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Page Plus Reviews
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3 stars of 5 based on 1321 reviews

Jesse 9/6/2013
Great Service, Best Prices, Simple startup, can find it anywhere, No gimmiks.

NewYorkTech 9/6/2013
This is a great service for us guys in New York (City and especially upstate) where Verizon rules as the best carrier.

m jones 9/3/2013
have been waiting on hold for over 2 hrs. to add minutes to my phone

Happy 9/1/2013
The actual cell service, not customer service, is the same as VZW. Use chat on website for CS. The only real downside is they don't have LTE which means they don't support newer phones.

Superstoop 8/24/2013
Been with Page Plus for 2 years problem free. Internet can be slow once in a while but 55.00 for two gigs of data and unlimited talk and text just cannot be beat. Coverage is awesome too.

C jones 8/22/2013
Best service ever iPhone4 everything,mms

James aye 8/21/2013
internet sucks. its not just 3G its low rate 3g even cricket surfs the web faster. talk and text are great though so if you're getting one just for that you're OK but don't even dream of streaming any video for speedy downloads even when your bars are completely filled up.

A. Lee 8/15/2013
I am so disappointed with Page Plus. I would rate it negative stars if I could. I have had issues with them since I created the acct (1.5mos) ago. I ported my number to Page Plus and it worked for 2 days. Suddenly, it stopped working, I called back and they had to reset my number. It was working for a couple of days and started to act up again (work, not work, work, not work, etc). Finally, I called in to complain about it because I no longer had a reliable phone. I requested a refund for the $80 that I spent (I only used $5 of it since my phone didn't work) and asked if it was OK to port my number. The customer service rep (Hilda) blamed my phone for the reason I was unable to make calls (I bought a NEW phone from Verizon) without even trying to resolve the reasons with me. We opened a ticket for me to talk to a supervisor and she said that it was fine to port my number. I didn't hear from a supervisor so I called back. CONVENIENTLY, they closed my ticket and is unable to help me (and I lost all my balance when I ported the number out). NO ONE had told me that if I ported my number out, I would lose my ability to talk to Page Plus AND lose my balance. For a service that is based on customer service, this is AWFUL. I guess you pay for what you get. I will NEVER use Page Plus again and will never recommend it to anyone. They don't care about their customers

New Customer 8/9/2013
porting my phone number was a breeze, activating my phone was easy, all done on-line. It was quick and easy. I had a question about purchasing and applying the minutes. Took care of it by chatting on the website with a rep. All very easy and painless. Glad I switched much more affordable. Time will tell, but so far great

Raye 8/5/2013
I had PP for 5 years!! I love it! i have a Droid razr Maxx so yeah it's a blast i used 39.99 plan the pros its cheap and can cancel at anyyime without a fee i dont have to wait to upgrade my phone i wish PP could use 4G but 3G is not that bad as ppls it seem them CS is 3 stars because the all busy and it takes like 2 hours till you get with a agent unless you cal at 8AM then you will only have like 5 or 10 minute wait but other then that not bad at all!!! P.S. PP need some new phones

Web Site 8/2/2013
When you go to the website. There is popup in the upper left. Can't seem to get rid of it. Which means you can't do/see what is under it. Really DUMB

Deborah 7/29/2013
I switched from Verizon PAYG to PP months ago using their 29.99$ plan with an iPhone 4. While it states it's not supported I had no problem with a PP rep being on the phone helping me through a data problem and I must say, they were oustanding, patient and even called me back. Only problem I have is sending MMS messages. While they do send I get a message "You have insufficient funds" 6 or 8 at a time each time I send mms! Why? Nobody can figure it except it's something that can be stopped only by shutting off imessage, which I dont use anyways. I wish they had unlimited data or better data coverage here in NH.

Brandon 7/8/2013
Very happy with me decision to port into Page Plus. Kept my old device (Motorola Droid X2) and I'm able to save half of what I was paying on my old contract. Great reception and with Live Chat I never have to wait on hold for questions. I noticed most of the neg. reviews have nothing to do with service coverage but individuals complaining irrationally. Not a review people!

Michelle 7/5/2013
I have been with Pageplus for 3 years I left the company and I currently came back it is terrible they went down hill the customer service takes 30 mins to get on the phone to talk to someone. I gave them my information they took 2 payments of 39.95 from my account they said it declined i called the bank and they said the funds were accepted....they took my money didnt turn on my phone and i called back 3 times and everyone said they didnt take the money out.. now i have to waste 3 hours of my time trying to get my money back TERRIBLE DONT EVER GO WITH THESE PPL

me 6/26/2013
they are now owned by American movilthe ones owned by trak will go down hill now.

Unhappy customer 6/24/2013
Ridiculous. Don't go with. With setting up the phone was under the impression that pic text and texts were as one. Not a lot of data. Don't go with.

Becky 6/15/2013
I switched to PagePlus from Verizon three months ago. The switch was simple, my numbers were ported over in about 15 minutes, and so far, my service is no different. I went from paying around $156.00 a month with Verizon, to $65.00 a month with PagePlus (one "monthly" plan, and one "prepaid" plan for my mom). I'm saving almost $100.00 a month, and I am now getting unlimited minutes/text, vs. having to share 700 minutes with my mom, that is all I've noticed to be different so far. My mom is also happy with the switch and says she notices nothing different in her service either. So, no more "overages", no more worry about, "We have 18 days left, and only 24 more minutes, I guess we can't talk". Plus, it was an added bonus that I was able to keep my Verizon phones, and I didn't have to flash them or do anything like that.

Alan 6/11/2013
I've been using PagePlus for several years. Service is great -- it's Verizon essentially. I now have two phones on Page Plus.

Roy 6/10/2013
I am using their service for the past 3 years. Excellent service. I am using a crappy phone though. Other than that, there were no issues. Customer service (live person) is easily availability on phone.

getitrite 6/4/2013
My phone hasn't been working for days.
I can not get any in-coming calls. I also can NOT get a hold of ANY customer service rep.
I have been using Page Plus for years and NEVER had a problem until now. I wish i could get this problem taken care of. Quickly

Meghan 5/31/2013
For the price and service, the $30 plan is the best out there (1200 minutes, 3000 texts, 250MB data)! I have had no issues with the plan thus far. I found an old verizon refurbished phone that works well for the plan. As long as you use wireless connection wherever you can. I am so impressed and everyone else I know is paying outrageous prices for the same service. I get reception everywhere and more compared to everyone I know. I live in Mn.

John Shilo 5/17/2013
I absolutely love Page Plus and fail to understand why this site does not give it FIVE stars. I buy 2000 minutes for $80., which lasts me four months, but I could take an entire year. That's only four cents a minutes. What other carrier can match that?!

New User 5/14/2013
Pageplus offers the lowest cost prepaid plan on the market. $10/100 min/90days. Very reasonable for a very low volume user. Any Verizon phone can work with Pageplus. I purchased a DROID phone from eBAY for $25 from bluedot. The activation was easy. This was given to my preteen who promptly downloaded and used apps. The $10 was gone in a few hours. I turned off MMS/data access and kept only voice and SMS access. One can still use aps just over WiFi. The DROID went thru the wash and was toast. Purchased a replacement on eBAY. No problem activating. I would strongly recommened for a non data user. Buy a phone on eBAY from Blue Dot its cheap. Use Straight Talk for Unlimited Talk/TXT/WEB

Maiasaura 5/2/2013
My sister and I have had PagePlus for more than a year. I brought my own phone--any Verizon phone will do--and had the numbers ported to the phones. When I changed phones (to Droid3 bought on Craigslist), there was no problem switching over. Yes, their phone support is still terrible, but I've used the chat assistance with good results.

Scarlet 4/25/2013
My basic verizon "dumb" flip phone seems to all of a sudden mysteriously be using data every few minutes since signing up with the pay as you go standard plan with Page Plus. It is devouring my minutes. I don't know if Page Plus is stealing data or if this is somehow something they are doing to eat up my minutes so that I may either keep refilling or so that I might switch to a monthly plan. I dont have a monthly plan because I do not need it, the phone is basically for emergency use so I barely use it. Yet it seems that the only reason I am buying minutes is to have them sucked up by data usage that my phone is doing on its own according to them. This is the number that shows up on my records that is using data and eating up all my minutes. It is not a phone number, so if you see this on your records, its NOT you using it. 723487686

D Bateman 4/16/2013
I wanted a smartphone but didn't want to pay $75+ a month for a data plan with Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T. But those companies will not give you a $40 voice/text only plan on a smartphone, even though there is no technical reason that they can't. So I researched how to get service on a smartphone without a data plan and came across PagePlus and signed up with them. For $12 a month I get 250 minutes of talk and 250 texts, which is plenty for my limited use. I mostly use my smartphone on a WiFi connection (which uses my home or work Internet connection) but I can still make calls and send texts when I'm away from home. I would like to have a data connection when I'm away from home but it's just not worth the extra money every month.

T 4/13/2013
Switched my iphone 4s, 2 iphone 4's and a basic phone all from Verizon and I pay 1/2 of what I did on Verizon Directly! Get the EXACT same coverage, but pay less then 1/2! Its a no brainier!

Bama Boy 4/10/2013
I’ve had Page Plus for almost a year and find it works well, here, in the Sunny South. The coverage is superior, the call quality is exceptional, and though the customer service reps don’t go overboard in the friendly department, they were incredibly good to help me solve my predicaments on the few times I called them. I haven’t experienced the long waits that others seem to have faced, either. Further, the reps speak English as a 1st language, too, which means a lot, having previously dealt with Straight Talk’s scripted reps, who are obviously outsourced. Straight Talk wireless was a nightmare, but that’s another story. There have been no problems with refilling my Page Plus account, and I have to say the experience has been rather pleasant. I don’t suppose that every carrier gets it right every time, but Page Plus has definitely outshined the other wireless providers I’ve tried, as far as quality, coverage, service, and price. And I've been through a few.

Mickey 4/9/2013
Have been on PP for one year now. On the + side, coverage where I live is terrific,and all in all my service is quite good. Prices are great with PP, you're basically getting top-of-the-line coverage at fairly discounted pay-as-you-go prices.

unhappy 4/6/2013
So far I have found that they steal A LOT time off your pay-as-you-go plans (In my case 60 days of service I prepaid for that is not refundable, because they decided it best to assign my pay as you go balance to their 12 plan that had expired that I had no auto renew on) and they steal time off of your monthly plans at the end one day at a time forcing you to renew faster. when confronting them about it they pretty much write me off and offer to sign me up with someone else with no resolve. Bad connections and bad customer service.
You will be making a mistake using this provider I kid you not. they need to be reported to the BBB.

Happy Customer 4/5/2013
I have an iPhone 4S on Page Plus and it works flawlessly. I chose The 55 plan with unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data. I've found 2GB of data to be plenty for mot uses. I've been with Page Plus for two years and will NEVER go back to contract cell service.

Peterevans43 4/1/2013
Transferred from Verizon to Page plus nearly a month ago. Everything has been great. Wait times to contact customer service is usually between 10-15 minutes but then the people answering are helpful and competent. I read an earlier post from someone who used Quality Cricket to flash a droid maxx and I used the same service. Despite a faulty cable on my side and outdated windows update this lady Dina just walked through it and stayed with me until the job was done. Very impressive service. Because I have a lot less data on my $12 plan I stick to wifi. I use copilot for navigation as it uses zero data. I have learned a lot more about my droid making sure I use data conservatively and now get a lot more from the phone than when i was paying six times as much. I am delighted with pageplus and recommend to everyone capable of limiting data use to wifi.

mary simmons 3/29/2013
i have had pageplus for over a year now... awesome service have never had a problem... i have a droid 3 and only pay 55 a month... love in central pa and have exceptional service ...

bruce 3/28/2013
I tried to resolve a charge from page plus cellular on my credit card on the first occasion I kept getting disconnected from customer service. Then on the second day the recording kept telling me to hold after 15 minutes I had to hang up. On the next occasion I finally got through to a customer service agent he said there was nothing he could do. I would never use page plus cellular there customer service is awful .

Peyton Barclay 3/26/2013
My review of Page Plus is specifically tied to the Page Plus provider Kitty Wireless.

Robin L 3/23/2013
I have had to contact customer service several times. I called once the other times I used live chat and never had a long wait or issue.

Natosports 3/21/2013
My story may be lengthly, but please take the time to look if you want to know why I give them a 5 stars rating. I'm a runner. I need a phone small enough to fit in my mp3 armband instead of carrying around my big Droid X on the armband. I went ahead and bought a basic Nokia 2705. I called Verizon to see if they can activate the phone for me and whenever I go out on a run, I'll just switch it over to the Nokia 2705, and when I'm done, I'll just switch it back to the Droid X. Verizon said that I can't do that. And should I do that, they may have to terminate my $29.99 unlimited 3G data plan because the Nokia 2705 doesn't support it. Then I asked Verizon if they can add an extra line to my account so that I'll just pay the addition of $9.99 to have an extra line. They said no I cannot do that. Doing so would cancel my current grand-fathered unlimited 3G data plan. I would have to switch over to a Share Everything Plan, which I do not want to do. Verizon suggests a prepaid plan, which $39.99 is their lowest plan. I thought I was running to a dead end. I didn't know that wanting a small basic phone for emergency could be so hard. I did some research around and I realize that Pageplus can use a Verizon phone. I went to Pageplus to check out their plans and they have a simple $10 Pay-as-you-go plan with 120 days expiration date. That is exactly what I want, just a small phone with a simple plan so that after my run, I can keep in touch with my family and tell them where to pick me up. A $10 plan that spans over 3 months costs $3 per month. It gives me 100 minutes, it's perfect for an emergency phone. And the Nokia 2705 is light, it's perfect for me to wear on my armband during a marathon race. Okay, long story short [too late], early morning around 5am, I chat with a Pageplus cust rep, he asked for the MEID of my Nokia 2705, and he said that yes it's a clean ESN and he can activate it. I asked him if there are any activation fees. He said no. Perfect. Activation was free, over the Internet, and 'bam', I'm done. He gave me a new number. After that, I purchased a $10 plan and add it to my new number. That's all there is to it. Now I have an emergency phone.

G 3/18/2013
I do not like the long wait just to talk to a live person! I'm done with this!!

CP 3/16/2013
Okay, so I've read the comments (good and bad) and I've got to tell anyone thinking about Page Plus to JUST DO IT!!

@John 3/7/2013
Of course there is no GSM service! Page Plus offers CDMA which is a superior technology. People chose PP because they want more signal strength and better audio quality.

David276 3/5/2013
For everyone complaining about the wait time when you call..Call the vast majority of companies and you find similar wait times..Check out this link to Verizon's forum, people there have waited 2 hours. Like other people have suggested learn to use the online chat that most places have. Much easier and much much less irritating. Wait time 30 seconds to 2 minutes has been my personal experience.

Adam 3/4/2013
I have been loving the savings since porting mine, my wife's and her mother's numbers over last year. Yes I do have to wait the limited amounts of times I call but I set up auto-pay and do a lot of transactions through our web account so I rarely need to call. For those of you who do just sign of for a web account and use Live Chat to contact Page Plus. People need to get with the technology most companies use and use chat and email. You will always wait when calling your phone company.

trigger 3/3/2013
no customer for 2days no phone service..they dont mind take n your money. I have job interview what am I to do?

john 3/2/2013
Costumer service wait time is over 30 minutes. phone quality ok, cost of plan ok, no GSM service, my rating was for customer service which is poor.

brad 2/28/2013
dont be fooled by the review there service sucks and you will be better off with boost or verizon unlimited service

Mikesel 2/24/2013
They were great. I think success has ruined Page Plus. Wait time when you call in for Customer Service are ridiculous. Just tried their website and that's down. Too bad, as they're friendly to deal with IF you can reach someone. Prices and cell service can't be beat. Just too much effort anymore to deal with them.

RC 2/22/2013
I tried calling the main company number to ask a few simple questions.

Ryan 2/20/2013
I just started with Page Plus about a month ago, and had no problems with the service.

Bill B 2/19/2013
Switched to Page Plus from Verizon. I get more minutes for less money.

Brit 2/18/2013
Page plus is NOT a good service to switch to. Their phones suck & they have poor service. They don't deserve 1 star! Their customer service people are VERY rude. NEVER using page plus again EVER! Piss poor phone company!!

Elizabeth 2/17/2013
I think Page Plus is good for several reasons. You can use any Verizon/Page Plus phone, (bought a Blackberry on Ebay,) port your number, and the rates are good if you aren't a power user needing a lot of data. I had Verizon but when they changed their plans it became too expensive. I kept my Verizon broadband/wifi/modem for my home internet and can use the wifi with my cell phone which gives me a lot more data.

Oh Well! 2/15/2013
It's good to be back to Page Plus Cellular. I'm reminded of why I should never have left.

Venetia Pierce 2/14/2013
I am disappointed in your service on Dec. 10, I paid for 4 months service as I was going out of town. Well here it is only the second month and I have no service. I have the receipt with the info on it. When I get back home, I will discontinue the service.

Pete4 2/14/2013
Pros- Good deal for Verizon native coverage. CS Fair .

Keith 2/12/2013
Excellent service and coverage area. I found calling the local Pageplus Dealer instead of customer service service to be great. No waiting and helpful folks.

Doug 2/10/2013
Been with Page Plus for 3 years and let me say this. Coverage is awesome, customer service is not. Calling in gives a 30 minute wait time minimum(!) and live chat has super limited hours. I've been using recently cuz they reply quick and offers deals that the other site doesn't. They're the only reason I'm still with Page Plus, to be honest

Shanna 2/6/2013
Page Plus customer service is HORRIBLE. It should not take 30 minutes or more to reach a representative! I have called customer service 3 times today, and all three times, everything they told me didn't work, or they didn't know what they were talking about. One person very friendly, though. I just find is very frustrating when you have to call back multiple times and then wait so long!! I feel like throwing my phone out the window!!!!!!!!!

Mister V. 2/5/2013
One of the best networks in the Prepaid biz. Good value for the money. Customer service isn't bad, but hold times can be a bit long. At least tech support speaks English.

Dirk Poobutt II 1/30/2013
Page Plus is awesome. Unfortunately, data is still at 3G and I couldn't say no to T-Mobile's unlmited, uncapped, and unthrottled 70.00 per month 4G. I will be back when PP offers 4G.

Mark D. 1/27/2013
I've been using PP for 2 years at least. My wife and I are saving probably $60-$70 per month. I have the $80 standard plan, which usually lasts 4 months. I have an Incredible 2, which I bought used for $90. I have data off and use WiFi all the time. My wife has an Incredible 1, and gets the $39.95 unlimited talk n text + 200 MB data plan. We have experienced no problems with service, data usage, call quality, reception or anything. The only problem is you need your own device, and it has to be 3G at that. Some folks are able to use 4G phones (w/o 4G speeds) but we haven't tried that. Regardless, we usually buy refurbished phones on eBay or Cowboom or Kitty Wireless. We rarely call customer service, but when we have, I don't even think I've waited longer than 2 minutes. Then again, we utilize Kitty Wireless' excellent service most of the time anyway. I highly recommend PagePlus to anyone who doesn't require the latest and greatest device and 4G speeds.

Bob.Z 1/23/2013
Been using PP now for 6 Mos (Used Virgin Mobile prevously for 5 years).

james 1/18/2013
they have the worst customer service..

BB 1/18/2013
I switched from Alltel prepaid to PP in December, I have the $12 plan (250 min talk, 250 texts, 10mb data for one month) which serves my needs perfectly. No probs so far with talk and SMS text. However MMS and data are a no go with my Samsung Hue II. I tried to find a work around to get data working to no avail, but it's not that important to me. Customer service is very hard to get through to and isn't a great help with phone related issues since ALL PHONES are unsupported unless purchased from Page Plus. Call early for shorter hold times or better yet, email them. If data and MMS is a big deal for you then it would probably be best to steer clear of Page Plus.

Rob (in KS) 1/16/2013
Just switched my daughters Verizon Palm Treo Pro over to PagePlus' $39 unlimted text/calling and my Palm Treo Pro over to their basic $10 plan....SWEET! Next my son and wife's plan and Verizon will now have lost ALL OF MY BUSINESS...greedy a-holes could have just left the grandfathered Alltel plans alone and kept my business.

Joe 1/15/2013
I just renewed my service on the 12 Plan and the dealer informed me the data overage will be lowered to 10Cents per MB and Voice/Text/MMS to 5Cents effective next week.

tony robertson 1/15/2013
this service has no one that can speak english when you need help so they leave you on hold till you hang up no tech. support at all.

Doug 1/9/2013
They really suck. They cant line your start and end date up, so you get a break in service every month. Not to mention you pay for a month but get 2days less. Forget about credit for overpaying. If you try to chat for service, you have to give up frustrated. They run so bare bones the delay is crazy cause they must be serving several people. kim kept asking me my phone number when I started by giving it to her, and I would have to go above and resend the messages I had sent because she kept forgetting what My problem was." I just want my autopay to not have a delay in service" I kept asking... I pay every month but I am online every month trying to fix this.

I bought a new phone, the sony xpedia from Mysupplyworld for the PP Service under the 12 dls. program. I hope everything will work fine under the pageplus umbrella...If not I'll keep U post it.!

ANDREW 1/3/2013

Tawanda 1/2/2013
For some reason I cannot receive incoming calls. I can make calls, send/receive texts, surf the net! Been trying to reach CS all day. No live person will talk to me. I've been with PP for almost 4yrs and until today NEVER had a problem.

Dirk Poobutt II 1/2/2013
I've hit my one year mark with Page Plus and as long as they are in business with reasonable plans, I won't be going anywhere else.

RANDY 12/31/2012

mohamed 12/29/2012
the worst customer service waitting on line for 1hr and never was able to make my payment cz there online service sucks

Mark 12/28/2012
Be VERY careful. Reception and call quality are great, and the price is great. But this company has immature business practices: very difficult to grasp policies, bare bones customer service (I.e. fine when everything is already going smoothly). Because of a policy I' having trouble finding on their website, I just lost 8 months worth of a plan I paid $80 for. The customer service rep wrote (in a live chat), very politely, that an automatically renewing $12 plan (which I canceled *after* buying the $80 plan) canceled the $80 plan -- with no warning, I should mention. After I protested -- upset, but still politely -- she ended the chat without waiting for my next question, which was to ask for clarification of the policy. Bottom line: your phone will work, and your monthly bill will be well within the realm of reason, but be prepared to lose money on perfectly natural mistakes that you didn't see coming, and for which there will be no redress.

Traci 12/27/2012
I have been a customer for a month. I was tired of the increasing bill from Verizon. I was debating between Net 10 and page plus and I chose page plus, because it utilizes the verizon network and I get coverage everywhere. Customer service is not the best, so I try to conduct business on line or at a retail store.

Richard 12/22/2012
Page plus is an incompetent and crooked little company. When I first signed up my phone stopped working after 2 days. They said they made a mistake and restarted my plan which was a 4 month plan. Then my phone stopped working after one month. They said they must have signed me up for the wrong plan but would not fix the problem since the plan they signed me up for had expired. Basically they stole my money and told me to F off. It is not surprising. This company seems to be a poorly run start up with poor hardware, there computers are always "down", and very poor customer service. I would pony up and go with Verizon directly page plus will screw up your account and yank you around. The wait times for customer service are about 30-45 min usually and there are no stores, keep that in mind. One time there was no customer service for 2 days. They delete bad reviews from there facebook site, like mine, even so it is always full of negative comments.

jonny 12/22/2012
Page Plus sells or rather resells Verizon minutes cheaply. This is the only good thing that can be said about PP. I purchased a phone from a PP Dealer and most of the features do not work. I was told to return it which I attempted and was told by the dealer that the would not return my $. Customer service is very poor as a rule. The phones available from PP are old and cheap, I know because after they sent me one to replace the one which did not work I returned it to them as the one which only half worked was better than the replacement. So if you do not care about receiving quality customer service and do not want to do much more than text and talk and want it inexpensively then PP is your best bet....other wise I do not know whom to send you to......I am not wealthy so I stick with I said you probably cannot find a less expensive talk and text outlet.

Will 12/20/2012
Service is great and you CAN flash a Verizon phone to their network, just as long as it's a 3g phone and also it can't be a prepaid phone. Their actual on the phone customer service is terrible!!! If it at all possible, do a live chat instead of calling because you'll get more info and help that way than talking to a rep.

NICK 12/19/2012

Ray 12/19/2012
Don't get PAGEPLUS waste of money and time ... I been Pageplus customer for 1month my data never work and My MMS never work . I paid $55 for nothing ... Don't get pageplus .. They take your money .. Customer service no help they don't know nothing .. Its your money think before you give it to someone .. Go with T-Mobile you will get 4G speed data .. Unlimited everything for $60.. That's what I'm going to do..

Paul 12/19/2012
Pageplus is one of the bad cell phone company .. Customer care they can't answer you so they cut you off.. My picture message don't work my data don't work I just wasted $55 for nothing .. .. They told me they can't help me .. What the hell ? PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY WITH PAGE PLUS .. TRUST ME .. NOT WORTH ..

MARIO 12/17/2012
i switch my service 4 months ago excellent service and coverage and half what i used to pay .

Jack - MD Eastern Shore 12/11/2012
Just upgraded my Verizon phone and wanted to use my old KRZR as a standby/2nd phone on a prepaid plan. Their cheapest was $100 a year and 25 cents per minute, but they wouldn't activate my old phone on their prepaid network. Thankfully! Now I found Page Plus. Same network, paying $30 a year and 10 cents per minute for the same service as Verizon. Took about 10 minutes on hold, their service rep was very friendly and helpful she had my phone activated in less than the hold time with no hassle. Now it works perfectly on Verizon's network at a miniscule fraction of the cost. Very happy so far!

Parker 12/10/2012
I transfered my phone over to page plus year ago. Great service, on a great network. Their wait times range anywhere from 1-15 minutes, because they only have like 30-50 people for the whole nation, vs 1000-3000 with the major carriers. I call early morning with no wait time. They now have online customer service which is very fast and easy. I used to have the TNT 1200, but lately times have been tough so I use the 12. Even when I'm out of work i can scrounge up enough money for page plus!

@Raymond 12/8/2012
I've not had issues with text messages and you can "get online" with Page Plus. You need a Verizon-branded smartphone. I am able to surf the web at 3G speeds without problems. If you have text message issues, dial *228 to update the PRL.

raymond 12/7/2012
The service is good for the 1200 min plan and cheaper than Verizon. With more minutes than Verizon, for less money, I can use my old Verizon phone to txt and talk. I can't get online but coverage is alright and calls go through consistently, while txt don't always. Customer service takes forever, and is very limited business hours. It works for what I pay for, $33 a month after taxes.

daniel plainview 12/5/2012
I've used page plus for a year now and it is great. I would suggest this pone service to anyone!
I use the android a855 and i am so happy with the service.

Mani 12/5/2012
Cheap service. Great coverage. I haven't had much problems with their customer service
They keep adding data to their existing plan. Now you get 250MB of data for the $30 plan, with 3000 messages, and 1200 minutes.

Bob 11/30/2012
I moved my 4 Verizon phones to Page Plus several months ago. It's much cheaper and I've had no problems. Reading reviews regarding customer service, using the online chat with CS is great. I have had to call a few times and sometimes it is a long wait but for my money I save hand over fist versus Verizon.

CARL 11/30/2012
i just signed yesterday with page plus for the 69.95 plan so far so good excellent service and excellent coverage with 5 geg and half of the price i used to pay .

Ruthie 11/30/2012
Admittedly, I have just been trying to set up my Page Plus phone and haven't used it--though I am thoroughly frustrated with the lack of common decency from the customer service representatives. Each of the three times I have called, the representatives have been annoyed at my ignorance of their terminology and quite unhelpful overall, despite my efforts and politeness.

Andrey 11/29/2012
I have used this service for over 6 months now. Glad that I switched to pageplus from verizon. First of all it Cost a lot less then Verizon. Second service is the same as verizon, cause they are using the same towers. Customer service, if you have online account you can chat with live person and they can help with anything you might need, except your phone. However if you buy phone from any big carrier you any amount plus your plan for two years you will end up paying a lot more anyway.

Shawn 11/28/2012
I am glad I switch my service to page plus 3 months ago so far so good with good prices and good coverage and half price I used to pay and no more drop calls

Alex 11/15/2012
It is one of the best prepaid company ever. it did save me a lot of money.
best price and excellent coverage and no more drop calls.

ROGER 11/15/2012

VA_Dude 11/13/2012
I don't care about long waits for customer service since they're just trying to keep their rates low. I find the wait on more expensive alternatives similar in time.

That Guy 11/12/2012
Called at 11am PST and got into customer service within a few minutes. Now trying to call 5pm PST, and cannot get a live person, been on hold for 25 minutes now, which led me here to see others having the same issue. It would appear once the device is set up, and as long as you don't port, or ever call them directly, you would be fine with this service. Anything more than that, go somewhere else.

Burke 11/10/2012
I can't wait for Page Plus to offer The 69 plan which will have 5GB of data as well as unlimited talk and text running on America's best network, Big Red.

Randy 11/4/2012
I have had them for 4 months w/o any problems. I suggest Kitty Wireless for the purchase of additional minutes. Once you are setup, it is very easy.

O-Qua Tangin Wann 10/31/2012
I was actually on hold waiting for Customer Service longer than the time it took for the porting of my number to be completed.

Another Unhappy Page Plus Customer 10/31/2012
STAY AWAY! Bought a brand new Kyocera Milano phone from Page Plus. Used phone for 1 call and two text messages and phone promptly dies - it's now a brick. Page Plus won't take the phone back and are making me go through Kyocera for warranty repair (which will take weeks)instead of just taking the phone back. There are plenty of other pay-as-you-go carriers that treat their customers better. I suggest you STAY AWAY from Page Plus!

TechLauren 10/29/2012
Just started with Page Plus. Have to buy the $80 prepaid card from a dealer not directly and my first attempt at Kitty Wireless they seem to feel only criminals try to buy the card and then harassed me online for an entire day after I asked for confirmation my order was cancelled. The next dealer I went to BabbleBug seemed fine but beware if you have to go through a dealer for something but Page Plus themselves seem fine.

Dan 10/23/2012
I called customer service today to inquire about there plans and got right through and the person was very pleasant and helpful!!

das 10/23/2012
Hopeless customer service , had to wait total of 12 hrs through 3 days , hope someone will have ball to put up with this loss class service , iam sure this will not reach to public but you get this message , it will not be long you will loose lost of customers,reply me

Mike 10/22/2012
No service in my area and somtimes i get cut off with a message says ur balance has reached zero when i have unlimited two stars for when it dose work

Adam 10/19/2012
I've been with Page Plus for over 3 years and I'm happy as a clam. I've had no problem with customer service. All things considered, they are no more nor less courteous than anyone else I deal with over the phone. One can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I'm sure the customer service people have their own stories to tell concerning the people they deal with all day. Their plans are attractively priced. I honestly believe they are attempting to do what is in the best interest of their patrons.

Sony 10/18/2012

Ben 10/17/2012
Their customer service is horrible. I've been trying to ask them a question and have now been on hold for over 30 minutes!!!

phone sense 10/16/2012
yes the customer service can improove but its faster to go into a retailer to add money you get a receipt . I never had a problem with this company been with them for 9 months now. People complaining abot you los t data mins etc,, it seems it was your own fault. if you have a droid or iphone you are going to loose data and mins since the phone has updates running and notifications 24/7 .. But theres ways around to set your phone to not waste your data.. when not in use and it will work fine.... Trust i have 2 iphones and a droid connected with page plus... thx..

RODNEY 10/14/2012
switch to page plus 9 months ago and saved a lot of money with excellent coverage and service no drop calls any more .

Guest 10/14/2012
I just renewed my $29.95 Plan and the dealer told me this plan will increase from 100MB to 250MB by next month.

Jameson 10/13/2012
I have two lines with Page Plus and spend 80.00. One of my lines is the TnT1200 with 1200 minutes, 3000 text messages, and 100mb of data. and the other is The 55 which has Unlimited Talk/Text and 2GB of data. This service is the best!

Jim B 10/12/2012
I've had them for over 7 years. Yes their customer service takes a while but have you called Verizon lately? Page Plus is actually quicker. Their CSRs have always been pleasant and helpful. I have absolutely no complaints about them and the price is outstanding. I almost feel like I'm stealing. For those having problems with their newer model phones, read their website first. 4G phones do not work on their system, period.

jessicam 10/12/2012
I tried logging in online but the website did not work. Does anyone know if the system is down and how long it may take.
I love pageplus but today things seem to be difficult.

