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Red Pocket Mobile Reviews
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3 stars of 5 based on 196 reviews

Rawool 9/5/2013
Red Pocket sucks. I have used it for 2 days and it sucks balls. I recharged my phone for 20 dollars and it was gone in less than a day without me even using the phone. Their customer service is a disgrace since i was on hold for 52 minutes and could get anyone on the line and no one would reply on their chat service. Don't buy red pocket

Juan 8/16/2013
Red Pocket plan unlimited is "not unlimited". False advertising!!! Terms: Examples of prohibited uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous mobile to mobile or mobile to landline voice calls.

N8 8/8/2013
Worst customer service, horrible website that doesnt work correctly, Data inconsistent, going back to AT&T as the unlimited plan is now the same $

Happy Karen in NC 7/26/2013
All of these complaints sound to me like a lot of people who don't know what they're doing, to be honest. I've had crystal clear calls, excellent data, and two calls to customer service that were handled expertly and without hassle. I recommend RP to everyone. The refilling process is tricky, so, if you have half of a tech brain at all, you shouldn't have a problem with it. I haven't. I love it. Yes I'm a real person from North Carolina.

Jessica 7/19/2013
DO NOT GET RED POCKET, the customer service number they have on the site doesn't even work, when you call the machine talking always tells you you call back. They will add refill in your cart even if you didn't click add to cart, I clicked on the 29.99 once and that went to the cart and when I was trying to check out I noticed that I had the 29.99 and the 22.99 in my cart so if you don't check everything over and over before clicking place order you will pay for something they automatically added to your cart and that happens everytime a place an order for a refill. when you trying to call the number on the site It doesn't work but if someone picks up and hear that you wana get a refund the hang up on you. Also, you always have to reset up your voicemail every 2 to 3 weeks.

James 7/19/2013
Fraud!Fraud!Fraud! This company secretly charges you whatever they want. If you want a balance, you have to go to their chat desk and ask for one! They charged me 8$ in one minute for 1MB data! After I chatted one hour for the reason, they said it's valid and they might give me back 5$. No thanks!

Jake 7/10/2013
Ordered the SIM card only to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive, I wasn't sure if they were going to ship via ups or usps but I have two different addresses and the postal service doesn't ship to my house. I called "customer support" and they inform me it came by took me 4 tries as the gentleman I was on the phone with DIDN'T FEEL LIKE HELPING ME AND JUST HUNG UP!!!! and lies it came by usps good thing the post man knows me. I put the SIM card in my phone and the activation process is weird. I activated it and bought a plan, where I then put in my ePIN, didn't work, couldn't activate my plan and Frequently Asked Questions says "Your pin might not work because someone else is using it." with no solution...horrible company...basically threw my money at them, monkeys run their customer support, pathetic.

Matt 7/6/2013
I had pretty bad customer service with Red Pocket. I was on Auto-payment and they took my money out of Paypal, but never activated my service. My service went down that day and later that day I lost my job and could not call home to my wife to let her know. Another RP review is here -> Take RP for what it is worth.

Jerry Xiong 6/27/2013
Worst customer service ever had, none of them speaks proper English, and also while they're helping you they also are helping other queue while its your turn and then putting you on queue. Very disrespectful, poor performances from the customer service, and not worth you money and time. STAY AWAY because you'll be losing your money and time on Red Pocket.

Chase 6/9/2013

Rockin Robyn 5/11/2013
Very happy with service! Great coverage, good customer service, and I was actually able to configure my phone on their website. Go me! Go Red Pocket!

Nexus4Owner 4/27/2013
I got service with these guys and notice that the internet speed was too slow, after investigating on my own, found settings for Jelly bean used those settings and the speeds went up immediately but only lasted for about four days, I have only used 500Mb 9(My plan is the $59.00 2Gb) and the speed has been reduced to 120Kb since yesterday nothing I have done has made the data speed up. I will be trying different provider.

J Greene 4/26/2013
These guys have an A+ BBB rating. They've been great so far. Beware of fake Red Pocket dealers online though - go to their actual website. I learned the hard way. If you go direct to Red Pocket, they are a great company to deal with and service is excellent.

Vlad 4/18/2013
I have talked to the Customer Service twice and it is true that English was far from perfect, but it is way better than my Wells Fargo customer Service. Apart from the accent I could understand them well. They work on AT&T network, so you can expect the same quality of service but at a lower price. I'm still considering the transfer.

Myeself 4/14/2013
I hate hate hate and will never refer anyone to this stupid un-professional company. At&t has the same go phone services and best customer service. This people don't even speak proper English. After charging my account giving me an order number then she tells me my account can't be re-filled since it's been disconnected for over 30days since I was out of town. You thief why don't you tell me that before you charge my account????

craggy 4/5/2013
HOPELESS! Have spent 5 hours on 6 phone calls to Red Pocket customer "service" which was horrible. Poor English skills, bad line connections and very little help. These guys are amateurs and in the end refused to address my issues. Took up the $54.99 plan as I am in the US for a couple of weeks. They promised 1c pm calls to Australia but that turns out to be only if you call a landline. Calling overseas mobiles 25c per minute. Data has been very patchy and the "unlimited" txt is only domestic US and costs 20c per txt to overseas. All not explained by customer service when buying plan via the phone even though I specifically asked about costs. Complained and they said nothing can be done but that I could buy more credit. I persisted and they promised to credit me one whole dollar which has not been seen. AVOID RED POCKET is my advice.

Denise 3/30/2013
Lost my phone service for several hours today because auto-refill doesn't work.

Sophi 3/25/2013
The only good thing about redpocket is the cheap unlimited plans. Every month I have to refill it, the auto pay with paypal does not work. I also have to resetup my voicemail every month. The customer service is useless. The long distance and the date plan are fake and you never get what they advertice. So If you just want unlimited plan talk/text and don't mind refilling and setting up your voicemail every 30 days, it may work for you.

StevieB 3/22/2013
I have used Red Pocket for over 2 years now and there has been a big improvement in their service including Customer Service. I don't use a data plan but my experience is that their data plan sucks, so if that is important to you, you either want a separate data plan or use a different service all together. But for voice and text which is what I use, it is reliable and cheap and you are not forced to have multi-year contracts.

Raphael 3/13/2013
RP charges data incorrectly. I had the 500 MB plan. At the end of those "500 MB", my iPhone running the latest non-jailbroken software clearly showed that only two thirds of those 500 MB had in fact been used. The same thing happened to me a month ago. Customer service was also poor: The insisted that there billing records were correct. They did not show interest in finding out where the discrepancies in what my iPhone shows and what their records show. Finally, they told they would send me their billing records and I left me email address. The email with their supposedly detailed billing records never arrived. I can't recommend RP because (1) you get around 1/3 less data than you buy and (2) the call sound quality is bad.

Disappointed Sam 3/1/2013
I have been trying to simply port my number over from simple mobile to Red Pocket and it has been one of the worst experiences in my LIFE!!! I don’t know where they have their customer service department but the agents can barely speak English and them including their management team all need to be trained on Customer Service and how to speak clear English. Not to mention this is day 2 and my phone is still not activated. They even went as far to ask me if I would conference my old cellphone carry on a call with them to help aid them in simply porting my number from one carry to another! Where do they do that at?? I swear I’m really second guessing if I’m making the right decision to use their service if saving a few dollars on my bill a month is worth being with a company that is as incompetent as they seem to be up to this point. I was really excited about becoming a customer of this carrier until I actually became one. VERY DISAPOINTED!!

Adriana 2/28/2013
You folks had me scared with your angry rants and warnings about customer service. Blah! They were SO nice! Dude answered my questions and I was done in 2 minutes. Transfer of my number and the entire transition was smooth and seamless. I will write again once I've used it for a while on my Galaxy S3. So far I recommend them!

rachel 2/24/2013
the only good thing is the price...but you get what you pay for in this case. I have had this company for 6 months with still no luck trying to send picture messages... customer service is horrible and refilling the service was a nightmare until i made it automatic... in the first month i figured out how to configure the phone to send picture messages after a couple of hours on the net and then when I refilled my service the next month, the feature disappeared. the absolute worst part is the bipolar internet service!!! It works when it wants to. It has gotten to the point when you never know it you are going to have internet on the streets...cant say how many times I have been lost or trying to find a business on my maps and have not been able to access it on my Iphone.. trying to find a new service I type.

