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2 stars of 5 based on 113 reviews

Peter 8/27/2013
Solid service and good 3G data speeds, high reliability. (AT&T's network.) They have been advertising heavily and may be the next MetroPCS. You can compare prepaid plans at

James 5/15/2013
For a while I have observed they miss charge all the time. I made a call 54 sec, they charged me $0.10. For call made less than 3 second, hang up right after voice box message, they charge $0.05. For calls some time less than 2 minutes I was charged $0.15. I was even buying minute plan and it should cost me $0.05 / minute. They said they would even prorate the charge that is below a minute, but they didn't do that. Often I was charged $0.05 extra. H2O Wireless just eats people's money which makes them more expensive.

Horrible Support 4/17/2013
Their International Calling on minute plan is horrible. I tried to make int'l call to Japan 16 times, but I could go through just once. To make matters worse, I got charged the amount for not connected 15 times calls. I told this issue to their chat support, but they just said "There were no charge on our record". I'm pretty sure that I got charged, because my cell phone displayed the cost for each calls and actually I checked that my balance was decreased on their web-site. I told her that I need the proof if you say there were no charge, and I requested my calling record for it. but their answer is "You will need the first court order for it". This is totally cheater's pretense. They are saying "We didn't make a charge, but we don't show the proof. Just go to court." You can see actual conversation below. If you need to make a international call, don't choose H2O wireless. (21:01:20)SUPPORT:Welcome to H2OWIRELESS. Please wait for the next available representative. (21:03:47)SUPPORT: Thank you for contacting customer service, my name is H2OREP SUE. How can I help you? (21:03:56)SUPPORT: Hello MyName, how can I help you today? (21:04:19)MyName: Hello, (21:04:30)MyName: Hello, I'm in Minute Plan with H2O and, I tried to call to Japan. I followed your instruction like call to 1-562-252-0100 and then, dial international number, but it doesn't work and I was charged. (21:04:32)SUPPORT: yes hi, how can I assist you? (21:05:01)SUPPORT: I do apologize for the inconvenience MyName, however, I'll be more than happy to assist you. (21:05:12)MyName: Thank you. (21:05:24)SUPPORT: now did you put 011 before the international number? (21:05:32)SUPPORT: May I have the Phone number first to assist you better? (21:05:50)MyName: I was charged even my call didn't go through. (21:05:58)MyName: OK, my number is (21:06:05)MyName: ### ### #### (21:06:29)SUPPORT: Thank you very much (21:06:43)SUPPORT: now did you dial 011 before the International number? (21:07:10)MyName: Yes. (21:07:46)SUPPORT: ok now can I have the International number (21:07:48)MyName: I tried the number without 011 also, but I checked your web site, and I dialed number with 011 several times. (21:08:23)SUPPORT: ok now can I have the International number (21:08:24)MyName: the number is ### ## # #### #### (21:08:58)SUPPORT: Thank you very much (21:09:09)SUPPORT: actually I check the number in the system (21:09:17)SUPPORT: and there is no charge of that (21:09:21)MyName: OK. (21:09:51)MyName: Really? My cell phone displayed I've gotten charge. (21:10:04)MyName: each call. (21:10:12)SUPPORT: I really apologize for the inconvenient (21:10:20)SUPPORT: but actually there is no charge of that (21:10:22)SUPPORT: sorry for that (21:11:20)MyName: I checked my balance on your web site. (21:11:25)SUPPORT: Is there anything else I can assist you with today? (21:11:38)MyName: but, Surely I've gotten charged. (21:12:15)SUPPORT: well like I told you before, actually Im checking here in the system, and there is no record of this number (21:12:28)SUPPORT: so that means that there is no charge for that call (21:12:39)MyName: Currentry, my balance is $22.04. (21:12:58)SUPPORT: yes that is correct (21:13:05)SUPPORT: that is your balance right now (21:13:07)MyName: but before I called to this number, my balance was more than that. (21:13:51)MyName: If you say that, please show me whole of my call history. (21:14:00)SUPPORT: well I can not know that, but what I can tell you is that there is no charge for the call that you was traing to make internationaly (21:14:02)MyName: I'm pretty sure, I was charged. (21:14:26)SUPPORT: well unfortunately that is not posible I really apologize for that (21:14:34)MyName: so, why my balance was decreased. (21:14:49)SUPPORT: to get a history of your calls you will need to send us first a court order (21:15:05)MyName: you said you checked my calling in your system right? (21:15:13)MyName: So, you have my call history. (21:15:20)SUPPORT: well because you are having many outgoing call, thats what we have in your history of calls (21:15:26)SUPPORT: yes we do have it (21:15:31)SUPPORT: but we can not provide it (21:15:47)SUPPORT: to do that you will need to send us first a court order (21:16:01)SUPPORT: I really apologize for the inconvenient (21:16:32)MyName: So, just show me that, and attest you not to charge me. (21:16:36)SUPPORT: Will there be anything else that you need to be assisted with? (21:17:06)MyName: It's almost like a fraud. (21:17:12)SUPPORT: I really apologize for the inconvenient, but like I told you before, we will need to have a court order in order to do that (21:17:16)SUPPORT: I really apologize for the inconvenient (21:17:56)MyName: Hey, just show me my call history. (21:18:12)SUPPORT: Im sorry but we are not able to do that (21:18:16)MyName: I can't understand why you can't do that. (21:18:16)SUPPORT: Is there anything else I can assist you with today? (21:18:34)MyName: Refund my money. (21:19:06)MyName: I couldn't make a call, and you charge for it. (21:19:07)SUPPORT: Im sorry but unfortunately there can not be a refund because of this issue (21:19:09)SUPPORT: sorry for that (21:19:25)MyName: Refund my credit, or show me my call history. (21:19:38)SUPPORT: Im so sorry but like I told you before there wasent a charge to the number that you call (21:19:51)SUPPORT: unfortunately it is not posible (21:19:57)SUPPORT: Will there be anything else that you need to be assisted with? (21:20:31)MyName: Why is it impossible. (21:20:38)MyName: Tell me the reason. (21:21:32)SUPPORT: because there was no charge, and the way you can know the calls is with a court order (21:21:53)SUPPORT: and due that there was no issue, then there is no way to make a refund (21:21:57)SUPPORT: sorry for that (21:22:18)SUPPORT: is there any other question that you need to be assisted with? (21:22:30)MyName: That is not reason for not showing my call history. (21:22:50)SUPPORT: unfortunately that is the policy of the company, sorrry for that (21:22:55)SUPPORT: I really apologize for the inconvenient (21:23:01)MyName: If you say there was no charge, you need to obtain proof. (21:23:11)MyName: show me the fact. (21:23:17)MyName: not your word. (21:23:22)SUPPORT: yes sure (21:23:36)SUPPORT: and the way to do it, is having a court order (21:23:38)MyName: you are just saying "there are no charge" (21:23:44)SUPPORT: sorry for that (21:23:51)SUPPORT: yes that is correct (21:23:59)MyName: I just need the evidence. (21:24:29)SUPPORT: Im sorry I just told you how you can get your history (21:24:34)SUPPORT: is there any other question that you need to be assisted with? (21:25:07)MyName: I can't understand why not. (21:25:23)MyName: Why?? (21:25:35)MyName: You can't show me the record. (21:25:37)SUPPORT: I really apologize for the inconvenient (21:25:39)MyName: Why??> (21:25:40)SUPPORT: is there any other question that you need to be assisted with? (21:26:19)MyName: You have it, and you can obtain proof with it, but you don't show me that. (21:26:23)MyName: why???? (21:26:41)SUPPORT: Im sorry I just have explaine you this, if there is nothing else that you need to be assisted then I will need to disconnect the chat in order to assist other customers (21:26:53)MyName: Just show me the record. (21:27:06)SUPPORT: now will there be anything else beside this that you will need to be assisted with? (21:27:23)SUPPORT: Im so sorry but there is no way I can show you your record (21:27:34)SUPPORT: like I told you, the only way is with a court order (21:27:50)SUPPORT: Im so sorry of all this inconvenient (21:28:02)MyName: OK, tell me your name and affiliation. (21:28:12)SUPPORT: yes sure (21:28:27)SUPPORT: my name is Sue, and My Id number is 382 (21:29:06)SUPPORT: is there any other question that you need to be assisted with? (21:29:19)MyName: And, you said you can't provide my calling record without court order. right? (21:29:38)SUPPORT: unfortunately that is correct (21:29:39)SUPPORT: sorry for that (21:30:12)SUPPORT: will there be any other question? (21:30:59)MyName: Can I understand that it is H2O's official outlook? (21:31:50)SUPPORT: yes that is also correct (21:31:54)SUPPORT: sorry for that (21:32:00)SUPPORT: is there any other question? (21:33:24)MyName: OK, this is big problem. I understand what kind of business you doing. (21:33:46)SUPPORT: sorry for that (21:33:53)SUPPORT: is there any other question that you need to be assisted with? (21:33:56)MyName: I will post this conversation to consumer reports. Thank you. (21:34:15)SUPPORT: It was a great pleasure to assist (21:34:17)SUPPORT: If there's nothing else, I will invite you to take the survey, you will find at the top right corner of the screen, your feedback will help us to provide you a better service. Thank you for contacting H2O wireless and have a wonderful day (21:34:19)Your session has been ended. Thank you.