JR 10/11/2012
Today was a HORRIBLE day for page plus service. BEWARE if you pay your bill online and you get even 1 digit wrong on your cc information, they will put a hold on your checking acct. for a week without giving you service. I tried to call them 3 times, and my bank, to no avail. The 3rd service representative even hung up on me while I was talking. I just wanted to renew my monthly plan and it became impossible because they wouldn't accept my card after the first attempt and the phone rep (Tara) hung up on me. It took way more work than it should have and wasted half my day. My service for the most part is great because I get coverage almost everywhere, even in places my friends with airfire can't get signal. Today I was just very disappointed with the service and payment errors.

Good price, poor customer service 10/10/2012
Their service is fine, but it nearly a month to port my number to their service. What's more, a CS rep added my data plan to a temporary number and thay did not tell me that it could not be unattached to that temporary number, so I was stuck with the temp number for a month, and had to keep contacting CS. Also, don't call their CS, it will take you almost 30 minutes to reach a rep. Their instant messaging service seems to work fine, however.

Dave 10/6/2012
The price is great for the Verizon network, but nothing on the web site works the first time. Customer service is incredibly slow, and they can't do anything. They just complain that you must have entered something wrong.

Matty 10/4/2012
I'm on my 10th trouble free month. This service is the greatest thing since frozen pizza.

tracey 10/3/2012
i been with page plus over 7 months so far i love the service and excellent coverage with big saving compare to contract .no more contract for me .

ROBERT 10/2/2012

Lynn 10/2/2012
We have been with Page Plus for years, love it except when you have to call customer service. Wait times are very long, at least 30 minutes or more. But they are friendly and helpful when you get someone to the phone. Recently, I have been unable to find out what happen to their Power Text Unlimited Plan. My daughter was on this plan and now it's not showing up on their website ):

Barry Watson 10/2/2012
Terrible service. Pros: Calls and texts works fine. The price is great. CONS: So what? So what, if you get cut off every month?! They are SUPPOSED to send you a reminder to add minutes the day before your month expires: They never did. I'd try to make a call, got a message saying "Insufficient funds." S-o-o-o-o, I called them. She told me sorry, and assured me from now on I'd be reminded. Next month, same thing, s--o-o-o-, I set up AutoPay so I wouldn't have to worry about it. They're supposed to automatically take the money from my checking account. Today, I'm cut off AGAIN! Tried to make calls and texts, but told I have "insufficient funds," AGAIN. Now get THIS: Got a msg. telling me AutoPay has taken the money for this month and I'm good to go! Only problem is: NOT! I've now been on hold for 36 minutes waitng to tallk to a rep. I'm done. I do NOT recommend this service.

Roxy 10/2/2012
Does anyone have the following problems with the Iphone 4 on the $12 plan or pay as you go $25 every four months plan. I used to have a motorolla q9m and when I did the $25 4 month plan -pay as you go I had problems with my internet - data taking on my minutes. The data took up my minutes because the apps ran in the background. Does anyone have this problem with the iphone 4?

Heidi 10/1/2012
Page Plus Cellular has gone down hill so unbelievely ably quickly. I was a happy customer last month at this time. For the past 14 months, I've been able to make a monthly transaction that took 2 minutes of my time. I've now been spending the last WEEK trying to make the same transaction. Page Plus customer service doesn't know anything that's going on. I would NOT recomment Page Plus Cellular anymore. It really, truly is not worth the aggravation.

April 9/30/2012
Had page plus for my children and I for over 2 years. Never had a problem at all.
Hey Teisha, if you talk to them like you posted, no wonder they hung up on you. Stay in School!!

Matt 9/29/2012
2 Years no issues. Works great everywhere. I have 4 phones on Page Plus.
For customer service, use the online one on their website. I have changed phones and other things in minutes, very helpful.
Before Page Plus, I had was that horrible. With Page Plus, you will not think you are on works seamlessly. All my phones are Android, and use the $29.95 1200 TNT Plan. SAve yourself some money and buy your pins at callingmart. Usually can get another 5% off, and you acquire points. Takes less than 5 minutes to add my pins to all phones every month.
Bottom cant beat Verizon Coverage..customer service is in US, and use any Verizon 3G phone!

Tammy 9/29/2012
I absolutely love Page Plus. You get great coverage and low prices, plus you can use a smartphone without an extra charge just for using it! I will never ever go back to a contract plan. They are a complete ripoff. I tell everyone I know about how happy I am with Page Plus. I'm saving a ton of money with no freaking contract!!! The big contract phone companies need to get with the program and adjust their prices accordingly. The public has found out that we don't need them.

StarAnna 9/28/2012
Havent had one issue with my five phones ...been with my company for several years now. If yall would pay your bill you wouldnt get it shut off...

Lee Anne 9/23/2012
Coverage is good. Sometimes you get customer service immediately, sometimes not. Be aware that if you have any balance when you start the $80 for one year at 4 cents a minute, that they will charge you 10 - 12 cents a minute for all calls until you reach the $80 balance. You cannot "save" that amount for roaming, so don't add the $80 plan with a balance.

bob g 9/20/2012
very very poor customer service...wait time over an hour. porting was a nightmare.

Anthony 9/15/2012
I have been with PPC for almost 6 months now, and so far it's been pretty good. However, getting started was a total pain. Getting my number ported took about a week and a half, and just about everyone on the phone either doesn't know what they're doing for they just tell you to call back later. The key is to email them, as their email support is actually pretty good. Now that I've gotten started, everything seems to work well. I live in Southern California, and I get service just about everywhere I go. No dropped calls either. Twice I wasn't able to dial out but immediately after it worked. So overall, it took some elbow grease to get it working, but I'm happy with results

jay cleveland ohio... 9/14/2012
Best prepaid hands down just wish they would give unlimited web I would pay extra for that....

Robert 9/11/2012
I have been using Page Plus Cellular for about seven years. I get good service, good Verizon coverage at a low price. Page Plus has saved me a great deal of money. I am a happy customer.

MS. HARDY 9/9/2012

robert d 9/9/2012
I love Page Plus the service is great and the customer service is to. The wait is worth it because they give you lots info while waiting if you don't like the wait go online it works very well. Sa for the of AT&T and the other cell phone company I'll take Page Plus any day. I have cause many of my friends to change to Page plus and I will stay because of price and service. Oh yes I just look at GoRed and they are for sure a no go. Page Plus all the way.

Sony 9/8/2012
Quinishia and Guest,

Quanishia 9/8/2012
I just started with page plus. Everything works fine except my signal for calling and receiving calls. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!! Ive been calling for three days straight and havent talked to anyone yet and i know nobody is on the phone that long! im highly pissed!!!!

Guest 9/5/2012
Terrible customer service! Ive been calling for 5 days, and all of the reps are still busy?

Really Unhappy Customer? 8/31/2012
PagePlus does not flash phones. And why would you pay anyone $100 to flash a phone that was made for Verizon in the 1st place? It sounds like were dealing with a dishonest dealer.

Steve 8/30/2012
Page Plus low bal blocks result from morons who have smart phone data packages turned on. If you run the 12 plan you only get 10mb of data. Your Droid is so incredible 10MB's will only last you one day, COME ON people this is prepaid. CSR are never rude, may take 5/10 mins near begining of the month but that's completely understandable with the economy.

Page Plus is AWESOME! 8/27/2012
PagePlus is probably one of the best prepaid providers.

Chase Quick 8/25/2012

Bob T 8/24/2012
Great service, great price, all on Verizons network. Been with them 2 years. I LOVE PAGE PLUS, PERIOD.

Nisha 8/23/2012
WORST Customer service ever , they have you on hold for at least 20 minutes before you get someone

Sony 8/23/2012
For those that are uphappy with PagePlus Customer service wait time, there are other alternatives. If an answer is needed right away and you want to hear a voice, call them. If you can wait 24 hours for an answer or reply, email them. If you they are open and you don't mind talking not speaking with a person on the phone, try Live Chat. I have tried all three, and with Live Chat and I get a response the quickest. PagePlus has been working for me. If I were with AT&T, I would be paying about $65-$80 for the very same service/coverage/plan that I am paying PagePlus $29.95 - including tax. I figure if I can save $50/month, I can live without the customer service at the retail brick-and-mortar stores and I can chat with PapePlus about any issues with my account.

Ryan 8/21/2012
Sorry Dan, your math of 0.10 x 1024 MB (1GB) = $102.40 for data.

Sony 8/19/2012
Can't beat the price. Love the Droid software, clarity and service has been great. I have been using PagePlus for about 6 months.

@dan 8/19/2012
at .10 cents a meg comes out to 10.00 bucks a gig.

Beverly Lassiter 8/17/2012
I wish I could do Zero stars but it starts at 1. I puchased a 55 plan then my son purchased a 39.95 plan. I was told that I was just sol with the 39.95 plan because the 55 plan took over or made it like an upgrade. I was told that I couldnt use it for the next month. There is nothing I could do. They wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor. No where in the policy did I see anything like this. I am really upset with pageplus cellular right now.

Dan 8/7/2012
So far so good. I wanted the Verizon coverage area without paying Verizon prices. I have had their service on a backup phone (Moto e815) since the beginning of 2012, and used the $12 plan. I upgraded last week to the 55 plan, and activated a Droid x2 with them. It is still a backup phone, as the 2GB of data is not enough to last me for the month, and PagPlus overage charges for data are .10 cents per MB ($100 per GB). I downloaded a data monitoring app which seems to work pretty well, and use WiFi whenever possible.


cwindfwtx 8/4/2012
I've been using them since November of 2011 and I couldn't be happier. I was coming off 2 years with Verizon and prior to that I was with AT&T for 12 years. Their coverage and customer service blows AT&T's out of the water and their prices blow Verizon out of the water. Why would I ever get back into a 2 year contract when I can have Verizon like coverage for $30 a month on a month to month basis???

robert 8/4/2012
bad service took 30 minutes to get a live person another 30 to activate my phone then 3 hours later it said insufficient funds. after i had just paid $30.00 i asked them to fix it and they said i caused the loss and they were not resposible for my error how the heck did i lose the 30 dont go with this company bad service

Dirk Poobutt 7/25/2012
It amazes me how stupid the majority of people are that complain about prepaid as if they don't realize you have to learn about something to understand it. Do you just expect that nothing will ever go wrong in your lifetime?
John, your ESN block came from the fact that your phone was attached to a contract. It was likely purchased used from a store that has sold you a trade in. Page Plus does not sell used phones. Period!
Katherine, Page Plus isn't going to answer questions on a public review site. If you have a question, try calling the company and asking them.
Will, your plan has 10MB of data and I know this because I have the same plan. You have a phone that uses Android software and is subject to automatic updates and apps that run automatically. You sound as though you used up the data, not the minutes. Try calling your company instead of whining like a baby!

Will 7/25/2012
I just got my 3rd prepaid phone the motorala citrus yesterday. I have the 12 dollar a month 250 texts and 250 min. Te next morning I tried downloading temple run and it said I it couldn't. Then I recived a text saying tht I didn't have anymore minutes what happened? Btw it is my first phone from ppc. And I didn't text anybody or surf the web or anything. I think I'll go back to tracphone. DO NOT BUY!

Katherine 7/24/2012
Its a very good prepaid plan but I have a question today I ran out of calling minutes but still can txt will I be charged because of that or no??

John 7/23/2012
I would give them less than 1, but it will not let me.

Tina Smith 7/21/2012
I have used Page Plus for several years now and have never had a problem of any kind. I love my page plus. I know what my cost will be every month, It has never let me down and I would recommend it to anyone!! I pay 39.95 month I get unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 100MB data which I never run out of. I use my wifi all the time though and never have an issue. I love Page Plus!!! I hope they continue with the great plans!!! The Best!!!

Brandy 7/15/2012
I'm surprised to see folks not liking PP costomer service. Every time I've gas to call, they have been nothing but helpful and knowledgeable. Compared to other (cellular) customer service they have been top notch for me.
My only complaint with PP are the data offerings. I wish you could purchase more data at a reaonnable perMB price.
Overall good service with excellent customer service.

Sam B 7/13/2012
This company was perfect for me. I owned a Droid 2 Global. And I lived in a rural area that only had verizon. So I wanted service where I could fully use my phone. and not pay $110 a month to verizon. So Ive been on PP for 3 month on the $55 plan. The over the phone is support is good and not in india, so no complaints there. One problem I did run into was I first tried to activate my other droid that had been preveously flashed to cricket and the web would not work at all. So make sure you have a phone flashed to work with verizon. I'm gonna get my parents on this plan too to save them money.

arockin55 7/12/2012
My wife &, father and I have been with pageplus for 5 months. We were on sprints family plan for over 8 years and I got tired of all the mystery charges. After long hours of research I decided to try page plus. We only use our phone for phone call only, and talk under 100 minutes each a month. We went with the $80.00 2000 minutes for a year per person plan. I also had our local dealer flash out sprint phones to page plus for $20.00 each. The main attractions that I liked is pageplus uses the Verizon network, second was the 2000 minutes for a year, if you do not use your minutes up in one year, when you buy another 2000 minutes, your left over minutes roll over into the next plan! Therefore, if you have 200 minutes left, you would now have 2200 minutes! Finally yet importantly, this is a true long distance company. If you go to one of the other prepaid plans, you will notice the first thing they ask is your area or zip code. That is because as long as you are calling with in your area code there are no long distance fees, but once you step out of your area code all your calls are now long distance! That is not the case with pageplus, we went to Maui in the spring and called NY almost every day, and there were no long distance fees! Bottom line if you are sick of your contract phone gives page plus a try!

robert 7/11/2012
Terrible Customer No-Service! They lost some of my balance, while simply activating my phone. Long story short,2 days later a supervisor stated they don't give credit for ANY reason, even though she could see what had taken place. They have cheap rates, but lousy customer service. DON'T TRUST THEM!!

Lou 7/8/2012
I subscribed to Page Plus about two months ago and now when place a call, receive a message that I do not have enough money in the account to make the call and to "please put money into the account" as if this was an old fashioned pay phone . I paid over $80.00 for this entire package where I only pay every four months. You could wait forever to get through to customer service.

Allia 6/27/2012
I have only been a customer for 1 week, but have been happy with the service thus far. Contrary to what others have said, I did pay a $10 activation fee for a new number, but for some reason porting an existing number is free. I had some trouble activating an old Verizon handset; the MEID was wrong on the battery. I had to call customer service to get up and running. There was a 20 minute wait time, but the CSR was nice and helpful and spoke English (definitely American). Now that I have my account, I can chat online with a CSR, which I have tried twice now. It was very efficient and quick, no wait time! Plus the CSR was extremely nice and helpful. The network coverage has been great; it is the Verizon network after all. I can't complain with the $12 plan, which offers more than adequate amount of minutes and texts for me. My old handset doesn't work with the data, so that's my one real challenge. I hope to get a Droid to take care of that issue. Sure PP doesn't have the latest and greatest phones, but the service has been great and it is reasonably priced with several options for everyone. Seriously, it's hard to beat $55 for unlimited talk/text and 2GB of data. You would pay $75 a month on an individual Verizon plan right now if you wanted that. And it will be even more expensive with their new "data share" plans. I looked at other prepaid services; Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile have comparable rates, with a little more data, but read the fine print and their "unlimited" data is really only full speed up to about 2GB. Anyway, VM and T-Mobile don't have reliable coverage. Look at the maps and compare to PP. I plan to recommend this to anyone who wants reliable coverage at a reasonable price.

LouLou 6/27/2012
I was just on they now offer 2 Android phones! They have the Motorola Citrus & the Kyocera Milano both new phones.

BS 6/25/2012
I never have a problem getting through to CS and receive email CS just as well. No more contract fees-fees-fees. I even saved money buying out the last 2 Verizon contracts I had. I can watch my usage and replenish accordingly. I'm glad I researched and studied and found Page Plus.

Victoria 6/21/2012
We have had page plus cellular for about a year, I started with an env touch, then switched to iPhone 4s. We love page plus, we recommend it to everyone we know. Service is great, net is great, I don't have any complaints at all.

Steve 6/20/2012
Coverage is great. Phone offering is horrible. They currently only offer 2 phones online. Customer service is horrible with wait times often hitting 2 hours. Many retailer have quit selling the service for this reason.

TROY 6/17/2012

Matt 6/14/2012
Page Plus Cellular is great! After 6 months of excellent, problem free service it appears that I will be with them for the long term. The new improved 55.00 plan with Unlimited Talk and Text and 2GB of data is highly competitive.

Mike 6/11/2012
If your looking for good customer service stay away. They sent me to three business for service. First one closed up. The next 2 no longer carried their product. So order online to get a piece of junk an had to py 20. Restocking, 10 shipping. When they advertise no hassle return.

Mike 6/10/2012
Excellent Verizon coverage and good customer service. I like the plans, I have 3 lines with the talk n text 1200 plan. I was paying sprint $190 amonth but now I only pay $90 a month. I like being able to get a verizon android on any of their available plans. Nobody else does that. Just make sure on those used verizon phones that you have a clean esn. If you have to change a phone don't go to dealer do it at and i just bought backup phones instead of buying insurance from sprint. We are able to use wifi for data so it works out really good for us. If you need a lot of data look somewhere else but if you can use a little data and alot of wifi page plus is for you.

Michelle 6/6/2012
I've had pageplus for almost 3 years now and I'm never switching back to a contract phone! I have the $55 unlimited talk/text with 2mb of data. I've never run out of data..I have a smart phone and I use it for everything. Customer service has always been very helpful and polite the few times that I've had to call...I get service anywhere I travel to. I get the same service people pay $100 a month for at half the price...can't beat it

Dawn 6/5/2012
I've been with page plus for over a year now and I absolutely love them!!!! I've never had any customer service issues and I spend about $20 a month for my phone where I was spending about $80 when I was with Verizon. I will NEVER go back to contract service again. Pageplus is the cheapest I've found and has great reception, no dropped calls and I pay 4 cents per minute. It's awesome!!!

Terrence 6/5/2012
Of all of the years I used page plus I generally just purchased a phone card and went from there. No issues ever came up. One day I tried their 12 dollar plan. I ran out of minutes and was forced to buy another prepaid card. In that timeframe the 12 dollar plan expired and took a large chunk of my prepaid minutes somehow. Customer service would not help at all and were very rude to me. They tried putting some numbers in my face that were incorrect and refused to listen to that. I stated I had $5.91 left and after the plan expired I am down to $1.30. Every time they tried telling me I used the minutes, and I asked them where? A repeat comment that I used them but never where, sometimes they would just hang up on me, and not once did I get the actual manager. One idiot thought I was being rude to her when I stated that you seem to be reading your info from a computer screen and not listening to the issue. Thats what the moron was doing, like technology never fails us. The sad part to this issue is that it has happened to many more people than me, and the problem gets thrown away, along with your years as a faithful user go with it. Read the rest of these comments on this site. I found out I was not alone. Hopefully this blog helps you make the choice not to get screwed this way by page plus. Its very clear that they are aware of this issue and refuse to deal with it. Bad Business if you ask me.

fraz cat 6/3/2012
great service, using over a year... happy to be rid of verizon and the poor customer service they provide for such expensive services.

Matt 6/2/2012
So long as PP continues to be this good, they will have my business. PP is the very best of the prepaid providers out there.

Ttavis 6/2/2012
I LOVE PagePlus. Been with them for about 6 months now. I don't call their customer service but instead use the " Live Chat " option on their website. So much faster. and no waiting on hold. I've activated prob 15 diff phones in the last 6 months, and no charge for changing so many ESN's. I've activated Blackberrys, Android's, Iphone, and dumb phones. I managed to get everything to work, including data, mms, and sms. They tell you that they cant gurantee the internet will work on a device that isnt theirs, so the whiners on here need to READ. It's a chance you taking, freaking cry babies.

TOM 6/1/2012

Robert 6/1/2012
Service is excellent. Coverage is unbeatable, No issues with customer service. Buy your pins online for even more discount. I have 4 phones on Page Plus, over a year..not one issue. I think people here with customer service issues will have them anywhere they go.
Somethings require a little common sense.

Matt 6/1/2012
Page Plus deserves a great rating. US customer service agents who are very helpful, great coverage via Verizons Network. Affordable plans that can be set up with automatic payments. I'm so glad I switched from Sprint who anted to charge me $10 extra for owning a smart phone.

Danny T 5/31/2012
Reliable service, great prices, great network. Haven't had a problem in the time I have been on the service and love the freedom from my contract. The complaints i have seen on this board are hilarious. Almost none of them were either explained properly or made any sense as to why the company was at fault. Not understanding or being purposely ignorant to policies of your provider are not valid reasons to call them a bad company. When I complain it will be something out of my control. Knowledge is power. Don't appear powerless...

Tiesha 5/30/2012
Page plus is horrible, terrible, and all the bad words I can say. Page plus charge you for the voicemail and take 50 cents out your minutes every month. They plans is so terrible, they charge you for everything you do. Ain't no need to get they service, so other ppl I want go to page plus. They have rude consumers, and disconnected the called in ur face. I had my done with they service, and I never used it.

George 5/28/2012
I've been using PagePlus for like 1.5 months. Great coverage because it is Verizon. I tried AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint but all 3 had spotty coverage, at least at my whereabouts. On the other hand PagePlus is great. A problem I encounter: I topped up my account 3 days prior to expiration but still at last day I got a message that I had no money in my account. So I was out of service for an like an hour or so... I haven't tried the auto-pay though and there's good chance it won't give any service interruptions. I have no experience with customer service like all these other guys, but I guess you get what you're paying for. U can't have everything for such a low price. Overall the best thing on PagePlus is the good reliable coverage and the low prices.

Joe 5/24/2012
Simply the Best:
1. Price
2. Verizon Wireless Network and one of the best in the Nation.
3. Best options and Service.

wilson 5/24/2012
page plus is a bad company because when I been with them they disconnect the call in my face and they also do not have internet because I do not get plus need to close down.

Josh 5/22/2012
Pageplus is one of the best prepaid carrier out there now .. Im with pageplus more than a year with no problem .. Online chat there to help me if I need anything .. Pagepluse use Verizon Network .. My MMS work .. Not like h2o or redpocket I have jailbreak my iphone and put Apn and all that.. Just go buy a iPhone 4 or 4s Verizon clean esn and activate it and you good to go ..

Matt 5/22/2012
I've been with Page Plus Cellular for 5 months now. Recently, Page Plus has gotten better by leaps and bounds. If you need customer service, you can get it via an online chat session. I use a Droid Incredible 2 and the 1GB of data is plenty. I know I could probably go to Straight Talk and pay 10.00 less per month but I'd gladly pay that extra 10.00 per month to keep customer service in the United States.

John Marshall 5/22/2012
Been with PagePlus over a year. While I miss Verizon's near instant access to customer service, I don't miss paying a huge amount more. Can't beat the Pageplus rates or the coverage area. Pageplus way of doing things take a little getting used to. Recommend going through a reseller such as kitty wireless - they're very good about educating the customer in the ways of PP and in taking care of stuff themselves so you don't have to. To answer an earlier posted question - No, an AT&T phone will NOT work on PagePlus, it has to be a CDMA phone, which would be most standard Verizon phones (non-prepaid variety) or a number of other CDMA phones. Adding $ via PP website nearly always gives me error messages but can call their automated self-service number and do it yourself pretty easily - or through a re-seller. As for the company, there are some re-sellers with web page names almost identical to the company's - and that can be confusing. Get set up on auto pay and no problems - other than occasional erroneous messages announcing I'm out of $ or minutes - which I just re-dial and they go through.

Tracey from Virginia 5/21/2012
I had been with Alltel Mobile since 1993. Verizon took over and grandfathered me in with my old Alltel rate. Decided it was time to retire the old flip phone and get a smartphone, but I could not afford the Verizon rates. I switched to PP 1 month ago and have been very happy. My co-workers with other carriers can not use their phones in our basement workplace, but PP does great. I have had both terrible and great customer service experiences with PP. Mostly I communicate with them by email and they have responded to each email within 24 hours, mostly quicker than that.

Tommy 5/15/2012
I had AT&T for years, which was mostly reliable, but they offer so little. That makes a lot of folks seek out prepaid plans. 1st prepaid plan: Simple Mobile. I had no coverage where I lived, despite the website indicating I should. 2nd prepaid plan: Straight Talk. They lost one of my phone numbers in transition that I had for years, and I only got ten days usage between two service plans (only one phone could actually be activated). Customer service is outsourced and cannot take care of problems that are not scripted. Nightmare. 3rd prepaid plan: Page Plus. I’ve enjoyed the use of “regular” (not prepaid) Verizon phones, & the coverage is good where I live. 3000 texts on the $29.95 plan is more than enough (for me), along with 1200 anytime talk minutes. It’s worked out decently for my needs. Call quality is good (Verizon!), and Page Plus PIN activation has been relatively easy to use. I can’t seem to get on the internet, but it may be my phone, since my son has used his Page Plus service to surf the web. I’ve called customer service twice. They were helpful (not perfect, necessarily) and spoke English as a first language! Page Plus will be the first prepaid service that I will renew for a second month, if that says anything about them. I like it, so far, and my son said he did, as well. He’s a typical teenager, which may indicate it ain’t too bad. Will we keep it? Only time will tell.

Happy 5/15/2012
Just went with at a local store and got $800/2000min/1yr plan. Very easy. Needed to call PagePlus cust serv. Short 3 min wait, most helpful and polite assistance.
Will renew on line now since I can get %5 discount and no sales tax.

ComputeThis 5/13/2012

I have been using the service for 3 months. I like the service so far. I have called/ emailed customer about minor issues (turning on SMS and call forwarding). Sometimes customer service was not very knowledgable, but I found my answers on some blog website.

A 5/13/2012
Page Plus is very amazing company, i just renewed my $55 Plan and the dealer told me The 55 Plan will increase from 1GB to 2GB of DATA by next month. At first i thought i need Unlimited Data but i hardly use 700MB per month. This Plan Unlimited with 2GB cost about $110 per month with AT&T contract and i have a better coverage with Page Plus because they use Verizon Coverage! Why sign a contract and pay more money!

Thoughts 5/13/2012
I'm not sure why the negative comments either. A ten minute wait time is reasonable. You can also use chat on your account to speak to a representative. You cannot beat the cost.

Alex 5/9/2012
i don't why we complain too much. My family saved about $2000 per year after they transferred all 4 lines from AT&T to Page Plus Cellular!

Jenny 5/9/2012
Where I live the only thing that gets service is Verizon. Leaving a family plan that was basically $10 a month I did a LOT of research and found PagePlus. Two weeks into my first month I am very very happy! I got a verizon wireless phone off Ebay for $30 & $12 a month plan here and I am in business. Since verifying reception I just switched to a 3G smartphone even so I can use wifi free @ home or a hotspot! The customer service hours are not 24/7 but they are FANTASTIC! Unlike other comment here every time I talked to them they spoke english! Also very kind & knowledgable. I will recommend for sure!

sherrie 5/9/2012
lousy customer service it is awful on hold for 10 mins just to get a live person very rude cannot speak to a mgr or tech support

brad jones 5/7/2012
A rip off and horrible customer service. I would not tell anyone to get service with page plus. When I. Bought the phone it was understood that I had the 55 dollar unlimited plan when I payed my first bill I payed 60 dollars two hours later I received a text saying no more time so when I called customer service they said its nothing they could do about it so I ended up paying another 55 dollars not three hours later anyone with common sense can tell its a rip off so if anyone is reading this. Go to BOOST mobile I love them great price and even better customer service had the same problem once with boost problem solved in 10 mins and did not have to pay anything. So please learn from my mistake and go anywhere else for service because its nothing but a rip off

mike 5/4/2012
today for the first time the message line to my phone comes back after the caller is forwarded to the message line that " It's a non working number. he biggest problem is that Page Plus doesn't have a 24 hours emergency customer service care. so until they fix it who ever calls will think that my number isn't working. Way to go Page PLus you really screwed the pooch on this service

rosa 5/4/2012
worst service ever! went to store to get a phone because metro pcs phone got stolen so i went to page plus because the metro pcs store were closed, they activated my phone and told me my number would be working tomorow morning,

DEAN 5/4/2012

Dave Dave 5/2/2012
I have had this service for about a year and I have had none of the issues that the whiners have expressed on this board. I have dealt with customer service and feel that yes, you can get people who are ill prepared, but overall they are knowledgeable. I have dealt with idiots at the large providers also. There is no reason to lock yourself down in a contract unless you are a glutton for punishment.

G.M. 4/27/2012
Don't believe the advertising hype about low rate with stellar service. Equipment is low quality, customer service clueless, they're poorly educated, evasive and uncooperative when attempting to resolve issues they can't fix or don't understand. Read the terms and conditions: If you don't get the service we told you we'd give you too bad, we're not responsible...and by the way we won't and don't have to give you your money back. Don't gamble on this service, pick a more reliable, reputable dealer. Buyer beware!

Jason 4/26/2012
I was sceptical at first, and have tried other prepaid services prior like tracfone, and found PagePlus one of the best deals and offers currently available.
& limited Pageplus phone choice isn't an issue, coz you can get ANY Verizon phone, inc. smartphone (ebay, amazon etc.) to work.
I would recommend it to anyone, and in the last 15 months seen pageplus improve the plans & pricing!

Matt 4/25/2012
Page Plus Cellular is the best prepaid cellular service, bar none. The 55 plan provides plenty of data at 1GB. After three weeks, I've only used a little over 100MB. I am using the service with a Droid Incredible 2. Keep up the good work!

Doogie @Wilson/Paula 4/25/2012
Wilson. Page plus gets internet. Your phone does not. Page Plus does not support data on a non page plus device. Giving a low rating for this is like saying McDonalds sucks because they don't have a Whopper.

Paula 4/25/2012
I just bought the $29.95 plan two in a half weeks ago and it includes 1200 mins and yesterday it says I'm out of mins!!!!! WTF?!? I'm pissed! I emailed them but no response yet. Hope they can do something about this. Has anyone delt with something like this?

wilson 4/25/2012
page plus do not get phone do get internet i dislike page plus.i will never go back to page plus.

daddysgirl34 4/25/2012
I love pp have been with them 3 years almost i have the $29.95 plan and i never go over i have the motorola droidx when im at home i just use the wifi if i want on the internet and when im away i still have plenty of time on it. to me its a no brainer if you want good reliable service (because it runs on the verizon network) and want a smartphone like all your peers get pageplus you'll get both and the price is great if you cant afford one of their plans you dont need a cell phone anyway i say you go page plus this customer loves ya

pete 4/23/2012
I have been using for them for a few years. There have been a some minor problems but overall I'm satisfied. However, they need to have more competitive data rates.

Tony 4/21/2012

STEVE 4/17/2012

@Rob 4/16/2012
I agree. I've got the Droid Incredible 2 on Page Plus and, as long as your travels don't take you to Alaska, you got coverage. 1GB of data plus unlimited talk and text is just great!

rob 4/14/2012
i love pageplus i use the motorola droid x2 dual core android love it and the 55 gives you 1gb of data best best best

Me 4/14/2012
I was able to get an issue resolved with Page Plus' new chat feature on their website. This is much better than waiting on the phone in a half hour long queue!

Me 4/14/2012
I just activated a Droid Incredible 2 on Page Plus. I really like having a steady bill of 55.00!

Matt 4/11/2012
I've been with Page Plus now for 4 months and I'm not going anywhere! I get 1GB of data for my Android phone which is plenty for basic to intermediate use. Best of all, customer service is USA-based and the network is Verizon Wireless. It's nice not to be raped on cell and data service. My only wish is for coverage in Alaska.

Bob 4/9/2012
New Subsciber and I cn only say my experience with PP has been nothing but good. I contacted them several times while doing my homework via email and phone with positive responses from CS. I purchased a new PP Kyocera phone from ebay and ported a ATT phone number via customer service late on a Saturday. Everything went smoothly and the coverage is great, bought a $80 1 year refill from and couldn't be happier best deal out there for pay as you go service!

Derek 4/7/2012
I have been with Page Plus for about a year. There plans are a great price for what you get. I use the 1200 plan and never run out of anything. I have changed phones a bunch of time and now have a smartphone that works great. I only use the internet a little so the 100mb data is fine for me. I have had to deal with customer service many times (changing phones) and am normally on hold for at least 10min before someone picks up but have always had good help after they answer. You are paying very little for great cell phone service so just have a little patience when it comes to the hold times for customer service and dont call at "peek" times if you can help it. If you are looking to save money and still get great coverage give Page Plus a try.