Mahesh 2/22/2013
Easy to Activate and one of the cheapest mobile plans in USA. Ported my Family Mobile number in 15 minutes and refilled the epin. All set to go to work. :) Savings all the way!

George Jetson 2/16/2013
I'll give the phone service a 5 star because it worked great from Virginia to Colorado Springs, and never dropped a call in the year I used it.probably because there using AT&T towers. NO I'm NOT an ATT fan.. The only reason I switched to another provider is ,as mentioned in other reviews, the customer service. It would take way too long to refill and I would lose days every time I refilled. Ive lost an entire week. So I'm rating the RP company a 1..

Edna 1/29/2013
Ralph in customer service was very helpful, he did not play games the way the other customer service people did. was able to get my account resolved.

Greg Wilbur 1/21/2013
Red pocket is overall a good service. It's AT&T so they have great service. There data plans are garbage though. You only get 1 gb of data with the highest plan! I can't send pic msjs so that is a downfall. The Internet goes out sometimes but all you have to do is turn your phone off and turn it back on. So it is a good service despite some of the little problems. No contract, fast Internet, good coverage, cheap price. I would recommend this to anyone that is thinking about signing a contract.

Kimmel Live! 1/18/2013
These guys rock! A word of warning though: be aware of fake Red Pocket sellers on the internet and ebay. I had a terrible experience with one. The REAL Red Pocket customer service folks were great, and helped me with my problems. Picture messaging now works great on my iPhone 4S. Thank you Red Pocket!

None of your business... 1/10/2013
I have been an RPM customer for almost the last three years. Price can't be beat, especially with unlimited calling and texting to Canada. Service for the most part is somewhat decent. Upon reading other reviews it seems that there may be an issue with service for iphone users. Calls drop predictably in certain areas of the city, even though service is technically through AT&T. I use the $ 39.99/month plan, but for some reason I cannot send picture messages, even though I've been assured that this service is available to me. Customer service is attrocious, but you get what you pay for.

Todd 1/10/2013
I've had RedPocket since 2012, and it is the best service out of all of those available in my Rural area. It works in all the towns and about 90% of the rurals here in South West Michigan. As for service, I have yet to have problems getting something done. From the other reviews, it looks like it is the people they are dealing with as appose to the service or redpocket support themselves. My advice, by it from a local retailer, let them handle your issues if you have any at all.

Sandra Johnson 1/4/2013
This is the best service provider I've ever been! No hassle ever since I've bought it last year!

Freddy 12/10/2012
Great customer service, actually. Very good coverage. I recommend Red Pocket to my friends.

The 12/6/2012
If you don't want to waste your time and money in this. Dont use it . Terrible customer service ever.

Theresa n 12/4/2012
They just took my money. I refill $10 and 1 day later that $10 automatic disappear. I called customer service and they did not refund that money. They just took my money. I am so not happy and don't use this otherwise you will waste money and time. Against they took my money.

Andrea Green 12/3/2012
Red Pocket Mobile is the best! Cheap and fast connection no hassle.

Annie 11/29/2012
Terrible customer service!! And the service is not good at all, I suggest to buy it directly from AT&T.

sfbaywalk 11/11/2012
Customer service from hell. They do not have a functioning customer service telephone. The staff are incoherent in English, and they refuse to address the problem.

Andrew 11/8/2012
I found that every month when you have to top up their is always a problem staff need training to do the job they get paid for doing.Jedd Bautista is not competent as a manger .funds get taken without it being added to the phone ever get involved with RED POCKET your money&your time.

Ari 10/30/2012
I purchased the service and all was working very nicely. The cell service wasn't too bad and the 4G speeds were fantastic. I, unfortunately, ran out of data a week before the month ended so I started browsing around their website to find a way to upgrade my plan. As I was on chat with a representative I managed to find a link that said "Upgrade plan." I, mistakenly, clicked it and found out a few hours later that I had no "credit" to make outgoing calls. I called 611 to ask them what was going on because I paid for an unlimited talk plan and they told me that my account was converted to a Pay-as-you-go plan. I said that was impossible because I purchased an unlimited plan (which they verified the order). 3 representatives said that they could do nothing about it and that my account had no balance. I speculated later that it was because I clicked this mysterious link. Both on the phone and chat no one was able to resolve my issue. I had to buy a $10 prepaid card just to pull my number out and move it to Google Voice. I was also charged for a SIM card that I had cancelled but they never refunded me. All the customer service representatives were incompetent. The deal was too good to be true and it is unfortunate that they are so shady. Additionally, they have an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. Just be careful when going with them...that's all

Jon 10/29/2012
I like Red Pocket. Had it for a year now. Thumbs up!

Diego 10/24/2012
Horrible. took one hour in store to make it work. And then the 15 day unlimited turns out minimal net, had to add more money to get more net, took 40 minutes on phone, and then that access lasted about 10 minutes.

Person 10/23/2012
I do not have any complaints with it. Works perfectly fine for my needs.. $100 for a year's worth of pre-paid service isn't bad at all. I don't use my phone that much, other than the occasional text and phone call.

Ralph Brand 10/23/2012
Wow, this site looks like a flameboard for every carrier out there, but I can say that Red Pocket has been great for me and my friends. No issues. I would and have recommended.

Mishmishmo 10/20/2012
When I first signed up in may 2012 it was unlimited talk and text , in August I get a text that I am an abusive user!!!! Plus had to fight for my long distance minutes, I am a mother of 5 and I use my phone when needed , also may I add I have more dropped and failed calls then I make calls!!! This month I reloaded and again NO LONG DISTANCE MINUTES !! Please note they are lying when they said its unlimited ask them they will tell u to read the rules! And they drop your calls and count them as minutes! Advise DON'T USE THEM!! This is my last month! I hope this helps

Marcello 10/15/2012
Total GARBAGE! Select ANYONE else! Customer Service is a JOKE... there is NONE! Can't make calls 25 minutes with CS and still doesn't work.

OnHoldForOverAnHour 10/12/2012

Polo 10/4/2012
Don't get this service!!! I purchased the 49.99 plan, still can send pictures, the international plan is a hoax, you will lose your money, they don't connect and still charge you. Red pockets sucks unless you want a 39.99 plan and have very low expectation.

Mick 10/4/2012
For all you Brits travelling to USA, get yourself the red pocket sim, put it in yout & buy the $10 pay as you go plan . For less than $20, I have a working local phone. There are other plans which may suit your own particular needs.

Freddy 10/4/2012
Bought Red Pocket SIM at Frys and put it into my Android phone and it worked great! I like how I could just run their Android app and it configured all my settings - that was cool and unique to Red Pocket, I think. Thank you and keep up the good service, Red Pocket!

Simpson Hollander 10/3/2012
Had Red Pocket for 3 months now. Like it a lot. Saved money. Customer service nice.

takchuk R. 9/27/2012
Why people so much less n better service.its same as chinese shit buying cheap. quality is shit...I like red pocket sofar.5 star s...

dealer 9/27/2012
I'm a dealer for Red Pocket Mobile and we have hundreds of customers happy with Red Pocket. It's not unlimited data though, but it's a good network. Their customer service is WAY better than others, believe me I know!

