expensive Inpulse prepaid when you have T-Mobile? Right?(lol) I guess TM really does listen to their customers. This is great.

sunny 4/21/2008
A great deal for those who don't constantly chat. I've used this program for about 3 years and went "gold" right away. I buy a $50 refill about every 4-5 months--try getting any other phone for 12.50 a month. If all you use your cell phone for is short calls you are throwing money away on most plans. The coverage is just OK but improving.

Don 4/14/2008
I have been using the T Mobile pre-paid service for about 14 months. I really like the signal strength in my area (Atlanta NE suburbs) and the phone quality (Nokia 6130)is okay, if not great. I bought the $100 card so the cost is minimal. I do very little texting and no instant messaging so I have no concerns about those features. What does concern me is T Mobile blocking the phone's ability to receive services like traffic updates, sports scores, etc., even though they give me no ability to block unwanted text messages from spammers. I don't travel much but on a recent trip to Savannah (a 5 hour drive), I had no reception problems even when I left the interstate and traveled on back roads in rural areas for about half of the return trip. For the person who complained that their parents bought $100 cards and were out of minutes in "a couple of days;" that's using the phone over 8 hours a day! They do not need to be using any pre-paid service if they use their phones that much. I am a light user myself and, with the exceptions noted, have little complaint with T Mobile's pre-paid service. The company does have a somewhat condescending attitude toward pre-paid customers but that is an industry standard. The customer service people that I have dealt with have been unfailingly polite if not always completely helpful.

guest 4/11/2008
my parents have t-mobile and they buy 100 dollar cards and use their phones for a couple of days and are allready out of time. T-mobile is a money sucking service and i don't reccommend them

JayDee 4/11/2008
I've had T-Mobile To Go prepaid mobile service for about 2 yrs now and I love it, the phones, service, rates...I love everything about T-Mobile's prepaid service. I purchase the $50 refill card and the 460 minutes last for a good two months. I just purchased the Nokia 6263 and sold the other phone I was using (Nokia 6133), on eBay. Both phones work get on T-Mobile's prepaid service. T-Mobile To Go is GREAT!!!!

LY 4/5/2008
Very verg good for those who do not use cell phone a lot. Strongly recommend!

Pete 4/1/2008
Fair . Network is limited and has holes in my area . Needs to add call records online (even VM has thus) and online text messaging on/off switch and mtext messaging pack options (like VM).

barb31 3/27/2008
I have had my t-mobile to phone for 2 years. I love it, in 2 years i have only spent $250. The service is great and I have I bought my phone on the T-mobile website and I got a free $25 refill card with my Nokia phone it has an fm radio and the corded hands free headset came free with it. Sometimes they offer these specials you have to keep checking. The most important thing that i would like to say is that prepaid phones ( T-mobile, att, verizion, sprint, etc.) are not for the heavy cell phone users it is for people who don't use their phone very much MOST MOST of the time. this goes for T-mobile or any other prepaid cell phones out there. If you are a heavy user you should sign a contact for your phone. That is the reason they have better packages is because you have to sign a two year contract so they know that they are going to get their money even if you default on your contract. With prepaid you have the freedom to come and go as you please it's a convince that you have to pay for/ but with T-mobile the price is not so expensive. They have flat simple rates and no access fee, and after you spend $100 all at once or how ever you choose to get there you will be added to the gold rewards and your minutes last one year even if you only buy a $10 refill card, T-mobile is the only prepaid company that does that. Also my coverage is great.

temptation 3/26/2008
I don't really like this prepaid plan. 10$ is like 30 min. and for me it doesn't even last up for a month, i have to keep refilling it every 2 weeks. Its sucks. You cant even talk at all you get charged for every second. There is on unlimited offer. Sure its cheap but it does rip you off

WhipperSnapper 3/26/2008
I am a longtime communications dealer and user of various postpaid and prepaid phone services also. I have read reviews that were very good and many others, if not most, that are so horribly wonder people cannot use their phones or get good customer service.