Mike 3/11/2013
Great stuff. I have their $25 dollar plan and never had a problem. They give free international mintues with some plans to call anywhere around the world. Best AT&T MVNO so far.

Fran 10/16/2012
You'd have be a fool-there in business to rip you h20 minute plan on reup lost previous balance of A $150.00---so can you afford it? I can't

Marty 10/16/2012
What a strange company. I bought a SIM and $25 plan to check out the quality. The calls on an iPhone 4s are crisp. The company, however, is a bit of a comedy. Is anyone happy with their H2O service? I'd really like to switch because of the great sound quality. Here's my customer support chat transcript. I intentionally cut and pasted much of the poor grammar and spelling errors when replying to, or quoting, the chat dude ... (10:24:12)SUPPORT:Welcome to H2OWIRELESS. Please wait for the next available representative. (10:25:48)SUPPORT: Thank you for contacting customer service, my name is H2OREP EVA. How can I help you? (10:26:29)Marty: I am considering porting my number to H2O. Is it true that H2O has cancelled phone service for excessive usage, on the H2O unlimited plan? (10:27:29)SUPPORT: I will be more than glad to assist you (10:28:43)SUPPORT: ok (10:29:34)SUPPORT: explain you , acoording with our terms and conditions (10:30:17)Marty: I don't understand what you just typed. Please re-phrase. (10:30:41)SUPPORT: if you made an unrasonable usage of any of your features ,talk ,text ,mms ,the system will blocked them and you wont be able to use them until your next recharge (10:31:10)SUPPORT: I apologize (10:31:20)Marty: How many minutes is 'unlimited' (10:31:37)Marty: Is 4,000 minutes a month more than 'unlimited' ? (10:32:52)SUPPORT: I apologize ,we do not have a limit , the unlimited plan is unlimited (10:33:16)SUPPORT: but unlimited do not means unrasonable (10:33:21)Marty: How many minutes is an 'unrasonable usage' ? (10:34:47)SUPPORT: well if you use it in an unrasonable way ,it means if you use it in a wrong way the system will blocked them (10:35:37)SUPPORT: you can see our terms and conditions in our website (10:35:45)Marty: I'm a reasonable guy, but can't afford to have my phone cut off for exceeding your unlimited limit. Especially if you don't publish the maximums allowed on your fully unlimited plan. (10:36:11)Marty: How many minute can I use before you cancel my phone service? (10:37:54)SUPPORT: I apologize for the enconvinieces (10:38:22)SUPPORT: we do not have limits , the unlimited plan is unlimited (10:38:33)SUPPORT: we do not have a top of minutes (10:39:29)Marty: Not an enconvinieces at all. This chat is very convenient. So, if I use 4,000 minutes per month, H2O will NOT CANCEL my service. (10:39:36)Marty: Is that a correct statement? (10:40:17)SUPPORT: no sir ,we are not going to cancel your service (10:41:34)Marty: Thank you. Can you tell me what limits are considered "if you use it in a wrong way"? I really need to know this. (10:42:25)SUPPORT: for example (10:42:49)SUPPORT: traffic pumping (10:43:16)Marty: What is 'traffic pumping' mean? I've never heard of this. (10:44:36)SUPPORT: ok (10:44:41)SUPPORT: just a moment please (10:46:08)SUPPORT: Traffic pumping, also known as access stimulation,[1] is a controversial practice by which some local exchange telephone carriers in rural areas of the United States inflate the volume of incoming calls to their networks, and profit from the greatly increased intercarrier compensation fees to which they are entitled by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (10:46:45)Marty: I would never do that. (10:47:45)Marty: I read online that several people had their phone service cancelled by H2O for excessive usage. Can you clarify excessive usage, if I'm not a traffic pumper? (10:49:08)SUPPORT: I understand, I apologize it only was an example (10:49:54)Marty: Do you have any other examples? (10:50:59)SUPPORT: yes (10:53:06)SUPPORT: just a moment please (10:53:37)SUPPORT: can you provide me with your email address or in order to send you our terms and conditions (10:53:58)Marty: yes- (10:55:33)SUPPORT: ok the email was sent (10:55:47)SUPPORT: do you have a number with us ? (10:57:50)Marty: Yes I do. (10:59:24)SUPPORT: did you received the email ? (11:00:29)Marty: Yes. It says H2O can Suspend or Terminate Services without notice and at any time for any reason. (11:00:53)Marty: In my business, this statement would kill me dead. (11:01:13)Marty: Why would anyone agree to be terminated without any reason? (11:02:03)SUPPORT: I understand (11:02:46)SUPPORT: Is there anything else I can help you with today ? (11:02:50)Marty: It also says that H2O cannot guarantee my number would be transferred successfully. I've had this number since 1989. Is there a chance I could lose it by doing business with H2O? (11:05:36)SUPPORT: if you recharge your account moth by month ,you will not lose your number (11:05:52)SUPPORT: how long have you been with us ? (11:07:50)Marty: Just a few days. I got a $25 card to see if I liked the call quality. It is very good, but I'm terrified at having my phone cut off without any reason and without any advance notice. (11:08:33)Marty: This is why I'm writing to see if it's a good idea to port my long time phone number to H2O. (11:09:09)Marty: I don't think I can agree to your terms. Do you have any other terms that protect your customers from H2O? (11:10:04)SUPPORT: No sir ,those are the only terms and conditions we have (11:11:04)SUPPORT: I apologize , for any inconvinience (11:11:28)SUPPORT: is there anything else I can help you with today ? (11:11:45)Marty: Thank you! The inconvinience was all mine! (11:12:09)Marty: No, I don't need any more help today. This has been wonderful. Thank you so very much. (11:12:43)SUPPORT: you are very welcome (11:13:02)SUPPORT: thank you for contact H2O Wireless ,have a nice day ! (11:13:16)Your session has been ended. Thank you.