Dave 9/22/2012
Glad I saw these reviews before I spent money with these imbeciles. I was surprised to see they are part of AT&T with the poor reputation tarnishing a major telecom company. Seems their service is more like that of a Filipino telecom company like Red Mobile/Smart Communications, maybe a link there somewhere. I am only in US for 6 months and a lot of goods and services are cheaper here than UK but I am sorry to say the US residents are being severely overcharged for Cell Phone and Broadband use

@Youknow 9/22/2012
Called to have my phone deactivated and the guy treated me like i was a straight lier asking me a million n one questions like why do I want to deactivate my phone.. Really what type of question is that... It's not like the is a contract plan this is a prepaid phone.. First he kept putting me on hold then finally came back on the line and straight lied to me by telling me that he has turned the phone off. So I had to call back and still was put on hold several times and questioned intensely about why I want my phone turned off.. Finally after I answered his question about my balance inquire.. He turned it off! This so called of a business that's probably being ran out of someones home has the worst customer service EVER!!! YOU NEVER WANNA DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE you will regret it if you do!!!!!! So happy that I'm finally with a real company (AT&T)!! So I never have to deal with these scumbags again!!!!!!!!! And if there was a zero in the ratings box that's what they would have gotten from me they don't even deserve a 1.. Think twice before picking this company!

moshe 9/18/2012
Please please, don't get these service, all from them is so terrible, I'm not the type of person that talks bad about anything, but they are bad, they hang off the phone on me four times, they still $10 dollars from me....terrible...

Casey 9/15/2012
Red Pocket is preposterous. The customer "service" line are complete idiots.. It takes 15 minutes to get ahold of an actual human and not an automated service. Then when you get an actual human they dont speak any damn english and theyre rude on top of it. The actual service is awful. Iphone 4 always cuts out and drops calls, its hard to get anything accomplished. Its not even that great for the price. There are way better services.. I just dont have an unlocked phone. Ill be unlocking it and using a remotely decent service before this month is over cause its been 6 months too long.

robert d 9/8/2012
My friend has been in contact with the company for 4 weeks trying to become a dealer all he has gotten is broken promise with no results. That is why I checked the reviews on this company before I try their service or become a dealer. Thank all of you it look like GoRedpochet is going to be a no go.

aron 9/8/2012
i called to active a new line . they give me some on else number from Verizon provider / now i can make a call but no income calls and no text message .. Verizon told me that this number belong to them . and they don't understand how come i got this number .. red pocket say that i need to wait 30 days to change my number //.... This is RIDICULOUS !!!!

Maggie 9/8/2012
I have had nothing but horrible trouble with red pocket, they closed my account without any notice for excessive use. It took me 2 days to get through to them on customer service to get a refund. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.

Brooklyn 9/7/2012
Despicable customer service! Some are untrained and clueless. (However, two ladies tried to be helpful). Poor connection, nearly inaudible. I've spent 3 days trying to buy a SIM and enroll as a new customer-- my credit card denied, while it works perfectly well at other vendors. My friend tried -- has the same problem, his credit card denied -- works well with other vendors. I try to explain that there is a problem with their script or their security. Finally I read the online reviews and decided to look elsewhere for service.

John 9/6/2012
I'm a new customer and all I can say is to avoid this provider at all cost! Horrendous service. I've called several times about different issues. Typically, their phone support connections are so terrible your hearing all this background noise and static and can hardly hear the rep. Secondly, their people are not trained properly. I kept getting different instructions on how to do something even though I made very clear the situation which left me calling them back frustrated. One call had a bunch of people yelling in the background and the rep that was trying to help me stated he was trying to tell his co-workers, who were on break behind him, to keep it down. It was so loud, I could hardly hear the rep. This went on for several minutes. He was unsuccessful in quieting them down. To sum it up, this is a terribly run company with horrible service and technical training for their personnel and how to properly deal with customers. I've made about 6 calls to them over a month dealing with issues and not once did I have a good experience so this is by no means a random thing. All I can be thankful for is that I'm on a monthly contract vs a year or 2 so I can find a better provide when my contract is up!

Unhappy customer 9/4/2012
I have been with red pocket for about 4 months now and have never come across a problem like this... I payed my bill on 8/31/12 my service was turned on for a whole 24 hrs before getting disconnected I just payed 66.00 usd and was told by a csr that it was forfited because my plan was changed to pay as u go by who??? I do not know nor did she she said there was nothing she could do about it and if I wanted to continue my service I would have to purchase yet another month of service. Thsi really blows I cant not believe how careless they were as to what the situation was they could have done a better job in solving my problem.... Red pocket is very dissapointing. I am a very unhappy customer right now. I wish I never switched to this phone service.. for those of you who are considering it "DONT DO IT!!!"

Todd 9/3/2012
The phone calls are fine. But the customer service is HORRIBLE! They drew the automatic payment on the first of the month for our unlimited plan, then on the third for no reason cut it off leaving a recording that I was "out of minutes". I called customer NO Service 6 times and it is still not fixed. Every rep just asks me to call back in an hour to see if it somehow got fixed.

velo le 8/31/2012
Do not buying from this company, customer service is very horrible,and when trying to activate phone on dealer portal its not working so when i call customer service to activate, they ask me for the refill pin,after give them the pin, they using or activate that refill pin for someone else "family member".

mary 8/30/2012
bought the $59.00 first month and it was wonderful, they lowered the rate to $54.00 and now it sucks, sometimes it takes the phone 2 min to connect and I miss lots of calls and the data works sporadically. Too bad.

Gio 8/22/2012
I use to encourage my friends to get the service but, last month rep pocket changed their plans and downgraded the data service. It's was a bad move, like Netflix is now paying the price for changing their price damage them. Now, rep pocket will soon suffer the same way because what they did is a bad move. The service data is SLOW and my upload speed now is faster the my download. Lol how stupid. I give them one more month to reconsider after that I'm out. Good luck!

Tasha 8/18/2012
I purchased this plan back in June since my contract ended with t-mobile. The biggest mistake of my life I paid $59.99 for unlimited text,talk, and 2 gb of internet. About 10 days into the plan my internet cut off suddenly. I contacted customer service and was placed on hold for more than 30 minutes. I finally reached someone who was very rude to me when I explained my internet was not working. She placed me on hold (probably transferred me back into the queue) and I stayed on hold for another rude customer service agent to come on the phone. None the less it winded to the fact that I supposedly used up 2 GB of internet in 10 days. I told the guy this was NOT TRUE. I work 10 hrs a day and I also go to school , I check my facebook twice a day and twitter runs. THATS IT how would that have consumed 2 gb of DATA?? He then did something in the system and once I hung up the phone with him. ALL OF A SUDDEN the internet mysteriously worked. So I was fine figuring every company has system glitches once in a while. Now we are in August and EVERY month my internet goes out at least 3 times before I am set to pay the bill. I have an I phone 4 and each time I call customer service agent they either are very rude, not very willing to help, or hangs up. This is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED PERIOD. To say the least if I can save anyone the heartache after reading all of these reviews I wish I would've done my own research. I just realized by reading the reviews here that the $59.99 plan was cut to $54.99 and they lowered the 2 gb to 1 gb. DON'T get this service WHAT SO EVER!!!!! PLEASE, also I am going to the BBB of Florida as well as writing to they States Attorney General's office. The only way to stop this company is to REPORT THEM.

YouLEFTmyphoneforDEAD 8/17/2012

Carlosbdb 8/16/2012
This is the worst company ever there unlimited isn't unlimited. They just canceled my account and cut my service because of over usage WTF I payed just 2 days ago and they won't refund my money.

Andrea Green 8/16/2012
Red Pocket Mobile is the best! Cheap yet fast service.

Balkissa 8/2/2012
I agree with others: customer services sucks!!!!! Don`t expect to get someone answer your call before you wait 10 minutes first. No matter when you call. Or they will even drop the call. That`s the worse service I`ve ever had, helping me resolve a broken sim card issue purchased from a Cell Teck dealer in Montgomery Mall.

Abby Cox 8/2/2012
red Pocket Mobile is the best service provider in the USA! Aside from being cheap, I always have a full bar of signal and a high speed mobile internet! Really love Red Pocket Mobile! Keep it up guys!

browngal29 8/2/2012
Switched to redpocket because the plan prices were awesome but I paid the ultimate price when my picture messaging did not work I call customer service twice and I could barely understand what they were saying and what I did understand did not solve the problem ,I love their plan prices but the customer service is horrible I think I got a defective sum card and they can't seem to help me.

