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Net10 Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 722 reviews

caz 9/6/2013
Had net10 for 5 months now (Moto C139). The phone selection is limited, but for a low user it's really the least expensive, totally hassle free prepaid. $15 a month for 150 minutes or 300 text messages. International calls are ok, but some international phone numbers are not serviced :-( text works tho'

Carry 9/6/2013
I'm looking to drop it. I don't use my cell phone often and I'm FORCED to keep buying minutes when I don't need them in order to keep my phone number. I currently have over 1000 minutes!!!

PAM 9/6/2013

John Phong 9/2/2013
I was fed up with Net10 after they shut off my data for 48 hours many times. I was tired of being transfered 2-3 times everytime I call their customer service. I have been with many other carriers and done researched and found a great company that I am really happy now. I only pay $49/month unlimited talk text and 4G data with no contract. If you're intersted go to this link, I always enjoy helping others.

Fed-up and so done 8/31/2013
I was looking at their Terms and Conditions regarding canceling their service, and I see this: “We may interrupt or terminate your service without notice for any conduct that we believe violates this Agreement, if you behave in an abusive, derogatory or similarly unreasonable manner with any of our representatives,[…]” That, folks, should tell you all you need to know about their level of service; that they had to explicitly put that in their T&C because people are losing their temper daily out of frustration at the level of incompetence and uselessness of their customer service.

Shari 8/18/2013
I have been a Net10 customer for many years mostly because they offered a kind of plan that fit our needs and they were pretty reasonable. But their customer service is beyond awful. Any time you have to call and you will have to call in expect to spend an hour or two on the phone. You will be transferred from one person to the next and just when you think you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel, they transfer you again and the fun starts all over! We have always done pay as you go roll over minutes and last month an error was made by Net10 and somehow added an unlimited plan to my phone taking away all the munutes I had accumulated. I had called in and they supposedly took care of it. This month as I tried to add my usual plan I discovered it had not been resolved and after two hours on the phone they said there was nothing they could do for me. I am very frustrated as they really just don't care!

John Phong 8/17/2013
I hate that whenever I have an issue with the service I spend at least an hour being transferred and no one can help me! I am glad I switched from their horrbile service and customer service. I have been with the new carrier for 3 months and I LOVE it very happy. I am on a no contract and pay only $49/month for unlimited everything on 4G data. If you want more info please email me at I'll be glad to help I know how you all feel

Roger Anderson 8/11/2013
TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!!! ~ THEY gave my number away, because THEY could not transfer it to a new phone! ~ Don't expect to call their customer service and spend anything less than one hour being transfered and put on hold. THIS IS THE WORST prepaid service available!

Pay-as-you-go is bait-and-switch 8/5/2013
Net10 is attempting to shove it's customers off of pay-as-you-go, because they have put up barriers to buying airtime online. The first time around, you cannot buy airtime without being forced to buy the $10 International Long Distance card. You must call Customer Service - where they will try to switch you to a more expensive PLAN that THEY control - if you persist, they will set their database to allow you to buy cards (w/o the $10 ILD card) for a short period of time; after that, you cannot buy ANY cards online. This has been going on for at least two months, with no disclaimer other than "it's a software glitch." Phoey! Customer Service probably has no power over this - for fear of losing their jobs. I don't believe that NET10 Web programmers are incompetent; I believe that the entire fault lies with NET10 management.

joyce wyss 8/2/2013
i have a net 10 phone for 6 years and i like it.but speaking as one of the many people in this country who live on fixed income i was not pleased to find you have withdrawn the 750 min. cards from wal-mart as it was all many people could they are told they have to pay at least 50.00 for min. card . in order to keep min. on their phones for the month this will not do. as many of them for health reasons must have that phone with them at all times i am one of these people. sincerly yours joyce wyss

They officially steal your minutes!! 8/2/2013
Recently I have noticed that my minutes in my Net10 pay as you go phone get lost dramatically! Till yesterday that I made sure that is really happening. I lost 50 minutes in just one minute domestic phone call and when I called the customer service, after half an hour (thanks god I was using my land line) the guy said they CAN NOT do anything about it. I asked to talk to a supervisor and after going though the whole process for another 15 minutes, he checked couple of codes in my phone and their system and simply said "sorry, there has been an error and that's why you lost 50 minutes" (I wonder why I never earn minutes in error!) and offered me 100 minutes for free (he was also very rude)!!!! If I didn't notice this and didn't persist for 45 minutes, couldn't even prove that they are cheating! I believe they officially steal from their customers!!

Bill Young 7/25/2013
If you have a problem (as I have when I moved and had to get a new phone number), it takes literally hours. My nice new phone didn't work in my area, so they sent me a lesser quality one. Unfortunately, it was slightly defective (would turn itself off several times a day). They told me they couldn't replace the phone because it wasn't under warranty (they sent it less than 3 weeks before). It took lots of complaining to get them to finally send a replacement. Then, the replacement they offered didn't have the full keyboard. That's the main feature on my phone, so I insisted on a full keyboard phone. Took another half hour. I don't give one star because I'm generally happy with the service... when everything is fine. But if you have a problem, it can take HOURS of your time... worth far more than buying a new phone. sigh

Betty G. 7/20/2013
Clearly these folks have barely a minimum understanding of what to do. If they can't resolve it, they just pass it on to someone else, who also cannot resolve it. I have now spent close to 5 hours on the phone with their technical/customer service reps and what is the bottom line? Well it looks like your SIM card is activated, but in another part of the system it says that it is de-cativated (excuse me?????). So we are going to send you a new SIM card (overnight , please... we'll try but there is not assurance) Blah, blah, blah. Incredible incompetence. On the other hand, once all these problems are resolved (I have another phone), the service works quite well... and be assured that they will bill you consistently and correctly - that aspect seems to work quite well - in their favor, or course). Another thing: I'd like to transfer my minutes to TrackPhone... sorry, no can do. You're stuck with us.

John T. Hickman 7/16/2013
I had net10 for 5 years and was very unhappy with their service. They sent me a new phone 3 months ago and it would allow me to make one call,then the phone would deactivate. I stayed on the phone with net10 supervisors for a total of 6 hours.No one could solve the problem. They didn't offer me another phone nor did they offer me money back for the 600minutes that remained on my phone.This is a poorly run company!!!