MARY 3/20/2008

Dallas 3/17/2008
I will never again buy a single minute from this "company"! I am a causal user, at best, yet they claim I used 998 minutes of my 1,000 in less than 6 months - Impossible ! I asked for a detailed Call List for the #'s to where these alleged calls were made, but they responded that they keep no such records! I said what ?! Then can they know how many minutes were indeed used & how can I, the consumer, dispute alleged or hijacked calls ?! I mean, let's face it, the calls are out there floating for anyone with tech experience & nefarious ideas to steal & we as consumsers, do have a right to dispute them!
They now won't even respond, as I asked for a supervisor!

LJH 3/15/2008
I love T-Mobile To Go. After buying a $100
card minutes are 10 cents and I can take the sim card and put it in anyGSM unlocked phone that I want. Great service also.

Rachel 3/15/2008
I put $50 on my phone Thursday at 3 p.m. and on Friday at 10 a.m. my balance was $13. I thought maybe I just put $10 on my phone and not $50 but nope. They stole my money!!! So when I called to complain they tried to tell me I used it all on text messaging and instant messaging. How can one person text that much in that amount of time?? I would have had to send over 300 messages!! What did I text in my sleep or something?? Come on now. I am done with this company.

Fred 3/8/2008
I haven't had many problems with t-mobile to go (when I use to travel I would loose signal every now and then), though I do agree with those who say 'free night or weekend minutes, extra minutes or discounts for loyal / long-time customers would be great.
You need to know that if you use under 350-ish minutes per month ($35), often flux with monthly usage, do not use texting heavily or Absolutely Hate yearly contracts and monthly payments, you will probably like it.

brasshole 3/5/2008
Its good. Better then tracfone and virgin mobile.

andrew 3/3/2008
I use my phone a couple of times a week so I'm averaging about $5.00 a month for cell phone use. Minutes renew for another year every time I purchase because I'm on gold status. Texting options are expensive though

Jon 3/3/2008
After I was done with Virgin Mobile, I decided to go with T-Mobile. It looked very good, had good looking prices and phones that I knew were good like the Razr. The guy at my local mall told me there was a $30 activation fee when first buying my phone. I did not want to pay to activate my phone. The man at the booth was a very bad listener, he kept asking us if we could sign up on a contract like 8 times in the 15 minutes we talked. I found out months later there was no activation fee when buying online. So that man was no help. I resigned after a few months because I can afford a monthly contract with my phone company. I can say I would recommend T-Mobile to go, just don't ask a retailer and be sure to get a gold SIM card, you can get them off of ebay.

red 2/26/2008
t mobile was fine till I tried to refill my minutes.then they told me my credit card was no good.they were very rude over the phone.went to the local office gave the same credit card every thing was fine.I just do not like there credit card is 100%

BeFair 2/24/2008
So far so good, I don't see anything wrong with this plan. People who curse T-mobile gave no sound reason....

Grace 2/24/2008
Got tired of paying $40 a month on a contract, so I went with T-mobile's prepaid - $100 for 1000 minutes. Coverage is great, refills easy, no problem at all with the phone. I'm glad I made the change.

holydiver0692 2/22/2008
i have a razr with t-mobile and it rules!

RK7 2/21/2008
I've been on Tmobile prepaid for several years and love it. Always buy the $100 refill and it costs me a quarter of what I was paying monthly before. Internet news, sports, and stock quotes are FREE on this phone.

carrie 2/17/2008
I have been with prepaid T-Mobile service for 5 years now and find it fantastic. I have been with Gold Rewards program and it only costs 10 cents a minute and there is not too many companies out there that offer that rate. My husband and I made a trip to South Dakota for a funeral and found that my phone and my husband's Virgin phone) didn't work there. That's the only problem I have had with my phone. I would never go to a contract again after being burned by a contract company years ago. My phone gives me extra security that I need without all the expense of paying for minutes that I would never use.