Samantha 7/31/2012
DO NOT BUY THIS SIM/PACKAGE. Before my recent trip to the USA I brought 5x pre paid sim cards & data/mobile/text at great expense. I followed all instructions on how to ready my I Phone/s for service. Upon landing all should have worked. BUT only the I Pad worked correctly & my I Phone only worked with calls/sms NO DATA. The other 3 SIM cards were useless. We went to a local Phone shop where the lady went out of her way to try & get our phones up & running, even calling RED POCKET BUT no one ever answers the phones. We were forced to spend more money & buy a package to get our other 3 phones working. I tried over the 3 weeks to call the customer service ubt they never answer, so I sent numerous e mails but they never replied. Once back in Australia I contacted them again & explained the problem. They just keep sending e mails back & forth wanting to know have you set the phone up correctly, it should have worked. WELL IT DIDN'T. Do what we did, going to the USA? Once off the plane find an A T & T shop & buy a package from them. Really helpful & not to expensive. DO NOT BUY FROM RED POCKET NOTHING NOT EVEN THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER WORKS............

Robert 7/30/2012
Turns out, Red Pocket refill cards that you purchased at 59.99 will not be honored. You do get the 54.99 plan (for which you just paid 59.99). It seems as though there may be a huge backlash coming, possible lawsuits especially since they indicated existing refill cards would be honored.

ola 7/27/2012
I have been with this company for 3 months now and everything seems ok, until when i wanted to refill my account today and find out that the rate for 59.99 has been reduced to 54.99 but 1gb of internet was taken off! really? thanks God i havent paid, I am getting simple moblie first thing tomorow morning!

joy 7/25/2012
I found red pocket to be a good service until they changed there rate plan. to 54.99 and took 1Gig of data off the plan.. when you hit your limit it is OFF and you can spend up to an extra 100. dollars to get what you had for 59.99. and in talking with Mary Jane Naquines a CSR she says this "But please do understand that we are doing these changes to provide better service to customers like you." really.... How?? I am going to spout this anywhere and every where i can DO NOT USE Red Pocket!!!!!!!1

Pam 7/24/2012
While the seller sent this this product on time(on a Thursday), I was unable to use it thanks to the non-existent "customer service" and user-unfriendly web-site. The web-site said I needed to call to activate the card; I called 4 different numbers listed in misc places and all went to voicemail--and, needless to say, not one call was returned even three days later. On Tuesday I went back to the web-site--they had changed it completely and I was finally able to activate it. However, the next problem occurred when I bought minutes from the website. I immediately received a receipt from pay pal but, 10 hours later, still had received no email with a pin to add the minutes. After 23 minutes on hold (!), the woman told me I would not receive a pin for 24 hours! No where had this been mentioned. Let me add that I purchased this sim card so that my husband, who has a seizure disorder that has flared up, could have a phone with him if needed in an emergency. I explained this in the four messages I left last week and again explained it to the "Customer Service" rep--who promptly hung up on me when I told her! Perhaps the sim card will end up working out just fine...but I really don't like the idea of giving any more money to this kind of company. And, meanwhile, 5 days after I received the card, I wait for the pin so that the phone is usable--and hope that my husband does not have a seizure and is an emergency situation where a phone could have helped him.

Nicole Anderson 7/21/2012
Really love Red Pocket Mobile! Been using it for months now and was very satisfied. Keep it up Red Pocket

a shocked!! person 7/20/2012
This is RIDICULOUS!!! decided to get the red pocket sim card and a 54.99 plan with it earlier today. The guy at the store put the sim card in, I paid $60 to activate the account ($54.99 + tax), after I followed all steps the message on my screen said "your new account is activated" (or something like this), and I went home. When I was trying to make a phone call, I've heard the message that my device is blocked from thr network use and I need to contact my wireless service ptovider. So I called 888-993-3888 (their customer service) and 2 and a half hour later (YES 2,5 HOUR!!) I AM SHOCKED!!!! First, kind of rude dude was telling me to go wi-fi and see if it works. Then he advised me yo unblock my device to the red pocket. When these steps didn't work, he asked me to stay on hold and he gonna try another method. I was waiting for 1,5 hour and he never got back to me again. So I called the 888# again. After waiting for over 45 minutes for some representative to answer, I told the woman I am frustrated with their customer service so far and that I home she will help me out Afyer explaining here what my problem is, she sounded like she laughed and just hang up on me. I cannot believe it even now!! Never in my life I had such experience with ANY company that provides any type of service. so... people - I advice you to STAY AWAY FROM THIS BULLSHIT AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. With my today's experience I say this red pocket IS THE WORST THING IN THE FACE OF EARTH! I warn y'all so you don't feel this kind of frustration that I feel today. The way they treat their client wad simply UNREAL!Keep away people!

jay 7/18/2012

Net10User 7/15/2012
Worth -50 stars!!!! they STOLE Minutes from my account, promised to credit them back, and never did. THIEVES!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!! CS is a joke. Tracfone and Net10 is much better than this. All 3 pale to AirVoice who has the BEST CS I've ever seen :)

Nicole 7/13/2012
It seems the biggest gripe is the customer service.. which says NOTHING about the actual phone service itself. I was a bit skeptical about it, but being that I had a spare jail-broken iphone I gave it a shot. Fist let me tell you Simple mobile SUCKS period. Next topic... I have been using this red pocket for a few days now an I have't had any issues. The people who seem like they are having issues here are those who may not being paying their bill in a timely manner; hmm let's see- it's prepaid.. so that means 2-3 days before you're due to PAY you should have PAID already to avoid interruption of service. *smh* read people... Thus far no complaints an at 40 bucks a month why would you??? Yes they could allow for more data usage but realistically 1GB should be enough for the average user... otherwise 2 GB would be good as well.

Katie Simmons 7/13/2012
Red Pocket is the best! Very fast and affordable!

rushin2 7/12/2012
Do NOT purchase their $10 refills as they are advertised as 30-day refills - they are NOT! As soon as you refill, the message says that it is about to expire and need to refill (?!). These 10 day refills are only good for ONE DAY! It's a rip off company that keeps on promising to refund that will NEVER come. This company is a total mess unless you: 1. Have an automatic refill via paypal monthly 2. Never contact customer support as it is non-existent 3. Don't mind wasting your $ on refills that do NOT work. Pathetic. Now investigating whether I should switch to Simple Mobile.

Melba 7/12/2012
I would give it a minus rating if it existed. They say you are paying for UNLIMITED, but you don't instead they cancel your phone with no warning and then let you know that they have disconnected you for ABUSING THE UNLIMITED PLAN! PLUS, they report your number to spam so that you cannot ever have your number back with them or any other carrier! This is crazy! They did this to me with 2 of our home phones. Total scam! I wish someone would have told me this prior to spending $1000 on 2 iphones that can only be used with these scam carriers.

Divine 7/9/2012
Red pocket is not bad at all, it's just the waiting period to speak with a rep. In order for MMS to work, you have to configure your phone to work properly for MMS. I can txt, send pics, as well as send unlimited MMS's. I have the iPhone 4. The only real issue I have is that the RP Max plan was originally 2GB. Now it is only 1GB for 54.99. They need to add the 2 GB again.

Stella Brown 7/6/2012
Been using Red Pocket Mobile for a couple of months now, it's really good! Great service provider! Keep up the good work Red Pocket!

Nina 7/5/2012
I bought a new phone with Red Pocket last month and I chose their service because it's relatively cheap compared to the other companies (my service is unlimited everything + 250mb data for $49.99). I had an issue with refilling my account a few days ago so I called their toll-free number. Three times. Yeah...nobody ever picks up. Instead, I called *611 on my phone and spent about 15 minutes waiting for a real person to talk to me. After reading some of the poor customer service reviews here, I was really hesitant that I would accomplish anything at all. However, I spoke to the lady on the other end for 6 minutes and she took care of my problem without complaint. I asked her for a direct line/number to call them at, but apparently they don't have one. Overall, the plan is a pretty good deal and customer service is hit-or-miss.

Shanelle 7/4/2012
The customer service sucks called three times in got a different excuse every time why my number haven't been ported yet the last time I called waited 20 mins finally got thru then she turned right around in put me on hold for another 10 mins then I was disconnected not to mention it's been well over 24hrs but that's what I get for trying to take the cheap way out I guess I get what I paid for!!!