Georgia 4/6/2012
International calls or texts are not included in any of the plans. You have to have additional money in your balance to be able to call or text internationally.

lkk 4/6/2012
Oh my god just like with Jim here- Same thing happened with me in the end of Jan. except in my case I did not download any data- I do not have those features on my cell phone, i only have only talk and text. and the plan i signed up for for the lowest monthly plan knowing that I will only be using about 3/4 even if i exceeded my normal patterns. but service got cut abruptly telling me that i have used all of my minutes- which in nooooo wayyyyyy is possible- even if the second was rounded up like somebody trying to explain jim here.

Lawrence @Jim 4/4/2012
Love my service as my wife and I have had it for years. No dropped calls and we love the savings.

James 4/4/2012
So far so good. We recently escaped the evil clutches of Sprint. I have done a lot of research and determined that PagePlus was for us. I went on to Amazon and bought two brand new/old stock phones for activation on Page plus. Got the verizon version Palm Pixi Plus for $44 and a Verizon based Samsung Omnia II for $104. Both brand new and no contracts!!! They were verizion phones that they don't sell anymore about 2 year old models, but 10x better than what Page Plus sells for handsets. Both full smart phones with 3G service. Figured out how to toggle data on and off with both, so we only use data when we want to. No background data updates until we turn it on. Put the palm pixi plus on the $12 plan and the other on the $29.95 plan. Just dropped our bill from $150 a month to $42 no taxes and chose to auto renew each month= no thinking about refills!!!! It's been awesome, and we both have not gone over our data limits. Just a perfect switch and I love that they function on the verizon network. Other prepaid phones have extremely limited networks live Virgin Mobile, Boost, and crappy t-mobile service. We are going on our second month far, so good.

Jim 3/31/2012
I have been with PagePlus for about a year and a half now, and I had no problems until last month. In Dec. and Jan., I had to buy an extra $10 filler card because I ran out of data after downloading an app which ate up my 100MBs. After I figured out what the problem was, I uninstalled the app and figured I wouldn't need to buy extra cards anymore. But no! In Feb. my service was interrupted because I supposedly used up all 1200 talk min. on my plan, which I never, ever did before -- even when I was with Verizon. My phone habits DID NOT change. Plus, Feb. was a short month! It happened again in Mar. So I found the talk-time log on my phone and did the math, and it proved PagePlus was lying. They were stealing my time to force me to continue buying extra time or lose the time I had paid for. WARNING: Do not buy extra time with PP! Stay within your plan and do NOT break your usage/pay pattern or they will steal your time to get you to pay for a higher plan or buy more time. I am spreading the word and looking for another service.

John 3/28/2012
Good coverage but everything else is horrible. I called with a problem and they wanted some of the phone numbers i called in hte past month to verify my account. Gave them numbers off of my phone and their own website, and they told me i was wrong. "those numbers are not listed sir." I was giving numbers from their own data base and was getting attitude. Stay away, far away. Too many hoops to jump through to make everything work. Customer sevice is horrible.

GO 3/27/2012
Have been with Page Plus for are best off buying cards from on-line sellers and dealing with customer service by email (they respond quickly and resolve problems easily). I manage 3 phones on the website and have switched to the once per year $80 renewal which serves our purposes. I would highly recommend the yearly $80 plan for infrequent cell phone users.

Happy Customer 3/26/2012
I will be with Page Plus Cellular for the long run! The 55 plan with 1GB of data is perfect. I won't be changing any time soon. 3G data speeds on Verizon's network is plenty good enough for most use.

@M 3/23/2012
You can purchase additional data for your plan. You would just purchase the a Voice minute card i.e $10 100 voice minute card. Whatever money you have left when you renew your plan will just carry over. Then if you run out again it will just start using what you had left from the last time =) I <3 PPC! Great coverage & Service for a great price No hidden Fees.

Eric 3/21/2012
I have the talk n text 1200 plan. Service is really good, coverage on the verizon network is awesome, and the rate plan for this many minutes for the plan I chose are more than enough for me. I use a Kyocera KX-444, so I cant use the web on the phone and CS leaves a lot to be desired, but in all, I love the service with PP. Way to go, PagePlus.

@M 3/20/2012
Page Plus Cellular offers a plan called The 55 which gives you unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data. As long as you don't stream video, it is plenty of data.

M 3/19/2012
I've only been with Page Plus for a little over a month but I've got to say that I'm very happy to have made the switch from Verizon. Although I was happy with Verizon, I wanted to use a smartphone without purchasing a big data plan, which VZW requires. The switch to Page Plus took less than 10 minutes, the rates are great and implementing autopay was painless and quick. I appreciate their notification when the funds were charged and then again when they were applied to my account. Since the service runs on the Verizon network I have the same great phone service. The only reason a dropped one star in the rating is because Page Plus doesn't have an option to buy some additional data. I don't use my phone much for data but 10 M is much too little. Can't even check email more than a couple of times without going over the allotment. Other than that, no complaints at all.

phil 3/19/2012
worst customer service ever.they wont give you a wooden nickel.have $9.26 left on my account want to use it for unlimited $39.95.they wont let me buy .69 cents .i have to get a $25 and then a $10 card.and still carry a balance 4.31 which is useless forever

Ruben 3/17/2012
The worse customer service I used for one month and it's enough for me there is a lot of prepaid companies with better customer service out there good bye page plus you suck

@Alex 3/12/2012
Page Plus makes it clear that there are no refunds. That much said, they could help you out as a one time courtesy but, as most prepaid services go, there is a no refund policy.

wp74 3/11/2012
I love this company - been with them over 3 years.

Alex 3/8/2012
This company is horrendous! I called to get the 29.99 1200 min plan and when I got off the phone I realized I wanted a different plan. I called back and was extremely nice. I wanted to pay the difference. I tried to explain that I didn’t see the plan advertised with the other plans because I didn’t. The plan I wanted was a promotional plan and wasn’t advertised with the others. The person I spoke with was really rude, very condescending. I politely asked to speak to a supervisor so I could get this nonsense cleared up. The "ticked" or email I received, explained there lame policy. What company does that? A really stupid one. How is that good business? I want to bump my plan up so I have to give you more money and don't get refunded. Please! Idiots! If you see any comments or reviews reflecting a different image they probably work for idiots.

Guest 3/7/2012
I hate this company. I have been with them for 3 months, and every time I try to add money there is a problem! I can't even log into my account online, and I am positive that all of my account information is correct! I have done it 20 times!!! Please don't waste your time or money!!!

mlivneh 2/27/2012
cheap,but horrendous incompetent customer service.
you chose, your pocket or your health

Mike 2/25/2012

I have 4 phones with them. I use the TNT1200 plan on all. Works perfect. I buy the pins from online for a discount. All my phones are Android, and my two daughters love the service. You will not think you are on a pre-paid service. Works like you are with Verizon. Signal everywhere you go.
How can beat it for $29.95 a month? Try it!

Happy Customer 2/21/2012
I continue to be happy with Page Plus Cellular. The 55 plan continues not to disappoint at all.

Daniel 2/20/2012
Page plus is the best when it comes to prepaid service. I have been a happy customer for the past 3 years currently using a droid 3 and one the $29.99 plan which is great only thing i wish is a bit more data at least 1 GB other than that its great, has truly saved me a load of money.

sharon gray 2/20/2012
i had my page plus cut off and went with tmobile contract i wish i had never done it i am going back to page plus with tmobile ytou have no service in the house or on back roads page plus you have service any where t mobile sucks

Matt 2/16/2012
Very happy with Page Plus. I have The 55 Plan and I get 1GB of data plus unlimited talk and text with no contract. I am using an LG Enlighten that I bought off of eBay for 100.00 brand new in box. I will never go back to contract cellular service again.

A.M.W. 2/15/2012
This a great company..I love Page Plus.2years going strong with them and Ill never change.

page plus sucks 2/14/2012
When I first got the service was great saved almost a hundred bucks a month from what i paid with verizon but you cannot get through customer service. was on the phone 2 hours today....10 to 30 minutes of hold time to be cut off. last few months ive been using about 900 minutes of talk time but they say its over my 1200 cant go all the way back through the call record now. they suck, suck, suck. not recommended if you want to have dependable service.

Jon from NJ 2/13/2012
I have 4 lines on a monthly auto-reload plans. Been using them for over a year now and the coverage is excellent - only a few dropped calls. Would have given 5 stars, except for 2 facts:
1) it takes too long to reach customer service (30-40 minutes every time);
2) not enough data is included with plans (allowing only 20Mb of data for an unlimited plan is laughable)

Charlie 2/11/2012
LOVE PAGE PLUS. I converted my land line phone to Net10 and it was great until I had to get a new phone. Coverage was awful and the CSR actually told me that the only way I coul get service is to open my window and sit next to it. REALLY??? I found Page Plus and when I realized it used VERIZON coverage, I quickly signed on. It was EASY... CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS GREAT and I add minutes on-line smoothly. NO COMPLAINTS here at all. At $12 per month, it is much better than my old Verizon bill with all of those fees and taxes. I use the Blackberry phone. Did not buy it on their website. Con is that I can't get data because it wasn't the PagePlus phone. Still will give it 10 stars for the price and coverage alone.

mike-pdx 2/6/2012
I have been using PP for about 2.5 yrs now. For $29.95/month, I get more talk time & messages than I could ever use and 100 Mb of data, plenty since I don't use the phone to watch movies or as a radio. The coverage is what you would expect from the Verizon network.

John W. 2/3/2012
PagePlus has been great for the last couple of years I have been with them, but as far as having knowledgable customer service they are very lacking in this department. I wanted to see if the Droid Charge would work on the network and was told it would, then I went and bought one but it would not activate and when I called to ask why I was told Charge was not compatible, even though I had been told by them it would. There was no remorse for me losing $120 because of their mistake and that was that. NOT happy with them at all anymore because now I can never be sure if I'm getting true or falsae information from them.

nunyour 2/3/2012
Ok, I got it straight, but it took about 50 minutes to get it taken care of. My recommendation is buy the $80 plan so you don't have to go through this more than once in a long while.

nunyour 2/3/2012
On hold now for almost 40 min. total. I hope the 2nd customer service tech. comes back from break soon.

nunyour 2/2/2012
It would be real nice if you could actually talk to someone. Not just during bankers hours. I missed the cancelation date by 1 min. because the local stores machine is broken again/constantly. By the time I got back from a store 20 miles later and typed in my # it was 12:01. It would be nice to talk to someone about it, and not loose my $20 that I had.

Sweet 1/30/2012
love pp but needing some help i dont want to go to the local pp dealer just because they charge $25 to activate an old phone, is there any way i can do it on my own?

terry 1/29/2012
i love pp i been with them for ten yrs iv used many diff phones partly becouse im hard on them i have construction buisness and i am the problem iv had phones that just didnt like. but none of the problems with phones had to do with pp.custommer service wait time could improve but other then that they have been great. i dont know why these other people wih thier complaints are coming from they must be stupid with bad additudes with life in grneral. and create thier own problems. ten yrs and have no problems to speak of. thanks pp.

Dave 1/27/2012
Page Plus offers the ability to use a smart phone you may already own without much aggravation or hassle. Yes the data may or may not work but try going to any other pre-paid service with your Android and get the same courtesy. Verizon network talk and text, free ESN, phone number and customer support and troubleshooting. People who whine about Page Plus are expecting to get champagne on a beer budget. Don't waste your time listening to whiners who use up their minutes or let a friend borrow their phone and then cry when the minutes get used up and they won't get comped. That's the "stealing" their referring to. Lame. PPC rules!

HappyCamper 1/26/2012
I just switched this week and am happy so far. I've read some comments about poor customer service. I had wonderful customer service, i spoke with Nate and Honey and they were both fantastic! There are several resellers and they may be the poor communicators. Make sure you go to That is the correct link to them.

Mark 1/23/2012
Good coverage, but horable customer service. You will be on hold for at least 1 hour every time you call. If you have a problem? It sucks to be you! They will not try to resolve your concerns.

eveli 1/22/2012
So far great services, prices and nice customer service.

xdcbox 1/21/2012
The ability to use any phone on pageplus and the coverage beats any other prepaid - straight talk, h20, boost, etc. 2 years, same service, same phone, same number, just went from $80 a month with verizon to $29.95

Alex 1/21/2012
Page Plus offers you:
The perfect Plans
The perfect Price
The Perfect Network (Verizon Wireless)
The best Customer Service ( U.S Base)
i love the $29.95 Plan. we saved a lot of money.

Joe 1/21/2012
i love the improvement on the $55 Plan it is going to increase from 500MB to 1000MB and it is on Verizon Wireless Network. Thank you Page Plus.

Ken 1/21/2012
For what i pay for and the service i get with my Page Plus is A+++ Would not change I use the $39.95 works well for me.

rob 1/20/2012
love pageplus been with them for sometime they use verizon towers best coverage i think. the new 55 plan is the best i use a htc incredible and my bro uses the Samsung Galaxy S no problems great company and service,and price

Back to PP 1/8/2012
I just went back to PP. I had left because of not enough data and went to T-Mobile. Just after the New Year, my T-Mobile phone's stopped getting a data signal in my house, I used to get EDGE even though I was in a 4G area. That is useless. With Page Plus now offering the 55 plan, I am back. I get 3G in my house!

Mike 1/7/2012
Excellent coverage, great price. Customer service is also great. Can go with online dealers(Kitty Wireless) for help. Bring your own phone!
I have tried a couple of other pre-paid providers. None even come close. Everything works smooth as it should.
Buy a Verizon phone, can be Android,Windows, Palm etc., activate it and your done. Try it you will not go back to a contract.

damien 1/4/2012
this company is by far the worst company i ever been with . they have no respect for people when talking with them on customer service. when they decline your card they still take your money. who ever heard of that.. then they want let you speak to a manger. and my phone stay messing up from stuff they done.and they cut your phone of still after you pay it..

Nathan 1/1/2012
Used pageplus for about two years. I buy the 2000 minute pack which is 4 cents/min. I don't talk much on this line.

Linda 12/31/2011
I switched from Verizon two months ago. I live out in the boonies and still get coverage, no problem. I was able to buy a Palm on amazon and activate it with ease.

Joe 12/9/2011
Page Plus has got to be one of the best MVNO's ever! Verizon network for nationwide coverage, able to use any phone from Verizon (properly disconnected) and some of the cheapest rates ever offered. Add to that the ability to use the Verizon 3G network for smartphones and the deal gets even better.

Tim 12/7/2011
Best cell phone service for the money !!!

don 11/28/2011
This company is THE WORST EVER!!! Very poor customer service, they like to argue w/you. They will cut you off durring a call to say your out of mins when your not, tricking you into prematurely paying. They wont let you speak to a supervisor and they wont call you back. Not open on the weekends or at night, so have fun w/that... I could keep going. THE WORST !!!! I also believe they are selling my info to telemarketers so they can waste my mins, making money both ways! I'm considering suing these people.

Joe 11/27/2011
i just renewed my $44.95 Plan today and the dealer told me; my next renewal will be $39.95 for the same Unlimited TalknText Plan.This is a good news, it is a verizon network!

Galaxy Dust 11/23/2011
PagePlus has done it again. I was googeling to do an ESN SWAP for my PagePlus phones for The most economical way. I found a site that would do it for $1.99. I emailed the Customer Support.It took two days to hear back from them. While I was waiting, I emailed the PagePlus Customer Support. They emailed me back WITHIN 30 MINUTES. All I needed was to emailed them the last two phone numbers of the calls that I made from the two phones. And of course the ESNs and the Mobile Numbers of the phones. I got my two PagePlus phones ESN Swapped in an hour. I'd like to say that I can't believe it but being with PagePlus for 4-5 years, I'd just like to say that's so PagePlus. Thank you again PagePlus for being a wonderful economically make sense cellphone service provider.

Adam 11/4/2011
Page Plus Cellular saved my family a lot of money. we had 5 lines sharing plans with AT&T and we were paying around $330.00 per month and after we ported our lines to Page Plus we only pay $150.00 per month. Each one of us chose the $29.95 per month TnT1200 and you get 1200 Minutes/3000Text.MMS/100MB.

Jay Swift 11/4/2011
I have been with PP for 3 years and think it's the best decision I've made for phone service . For $55 dollars you get unlimited talk n text plus 300MB data . For the price you cant get better . I've been to many places where Verizon is the only srvce that works , Since PP uses VZW network it is worth it . It's rare that I need to call cust svce so they're not a deal breaker for me . Call and activate ur phone and don't use some offbrand dealer

Sam 10/29/2011
I have not had a phone for even a month and was told that my minutes were all used. When I looked online there was no proof of my minutes being uses. (1200) I know that my longest phone call was 19 minutes. One call for 19 minutes does not equal to the amount of 1200 minutes. If I was on the phone 62 times for 19 minutes then yes. I called and talked to the customer service rep and was told for a fee of $5.00 they can send me a copy of my phone usage. I was only trying to get their mistake corrected not be charged more money. I later talked to another rep who said they have to write a ticket and give it to a supervisor that will get back to me within 24 hours. I received an unofficial email the next day saying they are not going to help me. It said I can purchase more time if I want to. I will not be using page plus again.

Kendall 10/20/2011
I've been using Page Plus since October 2009 and I like the service, except for the long waits for customer service. I currently use an HTC Droid Eris, I can browse the web with Opera Mini, use Gmail, Ymail, even some online games, and it works fine. I use WIFI if I wanna look at YouTube or something similar. I highly recommend them if you need a decent cheap plan and are able to manage your data use.

GUSTAVE 10/15/2011

Tom Masson 10/15/2011
I was recommended pageplus service as an alternative to Tmobile prepaid since it was supposed to be cheaper. I used eBay with the seller Kitty Wireless and had them port my number over to Pageplus.
It only cost a couple dollars so I thought it was a good deal. My number was taken off Tmobile but was unable to have it activated on Pageplus. Kitty wireless said they tried to get it set up but in the end they said it was gone. They refunded my money but that was pretty worthless since I lost a phone number I had for 5 years. I would not recommend either service and will from now on stick to legitimate companies and storefront dealers.

Guest 10/14/2011
I wanted to get my 10 year old an emergency prepaid cell phone, but she'd forget/loose/ignore her dumb phone all the time. Let's face it, why would a 10 yer old kid care to carry a boring, voice only phone? So, I tried to activate one my old smart phones for her with Verizon or ATT prepaid, but those bloodsuckers wanted me to get $50-$60/month data + voice plan just for the right to have a smart phone on their network.
Page Plus was the solution. I activated my old VZN smart phone with them and now for $3-$7 a month my daughter has an excellent emergency/occasional use phone with superior coverage. As for data, email, backups she is using the phone's WiFi and she has no need for data service.

Maya 10/12/2011
I love this service. For people complaining you no longer get picture messaging and all the bells and whistles you got from Verizon, so what? You save a fortune by getting Verizon's superior coverage at a fraction of the cost. All of Verizon's "Get It Now" services nickel and dime you on top of their high monthly rates. You can send pictures in your e-mails and other services. If you want data services, go with another phone company. If you want basic talk and text, you're far better off with Page Plus Cellular. My cost went from $37 a month with Verizon to less than $10 a month with PPC. I use the $80 for one year of 2,000 minutes or texts. I don't use my cell phone that often. I mainly use my landline and when I need long distance, there are several Internet options for free or very cheap long distance calling that I can use with my landline. For Internet and data, I have my DSL at home and a small WiFi tablet I can use anywhere there's pubic WiFi, which is just about everywhere now: coffeehouses, fast food restaurants, airports, hotels, highway rest stops, etc. I can't see paying nearly $40 a month or more to a wireless carrier for basic voice and text, plus another $20 or $30 for data that doesn't offer seamless coverage (there are a lot of areas on the road where wireless data isn't available or is overused/congested/slow.

Disappointed in Ohio 10/10/2011
The coverage is good because it runs off of the Verizon Network but as for customer service, they lie and they steal. If you are running off the unlimited plan, there is a lapse of 2-8 hours when your "stacked" plan is renewing that you can't even use your phone. I was talked into adding $10 to my plan to cover the "down" time and they told me anything over .99 would be credited back to my account. My phone was not even used in my "down" time and I still have a balance of $5.07 because they said it pulled money out of my balance because I had a call that was in roaming but anytime I have had a balance of 0 I can still call and receive calls while roaming. So because money was there, they took it and they will not refund anything. As for phone selection, you can use any old verizon contract phone for the service or you can choose one of their pieces of crap if they decide to work.

Rand Baker 10/9/2011
okay I am newbie with only 6 days of pp service. I would like point out that when you pay one half of the cost of your previous phone service you have to expect pp to cut somewhere and maybe they are doing it some what on customer service.
let's face it some people need more hand holding than others. many like me would rather not pay for any help unless absolutely necessary. I always read the faqs first, some that are complaining probably don't know what a faq is.
So this lack of spending on customer help is putting money in my pocket.
So far all you people that want a cell company like you just left, well stay with verizon or another company with stores and advertising and employees who will take the time to point out each end of a phone and their function.
so you can have cheap phone service for half the money or you can pay twice as much and be coddled by employees whose job is to extract the most money from you.
Maybe pp should have two prices. one with very limited customer service and another price for those that love warrantys, customer service. large expensive web sites, techs online ready to answer questions, etc.
go enjoy life

Mark T 10/6/2011
Lowest cost option for an emergency phone.
It takes some research to get things set up cheaply, but it works. I bought a refurbished phone on E-bay for $16, which they guaranteed would work on the network. I paid $2 to an online dealer to activate it which included a few minutes of air time. For $18 I had my first 3 months of service.
I did have to make an emergency call during that time, so now I will spend all of $10 for 100 more minutes and extend usage another 3 months.
Worst case, $10 every 3 months, and so $40 per year I have a phone in case of emergency.
And the Verizon network coverage is FAR superior to Tracfone, that I used previously.

GUSTAVE 10/3/2011

Joe Bag O'Donuts 10/3/2011
I would stay away from page plus. The choice of phones from them are pretty slim. Bring your own device and you get no support what so ever. They make this clear. So your on your own. Dealing with page+ headquarters sucks, using a dealer is no better. The one well known dealer works with emails and it takes sometimes as high as 4 hours to get a question answered. I have a national prepaid service had trouble called 15 minutes later problem solved. Not with page+. Stick with a big carrier that offers a good selection of their own phones you'll be better off.

Dianna 9/29/2011
I have had PP unlimited talk/text plan for about 1 year. Use my Verizon Motorola Droid, excellent coverage, great price but would like more data.

chris 9/28/2011
bad customer service...charged my credit card 3 times and I had the biggest hassle of trying to get the money back...charge me twice and I asked them to roll it over on my next bill and they said ok, yet when the next bill came out they only gave me a15 days of service and made me pay again...very lousy customer service reps

David 9/28/2011
My suggestion for all you that are having problems with Page Plus Customer Service is to find a local dealer.
Page Plus has a dealer support line and and has access to managers when needed.
If you don't have a local dealer in your area try Kitty Wireless. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about them.

The Rage 9/23/2011
Have had multiple issues with their customer service agents being jerks. You eventually find you a nice one who will fix your problem. Ask for a supervisor, they refuse. Go to a dealer/reseller, they shrug their shoulders and ask "What do you expect out of someone who gets minimum wage?"
No one gives you a corporate number to call and complain. CSR's have gotten rapidly worse over-the summer of 2011.
Some of their CSR's try to give you Verizon programming codes to fix PP problems. I get my damned voice mail sometimes 5 days later WhICH at one point, was fixed and then started again.
Reason: Over sold their share of the Verizon network NOW give customers the blame/run-around.

Pete 9/18/2011
Good value but don't buy their phones .

Kentucky John 9/18/2011
I've been with Page for years - almost since they started.

Gary 9/15/2011
Had pageplus for about a year now. Service is great for the Standard plan. The only bad thing is the choice of pageplus phones. I had 3 of their refurbished phones and the first two display went out. Only one was covered by the 120 day warranty. The replacement they sent was a different model and the hinge broke at about 6 months. I discovered that verizon phones are compatiable. I bought a new htc eris on Ebay for about $120. Everything works just fine. I use the wirless mostly. I had pageplus turn on the data and it works but Rep suggested to turn off on phone until needed. I'm not a heavy user so it cost me about $8. month for a smartphone. Pageplus is perfect for me but maybe not everyone.

t-man 9/7/2011
Don't do it. They will send you defective new cellphones, and then make you pay the return shipping AND the restocking fee. How this isn't a scam I have no idea. I guarantee you they will just re-ship the defective phone that I returned and screw the next person.

crabcake 8/28/2011
I am not a kid anymore, but I was "strongarmed" by co-workers into purchasing a cell phone. After much research, I determined that Page Plus would most satisfy my needs. I must admit that my every expectation has been met. Every 4 months I replenish, my unused minutes roll over and I'm good to go again. I am gratified to know that good deals still exist out there.

Me 8/26/2011
I will give Page Plus 5 stars for quality but it is not very competitive. T-Mobile's prepaid Monthly 4G plan for 70.00 offers 4G speeds capped at 5GB. I used to pay an additional 20.00 on top of the 44.95 unlimited for extra data. A friend went from Verizon to T-Mobile and told me about it. Now I spend an extra 5 bucks a month and get a whole lot more bang for the buck. That said, the call quality is not as good as PP but the data is excellent!!! In my area , I get 8MB down and 0.8MB up.

Anonymous 8/22/2011
I have had their servous for awhile now and its total boolcrap totally not worth your time

Michael 8/22/2011
I do not know why everyone is crying!!!!!! I have PP on my droid X and I am saving 80 dollars a month I can check my emails all month long and never use over 100mg but if I want streaming video I hook up to wifi. Verizon is GREEDY I will never leave PP.

Guest 8/18/2011
I have only been using the service for a few days and there were glitches setting it up, but customer service was actually quite helpful and friendly (& I didn't have to wait too long, only about 10 minutes). Call quality is as good as Verizon and instead of paying $110 a month for a Verizon family plan like before, child gets unlimited texting ($20 a month) and parents, who don't use the phone much, each have $80 on the phone for calls which will probably last the whole year and doesn't need to be replenished for a year. It seems like a really good way to use the Verizon network for calls and SMS (we don't do data) for not much money, so I don't understand why the terrible reviews.

Raul 8/12/2011
i have 5 lines on pp for 1 1/2 years now and no problems.the only people that have problems are the ones that dont know how to manage there data.

im staying 8/8/2011
i went back and forth and right back to pp im happy and i will not leave again.

Smiley 8/7/2011
with pp for 2-1/2 yrs. switched my phone with a samsung omnia i910 it works great and the internet works too.
thanks pp

bldrer 8/7/2011
The service is ok. But it's extremely difficult to reach their customer service, every time i were put to hold for more than twenty minutes to get a person to talk to me. And they made it very hard for porting your number out to another carrier.

RicoB 8/5/2011
PagePlus is pretty great. I was tired of AT&T fleecing me each month.
I called P+ customer service once, as initially I was issued a phone number out of my area. The wait was close to 30 minutes, but the customer service rep was helpful and pleasant.
I signed up with KittyWireless autopay for TnT 1200. KW has been nothing short of awesome! I never have to worry about my cell service; KW takes care of that PIN nonsense for me, (at no extra charge!).
I'm very satisfied with PagePlus wireless coverage and call quality. And I've saved 36.00 each month over my former wireless carrier.
Yep, pretty great.

Me 8/2/2011
I have just made my first month with Page Plus and the plan renewal went smoothly. I bought my Unlimited Talk n Text PIN on July 26th and it was automatically added to my phone. Straight Talk used to be a constant worry if the renewal will go through.

Me 7/29/2011
I have tried Boost, Virgin, Cricket, and the Tracfone companies. I have finally found the one to keep which is Page Plus. It has, hands down, the best coverage of the MVNOs and Cricket. To be honest, I have not had a problem to date. If you aren't a techie, go with an approved phone. If you are a techie like me, the Verizon Android phones work quite well.

Cutipye 7/29/2011
I have been with PP for 6 months, using an LG Ally and now an HTC Eris.

Daniel 7/27/2011
I honestly dont see why all of you have so many problems with this provider if you dont like it then find another that youll like there are many service providers out there. i honestly love it i have been with them for a little over 2 years and like the service very much and have never had any problems, yes the customer service could be better,but if you need to change esns,add mins or whatever find a dealer in your area that can help with that and adding minutes is simple you can do it online. i am on the $30 plan using a droid x and no problems everything works perfect and they are cheaper than verizon contract. they are awesome!

WP 7/26/2011
IF you just want to make calls and do texting, this plan is GREAT.

Heather 7/25/2011
BTW, Pros:

Heather 7/25/2011
I ported my cell phone numbers from Sprint to Vonage initially to keep them active (while one of us was job-hunting, money was tight), then decided to port them back out to Page Plus. I called Customer Support directly to do this. No problem getting the number ported to Page Plus.

Information 7/22/2011
To be fair, Page Plus does not guarantee that a phone not on their approval list will work and they make that perfectly clear. It is a crap shoot. That much said, just about any Verizon Android phone will work. If it is a feature phone you want, play it safe and buy an approved device.

eric 7/20/2011
BE CAREFUL about the pageplusdealer you choose, especially if you find it in cellphoneforums or by searching. Email (or better yet, call) your online dealer a several times to check their attitude. I sent a phone to an online dealer in central Michigan for programming. They never returned my phone, or responded to my calls or emails!

troy 7/20/2011
I checked on their web site to make sure the phone I wanted to activate would work ! they said YES !! Then when I activated it It would only take and recieve calls ! NO internet, ON PIX or Video Messaging !!!! and I paid for it !!! Than when I tried to port my number They said I shouldnt have paid for service Before porting my number and I would have to purchasr a monthly plan AGAIN to port my number !! I think they should tell you this on the web site so you know ! They do tell you that both phones have to be active so thats what I did activated their phone and kept my existing phone active ! so now I have to pay another month of service to my existing carrier and wait a month to port my number or just throw away a month of service ?? no option of refund !!!!

Me 7/19/2011
After 3 weeks of service, I think I have finally found the provider that I am going to keep. I really like Page Plus Cellular. 3 weeks with my LG Vortex without a single problem.

unique 7/18/2011
I love my page plus phone and plus i bought mine brand new from amazon and they turn it work perfect for me.I love the phones in the don't really pay much for pageplus yes....

Malissa 7/18/2011
Page Plus is cool.

@Unknown 7/14/2011
Well, port your number and avoid the ten dollar fee. It isn't an activation fee because it isn't strictly required to start the service.

unknown 7/12/2011
they said there was no activation fee but there is a 10 dollar fee to activate the it not the same? its only free if it is ported.

Matt 7/6/2011
I have had Page Plus now for almost a week and I am completely satisfied with the exception of data. I would like to see them add a data package for 2GB. That would be awesome

Rev. K 7/3/2011
Pretty limited choice as far as phones go and I've never been able to get the data features to work properly. God help you if you ever need to call customer service, you're always on hold for at least 45 minutes and the people are always a-holes. It took three days to port my number over and I got screwed out of $30 initially.

Love it! 7/2/2011
I ported my number over from Straight Talk after dealing with "Peggy" for the last time. Customer service does take some time to reach but it is refreshing talking to a good old American. Page Plus is where it is at.

Crispie 7/2/2011
Customer Service is Terrible, and also if you could not fix problems that arise with verizon phones do not put them on your plan, second why is my phone roaming when it shouldn't waste of time and money

Jack Mehoff 6/29/2011
Does the Lg Revolution work on Page Plus

Steampunk 6/26/2011
Oh, BTW, for the people saying no Blackberrys, I am using a Verizon BB 8830, no problem. When I put it on line the tech even identified it as a BB. However, you cannot use Blackberry Internet Service, but if you load Opera Browser and use GMAIL you can have web and email, no problem. But Enterprise email and Blackberry's excellent email doesn't work. I did get the BB web browser to work as well, but it isn't very good.