Erik 2/17/2008
Just arrived from EU bought a WM Nokia model with 10$ free time, lasted about 3-4 min (local calls). Bought a 50$ refill; Now the phone log says 105 min total in AND out airtime and my account at t-mobile 1,25$ and 10 min. Where did my money go? I send max 3-4 sms (text) and the calls were only local, some of them were even to t-mobile free 800 number. Trying to get support from there web site give me: Server error: An unexpected error has occurred. We apologize for any inconvenience, please try again later.
I dialed about 12 different numbers in the period, I recived about 9 calls, had one missed call, in total my call log lists 22 calls. I wonder if anybody would be able to explain where did the money go? Gues I'll try to call customer service tomorrow - but deff not using the mobile (though I thought it would be free). Is kind of hard recomending the compagny if they say you get arround 400min/50$ and expirience 105/60$ - right?

Caleb 2/11/2008
I think Tmobile To Go service is quite a great service but their customer service is the worst thing ever created. Get this I bought two phones paid overnight shipping because i had no phone and the darn activation codes on both phones were invalid. And every person i talked to from customer care told a different story. It has taken 11 days for them to send the new activation cards. And they said they would put overnight mail. Then i discovered that everyone lied about sending anything to me. Today i finally got a Garuntee that they would send it overnight tomorrow. But awesome prepaid service. Pray to god that something doesn't screw up when you get it. And never order anything electronic online it always smacks you in the butt.

Jen 2/10/2008
I've had a T Mobile prepaid phone for about 3 years now. I HIGHLY recommend it. I wouldn't even think about switching to another provider or going back to a plan (no way). It's silly to pay $40 plus every month whether you use the phone or not!! This way I only pay for the minutes I actually use and there's NO risk of ever getting a $500 phone bill!! I have their cheapest Nokia phone and the sound quality is excellent, I've never even once experienced a dropped call and their customer service is excellent!!

Doc 2/9/2008
After researching all the wireless prepaid plans I still believe that T-Mobile is the best. I've a Samsung phone with camera, etc... and it is great! Reception is great as well. Even though I only get 3 bars in my home it is more than enough to get calls out and get downloads in my phone. Reception all over the Nevada area is superb. Well done T-Mobile!

Jamelle Beavers 2/5/2008
I LOVE T MOBILE I had for it for a three years and I just love it!

red 2/4/2008
Cheap to buy but then expensive if you buy lower denomination cards. Minutes expire too fast. Try boostunlimited, its the best.

JoJo 2/2/2008
I have bought a t-mobile to go plan.
I have made 10 calls to customer care asking them to take someone else name off my caller ID (he had the number before I) and to put my name on...I get promises that it will be taken care of and this has been going on for 4 weeks and I am totally frustrated....customer care does not care. Can anyone help me?

Andy 2/1/2008
T-mobile is awesome, I buy 1000 min which last me a whole year and thats just little over $8 a month. Now days there are phones everywhere so I don't use my cell that much. I've been with this service for about 2 years and always had phone service in most areas. Best part is no extra fees, taxes or hidden charges, you pay for what you use.

Word! 1/30/2008
Who buys a $10 card unless you're in a jam? That's like putting $5 of gas in your car and complaining you're always having to fill up. Buy the $100 off the bat and stop complaining. And some would have you beleive 50% of these phones just break by looking at them. That or the population is truely doomed because these people are idiots.
Great service that fits my needs.

Will 1/27/2008
I hate my tmobile prepaid service. When I get a sim card form them some strange has my phone number. I get charge for wrong number or a miss call. I got my phone back on friday last week with a $10 card and it's lasted three days.

Guest 1/25/2008
I love my tmobile prepaid service. If you can afford the $100 refill card I will go with that. I have had verizon wireless prepaid and did not like it. I have researched all the other companies and Tmobile still came out on top. I have not had any issues with their service. If you buy the phone it probably will be better to buy it at Walmart of Target so you know you can get your money back, and I would not recommend to add a lot of minutes at first until you know you are going to keep the phone. The minutes are not refundable.

sidekicksteven 1/22/2008
I have a prepaid sidekick3, and i love tmobile service. they gave me 200 minutes when i activated the phone for 30 dollars, and its only a dollar a day for unlimited texting internet and email. anything betetr than that? pshh no way!

Valence 1/13/2008
I used to be on a T-Mobile plan, which was all well and good, but now that I am forced to use the Prepaid system, I am anything but satisfied.

