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Simple Mobile Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 261 reviews

Tyrell Tiamiyu 9/12/2013
Dont understand the bad reviews...My Galaxy S3 Now has blazing fast 4G internet and unlimited everything! I'm paying $50 a month for it. Before I was paying $65 a month on a prepaid tmoble plan that limited my 4g to only a few megabit. Now I wan basically dowload movies and watch tv on my phone with no lag, no buffering just fast, powerful internet!

Upset 9/5/2013
Simple. Mobil cheating the people by saying 40 or $50 plan is unlimited. That's a lie by using their internet its like you are using your sister's internet. Every tim they send a message to warn that they will suspend your account if you don't use in moderate way. I hate it

Jennifer 8/3/2013
Worst customer service ever. Phone worked great until they changed their plans in July 2013. Then 3-way calling went away with no warning. Now they don't support it anymore. I have been emailing and calling their support for 2 months to downgrade my plan and they can't seem to do that, so I'm forced to switch providers. Their foreign customer service agents have limited capabilities and no where to escalate a problem. I'm on this site because I'm looking to switch providers and reading reviews.

ms b da Queen 8/2/2013
Btw complaints are filed with the public utility commission. They will row you to the appropriate division and its a very easy process

ms b da Queen 8/2/2013
I had to call to report them for bring fraudulent in the regard that the "unlimited"plan is not unlimited, rather 3gigabytes. Ass well they have a number you could call to pay a flat rate, and i had it, but lost i it when i got a new phone. Although out was only a month before, they refused to give me that particular number... They are crafty deceivers, who should be in the entertainment industry. I can tell you though when you file a complaint against then for fraud, out is forwarded directly the president of the company and he, or she, is given 30 days to respond, or risk being fined.

Dee 8/1/2013
Oh my God, don't me started! Simple mobile has the 'CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM HELL"!! No matter what you call for they just keep repeating, "I can see that your account is current". After have continuous dropped calls, I changed my sim card, then later bought a new phone thinking that was the problem only to have the problem persist! I had been with Simple Mobile for almost 3 years and was very pleased with the service until recently they made some upgrade and i can no longer make calls inside my house. My phone almost permanently shows 'no service' or emergency calls only. I call their extremely frustrating customer service and they tell me to call back next day. "Americans needs to boycott companies that use foreign employees that offer such TERRIBLE service!!

shannun 7/16/2013
Although the service is well due to it being on mobile, the plans are not unlimited, they will cut you off, the cap on data is I believe 2gb. I went with solavei, a new carrier that offers unlimited everything and the cap is at 4gb! The cost is only $49/month and they have a pretty sweet referral program for when you enroll your friends and family. Check it out, you can use any gsm phone and it runs on tmobile network as well

American 7/8/2013
You talk a big talk.. You make simple promises you can't keep.. You can't even operate your company by the slogan that got you the following that will leave you behind. RIP simple mobile, I just purchased my last reup.

e,g 7/7/2013
I don't where to begin but this is my 2nd month with simple and i didnt even continues i opted to pay another carrier and loose 10 days of service then continue, they have the worth custmer service , i will write a review in every site and tell eveyone that they SUCK hopefully other people read it and stay away first when i switched from t-mobil prepaid , they too 10 dayssssssssssssss to transger my line in ,,, 10 dayyssss ,,, do u realize how long that is ?? every time i called they told me the porting is in process ,,, SURE IT IS ... after the long wait my line was onn ,,, i had no issues for the rest of the cycle , comes my next cycle i upgraded for $10 extra to unlimed at 4g ,,, ha ha ha ha , they cut off my internet service after 5 days , they said i used it too much , i am like wait a min how did that happen if i used it the same way i used it last month, no one cared and they didnt restore my service , i filled a complain with the communication comissioner , the better busines burreau and they called me every time i filled a complain to tell me in a nice way (screw u if u dont like go somewhere else ) my service cycle ends on the 14th , i went to T-mobile , i switched to prepaid $60 a month ,, so $10 extra then simple but i know for sure that after your 2.5G at 4G , they slow down your internet , they dont cut it offff, oh ya and when i was switching, and i called to get my account # , they told me sorry we cant give that information to you,,, sooo who can ?? big time screw up , i went to a T-mobil store in the mall , and the lady said my service will be ported within 24 hours , guess what ?? before i left the mall , maybe an hour after i was rocking and rolling on t-mobil PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THOSE IDIOTS or you are wasting you money if you can afford to go without net then go for it

Mohammad 6/19/2013
Simple Mobile will not allow business email to you. I am unable to receive bank alert messages with simple mobile. When contacted their support, i received the following email. Read and you judge by yourself. Read from "Unfortunately..." The email: "Dear Valued Customer: xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Thank you for your interest in Simple Mobile. We are responding to your recent inquiry. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with this issue. Although we value you as a customer and we do not want to lose your business with us. Unfortunately we do not offer that particular service since we are a prepaid company and most of that kind of messages incur in additional charges. And since we do not issue monthly bills we cannot charge the extra fees that otherwise would apply in this circumstance. For any further questions or comments, please contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-877-878-7908. For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday through Sunday from 8:00 AM(EST) to 11:45 P.M.(EST) Thank you for being a Simple Mobile customer. We appreciate your business. Sincerely, Simple Mobile" Also try to use the internet a lot and they will cut you off. I heard it is the case with calling too. Enjoy simple mobile, i am switching to my old phone company :-)

Ann Hill 6/13/2013
I do not recommend this service. Very unprofessional with the text messages informing you that the account needs to be paid in order to keep service active. Also, placing or receiving calls are not very good, the phone either shuts off, or you can't hear the caller that well. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to go with this company.

Clint 6/6/2013
I thought I'd try this service with a Blackberry for work so I could get my e-mails. The coverage is great and the Blackberry services work excellent but.....I got a recycled phone number and I keep getting calls for the previous owner of the number. Not just a couple either, it's very frequent. On top of that, when I call someone from my phone it shows the old owners name!!!! I called customer service and they wanted me to pay for another SIM to see if that number would be better. Are they nutz????? I told them this would not be a service I would be renewing when it was up in a few weeks. A good price on service is not worth more to me than a company with some common sense and good customer service. The customer service is obviously in India somewhere as the operator didn't even mute her mic when she was asking her supervisor how to handle the issue. It was obvious that they were both completely clueless. Too bad that TMobile is affiliated with this company, a bad move.

Kaz 6/6/2013
HOLY COW! I called the customer service, someone answered who could hardly speak English and kept repeating the sentences that they memorized. But I was patient, went through this for 40 valuable minutes of my day time and here is the best part... She could not resolve my issue, because apparently their was DOWN! To my utmost patience I asked if she could call me back when the system is up, she said: "no". I asked if she could email me, when the system is back up. She said: "no". Ok! Then how do I know the system is up for service again? And she said:"keep checking the website periodically"!!!!! I could not take this anymore. I hung up!

Shaz 5/26/2013
STAY AWAY!! This is a rip off company with absolutely no customer service what so ever. They list a $25 plan on their web site with unlimited talk and text without any data service ... no where on their web site does it say that this is a 15 day plan. I bought a calling card as well as a phone from eBay to switch the service for my kid's phone since I did not want him to have data service. After hours of phone call transfers with their customer service, they finally tried assigning me a phone number and then told me that the $25 plan was only good for 15 days!!! What a rip off!!

Lee 5/22/2013
My wife has Simple Mobile and likes the quality of the calls. I am trying to get my T Mobile phone number transferred to Simple Mobile. It has been the absolute worst experience! The call center - in some foreign country - is the most incompetent I have ever encountered. Other overseas call centers I've dealt with do a fine job. But NOT SIMPLE MOBILE'S. First, the reps either don't listen to you, or they don't comprehend English well, because they do NOT seem to understand what you say. When they repeat it back it is just the opposite of what you told them. Then, depending who you talk to, their accents are so heavy that you can't understand them. I am currently without cell phone service for 4 days, because after buying a Simple Mobile Sim card, and starting the transfer process 5 DAYS AGO, they are unable to get my service set up due to their mistakes and incompetence. Simple Mobile is based in the U.S. so I finally gave up trying to deal with their overseas call center, and have called the corporate office in Florida. Let's hope there is more competence and professionalism there. I'll report back on that.

Manas 5/22/2013
They have the worst customer service ever. Do not get me wrong, the service is good and the rates excellent but not even god will be able to help you if you run into a problem. I have spent hours on the phone without being able to reach anyone in customer service. And the only replies to my emails have been to "contact" customer service. In the end, rates, coverage, speed and quality become irrelevant if you are not even able to get your phone to work. My advice would be to stay off of simple mobile unless you are extremely lucky and forsee a future without problems.

Krista 5/19/2013
one star only because my sim card and $40 plan shipped out quickly and nothing else, 2 days now, can't make or receive calls, says no network...what kind of crap is that..customer service really sucks, all they can do is transfer you to someone that doesn't answer

Ash 5/17/2013
I was a faithful Simple Mobile customer. I recommended it to everybody because the plans were a flat rate and it was simple to use. NOW??? Whatever changes they made within the past few months is currently sending me shopping for other services, contract or not. In order to speak with a customer service rep, you've got to go through 30 million automated services and the wait times are horrendous. They just imposed taxes to my service so instead of paying $$40 for unlimited, Im paying $43+ It's not a lot, but still. They prided themselves on paying flat rates. My mom just got her service from them and they did not inform her on her due. I always receive text messages from them informing me on my bill due date, but hey did not do the same for her. Service=terrible

scammed 5/16/2013
I had to buy 3 separate sim cards and two phones over 4 days. still no service. They barely understand and speak English. "Don't worry" is what there agents always say. Disconnected because too many callers 100 times.

anonymous employe tracfone 5/14/2013
Good I work for tracfone and currently single mobile customer service is little used but are good that tracfone buy it and I hardly have them there and in Colombia and other countries are pricipales. and tracfone has many company as safe link, straigh talk, simple mobile, NET10, tracfone, telcel america. and the system covers all of that client are currently 22 million and I say here in the customer service does not know how to work I recommend that you change your company because if they will not always have the same problem or is a known real work . and you as consumers are not complaining will not improve and I think the best costumer service are used here rather sorry to offend my country.!

Nina 5/6/2013
Bad customer service. I have tried for two days calling to fix my mom's phone problem and no luck. I pay her monthly phone service so she can have a phone for emergency. I will be changing to a different cell phone company, even her local store didn't want to take her payment today because they didn't know what was going on with Simple Mobile.

Zachary 5/4/2013
The worst customer service experience there reps are programmed to say the same thing every time U call I'm using the same phone I live in same house I Internet speed is down from 5000kbps to 240kbps an hour after I paid 50 dollars and after talking to 7 reps and 3 supervisors I got no honest answers. Ad to that the drop call and the bad quality I'm done with SM . And I'll everything I can to keep my friends and customers away from SM.

Alex 5/3/2013
Unlimited? REALLY? ? They're NOT UNLIMITED! ! They'll cut your service when you reach 2 Gigs!! I won't recommend this service! !

Leslie 4/29/2013

A Kavanagh 4/28/2013
Their plans may be cheap but their customer service is absolutely awful. My husband and I have a monthly plan with them and International pay as you go, we put credit on our pay as you go which has disappeared. He has now called them about ten times and spent about 6 hours on the phone trying to resolve the issue, they are unhelpful, have none of the information needed and have in fact cut him off at least three times. They are frustrating beyond belief to deal with...

oaeay 4/24/2013
Don't swich to $50 unlimited talk, text, data plan. Data speed is okey. BUT after 2GB, they just blocked the data. I called customer service, she said I'm not suppose to use data plan for youtube or pandora, etc. Basically none of the apps on the phone. It's unlimited for picture messages and web browser.

shannon 4/22/2013
I purchase the Sim card along with the minutes on Feb 10 return merchandise within the 30 period. Today is April 22 still haven't receive my refund to date. So pissed I called today put on hold 4 times only to be told they haven't receive the return package. Basically I got robbed for $62.99 they got the money and the merchandise. Zero stars.....

Aminata 4/18/2013
Simple mobile rocks! you guys are just some dumb asses that can't handle something as cheapa s $40-50 dollara every month. it like you get everything you'll get from t-mobile,sprint, verizon but for cheaper prize and your still complaining about it -_- get life!!! simple mobile is doing an amazing job by providing customer like me happy and making sure i am satisfy with what i am paying for

donald 4/15/2013
Bar none the absolute worst cellular provider available. The customer service was abysmal, not one of the 5 reps I spoke with could answer a question directly - the usual overseas call center rhetoric with requisite hollow apology and thanks for enduring their ineptitude.

Jenny 4/11/2013
I ordered services with Simple Mobile because they said that their SIM card would be compatible with my specific Blackberry device- it was not compatible- I worked with the tech support on it for a day then cancelled it. I had activated the card on 11/14/12 intending to have it work in my phone, then I cancelled services 11/16/12 because I worked on getting it to work for a whole day. They will not refund my money because they have a 24 hour cancellation policy. I have spoken to several managers and let them know that I was mislead, and they all told me that I didn't cancel within the 24 hour period. I was working with their techs for a day to resolve it, and they had told me that it was going to work, that I should give it a day, and now I realized that the whole things was a SCAM to keep my Money.

Steve 4/7/2013
Only reason Simple Mobile gets 1 star is because there is no option for No Stars. I got the $50/Month Unlimited Talk/Text/4G Data. My data speeds have been below 300k download. I got better than that on Boost Mobile 3g!!! I read the reviews giving 3 and 4 stars, I'm guessing they're employees or work for a retailer that sells alot of simple mobile plans. No matter what time or where it is Simple Mobile is SLOW SLOW SLOW 300k would be a good day the other 99% of the time I'm lucky to get 100k and this is suppossed to be 4G????

miss.kym 3/24/2013
Everyone kept saying oh yeah, simple is cheap u can even bring your own T-Mobile phone and just pay for the first month and the sim. It didn't take long for me to catch on to the lie they blatantly use in big banners, commercials and magazines ; UNLIMITED by now I'm sure we've all figured out how false that is. First off for some reason their sites and system is ironically always down causing the phone to be pretty useless. The first month I got a text message in the middle of the month saying I was at risk of getting my data cut off automatically I was confused. Why would my data get cut off I have "unlimited" " the next day lo and behold my data was off along with a text saying I violated terms. I read through those terms and conditions. Then I called them, the woman was very informative in her words she said "off the record, we've been having many complaints because of false advertising.quite frankly I wouldn't advise anyone to get service with us." I asked her how was it that my data can get cut off. She says "u have 2 g of internet a month unlimited calls and texts, even if u switch to the 4g $60 plan there all the same aside from it being a bit faster then the 3g but only for a certain amount of days, the 4g gives us like 10 days of actual unlimited 4g, after that your back to 3g" this was a sales person who works for simple! She even said if you don't log out of everything like Facebook twitter instagram or anything that runs in the background knowingly or not, you'll still use up data. Anyone even curious about simple mobile don't waste your time or money. Its all a gimmick, I'm happy to say I'm no longer with them!

erim 3/20/2013
I have a galaxy note on Sm, I GET NO SIGNAL CALLS DROP ALL THE TIME. its a 4g phone It ONLY gets 4g when it wants to. Km not ok with that but since im always on wifi its fast. If i start toget my service cut of like some of these other people I'm out.

tara 3/8/2013
I would give zero stars if I could. Ordered SIM card which was never shipped; after two weeks they said we need 24 hrs to look into my case and call me back. SURPRISE no one called and when I finally called them to just cancel my order already they said we need 30 days to refund your credit card. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Don't bother with Simple - they will eventually find a way to disappoint.

