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Straight Talk Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 1075 reviews

sea jay 8/15/2013
i am a straight talk customer. I have tried to buy a new from them for a week. I have had many long calls. Originally they decline my purchase, they said bad IP address then, My bank said they refused my purchase again. I called them again, on a tape recorded line gave them my address and they read back an old address that I no longer have ? I just do not get it

ellie 8/14/2013
I've had straight talk for three years on four different phones (two until recently) and never had a problem until I bought a Samsung Galaxy s3. the s3 got absolutely no reception, and I bought it from the straight talk website. I called customer service and they advised me to send it in for a refund. customer service was hard to understand but very polite; english is not my first language either so I just politely asked them to repeat or spell things. they said the refund would take up to 30 days from the time they received it in their return center which kind of freaked me out at first, but I called daily and gave them all of my tracking info and I got my refund within 7 days. now I have a working phone again (sprint doesnt work in my area, so I went with a verizon programmed phone instead of the sprint programmed s3.) and overall I am pretty satisfied.

Venita Brown 8/14/2013
I am just starting this carrier, and I like the phone but hate the customer service. It take to long to speak to some one, and very annoying. They need to do something better about their customer service or they will lose customers. GET TOGETHER OR LOSE BUSINESS!!!!!

Kristin S 8/11/2013
My phone hasn't worked properly since the beginning.I cant take pictures, receive pictures. no navigation, I cant have any games on my phone. It always says I have no memory so I purchase a larger sd card. that didn't work. Im stuck with this crappy phone until I can afford a new one. Very unhappy

Me 8/9/2013
Straight Talk was recently named in a lawsuit!

Mom 8/9/2013
Bought a straight talk cell phone two months ago . I have had two phones exact same model . Both were defective ....they will not back their product . I have been on hold for a total of SIX HOURS. BAAD BAD BAD company....and Wal Mart needs to back their product as well . SHAME on WAL MART for selling their product

Kathryn 8/8/2013
Very, very poor customer service. I purchased a phone (Samsung S380C) Overall the phone works fine, the service is OK as far as reception...the issue I have is this phone is NOT compatible with THEIR network to receive if I receive a text or vm message my phone makes NO SOUND, so I am constantly looking at my phone to see if I received a text. I contacted the customer service and was told that this is the way the phone is and there is nothing they can do....nothing. REALLY?! Piss poor customer service, they never advertised that this phone wouldn't make a sound when receiving a message. They KNOW this is an issue and refuse to exchange the phone for one that will work or refund me the $60+ I paid for a "selective working" phone. Very disappointed. Do yourself a favor and make sure the phone you plan to use is compatible with ALL features.

sherry 8/6/2013

mike larkins 8/4/2013
i was happy with straight talk at first.then i noticed they do have a data cap on so called call they put you through ressetting your phone and star 22890 when all alone your phone is short they make you not want to soon as you pay your bill the phone magically fixes its self.gonna pay my bill this one last time,give them a call and if no improvement switching to verizon.

Kimberly 8/2/2013
I have had nothing but trouble with straight talk. And when I asked for a service rep to help me with my service they were disrespectful and told me it was a business and they could not help me. Now not only do I have a phone that does not work. But I am out of money that I paid. DON'T EVER BUY A STRAIGHT TALK PHONE THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!

tonya maples 7/31/2013
I like the price but if you try and call your number from a land line it wont go thru unless you dial one and area code first. The area code on phone can be same as area I live in and you still have to dial 1. Not good for doctors office and other businesses that call me from land lines cause they don't think they need to dial one since its same area code so I never can get my calls from them. They need to fix that

danny 7/30/2013
I would not recomd any phone by this ccompany MY phone would not let me unlock it so they told me they would send me a new phone 7 days passed still no phone so I called them back they told me the same story so I waited another week still no phone so i went to another company and 3 days after i went to another company it showed up and it came by fedex it does not take 2 1/2 weeek by fedex but every month when i put more minutes on it within 24 hours the phone quite working and I only had the phone 5 months so i giving them a 0 on rate I should get my money back for the phone and the minutes that i put on the plan.

Lindsay 7/29/2013
Worst customer service. DO NOT EVERY use this program. I have been hung up on, closed out of two IM's and lied two and I have not even started my service. I've been waiting for the "Port process" from Verizon wireless. I called Verizon wireless and they told me they transferred my number right away which was confirmed earlier in the day when Verizon Wireless connected me to a Straight Talk representative who told me it would take 24 hours. Which after 36 I still do not have a phone to use with straight talk.

Teed Off 7/27/2013
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. EVER. Seriously, you have to use up your own mins. when there's issues, and there's ALWAYS issues. You will get aggravatingly "nice" convo from complete rude morons who GET PAID BY THE MINUTE in their Phillipines Call Center. "Ok, let me just check that for you." I'm going to put you on Hold for a moment, okay" followed by "OK, I just need to place you on hold for a moment while I check the code, okay?" YES DAMMIT, put me on hold already! Expect this to happen at least 5x - 10x during your call with them. They must get a LOT of cigarette breaks during their shift all the while laughing at those Americans hahaha. If they got paid with just tips or commissions, they'd all starve, they are that HORRIBLE. The phones are horrible too. Just when you clear up one issue, they send another code from their end to screw up something else. Phone shuts on/off by itself 5X a day, no exaggeration. Unable to access Contacts, unable to Text as it will show "Initializing" for anywhere from 9 mins. to 3 days...or worse. Live Chat on the website immed. blows you off and tells you to Call the tollfree number, you know the one you've been calling non-stop for 2 days and still NO HUMAN will even answer. Facebook will delete your complaint, and worse yet, they will immed. close out your trouble ticket and provide NO explanation. They take around 5-7 days to respond via email, at which point, you guessed it, they tell you to CALL that toll-free number, you know the one that never answers. Take the time to read all the other 6,666 + complaints about ST Customer Svc. and RUN the other way. WORST FRIXXIN' COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!!!

Frustrated Alabama 7/24/2013
Worst Customer Service ever to encounter. Returned phone due to battery issues and still have not received a replacement phone in 12 days. Every phone call to customer service gets worse and they tell you one thing and never document anything. I started recording the conversations and is about to contact legal authority on them. Please do not waste your time on Straight Talk carrier it is a bunch of hogwash. I wish they could be sued for all these reviews that are listed.

AJ 7/21/2013
I have had StraighTalk for over 2 years with the $30 per month plan that is renewed by credit card. In that time it has only auto-renewed about 5 times. Each month, although they charge my card, my new minutes are never applied and when my service end date comes and goes i get a message stating that i don't have enough money in my account to use the phone. Then, each time i have to call customer service on a family member's landline, punch through the telephone tree and hope to get someone to help me in customer service. So far, although frustrating, the person on the other end has been very professional and after punching in numerous code numbers, gets my service up and running again. This month (July 20th) however, i have been without phone service for over 18 hours and their customer service line has changed so that you can no longer reach a real human by phone. I went to my account on their website and they have charged my credit card as usual but the only option available is to phone the customer service number where i can't reach a human being. I have sent two email messages to their customer service on-line "help" over 6 hours apart but have not received any response. My little Samsung flip phone with voice prompting feature has always worked well with great voice quality on ST, which uses Verizon in my area of Southern CA. Come to find out, my sister in Idaho has had the exact same problem with Straight Talk each month so she finally gave up and went with another company. It looks like i will have to find another company now as well and i'm hoping that i can port my phone number which i've had over 3 years and is tied to just about everything! If you're thinking of purchasing Straight Talk - DON'T!

crystal 7/20/2013
worst customer service ever and I was on the phone 4 hours trying to get my husbands and my phone activitated even though we paid $800 for 2 samsungs galaxys 3 and they said we couldn't get our phonews turned on if we weren't next to a tower even though we were in san Antonio texas which is known for sprint towers!!!!!! super lame cell service and straight talk is lame and you need to first get your refund from them and go with another better cell service!!!!!

Amanda 7/19/2013
Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have been trying to get service for a month and NOTHING. I have spent about 18hours on the phone with reps that all give me completely different info. I spoke to 6 reps about my issue 1 day but nothing is ever documented and my cases are closed without being resolved. I have been sent 3 SIM cards now, 2 didn't work at all & the 1 that did was activated wrong. So instead of reducing my cell phone bill I just threw away $60 since there is no refunds & apparently I will not be getting service since no one can send me equipment that works & I have to wait 5 business days for every SIM card....I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE! Customer Service is a impossible to deal with since NO ONE has any answers or documents anything. ... They sent me 3 SIM cards but my address & name were not one file. Plus my account was deactivated but no one can tell me why.

Ken D. 7/18/2013
I bought a new phone and 30 day Straight Talk plan around the 1st of the month. I tried to activate this new phone and after talking to 3 different people told me it would activate within a few hours. NEVER DID.
I tried again and after 2 people they had me input what seemed like around 20 codes into the NEW phone until the phone finally stopped displaying "Phone needs to be activated" message. Why does a new phone have to have ANY codes input into it. I burned up 44 minutes of my friends phone service talking with them and still have a phone that doesn't work!!!!! Oh, and they NEVER offered me anything for all my inconvenience.
Not the end of the story.... Now the phone shows "You have 0 days service left." I try and call their service number again but now I can't get passed the answering machine to actually talk to someone. I have tried pushing every combination of numbers you could imagine and the closest I can get to a human is the answering machine saying "Your phone needs some codes added. Thank you for calling. Good bye". I went to their worthless sight and finally found an email address so I sent them an email explaining the problem and how I was unable to get through to a customer service person. Even though the instant reply said I would receive a response within 6 hours I didn't receive any response until after 12 hours. Guess what the response said? PLEASE CALL OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. at the same number I have been calling them at which still didn't work. I told them I could not contact customer service in the email I sent them. I guess they can't read either.
So, now today I have been sending an email to them every 2 hours since 7:00am and almost 13 hours later I STILL don't have a response.

Daniel 7/16/2013
Like many here have said: their customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with. I've been through countless emails with them, talked to them over the phone (barely could understand the person, much less hear them), only to have them tell me do exactly the same thing I already had done, and told them in the email that I had done, and even told customer service again over the phone that I had done, yet they had me factory reset the phone anyways, and this supposedly "fixed" the phone. I had the phone for about two months when it started crashing due to an error in the phone's programming (which I also told them and gave them the error word for word in the original email). After performing their magical "fix" (factory reset) the phone worked for 3 days then crashed over the next few days, 8 more times (3 of which were in one day)! I wrote them another email, wanting to know about the Easy Exchange I'm paying for, and since it was never offered to exchange the phone, that I wanted to know how to cancel it. They told me I had to call them to cancel it, which their FAQs page never mentions, it just says you can cancel it at any time. So, I gave them a call, but never could get through their automated bull to even talk to anyone; attempted to call them many times, but with no success. So, I sent them another email about the phone crashing (after it had crashed the 8 times), to which I never got an email in return for, they completely ignored it. I just got done sending them another one telling them I want to stop being charged for easy exchange, and that when the mins run out on the phone (on July 19th), that I will not be renewing it and had already went to another cell provider. I wish I had known about all the problems people have had with them, before hand, as I would have never wasted my money with getting a phone or plans or phone coverage from them. Definitely will not be making the same mistake twice.

Alice Dykes 7/16/2013
I've had Straight Talk for a few month now, I was enjoying the phone and their cheap service. I am starting to realize you get what you pay for with them. The two phones that I had to purchase did not and will not keep a charge and their customer service do not seem to know what they are doing. Can not get a "Straight" answer from any of the many I have talked to.

Darrin 7/13/2013
Love it you cant get a better deal

Jen 7/13/2013
I purchase a $80 (sale price) ST phone for my daughter in March because she was going to be away from home for school. She had a decent experience the first 2 months, then it all went down hill. Month 3, we added a new card and exactly a week into it, it stated she used her limit. I called and because I did not have the phone in hand, they wouldn't help me. My daughter was not going to be home for 2 more weeks, so after 2 weeks, I called back. The girl was friendly, but very hard to understand. I explained to her that it was impossible for my daughter to have used up all of her mins/texts because she is in school and afterschool activities, she compensated me for the time lost and did the *22890 call to reset the phone. It worked for 4 more days, then same problem but this time the call was asking for a credit card or to make a collect call in the Verizon system! I called again, got another person I could barely understand, did the reset again, and it worked for 2 days. I called again, the 4th time in a month, when she was unable to text yet again, to be told that she had used to allotted mins. Well, that's funny because her account on the internet show more than half the minutes still remaining, but they showed zero? The customer service rep basically called me a liar and I had to ask questions multiple times because she admitted to me that she was not even listening to me!! Seriously. Now they want me to ship them the phone to get a replacement phone which is going to take at least 10 business days before the process is over, then I will have to purchase a new card because her month will be up by then, to turn around and have to do it all over again! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Richards 7/12/2013
I sure am glad I review remarks on the product I want to purchase before I do. Thank You all. You have saved me tons of trouble and frustration. I will stay with Verizon.

Straight Talk Misleading advertising 7/10/2013
REPOST: Didn't change rating to one star initially. Unlimited plan states in fine print services maybe shut off if excessive use is determined. How can excessive use be determined if plan is unlimited? Also, $30 plan can not be used on smart phones. Fine print states you must purchase unlimited plan even though $30 plan is advertised on smart phone boxes. Fine print is inside the sealed box and not available to read until after purchasing the phone.

Straight Talk Misleading advertising 7/10/2013
Unlimited plan states in fine print services maybe shut off if excessive use is determined. How can excessive use be determined if plan is unlimited?

Kimberly 7/9/2013
Thought I was getting a cheaper and better phone services for me and my family. Not true. This have been the worst phone services I have ever experience. Suspension of internet, calls drop and bad customer service. I would rather pay more money for better service then to put up with this!!!!!

Jeanie 7/8/2013
Straight Talk is a joke. First of all, I paid $150 for a phone, didn't have it a week and it fell about 15" to the floor and the screen shattered. I didn't have replacement coverage, so therefore I'm out of the money. Also, there plan says unlimited data. Bullsh__!! I just recevied a call telling me I had exceeded my data usage and they may end my usage or terminate my service entirely. Oh yea, forgot, the customer service is a joke also, IF you can understand them, you still won't receive a solution to your problem. I'm going back to nTelos!!!!

randy 7/8/2013
be careful if you move a number to straight talk if you think you are going to have phone service right away. it takes up to 2 days to port your number. I got upset with the activation time and it was turned on 49 hours later so the next day I went back to walmart and changed from straight talk and went to Verizon network and guess what it is working on the second day now and they still haven't ported my number over to Verizon and I am already paying for Verizon service and Verizon text me to let me know they were having trouble porting my number from straight is not a fast process with this walmart service and you better not be hearing impaired like I am or you won't understand a word the people on the end you are complaining to are saying. good luck but watch out porting your # to straight talk. very long wait time and it is unreal how fast they shut my phone off but took so long to turn on the new one, also the Samsung centura doesn't have a contact list that is easy to access so be careful, these phones are sealed and you can't check all the features so make sure you ask questions before you buy to save yourself time , I cant speak for just buying a phone and getting a number from them but don't move yours .

JJ 7/7/2013
You better be able to understand multiple languages or have a translator with you if you ever make it through to customer service. It is always from a foreign country each time I have had to speak to ANYONE in customer service.

TC 7/7/2013
Would give 0 stars if i could. Customer service is from a third world country ALWAYS and expect for it to take an hour do be able to speak to someone. Walmart refused to replace a phone that was purchased only days before so they are just as bad as the service. Get what you pay for with straight talk folks.

anne johan 7/6/2013
This service.... read consumer reports and blogs b4 purchase.

cw 7/2/2013
Customer service is the worst. Don't use it. Good cell service but terrible customer. 40 to 60 minutes to get threw to a live person. Walmart no help at all. Straight talk will not help there Walmart's reputation.

Shellie 7/1/2013
They have the worst customer service ever.Set phone in on replacement and it has been 3 weeks still have not received my replacement phone. they are saying 3-5 more days after 5 hours on phone with them the last week.

JC 7/1/2013
After 2 months of service:
Don't be fooled by the unlimited 3G

Lynda 6/30/2013
Like other people who have written reviews, I cannot communicate with the jibber jabber customer service reps. I was able to reach a number in MN for months and now it is impossible to reach the number. I can sit in the same place and get straight through using my land line and a Sam's card. This person I'm trying to reach has a Trac Phone and can reach me with no problems. Why at first and not now?

jan 6/28/2013
I would say that working with Straight Talk is no worse than any other customer service department. However, they ARE very hard to understand, so you must pay attention closely to what they are saying.

Roy J. Tellason 6/27/2013
This outfit has absolutely the worst customer service of anybody that I've ever dealt with!

NoStraightTalk 6/26/2013
Straight Talk phone cannot be unlocked. They told me it is illegal to unlock phone purchased from them.

yvonne 6/26/2013
I have been with straight talk for 3 yrs and yeah Ive had a little problem with cs but have always come out ahead. the service here has been great. and I live in a small town in sw oklahoma. the service here has been great but buyer beware walmart does advertise phones that dont work in your area. NOT staight talks fault, walmarts... I called before i baought the phone and asked if it worked in my area. and it did but i had to change my number which wasnt a big deal to me. But I have never had any major problems with customer service or service in general I love the lg optimus showtime I have now and dont have anything bad to say about them. if your nice they are nice and I just have then slow down a little when talking to me. and the $30. card does have limited web, if youll read it. the 45. card is unlimited everything. read and ask before you buy and save your own frustration. but I love the service I have.

Rebecca 6/25/2013
I'm only giving them 1 star because there is nothing lower. Their products are cheap and the service is iffy. I went through all the steps over the phone to activate a line for a family member and not once did they say anything about the service not working in her area. Well low and behold...the phone is useless where she lives. I had previously checked the coverage map online and it showed that she should have great service and yet she gets nothing. After going in circles with customer service (VERY RUDE PEOPLE) I've decided to switch both lines to another company! Save your money and spend it elsewhere on quality products!

Donnamarie 6/23/2013
I've had this phone service for 2.5 yrs.
I text and call only and the service is wworth the $30/month. Never a problem calling from Mass, NH, FL, GA, RI, ME. Awesome service!

Radioactivegurl2 6/22/2013
A nightmare! Keep away from this service. I wish I could rate it negative 0. WORST customer service, can't understand a freaking word they say, the phone was a problem from day one. The battery was not recognized by the device, and it runs down i. Like 15 minutes. I refill it and a week before they cut mobile service? Are you kidding me? I hate walmart and this troll of a product is just another confirmation of how inferior and sleazy walmRt and Tracphone are. I am changing carriers. I am done.

Cheryl 6/21/2013
I was nervous about going with Straight Talk Wireless after reading the reviews about poor service. I called them twice before I got my phone and twice afterwards to get it set up. Every single time they were WONDERFUL!! The first two times I had to wait quite awhile to get through. But once I did, they were knowledge, patient and extremely helpful. I am thrilled with the low-cost plan and now can whole-heartedly endorse their tech support.

K 6/20/2013
Their customer service is RIDICULOUSLY horrible! They wouldn't give me the discount advertised previously even though it was their fault for not helping me in the first place! I held for about an hour; then they hung up on me. They refused to help me via e-mail after that. Rating is a freaking 0!!

paul eller 6/20/2013
straighttalk is crooked as heck. they advertise unlimited data but they lie. i purchased a 30 day plan and cut my internet off the first week into the 30 day plan. They said i went over my data

brew 6/15/2013
The company started out fine with the easy prepaid card and had no issues with it. well after the first month tried to reactivate, and what I got was a misplace activation were I paid for someone else's phone# "your welcome some one". The customer service was terrible and after an hour of saying excuse me with hard to hear and understand, I have to go by a new card and change the the phone number. Well im making it easy and changing companies.. thank you... I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!!!

dont even think of it 6/12/2013
0 stars. Get straight talk at your own risk. I have had the worst experience with a phone service with ST. I also have friends who get wonderful service no problems at all. They disconnected my phone with about a week before the month was over and was shocked to realize that I went over UNLIMITED data, which I almost never use because I have Wi-Fi at home and at work, and my friends are truck drivers who are on Pandora and different radio app 24-7 and never have had problems. I called customer service and they are terrible, they never resolve anything and will lie to you just to get rid of you, and send you to a dead end whereby you might spend the whole day there.So, I went ahead and waited for the next month to pay the 50 dollars like they had said to get my service back, and to my surprise they refused to give me my service back and they robbed me off my money. I guess what they are doing randomly cutting people when they need to make profits because I never used my data like I see lots of people do. I have only had a smart phone for a month and I never open or tether. I even went and learnt to turn my browser off when am on the road. I see people talking like we deserve to be punished, I just hope you don't have to go through this because you sound like me before I changed my straight talk service to a smart phone. But this is the worst service I have ever had and there is nothing I can do about it. I have never sued or even thought of sueing but if there is one going on, please anybody let me know, I will join and not for the money they have robbed me but to prevent them from robbing more people period. HELP

Britani 6/11/2013
Wish I could give a 0 star rating. I was looking forward to saving money on my cell phone bill, but had no idea I'd be making a HUGE mistake by signing up for straight talk. In the walmart cell phone store, the employees are either rude beyond words or have no product knowledge whatsoever, it is a disgrace. The straight talk customer care line is much, much worse. I never once had anyone who knew anything about straight talk, or even cell phones for that matter. I purchased the insurance protection and when my phone broke I attempted to file a claim. The customer care representative told me when I purchased the phone and insurance plan in store, the employee gave me an insurance plan that isn't even for a cell phone and almost made me pay again because of THEIR error. I was supposed to receive a shipping label from straight talk to send in my phone and in return I would get a gift card to purchase a new phone. Well, 7-10 business days turned into months, because each time I called customer care they told me I should of received it and that a new one was being sent, so in reality I should of got 3 shipping labels, but I got 0! Straight talk is a joke, and a bunch of crooks. I tell everyone I know to stay far away and will continue to do so. I can't wait to see the end of straight talk.

Rita Brown 6/11/2013
I bought a Straighttalk LG Optimus Zip from Walmart in Henderson, KY on April 27,2013. The touchscreen quit working before 30 days. I called the customer service line & they said I could take it back to the store. I went to the store to exchange it but they had recalled all of the LG Optimus Zips because they were discontinuing them. I just want to exchange it for the exact same phone. I want a new one because I bought it new & did not get even 30 days. I then called Straighttalk customer service again. I was told I would have to send mine back to them first. The problem with that is that I use my phone for work and need it every moment, except when I am sleeping. So for me to go without my phone for 3-5 days after sending mine back is a huge inconvenience and I don't believe that I should suffer for a faulty phone. When my mother received a bad phone from your company, you sent her a new one and she sent back the old one after, but since Tracphone took over, its the other way around & honestly, its bad service. I will not ever buy another Straighttalk phone for as long as Tracphone is in charge & as long as your policy remains as it is now. I will purchase a phone from another carrier and if I can not find another service at the same price I will just do the sim card program to get your service, but I will not buy a phone from you again. I will also be posting on every website that reviews your company and the Tracphone company. My posts will be truthful but they will be warning people of your faulty policies and walmart's trickery. I hope I can save as many customers from buying your products as possible. I only endorse good products & good services, your products are second rate at best and your customer service policies are 3rd world country.
I did ask for the manager and Chrystal ID# 46250 was professional at first then when I told her I would give bad publicity over the bad policy she became rude and told me that since I did not like their policy, she would not replace my phone. Then I spoke to her manager, supposedly the executive manager Steve ID# 011001276 , and he persisted he could not send me a new phone first, even though she had just came back on the line saying they now could. He said he would send me a box to send the phone to them in and they would not email the sticker, but they even messed that up! Then when I received the notice email, it says look over the info and if any of it is wrong then to notify the originator to have it corrected, of course the phone number was wrong! I wouldn't trust those incompetent people to watch over my plants, much less talk to my company's clients that have issues and complaints! Poor service will run a company into the ground quickly.
If I had dropped the phone in water or if it had been 6 months or longer, I can see the issue but my phone was less than 30 days old and the touch screen quit working, I only wanted what I was supposed to get when I bought the phone in the first place. I simply wanted the same exact phone, only one that worked. A manufacturing malfunction is not my error and I shouldn't have my job in jeopardy due to a faulty phone. You could have put some kind of hold on my service to not allow me to renew my service with that phone number until your company received the broken phone if you wanted reassurance that you would get the broken phone, but to insist on returning a phone I am using, though it was a great inconvenience to use, I was able to dial out and answer it, which is what I need for work, since I am a volunteer coordinator and have to be available at any moment for volunteers to cancel and find a replacement. Your company obviously does not care about my job or inconvenience, even though it was not my fault, you must stick to a policy that makes no sense and is bad for business.
I will be making a lot of phone calls and wasting way too much of my time making sure others don't make the same mistake of purchasing your phones. Your customer service is now a laughing stock! it is the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure to have to deal with. It is very obvious that they are not stationed here in the USA, because they have no idea how to make unhappy customers into satisfied customers that return & purchase from you again and again - instead your customer service makes your customers seek out a new carrier and phones elsewhere. I would not be surprised if your company goes under and bankrupts within 2 yrs due to your ignorant company based policies.
I do expect a new replacement phone and I do hope that I can get some one who knows what they are doing this next time I have to call to get this straightened out once more. I wish it were worth my effort to sue you for such suffering and loss of time and productivity as you are causing me, but perhaps some one with more money and time on their hands will do it for me.
I am not happy and I will not send any more customers your way, I will be telling them this horror story and sending them elsewhere - any one but straighttalk or tracphone.
I challenge you to make this right and salvage some sort of happy ending to my story.
Rita Brown

Terry 6/11/2013
My wife and I have used Straight Talk for 6 months. She has a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (on Verizon's network) and I have an unlocked Motorola Atrix (on AT&T's network). We transferred phone numbers from Verizon with no difficulty. I purchase refill cards from Walmart and activate them on ST's website with no problems. Our initial contacts with customer service to activate the service and transfer numbers were satisfactory. We have had no need for further customer service.

Brad 6/10/2013
THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMPANY STRUCTURE I'VE EVER SEEN and i'm suppose to call them again here is the entire story needed a phone for work heard straight talk was $10 cheaper then other business's not worth the $10 save wanted to see their free phone they advertised with a prepaid card site didn't have it e-mailed them they gave me a run around answer and a phone number to call the answer would have been easy tho to call I couldn't do for they are a phone service i'm looking into for a phone with went to a friends house for was out of minutes on my phone got a answer that wasn't correct went to walmart wasted my time had a few more questions e-mailed them got a run around answer on one of my questions regarding their service and a number to call yet again can't easily call the number for they are a telephone company I am looking into for a phone went back to my friends house apologized for the inconvenience, they didn't care for they know i'm a sincere person called them got the info I needed figured I would try through straight talk for a phone for my job for the long term phone service since it's walmart and should stay the cheapest, straight talk won't keep business how they handle customer support read all the other reviews walmart is now black labeled for it as well, got my phone it didn't work emailed them had to call them again tho excuse me your a phone company the phone you sent is defective and rather then having email or internet support you force people to call you funny so I found a phone to call them for the phone they sent didn't work they offered to send a replacement phone and a return shipping for the defective phone for free thats valid and sounded good tho they didn't state I had to return the original phone first, which means two things one delay of time to get a working phone which I needed for work and having to waste time and money to go across town to return the first phone rather then giving it to fedex when my replacement phone arrived which is what most business's do since they have your credit card information and can keep the transaction with the customers without complication found out a few days later they have not sent my replacement phone yet called them to find out what was going on they stated they was waiting for the defective phone that meant weeks more of waiting for a working phone said forget it want a refund for the inefficiency and deficiency of the company THEY SAID I NOW HAVE TO PAY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING COST ME $8.50 AND IT WOULD TAKE THIRTY DAYS FOR MY REFUND THEN HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR MY BANK TO PROCESS IT, told them have a great bank love my bank it takes a day usually to process if longer I can understand for they are a sincere bank with great customer support. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THE $10 YOU SAVE YOU WILL GET NOTHING BUT HASSLE'S IN REPLACE AND BLACK BAR WALMART TILL THEY GET A LEGITIMATE PHONE SERVICE AND DO NOT AGREE TO EXCESSIVE PHONE SERVICE their is a way out find a phone company that has a realistic price for phone service and support them to be the cheapest yet efficient BY NO REGARDS IS THAT STRAIGHT TALK READ THE OTHER CUSTOMER REVIEWS

John from Wisconsin 6/10/2013
It takes me 5 calls each month to refill and each call take about 20-30 minutes. Nice people but extremely inefficient!! I hate my life when I know I need to call and refill!!!! They must be using computers from 80's or they hire "special people" to take calls!! Straight Talk I hate your existence!!!!

joey 6/9/2013
This company is a joke. When people get my calls or text it is few and far between. There is some people I get 0% of their text so we have to call. Now when you call to talk to these people they don't even speak English,so trying to find an answer is impossible unless you can figure it out on your own. Now recently I had no internet and waited a couple days to call because I thought it was just a flook, come to find out when I did call they had suspended my internet because I went over my unlimited daily allowance..... Now to my surprise I tried to get this guy to explain how you go over your unlimited package in one day. But of course you can't understand him. So okay I will wait a couple days, I'm not happy about it but okay, but no they have decided I do not get it back until it is time to put a new card,,,,in 3 weeks. I just wanted to no how if I did not use my phone anymore then usual how it could be over, and to please help me find out what is draining my data. He said no I can not trouble shoot your phone because I don't have internet..... omg I am so done with this joke of a phone company, and am so sad I had left the phone company I had been with for 10+ years to give money to a company who can care less about their customers. Also makes me think twice about why Walmart would be in with them. Also I tried to hook my phone up to the wireless at my house to trouble shoot myself, and guess what they have disabled my WiFi also. I have a couple choice names for this company....

matt 6/9/2013
do NOT use this service if you want something more than just a means to make calls. Data and customer service is almost non WILL be talking to India...and you WILL NOT understand a word they are saying so request a manager. There is NO U.S. customer service

Terrible terrible terrible 6/8/2013
I'd go in the negative on stars if I could but I'm forced to give one. I hope any perspective iphone 5 clients see this. CRAP! Is all I have to say about the entire ordeal. The customer service misinfoed me numerous time and l called at least 4 times. They have no idea, IF you can understand them! Just so everyone knows an AT&Tnumber can no longer be transfered! They will tell you it can buy don't waste your money on a SIM card. The service is the worst I've ever encountered! I would never under any circstances recommend this to anyone. As an iPhone 5 user you think cheap &&. Good = deal. So not worth the $10 savings. Beware straight talk is a scam.

VoidMaster 6/8/2013
My girlfriend, her son and I all have been using Straight Talk for about two and a half years. Until recently, their service was acceptable. Over all, we had few reasons to contact their customer service. All of that has changed.

Rage Quit 6/8/2013
These Jack-wagoned, half-witted idiots can't seem to get a single thing done properly. This is the last time I use there service. And I will forevermore tell people not to use Straight Talk.

Annoyed 6/7/2013
I was a 10 year Verizon user (and I loved them!)and then I switched to Metro PCS for a year and then to ST in an attempt to save money. I am using a Samsung Infuse Galaxy SII phone from At&T and initially I LOVED my ST service and tried to get everyone and their momma to switch. However, now, not-so-much. Silly me actually thought that unlimited actually meant "unlimited" and had to learn the hard way when I went over my data allowance and my service was down for 2 days. I then became mindful of my usage however, this month I must have gone over my minutes again. I thought I was prepared to go without service for a day or 2 but it has officially been FIVE days that I have not had any sevice and NO ONE can tell me when I should expect it to return! My payments are automatic and so my bill was paid on time and 4 days ago but I still have no service! The customer service team in India is useless and they keep giving me the "your service will be restored in 24hours" line. When I tell them "Thats what you told me 96 hours ago" they say there is nothing they can do for me. I understand that I am being "punished" for going over my data limit but it is RIDICULOUS that no one can even tell me how long this punishment is going to last! I am now looking into another provider and I guess I'll just have to go back to paying out the wazoo in addition to paying random fees and ridiculous overages.

Linda Page 6/6/2013
I bought a Straight Talk phone on May 31, 2013. I called that night to activate. I called the number provided on the card. They ST representative told me my phone would be activated Monday. I didn't hear from them by late aferrnoon Monday, so I called my former service provider (SouthernLinc who is great and only left bc. they lost nationwide service) and they said ST had seen request to port number in wrong name. I called ST back and they said they were aware and would send request again. ST had this information early Monday morning. They told me my phone would be activated Tuesday morning. I called on Tuesday because the number I was provided to call for activation said my phone could not be activated. The representative told me my phone would be activated by 3:oo p.m. EST. I called them back around 4:30 EST because my phone still would not activate. They said (after transferring 5 or 6 times the least of all my calls) that my phone would be activated at 8:34 P.M. EST. I did not even bother to try Tuesday night. Wednesday around 11 a.m. EST I tried to activate, to no avail. I called them back and they began the transfer, transfer, transfer, lie, transfer, lie routine again. Finally after about 8 transfers and 2 supervisors, I was told there was a problem and it would be another 24 hours. What was I going to do send lightning bolts down the line and strike them dead (oh how I wish), so I said fine. I called the activation number around 3 P.M. Thursday - no activation. I called again and got the same run around. It will be another 24 hours. I hung up and called's complaint line. Sara was very helpful. She told me they were getting lots of complaints. She suggested (strongly) that I call Georgia Public Service Commission first thing on Friday (this is still Thursday and I plan to call in the morning). She said she would pass my complaint on to Clark. On a whelm, I decided to call ST back. When I finally got a rep. I didn't give him a chance to talk. I told him I would be seeking legal advice and would contact Georgia's PSC first thing in the morning. I went on to say they might want to see if they could push that "damn" (excuse th language but I was very frustrated and angry by that time). She asked to place me on hold (what else in new!!!), I said what choice did I have? Within 2 minutes my cell was activated. She never came back on the phone. I hung up and tried to call again, got a rep, told him my story again. He said (as many others had) let me transfer you to my floor supervisior. I left the phone on the counter for over 20 minutes and was never reconnected to anyone. This is inexcusable. This is a WalMart supported company and they should be held accountable.

christy 6/6/2013
straight talk is a complete rip off lie!!!! they do NOT have unlimited internet!!! if you go over 2gigs they disconnect your internet for 24 hours to "punish" you like a child and then you get 1g speed when it returns. complete rip off!! do not waste your time or money with this company they are a scam!!!!

Brian 6/5/2013
Switched over from AT&T about a month ago. I kept my same iPhone and I'm still on AT&T's huge network. I kept my number which was a different area code than where I live. So far, no problems with speed, texting, calls, or anything. The only two differences are that the voicemail is set up more like a traditional voicemail (you don't have the list of voicemails on-screen) and you can't send or receive picture messages. Well worth the $45 a month.

Anonymous 6/5/2013
alright we need to clarify a few things here so everyone knows all the facts.
When you sign up with Straight Talk if you paid any attention, Straight talk partners with many cell phone carriers-some very good, others not so good. It depends on the phone you buy which carrier you will get.....! So if you bought that $14.88 Walmart special you shouldn't be counting on getting AT&T or Verizon service! You get what you pay for! I switched from AT&T because they were charging me outrageous fees for a cell phone and then padding that with more fees for all the options! Sprint charges $469 for the same service Straight talk offers for $ the math, somebody is a GREED MONGERING get all we can get!
Stright talk offers the Samsung Galaxy 3G with a 1GB processor and amentities up yhe wazoo like Blue Tooth, Advanced GPS,and a slew of other features for $149 and $45 for unlimited everything! I use my phone for emergency calling, once in a while a family chat, on the spot internet if I need to know something right then and there, and I could care less about texting-I personally think it is about the dumbest thing ever invented when it;s so much easier to just call. If you want to live on the internet use your laptop or desktop! If you're one of those people with the phone to your ear 24/7 use the home phone! Use your cell phone for it's intended purpose and then you won't be tying up things so others get bad the idiots that have to streamline all day long which by the way, is a violation of the terms and conditions had you READ them!
I think it's a great service for the money when and if used accordingly. I have many friends using it, saving a ton of money they would otherwise give to AT&T or Verizon and believe they are getting what they paid for, decent service! There is NO such thing in the cell phone industry as GREAT service.....just doesn't exist! Been with AT&T, Verizon, Cellular One and it's just the same-bad customer service as with all industry in the US, dropped calls, over billing......and the list goes on. The only company I would ever give a 10 was Cingular who has since been bought up by AT&T. Cingulars service was superior in my opinion!!

Chris 6/4/2013
Straight Talk comes out good to start with. They promise you the moon "cheap". But do not be fooled by their claims. Their service is absolutely terrible, you keep getting not registered on network messages, call do not go through, you miss calls, you don't get text until the following day etc etc. I could go on and on. Don't even think about calling their customer service because the call quality is terrible, you cannot understand them unless you speak another language other than English and you wait forever. And GOD forbid you try to make a payment over the phone because they will screw that up also and sit there and tell you that they did not. We got billed 3 times for one renewal and it took several hours on the phone to finally get it corrected. I am going elsewhere for my cell provider.

Eric 6/2/2013
I have had problems the last THREE times I added minutes; I had to call them from another phone, and have them tell me (in broken English, of course) nine or ten different codes to type into my phone to try to get it to work again. The customer service was a long, SLOW process, and when I did finally get to speak with a human, I was still about 20 minutes away from being finished. I will never ever buy Straight Crap minutes again.

Lovin' ST 6/2/2013
Been with ST for 3 years. Had one problem getting my second Android phone activated but CS was every helpful in getting it resolved (ST phone is my ONLY phone) and I was back to calling, texting and using data. And on data, I've never had a problem with the data. I use well below the "cap" of 2GB people claim ST has. I have a friend who's been on ST for nearly 6 years and keeps her data on constantly, but has never had a problem with her data being capped or cut, and neither have I. :-D

hlyfav 6/1/2013
I have not had any problems with my phone love it so much i am thinking about trying the home phone service. THen My oldest son, i may talk him into switching over . LOVE IT

shan 6/1/2013
Having no phone is better than subscribing for Straight F(talk).Dropped calls , bad quality sound, Customer Service is alsmost non existance. I had the unlimited plan for $45 for a month. After having so much problem and no help from customer service trashed the phone took service from AT&T Go Phone.