Steampunk 6/26/2011
I am a Field Service tech for a major computer maker. I use a LOT of minutes every month, and Verizon was killing me at almost $100 per month. I tried an AT&T reseller, but AT&T's coverage in my rural area is less then stellar. Then I found Page Plus. I got to keep my Palm 755p I was using on Verizon, and cut my bill in half. PP does not require a "data plan" with a Smartphone, so that cut $29 right there. The Unlimited plan costs $45 a month and I don't have to count minutes. The coverage is almost as good as Verizon's Post Paid network, with few dropouts, but there are a couple areas where roaming is 29 cents a minute. So I call before I get into these areas. Otherwise, coverage is the same for my area.
I would give them 5 stars, but Customer Service can be a LONG wait, and sometimes "refilling" on the Web doesn't go very smoothly. However, the Customer Service reps are extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful.

Brittany 6/15/2011
I love pageplus it the best prepaid company around. I canceled my contract with Verizon and came to pageplus. I still can to use my Verizon Galaxy S phone and verizon network. I just need more MB of data.

Ginger 6/14/2011
I have to say,I love Page Plus Cellular! They use the verizon network and for the 44.95 a month for unlimited talk and text with 20mb for mms messaging,it's not a bad deal. Verizon would charge you 94.99 for unlimited talk and text. It is inexpensive and has very reliable coverage. My dad and his girlfriend are about to switch to page plus. The only downer about Page plus is they do not offer unlimited data for all the heavy data users. I don't use all of my data anyway. I am using the UT Starcom Blitz right now,but I am about to get the LG Env2 which is an awesome phone to have on page plus. I mainly text so it's perfect for me! Keep on doing great Page plus!!:)

Paul 6/11/2011
We switched to Page plus, from Straight talk. We used Kitty she handled everything. They ported a # to an HTC phone, set up auto pay and emailed us when the phone was ready to use. We never once had to call PP. To get great service use a local agent, you never have to deal with PP directly. We get more minutes, more texts, more data, with a true android smartphone, for less per month. No brainer. Use a local agent and you no longer have to deal with "Peggy"

Marquitta 6/9/2011
This service sucks in the worse way. Just paid my bill and the majority of the time I dont have service and on top of that I was told that my phone, the phone they sold me, is not the correct phone to have the Page Plus services on.

Lawanda 6/9/2011
I have page plus i have a sprint blackberry phone. I am on the 44.99 plan the service is great. My only issue is if i have a question it takes me almost an hour or more to talk to anyone,but once i talked to someone they were very nice and fixed my problem.

Mike Manning 6/4/2011
I was with PP for over two years and the only reason I switched is because of 3 main problems with PP 1) the low amount of Data, 3 Too many pictures texts and you use up all of your money and 3) No GPS features.

Kim A 6/1/2011
Kitty Wireless is great in handling the needs of all 3 family members. We are in Sarasota FL and Verizon towers are all over the place, no problem wit reception. Our cell phone bills are now $70 a month total, instead of the $165 a month we were paying before, with Verizon, for identical service.

LadyJay 5/28/2011
I have had Page plus for almost 2 years now and I LOVE IT!!! Best Prepaid plans you can find. I have seen PP brand of phones and they are crappy. But you can use any verizon phone(with the exception of Prepaid and Blackberries) with PP. So are I have had a Palm Treo 755p, an LG EnV touch and now I have a Droid Eris. I use the TNT 1200/2000/100MB. With Eris I have it set to wi-fir only so I don't use that much data. I would recommend this company to anyone especially those who are tired of paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for cell phone service.

Destiny 5/26/2011
i was thinking about trying page plus,with the omnia 11 i920. I will use the standard 1.95 plan with the add-on unlimited text plan. i am scared that 3g verizon data will get turned on without me knowing drain my balance. how do i prevent this?

SaraB 5/25/2011
I have to say I have been with Page Plus for over two years now. Yes - I had to replace my phone a couple of times because of using old phones, but you can buy a new one from Page Plus and at your local Verizon. Also Page Plus offers an unlimited plan that is not costly at all, pretty cheat actually. This service also don't carry insurance, I realize that, but for 45.00 a month unlimited txt and calling, I will replace my used phone any day! I am on my third phone and each cost me around 100.00 each. You really cant go wrong on this service. Get the Unlimited Card!

unhappy in sarasota fla 5/22/2011
IF you are smart DO NOT go with Page Plus cellular!! You will regret it eventually. They sell traded in Verizon phones that they CLEAN up with rubbing alchohol and then put refurbished stickers on them. They do not refurbish a single thing. Then when you call customer service to complain you WILL wait for 30 - 60 minutes for a CSR. Your web service will not work in Sarasota 7 they will tell you that its the Verizon towers in our area eventhough you pay for it!! You will have repeated disconnected calls with a recording telling you "your balance has reached zero; please replenish your account" eventhough you just replenished it that same day!! Then you can remake the phone call. In a nutshell; PAGE PLUS STINKS11 Better off going with Boost Mobile or Metro PCS.

Farhana 5/22/2011
I signed up for the 1200 talk and text plan. My call records reflect that I only used 1054 minutes, and my service was disconnected well before the month was over. Page plus refused to reimburse me for the remaining 146 minutes.

Mike 5/17/2011
You need to use your brain when deciding which prepaid cell carrier to use. This company is not for ultra high tech folks. For phone service and texting for most people, its great and by far the least expensive. .04 cents a minute, no one else comes close. Make sure Verizon is ok for you where you will use it most. If you don't like the phones - get one on amazon. I have called cs twice with good results (be nice) and have also used kitty wireless which costs a few bucks but they are great. So many people are helpless and lobe to whine. Happy User.

Joe 5/15/2011
Great News;
My dealer told me today, Page Plus is coming soon with a new plan with more Data!
$49.95 Unlimited TalknText+300MB! Let's wait and see.

msmaryntn 5/14/2011

J & T 5/11/2011
BEWARE: DATA STEALERS. Came over from at&t iphone 3G knowing nothing about these phones. I never needed a data plan for the 3g at at&t and it never activated data - at all! There was no mistakes because data is not allowed! I only used wifi! I was only signed up with PP a day and the data stole all the money I put on the phone! BEWARE...can it be fixed?? I don't know. I have the ERIS and the DROID X...

ark 5/5/2011
Their plans are good but as a customer you have to be extremely careful to not fall into one of the pitfalls. I was on a pay as you go plan but somehow ended up on a text plan. I don't use minutes much and just before the expiration of the minutes (at end of 120 days), I followed a link on their page that said "Add Minutes" and added $10 but it did not give me any "Minutes". On calling for support I was told that it applied the $10 towards a text plan. The Supervisor was curt and said "Add Minutes" does not necessarily mean Add Minutes and there was some semantics issue that I did not understand and pretty much said I have no recourse and the $10 was gone.
Call me weird but when it says "Add Minutes" in plain English I did not see any semantics involved!
Also, nowhere on my Account Summary page it said anything about me being on a text plan prior to the recharge.

kathryn 4/28/2011
I have been trying to get set up with PP but I have not been able to get anyone on the line. the wait time on hold is soooo long. I have been trying for 4 days now. I finally decided that if I cannot get ahold of them now, what would happen if I needed them to help with a problem.?

Steve 4/26/2011
We have two Droids on the Talk N Text 1200 plan, and three phones on the basic plan. I find 100MB of data to be more than enough on the Droids if I use Wi-Fi when it's available, and if I don't do things like downloading videos or GPS maps over 3G.

Burt 4/25/2011
GO WITH TRACFONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burt 4/25/2011
To all you 1 star'ers out there:
Try Tracfone! Their cs has a lot to be desired but if you contact then on facebook or by email you usually get good results.
I have had tracfone, with double minutes for life, for a year now and have great reception almost anywhere.
If you add a 60 min. card you get 120 minutes and 90 days of service. if you add a card and still have days left on your service those day also roll over. If you had ten days left instead of 90 days you would now have 100 days of service. Minutes AND days of service roll over.
Great reception and a nice little LG 420 phone that tells you on the screen how much time and days you have left so they don't sneak up on you.
By the way I don't work for Tracfone but just like to tell people how much I enjoy their service.

CaptStoneWall 4/24/2011
This is the Great Value in prepaid, especially with several plans, tell me where your going to get better coverage, and more minutes for your money.
1) security plans, from $10 for 100 minutes that lasts 120 days or until there gone, folks that's phone service, if you need one for emergencies for $2.50 a month/ $30 per year...EVERY ONE if there with out a phone, should have one of these. Also 2000 minutes for a year for $80, that's twice as many as AT&T and less then half the price!
2) Regular users - 1200 anytime minutes/2000 text messages/ 100 mb of data, for only $29.95
3) Unlimited Talk& Text/20 mb of data - now get this you can add extra data for 15 cents a mb, so if you use extra data, part with a few bucks and for $54.95 you can get the unlimited talk and text but roughly 85 mb or for $64.95 it works out to be 150 mb with the unlimited talk and text... come on, thats a ton and still a great value
4)Bring your own phone, this is incredible, bring in a eligible phone and you save money.
5) Why they don't promote this I don't know its the same as Verizon, so why they don't promote it is beyond me. Trick here is its Verizon's company owned towers (but thats the same for Verizons prepaid, there not going to pay for you to be able to use there roaming partners) But the Verizon network certainly covers more area then anyone other = BEST PREPAID COVERAGE
6) Customer service, I use a friendly neighborhood dealer,some one that apparently cares, kinda like a insurance agent, if I pay my bill with him each month, he handles any service issues if needed. Why not have a someone extra on my side, i called the 800 number for customer service once, 20 minutes later, i hung up, called my dealer, he picked up on the first ring and I was done in two minutes, make friends with a local cell phone dealer
I give Page Plus & my local dealer 5 Stars

Bob 4/20/2011
According to their coverage map, I should have excellent service. However, I can't make a call without being on roaming. So I have a horrendously high per minute call. I just got the phone yesterday and I guess I will use up the minutes very quickly (because of the huge cost of roaming. Customer service could not help either. Basically all they said was that they couldn't help.

murphy 4/16/2011
PP was highly recommended by family members for my Elderly parents that mainly need cell phones for emergencies and light texting. the first phone was sent to them by a family member, it had previously been used on PP. my mother called the 800 number, walked thru the process w CS and the phone was up and working. yesterday they went to a dealer to buy and activate a second phone. the dealer buys his phones directly from pp who put the phone number on the phone, not the dealer. he put $80 for the year on the phone then when he called to activate it, it didnt work because it was ALREADY ACTIVATED FOR SOMEONE ELSE. the dealer thought he cid just call cs and have them transfer the 80 to a phone not activated yet...cs the first time took 20 minutes to answer then when he asked for a supervisor she hung up on him. he called back and talked one and a half hours with cs trying to simply take the money off of the number THEY had wrongly placed on the phone and switch it to a new one. they told him that it was his mistake and that even as a dealer, they couldnt do it. he asked for an it person. they said they didnt have one. after 2 hours, the dealer ended up EATING THE 80 so that my parents could buy a another phone and put 80 on it. end of the story???? not even close. today, the FIRST DAY OF SERVICE for the new phone, my parents are getting text messages from people that they dont even know, voice mails from people they dont know, and the texts our family have been sending havent gone thru at all. soooo... obviously this phone number is also ALREADY IN USE BY SOMEONE ELSE AND A SECOND PERSON IN 2 DAYS HAS RECEIVED 80 ON THEIR ACCOUNT THAT THEY HAVE NOT PAID FOR AND THAT PP IS NOT WILLING TO CREDIT TO THE PERSONS THAT PAID THE MONEY. to those that have had no problems and think it's customer anger issues? please know that that has absolutely nothing to do with the poor cs. the dealer they went to has sold pp phones for 14 years and they werent willing to help him...if pp would only read these emails and reviews and correct the cs problem, their customer numbers would be exponentially higher immediately. zero stars so far for the $160 they have scammed from a longtime faithful dealer and senior citizens...

Paul 4/14/2011
Why all the haters???

Reno 4/9/2011
I stop by every three months and put my 2 cents in. First off You will see an ad on this page. The ad is Kitty Wireless a page plus dealer. I have been with PP for 2 years. But only with kitty wireless for 4 months. You want great customer service with page plus. Give the kitty a try. I don't work for kitty. Just a happy customer. Period. Just passing this information on. Go to whoever, but I am very personally happy with this dealer. Just my 2 cents.
Thanks for your time.

Jimmy 4/8/2011
There should be a 0 star rating cause thats what I give them. I ported my# over from verizon, shortly after this I found i couldnt send text pictures. It took till the next day to finally get their rude support on the phone. I explained that I had just bought their service day before and my droid x wasnt working well w/ their service. I had another phone & asked if they could switch my minutes over to it, they said yes no problem, LIE. They turned my phone on gave me a new # but my minutes werent their I call right back they said I lost the minutes & nothing they could do I asked for manager that took 2 calls & 40 mins of waiting. Manager says when u change phones u forfeit your mins I said ur customer service person said it was no problem and changed it he never said I would loose my minutes. I have my receiept I paid $54 dollars yesterday for your service & now because your employee tells me it can be done you say he shouldnt have but I am just out $54. She politely said Yes sir theres nothing we can do for you. They basically stole my money I used less than 100 mins of my 1200. They are thieves and the customer service is terrible. you get what you pay for.

Asia 4/5/2011
I've had PPC for ten months now, and the only reason I got it because I didn't have the credit to get a "real" cell phone. One week into having it, the service got cut off. I spent two hours on hold waiting for customer service. When they finally answered, they said the dealer "put my phone number in wrong", which made no sense because it worked for a week. This has happened about eight times so far. Call quality is horrible, ninety percent of the time when I call someone, I can hear them but they can't hear me. I've contacted customer service about this, but they can never give me a reason, and usually end up hanging up on me. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone! It's worth the extra few dollars to go with a big provider like Verizon or Alltel, atleast they care.

Val 4/4/2011
I live in North Carolina and I love Page Plus. I have not had any problems, and they have great coverage.
Other companies have a lot of dropped calls and no service in certain areas.

Sprint2PagePlus 3/28/2011
Five Stars!! For value, coverage, voice and text plans, and customer service Page Plus is a winner. If they had more data, at a reasonable price, I'd still be with them. Though I hear CS horror stories my own experiences don't support that at all. To make this experience even better work with a dealer (I recommend Kitty Wireless) and set up automatic renewals. Kitty and Page Plus ROCK!!

Lauren 3/27/2011
Page Plus is awesome! The ability to bring your own device is great, and I my wallet is loving the savings.
@ denise d-are you wanting the history from your own phone or someone else's? If you have an account on, you should be able to look up your history there.
@ Courtney-to use a Sprint branded device, you will need to flash the phone. Virtually all Verizon Wireless branded phones work, with the exception of Verizon prepaids, Straight Talk phones, and the Verizon iPhone, as well as any phone that does not have clean ESN.

hector 3/27/2011
REPORT to the Better Business Bureau if you feel customer service was horrible.
Pageplus does have good prices though.

Shane 3/25/2011
The phone service is solid.

aztek 3/21/2011
Ported numbers and phones from our expired Verizon Wireless account, and it was fast and seamless. Voice clarity is improved, volume is greater and battery charge lasts longer than with VZ! How can this be? Maybe because it's a quad band, CDMA/GMS phone. Only problem was with setting up registered accounts with PPC. Bob Sadowy, their IT rep, finally solved problems for usover Internet. Otherwise, great service and price.

Lidge 3/15/2011
I have been a ppc for 2 yrs now. I have an excellent dealer who goes every inch of the mile to help me out. Why when we pay for the privelidge of using page plus can't the customer svc. reps be more courteous? They need to really work on there communication skills, there is no supervisors in customer svc. which is why you can't speak to one. They need better training in knowing there equipt. how problem solve or put you in touch with someone who does. There is no reason to get rude, or hang up on a customer that just wants to understand why. I can't seem to get a my number blocked. When I dial a number that doesn't have me programmed in...I come up under another name entirely. Fix that problem and I will gladly give you a five star rating.

Courtney 3/14/2011
Can you use a Sprint CDMA phone on this network?

Nick 3/10/2011
I've had PPC for a year now and finally convinced my girl friend to switch. We both travel around the US and both have DROIDs. No dropped calls, no problems at all. Use your WiFi and save data. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER DEAL. 1200 minutes, 2000 SMS/MMS and 100 megs of data for a flat $29.95 on the VERIZON network. Its awesome.

Christy 3/10/2011
Page plus service is the exact same as my verizon, I just potted over through kittywireless. Kitty wireless is awesome, they go above and beyond - tonight Caleb ported my 2 numbers from verizon AFTER HOURS, I emailed kitty wireless that I really needed it done & they called me and completed it right away! Btw the port took less than 10 min, give page plus and kitty a shot you won't regret it!

Lisa 3/4/2011
I have been with PagePlus for 3 years and have to say it's the best. I am not one to gab on a cell phone or text for that matter, but it is nice to have one in case of an emergency when I am on the road. You just can't beat their price plans. I have never dropped a call nor had any trouble whatsoever when it comes to refilling a card. Personall I use pinzoo for that.
Buy your pageplus phone on ebay from an established seller. There are many phones to choose from.

Jon 3/1/2011
1. Don't buy a phone through Page Plus, there are better places to get phones.
2. Their Talk n Text 1200 plan beats the heck out of any Verizon plan for most users.
3. For those extremely light users, being able to put on a $10 card and use it for 4 months is an incredible deal.
4. For those who mostly text, 19.95 for unlimited texting is fantastic.
5. Avoid their customer service. Understand how the plans work and keep enough money in the account.
So far, happy with the service. Picked up a Palm Pixi Plus for $55 for a low-end smart phone and the service has worked flawlessly. The mixture of plans available for each family member is saving me over $100 per month vs. verizon.

Jon 2/28/2011
Outstanding deal, saves my family over $100 every month. Their new upgraded Talk 1200 plan for $29.99 was just what my wife and I needed. 1200 minutes of talk, 2000 texts, and 100MB of data. You can use most any verizon phone, with the blackberry being one of the exceptions. I bought a Palm Pixie Plus online for $55, a small but powerful smartphone loaded with webOS which IMO is the friendliest to use. It wasn't easy to activate, but after a few calls, I found a rep. who could knew the tricks. The Pixi Plus has wifi so you can save on data usage when in a hotspot. It is exactly the same service I had before. Page Plus overage charges are cheap compared to verizon, 10 cents for talk or text, and 15 cents per MB for data. The article above needs updated in several areas. I put my daughter on unlimited text for $19.99 per month and added a $10 card to cover the few calls she makes in the next 4 months. Yes, even 100MB is on the low end, but for low to moderate users or those who are around hot spots it is acceptable. But even if you go over and use 200MB in a month, the additional charge on the Talk 1200 plan would only be $15. If you are a power user who uses gigabits of data, you are better off sticking with verizon.

andy 2/26/2011
I have been a pp user for 2 years. For $45. Per month they are great. I use a moto Droid. For those that are loosing all of their data with smartphones you can turn off the data on the phone. Use wifi for for all data needs and only turn on the 3g data when u must. I have been able to stay within my 20 mbs and I surf the net and download apps all day

@danni-d 2/25/2011
you will have to hack the phone or get a page plus cheapy.

danni-d 2/24/2011
i have a page plus phone that isnt capable of sending or receiving pitures but everytime someone sends me a picture i get a text message saying-visit,from a computer. but everytime i try to do this it wont allow me to retrieve messages because im not a verizon customer.can anyone help me retrieve the messages or pix sent to my phone#

geoff 2/22/2011
I am a four-year customer of Page Plus and am very satisfied with them for my needs. However, I am writing to share a 'gotcha' that tripped me up earlier this week. The website from which you can manage your account shows an expiration date for your minutes. The problem is that the minutes expire virtually on the first minute of the date shown. For example, if the date shown is March 1, the minutes expire at 12:01 AM on March 1. If you add minutes to your account at 8 AM on March 1 your old minutes which would ordinarily have rolled over will have expired and erased from your account. Be aware!

CJ 2/20/2011
the service isnt bad, but customer servic is, like horrible. i have the unlimited plan for about a year now but 6 months ago i had it flash over on a droid, totally screwed things up cause my data automatically gets wiped cleans cause the droid is always up dating so i can never get pics, vids, or go on the internet (unless using wi=fi for internet)and a few time i had to paymy bill twice in 2 days cuz due to the fact it is a smart phone i have to wait til my plan is expired otherwise it will get used under my account for the data. and anyone who calls customer service its a waste of time, they will never let you speak to the manager, or give u their name, they will hang up on you, very VERY rude people

Angel333 2/19/2011
Sound good saving money but when i tried to called copstumer service they rude and they dont know how talk a costumer.It end up im pissed.

Pavan 2/17/2011
Got page plus a month ago. It is perfect for my needs as I talk very little. I had to go through customer service a few times, but never felt it was terrible. Of ocurse, I know I can't expect the same turnaround time as the big boys. Also, the phone could have been better.

Dianna 2/17/2011
I have been w/ Pageplus cellular for about 10yrs. now, I even got my husband,brother-in-law,sister,and many friends to change over from their high cellphone carries w/ all of them extra access fees and I have not heard not one of them complain. We all go to a dealer or a store in our area that sell Pageplus refill cards and there are many and we purchase our own refill cards and put our own minutes on our phones it is so easy just follow the prompts on the back of the card I'm in Cleveland, OH.
Don't u all have dealers and stores in your areas that sells Pageplus Cellular? The only time I need the help from a dealer is when I upgrade my phone but I have never had to call customer service for anything. I have read all of these complaints and I just don't understand why a few is having so much problem w/ Pageplus.
This is a wonderful service, but then this is just my own opinion too.
And by the way I'm still using my Pageplus cellular phone I purchase from them 2yrs ago and I love it and all of my previous phones was also purchased from them as well and never had any problems w/any of them ever. The phone I'm using now is Motorola E815 very nice.
God bless u all and Pageplus Cellular too!

Edward 2/17/2011
Going on 2 years for my wife and 1 year for myself. It's like we never left Verizon. And my wife saved $350 per year and I have saved $250 per year. Now the $29.95 plan has 20 hours of talk time, 2000 text and 100 MB of Data. Hard to beat. Lot of dealers out there, and have been to 3 of them for service, and I have to say that KittyWireless seems to be very service oriented. Go to who makes you happy. Not trying to pimp the Kitty, but we have been happy with them. Very happy with page plus. Not perfect, but pretty darn close.

scott/denver 2/15/2011
Thank You PagePlus!!!! I have a teenager that needed a texting cell due to all the althetic events she goes to around town. All she needed was lots of texts...minimal minutes. for $10.95 per month (no additional taxes or fcc fees!), she now gets a whopping 2,000 texts per month (which she will never use up). What a bargain and a huge savings for a teenage texting cell phone plan. Awesome!

Rachel Johnson 2/11/2011
I will start by saying that I gave them 2 stars because the actual phone service is not bad at all. However, customer service is the worst. On Jan 25, 2011, I purchased the Kyocera G2GO M2000 for an employee to use to access email. We were told by an employee at Page Plus Cellular's 800 customer service number that it would access email, and the specs on the phone list online showed email as an option. So we ordered the phone. Once we received the phone several day later, we turned the phone on and attempted to access email on the phone, and were unable to. We contacted the company to find out why the phone wouldn't access email. We were told by a representative that email was a phone feature, but was not supported by their data plan. That seemed like false advertising to us, but we didn't feel like causing drama, so we asked what we needed to do since the phone wasn't going to work for us. We were told by the Page Plus customer representative that we should send the phone back to them, and they would refund the money minus a 20% restocking fee. The restocking fee seemed insane since it wasn't our fault, but again we didn't feel like arguing so we just agreed to it. We were told that we had 20 days to send the phone back. Approximately 3-4 days later, the phone was shipped back to them. Then on Feb.11, 2011, I received a phone call from a representative of Page Plus Cellular. I was asked why I sent the phone back, so I informed the representative of the above situation. She then told me that I should have sent the phone to Kyocera for them to replace. I told her that I would not do that. I had already been told to ship it to them for a refund, so that is what I did. The representative then tells me she is shipping it back to me. I told her that I didn't want the phone back, it was not of any use to us as it couldn't access email. I had already incurred the cost of shipping to me and then back to them. I would never had shipped it to them if I wasn't told to. I don't think that I should incur the cost of shipping a phone to the manufacturer when the phone never would have been ordered if we were given correct information.

Laura 2/11/2011
If I could rate this zero I would! This is the only phone service my sister has. Since purchasing this crappy phone in Oct. 2010 - every single month they shut her service off 10 days into the month! Customer service is very rude - I have spoken to them. She needs phone service for doctor calls, etc. I am sickened they get away with this. She has the "unlimited talk and text" plan - what a bunch of thieves. Stay away from this company!

mari 2/9/2011
how is the data plan? as good as verizon?

jshuford 2/6/2011
I have been using Page Plus for about a month and although I admit that their customer service may seem curt at times, they offer the best service for me.

John 2/3/2011
Pageplus phones, which are refurbished, have been terrible. In less than a year, I am getting my 6th replacement. They last a month or two and then break. Today the customer service person told me that the number of phones I had gone through was excessive, as though this was my fault.
I give them two stars instead of one because the price is good, as is the coverage, at least in Washington, DC, where I live.
I definitely don't recommend their phones, but I have been told you can get any Verizon phone and use it for Pageplus. That might be worth trying.

Wireless Guru 2/1/2011
I have used and activated over 40 page plus lines as well as porting number from other networks. I will admit CS is not the best but as stated many times in this forum neither are the CS at the larger carriers. It simple Verizon Network, A Variety of Smart Phones, and bottom line Price. For anyone seconding guessing PP please note that no company is perfect but the bigger guys make you pay for their mistakes monthly an occasional hick-up is better than throwing away extra cash just to have someone talk nice to you when there is an issue!

Sue B 1/31/2011
I have had Page Plus service for about 8 months now and have had great call quality, no dropped calls and easy to replenish my account. BUT REMEMBER use the PagePlusCellular website DO NOT!! Use!! Terrible, terrible. I bought a phone from them paid immediately got it 3 weeks later after numerous calls and emails with no answer. Then phone didn't work, had to return it for repair and still isn't right. Won't return emails or messages.. Use the company website for great service.

Tammy Lawrence 1/31/2011
Signed up with Page Plus 3 days ago. Felt it was a great deal at .04 a minute and the Verizon network. I purchased a Verizon smart phone so that I could access my wireless network at home for free. When my phone was activated, they never asked if I wanted data use, they just activated it. Three days later, I find out that $30 is missing out of my account for data use. Apparently, my phone was connecting to Verizon's 3G network instead of my wireless. I called them right away (again, I signed up 3 days ago). I explained that I DID NOT want data use. The rep was able to turn it off, but was quite rude. They will not credit me for the $30 of data use that they never told me they had turned on my phone. He told me it was NOT a feature that they "turn on". Find it kind of strange since they can turn it OFF!

Danny Stinnett 1/31/2011
I love plage plusi only have one problum that it roams in south central ky.But it works at my house am all the way to florida with out roaming i bought the kyocery maco s4000 an love it i live in the hills of ky. an it works great.why pay a high price for verizon win you can talk all you wont with pp an it is in verizon anyway so its good JUST WISH I COULD TALK IN SOUTH CENTRAL KY> WITH OUT ROAMING>but thanks PAGE PLUS

Jamie 1/29/2011
I forgot to give Page Plus 5 stars.

Jamie 1/29/2011
I like Page plus cellular. Their service is good for me. I talk very little. The phone cost $100 per year. I have been a customer for 5 years.

greg d 1/29/2011
I linve in the high desert, near victorville, ca. I used "traight Talk" on the verizone net work. I up graded my phone and found out that all "Straight Talk" phones in the high desert now used AT&T. AT&T drops 4 out 5 calls. It is totally useless even for 911 calls. You never know if the call will go through.
I found Page plus and now all my phone peoblems are gone. Page plus has great rate plans, but the service is the best great. I called customer service a few times and there was little or no wait.

Lea-Ann 1/29/2011
@EHuntr, I have used PPC online dealers for refills, etc, including Kitty Wireless.
I work in retail and I can tell you why the online fraud verification is so stringent, from personal experience.
For example, if Person X steals your credit card, or just your CC # and uses it to buy a PIN or whatever, and then you report it stolen, who is responsible for the PIN purchase? That $80 has to come from somewhere! You were the victim of a crime, and therefore not liable for a fraudulent purchase. The CC company refunded your money and you know they aren't going to just let the dealer keep the money. And even if the person who stole the card in the first place is arrested and prosecuted, they get put in jail; they don't pay the reimburse the dealer for their fraudulent purchase!
So from there, the CC company does something called a chargeback. It basically means they take the money away from the dealer and credit it back to your account. The CC company does this, and the business has basically no say in it whatsoever. They eat the cost of the goods purchased.
So the dealer is out $80 because someone stole your card and bought a PIN.
I'm GLAD there are businesses out there who are taking precautions to ensure my financial information isn't used for ill gotten gains.
Of course, there are always the gas stations, etc. where you can purchase PINS, but you will probably have to show ID in order to do so, which may be more of a social interaction you are looking for. :)

tim 1/28/2011
Dude, you wanted to buy an $80 card online for a phone in one area code, from a computer in another area code, with a credit card in a 3rd area code and you are mad at the vendor for not feeling comfortable with that?

@E Huntr 1/28/2011
Any credible online vendor, who value their business, especially where cards are not present, will do reviews on card transactions to be sure they are legit. Page Plus Cellular does not even sell their own $80 card because of the high rate of fraud with it. I don't blame any supplier for watching out for themselves.

E Huntr 1/28/2011
Like many on this forum, Pageplus saved me a bundle over what I was paying for Verizon. I've been on PP for almost 2 years now and have only had minor and livable difficulties. I've even converted probably 7 other Verizon customers to the PP+ service. The secret seems to be in finding a vendor you can deal with, and Kitty Wireless is definitely NOT on that list as far as I'm concerned.
Since converting my my mother, aunts, wife and daughter to PP+, I usually end up being the one they call for assistance with purchasing refills, setting up new phones, or any other issue. As a consequence, I end up buying cards from my computer in Florida or even from my credit card for phones in 803, 912, 617, 954 even 301 area codes. For a year and a helf, this has never been a problem until I tried to purchase an $80 refill card from Kitty Wireless. Suddenly, they were convinced that I was some kind of fraudster b/c my florida card and address were purchasing minutes for a South Carolina number. Now like most people, I could really care less if they didnt want to sell me their product -- after all, there are plenty of competitors only a click away on the Internet -- but these dolts continued to harass me about the transaction as though winning an argument with me about their fraud checks would somehow bring me back to their site as a customer.
These folks dont seem to realize that like most customers, I'm not interested in a social interaction, and there are plenty of bricks and mortar PP+ dealers in my area if I were, but that I just wanted to buy my product as simply and quickly as I could and be on my way.
I agree with the review, PagePlus is extremely simple and a pleasure to use, but if you get caught up with some of their vendors, you'll find yourself wanting to change providers just because of their incompetence.

Nike 1/26/2011
Service is okay, I get dropped calls sometimes though. But I still love the plan. The only thing concerning is that they raise the price without telling you. :(
I have unlimited talk/text

Melissa 1/25/2011
Been with PP for 1 1/2 years. AWESOME phone for a basic flip & AWESOME service!! Never go anywhere else as long as they are available.

shellyw 1/24/2011
I will not recommened this company to anyone. They have the worst service and me, husband and son are taking our services else where. If I have to pay for compasion that's what I will do. I will tell everyone who will listen not to use PP and why.

JAFO 1/20/2011
Wow - I am truly amazed at the vitriol that is used by some of the one-stars on this site. I have used PP for over two years now and I have had NO problems what-so-ever. I have a feeling those that have problems may have possible anger issues! You cannot expect perfect customer service from ANY company these days! I would say Veriz/Sprint/ATT also have poor CS - I had MUCH worse problems with Veriz myself. Go ahead - pay twice, thrice or even more for the bigger carriers than PP. Then maybe you'll have something real to complain about!

john king 1/20/2011
hey guys, if you have problem making a payment, go They do super job with payment processing

Mike 1/20/2011
Prepaid minutes are to rollover if a new purchase is made within 120 days. I did exactly that but they decided not to credit the new purchase until after the 120 was up, so the rollover balance was "confiscated" and they would not do the honest thing and give me back what was mine. I played by their own rules, and they burned me.
I have filed complaints with the BBB, FTC and FCC, so we'll see how that turns out.
These people are evil stonewallers, and are willing to manipulate their own system for the purposes of theft.
Take your business elsewhere.

Vanessa 1/18/2011
Evil customer service...super rude...