Joseph Bejm 3/5/2013
I have the same problem with $50.00 Plan. After 3 days my speed drop to almost nothing with out any warnings. I called them and spoke to someone with Indian Accent. First she try to tell me that I have 2G phone but she had no answer why I had 4G speed before I went to sleep and in the morning I only could read text. Then she said I can't watch videos I only can brows the Pages. And she told me that they are not responsible for third party Apps. And I ask her what this have to do with any thing. She also told me I can't download any music, videos or programs. I ask to transfer me to Manager because she started again that my phone is not 4G. With manager I had no luck ether she ask me to look at the Terms and Regulation Paragraph 25.2 2. Protective Measures To provide a good experience for the majority of our customers and minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance we may take measures including temporarily reducing data throughput for a subset of customers who use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth. Additionally, in the event that a customer is in violation of the Permissible and Prohibited Data Uses listed above, we may reduce your data speed for the remainder of that billing cycle or terminate data service without notice or refund. We may also suspend, terminate, or restrict your data session, Plan, or service if you use your Data Plan in a manner that interferes with other customers' service, our ability to allocate network capacity among customers, or that otherwise may degrade service quality for other customers. I ask her to show me on the $50.00 Plan where this shows. She had no answer for that. So after 3 Days It's useless Plan and even on there computer is not showing why my speed is slow. They just drop you.

roy 2/21/2013
I moved to simple mobile "unlimited 4g" from a 3g plan on another provider. Speed tests at different times and at different places show data speeds LOWER than when I was with my old provider on their 3g plan.

Birjees 2/20/2013
Unlimited is not unlimited, I was with another company for 15 months and never exceeded 15 MB, with the same usage they suspended my service of 17 day use, they informed me that I over used my web, I asked them that "is it not unlimited minutes" and I was told that they do not want people to abuse unlimited minutes, I can not understand what they mean by abuse, they are frauds stay away from such thieves, they hung up on me 3 times even though I was politely asking them how can they suspend my service, now I have no internet, I was better of with my old phone service. They also lied to me and told me that they sent me two messages of warning, they did not sent me any warning message. I hope the corporate office of Simple Mobile will checks into this and fix the problem, I wish people also approach consumer affairs and FCC to protect other consumers who in future will sign up without the true discloser of facts that simple mobile marketing department are concealing and advertising unlimited, talk, text and web for $40.00

Sayed 2/19/2013
Don't take this service, It is a false advertisement, they say unlimited talk, text, data, I used this phone for only 18 days and they disconnected my service, they are informing me they sent 2 messages for warning, its not true, I had no clue what was happening, they said I have not logged off from Utube, and that got my service suspended for the whole month, they use false advertisement. Be careful before you switch or you will regret like me with suspended service for no fault of yours. With the same pace I used another phone service that allowed me 30MB and I never exceeded over 19MD so it is impossible for me to over use unlimited web. With the same pace I had another phone service that allowed me 30MB and I never exceeded 19 MB in almost 2 years, so how can I believe that I exceeded over unlimited data.

Storm 2/18/2013
I jus ordered my sims card for 50cents on Amazon. I'm jus trying out new prepaid services. Y'all should try Boost Mobile I use 8gb of internet a month with no issues. I was gone try Simply mobile for the 40$ plan. NEVERMIND *Boost Mobile* offers the same ur monthly plan go down 5$ every 6 months

Derick Moore 2/15/2013
My story is "Simple"! I ordered a $25 plan for 750MB of data and a SIM card to go with it. "Simple" sent a phone card for a $25 15 day phone plan. Since I had all of the documentation, I thought it would be "Simple" to request that "Simple" correct their problem. In the two months (yeah the 15 days are long expired) since I started with emails and phone calls, I have been bounced hither and yon by their phone support staff and email staff. My total of $37 has been swallowed up by the "Simple" refusal to honor their commitment. I may give up, but I'm not easy to get rid of. My next step will be to call HQ collect and see if I can talk to someone with sufficient intelligence and respect for the customer to "Simply" look at the facts.

Sean 2/1/2013
The worst company ever, price went up but the service getting worse. i used to pay $40 a month now i pay 43.18 but it has been a day i dont have any signal or service. WTF..

OMG!!! 1/30/2013
This has to be the worst service ever! There unlimited data is not effective what so ever. T've only had sm for 3 weeeks and a text message from them claimed My mobile data was suspended!WTF, i've only been on fb, pandora, and youtube for the 3 weeks that i've had this plan.... I'm convinced that I have not violated any terms for my my 4g data to be suspended... These people are frauds and ripoffs! There NOT to be trusted! They also have terrible idiots running their customer service along with NO refunds for their dumbass mishaps with their service. $50 for an unlimited plan=money down the toilet.

monica 1/23/2013
They don't even deserve 1 star i was with them for over a year & they suspended my internet after i paid for the $40 unlimited plan and they're complete dumbasses they kept telling me it's unlimited, but yet i use too much data.. they said my internet wouldn't get cut back on until my next billing cycle & then they didn't cut it back on complete rip-off AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!

Hugh Railey 1/19/2013
Good service for me, use it moderately on data, I use the wifi on my phone most of the time

Guest 1/13/2013
Stay away from Simple Mobile! I purchased its $40 month-to-month plan on its own website. I had to wait 5 business days to get my sim card in the mail (no expedited delivery option). When I tried to activate my phone online, it said I had to call to port my current number. I called, and after providing my sim card number and the PIN , the agent said my PIN was invalid without giving me a reason (it came from Simple Mobile). She said she had to create a ticket to look into it. I questioned why she couldn't just validate my order and activate my service. She didn't answer. So I opened a ticket. She said someone would contact me in 24 to 48 hours about the ticket. Four days went by and no one contacted me. So I called and this other agent said my ticket was closed because there was no email address in it. First, the first agent didn't ask for my email address. Second, I gave her my phone number, and the second agent confirmed my phone number was in the ticket. BTW, why would a company that refuses to complete a task online and requires its customer to do it over the phone insists on contacting the customer via email and not the phone?! Anyway, I asked for a supervisor and the person kept telling me he was looking into my ticket. After 10 mins, I literally questioned what he could be possibly looking at for so long. He didn't give any real answer, so I demanded to either have my service activated on the spot or a refund. He went away and a few mins later he said he couldn't issue a refund but would send me another sim card. So now I have to wait for another 5 business days to get my sim card. Each call took 30 mins to go nowhere. I believe the agents were stalling. For whatever reason, I don't know, but we have all used computers and there is no way it took 10 mins to look at a ticket that simply says the customer couldn't activate his service because the PIN was invalid. I regretted giving Simple Mobile a try. The only good thing it is a month-to-month plan. I definitely won't stay with it more than 1 month.

Zoey 1/11/2013
Horrible reception. Wont support I phones. Customer service is based out of India and they now charge TAX all of a sudden. WTF????? Don't try calling just before midnight because they are conveniently gone 10 minutes early. DO NOT GO WITH THIS CARRIER! THEY SUCK

Leon 1/9/2013
Sorry for the 3 stars because I didn't check the rating box but Simple mobile is less than 1 star

Leon 1/9/2013

Bob 1/6/2013
The signal and bars has been right on par with me as same as when I had TMobile...the only issue I truly have which is why I switched is that I can not send a small video I make to any friends. They said that they block that...but my friends can send them dumb is that! Other than that my experience with them here in Canton, Ohio is exactly same as Tmobile

Jose 1/3/2013
Listen to this one; I made a payment over the internet. There was a mistake in one of the digits of the number and although the number was not a simple mobile number, they still charged my card. When I called they said they cannot give me my money back because the number does not belong to SM. These people are thieves.

Santos Ruiz 12/29/2012
Simple Mobile is an a simple scam with their unlimited data, they cut my data off completely in less than two weeks, because according with them I violated the terms and conditions which it never did show ton read it and accept them, they do not have any disclaimer alerting that will happen if you use the streaming data for video or audio, i wont recommend to no one use them when it comes to data usage.

Angel 12/27/2012
SM has improved their service in the past couple of years.I was with them when the $40 plan only had talk and text, Now they have talk , text and web for $38. I use it with my iPhone, it works well here in NYC. Tracfone i know bought them but i hate that they changed customer service to another country, i mean this is America and why dont they keep the jobs here ? I guess using a Smart Chip in your body will be the next big thing.^6^6^6^

Roc 12/26/2012
The service has always been well, reliable but in the past few months it's been garbage. Web is ok, NOT GREAT, u get what u pay for. I tried switching phones but calls still drop...I'm out, Customer service needs help on "customer service". I'll be back when they get their crap together.

Dogs 12/25/2012
I have been with SM for about a year now, Im happy with the unlimited talk/text on my messaging phone, and only $40 a month. wish I had a smartphone for it but.. anyways, Tracfone owns SM now. hope nothing change.

Kaerax 12/16/2012
I just left AT&T. I have a good signal with simple mobile and I like that I can tether my phone for free now. I can pay for my next phone out of the savings and I don't have to worry about overages. Best plan ever! $40 a month rocks.

mark 12/16/2012
Sm ain't good customer service horrible don't buy sm guys it doesent work nor its not worth it

cutemelon 12/15/2012
OK , here is the issue , they offered me unlimited talk text and data plan .After i paid my bill they suspended my data plan , i was like why ???? i tried to reach customer and they dont have any good reason for me .. how am i gonna use my data ??? so pissed me off.Their customer service is worst than ever . Dont ever use SIMPLE MOBILE guys. Thanks

John o 12/14/2012
They have dropped the auto renewal from credit card twice in a few months, first time nasty person in service say I have to fix the renewal. Second time just charged it to credit card for one month as their service is 8-5 M-F . Guess they are not needed other times. Hard to find a service that does not suck as much as T-Mobile or Simple Mobile.

Maria 12/12/2012
Simple Mobil -HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!.... Would give 0 stars if possible. Went to a "registered dealer" - Wireless concepts in Mamaroncek NY. Was charged $45.00 for activation fee and Sim card plus the plan amount. We asked to keep our exisiting phone #. They sad no problem, he said to go online and we could do the transfer. We went home, the dealer had activated the card and Simple Mobile said they could not transfer our number!!! After hours of trying they said to go back to the dealer and get a full refund. Which we did and of course the dealer refused saying he could not accept the sim and tried to do the transfer and was not possible, according to him because Simple Mobile would not cooperate! We than called Simple Mobil again and said they could not compensate us in any manner, because we purchased from one of their dealers and not from the site!! So, now we are out of our money and my husband had to buy from another company in order to keep his new number and frustration dealing w/Simple Mobile! Worst company because they do not hold accountable the dealers who sell their products! They never asked for the dealer's name, address, etc... to call and confirm our side of the story. Once they sell their products and get their money from the dealers they don't care how they treat their customers! Customer Service puts you on hold for long periods of time and after hearing you they always say they need to speak to their "manager/supervisor" who after holding for a long time always says nothing can be done. The kicker here is I initially asked to speak to the manager and she then had to speak to her "manager" REALLY!!!!

Jorge Sanchez 12/12/2012
Does everyone on this thread realize that Tracphone purchased Simple Mobile and Tracphone also owns Net 10 and most other providers. I use Simple Mobile and find it to be on par with T-Mobile for 50% less money. I hope Tracphone does not decrease SM's quality.

Lee M. 12/10/2012
I didn't know that ANY carrier could be this bad. Google searches can take 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Two minute YouTube videos often take HOURS to cache - and it's common for any video or audio to simply place your browser into a digital purgatory. Having no service is less frustrating and doesn't cost anything. STAY AWAY FROM THIS simply FRAUDULENT SCAM. Minus 10 stars.

Brittany 12/3/2012
I have the galaxy note and it works perfectly on simple mobile. Even with edge/H/H+, downloads and streaming music is extremely fast. I dont see what everyone is complaining about. For half the price, you're getting service that is just as good as the other big cell phone companies.

Lady Libra 11/30/2012
I have not had any problems with them some Indian criminals hijacked my number and I called customer service was on hold for less than minute I talked to an American who was able to help me with no problem. I needed the sim card numbers so I could sign in on the internet and I called customer service and again I was on hold for less than a minute and the American guy I talked to was able to give me all 4 sim card numbers. Only problem is that I had to get 4 different accounts for hubby and the kids. I think most of those people who are having problems it is their phone, I have a Galaxy S3 and I can stream, my data is 4g speeds and my phone works great. I was paying t-mobile 400 for 4 phones and now I pay 170 for 4 phones and my service is better than it was on t-mobile, I was having a call drop problem with t-mobile but not with Simple Mobile they are great!

Frank 11/28/2012
I don't know where you people are that are giving bad ratings but I have been streaming videos, music and speed tests have been at 10 Mbs on average with 4g and I've used Internet everyday and never received a message saying they were cutting me off. I'm in Hollywood Florida and have traveled along the east coast and never had a problem. I've used over 5gigs of data a month for 3 months now and it still Is going fast ... Maybe I got lucky ... It seems the people that have good phones are getting better service , that might be something to look into if your using a crappy Phone and the iPhone Is a good phone but not made to run on tmobile . I have an htc one s and it's awesome ... I would recommend simple mobile based on my experience with them.

Frank 11/26/2012
All of you that have a problem with this company should try signing a contract and pay over 100 bucks per month plus %30 tax.I only pay 38 bucks a month and the service is way better than other cheap prepaid company's. so what that they will cut off your data after 2.7 Gigs of use. That is a lot of data.Guys wake up, it's affordable cheap pre paid service. To answer Joe's question i'm using a iPhone 3gs with simple mobile and i'm getting 3g service here in NYC.

