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STI Mobile Reviews
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3 stars of 5 based on 89 reviews

Ann 8/2/2013
I agree...they use to be a good cell phone service. Superintendent of customer care is RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!! My phone and my husbands phone both quit getting service the same day,He said the phones where no good and we needed to replace them with new phones...they don't even sell phones anymore.(IMAGINE THAT) I doubt that 2 different STI Mobile phones both went bad the same day. Time to start looking for NEW cell phone providers and NEW cell phones!

ralph 3/9/2013
Seems like STI is going out of business...emails rejected, 555 number not working, no online retailers selling cards, no one answers their 800 number...

Dr. Dick 2/16/2013
Had this phone and service for going on 6 years. Despite dull equipment (limited phone selection), works GREAT for me. 10 cents a day and 10 cents a minute and don't have to recharge every 60-90 days like other plans. Excellent for me. No problems in coverage whatsoever. Too bad they seem to have disappeared off the landscape in the past few weeks (Feb 2012)- their 555 service and email help seems to have ended. Bummer, prob will have to look for another service, and will never find one like this for me. Excellent value, if they stay in business. Would have given them 5 stars if they seemed to still be around.

Dan 1/24/2013
They used to be a good phone service.Now they jerk you around,want to to buy more time even when you still have twenty dollars of talk time.Look somewhere else for a good deal.

baxter 12/10/2012
nasty people. unhelpful support. lots of dropped calls. net 10 much much better one star too many

ado eldor 12/3/2012
awful customer service! very rude!!! monthly plan is a rip off! unless you want your blood to boil stay away from this rude bunch

Emman 6/16/2012
STI prepaid calling card is of low quality service. I do not think customers are getting any good service

Fancisco Fonseca 4/27/2012
My phone has problems and I am in need of getting another one. I have made "four" calls to stimobile, only to waste my time.I have gone three times to "Rite Aid stores" to "Wholesale Liquidators", plus to "Radio Shack", and none of them recognize "Stimobile". My phone shuts off and turns on without me touching it.It also (repeatedly) goes in and out of service on its own, no matter where I may be at(whether I am moving or standing still) and no matter what height. I also tried to send you "this E-mail" to "" and a message comes in to tell me that this e-mail is not valid. Please let me know as soon as possible when you get the phones. i happen to be careing for a senior citizen and I am in ddesperate need of my phone. I appreciate your help...thank you.

bruce 4/10/2012
Worst service I have ever had, has more errors and problems. They charge you when the phone call does not even go thru then you have to beg the customer service agents for it back. Problems all the time- not dependable.

cathy 2/29/2012
horrible horrible service!! NEVER BUY THEIR CARDS!! I purchased one and the calls were never able to complete and customer service kept saying they were going to fix it and it never happened!! I spoke to then 5 times!! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!

Burt 9/2/2011
@ Ronin, Ihad a phone from King Soopers that used the Sprint net work. They don't even has cell towers in Wyoming so it was completely useless to me While traveling and they don't allow roaming. I now use Tracfone and have great reception almost everywhere. I don't know which state you are in but Check out Tracfone!

Rob 6/14/2011
FRAUD ALERT!! PLEASE READ THIS WARNING: They recently changed their policy for the unlimited plan as of May 2011. If you don't pay upfront before the due date they will switch you to the 9 cents a day plan AND NOT TELL YOU!! So you will be charged for every min and every text when you think you have unlimited. It took 3 calls to support before someone would tell me why my credit kept dropping! Before if I forgot to pay they would just cut it off and then I pay then I would still be on the unlimited plan. I have had their service for over 4 years on two phones. Its a great deal if you are a light user and the $44.95 for the unlimited plan is a great deal. But pay up front! In the end they said they would credit me and turn the unlimited back on for the rest of June 20011. They didn't....

Jon G 5/10/2011
Absolutely fantastic value and service!!! I've had this for about 4 1/2 years now with no problems. If you don't make all that many calls this is an unbeatable value at 9¢ a day and 8.9¢ a minute. The only catch is that you have to make or receive at least 1 call every 60 days -- I can do that, no problem. All together this costs me less than $34 a YEAR!!! No other outfit even comes close. I can see where the Sprint network might not work everywhere and international calls might be problematic, but for a basic, no-frills cell phone for someone that doesn't make that many calls and doesn't travel much STi Mobile has the best deal out there.