H2O SUCKS!! 9/18/2012

Tra 8/30/2012
Ripp OFFF!!! BeWare!!I got a sim card from them online, got some mins to add to it after a couple weeks, I was excited I had been without cell for a long time and wanted to talk to my girl, I did a test call was working great I was so happy two hours later I had only used 15 cents on my 25 dollar card! My number Was totally Shut OFF! Wtf! Is That! I call my number its says not in service! I went to there website put in my number and it says That Number Must not be with us!!!! What Pisses Me OFF The Worst I have A Gilr Calling me In the morning on that number She is really PO at me cause she called me and never gets through and even said its her last try or she is givving up!!!!! Thanks H20 I was gonna Marry her! And Now I Bet I Never Even Get To talk to her... 26 dollars all my money I had, Down the drain, Worst Company Ever!!!!!!

Bobby 6/12/2012
Never used H2O wireless.I do have an O2 wireless card in my iPhone and never had a problem with O2 wireless service. It would be nice if O2 wireless had a data plan.

Prepaid Fan 5/29/2012
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!! After reading all this review about H2o wireless .. I think h2o wireless rip off and Fraud .. I have Red pocket and I was thinking to switch to H2o but HELL NOOOO !!!!!!! Everyone should port your number to Red pocket .. I think Red pocket one of the best Mvno carrier out there now .. Faster DaTa too ...

Patrick 5/17/2012
Absolutely terrible. - porting in was a nightmare. why make it hard to give you my money. - i bought the cheap plan. my needs are minimal. but i need voicemail, and the plan has NO VOICEMAIL AT ALL. WTF? whoever heard of such a thing. It's actually worse than that - it seems like you do have voicemail: callers can leave you messages, and you can go try to check them, but it always says you have zero messages. Seriously, guys. And then they won't credit me to upgrade to a 21st-century phone plan.

bill 4/15/2012
Good Price,good service

Frank 4/13/2012
all you guys complaining about the 1 gig cap. it states clearly on the website on this. air voice is same. crap

Nansea Cassler 4/5/2012
I have spent hours trying to reach customer service by phone, email and live chat. I signed on for 3G but it was unreliable often and unavailable most of the time. I tried to downgrade my account back to minutes but there is no option to change your plan on line. There is no representative available ( I am talking hours trying to raise someone)to help. Do not waste your time or money unless you want to hand over your credit card and let them charge you what they feel like. There is no way out, no options. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY

Steve 3/30/2012
Stay away from this company! I was first lured to this company two years ago due to the allowance of use of any unlocked GSM phone on a minute plan without loss of roll over minutes if your time expired. Now they want to change the rules!

Jack Miller 3/26/2012
I can't believe all the people here who complain that expect this service to stand by when they max out their data plans to the yazoo. I have had this service (with no data) for two years and it has been pretty cheap. Recently they have lowered their price, but they have also enforced the 1 month expiration for their minimum refill of $10. Before, it expired in 90 days.

Bigwill 3/16/2012
STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY THESE R THE BAD GUYS. I paid $60 for the unlimited plan b4 they cut their so call unlimited data which was really a 2GB cap two weeks later ma2GB was cut from 1GB two days later ma internet was cut off 3 days later ma unlimited text was cut off. All b4 the month I paid for was over. Then switch to the $25 plan. Lol what a mistake every thing is a charge hell even switching from Wifi to 3g, receive an email, open a web page, send or receive a text, receive or make a call is a charge needless to say ma month was over in one week. To make matters worst they promise you 80MB of data with the $25 my data was cut off @55MB. These guy are bad guys and somebody needs to hit them with a class action suit.

Chris 3/10/2012
I purchased the simm card for my wife who was traveling to Europe. You can't call a C20 phone or phone with their simm card. Neither can they call you from another country. You can only make a call with their product from the US to another country and to another carrier. International calling, well sort of.

KJ Always 3/10/2012
They do not really give you unlimited minutes. That is false advertisement! I can prove it to you. This is on March the 10th and the service ends on March 28th...I am suppose to do without phone service from March the 10th to the 28th. Does that sound like unlimited minutes to you? Read for yourself below here. By the way, I don't have conference call. I pay $60 a month for two months upfront.(16:23:45)SUPPORT:Welcome to H2OWIRELESS. Please wait for the next available representative.(16:27:25)SUPPORT: Thank you for contacting customer service, my name is MARYANNC. How can I help you?(16:27:59)KJ: I am wondering why my phone doesn't allow me to make outside calls(16:28:06)KJ: I paid for two months(16:29:00)KJ: It is telling me that I am not allowed to call this number when I call people and they cannot call me either.(16:29:57)KJ: It is suppose to be unlimited minutes(16:30:23)SUPPORT: i would be glad to assist you(16:30:32)SUPPORT: may i have a phone number?(16:30:34)KJ: I appreciate that(16:30:44)KJ: [Redacted] 16:31:32)SUPPORT: ok, allow me a moment please(16:31:53)KJ: Okay(16:34:42)SUPPORT: your account is active until 3/28(16:34:49)SUPPORT: no have no service?(16:34:54)SUPPORT: you*(16:35:01)KJ: Why can I call out? And why people cannot call me?(16:35:31)KJ: One of my friends are getting frustrated because he cannot call in and I cannot call out(16:35:33)SUPPORT: ok, let me look further into this, please(16:35:51)KJ: Thank you(16:37:44)SUPPORT: ok, i see what happened here. Unfortunately, you have used the airtime available for the voice feature for your service(16:38:19)KJ: How is that possible if it is unlimited minutes?(16:38:33)SUPPORT: the service has been disabled, due to unreasonable usage.(16:39:00)KJ: Why do your company call it unlimited minutes when it is very very limited?(16:39:17)KJ: So what am I suppose to do until the 20th?(16:39:27)SUPPORT: when a customer's usage is deemed unreasonable, the service is no longer available(16:39:38)SUPPORT: until your next recharge(16:39:53)KJ: I guess, I am going to have to report your company's false advertisement.(16:40:16)KJ: I want to protect others from having this happening to them.(16:40:48)KJ: I am going to try to get your company forced to tell the truth about how many minutes are allowed to use because unlimited minutes is false.(16:41:36)KJ: Thank you for your honesty. I will use this as evidence that this service does not offer unliimited minutes.(16:41:50)SUPPORT: i am sorry for he inconvenience(16:42:09)SUPPORT: the*(16:42:12)KJ: Its not your fault that your company is deceitful.(16:42:23)KJ: Thanks for your help.(16:42:29)KJ: I am going to change companies.(16:43:27)KJ: Have a great day!