Nell 5/29/2013
Customer Service is terrible. They failed at activating my unlocked iphone. failed with phone # transfer. Tnen the sim card issue, told me they are mailing me a new sim card because due to their mess my phone won't work. Gave me ticket #, told me sim card will come in the mail Wednesday. When i called them - i was told that ticket # does not have any orders attached and that it was for some other stuff. They REFUSED to compensate me the days lost of service. Created me a new ticket number - and now back to the waiting game. i'm really mad....

Theresa 5/29/2013
Buyer beware. When it works, it's works reasonably well for what you pay. However, if you are unlucky enough to receive a defective phone, it may be awhile before you get one that works. They will expect you to return the defective phone first, which will take days, and then they'll send you a new one, which will take days. They get 3-5 days once they receive the defective phone to get you the new one, so if you are counting on overnight shipping, you might be disappointed. They would get even fewer stars if you want to consider what it takes to get a refund for the defective phone.

Shanna 5/29/2013
I have been seeing all these negative reviews and wanted to post my experience with Straight Talk. I transferred 2 lines over from ATT. The first line transferred over within 2 hours - no problems. The internet, text messaging, data, and streaming video worked superbly. The second line took about 3 days to transfer. ATT denied the request to transfer the second line because ATT stated the number didn't exist. Straight Talk's IT department was on top of it. They proactively called me each day and let me know the progress of getting the line transferred. I did not need to make 1 call to the IT department. On the third day, the IT department called me and explained they have the issues worked out and will transfer the number now. The line was transferred to Straight Talk within 30 minutes. I have had the service for 3 months now. I love it! I have not experienced any internet slow downs. I use Pandora daily to stream music through my car for the commute to and from work. I have never had an issue placing or receiving calls and receive all my texts. It seems as though I still have ATT service with out the price tag. I went from $240 a month to $90...wish I would have made the change sooner.

Guillermo 5/28/2013
worst service ever dont be fooled by its advertisement unlimited international calling its LIMITED only to be cut off at 400 min of usage and called straight talk only to get rudest customer servive that wont resolve the problem only to make it worst.So its LIMITED MINUTES dont waste your money and time dealing with straight talk its not worth it

Nichole 5/24/2013
I purchased a smart phone with Straight Talk wireless 7 months ago to use for business purposes. I must have access to emails throughout the day and they were the only prepaid program offering unlimited data AT THAT TIME so I went with them. Yesterday I woke up and my emails wouldn't load, I couldn't access the internet, and none of my apps worked. I ended up having to call their customer service three time and still nothing was done to resolve my issue.

Susan 5/23/2013
I have the straight talk android phone. Sometimes it freezes up and now I am low on phone space (storage space) not sure what to do about it.

jim 5/23/2013
straight talk should get there "stuff" together..this is the worst service i have ever had with a cell phone co.called customer service which most are located in phillipines and told them service was horrible unless i go out and stand in a field outside my house,there answer was to relocate for better service,save ur money and get a provider that can speak english and actually care about you as an individual.again STRAIGHT TALK SERVICE SUCKS THE BIG ONE

RippedoffCustomer 5/23/2013
I have the same story as everyone else. I Supposedly went over data use, although no such data use limit is specified in their regulations. My data was cut off and not turned back on.Customer service gave me the run around for days, and only gave standard responses such has please hold for a supervisor then hung up on me, multiple times. I plan on allowing the service to run out and warn everyone away from this plan.

K 5/22/2013
I have been using ST for about 5 months now with an iphone that I brought over from AT&T.
I have never had an issue with customer service. If I email with a problem, I get an answer fast and have often gotten a follow up phone call to check and make sure my problem was resolved. (Problems were basically that they forgot to turn my data on when my number got transferred over. It was an easy fix.)

Paul 5/20/2013
At 7 PM my phone quit working. I found out they transfered my number to another phone even though they say they need the phone's serial number, my zip code, and the answer to my security question in order to do it. Whover got that number dumped it this morning, probably because I am an avid texter and they were overwhelmed by texts. Straigh talk "can't give my back my number" because.... well who really knows. "It's policy" My opinion, somebody fat fingered an input somewhere or because customer service is in Mexico, where anything goes, who knows who sold what to who.

Elena 5/20/2013
I had my own iPhone phone and transferred number from At&T. Was a bit tricky to switch at the beginning as I had to order a micro sim on Amazon and it took about 24 hours to transfer the number. However, I am happy with the service and the bill. Have been using for about a month. Think their customer service has improved and I was able to get through every time I called.

Bethany Bramlett 5/19/2013
I would have never not ever gone with straight talk "UNLIMITED" plan had I known my "UNLIMITED" Web access would be shut down every month!!!! Because it's "Limited" Data??? Anyway after 4 months of this I've recently changed to a different provider which they told me would be no problem to port my number to my new phone and only have to wait 24 hours to get another number for my straight talk phone. Today I called was put on hold 7 times and then realized I've been deceived yèt again by straight talk. I specifically asked will this be a problem " oh no Mrs. Bramlett, you just have to wait the 24 hours" after 7 people and on the phone with them for 56 minutes they teller I cant get another number without a new service card even tho I still have until May 30, 2013 that's 10 days they took from me. When asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold with this very loud music held for 20 more minutes, the call got disconnected. What a load a crap!!! If this is how your company does business you don't deserve hard working consumers money. This is stealing!!!

james h taylor 5/18/2013
i was extremely happy with st tlk, they even helped me through a variety of tech probs.(with long waits though) Suddenly i find unlimited data is not so! I am no data weenie but a low bnd width old man. no warning, just no service and even more $ wont turn it on till 30 days is up. best wishes str tlk users!

The Blogging Queen 5/17/2013
Oh I have a review alright and I just finished uploading a new post in the Sound OFF section of my website about Straight Talk. This is what I wrote:
You know, the prepaid cell phone service provider through Walmart? I've been noticing a series of problems that appear to be getting worse over the course of time. I'm sick and tired of it honestly. There's no use in calling the company itself because they are unwilling to talk about anything on their end that may be actually causing the problems. They always ask stupid questions that you've told them over and over aren't relevant because you've already considered the possibilities they are so hell bent on asking you about. Here's the main problem.

Rasheika 5/15/2013
I have had them for 3 years and transfered my number to 3 different phones. This time i called to transfer it and thus began my problems. I have no phone service currently and the reps are the worse. Non of them understand what they are talking about telling me to wait 24-48 hrs every 48 hrs. Then they tried to blame it on verizon and i called them the customer service rep from there called them and heard everything i had been going through with all the transferring and confusion. She was so nice and tried to help even called me back the next day to see if they had fixed the problem. Straighttalk lies and cheats you and i have never been so upset. And now they messed something up with the number and even if i switch i will never get my number back. I have never been so disrespected by a major company in my life.

Zach 5/14/2013
Straight talk customer services are located in Philippine. They take for ever to respond, big accent, and always transfer you to another departments.

KP 5/14/2013
One of the worst phone service ever had in my whole life. Do not ever dream of purchasing this service, else it is not just loosing money without proper service (infact NO service), you need to spend hours together with the customer care who does not understand there own process and make you to wait over phone not less than 3 hrs.... everytime. eg. I took an international talk time for 60$ which never worked and when i started complaining they gave me 6 reference numbers without any rectification. I had to top up the acct after 1 month(for no service) and they made me to wait for more than 2 hrs to refill which still didn't happen. If you still want to go ahead with Straight talk best of luck for your own digging your own grave.

darrell 5/12/2013
service sucks cant understand anyone , sent two bad phones back never got replacements bought new phone and got unlimited card have to call all the time because pnone shuts off after 500 min. then they have to use their tool which is broke all the time to fix something that should not mess up to start with .new phone cant pick up no where and splits talking and texting up im fixing to switch me and my family to something else.

Lana Woodburn 5/10/2013
This is not a unlimitedtalk/text/data company as they advertise. I went over and they turned off my phone in the middle of the month. No notice Good Luck trying to get someone to explain why.

Erica 5/9/2013
i have been with Straigt talk for over a year and am transferring my phone to Republic wireless. ST service SUCKS!!! It will take customer service forever to pick up phone and lots of them do not have enough knowledge to answer the questions. The phone call will be held, transferred even they ask you to call back. Normally one phone call takes 45 to 75mins. It totally wastes my time!

Ellen 5/9/2013
Worst customer service ever. Lost my phone, which had a product replacement plan. Since I just moved out of state the receipt is lost in a box and I was hung up on by the replacement line for not having it. When I bought a used phone to transfer my service to, I spent over 45 minutes talking to people, getting transferred to the wrong department, and talking to managers just to be told the phone was not compatible. (I took the phone into the walmart store before calling to make sure it was). I the used phone for one of the same make and model as the one I had lost. When I tried to activate that phone, I was transferred to a supervisor who told me that the only way to get service on a new phone was to buy one outright from the store. Upon going to the store today I was told the phone should be able to be hooked up, and after another hour with the store clerk and I on the phone with customer service yet again, the manager informed us the phone couldn't be activated because it was stolen. Which they did not inform me last night. Now I am stuck with no phone and a company that refuses to do anything to help after giving a customer the run-around and passing the buck between agents and supervisors for a total of about 4 hours of my time. I ended up getting a walmart store manager involved in the situation, however as of yet there is no resolution in sight and still nobody stepping in to say "here is what I can do to help" instead all you get from this company is "well I'm sorry but we can't do anything". I have worked in the customer service field for years, and I have never been more appalled by the lack of decent customer service. My advice, NEVER switch to straight talk. They don't care about keeping your business, just making a quick buck

Dave H. 5/7/2013
We've had the service for about a year now. So far I haven't found anything any better. Thaqnk you !

amber 5/6/2013 service...can't even watch YouTube wish I would've kept my old service...straight crap period

Cinci 5/6/2013
While setting up my Straight Talk device I ran into a couple of minor issues with the phone and a several MAJOR problems with their customer service.
I decided to try Straight talk when my original cell phone got wet and died. Of course I didn't have a land-line so my only means of contact to their customer service was through email. I quickly discovered that their emailed responses to request for assistance are just a "cut copy and paste" of the same response to you irregardless of your questions or individual problems.
So, you need a way to call them directly before you can even begin the cycle of speaking to several different people who will all give you a different analysis as to the cause of the problem.
God have mercy on your soul if you need to call them for anything. They don't care, they don't even pretend to care and when it comes to solving your problem... you're on your own.

keener 5/4/2013
I' m so glad I found this site before I switched from att! I thought I could save some money but now I'll stick with at&t! I guess the old saying is correct..."cheap is cheap". Thanks for watching out for other consumers!

Erwin 5/3/2013
I purchased a sim card and the unlimited plan for 45 dollars. After unsuccessfully transferring my number.I found out that that I had no internet. After an hour of speaking with someone I could hardly understand I finally got internet access. That is when I found out that my data speeds were horrible. I called customer service again and after another useless customer service ordeal. I was told that I would need to wait 24 hours in order to get high speed transfer rates. So the next day and 36 hours later I checked my speeds and they were actually slower than yesterday. So I call customer service again and got another really heavy accented person from who knows were. So after being transferred multiple times and 1 hour later I was told that I would need to wait up to 48 hours for my high speed data to kick in. So finally I was fed up and asked what there refund policy was and I was told they don't have one. If you value your time and don't want to deal with a company that obviously has no clue of what their doing. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money, go to T-Mobile. Just Google "straigttalk sucks" and see how many hits come back, that's the reason.

Tom 5/2/2013
After ordering a SIM card, and prepaying for a month of service, I attempted to transfer my number (HUGE MISTAKE... MONUMENTAL EVEN). After finally getting to someone that I could understand and could understand me, I thought I was all set. Three days pass, and nothing. I call back, and was told that they can not transfer the service if the previous service did not have a SIM. EPIC FAIL... After 2 hours on hold, I called Sprint, changed all of my info, and made them promise not to give up my number. The gist... I am out about $70, and feel lucky to only have lost that much. WORST EVER... and I have experienced some pretty horrible support before...

fey 5/2/2013

skrumpy 5/2/2013
this is good if you don't use the internet. but about half way through your first month of service your internet will hardly work at all. this sucks being that fifteen bucks of what your saying for is the data

jess 5/1/2013
I had a phone on the $30 plan. Didn't have any problems until my phone was ruined. I ordered a new phone and waited. I got the phone, called to activate it, then was told I needed a sim card to activate it. I paid $20+ for a card and waited. The card came so I called to activate it. After spending about an hour trying to talk to people and explaining that my old phone couldn't be turned on I was finally told I had to upgrade my plan for it to work. I requested a refund on just the sim card and my service cancelled and was told no.

Dave 5/1/2013
So it all started with my high Verizon Bills and Straight Talks promise of equal signal coverage for only $45 a month. Big fat lie. Me and my wife switched over to Straight Talk and ported our numbers. They offered a bring your own phone program as long as it was a GSM type phone. So looking through Straight Talks phone line up, I picked a model number and searched it on Amazon and found that same phone for half the price that Straight Talk was selling it for. The phone was listed as a TracFone which is basically the same company as Straight Talk so I figured there should be no issues since they allow phones from any other carrier on their plans. WRONG. TracPhones are not allowed on Straight Talk plans even though the phone is from basically the same company. Called the company and the person from India gave me an attitude and told me there was nothing they could do for me. So I was out the money I spent on that phone. Bought a 2nd basic phone got it hooked up and realized that the web browser and picture messaging features were not sending or receiving. Called them up, nothing they can do for me. Then I realized that I have to walk to my neighbors yard to make a call or text EVEN IF I HAVE 5 BARS. Same thing with my wife's phone. She had a Samsung Galaxy Mini and would have full signal and couldn't make a call. Called Straight Talk up and they gave me an attitude and told me there was nothing they could do for me and refused to give any refunds for airtime cards or sim cards purchased. So at this point, I am stuck and have wasted over $400 and cant make or receive calls, texts, or pictures on our phones. The only thing that does work is my wife's phone has WIFI. I live in a densely populated urban area(Hampton Roads, Virginia) and all over town I have signal but half the time I can't get a call out. If I go in a building (anywhere) I loose signal. I can't wait to get back to Verizon. This has been the WORST experience I have ever had with any company including their HORRIBLE customer service. I wish I had found these reviews before I got Straight Talk. My prepaid Verizon Phones are set to come in the mail today and I will be rid of this Company, who ripped me off, for good. Verizon's Prepaid plans are only $5 more per month and are far worth it.

Rusty 4/30/2013
While suspect initially, I had high hopes for this service. The internet terms and conditions violation criteria account for the most common internet usage of US data usage. After 6 straight talk weeks of the worst service I've experienced in the US, professionally and personally. I switched to T-mobile. Save yourself the time and hassle. Go for T-mobile, not Straight Talk

Tommy 4/29/2013
I've had Straight Talk for about 4 years now. The service is very reliable if and when you get your line activated or ported from your previous service provider. Unfortunately, this is where the positive side of this plan ends. Pray that you never have to contact their service dept., which is an absolute joke in every sense of the word. Prepare to spend hours, literally, on hold and being shifted from one unnamed dept to another without anyone having a clue as to what you need or better yet how to resolve it for you. Some of the phone's are absolutely dispensable and won't hold up 5 months of regular usage, while others like the Samsung R355c will last an eternity is taken care of. Straight Talk can definitely save you money, if you don't exceed their internet usage caps, which every telecom in the country now has in their contracts. This plan is not for the faint of heart or individuals that need their hand held every step of the way. You have to be informed about what you're doing and calling about every step of the way, or else you'll get screwed very quickly as others have said here. Great phones, inexpensive plans (when up and working, but nonexistent service center.

Kristin 4/26/2013
I do not recommend them. The phones dont last more than a couple months. There is a data cap and if they think you are calling a chat line(prohibted btw by S.T.) they shut your service and lock your phone. And force you to buy a new phone. Needless to say i am lookin into a better non lying prepaid company

chickenprox 4/26/2013
Please do not buy, read my review below before purchasing!!

Lori 4/25/2013
TERRIBLE!! I ordered phone and plan online and tried to transfer my number to their service. First they said, "Wait 15 minutes," then told me to wait an hour, then 24 hours. I had to call many, many times and after two weeks and literally hours on the phone with them no one could get me phone to work. Every time they promised it would be working in 24 hours or sometimes 48 hours. They said they would call me back and never did. They transferred me to 4-6 people in each phone call and you have to explain the situation over to the next person AGAIN. After two weeks I finally said that I did not believe that it was going to work ever and wanted my money back. They told me that I had to pay for shipping and they would give me a refund in 30 days. Finally they agreed to pay for shipping, but they have cost me hours of time and frustration and hundreds of minutes on my old plan. Not once did anyone ever offer any compensation for my time and frustration. I will stay away from Straight Talk, TracPhone and any subsidiaries of TracPhone and warn others to be aware that they are terrible.

bishoy 4/24/2013
I do not recommend it for anyone
I RECENTLY subscribed with straight talk as it supposedly unlimited data. However, after OF using 700 MGS THEY REDUCED THE DATA SPEED.

brad 4/22/2013
My wife first got straight talk. We live in Texas and was taking grand daughter back home to NC. Called from Alabama to Texas,was great reception. Got back got me straight too. We travel lot and never had trouble. This is great price but when something is this good you need to use common sense before thinking you can listen to you tube or any other data. Also we lost phone and bought another then found original and had no troble with them taking it back.

teresa 4/21/2013
Have been trying for 4 days to get my new phone connected to Straight Talk...thus far it hasn't happened. Each time I try, I get told there is a connection problem and to call back in 24 to 48 hours.

Lindy 4/21/2013
I have had straight talk for about 4 years and never really had an issues, even with customer service. When I got my taxes this year I bought a samsung galaxy II with the unlimited usuage. Towards the end of the month my internet was shut off. When I call customer service of course I got someone that could barely speak english. They said that my internet was shut off due to paragraph 6 and 7 in the manual. No one could give me a reason that it was shut off and when I asked them they said they didn't have that information. I ended up finally finding out that I was using the internet to much. I don't have any internet at my house so I use my phone for EVERYTHING!!! If I hadn't just spent $300 on a new phone I would go somewhere else!!! I don't want to pay $50 a month if it's not really "unlimited". Then to top it all off about two weeks after my husband refilled his service his internet was shut off!!! This company SUCKS and so does their customer service I would have to make repeated phone calls cause they could never tell me anything!!! I don't recommend them at all!!!

Rebecca 4/17/2013
I just spent over 3 hours on the phone with straight talk representatives. I was fairly happy with the service(except that I cannot receive picture messages on my phone and have to get them through email) and have referred at least 20 people to Straight Talk. Recently however, I ran into some major problems. I had received an email with a promotion for $2.50 off of my $45 per month plan if I signed up for automatic billing. I went to the link and signed up for the promotion. I had a couple of monthes or so left on our current card so it wasn't until this month that all of a sudden they billed me for 3 months on both of my phones which came to nearly $300. I was not very happy because this was not what the promotion had advertised. I called them and of course took 10 minutes to get through to a person. After explaining my problem they said it would require a supervisor. I waited while they found one. After reexplaining my problem to the supervisor she said that she could not help me and I would need to talk to a manager. She transferred me (I had been on there for around 30 minutes by this point). It went to a message which told me all lines were busy, call back later and hung up on me. I called back in again, went through the same exact thing and they hung up on me again. I called back in again got a real person who said he would find a manager to talk to me (bless his heart, his name was Joseph). I waited for around 45 minutes on hold. By now, I admit, I am frustrated. The manager came on,( her name was Jerlys #53936) was nice at first and got nastier as we went. AFter explaining the situation, I told her how many hours they had taken from my day and that I was very frustrated that this had taken so long. Guess what? She could not refund the money that had already been charged to my account and could not find when I had signed up for auto pay and therefore could not offer me the promotion that I had been offered. All she could do was cancel the auto payment. She did not even pretend to care, not in the least. All told, I was on the phone over 3 hours. What a nightmare! I am hoping to find a similar plan with someone else. I am so disappointed with them. It makes me really miss my contract with Alltel. They were always so kind, no matter what and at least acted like they really cared about me, the customer.

sk 4/16/2013
straight talk sucks. their access number dumps the call after u punch in the ILD number u want to dial saying "we have to hang up now" was working fine till 3 days back and now the CS isnt able to figure out what is wrong. ticket id 1068354018. it worked for 10 days and hasnt been working since 11th of April. they refuse to fix it just giving me the go around and trying to say "ILD number is wrong" or similar things which arent true as it has worked for 10 days!

Me 4/15/2013
I wish I could give ZERO stars. Customer service is horrible. I was on the phone with them for over two hours and they didn't solve a SINGLE PROBLEM!!!! My hubby and I had just bought 2 phones yesterday, I set mine up without issues but then when I went to set my husbands up I was locked out of my online account and subsequently locked out of my email account and am unable to resolve either. I called them, they speak very poor English and don't even seem to understand what you're saying. Even the supervisor who barely gives you the time of day! I want my money back! So now we're left S.O.L. with one unoperable phone, and a useless account. I'm livid!

Toby 4/14/2013
OK when i first started with them the service was great, but now im finding alot of places where the service drops off where it used to be strong. Also i just got my data suspended and when i called they couldnt give me a reason. I would assume that if they do that they should have a valid reason. I told the rep i used data but didnt tather device which was the only thing i was told. Asked for a supervisor and was told they couldnt tranfer me for that. Horrible service now! If anyone is thinking about using this company then dont. They dont care about you just your money. I will be changing carriers

Matt 4/14/2013
I've been using the $45 unlimited plan in my area of NC for over a year with no service problems, until now. I'm loosing service in several places I've not previously experienced problems. Posted 04/14/13

Shelly 4/14/2013
"You can do better and I can not believe you could do worse." I could not agree more. Don't plan on even getting a "we're sorry" from them when they consume hours of your time to provide service that you have already paid for. Don't plan on them compensating you with time lost due to their failures. Don't plan on ever getting a receipt or anything that binds them to providing you service. What a joke!

Shay 4/14/2013
Straight Talk does not provide unlimited internet access! They say if you Use the internet too much they can suspend your internet. What is too much? I thought unlimited was unlimited?!!!!

Amy 4/12/2013
Paid $65 for unlimited international plan and don't even work! And customer service closed ! Paid money can't even use it! What a rip off!

BigDogz 4/12/2013
We bought 2 Android Huawei phones July 2012.We had to call and get them reset within 2 weeks of buying the phones.So we called Straight Talk and Non-English speaking reps.They had to give us new phones.So we were told to put the phones in the envelope so thats what we did.Mailed it this past Monday with BOTH phones in the envelope.Well today is Friday and we received a packge.We open it up and theres only 1 phone in it.So my husband called them once again Non-English speaking reps.So they were arguing with him,so he ask to speak to a manager and he kept getting put on hold.So finally he had been connected to a woman,who said she was the manager Amy was her name.All of a sudden no music when she puts him on hold then she hangs up oh he is.He is madder than crap.So he calls back and he dont want to be put on hold again he was on hold for the total of an hour.I suggest everyone not to use Straight Talk....

Phil 4/11/2013
Horrible service! Do Not Buy! We ordered three phone/minute bundles for our family. Only one phone was successfully activated. The other two wont activate. Literally THREE to FOUR HOURS on the phone talking to "tech support" a bunch of underpaid Indians who dont even speak English! They never fixed the phone. The best part is, they charged the working phone all those minutes we wasted on hold trying to fix the other two! This 'service' is a damn nightmare! stay away! stay away!

Misty 4/10/2013
Customer service is bad. And here lately like six days before my service ends the shut my internet down.

john 4/10/2013
i purchased a sim card and a calling card they charged my account and spent two hours on a phone just to find out no one knows where the order is and cant find any information on the order but the money cleared my account after ten people and still talking to foreigners who we cant understand so we asked to speak to a english supervisor and put us on hold just to get another person who we cant understand and not a english speaking supervisor and still havent found out where the order is . this is one reason not to use straight talk

randy 4/8/2013
Good phone good service like love it i had touch screen phone and was with alltell for year used phone same as this one after first month refilled went internet took 3 minutes just to load page i had d.l. some apps listened to radio same have for ever and thought had virus so d.l. antiviruse and everything else could try to get speed back nothing so called s.t. asked if they could reactive or find out what was wrong .told i usef to much data and mine was reduced. DO WHAT pay 50 dollars so u can tell me im on internet too much you got to be joking ive had virgin mobile alltell sprint a couple others and this is a first not good bussiness sense ask me good service at first then restrict u later just so u leave and give ur 50 dollars to someone else that doesnt slow ur phone down u cant use it hardly think i would want the money thats what u do when running business make money not lose it . whatever going back to alltel unless they can run with the big dogs if not sit on the porch .

Pattie 4/6/2013
Wow! Unbelievable! A short time after post my 2 star review last night, Straight Talk deactivated my phone! I guess if they don't like your review they get vindictive. Pretty sad. They owe me the replacement phone they said they would send me and four days of service they cut off. Will be contacting the BBB and State Attorney General's office this week.

Pattie 4/5/2013
I've had straight talk for almost two years with no problems. Lost my phone 6 months ago and replaced it with same $40 flip top. Recently it has been acting up...static, crackling, loss of parts of conversations, etc. Called customer service and reception was so bad the guy asked me to call him from another phone which I did. After an hour on/off hold, I was told they would replace it for free but I would have to send it in before I could get a new one and that would take 7 days!!! Not acceptable! I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold TFN. Can't do without it for a week as I have an elderly mom I have to stay in contact and I'm a senior myself. Can't afford to buy a new one either so I guess I'm up creek without a paddle. Will switch to another prepaid when I can.

Bob 4/5/2013
I have been with straight talk for a couple of years now. Could not be happier. Went over on minutes once on Verizon and was charged lots for it after being a customer for years. Straight talk uses the Verizon network, I travel often and have great service. I have the unlimited plan and don't worry about minutes. Works for me.

Hotsauselover 4/1/2013
Really slow speeds after I watched a couple of YouTube videos(they claim I violated their contract), customer service is the worst I've seen! Keep shopping, don't choose them. You'll be sorry!

Thomas K. 4/1/2013
This by far is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Ever! I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List. Straight Talk customer service is non-existant, they hang up on you when you ask for a manager, trying to renew your minutes will result in losing your number and not having service. Try fixing it and you will have nothing but problems. You will lose money when you buy a new Wal-Mart card. The plans are not unlimited like they advertise or say. The savings are not worth it-this is a scam.

Kevin 3/30/2013
Talked to the customer service reps for hours and called about 30 times. No help. The only person who tried to help was a manager and we got disconnected and I was never able to get another manager again. They said a bunch of stuff and in the end not one of them helped and when I called back later I was blown off by all of the reps. They are worse than samsung with customer help.

Judi 3/29/2013
I'm giving them one star because there was no option for ZERO STARS. Their customer servive is a nightmare. They don't speak good English. I bought a Samsung Gallaxy II at Christmas. It quit charging in March. After a forever call to "customer service," days later they emailed return postage to send the phone in. I knew it would be a while, so I ordered a cheap $30 phone to use while the $400 phone was gone. A week and a half later I get the new Samsung Gallaxy II, it won't charge, the screen is black. Another nightmare long call, and I have to wait days for another email witH return postage. Another week goes by, I get the new phone, it's another cheat $30 phone they sent, instead of the Samsung Gallaxy. Another nightmare call, they're sending another Samsung Gallaxy. Now my service is almost out on the cheap phone. I try to add a service card online, the message says it's not a StraightTalk phone, won't let me add time. So I call "customer serivice." They tell me I have to get a new number because that one is inactive, even tho I just made a call on it. RUN FROM STRAIGHT TALK, JUST WHEN YOU THINK THEY CAN'T GET WORSE, THE GET WORSE AND WORSE, AND WORSE TO DEAL WITH !!! I absolutely HATE this company!

Sandy 3/28/2013
I have the Smart Talk home phone unit. Sometimes I get feed back when on a call. I have to hang up & call the party back, sometimes it doesn't work & they have to call me back. I decided to keep my old phone number & have it switched to Straight Talk. No one in my area code can call me...they get a message that my phone has been disconnected. I have been on the phone a total of 2-1/2 hours with Straight Talk & the issue has not been resolved. Also the last person I spoke to from customer service is from a city in Colombia......SOUTH AMERICA!!!!!! I do not have an ear broken English & the reception is terrible.

Marly French 3/28/2013
These customer service guys are really bad. I just got off the phone after more than an hour and a half, without my problem solved the "manager" I was talking to kept having to get his manager to give my new phone the right zip?.! Yeah right. So why am I off the phone? because after all that time we mysteriously lost the conection. Strange huh? I widh I could give them no stars.

Michael Stripling 3/27/2013
I purchased a straight talk phone on line along with a $45 unlimited prepaid card, included my zip code. The phone arrived and there was no service. A new sim card was resent and still no service. All this transpired over 3 weeks and endless phones calls. I ended up purchasing another phone and card with another provider, (which worked ) Straight Talk refused to refund me for the prepaid card that was never used because there was no service in our area, Yet I have service now with another company ! I WOULD NOT recommend Straight Talk to ANYONE !

Terry 3/27/2013
Wow, to think I was actually considering changing to ST. Thank you all for your candid reviews. After reading these I think I will stay with my current carrier.

Terri 3/27/2013
Anyone that gives this company more than 2 stars is either crazy, an employee, or never had to call customer service. Actually just the first two because if you have Straight Talk service you WILL have to call customer service and you will get NO SERVICE. Unfortunately for me I realized how poor their service was after I purchased a phone. During the activation of my new phone I was told when my old phone stopped working my new phone would begin working. Now neither phone works and I'm told to call back if I don't have service for 24 hours. REALLY??? That will make two day that include navigating their confusing and unresponsive automated system, repeating "troubleshooting" steps of turn off/on, take out battery, and do something that I now know (after 6 attempts) isn't possible when "device is in no service". If my new phone ever works I'm going to put a reminder in it to switch carriers after I've used the phone for at least a year. Unless I have another problem within in the year, then I'll switch immediately rather than deal with Straight Talks no service. They're simply not that much less expensive for the hassle. Plus it's a pain not having phone service outside of the US. What was I thinking upgrading my phone?!?! Just stupid!!! I'm kicking myself

Melinda 3/26/2013
My sons phone just stopped working completely in Jan. it took till today to receive a new phone and then they activated it under a different number.I've spent numerous hours on the phone with them to get a new phone and now to get the number corrected. Worse service ever. Changing ASAP!!!!

lee 3/25/2013
data sucks no warning and just shout it off when i renewed my service what a joke if its not unlimited then dont use the word ive always had inernet at home and used it but i think im going to boost at least they give u a limit amount

tsmith 3/25/2013
I just made my first customer service call and it was to make a change in my account preference, specifically auto-refill. I wanted to un-enroll in auto-refill and I didn't have a problem. Granted this is my first contact with Customer Service with Straight Talk but I have no complaints.

Stephanie 3/25/2013
I have used straight talk for three year. I had a few different phones during that time, some nicer than other. But it was time for a smart phone upgrade. So with my tax refund I bought the Sumsung Galaxy Proclaim. For two weeks I was unable to make calls. The phone would ring out but I couldnt hear anyone or the ring. I have two special needs children and couldnt reach thier schools. I was prank calling...I was waiting for the cops to track me down with all the issues of crazy people and schools. Lucky that never happened. But long story short I returned the proclaim twice then bought a LG that was anidoid but not a real smart phone but would make calls and returned it again for a procliam which still couldnt call out. All straight talk wanted to do is send another proclaim to me. So go without a phone for a week with a diabetic child. And then if that phone didnt work id be stuck with that phone forever. Cant return it to walmart. So I swiched to At&t. And I have a awesome phone with no issues. Good bye striaght talk

Upset 3/25/2013
I just left Verizon for straighttalk. I got a new expensive smartphone. I started my service last week and this morning my internet is off. I can't get emails or do anything. No warning or nothing. Unlimited does not mean unlimited. The saying when something sounds to good to be true.... well it must be!!

Radouane 3/24/2013
Straight Talk is the worst wireless provider on Earth!!! They cap their data at very low usage.. After a week of data use (I don't use it much .. about 500mb) the speed drops down to 0.13mbps and it keeps cutting off. I had to reset my phone's internet 100 times a day to keep it working. The biggest hustle is when I tried to port my number, after several attempts to get in hold of there customer service (every time you call, they have high call volume and they cannot take the call!!) The account number needed for porting is the serial number of the first phone I activated the SIM card with. I have had several phones since I got ST. The customer service REFUSES to give out the account number because quote "The account number is confidential" even if you verify who you are. They kept transferring me from one India to an other who barely speak English!! I have had a horrible experience and almost lost the phone number that I had for more than 10 years!!! Stay away from this company.. It's a RIPOFF!!!!

Dave 3/23/2013
They are horrible customer service wise, for 2 weeks I couldn't receive text messages, or voice mail, when I finally got a customer service rep he told me I needed to reset my phone. What he didn't tell me is that I would lose all my contacts, I asked him if i would lose them, and he said "if I waited an hour, then turn my phone off, and then on again all my contacts would return". Well that was BS, when I called back an hour and a half later to ask why my contacts didn't return, the next guy told that they weren't coming back, and I was basically S.O.L., as soon as my month is up I am switching to another carrier, too bad I just bought another $50 worth of crap phone service this past Tuesday.

MIYA 3/22/2013

Hugh 3/21/2013
Straight Talk and especially Walmart are absolutely terrible. I have never had as much trouble and aggravation trying to do something that should be so simple! Shame on you Walmart. After having my order canceld because my account could not be verified, I purchased a Walmart gift card and used it to place the order. Guess what, it was canceled as well! I then tried to purchase the phone at Walmart and the funds were not available, and wouldn't be for several days. I have never been more frustrated.

Jzsunshine 3/21/2013
WARNING!!! WARNING!!! IF YOU DARE TRANSFER YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO STRAIGHT TALK you could lose it forever not be able to get it back! They and Walmart have absolutely the worst service and website ever! After several attempts to purchase a card on the Walmart website, multiple calls and emails, Walmart rejected my credit card. They told me the bank was rejecting it but a call to the bank proved it was Walmart that was cancelling the orders! I called, called again and again and was given a different story each time! When I called straight talk they told me I would need to purchase the service card from Walmart. Calling the number on the phone to reactivate the card didn't work either, no one picked up! At the end of hours and hours of going around and around with Walmart, I tried to transfer my phone number. However, the phone activation went out of date during the time I was trying to reactivate the phone! So I can't transfer the number! Now my phone is dead and the number is gone forever! My advice, AVOID WALMART AND STRAIGHT TALK LIKE THE PLAGUE! THE ABSOLUTE WORST SERVICE EVER! Another thing to note is that Straight Talk has horrible reception almost everywhere! So, forget being able to use the phone at will. The battery didn't hold up on the smart phone either. The internet was spotty. Buyer beware! The hours you will spend trying to purchase minutes on your phone are not worth the savings!

Kylea 3/20/2013
I have had Straight Talk for 3 years now and I've gone through a few of their phones (just to upgrade to see if the service changed) and your service depends on which phone you have. If you have the crappy little standard phones, your internet will not work very well, but the service for calling & texing isn't too bad. If you're more into surfing the web, I'd suggest one of their smart phones so that you can go off of wifi and not just the internet they provide you.
On the other hand, if you have a problem and need them to help, you might as well figure out yourself. Their customer service is HORRIBLE!
It is full of people that go to their website to look for answers, and if they can't find it for you, they will transfer you, or even better, hang up on you. And if you do not do well understanding accents, that wont get anywhere either.
I had contacted them about getting a micro sim card for my iPhone and was transfered 6 times and the last person answered my question with part of my question then hung up on me.

Bob 3/19/2013
Good service, reasonable affordable rates but horrible customer service. I attempted to reach out to a live customer and was transfered more than 4 times and only to be disconnected.

Al 3/19/2013
It is by far the worst business of any kind. Absolutely horrid. I am going to do my best to expose this scam of a business. It is unacceptable to let businesses with extremely low professional code such as straight talk operate.

Katie 3/19/2013
I have been a loyal strait talk customer for years and have always been impressed with their services. This year I bought their iPhone which cost ALOT of money, more money than I would have spent had I realised that the unlimited Internet is not unlimited. They told me at customer service that they are encouraging customers to use less Internet. They do not advertise this and the service card is still referred to as " unlimited". I have been completely misled and let down.

karen malachin 3/19/2013
I bought this phone for my granddaughter.. I also bought her the $30 cards 1000min/1000txts... I bought her a computer so I felt this was good enough.... I was so wrong after 3 cards all ending early than the time allowed... this last time card didn't register so after many calls as I work nights and not always able to make calls ...I finally got thru they put the time on didn't credit any time I missed but that didn't matter because after 1 and 1/2 weeks no time for calls or texts ... come to find out 1000 calls and texts doesn't mean 1000 calls or texts its based on min... i'm sure it says that on the back in small print that I didn't read because I would not have purchased if it was on the front .. not even a * by the 1000 min/texts to alert me to read the small print very disappointed ... will now look for a new company for a cell phone for her

Mark 3/19/2013
I had a bad experience with Tracfone, the creator of Straight Talk. Their customer service is non-existent. Instead of fixing their problems and improving, they have re-marketed the same crappy service with a name that they haven't ruined. I did the BBB thing and it didn't work and anyone who thinks that is the way to solve a problem is kidding themselves. It works fine until something go wrongs and then you get to see how poor of a company they are. That's if you can actually understand their "customer service" representatives.

Barbara 3/18/2013
Phone says it has voice mail but can not access messages with phone. Have to call from different phone number to retrieve messages

Wally 3/17/2013
I've had ST for a couple of years without any problems but last month they ripped me off for $30 (one month's service). I always kept a couple of months service in my "Reserve" & they were good at automatically adding service each month until last month. I received my usual text message saying thank you for "refilling your account" but when I tried to make a call, I got a recorded message saying "there isn't enough money in your account, please add". WTF? I emailed & called customer service....what a joke!!! I spent countless hours trying to get this situation resolved without success & finally just gave up & cut my losses. Life's too short to have to put up with this crap!!!