Do Not User Net10 7/15/2013
I am a Bring your Phone customer, one day, phone stopped working. Called Net10, twice they transferred me to "Tier2" a voicemail that at the end hangs up on you. 3rd time called back, they wanted to transfer me again, asked over a period of 15 minutes 12 times to talk to supervisor, they refused to connect me. They said they will loose their job if they transferred me to a supervisor. I was also told they cannot tell me why my phone stopped working. DO NOT USE NET10! Sending pics in IM (SMS) is not supported, I will not renew with them. I tried to leave this feedback on other sites, but it did not allow me to post.

Sonia 7/13/2013
Please stay away from this company, I have an iPhone and I'm unable to send picture messages and they did not tell me before I purchase their product.. I have such regrets!!

Grandmol 6/30/2013
I have used this service for 7 years, and it has gotten better. I am an elderly person and this is my secondary phone. I will always have a land line. With tax, my cell phone costs a little over $16 a month, and I always have minutes left. Since I don't use it that much, I like having this option. I did use the unlimited for a few months when I did not have internet access. It was adequate for me, but I prefer a large screen. A young relative was impressed and put the service on his little phone.

L & R of San Diego 6/21/2013
STAY AWAY! I'm just going to copy/paste the email I sent to my boyfriend and you will see why I would give this service negative stars if I could.

USA Traveller 6/21/2013
Terrible, tried during 5 hours to activate my sim card. Was cut of, forwarded to the next clueless person, no result - complete scum. Don't buy the "bring your phone" offer. It doesen't work and finally you will lose 50 $ time and nerves.

robert christofferson 6/20/2013
Purchased $50 unlimited plan. After using 1.5 GB they cut off my data completely instead of throttling down to 3g. Treat net 10 as if they are trying to infect you with the aids virus and find a decent company.

Lc 6/20/2013
Horrible!!! Stay away from net 10! You will want to shoot yourself in the face.

stakaufman 6/19/2013
When i bought the sim card for my moms phone it said a 30 day unlimited card was needed to activate the phone. Implying that it was needed for activation and saying nothing about it was required to having to purchase 30 day unlimited cards there after. My mom is a stroke victim who is unable to talk any more but can still communicate with yes and no answers. It was bought with the intent for emergency use only. She does not need unlimited time and 200 minutes is more then enough. I feel they false advertised this product with holding the fact you have to keep buying unlimited time to continue service. This should be clearly stated on the package! This service saves her no money and I feel its a scam.

Lora 6/17/2013
A few days after activating my 200 minute card, there was no service on my phone. I contacted them about 14 days later. They fixed the problem but refused to extend those days to my service. They said that I would have to buy a new card. The company cheated me out of 2 weeks. I will never use Net 10 again!

Jeanna Dykema 6/17/2013
Net10couldn't care less about their customers. I added a 60 day/300 minute airtime card this morning that was never added. I spent three hours on their customer service line trying to find someone I could understand. I finally reached a manager and was told that since I no longer had the original airtime card (my son added it and three the card away) that nothing could be done. I have been a moderately satisfied customer for years and have three phone lines with Net10 but I am done. Of all the money I paid they cannot even honor my $30 card. Never again will I deal with them!!

shiann 6/14/2013
Net10s are by far the worst phone you could have, mine cuts off every single time I get on YouTube or some otherrandom times. My phone will not charge worth crap!! I pay 50$ or more a month for being able to use everything it say I can use. A month but the piece of crap doesn't work half the time when I need it to!!horrible service! Its no where near worth your time and money. Do not get it. You'll be unhappy.

Gil 6/13/2013
Net10 billing and customer service are completely incompetent. I had over 3 years of trouble-free pay-as-you-go service until last January when attractive options were suspended briefly as they began to offer the Easy Minutes plans. To get a reasonable rate for my usage I was forced to enroll in Easy Minutes. Then the trouble began.

No more Net 10 6/12/2013
I don't recommend this crap. My mama raised me correct. If you can not say anything good say nothing.

DO NOT USE!! 6/12/2013
For anyone who is thinking about going prepaid and using NET10 DON'T!! I just paid my bill and within two weeks they claim I used 1.5 gigs of data and turned my data off after I paid them for a unlimited plan. I been calling them for several days and all they do is transfer me to an automated system to tell me how not to use so much data. Fist of all I paid for a unlimited plan and second I'm always home and I have WiFi so I'm not using their data. They wont help me and I paid for a unlimited plan. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Not happy 6/10/2013
I have am still on hold after 1 and 1/2 hours of waiting for a supervisor. Oooooh, I want a job to get paid and not work! The last 2 calls to fix the issue, resulted in a brain dead person, sending me to a computer recording that did not fix my problem and I was disconnected. DON'T PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM YOU WILL BE UNHAPPY!

Jaret 6/7/2013
Ive been trying to activate my phone for two weeks now and still hasnt been activated. Ive called six times and spent over four hours on the phone and two hours on hold. This company is worthless and unrelyable. Dont waste your time and money on it like i did

Not Falling For The BS 6/5/2013
Thank you all for rating this company. I was about to leave Verizon to use Net10. You guys discouraged me by reporting that the majority of Net10's customer service reps were not well spoken in the English language. That's probably 99% of everyones problem, language barrier. This sounds like the case,.."we get what we pay for" & this is considerably cheaper than any contracted monthly plan. Possibly there may be large employee turnover making thorough training impossible as well. The out of country communications relay company that NET10 has hired is probably terrible to work for with no benefits to keep employees rooted long enough to learn their job properly to be of any advantage to the customers or company. I hate seeing the increase of businesses use this communication route. They definitely shoot themselves in the foot by doing so. I was skeptical of the advertisement stating Net10 had an unlimited data plan bc why would EVERY contracted plan charge more per G, yet NET10 be able to flat rate an unlimited amount? Glad many of you mentioned that in reality, they cap the data at about 2G per month.