Lin 1/18/2011
I ordered phone from them and received a defect charger (doesn't work). They shipped me a working one but ask me to pay for the shipping defect item back. I called them and told them that it is their responsibility to pay the ship since it is not my fault. They refused.
I will fight this to end.

Rodney 1/11/2011
Best company by far. My wife and I was with Verizon for years my bill was always around 75.00 and my wife was anywhere from 75 to 125 dollars. Now she is on the 44.95 plan and I'm on the 29.95 plan. I use a smart phone the Droid incredible and my wife is using tje Motorola Droid . We have friends using these Same phones with Verizon and paying 125.00 a month hello people use common sense I've been with pp for about a year now its untelling how much Ive saved this is the best company hands. Just find a dealer like kitty wireless so you don't have to deal with the nonsense and enjoy the savings people are nuts to stick with Verizon and their 2 year contract bs

R.C. 1/11/2011

J.Frost 1/10/2011
I've been with Page Plus for almost a month now and, on the whole, I'm pleased with my service.

Rae 1/8/2011
My husband & I have had PP for two years now and we love it we pay $30 a month for each phone that gives us 1200mins & 1200text each and really thats perfect for us!!

bob 1/7/2011
Humans need to realize that evil is everywhere,and Page Plus is no exception.They have the mentality of a prison system. They do not care about you or your problems, and they never will! So why do you continue to abuse yourselves. Use the systems that work, and stay away from these evil people.

frank 1/7/2011
rep told me to go to walmart to get my number port, using the f word

KW 1/6/2011
I've been with Page Plus for almost a year. I agree, their phone selections so suck! You only get 2 hours of internet but I was told by a Page Plus dealer that Page Plus dont guarantee internet. He told me the phone had to be a smartphone with wifi in order to access the internet. I've never had a drop call. The customer service is ok but some of the reps sound half dead. No one likes to be on hold for 15-30 minutes to get questions answered. What I find just stupid is, they use Verizon network, but don't guarantee Verizon phones will work with internet. Well this is what I was told. Page Plus told me that I had to get a phone that said page plus to be sure the internet will work but the only options they have is flip phones. Are you kidding me!! I had a Motorola smartphone & the internet worked on that one but the phone died.

Anonymous Ranter 12/24/2010
Excellent company with excellent products.
Customer Service is prepaid, anyone who knows jack about the prepaid biz knows what to expect - nothing.
Find a local dealer who gets his product from a PPC Master Dealer else you will likely have no support when you need it.
DO NOT EVER CALL THE PPC CS LINE. Call your local dealer, if you do not have a local dealer become one.
Do research before you buy the phone
Understand what you are getting with PPC: Nationwide Talk & Text. Also they will throw you some data, enough to do 100 low res mms's but do not expect more.
Stay loyal, the more the better and maybe one day soon we will get more data. Cross your fingers.

Mr. seeking info 12/21/2010
I heard going through kitty wireless will solve alt of customer service that true??

Barbara 12/20/2010
They are thieves. I was getting text spam so had them shut off texting. It never occurred to me they wouldn't then notify me that minutes were expiring via email or voicemail. I received no warning, my phone just quit working. Have been a customer for about 5 years and they "confiscated" (stole) my minutes! I emailed right away and they refused to return them. It's theft and a score of 1 is way too high (I had no lower choice) for these creeps.

kingboss 12/16/2010
terrible, they will not help you if a dispute of missing minutes occurrs, they say what ever they say is right, wont check into it,wont work or and refuse to talk about it, just say to pay for more minutes is your only option, if you dont like it go elsewhere

Paula 12/15/2010
I have been a PPC dealer for 7 years and yes there are problems but look at the pros to this. You can use a previously contracted Verizon phone (no blackberry phones at this time) and the phone can be set up for internet usage at the dealer site. You can port your number just like traditional contracted carriers, you are getting the same service at half the price and because PPC has been in business for over 18 years they too have been offering the same great service as one of the leading competitors in the industry. I will disclose to you that there is a drawback to those of you who want internet service on your cell. With every phone that is brew/wap capable there are applications that will continue to update and load continuously. My daughter has the Ally and used all 20 MB of data in 1 day. This was visiting Facebook and uploading pics for about 1 hour. You must understand that internet usage comes with a price so be prepared to put extra monies on your phone for the "extra" usage. As for customer service, don't feel like the loan ranger. We too as dealers don't get a warm fuzzy feeling from customer service all the time either but for the most part we are treated with respect and they handle what ever fire we are putting out for our customer. We have a dealer line to reach customer service and truth be know we do hold sometimes as much as 20 minutes. I agree that they are less than pleasant sometimes but I also know that since the plan price increased from $39.95 in May they have put an additional 300 call center reps in place to man the phones.....with that said some of those folks are still learning. I doesn't take a genius to know how to treat people but give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe over time they too can work this problem out internally. Hang in can't beat the service and if you can get that great Verizon phone you want then its a win/win!

Cal 12/15/2010
Hi Jennifer,

Jennifer 12/15/2010
If I could give this company less than one star I would. I was so excited to use this company and finally not have a contract. Needless to say I was extremly disappointed to discover how rude this company was. When I called the customer service line I was hung up on after asking to speak with a manager. When I called back and asked to speak with a manager the lady refused to let me and refused to even give me her name. After several attempts I finally talked to "Heather" a manager who didn't offer anything except attitude and at the end of the conversation threatened me with saying she would deactivate my account with them. Oviously I said please do. This company may be cheap but you get what you pay for. The worst customer service I have ever seen.

April 12/13/2010
All the negatives about the company are true, although they have improved the wait time when you call in. It used to be totally ridiculous with a wait/on hold time of no less than 30 minutes.
All of you on the unlimited talk and text plan better beware. PP is disconnecting people's service (sometimes in the middle of the month) for what they call 'abusing the unlimited talk and text plan'. PP customers are given no prior warning and are not given pro-rated refunds. Sometimes they can't port over their numbers if they want to leave.
Once you have been deemed an abuser the decision is final and you can no longer buy the unlimited plan but are permitted access to all the other plans. PP can and will, at anytime and for any reason, deem you an abuser.
Yes PP has unbeatable coverage (IMO) but it is not worth the crappy customer service and an owner who has admitted 'not being one who likes to play nice'.

Rodney 12/12/2010
I love it and have no complaints at all in fact I have my on PP and got one of my sisters on PP too. We all love it and have been using the service for approximately a year now.

Mandy 12/11/2010
-5 star. Worst customer service ever, rude, disrespect, helpless, irresponsible, dumb. A lot of drop calls, poor reception. Their refurbished phones are craps, worthless, defected. Their new phones are too expensive compare to any company. I was too regret to involve with PP, and wonder how could such awfull company still survive?

jazzman 12/9/2010
I've been with page plus for just about three years, and I've been very happy with the service. I switched from Verizon, so I was able to use the same phones and numbers as I had on Verizon. Page plus uses the Verizon network, so the coverage was the same. There are a few places where the coverage is roaming, I particularly have noticed Iowa and West Virginia as being mostly roaming states, so you might not want page plus there. The benefits of page plus are the cost and verizon network. It is so cheap. My wife and I only use phones occasionally. We bought $80 cards to start, and now just by $10 cards every 4 months. We only use for short calls, so we don't use many minutes. For $2.50 a month we get cell service. It's a very good deal. Coverage has been great. I haven't used the customer service very often. I called to set up the phones, and then went 2.5 years with no problems. Last month our old phones started to not work right. We began looking at replacements. Page plus sells some on their site, but I also found that they can use Verizon (post-paid), Sprint, and Alltel phones. I picked a cheap basic sprint on ebay and my wife got an Alltel. Customer service walked us through the ESN change. We didn't have a wait time at all. My wife had to call a second time later that day because her phone was showing it was roaming and not dialing out right. They helped her reprogram the phone and now it works great. We've been very happy with the service and our limited contact with customer service has been great. The only thing to watch for is make sure you add minutes every 120 days. I change text background on my phone to show the refil date so I won't forget. A little bit of a hassle, but it's only three times a year. I spend less a year on my phone now than I did per month before. I highly recommend

anita 12/6/2010
This company sucks. It is a ripp off. When I call they tell me that i will need to cancel my subscription online, but my internet was not working @the time. When I called to let them know what happened, some guy said that he will take care of it there at the company. When I recieved my NEW visa bill the charge was already billed again, even though I cancelled within 30 days before I would be charged!!!! when I called back to see why I was charged after I CANCELLED, I was told that my internet account was cancelled, not my phone service... therefore there was nothing they could do, and refunding my new charge was NOTHING THEY COULD DOOOO, AS I WAS TOLD BY REGINA, THE MANAGER!!!!

rob 12/6/2010
loveeee it had it for about a year and i use the motorola droid wifi and alll the apps great deal

Tom 12/6/2010
I will never understand why people who complain about poor customer service don't use a dealer.

Tony 12/5/2010
I did a lot of searching on this site and I believe PPC is the best, but trying to find a retailer is a bust.

Rob F 12/4/2010
Page Plus offers fine rates for Verizon service. So far so good. The negatives comes from spotty customer service and no small degree of snarkyness. I miscalculated my 120 day service period and PP confiscates my minutes. With 8 hrs of the deadline I added minutes, but a CSR and manager would not carryforward the exsting balance, offer perhaps to credit half. Soup Nazis!

Will 12/2/2010
Today Page Plus' auto pay system was down. As a result both of our phones lost service. I attempted to manually add funds to my account online, and it kept saying transaction failed. After two tries, I called 'customer service' for assistance. I waited 20 minutes to talk to someone, and she tried to process the payment for me as well but told me that my card was declined and there was nothing she could do and that I need to contact my bank to see why my card was declined, and to check my billing address. Even though I knew my info was correct and my account was fine since I was using the card that day and had my account up right in front of me, I agreed and called the bank anyway. Of course everything was fine, and all 3 of Page Plus' charges were holds on my account.

Oct 12/2/2010
I can't say enough good about the service. Lowest cost, $2.50per month. No cost to set up old phone. Good customer service.

farway 11/30/2010
I've had Page Plus for the last 18 months and my only complaint is the customer service. The coverage and call quality are good, the prices are good, but there are issues to deal with, and customer service has repeatedly given us the wrong information. You have to make sure the phone you bring will work with Page Plus, and this is sometimes an iffy proposition -- there are no guarantees, and you can't count being steered right. My last bad encounter with customer service may be my last; I upgraded from an unlimited text service to an unlimited voice and text service, while I still had a month left on the text service, and followed the instructions of customer service in doing so. My account then showed I had no service, and when I called (after a v-e-r-y long wait -- typical, I've spent hours on the phone with them), they "fixed" the problem, then told me I would lose the $20 left on my original text service. When I asked to speak to a manager about it -- thinking I would get credit for this, since the loss was Page Plus's mistake -- they said the manager wouldn't speak to me. I didn't lose my temper or get nasty ( guess I was too tired, after working all day), but when I pressed the matter they hung up on me. I've had some good people, who always apologize for the long wait times, but you can definitely count on getting reps like this one (said his name was Rodney Jackson, and his manager was Terry). I'm beginning to think the cost savings aren't worth putting up with a company attitude like this.

Ron 11/30/2010
I've been on PPC for almost 1 year. Got tired of Paying Verizon 73/month. Now both my wife and I enjoy talk n text for 60/mo. I had problems with a Q that I bought through a dealer, but it was a software glitch that we could never fix. I now have a older verizon phone bought from an individual. It has a querty slide out. Negative is it will not sync with my outlook or go on the web. I'll get a new Q when I can. Customer service is slow but I use the web to pay my bill and have used CS to change a number with no problem.

mz. jay 11/30/2010
Page plus is a very great prepaid phone company to be connected to. No hidden fees, and no contracts is the things I want my phone company to be about. Page plus is a very helpful and respectful phone company.

Luigi 11/29/2010
PP Customer service folks are professional, friendly, helpful. I wonder if some people are angry when they call and are seeing themselves in the PP clerks. I have nothing but praise for the way they've handled my calls.

Shannon 11/26/2010
I think PPC is great. The best coverage by far, and the ability to bring your own device to the company is a HUGE asset. The ability to have virtually any smartphone (except for a Blackberry)on a prepaid plan. Yes, the customer service is not the greatest, but my husband and I use a dealer. That cuts down on our dealings with Page Plus CS to nothing, which is a good thing, because until we found this dealer my husband was ready to throw in the towel too and go back to Verizon.
I told him even if I NEVER have a cell phone again I WILL NOT go back to Verizon.

jollygo 11/26/2010
Horrible service, minutes deducted are NOT accurate!

Jane 11/24/2010
Too bad they don't have negative Stars. PPC is the worse for customer service. They refuse to answer questions and put you on hold forever...hoping you hang up. Their supervisors are RUDE, unprofessional and worthless. They are sarcastic and very disrespectful. You think a company would embrace their customers who are the reason they exist. Cheap- Yes, but sometimes you get what you pay for. After many years as a PPC customer, I am now going to another company. The customer service did it for me. Also, more dropped calls and poor reception these days!!

Sarah 11/24/2010
So far, i haven't had a problem with Page Plus. It's been great. i do have the $44.95 a month plan, and have gone through four phones so far, not as a result of this company, though. First, i had a very old was ten years old, becuase we did not have another verizon phone at the time. then a friend gave , me her Voyager, which worked great, i was able to get online and everything with it, but then the charger circuit in the phone detatched so i started using my step dad's old Venus...but i couldn't get online with this phone for some reason, even though 20 mb of data, which should include internet. I let the subject go...this month, about a week ago, I got the Rouge. It's a great phone, i love it. It works great..but for some reason i still can't get online. When i try, it shows me two options, "My Verizon: manage your account (free)" and "Mobile Web: subscribe now for access to Email, News, Sports, Weather, Travel & more...(surf mobile web for 24 hours for $1.99)" Each time i even try to click on either option it tells me "The system was unable to process your order. Please call Customer Service, *611 from your phone" great idea...too bad thats verizons customer service...Does any one have any suggestions???

Matt 11/23/2010
I've got 5 lines on PPC. No complaints.

anthony 11/22/2010
customer service takes a bit to get ahold of. i have unlimited plan and have unlimited calling and texting. the service runs off verizon towers- which is great because theyre seemingly everywhere. every month tax included my bill is 45.95$ ... I've had the service for over a year now and love it. They dont require you to have a bank card on file or anything.. just pay when you're 30 days of unlimited use expire. this company is awesome.

slothy 11/21/2010
Been with Page Plus for just over a month now. So far, so good! I've had a few problems renewing the 1200 minutes plan through their website - I got an error when I first tried to enter my code, but was able to get the code to work just by waiting a few hours! Being on the Verizon network is great, and I find that the 50mb of data is perfect for my needs (just occasional webmail when I'm away from my office). And you can't beat the price! I'm using the Motorola Q, which is a nice phone (everyone I know said "so, you finally gave in and bought a Blackberry?" when they saw it) and I like that I own it without any contract whatsoever. My only comment on the phone (not affecting my rating of the Page Plus service) is that I wouldn't recommend - it took a lot longer for my phone to arrive than the delivery times promised online, and they weren't particularly responsive to my emails. You might have a better experience going with a bricks-and-mortar dealer or buying your own phone and doing the activation yourself...

Eric 11/19/2010
Phone choice is not limited to phones sold by PPC. I used VZW & Alltel phones. Most CDMA phones should work. Changing or activating phones is free. Use local dealers or Internet or telephone PPC as you prefer.

R.C. 11/17/2010

Jenny 11/16/2010
Pageplus first sent me a phone that did not work at all. I had to send back the phone and wait for 5 days more for a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement also did not work. Customer services said I had to send the cell back, they will send another replacement, but can not warranty that the replacement will work???? I am too tired of keep sending back the phone, and wait for another replacement that Pageplus can not warranty that it will work???? Every time I sent back the phone, I had to pay #$6 for shipping fee . The replacement cell that I having right now doesn't work too. Customer service so rude, always ready to start a fight, then hang up on customer. Can't deal with this kind of people, I have to give up, and go with AT&T.

@ 11/15/2010
I never had any issues and customer service is great. And I don't know why people complains about:
Best Price
Best coverage nationwide on Verizon network.
Best customer service.
I strongly recommend them and we saved a lot of money with Page Plus!

Joe 11/15/2010
We just ported 3 lines from T-Mobile and saved about $90.00 per month with a better coverage!

Gary 11/15/2010
I got tired of my at&t plan with 2 phones for $70 month. I use very little minutes and had over 5000 rollover minutes. I was looking for a plan for low usage. Page Plus was the perfect answer. I average about $8 month with Page Plus. A lot of providers don't have a good plan for low usage users. I don't care about text and data.
No Contract and renew minuites online and you can track you calls on your account. The coverge area is as good if not better than at&t. After all they use the version network.

TonyS 11/15/2010
I activated a phone through Kitty Wireless on pageplus last month. I just used a RAZR that I had on Verizon before. No problems whatsoever. A+

R.C. 11/14/2010

Jessica 11/12/2010
Page Plus is the best cellular company out there, as far as coverage and price go. Yes, their customer service is a bit spotty, but a dealer is definitely the best way to go. It doesn't cost anything additional, and if you use a good one, they will fix your billing and customer questions for you.

ek 11/12/2010
Ohio-based company rates "F" by their local BBB. That fact plus the fact that I, a soon-to-be x customer says it all. Problems are across the board with this co. Can't give full credit to this editor's rating.

anthony 11/12/2010
amazing always 44.95 for unlimited plan.. no tax or anything.. i will never switch companies.... and u can use any verizon phone on their network...

rhee 11/12/2010
their customer service was not very good. first, you have to wait for 10 to 20 min to get a person. second, you may not get the same information every time you call in. third, I was hang up on once by their customer service rep., when I request clarification on the overcharge. four, I don't know how much I can trust the company since I still don't know where to address issues if I do not get a clear answer from the customer rep.

Annie 11/11/2010
AJ: They did the same thing to me. The first phone did not work at all. They sent me a replacement which is defected : it did not have a ringtone, so it did not ring when people called me. They do not give customer the refund money, but keep sending customer another defected phone. They do not warranty that the next replacement phone will work. Customer have to pay about # $6.00 shipping fee each time customer send back the defeted phone. You loose your time, and your noney. Customer service rep. are very rude, helpless, moron, bigmouth, never admit their mistake. Their products are junk, trash, pain in the butt.

Robert 11/11/2010
Nino: They are on the Verizon pre paid towers. The phones they sell on the wesite are bad referbished units that why I did not get one. To pay my bill I just do it on the website. Again I never had a problem with Pageplus all I did is save money every month.

Robert 11/11/2010
Never had a problem. My wife and I have been useing Pageplus for years. I had a contract with T-Mobile and Verizon. I save money with Pageplus. I got a used Verizon Env2 for $40.00 and activated it fot free. I spend $29.95 per month and my wife spends $25.00 every other month.

AJ 11/10/2010
They sold me a phone that doesn't work and refused to refund my money. I also purchased a months worth of service at the same time - the only service their company has provided me with is to charge my credit card. I have not been able to make a single phone call from my phone and they are unable to resolve it. Their customer service staff ranged from sounding bored and barely literate to downright angry folks who will not let you get a word in. Complete waste of time and money.

Nino 11/10/2010
I have used this company for about a year now. I hate it. After my month is up I am going back to a contract. I wanted away from that. But waiting on hold every month for 30 min. to pay my bill and all the problems. We ordered a phone from them, they sent the wrong one, of corse it didnt cost as much and we had to send it back to get the right one. then when they finely sent the right one we had to send the broken one back too. they messed up. every month there is something wrong with one of my phones. I have 3 for my fam. and it is a 30 to 1 hour call to get it fixed. I will never use them again. O and they are not on all Verizon towers as they claim.

Use A Dealer 11/9/2010

sasa 11/8/2010
0 star. Worst customer service ever, rude, irresponsible, incompetence, dishonest. Do not do not care and do not respect customer. Lousy company, their phones are trash, defected, non-conformance. Stay away from Page Plus or you will be sorry.

JR 11/8/2010
One of the best prepaid company Nationwide:
Best Price
Verizon Network
Best customer service

Nph 11/8/2010
I have a problem every month with billing. It takes to long to get any customer service. The supervisor refused to help me after the third phone call to customer service in a day and hung up on me. Do not give this company your money.

sunny 11/8/2010
What a awful comapy, Page plus keeps sending me defect replacement cell. Their cell phones are junk, so that's why the minute is so cheap in order to attract customer. Even on the term and condition the warranty is 90 days, but the customer service saying it's only 15 days! You already spend 5-7 days to receive the cell since the order. They said they can only keep sending a replacement, and can not waranty that the replacement will work eventhough their technician supposed to test their cell phones before sending them out to customer, and that customer are lucky that they willing to send them a replacement! Customer service rep. are rude, big mouth, stupid, won't do anything to help you but rip you. I think they are hired only to fight with customer and try to get away and leave customer just angry and suffering. Stay away from them if you do not want to have headache. This is a business of cheating, stealing your money. Anyone please let me know where could I make a complaint? I do not have money to pay the lawyer. Thanks.

Tina 11/6/2010
I have to call Page plus customer service many time as they sent me 2 phones that are not functioning well. I think they are irressponsible, do not care for customer at all, also hung up on me once. My brother uses AT@T, and is very happy: AT&T shipping is free, quickly, and they also send him a free parcel return label just in case . Pagephus charges customer $5.95 for 5 days ground shipping . Eventhough on the terms and condition shows that you can send back their defect handset within warranty period for a replacement, freight prepaid, but in reality, customer will have to pay for shipping fee if they want to send back their defect product. And if the replacement is also not funtioning -like mine-, you have to pay for another shipping fee, and will have to wait 5-7 days for another replacement! I feel I was trapped.

@ Eddie 11/4/2010
Thanks for the advice!
I just activated a phone by using Kitty wireless and it went very smooth.

Eddie 11/4/2010
Those of you complaining about CS should probably consider using a dealer. I use KittyWireless. There are occasional glitches, but Kitty takes care of them. It doesn't cost any more to use a dealer, so why not?

robert 11/3/2010
i love pageplus had them for over a year now. I use the Motorola droid love the free aps and wifi and i never had a problem with them good price i have the 1200 1200 so when i run out of the tex msg i use my wifi to send free tex msg to anyone for free with the app you down load for free got to love the free apps and wifi and love pageplus

Naomi 11/3/2010
The service staff are a bunch of morons, probably instructed to never admit wrong-doing. They repeatedly told me the wrong information over the phone (3 times), but will not take any responsibility for it. The worst part, if you decide to fight them from the credit card company's side, they will cut your service without notifying you. When I called the company, the customer service person said my account was funded and there is no problem, without ever realizing they had cut my service. Serious incompetency.

Chris 10/28/2010
I was a little reluctant to go with PagePlus because of mixed reviews I read here but after several months my experience has been mostly positive. In the first 3 weeks I had the phone my service was interrupted on two separate occasions. This was a bit irritating but I had no problems contacting customer service and getting the problem straightened out and I've had no issues in several months since then.

Tom Z 10/28/2010
I'm getting in touch with the Illinois Attorney General's ofice to file a complaint against this outfit. I've had the phone for 3 weeks. Car Kit code came on and I was told it meant water damage (not on my watch) and that I couldn't return it. I got it going by taking the battery out and playing with it. Now it won't hold a charge. Customer service is the pits. Lousy company.

yrag 10/27/2010
Great prices, great connections (They are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) using the Verizon Wireless network.)

RAUL 10/25/2010

@ 10/25/2010
I never had any issues and customer service is great. And I don't know why people complains about:
Best Price
Best coverage nationwide on Verizon network.
Best customer service.
I strongly recommend them and we saved a lot of money with Page Plus!

Rik 10/25/2010
The absolute worse customer service. You can take all the horror stories of all the wireless services, combine them and it will not reach the depth of this company. If I could take away stars I would. Their CS people are RUDE, unproductive, and think they can say or do anything they want to the client. I have been called every name in the book, and then the added insult was that I was told that I was rude to everyone, and that if I was a "BETTER PERSON" then they would help me. My phone is not working and I get an email telling me to call from my phone to verify my account, and to ask for ext 340. When I tried calling from another line, since my phone was not working AGAIN, the person who answered did not know what I was talking about and hung up on me. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and I suggest you do as well. The low price is NOT worth the aggravation of dealing with the CS. Especially when I depend on my cell phones to be working

Dan 10/24/2010
I am pleased with the pay-as-you-go service, but if you're going to get a monthly plan (unlimited or 1200 T&T) by all means join Howard Forums ( and ask in the PagePlus forum about the problems other customers have had before you buy. You'll save yourself lots of money and headache if you do a little research before you buy.

Sean 10/21/2010
I have had Page Plus for 5 months now and couldn't be happier. The price is right and the service is great. The two times I have had to call CS I had to wait on hold for about 15 minutes but the CS both times was very nice and helpful. I also am using my old Verizon handset which they had no problem porting over to Page Plus.

Tina 10/21/2010
This company is awful. They have the worst customer service. My paln expired on the 20th, and I perfer to renew it on the next day bcause if the fact of if you renew you plan before your money will be eaten up by data, and you would be force to pay extra. this morning I went and purchased a $25 card and 2 $10 cards to total$45 right? Which shouldbe enough to cover my $45 plan.That makes since right? Well no, Page Plus told me that my unlimited plan was removed and I am now on 6cents per min plan and there is nothing they could do about. the only option is to purchase another $45 card. Tis company clearly doesnt care about there customers. I wonder what their focus is as a company, becuase its definetly not keeping customers. I wish i could give it 0 stars. Oh and i forgot to mention, out of the 4x's i called a supervisor would not even get on the phone to talk to me, and I was hung up by one of the reps. Just plain AWFUL!!!!

John 10/21/2010
Great rates for the best network . Customer service and IT are mediocre (both sometimes really bad) . However, I am patient - PPC customer for several years .

Adam 10/19/2010
BEWARE OF THIS PLACE!! It is a scam!!! 1. its not a pay as you go. I ran out of my 1200 min. (even though I only used 432 min) so when I attempted to replenish my 1200 min. I was told that since I finished my min. before the months end, I would have to purchase more minutes to use for the next week until my monthly plan, which I was never told it was a monthly plan, was ready to renew. So I reluctantly purchased 400 min. for 25$ to get me by. So I used 67 min of the 400 and was then told that my min. were up again!? So I call and wait on hold for 1 hr. 23min and the told that the 400 min. that I bought were no longer 400 min.??. Since I finished my initial 1200 min. earlier than a months time, any money I would put in prior to my renew date would be subjected to a overage fee of 15 cents a min. Non of which was told to me when I called and purchased the 400 min. the lady actually told me "this 400 min. will get you through until your month is up" which clearly she knew she was lying.
Okay... So I looked my account up and see that over half of all the money that I have spent on minutes for this phone was being charged for internet use. When I set my phone up I was told by the lady that Blackberries can't use internet. Since the price was cheap I was fine with it for now. So when I called to get it rectified and hopefully get some back pay minutes since this has been happening for over 6 months, I was told " ya we have been having that problem for a while now with the Blackberries" So when I asked to have min. refunded I was told "sorry but no" so when I said clearly this is your guys fault... she interrupted and said "I will tell you what I told the last person, you can purchase one of our phones and if not TOUGH SHIT" the she went on to tell me to" feel free to post anything I want to, since our prices are cheap people will still come"

@ron 10/19/2010
I have the 1200 plan paid for it a few days early and it switched over this morning with no problems.

kc 10/19/2010
have their servive for almost a year,very happy i dont text. or use cam. have the 1200 min plan. only prob i have is trying to set up account on web site so my bill is paid out of my bank monthly..havent had any problem with customer service,

Ron 10/19/2010
I too paid in advance only to have my service interupted ,Ive been told to file a complaint with FCC,all communication providers are regulated and liscened through them,they are help accountable to this gov office..I have had good service up until this morning..I always pay the $49.95 several days ahead of time to ensure I have of 10-19-2010 AM.service was cut off leaving me with no service..from what Ive read,,page plus doesnt seem to take US consumers seriously.but I have an idea that if everyone who reads these complaints,contacts the FCC..maybe they will change thier service practices...if they never have to pay a fine,there is no reason for them to change

Consider H20 Cdma instead of Page Plus 10/18/2010
If you are a Paygo user and need cheap talk minutes and texts with comparable rates to Page Plus, consider H20 Cdma. They have prices close to Page Plus and better customer service along with no Blackberry ban. For talk/text/mms.
No data or unlimited plans at this time though.

Amy Ma 10/18/2010
Absolutely awful customer service. I ordered a phone, they messed up the address, did not ship the phone for a few days. I called requested they do expedited shipping to make up for their mistake. They refused, I requested to talk to a manager, they apparently are not allowed to transfer customers to a manager. They told me I could call back and talk to another customer service person but I am not allowed to talk to a manager. I called back insisted on talking to a manager, I was put on hold for five minutes and not given to a manager but another customer service person who also refused to connect me to a manager. Finally, I called a third time livid demanded to talk with a manager, who blamed me for giving them the wrong address, when I did not and then he hung up on me. I have never had such awful customer service in my life. And I had yet to ever even get their service. They preferred to give me a refund rather than getting me as a customer and expedite their shipping and keep me as a customer.

Sam 10/16/2010
I had switched one line last month and I was impressed with the 20% discount I thought I will get compare to my Sprint account so I ported my 2nd phone last week. Huge mistake. I have been penny wise and dollar fool.
last night when I checked my account online, the web site stated that my "Talk & Text" had expired ahead of its 30-days plan.
This morning I got a text message from PP that there is not enough funds to renew my plan. I decided to take the high road and bought a "2000 min" card for $80. I went online online and assigned the $80 credit to my phone. They only credit me $50. When I called the customer service they said that system automatically enrolled you into the "Talk & Text" plan and charged your $80 credit. When I asked them about the fact that I purposefully bought a per/min card to have control over my minutes used and not to worry about in what random date they will decide to expire my account, they offered to switched my account to per/min and when they did they also voided my credits.
You may have better luck with them but for me switching to PP was a decision I regret more than the cost I am unhappy with their customer service. They should be called "answering service". Their answer to most of the questions are "the system did it." and "we can't help you".
Don't make my mistake of being penny wise and dollar fool.

Joe R 10/13/2010
thanks @happy ppc, i happy you got a good customer service rep. i do like the service, just not customer service. hopefully they will fix it.

Happy PPC Customer 10/13/2010
I have been a happy Page Plus customer for over two years without any problems, until a similar thing happened to me. On my Unlimited Talk n Text renewal date, I got charged out of my cash balance for text messages between 1-2 AM. I called customer service and they are crediting the money back to my account. And they were very friendly and polite. Just call and they'll take care of it for you. Overall I'm still very happy with the service.

joe R 10/13/2010
We used to like page plus. but finally the horror you hear from everyone else catches up 2. be careful. if you renew your 44.95unlimited, say like 2 days before. you can add it to the account and it will renew on the date. so it kind of does. my wife and i had this happen. 12am on date of renewal insufficent funds, 330am plan renewed successful. so i text between 12am and 2am on the renewal date and was slapped with 5.00 in texts out of my extra cash on the account. called customer service, got horrible reps that dont care. they hang up on you, tell u that u renew the plan at a store or another website (ya im sure i did at 330 when i was sleeping). menawhile i renewed at the official page plus website. i do like the coverage and all and the price, but when they changed the way the apply pins instead of a cash balance somehow messed it up even more. customer service could care less. people need 2 know this as it will effect alot of people. i have extra on my account for occasional roaming. how about if i had emergency will not extra on the account my phone would been dead other than 911. this isnt right, i had it for a year with no problems and finally they got us. i had to complain threw the email, hopefully that works. love the verizon network, but not that dumb stuff of page plus. minus 5 stars.

JBinFlorida 10/13/2010
I've had pageplus for over a year and it's been the perfect solution to meet my needs at the right price. I only need talk and text and I found this service at a local convenience store (Circle-K). The phone was a basic LG flip phone sold for $15 which included $6 worth of airtime credit.

MJ 10/11/2010
The product (handsets) is average at best.
The airtime program has had issues as indicated by others, but supposedly they have worked out the kinks.
The system (Verizon)is, in my opinion, the best network available, especially in suburbs and rural areas.
Page Plus now offers new handsets with a one-year warranty. Nice in concept, but I will reserve my opinion until I see the warranty actually work without issues.
Do your homework on this company. Many questionable practices and legal issues follow this company.
Is this where you wishto spend your hard-earned money?