Martha 7/3/2012
i have used their services for about 4 months now and they mess up somehow every month. one month they only gave me about 20 international minutes. when i called to complain, i waited 15min to finally talk to someone. i explained to him what happened and he hung up on me. so i called again and it was another guy that was rude and told me he couldnt do anything about my problem and that thats all the minutes i was going to get. then later that month they gave me more international minutes. two days ago i paid for another monthly service and today when i called mexico, it only gave me 20 minutes. i called to complain and they made me wait for 20 min, after explaining my situation, she put me on hold for another 5 minutes. the only good thing i got from redpocket is this last time that the girl gave me more minutes but this is the last time im paying for their services.

kschmick 6/23/2012
After Verizon announced their pricing re-structure of their data plan, I decided that I would try an MVNO. Red Pocket Mobile seemed to be the best available for my area based on AT&T network. I've been using the service for about a week and I haven't experience ANY problems. I've tested the text and voice with no issues. I've also used the data plan while on the road (navigation) and it worked flawlessly. You receive all of the benefits of the big 2 (V & AT&T) without dealing with the over priced service. I've also had great luck with customer service. Their reps were nice and knowledgable. I'm definitely recommending to friends.

Sally Anne Wilsoh 6/23/2012
Really satisfied with the service! Keep it up Red Pocket Mobile!

Champion 6/21/2012
I've been using their service for over three months now. It's been great. 2GB is way more than I need and the coverage is AT&T at half the price. What more can you ask for?

Epiphany 6/20/2012
Customer service is unreliable, when it is even available. Frustration always happens with basic functional service failure. This month, paid for a switch to a different plan, money taken but phone doesnt have 2GB of data available.

Disastisfied 6/14/2012
I have 5 lines with red pocket. They all worked except for one and they haven't been very nice about correcting service issues. First my texts weren't going through. It wasn't the phone, it was their database. Once I purchased a new sim card, it worked. Shortly after, they cut my service because they were implying that I used 169,894 minutes in just a matter of couple of days. Do the math, how is it possible to use 70 continuous days or talk time in just a couple? Also, aren't the plans unlimited. DONT BOTHER using them. Their customer service isn't of much help either

Britney 6/12/2012
I'm using Redpocket about 4 months now.. And I love Redpocket service .. I'm using a IPhone 4 data speed good... Cheap plan.. No hidden fee.. And customer service come on guys give them a break they are perpaid company .. Will get better I guess .. But for now .. I think redpocket rocks..

hackeem 6/8/2012
worst company ever! sorry i waste my $30 the tex dont go through, whenever sombody calls you,your phone dont ring stright voice mail,plzzz dont waste your money,its better buying some candy!

dw 6/7/2012
i dont see why people hate this company!!! the plans are good and my whole family is thinking of switching! the service isn't great but the deal and coverage you cant beat!!

Angel Cole 6/7/2012
Love your services! It's really fast and also cheap!

Chris Jones 6/6/2012
I recently started using Red Pocket and it's been pretty good. It works well on my iPhone as the speeds are pretty fast. I hope they come out with more plans!

Brian Stewart 6/5/2012
Red pocket sucks.... Bad service ... Slow internet 1 to 2 bars in most areas. Whats the use in having a cheaper plan if it doesnt work.... Its a AT&T company which explains a lot. The only thing that is good about AT&T are there stupid commercials... But there phone service is def lacking.

Wireless Fan 6/1/2012
Man what's up with all the haters on this board. Red Pocket works good. We're paying less than $60, can't ask for much more. If you want real feedback and not what some of the angry people are saying. Look it's limited to 2GB but that's enough for most people such as myself especially when there is wifi. I have never been cut off and I've used 3000 minutes in a month. That is pretty high already so long story short it should be good enough for most people. Yes customer service sometimes takes time but I called today and I got through in ten minutes which is better than my encounter with United/Continental airlines.

Lauren Williams 5/30/2012
Love your service! Keep it up Red Pocket Mobile!

Vinay 5/27/2012
One of the worst customer service. Wait time is exceptionally long and even after some body comes on line they would again out you on hold for checking the status or balance with the account.

John 5/27/2012
I'm canadien spending 5-6 month in US. You can't find cheeper service when phoning to Canada and lasting service time is 12 month.

Cool beans 5/25/2012
Full speed for all 2GB data, low international rates, saves me money off my Verizon bill. Yes I had to buy a phone but about to be saving more than the subsidized funds. Things work well. Seems that people here just complain about customer service. What do you expect? It's a smaller company. When I used to use Sprint, their customer service wasn't all that great.

Paulette Evans 5/23/2012
i've only had red pocket for 1 month and this is really terrible. I've tried 3 times to call customer service and all 3 times over 2 hours and i'm still on hold. Is this a real company with real people.

redpocketsucks 5/23/2012
red pocket is one of the worst customer service companys out there. The wait time is unbealivable. 1 hour and im still on hold. i am switching to another carrier. this is crazy

George 5/22/2012
Not sure why people here are ranting but I've had Red Pocket for five months now and have loved every minute of it. Saving over $40 a month off my previous bill with AT&T.

CHANEL 5/21/2012

troy 5/21/2012
Customer service sucks... three hours on hold and the website will not put my plan in my cart!! no mms on iphone 4 5.0.1 even though i pay for it!!! lame

Louise 5/18/2012
Redpocket customer service stinks!! Bought their most expense plan for my Iphone...the international calling shot off after only 10min (supposed to have 200 min and I was calling a fixed line which was supposed to cost 1cent per minut). The data did not work at all...have know spend the past 2 hours with their customer service chat...and they have not solved anthing yet!!! Do not buy crap and you can not get in contact with anyone at their side!!!

Janice Peterson 5/17/2012
I forgot to mention that I really haven't had a problem with the customer service, per say. I find that I connect with someone a lot more quickly when I chat with them online, then when I try to reach them by phone. I have reached their customer service by phone, but had to wait about 30 minutes before someone answered. I actually connected immediately with a chat representative just this evening around 8:00pm EST in the US.

Janice Peterson 5/17/2012
I recently purchased the Red Pocket sim card for my AT&T Samsung Focus Windows 7 phone. I actually really like the phone and it's features. I purchase the $50 package monthly, and it comes with Unlimited Calls, SMS, MMS and 250 Mb of web. I thought that 250 mb of web would not be enough, but it is turning out to be a lot more than I thought. I don't download stuff on my phone, and I use wireless connection any chance I get, including at home. But my problem is I can't seem to get MMS on this phone. I think it's already unlocked because I was able to just put the sim card in, and it worked. My phone and internet services work just fine, on and off the wireless. But how the heck can I get my MMS to work? Thanks in advance for any help.

Ron 5/17/2012
Pros: Straight forward pricing with upfront limits on data.The AT&T network provides excellent coverage in most areas.The option of changing plans each month as needed is helpful.Direct dial ILD has worked flawlessly, just make sure to check the website for rates prior to calling.Online service has a 5 to 10 minute wait, and is usually able to solve most issues.Refills from 3rd party sites like can be applied directly from your handset and stacked for multiple months.Cons:Customer Service call times are anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Fortunately 611 is a no charge call from your device.Finding retail locations to purchase refills is very difficult. Online sources seem fine though.iPhones require a jailbreak for full functionality.Overall, I'm very happy with the service that I have received from Red Pocket. I have a feeling that their rating is brought down by a few complaints about their ability to fix issues,but as one that has contacted customer on multiple occassions for switching devices, I can say my hold times varied from 10 minutes to 40 minutes on the phone to almost instantly to 10 minutes for online chat.

rushin2 5/15/2012
Pros: 1. Great coverage (AT&T gophone) 2. Affordable plans 3. Paypal payments 4. Quick set-up without RP Configurator (follow their instructions) - Samsung Dart T499 5. Cons: 1. Non-existing customer support (chat on the web and 888 number) - 25 minutes on hold (!!!) and still no connect. Chat - same story. 2. Porting # is a HUGE mystery - no notifications via e-mail, NADA. 24 hours later - still NOTHING (keep in mind it is almost impossible to get ahold of Customer Service) 3. Their website - create your account first and only than order their products - otherwise you will not see your service, etc on your "dashboard." Total disconnect if you order their service before creating an account first. 4. Took a few hours for them to process Paypal. 5. NO HELP to unlock your phone. Conclusion: If you are "self-managed" and able to figure out your phone, paypal, etc - this is a good company. We were sort of forced into RP or Simple as T-Mobile has no coverage in our area. As a WARNING - if you consider this company - try to talk to their customer support first. Try to order their services via phone or chat! Good luck on that one. 3 stars? Yes - 5 stars on their cost base for 39.99 plan with limited web. Great coverage. -2 stars for their "customer support" - why even list one if there is NO ONE to take your call or chat with you?