Make a complaint with FCC 6/4/2013
I just make a complaint with FCC because this net shut stole my number after I have it for almost 7 year with ATT the customer service horrible don't even ask for help because the don't help you first the suspend my data after I pay for unlimited ,when I ask for my account number to move to other company the don't not give the number and the time I switch the didn't want to release my number ,so far I wast my money and my number I have it for more than 7 years and my time to the customer service the don't speak English and its hard to understand theme and taking our oversea I don't support theme GOD BLESSE AMERICA

kel 6/3/2013
Phone and service was good for bout a month. My phone was sent back for free replacement and I was promised a new one within 3-5 days...IT'S BEEN OVER A MONTH AND I HAVE NO PHONE STILL!!!! THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT HELP YOU AT ALL! I WANT TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THEM AND THEIR UNRELIABLE SERVICE.

louis 5/31/2013
I don't how this company still in business,the wars customer service ,did not now the job and no help form theme,i pay for month on next day no data I call the rep she tald me your data has been suspend and she transfer me to automated tell me haw i can use my data,i call again the send me to the same thing one off the rep she said sorry i cant help you i answer her thank you for your help,now i change to other company.i lost my money and my time never again net10.

Guest 5/30/2013
Net10 has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! Service calls are directed overseas and the representatives do not do any actual resolution. It took 12 days to get my minutes and days added. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

SHawn 5/25/2013
Have had them for 4 months, the suspended my data at under 1 gig and then when my next billing cycle began they kept the suspension active. so I paid $54.00 including taxes for talk/text with no data... they said the computer generates it they cant over ride it...

Anne Arendt 5/25/2013
I cannot say enough bad things about their customer service. I have spent over $60 in minutes with them (at my cost since apparently they only reimburse on the phone after the problem is solved, and then only on the phone with the problem which of course is not the phone you call from. I used my son's Net10 phone which is the exact same model with the exact same problem and have been charged 10 cents a minute for almost eight hours of phone calls so far) in six separate calls and each time I have had to go through each and every step over again each time. It is as if they document absolutely nothing at all. I cannot send images on my phone (a LG900G) and even with reporting it to Better Business Bureau a week ago still have no solution. It has now become a matter of principle since I have eaten through over half the minutes on both phones. I just bought these a month ago though and they have never worked right from receipt. Insanely bad customer service.

Earl 5/23/2013
Bought unlimited plan and phone at Best Buy. No problems after 6 months. No need to talk to cust service. I can testify that AT&T and Verizon have very poor cust service also. Hours wasted and a different answer to the same issue depending on the cust service rep. My hope is to not ever need cust service. For me, I think it is easier to buy a different phone and plan than use any cust service.

Raph 5/22/2013
I enrolled but my minutes were never added and then my phone ended up getting deactivated for at least 24 hours before I could get it back to work again. Even after spending almost an hour on the phone with customer service agent, still nothing was resolved. No compensation, poor customer service - takes forever to speak to someone. I am very upset and pretty disappointed. Even though I have my phone back to active now and re-enrolled into auto refill, I don't feel I can stay with you much longer.

Please don't waste your time and money 5/22/2013
First the said unlimited data only for the the first month and next month you get txt said you have only 1.5 GB data so want to other company 10 days before my last day with net10 I call to get my account number I have hard time to get it no one speak English I be leave the net10 use India for there customer service it's hard to understand , so I wait day for my number to transform from net10 nothing 2,3 day later I call the rep said ok we working on it by tomorrow your number will be with other company next day none day after nothing I call again the same thing ok now my last day it was 2 day ago I waste my $65 and I lost my number I have it for t mobile 7 years ago now I want I bought new sim and have a new number this net10 the like to keep the numbers because the don't have too many that's way.

Net10 stole my number 5/22/2013
After week asking them to transfer my number all what I get yes I spoke to 5 customer service all of them the said take 12 to 24 hours to change 7 day later never haping so I lost my number I have it for 5 years so I find out my freind of my the did the same thing to him this company stole the numbers for every one if you like to lose your number and waste your time net10

Andrew 5/20/2013
I've been placed on the high data usage list after using 220 MB of the 1.5 gigs allowed. They have turned off my Internet and refuse to restore service. I switched to their unlimited t-mobile plan and they have suspended my service again saying the UNLIMITED date does not apply to me.

Bill 5/19/2013
I reside in a 757 area code and am issued a 304 area code phone number which is 300 miles from me in another state. All efforts over a three month period to resolve this were a waste of my time. Service is beyond terrible. I will do without a phone before renewing. Don't make the mistake so many have done...go elsewhere!!!!

jack van valen 5/17/2013
Last month they were running a promo that if you signed up for the 750 min monthly plan you would save 5.00 a month..So I did..Today they refilled my mins and still charged me full price..So I called Cust Serv and they said they never had such a plan..What a bunch of BS..Seems there is always some catch with net10...

Frank 5/15/2013
I purchased a Net10 phone along with a prepaid card. The phone had issues with activation, so after 2 hours with tech support they decide my sim card is the issue. They sent me a new sim card, which arrived in 4-5 days, only to tell me that - after another 2 hours with tech support - the phone is the problem, not the sim card. Their solution to this was to send me the exact same model of phone. The new phone arrived in the same time as the sim card (3-4 days), and it was still having the same activation issues. Their new solution? Another sim card! I'm going to be in my third week of trying to activate this phone before the new sim card arrives and couldn't be more frustrated. A process that shouldn't require more than 10 minutes is scheduled to take me at least a month. This is absolutely the worst service I have ever dealt with. I strongly recommend avoiding Net10 at all costs.

Dealer 5/15/2013
All I really have to say that Net10, Including TelcelAmerica have the worst customer service. I also include SIMPLE MOBILE in this since Tracfone owns all these companies now. These companies come out big and bad promoting their services and at the time you get them, you start having problems then they change their terms and conditions. Example: Net10 capped their web at 1.5GB, they take away your international text and also your international calling, and why the hell do they promote unlimted???.. TelcelAmericas, and its a shame they are using that name to misguide the Mexican audience, there is no unlimited calling to cell phone internationally but only 400 rollover minutes to cellphones and 15 international numbers, plus the internet goes off and on. And Simple mobile... IT is not unlimited web, this company has a web cap that is not even stated in terms and conditions, you will get a text message stating that you are violating the terms and conditions and no representative can tell you what the web cap is!!!! (I have rounded off the web cab at 2-2.5GB of data use) as a dealer I will get my word across I am tired of spending on every call 1-3 hours to solve a customer’s issue! To get it clear it is not the customers fault is the damn companies fault!!!! Customer services representatives are not even trained, nor supervisors!!! A supervisor has to speak to another supervisor, so why the hell did they get the title of a supervisor!! These companies are garbage if you are looking for international calling, picture messages, and data use!!!!! I will sure eliminate all these 3 companies out my store!!!!!