Greg Nergenah 3/16/2013
Terrible company. Long hold times and customer service sucks. I bought a home phone one month ago and tried to have my number ported over. They never got it done. They said my zip code was incorrect. Stupid people I know what my zip code is. Let's rename them notalk. My wife's StraighTalk cell phone will not work in Jacksonville IL which is abpou a 20,000 population town. Go figure? I am not happy with this company. Buyers beware.

Newsbeat Epicenter 3/16/2013
Straight Talk is a con artist company playing bait and switch with it's customers. Due to bad customer complaints we tested this company.We bought expensive Android phones and their $45 a month "unlimited" plans. Within 60 days they throttaled us down twice, cut off our data entirely, ripped us off of about $90 we never recovered from. And finally they sent software to our phones to stop us from going online and we cannot upload anything at Google Play or elsewhere. And Straight Talk says they did all this because we used too much data. Too much? All our $45 plan cards we purchesed said the services were "unlimited". And considering we made no more than 2 phone calls a month, used no texts at all and only listened to a radio show 2 hours 3 time a week they say we used up our "unlimited" service and then some. Yes people, Straight Talk's "unlimited" plan is very much limited. Horror stories are all over the internet about this company.

Simo 3/16/2013
I purchased this because at first I thought it would the same as Verizon. BOY WAS I WRONG. I purchased 2 Iphones and a Samsung galaxy to work on Straight talk. They never worked properly. The customer service has to be the worst I ever worked with. THe service was horrible. It did not work in my house. And now they dont ever sell the Micro SIM for the phones. I cancelled the 3 phones and went back to Verizon. If you do use them, you will regret it.

Kinzab 3/15/2013
We purchased 3 phones. The first phone we activated with a new number, no problem. The second phone activated easily, but was assigned (by a customer service rep) an Atlanta, GA area code number and we live in Denver. They stated it could only be fixed by mailing us a new sim card.

Donna 3/15/2013
Wish I could give a lower rating. After three weeks, numerous calls to their "Customer Service" (an oxymoron of the highest order in this case), and hours setting on hold, I am still without the proper sim card for my phone. We've ordered the correct card three times. And three times have received the same, wrong card. (We know; we know; we need the white one, not the pink one.) The staff at the WalMart stores cannot help because they do not carry the sim cards. I will never do business with any phone company again where I cannot leave with proof of a working phone. Three weeks later and still no phone that works, but my 30 day prepaid card is running out.

Jim 3/15/2013
I called straight talk due to my new phone has screen problems and they will not send me a replacement phone until I send mine in. I do all my business from this phone and keep up with my 6 year old and his school so I can not do without it. I called and ask to speak to a manager and was told they would have to call me back that call never happened. Their customer service sucks is the only way I can put it.

Bernie 3/15/2013
I have had straight talk for 4 years and have neverhad a problem. Never had to call customer service. I get internet everywhere I'm at. Best prepaid phone I ever had......

Heather 3/15/2013
Honestly I've been very happy, I try to buy a monthly card at Walmart and have not had any problems. I did have a problem once where I added a card on the internet and then the page went down on me and it double charged my credit card and they said they didn't have record of the double charge. I put in a dispute with my credit card and they fought it and I won. But over all I have had the straight talk for over 3 years and have been happy. I don't have a smartphone. But I do have a phone that the service is provided by verison. That is the big key, the stragith talk plans are powered by different companies based on what phone you have. I would strongly encourage making sure you have a phone powered by verizon. It's a great price.

bob 3/15/2013
Son bought straight talk after using verizon for yrs, at first he purchsed one of the cheaper phones to try it and it has been over a year and so far loves the phone, so much he bought the galaxy 3 smart phone,
His monthly bill has been cut it half
he is stationed in Alaska and has no issues at all

Becky 3/14/2013
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! I pre-paid for an international phone call (I checked the rates ahead of time)and was given an access number to call in order to proceded with the call. When I called the access number and tried to place the call, I was informed that I couldn't make that call because it was to a cell phone, even though rates to cell phones in that location were listed. I spent a total of close to 5 hours over the course of several days and many, many calls to customer service, and the problem was never fixed. In fact, they put additional charges on my bill! I have since disputed the charges through my credit card company, and I will be changing to a new carrier ASAP.

Cmurt 3/14/2013
DO NOT SIGN UP WITH STRAIGHTTALK! Unlimited Data is not unlimited. You will get cut off and they'll assure you Data will come back with the next billing cycle. It will not. You will waste countless hours on hold with Customer Service. They will pass you around and refuse to provide you with any of their names saying, "It is aghainst our policy." What they will do is ask you what websites you visit and what application you download and insist Data will not be restored until you provide them with that information. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Podzob 3/13/2013
Stay away from straight talk, the customer service is incredibly bad, I can't send some pictures by text, my internet connexion is failing otherwise is very slow etc etc... I finish the month I paid and I'm done with this poor carrier!!!!!!!!!

Sean 3/13/2013
If you only knew 5% of what I have been through you would avoid at all costs. I have spent 30+ horrific hours with CS over the past 2 yrs. I have lost phone service (and use of my #) for weeks at a time.

Richard 3/13/2013
I bought my phone in november i bought the extended warranty. It broke the screen wouldnt come up or unlock. called straighttalk took 45 min. to get to talk to somebody they said they would send a new phone i sent new phone in it took almost to weeks calling they put u to somebody else after waiting a half-hour they hang up finally got a new phone after 8 calls and got a reconditioned phone. what the heck is the extended warranty for should have gotten a new phone and free minutes for inconvienience.very disappointed

Beccah 3/13/2013
They deactivated my phone and blocked my esn number from being reactivated with a new number because of something that was done by the previous phone number holder! CS hung up on me, laughed at me and blocked my number. I filed a BBB COMPLAINT and within 2 months (more waiting without a phone!!) I received a phone call and email from some lady Shelly-Ann that deals with the BBB side of Straight Talk/TracFone and she offered to reactivate my phone with a free month of service. I asked why the phone was initially turned off and she explained that because they are a pre paid service, they do not get monthly bill, they pay 2-3 months back at a time. So my phone was canceled because of something that was done before I even was a customer! Shelly-Ann eventually agreed to give me 3 months of free service. FILE A BBB COMPLAINT AND IT'LL GET YOU SOMEWHERE!!

Carmadie 3/11/2013
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Spent a week trying to get an issue with my phone resolved after trying to switch to the auto-refill plan...Was charged for the service but took 3 days before the phone was activated and couldn't get the service date changed to reflect the 3 days that I didn't get to use my phone. They are RUDE!! Kept putting me on hold sometimes for up to an hour..would transfer me to someone else..again waited up to an hour just to speak to someone...If you don't have to deal with customer service your all set..The phone worked great and had good coverage without to many dropped calls.

Tracy 3/11/2013
I have the Huawei phone and it freezes up all the time and also gives me an android application failure every single day and more than once a day. The customer service sucks! Every time I call it is over 30 minutes to get a live person or someone to call back. I have been with them less than a month, and am cancelling.

RLB 3/11/2013
hmmm I like straighttalk it was easy to buy easy to sign up and refill I am having issues trying to stop auto refill on one of my phones,I do not know why a legitimate company would make it hard to change things like that I can easily add and pay with my straightalk account but cannot change my payment I have been waiting for customer service to call me back,I am very suspect and would no longer reccomend the autopay

Charles Cockroft 3/11/2013
I gave a 1 rating because there is nothing lower. I have been waiting 3 months to get a refund on phones that I purchased on line. They have said 24 Hrs. twice. It is a shame there is no warranty on the phones that is good.

Steven 3/11/2013
As an Employee of Walmart inside the Wireless Center I had straight talk for a little over a year. It was okay at first then later on 6 months or more I notice in bigger populated areas I couldn't make or receive phone calls, nor get on the internet. It seem like it was hit and miss most the time the customer service line was useless on trouble shooting they still couldn't figure out the problem. I notice it wasn't only me I had about 10-30 people coming in a week not able to use data services it kept saying "Access Denied" on the browser. Then I figure out from the AT&T Representative that their towers was getting over load, so they had to install a back haul and limit service to prepaid and give premier service to their contract customers first which completely makes sense. I have had a few customers actually go as far as being kick off of termination of service for just listening to internet radio or youtube. As for the other straight talk brand phones that runs off of Sprint, Verizon & T-Mobile I notice a few issues with Sprint and Verizon, but cannot confirm for T-Mobile as they are not in my area. I guess if you don't need reliable, insurance (for lost or stolen), roaming, data services, or even being afraid of getting terminated without warning. I was scared of losing my number I had for years now and being its a rare number to have I decided to go to a contract on U.S. Cellular with the Unlimited 4G LTE a little bit more in cost but well worth it.

Stacey 3/10/2013
Right now my experience with straight talk is not the greatest. I paid for a monthly reactivation on 3/7/13, and this is 3/10/13 and still no service. You can't reach anyone by phone, or on their website. I have tried to reach people by their facebook page, but they keep telling me to submit a ticket. Well when I go to submit a ticket it tells me that my email address has been deleted, which is not true because I can log into my account on their website (which requires you to use your email and also shows that I am suppose to have service until 4/6/13). When I asked for a refund I was told no they don't give refunds on the monthly serivce. And I refuse to give them more money when I can't get the service for what I already paid.

Allen 3/10/2013
If you ever refill by phone using your cresit card ST will automatically deduct from your card after that WITHOUT your consent, regardless of whether you ok it or not! Then you have to fight w/cust serv. to get it stopped, if you can get thru.

Dennis 3/8/2013
I continue to have excellent reception on my home service receiver (HUAWEI H226C), except I’ve lost the password for voice mail.
Their customer service is the worst I've experienced. I spent 2 hours on hold before talking to their first agent, then another hour before talking to the second agent. Their instructions given didn't work. I've called customer service 2 or more times and now get cut-off: The customer service line “is unexpectedly experiencing to much traffic. GOOD BY.”

Jack 3/6/2013
Straight talk is great so long as your not a complete moron. It's prepaid service. Pay cash and you will be fine. As long as you refill by buying a prepaid card at walmart you won't have any problems, and no need to call customer service. If you're one of those clowns who goes to the cell phone store every few weeks with a problem you deserve to pay three times the price per month for your stupidity.

6 months and waiting 3/6/2013
straight talk customer service SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!!! you can not understand them, they cant understand you!! i have had my straight talk phone since september and i have not been able to use it yet!! there is a message on the main screen that says SIM not provisioned mm2 i have called customer service so many time i know the by heart that is sad..every time they take the same info and tell me i should be good to go in a hour.. i only speak english so im not sure if hour means something else in a nother language?? its been 6 months now and it still dont work!! i have emailed them and got a auto email back with in a minute of sending it saying it would be 5 business days before i would get help... it has been well over 5 day and have hear nothing from them, so i emailed them again.. still waiting but this time i didnt receive that auto email from them!! i guess i will keeping waiting.. for no one to respond..

Jennifer 3/5/2013
I have been with straighttalk now for a couple of yrs, and have never had a problem that is until recently I bought a lgoptimus black and was told different stories one cust service rep said it was verizon the other said sprint.. to make a very long story short I called them demanded they put my minutes back on my old phone and I would be returning their phone to them was told that i had to speak to someone in that dept was put on hold, then transferred and then hung up on.. Customer service is the WORST!!.. I want a android phone powered by verizon towers. Is that so hard to ask for?!?! very disgruntled with this company!!

kdutchman 3/5/2013
At this time I am an AT&T customer and am paying $195.00 am month for 3 lines and only 1 has internet. I have been seriously considering ST as I could save $50.00 a month and all 3 lines would have internet access. After reading these reviews I think I will go with Virgin mobil. Can't understand why WalMart would represent a company with a track record like ST has.

Althea 3/5/2013
Straighttalk customer service is BAPTISM BY FIRE!!! The 1-800 help # is a direct line to Satans Den, you can also get the same satanic result by calling 1-800-HELL!! No words can desribe the feeling you are left with after contacting customer service. For those of you who have not had a bad experience, you will, and good luck dancing with the devil!!

Ashley 3/4/2013
I have two straight talk phones... One that I deactivated a LONG time ago, and a current one. Well, in the process of ATTEMPTING to cancel my new phone online, I accidently activated my old one.. My stupidity but yeah.. Who knew they won't let you cancel a phone from your own convenient account?

Blondie 3/3/2013

Mike 3/2/2013
I strongly advise anyone that is considering Straight talk to reconsider. I've been on the phone with them for three days trying to activate my phone. After the activation process I was trying to call internationally and guess what?? It doesn't work. Customer service is horrible. Don't have words to describe how bad they are not even considering the lack of proper English speaking representatives.

REGRET 3/2/2013

funguy 3/2/2013
I have had straight talk now for 5yrs now and I have never ever had problems with it but when you go to buy a straight talk phone be sure to check your coverage area and buy the phones that have the red map on it cause it runs off Verizon net work also ive never had any problems with customer service but one time and it was a newbie that was learning now before I got a net 10 had it three days cause service was bad and customer service. id never get a het ten again but I always have had straight talk I ever talk international on it and its like therein the room with me so honesty can't say anything bad about straight talk I have had 5 phones from them and now I have a android and love it but when ever you buy one make sure you really check the coverage area blue maps are AT&T and Sprint red map Verizon net work I know cause those two never work in my area I travel a lot across us and always had service

Subbu 3/1/2013
This is the worst customer service I have got to. You can almost never get through. When you do get through they either hangup or keep forwarding to different departments. TERRIBLE.

Erika 3/1/2013
Terrible customer service, and next to impossible to cancel the auto refill option. I have been trying to call to cancel for over a week, and I get transferred to numbers that hang up, or I get a message that they're experiencing a high volume of calls, followed by a hang up.

Outraged 3/1/2013
This is the worst they tell you that your iphone 4s will be compatible with the tmobile sim card not so. Then they say purchase the sim card from walmart online not happening. Straight talk don't even carry the sim card for the iphone it has been discontinued. They won't reimburse for anything because of a clause that says no reimbursement. Misrepresentation all the way

Jason K 3/1/2013
Absolute worst service I've ever had. TERRIBLE customer service, and phone deletes pics, music, and video, at will. Totally wipes sd card on regular basis. Call and complain about it, and they pretty much tell you it's not their problem. Not recommended for anyone that actually utilizes their smartphone or depends on it for scheduling or calender purposes.

Tammy 2/28/2013
I live in the country , and the service is as good as my AT&T service was last year before AT&T started having their problems ... The only problem that I have had is with sending picture text messages... Sometimes it works but most of the time it don't... I have an iPhone 4 that is unlocked and jail broken... My AT&T bill per month was $102 & my straight talk bill is $49.99

Stephanie B. 2/27/2013
I wouldnt advise anyone to get with straight talk i have talked to a repersentitive about a pin number which i never had he said he would send me an email so i could reset it i never got the email. Also i have been trying to get intouch with straight talk for the last two days and i keep getting "we are experiencing a high call volume please try your call again later goodbye. only once did they offer me a call back and they said it would be less than 30mins they called 2hours later and i still ended up waiting on hold and when someone finally picked up they hung up on me im really about to switch to AT&T.

Patricia 2/27/2013
I have watched my son be on hold for 2 hours and he still cant get through! I will make sure I tell everyone to NEVER use this service. His phone has been paid for a month and stopped working. No phone for 3 weeks. I would be lost without communication. Don't do it!

Cassie 2/27/2013
Switching to straight talk was the best thing I have ever done! I had horrible experiences with a lot of the big name contract cell providers. I am paying half of what I was while under Verizon and Sprint. I expect there to be a some draw backs because I am paying half the price but really my experience has been quite good. My phone works pretty well and I have one of the cheaper ones, I have had no problems with customer service although I have only had to call once. They were extremely helpful when I did talk to them.

virginia F 2/25/2013
So far it has been a bad experience. I tried to use the SIMcard only program and transfer my existing number but it is a very complicated process and I ended up losing my number which is VERY upsetting because I've had it for 12 years. Now I have no service and I've already talked to 5 different people and they all say something different. I'm already thinking I should switch back to my old provider.

Allen 2/25/2013
The Samsung Galaxy S2 works but I lost the 3G network. Trying to figure out how to get it back on, spent over 1/2 hour on hold with customer service. Never talked to a real person. Figured out the fix by reading posts on the internet. Customer Service is NON EXISTANT

darren 2/24/2013
Honestly, I do not know how this company stays in business. They rip you off even though you are paying lower prices for cell service. My wife and I had straight talk phones for two months and when we went to renew our minutes by buying a prepaid unlimited card at Walmart, the message said the card went through, but when I went to make a call the next day, it said I needed to add money to make a call! I just did that! My phone was deactivated. So I call and call their joke of a customer service line, and waited over 30 minutes to be hung up on and getting a message saying that the lines are busy and to call back later. So then I email them and get a message back saying that I wasn't in their systemand they didn't know who I was! Wth? So I was livid and sent another email back and never got a response. Now I'm out of 90 dollars for my wifes and my phone and the price of their android phones.I do not recommend straight talk at all. I will never give them another penny. I am letting Angies list and the BBB know about them. Let's stand up against these people.

Heather 2/24/2013
I wish I could give ZERO STARS. If you're lucky enough not to be hung up on right away by their automated system, you will be waiting on the phone anywhere from 30 min to an hour if you have a problem, and that's JUST to speak with someone initially. You'll have to endure the same annoying FLUTE solo while you wait, too. Emailing their customer service won't help you, much, either. Their email takes days to respond, if they respond at all.

AK 2/23/2013
This is the absolute worst company to have a phone connection with! Do not expect anything! You are permanently on HOLD, transfer of numbers is a nightmare. Ive been without a phone for THREE weeks because the process is going on. Ridiculous. Please spare yourself the trouble and learn from those of us who are suffering.

Joel 2/23/2013
They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Starting off with the hour and a half wait to even get my call answered. This is rediculous. I think I will cancel the service and go with someone else.

Stacey 2/22/2013
I am stunned by the complete lack of customer service offered by this company. The first time I called, the system hung up on me because there were too many calls. The second time, I waited the better part of an hour for someone to answer. This very moment, I am waiting another eternity for my call to be escalated. I am writing as many poor reviews as I can while I wait because this is ridiculous! Don't even get me started on the fiasco to transfer my old phone number... long story short, I got a new number after 5 days of trying.

Tim 2/21/2013
I Just wanted to add how disgusted I have become with this company. I purchased a full year plan for $540. I had no problems the first year. Several days prior to my years expiration date arranged purchased on their website the 1000 minuet all you need $30 monthly auto fill plan to continue my service.. When my year expired the phone stopped working. Then over the course of the next Seven days I became a victim of the most heinous customer service experience of my life! Alexander Graham Bell rolls in his grave!! Most frustrating Mind boggling experience of my life! Spending that many hours on the phone in customer service hell will drive you crazy. Finally I got a super intelligent Lady at different customer service center in Georgetown Guyana (a small south American Country) She was a "manager" whom over a three hour phone session resolved the glitch in their system and my cellular returned to function. The phone that previous technician told me I was gonna have to replace at my expense is now working fine. I would defiantly hate to not had my home's land line for this grueling process of ridiculousness.. Any how my senses reel at just how frustrating this modern technology can be. I just own a basic flip phone you see...just so I can communicate on it verbally formally the normal way... I refuse the notion of texting and hate seeing my community members constantly staring at their pricy so called smart phones... I'm defiantly in the hunt for my next provider of this modern necessity cellar phone service... As my time as client of Straight Talk wireless is coming to a end. This experience has me concluding Straight talk the "Number ONE Worst Ever" cellular provider I have ever dealt with and even worse than T-moble customer service in the late 90's. Lower than Hitler in hell!!!!!! I would not recommend them to my worst enemy!..

Dennis 2/21/2013
My minutes are used at over twice the correct rate. Have no idea why. Will call cust svc tomorrw to resolve. Does not have good quality with 2 bars or less. Maybe I should have stayed with Verizon.

Dan 2/21/2013
If you are under contract and currently call your wireless service provider once every other month, do yourself a favor and don't switch to an MVNO. God help you if you have to call Straight Talk customer service. After saying that, if you are the type of person that doesn't mind getting under the hood of your unlocked smartphone, your primary number is through Google Voice, and you know how to find great prices on unlocked hand sets; Do yourself a favor and save some cash. I get exactly the same coverage and data speeds with Straight Talk that I got with ATT because it's the same network at half the price.

Lisanne 2/20/2013
I just barely got ST last Thursday, and already on Friday my mom called 2 times and was told my # had been disconnected or was out of service. She finally got me on the 3rd call! WOW, and I run a business on this phone # (hopefully it doesn't get "lost" when I switch back to Verizon Prepaid!). What a joke.

Krash 2/19/2013
GARBAGE. Upload data is so slow you can't send MMS - Internet speed is god awful & customer service...remember AOL from the 90's? ..yea their tech support is that bad. Just a bunch of Indians in a call center that couldn't help a fly out of a window.

CRAIG 2/19/2013

Bill T. 2/18/2013
Straight Talk has to be the absolute worst wireless carrier out there. I had problems with them from day one! They are not helpful at all. For the last 4 months I have had problems renewing my minutes. However this last time, tops them all. The day after I renewed my minutes with a prepaid card from Walmart, my phone was disconnected for no reason. So I call and wait for 30 minutes. Finally someone answered and these wonderful foreigners could not help me. I talked to 4 different people before giving up. They said my phone and sim card wasn't in their system! Lol I've had their service for 6 months! How could it not be in their system?? So now thanks to these incompetent people at Straight Talk, I've lost my phone number and am out a phone and the 45 dollars service card. This company is a joke and needs to be shut down.

roger 2/18/2013
Customer service stinks. But i still feel its a good deal. No dropped calls.

Gary 2/18/2013
I have been a straight talk costumer for 4 yrs. There are some areas that are blocked like Morgantown, WV. The costumer service is beyond terrible. Try calling itover 30 minute wait and you r disconnected.

Cruz 2/18/2013
Not even worth of half a star. The service was an average of 0 to 1 bars. The customer service is horrible, your better off googling an answer to your problems, i went almost a month and could not receive a simple picture message. You spend more time trying to fix such easy problem than you do using the phone. Its cheap for a reason.....

Krista 2/17/2013
I have used Straight Talk for 4 years, and I love the fact that my bill is so cheap and I have a pretty nice phone (galaxy S 2)but the customer service is the worst. Yesterday my phone stopped making calls (I could only call straight talk and 911 for some reason) well I called customer service from my phone and sat on hold for 55 minutes after getting impatient and not wanting to hang up I called from mu house phone and they answered right away. I told the one lady who answered that I was on hold for ever and she then had to transfer me to another tech assistant and again I sat on hold for 30 more minutes after I asked for her to continue to help me and she just hung up and put me on hold (very rude). After 30 minutes of waiting the second tech helped me (nut no very much) she told me that all I had to do is was take the battery out and in a few minutes it would work and she was about to hang up. I said well you can wait a few minutes and I'll let you know if it works then. Now all of the sudden she informed me that it wouldn't be a few minutes it could take up to a few hours and if it doesn't work with in 24 hours I should call back. I'm so frustrated at this point. I spent an hour an a half on hold and they could not give me ten minutes to help me with a phone after 4 years of being their loyal customer ( may I add I had my boyfriend and his mom and brother along with a few co workers switch to Straight talk. I hope they never have to deal with my ordeal or I'll look like an idiot for talking Straight Talk up). After they hung up my phone still didn't wok for 16 hours. I finally called again (and I wish I would have got names of the people that"helped" me) and after 30 minutes of hold time again A gentleman helped and it took him ten minutes to fix my phone. I didn't have to hang up and call back again. I didn't get hung up on I was not disrespected. I didn't get frustrated. I really wish I would have got his name and ID number because he was wonderful and very helpful. After this whole ordeal I have actually looked into other prepaid options that have good customer reviews and that will be helpful and not rude and ignorant. I have had enough having only one frustrating phone call and that was mostly waiting on hold and not even being answered or talked to a live representative with the first call I made. So if your looking for good customer service I would not recommend straight talk I talked to 3 people and only one was very helpful. after all that I did lose 2 days on my service card t.. that is money out of my pocket that has not been refunded or even apologized for. For the first day all I got was the run around how to fix my phone and after a very rude lady that didn't help just hung up and wasted more of my time. So a huge thanks to the man that helped me today and actually fixed my phone while I was on hold (which I don't consider wasted time, at least I talked to him and he fixed it), he should defiantly be rewarded while the others should rethink their job if they want to be in customer service (I know my career is dealing with people everyday all day and hats how I make my money if I would ever been as rude as the 2 ladies that helped me I wouldn't even have money to use your services). Besides being a cheap prepaid there are other option out there that I am going to look into and may even suggest I know I am done referring friends and family to Straight Talk and be sure to inform them of my complications before any one decides to switch. I'm even considering going back to a contract and play the extra $50 a month just to have amazing customer service and never have to go through anything like this again. My contact plan I had before Straight Talk always refunded me in some way if my phone didn't work at any time, which is a good way to keep your customers.

gary 2/17/2013
I swear the customer service and straight talk is totally a joke. I was put on hold for 42 min first time then another 27 min waiting for a (mgr) I couldn't understand them and let me say after all that wait them idiots still couldn't help me. absolutely horrible customer service. My understanding is they make .55 an hour I don't think I even got that worth of service. the absolutely unequivocally poorest customer service ever..s/t sucks and their customer service can go to hell.

sharon ciko 2/17/2013
customer service is awful...non existent. unable to get through.

Kevin 2/15/2013
If you need help with your phone, make sure you have at least 1 hour of time while the straight talk service puts you on hold. I simply wanted to cancel my auto refill for minutes and couldn't do so on the terribly user interface website. So I tried calling but I was rejected because they were busy, or put on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes. Overall, terribly run company, would not suggest it.

dan 2/15/2013
I am just about ready to take a hammer to this phone. I've spent more time trying to get a hold of straight talk customer service than I've spent actually using this phone in the past month. Problem du jour: My phone was deactivated even though I purchased a service plan prior to the end of my billing cycle - and no one at straight talk can seem to fix the problem. I am just about ready to dispute the charge with my credit card company and call it a day.

Paulette 2/15/2013
I have been with straight talk for a year, however, I am not happy. I can not use my email, facebook, and other sites, from my phone. It always "times out" before the site is loaded. I was always able to purchase a card, at WalMart, enter the pin number, from my phone, and I could add min. Then suddenly I can no longer do that. The option just went away. So I have to call them, which takes about 15 min. or longer, give them the number, and waite. I called and emailed them, only to be told that I do not have the option of adding min. from my phone. I have had other problems, which were resolved. I have had a very difficult time getting them to understand when I have had a problem. This last incident has me looking to other companies.

Look 2/15/2013
Customer Service is horrible. Never fix your problem.

Hcklbery 2/14/2013
Straight Talk Guilty of FRAUD
They give a FINAL price with taxes etc all included then when you authorize they charge your account more than you authorized without any notice.

Ken 2/14/2013
Customer service is nonexistent! NOT WORTH the few bucks a month savings! Hours of wasted time trying to get help!

bk 2/14/2013
been with straight talk for two months now. the first month was ok just that the internet sucks then a came the second month. without any notice my phone number changed over night to a number that the area code is not where i live. Called customers service and asked why would my number changed but they claimed that i called the night before to refill my plan (which i never did). After dealing with their poor customers service twice, i gave up trying. If i am not on a budget i would never go with straight talk. very very POOR customers service and will never get any of your questions answer.

Cheap Skate 2/12/2013
I honestly don't understand why more wireless phone users are not switching to Straight Talk. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Straight Talk. I was locked into a 2 year contract with Verizon but after doing a cost analysis over one year then five years decided that it was a cost effective move to get rid of Verizon. My savings over a 5 year period will be over $2,000. I have read lots of reviews and don't understand all the complaints. There is really never a need to speak to a customer rep because you can resolve most problems online. I am convinced that we live in a status driven society and people are embarrassed to say they have a phone from Straight Talk. My $45.00 per month Straight Talk plan does everything my $100 Verizon plan did. I truly enjoy the savings. I have absolutely no complaints. It caused me to wonder if all of the negative complaints are from representatives from other wireless carriers who are trying to sway potential Straight Talk customers from making a wise and cost effective move?

stus 2/12/2013
What a pain in the .... this "service" is. Switched from AT&T. Did not have voicemail. Called customer service. HOURS wasted on people who don't speak English at all. Finally configured (hours wasted as I've mentioned).
Refill next month. Bought a card at Refilled 2 days prior to expiration. Guess what? Two days later prone went DEACTIVATED. Took another FEW HOURS to reconnect.
YOu figure it out. Is it worth saving $5-10 for hassle and time wasted on phone vs. actually USING YOUR PHONE?
Switching back to AT&T ASAP.

Big Fat 2/11/2013
Their $60 unlimited international calling plan is a scam! They claimed that they would support countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, UK, etc. However, they DON'T !! When I called the customer support why it gave me a voice mail saying I could not. Then, he put me on hold and/or a series of repetitive questions like my cell number, SIM number over THREE times!? Then, he said I had to call a ten digit number first. Then, I called while he was on the call with my landline. The ten digit number gave me a voicemail asking me to go check on if I want to sign up a service plan. Then, he said he would check w his boss. He returned he said my international plan only is good for international Landline no and it doesn't work on mobile no. I told him that I tried both international landline and mobile no, both gave me the same unable to make long distance voicemail. Then, he gave me another ten digit number to call again. It gave me same voicemail" go check on"??!!!!! Then, he said he would put me on hold, in fact, he hung up on me. I spent two hours, talked to three agents and finally got to this useless operator. And, he hung up on me because he didnt know what to do!
Overall, the $60 unlimited international calling plan is a scam. I was never able to make ANY overseas call except Canada. If this is the case, they should put that clearly to customers. And if this plan only support landline number, they should state that clearly. The customer support is useless and wasting customers' time.
I am glad that I didn't transfer my AT&T mobile number to Straight Talk. I would not renew any plan with Straight Talk
For any prepaid card, I would go with T-mobile. Simply quick and fast!
This is the worst customer support I have ever encountered for a US company!!!!

Rogelio 2/11/2013
The costumer service is bad be ready to be on the phone for 4 hours. but if you have the time not problem..
El servicio a el cliente es demasiado malo. Para cualquier problema estas dispuesto a perder 4 horas o mas; si tienes el tiempo no hay problema....

James 2/10/2013
Been a Straight Talk customer for about 8 months now, and this will be my last month with this carrier. What initially made Straight Talk attractive to me was their promise of unlimited talk, text and web for only $45/month, and being able to use my AT&T branded/locked Motorola Atrix HD Android powered smartphone.

Tom 2/10/2013

unsatified costumer 2/9/2013
straight talk suck i have been so disgusted with the service my phone service goes off and is off for hrs,when i call tech support they tell me to wait on the line for 30,,this service sucks i will be looking for another service ,,i may go back to boost or cricket service,,,staright talk can go straight to hell

Cynthian1 2/9/2013
I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2. After less than 2 months of use, it would not load the data package. Sent it back and received REFURBISHED replacement phone 2 weeks later. It WOULD NOT power on! Waiting on a third phone which will also be REFURBISHED!!! Will probably sell on eBay (at a loss) and ditch Straight Talk once and for all!

TJS 2/8/2013
CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE! I bought a new phone that the website SAID would work in my area. I got my new phone, logged on to my account to switch from my old ST phone to my new one, only to be told that it IS NOT SUPPORTED IN MY AREA! WTF? Then to add insult to injury, they DEACTIVATED MY OLD PHONE AND I AM WITHOUT A PHONE ALL TOGETHER! I've been on hold for over an hour now waiting to speak to a customer service rep - AT WORK. DURING LUNCH.

Matt 2/8/2013
They should offer negative stars! -10 This is by far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! After fighting on the phone with them for weeks, barely understanding a word they said they refused to help me (the customer) at all. Manager was rude, phone reps were rude, horrible experience! Maybe someone should explain to this conpany that if a customer asks for help maybe they should help. I warned everyone I know about this company, and hopefully people read these reviews. Their customer service was horrible! I was never even able to get my phone activated, wasted over 2 weeks of time fighting with them, they just kept saying the same thing "we can't help you sir" and "I'm sorry for the inconvenience". Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! also if you order anything from them online and you work normal business hours they won't drop the signature required so that the FEDEX guy can leave your order at your house. Every other company I dealt with will cater to the customer except Straight talk. They refused to listen to me that I work all day and cannot be home to sign for the package. They made me drive 2 hours away to pick it up miss a half day of pay and then add poor customer service on top of that.

George 2/7/2013
I purchased a Straighttalk phone and 30 day service card directly from Straighttalk. I did this because I wanted to deal with the company directly and have them see me as a trusted customer. The FedEx box arrived in good time. As per instructions to activate the phone, I signed onto their website to activate it. No luck - the phone was always reading "NO SERVICE". I called the customer service line and waited over 1/2 hour to get someone on the phone (don't hang up and redial as this will put you at the beginning of the line again). No help at all, the representative was 'mystified' and transferred me to his 'superior'. After a 45 minute wait, we again went through all the steps to no avail. This person actually got upset when I said I didn't receive a text message from him. Since the phone had "NO SERVICE" I told this manager that it was impossible to receive the message. After about 1/2 hour I asked to be transferred to his manager and got a "vice president" on the phone. Zero concern, zero help, as a matter of fact I was told it was not his position to take phone calls. At the end of my willingness to listen to his banter, I asked for a refund and we would part company without animosity. He then informed me he could refund the price of the phone but not the service card as it had already been used. I explained that the service card had been used on this non-working phone and had zero deductions. It didn't matter. Only the phone would be refunded, IF I prepaid the return postage. The vice president's quote "That's our company policy and there will be no exceptions". Thank God I called my credit card company on the next call and they cancelled payment without hesitation. They too, were incredulous to what happened. My advice - save your peace of mind and go with a carrier with a reputation.

deejay 2/6/2013
I live way in the country and I just don't have a signal worth a dime. I, if I'm lucky, get one bar in a couple corners of my house. Call's are cut, so all I can actually do is text. I was concidering eleminating our land phone, but I doubt that will happen now. I am scared to see how things go from here, because after reading all these messages, I don't want to have to talk to 'anyone' in customer service. I'm a nice person, but when I cant' understand the person thats suppose to be helping me, I get really peaved. I can't hand out many stars yet, because I need to experience it a little bit more than a day. Oh, I'm glad I had Walmart get my phone up and running. They did the switch from ATnT go phone to my new Straight Talk phone and I got to keep my number. I'm having ONE issue right now and that is my phone won't sound off for me when I get a text. I been all through the phone and haven't figured it out yet. lol Oh well, guess I'll get to chat with someone that can't speak good
english sooner than i thought.

808cbt 2/6/2013
I've been using ST for years, now using it on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cell phone, works great in Hawaii, would give a 5 star, IF customer service could speak or understand English a little better, bring c/s contract back to USA.. Might resolve most of their complains. now moving to Colorado Springs shortly hope service works as well there as it does here in Hawaii.... Aloha All, have a wonderful day! and keep smiling....

D Woodford 2/4/2013
I got lucky. They couldn't port my phone after 3 weeks of trying (business land line, 1 of 2) Went to WalMart and got a refund with apologies. Apparently the incompetents couldn't deal with English well enough to correctly port the number.

Carlitos 2/4/2013
I love ST but affter you have used the 2gb data they slow down your data and youtube whatching is useless reason why? Videos are way slow to up load ): but ST are ok I would say its worth the $45 dolar plan

Stone 2/3/2013
So, I go on line shopping for an iphone and came across Cricket's $449 deal. Since Walmart said that they'll match any price, I said lets try it. went to the store and one of the managers said that he didn't think Cricket was still in business. Looked at him, looked at Cricket phones which were right in front of me, pointed it out to him He said that Walmart policy is that in order to bit someone elses prices, they must have a flyer and my internet print out can't be honored. what a bunch of
bull..I am saving $200 for an iphone at Cricket so see y'all there..

Meh 2/1/2013
I used to RAVE about ST and how great they were when I had a 'dumb' phone. I loved them so much that I felt confident upgrading to a smartphone and getting a 6-month unlimited plan about two months ago. Everything was peachy keen...until my phone downloaded an Android system update. I immediately got the call saying that they thought I was "tethering" my phone and they were going to shut my phone off if this kind of data usage happened again. The CS representative agreed that there was nothing I could do to prevent the data usage that had occurred (the phone doesn't ask if you WANT to update - it just updates), but there was nothing he could do about the flag on my account. I have to say I'm going to be pretty upset when there's another update a few months from now and ST disables my 200 dollar phone.

Hhhh 2/1/2013
Just wanted to ask if this happened to anyone else. So I decided to try straight talk. I mean what the hell might as well tr something new. So I place the order online and I buy the sim and unlimited combo deal for like 63$ somethn and it posts to my bank account as processing. So I say cool, wait the three days for th stuff to come in and on the day it comes in I check my account and the charge is gone as it was never happened. There was no evidence of a credit to my account nor an initial charge to it either. Yet I activated the card and using the service fine no problem on an lg. I'm wondering what could've happened and if this sounds like someone has my info and just as we'll if I should be worried? Thanks-

Lynn 1/31/2013
If you read the TOS everything is right there about the service, what to expect, that over use of data may cause loss of service, and that money paid can be lost if yout account id closed for violating the TOS. I took the time to read through this information, any reviews that could be found, along with talking to approx 10 people I know who are Straight Talk customers.

Jeffrey 1/31/2013
Worst wireless company in USA. If you switch to straight talk you will be in danger of losing your data and phone number. You don't save money on straight talk cos it's didn't didn't provide the service you pay for. Go away before you been trap by straight talk..

Darlene 1/31/2013
I had been with AT&T for years. About a year and a half ago I started having problems with them and they were charging way too much for service. I would call them about 3 times for each issues, pushing buttons and waiting, getting transfered and disconnected. The only thing that effectively resolved an issue was to take time out of work and go to the AT&T store. After getting tired of paying so much money I went with Straight Talk and I am pretty happy with them. I have used their customer service as well and it's NO worse than AT&T's customer service. I am saving about $50 on my monthly phone bill with Straight Talk - that's the bottom line.

judy higgins 1/30/2013
Straight talk is a rip off and an easy way to make money. Do not recommend to anyone! TERRIBLE SERVICE!!