ted 5/14/2012
I too am a new customer, HORRIBLE Customer Service when you can get them to answer the phone. took forever to port a number and they kept saying it was done, they don't have a clue as what they are doing. I only signed up because of 2 GB data plan, Red Pocket is NOT WORTH THE LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. They really don't know what they are doing or how to run a company. I won't stay with them.

monica 5/13/2012
I have to say horrible customer service, to refill my account over an hour and only paypal if you want to pay on the internet. I dont have paypal nor i want paypal at all, just take my dame visa. No, please read before getting red pocket!

ery 5/10/2012
WORST COSTUMER SERVICE EVER!!!! I have tried many times to activate my sim that I bought a week ago and it have been useless. Nobody answers the phone or online. RED POCKET SUCKSS!!!!

Moe&kayi 5/4/2012
The only problem I have with red pocket is the customer service sucks and that the web is not unlimited cuz I pay the 60$ plan and 2 gb is not enough

Dana 5/2/2012
I didn't know everything about Red Pocket when I purchased the sim card for it. Now I'm reading that it really caters to International or Overseas calls, which doesn't apply to me at all. I'm in the United States, and don't make any international calls. I was especially disappointed, when AFTER I purchased their sim card and started using their service, I found out that they don't support MMS messages for Windows 7 phones. I pay for unlimited service, and unlimited MMS is supposed to be one of the features. But it wasn't until after I purchased the sim card and unlimited service. I really griped to them about not posting this on their website. I would have NEVER brought their sim card if I would have known that I couldn't get picture mail with them.

Kyle 4/29/2012
It seems like everybody comes here when they want to complain about this company. I have had no problems and the service has been great, I have the 39.99 unlimited plan and from what I have seen from other companies this is a great deal and it runs off of ATT prepaid coverage which is awesome coverage.

Cori 4/27/2012
Ive had this service for about two weeks & its terrible. I have the $30 plan, on the website it says unlimited talk & text & some internet. Well yesterday my texting wasnt working, i called customer service, was on hold for 40 minutes, spoke to retards! The lady told me i had "unlimited text" but only 2000 texts, so i was cut off for the month. What sense does that make?! So i called again saying the website says unlimited, & she said well ma'am im telling you its only 2000. False advertising much? This company is horrible, a bunch of retards who dont know what they're doing work there. Im changing companies this weekend, these retards dont deserve my money.

Noble 1 4/24/2012
Been using Red Pocket pay as you go and realized they have monthly plans. Since I started texting a bit more, I switched over to the $19.99 plan. It's pretty affordable and I'm not spending that much more per month so I'm all good. I have been on hold with their customer service for a long time but it's a hit and miss as I gotten through quickly as well.

kim 4/21/2012
service sucks i do a lot of my talkin thru txt since its more convenient since they dont wanna give the actual att service i had. txt is not unlimited have been threatened to be disconnected. cannot even get a hold of anyone in customer service. going back to straight talk poo on u all.

Kristi Bell 4/21/2012
Been using Red Pocket Mobile for a couple of months now, and enjoying it. Once had a problem but it's solved the moment I reported it. Keep up the great work.

Jessica 4/19/2012
If I could give this company negative stars, I would! This company customer services is totally rubbish! I have been cut off once and when I called back to inquiry about why I was cut off. This agent wont even talk to me, she wont response to me, it is as if she put her phone on hold! It is very frustrating and I feel that the company need to know about this and do something about it!

JUSTIN 4/18/2012

Jelly Jones 4/18/2012
I'm using Red Pocket Mobile for a couple of months now, there's no problem and I'm really satisfied with the service. I also love the Pay as You Go feature. Would recommend Red Pocket to all of my friends and family. :)

mike 4/17/2012

Sandy Love 4/17/2012
I love the rate plan and coverage is good, however the customer service is truly a joke. Longs hold time and unqualified agents.

Eric 4/16/2012

Michael 4/12/2012
This would have to be the worst mobile company that I have ever used! I have been in the states for 3 weeks out of our 5 weeks here, up until now I am still unable to call international. I have rang and emailed just about every day and they say they will reset my calls but it does not work. I would not use this service at all. All they say is I will rese your account then they Cut you off. Very Bad Service Do Not use if you want to call back home!!!

Mark 4/11/2012
I have been with Go Red pocket for 2 months now. I am happy with the service but the customer support sucks. It is among the worst I have ever had to deal wit. Hold times of 20 min to 1 hour. Cant resolve issues. Cant add funds to account through phone with Credit Card. Recurring payments only through Paypal. Cant get password rest information through website. Also customer service it overseas and only seems to have one or two operators. PROS, It works with iphone without unlocking phone since they use AT&T network and yes everything works like AT&T

Ken 4/11/2012
What a joke their customer service is. If you have a problem with your phone you can't reach customer service.

Baller4U 4/9/2012
I've been using Red Pocket for some time now. I was using H2O previously and I like Red Pocket a lot more because even though it's essentially the same service (both AT&T), they give more data and the data speeds are faster.

Matthew 4/6/2012
Great service, best pricing out there. Don't believe the haters on this site! All my friends are getting Red Pocket.

Ismael 4/5/2012
I had one of two choices. Pay the $200.00 dollar At&T phone bill under my 2yr contract where I had to add more data. (AT&T offers up to 500 Meg on their prepaid pay-as-you-go plan. And if you want to add more data, it will cost you $25.00 for 500mb.) RedPocket has 2Gigabytes of data, unlimited talk and voice for $60.00 a month, but no tethering feature. And no picture messaging. A jailbreak for red pocket is coming out for the tethering feature in a month or two. But who knows how much the tethering will be. We will see. But the jailbreak and the unlock for my iPhone firmware 4.12.01 requires a downgrade to 4.11 to unlock it and and install fork the tethering feature. I think it also comes at a 20 dollar a month fee. But after the unlock, I could also pop in a T-Mobile prepaid simm card for $50.00 dollars a month. But for now, RePocket is the optimum choice.

Billonair 4/4/2012
I had red pocket for a week now I had my number ported from tmobile it took 24 hours for RP to port my number but after that it's been great I got the $60 unlimited talk & text with 2gb of web and I get 4g on my iPhone 4s. Customer service is a bit*h tho

Emery 3/29/2012
They beat H20's $60.00 plan with more data (that is available now) 2GB total to be exact. It picks up service quicker, and holds on to a tower better as well.

Deejay 3/27/2012
I've had Red Pocket for just about a month now with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Service is pretty good once you set up your iphone correctly. The plans are a bargain but I will say this, getting thru to customer service is a bit difficult so just keep that in mind considering the money you'll be saving compared to the other big wireless carriers.

Lisa 3/24/2012
Despite using the automatic pay, RedPocket turned off phone service. Unable to reach anyone at customer service after hours of trying. So we repayed and were double charged on the paypal account. Again this morning, no one answers the english customer service line and no one replies online. If you can't get anyone to answer at customer service, service is cut off despite payment and customers are being double charged, I'd say don't waste your time with RedPocket.

Anonymous 3/16/2012
Red Pocket Mobile has horrible customer service. I work for a competitor & our customer called us wanting information about porting her number to Red Pocket. I was even nice enough to conference the call with Red Pocket to have them start the process. After a 30 min hold and getting hung up on, we called back for another 15 minute hold and the rep who answered the phone was extremely rude and insincere. She did not want to help our customer at all. I told her I already saw the port on our side and she started screaming "I don't see it! I am telling you what I see!!" Finally the customer decided to stay with our company :)

sheng 3/12/2012
If I can rate 0, I would like to!!! Worst customer service I have never had! Can't contact english customer service at all!! I tried Sat. through Monday, then I finally gave up and got contacted with Chinese customer service on Monday night, and seems like they only have one girl (I called twice in between five minutes) who has no patient at all, very very rude, argue with me and talk over me while I try to explain the problem, and even hang off the phone!!! What the trash customer service is this! What Red Pocket cares seems like only money!!! Even you want to complain, no one you can contact or talk to!!! I can't even imagine what kind of person they would consider to hire to work as customer service personnel, even in China, customer service quality can compare with what I been got here in US! Shame on Redpocket! And no more to be their customer ever!!