Matt Casdorph 5/9/2013
I am a current customer till the end of the month, I have had Net10 for over 7 years, I been on the unlimited plan with autopay for over a year, they have the worst customer service that you could possibly imagine, I spent the last 2 months trying to swop out my sim card (after the AT&T sim 1.5gb data cap) to the TMobile sim offered by Net10, I never got my card, just told "We have fixed the problem" and "expect your sim card in 3 to 5 days", well I never got it over the last 2 months.

Philip Koehlhoeffer 5/8/2013
I'm a new Net10 customer but maybe for not much longer. I purchased a new phone Sunda about 3 p.m. I want to port my cell number frome Cricket to Net10 and it's now been 72 hours without a phone. I see now reason for such delays in porting a number. I have to keep this number but was told it might be May 10, 2013 which would be another 72 hours. I think we need rules for all cell phone companies when it comes to porting a number.

Still Steaming 5/8/2013
0 stars is the correct rating. I'm still steaming over their horrible, deplorable, laughingly awful "customer dis-service". It's simply a joke. They could not port my existing phone number, they could not issue a new phone number, they did not seem capable of answering simple questions, and they give "runaround" a whole new meaning. As I type, I'm staring at a $50 Net10 card, PIN scratched off as per their instructions, and no recourse for the money I lost. Luckily I was able to return the phone. STAY FAR AWAY!. Everything you've read here about this company is the gospel truth.

Extremely Irritated 5/6/2013
If I can give net 10 a "negative" 10, I would. The customer service is a complete joke. I even spoke with a supervisor and not any better than a regular rep. I bought 2 net10 phones awhile ago. I bought one for me and one for my daughter. Last April, I lost my phone. I wanted to keep my phone number so I asked if my "lost" phone number can be transfered to my daughter's net10 phone. "Oh Yes it can be done" they say but it was not done. I called again the next day, I might add that it always takes forever to speak to a live person and again explained the situation and "yes it can be done" they say but again, nothing happened!!!!!! They have the nerve to email me a "how did we do? survey so I gave them a piece of my mind that they don't know what they are doing and they keep lying to me.....after two days, I get a call from another customer service rep. She said I would need a new SIM card to transfer the phone number!!! The previous girl never mentioned it!!!! Then I receive a new SIM card and I am suppose to call them to finish the process of transferring my old number. I called, waited 15-20 minutes to talk to a rep, she takes forever retrieving info from her computer and after being on the phone with her for 15 minutes, she says the phone number that I want is no longer available. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I could no longer handle talking to her nonsense so I asked to speak to a supervisor. Again I get transferred, by this time my anger is boiling, I repeat what has happened for a month, I need to know if the phone is available...she (supervisor) needs to is taking some time, it shuts down on her, it's taking some time, it shut down on her again....this was going on over 10 minutes. Finally I had it, I no longer want to deal with the "transferring the phone number"...I told her I will just use my current number but make sure to activate it so that others can call me (it wasn't doing that). I told her I will finish using this phone until it expires and then go with another plan. At the end, she has the nerve to ask me if I want to add more minutes???? I had to confirm if she was indeed a supervisor because I could not tell the difference between her and other reps. I informed her that I will never use net10 again, ever and will let others be aware of this company.

S Ahmed 5/5/2013
The customer service is horrible. They make the mistake when you ask for help and then will say they can not fix it or no refund is possible.

net joke 5/4/2013
Lord above these people and this company will suck the life from you. Not once has anyone spoke English as first language. They can't be understood. Is this real or a bad bad joke. How sad. As their customer Ur a victim. BEWARE. DONT DO IT. RUN

Brittany 5/1/2013
This is the complaint I submitted to net 10 I have been waiting on hold for 45 minutes at this point in time, It is 5:15 on 5-1-2013 Net 10 is a terrible provider and I have had nothing but issues from this phone company save yourself the time and headache and pick another service provider this one obviously doesnt have their stuff together.

Tired of the runaround 5/1/2013
I used to think this was the way to go, now I need to look for a new provider. Things worked great for me for 18 months, then something happened. I have to call every month for 4 months now to get my mins added, which used to work just like they say it should, adding though the phone. I did transfer my old number to my net ten phone when I got it 2 years ago. Like I said, worked like a charm for 18 months, now they say I have the wrong number, every month!!
Some customer service reps are good, some are not. But even the nice guy I talked to last month did not fix the problem, cause here we are again! Right now they are unavailable to handle my problem as they open at 9am, not 8 as the info at the top says. Really frustrating!!!!!!!!!

Shawn 4/29/2013
Here's how this played out:

Martin 4/28/2013
Simply the worst. For those of you thinking of going this route...DONT! I know we all say customer service is nightmare...but heck maybe I won't need? But guess will and then good luck. This company absolutely cares nothing about there customers. I lost a whole bunch of minutes overnight, called , was on hold for over an hour..then could not understand the person. Basically said I was lying. Screw do they stay in business? Switched to PagePlus, what a difference. Great company, US support. Online takes a minute and your helped. Through my net10 phone in the river. You have all been warned.

Marie 4/27/2013
Only gave 1 star because there wasn't a NEGATIVE 10! WORST service in the history of cell phone service!!This company employs people who don't EVEN KNOW ABOUT THEIR OWN SERVICE!They read off of pre written out reply pages, that don't even apply to what you are talking about. 7 months at 2 hours a call each month, and THEY COULDN'T EVEN FIX THEIR OWN BILLING PROBLEM. EVEN THOUGH EACH TIME I WAS SPEAKING TO A "MANAGER" AND THEY WERE GOING TO "ELEVATE THIS PROBLEM" Don't even bother with this company, pay a little more to have piece of mind, and your welcome.