Ignacio 1/30/2013
Worst customer service. A total mess. Take forever and they do not resolve the matter.

chris gunter 1/30/2013
I've had my straight talk phone for 2 years and have never had the first problem. They have great service and pick up signal anywhere.Why would anyone want to pay double and sometimes triple the amount to other companies?I used to be with us cellular and got tired of paying for all those extra hidden fees every month.Now i only have to pay $30 a month vs $90 a month.I'm so glad that there are companies like straight talk. they have great customer service and will work with you no matter how long it takes.So if you want to save money ,I highly reccomend going to a straight talk phone.I would'nt have it any other way.Have a good day & GOD BLESS EVERYONE

Mike 1/29/2013
To be blunt, Straight Talk sucks. I would give it a minus 5 five stars. Customer Service is does not exist. Wal-Mart deactivated my SIM card and I was out of a phone for 14 days and they would not add the days back. A new SIM card was mailed and a month later and it is still not resolve. Keep your current plan and pay more. If you call Straight Talk and a person answers the phone 20 minutes later, they do not speak English well, and do not expect to get your problems solved. Run from Straight Talk.

Derrick 1/29/2013
Straight Talk deviated my sons phone for using much data 179.00 smartphone + the 45.00 for a month plan down the drain with no warning. I talked to them till i was blue in the face they said we will have to buy a new phone and plan they killed his phone. Just to let any one know that is thinking about Straight Talk

Fred 1/28/2013
Had them for two months. The worst off shore customer service on the planet. Kept my old number. I gladly pay twice as much for ATT and an iPhone 4s. Can walk into an ATT store just about anywhere and get problems solved instantly by English speaking people that give a crap.

rich b 1/28/2013
i have had straight talk for over a year, and now many friends and family members do to. the customer service was great and phones are high end. had AT&T this is much cheaper and better

Chuck 1/28/2013
My wife ran out of minutes on her Straight Talk phone while visiting her daughter in Intensive Care Unit. We have auto-refill backed by a debit card on file. When she tried to add minutes, the system asked for a 15 digit PIN number. The phone serial number has 15 digits, so she used that, Would not work. She had to call me at my office, so I could go to our files to finds this 15 digit PIN number. Finally she got through but Straight Talk c/s would not charge to our debit card on file. She had to use her M/C. It took almost an hour to add on the minutes. Does Straight Talk think that when you run out of minutes, it will be while you are in your office to access your files? Very frustrating.

bb hensler 1/28/2013
ive had staight talk for 1 month,lost my previous number,no web for the first week(a million phone calls to straighten out)terrible call problems,everyone says when they call me they get an out of service message and i dont get calls just voice mails. am dropping this week!

Gene B 1/27/2013
I join the rest of the feedbacks left. Customer service is indeed terrible, voice connection is good with no drops, however, internet connectivity is awful.

eddienoname 1/27/2013
Been with ST from the start. The only true upgrades that they have made is to the way you may give them your money faster.

Philip 1/26/2013
My experience with ST has been pretty good. We have had communication problems, language difficulties, BUT no worse than Sprint/Nextel. In many cases, it was not as bad as with the other major cell phone companies. Bottome line, these days, nothing seems to work, (work right anyway). All businesses are out for a quick buck. Customer service here, and most places, is a bad joke. It isn't the workers, it is the company policies they have to follow.

JOE 1/26/2013

kala 1/26/2013
If you're like me straight talk is not right for you. My internet has been cut off twice because I used too much internet. I don't have TV I don't have a computer. All I have is my phone. I play games surf the web everything legal and they cut it off cause I used it to much. So after fighting with them for about an hour plus the hour on hold they turned it off. I spent $90 this month just on one cell phone just to use my internet. Straight talk is horrible. So next month I am switching to T-Mobile. I can spend my $90 with them without worrying about my internet getting cut off.

ron 1/25/2013
ill give the 1 star and thats because i have to anyways phones suck customer service sucks. cant understand a word they say very annoying.

Mark Engelman 1/25/2013
This is the second phone they have sent me and still unable to activate it. It is almost impossible to talk to a costumer service person. I have spent hours on the phone and am giving up. I just want my money back. Never again!!!!

ally 1/25/2013
I was just talking to my boyfriend about straight talk and how cheap it would be compared to verizon. Well i will not make the switch now
Thank you all for.your reviews and saving me money :)

Charlottie 1/24/2013
|||OUTSOURCED CALLS||| If not all, most calls are routed to the Philippines. There are 3 basements in the Philippines. If your call was routed to Cebur or Dumaguete, Goodluck because the training of agents here is something that I will never recommend. If you're call is routed in Bacolod City, Congratulations! The reps in this area are well-trained!
|||BEST TIME TO CALL||| Philippine time and Eastern Standard Time is completely opposite. In EST, stores open at 8am, in Philippines, store open at 8pm. The best time to call is 8am-10amEST, 3:30pm-4:45pmEST, 9pm-11:45pmEST. I recommend this times because these are the times where we get less calls, sometimes no calls. On the times I didn't mention, most of it are break time, so, you'll wait on the line loner because only few representatives are taking calls.
|||DIFFICULT ISSUE||| If you want to be assisted accurately, ask for a manager right away, but they will put you on hold for about 30 minutes.
|||ALWAYS REMEMBER||| All process are securely protected for security purposes. No one can make some changes in yuor account unless Security Question is answered. However, if No Security Question on the account, we will be asking very difficult question, like month & year of original activation of the phone, exact date on when you last added minutes, etc!

Charlottie 1/24/2013

Phil 1/23/2013
Brief summary is that Samsung Galaxy s2 from Walmart cannot be activated in spite of spending over 2 hours including an hour with ST, and I want a full refund. A review of something that is totally useless does not merit one star, but I cannot rate it less and still post.Below is the detail

CaliGirlSC 1/23/2013
I purchased this phone to upgrade from my samsung precedent which I occasionaly had issues with and finally determined that I needed to upgrade since I had my other phone for over a year but after receving the phone and using it for a little over a week I have had a lot of problems with my service from Straight Talk such as even though I upgraded several weeks ago and everything appeared to be correct on my end my account info is all messed up and if I enter my phone number online or on the phone with straight talk then it says that my number is not a straight talk number and my account shows two other numbers that I haven't ever even had. Currently my phone is saying that it has been deactivated even though my service plan doesn't expire until Feb 15th and this is the 6th time this has happened in the last week and when I try to contact straight talk about it after holding for over 30 minutes someone comes online that barely speaks english and you have to repeat the issues over and over because they do not comprehend what I am saying and then they end up messing up the phone even worse than it was and I have to call back and start the entire process again, I estimate that I have been on the phone with them for at least 12 hrs total this week the 6 times I have had to call. Bottom line is there are too many other options out there these days to have to keep having so many issues with this phone and if there idea of upgrading is letting the customer spend $150 for a new phone but instead of having better features and options the new equipment keeps messing up and not even working at least every other day then I do not want any part of it and will definetly be looking at other service providers and consider changing and the best part is that I have always been a great customer and have evenr been on auto bill for almost a year and this is the service I get, it just doesn't make since that an american owned store promotes this product and service and before having their own prepaid service exclusivly offered these phones to customers and everytime you call straight talk customer service the person answering the phone is in some foreign country and has no clue what they are doing makes me wonder just how much walmart takes pride in their products and backs them up.

Charlottie 1/22/2013
I am really sorry!
You may call us heartless when we talk to our customer, actually, that's what I think as well.
The thing here is, we have our call guidelines that we need to follow, and our call is being scored annd this scores affect our Bonuses as well.
You cannot blame us Customer Service Representative. We are only following the guidelines sent from our headquarters which is located in (MIAMI, FLORIDA).
As for me, I have already risk my scores, I already tried to break the guidelines in some cases just to resolve the issue. Yes, the customer is happy. But after the call, I am praying hard that the call won't be audited or won't be rated.

tim 1/21/2013
There is not room enough here to detail the depths of straight talks incompetence. To make a very long story short . Straight talk sold me a phone and service plan . They were unable to activate the phone and after 30 days and 4 sim cards . They refused to refund my money or take the phone back! I spoke with the supervisor and asked her specifically if the policy was to sell a product, collect the money for the product and refuse to refund the customer if the product didn't work. She said that this was the policy and after stating my incredulity I told her I would post my experience. So here it is.

Chardanc8 1/21/2013
Straighttalk is ok for one time use, meaning, if you are not wanting to upgrade your phone on their service. I have upgraded my phone twice and both times was a disaster; once you use the sim card and it fails, you have to wait for them to send you a new sim card, 3-5 bus days I might add. Their customer service 'kicks rocks'; it's horrible! The are roboreps with no human empathy to your situation, they just say the same thing over and over. To the Rep Charlottie who is CS, let me tell you, the problem in your understanding isn't how we explain the issue but the fact that your reps are not well-versed in the English language, that's #1 and furthermore, it's obvious that there are alot of callers in que as to why it's so hard to get through to you but I can guarantee you the callers in que are majority calling with issues with their straighttalk service of some sort and your reps are having to troubleshoot, I know because each time I have had to call, I have spent at least 20 minutes on the call ONCE I have reached a representative. I don't recommend your company and unfortunately, for now I am stuck with your lousy customer service since I just bought this new phone and can't afford to just go buy another phone BUT THIS WILL BE MY LAST UPGRADE WITH STRAIGHTTALK!!!!!!!!!!!! A VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER.

straighttalkexpress 1/21/2013
I'd put zero stars if it was on the menu. Calls go to voice mail instead of it ringing despite the proper settings. Expect some of the text messages you receive 24 hrs later. Not worth $1 a month.

World Traver 1/20/2013
I bought the phone online and got a card but haven't hooked it up. But do your research to see if service works in your area. I lived in London England and all over. I never had hard time understand someone that from India. If you cant understand someone speaking to you in English from another culture it might be time you leave the USA and get some culture. Ore opt to ask if there someone you can speak to that speaks a clear English for you to understand.
Stop watching fake tv shows get some culture. I am LD sorry about writing errors

Charlottie 1/20/2013
I am one of the Customer Service Representative from the Philippines.
WHY IT TAKES TOO LONG TO CONNECT TO A LIVE REPRESENTATIVE? There's a lot of callers calling and the first caller on queue is the one who will be served first.
WHY IS IT CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE DO NOT UNDERSTAND MY SITUATION? One reason is that, the issue is just simple, however, the way you explains it makes it complicated for us. Give your reason direct to the point. Remember that we are on a different time zones and we are working early in the morning and we are receiving calls after calls and different issues.
WHY ARE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES TALKS LIKE SOMEONE FROM INDIA? Nu-uh, We don't have sites in India. We only have sites in Colombia, Guyana, Honduras, USA and Philippines.
CUSTOMER SERVICE DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING? Actually, we know. But there are some call guidelines that we need to follow or else we will be terminated. We will lose the job. We know how to fix it, but if you are not on that level/tier yet, you cannot do it. You don't know how heart-breaking it is for us to leave the customer unsatisfied even though we know at the back of our heads that we can fix it. We are torn between two scenarios.

Heather smith 1/18/2013
Worst costumer service ever. I was over charged 2,on this in a row 49.47twice then next month 48.36 then 45.77 for one phone.costumer service never offered an apology you can't understand anyone I think they only no 5 sentences in English. They charge whatever they feel like. I'm going through the process of getting a charge back from visa. 2 hours of my life wasted on costumer service. Going to at&t

hunterwo 1/18/2013
Bought an iPhone 5 yesterday from Walmart only to find that after 3 hours on the phone with Straight Talk "customer service", my mobile web and MMS could not be fixed by them. Their customer service sent a link to What a joke! Trying to save a few bucks has never been so annoying. Returning the phone and going back to Verizon.

Tim Petersen 1/17/2013
Over an hour on hold with no answer.
SIM failed to activate and at this point, I'm just trying to get my $45 worth.
Has anybody ever reached a live person on the phone at Straight Talk costumer care? I don't think so. . .

Jeff 1/17/2013
Stay away, you can't stream music,download songs etc. they don't tell you the unlimited means about 2gb, if you are lucky, terrible customer service. 0 stars would be over rating this worthless mvno

Ashley 1/14/2013
I was happy with straight talk at first. That is why I gave it two stars. The prices for the phone was reasonable. The unlimited card(which I get) is not to bad priced either.
But, recently I have had one major problem with straight talk. I can not add my service card. I have to call the customer care service. It takes almost a hour to get my service card added. It happens every month. So I am not happy with straight talk.

FabioFan 1/12/2013
Beware of what you pay for. This is a wonderful cheap, quality product when everything works. However, please expect no customer service. The poorest quality reception for abnormally extended time periods for which you pay for your minutes customer service does/does not resolve your problem. I was a former TracFone customer who left the company years ago for lack of customer service. Due to poor economic times and trying to save money, i recently was persuaded by a co worker to get a straight talk phone. I've been happily satisfied AT&T customer 12+ years. However due to costs only, i decided to switch. WORST decision ever made in my life. I spent over 30 minutes on phone with no resolution and informed by customer service they couldn't email me either. I was able to understand only 4th syllable of every word. I inquired where this customer service was and she explained Southeast Asia. I asked if this poor quality reception was any indication of the quality of service to be expected. Worst customer service ever. I was calling their customer service from a straight talk cell phone to the customer support trying to convert a home phone to $15 per month plan... Well needless to say i'm evaluating this entire experience and plan to return the home phone router to the company for full refund. Customer service is an added benefit that is required in the technology world we live in today. Remember, you get what you pay for. Nothing in life is free... Sad to think this could be an exceptional value if the customer service was improved. Please read other reviews online of other straight talk experiences with customer service.

Troy @ 1/11/2013
If I could give this company 0 stars I would. Stay away at all costs!! You will get ripped off and they have NO customer service or any care for you. Avoid this scam company!

Troy Miller 1/11/2013
Customer service... NO!!!! Spent weeks just trying to get service. They SUCK!!!

Cathy 1/10/2013
I added minutes said it upgraded okay then I made two calls ok and one text then I lost it all. I called ST said it went through added the minutes and then nothing would work. I had lost my added minutes. They wanted to know when I got the phone I told them and they said It was not there??? Then wanted to know the agov zipcode # of where I got it. Like I know, which another towns zip is. No contracts but yet she has all this info on the phone# inaccurate to boot. They speak with others and you can here them panicked in a muffled background. They Must busy and in a non-exsistance phase. Don't waste your money be better off with a CB or waki talki

Aimee 1/10/2013
The Cache was preloaded with obscene photos on a NEW phone that I bought for my daughter and all straight talk could do to rectify the situation was to have me reset the data since the first time we deleted the photos they just came back! The outsourced customer service had no sympathy for the fact that I was not dealing with only a technical problem, but an ETHICAL problem. Dear Straight Talk... how do I erase the obscene pictures from my memory?!?
I give them 2 stars though b/c I also have a straight talk phone on the verizon network that's given me no trouble.... if the customer service were improved, straight talk would get be a pretty good bargain. As it is though, you take a chance on wasting a lot of time dealing with outsourced customer service which seems as in-human as getting help from a robot. The phones are cheap too.. but you get what you pay for so they're not necessarily a bad deal.

Vicky 1/9/2013
I love straight talk. Everyone in my household is using it. I have had it for 4 years. I was using Verizon and never knew from month to month what my phone bill would be. It was higher each month.Only one complaint that I have is the people in customer service need to speak better English because they are hard to understand.

Connie in southeastern AZ 1/9/2013
I have been a Tracfone customer for four years now. Living so close to the Mexican border I got tired of unreliable service, dropped calls or static lines. After some research I decided that using StraightTalk with a Verizon phone was the best for me. I was lucky! I now have a Samsung Galazy Proclaim that consistently works better than my Tracfone on an LG800 phone.. I'm not a big data user but I like having a reliable phone when hiking in the nearby Huachuca mountains. My hiking friends have told me that Verizon is the best for the greater Sierra Vista area and I now concur. At $45 this plan works great for me.

dan 1/9/2013
received new phone, dosnt work at all, straight talk wont contact for for returns. wont deal with them again. went to att

Guest 1/8/2013
Coverage is great, but the phones are not great! Customer service is out of the country...gotta love that! Can't understand anything they say...this is getting to be a real problem! We are not happy with our phones but since we bought them directly from the website and not Walmart...we cant exchage them? Now explain will take them back but not the company themselves????

Bridget 1/6/2013
At this email address They were able to help me get the correct information, got my phone to work and able to compensate for the time lost when my phone was not used for couple of days of not able to make and receive calls. This is the right people to ask for help! Send them your name, cell number and phone serial number.

Newsbeat Epicenter 1/6/2013
A good number of Straight Talk customers reported to Newsbeat Epicenter a variety of horror stories in conjunction with this cellular company. So Newsbeat Epicenter ordered the Samsung Glaxy Proclaim/Gingerbread 2.3 and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent Gingerbread 2.3 from this Wal-Mart website to experiment with. First of all the Android 2.3 is pretty amazing plus there are over 600,000 apps you may be interested in with many of them free of charge and others mighty low cost.
However, unboxed, these Straight Talk handsets claim unlimited talk, text and data. As it turns out the talk and text have been unlimited with the Unlimited $45 load card. However, during our experiment our data slowed down to nearly nothing on both handsets in 3 week period of time. And when our techs called Straight Talk they claimed we used too much data so they drastically cut our speed way down. Straight Talk provided that the data is not at all unlimited as they claim. Well they refused to give us back our surfing speed and we were told we would not get back to normal until we renewsed our so-called "Unlimited" service the next month. So we did renew and our surfing speed went back to normal for a few hours then both handsets were deactivated because we used too much data. The one handset was reactivated yet we were warned about data abuse. The other handset was locked down entirely and we were told that phone could never be activated again by Straight Talk nor any other cellular company. By the way they charged us $53.08 yet deactivated our service about 12 hours later. We are seeking a chargeback of that money but have not received it as of yet. And we will not be receiving our money back for the expensive handset they locked down.
So buyer beware! There is a catch to the Straight Talk "unlimited" data.

Brit 1/5/2013
I have had it a few months, and so far its very worth the 45$ a month. BUT it quit working the other day, and I have to send it back before they will send me a new one. But they wont send me information to send it back, I have called 6 times now and they have yet to send me the e-mail of how to ship it back!

Al 1/5/2013
I switched from Sprint to straight talk (ATT) & so far I'm loving it. Unlimited talk, text, data & all the good stuff for $45 bucks on my HTC smart phone.

Kendra 1/4/2013
Great deal on all phones although I do have a complaint....not convenient for customer when first getting straight talk. You must be at location to sign for sim card and Fed X is NOT allowed to leave it at the office for pick up. So if you miss them you have to wait another day. People do have to work and can't be waiting from 9am-8pm. Really!!! You need to let your paying customers pick up their sim card if we missed the drop time at our front door. Other than that I love that I can use my smart phone and get your data plan for a low price of 45 plus tax.

ellen 1/4/2013
One star is too many. After multiple phone calls, a replacement sim card, being on hold for hours I have not been able to activate my service and transfer my number. I gave up and told them if they could not activate my service that I wanted a refund, which they refused to give me. I even asked to speak to the "manager" and he said their system would not let them give me a refund even though he acknowledged that they had record of my payment. I will stick with ATT.

Sam 1/4/2013
I honestly did not know service could be this bad! I have already spent 4 days without a working phone and have now been told I will have to wait at least another week. I will be switching back to a major contract company asap and I may kiss them with delight as I sign over all my money simply because they are real english speaking people.

John 1/3/2013
Horrible. I needed a SIM card right away and paid for overnight shipping. I got a confirmation and shipping info, then it all disappeared and I have no phone and can't get someone to explain what happened or refund the shipping charges. They don't know what the status is, and the person that I finally talked to said that overnight usually takes a few days. (?????????)

Sarah 1/3/2013
If you want to keep your phone number from another provider, you're going to have a little extra trouble, and have to call customer service. But they resolve the issue quickly.
If you only want a simple call/text flip phone, you're golden. If you want to use a smart phone, here are some issues:
your phone uses cell towers all across the country, so when you try to log in to apps like facebook, you're going to be locked out because you're logging in from some random location.
it runs a bit slower than phones with other providers.
sometimes the google market place doesn't work correctly and you have to clear out your cache or uninstall updates. it's ridiculous.

John 1/2/2013
I have been a straight talk customer for about 1 year now and find the phone service excellent. I have the Samsung galaxy proclaim and it is a great phone using the Verizon network, even got a extended battery from amazon for it. I usually buy a 3 month card from walmart to fill my unlimited plan so I don't call customer service much. But I have called them a time or two, they really need to work on their English.

Walt 1/1/2013
I guess I am not the only happy ST customer. I paid 150 for the phone and a couple months non-service. They high jacked my 20 year old number and WOULD NOT let me have it back. Ditto what the others say here about the Philippine people that pretend to be service people. I went back to AT & T, got an iPhone and pay twice as much per month. Its worth every penny.

Eric Turnquist 12/31/2012
After waiting a week, and 14 hours on hold, to transfer my number, I should have stayed with Verizon. That wasnt enough pain. So, first phone died in 3 days. Now the second one died 6 weeks later. I cannot get a hold of anyone in customer support. I will cut my losses of 150 for a phone and go back to Verizon. You get what you pay for...At least at Verizon they do not have such a foreign accent and you can understand them.

don 12/30/2012
every month i have to call tech support because i can not call anybody. the recording says i need to add more money to my account, while i still have 20 days of service. been waiting for 4 hours for tech support.

mike mccraine 12/30/2012
Customer service is horrible and not helpfull.have several phone issues and cant get anywhere..Cancelling my straight talk..

Matt 12/29/2012
I've been using straightalk for 2 years and for the last year or more every month when I add minutes it will not update. And every month I call the useless tech support and they say you must call from another phone so we can troubleshoot this one. I have no other phone so I must find someone nearby that will take and hour (yes it takes and hour to get anyone who can fix it)out of their time to lend me a phone.

Sheila Griffen 12/29/2012
I bought a Straight Talk phone 18 months ago. I paid 270.00 for it. Recently it went completely haywire. I spent hours on the phone with tech support. I could barely understand their tech people. They continually stopped and put me on hold to read the manual for my phone, even though I repeatedly told them I had read the entire manual before calling. They then informed me that they can only tell me what's in the manual. I have Christmas pictures in my phone that I cannot upload or put on the sd card. They told me I would have to lose them all and do a factory reset I asked if they could walk me through checking all of my settings. They said they didn't even know what my settings are supposed to be. I finally asked to speak to a manager, and was told I would have to wait for over an hour on hold. They were completely ineffective. I am heartbroken that I will lose my photos, and asked for any options that would save them. I was told they had no ideas. I would like to know how to contact a CEO of this company. I guess I will be changing service. I will be sure to spread the word to my 300 facebook friends, and my 300 facebook group members, and anyone else I speak to.

Jim 12/29/2012
Have had the service for 2 years. I do not use the phone too much, but lately my job has required travel outside my zip code. I have continuously used the $30.00 plan. This month, my 1000 minutes was up in 2 weeks (1st time ever). Talked to their tech support - when you travel out of zip code, roaming fees occur that are not flagged as "roaming" on your phone like most other phones do. Secondly, I asked to tech support rep. what were the roaming rates? His answer was, "I do not know"! Trying to call 411 you get advertisements. Trying to log into website to find my balance gives me nothing but advertisements. I am discontinuing!

Rosanna Treadway 12/28/2012
I have bought so many stright talk phones for my Grandkids.I have had so much trouble getting help from these people its not funny.Got a phone for my granddaughter for Christmas with the pay plan she has call them I have called them I dont know how many times. they tell me to have her callI call her and tell her this has went on all day untill now its 10oclock my time there supose to call her cant get it worked out at all.This is the worsted company I have ever dealed with .I have two Grandkids pay both of there cell phones.Dont have a ;ot of money to go other places but I bet I will soon.They sure need some training and help.GEEEEE

Paul 12/28/2012
Bought a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim prepaid Straight Talk for 100+ dollars at walmart. They throttled my data to 10 kilobytes per sec after i hit the data limit. Web pages now take 30 seconds to load. Eventually they cut of my data entirely after that till my next payment cycle. Customer service is an absolute headache and they give you the run around. Their call center is open only 2 hours a day and stationed in India...

sohrab 12/27/2012
cheap calls... but pain in ass like Service.... not worth of buying... stay away

Ivana Taylor 12/23/2012
This is nut's ! Straight talk keeps charging my credit card without permission ! I keep calling and told them not to do that , it does not change , I will have to block them through my credit card company ! Look below on this review page ; WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY ??? What part of PRIVACY do they not understand ?

ron 12/23/2012
bought 2 lg840g can't remember for sure all the model no.stl 6840p4 receipt says 061696003905 twice had to return them to Walmart in Paintsville ky. cause they were at&t not version the beginning of December 12-02-12,also got a $30.00 card and a$45.00 card,the $30.00 WAS ACTIVATED but no service,the $45.00 phone wouldn't activate,give the cards to my kid who has straight talk,calls today says can't make the cards work i call straight talk says some one waited to long to persue the the matter of which i wasn't aware of till today

Sam 12/23/2012
I have been using Straight Talk for about a year, and I must say over all I'm happy. I switched over for T-mobile, and I'm paying $25 less for unlimited everything. Few tips for people who are having problems with customer services 1) contact them on Facebook or call their Miami, FL numbers (not the 800s number listed on most it). 2) Don't buy their phones. Get AT&T phone, and it doesn't have to be unlocked b/c it runs on their network. I'm using Iphone that I bought from ebay and and it working fine. 3) the "unlimited" data is 2GB and if you go over that they turn your service off.

Alexis 12/22/2012
Dealing with this company is horrible and frustrating. I was trying to get this phone for my family in the U.S. while I went abroad for six months. It sounded like a great deal, so I tried to get the phones for them before I left. I found what seemed at the time to be a great option, a free phone if you buy the 60 $ international card. I ordered two, and opted for the overnight shipping because I needed it right away. StraightTalk immediately charged me 160$. Four days later, still no phones. They didn't even provide me with a tracking number, which was supposedly part of the service I paid the extra money for. After over an hour trying to get in touch with someone on the phone, and four different transfers... no one knew what to do. Very aggravating experience, with no sign of a future refund.

Jennifer 12/21/2012
Absolute worst company to deal with for any reason. I figured I spent the money for a month of service, so I would try to deal with it and get a different service next month, but at this rate I will be switching tomorrow. I first tried to activate my phone a week ago, and after phone calls every single night for up to an hour each, it was finally activated yesterday. Each night they told me something different. One night they told me I just didn't have good reception, and I should buy a different phone from them! They got my email wrong: instead of using the email I provided as mine, they send mail to the owner of the old account I ported the number from. I couldn't sign up to use my account online, because I just got errors saying all my information was incorrent. They called my fiance several times to say that my phone was activated (and it was not). The customers service reps are just terrible. They are rude, can't answer questions, and just repeat word for word the same responses over and over. Cheaper "service" is not worth the lost hours of your life, the grief, and the rise in blood pressure! Avoid this company!

funside 12/21/2012
ive had straightalk for 5 yrs and never had any issues but i do advise that when getting prepaid phone really check your service area online really good i tryed net10 and the fisrt month o had them they was awful bad customer service bad service provider now straight talk i went back to and no issues but also check when buying if you see blue map on the box its at&t and sprint towers if you see red map that verizon service anyways i love straight talk and never leaving them agian ive had service every where ive beem good job straight talk oh and customer service are great people too

Scott 12/21/2012
Can't get voice mail. Says number invalid, when i Try to get transferred to reset it, it says to enter the number of your phone. It doesn't I do and it keeps repeating it. Finally it says to push 0 to speak to a rep. I do- it hangs up.I call customer service (on hold for 55 minutes) they said I needed to reset my password. It won't let me and they won't help. Customer dis-service is more like it. RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!

Jake 12/21/2012
Phone and Straight Talk is just awful. Had it for a year and phone just died. Awful service too. Save your money and buy a iPhone from Virgin Mobile if you are looking to go pre-paid. Smartest decision you will ever make, and you will also save more money.

Elle wayne 12/20/2012
I am a super happy customer from 1 year, the number was easy to port from Verizon, the customer service called me to confirm everything was fine, the quality of reception is great, it works on the AT&T network, the price is much more convenient, goodbye unexpected unwanted and tricky surcharges from scammy Verizon, that is not, as they say, the best network, anymore!

Annie Ruh 12/19/2012
Oh please!! I had my phone for 3 mnths and now it would stop trying to upload. I called the customer service and got the run around. They wanted me to send the phone back but the Fed ex label would not work and they informed me that it was Fed Ex and Fed Ex told me it was them who had to take care of my problem with my label. I finally gave up and stopped the service and now I am out 150.00. This is a rip off. I would never suggest anyone to get this service.

REALLY!!!!!!! 12/19/2012
I have been customer for 3 yrs. Never had a problem that was really major until now. Sunday at 4 phone worked fine. At 5 was somehow de activated. My number no longer existed. I spent Sunday night trying to fix it. 2 hrs later it was working. Come to find out I havenpw a new York number. HELLO!!! I live in Mn. Back to calling them again now its deactivated again. Monday they said 24 hrs to 48 hrs then should be good. Guess what. Not working. I call yet again. No record on file. Like I would lie. So now it will be another 24 to 48hr wait. Sooooo not happy. I am furious. Who else do we contact because I am starting to think this is a big scam and walmart should stop carrying it. No wonder no one else does. Fix my phone and give me back my number! I didn't mess this up you did. Now fix it.

Newconcept 12/19/2012
People i have a suggestion do not buy ST phone. Buy from Ebay or CL. port your number and you will be fine. I port my number jul 27 2012 no problem since then i have no problem or call the customer service for nothing BTW i have Iphone 4 that was unlock the sim work good in it.

Sador 12/18/2012
I see a lot of negative reviews about the services, I have the GSM service (sim card compatible with AT&T or any unlocked phone)I never have problem in my service,since they use the AT&T towers I have high speed data and everything work better than any other carrier that I tried already like Redpocket,Tmobile,Sprint I'm happy with them, I know customer service is not that good but as long my service is fine I have no complain, I just ported my wife number from Simple Mobile and she is so happy with the service too.

Jamie 12/18/2012
CUSTOMER SERVICE??? LOL! I hate talking with people who are from india and call themselves Mike or Jo-ann. Thats not your name so quit pretending to be MIke or any other customer service rep. because it does not exist at Straight Talk.

Melanie 12/18/2012
My phone is only 2 months and I paid $100. I have been having intermittent trouble, calls dropping, people not hearing me and my phone dying even though the battery is fully charged. This is my only phone. I am a single mother with three small children and recently lost my job. So far I have spoken with 5 people including upper management. Each individual has advised that I would have to send the phone back before they can issue a new one I have to send my phone back and this is a policy that is not they are not flexible with. This is LUDICROUS when you have small children in the home and no alternate phone in case of an emergency. I am extremely dissatisfied with their service and resolution to my problem and do not recommend them.

Amit 12/16/2012
if possible i could have given -5 star for their services.
they provide worst customer service. when you call customer support for any assistance first it takes a long time to connect and if by luck you got connected you will get a horrible service. one can imagine that with in a span of approx 20 days i have talked at least 20 times and spent almost 20-25 hrs with them and above that i still have issues with my phone. the customer representative does not have enough information like when i called them they said that call is not chargeable but after finishing call i found my balance deducted. they will say that that are updating the information for your number and after the call the issue will be resolved and what you need to do is to restart your phone. But after the call when you restart your phone you will find that nothing has changed.

Deb 12/16/2012
We received 3 "Free" phones and paid for 3 $30 cards. Only 1 phone worked. We then purchased a blackberry type phone and and 3 smart phones. Wonder of wonders the 3 smart phones that require the $45 mo plan work, but the other does not. So basically, 3 out of 6 phones did not work. Thankfully, 2 of the 3 were free. However, since the $30 cards are non refundable..... As far as service goes, it seems to work pretty well. As long as you don't travel a lot, straight talk would be a pretty good deal.

cmwerda 12/15/2012
Their customer service is absolutely rediculous they treat you like you are lieing. actually they are liers they say they are sending a sim card that never arrives then my account is charged for the card but they say i didn't pay for one. Then the second problem they were supposed to send a battery which took forever to come then had hassels with that so the rep said they would credit my account for thirty days but could not do it till my service was up on december 15th so on december 15 i call in and they say they have already given me 37 days. how does this make any sence they are crazy cannot even do math. my normal service is 30 days.

Clova 12/15/2012
This is the absolute worst phone company that anyone can select for a no contract phone. their customer service leaves much to be desired. Each year on clockwork I have to fight with them tooth and nail just to gain access to my account. I have even had to create or to purchase a new phone with a new number and a new account and yet they have yet to add the proper identification information to the account. I cannot log in online to access my account and I find it is quite difficult to even reactivate a new card. It is as if no one there knows what they are doing.

Scotty 12/12/2012
I hate Straight Talk. It is the worst phone to ever get. They disconnected my phone and they refuse to reactive it now. Idk why they did it. They wont even tell me why they did it. You cant even understand them at all. They dont even know what they are doin. They have lost another person. I left a contract to do business with them. Well im leavin Straght Talk to go to another phone service. Hope they are happy. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C 12/12/2012

kim 12/12/2012
I kept getting a pop-up saying, invalid password, press "ok". I called and spoke to someone I could barely understand for 74 minutes. When she got through with me, I had a 0 balance on minutes, messaging and data. She tried to say that I didn't have any left. I told her I just loaded my phone 6 days ago and it was only after she gave me a bunch of codes to enter did it all go to a zero balance. She said she would load minutes etc... but this was a one time deal. I can never do this again. It wasn't even my fault but yet I felt I was pulling a fast one on her? How weird is that? Things better change with these guys or they are going to lose customers. I did get the pop-up to go away, I think, so far. Good luck everybody.

Mary 12/11/2012
If you buy the 1000 minute check to make sure you get them. I clear my all calls before I add the new card, so it shows 0 minutes used. When I check on it again say a week later I am missing minutes. Right now my phone shows ALL call, that's both dialed calls and received. My all calls are10:16:59 which is 10 hours and17 min or 617 minutes. If I take that away from the1000 I payed for I should have 383 minutes left. I don't. I have 210. That is 173 minutes short. If you do the 1000 min plan check it just be sure yo clear your all min before you add card.

NM Customer 12/11/2012
I transferred my service over, kept my phone and my number and now I cant "refill" my minutes via visa card and/or prepaid card I bought at the store!So NOW Im on hold with customer service... and Ive been on hold for the past 50 min now! Ive been transferred 3 TIMES! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

Melinda Noblitt 12/11/2012
Straight talk phone had permanently shut off my daughter's phone for using an 800 number that she has used before, but after she tried to update her phone it was shut off!!! Are you kidding me!!! I paid over $200 for the droid phone and was told I had to purchase another one! Are you high?! And the half-English/whatever speaking person freaking hung up on me! Is that how your customer service is? I paid for unlimited data and its convenient that the bill was paid then the phone was shut off. If I pay for unlimited data, why should it matter if she used an 800 number? Te dang bill is paid.

Ben 12/10/2012
I returned to the US after a few years of living abroad and using only prepaid, and I had just bought an unlocked iPhone 4s to use overseas. At first I got the unlimited $45 a month plan and bought the mini SIM card for my iPhone 4S, which I installed with no problem. Lately I've bought several months in bulk for about $42 a month. The service is better than my girlfriends, who has the same phone but pays $100/mo and is on AT&T. I'm not sure why the service on Straightalk is better, I heard that it's because Striaghttalk is on both the Verizon and At&T networks. Anyway, I've never had any bad interaction with customer service and never used one of their phones so I can't comment on that. All I can say is that I have an iPhone with perfect service and unlimited everything for just over $40 a month, Which makes me wonder why you would ever use one of the big carriers and pay $90-100 per month. Even if you buy the Iphone 5 new for $700, at $40 per month you end up saving something like $1000 over a comparable 2-year contract with a discounted phone from one of the big carriers. I am not an expert, just not a total idiot and feel compelled to give big respect here to Straightalk.

Gary 12/9/2012
After ten days and several hours of frustration ,stright talk customer service still has not been able to port my old phone number to my new phone. Having no option for a U.S. customer service has been a real pain. Talking to people who speak poor english and are even worse at understanding it really sucks. TracPhone needs to read these reviews and do something for its customers.

cgn9598 12/9/2012
If I could give them zero stars I would. We switched two days ago and it's been nothing short of a nightmare trying to get the APN setup. Everytime we contact Straight Talk we are transferred over and over only to get disconnected. And I agree the customer service within Walmart was horrible. They don't even know the product they are selling. One guy ask if we had checked YouTube for help. Seriously?

Billy Nicholas 12/7/2012
I've never had any problems with my phone. it's not a smart phone but it does what I need it to do, so I am very pleased with it and the service.

joyce 12/7/2012
no stars i have been on the phone hours which costs you to correct a mistake made acouple of months ago by straight talk. checking into other companies. also during the power outage i could receive but not make calls. what is a cell phone for!

A'Dawn 12/7/2012
This company's customer service is the worst ever - not only are the reps very unknowledgeable but they are trained to repeat one sentence over and over asking you to hold while they do something that never gets done. After charging my credit card for monthly unlimited service they were continued harassing me by texting me 24 hours a day every 3 seconds to call customer service - same text every time. No other texts can come in and they refuse to fix it or respond to my emails. When I call, as usual, I go on hold for 30 minutes and whenever they don't hang up on me an untrained rep gets on the phone for 30 more minutes and doesn't fix the problem. They do not offer to replace your phone, they cannot fix their own errors and they are unresponsive for a refund. I don't recommend you ever get straight talk unless you need a quick throwaway phone for a month or two and don't mind heavily-accented, unknowedeable foreigners not ever solving your issues and 30 minute plus wait times as well as spotty reception, many dropped calls, strange symbol-like texts coming to your phone, messages that tell people your voicemail is full when it is not, and did I mention the unhelpful customer service? I don't give it 1 star because it does work initially.