ronin 4/16/2011
As a STI subscriber..traveling around US, I have experienced lack of service outages...even though coverage maps indicate coverage, and cell phone shows solid signal.. it will not receive or place calls...Sprint (the actual cell network provider) blocks income and outgoing calls with a voice recorded messages saying either entwork busy or it says one has to place a colelct call, wait for operator. Repeated contacts with STI proved futile as their tech says all is ok and it should work... I tested in my last trip to 540 area code... in a service are of 1600 square miles and no usage.. yet upon leaving that area code it worked fine for in and out calling. Conclusion: STI has no ability or desire to fix problems, rendering their phone useless. I use it in a lot of area codes and it works.. but not in 540 as they assure me it does. It doesn't.. even standing within view of the Sprint tower. STI is good if you do not mind an ant-social incompetent tech support. And don't mind it's outages here and there.. especially in 540 area code.

Ronin 1/21/2011
Good rates.. poor selection of phones. but the real problem I have personally experienced is their service (as a Sprint reseller) does not allow usage in all service areas in spite of thier assertions that it works where Sprint works.. and even shows map that it does. I found in some area codes the Sprint network does not recognize the subscribed cell.. For example: when attempting to place calls in area code 540, a voice intercept says to dial one to make a collect call. Incoming calls are blocked with "unavailable." STI support cannot fix such Sprint program errors.. even though they can verify that the phone is registered in the Sprint network. They cannot go all they way and fix a problem.. saying sorry.. "want a $10 credit?" NO! I want a phone that can be relied upon when traveling. Sprint has a problem that resellers cannot fix. I experienced the same with a recent purchase of a Platinumtel phone and service. useless, as the local Sprint network facility (575 area code)does the same thing "dial 1 to make a collect call" .. buyers should beware of the hit or miss nature of Sprint cellular via their resellers. STI works fine when it works... great rates for a casual user. Poor phone choices. Thus, I do not think STI is a serious prepaid company.

CARL H. 1/18/2011

Mike 1/12/2011
I've used Sti Mobile for about four years and was pretty happy, despite the lack of coverage area--it covered my needs at a good price. Now, suddenly, my phone no longer works in WV, where it had worked fine as late as Sept last year. Can't figure it out, and I have to say their online customer service is useless.

TomS 12/16/2010
Card is fine for voice, but doesn't work with faxes. Other prepaid services don't seem to have that problem...

John 10/25/2010
PLEASE READ!! Nothing but problems. Customer service is the absolute nightmare and I find myself crying to them on a daily basis. I paid $45 for unlimited talk and text and the next day I had no service. The company continues to charge a customer for calls and texts even after you switch to unlimited. ANY TIME YOUR BALANCE GOES BELOW $45 YOU LOSE SERVICE!!!!!. Plus no coverage and often no signal even in my own house, and I live in a coverage area. Please do not put yourself through what I'm dealing with every day!

ron 9/20/2010
previous company (maybe sprint) was great; sti started out good but has gone downhill; we have no less than 12 calls to cust service and get apologies but no improvement in service; cannot cannot connect, dropped calls, incorrect minutes, and the list goes on; we are out of this company

Jake 9/16/2010
Can't beat 9 cents a day plus 8.9 cents a minute if you are a light user. Bought four Samsung A660 phones at Staples several years ago - essentially were free after rebate (cost me the sales tax). Allows me to have a recharged battery at the ready. No worse signal than the Sprint plan I had before that was costing me $45 a month for my average 50 minutes of use. The STI cost for same is $7.20. Wife and I can each have a STI phone for less than $15 a month.

Erika 9/9/2010
Terrible service!!! I had to call Philippines and it didn't work so I called customer service 5 times and been put on hold for 5 minutes they said they were going to fix it and they didn't. What a ripp-off

dana 8/29/2010
I have had this service for over 5 years now and love it. Its very dependable and always there when i need it. The only bad thing about it is the lack of upgrades they've done. The phones are very limited and very old school. Hope they fix this soon but i will stay with them regardless.

Den2Pdx 7/29/2010
I've used Sti Mobile for 5 years, 8 months, during which it has provided me with cheap, reliable, basic-no-frills, hassle-free service. Over the last 8 months, I've paid $100 ($50 x 2) for air time and was give $15 air time (loyalty dollars from Sti Mobile). My wife with Cricket has paid $360 for comparable usage over the same time span. And since Sti Mobile piggy-backs on Sprint's network, I get better coverage than she. Of course she's paying for the Cricket stores and kiosks all over the place. Sti Mobile has no stores or kiosks, and the last time I bought a recharge card, it didn't work. That's OK, because I quickly add minutes on-line. I last called customer service 3 years ago, and they seemed nice enough then. Bottom line is that Sti Mobile delivers the service I want at low cost to me.