Daniel Grin 4/21/2013
Before NET10 I've been a T-mobile customer. Reason for leaving T-mobile was my Unlocked Samsung Galaxy R smartphone, which wasn't supported by T-mobile on data web at all. All what I am writing here is absolute truth.
I don't have any complaints and frustrated moments with my unlimited talking plan. Connection as well as T-mobile.
About data & web.
Since my Galaxy phone doesn't support 4G, it's working only on 3G or H+ with NET10. I live in Albany NY state, and my maximum data speed is 3mb/second, by which I very satisfied. But my regular common data speed usually is 2,5mb/sec, that is good for me as well.
Definitely, their Customer Service must work a little bit better then now. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to reach a technical assistance.

Norm 4/14/2013
They wouldn't port out my numbers, they double charged me twice and owe me over $200. If I could give them no stars, I would do it with no qualms. Stay far away from this company.

Erik 4/11/2013
Net10 has got to have the most stupidly obtuse web interface of any I have encountered. Customer service seems hampered by their 'Catch-22' kind of chasing around to zero in on problems. Just now, a simple updating of changing the dates for a credit card renewal has taken me a good hour - and still not done! Unbelievable! This outfit seems determined to drive customers away until they go belly up. SHEESH!

Cassie 4/10/2013
I only gave this 1 star because I had to. I wouldn't give Net10 any stars at all. This is THE worst no-contract phone carrier I have ever dealt with. Customer service is awful and they WILL scam you out of money. I have had three different phones with them and lost money with no help from customer service. Please do yourself a favor and get a contract phone. Or any phone except Net10.

Catherine 4/3/2013
I have had their easy minutes plan for about four years now. Customer service was challenging because calls go to India. Takes hours to resolve issues. Now they have NO phone contact number for support. You go on line and fill out a form - three days later, still no contact. I'm done with them!

Tim 3/30/2013
They are stunnigly horrible. I have 1800 minutes credit with them and they are trying to get me to buy more air time in order to have the 1800 minutes. Originally they taold me that all I have to do is reactivate the phone. They are also saying that I have to wait for a new SIM card or buy a new phone. That is a lie, hardware doesn't become useless if not used for 30 days which is their excuse. I am currently on my third hour on the phone today and am getting nowhere. In the past they have lost my call records requests and didn't tell me about it until the call records had been erased, then they destroyed phone messages that I needed save, that was when I tried to FWD the messages, I told them the messages were very important and they said that they would enable FWD's on my phone. Instead the somewhat English speaking rep had them destroyed as she reset my voice mail box. STAY AWAY FROM THESE LOW RENT CON ARTISTS.

john 3/30/2013
If i could rate the pay as you go i'd give it a 4 i used this feature for years with little or no problems just do not let your service time reach zero or you lose all your minutes.

Disapointed 3/28/2013
Using unlimited plan. Everything working great until found calls from overseas get a message that the phone number does not exist. Customer service is not savy, following a checklist. If problem is not in their book, they return to the beginning and give same answer. Called my phone from the US and said, see, it works. Don't buy if you take calls from overseas. Wasted my money with these amateurs.

Alex 3/24/2013
they suck no mms tried to program it and it didnt work i hate it

drew34 3/24/2013
Do you like Emergency Phone Calls Only on your screen when you are making a call in an urban area? Do you like dropped calls? Do you like the Internet on your phone turning off every few minutes when you are not on it? Do you like the service desk to state that the reason the Internet is off is due to you purchasing the phone in another zip code? Then this piece of crap is your phone.

bill 3/22/2013
customer service doesnt exist, unlimited doesnt exist God created the earth quicker then they could port a number and give me use to my phone. it took 6 days 7 hours and i had to spend over 8 hours on the phone with them and the whole time it was net 10 which they admitted i had to buy 3 sim cards for 1 phone and 2 came from thier site. metro pcs was a close second from what i read and heard from personal experiance i spent 180 to leave verizion early for this i wasted my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TopNotchWireless 3/22/2013
Net10 is the worst Prepaid Carrier EVER!
-Net10 does not have a 4 digit pin (Makes it impossible to port out your Number)
-Net10 is not unlimited internet any more (1.5 GB Data Now)
-Net10 $65.00 plan can not be utilized if you have you own phone (it used to but now they require you to use there phone in order to make international texts)
-If you do not pay your bill on time you need to power cycle your phone in order to have your phone working again
-If you do not pay your bill and your phone shuts off they will recycle your number!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if your 1 day late!
-The Customer service line will sometimes hang up on you if there to busy ( UNREACHABLE at TIMES)
-The Customer service reps are UNTRAINED! INCOMPETENT! and lack the capability to use there common sence!

Scott 3/20/2013
It's all true about what everyone is saying about customer service, overseas and the worst ever. Do yourself a favor and steer clear

Lee Rad 3/20/2013
I got the phone and card promptly from Net 10 Wireless online. i got the phone activated easily and made calls and sent texts the first day. It worked well, so I did not check to see how many bars I had. The next day and since I have not been able to connect with one bar or less, from my house. At work I have no service. The Net 10 packaging gives you several options to check if yopu want to return it, which I do since it won't work from my house. The two lousy customer service repas I have talked to have said nothing is wrong with the phone, and it will start working osme time. Lousy, lousy, lousy customer service, as most other reviewers have experienced..

karen green 3/20/2013
I purchased familly plan for 3 phones. Could not use exsisting phones as commmercial states. Ask for money back. No response ever after multiple tries. Out 120 dollars they get for doing nothing

FURIOUS!!! 3/15/2013
On February I went to a doctor appointment, turned off my phone (per requested signs), and forgot to turn it back on. I remembered about 24 hours later, turned the phone on, and the message on my phone read "unregistered SIM". I fought for one and a half hours with Net 10 (Philippines) with their telling me that I had:
1) Let my contract expire (Not true. I added several hundred minutes on February 14, 2013)
2) Did not have a valid name/phone number/account with them (Not true. I have been with them for 4 years)
3) My phone number had been inactive for 3 years (Not true. I only turned my phone off for 24 hours. No contract inactivation whatsoever.)
4) Was told that someone else had my phone number and would have to relinquish ownership in order for Net 10 to give it back to me (Not true. I have had this number for 4 years)
5) I changed my cell number last September (Not true. I got this number 4 years ago.)