Sandra 12/7/2012
I am really upset with Straight Talk right now. I had a bad experiance from the start and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I ordered 2 LG Optimus phones directly from Straight Talk. That was my first mistake. Always get your phones locally so in case there is a problem you can return them locally. Straight talk sends you a mailer for your defective phone, they check it out to make sure it can't be fixed and then will send you another one if they deem it necessary. A month without a phone would be impossible at my house. My husband's job requires him to be reached at all times and he has to have his phone at work 12 to 16 hours each day. I just came from the hospital from very major surgery and we are supposed to just give up a phone until they decide to send another one? No, no way. I even asked if they would put a hold on my credit card and send me a phone, and if I didn't return the defective phone in their mailer within 3 days of recieving the new phone they could charge my credit card. The only way they will do anything with my phone is for me to be without one while they do all their checking which they admit could take anywhere from a month to six weeks or even more. The other problem I had with them is that they duplicated my order to begin with, sending me 4 of these phones and left me responsible to pay the return costs ($42) and then still battle with them over charging me twice on my debit card and both transactions going thru. They owe me $288.88 to which they say I may see in 30 to 60 days. I caught that error even before the order was filled and they refused to cancel one of them. I have internet banking and when I saw the 2 charges pending I called them immediatly. The call center has been no help, and if you think talking to the manager will help--that's been a dead end also. If you have any suggestions of how to make my problems with them go away or at least getbetter I would appreciate it.

CLINK 12/6/2012
NO WORRIES, really. I'm surprised by all the negative entries. I've had trouble from ALL cell phone service companies. The biggest worry with the others was sneaky charges, so I had to monitor my statement like a hawk. With ST, I put it on autodraft, and it's the same thing every month. The service itself is problem other than dropped calls, and that's my fault for buying a phone that doesn't get the best signal in my area. 95% of the's flawless. And the customer service isn't really that bad. I had some issues in the beginning due to my own stupidity. I bought one phone, ported my number, then returned it the next day, bought a different phone, re-ported my number again, and that took two days to activate. But that's my fault, really--two number ports in three days. But when it started working, it's worked solid now for a year. I've been with ST for four years now, saved a TON on phone bills, and LOVE my carrier. Here's some advice to anyone looking into it:

Mary Santos 12/6/2012
I have been with ST for about 2 years now. I haven't had much trouble with my phone or service. I have almost all my entire list of friends and family on it now. BUT!!!! Beware if you do have a problem. Like everyone says customer service is a joke. Anytime you end up having to call expect to be on hold for at least 1 hour. They will answer then say can I put you on hold 2 or 3 min and they do this every 2 or 3 min for another hour or 2.

Yasmine 12/5/2012
TERRIBLE COMPANY! I read it had bad customer service, but I thought i could deal with it since the plan was cheap. BEWARE of this company! I ordered my sim card and plan, there was an issue with the sim card on there end and I never got to even use my plan. They kept on telling me that they had activated my sim card and that I should wait up to 24 hours for my phone to activate. After 1 day I called again and they told me my sim card had never been activated, they activated it and then to wait. Then the next day they told me the same thing etc.... WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

Craig Ferris 12/5/2012
Straight Talk makes it impossible to port an existing cell phone number from their operation to a competitor such as Verizon. To port my cell phone number I was told by Verizon to provide my ST account number. It was not listed on any account documents. After 45 minutes on hold, ST customer service told me it was the cell phone serial number. But that number was too long to insert into Verizon's system. After another hour long wait, ST directly told a Verizon rep that was the only account number. As a result, I had to abandon the cell phone number that I have had for nearly 10 years and get a new one. I will not be doing any business with ST in the future.

Larry R. 12/5/2012
Straight Talk is absolutely terrible. Their customer service is non-existant and none of the people you talk to speaks decent English. Half the time when you call, you have to call back due to high call volume. If you ask for a supervisor, they become rude and hang up on you. NOTHING is unlimited with them, even though they falsley advertise that. After 500 MB used, they cut your internet off with no warning. Its ridiculous. The internet is always slow, the calls are never clear, and the phones don't even work right, they are very cheap. Go with someone else! Straight Talk will frustrate you to no end. On top of that, activating a phone or minutes card with them never works right and there is always a problem.

Bob 12/4/2012
As a prepaid service, I will rate Straight Talk a five stars provider. Minus one star for customer service. (room for improvement, always) All those people in this forum with problems seems to have their problems isolated in the customer service area; either phone hardware problem, data speed or even billing....

Chris 12/3/2012
Straight Talk Unlimited International
Pros: 1. cheap
2. can use a SIM card and keep your own phone from certain networks. (Phone may require unlocking)
Cons: 1. HORRIFIC customer service (even acknowledged by Walmart employees). At times not able to reach a rep due to high call volume (please call back later)
2. Data service stops working periodically
3. At least once a month the unlimited international calling (which goes through an access number) does not allow calls, ie becomes limited. Message: Your account has insufficient funds to make this call. Which means a 2-3 hour call to customer service to fix the problem (when they can be reached), only to be told this problem may take 2-3 days to resolve. Did I mention that customer service is HORRIFIC?!
4. No sign of improvement. This company does not seem interested in fixing problems most likely to be able to keep offering the same great affordable price!

john brumbalough 12/3/2012
i really love straight talk servies it is really great no prombelm out them i just switch to them about a couple days ago an had no problems out them the customer service is great i could understand them very good i would not go to any other company if yall payed me too there language is a little bit different but you can understand them very clear at least i did any way i couldnt ask for no better coustomer service then straight talks i would recommonds straight talk to my friends an family an to other people that i talk too i even i got my wife a straight talk phone an she loves there service so people if you are looking for a new cell phone company i recommond straght talk

Ledonna Brumbalough 12/2/2012
ive just got straight straight talk an i love it ive been with at&t they were money hungery people never go to at&t come to straight talk you will love it gerat servies cheap price it is great all around i couldnt ask for no better company then straight talk

Annoyed Customer 12/2/2012
Will be switching very shortly. I shouldn't be held on the line for an hour, wasting my minutes away. -__-

Jim 12/1/2012

Beware of StraightTalk's New Policy Regarding Data Roaming
I bought a Samsung GS2 in Oct and couldn’t believe the speed and stability of the data service I was getting. I could stream anything and everything without buffering. It was impressive. Then on 11/12, I awoke to find that I had no data service at all, but not for the reason you might be thinking. I called tech support on 11/13 and the rep “refreshed” my phone and “corrected” the problem. The problem is, the data service has been lousy (slow) ever since. Everything buffers. Even low bit rate audio, thereby making the web/data service just about unusable. I called them again today (11/27) to complain, and you won’t believe what they told me...

Tracy 12/1/2012
Wow! I've read the reviews and am amazed. I've used Straight Talk service for almost a year now. I've had mixed success with them but it hasn't been so bad.

pissed off customer 12/1/2012
Straighttalk sucks big time for international calls. After buying the phone and the refill card, I couldn’t call Turkey. I spent hours with their customer service to fix the problem. They finally told me Turkey was not included in their international plan. I tried to get a refund from Walmart and Straighttalk to no avail. Now I am stuck with a 60 dollar card that is useless. BUYER BEWARE! THIS COMPANY IS A BIG SCAM!

Jane 12/1/2012
never had a bit of trouble. love the slide out keyboard - text a lot- call a lot. I add the $30 card each month with no trouble. Have had Straight Talk for 3 years. Have no plans to change.

Walt 11/30/2012
Unless you want a live of total customer no-service hell stay away from Straight Talk.

LYNN 11/29/2012
This is absolutely the WORST COMPANY..) a negative 000 star rating.
I transferred from T-mobile to straight talk...bought a phone at walmart. Straight talk said it would take 24-48hrs to transfer....HA! I WAS WITHOUT SERVICE FOR OVER 2 WEEKS, THEY FAILED TO ACTIVATE, LOST MY NUMBER, AND KEPT YOU WAITING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR OVER AN HOUR....Do yourself a favor...find another carrier, I DID!

Dirk 11/29/2012
i too have had a lot of bad issues with Straight talk and their service. I went with someone else. I would recommend everyone who has had problems with them on here to email them directly. The more you write, the more something is likely to be done. I would write or call your local wal-mart store manager, email straight talk and tracfone, send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List and Florida Attorney General. Straight Talk's email is or tell them your phone number, the phones serial number and your problem. They will get back with you.

henry c. 11/29/2012
straight talk deserves 0 stars, but that option wasnt available. I cant believe Wal-mart would partner with tracfone, american movil, and straight talk since straight talk offers absolutely horrible service. I tried activating my phone on their website and my unlimited card and kept getting error messages over and over. Then after 4 tries, it said it went through, then i try to make a call and i hear a message that says i have to add money to mae a call! I already did! I just paid 45 dollars for a card at Walmart! So i call customer service and after waiting 30 minutes, i get someone who cant speak much English and couldnt help me. So i ask for a supervisor and am hung up on. I call back and get another person who spoke poor english and she couldnt help me. So i am done and am totally fed up with straight talks lack of service and poor customer care. You cant get anything to work on their website or their cheap phones. Go with someone else! The savings arent worth the hassle.

Sandra 11/28/2012
I ordered 2 phones from straight talk today and my order was duplicated. I was charged twice for those 2 phones thru my bank. ($288.88 X 2) I immediately called the straight talk service center and was told it would take 60-90 days to remove this charge. They took almost $300 extra from me within 30 secounds of placing the order and it will take them at least 60-90 days for me to get it back? I used my debit card to order these phones and I will never make that mistake again. If these people can cancel the order but keep my money for that long, I shudder to think what they would do with automatic renewals for service. Please be careful with any money you give these people--no way to do business with anyone!!! I spoke to 3 people trying to get this charge removed to no avail. I will have to go thru the process with my bank to accomplish this but believe this should have been handled when they cancelled the order and never should have gotten this far. You do no good talking to the management. They have no clue what customer service is about.

Wayne 11/28/2012
Unless you want a life of total hell and loose a phone number you have had for years stay away from this company.

satman1 11/28/2012
If you use a at&t phone or T-Mobile phone and purchase a sim card from straight talk it works great. The phones your purchase from straight talk work but seem to be a lower end and the Android phone's don't have much memory, so bring your own phone and you will find there service is great!

john 11/27/2012
absolutley the worst customer service
I have ever recieved, good service coverage, ok phones, but ABSOLUTE worst people to have to deal with for customer support. they aactivated my phone with the incorrect number 3 times, had to keep mailing me new sim cards which took 3-5 days each to arrive. then after having the phone for 6 months and thinking it was not that bad, I purchased a one year unlimited service plan, paid $495 plus taxes, and then added it to my phone and only recieved credit for 90 days. every time i call customer support i am on the phone for a minimum of 45 minutes. I always demand a free month of service because i am so dissappointed with their phone company. I relly dont know whyy i just dont go back to verizon... Be warned if you are thinking about doing business with this company.

Norman Fazel 11/27/2012
The Samsung 375C is a poor phone by placing service end days on the main screen, this should be private, I have been on auto pay for many years, although this is a new phone, as soon as I can find a phone that does not have this I will stomp this phone into little pieces. I spoke to three people that told me this could not be removed.

Lisa 11/26/2012
I bought an AT&T phone (THC Inspire) from the internet then installed the Sraight Talk sim card. At first it did not work but after I updated the APN information with the help of a customer service rep it has been working great. Travelled from FL to KY over Thanksgiving holiday and did not have any problems. The only thing I have not tried is to send MMS, which I will do later today.

Pearl 11/26/2012
Idk what yall are talking about. I've had straight talk for about 3 years and never had ANY problems. I had 2 of their slider phones and recently got the precedent and I still haven't had any problems. I'm sorry yall are having issues. But I haven't ever.

Patches 11/26/2012
I have had my straighttalk cell phone for 1/12 years and I have had no problems. I had to get in touch with customer service and I used the internet
I do not call. If you go to their customer sevice on line they will get right back to you.
I love my phone the service and the price. I have no problems just saves me alot of money.

JEAN 11/26/2012
I have straight talk for about a month now, and I have to say they are wonderful and they exceed my expectations in terms of customer service, service reliability and Internet speeds.

marvin 11/25/2012
after paying for and activating an unlimited card i still can not make any or recive any calls i can not get any help on this matter without another phone number. i do not have access to another phone due to my location i can not get help from costomer service so my monthly alotment is running out and i have no service

b 11/25/2012
worst phone service i ever had. i have good coverage outside of my house and thats it. i cant even talk to my friends inside my own home and i live in a big city. i would never recomend them.

jamo 11/25/2012
the worst service ever on any industry.. i've had my phone with straight talk for 3 yrs and i hate calling the help line.. i'd like to give them a negative rating but the best i could do is one star.. the only reason i like this service is it's cheap and no contract.. i'm going to start shopping for other services.. >the worst service ever, ever, ever, ever!< EVER EVER EVER THE WORST EVER.. WORST WORST EVER EVER EVER VERY BAD BAD BAD

Hawkfan 11/24/2012
I bought an inexpensive Straight Talk phone a year and a half ago just to try it out. Verizon is way too expensive. During this trial period I had no problem service or the phone. Only problem is the rest of the family wasn't on board so I dropped it. Recently, I've wanted to upgrade to a Smart phone and data plan but Verizon's prices are way too high, they wanted an additional $30 per month per phone for the upgrade. This why I decided to bite the bullet and try Straight Talk again only this time I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. I wanted to keep the same number I had with Verizon so it took a little time to discontinue the Verizon acct and set up the Straight Talk acct. I called Customer Service and couldn't really understand the Spanish speaking tech and after a couple of minutes she hung up on me. Fortunately, the phone synched up after an hour and I was good to go. Can't be happier with the phone or service. Tomorrow we will be going back to Wal Mart and getting my wife one and will finally be done with Verizon.

Tom 11/24/2012
I am very surprised and the poor reviews. I purchased an unlocked Galaxy Note 2 from eBay, installed the sim and followed the direction to activate my account and setup my APN. Works flawless, texting, MMS, Voice and web, just great. I am surprised how good the service is. I have not had to contact customer service, so I can't speak to that, but over all, I am very pleased! No complaints at all!

Muthu 11/21/2012
I am a new customer and am in international unlimited calling plan. I have some problem with my service when I was trying to call India, I can reach/contact only 5-6 numbers and I cannot access rest of all numbers in India. I was trying with both land line and mobile in India. I have this problem for a past ten days and I was keep talking with your customer service people but my problem is not fixed. Customer support people are keep suggesting switch off mobile and remove Sim card and turn on mobile again I was trying several time but it doesn't work. I feel very bad about your service and I am not satisfied with your technical service, I have never seen this type worst service. This is my last attempt with STRAIGHT TALK, If possible fix my problem otherwise I will consider about the termination of my service.
I hope I will get some solution.

Charles Lease 11/21/2012
Best price in the area.....but now I know why.

Brian 11/20/2012
Nothing but good things to say about straight talk..have had the service for 3 years and 2 phones and never had problems like these people are talking about...blows away my girlfriends metro PCs in internet speed (3g) and signal.....only reason give 4 stars want updated phone and 4g

Nikki 11/20/2012
Phone is great... Horrible customer service!!!!!!!

TMak 11/20/2012
Was not able to call on certain numbers on ILD. The online website check showed number covered under ILD. Did not even offer a refund despite not being able to provide service.

Staci 11/19/2012
Horrible. Never had service in my own home. After dealing with technical support, was told I need a replacement phone. Ha! Have to send phone in first, could take up to a week to receive new one. Yeah, that works!!!! Basically, to bad is their view.

Curt T 11/19/2012
I buy the $30 phone card each month from Wal-Mart...for limited browsing, checking email, Facebook my LG 511C slider works. When I upgraded from my previous phone(another LG slider) I had used all but 5 minutes and was on my last day of service. My concerns are:
- minutes DO NOT roll over for upgrades
- lack of antivirus/malware protection
- language somehow changed to Spanish w/o my authorization
- phone turns off and on by itself
Customer Service: I make 1 call and ask for 1 specific thing to be done, and I have been helped. CS agents cannot resolve more than 1 issue at a time due to language barrier.

Lee 11/15/2012
Most of the time you get what you pay for. In the case of straight talk you get nothing you pay for. My phone lasted one week- went throught the song and dance for an hour and twenty minutes and it lasted one day. I'm done. Do not buy this phone.

Laura 11/15/2012
We've had straight talk for almost 3 years now. We are basically pleased with the service. We get more minutes and data for less than half of what we were paying with Verizon. We have had a couple issues with adding minutes to my husbands phone but they always get resolved within a day. Customer service does need alot of improvement but we have always been able to get our issues resolved.

Barry 11/15/2012
I wanted to share my experience with Straight Talk on this sight. I bought the $45 unlimited prepaid wireless plan and the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim phone. I went online to try and activate it and it said that it was activated. I go to use the phone and bam, nothing. I got a message saying I needed to add minutes to make a call. So, I wait a few more minutes try it again and same message. I called customer (lack of) service and had to wait 35 minutes just to get a live person, and once I did, I couldn't understand a word he said so I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on. I called back and got another foreigner who tried to help, but still couldn't get the phone activated. I took the phone to my Wal-Mart store and it took the manager almost an hour on the phone to finally get it working! Ridiculous! Well I have the phone four days and all of a sudden I'm not able to use the web. So, I call these horrible customer reps and am told that I used too much data and they wouldn't turn it back on. I'm like are you kidding? I bought the unlimited $45 card for UNLIMITED web. I said I only had the phone 4 days and my internet is already being shut off? They said I used too much web!! This service is a scam and they have false advertising. The web is not unlimited but they don't tell you that when you buy their service. Go with some other provider!!

George E. 11/14/2012
this company is absolutely horrible in every way possible. From my phone not activating to not being able to renew minutes on my phone or on their website to customer servi
ce being non existant, i have had nothing but problems. Tracfone and Walmart should be ashamed for even being affiliated with this company. I encourage everyone on here who has lost money due to them or had major problems to contact the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List and the Florida Attorney General to get something done about Straight Talk. I am filing a complaint. This madness needs to be stopped and Straight Talk needs to be investigated by the Feds. send an email to them as well-its or

anonymous 11/14/2012
they are pathetic i have been working for the past four days trying to get my phone number back on my phone after a "system error" deactivated and released my phone number even though my payments were up to date plan on getting my money back against for their crummy service and money ive spent on them. their customer service reps hung up on me three separate times while i was talking and they proceeded to tell me it would take days for my service to be put back correctly and they have yet to correct the issue and its already gone to corporate

Steve 11/12/2012
This company is miserable. I have been with them for about 8 or 9 months and am definitely not impressed. Their customer service reps must be in Pakistan somewhere, good luck understanding a word they say. I have had multiple times where I have added a card to my phone only to have it disappear in the next day or so, then it's another hour trying to decipher what the customer service rep is saying. Buyer BEWARE!!

Elizabeth 11/11/2012
This company is HORRIBLE!!!
I have been with straight talk for about a year now and originally thought the plans, the price, the phones were all ideal. However, several months ago my phone stopped receiving texts or calls while it had service. So I bought a new phone thinking that would solve the problem, it was new from WalMart not a refurbished one, so I expected even better results. Not even close!!
I have had this new phone less than a month and now my service has been cut off for two days, among the old problem of not receiving calls or texts when they get sent. Not only that, but in all my attempts with customer service, I have been transferred 5 times, disconnected twice, and told I would get a call back and then never did.

wolf 11/10/2012
Straight talk suck or whoever else tied with them. Including Wal Mart!!!! For selling this line of phone. Alot of these phones are kick back referb phones to begin with. But biggest thing, is I have a R451C slide phone in which husband bought me back in 02/12. Ok it worked first couple months find. The ear volume not so good. Ok but on buying $45.00 unlimited use time for this phone each month, I just found out that Straight Talk Tacphone Samsung in which I called all 3 for tec support. Ok I was on the road 11/8/12. got lost area unknown went into browser and found it disabled cause Java was disabled along with aol and other sites. I called them out as liers. I also google site and found site that complaints about my issues. Some are posted to You Tube also. Straight Talk totally sucks

Sandra 11/9/2012
This company is garbage (for lack of a better word) they changed my phone number every time I called to add an airtime card to my phone so I had to constantly tell everyone I had a mew cell phone number. I would not recommend this company to anyone

Jacob 11/8/2012
I feel everybodys pain on here! I also could not renew my minutes on their website and had a lot of problems activating my new Android smartphone. Once i did get it activated, the phone got deactivated a day later for no reason. I call their customer service who tells me my phone is still active in their system! Umm no it wont make calls or send texts! So it was unactivated! After an hour on the phone with these mental midgets, i finally got it working. Go with another company, they arent worth the hassle!

Ronald 11/7/2012
This is my first, and last month with Straight Talk. I renewed my minutes with a $45 Walmart card and it said it had gone through. So I go to make a call, it says I need to add money to my account to make a call. So, I'm without service now. I then try it again on the website, then I get an error message. So, I call India or the Phillipines (customer service) and talk to two different people who reset my phone and it's settings, and still nothing! I already added my minutes and couldn't make a call. I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on. So, I am done with this company and am reporting them to Angie's List and The Better Business Bureau. Their website doesn't work and their system is set up to take your money and have your phone not work when trying to renew your minutes or activate your phone.

Victoria 11/6/2012
Straight talk is the worst company ive ever had! They were great in the beginning when I had a cheap phone but as soon as I got the android my phone started freezing up and wouldnt stay charged! I didnt pay over 200 dollars for a damn phone if it doesnt work. their customer service is the worst ever!!!! I would look at these reviews before you go to them because THEY SUCK!!

debra badgley 11/6/2012
straight talk is absolutely the worst company i have ever dealt with they,re service reps tell different stories everytime i tak with them they have consistantly withdrawn double the monthly charges while always blaming my bank. they dispute my claims even when given my bank statements

Sweatherall 11/5/2012
I have had a straight talk for a minute now. My son had one, my daughter, my husband and now me. I switched from Verizon to go to this service, and I hated it then and I still hate it now. I don't know why I figured it would be different. On my verizon plan I shared 700 talk minutes with 2 other people and I only would end up using 275 at most, but I got a $30 plan sith ST and my talk and data minutes were all gone way before my plan date ended. I remember when my son had their service I would have to call so they could replenish his txting because I knew he surely didnt go over 1000 in just a few weeks time. I just messaged them about it and I will come back with the results. RIP OFF!!!!!

Jaime 11/5/2012
I have never had any problems with straight talk and I have been a subscriber for about two years now.. but now I am. I added my 45$ card this morning it said it was refilled but then as soon as I try and make a call it says its deactivated and it will not use the card again since I did this morning. Iam extremly pissed off I can't get ahold of my work potential jobs or anything! I also sent an email to straight talk since I cannot even use my phone to call and it has been 2 hours and yet still no response! I think that I will be switching to verizon wireless again. I have never had a problem with them. I shouldn't have to waste 45.00 again! Straight talk is terrible I will never again reccomend this to anybody!

rm63 11/5/2012
I have been with Straightalk for two years now. The Verizon service was better. I switched to an Android phone and to Sprint and the service isn't as good. The E71 I had with Verizon was all around a better package. The phone was better and the service was better. Android/Sprint just isn't that great.

Straight Talk company are stealing from customers 11/4/2012
Do NOT buy from Straight Talk. They are a company that steals from customers. Bought a calling card for a bb. Doesn't work and the card is non refundable. Doesn't say it won't work w BBs on the card, doesn't say to check the website first, doesn't say to buy the sim card first. Customer service won't refund the purchase price. They company is run by thieves.

Mic 11/3/2012
Good Coverage, Inexpensive plans

Jodie 11/3/2012
One star is to good for the Trac phone company. Who has trac phone,straight talk and net 10. When you call customer service you are on hold for over a hour to talk to someone who can not help you at all the only thing they can say is I am sorry. The service is not updated if your phone quits working you lose your numbers because you have to use a new sims card because they can not keep the old one active. I would not tell any one to use any of these services.Save your money pay a little more for a good phone company for prepaid.

Raerae 11/2/2012
This is the WORST phone i have EVER owned!(LG OPTIMUS Q) I have gone through 9 of them due to malfunctions. They will NOT REPLACE an andriod phone for ANOTHER andriod. But they will trade it for a generic basic phone VAULED at HALF the price. Everyone of these phones i RECIEVED..will freeze, go blank, you have to take the battery out to turn it on, the battery over heats, it sometimes wont charge, WIFI barely works, GPS..good luck using it, it wont let u download some of the andriod apps (it will state your phone is not compatible, you dont always get texts calls or voice-mails..but they may show up at a later date. There are still a ton of issues I did not touch on. This phone has been a nightmare. There are NO settings to let u save to ur SD card, which makes ur internal phone memory extremely low only when u have a few apps (when u have free space on the phone, it will still say ur memory is full)When i have called I have had a list with over 11 things wrong with all the phone. They will not work with u to keep u satisfied...A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. i DO NOT recommend starighttalk to anyone. I have had issues with other staright talk phones as well.

James K. 11/1/2012
like most of the other reviews on here, straight talk has given me fits when trying to renew my minutes and activating a new phone. Their website doesnt even work. So thanks to them, im out 130 dollars. Im fed up and am taking action. I hope and encourage everyone to contact them and the Better Business Bureau. Straight talk's direct customer service line is 1-888-251-8164 or 1-800-876-5753. Their resolution department email is or tell them whats going on it needs to be fixed. how terrible 11/1/2012
WOW! I never knew all this was going on with ST. I thought the plans were good because of the price and what they promise, but thanks to these reviews, I now realize that it may NOT be such a wonderful choice to go with ST.

John E 11/1/2012

Jack c. 10/31/2012
ive had straight talk for 2 months now and have had nothing but huge problems with them. Im switching when my month is over. When i went to renew my minutes by using a wal-mart 45 dollar card, my phone got deactivated anyway even though it said it went through. Their automated refill system is really messed up and doesnt work right. try to call customer service and you cant get through due to high call volume! So thanks to this, i was without a phone for a week after i renewed it! I finally got through and the Hindew/Arab wasnt able to help me. I couldnt understand a word he said. My phone uses the ATT towers and i had a ton of problems with it too-dropped calls, missed texts, not connecting to the internet, etc. Im definitely contacting and emailing the Better Business Bureau. I suggest everyone do that. This company needs an eye opening.

jason 10/31/2012
The only problem I have ever had is that they don't have a flash player or atleast mine doesn't. And I have a LG OPTIMUS Q

Chris 10/31/2012
All prepaid customer service co. have poor service. Get ahold of bbb and report it if you want any good results. it doesnt take them long to fix the problem when you report them and file a complaint.

Larry B. 10/29/2012
straight talk has the worst customer service i have ever experienced. I was on their website trying to activate my phone and couldnt get it to work. So i call their customer service line and get some foreigner who i couldnt understand and who couldnt help me. So i call back and get someone else who couldnt help me. Im done with these people. This kind of service is horrible and unacceptable. Im calling the BBB about them. Their coverage maps are inaccurate and the phones they sell are nothing but garbage. My Nokia E5 broke after 2 weeks. Their Androids dont even work right! its not worth the 45 price they offer. They cant do anything right.

Susan 10/29/2012
Straight talk phones & customer service are the worst ever!!!!!!!!!!! Plan to be on the phone for well over an hour and get nothing accomplished. And they are hard to understand . If you ask for someone who speaks English, you will get a strong foreign accent. Boyfriend is on his 3rd piece of garbage phone! The smart phone they sell doesn't work worth a darn. Bad, bad customer service! Their not easy to talk to and get any help. That's all.

Robbie 10/29/2012
If the option was (0) stars that is what I would really give them. I bought a Nokia E5 from their website. As it turned out the memory card they sent with it was defective, mistake #1. They sent it to me using Sprint, I told the customer service reps BEFORE I bought the phone there is NO SPRINT available in our area, they reassured the phone wouldn't be sent using SPRINT, BUT they sent it anyway, mistake #2. Call to get it replaced, phone kept freezing up EVERY time I put on CHARGER. Rep sends me a email with a Fedex returning shipping label, with ID and Password, none of this works after verifying by calling FEDEX. Rep sent email replacement phone has been shipped B.S.. I called straighttalk and the phone hasn't been shipped YET. NowI am going out of town next week, without this phone. So I have to go and buy another phone, won't be with straighttalk, tracfone or Net 10. What a Joke and a bunch of liars. The F.C.C. needs to clamp down on this garbage as well the B.B.B. this is crazy that they are allowed to do business this way to so many people

Rhonda L. 10/29/2012
Ive had Straight Talk for a month and a half now, and their service is horrible. Like the other reviewers on here, I had a ton of problems trying to get my phone activated. Their website messed up my porting the number over and I kept getting error messages. Calling customer service was pointless since none of them know what's going on and I couldn't understand any of them. I talked to three different people. Then once I got the phone activated, I started having problems with bad voice quality during every call, dropped calls, poor reception, not getting text messages, and very slow internet. Their phones are cheap and give you nothing but problems. After this month is over, I'm switching to Virgin Mobile. Straight Talk has poor service.

Kelsey 10/28/2012
Reasons why I hate straight talk
1. I've had to contact them three times in under 5 months about my phone and still nothing was done
2. Do the understand what it means to be customer friendly? last time i contacted them they treated me like I'm stupid. Don't know about you but I'm tech savvy and know how to work my phone.
3. LISTENING to the customer is a problem. i had to REPEAT my PHONES NOT WORKING several times.

jerry r. 10/27/2012
i agree with the previous review-he is right. All of their phones are garbage and very cheap. What upset me about their service is how they advertise that they give you unlimited web with their 45 dollar plan. Well, my data was actually cut off because i watched youtube videos and many of my android phones features were disabled by these crooks at Straight Talk. So, no it is not unlimited. At all! This is false advertising and you are being misled. The terms and conditions are vague and say you dont get unlimited web. I called customer service four different times and none of them could help. In fact, none of them even spoke english very well. I couldnt understand them! They offer lies, poor customer service, poor wireless service, and cheap phones. Go with someone else who is more reliable.

Eric17 10/27/2012
I have been using Straight Talk for a month and really like it so far. I have read alot of post and researched alot of websites about particular problems with straight talk. This might help anyone thinking about using Straight Talk.
Rules to follow with Straight Talk to avoid problems.
1. The byop program is best if your area has good ATT or Tmobile coverage
*check your city's coverage area
2. Never buy a Straight talk phone or Walmart phone (they are garbage) Bring your own used unlocked ATT or Tmobile gsm phone. Make sure phones frequency will work on particular sim you are using or data will not work properly. Do not buy one of the expensive new 4g lte phones (you cannot get lte speeds with straight talk-3to10mbps downloads max on Straight Talk)
3. Buy Straight Talk compatible ATT or Tmobile Sim($15) and only $45 service card online. They will ship both items free of charge to your mailing address
4. Once you receive your sim and activation service card. Call Straight Talk 1-877-430-2355 and activate sim and service card. Do not do this over the computer. Please, have the proper account info and password pin from your previous provider so your phone number can be ported properly if you are trying to keep your old phone number
5. Make sure you use proper apn settings for your particular sim and phone. (always leave proxy blank)
6. Once phone is activated-use a data usage software to track your data usage. Straight talk will trottle or cut your service off if you average more than 150 mb per day/2gb per month maximum. So use wifi whenever possible and never you netflix or youtube or pandora when not using wifi. You will be cut off. If you need more than 2gb per month data-straight talk is not the service for you.
7. Never use auto refill and never buy the $30 refill cards (always problems with these)
8. If you have a problem, call this number 1-800-876-5753 or use these email address if problems not solved ( or
**Enjoy using straight talk-I have so far

Jackie Anderson 10/26/2012
I will give straight talk 1 star because it works great if the customer service people let it. I have had it for almost 1 month. It was fast for almost 2 weeks when suddenly it became very slow. I called several times and talked to about 10 people, most of whom spoke with strong accents hard to understand, to find out why it was so slow. They kept saying I violated user agreement 6 and 7. That is pretty vague. I wanted to know exactly what I had done wrong. I still don't know other than that if I use it very much they will slow it down. I finally talked to a supervisor today. He got upset because I could not understand his accent. He threatened to cut my service. I will not recommend straight talk to anyone. I will not renew it either.

Steve 10/25/2012
I've been with StraightTalk for about 4 months now and originally had it set up with an iphone 3G, but recently upgraded to the 4s. They throttled my data down to a snails pace in early October and it still has not been restored...due to a Terms of Service violation 6 & 7. Customer service is a joke...india and the phillipines i believe. Kind of held hostage because I prepaid for a 3 month block upfront and basially have a disabled iphone until i jump ship again to Tmobile. NOTE THAT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON STRAIGHT TALK ARE STRICT!! NO VIDEO NO STREAMING MUSIC TETHERING!!

Val W 10/24/2012
I was a previous OOMA customer for 3 years, but my ISP couldn't keep things steady on the speeds and I finally had to give it up.I have had the ST phone for the last 4 months,great value for the money on the unlimited program,I just use it as a phone,I don't text,or do online, so for me it is great, and now I am looking into the new ST Home phone for the comfort and convenience. .it will be the same $$ spent, and I don't have any complaints.

Karen 10/24/2012
Straight Talk customer service is awful. None of them speak clear English. Their website is constantly having problems-I can never renew my minutes and had a ton of problems porting my number over. I kept getting error messages. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and the phone service itself on my Nokia E5 is horrible. I can't get a clear call and am always hearing background noise, I've been getting network busy/connection error messages, texts won't come through, and I normally have problems connecting to the internet. Their service is bad and I do not recommend them.

Joe 10/24/2012
I've had straight talk for about a month now. My wife and I bought the Samsung galaxy proclaim phone, which run on the Verizon network. With Verizon we were paying $180 a month. With straight talk we are paying $90 a month. We do not live in a 4g area so having a 4g phone is pointless. This phone has gotten the same service as my old Verizon phone for half the cost and no contract. Had an issue with porting my number from Verizon and straight talks customer service took care of it right away. Service has been awesome same with internet. Both my wife and I love straight talk and recommend it to everyone. Just be patient with the customer service.

New User 10/23/2012
I had trouble connecting my phone in the beginning, so I sent a message to the company via e-mail. Fortunately, they gave me an alternate # to call to get through to a live person (1-888-251-8164). I tend to use my phone for calling and texting primarily, so the $30 plan is sufficient for me. You can also get a reasonable phone (QWERTY keyboard) for under $100.

Carrie T. 10/23/2012
Like everyone else on here, my data got turned off on my phone two days ago. That's crazy. I never even used over 500 MB because the phone said how much I used! That's not unlimited at all and the fact that Straight Talk says you get unlimited with the $45 plan is a lie. Buyer beware! Here's what I don't understand-they are offering different androids and 3G phones on their website and at Wal-Mart and you can bring your own GSM phone (iphone) to their service but yet they strongly limit you on how much data you can use and then cut you off without warning. How pathetic. All of those phones are heavy data users. Next month, I'm going with another prepaid carrier, one who offers truly unlimited data. Stay away from Straight Talk.

Laurie 10/22/2012
I've had Straight Talk for over 2 years. I've only used the $30 plan. It provided everything I needed.

carl m. 10/21/2012
straight talk service is horrible. I tried 3 times to renew my minutes on their website and never could get it to work. So i call customer service and got someone i couldnt understand (surprise) and he couldnt help me. i got so frustrated that i asked for another person or a supervisor and was hung up on. This kind of service is unacceptable and i dont recommend this service to anyone. So two weeks later, i have a brand new phone that i cant use. After reading these reviews, i can see why so many peole are upset with them. They are very deceptive and poorly run.

jamie 10/21/2012
this phone company sucks i lost my service because i used the internet to much and they need to learn english they accused me of hooking my phone up to the internet when i dont own a computer i told them this this they told me to shut up

Thomas 10/21/2012
I personally love the service. Calls never drop (Knock on wood), My Internet is fast and reliable, and my GPS is always spot on accurate when going anywhere. My phone does reboot itself every once in awhile...But it's a fantastic way to start if your a teenager that doesn't want your parents complaining about your cell phone usage. The SmartPhones are also pretty cheap!

ryan 10/21/2012
Ive had straight talk for 3+ years now without any major problems. Ive had more problems with the phones than with the service, I wonder if straight talk/walmart buys factory seconds phones....I wouldnt be suprised. I have used all 3 of straight talks carriers, att and verizon have good phone coverage but lack in the internet department. Right now I have a sprint android phone, the internet is pretty good....if you have a signal!!! Yes, sprints coverage here on the west coast is somewhat lacking, BUT SWEET INTERNET!! I have never had my internet turned off like others have complained, but Ive had internet problems on all straight talks carriers. Overall I like straight talk and would recomend them, but I am not against trying another company.

Jacob 10/20/2012
I feel like I'm the only person who has anything good to say haha! I have been using Straight Talk for about half a year now. I have the $45 unlimited everything plan on my Nokia Lumia 900 that i brought from AT&T. I have used A TON of data. I went on a trip to San Francisco a few months ago, I Video Called my sister, Streamed MANY High Resolution music videos, used facebook, did some work on google docs, within LESS THEN TWO WEEKS. I have never recieved a call or warning message. I still stream videos sometimes. Data speeds are pretty decent and I've never been throttled! Occasionally I have to toggle my data on and off on my phone (Its a 4G HSPA+ Phone) to get it working cause sometimes it disconnects randomly, but its hardly a hassle for the value. I dont have to monitor any of my usage anymore. As of yet, I have had a pretty good experience with Straight Talk!

tim k. 10/20/2012
i agree with Joy-go with another carrier. Straight talk does NOT give you unlimited internet like they say in their 45 dollar plan. Its false advertising and deceptive and i dont want to deal with a company like that. I watch some youtube videos and checked my facebook and got my internet cut off yesterday too. Its ridiculous. I am going to send their corporate office a letter and email. Also, their customer service is awful too. no one speaks english and can ever help you. i encourage everyone who has problems with them or has their internet cut off to email and write them to get something done. Other prepaid companies offer unlimited internet. This company needs to be investigated. Here is their contact info- phone-1-877-430-2355 and their email addresses are and the more who complain, the better.

Joy 10/19/2012
I'm a Straight Talk customer.. I have the $45 plan they Said unlimited Data .. Been only 14days Just yesterday they Cut my Internet After I use 500mb I have 15 more days left with no internet data .. Please be smart and stay away from this Straight Talk cell phone carrier ... I wasted my money with them .. Please don't waste your money .. Go with T-Mobile prepaid you will be happy... That's what I will do..

Cory 10/19/2012
I've had straighttalk for roughly a year. I only use the $30 plan but what you get for the price has been fine by me! It's half the price I was spending before but I am hesitant to upgrade to a better phone requiring the $45 plan. Why? Because the coverage area looks bad for where I live (NH) and I'd rather not spend $150+ on what appears to be a good phone and then find out it doesn't work. Also, after reading some of these reviews, I think I'm all set.