Joe 10/10/2010
This service is great for people who want to use their own device for cell phone service. They are just about the only CDMA carrier that allows this.

Toni 10/9/2010
This is NOT an honorable business. The plans are not what they say they are. I got the talk n text 1200. Realized after a week my min were lower than they should be so i calculated all of them. If you see a record with a 9-digit number like 723487686 its a fake record. Its taken 144min from my min but described as data usage which this plan comes with 50MB. They tried to tell me it was voice mail but those calls are listed with your personal number. Then they tried to say it was a MMS but that would in fact go towards the data. I looked at my call history and on the same day and time as that record I placed a local call that was only 26sec. So this record is random and has nothing to do with any activity on my phone. And the worst part of it is that after I showed them that the error was on them, they told me "there is nothing we are going to do about it" They are ripping people off and not doing anything to correct their errors. NOTE TO EVERYONE: LOOK AT YOUR CALL RECORDS AND YOU WILL SEE

Jorge A. Martinez 10/6/2010
If you want a real phone service and just a little of respect to your person don't ever get this stupid page plus service.

Albert 10/6/2010
Not great but inexpensive . I use them only because of price and I am extremely patient . Also, don't believe the posts from those shills here for that dealer.

CoCo Brown - They Crossed Me 10/4/2010
Has anyone seen this on their website now. Some new idea they have. They still need to refund some money!

CoCo Brown - They Crossed Me 10/4/2010
@Nicole - Please let me know what law firm you get because I'm trying to sue them too and I contacted the law firm handled the CA suit against Verizon and no response. @ all who complained about customer service, they need to be sued for for their poor customer service alone. They're rudely ridiculous. I'e been hung up on several times. I too had the same problem with the 44.95 plan although mine didn't happen until after I switched to autopay. And they said it was my internet usage and I also paid the day before it was due. Right now I have their 29.95 plan because I couldn't afford to go to Verizon or any other carrier. Boost has too many dropped calls for where I live. And with anyone else I would have to buy a new phone. Page Plus has the cheapest plans but their company practices and policies suck. They don't even follow their own Terms and Conditions

@nicole 10/3/2010
Try to call 800-550-2436 and report your issues!
I had the same problem and they credited my account again!

ready 10/3/2010
good from 9-5 after that you need to go to hell n wate no service what so ever and i though sprint was bad wow.

nicole 10/2/2010

@David 10/1/2010
I had the same issues but i called the customer service and they took care of it right-way.
try to call 800-550-2436 ext: 335

david gaultney 10/1/2010
I've had page plus for over a year and have 3 phones with them.My phone renewal date is on the sept. 23rd of each month i all ways pay earlier so it don't get cut off on all 3 phones.I paid early on the 22nd and made a 411 call witch i have never done i dont use the web services on the plus charged me 1.25 they took my 44.95 and started charging me .12 cent a minute and .25 cents per text message.Now its Oct.1 and now there telling me i have to renew my plan and pay another 44.95 cents.They can send me text messages 3 times when it time to renew my plan but cant send me one saying i owe them 1.25 before i renew thats a ripoff.I think they would value there customers better than that.Or they should have let me know that that 411 call was going to cost me 44.95 in the short run when the call went through maybe even a text.People who renew there plan early need to think of how there going to RIP YOU OFF.

Tami 9/30/2010
My husband and I switched over to Page Plus 2 years ago when our (cell phone jail)contract expired. We have had 100% satisfaction. They don't make you buy a new phone to hook up with them if your phone will adapt to their program. We just punched in some numbers from inside the battery compartment on the phones we already had and they have been working fine. Also, their coverage is great. My page plus reception comes in where others don't. I am in the military, and sometimes when I am out in the field training, nobody else has service and my page plus phone is the only phone available to make calls. I have only needed to call Customer service 3 times. Each time, they picked up right away and have been polite and helpful - and (no foriegn accents). We have saved a lot of money and have had a lot less cell phone stress since switching over. For us it works great, we don't need any fancy stuff, and don't make a ton of calls. Unless we are roaming, our monthly charges are usually between $5 and $20. You do have to pay attention to when your 120 days is up so you don't lose the money in your account. Page plus sends e-mail reminders to add money to the account, and adding money is very easy. I was busy and let that happen one time and lost about $15 that was on the account, but that was my fault for not paying attention to their reminders, and it is still a LOT cheaper for us than the other phone companies.

Aliya 9/28/2010
page plus customer services SUCKS!! my bill was due on 24 i paid on 23rd and made a 411 call which is supposed to be one dollar and some change but because their billing system did recognize my payment early i had to pay another $44.95 to get my service cut back on because i made that 411 call.cust rep is smart mouthed and i dont see how they got hired in first place talking to people who they have cheated out their money.

amy 9/26/2010
just got the 1200 txt and voice yesterday on htc droid incredible. there is absolutely no comparsion between verizon and pageplus's services. based on a 5-star system, verizon would be 5 and pageplus would be 1. but pageplus is about 50% cheaper than verizon. what can you do? many ppl recommend using the kitty site. but it does not open on the weekend for calls. the site does not seem to be user friendly either so. pageplus reps want to cut off the phone asap. most are not patient. some know what they are talking about and some don't. but they are there to pick up the phone on the week.

foosinaround 9/24/2010
I have been with this company for a long time...some good and some bad. I was so upset with them after I got the $40 unlimited plan(when it was)and was not able to use it cause I was quote on quote roaming. Now mind you the cs person never told me that I wasn't going to be able to use it and said I would be fine. So I did and found out she just said it just to get me to buy the plan. I called and was on the phone for hours to no avail. They said that they no longer were able to credit people cause the front office said so. So in other words if I paid for something and didn't get it ,too bad cause there isn't anything that they can do. Horse crap!!!!! They know that there isn't anything we can do if they have the CS people tell us that their hands are tied, so they tell us sory but nothing can be done...period

CoCo Brown - They Crossed Me 9/21/2010
@ Gone For Good - The exact same thing happened to me this past weekend with them. And they hung up in my face every time I proved to them they were wrong. Some reps wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor. One rep said she was the Sup and no one else was above her. Who do you have now? I have the Omnia I910 and they said that my phone is a smart phone it connects even when I'm not physically connecting it. They said also that picture messages counts towards the data package when I told them that is not what they advertise and I'm not billed for those on my account. And here is the best part. I never had a problem with them like this until I switched to Auto Pay. Alot of the comments with the 1 STAR I've experienced the same type of treatment with their customer service. I definitely believe it is time for a class action lawsuit against them. also filed a complaint with the BBB. I've emailed a law firm the other day but I have not got a response yet. The lawfirm is the same one that handled the case against Verizon and AT&T. Anyone Else with any suggestions to take this company to court and shut them down!

Joe 9/21/2010
One of the best prepaid company Nationwide!
My family saved a lot of money with PPC.

Ray 9/19/2010
I have 3 family phones on Pageplus, 2 standard and 1 on 1200 TnT. I have had no problems with service; I picked one of the best dealers, Kitty Wireless and use their fully automated services. I have called Pplus CS a couple of times, and got adequate to good service after a long hold time. Online tickets are resolved in 1 or 2 days. Coverage and net performance is excellent. I have had some trouble with 3 refurb Verizon phones, and wish I had bought an extended warranty for them. That is my only complaint, other than the learning curve to find how to get internet to work on Verizon phones (vs Pageplus branded). Pageplus phone selection has improved recently, and they offer a couple of new phones now with a 1-year warranty.

@wendy zanders 9/19/2010
send them to your number like this

wendy zanders 9/19/2010
how can you get free ring tons i always get a message saying call the provider

Schlomo 9/19/2010
@DavidH: You ain't seen nothing yet! You're just getting started. :)

Bill 9/17/2010
Page plus has no ethical value in business dealing. Customer service Suck. Give my business to other after 3 years with them.

FruGuru 9/17/2010
It's been working for me since more than a couple of years. The savings are phenomenal. Easy to change ESN (switch phones). Easy to activate a new (or old) phone in just a few hours. There are a lot more niceties about Pageplus. But I'm FruGuru. (Fru = frugal).

ALEX 9/16/2010
they make you wait for eeeeeeeeeeever to answer your call second they are the RUDEST people ever they been rude with me many time and they hung up the phone on me twice. CHEAP BUT NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!

InSane Diego 9/16/2010
Hello All, I just recently activated an old VZW Cell phone I had laying around over to PagePlus Cellular. They gave me a local number. So far so good. I got the unlimited call for $44.95. To my surprise that I got a "WELCOME TO VERIZON NETWORK" Message. I love that it works everywhere my other current VZW cell phone. I understand that is a pay as you go phone, but I plan to put my current plan on revolving credit card so my service continues without any interruptions. I can believe I have been raped for so many years from Verizon. I have been with Verizon when they were Airtouch Cellular. I say good bye for ever to the VZW and say HELLO PAGEPLUS!!!!!!!

DavidH 9/16/2010
@Schlomo, You are right about problems resulting from the monthly Talk n Text 1200 plan back to the standard plan. I found that although they switched me back to the standard plan, they are charging me $.12 per minute (the overage rate on their monthly plan). I submitted a ticket and received this prompt reply:

Schlomo 9/16/2010
@DavidH: You sound like me! I started off my first month with the 1200 minute/1200 text plan. Was very happy at first. Good prices, best network, etc. Seemed too good to be true. (See my first 5 star review. I basically told people to stop complaining, told them they were whining, etc. Now I'm one of them.)

Schlomo 9/16/2010
It is amazing the disparity in ratings. (ie: most seem to be 1 star or 5 star)

DavidH 9/16/2010
I have been a Page Plus customer for a little over a month. Their prices are excellent. I have called customer service twice. The first time I was on hold for 5 seconds. The second time I called was to change from the 1200 minute plan to the standard plan. My call was answered instantaneously. I found customer service to be polite, competent, and responsive.

Bill Crews 9/15/2010
They stole $45 worth of minutes from me. The phone is going in the trash. Worst service I have ever seen. Would not recommend them to my enemy.

Flavio 9/14/2010
I agree....customer service is not the best (once you actually reach them which can take a l-o-n-g time).

vk 9/13/2010
Worst experience ever. Customer service is really really bad. You're basically on your own if you have any kind of question or problem at all. They basically ignore you, absolutely no service at all. I don't expect this company last long base on how they operate. I am getting out once I use up my minutes.
Most of the functions in their website don't work. Calling the 800 number customer service takes over an hour if you're lucky to get through, and any conversation with the rep is less than a minute, always tell you to submit a ticket through their site, and the replies are generic and points you back to call the 800 number. So you go circles and nothing gets resolved.
I have never been so frustrated dealing with any business.

Chicago Don 9/8/2010
I have been with this service for a month. Every concern I have had has been resolved promptly. Yes, if you have the need to abuse a person this may not be the service for you. If I have a concern I just send an email or take a ticket number and it is resolved the same day. Many people are impatient and overwhelmed with themselves and need personal service. Have a little patience and save some money in the process.

Bro. Joe 9/8/2010
I have been with Page Plus for a year now and I am still very happy with the service. Yes it is hard to reach customer service sometimes but they are a small company so it is to be expected.

thersa 9/7/2010
the company is a fraud. they have you buying fake refill cards and you get no refund

David L 9/3/2010
So far I have been satisfied with PP. I have had it since February 2010 using the 1200 plan. No problems yet, except for a phone that did not last but several months. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed that PP does not try to steal from me. If they do I will have to leave.

Papo 9/2/2010
I've been using PP for more than 3 year and and never had any problems with the service,maybe i've been lucky but CS alwaays helped me and were very nice with me.Recently I activated a Droid Incredible and is working fine.
One thing bothers me ,for the past 2 month my time expired before the 30 days time limit,I have the 45.95 unlimited plan and i think is in the data usage that PP have lunch on you
Unless they offer an Unlimited Data plan or yo is gone

Valerie 9/2/2010
PAGE PLUS IN A RIPP OFF!! They continue to double bill and refuse to give you money back. They cut your phone off even after they are paid. Now!! This takes the cake!! I paid them on 8-21-10 as of today I am being told that my phone was cut off today for 2 much DATA usage and I have never been able to go on the internet with this phone. When asking to speak with a supervisor, they hang up on you!! YOU DON'T WANT TO USE THIS COMPANY, THAT ARE CROOKS!

AllWell 9/2/2010
I have wrote a review just 3 days ago. On that day I ordered a new replacement phone because one of my old ones just died. The new phone arrived today. And it is dead on arrival.
All I can say is that the phones are very very crappy.
BTW, I have to pay postage to return it!

Hopeful 9/2/2010
@Gordan Slornhoffer How can you blame your ignorance and the ignorance of a con artist on Page Plus. This man probably had nothing to do with Page Plus. You were the fool to buy a phone without a charger, what stupid person in their right mind would think a cell phone charges on sunlight? What stupid person would blame a company for their trust in a con artist.

worst 9/2/2010
The company treats there employees like dogs, same with the customers. I cannot imagine why someone would give these guys 5 stars.

@Schlomo 8/31/2010
If you can pay a 125.00 each time they mess up why dont you just go to post pay.

Schlomo 8/31/2010
My last review was on 08/05/2010. Huge change!I gave them 5 stars back then (as I was a new customer and hadn't had any problems...yet!) but 1 star now.
The problem: I have the 1200 minute/1200 text plan. Halfway through the month, they started charging me double for my calls when I called my voicemail. It was impossible for this to happen! ie: My online history shows two calls going on simutaneously (sp)! Then calls started showing up on my bill that supposedly occurred when my phone was turned off! (I was in a movie, so I shut off my phone. Minutes were deducted from my acct during this period, which is impossible to happen!)
I call customer service. HUGE MISTAKE! The employees escalated the issue to mgmt.....but it's been 14 days and no response. I've emailed and called on the telephone. Here's my solution: I'm filing an arbitration claim against them! It costs me a maximum of $125 (if the case actually makes it "trial" "arbitration". BUT Page Plus has to pay at least $795 as their filing fees. Kinda stupid of them. I'm flipping the script on the Page Plus mandatory arbitration clause. (See Terms and Conditions at the bottom of their homepage)All this over a $29.95 phone plan that they won't address or answer questions about. From now on, everytime they won't take my phone call or steal minutes from my acct, I'm going to just automatically file an arbitration claim. Costs them $350-$795 their time. Much easier for them to just answer valid complaints.

AllWell 8/30/2010
First of all, I have to say PP saves me a lot of money. I don't call as much, so prepaid cellphone is right thing for me.
Second, the phones are of horrible quality. Each one I own has to be replaced withing 1 year. I don't call a lot. The second phone is broken when my phone call lasted about 30 min.
Third, the customer service is not patient to say the least. If you ask your questions again to clarify, they get annoyed.
I still will keep my phones. Just do not recommend it to my friend.

Jessica 8/30/2010
HORRIBLE customer service. Just for that alone I wouldn't recommend them. There is no way you can speak with a manager because 'they are not allowed to transfer to them'. That's BS! Waste of my time!

Dog Eat Dog Wireless 8/28/2010
Seems to be that if you go to every third world phone company, excluding, The Top 3 At&t,Verizon and Sprint.

R.C. 8/28/2010

Dan 8/26/2010
I have moved ten phone numbers(friends, family) over to page plus. Wait on hold to get through to a rep is about 5-8 minutes. Reps are good. Moved a land line (took 15 days) too. Set my numbers up on autopay and all is well. Have no idea what all the complaining is about in this review area. I have no regrets.

Marcella 8/25/2010
Each time I have had the unfortunate experience of speaking with them, their customer service is mediocre, at best. Slow systems and reps who do not know their service information.

John 8/23/2010
As with most situations in life some people are lucky that post here as to why they cannot understand why so many people are upset with Page Plus I say give them time, what comes around goes around if page plus picked everyone's pocket at the same time there would be a loud outcry but screwing a few people at a time is not so obvious. This is the nature of ripping people off hit and run it is what criminal do. So you say you have had no problems goods for you but like the weather wait a minute and things will change. I'd say the dumbing down of Americans has worked extremely well reading some of these post. Things are never horrible until thing happen to you Right? Then the sky is falling and we should all sit up and notice just like many of you who post about how much you love PP until they get in your pockets then it's a whole new ball game. Get of the pot. PP screws people all the time and your numbers coming up. When it happens to me I will make them pay for their behavior but if you like bending over more power to you.

ten stars 8/23/2010
I have not had bad costomer service since i had them.I realy dont know what the people are having problems with unless they argue.Every time i read the reviews of other prepay its allways the same i hate this i hate that if you dont like it go back to postpay DAM!

Megan 8/23/2010
My son and I have had Page Plus service since May and the only complaint I have is the customer service. I previously had Verizon and the phone reception and service areas are exactly the same, plus I was able to use my old Verizon phone with Page Plus.

Dave 8/23/2010
Page plus has the worst customer service I have ever seen. I knew my minutes were to expire for two phones on August 20th so I tried to add time using the website--it wouldn't work. I phoned and waited for ever to get a live person. The person took down my information and gave me two confirmation numbers. The next day when I tried to use the phone it said it had no time left. I submitted an online support ticket and received a response indicating I had to phone in for support. I phoned again--another long wait. I was told I would not get the money back on my account that had been forfeited. I was told it was my fault that their agent had put the wrong address in when I phoned in my order. I pointed out that giving a confirmation number is supposed to indicate the process had completed. I was told that it wasn’t a confirmation number but an order number. I replied that I was told it was a confirmation number.

John 8/22/2010
If you are considering opening an account with Page Plus here is what you can expect. If you don't need Customer Service? go for it. If you don't need correct billing and accounting? go for it. If you think that being over charged for service you may or may do have used or your billing cycle does not roll over even when you have the funds in/on account along with no overages or extraneous charges and your account is set back to the basic per minute plan and funds are drawn out of your balance do to accounting so called errors. Go for it! It would be wonderful to think that the only thing amiss at page plus was their customer service but this is not the case. Prepaid phone service is one of these gray areas with limited regulation. Thus there is a serious potential for abuses to occur. Even criminal behavior. If you look at the ownership of Page plus you will see that the owners have already been prosecuted once in the courts system already. Apparently they failed to learn their lesson or just don't care about ethical business practices. Sites like Kitty wireless and HF are simply enablers of the aforementioned practices, perhaps well meaning groups but still enablers of the same old behaviors. When one says that the price is right at Page plus they disregard the over charges and abuses of their time and money. Unfortunately they also become part of the problem with this industry as doing business with them maintains their ability to keep abusing well meaning people. As with all business practices the consumer either become part of the problem or part of the solution. Call your local prosecutors congressman and legislators and ask then to help you rope in these companies who abuse the public trust. Some political leaders believe that business should self regulate, this is not a bad idea if businesses would actually self regulate, But as we have seen with Wall Street this rarely if ever happens. So we as consumers must become the whistle blowers on these outlandish businesses and their out of hand behaviors. It's not enough to just say their all the same and move on to the next company. We must all become involved in the regulating of these companies as we are Americans and America is a great country when we all do our part. The scam artist will steal you blind only if you allow them to do so. I wish this were not the case. Become involved whether by writing the BBB or the Attorney general of your state or filing a small claims court case or being apart of a class action suit. We are a great country because we do get involved and make things work for the betterment of all consumers. Google a search on whistle blowers and your will find dozens of law firms that take all kinds of cases from government corruption to local business corruption. The law protects even rewards people who right the wrongs in this country. please take advantage of all the tools you have in America to keep this country free and prosperous. Now I have read several post form supposed former employees of this company who have made statements as to the criminal behavior of this company which made them ill. If this is true then stop making excuses and get involved. Just complaining about injustice does not prevent it from happening. I would be more than happy to direct you to the appropriate parties and I receive nothing for my time and efforts. I simply do not like in your face criminal behavior and neither should you. Write me tell me your story I will help. Best John

DavidH 8/22/2010
I had a prepaid plan with Verizon Wireless for almost two years. The service was expensive and did not offer a prepaid cellphone. Recently I purchased an LG Ally Android phone from Craigslist. I activated it with Page Plus. All functions worked without any problem. I have traveled through several states and found the coverage to be exactly the same as with my Verizon prepaid phone. This should be no surprise since Page Plus uses the Verizon network. I have had two contacts with Page Plus customer service. I submitted a service ticket on their web site one night. The issue was resolved the next morning. I called Customer Service to get the account balance message turned off on my phone. I was on hold no more than 5 seconds. I am very pleased. Page Plus is a terrific value!

Gone For Good 8/22/2010
I am finished with Page Plus. When I first got my Blackberry, their service supported all my phone's functions. Now, I am being told they do not support Blackberrys at all, especially if you purchase their unlimited plan. If your Blackberry updates while on the unlimited plan, it exhausts your data allowance and your phone is automatically reverted back to a basic rate plan. Interestingly, the rep never mention this situation when I call to sign up for the plan. Even more comically, the rep who did explain the problem told me the only way I could get back on the unlimited plan was to purchase it again. NOT! I was only three days into the new plan and now you want to spend another $44.95. I don't think so. Searching for a new wireless provider right now. I've Page Plus for over three years and the service and the customer service have continuously gone down hill. They have become your typical shady company. It is definitely time for me to take my business and my money elsewhere.

Tim 8/20/2010
FYI Was told today that Net10 is now working with Walmart on their unlimited plans Unlimited talk text and web 411 and more. The Web will not be limited as page plus and kitty wireless insist they offer complete mobile web and will work with either GSM or CDMA systems for forty five bucks per month It was nice talking to a courteous CS person who was very professional. Here it is August 20th and the surprise PP was supposed to unveil is still a mystery. Imagine that BS from PP and their cronies. Bye Bye PP headaches why pay for customer service because PP owners have a third world mentality and think they can get away with cheating customers. Check it out.

Walt 8/19/2010
Both the company and its authorized dealers are less than up front about performance of various phones on their network. They provide their service at a low price however, their customer service representatives are often rude, and will provide answers which are not true, trusting that the callers are too, unintelligent to see the fallacy of the information they are providing. If you ask to speak with their supervisor they will simply hang up on you.

Jeff 8/19/2010
Page Plus coverage is AMAZING for a prepaid company...I could not be happier for the features I got for the price but I was disappointed in their lack of business ethics. Their billing was very confusing and I was overcharged $100 over the 6 months I was with them. When I had a problem I was on hold for over 30 min and the service was average at best. I would say this is a good company if you don't mind paying for the coverage but not the speedy or knowledgeable costumer service.

Sarah 8/18/2010
Try to find a Authorized dealer. They are big enough and open enough to have dealers that will make the trip worth while and your not stuck with just one place to pay, get help etc. Yes, CS sucks 50% of the time. ALL companies do. Most dealers will help. IF not they should be out of business anyway. Think about it. Unlimited/talk/text on the largest/best US network at $45 where as you go to the actual Verizon and what? Get charged oodles to even have their contract if your credits not up to par, get a phone that at certain price range has to have "extra" services in order to get it at the Bargain cost all of this at minimum of usually 6months, Plus you have to either be their customer for 2yrs, or pay them to let you go per your equipment, plan agreement. Also, if you want to go to another "new" plan you sign another agreement. No they don't have internet Unlimited, but then you can add money to get it, hack it, Or use wifi. You can bring pretty much any CDMA device. You don't like PP. Leave resell your phone or use it with another carrier and keep your money.

(Possibly Former) Loyal Custmer 8/18/2010
I've been with page plus for 6 months now. Switching over from Verizon to page plus was at first a little bumpy but once I got every thing straighten out it was smooth sailing. I had the $29.95 Text N Talk plan and had the Autopay so every month my plan would renew, it was like I'd never left Verizon. But then today, after 6 months of Autopay, they've "suspended" my "bundle". That meant that I could not send or receive calls. So once I found out I bought a $10 card online. I placed a call to see if my phone worked and it did. However, the call was only 6 sec and my account shows it as a minute. Also it shows that the minute cost 12 cents but the card is supposed to be 10 cents a minute (100 minutes for $10). So I will call customer service to see what’s going on. I really love Page Plus phone service but if they don’t fix these things on my account I will have to start looking at Straight Talk or sadly go back to Verizon. I hope I never have to do the latter.

To customers 8/16/2010
most of your are nice to speak with. But some of you need some serious anger management help, although no one is blaming you for being angry at page plus for whatever reason. Please try to refrain from taking it out on the CSR you may speak with. We CSR's take hundreds of calls everyday and some of use try to be as respectful as possible but you have to understand we have no control over anything. We cant press a button to give you your minutes back and now because of the new policies in effect the supervisors cant either. So please look into your heart and realize there is another person on the other side of that phone who hates the company as much as you do maybe more. But is a victim of circumstances beyond they're own control.

Bill Crews 8/16/2010
I will not renew my account as soon as my minutes run out. Their service department is rude and unhelpful. So far their shortsightedness has cost them three customers that I know of. I do not expect them to be in business too long.

jeff in tennessee 8/15/2010
ive had the same phone for 3years and never had any problems with phone or service its the best on market,and the unlimited plan is all a man needs,i choose pageplus over any on market today, keep up the great work.

Another Ex-Employee 8/13/2010
Ok people this is exactly how it is. I have read many negative and positive reviews about this company. The people here have valid complaints and just because you have not been taken yet does not mean it will not happen. So ease up on these people they have VALID complaints.
I recently worked in their call center as a CSR and wow I have never seen anything like it. The lies are constant and they laugh it off like its nothing. I can tell you there are some good CSR's still working there but for the most part these people pride themselves on being able to treat you terribly. On breaks they tell stories and laugh about how you have been taken! Its absolutely terrible. I felt so bad for so many of my customers. I was told to lie to my customers on at least 6 occassions over a 4 day period. I would not do it and I simply told the customers that I did not know what happened because honestly I didn't.
My final straw was when I called to find out why a customers 44.95 got completely eaten up without any proof of why. My supervisor simply said I don't know just tell em it was data. I said I'm sorry but I cannot do that can you show me where it happened. He stated just tell them it was data, I said I cannot do that because it is unethical and not moral. He got extremely mad at me and basically screamed tell them it was data. I said well I guess I will have to keep looking for the problem myself. I eventually had to tell this poor guy I had no idea what happened to his money and I had to apologize for the company. This made me physically ill.
So the supervisor went at said something to the General Manager. I could not wait to talk to him. I went into the office sat down and the first thing he says is "when I hear the words ethical and moral it scares me"! I literally started laughing thinking yeah I am sure it does man. We had a pleasant conversation about the practices of the company for a short time until one of the owners came in. I told both of them about the way customers are treated, how the billing system screws people over, and how extremely unprofessional the supervisors are. They had absolutely nothing to say. No excuses, no nothing I was pretty much completely shocked. They even tried to turn around on me saying it is because I have never worked in a call center! I was offended due to the fact that I have worked in customer service and the cell phone industry for 6 years. I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN ANYTHING REMOTELY CLOSE TO THIS!
To make an even longer story short I said I guess this is just not the company for me because I will not lie for you anymore. All they had to say was that is a shame! What? Really? Its a shame I won't lie for you? I am still shocked but glad to be out of that situation. (Just so you know I am by far disgruntled, it was my decision to leave. Best decision I have ever made!)

wp 8/13/2010
@ David
"Yes, PagePlus is cheap, but your life and your time is worth a lot more than their attitude and the crap they load on you. Don't try PagePlus, you will be sorry."
I am with PP and I'm not sorry - if your life and your time is worth a lot more than their attitude than do something else than calling CS - get life.

wp 8/13/2010
@ Karen Safez
Karen, great prices comes at price - if you need CS holding your hand than go with a BIG boys

Karen Safez 8/12/2010
They have great plans with great prices, but customer service is HORRIBLE! The more often I have to call customer service (and wait an average of 20 minutes each time) the less I want to give them my money.

David 8/12/2010
I wish I could give them a negative rating. The customer service of PagePlus sucks BIG TIME. I tried to log in online to add some minutes. After a long wait, it came back and says "Cannot reach server. Try later." Repeated efforts gets nowhere. So I call PagePlus, it is a long, long wait. After 20 minutes, someone finally responded. I told her the wait was simply too long. Guess what? She hung up on me, so I am into another long wait. Life is too short for this crappy company. Everyone of that company deserves to go to hell. I am going to switch to another company. Yes, PagePlus is cheap, but your life and your time is worth a lot more than their attitude and the crap they load on you. Don't try PagePlus, you will be sorry.

Anonymous 8/12/2010
Reno.....I think the point everyone is trying to make that no matter where you get your customer service this company is still full of crooks. I understand you love Kitty Wireless but they are still making money for the same people who are ripping people off all over the country. Now you sound like a good person but I think your missing the point. PAGE PLUS/KITTY WIRELESS it does NOT make a difference.

DOESN'T MATTER 8/12/2010

Reno 8/12/2010
How to Recognize Hairball Problems:

auntfred 8/11/2010
hay i got my pageplus cell free and i get 60 minets free a month thanks to oboma. and i love it.It dose what i need it to do.thank you president Oboma

t crews 8/11/2010
very disappointed in their service. paid for continued service beyond 120 days. they had no trouble charging my credit card but discontinued the phone service. after numerous attempts at explaining their error, they refused to restore the phone and kept my money from the rollover minutes. it appears criminal to me. if you want an exercise in frustration, try getting through to the customer no-service.
the only silver lining is i didn't end the contract with my main provider to sign up with page plus. don't know how they expect to stay in business long term with that type of attitude and policy. i will be writing the better business bureau as well.

Jean 8/10/2010
Still horrible customer service. However, I cut my PPC cellphone back to Pay-as-you-go, from $29.95 monthly 1200 minutes/texts. I read some of the horror stories and remember my own horror stories and decided to go with another carrier. I have my Nextel Blackberry 8350i, which works fine with Boost Mobile's service; which I cut back from Unlimited Service/texts/web for $50 per month...because my signal is almost non-existent where I live and not very good coverage nationwide. I also just got a Blackberry Bold 9650 on a 2-year contract with Sprint. I talked my daughter into getting it for me in exchange for buying no more cellphones. She was getting a cellphone for herself and one for her husband on a 2-year contract with Sprint; so I talked her into adding me as a 3rd line and pay 1/3 of the bill. We have 1,500 shared min. among us 3. I don't use much as I don't have a lot of people to talk to. Works fine for me. Good signal too, and it covers all the frequencies used in the U.S. and all the frequencies used all over the world. If I am in an area with no Sprint coverage, then it should do roaming on Verizon's lines or ATT or T-Mobile. Nice, huh? The ONLY frequency it does NOT cover, is the IDEN network belonging to Nextel which Sprint bought...which also has Push-to-talk. I have the Blackberry 8350i for that. So I should be covered anywhere I go. So eventually, I expect to disconnect the PagePlus cellphone as I should be covered anywhere I go.

HairBall 8/10/2010
n_k is a prime example of a kitty butt kisser! Even admits that he/she came over from the kitty forum. BEWARE OF KITTY WIRELESS! They are not good! Shortly we will have a rash of kitty butt kissers posting here. They are a small group, but they are a big PITA! They flood every forum or review page they can with their lies. There is a reason that they have been banned from forums such as Howard forums, slickdeals, fatwallet and many many more. They disregard any and all rules with spam and advertising. Be prepared for the onslaught of BS that will be appearing her every soon. She enlists people to do this for her.

n_k 8/10/2010
I thought I'd add a PP review that I originally posted at KittyForums...

rob 8/10/2010
love pageplus been with them for 1 year and i use my blackberry curve8530 the cs sucks but after that its good never a drop call tex all i want photos and all facebook never a problem for 45$ its a good deal plus you can use any verizon phone like the htc and Motorola Droid lol verizon wont let you use them on a prepaid plan that's gay and hte 8530 uses the 3g network all the time

REno 8/10/2010
@Seriously Mad 2010/08/10

Seriously Mad 8/10/2010
Complaint letter Phones 4 U

Reno 8/8/2010
OK, one more time and just to the facts.

Reno 8/8/2010
OK, I just did an ESN change. PP to another phone with Kitty wireless. I paid for the service in advance and I have to wait 4 days to transfer the ESN because the other phone is on Verizon and that's when my contact is up.