Iphone_addict 2/14/2012
Since I am a slave to this iphone 4 and can't fathom Att's Sharecropper contracts I am stuck with really disrespectful shiester companies like H20. They are on ATT's network who like all the companies are cutting internet usage back and selling to a premium and that is AFTER we have become co-dependent and our dependency sets in following the wild abandon of internet usage. Ahhhh.... the days of when I could watch netflix on my phone in the Doctor's waiting room (sigh). Nope I paid BEFORE the new policy of 1gig of data came and my receipt reflects this saying clearly "one month Unlimited data" and yet they breached this one month contract which started on the 29th of December by sending me an email on the 6th telling me that my data was cut to 1g effective the 1st (one week prior) and by the 7th my internet was off. 2 weeks of trying chat and phone with cutome service to no avail. My master has abandoned me. :-(

cliff 1/27/2012
Had att family plan contract with two phones.Switched to H20. They ported one of our numbers but said they couldnt port the other...ok, whatever...Waited 25 minutes for customer service. The very first time they try to cut my service or shortchange me I will not hesitate to file b.b.b complaint thanks to knowing what others have written on this site...


edmundo528 1/23/2012
Porting out fro this company was also a nightmare,, Once you start to port to the new company you would think you're do. But no. You have to call H2O andsit on huold for 45mins. Just to tell them that you would like your number released..I didn't have to call my old carrier when I ported to H2O,,,

edmundo528 1/16/2012
The worst cell company ever.. I bought the Unlimited talk,textand web starter kit from best buy. After one month they cut my data to 2gb. And then a month after that they cut it down to 1gb of data. They charged my debit card 4 days early and told me it's a glitch..Custmer service is terrible. STAY AWAY from this company.. Try Red pocket.

nayakkk 1/16/2012
please if you want your peace of mind please don't wast your time and business on h20 wireless as this carrier will turn off your service when you need it the most, and there is not promt customer service to attend your needs, please don't let a family member die on you because you can call 911, h20 sucks.

Suwal 1/16/2012
H2O Sucks, One of the worst prepaid network. I don't refer to anyone. I had $ 60.00 plan with unlimited voice, data and text with $ 20.00 international calling. Now they changed to 1gb Data and $10.00 for international calling. International calls doesn't work I can't hear low quality service. About customer service worst then worst, phone waited doesn't answer, chat doesn't get in and about the emails they reply you after 4-5 days, After a long waited i got someone on phone and she said because of high volume calls we have to wait OK I understand high volume they are taking market and making more customers that doesn't mean demotion in service and lower data to 1gb and international call drop to #$ 10.00 with cheap quality calls. They have to provide same service and quality service to keep customers and getting new customers they are doing wrong and will loose a lot of customers. One more thing I signed for auto recharge but what they do you know they charger 4 days before expiring your account and every month you loose 1 day and once they charger your international amount also finishes and you will loose what ever you have remaining balance. I'M NOT HAPPY WITH THEIR SERVICE I THINK MAY BE SAME WITH YOU SO I WANT TO LET EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING TO GET H2O LET THEM READ THIS.

Junk 1/15/2012
It came a bit of a shock to to me get that bad of a product in developed country. prepaid service is unreliable, charging process buggy, modem software buggy, stick not compatible with mac. What is striking that they are very much into design and appearance, but behind the curtain it's junk, by any standard

wrost carrier ever seen 1/12/2012
the website shows my brand new sim card has been used and activated by someone else? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFkkkkkkkkkkkkk is that? no customer service can be reach through their 1-800 numbers forever!!! Don't Use this ripping company's service, you will be pissed off!

Annie 1/8/2012

olga 1/6/2012
the worst company ever!!!! i am on hold all the day. After 20 mins the robot automatically tells me "good bye"! representative are mean, and do not know what they are doing. It took one day for a manager to call me back. dont go with this company!!! RUN away!!!

World o wireless 1/4/2012
This company will soon go out of biz. I stopped selling there service at my 3 stores because of the horrendously bad customer service everybody you talk to is a complete idiot. This company has put me and my customers thew hell

Andrey 1/4/2012
They do have cheap plans, But...also they have the worst of all bad customer services, ever. It is nonexistent, actually. Very long waits, live chat not available, bad English,... They charged my bank account and still cannot update my balance, after DAYS of calling and sending faxes. Indeed, 0-stars, that's what they are.

Ben 1/3/2012
So bad company. Treat customers like nothing. So bad service. Cheats so much. I used Simple for 2 years and going back again. Do not spend any penny, sucks.....horrible.

Jacob 12/25/2011
Customer service is pretty useless. However, if you call right at 9 am you will eventually get someone on the phone. They will never answer your emails. There is a delay of many hours between activation and getting use of your phone. I have the $60 plan that includeds 2 gig of data, but I think they are cheating me on this as my data always gets cut off when I have used the internet very sparingly and know I have not used up 2 Gig of data. There is no to ever check your data use, so you just have to use it blindly until it stops. Quality is good, as its using ATT lines.

Marylou 12/20/2011
I have been trying to talk to someone for 6 days! Live chat says it's too busy, try later. I have called only to listen to music for 1/2 hour or longer on the speaker phone. If you don't have problems I guess they'd be okay. Right now I'm out money for non service and a phone I can't use.