Diane IL 6/26/2010
Terrible! Card did not work for any numbers in China I needed. After you purchase they tell you that the cards do not work to call hotels and it is not refundable

dave v 6/13/2010
My wife has been using Sti for 4 years. Her usage is about $25 every 3 months. No other phone plan can match it. No problems with service. Had 1st phone die and picked one up locally. Transfer was simple. I Love Sti .

sheila 6/11/2010
This is a very decent service for emergency purposes. The only drawback is no local retailer sell the recharge card any longer.

Andrew 5/15/2010
Very bad service.

Sue 5/11/2010
We have had STI services for over 3 years with four phones in the family...Can't go wrong for the price as our phones are more for emergencies. We get notices when phones are low and minutes never expire...A+++ in my opinion

Nina 4/21/2010
For someone like me who only uses a cell when i'm out, which is rare, it is the best service to have. I did overcome the "finding places to get recharge minutes" problem a while ago and want everyone to pass it on. Family Dollar seems to me to be the most universal supplier that's all over but the real key to finding minutes is to realize that most retail outlets that sell sti mobile minutes DO NOT know that they sell them, even my local family dollar stores. if a place, including lots of convience stores at gas stations, has a keyring full of plastic cards with barcodes for selling various recharge minutes just ask them to PLEASE look carefully and I've found that sells minutes generally has sti mobile too, they just don't know it - really!!!

jjuwmmu 2/28/2010
Have been using STI from 2006. Their price is too good.

ranj 1/7/2010
for 9c/min & 9c/day how can you go wrong? buy the phone online and you're set....great international rates & no extra charge to call canada AND minutes don't expire (as long as u use the phone once every 60 days) -what more could you ask for ? -I lost my current cell with sti and i am going to buy 2 more sti phones because at this rate my wife and I can afford to have 1 cell phone each instead of 1 fancy cell ($45-55/mo)

sheila 12/17/2009
For the cost, this is a great plan if you need a cellphone for emergency purposes. The only drawback is verizon couldn't forward calls to this cellphone. However google voice can

Naklife 18 12/14/2009
I've had Stimobile since 2006. It works great in NYC on the Sprint network. For anyone that is not a big cellphone user this is the smartest economical plan to get. Very very happy.

Donna 11/9/2009
I like STI because it's SIMPLE. I don't need a camera or internet service, etc. It's been a reliable phone which I have had for over 5 years now. My ONLY COMPLAINT is that I can't find the recharge cards ANYWHERE. I don't like to purchase things online.

Jenga 11/4/2009
I've been on STI Mobile for a couple years and love this plan! 10 cents/day, 10 cents/minute* (*and would be even less if I activated now. The per/minute charge went down a few months ago; existing customers get a text msg with a bonus whenever they add new minutes to compensate). Best of all: the minutes never expire! You jus have to use the phone once every 60 days. Who else can boast a plan like this? Basically I pay $3.10/month to have a phone. And none of the ridiculous hassles trying to figure out when minutes expire as with other plans. The review indicated "poor coverage" but it's actually on the Sprint network. I'm surprised they're not more popular among the pre-paid plans. I feel like I got the deal of the century!

Gwen St. Louis 10/31/2009
I am a snowbird, I reactivate my phone in Oct. and use until April, Then when I go back in the fall I just reactivate it again.And to call Canada no extra charge is great. I have gotten 6 phones for friends and they all love them, Very economicial for senior who just want a phone for emergencies

Mike 10/12/2009
I have had STi Mobile for at least 3 years now, and never had a problem. For the amount I use a cell phone paying $50 to $60 a month makes no sense. I would not hesitate to buy another.