Tim 8/7/2010
I sent the second phone back weeks ago still waiting for replacement promised Finally after several emails trying to get them on same page and figuring out who did what and messed up the their computer info I might have gotten thing corrected. Got email saying order was made for replacing phone August 2nd I might get phone August 9th if I'm lucky
I can only hope that this replacement phone works for more than a month and keeps charging, as in 120 days I'm screwed. PP is a good service if you don't need CS or switch out of equipment and you know how their system works, but until you figure them out you can expect to come out at the short end of the stick whether you made a mistake or they did it will always be your fault period. There is very little give and take when using PP directly. I have talked with Kitty wireless and they have found their niche which is doing what PP cannot do, deliver quality CS. Since Kitty has many subscribers they can get respect from PP where most individuals most likely cannot. I do think the CS people at PP are trained to beat their customers up to save a buck and the folks working their need the jobs. By rewarding PP we just reinforce the fact that crappy and bad behavior pays off. There are many choices out there and as stated when the niche is filled the market will cease to reward PP or they will get with the program or die. It is the consumers jobs to not allow themselves to be abused. If you let vendors abuse you and they continue to do so it send the message that it AOK to keep doing it, that abuse pays. If you have issues and we all will sooner or later don't expect PP to help you get them resolved without a hassle. Go to one of their affiliates/partners who take pride in giving quality CS and resolving issues without making you pull out your hair. As with companies who lack certain skill sets sooner or later some enterprising entrepreneur will offer you what you are desire leaving the company that treated you badly eating their own dirt. Be well choose wisely.

Schlomo 8/5/2010
Also: Do you guys remember a couple of years ago when Sprint/Nextel fired its customers who called in too often? Yes that's right! They kept records of how often you called in and if you were calling in too often (and thus were labeled internally as a "C" customer as opposed to an "A" or "B" customer) you got a letter saying your service was being cancelled! Google this if you don't believe me. I believe Page Plus follows the same philosophy. Summary: Page Plus seems like a high quality service at a competitive price..... but as a means to control their expenses, they skimp on customer service costs. If the market is efficient, the problem will fix itself. ie: If people are truly not happy with Page Plus's customer service and feel they can obtain a better value elsewhere (value doesn't have to be just price...includes customer service quality, network quality, etc) they will "defect" or go to another provider. Example: They already raised their unlimited plan's price a few months ago from $39.95 to $44.95. If they raise prices again or their service quality declines, I will consider "defecting" to straight talk which is Tracfone on The Verizon Network and available only at Wal-Mart.

Schlomo 8/5/2010
I've only had PagePlus for about a week... but so far, so good! I had to call customer service 2 or 3 times when I first ported my number from my old provider and they were patient in helping me. My hold time was 20-30 min. each time, but I think that's on purpose! I decided to go with the 1200 min./1200 text plan for my first month. I might do the Unlimited plan next month. Remember, the cool thing about not being under contract is that you can change your plan every month with no hassle or cost. Additionally, if customers aren't happy, we can switch service providers in a blink! My last provider I wasn't happy with but,I had to stay with them until my contract was up or have to pay a $175 early termination fee. Here what I think Page Plus's belief and business model is: "We're providing the best network (Verizon) at a very good price with no activation fees (my old provider as do most charge $35 or more) no contract, with an extremely limited selection of phones (albeit very cheap....especially if you buy them from somebody other the PP... ie: E-Bay, etc) We will assign a fixed budget to handle customer service to pay for the agent's $10/hr. salaries and other overhead. Whether that's adequate or not doesn't matter! If alot of people call in, then our agents will be busy and customers will experience long wait times.... but who cares! This helps weed out the troublesome, pain in the ace customers who are "high maintenance" and thus those problem customers aren't profitable to have! We want customers who want a high quality network at a low price. We can provide that and still make a decent profit IF, IF that person isn't calling us all the time! (whether necessary, justified or not) If somebody calls us every week about a problem because they can't figure out how our prepaid service works, they'll have to wait on hold for awhile..... if they get peeved, fine! These aren't customers we want anyways."

Unhappy Customer 8/5/2010
I have used this company for 5 months. I had an issue this month with billing and using a Blackberry phone. ( I have always used the same phone. ) I tried calling the company and did not like the way the issued was/ wasnt handled. They will not let you speak to a supervisor if requested. The last result has to be the BBB. I would not advise dealing with Pageplus.

Employee 8/5/2010
NO NO NO NO! Please if you like to get what you pay for go somewhere else. I see alot of people complaining of the customer service on here and let me tell you we all hate it to! I personally have found a new job because I cannot sleep at night knowing the amounts of money they are stealing from their customers. We are all coached to lie to you about the situations that occur. Dont get me wrong there are specific situations in which it absolutely makes sense and you DID go over on your data. I know everyone is upset when they call in but please realize that person on the other end of the phone thinks it is just as much bull as you do(no matter what they say to you)! I can tell you there are a lot of good people working there but the problem lies way above who you are talking to! Its really hard to find another job right now and alot of those people are stuck. If I was you I would make formal complaints with the BBB or something along those lines! Good luck to you and find a new company!

Eric 8/5/2010
Have used page plus for a year now and have no particular complaints. I guess others have had bad experiences, but not me.

Joyce Anderson 8/4/2010
And I only pay $40 plus tax per month. It's too cheap and much better service than my NorthCoast/Revol plan ever was for the price and location of the service provider being only a few blocks from my home in Barberton.

Joyce Anderson 8/4/2010
I've had Page Plus for some time now and have never had a problem w/service in any area of Ohio, to date. I have the unlimited usage plan and seriously do not have any problems, so I don't see what all the complaining is about on this site?

Guest 8/4/2010
Page plus costumer Service Sucks 1888-823-4777. The gut lies about his name and they laugh and hang up in your face. NO PAGE PLUS

I HATE PAGE PLUS!!!!!! 8/3/2010
well page plus has bad plans why cant there be unlimited internet? i love internet my phone is capable of anything also i cant go to the apps store on this phone because its not a phone they made LAME! also 20 mega bytes of internet!!!! what!??!? what if i wanted to send a picture or receive one badly! why cant it just be gigabytes! and 50 mega bytes almost no diffrence if page plus wants to stay like this then im done!

Laraine McGrew 8/3/2010
I currently have a phone with you, service ending 8/6/2010, I have changed to the wal mart verizon. Therefore I need you to release my number with page plus as soon as possible. My number is 850=585-8309. I am a heart patient and need the number changed so my wal mart phone can be activated.
Thank you
Laraine McGrew
I love your service

bob 8/3/2010
works for me. have had trouble with customer service alot getting through than here recent cannot bring web page

Reno 8/3/2010
I have been posting on here for a few months now. And I'm really sorry to see the one star reviews, No I don't work for page plus.

Corey Trevor 8/3/2010
I was considering switching to Page Plus, but after dealing with Customer Service today I am rethinking that. I would call their Customer Service line, it rings a few times, then just dead air. I had to call on average a dozen times before I’d actually be connected with the automated system that would allow me to reach an operator. I have neither the time nor the minutes to waste to place close to 30 calls in order to get through… that is seriously inexcusable.

Satisfied again 8/3/2010
Page Plus is a bargain. Same great Verizon network that is affordable.

Satisfied 8/3/2010
Thanks for helping me pick my new wireless provider- Page Plus. Go with Kitty Wireless; they will hold your hand.

Randall 8/1/2010
Hey, Pagepluscellular is a good choice wireless provider, when you follow it's rule's and directions. and dont misuse it's services.. I like the service for it's cheap pricing :) I love Pageplus!

TM 7/31/2010
As A post script I feel rather than just complaining about PP's CS I'd offer alternatives. If you like Verizon Kitty wireless maybe the way to go as they seem to have mastered what pp themselves can't seem to. Alternative are Straight talk through Walmart, Target stores and net10 offer a unlimited GSM network for $50 a month. Plan includes unlimited everything. Net10 uses a combination of tmobile and ATT networks so the coverage is good. Att go phones offers unlimited TNT with picture and video messaging plus text in most countries outside the U.S. plus roaming .ATT When purchased through callingmart or others with discount codes are comparable in cost to PP. There are several others coming online shortly with comparable services if PP should self destruct there are options. Perhaps even Kitty wireless will be there to pick up the piece if PP can't figure out how to interact with their customers in a reasonable manner. Internet vendors like PP get a free ride because they are internet based, which is unregulated. There is legislation pending which will make internet companies responsible for their content and actions without messing up the freedoms of the net. Call your legislators for info. Record all calls and correspondences as they PP already do notice you as to their intent when you call in by stating this call may be recorded. consult your state laws for two way recordings and exclusions. It's unfortunate that sometimes consumers must get active to correct issue with internet vendors and the services they provide, but we are either part of the solution or part of the problem but doing nothing is not an option if you don't like abuses in these unregulated areas. If you like net neutrality then you must act to curb abuses, it's called self regulating by your actions toward the offenders of good net practices. Get active. Tim

TM 7/30/2010
Three emails two trouble ticket endless phone calls and two defective phones. Called CS hoping they received the last returned phone but no luck, phone not back yet and they won't send out another one till they get the replacement back. Was sent 6 days ago via usps first class. The replacement phone will not charge so until the phone is returned to them I have no phone. Yes I am still paying for service but no usable phone thanks to page plus sending a replacement that was also defective. CS sounded pleased over the fact that I'm out of luck CS guy chuckled over my misfortune. Add up the cost of having to return defective phones with PP not giving an inch on the cost to shipping. It's not worth it. If you are a glutton for punishment buy their phones and services. I hope they don't lie their asses off saying they didn't get the phone back but I can't rule it out and even kind of expect it knowing how they have proceeded thus far. I'm sure their are some good people there and to them I say I'm sorry. I have talked to some but it's a shame most of their management is hell bent on screwing folks over. It's sad that sometimes under bad economical environments once good companies just go bad. May guess is a serious legal action will bring them into compliance or shut them down. I have documented everything and told them I have no problems going to courts and know how the legal system works. I still believe in the courts and having once been a paralegal know exactly how to make my point. If there is anyone here interested in a class action I will provide info at a later date. This in your face wholesale beating people up and out and out misrepresentation of products and services should not go unrewarded. Like the one gentleman said it's a matter of respect and truthfulness.I have made many calls to PP and have gotten many different explanation on subjects they claim no CS person would say to a customer. This is blatant disrespect and dishonesty. I make it a point to go after this kind of behavior as with many before them they chuckle now but seriously grimace later and make up all sorts of excuses when standing in front of a judge. One thing to keep in mind is the point of sale, that determines where the legal action will be held whether in your home town or in federal court. It's best in your location as that means they have to have their attorneys present at all hearings, motions, and trials which is very expensive and a motivation to stop their bad treatment of customers. Time to have pride in this country again by weeding out the people that give honest business people a black Eye. It's hard enough being a small business person these days without suffering the backlash from angry customers who have had bad experiences with companies who mistreat their customers. Best

wp 7/30/2010
If you had prepaid on their network before they banned them - yes, it will work. Just be careful to not reset ESN because it will boot it off the network and you will not be able to put it back. As to web - what do you expect me to do? Do some research (hint - and try to modify yourself.

@ WP 7/30/2010
I have a prepaid Verizon phone and it worked just fine on the page plus network, the only problem is I cant get mobile web.

C Redd 7/30/2010
I have had my pageplus account for 6 months now. Attracted to the price and Verizon network is why I signed up for the deal. Just got off the phone with customer service for a error i'm positive is theirs. I was close to using up my 1200 minute plan before and they turned my phone off for insufficient funds. Being suspicious with no proof, I renewed my plan and reset all timers on phone for calls made at the same time. Sure enough with 60 minutes left on my plan they turned off my phone for insufficient funds. Mysteriously the call records on their website have also disappeared. Spoke to customer service after being unable to reach them for hours yesterday to no avail. They insist I used my 1200 minutes and I know I didnt. I suppose if you have the unlimited service you wont have this problem. But just the thought of a company purposely cheating you makes you sick inside. It's a shame that using Verizon's network they cant do a better job. I will do this for another month and will start looking for another company even if I have to pay more. At this point it's about respect and no I'm not going to Cricket, heard enough bad news about them.

Dave Hughes 7/29/2010
This is what I wrote to customer service yesterday - still no reply.

tjhack23 7/28/2010
I switched to Page Plus just a few months ago. I was a little scared to switch because of all the bad reviews with PP. It was hard to resist because they offer such great (Verizon) coverage and pricing. So, not wanting to deal with the headaches reported dealing with PP, but get the coverage and pricing I was looking for.. I chose to go through a dealer instead. I highly recommend Kitty Wireless. For a someone new to PP (like I was), they couldn't make it any easier. Their website is user (especially newbie:)friendly and their customer service is excellent! Kitty Wireless also offers auto pay. So if there is a problem with your refills, you can deal with them instead of PP. For me that's a big plus. Thankfully, I've never had ANY problems~and I'm sure that's all due to Kitty Wireless.

EVE 7/27/2010
WAnt to get this plan sounds good but now not sure any advise

Dave 7/26/2010
3 phones----3 years-----Great Service

jasonliz1207 7/26/2010
I've had pageplus for about a month now.So far hasn't given me any problems , i have the $44.95 plan, is great i get good reception everywhere i go! and maybe if your trying to get pageplus u should try doing it through kitty wireless , their very helpful and they will do all the calling to pageplus if something goes wrong.All you will have to do is email or call them to tell them the problem and they will give you a solution . they also have autopay. so u won't have to worry about pageplus taking your money or losing your funds because you didn't do it at the right time. like i said before so far so good!!!!!

Ashley 7/25/2010
I just got page plus today because my old metro pcs phone broke. I was told I could get more with the page plus. So far so good. I went with the unlimited everything because I text all the time. But, when I go to text someone with metro pcs or vise versa it does not want to work. Why is that?

Tim Maxon 7/24/2010
I'm in my late fifties. My wife has been educated in the practice of Customer service with a BA in business Admin. I have been with PP less than a month and want to pull my hair out over all the mistakes and oh we're sorry crap. Called today to find out why I was being double billed for voice mail calls. Lame excuse was that the billing records are not in sync with actual calling times. apparently I called my voice mail 27 time in an 2 hour period. My phone locks after each call and recorded three calls to voice mail. I would imagine that PP uses fuzzy math but I also can understand the undisciplined users who complain about something that is their fault. If you look at the management/owners of PP one might get the idea that they'd try to squeeze a nickle hoping to turn it into quarter. the courts certainly didn't find their tax evasion funny. Don't blame the poor customer service people I'm sure they are taught to beat up their customers if they want to keep their jobs. As I am not familiar with very many pay as you go companies maybe this one is not that bad in totality. We do in fact live in a world where beating up consumers has become the norm. Look at Walmarts way of doing business by using medicaid to insure their employees and also using commissions in their loss prevention department to avoid paying good salaries, whereby they used to arrest people for next to nothing so the loss perverts could collect a healthy bonus. I guess it the way America does business anymore. Promise the customer low prices and good service then beat them up. Reality bites I'm afraid

Rodrigo 7/24/2010
From the reviews i see that im not the only one with this problem. I pay for the unlimited plan and suddenly i get a message saying that i have insufficient fund to have a unlimited plan. I call and all they say is im sorry. They are not helpful. Worst phone company ever.

Playboi 7/24/2010
Page Plus isn't that bad of a company but if you can afford another company I suggest that you leave page plus alone. I have page plus and customer service is the worst. sometimes they cheat me out of my money making me pay twicw a month. when i find better employment im gone

@reno 7/24/2010
your right

RENO 7/23/2010
Just a real love or hate Company after reading all the reviews. Another view would be some really dumb and smart page plus customers. Could it be that the ones that are giving the hate reviews would be people in their early teens and have no credit or even money to keep in the bounds of what they can afford? And when things go wrong with the lack of funds in the account they are young and immature and just bad mouth PP. The ones that give good reviews of what I see have been long time customers that got out of their contracts and seem to keep money in their accounts to cover the monthly bill.

TIM MAXON 7/22/2010
I must have gotten the POS phone Steve L sent back. I got one with a bad hinge as a replacement which I had to send back at my expense. That makes two defective phones in a row. I came to this site and chose PP because they rated it as good. upon further examination I wonder if I made the right choice. Here is a blog news organization web page you might want to read before choosing PP very sorry state of affairs. I wonder when this company will fold up and close it's doors taking your money with then back to the middle east.

Robin 7/22/2010
Customer service, if you can get through, is really very rude. I like the no contract deal, but it's like you have to guess what to do. They billed me twice the first time, and then, whenever I have a question, I should probably leave about 2 hours to get an answer.

Steve L. 7/22/2010
I've been a customer since February of this year. At first I bought a pageplus phone from a local authorized dealer. Never had any problems with service. My son broke that phone, so I went online to their website and ordered a refurbished flip phone, the Motorola W385 (phones and plans cheaper than local authorized dealers of course). I had no problems getting the service switched to the new phone through their customer service (on hold for about 10 minutes...not too bad). I noticed the hinge was a bit loose on the refurbished phone when I got it (even though the phone worked fine otherwise)and over time (2 weeks) it has gotten worse, so I called C.S. and set up delivery of a replacement phone. No problems so far. The replacement phone is on its way. I'll let all know how things go once I recieve it. Even though there's a wait time to get through, so far I've not encountered any attitude with C.Service. On the contrary, they've been helpful. So far so good...not at all like what I've read here.

Tim Maxon 7/22/2010
I can't tell you how unprofessional this company is. Long wait times. Customer service people who give bad info then blame the customer. Sending out phones that are not in good working order and then expecting you to pay for shipping. no instructions on returns. Miscommunication over ported numbers and pin codes. charging the same as straight talk but not giving the same value. IF it weren't for the Verizon Network this company would be. Yes you get to talk to an American but when their trained to screw you over their mistakes what difference does it make whether there American or indian or what ever. I have spent hours in email and phones calls simply trying to resolve mundain problems only to get told I sorry repetedly I sorry does not fix the problems.

Pageplusworker 7/22/2010
Hello, I know we have long wait times on customer service, but.. we try to answer all calls and help asap! but, reason's some reps hang up are: You call in acting all that, and tell me pssh why am i on hold, i say we have a load of calls in our call center, and then you say SURE and get all rude,i'm here to help and work, not be treated like a pisspoor person! The services are amazing, i have the LG env touch and 44.95/month plan it's awsome! Choose Pageplus and you wont choose a bad company. For those's caliming we stole money, what happens is you get 1,200 texts and you use them and think well i'll add another 29.95 on top of my 5 day old plan that was 29.95 and you keep on texting well, what happens, is Your charged @ Standard Pre-paid Calling & Texting Rates, and when the billing system trys to take 29.95 out of the account there's 5.00 short on the account even 1 cent short, it wont renew. Long wait for help, it may be a while to get to you, but our service is worth the time and money spent into it... we have america's Largest network behind us! :)

Tim Wallace 7/21/2010
Please Note: If your plan is bundled on an Unlimited Talk N Text Plan, and you apply the minimum amount of $44.95 to your Phone Bank Balance before your expire/renewal date and you use any Premium features that debit from the phone bank balance, and cause you to fall below the $44.95 before your renewal your account will fall insufficient for a renewal of the Unlimited Plan. In the event that your Phone Bank Balance falls below the minim requirement for renew, you phone will not experience any interruption in service, in fact your account will revert back to a standard rate plan and will bill your Phone Bank Balance 12 cents per min on incoming, and outgoing call, and 15 cents per text. Your line of service will experience an interruption in service only once your Phone Bank Balance has reached 0.00 dollars. WhyGoMonkey Cellular always recommends the prevention of insufficient funds at the time of renewal by keeping your Phone Bank Balance above the minimum requirement for renewal. WhyGoMonkey Cellular is an authorized Page Plus Dealer, and will help any current/new customers out with any Page Plus issues. We have a strong team of employee's who know the system, and I will put my team up against any other team of dealers in this country! Page Plus is hands down the best choice in PrePaid cellular service. Want to learn more google whygomonkey

Michelle 7/21/2010
I received a text from them that i need to renew my talk and text plan for another 30 days, so I did. Next thing I know, they changed me to a pay by the minute plan and I ran out of funds in a couple of days. I called, waited 45 min on hold, the rep was extremely rude, she wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor and hung up on me. I've waited 3 or 4 times now on hold for 45 minutes and my call just "drops." I'm on hold now, and will probably change service. I loved that their service was cheap, but I am more interested in purchasing service from an honest company. I used to rave about page plus to other people. Those days are over!

Pageplus consumer 7/21/2010
yes, page plus has given me problems in july 2010 they stole my balance of $45 ive contacted the managers no reply their very tack about there services ugh im going to boost mobile or metro theres to many options for them to SCREW up someones cellular contact.... Paul the accounts manager keeps files on his desk forever there all in a bowl of crap together out of Holland, Ohio they need to re-test there employees and then the employer

Giovanni Daniello 7/19/2010
Page Plus is full of crap. They have great Cellular Service, But not great customer service or help. I had over $600.00 in my account. every month they took 39.95 out. NO PROBLEM. then the plan change to $44.95 a month. NO PROBLEM. The problem is now I had $300.00 left in my account an page plus took it all this month, July 2010. I called supervisors and they told me very NASTY. too bad and they cannot credit me back. not even a penny. they said that I cannot expect them not to take all of my money, when I pay ahead of time. I spoke with 7 different reps. I kept trying to get a rep to help me. now today at 9:18 am I tried once more. I spoke with the first nice rep: David. He said he cannot credit me nor do anything for me. so I asked. and I believe that it is recorded at page plus. IS IT PAGE PLUS POLICY TO STEAL MONEY FROM PEOPLES ACCOUNTS AND NOT CREDIT THEM BACK. HE SAID YES. I EVEN ASKED AGAIN IF IT IS OKAY FOR PAGE PLUS TO STEAL MY MONEY AND IF THAT IS THEIR POLICY, AND HE SAID YES IT IS. THE CALL WAS MADE AT 9 OCLOCK TODAY 19 JULY AND ANSWERED BY DAVID AT 9:18. I CALLED FROM MY PAGE PLUS PHONE: NUMBER 352-404-3236. MY PAGE PLUS BILL IS DUE IN 3 DAYS AND THEY STOLE MY BALANCE OF $300.00 SO MY PHONE WILL BE TURNED OFF. PAGE PLUS DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE GUY. VERIZON WIRELESS SHOULD NOT LET PAGE PLUS DO THIS TO CUSTOMERS. VERIZON WIRELESS SERVICE WITH PAGE PLUS BEHIND THE SCENES TAKEING ALL THE MONEY. PAGE PLUS YOU CAN E-MAIL ME AT: JOHN@CRETINSK8.COM OR FIX MY PHONE BACK WITH MY MONEY - THEN CALL ME ON IT: 352-404-3236. DO NOT TRUST PAGE PLUS.

MommytoBeauty 7/18/2010
There IS a catch with Pageplus! If you do the prepaid plan, sign up for automatic withdrawl and go over your plan the previous month they do NOT tell you. Instead, they deduct it from your automatic withdrawl amount, leaving you with insufficiant funds for your plan. This defaults you into a pay by minute/ text plan, which is expensive. This happened to me and of course I was unaware of why I all of a suddden have insufficiant funds. Was on hold for forever- seriously, it was ridiculous. But I had to hold because I had no cell service and my cell is my business number. The customer service rep was like a robot and when I told her I was confused and didn't understand why I had no funds left, she put me on hold again while SHE went to ask someone...even she couldn't understand the "catch"! When she explained it to me, I thought that she must be mistaken- how could Pageplus use such dirty business tactics? I transferred to the supervisor who was snobby, laughed at me and my frustration, and was incredibly rude.
I want to change services now and want everyone to know that this company is not transparent and will catch you up one way or another, at least once, while you are doing business with them.
Also- Two months ago I had no service, called it to their attention and THEY were in the wrong. They'd made a mistake in billing and turned off my phone even though I'd paid!
Boo for Pageplus' business practices and a big fat BOO for thier terrible customer service!

jme 7/17/2010
customer service stucks...your on hold to toooo long...30 to 45 mins...serivce no problems yet...but internet isnt working at all..but as long as i can call and text unlimited for $45..and good with that for now..

@all 7/17/2010
i have had no problems since i've been with them i like it

pissed at page plus 7/17/2010
first let me say i have been using them for nearly a year now. i have had several issues with them and this one takes the cake. My phone has not worked for three days because it says I have insufficeint funds. the problem there is my bill was paid in full on time and now everytime I call 611 I get some ghetto chick with an attitude. was talking to one while writing this review and her dumb a** hung up on me. TO HE** WITH PAGE PLUS.......

Tim 7/17/2010
Page plus seemed to be fine for a while. I did the $29.95 a month service for 1200 mins and 1200 text. Well, the autopay took the money of my card, but kept putting it back instead of crediting my account. I ended up logging on and paying every month... not a big deal for me. The real problem is when Page plus started charging ROAMING FEES when I was not roaming! In order to avoid roaming fees, my phone's "service select" feature was set to "home only", meaning it wouldn't even attempt to connect to a tower that was off network. This makes roaming impossible. Instead of roaming, the phone just says "no service" and you can't make or receive calls. Low and behold, I kept getting these roaming charges. One Customer service rep tried to tell me it was because the person calling me was roaming. I explained that it was illegal to charge any extra fees to the called party... he hung up on me. So do yourself a favor... avoid Page Plus at all costs. Virgin Mobile has unlimited text and 1200 mins for $10 more than Page Plus.

Lisa 7/16/2010
Pageplus has the worst billing system. I have been double charged 2 times in a row. If you call customer service your put on hold for up to an hour. If their system is working correctly even if you are on autopay your phone gets shut off which has happened to me on several occasions. This will be my last month of PagePlus.

max 7/13/2010
Pageplus rocks. Less than 1/2 price of V, same network. Great coverage. Recommended for savvy consumers whose primary goal is best bang for the buck. If you don't need to have your hand held by customer service agents to accomplish things that you easily learn and do online, then you will love PP.

Dan 7/13/2010
They were fine until I had a problem. Then customer service didn't know how to reset my logon/password. I had changed internet provider several times and didn't remember - after 5 trys waiting on the phone over a hour one time - I'm done

wendy 7/12/2010
I purchased the talk n text plan for $29.95 the first month I had the phone. I decided to not use that $29.92 plan per month and drop down to just purchasing minutes. Unbeknownst to me once you add a talk and text plan to your phone they will automatically apply that plane to your phone once you have an available amount of $29.95. When I called customer service she told me that I would not find this information on any paper work that I received when purchasing the phone or the minutes I just assumed that once the month of talk n text ran out that I would not have that plan any more. I should have asked a representative this question. I feel that if they can’t tell you how their plans work in full detail somewhere, why do I have to just know I should ask. Needless to say, they would not change the plan over to minutes and now I have a back up phone with a talk n text plan on it for the month on July 2010 that I will not use. Thanks Page Plus for taking my money and telling me it my fault, I should know what questions to ask. I will be replacing this company as soon as my balance is $0. All in all not helpful and blames customer for their lack of knowledge of their terms and conditions that were not available.

Sam 7/12/2010
was on hold for a Customer SErvice Rep. over an hour, what a Service.
the savings dosn't pay

YoYo 7/9/2010
OMG they have the worse customer service ever. You hold for 2 hours before you can get a live person and that's if you can even get thru. Finally when I got a live person they had the nerve to say customers hold so long because they have so many. I told them they don't YEAH RIGHT! Verizon, AT&T and Sprint has way more customers and I have never had to wait hours for a live person on any of their services

UNHAPPY 7/9/2010
Update - Corp. office phone # is not 501-941-1969 President Mr. James Kidd as it is listed on the BBB it belongs to Att. Thats Odd that that would happen. I'll get to the bottom of it for sure! LOL a phone service comany hiding its corp. office phone #????

Unhappy 7/9/2010
Had a complaint about my plan being cut short only a few day in!!!! Customer service is rude and hung up on me, TWICE!!! VERY AWEFUL! I will not do business with them anymore! I will be taking my complaint as far as I have to! HMMM...wonder what their BBB rating is? I will be contacting them also.

jon 7/8/2010
If negative stars were an option I'd do that. We are happy with the pp coverage and prices, but the customer service is horrid. It takes HOURS, literally, to reach anyone. You get 'all circuits are busy' all the time. I swear they must have 5 cs people working in a little room with 2 phone lines coming in. When you do reach someone, they don't help-or they pick up the the phone and hang up on you without even saying hello. Our biggest beef with them is each month their auto-renewal system sometimes renews your plan during the middle of night, which is fine, but sometimes it waits a full day later, so you are without service until it decides to renew, and you can't reach any cs people to help you!! We're switching to someone else, don't know who yet, but I refuse to give money to such a crappy company.

AD 7/8/2010
I have been using Page Plus for about 4 years now, there are hick-ups in their system but it is one of the few company's that an e-mail can get your issues resolved without having to wait on customer service. I traveled around the entire Southeast USA and East Coast as well and did not have an issue getting and sending out calls and data. Every company has their flaws but since I have been with Page Plus I have saved tons of money and have recommended around 30 people and they enjoy the service. With that being said if you are not a technical person and you need to use your phone as a Modem or do other technical things and you are NOT a technical person that can be frustrating for for Geeks and other tech savvy people you can't beat the price to use Verizon network (The best in the US) with Page Plus Pricing. If you are not technical and need more of a service provider then PP might not be for you but if you need a phone that works everywhere and is cheap can't beat it. If you are half-way technical, order a used Verizon phone online, enjoy, and SAVE THE MONEY and get Page Plus*****

Jean 7/7/2010
Have been with Page Plus for 3 years. Impossible to reach customer service. Horrible company. Can't buy minutes on their website without their screwing up my bank account with unauthorized holds on my funds when they decline my debit card even though I have plenty of money in the bank. They are a joke and customer service is worse than the 3 stooges...incompetent bunglers. I have 2 other phones with other carriers and have excellent service. I have Virgin Mobile, one of the best prepaid carriers and owned by Sprint...and Boost Mobile, also owned by Sprint and they have Push-to-Talk also, but the signal and coverage is not real good but they have unlimited service for $50 per month and are real sweet about helping me and I never have problems with them. Page Plus Cellular is the WORST cell phone carrier, except for Verizon Wireless, a pack of thieves.

Columbus 7/6/2010
I've had this service since October (9 months) and it's been great. Getting through to customer service takes patience, but once there the service has been flawless. Connection are via Verizon. I had Verizon before this and there's no difference. It's like having the what Verizon has to offer for a fraction of the cost.
Highly recommend!

htvnig 7/6/2010
THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! I've had page plus since January and have been paying my bill the same day since I had it and this month they kicked me off the unlimited plan saying I didn't have enough money in my account and the next day my phone was cut off... I wouldn't refer this company to ANYBODY they are nothing but thieves they make the plans sound good by using verizon wireless name but all in all they are just thieves using a good company for clout... I refuse to give the WACK company anymore money I will be switching my services to AT&T a company that is more rectable

Susan 7/5/2010
I dislike the page plus service because the calls drop alot. Also I always have trouble getting a customer service rep when I need assistance. I paid a day ahead as usual for my service to continue unlimited for the month and they disconnected it anyway after only 2 days of service and tried to tell me I used up my unlimited service up in 2 days time by international calls or internet service when I had done neither! I am trying to get my money back and I do plan on taking my business as well as some others I know elsewhere!

teri 7/5/2010
i have no problem with my service been with them for 7 months and customer is very good they help me in every way couldnt ask for a better provider

Gerry 7/5/2010
I have been with Page Plus for years - and as a basic user - nothing fancy, just an occasional call - I have never had problems. Customer service has been responsive both via phone and email, and I love that the minutes roll over if you add minutes by the renewal date.

Theresa bruno 7/5/2010
THE ABSOLUTE WORST. they are nothing but lowly thieves. I order one plan, they charge me the more expensive one, i call to fix the issue, they refuse to change it. only after 2 hours of haggling did they "give in" and credit me, but when i went to use it it wasn't in my account. another month, I bought a plan and it never went through, although the $$ was taken out of my bank account. i'm calling now. on hold 30 minutes so far.

Jason 7/5/2010
worst company EVER I went on there site to refill my phone using a debit card and they denied my card but still charged it TWICE and wont give me my money back these people are nothing but criminals

robert 7/3/2010
love pageplus been with them for about 5 months i had verizon prepade and cost to much money now im using the new blackbeey curve 8530 with page plus no problems what so ever. **** verizon with there prepade phone restrictions go page plus you wont be mad

blueyes54 7/1/2010
just try working there - it's like being in a third world country - especially if you are a woman - it's not customer service - it's the customer service we are not allowed to take the time to provide - they keep getting more and more greedy.