Cathe 12/12/2011
After one week waiting for Customer service "chat" to work, was treated like I had to be an idiot. I "fixed" my own data transfer, as they NEVER sent the info to my phone. The customer service sucks if you have a problem outside of their hours. I am currently looking for a better plan that has the 50mb data and "unlimited", HA, time. If you use your phone, this is NOT the company to go with!

wnc 12/7/2011
H2Os Unlimited plan is not unlimited at all. I was on the phone when it went out. I thought it dropped my call but I tried calling different phones and got the same "you can not call this number" message. I called customer service which was not a problem to get even though I had to wait a few minutes. When I told him my problem he checked then told me that I have made excessive calls. I told him I had an unlimited plan which means the sky's the limit but he told me when I make to many calls the system suspended my service. Be careful!! H2Os unlimited service is not totally unlimited. I would not recommend H2O to anyone. Thank God for Boost and other prepaid carriers that offer truely unlimited service. For $5.00s more I should've went to Straight Talk.

calico 12/7/2011
This company is shady & rip off! 1)they used to have international text message but then suddenly they remove it without informing the customers whilst its website still stating "unlimited text". 2)In such short times they changed their plan so fast like "unlimited data" to 3GB then in less than a week changed to 2GB. Ths company has NO consistency. 3) for $50 & $60 plan used to have $20 free international calls but now changed to $10 only. 4) NO MORE INTERNATIONAL TEXT MESSAGES, only domestic text in US! they remove this without stating it on their website! 5) It will always take very long time to get the customer service (20 - 45 mins). Most of the customer services dont know how to solve the problems. I used H2O service for 3 months but then I had to switch to other prepaid carrier because of those reasons above.

osy 12/6/2011
I have not seen a bad customer service as H2o.Most of them don't know what they are doing.You have to wait for 45mins or more .At times they don't have an answer for you.They change plans without notice.However the signal is good.I always have four bars.

sam 12/6/2011
Horrible customer service Deceptive. Unethical. This company is good until you face a real problem. I am a heavy texter and I had this $40 bucks talk text unlimited plan. I was paying month to month basis. Last month I decided to pay 3 months in advance. I made the biggest mistake by doing that. They blocked my text in the middle of November by saying I texted too much. i am a heavy texter but my texting pattern was same. They would not activate my texting until the end of February. I asked for advance pay that I made. According to them they won't pay me back once I paid for the service. I texted the same way before and not sure why they did this to me after paying advance in 3 months. I have been trying to talk to their customer no service for last 5 days. got disconnected 4 to 5 times. Customer service gave me 3 different dates when my texting may work but never got fixed again.

ron 12/5/2011
HORRIBLE! I ported my number from t-mobile to H2O so I could use the iphone 4. 3 weeks in my number is cut off for "phone pumping" The rep Oscar could not tell me what I did wrong or how many minutes I used. Then he changed it to "excessive use" of talk minutes. MY number was cancelled with NO warning. I could not talk to a supervisor. I had that number for 6 years and he tells me I can't transfer the number away. I asked again how many minutes is excessive? Could not get an answer! Buyer beware. This company is SUPER shady! I am thinking of filing a class action law suit for using the word unlimited. Clearly their unlimited has limits.

hachem 11/30/2011
this company is a complete joke and a rip off...i bought the card from best buy just to find out that it is a diffective card...the customer service is the worst i have ever encountered or i should say is none existing. i tried call for 2days after hours of waiting on phone and disconecting i reached the poor customer service to find out that this card in not working. plz save your self time and effort and go with a different company.

Ali G 11/21/2011
So far, not good. My activation package did not arrive with any of the required numbers to activate. It took a long time to figure this out given that the online activation is obscure at best and doesn't provide any information about the various numbers they require or where to find them. I received an email informing me that activation had failed and requesting I call customer service. When I call I am compelled to go through the voice-recorded activation system all over again (no possibility to speak with customer service) only for it to fail again, and to finally be "connected to a customer service representative". However, after that all I hear is silence - no music, no voice indicating I'm on hold - and after about 15 minutes of silence I give up. This has happened many times at this point. Unlike convenitonal voice-menus, there is no way to skip to customer service; even if you repeatedly get something wrong the automated voice will just continue to prompt you to try again indefinitely. And live chat only happens to be available between 12-8 EST. I've had these cards for more than a week and still have not been able to activate them. This does not bode well for H20, and theirs is one of the worst customer services I have ever encountered.

Brian 11/14/2011
God their customer service is a freaking joke. it's absolutely trash. The worst I've experience in the telco game... which is saying a lot. nonetheless, the service works as advertised. Just don't mess up, or there's no going back.

michi surfer 11/10/2011
Forget about customer service all together. Internet chat or phone. It just doesn't exist its so bad. Network is ATT so its good. Price is cgeao. That's it

Koki 11/3/2011
I got h2o a month ago and it has been great. My phone has great service just like my husband whom is with att because he is still under contract. Wherever we go, we have the same service reception which is always 4 or 5 bars. I did all my process on h2o website and it was fast and simple. Had a little issue getting the MMS to work with my T-Mobile unlocked Blackberry curve 8900 but it is now working great.... The international calling is great my husband gets to use it to call his family for almost 2 hours. I LOVE MY BB and h2o service... ~^_^~

John Crocker 11/2/2011
Crap. I have been using H2O Wireless prepaid card to communicate with my daughter in Hong Kong. I live in Florida and had a spare BB. I would buy the 20 rechargeable card about every 2 months. TODA , 2 NOVEMBER 2011, H2O WIRELESS UNILATERALLY CANCELLED THE INTERNATIONAL TEXTING ON THESE CARDS WITH NO NOTIFICATION. SO I HAVE WASTED 46 DOLLARS. IF YOU USE THESE CARDS GO ELSEWHERE.

Raj 10/31/2011
The call and data quality is the same as AT&T. My only gripe with H2O is their customer service. The two emails I sent were never responded to. You have to wait forever to speak with a representative. However when you finally get customer service line, they are very helpful.

ADAM H 10/29/2011

Alex 10/28/2011
The only problem this carrier has is customer care service! Long waiting time on the phone and during live chat sessions are pissing offff!!!!!

Roland 10/23/2011
Just don't order through their website. They ship FedEx SmartPost, and as I'm sure you've read elsewhere, SmartPost sucks - allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of anything, even if you only live a six hours drive away. Other than that, they're an awesome service - I'd give 5 stars if they used the Postal Service or (non-SmartPost) FedEx.

Thom 10/23/2011
I have an unlocked HTC Inspire with an H2O SIM card and so far its working beautifully on the service! HDSPA (3.5G) internet works great - so much faster (and cheaper) than when I had Sprint. Customer service is great (though I usually do e-mail, response usually comes within an hour.) Only problem was not being able to pay my monthly charge through the website, their credit card authorization function didn't seem to be working that day, although I was able to pay through their automated phone system with no problem.