Joel 8/30/2009
This has been a great plan for us since we do not use the phones a lot. I spend less in a year than most people spend in a month. I had tracphone and I like this better. STI told me you can buy an unlocked Sprint phone and they will activate it, but I have not tried this yet. Their phone selection is a little week right now. The coverage can be weak at times, but I am not sure if it is the older phones they sell. We have had no trouble when traveling to other states. I would recommend them for low to moderate users.

lisa 8/19/2009
a copy of an e-letter regarding my latest interaction with sti mobile: to whom it concerns: i recently went through "hell," after purchasing 10 hours of airtime off your site. it took nearly 24 hours and numerous calls to you and to efullfillment which logged over an hour. as i mentioned many times, i usually purchase my airtime in this manner and never had an issue. this time, i was forced to be my own advocate and do your job as a "go-between," being bounced back and forth between you and efullfillment, being told many falsehoods about the purchase and procedure. i eventually spoke with a female floor supervisor who took the initiative to keep me on the line while she contacted efullfillment and got an instant explanation and resolution (something i had already asked a few customer service personnel to do). to add insult, i was informed of an "upgrade" to a calling plan with slightly lower fees which has been available for about one year. i never received information regarding this, which is inexcusable. true to my word to sti mobile, when my airtime has run out, i will no longer use your service. this treatment is unacceptable and a waste of my time.

Joe 4/21/2009
I’ve been using STI Mobile for over 4 years now. Things are alright if you don't mind a weaker signal than competitors, rarely use your cell phone AND don’t have a problem. If you have a problem of ANY kind YOU will pay for it with ridiculous amounts of YOUR time YOUR money and YOUR frustration. Even though its STI Mobiles fault. Unless you almost never use your phone, a low minute plan from any other company is well worth the couple extra dollars!!!

Mark 3/24/2009
I've had STI for three months now and everything's been great from connectivity to customer service. Very happy with the money I'm saving. Highly recommended.

Lee 3/13/2009
Never had a moment of problems. Customer service over the phone is very helpful...Rates are sweet and never had a problem with connection in my area...most phones don't work in the boonies, no matter who you have. Had this service going on 3 years and I can not justify a $39 to $69 contract for 2 years for something I use less than 5 minutes/day

Bond 2/26/2009
Lowest per minute Rate in the Market with service never disrupted even while travelling, phone is basic but works without issues - Had it for over 2 years!!

Tony 2/24/2009
very satisfied.

Taylor 2/22/2009
Not many phone selections. Other than that, they are ok.

SmokyMtnz 1/10/2009
I have been using STI Mobile for about four years and believe that it is a great value for someone that rarely uses a cell phone. Some here have said that Page Plus Cellular is just as good, but beware that you MUST replenish (buy time) once every 120 days to keep your line active, even though purchased time does not expire. STI Mobile does not require this type of required purchase, until you run out of minutes. If you reach $0.00, you have two weeks to purchase more minutes. They used to require one call in or out every 90 days, but I believe that requirement has been done away with. For someone that rarely uses a cell phone, STI Mobile is perfect, I think.

Guy Incognito 12/28/2008
Don't let the editor's review fool you, this is probably the best prepaid plan out for infrequent users. Minutes don't expire in 30 days like a lot of other plans. So long as you use it once every 60 days, your minutes will not expire. Signal isn't always the strongest, but it has been reliable. Never had a problem with roaming.

Ed Downs 11/19/2008
I was paying about $65 2 Alltel and was not using the phone 2 its fullest...I found STI and wham reduced my monthly charge 2 more than half...Of course I wish they had more up 2 date phones but 4 the price not bad. 4 the customers complaining about dead space...I have that 2...but I had it with all phones I have had.

D. Marla 11/16/2008
We have two phones and I have been with STI mobile for over two years now. Its been great, no issues at all. We have been to many places in the US in last two years and always had coverage. Price wise it beats all the prepaid plans out there. Great value for the money.

Kenneth Parker 11/8/2008
I have been using the service for a number of years with no complaints.

Steve Smith 11/5/2008
Absolutely no personal service. Web site does not offer any matter of support. Phone calls to misleading number. Impossible to reach a human.

james s. mannning 10/29/2008
i have alg sti mobile phone and i end up letting my minutes run out so my mother end up getting me some more now i have 10.00 of minutes since a few mounths ago and now i lost my number and don,t no how about to get a new number so i can use my minutes could please give me a number to call are can you do it pease . thank you sincerly james manning

Dewey 10/21/2008
I was an STImobile customer for 2 years with no problem at all. Got a phone for free after rebate on the Black Friday. 10c a minute, 29c a day (daily use + "unlimited" internet) was more than suited my needs. However, I parted with them after I was lured by lower voice rates of PagePlus and better internet rates and phone (Blackberry) of Boost. I wish STI were more competitive.

Dewey 10/21/2008
I was an STImobile customer for 2 years with no problem at all. Got a phone for free after rebate on the Black Friday. 10c a minute, 29c a day (daily use + "unlimited" internet) was more than suited my needs. However, I parted with them after I was lured by lower voice rates of PagePlus and better internet rates and phone (Blackberry) of Boost. I wish STI were more competitive.