Kevin 7/1/2010
I've been using Page Plus cellular for all of 2010 now and for me it has worked out well. Page Plus is best suited for savvy users who do their homework prior to using the service. They also don't offer unlimited data in any form unless you can get a phone that can use QNC. If you read the Page Plus sub-forum at Howard Forums you will be a lot more understanding of what you are getting into. Also use a dealer such as Kitty Wireless who can do the main things you would need customer service for such as phone activations, number porting, etc. Billing shouldn't be an issue since it is prepaid. You should use the Page Plus website to make sure you aren't going over your allotments for the month where you are then charged the overage rate. If you want data you are advised to use a smartphone that does not require fiddling with WAP settings in order to work (non-smartphones require a server in between you and the website that you are accessing that translates the webpage into the mini webpage that you see on your phone) and Page Plus does not use the same proxy server that Verizon phones are programmed to use. Therefore you must use a Page Plus phone if you want it to be programmed correctly out of the box. MMS has worked fine on all Verizon phones I've used, SMS may or may not work. Also it is a good idea to use a site such as to see which cell phone towers are closest to you. If you don't do this and make and educated decision as to which cell phone company will provide you the best coverage than you will have the luck of the draw in terms of coverage. If you go with Page Plus you should be good since Verizon coverage is among, if not the best overall, especially if you travel alot. It is also a good idea to look for discount codes for, this may save you a few bucks.

Winnie 6/30/2010
Bad customer service, phone service isn't great either. For those of you trying to save some money, good luck. Let's just hope you don't run into any issues, otherwise it's like money down the drain.

Thanks 6/30/2010
I am with Verizon at the current time, I am glad I checked this site. I pay about 90 a month for my phone service with NO PROBLEMS. I though about switching over to this company to say some money, just not worth it. I am glad with all the reviews it help me make up my mind as well as my girlfriends.

Randy 6/28/2010
Pagepluscellular is an alright service, there is problems like the standard plan internet connection problem, why would i get charged for internet? I called and it was a network problem is was resloved in 15 mins, i canceled web, call them and ask i did. I've never had problems with there customer care line. There hours are limited yes but there from 9 am EST-10PM EST Monday-Saturday and Sunday 12 PM EST-8PM EST.. You should be able to reach them. Secondly, Yes.. waiting on hold is a pain but there not a big outfit there a little company based in Ohio. To be honest i've waited 40 mins and i got in, i had to wait to make sure billing was correct. Pageplus well need to get bigger but the services are great! There is NO cap on the unlimited plan. Reasons phones were shut off were: 1. Trying to make your phone be a 1800 number. 2. Trying to plug your phone into the computer and download songs or use for dial up. 3. Having the phone in use for 23 hours(Let me tell you, it's a hassle knowing, someone is talking 23 hours a day what about the other guy? Needing help from 911 and the network crashed because you had to call your best friend for 23 hours?) Billing issues, E-Mail or Contact them, be nice and they well help dont be like.. I'm sick of this service and the billing isnt right, i'd hang up also, im here to help not be screamed at... how'd u like me to call you up and scream at you for texting so much? to break it down Pageplus is a great company may have a few bugs but its still a great company!

Shu Jiang 6/28/2010
Terrible!!! I feel so cheated! I signed up last month for a $25 credit. I barely made a few handful of call, but all my credit were drained. According to the company, my phone is accessing the internet 2 or 3 times a min, for about a second each time. And that it was doing it non-stop for whole day at a time. That just not possible! It is flip phone, and most of time it is closed. Never had this problem when I was using this phone with Verizon. I even called Verizon tech support and they indicated that there has no known issue with this phone 'accidentally' accessing the web. On top of it, I was only able to see the last few pages of that 'problem' bill online. I asked to to see the complete bill, get this, I have to pay them $5 to get the fax. This type of billing is fraud! On top of it, they just hang up on me! What a top notch service company! I am not giving them another penny. I'm switch back to Verizon. It's not worth it to deal with these people.

RAUL 6/27/2010

Eli F. 6/27/2010
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first of all the ppl. who work there were hired by a bunch of monkeys....seriously....OFF ALL OF THEM HAVE A HORRIBLE was constanly coughing in my ear another one was chewing gum while talking to me....NASTY NASTY PPL.

Edwin Coleman 6/27/2010
This is a good deal IF you read ALL the fine print under terms & Conditions at bottom of page. But be warned: the website is intentionally deceptive! I signed up for the 1200 mins/mo. plan ($29.95) and after three weeks I got a message that I needed to add money. I went online and added another $29.95 -- i.e., signed up for the same plan -- and then learned that I had thrown away the money away -- ZERO minutes had been added to my account, because my "plan" hadn't expired yet! Any money added before the 1-month expiration is charged at the "overage" rate of $0.12/minute! The descriptions of the plans don't mention this, and the "customer service" reps in Ohio refuse to provide any solution, workaround, or even an apology. Instead they insist that the information is "easily accessible on the website"...sure, IF you do a detailed search of the fine print under Terms & Conditions (at the BOTTOM of the page), and happen to be an attorney!! The lack of clarity in the plan descriptions is clearly intentional...and when I asked for a supervisor I was refused and then hung up on. I called again and the second lade said the same things, and suggested I pay another $49.95 to change plans, since the "plan" I paid for didn't count as a plan. Unconscionable.

Vlad 6/25/2010
Top notch prepaid services. I'm a student and I've been using their service for a year now. I've recommended it to a lot of colleagues and they all love it. We never had any problems with their service, and we have traveled to New York, Panama City, Minneapolis, Chicago and Boston the past year. I recommend the Talk'n Text 1200 plan! Good luck!

sucks 6/24/2010
Customer service is horrible, the plan is not that bad but the company is a POS. I would not tell my enemy to switch to this joke of a company. I could only imagine how horribly they treat their employees if they treat a customer this way.

John 6/22/2010
Never had any problems. Wish they had a data plan for those of us that still use Blackberry's that signed up before Blackberry's were banned.

dan 6/22/2010
I have been with them for years. I was a bit disappointed when I switched to the 1200 plan and found that the internet didn't work. I called and they explained that even though they were on the Verizon network, Verizon phones with VCast did not work through them. I was told that I could buy a phone from them (same model) and it would be flashed to that it worked on the net. Since it is not that important, I have not done anything yet.

Pageplus victim 6/21/2010
Page Plus cellular is a scam. They charge for things you don't use (and didn't sign up for) and then hang up on you when you call to complain. They take more than a week to solve technical issues with their hardware and will charge you for minutes and messages while your phone does not work. I would strongly suggest avoiding them.

Thoguth Nstionwide 6/20/2010
Thought this was nationwide???? I was in Las Vegas for a week and could barely keep a signal half the time.

Des 6/18/2010
I have used Page Plus for about 3 years now, I have had zero problems, great prices and always have had coverage. I have called customer service twice, and again had no problems! I don't know what everyone else is doing wrong!!

Al Meyer 6/17/2010
My wife and I are relatively new Page Plus customers and we purchased phones and plans thru Kitty Wireless. Kitty Wireless is an authorized on-line dealer and VERY helpful - highly recommended. We switched from AT&T - no problems - was almost instantaneous.

Ell 6/16/2010
I started with Page Plus about 6 months ago in order to get a no-contract cell service. Even if I renew my minutes online, they are not applied until I wait and wait and wait and wait on what passes for customer service at Page Plus. No one knows a damn thing. Eventually, even if you are polite, they HANG UP ON YOU, after you've waited 30-40 minutes to talk to someone! If I could find another reasonably priced no-contract cell service, I am SOOOOO gone!

Berry 6/16/2010
I am with PagePlus for some time. i have Droped Calls. now i am facing a new problem. my line was deactivated for no good reason. after waiting 90 min on the phone i got a rep that told me that its a mistake BUT IT WILL TAKE 3 DAYS TO GET MY SERVICE BACK...

Bill 6/14/2010
Paying to add time to my account was unbelieveably horrid. Three hous and waiting............

Phil 6/14/2010
Incoming calls have been dropping consistently after about 40 seconds. Outgoing calls seem to be fine.

Anyman 6/12/2010
Cheap... Customer service looong waits. Their billing deptartment I don't think are dishonest, but frequently bungle credit card transactions.

Alan 6/11/2010
We've used PagePlus for over 3 years and found the coverage to be great, thanks to Verizon. I've bought phones from E-Bay, not from PagePlus, but it's been easy to get them to activate any new phones (although they do charge $10 to switch, but is fairly standard anyway).

unhappy 6/11/2010
customer service is terrible, even a supervisor hung up on me, unsatisfactory

chuck 6/8/2010
Customer service sucks!!!!!! Virgin mobile is the way to go! You cant get through to page plus and they are rude when you do!!

Just horrible 6/8/2010
Never pay your bill early? Banning of phones? Horrible customer service? UNLIMITED ABUSE?? I thought about switching NO THANKS!!!

@guest and sassybebe 6/7/2010
go to howard forums and you will find what you need there.

Guest 6/6/2010
Unable to surf the internet on my phone? Can anyone help? Otherwise decent service for the price.

sassybabe 6/6/2010
Hey i have a Verizon prepaid phone. And i really like the Pageplus plan for $44.95. Does anyone know where i can go to change it to Pageplus. Thank You!

fitzzy40 6/6/2010
i have had page pluse 4 months now and hav no issues other then you cant get ahold of customer service,,,, so i found a local dealer and they answer my questions.. I had the unlimited plan but the price went up and i dont use the phone that much so i went to the 1200 plan and and it is great... so say what you will but i am glad i found page plus!!!!!!

Georgia Girl 6/5/2010
I HAVE HAD THE SERVICE LESS THAN ONE MONTH SO I DNT KNOW WHATS GOIN TO HAPPEN WHEN ITS TIME TO RENEW MY MINUTES.THE ONLY THING I HATE IS MY FIANCE IS IN AFGHAN AND I CANT TXT HIM ...BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS OK..MAN I HAD A BILL FOR 1100.00 AND VERIZON SUKSSSSS AND VERIZON IS A RIP 0FF IF THERES ANY AND THY Have gotten to the point where thy have gotten arogant as hell bc thy are a large company,if u wanna spend alot alot of money go verizon its the way if u tryn to save page

Barbara 6/5/2010
We became a Page Plus retail representative and customer several months ago. Immediately it was evident that the company did not have adequate customer service support. It is virtually impossible to get through to customer service, and their hours are too limited. Customer service is ineffective; phone equipment was shoddy. We spent more time trying to resolve our customers problems than we did on profitable tasks. We stopped offering the service at our store before it damaged our reputation!

priscilla 6/3/2010
page plus won't refund money after changing plans and not telling customers

Saeed 6/2/2010
I was about to switch to them but as a matter of fact we have to know some companies like verizon to become verizon since they deserve it but with looking at negative reviews< I would not do this

James Brandenburg 6/2/2010
I have been with Page Plus for about 2 years and was completely satisfied with their service until about 2 months ago. The problem I have is even reaching customer service, I always get a busy signal. I would just like to know what is going on!

Pat M 6/1/2010
I'd give 5 stars if the coverage was what the map said it was. My phone (in central OK) is always roaming. If I force it into home-only mode, the screen will say it has a signal, but it won't work. So it's $.29/minute for me. Customer service is clueless, so I deal with a much-more-informed dealer instead. The upside: I don't call much. So I get to use a smartphone with WiFi for data (HTC Ozone) for a tiny fraction of what I'd pay on contract.

dissapoint 6/1/2010
HORRIBLE! when i got my phone, after waiting a week to get it, they sent me the wrong freeking charger. I had to go out and buy one, since no one a customer service would answer their phone. when we finally got through, they refused to send us a new one or re-emburse us! The balance reads off before every call, and takes about 30 seconds to do so. What if I have to call 911? Geez! Then i was checking to see when my unlimited texting and 400 call minutes was up, and it said June 11. Not according to my phone! It said unsufficient funds! I had 55cents in my account! I made under twents calls each no longer than a minute! And you people that think that we 1 star people need a life, you probably haven't had their service for long enough. and theirs a freeking limit on UNLIMITED? WTF?? Listen to me.....Don't get their service. Get virgin mobile, they pick up the phone, have friendly service. The only reason why I switched was because coverage was bad. I'm going back to them cuz I trust them.

jimmy 5/28/2010
Dont buy your phone from them buy a better cheaper one online ie.ebay. Then have it activated by ugly eric google it. Then buy refils on callingmart and search for discounts you will get great deals! and have no problem buy mins or 1200 plan not the others!! You will never have a problem ive used them for years no problem!

Richard 5/28/2010
I give PagePlus one star, only because it is impossible to give them zero stars.

Well 5/27/2010
I thought about switching over to pageplus but, to many negatives. The have a cap on the UNLIMITED PLAN??? Never heard of that I have checked with at&t and cricket and both of them said there is no cap with there UNLIMITED PLAN. I wanna feel safe with my phone company that I won't have my prices changed, or kicked off for abusing the UNLIMITED PLAN. i also wanna be able to contact customer service in a timely matter and not have to worry about paying a bill to early, HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE??? PENALIZED FOR PAYING TO EARLY>>>WHAT A JOKE!!!

Jay 5/27/2010
I have had Page plus for 1 year. no problems at all , unlimited plan is awesome . I have Motorola Q phone with internet access and i use it everyday . Don't let anyone tell you different Page Plus , you are an awesome company!!

swoletan 5/25/2010
When considering the cut-throat nature of the cell-phone business (BBB has a seprate dept for cell phone complaints!, when you call, they say "for cell phones press *, for all others stay on the line" which speaks volumes!) And you consider that dispite what people believe Verizon owns this company as an attempt to get their business back from the people they ripped off from Cricket, Metro, and various other "pre-paid" providers" What you have is the best of both worlds. Really low access to their awsome network, without being tied to their overpriced monthly serice with a short heavy chain for 3 years!
Pros: Unlimited (with a very high "cap")
Easy to use website
Cheap fees when there are fees.
Able to use most phones w/ a Verizon PRL, no need to flash phone (which is their problem because they are Verizon lol, otherwise they would have their own programing and phones to sell, which I wouldn't be surprised if one day soon they DO change that so they can make more $)
Option for everyone, from Unlimited to 1200 min, to other options for kids, ext

Ripped 5/24/2010
I pay my bill on the 17th of May, and then I told I have to pay it again on the due date, which was the 19th. Then i call customer service for two days staright, to get "all circuits are busy" Then I finally get ahold to talk to someone regarding this issue, and they are rude, uneducated, bitter people that have noooo clue. Then I speak with a supervisor and it was the most unprofessional conversation I held with some in YEARS.

Gregg 5/23/2010
I had to renew my account on the 15th and the new rates started the 18th and there has been no problem with my service what so ever.

Linnae 5/23/2010
When pageplus changed their $39.95 on the 18th of may, I was penalized for buying my minute plan early. I purchased my $39.95 pin number on the 16th of may, loaded my phone and pageplus DID NOT HONOR MY PIN!!!!!! Instead i was told by a representative that i should've known better than to buy a pin b4 my actual due date because i should've known that the rate had changed. So on the 18th i had to pay $44.95 in order to use the damn phone. Pageplus is full of crap. I really hate that I have this service now. How can you be punished for paying a bill early when i knew nothing of the price change to begin with? And after calling for 3 days and finally being told that it was my lost, i hate this company even more. I hate that I got family members and associates to change their plans to go with Pageplus. If there should ever be a change in prices again, i hope that every1 out their really pays attention to what pageplus is doing. RIPING PEOPLE OFF!!!!! THERE'S WAS NO TEXT MESSAGE SENT TO MY PHONE TO EVEN WARN ME OF THE PRICE CHANGE, I PAID MY BILL EARLY TO KEEP FROM HAVING MY SERVICE DISCONNECTED THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!!!

Jill 5/23/2010
For the third time this morning I got this text message after someone tried to call me: "You had an incoming call or attempted to make a call, but your account has insufficient funds". Absolutely not true (I'm two weeks into a prepaid monthly 1200 mins plan and have definitely not even approached that number of minutes). Two hours later the phone is back to working normally; last time it took four days to recover service and they just responded to my email complaint with "sorry, we had some problems over the weekend". Trying to call customer service at the time of the problem gets you "all circuits are busy" which makes me suspect the problem is widespread. The coverage and reception are great, but this inconsistent ability to actually receive incoming calls has me on the brink of quitting, despite it's really great $29.95/mo price. Has anyone else run into this problem?

Gregg 5/22/2010
I have been reading all this negative BS about PP. Let me give you my thoughts:
1- Been with them for 5 months and have called customer service serveral times and never any issues, very freindly and helpful.
2- unlimited has a cap of 4000-5000 minutes, if you use more than that a month, that's an awful lot. I use close to 2500 a month and never got shut off.
3- What other prepaid company lets you bring such a wide assortment of phones to there system? none!!
4- Verizon coverage is awesome, I do traveling to many areas out in the "sticks" and always have coverage.

Reno 5/22/2010
Idiots? Your the one siding with a company that the owner says "were not in the business of being nice" Then advertise as UNLIMITED and then boot people off for talking to much. As previously notes, some people use their phone for work to make a living. I use Verizon but I also had Page Plus as a second line. I would rather pay the extra 40.00 per month to know I wil not get kicked off or random price changes or the HORRID customer service. Sounds to me like your the one who needs a life, and maybe a better paying job to afford a GOOD SERVICE

Rob 5/21/2010
I've had pageplus for almost 8 months, I won an lg vx4400 at an auction pre activated. then I bought a used lg env2 and activated it on Keith wireless for free with $2 airtime. so All you have to do is activate online with a one of many dealers, program the phone by dialing the number the dealer gives you. and set up an account on the pageplus web site. I like pageplus's rates really cheap, the minutes last for 4 months. yes I heard that customer service is Terrible and their unlimited plan is really NOT unlimited but for standard prepaid it's really good.

Reno 5/19/2010
Has anyone noticed Page Plus is either 1 star or 5 stars?

jeff 5/19/2010
That is to bad you you found a bad dealer. They are independent dealers. There are some really great ones like kittywireless on line. Great dealer and will help you with your needs. She also sells new pp phones.

amanda williams 5/18/2010
Pageplus is a ripeoff, in clinton,ms where they have an authorized user, the owner is selling phones that arent any good, the owners name is andrew,I have been in there several times nd other customers were in their for the same reasons, phone problems, He is very rude and has terrible customer service,especially to the elderly who really dont understand how technology is.

PP Customer 5/18/2010
The customer service of this company litterally sucks. That includes the supervisors.
Totally inflexible and unaccomodating in solving customer problems.
If you never need reasonable customer service you're ok, if you do you're screwed.

Geena 5/17/2010
My page+ phone died and customer service offered to send a replacement. That's after waiting on hold for 40mins. Two days later they rang to say that the phone was out of warranty therefore they couldn't replace. Fine by me because I already got a MetroPCS phone. I asked for my numbers and they told me that I have to pay $5 to get them faxed to me. Fine again - customer service now said the minimum they can put on the phone is $10. $10 for a fax! That's daylight robbery since I will never have the previlege of using the remaining $5 or the remaining 20 days of my unlimited plan. NEVER ME AGAIN WITH THIS COMPANY! TRY GETTING THRU TO CUSTOMER SERVICE - THEY SUCK! U NEVER GET THRU IN UNDER 1/2 HOUR.

Jon 5/16/2010
The rules that have been setup by page plus are ones that have been set by Verizon Wireless. For example the unlimited plan has a limit by verizon for 4000 to 5000 min a month. The banned on some phones recently has be set by verizon again. So before you bash page plus think of the rules that are set on them by verizon. If you dont like the rules than pay full price with verizon!

Denisha 5/16/2010
My mother went into a pageplus retail store here in Atmore Al,she was told "you what I dont even want to sell you a phone" there was two other people behind her to be waited on,the gentleman would not sell her a phone because of her race.yhis not right and something needs to be done to stop this.You cant just go around and hurt peoples feelings and get away with it discrimination is not tolerated and this was a clear case here in the atmore store.

A life 5/16/2010
It is advertised as UNLIMITED RIGHT? But then you kicked off for using your phone to much, so how is that UNLIMITED???????????? Some people use there phones for work and have to call clients, and other folks to make a living. THEY GET BOOTED PATHETIC, theyn you have to wait 25 mins to get ahold of someone that can't help you. It's 44.95 now and there are plenty of other pre-paid that havetheir act together nowadays.

Angela 5/15/2010
Started off great and then...i was manhandled into paying twice. I added money on the expiration date given on my account on their website. Because I had a photo msg that would not upload until i added money they used it as an excuse to say i had to pay another 40 on top of the 40 i paid ON TIME. I was yelled at, hung up on and told they would not/could not transfer me to a supervisor nor credit anything to me to this scenario would have a drop of common sense to it. DO NOT BE MISLED if you haven't had a problem just wait...your turn will come.

Bob Fitzgerald 5/15/2010
My voicemail just stopped working. A couple of friends I tipped about this company are having similar issues. Granted we're both using Verizon phones (not prepaid as those have recently banned by page plus), their customer service is saying we'd have to get phones directly from them before they can help or go back to Verizon. Clearly there is misrepresentation as our service had been working flawlessly for months and out of the blue certain features start getting blocked by either Verizon or Page Plus since Verizon owns the network Page Plus resells their service on. And don't even contemplate calling the Page Plus useless customer service as they’re only interested in getting you off the line with the pretext of taking the next waiting customer regardless of which status they leave you in with your problem. They're not afraid to verbalize their bogus excuses and will state them on and each call you place to them, including their supervisors. FYI, a lot the times I called I could not get through and would get “All circuits are busy, try your call again”. Either the service is problematic resulting in volume calls or they don’t have the manpower to service customers. Regardless this is not what I’d expect from customer service

hasalife 5/15/2010
I've used page plus cellular for nearly 3 years, and I've never had any problem at all. In fact, just purchased a new (refurb-but new to me) so far -excellent.

mcrfan 5/14/2010
I have been using Page Plus for a year' Their customer service is TERRIBLE.....I have been on hold each time for more than 30 mins. They will not allow smart phone set-up and they are increasing to $45.

robert 5/13/2010
love page plus been with them for 5 months and works good talk all i want and tex love it 40$ but soon will be 45 o well its better then verzion prepay. plus i use my lg dear and verzion wont let me use it with there pre pay but pageplus dose love it

Dan 5/10/2010
After seeing so many negative reviews, I was skeptical. I called customer support about 4 times in the week before we signed up, and waited no more than 8 minutes each time. The call takers were exceptionally friendly, spoke very good English, and gave good answers. We signed up and they ported our numbers from Verizon Wireless without a problem.

T 5/10/2010

Paul 5/10/2010
Wow! What a great deal at $30 per year for 300 minutes. That's more than I need.

Re- 5/8/2010
I have been using the service for 9 months and i never had any issues. we saved about $4000 a year because we used to pay AT&T about $600.00 per month for 4 lines and we ported all of them to Page Plus Unlimited TalknText.

Magali 5/8/2010
I got page plus for a almost a month and it sucks!!! im now renewing service with this company ever!!

Josh 5/8/2010
I have had PagePlus for less than a month and do not plan to renew my service with the. When I signed up I was told any Verizon phone would work with their service except black berrys. I specificly asked about Windows Mobile devices as I owned a XV6700 and they said yes. I activated and then promply could not receive calls or text unless I was activly usng the phone. They said that it is a network sync problem and that they have no way to repair it and that I needed to get another phone. I also was told that I could not get a refund as service had been started.

Jim 5/8/2010
One of the best prepaid company; Price and True nationwide coverage!
no body perfect and you can't make everybody happy!

angry 5/7/2010

Brad 5/7/2010
Page plus keeps changing there policies and have cheated quite a few customers out of there money also customer service is a 30 minute wait and they are rude

CheapButBadCustSvc 5/6/2010
The pricing is great, and the coverage is excellent BUT the customer service is really poor. I had a 4-day gap in service after adding time via their website and the reply to my email complaint said they'd "had problems with the website over the weekend" and finally added the time purchased from their site online on Sunday to my phone on Wednesday. Also, refurbished phone I bought from their site stopped working through no fault of mine and I had to wait for UPS to ship me a new phone, therefore another gap in service (they did replace the phone at no charge since it broke so soon after purchase, however). My first week with them miscommunication led me to purchase time before my number port was completed, and they refused to add time once the port was complete, thus I wasted $29.95 right away. The hold times are EXTREMELY long if you call and I encountered more than one very rude rep, and have found the email customer service easier. So for now, I'm sticking with it since it's such a cheap deal, but a few more gaps in service will make me move on.

Page Plus is only good if you have a brand new phonw with them and they dont have good customer service. I brought my phone in march with in 3 weeks my phone was broke and not because I dropped it or anything it was a used refurbished phone they just had it in the box and made it look new, and they dont send you a phone. Im moving to a differnt company, I might try straight talk.

dealer 5/4/2010
a wonderful company with great plans but awful customer service

taylor 5/1/2010
Pageplus unlimited works it you use it correctly, I have it but I buy my refill card early but don't add it to my phone till it shut off, also I never use my phone like a house phone i give my battery time to charge then i take it off the charger. Im working during the day so Im only use my text.I was with Sprint of several years an paid way to much, now I get the same service and I was able to have my same number without paying 130.00 month, I'll take 39.95 or 44.95 any day over that. Yes there are some area's that pageplus need to work on, like there call wait time, but over all my experiance is great.

pete 4/30/2010
dam page plus to hell i called them to buy a new talk n text plan then said they added it to my account didn't see it and then they hung up on me so i called back and the stupid fool put me on the Unlimited Talk n Text Plan now i have only 20mb of data that sucks after this i will no longer be going back to page plus.

new rating 4/30/2010
pageplus has now been rated to a b- an the bbb

SoDissappointed 4/29/2010
Page Plus Cellular (PPC) WAS great, operative word "WAS", but are NO LONGER!!! I just tried to purchase a $10 card over the phone and the person taking the order entered my address WRONG, so the next day, I still didn't have the $10 on my phone, though I had a confirmation number from the purchase and my bank had already processed payment on their end. I called PPC and spoke to a supervisor. She was rude and unhelpful and told me it was on the bankcard company's end and to call them. When I tried to tell her there was a problem with their customer service because I believed it was THEIR error after VERIFYING my address with her, she hung up on me! I called the bankcard co., they verified the address which was correct with them all along and told me to call PPC, it was on THEIR end. I called PPC and the guy wouldn't initially send me to a supervisor as I requested, but took all my info again then told me nothing new but verified my address AGAIN, then got a supervisor (different than last time). She was also rude, nasty and unhelpful in resolving the issue and then repeated my address back incorrectly so I corrected her and said it WAS their error. She would not STILL give me the $10 applied on my phone and CHARGED ME AGAIN, when she said she cancelled the earlier charge!!! I called my bankcard co. and I asked them to refuse/cancel these payments and they said I had to get PPC to FAX a letter on their masthead with all the info and stating that they weren't going to charge me for these 2 times, etc. and they would release my funds back into my account. I called PPC back and got another supervisor and she was rude, nasty attitude and absolutely REFUSED to send the fax, stating it was "not their policy" to send a fax!!! I had been a happy customer for at least 3 years! NO MORE!!!!!!! I would give them a big FAT ZERO if allowed, they don't deserve even one star!!! So dissappointed by their sudden change to crap!!!!

Figured 4/28/2010
Figure out pre-paid? There should be nothing to figure out, this company has everything backwards. I have dealt with many of people that either lost their money or had there phone banned on UNLIMITED ABUSE. I see alot of people say "get a life" if your on the phone that much, well some people have JOBS and there JOBS require them to be on the telephone. Sure it is a good value, but the pirce increase to 44.95 and the banned devices and the lackluster customer service is NO GOOD.

God Awful 4/28/2010
Make sure you pay your bill on time, or they will take it. Don't pay it one minute to early, PATHETIC.

Michael 4/28/2010
These morons insist on sending texts in the middle of the night which have waken me several times. I asked them to stop it and they said they would but didn't. It is not worth losing sleep for your cell service

ed 4/26/2010
I just ported one of our numbers from Metro to page Plus and it is a big different no drop calls and it is a great Nationwide coverage!
The dealer told it's Verizon network.

pedro mayonada 4/23/2010

Eric in AZ 4/23/2010
Good service, but terrible customer service and billing.

Want REAL Unlimited? Go elsewhere 4/23/2010
Page Plus is a Verizon prepaid reseller. They have to pay Verizon for all their "unlimited" minutes so they have a limit. Verizon prepaid is directly owned by Verizon with NO middleman. They can give away over 20,000 night/weekend/Verizon to Verizon minutes for practically free. Page Plus can't. Verizon costs more but if you've been burned by Page Plus's "unlimited" plan you can still get unlimited on Verizon, it just costs a lot more. ($74.99 for unlimited talk) and you can't use Smartphones of any kind or touchscreens. But Verizon prepaid has much better customer service.

Gregory H 4/22/2010
Are you thinking about getting page plus? I beg of you, please do not!! This is the absolute WORST company I have ever dealt with. Customer service deserves a -10 rating.

Ok 4/22/2010
I seen this company on the news, very negative press. I also do my research before I join a company with the BBB and with a rating of "f" thhat decided it all for me.

Trina 4/22/2010
I was on ATT services for about a 2 yr contract with 2 phones. My bill was over $130.00 a mth and that's if my daughter didn't go over her minutes. We only had 700 mins to share. I switched to PP after contract ended and now I pay $80.00 for 2 phones with unlimited services. No overage charges!! Love the savings. And I never lost service, no complaints here.

Chapina 4/22/2010
I've had Page Plus for 1 month here in Western NC, and me and all my friends who also have Page Plus cannot complain. I haven't had a single problem (yet). I'll be sure to keep in mind the negative opinions, because it's good to know these things. However, as of right now, it's been a great experience!

Joe 4/21/2010
All my family have been using Page Plus and nothing but good nationwide coverage and best price nationwide!
hey people it is verizon network unlimited nationwide for 44.95 per month.
The best deal ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

justme 4/20/2010
I still use page plus for now but they have lowered my days 4 unlimited plan dwn 2 20 not 30 and sum how my 10.00 cushion has came up missing 4 2nd month n a row. CS is a joke. overpriced phones switching 2 Straight talk from walmart..

jp2010 4/20/2010
Every thing is great!! Ordered phone ( lg vx8300)from PagePlus and got it in five days. All setup out of the box!! Service is great and everything works. There are few prepaid companys I would recommend but this one is the best yet!

Reno 4/20/2010
Going on 2 months and I'm thinking of doing sales for page plus, I mean I have sold my friends and family. It's easy, VZ coverage and unlimited for 39.95. How easy can it be. Everyone likes to save money and have unlimited talk and text. I hope this never ends.

Joe 4/19/2010
Great price and best coverage!
Not like others; Metro, Cricket,Boost and others.
Page Plus is a true nationwide!

Paul 4/19/2010
Have been using this for a year. I have no problems. I travel in the NY/NE region daily and coverage has been excellent. CS does take maybe 10 minutes to connect with, but they have not been rude. I have used the 1200/1200 and pay as you go plans with no problems.

t_dikks 4/18/2010

Jerry 4/18/2010
I was thinking about porting over to PP from Verizon because of Verizons crap, but I tried for several hours to cal CS and just kept getting a message that "All circuits are busy", so if they cant handle their own calls, how can they handle mine? Guess I wont go with PP and will try to find some other alternative to PP. I really think Congress needs to investigate the whole cell phone industry and force these people to be honest. They all seem to be crooks.

brandi 4/18/2010
i have had page plus for 6 months now and i go sraight to the dealer, my phone works is truly unlimited talk and text. i did see ppl are getting in trouble for abuse of service,if it is true that there is a limit if 5000 minutes a month, who cld possibly talk that much!! i will keep the service until i get screwd. i was gonna open my own store but after the reviews, im changing my mind just in case

David Rice 4/17/2010
I just got off phone with customer service and did not receive nothing!The people were very rude.

dave 4/17/2010
ppc has unbanned the old htc and treo`s/palms
theyre suposly workin on unbanning blackberry`s to!

Who Cares 4/17/2010
Honestly, who cares if it is "true nationwide" Just way to many negatives with a BBB rating of "F" and them being on the NEWS, just to many negatives.

It is a True Nationwide! 4/17/2010
Page Plus is a True Nationwide. (Verizon).

Joke 4/17/2010
To many negatives outweight the positives.

I agree! 4/16/2010
Page Plus is a true Unlimited Nationwide!
1. Nationwide coverage.
2. Best price.
3. Flexible devices.
4. Service

Joe 4/16/2010
Simply the best value and it is a true NATIONWIDE........(VERIZON Network)!!!

Kaleb 4/16/2010