Antranik 10/21/2011
DO NOT get this service it sucks so bad save your money and try another service like Simple Mobile. With H20 service which is AT&T prepaid you get ultra slow internet speed i mean you barley get Pandora working and when you somebody my iphone says calling and if your lucky the calls go thru and same using Blackberry 8310 both Att phone. At this point i rather use Sprint which is better. If you want a good service get Simple Mobile they use T-Mobile towers better service for $40

Bill Z 10/16/2011
Absolutely horrible customer service. Long hold times, hang-ups, disconnects and bad information were only trumped by the poorly trained staff that rarely had enought information to complete the conversion of my iPhone G3s. It was frustrtating and infuriating. T-Mobile will negotiate down to $55 per month with 1000 talk unlim text, images and 250 megs internet and VERY good customer service. Its how you want to spend your time I guess.

JT 10/5/2011
I purchased a sim card for H2o and using an Samsung Eternity. It works great I always have at least 4 bars of signal. If you have an Att phone or if a family member did an upgrade use thier phone its worth it best part its not refurb mine is a brand new one only couple months old. Service is great for unlimited talk and text, Thanks H2O you guys rock.

George 9/26/2011
Worst worst the worst mobile network ive ever used!!! i wouldn't recommend that to enyone even my worst enemies :)) no costumer service! international calling sucks big time!

noname 9/16/2011
boooo... Fine writing: You're still paying even though the call just ring and doesn't get thru. This is the worst plan I ever had.. chuck it to the garbage

Marcus 9/6/2011
They have a total lack of customer service. My iphone won't get cellular data or picture messaging. If you call no one answers if you send an email you get an automated response. Just not worth the hassle, I am switching to another carrier when my month is up. I wouldn't recommend this service to anyone. In fact if you are considering H2o wireless you should look elsewhere.

God's Girl! 8/1/2011
I would not recommend this carrier to anyone. When trying to contact their customer service agents, you are left on hold for a very long time. I was put on hold so long that I eventually hung up. Also, my child was getting tweets on her phone from complete strangers and she didn't even have the plan that included internet access. When our month is up, we will never use this carrier again.

Brad 7/27/2011
H2O is confusing, expensive and deceptive. Customer service is unhelpful...avoid this company, and Best Buy should be ashamed of associating with H2O.

Suave 6/10/2011
I had T-mobile, I lost almost 100$ from my account because of expiration of minutes (I missed one day to refill). I promise myself never pay them any cent and switched to H2O similar service. No problems with coverage in CT,NY,MA with them. Texts are little bit cheaper than T-mobile and 10$ refills are for 3 months. ($3.33/M!!). I use this phone as a second emergency service (no calls about nothing :) - so its very cheep $40/year. Works on any unlocked sim phone. Marvelous for economical people!

Lisa 4/8/2011
I have had this service for years and saved a lot of money, since it only charges for the minutes you use. They charge me $20 once every 3 months and roll over the unused minutes (unbelievable.) Yes, I only use the phone for calls and text, but when I got this service, that was really all cell phones did. I also got a decent phone through them (Nokia), although it was not the latest model at the time. Now the industry has gone to the next level and I will have to reconsider just how much I want to spend to get up to date. Hmmm

Martin 4/3/2011
Jumped off a plane from Europe, picked up the H2O starter kit from Best Buy, activated it online, received confirmation mail in five minutes, line was activated 10 minutes later. Popped the SIM into an old unlocked iPhone 3G and I was up and running with $5 of free credit and no problems. Delighted except for the fact the online Top Up only allows for a USA credit card address so I have to buy top up cards from the 7-Eleven

James 3/31/2011
Got Rid of My Rip Off Sprint Account last month for the prepaid H2O. I couldn't be happier! Just need to figure out how to set up Voice mail.

RonB 3/15/2011
I purchased a h20 chip, I was happy with the intro free time, but without sending or receiving a call my minutes continue to go down. It make me not wanting to purchase any minutes. I have tried to contact them via (Customer Service on two occasions with on respond) I would not suggest this service to anyone.

kenosha 3/6/2011
This service sucks!!!! Got my phone home looked under the battery and and found out its a refurbished phone! The screen only comes on sometimes. I purchased the 49.99 card and I can't connect to facebook...had probs. with picture messages and after calling customer service 4 times and being on hold for almost an hour they finally fixed it....I have had so many probs. since I purchased this phone 3 days ago!

Ron 2/28/2011
The phone I bought has a refurb tag under the battery, and half the buttons didnt work.

BR 2/15/2011
Having lots and lots of problems with customer service, can't add the prepaid card by the webpage and take hours for customer service (phone)

the cute 2/14/2011
in my case i did not even have to contact c.s. i activate and add air time through the phone all by my self. even to get the new phone number was automatic they gave an easy one that i learn rightaway. about international calling it has worked ok. with me, maybe no the most clear signal but good,good's nice no to scratch international cards anymore.good value h2o.i would give them 5 stars if they had an unlimited plan for 50 bucks including data obviously like boost. but i'm sure they will eventually. i hope. just for the owners of unlocked smart phones 3G will work only in simple mobile or h2o dependind on the phone band and if is compatible otherwise will work in 2G depending. remember. simple mobile= T-MOBILE network. h2o=ATT network. peace to all.

Juan 1/10/2011
I have the $40 unlimited calls and text plan on my iphone. I have to say that am very pleased with the service. I text and make calls a lot and i havent had any problems. its super easy to refill your minutes. Customer service is not bad at all, compared to other services including the leading networks like At&t, etcc..., on their website you can even chat with a customer service rep and they will help you right away. truly, for $40 u cant beat it.

Ben 1/6/2011
No mic, the H2O special bundle kit is the kit that have the SIM card + the $50. If you're just activating a regular new SIM, then the airtime PIN would also needed to be added to get it to works. The kit that I used was supposed to be "Activated" then good for the next 30 days, but somehow their computer system didn't recognizes that, only activating the SIM but no minutes (service). I had to contacted their Customer Service to get them to add the $50 airtime in there. Now I have every thing for the $50 plan and it's expiring in 30 days. It's just the hassle I had to go through to get it works.

mic 1/4/2011
yo ben, i think you mistaking you have to activited your own min with H2o and then you be good to go. its pre paid its not a montly plan iight. anyway h2o is not that good to my point. becasue they don't have web data. they have the 50 mb data which can't be used if you have a smart phone. so whats the point. lolz.... anyway if you going for web simple moible got you cover. if you only need web and text then both are the same. o wait if you don't have a phone and not picky about it go with metro pcs 40 u will get unlimited talk text and web for just as lil as $40 ..... that will be good.

Ben 1/1/2011
I activated the $50 airtime bundle kit, that has the SIM card + 50$ airtime. Guess what, the SIM activated but zero balance airtime. Taking 3 days just to sorted it out and H2O has the worst customer service. I should have go with Simple Mobile and wish I could give 0 star instead of 1 star.