It very bad 11/25/2012
Was a big mistake, Ilost lots of $$$ for switching to this BS Simple Mobile scam. Customer service are robots same wording don't know any technical. The max they can reach is take off the SIM,battary and restart. I live in one of the best 4G cities and never get beyond 2G speed eventhoug my phone is unlocked, T-Mobile, and smart with 4G cabability but they are just scam. They keep saying it could be conjested network or don't have coverage and that is not right as other friend on the same spot they have both perfect coverage and 4G. If you intend to travel away from your city, then be careful as you have a big chance not to get any coverage since no roming are in their plans. Advice stick with the main carrier and don't switch because you would easily see how much the scam $10 saving would cost you. You would end up hate having a cellphone for ever. I read before the reviews and insisted to try it and after I did I learned to listen and follow advices even if it has a little hint to avoid just avoid and don't risk it,so what about Simple Mobile, it is not hint anymore it is a big mark that you should avoid.

Regretful 11/20/2012
I meant to put no stars but my comment and it got 3 stars, this is just another scam from the Stupid Mobile!!!

Regretful 11/20/2012
Enough has been said already about Stupid Mobile and all I can say is that everyone cant be wrong. I have been on Simple Mobile for a month and I am ready to leave, there is soo much that Simple mobile doesn't offer and they are not apologetic for not offering it. In additions to NO live streaming, there is not short (free) messaging services (ie when your bank sends your balance in text form), no caller id, calls dropping etc. Anyone wishing to join, please save yourself the headache and heartache and go elsewhere.

Trish 11/20/2012
Simplephone/tracphone stole $100 out of my bank account, I do not nor ever have had an account with those people. I called the number listed and Tracphone answers and says I need to call Simplephone, which doesnt have a number. Scammers, theives, liars

Barry 11/13/2012

Joe 11/8/2012
Ever since Tracfone purchased simple mobile you cant get a staight answer from customer service.Every time i call to ask if my iPhone will work with the service i get a different answer. Now they are answering in India or some other country. Now they are saying that you will get 3G speeds with the iphone where the website states that it is not approved for 3G speeds. But im confused because the operate on T-mobiles network,and T-mobile approved iPhones about two months ago. I would go with Straight talk or net 10 but i dont like their policy that if you dont refill your account before the end date they will assign you a different phone number. Where Simple mobile will give you another 60 days to refill your account.All the same company but different policy's,does anyony have simple mobile and get 3G speeds and if so where are you located ? this will be a big help to me.

Dj SSS 11/3/2012
Simple mobile data service suck, I have iPhone 4s I was only getting 2G data when I pay for 4G data service I call customer service I was told the 4G is not for the iPhone it for other smart phone. I say to mysleft this is BS. I will not recommend it for anyone who used a lot of data or web streaming. Also their picture message is like the worst out there, it takes about 3 - 4 minutes to send one picture if you have five bars.

Disappointed 11/1/2012
Simple mobile advertises that they are unlimited but in real sense they are NOT!! I tried listening to live radio and the network does not support live streaming. Where have you heard of a mobile network that doesn't support live streaming? All I need to do is listen to my favorite radio stations when I am jogging, their solution is connect through WiFi. What if I don't have an internet connection? And where can I get WiFi when I am out jogging anyway? And again the signal is pathetic, it always down and searching endlessly especially in the nights. I guess you get what you pay for but they are charging too much for their lack of service anyway. I'd not encourage anyone to be blinded by their 'CHEAP' rates.

Bill 10/31/2012
AFTER signing up and paying for a NON-REFUNDABLE first month feefor advertised 3G service, they told me not to ever expect the promised 3G speeds. I was told to pay for a higher plan. I felt like it was bait and switch. I also had many, many problems with the Alcatel phone. I purchased a Simple mobile recommended phone, designed to work at 3G and on their network, but only got lousy 2G speeds. I don't mind the lowered customer service levels expected with a discount service. However, I do not like the feeling of being lied to and ripped off. I would absolutely NOT recommend!

hermilo 10/30/2012
I spent $ the simcard they promised good servise good coberage in my area only to found no servise now theydesided to keep my monney v.aware of this clowns they prey on poor people

steve 10/19/2012
I cant really say anything about SImple Mobile cuz I havent tried it yet- Im thinking of trying it for a month, but from reading reviews here and elsewhere, it seems none of you did research. They dont promise unlimited everything if you read their terms. They also advertise unlimited web - not data. All the MVNOs have the same policies- same as straight talk, boost etc. If you stream Pandora and watch Netflix every day, these prepaid are not for you - sign up for a truly unlimited contract plan with Sprint or Tmobile. All these plans are also going to have poor customer service- thats part of why theyre so cheap - there are no retail stores to go to for help and they outsource their customer service. But if youre a regular user who wants to use GPS and check your emails, maybe play a game or two - watch I youtube video, go visit some websites - these types can be good for you. After all on contract plans with ATT and VZ, youre paying $40 just for talk time. ATT charges you $40 for 450 minutes and another 20 for texting - thats $60 before you even get to data. So for 40-60 whatever plan you have, its already cheaper. If you use 5gb, try Tmobile..Their prepaid has a 5gb 4G plan followed by throttling for $70. If you get their Walmart 100 minute, 5 gb plan that only $30. So you do have options but if you buy plans like SImple Mobile or Straight Talk, youre going to be disappointed. You also have to read their terms and conditions - it does say they can cut you off , throttle you etc if you burden their system. Is it misleading = ABSOLUTELY -should you be mad? YES. But you have to read the fine print and do your research. ST told me you cant stream video or music on their plan...and Ive read people who love and hate both. Just spoke to someone yesterday who has Simple Mobile and they love it. but if youre going prepaid, youre going to get these issues ...IF thats what youre worried about do Tmobile Prepaid, you can get 2gb or 5gb on 4G for 60-70$ but thas not the $40 of SM

Joe b 10/15/2012
Not even close here 10 stars for SM...For some of the comments in here "note" you do need to unlock or (and) rooted your smart phone before you can fully enjoy all the benefit on any SM plan. I have had my unlock and rooted Galaxy S2 on simple mobile for 3 months now and my only regret is not making the switch sooner,my service stays on 4G all the time and the Internet work faster than metro,Boost and sprint which I had before.FYI you do need to have the right person unlock and root your smart phone before it can fully work on SM

vicky 10/12/2012

Paul 10/10/2012
Their plan offer is misleading. I had them for only one month. I got a text message stating that my account will be suspended because I went over the data limit. I double checked their website and they did advertise unlimited text, voice and data. Read the fine print and you are capped at 2.5 gigs of data. You go over that and they will drop you. I did not want to feel like a criminal every month so I dropped them like a bad habit. I then went to Boost Mobile which uses Sprint's network and Sprint are in the process of upgrading their network as we speak. Don't go to Simple Mobile, horrible experience!!!

Bob Johnson 9/28/2012
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!! I started my service on a saturday. At first it was good. I work security so i have free time at work. On monday and tuesday ilistened to pandora and watched some netflix. All was well. On wednesday my phone was verrrrrrrry slow. i called up to complain and they said my data was excessive and I would be throttled till the new billing cycle.Today, Friday my data was turned off!!!! I called corporate office and demanded a refund or full speed data. They said NO. Avoid this company like the plague!! They will be out of business very soon. they already changed their website from " to Go with straighttalk. its $5 cheaper per month and really unlimited..

Alfred 9/27/2012
For me is great so far, great costumer service.... Thanks SM.

angry! 9/27/2012
Horrible customer service! Delayed porting my number in for 3 days. Now they delay in porting my number out! Avoid these clowns!

cynthia 9/17/2012
Have had simple mobile for a couple of months now. So far it's been pretty good a few glitches that had to be resolved.mms pics don't always come thru. For the budget minded it's okay.

Ann 9/14/2012
They never answer their phones when you call in about a question or concern. It rings and rings or says call back later. They also NEVER email back when you have a question. I've sent numerous emails & not one response. How unprofessional is that. Do NOT use them. WORST customer service EVER! They also accidentally charged my bank account twice on their error & I had to go thru my bank to get a credit!

bonnie bee 9/8/2012
I've gone though all your comments. I've had t mobile for over three years. I payed 109 for unlimited talk text and 5 GB of Web. If I went over 5 GB witch I did all the time it didn't work. Now I pay 50 bucks A month for the same thing. I think simple mobile is convenient at a good price. Plus if you connect to wifi you won't run your internet as fast, fyi.

tricky dickey 9/6/2012
After reading your reviews I quickly called to cancell my sim card purchase. Got stright through to customer service at 1pm on a thursday and they cancelled the transaction, no questions asked.

Asmara 9/2/2012
advertised unlimited web is actually limited, that is crap. if you use about 2.5 Gb, you are in trouble. they block your internet. You pay for unlimited while is it is the most limited data plan. additionally, the chance to get help from customer service is really negative. You stay online forever to get help, then they hung up the phone on your face or they don't know why. Honestly, their service would be good for above 55 years old, but no way for young ones like me. The difference between the service i used to get from T-mobile compared with simple mobile is like the difference between the Sky and the earth. T-mobile "slow" your internet once you reached the 5GB. anyway i will give simple mobile a chance until Sept 30th. after that bye bye. I can't afford to lose my internet. I am a student. I need it 24-7.

J.Ram 8/30/2012
Just to clear rating box would not change the first actual rating is 0-1 if there was a zero i would rate that

J.Ram 8/30/2012
Let me just clear this up for those who have rate this above a 3 stars. I will say this service is only good for those who are not as tech savvy/ and or do not wish to have alot of features they only want to text and occasionally check their email, and of course unlimited talk..THATS IT!! Its 2012 come on, people are most often times going to use an app to do just about anything wither for personal entertainment and or business purposes..if you are one of those among then simple mobile is not for you. However that does not excuse them from being rude to customers as a service provider/company and a lack of providing information adequately like why do i have to wait hours on the phone for a simple answer to my question. I was calling in regards to my mother who has simple mobile and all the questions I asked her (as a phone technician person not a regular sales rep) seemed like i should have been the one who is the tech person because she did not know her information at all as far as on the technical side. Some of the things I asked she answered "woww never thought to add that in the contract" i was like "are you serious" I think Simple mobile has a great idea they just are not effective enough..message to simple mobile: If you cannot keep up with the demands of the people/customers..then pack up and call it quits..this is marketing/branding at its best now a days and you are competing with well known more research and be willing to implement new ideas and or have a suggestion box from customers on how to improve your business. If you are not willing to listen to the people you mine as well talk to yourself

StinkyMobile 8/27/2012
This is the scukiest phone service I have ever had...HORRIBLE!!!! my sim card locked 2 times which required a puk number and a pin..then it locke and it said sim card locked..sos calls only!! WTF. now I have to purchase a new card(no refund) and take my chances again..I Dont Thinks So...Sucky Sucky Sucky

Haneen 8/20/2012
they have the worst customer service I have ever came across I waited for an 1:27 minutes and nobody helped me, I am definitely switching to another service

Maurna 8/16/2012
I switched from Virgin Mobile hoping to save a few more bucks and what a mistake!! I am going back! a few days into last month I lose my data services. When I call them the guy tells me that I have been using too much, I asked how I can use too much of something I am paying to be unlimited. He said "Well we have to monitor how much so that every one can use the internet too." WTF so I went the rest of this month with no data, no gps, no email, no logging into my classes, no nothing. . .what a HUGE inconvenience. My plan ended the other day and I am not going to add any more money. I tried calling them to see how I can take my number with me and it js says that "Your service was suspended, we are connecting you to our automated system to. . blah blah" then those beeping sounds when you have been hung up on. . .WTF It's Simple. . .very Simple, almost too damn Simple!

Phil 8/13/2012
The Worst Service I've ever Had Or Seen....... HORRIBLE My Phone Rarely Has Bars & I Live In The CITY !!!

Rayyne 8/10/2012

Awful 8/8/2012
I gave Simple a chance for a month upon the conclusion of my T-mumble two-year contract, using the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. I'd been with T-mumble for seven years, the first five of which were great but the last two brought an atrocious customer service experience. Anyway, I figured I'd try to no-contract with Simple - let's just say that after two weeks, I'm moving on to Verizon. Simple's data coverage is terrible. T-mumble isn't great but the difference between their service and Simple's is stark. I live in Seattle and CONSTANTLY have interruptions in web browsing, and it goes completely unavailable about five miles east of the city for LONG stretches. It's garbage. Text and voice are pretty reliable but the data side is almost worthless.

Paradox 8/5/2012

Mohamed 8/3/2012
Worst Company Ever , Always no Service !!! they charged me 80$ not 40$ Stay away from this stupid company !!!!

tim 8/2/2012
I was with T-Mobile long before they were T-Mobile ,for 10 years. My son and I have the unlimited family plan..$220 By the time taxes were added in. Now I pay $80 a month for both of us... I have never had any problems with the service. I never need any of the customer service. I pay at the local store closest to wherever i am. If I am doing any heavy downloading, I am usually at home , work or a hotel where they have free Wi-Fi anyway. I was late paying my bill with T-Mobile a few times by a few minutes. To Turn my two phones back on , which is a mouse click by the way, they charged me$20 per phone. I will take simple mobile ..any day.

tim 8/2/2012
I was with T-Mobile long before they were T-Mobile ,for 10 years. My son and I have the unlimited family plan..$220 By the time taxes were added in. Now I pay $80 a month for both of us... I have never had any problems with the service. I never need any of the customer service. I pay at the local store closest to wherever i am. If I am doing any heavy downloading, I am usually at home , work or a hotel where they have free Wi-Fi anyway. I was late paying my bill with T-Mobile a few times by a few minutes. To Turn my two phones back on , which is a mouse click by the way, they charged me$20 per phone. I will take simple mobile ..any day.

elil 8/2/2012
simple mobile really sucks big time customer service needs to be improved seriously i regret ever switching to simple mobile this is the worst mobile network ever. First month i hard their service after i paid my next bill service was gone and i can't even get a hold on customer service or technical support, their prepaid plan nobody should get like real talk BAD BAD.

Lionos 7/30/2012
Unlimited limited plan, that's all it is. Switched to simple mobile only because the've advertised $60 unlimited talk, text and most importaintly- web! 4G unlimited web, that was the reason I've switched.Well I was streaming movie one night for about 40 min and next day I've received warning message saying that my data plan will be suspended until the end of billing cycle and I have used only 2.7 gb of data. When I called them they said that 4g web is for browsing only and I can't use YouTube, Skype, etc. It doesn't say anywhere in their advertisement. So BEWARE... yor unlimited $60 plan is for browsing only. If you stream you tube, next day it will be turned off!. I'm very disappointed and going back to T-Mobile, at least even if you reach your cap they don't cut you off completely like Simple Mobile does. I don't even have any data connection icon right now, not even GPRS.