C-Slim 1/12/2008
Read the fine print.
For those that think the prepaid service has the same "quality coverage on same network as plan subscribers", you are wrong.

Tommy 1/8/2008
I find T-mobile prepaid basic and fast to activate. I buy a pre-activated card from an auction site , made a quick call to change phone number, insert it to phone and all set. cheapest for someone like me who make the average of 1 minute of call per day.
Oh, and cheapest prepaid phone out there, you wont find others as cheap as their prepaid starter kit. The phone is brand new and pretty decent quality for the price.

Stephen 12/26/2007
T-mobile Prepaid is Outstanding!!

Annabel 12/24/2007
All I can say is -- Virgin is better.

Guest 12/14/2007
I purchased a t-mobile to-go phone for $40 in October and bought $100 card so I could get the gold rewards. Soon after, my phone lost the ability to send and receive calls and T-mobile "customer service" said there was no record of my phone number or sim card. We went back and forth over the course of 2 months and, in the end, T-mobile screwed me for $100. They suck.

JOE 12/8/2007
T mobile to go sucks. I get harrassing phone calls and they wouldnt give me a diffrent number. I bought a 369.99 dollar phone to and they didnt refund that bull crap@@@@####$$$$%%%

poet 12/3/2007
Because I don't live on my phone, I prefer prepaid service (cheaper for me in the long run). What I despise about T-Mobile is its apparent cutback on what web services are available through prepaid. Enough with treating us like second-class citizens! I could get a "regular" (read: overpriced) contract today, but I don't choose to waste more than $100/year for airtime. Puhleeeze! Why can't I subscribe to five-digit text message services like my stock alerts or BBC News? Jeez. I thought y'all were the customer-friendly company. Guess I'll eventually get a Crackberry and reconsider the best prepaid service for my needs.

poet 12/3/2007
A special separate one-star rating for the 15 minutes that I wasted trying to add minutes via the web app and the 10 minutes and bazillion characters I had to navigate before FINALLY re-upping my airtime. The web app should NEVER, EVER be that slow for customer transactions.

Croppled1 12/2/2007
I bought my phone after researching hard and this is the best overall plan if you need a emergency phone and can spend for a $100 airtime card plus the to go package . Though cheap it wasnt a easy deceision as I am disabled on Social Security Disabillity ( no i am not destitute like so many who I feel for and write this caring about ) I just needed this becuase I am so sick I feel unsafe without one with me 365 days a year when going to the Doctor or alone in bed incase I cant get up to far from our land line . Problem is the phones are all refurbished on the prepaid and if they break you get very poor customer service help mine arrived with problems and I call right away but they ran me in circles and kept telling me it was ok when I should of returned it right away . It wouldnt take a charge ..then did , then didnt . I just wanted to mail it to anywhere . I think Nokia would of done it . I for warranty work or a return its now 60 days old and dead with all my people calling and they just think I have it off or am out of service . I cant go out right now but with a aide or help and its nearly impossible then as I am mentaly confused in pain . I have no family to help . Really needed this it is a emergency phone now with a number all my Doctors have . Anyway you absolutely cannot get warranty help not even at their stores for sure not at the independant dealers . Its sad becuase this is the phone used by 99% of those disabled out there but they wont help them . I will buy a new phone its easier then argueing or crying for them to take it for warranty work by mail like they sent it to me . I will have it sent in the mail like the first one but its hard on 500 a month SSD to buy a phone when you have one and its supposed to be warrantied . I wish they would of just said no the first instead of keeping me on hold forever then trying to sell me plans . I spent 3 hours on the phone and they just passed me around like a joke it seemed with me explaining my situation in tears unable to talk that long hoping they would actually recognize I was for real and couldnt get this serviced other then by mail . They literly ran me around for 3 hours after being told I had a head injury with severe pain and couldnt hold a phone up and this was for medical emergencies . Would I buy one again ..yes I have no choice until I am broke . Do I trust these phones to work NO and if its delivered by mail the warranty should be able to be handled by mail at least for the disabled that cant go around like they would like . I hope they read this and do something . Many elderly and disabled people rely on these for saftey and its sad they cant do warranty work through the mail for those who really cant go to a store when they sell them in the mail over the internet . Its bad enough to wait the extra time and being disabled all this technology is hard to comprehend its just that you need a way to call 911 if you collapse in public becuase the world is so bad nowadays John Q public wont just run you around but might rob and kill you out there . Corperate America at least just steals your money . This phone is a good alternative and if it works and money is not tight buy it for a friend thats disabled give them a cheap model for 39 bucks dont buy a expensive phone its not worth it and try it when you know its ok then buy the 100 card not before . They usually run a 39 dollar deal with a free 25 dollar card thats what I will do again since I cant get my warranty work done due to being terminal unable to go into a t-mobile owned store ..most of them are a long ways away ( my case only 20 miles each way ) But they wont take them at the dealers only the T mobile owned store and they dont even want to honor it they even tell you just buy another phone . Prepaid buy the cheap one not a razr or stripe they wont back it . I had the Nokia 6103 . Prepaid appears to get the factory seconds they want to just dump . Mine was obviously poor quality when i got it but when your so sick you cant even get food on your own , buying this just for emergencies what can you do ? Eat teh 65 dollars and buy the cheaper phone and go on . They wont even let me give this phone to another disabled person who can bring it in they required i come into the store as the original owner even after explaining my situation to them . I imagine you all think i am nuts or this is sour grapes . Its the truth ,its sad , and its a poor reflection on customer service and our counrty nobody helps anyone anymore .