John 12/31/2010
They have the 49.99 and with that u get unlimited call and text plus they give u $20 worth of international call. The $20 international call is all b.s ! Like u call ppl can't hear u or it does not get connected very bad I don't recommend the 49.99 if so and u want H2O get $40.00 or if u going to pay that much get Simple Mobile $40 unlimted call n text or $50 call n text plus real 100mb data unlike H2O 50 mb can't use data. Or $60 unlimited call text and data even for smart phone like IPhone 2,3,4 or any other phone! Also H2O are so shity they say what they don't have . On top of the fake data and fake international calling they have fake 411 call! U can't call 411 while simple mobile u have unlimited anyway am comparing to simple mobile cause my brother has it and unlucky me I have H2O

Duphii 12/20/2010
I would give them zero stars if I could. Terrible service, terrible customer service. Had them for about three months and now trying to switch my numbers back to AT&T and Locus is dragging their feet on the port over. Then when I called customer service, they hung up on me. Avoid these guys at all costs.

Stephen 12/20/2010
This is by far the best phone service/cheapest way to use an Iphone. Great service, SIM drops into any locked or unlocked ATT phone and works just as ATT. Using with a locked Iphone and had my number ported from verizon (that was a bit of a pain, chat worked better than trying to call). Can beat the price!

Stacey 12/16/2010
This company has the most rude inept vile and ruthless customer service you will ever encounter in your life .When the phone works it works , but if anyhting goes wrong with your service or even have the audacity to upgrade u will find yourself in a web of 30to 60 minutes wait time for a customer rep who 9 out of 10 times will hang up on you if they cannot rob you of your monry ,.The customer sevice is in on a game not to help the customer .i SWITCHED FROM at&t AND I am dying to go back to at&T and apologize for leaving . I tried to upgrade to 49.00 data plan my service was immediately disconnected .I attempted to fix the problem on their website no avail .I had to call in and wait 30 minutes to speak with a rep who said to me " your money is gone because you upgraded by 9.99 you loose you 40 dolla have topay 49.00 now ." yes folks on top of the $40 bill I paid 2 days ago I became irritated and she put me backon the 40 plan but the trick on me is my phone is still off...She then says I have to transfer you to a specialist to turn your phone on ...SUPRISE when I got to the specialist and explained that I no longer wanted the data and simply my phone turned back on ... Like any well trained customer service rep he hung up on me ... I called again and same things another rep hung up ..Funny thing is I spoke clearly and monotone to ensure they understood me so I assume its an english language barrier .If you are with a major carrier .I repeat do nbot switch to this company .They have no support or respect fo r you and your money

Hector 12/10/2010
I am new to this service but it is working fine now. Had a problem with the initial refill but I was able to solve it by talking to a CSR. I used to pay $46 ($40+taxes) to TMobile for unlimited talk and 200 sms now I pay less than $40 and I get unlimited voice and sms. Buy the refills online (callingmart, pinzoo, etc) and save.

Allan 12/8/2010
I would not recommend H2O to anyone. I was a first time customer. I purchased a SIM card today and spent over 3 hours trying to get the service activated. The website is completely shut down and the wait times for a rep on their 800# are totally unacceptable. When I finally did get a rep on the line he gave a different website address to get into their site. I asked several times to speak to a supervisor, everytime whoever I was speaking to gave me the same reply: "I am a supervisor". When I finally got on the "website", by means of a different address, the "chat" reps were actually worse. I had zero confidence in H2O, after all the difficulties. Their customer service reps just made matters worst. I was even told that I should expect such delays/issues, because of their "new" products. There is no way I would spend my hard earned money with a company that not only does not deserve my business, but also never seemed to "want" my business. One of the worst examples of customer service that I have ever encountered!

Adam 12/5/2010
I have the Razor and i hate it! I got it for my 16th birthday in June and one of the knobs for the flip screen fell out a few days later. Then i tried to tuen it on before i left for Chicago and it didnt work. I dropped it once back in the summer and it has worked fine sense.And Yes there customer service sucks!!

Aaron 11/29/2010
Do. not. buy. I purchased the $10 Universal SIMCard which came with a $5 account balance, selected the voice plan during registration, and then added another $10 in minutes. Why one star? The voice plan: 14¢ /min. on weekdays, UNLIMITED Nights & Weekends ($1/day when used). Every day that I've had this card, I've lost $1 to SMS spam. There is no way to block it, and I have no reason to believe that this isn't completely intentional.

joe 11/20/2010
RE nickr data will only work on the 50 plan

nickr 11/20/2010
i am about to get this pure plan for 40 unlimited text n talk but does it work , well the data plan for iphones3g?

Bad Customer Service 10/20/2010
Completely inept and unresponsive customer service, by phone and by email. They simply cannot get anything right, and they don't care. I'm one of two people in my family with H20 service. When it works, its fine. But when they mess up, they are pathetically hopeless at fixing anything. After we recently bought $20 credit, they mysteriously stopped our service. After jumping many hoops, we were told to buy a new sim card. We did that. The $20 credit vanished. We complained - they have no idea what we're even talking about, they don't care, and they won't do a thing.

Agatha 8/29/2010
So, for me the phone works fine. But I am not a heavy texter and I don't call that much. Whenever I buy the $30 card, I get a bonus, so I actually get to spend $70. I usually spend that in a month. Costumer Service usually worked for me. I've never had big problems. The cons are that you pay whenever you call somebody and the person doesn't pick up. Also, it doesn't work everywhere, so you should pay attention to which area you live before you buy the phone.

charles 8/19/2010
When I had o2 I absolutely loved it because it was very cheap. I live in a hill side area and both the tmobile and att networks work well, thus I never had dropped calls, except when I would go to dessert areas like palm springs. The new monthly plans seem like a great deal because international calling is included. I would also call out of the country when I had o2. The only reason why I don't have o2 anymore is because my Father added me to his tmobile service.

gerlinda 7/21/2010
i had bought a phone and a phone card and you guys did not have service in the new mexico and i want my money back for the phone card i didnt have the chance to use any of it and its you guys fault that you guys didnt have service in nm.

Alex 7/14/2010
As of 7/19/10, they are eliminating their $1/day unlimited text plan. As that's the only reason I switched to them, I'm not a happy camper. Went I emailed Customer Service, I was told that heavy texters should use their new "Pure" play. It's supposed to be $40/month with unlimited text & talk. While they advertise this plan on their website, you can't actually buy it. Looks like "bait and switch" to me because when you click on the Pure plan "more info" link, you get to their more expensive plan. So far, their emails continue to insist that the cheaper plan is available. They even sent me a screenshot with a huge arrow pointing to the plan. Next to the arrow it says $49.99/month. Clearly the CS people have reading comprehension issues.