Dissappointed 7/28/2012
I really paid this time for not doing my research beforehand. How is a service unlimited when they can disable any part of your service? I hadn't even used 3gigs of data service and I was sent a notice saying that I was being disconnected, even the bigger companies only slow you down, considering that 2700MB is not that much usage. Then I was told that since my email app constantly ran that they cant do anything for me. I'm glad that I only paid for the $40 plan, and I'll only be out of $60 total I definitely won't use this service again.

Jaan 7/22/2012
its horrible,this is my last month with this service. It barely gives you good signal. At my house my brother's att, creckit, and airvoice give great signal but simple mobile shows no service in certain area of my house and others, while all other carrier has great and strong signal. I regret switching from airvoice

mia 7/21/2012
had this service for both my kids since they began with not a problem so some people on here are expecting champagne service on a beer budjet

Rhode St.Georges 7/16/2012
Don't be a fool with this phone carrier. They are crooks. I was with them for less then a year. I connected my Mytouch 4g. I had the $60 plan unlimited everything. And at certain times they sent a text message saying Im using to much data. And I see on my phone that the speed goes down. For example, from 4g to 3g and down to 2g. They even cancelled my web three times. Not only I couldn't use the internet but I couldn't use certain apps that have to be connect to the web.

Bob 7/15/2012
Iphone 3gs on Simple Mobile will not get GPS. It ppk a long talk with a smart tech to find this out. Don't believe the sales people if they say your 3gs will get GPS

Dalio 7/9/2012
The Internet connection is soon sloooooow! You will hate it. Forget about YouTube or fb. Cheap but slow

Avi 7/9/2012
I had no problems with service, customer service is available, good international text option, good price, but unexpectely even whith payments on time, they suspended your service and until Corporte figure out what happenend, you have no other option that keep waiting, they said 3 dasy, for me have been5 days, will you keep waiting, not me.

Larry West 7/3/2012
The connectivity is OK (being that it is provided via the T-mobile network.) customer service is ZERO (if I can give a minus number I would, for they have none, and the once they answered, before I said hello, they hung-up! ... if you have a problem with your service or need support, you are in deep trouble, for you have better chances at winning in Vegas than getting any through this company.) if T-Mobile offered plans $5-10/mo less expensive than what they are curently offering, I would jump onto their service faster than you can say "go!"

Virtualcid 6/23/2012
I got exactly what I paid for. I used to have AT&T and was being charged for the same service but for more. I switched a few months ago and has been good. Except when I went over 3g and my internet was blocked. I don't understand why some writes such a bad review especially in regards to customer service. I think it's because many of ya'll has a need to call customer service and most of the time you don't need to. Follow the instructions and deal with it.

JG 6/18/2012
Simple Mobile is great! They offer good, reliable service at a fair price. I've been using the service on a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII using the $60 plan & I have no complaints. No dropped calls, no problems with text/picture messaging, & I have 4G internet which works well. I use my phone to my hearts content & I have had no problems with it. I haven't experienced throttling or capping of any type. I use it in the Houston, TX area & the service works well. I have also taken the phone with me to the LA area & service worked just as well. The only reason why I don't give them 5 stars is because reaching customer service can be a hassle because of long wait times, but other than that, I have no problems with this company. As long as you configure your phone to work with this company, you should have no problems with it. I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND Simple Mobile to anyone! Good service at a good price. Keep it up Simple Mobile!

James Nicol 6/17/2012
Best thing to do is to go to FCC website and file a complaint. This is false advertisement and If we don't do something about it, they will continue. you can go to this link and file a complaint with FCC. Choose the online form and it takes less than 10 minutes.

Gabe 6/11/2012
this phone is great for thoughs who don't have apps and talk a lot. which is almost everyone! I'm going back to straight talk. they cut my data one month and now I'm getting a message saying they are going to cut off my data and voice this month. I have like 6 days left in my plan.

Jay M 6/6/2012
Great service in the Grand Prairie/DFW area and most of Texas, I made it to South Texas and I did not drop any calls there or in between, unlimited everything with my iPhone 4s for $40! Actually I pay $43 with a simple mobile dealer. I read to many bad reviews about paying through the website. AT&T phones including the iPhone will only get edge speeds but that works for me. You can use a 4G T-Mobile phone and get faster data with the $60 plan. The shop I pay with has not done me wrong once in the 8 months or so I have been doing business with them. I put my wife and probaly a dozen others on to Simple Mobile, no one has complained to me, I am assuming they are happy. The little shop I go to has cut my sim cards and have programmed several iPhones for me. I have never been capped, I use the pandora app streaming music in my car regularly, check emails and occasionally look up sports scores. No pun intended folks but it looks like a lot of you have problems because your eating up the bandwidth with videos and junk or just not doing your research;-) find a wifi hotspot to stream videos(seriously there everywhere and most are free) or pay and activate in store and get a receipt to avoid having to call or deal with customer service(if you have any good local authorized dealers in your area of course)plenty here in the DFW metroplex, Good Luck btw off the subject of Simple Mobile, metro pcs sucks, after I got off contract with Verizon, I tried metro for less than 2 months, don't waste your time. There network is so overloaded, you can send a text or voice mail to others and they will not get it until tomorrow, sometimes I would receive voice mails from calls I had not gotten the day before! Just the voice mail, never received the call. If your a business owner using Metro PCS, forget about it! I would rather go back to Verizon than use Metro PCS

Yeager 6/6/2012
I've been with SM now for 4 months after switching from T-Mobile, who I was with for over 10 years. I now pay a flat $60 a month instead of $97 for the exact same service. I've had zero issues. Activation took a few minutes with a phone rep. I simply make a debit card payment once a month and that's it. I can upgrade or downgrade my plan from month to month as well if needed. So far, zero complaints here!

geniel souza 5/30/2012
I bought this phone HTC HD7 unlocked by GSMNation that cost me $ 380 a month ago and I have not had a chance to use it because they sent me a defective device every time I used the phone for more than 15 minutes he began to shut down sozinho.mandei and link back to GSMnation and even I have paid for a one year warranty of the phone they told me that the phone did not have any problem and sent me back ... I put the phone to charge the battery and it just started with the same problem ... and stayed that way all day ... and not had a chance to use it again ... in short is one month I bought this phone and I could not use it because GSMnation took my money and time to solve my problem are not caring about him ... and keeps saying that the device has no problem. what should I do now? When you buy a $ 380 device the minimum expected is that it work ... and the minimum of respect by the company responsible for selling ... and that is not happening ... Everything I want a device that works especially when I paid $ 380 ... I hope to have it how to resolve this situation ... because they simply ridiculous ...

kenbad 5/25/2012
I agree with all the one star reviews here I got mine at the store and was told it was great. Well I have had no signal for the last week of ownership. I emailed them and they responded by telling me I had to go to some site and purchase a pin number. Why should I do that my phone is activated and works outside it only doesn't work in my apartment where I need it most. Hell even my New York, based Metro PCS service is working better here in Illinois, and that is only 40.00 flat if you pay online no extra hidden costs and no taxes just 40.00 for unlimited everything (does show add banners once in a while but not often for that price) and a few dollars more for 4G. I think all the people that had a bad experience with this company should band together and create a class action law sue against this company. Otherwise they will eventually become the biggest rip off company that ever existed hurting millions of people before anyone steps in to stop it.

Rajpat 5/22/2012
Well, if you need just good unlimited talk, text(Local & international) & web, this is it at a great price no big telecom companies can come close. Do not expect to be pampered by the customer service, websites, account info, on line payments, alerts etc etc like the big companies. You can buy the sim card online, activate online(call customer service if you are porting) and sign up for auto payment. Inevitably, you will get the annoying messages(your account will be terminated if you dont recharge) every month before the recharge time, just ignore it. Simple Mobile service is the same service as T-mobile and works with all GSM phones, however you will get 3G only with T-mobile phones(HSDPA 1700), with AT & T phones you will get 2G.

CHICAGOhere 5/17/2012
I switched to Simple Mobile 2 days ago and I am not happy. 40mins hold time for CSR. International text not going through. No Service constantly searching. I switched from Virgin Mobile and I seriously regret. With Simple Mobile you truly get what you pay for.

CHICAGOhere 5/17/2012
I switched to Simple Mobile 2 days ago and I am not happy. 40mins hold time for CSR. International text not going through. No Service constantly searching. I switched from Virgin Mobile and I seriously regret. With Simple Mobile you truly get what you pay for.

John 5/16/2012
There service is awesome. Never any issues. I have been capped on their data but SO WHAT!?!?! All you ignorant people complain about them cutting you off for this, or for that. Have you ever bought a car and not read the terms and conditions, or the interest you will have or that if you dont make a payment on time it will be towed. All service providers have certain limitations, JESUS. SIMPLEMOBILE IS AWESOME. HANDS DOWN! Has saved me hundreds still with great service, do not let these people sway your thoughts, go on their website see what phones they have approved and you have no problems.

Mike 5/10/2012
This company is a FRAUD. Simplemobile has suspended my account for using too many voice minutes. They say the have an unlimited service but this a complete LIE.

ace 5/10/2012
i dont know whats the fuss about... ive been using this service for so long... around 2 years. i nvr have any problems... unlimited call, txt, and data. here is the bottom line. i rather buy an unlocked phone cost me $500 because in the long run, i know i will save more $ than anyone whos paying to the big companies. it is like the idea i have money to buy a car, but cant afford to maintain a car. w/ this small amount of fees, i can maintain. how long can you maintain at&t or other big companies service? how long do you want to continue getting ripoff

pipoa1 5/7/2012
Great!!!! unexpensive, and Im using as much as I can, web, tct and phone, I dont have any problem at all, I dont know why the bad points!!!

Phylicia 5/1/2012
I had simple mobile for over a year now and I love it. I get the 40 dollar a month plan with unlimited 3G internet, talk and text. I don't understand the negative reviews. The deals are so great. It saves alot of money. They also have the 20 dollar plan for 15 days plan unlimited talk and text. I never had any problems what so ever.

Scam 4/17/2012
This company is a scam! Nothing is unlimited about their plans. A quick read over the acceptable use policy reveals that it is purposely written vaguely so they can, at their sole discretion, make a determination to cancel your service without refund. You'd do better to go with Page Plus or T-Mobile for prepaid service.

Lee 4/10/2012
BUYER BEWARE This company is a major scammer. Simplemobile advertises UNLIMITED service, today they SUSPENDED my entire service for using too many voice minutes and refuse to allow me to port out without paying them at least $25 for my number to be released.

Steve 3/30/2012
Simple Mobile is great for people who do not need a lot of hand holding. Do you research and ask questions. I purchased a T mobile HTC Sensation 4g phone and Simple Mobile sim card as this was on their approved phone list. I programmed the phone using the simple instructions found on the SM website. I asked the SM Customer Service rep how to port my number of another carrier. The 4g speeds on this phone blow the 3g speeds I was getting off Sprint or Cricket out of the water. And have better coverage now that with either of the former carriers. If you need someone to tell you how to use your phone or a store to make you feel better about your purchase go to Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T, just be prepared to pay $30.00 a month more for the privilege. Great service here in Houston. Thanks SM. Keep up the good work.

flyboy 3/28/2012
I have had Simple Mobile just over a month & there have been numerious problesm !!! I don't want to write a book although my switching over from 8 years with Sprint may have been a mistake !!! NO SERVICE constantly....searching.... for hours at a time, especially late at night (I work midnight shift & I am unable to obtain SERVICE !!!! PLUS TRIED TO MAKE PAYMENT TWICE ON THE WEB SITE ONLY TO GET "denied" !! I must have called customer service 20 times in the last month....GOOD LUCK....

Kora 3/28/2012
one star cause they do not have cero stars, I switch to them and I have to wait 5 days for them to activate the cell, no one seems to know nothing about it, no of those "representatives" they are just trained to say "I apologize for the inconvenience" but none of them, neither the "supervisors" seems to really care about you and your problem, they gave you the wrong information and you have to waste an hour between them and calling back and forward to talk with another person who give you a different response, BERNARD, a manager, common, the worst of all, rude person, not able to handle any situation, no nice at all, definetely a very bad experience with their customer service, I had to get corporate number to finally get a solution after 5 days,and that because I call and call and call, everyday, and they told me that I have to wait 3 to 5 more days, even when I explain that my service with the other provider will expire soon and I need to resolve the situation, if they can give priority to this, part of the problem was solved when I contact corporate, the lady fix the problem within minutes, they could easily help me before if they transfer the call to the right people, people who knows,,and one issue, metro did not get MMS from simple mobile, that's what I found out for know, wondering what other surprises will I get,,,I will try to switch from this company by next month, and forget to mention, you call and after wait 20 minutes and give your phone number and phone model, if you ask them to transfer you to the Blackberry department, you have to wait at least another 15 to 20 minutes, and of course, repeat the same information, and if they don't like what you ask, the phone call may drop,,,lord, who's going to help us from this people that hide behind a phone...

Mike 3/22/2012
Absolutely worthless. If you are using this scam with a smartphone bite the bullet and go with a real company. Their "unlimited data" is a flat out lie. If you ask about caps and throttling, they will blatantly lie to you about the service. They basically told me that after downloading a couple of apps and watching a netflix movie that I have committed that cardinal infraction of "disproportionate usage" and promptly shut off ALL of my data services. No google voice, maps, or gps. I won't even go into the customer service. I had to wait almost an hour for someone to answer. They were rude and then directly told me that if I did not like their policies I could (exact words) "Go somewhere else..." then hung up on me. I wasn't even being rude, I was just asking uncomfortable questions.

Rostik 3/19/2012
Rates are great but... 1. The reoccurring billing doesn’t work properly – it charges one time and stop charging suddenly 2. The support is horrible – wait time is – 25 – 30 minutes, and then the staff is useless the most of the times 3. The unlimited data is a complete BS - after you reached 2GB – it practically stops working.

Jorge 3/13/2012
Very satisfied. I've had contracts with Verizon and Sprint for around $70 a month or so (900 min and texts) Went to SM with their $40 old plan without web and then tried Boost Mobile. big mistake, came back to SM and they even added web to that $40 plan. I am very happy, bought the HTC wildfire while on sale at Best buy for $150. Even bought another for a replacement. Will stick with SM for years. I even browse the web from my laptop by turning my cellphone into a hot spot. Firt smartphone experience has been great. Very Happy.