ERICK30 10/19/2012
If you are thinking on going with STRAIGHT TALK " Be adviced that they say they don't but they do restrict your data. I am an iPhone user and recently opened an account with straight talk, after 2 days of watching my university lecture they restricted my data to appx. 125 mb/s ( which really sucks).My speed tester on my iPhone wouldn't even start sometimes. When I called customer service, they told me that they do have it posted on their website on the Terms and conditions section.. I check my usage Data and I had only used 600 mb of data. There are some reviews that say that they restrict at 2GB , but be advised that this is not true., I got restricted at 600 mb. For the same money I will go tosimple mobile.

Thanks 10/19/2012
I'm so glad i found this site I just brought the ST phone and started getting nervous about it coming from verizon. After reading these reviews. I'm headed to verizon NOW. thanks for the truth each and every one of you

jeff 10/19/2012
The phone service isnt bad at all. the internet is awfull. watching vidios takes about three times the lenth of the vidio because verizon 3g sucks.. when its working good its great. havnt seen it that way for about a month now. if you need lots of phone time its not a bad deal.dont expect much from internet though

d.s. 10/18/2012
straight talk service is a scam. There are so many things they wont tell you with the "unlimited" plan. The internet and text messages are not unlimited. They cut you off after 1GB of data. The coverage maps are very inaccurate. Customer lack of service is awful. You can never get through when you try to call them. Renewing your minutes on their website is like pulling teeth, and their selection of phones is poor. This company shouldnt be in business. Tracfone and walmart should be ashamed to be associated with them. Go with Boost, you will be a lot happier.

daniel m 10/18/2012
0 stars! its interesting how straight talk and prepaid reviews are removing a lot of the negative reviews on here. Believe me after the experiences ive had with them, they are true. They just dont want you to know the truth. Customer service is horrible, none of them speak decent english and they can never help you. They will hang up on you. I could never get my phone activated after several attempts, and texts wont come through. Horrible service, definitely go with someone else.

Dave 10/16/2012
I have had the service for just over a year and couldn't be happier. I have had two phones, one on ATT network and my current phone which is on the Sprint network. I used both the $30 plan and the $45 plan. I have had two issues which I talk to the customer service which is in India. Yes, they have accents but they do their best and if you are a little patient, they do an excellent job. I think we Americans are an 'instant' society and when 'instant' doesn't happen we get upset. I had a fairly complicated issue with the porting of my phone number and while it took some time to straighten out, they got it done. It certainly saves my wife and I a considerable amount of money each month. They do have an automatic renewal option each month as well. Hard to believe what 'regular' companies get by with charging and 'contracts'.

Neil 10/16/2012
Glad I ran across this site. We have 3 lines from AT&T only one line has limited data and it costs $195.00 a month. Considered going to ST but after all these negative reviews, no way. Our contract with AT&T is up on 2 of the lines so I am going shopping for another service as AT&T does not work to well in this area.

k.s. 10/13/2012
I would not recommend straight talk to anyone. Whenever i try to make calls, i get network busy and connection error messages. If i can connect a call, its never clear. The coverage area and reception isnt as good as Verizons or Att's. You dont get priority service on the towers like regular vzw or att customers. pathetic service for 45 dollars a month. the internet isnt fast either. Not 3G speeds.

Chuck 10/13/2012
Really happy with the cost, coverage is not as good as verizon. But the saving makes up for it. We had 1400 min with verizon w/out text and it cost $104. With straight talk mine is 35 and my wife's is 49 after tax. I've had to call customer service a few times and never had a problem. Always got right through and they took care of the issue. I would recomend this service to anyone.

Bill m. 10/13/2012
straight talk has to be the worst customer experience i have ever had. ever! They are so full of deceptive and shady business practices. The "unlimited" data plan isnt truly unlimited. You get less than 2GB then you are cut off. Their coverage maps are inaccurate-there are a lot of dead zones, the customer service people cant speak english and dont have a clue whats going on. The call service itself is bad, im always getting dropped calls and garbled voice. Texts dont always come through, etc. I could go on and on! Go with a different provider.

DAN 10/12/2012
I purchased HTC Inspire AT&T unlocked phone, got a SIM card bundle with $ 45 plan from ST and since than no more dropped calls and 3G is amazingly fast. Sent successfully SMS to my friends all over the globe. Streaming my favorite radio stations all the time. On the first day of service I have decided to test their CS so i called in to activate my SIM card and yes their techs have an accents but so do I.In addition I use WIFI and AT&T hot spots trough out Charlotte , NC, metropolitan area so i stay good on data usage.I'll perform test on how much data i can really use up by the end of my billing cycle. I would recommend ST to my friends!!

Jan 10/12/2012
I would not advise anyone to get Straight Talk. I thought it would be a good service for the money BUT if you have trouble do not expect help from what they call customer service. They sold me a phone that did not work to begin with and then after sending it in waiting 2 weeks to get it back and then they tell me they sent me a phone where the sim card won't work. They have to talk wiht me so I buy a tracfone so I can talk to them then they use up all my minutes and want to talk some more. I am tired of paying to talk to someone who does not understand ENglish and me paying for them to try to get me service.

Hannah 10/12/2012
I like Straight Talk. It's a good service for the money. I am out of the country a lot and I wanted a phone place in the US I could pay for only when I'm here. It's perfect for me. They even say if your phone goes unused for more that 30 days the next time you activate it you will have a new number. I thought that would be semi-annoying, but chose the plan anyway. After I spent 3 months outside the US, I returned, reactivated my plan, and my number was still the same. So that was a plus! My only complaint... I typically only use the $30 a month plan (1000 texts, 1000 minutes, limited data) because I'm a minimal phone user. This month I decided to try the $45 unlimited plan. I wanted to see how much over the 1000 texts and minutes I used to see if I should use this plan each time. Unfortunately, if you choose the unlimited plan it does not track your usage. I even called customer service. They said they couldn't check it. I talked to the manager, she couldn't check it. And they weren't very sympathetic to my complaint that I would like to know my usage because I want to know how much money to spend this week. Personally, I feel like they are cheating us into paying more money by keeping us in the dark about our usage. Yes, I realize that $45 is a good deal for unlimited usage, but that's $180 a year you could save if you knew you didn't need it. Even just saving $15-30 a year is nice the way this economy is now days! I recommended they add a way to track our usage even on unlimited plans. I'm sure they'll get right on it... Ha!

Anonymous 10/12/2012
Be weary of a company that boasts unlimited data when you are only allowed 2g!! So don't expect to watch movies or videos play games, etc on your phone without having wifi. Even when im on wifi, my Internet on my unlocked iPhone 4S is constantly shutting off. I made the mistake of not reading the fine print, and after just renewing my minutes, and spending $45... ST had shut off my Internet saying I used too much the month before. WoW! Ive only been using them for 2 months!! Then they told me I couldn't have Internet that month, I had been cut off because I used 2g the month before.. Thought it was unlimited? The person i spoke to,( that could barely speak English) said no its not, and told me to read section something something or the " fine print.".
Just for people out there who wants an honest company- DO NOT GO WITH STRAIGHT TALK ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A PHONE THAT USES A LOT OF DATA LIKE AN IPHONE. You get what you pay for. I've been with boost before and their Internet speeds weren't as fast, but they never shut off my Internet for having used 2 g one month. ST is misleading and a joke. Don't fall for their crap... After my min expire I'm going elsewhere ... I spent $700 on an unlocked iPhone just so I wouldn't be tied with phone contracts. Not being tied to a phone contract is the only good thing about straight talk... But believe me, unless your an older person who barely uses their phone only to call family once in awhile and check their Internet once in a while... Stay away!! Use straight talk at your own risk!

Ronnie 10/11/2012
happy to see this review i'm [lanning to switch to ST, but coz of this reviews i changed my mind..thanks to all of you

This is to inform you that I am launching a full on campaign to take as many straight talk customers away and persuade them to buy ANY other service other than straight talk. As we have gone round and round, and as your customer service rep told me (about 20 times) that your policy is a thirty day refund for defective phones, I believe your practices if not illegal are deceptive and immoral. In the last year I have purchased six (6) phones from WALMART or directly through STRAIGHT TALK which all broke in one way or another. I even purchased the 18 month insurance policy on the 5th phone as it was an expensive ANDROID phone and all straight talk wants to do is send me another piece of crap phone. The reason I kept buying was because I WAS a loyal customer. I have pictures of all the broken phones…most of the receipts and am posting the pictures with a sign attached to face book and have already taken 30 existing or potential customers. At roughly 600 dollars annually that is 18,000 dollars I already took. I will not stop until I get a refund of 350 dollars. I have also made up a tshirt on my home printer with a picture of the broken phones and a clipping from the website consumer search which shows the HORRIBLE customer service reviews and will wear it in the electronics isle of Wal-Mart until I take as many potential customers as I can or I get arrested. YOUR COMPANY IS WRONG in what they did to me and until it is made right I will not stop!

Eric17 10/10/2012
I have been a Straight Talk customer for 2 weeks and my experience has been positive so far. I live outside of the Atlanta area and felt the need to share my experience from today. Data speeds are excellent. I usually get between 2 and 7 mbps down. Today at work we did a speed test on 4 different phones at 5pm. Here are the download results.
Iphone 5 (19.1 mbps) At&t Lte
Iphone 4s (3.2 mbps At&t 4g
Iphone 4 (2.4 mbps) At&t 3g
Htc Inspire (3.9 mbps) My Straight talk phone with at7t sim
I will leave another review once my first 30 days are up

Emmzie 10/9/2012
Like most people on here; I wish i could say something positive about this service....yes my phone accepts the card immediatly but thats the only positive thing i can think of. Ive had my phone about a year now and it keeps freezing
on me, randomly turning off and restarting, and now AT THIS VERY MOMENT it wont let me get into my inbox and is acting super slow.....I really want to throw my phone at the wall.

i got results 10/9/2012
i actually got my issue resolved with straight talk! Dont bother calling them, send an email directly to them-their address is or or you can send them a message via Facebook. If you call, you will get a person you cant understand.

Marcos 10/9/2012
I've had this service 2 weeks. One iPhone 4 and another 4s. Both work great. I had to change apn settings to get internet and picture messages to work but Internet is fast. especially compared to tmobile. picture messages work. Signal is good everywhere I use it. I have no complaints.

annie 10/8/2012
I would give them a zero rating if one was available! My husband and I got tired of paying outrageous prices on a plan so we had had Straight Talk before with not much problem, so we decided to try them again. HUGE MISTAKE!! We received our phones after the three day shipping which we expected. The offer was for a free phone if you got a bundle. Now we knew they were refurbished, but even with that aren't they supposed to work? I thought anyway when Mr. Fedex handed the box to me and I could hear the phones rattling around I had an ut oh moment. Sure enough they were packaged horribly. One phone would not stay on. The screen just kept going blank and you had to turn the phone back on every time you tried to do anything. The other phone, the battery was broken and you couldn't even get it into the back of the phone. These were both the Motorola Flip phone. One of the three free offered. So my of the most level headed dudes there is..called customer service. Within a few minutes of talking with an English is my second language person..he was smoking mad. So I took over with another person who then told me that even though we got our phones online we could take them to our nearest Walmart and get an exchange, just to get me off the phone. So a big fat lie later and wasted gas and time, we got back to a phone and another round with yet another person who didn't understand MY BATTERY IS BROKEN!! I then asked to speak with a manager. I got a floor supervisor who I felt was just not "getting it" either.By this time we had wasted an entire morning fighting with four different people. I then finally got a manager and I then told them I wanted a call tag to have these piece of crap phones picked up and I was NOT paying to send back their junk. I then was told once they received them they would credit my husbands card for the full amount of our purchase. They were returned and I got confirmation from Fedex tracking. My husband called today to find out when they would be crediting our account. He was told within 30 flipping days..REALLY?! It took two seconds to take it off our card and 30 days to return it? I am so mad about this whole thing. How can companies like this get away with basically stealing from people? I paid good money and in good faith that the product they were selling would be at least decent..well hopefully my story will keep at least one person from getting treated horrible and cheated out of their time and money.

L.R. 10/8/2012
straight talk has given me a lot of problems. I agree- go with another provider. They arent worth the hassles. I have a new LG smartphone and still havent been able to activate it! This has been 2 weeks ago. I wanted to port my number over from Verizon, well that didnt work either. Customer service is useless and they dont know how to help you. They cant even speak english! Its ridiculous for an American company to hire foreigners to take calls. Like the previous review, i would email their corporate office or customer service-you can get more done that way. So now im stuck with a new phone i cant use and cant activate on their website. Their service is bad.

Kevin 10/8/2012
Straight Talk isn't a bad service. Sure, I've gotten dropped calls sometimes. But I live in the Midwest and I get dropped calls with my regular provider too (Sprint). LOL. I can't believe some of these reviewers are claiming to have lost $100 and now threatening legal action. Are they friggen serious??

don waters 10/8/2012
Save yourself a thousand headaches and go with another company. Straighttalk is proving that ustomer service is truly dead. They will takr your mney but not help you use the phone. Something as simple as changing my primary calling area has become a nigthmare. One word says it: Inferior. Accompany that doesn't want to help you have a pleasant experience with their product Should go out of business. You deserve better. Take my advice and keep your money for somebody else. My review in a nutshell? BOOOOO!!!! I already 1 of the new provider and you will too so don't waste your money.

Robert H. 10/7/2012
like many other reviewers on here, i have had so many problems with straight talk also. Thanks to them, im out of 100+ dollars. Im having a lot of the same problems-dropped calls, bad voice quality, internet not connecting, not getting calls, network error messages, bad reception, etc. So, im taking action against them. I hope you will to- their direct email address is or Dont bother calling them you wont get through. Keep emailing them until your problem is fixed. Something needs to be done about these issues-the more you contact them, the better.

lisa k. 10/7/2012
whatever you do, DO NOT waste your money to get Straight Talk wireless. I have had so many problems with them it is crazy! You cant do anything on their joke of a website-it wont work when you try and activate a phone or renew your minutes. Something always goes wrong or you get an error message. Their phones are bottom of the line crap phones that dont work right. The company is very deceptive, sneaky and lie when they say data and minutes are unlimited. They truly are not and they will cut your service off without warning after just 2GB of data. Their coverage maps are terrible and very inaccurate and overdone. finally, the customer service is the absolute worst i have ever experienced. Not one of them has a clue as to what they are doing and they cant even speak English to where you can understand it. Go with anyone else they are better than straight talk! Walmart and Tracfone should be ashamed of representing a company like this.

acron1 10/6/2012
So I got an iPhone 4S to use with ST.
I live in Northern Westchester county NY and the service is great. Internet speeds are way better than Sprint and not having a contract is a huge plus for me.
It's not true that you have to jailbreak your iPhone to get your APN settings settings changed as some have reported in these reviews (just Google it)and quite frankly I am shocked with what people are saying in some of the reviews.

george e. 10/4/2012
straight talk is an utter joke. I have never experienced such incompetent people in my life. I was on the phone with them for almost 2 hours and spoke to 3 different people and still couldnt get my phones activated. I did not understand what any of them were saying and they have no clue as to what they are doing. Im beyond frustrated. Do not do business with straight talk, now im out of 90+ dolllars thanks to these callng the BBB, Florida Attorney General and their parent company, Tracfone.

chicken260 10/4/2012
I got straight talk and am using it with an unlocked galaxy s3. Setup was fairly straightforward, no real issues. Porting took an hour or two. I read reviews ahead of time, so I walked in with my eyes wide open on what to expect (zero customer service and data usage cap). I had tracfone a long time ago, and I was fairly happy with them...since straight talk is by tracfone, I'm expecting about the same. I get signal everywhere, no connectivity issues. I use less than 2gb of data a month anyway, so the data cap is a nonissue. Just know what to expect, and the service'll be fine. And, all the prepaid phones are crap --get an unlocked phone and slap a prepaid SIM in.

Melissa R. 10/4/2012
The technical support and customer service at Straight Talk is awful. It's so bad, it's like a joke. None of them know what they are doing and their English is horrible where you can't understand them. The phone service itself is bad. I have horrible reception on my new Samsung phone in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio. Calls are always dropped. My phone doesn't ring when people call, the internet won't connect. After numerous calls and e-mails to their support center, nothing gets fixed. Go with T-mobile prepaid, you won't have problems like these.

pathetic service 10/4/2012
straight talk is horrible! I agree with Mike g. I use my phone in Cincinnati, Ohio and am having the same problems as Mike is. Their website never works right either and nothing gets fixed. Every call i make with my nokia e5 on the att network is never clear. The voice is usually garbled, there is static in the line, i always get network busy/ connection error messages, texts dont come through and i can rarely get on the internet. Their service is pathetic and trying to get it fixed by one of their tech support foreigners is impossible. I was told the same thing that att towers get very low priority too. Really? Thats ridiculous. Then i guess straight talk wont be getting any more of my business. The savings arent worth it-go with another prepaid carrier.

candy 10/3/2012
ive changed to straight talk last year when verizon ripped my budget to shreds and refused to repair the lies. im happy so far but to get to live person for customer service isnt going well. all i want to know is there supposed to be tax paid on the purchase of a card? along with thwe $1 911 fee that i wasnt told about.

Mike G. 10/3/2012
Went to ST when we bought 2 new Galaxy Proclaim phones which use only Verizon network. Our ZIP code is for a south suburb of Minneapolis (Chaska). Network works fine there, and in several other areas, but suffers ongoing dropped words in conversations, and dropped calls in an adjoining suburb (Shakopee) only 3 miles away. Shakopee is home to Canterbury State Horse Racing Track, Valley Fair Amusement Park, Northstar Manheim Auto Auction and Mystic Lake Casino Complex... it is mind boggling Straight Talk doesn't support this close in suburb of Minneapolis! ST customer support now tells me it's because they have "low priority" on Verizon towers & nothing can be done to fix it. How is the customer expected to live with a network that is unusable in a major metropolis of 3+ million people? Totally ridiculous! Be careful, ST may be worthless in your city too! What a hassle!

Drew 10/2/2012
I have the International 'Deal'. International calling is via a linking number that provides a shaky, interference plagued line. I've been cut off every single time I've used it. Awful.

Peggy 10/2/2012
I have had this service for almost 2 years. Everything went well until I wanted to change from the $30 plan to the $45 unlimited plan. After 5 months they still can't get it right. Each month they cut off my usage and it takes days to get my phone working again. Prepaid Buyers Beware of Straight Talk!

Fed Up - Ditto 10/2/2012
Fed Up said: "When I had ATT I NEVER got a phone call from anyone I hadn't given my number to. Being with ST my phone rings constantly from telemarketers, etc.

Walker 10/1/2012
I forgot to add that their website is also completely useless. It sits and spins much of the time, and quite often the pages fail to load OR are redirected to an AD page. I want to say something positive about his crackpot company, but the best I can say is that the customer service reps try to be nice - it's just that they have no idea what they are doing - and whatever system they use is completely useless and confusing - even to them! I am switching tomorrow - to anything - a tin can on a string... anything!

Walker 10/1/2012
WORST Customer Service EVER! EVER! EVER! The phone service itself is good, but the phone units are CRAP - but nothing is as CRAPPY as their customer service. I don't fault the nice people on the other end - it is their system that is simply impossible. They cannot seem to complete any change in service without screwing up the account completely. I have a monthly fight with them over end dates, minutes, auto-refill, you name it. Here's one example from a list as long as my arm - I asked them to change your account to auto-refill, and they screwed things up so bad on their end that I wound up paying TWICE for the same month, and they STILL didn't do it right. Do not walk - RUN from this phone company!!! If they had a 0 rating here it would be too high!

Would Rather Pay Double 10/1/2012
When I got my phone, I registered it surprisingly quick and it worked fine until I signed up for automatic refill. Somehow, my number was changed and my phone cut off, even though I payed my bill on time. I am going back to Verizon where I can at least get Customer Service to answer the phone when you have a problem. I guess you get what you pay for...nothing.

FED UP 10/1/2012
When I had ATT I NEVER got a phone call from anyone I hadn't given my number to. Being with ST my phone rings constantly from telemarketers, etc. I believe ST is selling our numbers. My reject list is full and now I have no choice but to listen to my phone ring over and over. Ive had this number for 15 years and seems odd that these calls started after I switched to ST. Is anyone else noticing this?

James M. 10/1/2012
All of these negative reviews of Straight Talk are the absolute truth. I live in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio and the 3G service that uses AT&T's towers is horrible. Many times, my calls won't connect, I get network busy messages, I won't get text or voicemails. The internet hardly ever connects, not at 3G speeds, calls are never clear, and reception is spotty at best. Ive attempted to call straight talk customer service and can never get through due to high call volume. Then, once I can get through, I couldn't understand a word the person said and vice versa. I asked for someone else and got another foreigner. This kind of service is pathetic for an American company and English customers. Needless to say, the issues never got resolved. Go with someone else who is more reliable and has English speaking customer service reps. Plus, the internet and calling the same number/minutes are NOT unlimited. False advertising!

theresa 9/30/2012
the cricketphonee i haad, stopped working so i went 2 walmart got aHundred dollar straight talk phone with a 45$ monthly prepsid afer a month. the straighttalk stopped working -OUr main point is i would of liked2 gotten a new phone but they at walmart dont handle this situation.i dont believe that you charge close too 15o. 4 a phone and dont ablige 2 replace the device when something goes wrong. thanks for your time,get back 2 me what i am 2 doo?

Darrin 9/30/2012
I got my phone with the unlimited card and it worked fine. However when I thought I would save a little money and bought the $30 card I was unable to make any calls or even get incoming calls. My account said that I had 1000 minutes and 1000 texts but that is no good if no calls can be made. NEVER buy the $30 card just think of this as a full unlimited program and expect to ALWAYS pay the $45

crocxxx 9/30/2012
I have the same frustrations with this company that's why I switched to the new sensational Solavei. I'm happy to have true unlimited 4G voice, text and data riding the Tmobile backbone so my coverage and speed is awesome!

Guest 9/30/2012
I've considered purchasing a straight talk phone but sales people are totally ignorant. I know more about the plans than these contracted people to stand behind a table in Wal Mart and sell phones and plans. Totally unacceptable, Nothing like selling something you know absolutely about. Guess I will stick with Verizon and T-Mobile

d dub 9/29/2012
very glad I stumbled on this site before purchasing a Straight Talk phone/plan. Thanks to all those who have voiced their opinions and frustrations. It's a big help to those of us who are searching and don't know about the company and service. Something told me that if Walmart sold it, it'd be complete crap. This site of reviews confirms. If ya get it from H**l-Mart, don't expect anything more than another piece of plastic for the landfill- period.

Lindsey 9/29/2012
I bought the phone from Walmart on 8-21-2012. The service worked until I paid my 9-21-2012 refill amount. Tne next week I could not make calls from my home office. It had worked for 30 days and then suddenly it would not call out. I called customer service (philapines) and they said walk around and find a hotspot in your home. I said I am sitting in the hot spot where it worked for 30 days no problem. Cust. Service said take the battery out and make a call. I took the battery out twice and it worked for TWO (2) calls. Walmart knows these are crappy phones because you only get a 15 day return at Walmart. I have the ZTE which is all my walmart sells (don't buy). I am out $129.00 and I am trying to return 30 only phone to the manufacturer.

tjacob 9/28/2012
Worst customer service ever. No record of customer interactions on their ticket. Have been trying to port a number for the last 10 days. Still no luck.

steve 9/28/2012
This service is a sham and they lie. You get to choose EITHER Tmobile or ATT service (and regardless you come second to those contract customers)...They advertise unlimited data but thats a lie. First off, you cannot stream video or music under their $45 unlimited no youtube, no Pandora, no Google Music or news videos. They dont really offer unlimited service- they offer 100mb a day up to 2gb per month - If you violate that, you get a warning that they will cancel you. Customer service is awful - Outsourced people th at are useless. And of course there's no retail stores. Ive emailed them repeatedly and they keep contradicting themselves. The biggest thing to know is unlimited is a total sham and I dont know how they get away with such false advertising. You have to change your APN settings and they dont guarantee that your MMS will work. heck they dont guarantee anything, you have to pay $60 for your first month and a sim card and if you cant get that to work, youre out of that money...try again. ITs just an awful experience that will cause you a lot of stress and porting your number back and forth with totally incompetent personnel

JJ 9/28/2012
Unlimited international plan Is fake... I purchased an unlimited international $60. Plan and come to find out that I cannot make international phone Calls to that destination, even though it's advertise on their website that I can...falls advertisement,... Worst mistake ever..

Greg 9/26/2012
I and my sister have had ST for Almost 2 years now, and we have had nothing but great C/S when we called about a problem that was minor. we run A Nokia E71 and ZTE Merit and have great coverage. We had more dropped calls with VZW in the Flint , MI area. But Not with ST you wont be disappointed. Sometimes its all about the phone you get too....

The Normally Happy Customer 9/26/2012
Straight Talk is perfectly functional until you run into a problem that involves you needing to talk to a real person. After that, the methods they will use to avoid you will be despicable.
Well it certainly lives up to Wal-Mart's customer service standards, which is to say, none. It's nearly impossible to talk to anything other than a recording and when you finally can, they're completely useless for the simplest of problems.

Guest 9/26/2012
All to say is straight talk is just a middle men of at&t and tmobile. They use this way to compete with smaller company but don't have to make all their package cheaper. I was using straight talk and my number was locked by at&t. When i tried my sim on one at&t iphone. I called to customer service of straight talk; but they said at&t locked my number because i tried the sim on one stolen phone. WTH? Am i using straight talk or at&t? Customer service? C'mon guys!!! They are just middle men. They just can teach u how to activate the sim card to use. Nothing more. Sound funny when i heard that straight talk will rule at&t and tmobile. They are at&t and tmoblile but in lower level, they don't have to care about customers like they use to. Nothing will be damage for the reputation !!! So no wonder if your number or service will be suspended for some stupid reasons.

AA 9/26/2012
In my quest to go contract free, I signed up for Straight Talk, $45/month plan.

R (BUBKY) SWENSON 9/24/2012
As far as I am concerned STRAIGHTTALK
Worst customer service experience I've had. Other's experience is even worse. Twice
st was paid for same period of service. After the 2 payments ST cut off service.
HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking it is about time to think about an alternat service carrier for me.

Observer St Reviews 9/23/2012
wow these reviews are all over the place. I hope mine won't get lost but I felt I should, try. I have never heard of your phone being blocked because you call a number too much. I have been a ST customer for 2 years and call my mom everyday, same # at least twice a day no prob but who knows they are in a differ state and until ST I had never had a customer service rep hang up on me for one curse word after 2 hours of frustration either. Their customer service, I have to agree, is hair pulling at best and nerve racking at worst. Just do not give up, (it is Your money after all) ask for Supervisor, keep track of who you talked to, do not be afraid to ask for compensation and research, research research! To save money I have been going on STs site to buy their refurbished phones but so far that has ended in pure frustration! As for internet with my old phone it plain sucked, to put it nicely but I tried their suggestion of either buying an Android or a Smartphone. I bought a refurbished Nokia E 5 and aside from a lot of issues which are Nokias fault, not ST, my big issue was ST didn't send the right sim card with the phone and it took four tries and over a month to get ST to fix. My point of the story is they did fix it, they are offering compensation and I have thirty days to decide if I like my phone. Also their shipping is a little crazy and only ships on business days, so save money and hassle stick with their free shipping most of the time it gets there in 3 days. So if you need to save money and need to make a lot of calls or text I save give Straight Talk a try. Also a really great idea is check your coverage area, call around and do not just go off a map, it never worked for me. I live in Boise, 83703 and have traveled to Cali 92843 with no prob, including lay overs in La and Oakland, Just an Fyi. If you use a lot of internet, so far my biggest suggestion would be get an Android. My Nokia E 5 is better to use the internet then my old phone but I am not on it more then an hour or so every day to check email or a dating site. If I really want to use internet I use free WiFi cafes with my laptop because I can not get my phone to hook up to my laptop as advertised but I am still trying to get that fixed. Other then that, if you have any type of issue take a Tylenol, a really deep breath and realize not much is made in America anymore, so your chances of true understandable english with customer service is right up their with winning the lottery, sorry but that is a lot of companies now a days. My biggest info for you is one that surprised me, so plan when you start up your service because if you start it up on the 12th next month it will be due the 11th and so on, even if you auto refill, which I have had no issues with. I hate it but for the price cut, I deal I mean Sprint makes you pay a month in advance. Also one thing ST phones do which drives me postal is if your phone gets turned off, no service, even accidentally or their fault, you can not reach customer service on your phone. All you can do on it is call 911 or pay. If you want to contest it, you have to use a friends phone or a pay phone. I think you should be able to call 611 or customer service as its called. So now your prepared, if you have to call customer service you know to take a Tylenol, do not cuss, ask for compensation and you know that it is cheaper service, you get what you pay for, so dont expect Porsche service for Kia prices! I hope that you give it a try, for $47.89 a month it is really not all that bad, unless of course you have to call customer service, then yes I will admit patience is a virtue ;¤}

kim 9/23/2012
i am with $45 unlimited plan.
call and texts are good
but data/internet is so unreliable.

John A 1984 9/21/2012
Customer service is absolutely droid just stopped receiving incoming calls one day and I couldn't turn call barring off no matter what I tried...I repeatedly for almost a week tried calling customer support only to get a recording that they were too busy at the time too handle my call...I was persistent though and finally got a hold of nice lady that had me do all sorts of things to my phone and had me give her all its info...well she ended up concluding that it was just a local service problem and deactivated my phone and asked me to call back after 24 hours to reactivate it and it should work..well I tried and I had to use someone elses phone to do it and after almost another week of trying to get through and getting the same message I finally gave up...they ripped me off for two weeks of service and I threw the phone in the trash...big waste of time and money

Jerry 9/21/2012
I rated ST a 5 some months ago. Now I've got a real feel for the service - it sucks. Sometimes I don't get my calls, even when people say that have called me. Sometimes I don't get any service, even when my sister who has PagePlus is sitting right next to me and her phone is picking up service. Always get message something like "accessing network" but it never goes through. $45 for everything sounds great in theory, but in reality I am not getting good service. ST is not worth the $30/month I am saving over AT&T. There has to be a pre-paid out there with good service. I am going to check out Page Plus soon - anything is better than this!

KS transplant 9/20/2012
Spent most of an hour with tech support. Only get 1 bar service at my house. Gal said it was because of walls in my house and that I should shut down apps when making a call. ZTE Merit phone is great, no help from her. Will keep for a while then go elsewhere.

JJ 9/19/2012
Best bang for the buck.
No problem with my call quality.
Customer service is not that bad.
Understanding the techs might take a little patience but overall not a big hassle.

John M. 9/19/2012
Straight Talk Wireless is a very deceptive company. Their so called unlimited $45 plan is not unlimited at all. They will cut your service off if you use too much data. I checked Facebook and watched a few Youtube videos and they turned my internet service off. It's BS! Then, I called my wife twice a day for two weeks and got a phone call with a warning saying that I was calling the same number too much! WTH?? So, nothing is unlimited at this company even though you pay $45 for this poor service. Try to call customer service, and you won't be able to get through for hours. Then, on top of that, none of them speak English and can understand you once you can get through. It's not worth it! Their phone selection is bad and the service itself is even worse-especially on the Nokia E5 phone. Pathetic to say the least. I suggest anyone who is having problems or is having their service cut off because of "excessive use" send them an e-mail or call them and get something done about it.

Maya 9/18/2012
This phone has been great! I have had no problem with drops calls or internet serivce. The customer service is really bad though.

Karla P. 9/16/2012
First off, people who are giving negative reviews should check the star rating which is automatically set to high ratings and give it a one star. :)
I did notice high ratings with reviewers who are not happy with ST, so you need to lower the star rating before you post.
ST is problematic with trying to reach CS, adding the service card minutes always takes hours before it shows up.
AS for the having web access- what a joke!
I've yet to access the web! Try to check email and all I get is constant drops, same as trying to access the web!
I switched to the $30.00 because what is the sense of paying for the nil existent "unlimited" talk, text, and web.
I agree with Kevin M. 9/11/2012 review.

Infinite-Th Victim 9/16/2012
With lot of hope brought two phones for family day-day pupose- as they listed low price comapared to other SP. Struggled one month to make it work. on an average 2 hours calls to Customer support, it work on the day I called then phone goes off. again I have to call them, they will ask me to enter some codes may work or not ......But burned my finger for next 4 months of my actual phone bills in 3 days itself.

eddie 9/15/2012
when u get a phone be aware of the phone u get, cause as u know sprint, and T.Mobile suck, look 4 phones that supports Att n Verizon, and u wont have a problem, I LOVE IT, IN NEW YORK CITY

Frank 9/15/2012
You have to know that what you're buying is different from what they advertise.

tired of this 9/13/2012
The customer service sucks. They added my sisters minutes on my number somehow and it took forever to get them to understand what had taken place and get it resolved. They barely spoke or understood english. They sounded like they were reading from a script and did not know what to do.

Sandia 9/13/2012
Best, cheapest rate for unlimited usage, but PRAY TO GOD YOU DON'T NEED TO USE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Horrible service, it takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to try to resolve any problem and most of the time they just have you turning on and off your phone and if there's a big issue, they just say they are sorry and to wait 24 hours to see if your problem works out. Then when it doesn't, you call back and spend another hour on the phone and they can't fix it.

Houda 9/13/2012
When I read about the unlimited international plan I was so exiced but I called customer service to make sure my country is on the list.
So I went ahead & bought the micro sim card and the 60$ plan plus overnight shipping.
First I got it 2 days later!! So money wasted on overnigh shipping.
Then I trying to change the setting of data & mms but with this sim card the option disappears from my iPhone 4S!!
The most frustrating thing is the international calling. They lied to me and told me that my country is on the list.
What's more is that I tried to call a friend in UK , which on their so called list, but I could not be connected to him because its not on the plan.

Darell 9/13/2012
In a word, this service sucks. Dropped calls on a regular basis. Forget about calling in on it, straight to voice mail. When you do get through the reception is horrible. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE if you live in Northern Ky.

daninboulder 9/13/2012
I've been a pretty happy customer with ST for several years, but when they released the Samsung Proclaim Android phone that uses VERIZON'S coverage, that sealed the deal. I get great coverage, including 3G, in even the remotest rural areas. Yes, c/s can be frustrating, and they simply won't put out an exact limit on their "unlimited" data usage. I have tethered, but I use 3G watchdog (great app) to keep it at 2gb/month, 100/mb a day and so far so good. As soon as they release another Android/Verizon phone, I'll grab it and keep my old one as a backup, I like them that much

Kapsali 9/13/2012
Be warned! They will cut you off if Internet used more than allowed according to contract.

hawksnst 9/12/2012
I've been up and down trying to get this service to work on a jailbroken iPhone 4, formerly with AT&T. I tried Virgin but they throttled me a week into the month. I tried Straight Talk and was great for 2 weeks. Then I lost my data. I think it was because I was playing with a lot of newly available other aps and I reset my data settings.

Guest 9/11/2012
Worst company ever. DO NOT GO WITH STRAIGHT TALK. I repeat.. DO NOT GO WITH STRAIGHT TALK. The deal is to good to be true, and it is. You get what you pay for, and I've learned that. Had the new Samsung galaxy phone for about 3 months, and already 2 issues, cant access anything, calls, texts, nothing...... lack of real customer service.. hilarious that they drop the call because of high call volume, obviously they are not in the customer service realm but more in the, I'm going to make you suffer and deal with my incompetence in your issues.

Andy 9/11/2012
Purchase: Easy. Setup: Easy. Coverage: Great. You're getting a prepaid service, expect there to be some inconveniences. If you aren't willing to handle a few inconveniences, then stay with contract carriers. It's as simple as that folks. Don't be ignorant. That said, I haven't experienced any inconveniences yet, but I also haven't had to contact customer service and I hear that it is difficult to communicate with them. Most people who gave 1 or 2 stars sound as if they have no idea what they are talking about/doing, and they should stay with post-pay service. Go read reviews of Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint post-pay services. You'll find equally scathing comments and reviews from people who are just as ignorant. Every service provider has their pitfalls, be it price, customer service, coverage, etc. You WILL compromise in one of these areas. No carrier has cheap prices, perfect customer service, flawless coverage, and all of this with no contract.

Gene 9/11/2012
'm using the Att sim in LA. I persI basically can't do anything on my nally would never suggest ST to anyone. Customer service reps are rude, the marketing term "unlimited" is BS at best. My first 2 weeks with ST was great. Then I got my first excessive data usage threat. They threatened to cut or limit my service. I called to get clarification because I'm usually on wifi. I was told not to use Facebook, sream anything, or leave mobile data on, I eventually asked to speak with a manager. After the rep skated around my request to speak to a manager for 20 minutes I finally got one, or so I think, I ask what the limit was as far as data was concerned. He said. "there are no limits". So I said "then why did I get a threatening phone call a out excessive data usage?" he then tells me it's not how much you use its "how" you use it. After I somewhat backed him in a corner he hung up on me.

Kevin M. 9/11/2012
Straight Talk is a really bad and poorly run company full of problems. I don't know where to even begin. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and have a brand new Nokia E5 phone. It runs off of AT&T's towers and the service is horrible. I constantly have dropped calls, poor voice quality where you hear crackling and interference in the line, the voice cuts out, a lot of the times the phone won't connect to the internet, if it does, it's really slow. Not 3G speeds! The reception is terrible and very spotty. Many times, I don't receive texts or picture messages that people send me. I've tried to call customer service and can never get through, the call volume is always too high and they tell you to call back. That says something right there about their service! Send them an e-mail and you will never hear anything back. On top of all this, their plans are not unlimited. It's ridiculous-they will shut your phone off if you call the same number everyday (my wife at the house). They will also stop your service for using youtube. Not truly unlimited! This service is a joke and the savings are not worth it.