Dustin 10/19/2008
I love using STI mobile YES sometimes you don't have many bars in places. The upside of this phone is I can call Hong Kong, China,France, and a few other places in Europe FOR FREE. YES I did say FREE.FREE calls on the weekends and after 7pm. I just paid $50 a month. It has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. HATS OFF TO YOU STI MOBILE SAVING ME THOUSANDS

Dustin 10/19/2008
I love using STI mobile YES sometimes you don't have many bars in places. The upside of this phone is I can call Hong Kong, China,France, and a few other places in Europe FOR FREE. YES I did say FREE.FREE calls on the weekends and after 7pm. I just paid $50 a month. It has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. HATS OFF TO YOU STI MOBILE SAVING ME THOUSANDS

Evan 9/17/2008
Very poor customer service.

Rob 5/4/2008
Zero issues in the last 1 1/2. Drove for Colorado to Cape Cod and never lost coverage the whole 2300 miles. I commute 65 miles to the plains of Colorado and always have coverage. I never have to buy Minutes to keep the ones I have already paid for, huge bonus. I wanted a phone that I could talk on, not a walking computer lab, and that is was got, for cheap. The year before I paid $1,200 for a phone service, this year $150, including the phone. With the money I saved I bought a great Digital Camera, and a new Lap Top, and still saved $300. Buy the way the Camera takes better pics then any phone could,and the Lap top does quite a bit more as well. Keep the gadgets and the cost. All I wanted was a phone.

Bob 2/17/2008
I use STi Mobile for the purpose of reading my G-Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and occasional news items. In addition to the 10cents/day, I have to pay another 19cents/day for internet. I can usually find a $10 airtime card for about $9.40 and no tax, so that means that I pay about $8.20/month for internet use. I am told that I can use 5mb/day, but I have never had a day when I couldn't get as much web as I needed, so as far as I am concerned, it is unlimited. I don't know of another way of getting mobile internet for a lower price. My main phone is a postpaid AT&T and they would charge me $15/month for the same thing. Hence, I am happy with STi Mobile.

Al 2/6/2008
STI Customer for about a year and a half. Best deal for lite users, period. Just wish they'd have the ability to let us use our deacitivated sprint and cdma phones.

Al 2/6/2008
STI Customer for about a year and a half. Best deal for lite users, period. Just wish they'd have the ability to let us use our deacitivated sprint and cdma phones.

Kristen 1/20/2008
I have had my phone for a year now. I like how i don't have to pay that much(.10/min). But i do have to say that my coverage stinks. I don't get reception in a lot of places, not even in my own house. I want to find a plan that is cheap and has good coverage.

roger 1/18/2008
it's apparent from the editor ratings that the editor has not used the services.

roger 1/18/2008
Much better value then tracfone. Can't beat it for a dime a day and dime a call. Also beter connection than t-mobile.

WildBill66 12/4/2007
Bought my LG 125x Sti phone on eBay for $22 plus $8 shipping.... a new phone in plastic hard to open container. There are great deals on STi phones on eBay all the time, cheap phone cards too. Customer service is great too, if your phone does not come with a $10 free airtime card, call customer service and ask fro free airtime promotion, even if the phone is no longer sold they will honor the promotion if you ask. Good cell phone reception, as you know STi uses the Sprint/Nextel network and I get 4 bars or better in most areas. I like the voice activated speed calling from my contacts list, very handy and I have a speakerphone built in so going down the road people think I'm talking to myself.... who cares, lol. Also, go to and look at the coverage map there. The STi coverage map is not updated, but is accurate and updated frequently. Save money and invest it in your 401k!!

cloose 11/17/2007
This is the best price, least hassle, for the occasional user. Had for 3 yrs and nocomplaints. I don't know what the other people mean when they don't get service. Isn't Sprint ine of the biggest areas around?? No contract and free phones are a huge plus too.

Dave 10/23/2007
I have used STI for better than a year now and have no complaints with the program. The reception is always there and they let me know when the minutes are running low. Yeah, they charge a dime a day but there is no confusing process in having to add minutes at certain intervals and losing your service and number- I don't care for that trick box. If there is any problem with STI, it's their customer service. Just make sure you use a land line because you'll be on hold a loooong time.