Alan 6/16/2010
I purchased my H2O Wireless phone a week ago, and have discovered that they do not have customer service - period! Filled out an on-line form to port my number in, and never heard from them. Wrote a message to customer service (via a link on the web site) and it bounced back as undeliverable. Of course I called CS, but was on indefinite hold. Does this company actually exist? Can't prove it by me - but if they do, they need to get their head out of the sand. I recommend avoiding them. Only plus is that if you buy one of their phones, it is unlocked and you can use it with ATT or T-Mobile.

t.t. 5/31/2010
cant find a store near me.So have to order online.And i seen that its not downloudele

Frankie 5/22/2010
I've been using o2 for about two weeks now, and so far I like it. I was with AT&T GoPhone, but the only option without a daily access fee costs 20 cents per message/minute, which is ridiculous. I'm rather phobic and not a heavy voice user, so 15C a minute is decent, since I'm rarely in a call for more than 5 minutes at a time. Where o2 really shines is in text messaging, I've not found a better deal for texting so far on a Prepaid provider, and I am a rather heavy texter. Unlike net10, who I've used before and really adored, o2 doesn't have a firmware-locked sim, so it works fine in just about any unlocked phone that works within at&t's frequency allocation range, allowing users to save money by outsourcing quadband chinese smartphones. The ten dollar alcatel phone I purchased came with 50 free minutes, so really it's like paying 4 dollars for the dumbphone and SIM, which is a decent deal imho. (electronic waste not withstanding) If you're a heavy voice user, your mileage may vary, but for texting, so far o2 has been satisfying. I put ten dollars on the account when I purchased the phone, I've been texting all week, and have only now breached past the free airtime given with the phone. If anyone finds a better deal, let me know, but for now I'm very pleased with o2 and hope that GSM coverage survives obsoletion for many years to come and doesn't go the way of AMPS in the face of 4g. If your phone has wifi or you don't use WAP by religious objection, o2 is a good deal.

Gerald 5/12/2010
Service is decent, but their system routinely cheats me when it calculates my account balance. For example, I had a balance of $18.69 at the end of the day yesterday. I sent a text today, for which I should have been charged $.10 as the first message of the day. But the automatic balance notice reads: "The last transaction cost 0.10 USD. Your account balance is 18.54 USD." This means they charged me .15 rather than .10. On their list of charges, there is nothing that costs .15. The only thing I can figure is that they not only charge you for sending, but charge you again for the person on the other end receiving. Thus, the .10 for sending, and .05 for the other person receiving, since texts after the first one each day are .05. I have been similarly overcharged for every text or call that I have checked. So this plan actually costs much more than they tell you.

Bill22 3/29/2010
Just a short update to my review below. My math was not good and I came up with $2.50/month, but it is actually about $40/year ~ $3.33/month. Still fine in my opinion, just to have a phone for when you have to have one. In my opinion, this plan is not for someone who uses their phone heavily, but I don't so it works for me.

Sarah 3/27/2010
I don't belong to this company, but I just wanted to write a quick review noting that they do not allow texting to shortcodes, so if you want to be able to update your facebook status from your phone, this is not the company for you. I was about to get a SIM for them until I discovered that.

Ryan 3/26/2010
Worked great with my iPhone. Great quality and helpful, (and strange), customor service. Also, it uses AT&T for their network, so do not expect amazing coverage. However, O2 is good for those that want a low price and any phone they want.

Bill22 3/26/2010
If you will use your cell phone a lot, this service is probably more costly than others, but for what I want it for (mostly for infrequent phone calls to/from my wife when necessary) it is the best deal you can get. For only $10 every 90 days, you can keep it active and the minutes don't expire anyway, so over time they could build up quite substantially. In this way, you can have a cell phone for the times when you just have to have one for only about $2.50/month. I think this is fantastic. I wasn't able to find a less expensive way to do it for the little amount that I will use this phone. I even bought the Nokia 1208 from their website for $9.99 and it came with 50 free minutes, and it turns out they won't expire for almost four months! If you are a 'power user' this isn't for you, but for me it is perfect and I am very happy with it. They use AT&T's network so you really can't much better than that for service and coverage.

sexcaszho 3/15/2010
signal is just the same as my T-Mobile if not worse in a few places but the rates are atrocious and so is the call quality. so much garbling.

Greg 3/5/2010
The only problem, I had with them. Is the CSR didn't understand me. There rates have changed. The expiration dates per card is $10, 20 and $40 gives you 90 days $60 gives 120 days and $100 gives 180 days. If you want those expiration dates. I would order from their websites not buy it from a retailer. The retailer still has some old cards. They won't add the updated expiration date. Electronic pins from retailer might be updated.

Tom 3/3/2010
O2 Wireless's signal is much better than T-mobile. if they charge 0.10/Minute I would rate it 5 Stars.

Steve 2/26/2010
correction: jailbreaked iphone. Yeah on 3.1.3. downgrade hax. to clarify.

Steve 2/26/2010
Works on my iphone. I like it simply to hold on to my orginal phone number a few more months under the basic plan, never know if an old friend or more importantly a resume you just send may call back on that number. Anyway best cheap way to hold on to a number with expecting little to no usage. $10 (sim)+10 a couple mins for 6 months. score =)

Nick 2/16/2010
The service coverage and call quality is fine. But using the basic plan, I continually received unsolicited phone calls and text messages that ate away my balance of funds. My experience with Net10 was much better because they did not charge you in these situations.

MR 1/27/2010
Excellent Value for a GSM Prepaid, especially if you need very basic GSM service and pay by the minute. Contrary to this page, $10, $20, $40 refills are all valid for 90 days (confirmed on packaging of my phone and by calling customer care)... This makes this service one of the best for low cost of maintaining service at just under $3.50/month! Also includes free international long distance. Another huge plus.

Boogy 12/28/2009
This is a BAD deal. I pay if busy, I pay if no respond, if call for activated sim pay 3$. Coverage sucks and rates is tooo tooo high.

Jimbo 12/15/2009
Their customer support is laughably bad. They genuinely tried to convince me that the town I live in doesn't exist when trying to assign me a phone number. No idea what "bad" is talking about; this is AT&T's GSM. It's available almost everywhere in the USA. (This isn't 3G we're talking about!) Price is better than virgin mobile, so why not?

Bad 12/14/2009
This is a bad deal period when you look at the coverage. You can do better with Straight Talk or Page Plus. Coverage sucks and rates are high.

Anne 10/19/2009
This is a rotten deal. Locus mobile migrated customers over to O2 for prepaid wireless. I used to pay 15 cents for the first 5 minutes of each day and then 9 cents per minute afterwards. Now, I have to pay 14 cents a minute for every minute. A half hour phone call that cost $3 now cost $4.20. If I talk for an hour it used to cost $5.70 but now costs $8.40. You get the picture.

Jennifer 2/5/2009
This is the best phone that I have ever had.I got it for christmas.