Bashir 3/13/2013
We need the unlimited data plan for iPhones
1.5 gigs is not enough for us you can charge
More then $50 for unlimited plane for IPhones
Or you can make deals like anybody can buy 365
Airtime plane for unlimited talk text picture and data and 411

CS1990 3/10/2013

Aleta 3/8/2013
The worst customer service I have ever experienced. The reps speak very poor English and mess up whatever you need help with. It took a half hour to add time to my phone. I am sure that I will end up going with another company soon because I have struggled to replace a defective phone for over a month.

net10 sucks 3/7/2013
If anything goes wrong you'll have to wait 45 minutes on the phone to talk with anyone

serhat 3/4/2013
im trying to transfer to tmobile they dont release my phone nr since 7 days. i had to wait 47 min to talk customer care wich was not helpful

mimi 3/2/2013
OOO!!! I have not used the customer service yet not looking forward to do so after all the comments... I have done everything over the internet and so far i like net 10 and hope to stay with them for something so far so good....;)

Adam 2/26/2013

Gave Incorrect amount of stars in previous post.
The worse provider and service you will ever receive. They prices are the same as what you will find at any other carrier. The only difference is that there is no contract (whoopee). They lost the phone number I have had for over 12 years … 12 mthr-fng years. I would never suggest this company to anyone and I would enjoy nothing more than to see them go out of business. I could also not receive service in one of the fifth most populated city in the US at certain times. If you live in the fifth most populated city in the US, you would expect to get good phone service because of the density of the network setup in these heavily populated areas. Yet many many times I would have to go out of the building I was in and walk around until I could get a signal. When you sign up with this company … be prepared to get cell phone signal comparable to that of the early 1990’s … turn around … contort your body … go outside and walk around until you finally receive a signal. If I could give them a negative rating I would.

alberto 2/23/2013
please , don't spend nothing in these company.
i bought the clearspot 4g wifi, and its supposed to be be working on the road on movement and on speed up to 65 mph it does not not trow ur money away do not buy it

Alexis 2/22/2013
The phone never worked properly, 6 hours with a customer service and hung up with no solution.Do not waist your time and money with this company

Tiffany Polzin 2/22/2013
Worst phone service I ever had. Internet barely works its like they shut it off so you can't use it to your full potentials. My GPS is also affected if I use either too much they just shut it off . It takes a day or two for them to turn it back on if you stop using it

Timothy Evans 2/21/2013

Everett 2/18/2013
In a time when customer service in general has become dehumanizing, this company goes out of its way to ensure your misery. I could go on at length, but I just wanted to post something somewhere to urge consumers to take their business elsewhere.

I HATE NET10 2/18/2013
Possibly the WORST customer service of any cellular company! So I buy one of their phones and activate it. The phone number they assign me is in Mississippi while I am in California. So I call them to give me a local number. The girl who answered starts arguing with me that Mississippi IS my local number! I ask how can a number 2000 miles away be my local number????? Then she says it doesn't matter cause everyone has free long distance. I say what about people who have landlines who are charged for long distance? What about if I were conducting business no one would call an unfamiliar area code 2000 miles away????? The dumb broad who sounds Indian kept lecturing me about US geography!!!!!! She finally agrees to give me a new number..... again it is a Mississippi area code!!!!!!! So I call again, and another girl starts arguing with me that it is my local number!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She assigns me a new number and it is again in Mississippi! Then I call again and this gentleman answers and when I tell him what happened and I need a certain area code, he says OK and finally gives me the correct number. So the previous 2 witches were either poorly trained or that time of the month!!!!!

jayy 2/17/2013
I have had no problems! But, i have not had to deal with customer service. I live in a rural area and neither verizon or att had service in the area. I tried a sprint phone that worked but data was really slow and hit and miss. So i bought a samsung galaxy s2 for a sale price of 200 and got unlimited data and minutes for 50 dollars, and it works at my rural home and any place i have been so far. In fact i call international and I did not have to get a international plan. The one i have works to make calls to europe. i bought the phone in a store and paid for the unlimited card online, i set it up to charge automatically monthly and for 3 months i have had no problems. The only problem i have had is that my phone says net10 on it and not verizon so my friends laugh at me.

Agravated User 2/15/2013
I have had a Net 10 phone since 2005 and have never had a problem with their phones but their customer service is a total joke. I bought a new phone on Feb.5, 2013 and when they shipped it I noticed it had a T-Mobile SIM card-since T-Mobile has no service in my area I contacted them via e-mail on the 6th and requested an AT&T SIM card like my old phone had-they said no problem-when I got the phone on the 8th I called to activate the new phone and inquire about the AT&T SIM card-I was informed that they did not have a request for a SIM card so I requested it again even though I still have the e-mail I sent on the 6th. I just checked the mail and no SIM card yet today. I have had no phone service now for over a week and have no idea when to expect it. Their customer representatives are in the Phillipines and most can barely speak english which adds another layer to problems I've had with them.

net no 2/13/2013
Very Very bad... stay way, far way! This is the stupidest company (ok one of them) that i have ever dealt with! Calling one day after buying the wrong card, them telling me to buy another one and they will be glad to add them together. So i got to the store bought another card, for some reason they couldn't do it over the phone go figure. Call back 3 days later trying to add the 2 $25 cards to get the $50 unlimited one. Sorry but we cannot do this after 2 hours again; they did offer a refund, only if i had both the original receipts. i would have to mail them in and wait 30 days. so go back to the store buy a phone that i can use the $25 dollar cards on figure better use them, since i didn't have the receipts. Got home spent another few hours on the phone trying to get my number back and setting up the new phone. They wouldn't give me my number, o ok i transfer u to manger... from what they said, my old number would work when new phone becomes active, after 12 + hours i still have some BS number...
Time to contact FCC, BBB, and some Guy in a suit

matt 2/12/2013
this company is crap, I asked them for a place to send their android phone to get it fix because the touchscreen froze, and they said they couldn't help me, they said I had to buy another phone. I wasn't asking them to fix it for free. They said to throw the phone away and buy a new net 10 phone and I told them what makes you think I'm going to buy another net 10 phone.