PLAYER 3/2/2012
Keep away from This Company. I got it to use with iphone 4 it worked fine for few days the I was not getting incoming calls ther person calling hears it ringing but it never ringings on the phone. there lots of drop calls DONT WAST YOUR MONEY ON THIS I switched my service back to Simple Mobile.

Zoda 3/2/2012
Redpocket is very inconsistent in their service. Ive got a 20$ monthly plan running which gives you 500 texts and 250 minutes for DOMESTIC use. Now ive put 10$ into the account for INTERNATIONAL services. The first week everything went fine and now red pocket keeps ONLY crediting the 10$ with the free minutes and texts still available! i brought this to the customer services attention but they wont care and just disconnect the session. so in the end: alright prices for people who can allow bad customer service for their provider

JONATHAN R 2/22/2012

gopal shrestha 2/5/2012
although the customer service by calling is the worst, I recommend to use online chat service instead! they do way better job for those who have been experiencing problems ..

SandyB 1/19/2012
If I could give a zero, I would. Worst customer service ever!! Had issues with pulling product, rep blew us off and left for 3 hours. Call customer support number and after holding for 45 mins. got an actual human, who sounded like she would rather have a root canal than help me, to ask for our rep's phone number. FYI, they don't give you phone numbers to call, they only deal with you via email. Anyway, she gave me the number and when I called it, I got put into their horrible call loop. I was caller #27 and had an estimated hold time of 35 minutes. I hung up and gave up. I will talk to our product department and tell them to change product providers. This is ridiculous!!!

Edward 1/19/2012
Terrible follow up service. Have waited 6 weeks to fix long distance to canada...still not yet fixed but lots of excusses - many dropped local calls... very poor overall... I am changing asap.. poor do not recoomend.. you will not be happy

Mark 1/18/2012
Just got red pocket today and when I configured the phone they force me to put a passcode which is very annoying because I have to enter the code whenever I wanna make a call

user 1/5/2012
poor voice quality worse of all, cannot make any international call. call local is fine, but fail to call international... and the service people blame the phone.

big george 12/29/2011
This is follow up to my rvw of 11/24/11 re bad customer service and continued billing after service terminated on 11/8/11. PP has continued to bill for service and many 'fone calls to customer service(?) were a worthless waste of time. Thnk goodness for AMEX's assistance. They put a "block" on RP's continued billings.

Ludlow 12/21/2011
Where is the negative stars ratings. They took my money -- kept me on hold for an hour -- promised to call back and surprise! they never did. Bad Bad Bad Service

big george 11/24/2011
Red Pocket (RP) took over my service (2 'fones) from another provider. Terminated service w/ RP on 11-08. Was billed for service for next period AFTER terminated service. Called RP. Was difficult for them to understand my dilemma. Lady finally "got it" and said credit would be forthcoming. She gave me a "transaction" number and said credit would be issued to Amex acct w/i 24-28 hours. Same issue came up re second 'fone (that is, billed for service after service terminated two weeks earlier). Called Customer service(?). Customer service (CS) said I would have to e-mail "Carol" and send copy of bank statement to get refund. I said previous lady said credit to Amex acct could be initiated w/ a "transaction" procedure. CS said there is no such thing as initiating a credit w/ a transaction procedure. He then hung up on me while I was explaining how previous CS person handled the billing problem. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Mjay 11/10/2011
I have always used Red Pocket since we came here to the US. It's reasonably cheap. I only use unlimited text and calls, and so far I could never ask of or complain about anything.

Thomas 11/1/2011
Do not go with this company!!! You will not get 4g speed's or even 3g speed's. The data was so slow on my samsung infuse it was more like edge 2g service. Don't go with any At&t mvno, All of them have data caps on their service.. false claims of 3 & 4g service!!!! So Beware...

James to you 10/31/2011
This place seems to be a flame board for some frustrated users, but I know many, many happy Red Pocket users. I myself use auto-refill every month. Never had a problem topping up online. Here's a tip: use It seems to be their new site. It's cleaner than the others, easier to use. They should take the others down.

Explorernic 9/4/2011
I signed up to have my number ported and bought the 3g unlimited plan. Thye never ported my number by the next day. I called and they said it was ready to port and I had the pay as you go plan. I figured if they messed up befor I was even a user I didn't need or want problems so I canceled everything.

Cliff 8/16/2011
Unfortunately i cannot rate -1 Since date of activating my phone with Red Pocket, i have not been able to make a top up on their website all are down! I have not been able to log into my account regardless the password i created or the password Red Pocket provides still does not allow me to log in. Every live chat agent just states "Sorry" but does not solve the problem in allowing me to Log In. Customer services via email do not reply to the emails i post and still to this day 1: I cannot log into my account! 2: I cannot top up online! MY RATING IS -5

Cliff 8/11/2011
I have just setup my phone with Red Pocket, and have pros & cons. Pro's 1: cannot fault the Rates / reception. Con's 1: Very poor customer service over the phone, wait 15 - 30 minutes for a reply! 2: None of the top up links ever work on their website, whether under construction, most companies solve these matters within a few hours, Red Pocket has had several days of top up links down! In which to top up allow a few days to get your top up! Sumarry; Due to their rates unlimited calls and text which is very good along with 200 minutes international calls. It is a pity they have no respect for their customers and improove their website and customer service.

JimInNorthwest 6/16/2011
Correction to my first and latest post here. Only issue I have at this point, is not being able to view, send, nor receive picture mail. I'm hoping this can be resolved.

JimInNorthwest 6/15/2011
I've used this service almost a month now. Only issues I have, at least at this point, is 1: I can't receive, send, or view picture messages. I've been in contact with Customer Service, and still hoping to be able to resolve this.

Prakash 6/10/2011
I bought a $100 connection with Red Pocket in 2007 and have been renewing every year. Primarily use it for calls within USA-NYC, Chicago, San Francisco areas with no connection problems. Also use it for direct dialling IDD calls with just the + sign and works without a hitch. And it's inexpensive. Only regret it does not have roaming in Canada, where I travel often to Toronto.Look forward.

KarinSasai 6/8/2011
One star is an overstatement. Red Pocket is horrible. I have never once received a confirmation email for my refills. When I've called with problems, I get non-native English speaking woman, who argue with me and talk over me while I try to explain the problem. Why companies outsource uneducated trash to deal with international business clients over the phone, is beyond me. It's one thing to have and work with a language barrier, its quite another to have to argue with an obnoxious woman whose English is arrogant and improper and whose manners are worse. I've never experienced such embarrassing customer service. I will never use this service again, and will make sure my company and its subsidiaries do not allow it.

aswde1013 6/7/2011
I have had red pocket mobile for a few years and never had a problem till last thursday the 2nd of June, I keep getting the display No access to network I have tried it in 4 different phones no luck, yesterday I tried calling customer service no answer, fast busy signal. I want my service!

Steven B 6/6/2011
TBH, if your calling the UK from USA, this network is absolute rubbish. I gave up and started dialing from my O2 mobile at over £1 per minute just to save the agro of trying to connect my Red Pocket rubbish!! We purchased 100 dollers worth of credit and was only able to use 10 dollers just for the fact we could not get the calls connecting....Just kept getting a horn type sound and then message stating 'sorry you are having trouble. please contact customer service' or a constant sirent type tone. It is really annoying having to try for over an hour to get maybee one call!! Thats not what you want to be doing on holiday!!

Phony 6/4/2011
this company is a phony, well unlimited is not truly unlimited, you really have 8000 minutes a month, which is not posted in their website. sooo here is no hidden fees and extra cost, its a hidden lie. if you want to stay in contact with your love one's then this is not the company for you because its ummlimited.