lisa 11/30/2007
its great

Casey 11/27/2007
It's a real burden on your wallet after a while; somehow im always losing minutes from rounding up calls and once you get down to the last ten minutes, it says your balance is to low to complete the call. Honestly I feel like I was cheated out of a lot of money. NOT the best service for your phone or wallet..

SCOTT 11/26/2007
Why can't we get free nights and weekends and M2M .Give us something so we will stay !!

Bob 11/24/2007
I have had att, cingular, and t-mobile.
The others ripped me on price.
I buy 100 bucks at a time, and it costs me 10 cents a minute. No bills, it seems to last me months and months. If I use it alot, I know I will recharge, if not, I have a year of time. Works for me.

Pete 11/24/2007
Reasonable rates (on gold rewards plan) . No gimmicks like Tracphone etc . Unfortunately the network is just mediocre and there is no call record available online .

Heater 11/21/2007
this sucks the last time i checked they didn't even have service where i live in the omaha nebraska area I give a flat 1 star.

Jim 11/19/2007
I've had T-Mobile Prepaid for about 3 years and am very pleased with both the service and my phone. Aside from having to replace it when I accidently washed it, my Seamens phone has been excellent. I'm cheap, so I really like prepay because "I" get to decide what I spend for cellular service, not them. I'm in the market for a new phone now. I've checked a lot of the others and am going to get a new phone with T-Mobile again. All in all, I'm very satisfied!

Karl 11/10/2007
Absolutely outstanding plan for folks like me that use 100 minutes a month. We have four SIM chips, four unlocked phones, and I usually put #100 on one of them every six months or so. Four phones for $200 a year? Can't beat it. CUstomer service is great to help you set up a phone (I bought some on Amazon/ebay). Coverage is decent. All around great deal unless you are chatty Cathy.

AnonymousRJ 11/10/2007
I really like the prepaid T-Mobile On-The-Go.Its really goog for like to makes emrgency calls or talking of a while.But those whi taik alot should get the contract plans.

mneezy 11/6/2007
I've had T-Mobile to go for years now and I'm thinking about leaving them.

I cannot beleive, i waited this long to
get one. I got one for my wife, who truly rarely calls at all. It was a great buy, she can call internlly, without having to worry about billing
or purchasing international cards. The
money saved is incredible. I highly recommend this to anyone, who rarely talks on the phone, or even if you do,
you buy minutes as you need them, without the hassles or headaches of a
contract. Best deal on the planet!!