Guest 9/10/2012
I give one star cause there wasn't any zero or negative points available otherwise I would give them that.Don't even go for it. its a pain in butt. Don't waste your time and your money that's All I say.

daniel 9/10/2012
The phones carry ample bang for the Buck BUT The service is garbage and the support is non existent you are always second rate on towers you get nothing on heavily trafficked towers phone calls are always dropped and if you lice outside the city forget it hell inside the cityis sometimes just as bad you get cheap phones cheap service and are always throttled from sprint don't even bother with customer service you wont get anywhere

london 9/9/2012
just bought the phone an hour ago and can not activate the phone nor the prepaid card. website underconstruction and 877 number has a recording stating a high call volume and to visit the website...then it cuts you off. what a bad way to start a service. IM DONE! will be contacting BBB.

bbz 9/9/2012
I'm giving this service 2 stars the reason why it even got a second star was cause it's cheap. but you get what you pay for because the signal always drops & when you pay 60$ for long distance they require you to call a number THEN the number you would dial but the line only works when it wants to & the operaters are no use they tell you what you already know, I'm switching back to at&t as soon as this month is over !

Gee 9/7/2012
Lord help you if you have to ever contact customer service especially if you speak English. Tech support is in another country and their capability to speak English is terrible. I refilled my plan 4 days before it was to run out. Got up this morn and try to make a call and I get a message saying I have insufficient funds. UPDATE: While writing this my phone started working. oy ve !

SRB 9/5/2012
Worst customer service experience I've had in a decade, including the RMV and the IRS. They failed to give me important information, they failed to port my number over from my current service in multiple tries, and they failed to refund what I'd paid for a month of service that they didn't provide. Even the supervisors were useless at providing meaningful solutions to my problem. Awful, awful, awful.

S.J 9/5/2012
Purchased phone online,able to make calls but unable to receive calls.Horrible customer service,after two weeks and several calls phone still did not work.Spoke to two supervisors and one manager spent hours turning phone on and off,taking battery in and out.Also,phone constantly vibrated when turned off.They kept lying saying they can fix it,the phone was not good.Finally asked for refund,took 50 minutes to go thru process with manager and it was difficult to understsnd her due to her accent.Hope I get my refund,not holding my breath.Will report them to BBB.

FIXIT 9/4/2012

Karol 9/3/2012
Poor customer service they do not or act like they don't speak english you have to take a nerve pill after the 2 hour hold then trying to explain your prob is pure HELL. But if you ever get through the customer service ordeal the phone service is decent. I got service most places and really liked my phone but after 6 months I had to switch services due to the panic attacks and near nervous break down everytime I needed assistance from customer service. I would NOT recomend Sraight Talk

Chris 9/1/2012
Purchased Dell Venue Android gsm/att and t-mobile compatiable phone for straight talk/got away from sprint $140/month simply everything plan (99 plus misc. chgs =$140. Thought I was gonna be ahead of the game....boy was I wrong. Sprint with an HTC EVO talking, texting, and checking emails and using the internet. All that I can say is what a battle and effort the last week on my new straight talk plan. I live in Indianapolis and travel to North East Indiana off I-69. Never in my life have I ever gone thru so much pain as I have in the last week with Straight talk. I guess I took sprint for granted not hardly ever in the last 10 years dropping internet service, using internet inside buildings. Never hardly ever has a time when I couldn't get the internet. I have been trying over the last week to use the internet. Let't just use today as my example. I was in Indianapolis trying to get internet. The signal on my phone gave me one or two bars (somehow I thought that Indianapolis was a major city that wouldn't have reception problems) So then my phone shows no bars and of course no internet. Pull the battery out or power down the phone. Wait a couple minutes, try connecting, then success. Go to Navigation, what happens, throws me out of internet and now I have to repeat the above process. I will tell you what, save yourself the grief, life is too short. I spent the entire day back and forth, on and off the internet trying to get connected. I spent more time in this one day fooling with my phone than I think I spent in ten years with Sprint. Yet the map that you see in Walmart is deceiving. It shows two choices, one with Sprint and a map of much of the United States in white indicating it is not covered. Whereas ATT/Tmobile Straighttalk has the whole state in black indicating how great the coverage is and what sold me....wrong again. I am scratching my head with all the headache this day has been fooling with my cell phone/straighttalk. The owners/managers of this company are really living/thinking short day like today is one day to many for me, I have better ways to spend my time.

L. Tanaka 9/1/2012
Just bought the 30-day no-contract plan. Half a day has passed and the "service" starting in Cebu in the Phillipines all the way to the "service" on the Web is below pathetic. Since I gave my Service Pin number to a woman on the phone, I am locked out of trying to start over or even setting up an account.

Meghan Payne 8/31/2012
I was a big supporter of straight talk $35 for ok min and txt who wouldn't be. My husband bought the android unlimited plan and I bought the cute sliding phone. Five months in my husbands phone would not hold a charge and had reseption nowhere. They said mine would be better because it was not an android, boy were they wrong. Neither phones ever have reception expetially when you call costumer service. Also I would like to note you cannot file a complaint against customer service at customer service you must actually get aholde of the complaint department. Good luck on that two hour wait. Then when you actually do make it through the wait the company's land lines loose signal. Not possible. All that being said my husband canceled his service plan a few days ago, but they never deactivated the automatic withdraw from our account. And low and behold they charged us. We called and They will not refund the money, Because when we were charged it put minuts on his phone and it is a pay by the month plan. We caught it today the day they have charged us but the company told us there was nothing they can do. Ahh yes there is you can give us back our money. So I have now canceled my phone plan with this horrible company. I should have stayed with boost, but I was worried about reception her on the coast in ca. Pray for us we found a company called page plus that uses verizon towers and is suppost to have great service every were.

ELu 8/31/2012
bough the phone at walmart. logged in to activate. typed in all the information including my AMEX card number. Immediately got the page saying that the card was declined. A minute later got an email from AMEX informing me about the charge of 45 dollars. Called Straightalk, got a Filipina rep who tried to convince me that the card was declined. Called AMEX to report fraud. Will be returning the phone to Walmart on Sunday.

Glenn MN 8/31/2012
OK here's my opinion of straight talk... General GSM signals are average as they piggyback Sprint on android and Verizon on non smart phones.. Sim card based phones piggyback both t-mobile and Att so go figure... customer service is hit or miss for good ones. IT IS PREPAID!!! so NO you wont have the same stability as a contract phone... call drops and all that EXPECT THEM FROM ALL PREPAIDs!!
this includes slower data. Look at T-Mobiles prepaid broadband for example 3G speeds up to 5 GB then its EDGE speeds or slower.. WHY so their contract customers get their contracted 4G and 3G speeds ALL MONTH Straight talk is simply a lower contracted US phone whose primary owning company started outside the US and has its majority of US customer service based in south TX of which MOST are NOT Primary English Speaking people most speak SPANISH. Everyone has good and bad to say about ANY prepaid cell service that's because ALL prepaid cell service is SUB-STANDARDIZED to the carrier's CONTRACT customers. if you are having signal issues, hop skip and jump around from carrier to carrier until you find the right one of which if prepaid you might never find one perfect carrier.. Get OVER IT. Get a contract if its that bad.. heck most offer reduced pricing for those on gov't assistance so you can't tell me you can't get a contract phone because you're too poor... 23 dollars a month verizon local unlimited 38 a month for that and 1000 long distance minutes and unlimited text I KNow Ive had it before Data GO BUY A LAPTOP AND GO TO MCDONALDS ITS FREE!! but if you're that hard up that's why the smart phones have WIFI once again McDonalds if whats offered isn't good enough for you find something else stop whining like kids do you know all phones offer 14 day refund if its not up to your standard bring it back and chock the 48 for the card as a learning experience personally I have had no major problems with any of them even straight talk has been decent but look at it the old adage way you get what you pay for.! the cheaper it is the less you get.

cici21 8/31/2012
There is no such thing as Customer Service at ST, if you speak English. What you get is people who can't understand you, and whom you can't understand. And, even if they can understand you, they never do anything to resolve your issues. And, do NOT enroll in the auto refill. You will get double billed, and sometimes you don't get credit for the refill. Do yourself a favor and buy the refill cards at Wal Mart. They work a lot better.

Angry 8/30/2012
I have HAD IT with straight talk. Not only do I get poor reception, but the customer service is AWFUL. The people are rude ad completely clueless. They don't care to help you, they don't want to help you and they WILL NOT help you. And there is no alternative because the supervisors and the supervisors managers are all the same. They mess up my service randomly and then won't fix it. I would explain but it's too lengthy and ridiculous. WOW, is all I have to say. STAY AWAY FROM STRAIGHT TALK!!!

lindar 8/30/2012
If everyone reported there horrible experiences to the bbb they would probably investigated sounds like they false advertise they have below quality customer service and merchandise dont understanding why ppl go with st when there is virgin mobile verizon 50 unlimited everything that work just fine without any hassels and are cheap after all the reviews would never even consider st

William McNeel 8/30/2012
I don't know why people are giving them low marks for customer service. They have always gotten back with me very promptly and have answered my questions. The reason I'm not giving them five stars is that the reception at my home isn't all that great as some spots in my home I can make calls and some areas I cannot. Also in some places that I would get CDMA coverage at I cannot get with GSM. Thats the only downside, with that said everywhere else and inbetween its great!

jane 8/30/2012
I have used straight talk for a little over two years. The first year and a half were trouble free. I went to walmart every month, purchased a card, and refilled my account. I signed up for the prepaid plan a little over 6 month ago. Every month the money would be deducted from my checking acct. but the service would not update. I spent about 2-3 hours with customer service to update the service.

Peter 8/30/2012
Horrid customer service. Horrid. Beyond absurdly incompetent.

BG 8/29/2012
I am VERY impressed. I can tell you that their poor customer service rating must be outdated and is undeserved. As of this date, August 2012 I had a problem getting a phone number ported to their sim card and had to make 4 calls to them. At all times did I get proper guidance from polite, knowledgeable American English speaking overseas staff. That cannot be a fluke, 4 times in a row. They even called me back in response to an email I sent. The problem was eventually resolved.

Lisa 8/29/2012
After reading many reviews and doing much research about Straight Talk, I was convinced it was too good to be true! As a matter of fact this is the only site I have come across with anything negative about the service. Anyway, I've had an Iphone through AT&T for about a year and the bill of about $98 a month for just myself was getting ridiculous, so I decided to take the leap and switch to Straight Talk. I ordered the micro sim card off of their website and also the prepaid card. Both arrived in 3 business days as promised. I popped my sim card out and changed my APN address through jailbreak, since you have to jailbroke your iphone to get the data to work (as easy as plugging it in and hitting a button). I then went to the website to port over my number and provided all my AT&T account information and within 15 minutes my phone was fully activated and my internet was working! I was shocked, things like this normally don't go so easy for me, something had to be wrong! A week later and my phone has excellent service and my internet is always lightening fast. As a matter of fact I feel like I get better service through Straight Talk. Best $50 a month saving decision ever! And as for the customer service, I called them before I decided to purchase the service so I could give them the 3 zip codes where I would be using the phone the most to check if there would be good service, and someone answered the phone immediately checked them and answered all of my questions quickly, anddd when I got disconnected from my AT&T they phone called me back within 1 minute! Overall I am beyond satisfied!

chris gunter 8/29/2012
I've had my straight talk phone for 2 years.I am very happy with the service.I have no problems with my phone and no problems with getting through to customer service. Iwould highly reccomend straight talk to anyone who needs a cellphone at half the cost of these other cellphone companies.

Kathleen P. 8/29/2012
I am on monthly credit card payment plan so I don't have to worry about buying cards.Every month when they update my minutes they cut off service or limit it. This has caused some problems. Last month they cut my service (without notice) they had said that I went over my minutes when in fact I had not. (according to my phone info)I have never even come close to my limit. Customer service is all "out sourced" and they are all reading from the same script. So you might as well speak to a computer.

Nothappy 8/29/2012
I see my previous negative review has not appeared. Some must be deleted because the post written by Ron Bonnert posted on 8/13 complained about the BS claim of "unlimited" everything, when that is not true, and the "previous review was right on."..well now the previous review is some liar named Karen, touting how wonderful ST is, so is Customer Service, and unlimited everything, and she just loves ST!
I have never been able t get on the web, and yes to the ST lovers, my phone is web capable.
Too many problems with ST, not just the next to nil and non-existent CS, but with the phone's reception, dropped calls....and more irritating problems with this POS and it's awful network towers.
I do indeed have and still use AT&T and believe me, the ST GSM model I have is NOT comparable to my AT&T pay as you go phone!
I used to have a Verizon wireless contract, and there again, ST and their CDMA phones do not even compare with the reception that I had while a Verizon customer.
Funny thing is, being an AT&T customer for 12 years, I've yet to have the need to contact CS!
Neither did I with Verizon....not for any problem that is...however I have contacted both companies who have lots of different contact options, not one main number that is supposed to be for all problems like ST has!
I reached a live person who resided in the U.S. and answered my question with knowledge and courtesy.
I just wanted to know about adding another line or plan, no problems to deal with, like ST has.
The only reason I got ST was to use it for taking and sending photos while out of town, and try to get on the web.
I won't be buying another service card or do any more business with ST! I don't care if I'm out of the $125.00 I spent for the phone I only used for 2 months.

Hux 8/28/2012
Very happy with Straight Talk and my Huawei phone. I have to charge it often, but I use it for everything.
Great reception and support.
I used to have Verizon. They were not helpful at all. They would not give up my number until my contract was over even though it was paid in full. After I activated my phone, they told me I hadn't transferred my number properley, and said they couldn't cancel my contract. I had to go to the Verizon store twice and start yelling before they agreed to stop charging me.
No contracts for me.

John Albers 8/26/2012
I have had the phone for only a few days, but the signal is as good or better than our old T-mobile plan, even with an Android phone. We travel from south of Houston to Lubbock regularly and have a dead zone in the middle. With ST, still had the dead zone, but it seemed smaller.
Also called customer service and they asked for a call back number and gave me a time when they would call back. It worked great, they called back about 20 minutes later and got right in. Service rep was very helpful with getting into my account online.

Roy 8/25/2012
My phone arrived D.O.A. This phone would not even turn on! I ordered this phone with the $45.00 prepaid card and not only did the phone not work but I also I did not receive the $45.00 prepaid card with it that I paid for. I called customer service and after thirty minutes of talking to customer service reps who spoke in broken English I finally got them to send me another phone.....I think? I have not received an email yet so now I have to sit here and hold my breath until the new phone and card hopefully arrives. If I sound unsure it's because the last rep I spoke with spoke in such broken English that I am not sure if she entered down my information correctly. She could barely understand me and I could barely understand her. She read my email and mailing address back to me incorrectly at least seven or eight times.... very frustrating. Unsure of the situation I emailed corporate with my complaint and got a response with a number to call. I called the number and they informed me that I have to make a trip to the fed-X office using my gas and my time to mail the broken phone back that they sent to me before I can receive a working phone. Need I remind you that this was a phone that was dead on arrival. Right out of the box it did not work. Also, I was informed that they can not send me the new phone until they receive the broken phone back that they sent me in the first place--again a phone that was dead on arrival. So from beginning to end it will be a good two weeks from the time I ordered my Straight Talk phone to the time I receive one that actually works. So this is what Straight Talk calls "good customer service"? If they send me a broken phone then they should mail me a working phone immediately without having to wait to get your broken phone back. Any decent company would not behave in such a way. Based on my review you can see that Straight Talk has made a penny wise pound foolish decision if ever there was one. Too bad one little division of Walmart is ruining the good reputation Walmart has for customer service. Yep, penny wise and pound foolish....

Jenny 8/22/2012
I have had the same experience as others with customer service. The call center is in India and apparently they still can't afford to properly man the call center since average wait time was 40 minutes and my call was automatically dropped. I sent an email and it took them approximately 14 hours to respond. I'm only been a customer for a month, but have multiple problems (1) with service being cut off after my card was charged and (2)Received a refurbished phone in the mail that appeared to have been beat to death. Other than that, I didn't have any problems with dropped calls or slow network (but don't use my phone that much). I just can't take the customer service issues. Anyway, T-mobile has a prepaid plan that is comparable in price and I figure the service can't be any worse.

Teresa 8/21/2012
HORRIBLE,INCOMPETENT,JOKE this is the worst customer service ever!!! Save your time and money!!! It started with six calls to get customer service then I was hung up on.The next day I called 3 more times, for them to tell me I needed to call back between 11:00 am - 3:00 pm to begin actvation on my new Android phone. I called again the next day after 3 1/2 hours, 4 people in customer service, 2 managers and one supervisor it was done. Then before they added my service card the call was over. I called back gave them the service pin # and was told the card was not good. I called & went online over ten times & still no phone. I tried to return the phone and service card, I did get back $179.00 but not the $45.00 on the service card.

Jeff 8/19/2012
Sucks unlimited internet is no even 2G sloooooow! Phone coverage slow also all major carriers work in my area fine.

n b 8/19/2012
I have been with straight talk for one month, have had problems with activation and now renewal, even though I have the auto refill. My bank was billed but my phone is still dead. Cannot reach a real person and dead ends with the web site. Customer service is a joke, outsourced with people you can't understand. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Guest 8/18/2012
I have been a straight talk customer for about 4 years and if I could afford to go back to version I would. IF you need any customer service support it is terrible. When I got my first phone it took days to get my photo active. When my phone broke and I purchased one on line there was something wrong with it and it took days before customer service helped me. I spoke. With serveral managers and was given different imformation on what I needed to do to get a replacement. Then I requested to have the corporate office phone number and
the support did not get any better. Needless to say I was without a phone for about 4 weeks and wasted about a total of 10 hours on the phonenwith corporate. Managers and customer service that I don't have.

PAF1 8/18/2012
Horrible! ONE WEEK and already dropped service! just repeated message "Please redial the ten digit phone number you are calling..." I just came from the almost as aweful AT&T Go phone that runs it's billing practices like a crack dealer- but at least you get the crack! Straight talk is horrible! These people who chant in about ST's wonderful service are very obviously walmart/straighttalk employees. It's hard to fight walmart, so do yourself a favor and just find some poor sucker who you know personally and ask them about straight talk's horrible service yourself! There, that's as honest as it gets!

Kevin 8/17/2012
Just started with ST..was previously with TMobile..have had no issues thus far...i'm saving a truckload of cash...I think this service works best when you bring your own phone from either AT$T or tmo...would highly recommend.

Gordon 8/17/2012
LG220C, CDMA, limited phone coverage in east missouri, their maps lie. Every month when renewing the system erases my phone bookmarks. Again the system says that my phone is not compatible with Hotmail. It says "security error: Untrusted server certificate" and going to hotmail sign-in it says "JAVA script required to sign in. This web browser does not support JavaScripts or the scripts are blocked." Now they want to erase my 350# phone book with a master reset to solve this problem. Customer service people seem to be in the Phillipines and cannot comprehend American and have no knowledge of the system. HATE this. $30 cheap, but going back to real Verizon.

Nick 8/15/2012
After reading the recurring payment horror stories here I called immediately to turn mine off.

Anne Catinna 8/15/2012
I have had ST and the $30 month plan for almost 3 years with no problems.

Absolutely Terrible 8/15/2012
If I could give a negative something score for Straight Talk I would. Their customer service is worse than bad. It's unacceptable and to tell you the truth I don't know how they are still in business or how their CEO can allow this to go on. The reps will actually hang up on you when they can't help. The phone service itself is terrible too-I have a 3G phone that uses AT&T's network in Cincinnati/Batavia, Ohio. I can never connect to the internet, I get a lot of dropped calls during all times of the day, many text and voice mesages won't come through, and reception is spotty. Plus, the voice quality of the calls is atrocious-I always hear interference in the line. Warning-go with someone else, the savings are not worth the hassle this company gives you.

Davey J 8/15/2012
I will try and tell you the good and bad of this service and let you decide. First off, I have an iPhone 4 which came off contract with ATT (NY Metro Area). I purchased a micro sim from ST and their $45 unlimited plan. In a nut shell, you have the same phone number (assuming you port the number over), and the same service. ATT is STILL the carrier but is being handled by ST which is the reseller. As long as you are not a data hog (less than 2gb per month they won't bother you. If you start chewing up data like a hungry bear, then you will regret migrating over to ST. They WILL throttle your data and dealing with their CS is pure torture. ALL their CS is handled overseas in Manilla. If you get a poorly trained rep, you're in for a nightmare. Bottom line is that if you are a moderate data user you will be pleased with the service as they won't bother throttling you or making automated threatening calls. As far as their TOS details, I doubt very few people read the fine print. I wasn't aware that Pandora and YouTube are no nos. What I'm wondering is how would they know you are using those APPS. If data usage is moderate how would they know that data was utilized to view a video or to stream some songs from Pandora? Saving close to $50 a month is quite enticing, but fearing the loss of your account without someone intelligent to deal with is a frightening prospect.

JuujBla 8/14/2012
I will give more stars once Straight Talk improves their customer service and makes their return policy for broken phones more customer friendly. I like the $2000+ we save a year and the unlimited everything on a smartphone, but the quirks are frustrating. Sometimes I can't make a call & it says I am out of minutes when I am not. I can usually just hang up and call back and the call will work, but one time, my phone quit working, and the customer service was so busy, I got a recording that said I could not be helped at this time and should call back later. Also, my phone has issues and ST will replace it, but I have to send my broken one in first, which means I will be without a phone, or have to transfer it to a different unbroken phone until I get a replacement. The problem is that I have a smartphone and use it for business and internet & will being wihtout it is not an option, so I have not been able to send it back for quite some time. This is unacceptable in my opinion. Also, the customer service reps are all foreigners that I have spoke with, and I think we should keep jobs in USA. Reps are all friendly, but to get any issue resolved it takes at least 30 minutes on the phone. Very slow procedures. Any ST customer should also contact ST and request this be changed, so that if you are in the same situation, it won't be such a hassle for you.

Pate Williams 8/13/2012
I give ST a fairly high rating, but not the highest only because I wish there were more, better (not LG) phones to choose from. They do have great international calling for $60.00 and their service is truly unlimited, not choked off if you use too much.

Ron Bonnert 8/13/2012
The previous review is right on. They advertise unlimited everything for $45 a month. Not the case at all. My phone was shut off due to watching youtube videos and calling my wife everyday at the same number. Really? This company is very fraudulent and there is a lot of false advertising and shady business practices going on. Here in Cincinnati, Ohio the service is terrible on AT&T's 3G network. I'm constantly getting dropped calls, bad reception, text and picture messages that won't come through, very poor voice quality where you hear interference in the line, and slow internet. Half the time, the phone won't even connect to the internet. Pathetic service! Go with someone else!

Karen 8/12/2012
I've not had any problems with Straight Talk as a matter of fact, I found customer service reps to be very helpful. I did however have problems with WalMart - employees lack the knowledge (so go in prepared or buy online). I also had problems with Sprint service in my area, so I switched to a phone associated with Verizon. None the problems were the fault of Straight Talk, but they worked hard to make sure issues were rectified. Love the unlimited option and convenience of pay options and LOVE that I was able to tell AT&T to shove it!

Blackjack 8/10/2012
Love Straight Talk! $45.00 a month for unlimited everything! Great reception everywhere I go, even when traveling to the other side of the state. Customer service has been nothing but helpful and no problems with the auto pay either; the bill is paid at the end of the month with no interruptions of service.
I do have one gripe. Every so often the phone refuses to send text messages. I turn the phone off for a couple of minutes then back on again, and the texts send with no problem. Annoying? Kind of, but I've saved nearly $400 since switching to Straight Talk and that is nothing to sneeze at!
I have recommended Straight Talk to several people and can only sing their praises! No I don't work for them, I;m just a happy customer who enjoys saving money! :-)

jessica 8/10/2012
horrible horrible customer service. I have never in my life been lied to more or jerked around more form managers and supervisors. This company should be ashamed of how they are running a business. You never get a straight answer they do not delivery on any promises. And then when you ask for a higher up athourity they tell you that they are to busy doing extremely important things and can not take phone calls then maybe you should not be a phone company with sever issues. I never should have switched from verizon worst customer service i have ever received. This company should be shut down for bad business practices.

brandon 8/8/2012
ive have the samsung galaxy andriod with straighttalk ive had the phone replaced multiple times and with hours and hours on the phone with the customer service troubleshooting the phone sometimes muliple times a day and multiple replacements i have the SAME problem and instead of helping solve the issue thier customer service argues with me! they owe me time from sending my phone in they wont deliver they make promises they dont keep and im tired of getting "disconnected" with the customer service, they also will send me to a supervisor who practically calls me a liar.. i could sit here and write a novel on all the problems with this company and is so called "customer service" but i dont have that much time this service is garbage, tracphone should be ashamed of themselves as well as WAL MART for representing them! why do i have to give them one star.. there should be zero star choice.. i would give them a negative review if i was able PLEASE everyone else with a negative reveiw join me in contacting the BBB and assist me in forcing them to do what is right and take caree of thier customers! please report them on

DL 8/8/2012
This is the worst phone I have even owned. It won't function properly and customer service doesn't care. and Walmart will not be any help either. Please do not get this phone it is a rip off.

Joe 8/8/2012
I have never had service with Straight talk and have never had a problem with their customer service. They are the best!!!

Amber 8/8/2012
Why isn't there a "0 stars" option? enrolled in auto refill. They charge my account but then the phone won't work. Call customer service, who can't understand a word I say and vice versa. They double charge me because they don't "show record of the first charge" and won't refund the double charge. They said my bank will have to call them to prove the money was taken out twice. After nearly 3 hours on the phone they finally agree to credit my account for the next month (I thought you said you had to have proof from the bank?) and then guess what? Not only did they not credit me, they charged my account again! I can't even begin to imagine why this company is still in business?! I wish I had done more research before I decided to use Straight Talk.

louis clowes 8/8/2012

Tommy Batten 8/7/2012
This its the most incompetent cell phone company I have ever dealt with. I was set up on their auto refill service and never had to worry about my minutes running out. But, the past 3 months have been a nightmare. My account would refill but my phone would not work. Would call customer service, which is a joke, and it took what seems to be forever footer them to understand what I needed help with. The phone was for my mother so it wasn't checked everyday. So for 6 days she had no service, thank God she didn't need it for an emergency. So after arguing with the customer service agent because of a glitch in their system, which they tried to turn around on me since she hadn't noticed the phone not working until then, I finally got them to change her service end date to the 6th of the following month instead of the 1st. I was satisfied with that, until the 1st of the month came around and they charged me anyways. Oh, and her service didn't work again. Called them back, explained what had happened and they tried to argue with me and tell me there is way it could be set as the 6th of the month. So I asked them if their supervisor I spoke with last month was a liar? I had to finally ask for another supervisor, they set it up again but this time for the 5th of the month. So the 27th of that current month I got an email stating that my refill would take place on August 5, 2012. Finally! They got it right! WRONG! August 1st they took a payment out of my account. So I called them again. They lady tried to tell me there was no wary it could be the 5th of the month, its always on the 1st. She had the nerve to tell me, maybe you ATTE thinking of when you bought your phone, that wad November 5, 2011. That sent me over the edge. I try to keep my cool when dealing with issues like this, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I Todd her that I know when I got my phone and I know I have always been billed on the 1st of the month. That was the nice version. Well she finally saw the light, after almost an hour on the phone. Changed my auto refill to take out on the 5th of every month now. I asked her twice, this isn't going to charge me again is it? I was just charged on the 1st. Both times she said no. well I had to call them back today, August 7th to refund my money for the transaction they took out of my account today. Canceled my auto refill and will be getting into another company by the end of the month. You have been warned. Stay away from Straight Talk. If you find yourself wanting to get their service, immediately hit yourself in the head with the largest, hardest object you can find. It would probably hurt less in the long run.

dd 8/6/2012
the customer service is in the midwest or so they told me and it is the worst experienc u will ever have except losing a child!

David Allen 8/6/2012
You get what you pay for. I have never had a worse service provider for any service. When we tried to get my wife the unlimited plan the phone was incompatible. We had to send the phone back and then wait for another one. They said we could keep her old number but they messed up and we had to wait again for another sim card so she could get it back. My wife was without a phone for a month with all of this. It was a nightmare. I spoke with customer service probably for a total of 8 hours all in all. The worst part of it all is now my phone is doing the same thing. I can't get in touch with customer service because the call volume is high. Probably because of all the problems with this terrible provider. Don't switch to Straightalk.

tanya 8/5/2012
I hate this service don't do it to your self please

K.J. 8/4/2012
Straight talk is by FAR the WORST service provider EVER!!! (If you can call it a "service provider") I had gotten a phone which was about $200, thinking that the higher end would be fine; NOPE! It was AWFUL!!! I could not get reception, dropped calls, text messages would not send, etc. just down right AWFUL and a WASTE OF MONEY!!! Customer service is awful: nobody speaks fluent English and is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to understand ANYONE in the Customer Service dept. For $15 more a month, I can get excellent customer service, a good phone, unlimited everything, etc through AT and T. Straight Talk is NOT WORTH the MONEY and BS that customers go though. I would HIGHLY NOT recommend Straight Talk. You WILL REGRET it later...

nacho daddy 8/4/2012
I just got a straight talk phone from a friend and wanted to activate a new number and all I got was a bunch of crap and bad service. Why is Walmart selling them if they are a crappy service gonna call the better business bureau on them.

Patricia 8/3/2012
This is the worst company I have had to deal with !! I bought a refill card I have had my phone with straight talk for months..I refilled my phone yesterday.Now today I can't make a call because I get a recording from Verizon saying I have to make a credit card call ??? I called the company which is a joke..I get a recording with prompts..I give them my straight talk number which I have had for months and they are telling me it's not a Straight talk number..LOL Your kidding me right..And to get a person trouble shooter on the phone well that is not going to happen...They are all busy like hell they are if you treat your employees like you treat your customers they prob all quit on you...

diaz 8/3/2012
Poor service. They are only bothered of your refill.Customer service is the worst.Advice would be to think twice before investing in this junk service.They just check your patience while you have a problem. Very poor and they should be thrown out of the market.

Jim 8/3/2012
They suck don't get straight talk stick with t mobile or others and net 10 sucks to

Net10User 8/3/2012
I recemtly switched to Straight Talk with the 418G, and $30/month card. no issues so far. Then again i got the refurb phone for free, so i am only out airtime if the phone dies....and will buy another one with card for free. I am not associated with America Movil.

Dale S 8/2/2012
This is the worst service ever. Said they could transfer number. It has been 4 days, many hours on the phone with customer service and it is still not transfered. Do not waste your time or money. You will lose in the end.

Sonnie 8/2/2012
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE "customer" service, what a complete joke. This customer will be switching to another provider.

Brad 8/2/2012
Phone would not activate, spent 4+ hours on with customer service to get it to activate. NEVER return your phone without buying another one and activating it first. Yes you will have two phones on your account. I ask, what if someone does not have enough money to purchase a second phone and MUST return first one to buy second one? Answer: your account is gone. The charges remain on my online website account reveiw, shows transaction ID ect. but, they say, No account, cannot help you. Read on. Phone (new smart phone out of the box) was not as described. Did not have speed dial which was what I was looking for. We returned it. When you return a phone they kill your ENTIRE account as soon as you get refund from Walmart. INSTANTLY. This means you do not ever get your service fee back. 50.00+ dollars!! I ask "what if I had ask for the 12 month deal (discounted deal) and I returned the phone?" The answer was, you can get another phone but you are NOT getting a refund for the service. They WILL hit your credit card for 12 months of service. And since you now DO NOT have an account with them (it is killed upon returning the phone) they cannot, will not offer a refund. You are stuck. I spent 11 hours in two sessions with CS and as I climbed the managment ladder it only got worse. They DO NOT care.
I have now spent an additional 2 hours on the phone with credit card services to dispute the charge. Still working on that. The service area is limited and the data and text IS NOT unlimited as described. Its a slick play on words.
Metro PCS has turned out to be many grades ahead of Straight Talk. And Metro PCS has local guys in local stores that are more than willing to help you get up and running. And they do it in minutes not hours and days.

Victoria 7/31/2012
Straight talk is by far the MOST horrible phone service EVER. Reception SUCKS and internet is just plain WORSE. I can't wait to switch to something better. Do NOT waste your money and's TERRIBLE service!!!

Amy Jiga 7/31/2012
Please don't put yourself through the pain that comes with Straight Talk. Yes, reception is fairly good - but forget getting voice mails and texts on a consistent basis. My voice mails are currently not retrievable and I received a text one day that was sent two days prior. I was more than ready to change service, and pay more for my service but ending up adding one more month. Big mistake. Though my phone shows a month of service added I can only make "emergency calls" now and trying to reach customer service is like finding a needle in a haystack. Getting internet connection was just plain hopeless. My att & verizon smart phone buddies thought this service was hilarious calling my phone the "dumb phone". It's the service and customer service that is dumb though, not the phone. Save yourself the aggravation - pay a little more and get true phone service.

Stacy 7/30/2012
Service goes in and out. Only works about 2 weeks out of the month. Customer service is bad! I spent 2 hours on the phone and was transferred 8 times! They all kept making me do the same thing without any results. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH!!!!!

Robert 7/29/2012
Here are the issues you need to know about straight talk.
1. Reception is Ok price is good, Customer service is terrible.
2. Do not, I repeat… DO NOT buy a reconditioned phone from them.
They are garbage and the 1 year warranty is to only exchange the phone for another garbage reconditioned phone. No refunds or credits period not even if you want to use the money or credit to buy a better phone from them. Here is the process:
You call to tell them the phone does not work. After a 20 minute hold and if you are successful at understanding the broken English they will send you a box with a return envelope. (5days). You’ll send the damaged phone back (5 days). They look at the phone and decide if you get another garbage reconditioned phone (5 to 10 days). They’ll send you a reconditioned phone back (5days). By now you will have been without a phone for 20 to 25 days. You can only imagine the problem you will face if the new reconditioned phone is also defective.
3. The 411 service sucks. The voice respond system does not understand half of the words. The service is just another advertising avenue for them. So when you need a number in a hurry you will have to listen to a bunch of unrelated crap before you get the number if you can get the system to understand what you want.
4. Unlimited Data access is not unlimited…read the fine print.
5. Internet is amazingly slow and half of the “taps/links” don’t work or take forever to open.

Liz 7/29/2012
I've been with ST for over 2 years but they lost me as a customer. I loved them before this - 2 years with no problems but had a billing problem last month that took an entire day to resolve (customer service is horrible - their FB customer service team fixed the billing error and restored my service).
This new problem has been 4 days. Four days of no service, slow and little response from customer service. Switching to a prepaid plan with a carrier who has customer service.

Chris 7/29/2012
I actually had a good outcome using their customer service. They credit my account within a few minutes of a double charge. The coverage in my area sucks for this phone though. If you plan on just driving the city, good to go. Want to go out and about ... forget it. I have a second phone for work on verizon network, and it works where my ST phone doesn't. ST shouldn't say they use the verizon network, when they really don't.

gserrano69 7/29/2012
Wow. One of the best decisions of my life. I have a month with Straight Talk. I'm using the same iphone from Att.I just had to buy the micro sim card, and add an unlimited plan. The reception and the web data is exactly the same as the att service i just to have ( i didn't see ANY changes in the service), and the best of all, now i'm paying $45.00 a month, instead $106.00 a month for THE SAME SERVICE. If you know basic settings about DNA data, don't think about it, just switch to ST. I read that the basic problem with straight talk is costumer service. I read that straight talk use the same network from Att and Tmobile , that's why if you are a current costumer of this 2 companies you won't see any diference in the phone service when you switch it. (I don't work for ST, i'm just a happy costumer with the great service)

Mrs. Bell 7/27/2012
Straight talk has been good to me. Yes the foreign customer service really sucks, but i would rather pay $45 a month for unlimited everything versus the $120 I was paying through at&t. You get what you pay for. It's as simple as that. I never give my card info out for automatic payments unless I have to. I go to walmart and buy a service card. But be warned, scratch it VERY carefully. The pin# can come off and you will not get a refund. The coverage for a non android phone is great. If your looking for a smart phone however, I suggest you look into making sure you are covered because there is a night and day difference between them. I recommend this company to anyone who is tired of over paying the big dogs. Look at it in the long run and decide for yourself if it will save you money. These phones do not have warranties. They are now sending sim cards that with at&t phones. But like I said.... check for coverage in your area.

Savannah 7/27/2012
DO NOT CONSIDER STRAIGHT TALK! Straight Talk has the worst customer service. Their main office is located in Miami, but the customer service people are located in the Phillipines. They do not deliver on their promises and they are taking people's money...Big Time! My phone died close to month ago and they just sent me a replacement phone and then they changed my phone number without my permission. Horrible!

Tim 7/27/2012
Different phones piggyback on different carriers, and the Straight Talk model I had used a carrier with poor service in our area (in fact, it was the carrier I was switching from due to the poor coverage). I called to return my phone and mailed it back but was never credited with the return, and needless to say the service package would not be refunded. Consider any money spent at straight talk as gone. Also, the foreign customer service was very poor in working through the problem.

Glenn 7/27/2012
Straight Talk stays in business and thrives because most people buy the phone card and stop the service due to complete incompetence and NO customer service.
The keep your money and THAT's how they stay in business ONLY.
RUN AWAY and keep your money.

Nana Serwa 7/26/2012
Run away from this product. They were not able to activate the phone i bt after 36 hrs a manager asked me to return it to Walmart. To my shock they refused to refund the service card of 45 dollars even though they acknowledge that both the phone and card were faulty. Will not deal with them for anything. I feel violated and duped.

Melody 7/26/2012
I cannot begin to express how awful the service is for Straight Talk. I have been jerked around for a month and still can't get my money back from these jerks. They don't listen at all, they don't read all the way through the emails. Run away...far and fast!

Susan 7/26/2012
customer service is really poor and website is hard to deal with if you have more than one phone.

Madhavi 7/25/2012
Worst service ever. They cust service sucks and they cant even provide calling service properly even after paying so much. all that they do is keep you hold for a really long time and then give you some crap stories. I am just keeping my language decent here but the words are I get for straight talk service are profane. I got rid of them in a month

Randy 7/25/2012
My traight talk phone worked very good for 3 months, then it got to where I had very bad problems keeping a signal. Had to keep taking battery out to get a signal back. Puchased the extended warrantee, but it is still covered with straight talk at this time. I called straight talk about the problem, he called my cell and said my phone is working perfectly.. I told him that I had to come out and stand in the yard in a certain place for him to call me back.. He said my phone is working perfectly and I need to find a better place to stand.. I will never buy another straight talk phone.. The guy was not wanting listen to what I had to say, and could bearly understand english.. My phone is broke and they wont stand by thier product..

mary 7/25/2012

John Holmes III 7/24/2012
Been with ST for 6 months and I must say,I have yet the need to talk to customer service. My Att iPhone 4s is serving its purpose of quality reception and saving me 50 bucks a month. God bless ST!