Tommy 3/7/2012
I acquired Simple Mobile for my son and me because for $40 a month you get unlimited talk, text, and web. After two weeks, we have yet to be able to get on the web. Unacceptable. Before getting a Simple Mobile plan, I plugged in my zip code into their website to see if I would receive coverage where I live. After putting in my zip, the site told me, "We've got you covered." They don't have me covered. My son and I have next-to-no signal where we live (two different brands, decent quality phones) and are usually unable to make or receive calls. I feel deceived. To be fair, I will say that in town (I live in the boonies), call reception is generally decent. If you live in an area that has good coverage with TMobile’s towers (Simple Mobile piggybacks off of them), you’ll probably come out okay. Without good reception in my area, though, and no internet access, I plan to switch to another provider. Customer service was okay, but not great.

WP 3/4/2012
@Khai - you don't have to unlocked T-mobile phones to use with Simple Mobile as Simple is working from T-mo towers

Khai 3/1/2012
Continuing from the previous post: I want to share more as I know, Example: I bought a Brand New smart phone which cost $500/- from T-mobile store. I unlocked it. So that I can use Simple Mobile Sim Card on it. The worst things it that there will not be factory warranty anymore. I cann't have insurance for my phone. If I drop it, If somethings wrong with my new phone, If I lost it. I will not have any chance to cover for my $ 500 phone. I will be like just wasting my money. It is too risky for me, for customers. They should think about it. If they want to compete a mong the service providers, increase their customer, and make them happy.

Khai 3/1/2012
I just want to give a suggestion. If Simple Mobile can request/ give a suggestion/ advice to the Cell Phone company, like Sony, Sumsung, and etc... to support 1700Mhz frequency on their unlocked phones. So that both the cell phone company and Simple Mobile will make more benefits on it. It will also make a lot easier for both of their customers. Because, my problem is I want the service from Simple Mobile, but I can't find a Smart phone that the one fully works on their service wihtout unlock. What I want to say it that I have to unlock the phone if I want to use SM service. I hate really it. Example: Some Sony Experia series come with factory unlocked, and I want one of those. But I cannot use SM (simple mobile) service. Because, Sony Experia cell phone don't support 1700 Mhs frequency. In this case, I will not buy the Sony Experia cell phone and I will not use Simple Mobile Sim Card. They both Sony and Simple Mobile lose their customer. If possible, I want Simple Mobile and cell phone company should cooperate one another to make more benefit for all of them. But also for their customers.

Muze 2/22/2012
I was going to get MetroPCS but they wanted me to buy their phone, AT&T wanted a USD$500 deposit as I have no credit history (just relocated to the US), and Verizon could only offer US$90 prepais plans. So I went with Simple Mobile got the chip and the service for my BB, plus the first month prepaid. I have the unlimited BB (but I use the WiFi whenever I can), I have the unlimited international (works excellent) and I got US$5 for paid international at like $0.02 a minute to the countries I call. What more do you need. If you want high speed go to AT&T but be sure that they don't throttle you down for excess usage. I like what I have, I recommend it to my frinds. Only drawback, I could not pick the telephone number I wanted. It was automatically assigned.

andrew vallier 2/13/2012
Although it is kind of a pain to make a payment, I cannot complain at all I get service all over texas, the internet which works great after entering apn is also fast enough for gps, Facebook, email, ect.. can't complain going from over 100 a month at ATT to 40 here. Bravo simple mobile! Also I'm using ATT HTC inspire 4G but with 3g plan

Julio 2/12/2012
HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE> Website not user friendly and then it's hell to make a payment. Try payment on the phone same thing - NOT WORKING or NOT PROCESSING.Contacted Customer Service, LONG WAIT and then can't take payment, ONLY THRU automated system, which did not work in the first place. Then she said WAIT another hour. Go to authorized dealership AND SAME SHIT, they take your money (TODO WIRELESS) and then forget to recharge your phone. YOur phone will be disconnected until you drive back and remind them. HORRIBLE OVERALL. Go someplace else. ITS NOT WORTH the savings in money when it is crap.

Sept1 2/12/2012
Everyone complaining about customer service needs to understand they really are limited in what they can do. Do you honestly think they try to NOT help you? Data, try using a phone they support! Not an iphone! "unlimited" stop downloading movies and tethering, you won't have a issue. The thing is they use tmobiles network, so when you use to much data it effects tmobile customers, so they let SM know and they slow you down. If you need that kind of days you have to pay the big bucks at big companies. Read the terms and conditions. As a former sm retailer, I suggest use approved phones, try being nice to the rep and understand they are not all jerks.

Pissed Off Customer 2/11/2012
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It's horrible. It says I qet service where I live, but I do not. I called customer service and after litterally hours on the phone waiting and waiting they tell me that I cannot get a refund for a Pin I just purchased not even an hour ago..... 40 bucks wasted Back to straighttalk I go. I'd rather pay the extra 5 bucks anyway.

Valentine 2/9/2012
if you want unlimited 4g internet dont choose simple mobile..for start youll have speed 4-5 mb/s and after 2 gb using they are cut your speed to 100 kb/s...its so paying 60 $ for so low speed))dont choose simple mobile

Ro 2/9/2012
FOr the people who complain they dont get Texts or calls.. Try programmiung ytour phone for it and thids can be done with information on how to do it at the simple mobiel website. I have a HTC Sensation and when i first got it hooked up, the internet wasnt working but i just thought it was slow as hell until i realized i had to program it for my phone. Its a good service so far. It's t-mobiles 'little sister'.

Karloce 1/28/2012
Simple Mobile sucks, I have used it for 3 months and paid ahead of time and they still had the phone disconnected for 2-3 days. I will be switching them once the month is over.

Ex multi-carrier cell Rep. 1/28/2012
Please do your own research (listen to others reviews) and ask questions before making your decision. Being a cell phone Rep for over 13 yrs puts a bit of knowledge under my belt, I've always asked a bunch of questions to get the real facts to make the WISE decision. Instead of going with Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile a while back i went with Cricket and I have saved $thousands$. I have heard complaints about EVERY cell carrier (Sprint being the worst) so I dont eliminate all carriers and deal with each issue for my customers on an individual basis because it may or may not be the carriers fault and may be an issue with equipment. OK, customer svc: If you dont have issues, you dont need to deal with them. Having said that, Cricket customer svc sucks dealing with people out of the country I can barely understand, they will soon re-import those jobs back to the U.S. so that wont be an issue (I talked to an American yesterday about a tethering issue, so maybe they already started). Simple Wireless Cust. Svc is right here in America (California), they are 24/7 which is great! - Unlike Cricket. But if u speak a broken language (no matter which one) there may be some issues, not for me with Simple Mobile...they chose wisely. If you read many of these comments you will see some have no issues and are happy, why is that? -Several issues people are having, much of which boils down to the equipment people are using. Simple Mobile openly says ur phone must use 1700Mhz WCDMA like T-Mobile (they use their towers), but I see negitive comments from iphone & other customers whose devices has a SIM card in the phone but does not have 1700Mhz. - Duh! I talked to T-Mobile and they support GSM frequencies yes, but not always 1700Mhz, so if all Simple Mobile Reps said this innitially there would be fewer issues, and I have talked to Reps who say that Verizon, AT&T, Sprint phones with GSM will work (which is true most of the time but could create problems later for some customers in certain areas, so that's taking a chance for some with certain devices). With everthing I know (if u have a truly compatible device not creating other issues even Simple Mobile Reps may not be aware of), Simple Mobile is a great deal for all u get! The only issues I had was no phone insurance which no carrier has for other carrier devices is the norm, and tethering wifi which after 2 warnings NOT to do will suspend internet until the next billing cycle (I would bet that since they send out the message and have sanctions, know it is an issue and have plans to add that feature like others for a charge if the board can get an ok from T-Mobile to have extra bandwidth). I have not switched yet but the savings has seriously got me considering buying a compatible device (Samsung Galaxy S II), but those are my concerns, and I wanted to share what I've gathered thus far to help those make the best decision and have the least amount of issues.

Unlocked GSM phone 1/23/2012
Question: The write up above indicates that Simple Mobile has no unlimited data plan, but Simple Mobile claims on their website ( that they have a $60/month Unlimited Hi-speed data (3G/4G) plans??? Is the above write up off-the-mark (or is it outdated), or is Simple Mobile lying? Please help!!!

754Boy 1/23/2012
I don't understand why all the low scores. The ONLY thing that sux about Simple Mobile is their customer service. I get good signal, good voice, good data speeds, and a damn good price. This review needs to be updated badly as their plans have now been changed as 4G service has been added. I'm on the $40 Unlimited Everything 3G also includes data!

VJ 1/17/2012
I recently switched from AT&T to Simple Mobile. Was excited about their unlimited plans. I had an iphone which I didn't want to abandon so I thought SM was the way to go. I was very disappointed. Mostly with their customer service. The wait times were much worse than AT&T (I didn't think that was possible). When I called twice about the lack of service and at one point, not having any service at all, the CSR simply hung up after he was unable to help me and I began asking for a partial refund. He said to trouble-shoot my problem, I'd have to put the sim card in another unlocked phone or get a new phone because mine might be damaged. Even tho I had not dropped or damaged my phone in any way since getting the service. The first CSR I spoke to about lack of service, especially when I'm at work - told me I might need to open a window. (I'm in a highrise building. We have no windows that open.) I was not always receiving my calls or messages and could not get MMS. I had the $40. plan. This was a bust for me. Even for the low rate, this service is was not worth the effort. Signed..."Very Disappointed"

Steve 1/16/2012
I had to laugh when I saw people complaining about customer service with a (pay as you go) service! They all stink! I've tried MetroPCS, Net10, H2o & T-Mobile pay as you go and the customer service stinks with all of them! T-Mobile's customer service was great when you're a post pay / contract customer, but when you go to their pay as you go side they forget who you are! I was with T-mobile as a (post pay) customer for 7yrs, then found I could save money and be on the same network.. sure! They really need to update this review… You now get unlimited talk and text (international texting included) for $40.00 ! You can't do better with any other pay as you go for that price… If T-Mobile's coverage works for you, then Simple Mobile should work fine. Their customer service is not very good… But I really don't need any, I just pay my bill every month and talk and text as much as I like… I use them in Las Vegas, NV.

Sashi 1/12/2012
SAm is very correct you have to select single star at least :) this was the email i found when i browse some site. Hi, For god's sake can you respond or is it a unmonitored mailbox? i called up Customer care couple times and i feel they are most irresponsible executives/you have the poorest infrastructure, BAD Voice, BAD signal Uh. i want you to resolve the issues ASAP. i never thought a mobiles company will react like this for a 10$ bill :) surprised. also Simple has the most worst agents. they don't listen to customers they do their own for their benefit. Customer want one plan, and they activate other plan, this way customer may get cheated only once, next time they move to AT&T or T-Mobile. you cannot run business without customers. is it the way you want to survive in US Mobile competition? for sure you will lose. Most Un Flexible Plans to Switch, Most Arrogant Agents, Most Irresponsible Customer care Executives, Poorest Infrastructure these are symbols of my experience with you.

Susan 1/10/2012
I am reviewing these posts, as I am set up to switch to Simple Mobile with an Atrix 2, I never read SO many complaints, I am going to call them again, as they had already told me that data usage was uncapped. My laptop is running off of a broadband carrier named Blue Mountain Internet, it is awesome, unlimited on your computer, so if you are looking for that type of service, look up their web page, can't say enough good about them.

SAM 1/10/2012
One Star has to be selected, but Simple Mobile is not even eligible for 1 star. Poor Customer Service, Lousy Voice, BAD Signal,i'm waiting to talk to a customer rep since last 40 minutes, after 44 minutes, someone came and listened my problem and put on hold for another 40 min. i believe they have many unsatisfied customers waiting online....DONT GO FOR SIMPLE, ITS not that SIMPLE to USE and depend on that.

oscar 1/8/2012
best thing i ever had an i have been from verizon to sprint att tmobile well ithink i been with all the companies on contract paying 100+ a month know i have a 3g slide with the 60 dollar plan i did root the phone an i can even give internet to my lapton on the go for the same 60 bux wile the costumer service is not allways the most frienly(reps) they have allways resolved my problems, payment are so easy trought the phone with my credit card or cash at the store i been at simple for a year and never had a problem with usage hope it stays the same or better (but how could it get better) allways have coverage ider 3g or edge but never out of it so happy with the service . and as some one said use a phone that supports the 3g frecuency if u spect to have the 3g speed have a good day

bayesow 1/7/2012
Worst customer service ever , I used their activation online they charged me twice 40$ I call them and I've never been that frustrated in my life I talk to an agent such rude and she talks to you like you are an idiot , I tried again and the others drop your call on purpose just to avoid dealing with the problem ....their plan might seem to be good but whats the point to deal with a company where the customer is treated like crap in a world where customers are usually referred as kings

worst company ever 1/5/2012
The customer service was horrible they were rude and unhelpful. They have false advertisement. Their unlimited data is caped and if you use a certain amount, they just slow you down to 2g which I'm getting about .1 Meg.

Guest 12/27/2011
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! you will be more frustrated than content !horrrible service the worst service my phone spends 7 out of the 24 hours w/o service its a piece of shit service! worst service ever... metroPcs would be considered the best compared to simple mobiles service

charlie walker 12/25/2011
Lousy slow data service, horrible customer service. T-Mob, Virgin, even Net-10 are all much better options. Save your money and look elsewhere

Don Western 12/14/2011
the idea is great but the execution is lousy. simple it is not! i have spend so much time just trying to make a credit card payment and found that there is no indicator if it went through or not. I have been with them for 6 months and still have difficulty paying them. you would think that would be the one thing that they would make simple. their customer service is pathetic as well. I am now considering going back on a "plan"

angel 12/10/2011
Simple Mobile work good good bye esprint

@Bam 12/1/2011
If they are going to offer 1GB of data for 60.00, you're better off going to T-Mobile prepaid directly. For the same price, you'll get 2GB at 4G speed then unlimited at 2G speed.

Bam 11/30/2011
$60 Unlimited Talk/Text/Web... however, Limited Data! After 1gb, you are either terminated, or forced to pay for additional data use. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY!! ... First, look at the website. Notice they are more focused on advertising the Good (such as plans) and how/where to purchase plans or refills. Yet, they fail to mention, even in the fine print, that you are limited to 1gb of data on an unlimited plan! Second, 7 out of 10 reviews on ever dozen websites are pointing out their false advertising. The major issue is they limit on unlimited plans. Third, do some more comparing between the different Prepaid carriers before going for the "next big thing" advertised on some tv commercial! There will NEVER be a Free plan by anyone. Everyone who claims to be Unlimited will ALWAYS be limited in some way.. it how they make their money, and their Policy's (that Nobody ever reads) will always point out their flaws!