Lauren 10/30/2007
I'm looking for a cell phone provider after AT&T took over Cingular (no problems with Cingular) then proceeded to ruin my life by charging me for service they never provided, sending me on wild goose chases with c/s reps sending me from one place to another and keeping me on hold. Every time I called it took at least 1-2 hours of my time to get absolutely nowhere. After it was all said & done, I was told I couldn't be refunded for the 5 mos. of service I was charged but never received, that they would only refund "one month" When I asked WHY? I was (eventually) told "that was their policy." Oh, REALLY??? Of course I can't put them in collection for the money they owe me, but they would do it to me in a heartbeat. Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent... the reason I'm writing is to thank everyone for their reviews, I think I will give TMobile a try. Was going to try Alltel, but there were too many negative reviews. *** ALSO ***
I read several complaints about buying phone cards that had already been used, & I read something about that. I guess some people will write down the numbers by the bar code, and then use it themselves. That makes the card useless, but you won't know that until you buy it & try to use it. They were doing it with gift cards, too. So before you buy it, ask the checker to veryify that it hasn't been used.

DAVID 10/27/2007
Above I said T-Mobile does not have BS "daily access charges" like Tracfone.
I meant another company. I remember having TracFone and don't remember daily charges. That's was one of their nice features.
But still am a bigger T-Mobile fan.

DAVID 10/27/2007
T-MOBILE (Excellent Choice)
#1 quality phones like a Moto Razr (quad band) which can be used overseas on a foreign SIM card.
#2 no per day access charges (bs like tracfone)
#3 quality coverage on same network as plan subscribers
#4 ease of adding more minutes via a card purchase at 7-11 or Wal Mart.
#5 ease of checking how many more minutes or when it expires (other companies hide it)
#6 great customer support from T-Mobile people
#7 Cutting Edge company with new and straightforward services.
#8 GSM spectrum (like in Europe) much better quality than crap CDMA
#9 SIM card that can be swapped to another phone or a "Plan"
#10 T-Mobile very felxible about going into plans w/o hidden charges

SCOTT 10/18/2007

Ginny 10/15/2007
They lose a star for patchy reception in certain spots outside the metro area (I live in Seattle). However, although customer service can be a bit confused and misleading, if you ask to speak to a supervisor you CAN get confirmation on important issues, including the most important to someone like me, who uses the cell phone VERY rarely: i.e, the fact that once you've spent $100 (for 1000 minutes) THOSE MINUTES WILL NEVER EXPIRE AS LONG AS YOU TOP UP WITH A MINIMUM OF $10 PER YEAR. I set up my phone on December 31 so that I could always remember to top up with $10 at the end of the year. Voila! Everything rolls over and I'm good for another year.

happy_t-mobile_girl 10/12/2007
T-Mobile > Tracfone
I used to have Tracfone,but they would cheat me out of my minutes,and their phones are prehistoric.
Who still uses a Nokia 1100?
Then I noticed e-mails from angry customers threatening to sue the company,and asking other customers to sign petitions against Tracfone.
Time to switch!

cheaptrickster 10/12/2007
I recently started using T-Mobile and am very pleased so far. I purchased a nokia 6103 with a free $25 card new from the T-Mobile site (the deal is no longer available) and a 1000 minute card off E-Bay. Total cost $154, with a $10 rebate from a buyers site, so my net cost is $143. I don't plan on using my phone more than a hundred minutes a month, so I calculate my monthly cost to be just under $12 per month, with my minutes at about 12.4 cents/minute.
My advice: buy a new phone, not a used one, and don't buy the cheapest phone. Buy a 1000 card via E-Bay (currently you can easily obtain one from any of several reputable sellers for somewhere between $89-$93). I've yet to have any problems either making or receiving calls.

papi pinga 10/3/2007
alltel prepaid is best unlimited texting free nights an weekends 10¢ a min usage t mobile sucks

JD 9/30/2007
I have been using T-Mobile's prepaid service for about 1 1/2 years and all I can say is that it's a pretty decent prepaid service. TM's prepaid service is a lot cheaper than most prepaid plans--ESPECIALLY VERIZON'S INPULSE PLAN!!! Verizon's Inpulse prepaid plan eats the hell out of your money--even when you're NOT using the phone. I don't understand some reveiwers complaning about how expensive TM is. These reveiwers most be purchasing the $10 and $25 card