Yiv 2/11/2013
Was having trouble with coverage on a Motorola phone after having it over a year. It just suddenly started acting up. I went to the forum and was told a LG900 would replace it and be an upgrade. Boy was it NOT. There is no coverage here at all, and they answered saying oops you have a bad sim. Okay, so they send me a replacement. It doesn't work, rejected sim. So long story short 4 different sim cards later, it still doesn't work. So after the $25 card to try and activate it and the cost of the phone I'm out around $70 and they will not credit or refund it. I have a $70 paperweight with no help. It's been a bit over 2 weeks so my minutes and days went poof just waiting for 4 sim cards that don't work! How can you send 4 wrong cards??

Michigan Astronomer 2/6/2013
I have had Net 10 basic service since it first started. I don 't use the unlimited.,.just the cheapest two month time/date update. I like that if you renew before the time is up, your minutes roll over. I rarely use texting although others send to me sometimes. I also use the answering machine ability which works fine. Have NEVER had any issues although the only time I contacted customer service was to transfer my number to a newer phone. That one contact was trouble free and no long wait. I have found that I rarely have dead spots compared to friends who have much more expensive plans. Often they endup using my phone to call as theirs don't have any bars. I think this is because Net 10 contracts with several providers to gain tower access so if one provider isn't available they will go to another. Note that I just have the low end phones...not the ones used with unlimited plans. If I were to go that route there may be other better deals.

Jack woods 2/5/2013
Customer care is a JOKE! you spend 15 or so minuts waiting for someone with the answers why I lost my minuts only to have a dimwit answer my call!! they must pay these people below avarage money! to work thereThey dont answer their email I sent them! this company has to be located right at the docks to get cheap labour.

RussL 2/3/2013
Used to be a good way to go...a year or 2 ago. Now they throttle you down to 120Kb/s after 1GB of data, but won't tell you there's a data cap. It's supposed to be a secret I guess, I think is dishonest myself. I thought their LG Optimus Logic Android phone was amazing for the price, but I'll root it, unlock it and sell it to the generic GSM market on eBay for a premium. I'm going with Virgin Mobile because they have a transparent 2.5GB cap before throttling, cheaper rates and better Android phones.

Kath 2/3/2013
Yet again I am on the phone to Net10 asking where my minutes are!!! I have lost track of how many times I have had to call them. This time my minutes didn't show up today, so I called. They proceeded to tell me that I am not en-rolled in any plan. WHAT????UNBELIEVABLE!!! So I had switched to the 750 minutes for 30 days @ $25/month. I wouldn't normally come close to using all those minutes, but because of unforeseen circumstances this month, I used them all and still had 2 weeks before I'd get my re-fill. I called Net10 up then and asked about adding some extra minutes because I had run out. Just need minimum of 200 minutes to last. No problem they said! The only thing they told me was that any unused minutes by the 3rd (when my plan re-filled) would be lost. "Fine!" Well guess what didn't happen come the 3rd of the month? When I called, they said I had been De-enrolled in the plan. Why couldn't they have told me this would happen? I have spent way too much time on the phone with Net10! I told them this was it, if I have one for issue I am taking my business elsewhere! Pain in the arse! I told them they need to train their employees correctly or they will lost a lot of customers and have a lot of unhappy people.

Guest 1/31/2013
This is for anybody thinking about buying the unlimited plan, stay away from it, unless you plan on talking on the phone everyday for 24 hrs a day it is a waste of money. I lost over 30,000 mins because I couldn't use them up in time, called customer service to see about getting an extension on the just the service days and was told that that wasn't possible even though I have been a loyal customer for over a year. They told me that there was no way to extend just the service days I told them fine then just close the account. and hung up them. Going to contact corperate to see if anything can be done.

Angry Mom 1/26/2013
ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stars for this idocracy...customer service.....hpmh..."customer service" SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!! Christmas present to my twins just went down the DRAINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! I am sooooooooo angry...better to pay the extra and stay with Verizon Wireless! On HOLD forEVER to FINALLY get to talk to a human that speaks broken english...and then blames MY credit card for the problem. Don't even try to do a recurring payment plan..."invalid card number"...O really...I just finished making a payment to DMV online. Stupid stupid stupid stupid...I HATE THIS PHONE...REGRETABLE decision...DO NOT BUY NET10...ZEROOOOOOO STARS...oh, i mentioned that already.

Gary D 1/25/2013
I wish there was a category for no stars or negative stars. I lost my net10 phone. I had 400 Min on it. I had another net 10 phone. After being on the phone for 30 minutes, I was ultimately told that I needed a new sim card in order to move my old phone number from the phone I lost to a my new phone.
Chapter 2: The sim card package came. Nothing was in it. I called net10 and after 30 minutes of repeating numbers to people and answering questions they said I would get a new sim card sent.
Chapter 3. Got the new sim card and spent an hour on the phone while I was asked questions and put on hold. Only to be told that I could not transfer the number because there was not time on the phone I was transferring my minutes to.
Epilog. Following day, called another moron customer service person and after spending 30 minutes of answering questions and giving numbers, was told that the phone I lost had no minutes on it and therefore I could not transfer that number to my new phone.
After arguing with her and getting nowhere and after having her supervisor research my lost phone number and coming up with the same conclusion the call was ended. I called my lost number and had three messages. That means, there were minutes on my phone!!! I think we should punish criminals by making them talk to net10 customer service

Guest 1/25/2013
My experience with NET10 customer service was the worse. Calls take a minumum of an hour. I had to wait on hold while, seemingly, the rep would be taking notes and doing things that could have been done after my issue was resolved. I was told I had the wrong airtime card and I didnt. After that, I was treated like I was the problem and not the customer. I was sent a SIM card that didnt work, then another that eventuall did. Then I was told that my airtime card I purchased was not valid. When in all actuality, the rep somehow deactivated the pin. At the end of this horrific experience, I was given a " ONE TIME COURTESY" of the minutes that I had purchased, to be put on my phone. As if I did something wrong.....THE WORSE customer service I have experienced....

martha kurth 1/25/2013
net10 customer services is the worst i have ever experienced!!!! they were of no help and i got none of my questions answered!! they could not even connect me to a live agent on my cell phone when it ran out of minutes! i am sooooo very dissappointed in this new net10 service!!!!!!!!!!! I plan to dis continue my service this month and go back to my old carrier HAPPILY!!!!Thank you for NOTHING net10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Rosette 1/24/2013
Although Net10 offers excellent coverage and rates,the phone I purchased is a real piece of junk. Spent 2 hrs. on phone with tech support TRYING to resolve phone issues ( unable to log onto google, problems connecting to router via wifi. Retailer unwilling to accept return of phone for upgrade to android based phone. EXTREMELY dissatisfied with both phone and tech support.