Tommy 11/29/2011
Great company worth for the money. $40/mo unlimited talk,text & data . Tell you what.. You cant beat that price. I got good service where i live.Eventhough i only got edge for internet that because i have iphone. But im happy with that.

Andrew 11/27/2011
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible experience with SimpleMobile. Every time you call customer service be prepared to wait 30 minutes or more. Once they answer they will drop your call if they cant fix your problem. Happened to me on numerous occasions. Advertising Unlimited 4G and I even confirmed it with their customer service. When I reached 2GB with their $60 plan, they capped me at 120 Kb per second. Thats exactly what T-Mobile offers but with excellent customer service. When I called and once again waited 30 minutes for SimpleMobile's custemer service and another 30 minutes for technical support they just purposely dropped my call (again!!!)I am definitively going back to T-Mobile and take my advice dont waste your time and nerves with these scammers (SimpeMobile)!!!

carter 11/25/2011
if you guys want REAL unlimited service, go to virgin mobile. $35 a month gets you 300 minutes and unlimited data, web, messaging and whatever else. 300 mins may not be enough for avid talkers but its way better then this and the phones are enough to give even the iphone a good run. no foolin!

TheyResellTmobile 11/24/2011
I have read that they essentially resell the T-Mobile network, so any unlocked ex T-Mobile phone should be fine, However, it is a discount service that costs less than half of T-Mobile, but with that discount, like it or not, it is up to the customer to figure out how to make it work for them. The guy selling the SimpleMobile sim card at the Citgo station is not going to be much help.

Jamesv 11/23/2011
Their service plan is good if you want unlimited texting (including international)...which was a bonus for me. However, I would rate their customer service as very poor. Also I have been having problems connecting to international long distance service which I paid for, and it charges me each time I attempt to make a call, but the service is poor and not working. So it has been VERY frustrating!

common sence 11/22/2011
i just activated another phone on simple mobile, well just switched sim cards to a better phone. service is good, i get it in a few places where my verizon was spotty. people in order to get 3g internet your phone has to be compatible with the 1700mhz frequency!! you cant expect every phone that claims to be 3g to work 3g if the frequency is different. says so on their site. i too had an old 3g phone from att but didnt get 3g because it didnt take 1700mhz. now i do and im super happy! this is a new company offering good service but just need to careful on which device u get it. again MAKE SURE YOUR DEVICE CAN ACCEPT 1700MHZ GSM SIGNAL IN ORDER TO RECEIVE 3G SERVICE!!!

Stephen Monks 11/22/2011
The service, web, phone, text, etc is fine. Customer service is helpful. The problem is payment. It takes a few months to know how messed up the payment system is. This is my 5th month. Every month, I must call them while in front of a computer and attempt to re-up. They won't take $ over the phone. Every month is a new PIN #. I went to a local store to re-up and he told me to go home and go online and pay. On the web site, there's an auto re-up box to check, but it did not re-up me the following month. I re-upped 2 days ago (online while on the phone to a rep-who was polite and helpful) and they have shut my phone off today for non-payment. Good price, but not worth the hassle. (We have 2 Optimus T's with them, so I have been calling 2x a month.) It would be so simple for them to either let you re-up thru Paypal or Google, from your phone, or use a better online method, but they have opted for a confusing and difficult way of paying for service. I have to go back to T-Mobile and pay the extra. Another example of where cheaper is not better.

Alex 11/22/2011
HORRIBLE! FRAUD! STAY-AWAY!! Okay let me start by saying this company has absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! It is the most horrific experience I have had with customer service EVER! When you call, you should expect to be place on ATLEAST 30 minutes of hold. Furthermore, it is highly possible that the call will be dropped in which case you will need to call back and be placed on another 30 minute hold. Customer Care really does not care about the customer at all, and they cannot help you either. They are there for only one reason, to process your payment. They are not able to do anything beyond that. They have no supervisors available either. They just tell you to call back to speak to one, but I have called a total of 7 times the last two days and I still haven't been able to speak to one. THE PROBLEM: This is my issue. I payed for a monthly contract which guaranteed an unlimited data plan for one full month. Half-way through the month they change the terms of this plan and put a 2 GB restriction on the data. I told them that when I signed up it was unlimited for a month. They should at least wait for the month to finish before they apply the new terms to my account. Basically they agree with me but they say they are "powerless to help me." I told them I want either a refund or my internet turned back on. They say they cannot do it. I ask them to transfer me to a supervisor and they said they cannot do that as well. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FRAUD!

himerope 11/18/2011
I recently bought a Simple Mobile SIM card and PIN card for 1 month of unlimited 3G/voice/text. Their website was not accepting credit card transactions for three days in a row, which should have tipped me off to the kind of company they were. I ported my number and setup my service with no problems. I immediately noticed the internet connection seemed extremely slow. I live in LA, so there are towers everywhere, and I had used T-Mobile in the past, with no problems. I downloaded a speed test app, and I was getting 100 kb/s download speeds, which is 1/10 to 1/20 what I should have been getting. I drove around and tried different areas, just in case it was a tower issue, but had the same problem everywhere. I contacted Simple Mobile and spoke with their customer service person. She walked me through the network configuration again (it was already correct), then "reset the phone location". None of this fixed anything, and she forwarded me to technical support, who did exactly the same thing, then put me on hold, which they never returned from. I called back and spoke to another representative, and explained what had happened, and she told me she would need to get her supervisor's approval to forward me to tech support, and put me on hold again. She came back and told me her supervisor would not approve me being transfered to tech support (a first for me dealing with any company) because "your internet works and there is nothhing more we can do". I explained that it wasn't working correctly, and she told me they really didn't have tech support, and that the only thing they knew how to do was set up the APN again. Basically they're seling unlimited 3G data/voice/text, then giving you Edge level service. Capping I could understand at that price point, but I have new service and never planned to get near the cap. The data rate they are giving you is just not usable. It's a complete scam to advertise like they do. You're way better off with Virgin, who has reasonable data speeds, and also has real tech support.

LEE 11/15/2011
Simplemobile advertises a $60 UNLIMITED voice,text,data service well that is a LIE. I just received a text from simple mobile stating I used too many voice minutes and my service was at risk of being suspended if i did not talk less on an UNLIMITED service.But strangely enough their official policy is that their is no limit to the amount of acceptable usage. this is clearly false advertising and illegal. EXACT TEXT I RECIEVED. "Your simple mobile Voice service is at risk of being suspended due to violation of terms and conditions. Call 800 955 9730 for additional information"

quite Simple Mobile 11/2/2011
BEWARE! As of October 2011 Simple Mobile began offering a $40 unlimited 3G plan, however you are capped at just 119k/s download speed- about half what 2G gets. This is widely reported by many users, so beware that you are not getting at all what is advertised.

Ahmed 10/30/2011
I was on the 60 unlimited plan for 7 months. I went over 2Gb and they made my connected like dial up. They clam that they are unlimited, but they are not. They made a new deal unlimited 3g for 40 dollars. When I tested their speed, I noticed their speed was extremely slow. I found that their speed is 117Kup and 120K down. That's almost GPRS!!! This is my last month with them.

ed 10/28/2011
WHAT is with the negative reviews? I was paying 92.00 a month w/ tmobile and didn't have unlimited minutes. So far my bb curve 8900, which i ported to simple works perfectly. I wish i could rate them 6 stars! so far perfect!!!

MIKE 10/26/2011

Bean 10/22/2011
Worst company ever!! Do not go to them. They have the WORST service, and are not easy to work with.

bob 10/21/2011
Most prepaid service seem to have poor customer service n porting a number n data caps are the norm. Simple mobile 40 rate plan seems to best way to go if all u want is txt n talk. The guy I work w picks up the 25$ dollar 2 week sim card n is happy. Like someone else tmobile pre paid is better for internet. 50 $ gets u unlimted 2g n 70 has less of a cap.

michelle 10/4/2011
i've had simple mobile for almost a year and have no complaints. my signal is strong and have not had one dropped call. i called customer service with an issue and it was resolved promptly. i really don't know what else to say except i'm very happy i switched! I am a former AT/T iphone user and now am using an android phone.

Doug 10/4/2011
I've never heard of a company that doesn't want to make recieving money easier. The quality of service is great except simple act of making payments. Their online account management does allow you to add a card when you are suspended. You can't purchase "PINs" online because their system cannot verify credit card info. Calling customer care tells you to do the same same steps you already tried 10 times because they can't take cards over the phone. Finally someone on the phone said their ordering tool has been broken all week. Seriously would of been a great service if you could pay them. Also after reading some of these reviews the whole "you get what you pay for" excuse is a horrible cop out to defend bad service. Virgin, boost, tracefone, they have their acts in order.

matt 9/27/2011
Suggestion to the company: Instead of marketing the 60.00 plan as unlimited, just put a 10GB bandwidth cap and allow tethering. If people want more data, allow them to purchase more. This should make Simple mobile very competitive.

Alex 9/26/2011
worst company and never ever again back to Verizon wireless! you get what you pay for. I advice you as a customer not to waste your money with Simple Mobile!!!!!

never 9/26/2011
This companys customer service is CRAP! I called to make a payment by phone (thats one of the options they have online if you go on their website) and they said "sorry we dont take payments by phone" I'd rather go back to verizon and pay an overpriced bill and have the best service than to keep stupid mobile.

Alex 9/26/2011
jimmyAlbNY - If you're having issues with your reception try pulling the SIM card out for about 30 seconds and turning your phone back on. You can also call Customer Server @ 877.878.7908 and they can reset you on the network.

sri 9/19/2011
hi guys need advice ? want to shift 4m att to simple

Cha 9/17/2011
I love simple mobile, its prepaid, less worries cus it's unlimited call, txt and Internet.. I never had any problem with them, customer service is good -) excellent!!

jimmyAlbNY 9/16/2011
I joined Simple Mobile 1 year ago. i was 100% satisfied and also their No.1 advocate. calls were flawless never a dropped call,sms domestic and international 90%,internet were i live 2G speed but still i wasnt an avid data user and never capped. THE problem is the last 2 months i drop calls left and right, poor reception to the point of no bars while i am out doors for periods upto 30min and then reception comes back but to be lost again in a minute. i changed phones but same story. SIMPLE MOBILE IS simple NO MOBILE

bigboy 9/10/2011

bigboy 9/10/2011

Deana 9/9/2011
STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I went to the store and told them I wanted to transfer to simple and wanted to port my number. They told me they couldn't port it but I could pay for the plan and call simple to activate and port the number. The sim card activated but the number never ported. I called simple several times to figure out what went wrong. They couldn't find my acct or dont know why the acct was canceled or why the port didn't take place or anything. They knew nothing and every single time they just keep leaving me on hold. The longest I waited was 2 hours. I went back to the store with the receipts and everything and they said the sim card was activated by simple and I therefore can't receive a refund. I don't know who is to blame here. The store is listed on simple mobile's website, therefore I have every right to assume that simple mobile endorses them and that they are a legit retailer. This leads me to believe they are all in a great fancy scheme to steal people's money and its only a matter of time before they go out of business or the gov't goes after the

Beardboy 9/7/2011
Yes, the customer service is not the best. But seriously, unless you're one of the crazies out there, how often do you really call your cell phone provider? Maybe a couple times a year? When I did call them during normal business hours, I was able to talk to a human being and get what I needed in a professional and constructive manner. As for the service, I have been very happy. I'm using and iphone and the reception and use of data have been great. Yeah, I wish I could get better reception and coverage in Wisconsin, but that's the price i'm willing to pay for no contract and a great price. Overall, I'd say I'm really satisfied and believe i'm getting everything i'm paying for and then some.

pete 9/3/2011
This is the worst customer service I have ever had anywhere. I've had my phone phone just over two weeks and have spent most of the minutes I've used on hold with customer service. I hit a data cap on an unlimited plan? Really? I had Metro PCS for over a year, four months with a 4g phone and never hit a cap. But I hit one with a two year d HD2 that's only 3g and doesn't have any real market for apps. This place is a joke and I'm finding another carrier when the month is over.

pete 9/3/2011
This is the worst customer service I have ever had anywhere. I've had my phone phone just over two weeks and have spent most of the minutes I've used on hold with customer service. I hit a data cap on an unlimited plan? Really? I had Metro PCS for over a year, four months with a 4g phone and never hit a cap. But I hit one with a two year d HD2 that's only 3g and doesn't have any real market for apps. This place is a joke and I'm finding another carrier when the month is over.

Burt 8/31/2011
Al Mackie: Try TRACFONE. Have had them for about a year and have had no problems. Haven't had to call CS so can'tcomment on that. Great reception almost everywhere and coverage is great even in Wyoming. No roaming charges, just a very good experience.

Al Mackie 8/29/2011
If there was negative 5 stars, I would give it. I used to have T-mobile they were bad too, Simple is half as bad because of the price. Their website was done by retards, I've been with them for four months now and my friend is a retailer or dealer and she makes payments for me for 3 dollars on top, but today is late and her office is closed and I've tried every way possible to REUP and I can't! I try my cc and it says I need to update my info, so transaction declined, when I try to buy a REUP Pin it tells me my billing address doesn't match. I called "Customer Support", there is none. Stayed on the phone for 1 hour 40 minutes. Tried again same thing. Support is a fantasy. Nobody works for Simple mobile, its a phantom company that sell the service but don't maintain it. I'm really thinking of going back to the big companies and py double!

John 8/8/2011
I've been with Simple Mobile for almost a year now and I just don't understand some of the negative reviews... I don't have any problems with SMS/MMS and I stream 3+ gigs of music on 4G every month. Of my 5 co-workers that have the service, only one has ever received a data warning and he was downloading torrents. If you expect any carrier to let you use bittorrent, you should prepare for disappointment... It is pretty clear these days in the Terms of Service what is considered abuse of the service. (It was once very vague, I'll admit) I don't use call forwarding or any SMS shortcode services, so I'm not missing anything. (Don't need txts from the bank when there's an app for that...) I do miss Tmo's Wifi Calling, though. Wish there was some way they could allow that. T-Mobile has better native coverage for me than Sprint, so it's easy to pick Simple over Boost. I hope they're allowed to survive after the buyout. This phone is one of the most used tools in my business, and so far Simple has been totally dependable for me. My bill is the same every month and I don't get stressed when clients stay on the phone too long...