M 7/24/2012
Have had Straight Talk for almost a month now and the service and phone have been great. I have absolutely no complaints about that. The customer service, however, is awful. I couldn't activate my phone online because every time I clicked on the link I got a message that said "This session is no longer available." I called and spent about 20 minutes on the phone to get my phone activated. The representative was nice enough, but I had to spell out my entire name and email address using the phonetic alphabet because they weren't very good at understanding an American accent. Recently I tried to set up an online account and ran into the same problem I had with activation. I called again and they sent me a password by email, but I still can't access the account because when I login the first thing I have to do is change my password and when I try to do that I again get the message "This session is no longer available." So frustrating!!

Lees 7/23/2012
This company is a joke. i have been going back and forth with them for the last month because my damn phone doesnt work at home three quarters of the time. They keep telling me to call customer service but thats kinda hard when this is my only phone and its not working. Update this, update that they tell me and it still doesnt work. I left sprint for the same connection problems, little did i know they used sprints towers, and the one in my area is a p.o.s. that doesnt work half of the time. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau because I am so fed up with all their excuses and not getting the problem taken care of. I pay for unlimited everything and I expect to get unlimited everything. Word to the wise, do your homework and dont bother with straight talk because they do not stand behind their service.

Dave 7/23/2012
I've been with Straighttalk for several years. My job required me to get an Android phone that was better than the ones offered directly by Straighttalk. So, I ordered a Straighttalk SIM card for my TMobile phone. Instead of receiving one, I received two. I checked my bank account and sure enough I was charged for two. I called customer service and although they were sorry for their mistake, they do not allow returns on SIM cards. My son then ordered a regular size SIM card from Straighttalk but instead received a mini-SIM card. He was told the same thing, no returns, even though they made the "mistake". The service works great, but their customer service, order filling and non-return policy stinks. When I make a mistake, I take responsibility for it and fix it. Straighttalk does not. Be warned.

Gurjeet Mangat 7/22/2012
I Bought Micro Sim From StaightTalk And Put It I My Iphone best Decison Of My Lfe And i drive Truck All Over USA ever Ever Have Network Problem

Jessy 7/22/2012
I have been with straighttalk for 4 years now and in February I bought the Samsung Galaxy Precedent from walmart just 20 minutes from my house. The phone ($180 plus $45 activation) carries NO service in my area, not even where I bought it. I had to drive over an hour just to get service. I called customer service several times and would not help me at all. It was only after 6 months and after I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau that straighttalk sent me the lg511c. That phone just barely gets service and has absolutely none of the features I needed and paid for. I highly recommend everyone who's shopping for prepaid go to boost mobile or Verizon. I'm so sick of straight talks service and products that I would rather pay $100 a month for prepaid elsewhere. Do not waste your time nor money on straighttalk.

russell 7/21/2012
i have a samsung phone iv had it for 3 years and i never had any problem with iv had good luck with there services. im think adout up grading my phone

John 7/20/2012
Works really well, but pray you NEVER have to call customer service.

Becky Floyd 7/20/2012
My experience: I was so happy when I switched to straight talk because being from a foster home as a young adult I don't have much money and needed something cheap. I am in love and my womderful boyfriend bought me the 200 dollar android phone for my birthday. Well, it broke 2 months into using it. I called them they replaced it great right? Not. Two months later with my new phone they phone just turns on , turns off , turns on, turns off. I called them expecting them to let me pay for an upgrade. Well, they absolutely refused it . I am appalled. They would have even made money off me! They are replacing mine with the same defective model and now I've lost time that I paid for . This company couldn't give a shit about good service. So my ending words are DON"T BUY STRAIGHT TALK!!! DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE WITHOUT A CELL PHONE AND OUT OF MONEY. I will go to the BBB I will let everyone I know and every soul know this company is terrible don't do it.

John 7/20/2012
I have just joined Straight Talk and was very concerned about their customer reputation. Baloney, I have had excellent service. I ordered a phone from them and it was defective, they were very helpful, replaced it and the service, quality of sound and ease of use is great.

Carolina 7/20/2012
I tried for three weeks ... 3 hours a day, each and every day ... to switch my number from AT&T to Straight Talk. I spoke with many representatives (who all lied and gave me false names ... does "Jose'" sound like an Indian name? or "Jennifer"? Totally fake, reading from pages ... no one understands very basic English. In a fit of frustration I told them to just forget the whole thing and hung up. Don't ever want to talk to Straight Talk again. Surely they would hire one ... just one ... person ... that speaks English if they are selling to an English-speaking market! As Forest Gump would say, Stupid is as Stupid Does. That's Stupid is as StraightTalk does!

Grant 7/19/2012
I have an iPhone 4s on straight talk and love it! I get AT&T service and am paying low bill! Straight talk is the best decision on cell phone company's I have made.

Laura Bianchi 7/19/2012
I have been using Straight Talk for over a year. I have never had any problems whatsoever. As for the service, I recommend buying ONLY a phone whose model number ends with a "C," a CDMA phone, which will put you on the Verizon network. I've tried them all and Verizon is the only network that doesn't drop calls constantly. I am thoroughly enjoying 3G service on my Samsung Galaxy Prevail android for $45.00 a month unlimited everything plus tax (about $50.00 a month total). This is less than HALF of what other carriers charge for this type of bundle, and I'm not stuck in a years-long contract. Works for me!

micky 7/19/2012
how is it possible this company is still in business? they wont be much longer. nothing but problems with the service/support. there is nothing worse than straighttalk, i wouldnt even recommend them to my ex-mother in law.

Shelby 7/19/2012
I have had Straighttalk for a year now and I have only started having problems when i made the switch to the android phone... Now my service pin WHICH I JUST ENTERED still wont work and I checked my account online and it says im good up until the 18th of next month... It seems that this is happening more and more often than i thought... Also i have been on the phone with customer service 3 times tonight and got hung up on all three times... I am fine using the service myself until i can afford something better, But never in my life would i suggest this to a friend!!!

Lizzie 7/18/2012
It would have been hard to believe all these negative reviews until I tried them. All true, switched after the first month. out 200.00 for an outdated HTC phone and another 45.00 for a useless card that they wont refund. Should have stayed with my old provider. Avoid this company until they play it straight as their name says. They do not.

Gary 7/18/2012
arghh...why do they lie soooo much? dont believe there is anything unlimited about straightalk. dont believe there is anything good about straighttalk except the price. if you want straightheadaches, this is the company for you! i guess you get what you pay for, which is very little...

Toni 7/18/2012
This service does not know how to really work where I am. It was working fine and tryed to get them to fix it when it wasn't working, but they won't fix the problem.

C. H. 7/18/2012
I read all the poor reviews but liked the price so i tried it. Now I am here singing the blues with the rest of you disgusted customers. Shoulda trusted my gut and went with TMobile or someone else, anyone else! Jeez Louise, what a nightmare! Was completely blown away by the level of incompetence and aggravation I had to go through with Straight Talk Company. So not worth it. Its only been a few days but I am now with TMobile and much happier.

Gazbo 7/18/2012
stupidest move i ever made switching to ST. i have a nokia e71 that drops calls like mad. had it switched out twice at my cost. ST still blames the phone. customer service is worst in industry. pass the blame till you hang up on them or they hang up on you. and unlimited services, HA! they cut me off my internet 5 times in 3 months. forget it, not worth the headache at all. why cant ST tell the truth about anything??? bunch of BS @ ST!

Kenneth Sams 7/18/2012
I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. Straight Talk's customer service is awful. If you have any problems whatsoever with your phone, they can't help you-they read from a script and can't even speak decent English. It's pathetic. I had to call them 4 times to resolve an issue. The phone service itself is even worse. I have the Nokia E5 on AT&T's 3G network and I get so many dropped calls, low reception, text messages that won't come through, calls not coming through, not being able to connect to the internet or the internet freezing up. The savings are not worth the hassle and unreliable service. Bye bye ST.

terry 7/18/2012
love my phone, had it quiet a while now. don,t understand some of the low review ratings. i basically got the lg phone, dropped my old provider, got my old phone # & receive & make calls good. got the 30 day plan. paying half the amount i was paying the other company & didn,t even have text messing. maybe its just depends the area your using it, i don,t know,but so far i haven,t had any major problems with strt. tlk. i,m on monthly refills, via cc. hAve used the other major phone providers & the calls would drop in several areas i like to talk in. but with strait talk , no major glitches yet. there are a few areas it drops calls, but i have learned where they are & just wait till i get passed them to make a call..i use the the phone for a phone & that's it!!!!!text some also, but very little compared to some...

Claudie 7/17/2012
Straight talk sucks, I switched my number and phone over from Verizon to at&t on ST network and I'm still getting messages on my old phone.

Judy Martin 7/17/2012
My phone stared cutting off after I talked about 2 minutes, called customer service stayed on the phone w/them 1hr. 20min with no change in my phone & they were no help they should have sent me the manuel they were flipping the pages on while talking to me, poor customer service!!

ASH 7/17/2012
I had Straight Talk for two years or so and over that course of time two phones. The service worked okay in my area--but I do live out in the middle of nowhere so I understood only having a few bars.
Then it came time to refill it with a card as I did every month. Suddenly Straight Talk decided that my phone wasn't a Straight Talk phone. Called customer service and was passed around for over an hour. Thank god I was using my parent's landline so the 1-800 call was free. Nothing was resolved and nobody knew anything. They did put in a request to research my problem but I was told that could take weeks. So I cut my losses and am now paying $40 a month instead of $30 but at least my phone works and I have good customer service.

Billy C 7/17/2012
Why do people keep buying into this when 99% of the reviews i've read are pissed off people? First of all there is no way they should let non-Americans answer the phones for customer service. I had briefly thought about switching but i will pay a little more and stay with Verizon.

cellphoneresearcher 7/16/2012
If you use too much data or if you place an international call they deactivate your account! The only way to get it back is to wait 7-10 days for them to ship you a new sim card.
Customer service is absolutely painful. They employ all kinds of shenanigans to get you off their back. Beware!!

John Trubador Ding 7/16/2012
With a new job I needed a new phone. Well, not a normal place for me to shop but, I went to Walfart. A friend of my friend had bragged about theservice and price of $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and data! First, i buy a $135 Droid phone but no one suggested buying the $45 cardto use. Long story short..OK the Droid has much less coverage that a $35phone has. So, I return the Droid and a phone and unlimited talk,text and data card good for 30 days. I charge and activate the phone just before leaving for my twin nephews' wedding in Iowa! I am thinking this is a great way to keep in touch and test out the phone and coverage. The phone works for two calls and then...both screens go blank. I stop at Walfart in Rochester to exchange the phone and try again. OH HELL NO, they offer to sell me another phone and $45 card!!! WTF!!! That is why I went to Walfart, only for the help if something failed.. So I was right from the beginning. Walfart SUX. BTW the $45 is non-FFFFNNNN-Refundable even if the FFFFNNNN phone doesn't work. SAVE MORE / LIVE W/O RESPECT !!

Michael 7/16/2012
Customer service is VERY poor. Service is Very good. Whats a person to do?

Jim Hanna 7/15/2012
what a joke this company is. they cut off my internet access within 3 weeks of owning the phone. tried to call customer service and was re-routed to someone in india that couldnt understand a word i said. from what i could understand, they said i used more than my allotted internet. i dont understand how that could be as i purchased an unlimited use card from wally world for 45.00. whatever the case, im done at the month. this is a bad phone company you would be best to avoid. -jim

DanMan 7/15/2012
I bought a sim for a "locked to ATT," iPhone 3GS. Plugged it in and it worked fine. I had to set up the ACN code, but this didn't require jail breaking and it is probably Apple's fault not straight talk's.

Mikey 7/15/2012
worst service eva. wouldnt recomend to anyone. they take ur money any dont give you service promised.

Monica 7/14/2012
Great - Customer Service is fantastic. I had an issue with keeping my old number and they were very very helpful. I'm accessing the internet very fast using an unlocked iphone 3g. I'm so happy to be able to only pay $45/month for unlimited talk, text and data. Instead of paying $80/month for the same thing with limited data. Very happy with Straight Talk and their customer service.

Denise 7/14/2012
ya know ya get what ya pay for, for the money ya save it is damn well worth it, but the shit about the web site and how they say its my computer not letting it thru, like hell, people that are paid to answer your questions aren't paid for web site, where ya can do it yourself and get it done in matter of minutes without trying to understand someone from another country, thats bull. Especially when ya want to take off the prepaid refill, they don't want to do that...well at least let us get on line and see what is going on with our account!!!!!!!!!!!

Hector D. 7/13/2012
This is simply the worst cell phone service I have ever had. And there is no way these positive reviews were written by anyone other than people that work for Straight Talk. They all seem to talk about 'I'm happy for what I get for my money' and hype up the false 'Unlimited Access.' Neither are true. The service is horrid, constant dropped calls and overcharging your card, selling of disabled smartphones that are unable to stream anything (please read their TOS with a microscope, it says you are not allowed to stream or tether and they do everything they can to the phones before you get it to discourage this). This means native apps that are supposed to be on the phone are stripped out, such as YouTube, IM apps, internet radio, etc. I dont know if they have written bad code or not, but it seems third party apps to cure this make the battery die within an hour or two. If you use any 'push email' that tries to connect or keeps you connected, that is also against their TOS and launches you back into Customer Service Hell as they will cut your internet service for that. Unlimited internet is anything but unlimited. They will even cut you from calling a specific number if you call it too much. The unlimited internet will be cut off after about 2gb and then you again enter Customer Support Hell trying to get it reactivated through their 'Loss Prevention Specialist' whom you can neither understand nor will they provide much assistance. It will take at least 2 hours to get this far as they want to make it as difficult as possible. Then you will be put on 'probation' for your net usage and the amount you can use is reduced. Trust when I say you become the enemy after you are signed up with Straight Talk. Service is very weak and on cloudy days I cannot get a signal in my own house and I live in a populace town in northern NJ. Many times through the day you will get a 'No Network Covergage Error' message. I personally experience at a minimum of 2-3 dropped calls per day. Customer Service Hell is extremely rude and very, very hard to understand and will hang up on you at first chance. When asking for a supervisor, sometimes they dont put the call on hold and you can hear them talking and laughing in some Hindu language for 20-30 minutes before another rude operator will come on claiming to be a supervisor. They will be of zero help or assistance. I have seen by this page and links on the page how badly you are treated by customer support on the phone or through their Face Book page. If you badmouth the service they attack like a pack of hungry wolves. I can tell you firsthand from myself and others that have been in Straight Talk Hell and switched that you will be incredibly unhappy with the service and support and you will be looking for another provider within 1-3 months. It simply isnt worth it as there are simply too many headaches, lies and theft with this company as well as Trak Phone, their parent comapny. Its a Mexican company with WalMart as their reseller, so what do you expect. What you get for your money - Nothing but headaches, lies and overcharges. Try going on automatic billing and watch what happens to your credit card (hidden 5.00 monthly charges) or watch how your internet will always turn off right around the end of the month as they try to cap usage even if you are nowhere near the 'unlimited internet' 2gb cap lie. Find another provider, this one is worthless. And no, I don not work for another cell company, I am not plugging any other company, I have just seen and experienced firsthand had bad this one is. Total waste and you will be crying about it later. Look elsewhere for good prepaid and dont get stuck in this Straight Talk quicksand trap.

ken 7/11/2012
straight talk is ok as long as you don't make changes. I bought a new phone and tried to put my phone number on the new phone. I have hours into talking to offshore reps. right now they disconnected by old phone and gave me a new number and said they could not help me furthur. I just want my old number back. Still working on it. poor poor poor service.

guest 7/11/2012
This company has been nothing but problem after problem! Old world technology and hard to understand and incompetent customer service. If there is an issue with your phone you have to send it in and have no phone until you receive the new phone a week later. They gave me the wrong phone number twice meanwhile you have to wait for days to receive a new sim card from them! They also are not good on their word and don't keep any notes about their promises or issue history!

Bill 7/8/2012
If you're looking for junk equipment and a customer service dept straight out of hell, this is the company for you!I've had straight talk for two years now. The only reason I stay is because the phone service is great with the Verizon network. But the last call I made to cystomer service pushed me to get a different service. There customer service is so bad that if you hav'nt experinced it first hand there is realy no way to describe how bad it is. Do youself a favor and skip straight talk.

Edward 7/8/2012
The website for Smart Talk is extremely slow. If you call Smart Talk you end up in some foreign country where customer service is a noun! The phones work well and service area is excellent but the customer service is beneath contempt. If all you want is a phone without any support this plan is for you. However make sure you keep Serial numbers, passwords and other details very close. If you have to call for assistance simply consider purchasing another phone!

Ticked off 7/8/2012
I have been a very loyal customer to straight talk since it first started, i even got alot of my family using it. I thought this would be the best plan for me seeing that i was 16 at the time and just got a job. However after nearly 2 yrs of service with them, i go to make a phone call and my phone says it has been discharged, so what do i do, i call customer service. First i call Friday night, the night of the incident, but they tell me to call back tomoorow so i can speak with the people who deal with that. I call the next morning, and you know what they say, "we only authorize person to person calls, you have made person to machine calls" i was very poliete and was very confused so i asked well, what all can i do, seeing that it was in the middle of the month and they already took the money out of my bank account even tho i didnt authorize auto refill, so i really felt ripped off. Then i asked well how do i get it turned back on he said you cant, i wondered why not and asked, and then he just hung up in my face, as if it was already bad enough that i could barley understand him. I was very upset and called again, sat on hold again,except this time i asked to speak to a supervisor, re explained the situation then he transfered me over to the same people, this time it was a lady, i had to re explain again, this time it was even worse i told her i already talked to someone and they already told me this same thing, then she got loud with me and told me that she would hang up on me to and that this was not customer service any more..and i thought to my self...well why the hell was i directed to you. Then i rexplained the situation to her i said.."you expect me to pay a whole nother $45 for a plan that i didnt even finsih and buy another phone for $230 becuase this one can no longer be used" Then she rudly hung up on me again. ..but on the flip side, i can get my frin to take the sim card out of the phone and change it, the bad part is, he has to unassemble the whole thing. DO NOT BUY STRAIGHT TALK.....SUPPER TEED OFF CUSTOMER...and if u dont head all of these warnings..well then ull be a very unhappy customer to...but the funny part is, all this stuff didnt happen till recently, this leads me to think that maby the compaany is failing, so there trying to get all the money they can out of there customers before there no longer valid. because walmart will toss them after there contract is up because walmart prides it self on customer service, and if u go to walmart and complain about the phone, they will usually help you out and get u to send it back and stuff, plus they offer the if u do buy this [ohne, do ur self a solid and just go to walmart and get it...and never through away the recipt ..but seriously...STRAIGHT TALK SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Alex 7/7/2012
I have a straiht talk phone... and I just want to complain a little... The Con is mostly true, I use to work for a customer service line and I know the job fairly well. I have had a straight talk phone for about 2 almost 3 months and today my service plan is out.. which was expected by me It has a little number on the screen so before It got to Today, 7/7/12, I enrolled in auto refill program because being out in boondocks I don't get to a walmart very often and I have a knack for spending way too much money in the store so I tend to stay away from the Place. I ran out of texts and minutes earlier this month, Minutes first then texts yesterday because I only got the 1000 minutes, 1000 texts just to see if I would use them... Well if you can't tell how much of a talker I am by this review :) I have been waiting for my service end date most patiently and so Last night when I was still at work at midnight I tried to use my phone and it was a no go... and now at 9:00 am and two calls to Customer service later I am still cellphone-less. I am frankly annoyed that it has taken this long, I was given some bogus activation number that just rebooted my phone so it could tell me that I still had no service days left just so I would get off of the phone... Hey I know that tactic when you get a somewhat difficult customer and you can't really fix their issue because they are totally justified to want to be able to use the cellphone they paid for... I was offered to buy it then over phone but isn't the whole point of auto refill that I wouldn't have to wait for myself to go to Walmart to go buy one of the cards or order it from someone over the phone? I called again.. and this time I got a little more "honest" person who told me that I had to wait a couple of hours for it to charge my credit card and refill the account... In this I want it now kind of world they expect me to wait for cellphone service... What is this world coming to? I know my impatience is hard and I have gone for alot longer without a phone but again I thought when I enrolled in Auto refill I wouldn't have to wait, or at least that is what they falsely advertise on their Website. Again, I am just trying to voice my frustration at being without a phone for the last 9 days and then expecting to use it today and then being horribly let down. It would have been faster for me to just run to Walmart... I would like to add that the 1st thing the reps jumped to was that my credit card wasn't valid, 1. I know it is and 2. I looked at my transaction history it pre-approved the charge to the card on June 20th. I am just going to have go about my day without a cellphone... my life so imcomplete... :P

Guest 7/6/2012
ST is a joint venture between Tracfone, and Walmart.

tiffany 7/6/2012
biggest waste of money. i recently bought the 3 month service card for 130.00 and called them because my phone was shut off. and they cant do anything cant put minutes on my phone gave them the card number and pin so many times and still nothing.

BigT 7/6/2012
I've had Straight Talk (2 phones) for 18 months. Great service for the plan I have.
Had ATT, but more satified, and better price w/ Straight talk.

StraightTalker 7/5/2012
Igave a 4 star bc I've been on StraightTalk about a year with not problems, and my husband and I love the no-contract and low monthly price. I buy the $30 card and my husband goes for the unlimited $45. But recently his phone stopped receiving a signal in or near our house, so he hates that and is ready to switch companies. My phone still works fine, though, so I think it's just the phone itself. Customer service did not help. I'm hoping a Twitter tweet will help. Maybe he just needs a new phone.

cj avant 7/5/2012
The only reason they received a single star is there is no lower rating. Straight talk sent me 5 defective phones in a row. Each one took me no less than an hr. on the phone to India, over a poor connection, to achieve. The tech support I received was so sub par that it should have recorded and played on the internet as a really bad joke. They would not refund me the money I had spent on the original, but if I would, for a 6th time, ship them the piece of garbage they had sent me to replace the piece of garbage they had already sent me, doing without a phone in the interim, they would send me yet ANOTHER piece of garbage non working phone to take its place. I was polite and respectful until I was a week into trying to get a replacement for the 5th defective phone when I just lost it. NEVER AGAIN. Two cans strung together with a piece of string would at least not require an hour on the phone to India to replace.

S 7/5/2012
do not buy that service- good advice!

Eddie 7/4/2012
I had ST before and the reason why I left ST did not have no smart phones last year. So I ended up going contract with sprint. I am leaving sprint because in my case i have many dead spaces where I work. Never had a situation like that with ST - no dropped calls - no connection problems like I do with sprint. So now I am breaking my contract with sprint. My saving after all is said and done is $600.00. The only improvement straight talk needs is their customer service and that improves with time.

b.s. phone and service 7/4/2012
Don't get duped this company sucks!Unlimited?Yeah right!Second day I had my android I could get online, text, but have been unable to make a phone call for several months now!Biggest rip off ever!

virginia 7/4/2012

Randy 7/3/2012
Switching to ST is the worst decision you'll ever make./Bought my 375c in December 2011 for 5 months everything was good. then it happened. Added a minute card, called *22890 to "update roaming" went from a working phone to very unreliable..
Today 07-3-12 3:30 am I added a minute card. Minutes appeared on the phone. Dialed *22890 and the service updated. Phone has not been able to send or receive calls since. Customer service says system is updating. Wait 1 hr then try again. Did exactly that, still nothing. Phone shows 4 bars until you press send the nothing. Even the bars goes away. No it's not a broken phone.
It's not the carrier or that the phone has been abused. One less than stellar intelligence poster said (paraphrased ) paid by att to post bad reviews. Sure boy wonder and Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are real too..

STEVE 7/3/2012

donna 7/3/2012
Straight talk likes to take your money but when it comes to solving a issue they want another number u can contact them from.... What's up with that i don't have but my cell... And like i really want them to have another number of mine.... Customer service is the worse.. Phone has poor internet connections, more dropped calls, and lousy the worse yet customer service...

B.Harrison 7/3/2012
Takes forever to get to a human for customer service. Service reps barely speak English. Almost impossible to understand them. Customer service. SUCKS!!!!

curtis allen 7/3/2012

Jerry 7/2/2012
I was skeptical at first because of the bad reviews on this site, but I took the leap anyway and overall I have no complaints about StraightTalk. I purchased an Android phone via their website and it was delivered within 3 days. The activation I did online - easy and convenient, and the phone was activated within a few hours.

RH 7/2/2012
Straight Talk interrupts my call with a pre-recorded message that my balance is getting low, then disconnects my call. I've asked them to change this multiple times but it never stops. My refill is automatically charged to my credit card and I never run out of minutes. Despite their promises that they have fixed it "this time", my calls keep getting interruped. Hate this!

J. G. 7/1/2012
My husband and I both switched our phones to Straight Talk. One phone was switched over successfully and the other was not. The 2nd phone would not activate and had no service.

Very Unhappy Customer 6/29/2012
This company will cut your phone off even after receiving your money before the expiration date ends. With the most unheard of bullshit ever! The cutomer service is AWEFUL!!!!!! I have contacted my attorney with my matter do to I will never allow a company to keep my money and not give me my service! This company will not be around for long during business the way that do!

miguel panatera 6/28/2012
i cant believe i fell for this company bs. had the unlmited plan but they cut me internet 1 or 2 times a month. calling someone sometimes it works, sometimes it doenst. only 1 or 2 bars in miami city. not a good company at all. want my money back but no refund, cant understand customer suport had to ask freind to translate and i speak ok english. hate it hate it hate it!

John B 6/28/2012
Straight Talk is a basically a dishonest company.

Mskennedy 6/28/2012
This is the worst phone company ever. I ordered a Samsung for my fiancé way back in April. The order did not go through so I resubmitted. Well of course straight talk charged my twice. I called them the next day. They said they could not o anything that I should send one of the phones back when they arrived. When the fed ex man arrived at my door with two boxes from straighttalk, I took one and the other I would not accept and sent back. When I called straight talk they said it would take 2 billing cycles untill they could issue a refund. Fine. I wasn't happy with that but what else could I do. Jump to the present today is June 28th. No refund yet. Called straight talk. They advised that they would have to put in a ticket and research this. That it would take 2 billing cycles!! I just couldn't believe it. How hard is it to credit my account for the $138.76?? I am very teed off. There are things I would like to say but I won't. I will say that I will never ever ever purchase any phone from straight talk again. They have lost a once loyal customer

Peda 6/28/2012
Worse services ever. This is as bad as it gets. Not able to help me w anything when I call. I will wait that horrible 1 month to finish and will be switching over to some other company. Do not waist your time and money on this company-please...

Remember Me? 6/26/2012
I've been with ST since February, and loved the service, but my love has turned into can't live without service! My family recently went on a trip to Arizona (I'm in Texas). My husband's with T-Mobile, My two older daughters are with Virgin Mobile, and my baby has Net 10. They were all able to call me and reach me just fine. Had no problems with calls, texts or MMS getting through. I have the Nokia E71, and I use my free email and GPS all the time. I couldn't have asked for a better deal, and so far, for me, it is unlimited. I have had yet to received one of those dreaded warning messages, and I do quite a bit of browsing, texting and MMS. I think the only people receiving overage messages are the ones that are still trying to tether, and these people know that they aren't allowed to do that! Love the free apps from the Nokia App Store. Best deal on the planet. Never regretted the day I switched to ST from AT&T.

Madder by the Minute 6/25/2012
Just TRY to get help when you have a problem! They don't care because they have your money and they have the phone number that you might have had for years and you will lose it when you try to run away from them! You are screwed. Go with another company!!!!!

Jake C 6/25/2012
I'm going to be honest here, if you're looking prepaid steer far away from straight talk. Not only in the cell phone service bad but the customer service is the worst I have experience in my life. All call go to a call center over seas where they barely understand English and can't even comprehend simple tasks as taking down your name as you spell it for them. They have power to do anything so it's pointless to even call because they just tell you they can't help you. I hate writing bad reviews but people need to know so they have the horrible experience my family did.

Robert 6/25/2012
I'd give ST 5 stars for talk and text coverage anywhere in the US and low cost for service. I'd also give 5 stars for their quick replacement of my sim card and a defective phone once. Additionally I recently received a prompt full refund for an Android phone I ordered but hated and returned, so again 5 stars on that. As for getting customer service on the phone and talking to someone, I give them a 2 star rating because I always wind up talking to someone in India whom I can barely understand, or long wait times, or getting nothing more than a message telling me to call back later due to extremely heavy call volumes. As for the Android phone I returned (Samsung Precedent), it was a touch screen and regardless of which key I pressed, the wrong character always came up. Pressing the delete button did not delete but simply gave me two more unwanted characters. I'd give that phone a zero rating and would advise that you only purchase ST phones that have a separate physical keyboard.
Overall, I did give ST and "averaged" 4 stars as I felt the good outweighed the bad by a comfortable margin.

Fatima 6/23/2012
I think there really no value to this phone this is very bad service and very bad phone insurance I would give this 0 Stars if I could waste of my Monet.....

Donny 6/23/2012
Always good coverage no probs

brad akron ohio 6/23/2012

Gordon 6/23/2012
17 yrs with Verizon. 14 months with Straight Talk CDMA Verizon type system, $30 month. The first 3 months towers worked well, same number and coverage as real Verizon. Then ST cut off my coverage area and real Verizon 411. The east half of Missouri is NO SERVICE area. Drove 5 hours with signal bars, but "NO SERVICE" on the screen. 911 calls impossible. Foreign based Customer Service unbelieveably horrible in every way. Automated 411 is horrible, it is 800-free-411, 1/10 gets the number, maddening, just forget about using 411. Never give ST your credit card= multiple billed, no refunds and hours talking to CS. Buy a WalMart card and set your phone alarm, activate your card at the last 2 hrs of coverage. My son has Straight Talk GSM (ATT) towers and almost as bad coverage area while in Missouri. Their maps LIE. ST does not have useage agreements with many companies. Also every month when the new $30 gets activated, ST erases my internal phone data/internet data= maddening. They erased my phone book once. I will be buying new phone service this week 6/27/12 and switching companies. You get what you pay for. WalMart doesn't care.

Sharon Williams 6/23/2012
Horrible. The most awful company ever. The plan is not unliited. They took my money. Be warned. Just don't do it.

tcat047 6/22/2012
These phones, while cheap to own, are not for anyone in a rural or small town. They have no towers that provide signal. Use only in big cities.

gary mcdonald 6/22/2012
Bought the straight talk with the understanding that it "worked everywhere". That is ABSOLUTLY FALSE. It works in the town I bought it, but had "no signal" almost everywhere else in my daily travels. When I called customer service to see if it was a problem with the phone, I was told that I would not get any service in the areas I questioned, even though all other major cell phone carriers worked in the same area. I am taking this phone back. "The Phone that works everywhere" is false advertising in my opinion.

Ron 6/21/2012
I think that 'customer service' is a joke. You talk to someone over in India that can rarely understand you. The information service is absolutely terrible! You can't get a number to save your life! YOU CANNOT TALK TO A LIVE PERSON AND THE AUTOMATED OPERATOR CAN NEVER LOCATE YOUR NUMBER!

Anna S 6/21/2012
I've been with Straight Talk since June 2010, after switching from Virgin Mobile. Since then I have had 6 of their phones. Right now I have the LG Optimus Q and have had it since about Christmas. If I were reviewing solely the handset itself I would rate it with three stars, because it is sometimes very slow and freezes often, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it. I've had Verizon CDMA phones, AT&T GSM phones, and this Sprint CDMA phone with Straight Talk and I would have to say that the best coverage was with the Nokia e71 (GSM.) I have only had to deal with customer service a handful of times and when I did they were always friendly and helpful. At times they were slightly hard to understand but if you listen closely and ask them to repeat certain things they are happy to do so. For the money you pay, it is really an excellent value. After taxes I pay $48.32 per month for completely unlimited everything, which is something you won't find anywhere else, period.

BILL HUGGENS 6/21/2012

Rich 6/21/2012
I have had a straight talk phone and service for about a year and a half. I have had no problems at all. Recently upgraded to a samsung android phone and the process was super easy. I have had no communication with the customer service department because everything I have had to do was able to be done on their website. I was with verizon before straight talk and transferring the phone number was very simple. The reception quality I get is the same that I had with verizon but my bill is half of what verizon was. I am very happy with straight talk and would definetly recommend their service.

horrible 6/21/2012
worst service i have ever had. this is the most dishonest company in the world. terrible reception and constant cutting off my net on unlimited plan. should be sued for false advertising. support is non-existent. what a joke. waste of time and money.

Chris Williams 6/20/2012
The reception is just terrible. Several of the phones they have shipped me have not worked. While the customer service representatives I've spoken to have been perfectly friendly, I suspect the language barrier impedes their comprehension (they're clearly located in India) because they've made a mess of my account several times. Didn't correctly renew my monthly minutes, transferred the wrong number on my account to a new phone, insisted that my shipping address does not exist, etc. Straight Talk's quality is the cell phone equivalent of a toilet full of garbage. I urge you to find another provider.

Bobbi 6/20/2012
I have been a ST customer for THREE YEARS. I have had the same phone the whole time. I recently upgraded to the LG900 I think. I have talked to over 30 CSR I now have the direct number for a manager. When I ordered my new phone I also ordered a phone for my mother in law. I was double charged. Then when I got the phones, it took me 3 days and 20 phone calls to get her phone activated. I also checked on my phone numerous times to see when it was going to be activated. I knew it was going to take maybe a little longer b/c I was taking my number to my new phone. However, on the 5th day I called and finally talked to a manager. She told me I had the wrong sim card in my phone. It would take 3-5 days to get a new SIM and then we could activate that card. Why they couldn't activate the card I already have is beyond me. So I told the manager fine but I need my old phone re activated then. So she reactivated it and told me it would be on the next morning. So the next afternoon it finally worked however I did not have txt messaging or web. I called yesterday (day8) and they fixed it for me on my old phone. I made a call and turns out they gave me a DIFFERENT phone number. I called back AGAIN and demanded my phone number back b/c I use my phone for work and I also have children. Eventually my phone was working properly and with the correct number but she only wanted to give me 300 minutes when I just purchased a 1000 minute phone card when I bought the phone. So she ended up giving me 800 minutes total. As I am sitting at work today (day 9) my old phone is not working. I am suppose to have my SIM delivered at 7pm tonight. I am not impressed and will be probably spending my evening yelling at someone. Is it too much to ask for what I paid for?

ben 6/19/2012
worst customer service reps i've ever dealt with in my entire life!!!!

Pika 6/19/2012
ST works fine for me, I did end up calling customer services couple times and the problem was resolved quickly, I can't believe that there's so many negative review about ST, perhaps those people should stick with landline.

bill 6/19/2012
straight talk billed my checking when I was not enrolled in the refill program,after 2 phone calls 1 lasting 1.5 hrs. jose #49929 the manager informed me they would not issue a refund. the phone service was terminated on 6/11 after i was billed on 6/12 . i would highly recommend not using their service . they are idiots,rude and very disrespectful
i rate them at -0000000

SC user 6/19/2012
I really have nothing but good things to say about Straight Talk. I've been using the service/phones for over a year now. I have switched back and forth between the $30 plan and $45 plan and have never had a problem with coverage/service here in the Eastern part of the US.

bstepper 6/18/2012
It took 2 days for me to get tech support in order to get mks and data on my iphone 4; but other then that I cant beat the price.

Straight Talk is Straight Lies 6/17/2012
so funny, i follow this page as i was ripped off badly by scummy straightalk and have seen the abuse and lies done to others. It is horrible service and support, all lies with unlimited services (they are not), false advertising and overcharges on your credit card as well as selling disabled phones that wont let you stream, etc. unfortunately, there is no reason for anyone that likes straightalk to lurk and troll these pages unless they are paid by straighttalk to do so. do yourself a favor and avoid straighttalk and use any other prepaid than straightalk or trakphone until they knock off the bs and get their act together. no reason for any sane person to waste their money here.

Ted 6/16/2012
Terrible company. They just sent me the wrong card for my phone and refuse to do anything. Unusable! No phone service! $67 and two days of working the problem. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON! I can't believe I fell for it....

Free Strate Wyoming 6/16/2012
We bought two separate phone 6 weeks ago. In our region of NE Wyoming, we have had full bars of service in our town on each phone since we got them. We woke yesterday and neither phone has any service. We went to a bigger town nearby for shopping and the phone worked fine. They claim they have no outage. It's nuts.

Co 6/15/2012
I use 2 think the service was good @ an affordable price, but when the weather gets bad the service is HORRIBLE!! Havent been able 2 use my phone in almost 2 days!! Might b time 2 switch providers

Wynnewoodpecker 6/15/2012
? I brought my Iphone over to straightalk .
Great having unlimited everything and not having to worry about overages.
I wonder if some of these negative comments are people paid by att to post ?

Dawn 6/14/2012
Not just BAD customer service- THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!! I was unable to activate my phone and called for help. The first time, I was on the phone for over one hour and was unable to activate it still. The rep did not offer further assistance but just told me to hang up and try again tomorrow. Next day... same story, except that the rep did come to the conclusion that my phone is defective. I was told that they would ship a new phone and a return shipment box for the defective phone- to be received in 3-7 business days. In 5 business days, I received the package for return but not a new phone. I called to find out why the new phone had not arrived and was told the new phone would come until after they had received the defective one. I have been without phone service for over 1 week, and they refused to overnight a new phone to me. They are unwaivering on their policy to receive the defective product before sending a new one. Right now, I wonder if I will ever receive a phone that works. The one thing they have done right is to extend my usage time to make up for the lost time. However, I have been treated terribly and inconvenienced in the worst way by Straight Talk. Oh, and my husband's phone did work and the reception is horrible. We have been told by two people, that they get a "this line has been disconnected" message when they try to call him. DO NOT switch your phone service to this company. You will most likely live to regret it. I certainly do and will be switching to another carrier.

Sondra 6/14/2012