Sven 5/8/2011
Very happy with Red Pocket Mobile. My wife and I each purchased this for our trip to USA. Our friend who lives in USA uses Red Pocket Mobile as her main mobile service and recommended it. It worked very well. We could also call back to Europe which was convenient.

NewtoPrepaid 4/26/2011
I just switched from my contract plan to the Red Pocket 3G plan. I can't believe that I was overpaying for so long. Now I get the AT&T network, 3G data (I can get 4G if I get a new phone that can do 4G), customer service is great, and I am paying almost half what I was before. Count me in as a happy customer. Thank you Red Pocket!

iPhone luver 4/3/2011
Red Pocket works on my iPhone and I didn't even have to jailbreak it! Awesome! I love that I can use the same AT&T network on my iPhone without paying the ridiculous AT&T prices and for no contract. Get your dealer to email you the mobile configuration file in an email when your iPhone is on wi-fi. Run the file, and bang! your iPhone works perfectly. Love it!

Maarit Koivunen 3/8/2011
I bought two red pocket phone cards in October 2010 to be used in Lake Worth Florida. The phones were working fine in November and December. I returned to Florida in March 2011. There is no network access! The problem has gone unresolved even though I contacted the help line. Service is unreliable unfortunately!

john paul 2/18/2011
redpocket sucks ii cant even get on the internet except am on wifi and i have an iphone 3gs, i regret swiching from tmobile because its been nothing but hell. dropped calls

Klaus 2/2/2011
I bought a Red Pocket SIM for when I visited from Germany. I used my iPhone 3G. The 3G service worked very well. It was much cheaper than paying roaming fees.

Jonathan 2/1/2011
I use Red Pocket to make international calls to China, the Philippines and Asia. I also use it for my regular domestic service. International calling works great. Domestic calls also work fine. Coverage is very good. Thumbs up.

Dr. Oliver 12/13/2010
If there were "zero" stars to chose, red pocket would deserve it. Well, doing international calls is a nightmare; one out of twenty works, for the others, one gets a busy signal, an operator or some kind of message that says you should dial a different number, which -of course- does not work as well. And you actually use up your airtime that way. Red pocket equals "empty pocket". Avoid it!!

Hsing 11/19/2010
I tried to call Taiwan and China, and got only busy signals from both. The international calls do not work. It should have 0 star. If I need to dial another number to get to international calls, I would just use an international calling card which is cheaper.

StarDealer 11/8/2010
I've had customers port into Red Pocket and port out of Red Pocket. When the number is clean and the old carrier has no issues releasing it, Red Pocket portins are very fast. Porting out - which our customers do less often than they port in - is fine, with some delays when they need to send us the account number. Overall an excellent service with great customer service that my customers like a lot. Highly recommended. Data coming soon, I am told!

CaliCaller 10/4/2010
I've used Red Pocket for a year now and they are excellent all around. Great for local calls - they use the AT&T network - and amazing for international calls. They have a very good deal for Unlimited now too if that is your thing.

David 8/22/2010
A student from Germany has an unlocked phone and Red Pocket service with a local phone number. She has not been able to call home, but she can text. We are still trying to work out the "bugs" so we shall see how this is solved? We have had an account with AT&T since the analog days!

rapido67 8/16/2010
Great deal, I first got T-Mobile prepaid but then found out reception was bad in my home (in Palo Alto, go figure...) so I looked into AT&T and found that Red Pocket Mobile offer a much better deal than AT&T for prepaid, especially if you already have an unlocked phone (iPhone 3G here). What's a bit confusing is that when you buy a $100 card your account gets credited $150...nice ! Except that your rate is $0.15 instead of the $0.10 advertised on their site, so in the end the result is the same. No problems calling international numbers so far with 011+country code

aaa wireless 8/4/2010
Very nasty company . Waiting time 1 hour or more ,customer service have no technical knowleged & speaking broken english! No porting department.Ask them your account number and password if you have their service.They will not give you ,your account password to porting your phone number out of their company.

michael 6/11/2010
i called the customer service line and hold for more than ten minites. nobody answered the phone!

Stephen 4/26/2010
I have to 2nd that Red Pocket does have excellent customer service. When I first bought the phone, I had trouble adding my minutes, but customer service took care of it right away. Note that coverage is limited to major cities and freeways, so don't expect service everywhere. I don't use the international calling, but China for no charge is a great deal. I have been very happy with my service for the last 18 months.

Samson 4/8/2010
I've had nothing but excellent customer service experiences with Red Pocket. Whenever I've had questions, they've always answered quickly and the service itself is on a great network. If you're looking for prepaid, I'd recommend them highly.

Rigo 3/31/2010
for almost 2 weeks these people blamed me for my phone not working properly. and it was the network along. calls droping and they will charge you for an incomplete call as well. they gave me some credits but nothing comparied to the damage they caused me by not fixing the problem for a whole week. now mr jashua gordon does not want to hear from the customer and he is the president!!!! SO they will string you along forever and make you feel un wanted. if you want someone use any other carrier do not use red pocket mobile, because you will not feel like a valued customer there. and they will tell you why do you put up with us? do not make the same mistake i did and if you do business do not put your number they give you on the stationary.

SuckBad 3/8/2010
One of the measures of whether it is a good service or not is how easy is it to switch the service. You can never reach the number porting department. There is no direct number or even talk to them directly. You always have to communicate indirectly. I've been trying for over 2 week to get the number port but so far has been unsuccessful.

Red Pocket Unlimited 3/8/2010
Red Pocket is launching unlimited talk/text plans for $50 a month and some of the lowest international rates EVER. A penny a minute to call many countries. Some countries, even allow UNLIMITED calls for a few dollars more. Red Pocket is takiing off this year!

Michael 11/8/2009
Red Pocket Mobile is by far the best mobile company I've found. I live in the USA but call Canada constantly, and their rates are 10 cents per minute for calls from the USA to Canada. They also allow me to dial directly from my cell phone to canada without any access numbers or other numbers, this is very important to me because I have 600 contacts in my phone and it would be very annoying if i had to first dial an access number, and then somehow remember the actual number i wanted to dial. I've looked at many, many competitors, and the best rates ive found is 12 cents a minute, but at that rate, there is ALWAYS an access number to dial.

Flyboy 10/17/2009
I got Red Pocket to call the Philippines, for which purpose they seem to have the lowest rates of any US mobile carrier. I used to use Virgin Mobile for this as they originally were the lowest (and before I knew Red Pocket existed), but their base rate kept creeping up and once Sprint bought them out, it was no longer cost-effective and I dumped them (they were not really competitive in the domestic market, either). Ironically, at 10 cents per send/receive, texting on Red Pocket is half the cost of their parent network (AT&T) and probably lowest of any prepaid carrier or MVNO so far (this applies to both domestic and international text). You can use any unlocked GSM phone on Red Pocket; it doesn't have to be limited to their offerings. While they may not make this clear on their website, you can buy just a sim from them for $25, which comes with $10 airtime, which is what I did and am able to use it in an unlocked mobile of my choice. (Call customer service to find out how to buy the sim). I have had a problem dialing directly (011+country code+number) and called customer service regarding this matter. The nice girl told me what to do and although I followed her instructions to the letter, it did not work--fortunately, she told me about an alternative solution of an international direct dial number to use ("only if the first solution doesn't work"). I have to dial this number first, wait for the chime, dial the number I want to reach and then press #. So, I've had to use this method every time, as simply dialing the number directly still doesn't work. So far, so good; it's a bit of a hassle, and I hope there isn't going to be a problem with continued use of the IDD number (she made it sound like it was sort of a secret), but it's worked fine so far and call quality is superb (well, it *is* on AT&T). Also noteworthy, their customer service is courteous and you actually get to quickly speak with a real live human being... during "business hours" (not 24/7 unfortunately). The lack of round-the-clock live customer service and the fact that in my case at least, I have to use the IDD dial-through number with the added steps that entails, keeps me from giving them a full 5 stars, but they're still darn close. :) Probably the best prepaid mobile solution for calling Asia from the US that currently exists.