SImpleUser 8/5/2011
I was really surprised when I read the reviews! I was shocked! I am using simple mobile for nearly a year and I am really satisfied with it. Even the data plan is good. I watch YouTube videos in my PC using simple mobile. The videos stream fast with no problems. International SMS arrives good(not like T-Mobile which sucks my account for just receiving SMS and charges me for sending international SMS even in ulimited SMS plan!.... For minutes... no limits at all! I talked six hours continuously in addition to the daily usage, no drops, no suspend. I wonder why people have such problems? I am really a satisfied costumer. I have 8 friends who all use simple mobile and they never complained in front of me!

SImpleUser 8/5/2011
I was really surprised when I read the reviews! I was shocked! I am using simple mobile for nearly a year and I am really satisfied with it. Even the data plan is good. I watch YouTube videos in my PC using simple mobile. The videos stream fast with no problems. International SMS arrives good(not like T-Mobile which sucks my account for just receiving SMS and charges me for sending international SMS even in ulimited SMS plan!.... For minutes... no limits at all! I talked six hours continuously in addition to the daily usage, no drops, no suspend. I wonder why people have such problems? I am really a satisfied costumer. I have 8 friends who all use simple mobile and they never complained in front of me!

Lau 7/30/2011
This is sofar one of the worst company I had to deal with. I had problem to pay my bill online since their system was down. Customer service is very rude and they are not helpful at all. Beside that after 2 month they suspended my account becouse I was using too mutch of my UNLIMITED data plan. If you use more than 1G of your UNLIMITED data plan they will suspend your account. Stay away from them...they are liar!

Dizzle 7/22/2011
I down graded from T-mobil paying $73/mo to simple mobile $40 unlimited talk and txt. First 2 days were ok or maybe i wasn't paying attention, now all my calls goes to direct to voicmail and im not even receiving txt messages from people, until i make a phone call then all messages comes in at one time txt and voice! I've called them twice and they've reset the location tower nearest to me, and it works for a minute or two, and they cant do anything else about it. I never had this problem before. Im in down town santa monica. I guess thats what you get for trying to be cheap. You get what you pay for! Im switching carrier again this week. This is unacceptable!

N.S 7/11/2011
They have terrible customer service. It's almost impossible to pay through their website, Which forces you to go to the kiosk and pay their service charge. They did charge me to activate.. They charge me twice a month NOT once, giving me a credit card nightmare. I went to the kiosk to ask them questions and they told me to go to another company. So disappointing,

Julio 7/8/2011
Simple mobile is fine nothing is wrong. Talk and text work on my blackberry with no problem the only thing is data (the big/ only problem with simple) it just won't work. Hopefully tomorrow I will getmit fixed

henry 6/28/2011
I have no problem traveling to many states and I can not drop calls, only in states with they no coverage and that THEY SAY YOU FROM THE BEGINNING, there should not be complaining because we are aware, the internet works super fast, I am a designer and mostly think my email is min 3mb to 6mb max, consumption and more than 2GB per month and have never cut me, I get the whole month without problem. SMS, no problem and you say that MMS is sent, I I can send without any problem. I have a Touch My 4g, for me everything works really fine

Po4522 6/27/2011
I would not waste my time and money with Simple Mobile. Did you know that any one with access as a dealer can change your number without your knowledge, and such person will never be identified. If you paid with your Credit Card, you know what that person will be able to do. However, Simple Mobile is not Responsible. Get the T-Mobile service or go to another carrier. you will regret it if you go with . Word to the wise

James 6/24/2011
After reading several reviews pros and cons of the service i decided to give it a try. initially all was good. Problem 1 it doesn’t work everywhere if you not near a t-mobile tower now service. Problem 2 No picture messages, tryed calling customer service and after 30 min got hung up on. so i ported my number back out after 2 weeks. I called and asked them to give me a new number and was told my account was closed i would have to buy a new sim card and purchase more min. Wait what i still have 2 weeks left on that card?? no they will not roll the time over. its gone. My advise if you live in a major city and don’t travel outside of it much and you only want phone and text no photos or internet. go for it. otherwise stay away.

Brian Deaton 6/20/2011
Signed up for their unlimited service and activated online. It didn't prompt me to port my existing phone number over so I called tech support. The woman I talked to was very rude, treated me like a child and told me I was out of luck because I had missed some instructions that said I couldn't activate online if I wanted to keep my number. Then told me that I couldn't change the number associated now associated with the sim card and could not get a refund--even though it clearly states you can get a refund in 30 days. I sent it back and never heard from anyone and can't get anyone from the return number on the phone. This company stole $70 from me and insulted my intelligence.

oliver 6/15/2011
drop calls, bad reception cant use sevice in Houston service bad

Tyler 6/9/2011
One thing to all of you people who do complain about the internet being shut off after this so "2 gigs" need to really look at the big picture... You are paying $60 for an unlimited plan on a "PREEEE PAIIID SERVICCCCEE" so now with that being said. You came to that company looking for a cheaper way out, because your ol' company was mistreating you or made you pay an arm and a leg for there service.. Have you ever heard the expression "You get what you paid for". Another thing, Everyone who is gettin shut off or slowed down. Let me guess you have a smart phone.. Uhm lets see a HTC, Windows, or an iPhone? Right? Well your bringing on a SMART phone onto a pre-paid.. Let me say that again.. PRE-PAID company who don't have any control on what kinda phone your bringing and how you use that phone and that's why they have these terms and conditon, that no one seems to read, so that they don't have to keep track of it and if you misuse the service than whos fault is that but yours as the customer. It's not the company responsibility to make sure that you as the customer to read the terms and condition (They have 'em out there) and also everyyyyy company out there has these thing called "TERMS AND CONDITIONS." They all basically have a copy and paste of each other. Look at T-mobile, Boost, At&t, Verizon, and etc. they have there own terms and condition as so does Simple.. Which I might add simple mobile has there T&C three times on the website, on the sim card holders and inside the sim card holder, on the brochure,and etc. Now even the though the contracted companies do have a little more of a slack on there T&C guess what!!! They charge you if you have an exessive amount of Megabytes going through the system.. Well looky there.. They charge you on exessive use. Well for the fact is that there is no pre-paid company out there that can do such a thing. So what is the next step when you are running an exessive amount of MegaBytes?????? Oh there it is.. Slow down/Turn off. Now one last thing for about 99% of the people with smart phones who got shutt off... Look in the terms and condition under Section 25, Paragraph 1, and Sub-section "(e), running software or other devices that maintain continuously active Internet connections when a computer's connection would otherwise be idle, or "keep alive" functions. For example, you cannot use a Data Plan for Web broadcasting, or for the operation of servers, telemetry devices and/or supervisory control and data" In dumb terms.... Don't keep your applications runnnnnnnning.. or any LIVE STREAMING... Well seems very clear to me.. Don't it? Now think of owning a buffet resteraunt and some greedy fat person comes in and starts eating everything.. your going to stop him because he is eating away at your profit.. Correct? So what do you do? Cut him off, Right? Thank you! :P I would really like to say that this is probably the besttt company to come to... Don't listen to any of these wacks! If you have any negative questions... Please shut up! and don't come back saying...."It says "Unlimited" Yes I do see that but you have to think.. "Unlimited Does not mean unreasonable use"" Oh and that is said in the T&C as well.. But Lemme guess~ you didnt read it?

David 5/26/2011
0 stars! I got the unlimited data plan and in 2 days i was capped. They claim 4G speeds but i now get 0.06mbs! I checked how much data i used and it was only 2gigs. This is not unlimited. I never had this problem with TMOBO. Conclusion is that Simplemobile is horribemobile.

Mike 5/25/2011
Just like everybody else, I agree that the customer service is just plain horrible! After I got my new Simple Mobile service, everybody was complaining to me, that I will not respond to texts! The problem was, I was not getting them. So I sent my self 10 text messages from my other phone, but only 4 of them came thru, to my Simple Mobile phone. So I called Simple Mobile, told them of the situation, and they reset my text messages. After that point, I was never able to send or receive another text message ever again! Every time I tried to send or get a text message, It would state "unable to send/receive message - text message blocking is active!" I had called them several times thru out that day, and nobody knew how to fix this problem. They would blame it on the network, the phone, or the sims card! I then took it back to the place where they sold me the simple mobile plan, and activated the phone the first time. The owner of the store tried every thing he could think of! He tried new sims cards, but they didn't work, he tried other phones but they would not work either! The only thing that worked was, he had to change my phone number, that cost me another $25.00, but it did work! It was not the network, it was not my sims card, and it was not my phone. It was the phone number!!!! The Simple Mobile Rep messed up my number so bad, that several other Reps, and even Supervisors could not even fix it, and I had to pay to change it! So please whatever you do, please do not let Simple Mobile re-set your text messages! Also please be aware that the $40.00 unlimited talk/text plan, does not include any pix messages, or IM's. Also short code Texts do not work with any Simple Mobile plans at all! A short code is a free text from a computer, like a free weather alert, news alert, amber alert, or a sports alert. Sometimes my local news will ask the viewers for their opinions on certain stories, that you can send a free text if you agree or disagree on something, so they can take a poll of the viewers. Well you are not voting at all, if use Simple Mobile, because, that service is not allowed on Simple Mobile. That's something I took for granted with other cell phone companys

Johninohio 5/24/2011
Wow - they really are horrible. I have had all the discount services and only chose them because I wanted an iPhone. That's the pro - the con are vast. Not as cheap as cricket boost virgin. Service is spotty and unreliable by comparison and the websites is terrible. I was charged for international long distance instead of data and had to eat it. There is no one to call that gives a hoot. Their strategy is to treat you bad so you won't call ever. Never give them your credit card. I am leaving them for good. Listen to the majority o posts here Avoid avoid avoid

Tmobile beats Simple Mobile 5/23/2011
Tmobile's new prepaid plans beat Simple Mobile's because they are no longer putting any caps on data. Period. Yeah, on the $50 unlimited talk/text/100 meg plan it slows down after 100 megs but it's still 2G/unlimited. And the $70 plan may cost $10 more then Simple but you get 4G speeds for 2 gigs and unlimited overage at EDGE speeds. They DON'T kick you off no matter how much you use. Simple Mobile isn't that great a deal. Plus Tmobile prepaid has free roaming included with much greater coverage then Simple.

Sil 5/14/2011

Dwonn 5/13/2011
Activated my blackberry thru the simple mobile website on the $60 plan and the phone was working in the next min or two. Talk and text were working fine but data was not even though I followed the steps on their website to redo my settings and add the opera mini browser. Called customer service to troubleshoot and was told that even though the website states that data is supported on the blackberry, it really isn't. I told her that is absolute nonsense and false advertisement. Her only advise was to use a different phone or change my plan to the $40 plan next month. I then sent an email using the link on their website voicing my displeasure and received a response a few hours later stating that the rep was incorrect and they were able to fix my web-browsing problem in few minutes. So far so good but apparently their customer service is lousy.

albert 5/12/2011
I have an iphone 3g with simple everything works fine on it pic msg data everthing just google the right setting.. simple mobile is very good

salomep 5/12/2011
can anybody tell me more about pix text? i want to go to simply mobile 60$ plan and same time im scared. i really enjoy taking picture of my kids and sharing with my family and friends. as i heard i wont be able to do that with my iphone.

Ralph 5/11/2011
Contrary to Javiers opinion no disrespect intended you cant advertise an unlimited plan and then put limits on it it is clearly false advertisment. And then to top it off they cant even tell you what missuse or abuse is. Example if I tell you I will paint your garage for $500 thats it point blank. I cant charge you more if I select a bad grade of paint that wont cover well the legal term is call "meeting of the minds" filed complaint with fcc

gustavo 5/10/2011
para interned

Javier 5/10/2011
Ok just to let the people who are complaining about the unlimited not truly being unlimited if you look under lets say tmobiles terms and conditions you will notice that they to have right to lower or suspend your data services if they thing your over using it so for all the whiners crying the 60$ plan is great its not the companies fault you have your face glued to your phones screen 24/7 get a computer if thats what you need or use wifi when available other than that suck it up and go pay a arm and a leg at at&t or tmobile then cry when your will bill is in the 100$+ oh and by the way verizon will also lower your internet speed if they see you are miss using there data services.

Rose 5/10/2011
I am only giving one stars because it is not possible to give 0 stars. This company has the absolute worse customer service I have ever had the displeasure to encounter. They are having trouble with the iPhone service for 5 days now. Wes (operator number 5930) advised me that if I must switch to a new phone, which I advised is not an option. Wes then advised me that according to his manager that he will be able to credit my account if the issue continues for an additional 3 days.He refused to give me his manager's name and threaten to disconnect the call. I then advised him that my call was recorded and that if he refused to give me his manager's name that I would only call back and ask for it, since I knew his name and operator id. At which time a Nicole (operator 5058) then came on the phone and advised me that Wes was incorrect in stating that i will be credited. I advised her that she should educate her representatives not to give false information for the intent in getting the costumer off the phone. Nicole basically told me to suck it up. I told her how displeased I was with her customer service and advised her that I will like her manager's information or the CEO email, so that I may inform him of what horrible service I had. She hung up the phone on me. My husband and have discussed that it is not worth the headache. I will now be going back to AT&T. There customer service is stupendous.

rose 5/7/2011
horrible company ever, got the plan with simple mobile two weeks ago, every time i try to call someone it says that the network is busy, am ready to go to at&t , i don't mind paying the extra $ 20 for a liable phone i would never ever recommend this company to any one . and their customer service have no idea what is going on and they don't even speak english

Jigar 5/4/2011
BEST CELLPHONE COMPANY!!! i have had them for almost 8 months, and let me tell you NO PROBLEMS AT ALLL, who can beat a $40 UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT??? NOBODYY!!!! if u have an iphone with at&t ur bill would be around $90 and that's not unlimited stuff, but with simple mobile u can get EVERYTHING UNLIMITED with just $60 bucks straight up NO TAX NO ACTIVATION FEE!! i dont understand why other ppl have bad reviews about this company. WOULD DEFFINETLY RECOMEND THIS COMPANY TO OTHER PEOPLE!!

Nrivera 4/27/2011
I had the $60 plan - which sttd I was able to unlimited txt. But when time came out to pay my bill they sttd that it was $40 dollar the plan I have picked - which was not true .. Me without knowing pix the $40 plan and went home try to send some pixa to my frd and I was t able too .. Called Simple mobile cust svc support and is lime they never knw whats going on . they were rude qnd very unprofessional .. I asked why and who changed my plan a d they couldnt tell me . So j ask for the to change my pln back to the one I had and all they said was u will have to pay $ 60 more to the 40 I have already paid. . R u serious ?? Which means I will end up paying 100 to change to a plan they mistakenly change . That's what u called horrible customer Svc .. I will defenitely will stay away from simple mobile their scammin people and will considered on gng back to AT&T .. Thx rather to have good customer support and better trained staff than to talk to idiots dnt knw what there talking about ..