Richard Penc 9/9/2007
Despite the customer service that is marginal, I still give them 5 stars. For a dime a day and 10 cents a minute there is no better deal I can find. We have three, and use the phones maybe 10-20 minutes a month at best. For our use this is the best plan anywhere, period. We have never had problems connecting, they are on the Sprint Network. They should more aggreessively market their service through additional venues. We had some others (Virgin, Teacfone) and you can't beat the value with STI.

Becky 8/12/2007
Great per minute price but that's about it. I haven't been able to get any reception in my own house. I can hear a little on my porch or outside and that will be fun this winter. I would have great reception if I lived some other places in this town. However, customer service wasn't sympathetic.

StressLess 8/8/2007
Yes, there are cheaper options (using the doubler card and the free minute codes you can get TracPhone down to $0.05 cents a minute and using the doubler card and their 200 minute card you get $0.10 a minute and no daily fee). However STi Mobile is much easier to use and consistant use of the phone means you never have to worry about due dates or expiration dates. Buying airtime on eBay also allows you to get down to $0.09 cents per minute or less. The phones offered by STi Mobile are also better than the basic phones offered by Tracfone, though more expensive to get into. As a past Sprint user I have always been happy with their network and this is reflected in the STi Mobile coverage as well since they also use the Sprint Network.

Guest 7/30/2007
Don't use this service for kids. No contract is nice but kids are able to get adult account #'s and rack up large charges. Never use debit or credit cards for this service.

Contrarienne 7/29/2007
We've had STi for about 1 1/2 years, and the price can't be beat for a lightly used phone. The negatives are no roaming, and the picture messaging doesn't send a picture directly to e-mail. Instead, it sends a link to a photo site. The phones sold are old, not used but models from a few years back. They have very good international calling and text rates. It's great to have as an extra phone.

SureJuJU 5/28/2007
I would also recommend current STI Mobile users switch to Page Plus. I did it a month ago and am very happy with the switch. I pay the same as STI but can use minutes I actually paid for. Do the calculation yourself and you'll switch too.

valerie 5/7/2007
Okay. This phone is cheap and crappy service. I would qive no stars if i could. This is a very borinq, dull, no connection phone. Not suitable for kids. DONT BUY.

Andy Anderson 4/30/2007
I have two Sti Phones. They work as well as any one elses cell phone. The price is great. A dime a day plus a dime a minute for each minute used. Most everyone I know is paying around fifty dollars a month to have a one phone . I have Two phones for only Six bucks a month plus minutes. The phones were virtually free , so if they went out of business tommorow , I haven't lost a thing. If decide to change there is no contract to be concerned with, how cool is that! I buy my minutes from A company called "CheapPhonecards" and even get a discount on the cost of minutes. So overall I'm a happy camper!!

mark 3/28/2007
I like the low monthly cost that STI offers. Since the minutes do not expire, it is ideal for the light user. I buy refill pins from cheapphone cards for an added discount. I have spoken to customer service numerous times, and they have always been helpful. I hear alot about their customer service being sub standard, but I have not experienced this myself. As far as coverage goes, it's the same coverage that you get from Virgin Mobile but at a cheaper rate (10 cents a minute).

A Miller 3/25/2007
never recommended.

Tony (Ohio) 3/24/2007
Dear Consumer: Do not waste your money. It is the worst service.

Angelia 3/19/2007
I would have given them no stars but it wasnt an option....i have had my STI pre-pd phone for over a year and i bought it in the same town i live in and it doesnt get reception here...whats up with that? The only place i can use my phone is in my house...not good!!!!! Even after i have called STI Mobile to tell them this they dont care...they say sorry and thats it..whats the point of havin a phone if u cant use it??? HAving a phone means u can use it no matter where u r at, unless your in the woods..which i live in a very populated city and it still does not work...they better get their tower fixed!!!!!!! From VERY DISSATIFIED CUSTOMER

Jay Johnson 3/7/2007
I advice everyone to try Page Plus Cellular. It is very affordable service nationwide.

stan 2/28/2007
Best deal in town for the light user. The phone gets decent coverage, and it cost to use is very resonable.

Mel 2/5/2007
Minutes don't expire, but daily charge of $0.10 reduces balance. Coverage on Sprint PCS backbone. Customer Service is weak. My annual cost is $36.40 (0.10 daily charge) to keep my number and any minutes I use. Every other plan requires me to add minutes every 60-90 days or buy an annual card that costs about $100.00. This plan lets me control my cost. Perfect!

tredman 1/10/2007
If you can find a cheaper option for the occational user then tell me