Mahad 4/27/2011
I had a simple mopile,my plan was $60 unlimited every thing put they lie if you use the data many hours they will susbendet your account.Nothing is unlimited stay away from simple mopile.

ciprian 4/15/2011
this company is one of the worst in us they said is unlimited talk but they cut you off if you talk a few hour a day. costumer service is soo bad, you have to wait like 15 25 min until somebody answers, and they don't have any answers to your one word this company sucks

Vic 4/12/2011
I just got my third SIM and yah I am waiting on the phone now with customer service but hey, if you have a problem with MMS, either they dont support it or they provide a lot of this information on their website on how to configure it. Just answered. Wow ported in minutes, nice.

Coco 4/10/2011
I got a MyTouch 4G. The internet is actually very fast. The MMS/Picture Messaging is a total nightmare. Customer service is the worst I have ever seen. Super long waits and then they transfer you to "Technical Support" and you wait another 15-30 Mins. When someone does talk to you, they seem bothered that you are calling them. Twice last week, I was placed on hold for over 25 mins by someone in their tech support dept and the person never came back on the phone. I have had service with just about every phone company in S Fla trying to compare. I have to say That Simple's customer's service is by far and I mean very far, the worst ever. I ended up finding a solution to my MMS issues on line on a blog, as no one in Simple was able/willing to help. I'll keep the service for now until the month runs out. We'll see what happens after. Simple's $60 plan could be the best out there if they get a solution for their MMS problems and get people in their staff who know how to deal with People.

Tanya 4/3/2011
Worst company ever! They took away my UNLIMITED INTERNET DATA USE! They said I used too much of it,but if I paid for it then I can use as much as I want.I have to use free wifi to use internet.Going to tmobile,it may be a little more but they dont scam you.

ehh... 4/1/2011
Ehh... i would rather just use Tracfone. it is way cheaper and more affordable. yes i know that tracfone doesnt have unlimited plans but they make up for it in the double minutes card. I am currently on the 30 dollar a month plan!!

Joan 3/31/2011
Simple Mobile is an absolute nightmare. With a discount mobile provider I didn't expect much from customer service. I also didn't expect much regarding call reception. My problem is that the people working at Simple are incompetent and unwilling to correct their own mistakes. I transferred my phone number to Simple Mobile and had the service for one month. All was going fine until I had to ReUp for the next month. Their website didn't work. Their website is complete garbage. It's like they didn't want my money. So, I called customer service multiple times and nobody was able to assist me in ReUping. After 2 hours with dealing with this situation, I was finally able to ReUp. Then I'm watching TV and I receive a text saying "Welcome to Simple Mobile, here is your new number XXX-XXX-XXXX." After having a number for 8+ years, Simple Mobile made an error and changed my number. I called Simple Mobile immediately and I spoke to an assistant manager who basically said there was nothing they could do. He said that this had happened before, and that there was nothing he could do. He said he could try to get me a number with the same area code. The manager then offered me $10 off my next phone bill as compensation for my troubles. Was this guy kidding me. How much is your phone number worth to you? Since I'm self employed, losing this number effects my business and my money, as many clients and vendors contact me via this number. I was able to resolve this issue, by returning to my old service provider AT&T. The Sales department were able to recover my number for me. A word of warning to those of you using or planning to switch to SimpleMobile. Ask yourself how much you value your phone number and if you are willing to risk losing it.

Luli 3/17/2011
Jim: let’ get some education about our rights. If something is wrong with “x” business we can make a complain using these offices: Better Business Bureau [BBB] or Bureau of Consumer Protection’s: “…The Federal Trade Commission is the nation's consumer protection agency. The FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection works For The Consumer to prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business practices in the marketplace…” For you Shannon Parker 2011/03/08 I’d like to tell you that maybe you are right, but what made me felt up set 7 months ago is “this scary business of activation the sim cards”. At store they wanted to charge $150 to activate my Simple Mobile... what???????? I did it for free on Simple Mobile web page. I’ve Nokia 5230 with an amazing signal and I transferred my 180 contacts just using Outlook/Ovi.

Jim 3/12/2011
Simple Mobile is awesome, 1 month and counting. Unlimited talk, text, web can't be matched. Have Mytouch 4g and love hspa+ speeds. Would have given 5 stars but has some problems with mms. would recomend to anyone.

Shannon Parker 3/8/2011
I signed up to be a Simple Mobile dealer through you, URGE mobile. I bought 100 sim cards at $5 each (plus shipping) to qualify for monthly "residuals" from each card sold. That was on 9/28/10. The cards arrived and would not activate, but finally they got that corrected. I decided to only sell a few cards to be sure that I would be paid for my hard work before I went all in, as I was a bit turned off by URGE's lack of organization and professionalism. I sold and activated 10-15 sim cards in the first month or so and never received a check. I waited a couple of months and then called to inquire how the "residual" process worked. No return Calls. I emailed..NO return emails. I finally called, went through a bunch of menus and wait, and talked to a gentleman who explained that the person handling my account quit and thats why I had not received a check. I explained that they should still have records of such things and that SOMEONE should have handled it. They assured my by mid-Feruary I would get a check...which I did not. I want my promised residuals on time, with no excuses or run-around. I could of bought sim cards MUCH cheaper if I wanted to simply sell them for a "one time" profit. I want to bring this to you attention because it is important in the development of a new business (SIMple mobile) to get it right from the start...and with you (URGE mobile) not handling business in a professional way, it will ultimately hurt the promotion of Simple Mobile. I either want my residual handled properly or a refund of the sim cards I bought. Please help me handle this situation. Thanks.

Henry 3/4/2011
Simple Mobile is not bad. You could save lots of money every month with the 60.00 dollar plan.I have it for six months already and the only complaint I have is their customer service.Is like having no customer service at all. I think if they could solve the issue with there customer service staff they'll be a great company.

techno 3/3/2011
Look for starters I love the fact that I can take a G2 and make it work for 60 bucks but they limit your acount if you use more than a half a gb a month so unlimited 4g my rearend their customer service sucks and very unhelpful but other wise in happy

elie 3/1/2011
simple mobile is a scam, don,t bother yourself and waist your money , these people are thieves or a little bit more...

Jim 2/27/2011
Let me start off by saying.... Simple Mobile has the most HORRID Customer Service! Took over 3 weeks and 7-9 different representatives to finally walk me through the "correct" set up for my new mYtouch 4G. Also they absolutely do not return emails from their link even though its a source to get to them.... ( NOT! ). The only plus side I have to say, is that my new phone works just as good and fast as T-Mobile and I am saving some good money now. BUT.... if I had known how POORLY TRAINED the customer support people were to begin with, would have NEVER chose their service! Also... all of their quick set up page for your cell phone configuration is absolutely outdated or INCORRECT! So dont even bother. WOULD NOT EVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE... ( UNLESS ), they correct their customer service training and actually UPDATE their web page for configurations.

Mark 2/23/2011
Anyone know how i can fix the message blocking ? i have the unlimited calling and unlimited text but i want to set up aim IM forwarding and it said message blocking is active.. how do i fix this ? i have a blackberry

Guest 2/20/2011
I recently signed up for simple mobile service and the major problem im facing right now which im yet to decide if i should switch to another carrier is with my blackberry. I have called simple mobile customer service to complain that i cannot access the web even though i pay the $60 for the unlimited plan, i was told they don't support blackberry at this time, i mean common now, this is one of the best and most popular phone in the world especially for business.

MK 2/15/2011
This is good if you don't want web and you get services with TMobil towers. If you have an unlocked smartphone that is WiFi compatible, you don't even need data coverage. Got a MyTouch that was compatible and I browse and download through WiFi hot spots at the $40 plan.

John 2/12/2011
Simple Mobile is awesome! I decided to give it a try with my Samsung Vibrant because it's cheap, and I don't want to think about contracts or overages. No problems at all. I almost feel like I'm ripping off T-Mobile, lol. Definitely the only way I'd go prepaid. This is how EVERY CARRIER IN THE US should be priced. Haven't had any issues with billing (I use their website) or data cutoff. (I've used just over a gig streaming Slacker for the last two months.) Even though I haven't hit an invisible cap, I wish they would be more up-front about their policy. I'm sure theres *something* they're not telling us... After all, it's a prepaid MVNO.

chad 2/10/2011
It's only been a week but so far I'm head over heels! This is my first smartphone(myTouch 4g) because I REFUSE to sign a phone contract. I can't tell you the joy and pleasure I've had using my new device with my new awesome carrier Simplemobile. I regularly get 2+ Mbps. I do luv that!! With 2.2 Froyo on a premium piece of hardware WITHOUT a contract. I'm sold !

chicagoan 2/8/2011
Though they got nice service but am still having problems getting mms from some networks and that sucks..I use a samsung galaxy s,every other feature works fine just the mms

liltxcutie 2/4/2011
Been with them for a month now. Switched from T-Mobile. Same plan benefits on my iPhone 3G S for $30 cheaper!!! Can't beat it!

ATLien 1/27/2011
Been using Simple Mobile for two months now and it works same as my T-Mobile service did, at almost half the price. So, this is the best phone service move I've made since I started using 3g service. NO COMPLAINTS. FYI, don't spend time on hold waiting to find your internet and MMS settings. Just google them and put them into your phone yourself.

KEN 1/26/2011
@ wp74 .. why does the plan say 3way calling, caller id, UNLIMITED DATA! BUT THEN SAY HIGH DATA USER.. (NO STARS)

Luis 1/20/2011
i am a simple mobile dealer, and the responce from all my customers has been GREAT. Excellent coverage, that blows cricket and boost away, Great phones, and excellent price!

wp74 1/19/2011
@Michael: ...and you gave it one star review because...? T-mobile is supposedly blocking your text?

Michael 1/19/2011
Be aware that if you attempt to use a tmobile handset with simple mobile, and still owe money to tmobile, at some point in time your messages will just stop working. This happened to me. It's a problem that simple mobile is not competant enough to handle. This is because it's actually tmobile who refuses to provide service to simple mobile customers under those circumstances. It is accomplished through the imei number on the phone. When you set up service the first time, you have to put in that phones imei number, and that's how the networks know what phone is being used. Tmobile will associate the emei number with the sim card. The problem can go unnoticed until there is some problem with simple mobile service and changes in programming have to be done. Such as switching phone numbers which require simple mobile to report changes to tmobile. IF you have too many times where this type of thing has to be done, tmobile will start noticing that you are using one of their phones, but paying simple mobile and they will simply just restrict the sim card, refusing to provide service to that card, and when you send a text message, you will get an automatic response back that says "message blocking active". When you take the phone in to the simple mobile store where you got the service from, they won't know what to do, because it's tmobile that's pulling the plug, and tmobile will act like they don't know either. It will remain an unresolved problem forever, until the sim card is changed. Then it's only a matter of time until the same problem occurs again. You see, tmobile don't want to shut it off completely because simple mobile pays them to use their towers, but at the same time, they use this method to force the customer to move on, and quit using a phone that they provided in exchange for a contract to the customer to pay for service for 2 years or so, when the customer has broken the contract in some way.

lunameow 12/27/2010
While the unlimited aspect is fantastic, one of the things they fail to mention anywhere on their website is that they don't support short codes. This means that if you have alerts from your bank, notifications from facebook, or anything else that requires a short code, you can't use it with Simple Mobile. I had to call twice and email before someone finally told me this, and was told "it's listed in the FAQ" (it's not) "or if it isn't, it will be soon" (it's still not). When asked if this is something they are working on or looking into supporting, got no response at all. Very misleading, extremely poor customer service.

Kristen 12/23/2010
Horrible customer service! I was so excited to have unlimited and use an unlocked phone. TWICE it was shut off even though my phone was on auto renew. Text messages stopped working, they could not figure out what the problem was. The second time they shut the service off I kept trying to reach support but it kept being busy, could never reach anyone, etc. I eventually just went and got rid of the service as I could not have an unreliable phone that shut my service off every month. The first time it happened I realized it could have been a mistake, called them to make sure they had my credit card on file, checked it would be auto renewed etc. Even called the day before it was to expire to double check, told all was fine. Was very upset the next day when it was turned off. Would NOT recommend them!! (accidently posted first review with 3 stars. I do not think they even deserve one!)

Gary 12/10/2010
I have been with Simple Mobile since August 2010. I really like that fact that you can use unlocked phones on the network and they do not restrict the function of your phone. The only short coming that I can see for Simple Mobile is that they do not let you use short codes but for the price I am on the Unlimited everything plan and love it. I currently have my unlocked iPhone 3GS on their network and everything runs great. They even have written support of how set up your iPhone or Android device on their network.

Pg 12/7/2010
I have been with Cricket, sprint, cingular, AT&T, virgin mobile, Net10, Tmobile, consumer wireless, straight talk and SIMPLE MOBILE. While the straight talk network is number 1 without doubt, Simple mobile is 1 in over all category and for service features. my big thing is free international text

mgordon 11/28/2010
This is hands down, one of the best prepaid plans I have come across. One of the best parts is that you can bring your own gsm phone to the network. One of the cons of alot of other carriers, is that you have to buy there cheap, regular looking phones for a high prices.I currently have my blackberry curve 8520 on this network for the the last 2 months and I still cannot believe I have unlimited talk and text and web. I had just left tmobile, where my bill for one month had been $262 because I 'went over my minutes'. I can get 5 months of service on simple mobile's $50 plan for that price. Now you do the math. This review listed that one of the cons is that simple mobile only has unlimited plans. WHAT? Are you kidding me? Let me clarify, you can pay $40 and talk and text as much as you want, $50 and talk, text and 100mb of date, and $60 for unlimted everything. And oh I almost forgot, if you have a 3g phone,it will work on their 3g network!!!

Erick 11/11/2010
I have struggled for years with trying to have the latest "looking" phone that actually does all its functions, prepaid. and now simple mobile gives you that option. personally, i dont have too much money to blow, so i have a mytouch slide to fit my keyboarded- touch needs, but can definitely get the new galaxy s vibrant and everything will function so normal. even android market. I love Simple Mobile and thats just using its $40 plan cuz i pay for the net for my cpu so even using its wifi when i can, makes me completely happy. although i do get bored and surf the net where wifi isnt available so i switched to the unlimited data/talk/text plan. thanks. great buy.

James 11/3/2010
Simple Mobile by far blows the competition away. Since the owner of this site put up his review they now have Unlimited Talk, Text and Web for $60/Mo. It even works with android phones and all smart phones! You even get 3g coverage in T-mobile areas and even on the HSPA+ NETWORK!