Jamie 1/23/2013
Their customer service is medicre, at best. I've been a customer for 2 1/2 years. The only reason I stay is because tracphone, net 10, and straight talk are all the same company, owned by tracphone. My largest complaint is because I bought a new smart phone from them, activated it, and had trouble with the phone from day 1. I called customer service and they told me I had to send the phone back and they'd replace it. But they would NOT send me the replacement phone first! Bad business! They sold me junk, that I had already paid a month's worth of service on and they want me to send it back, with a paid service plan, with no replacement for close to a month while I wait for you to send me a new one? Not only would they not reimburse me for the month I paid for, but go with out a phone AND lose my number which I had just changed. Horrible business practice. Now I remember why I paid premium prices with AT&T....better customer service and phones.

Shan 1/22/2013
The person who answered my call not only reactivated my phone she put me back on my payment plan and gave me back the number I was using. I think their costumer service is fine, you just need to be prepared to wait a little bit on the phone. Overall I have no complaints.

Pavel 1/20/2013
No customer service, once you buy you are stuck, no return, piece of sh..

jaime m. 1/18/2013
Net10 could be a good phone if thnte battery didn't over heat and your costomer service didnt suck. Everytime I called I had to go through 3 or 4 reps and sit on the phone for an hour.

Starver 1/13/2013
Price is right, reception is fine, customer service is worthless.

Net10 shares call centers throughout the world. So the people answering the phones are not Net10 employees. They are call center employees who listen to your problem, research it in the Net10 manual, then provide a scripted response. They have zero Net10 training and know nothing about the phones, the service, or how any of it functions. Which is why they never, ever, ever, solve your problem.

Tom M 1/9/2013
Horrible, horrible, horrible...waste of time and money. This company should be put out of business altogether. It may work well for the Mexican drug lords, where it got started, but it is a hopeless failure in the USA.

Raymon Poston 1/9/2013
If there were a no star option I would rate this service -5 stars. I have had nothing but trouble with this phone and the customer services reps since i bought it. I have spent over five hours on the phone with customer service and have never been able to resolve any issue I have ever had. I do not recommend this phone or service to anyone.

Balushahi 1/8/2013
THE WORST SERVICE - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AVAILABLE. It is a recording one gets and no one ever responds to emails either. This company is nothing but fraud. Probably a guys in hi superman PJs in parents' dingy basement who is reselling product of some non-existent company in China.

ron 1/8/2013
I have been a net 10 user for over 5 years. I had problems with three phones i ordered. i was finally sent onr of there so called smart phones. The screen is somall you can't read the information if you brouse. So i just by their 30 dollar plan. TracPhone their parent company has been stealing minutes frommy phone by accessing my brouser. We i go to use the phone the tracphone ulr showes up. this isn't right. i believe they are trying to get me into thiwr 5o dollar unlimited plan. This dishonest practice will only encourage me to find a different provider that's honest

DeLayde 1/5/2013
Pros: you get what you pay for. IE, 50$/unlimited t/t/data and on an mvno?! On nationwide service, great for rural areas where Verizon doesn't reach. And if telcel ever comes out of beta and combines tmobile with AT&T coverage it will be even better just don't call CS. This is why you are getting a deal, prepaid means take care of your self cellular plans. Companies offer crap phones, CS, and cheap plans and let you bring your own device.

Chels 1/4/2013
The worse company ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't get them . If in any case you need your money back they will not give it to you . Go to a mainstream please it's worth it .

jcmac 1/2/2013
Got the phone for Christmas a nice touch screen and added minutes and airtime to activate and the phone worked for about 2 days. They will tell you they do not offer refunds on your airtime so whatever you spend to activate the phone, just hope it will last more than 2 days. The phone is crap, don't waste your money.

Heather Anne 1/2/2013
If I could give zero stars I would. I've been with the company about a year and for a while I had no problems. Now,whenever I turn my phone off, when I turn it back on the date is completely wrong. It says that it is January 1980 and the time is wrong. And, of course, since I have a monthly refill plan it says my plan has expired and will not let me make or receive calls. It usually resets after a few hours, but is horribly inconvenient and a rip-off. The customer service is terrible and was absolutely no help. So I have basically wasted hundreds of dollars and now have to find a new phone company that might work. Did I mention I am a broke college student? I am very upset by the terrible service by this company and would advise anyone to find a different company.

Denise 1/2/2013
I been with Net10 for a couple of years and never had any issues until now! Dec.29 2012, I went online to add time to my phone, I went to there website like i have always done..I put in my CC info, it kept telling me invalid card number, after several attempts I looked at my bank account, the money was deducted from my account, but no time was put on my phone, I emailed them telling them my problem and they have a glitch on the web site, they tried to call my but I have no time on my phone and i explained this to them. After several emails I finially was able to call, the weight time was horrible, after explaining my problem they transfered me to anthor department, and I had anthor long wait time, I could stay on the phone due to I was at work, I tried to call again a day later, the wait time was so long, they refused my call. Its been 4 days now and still no time on my phone after they took my money

:Marge 1/1/2013
(copied from above)
Sheila{ 10/29/2012 }
I have been a Net 10 customer for over
two years I have never had a problem Even there customer service is good.No more contracts and good basic service

A.M 12/30/2012
the one star is for the time it did work. but customer service is horrible. i had to reactivate my account (and everytime i had to call because the online account is messed up, never worked and they didn't seem to help getting it to work!). so when i reactivate i had to have the regular plan then switch to the easy minutes plan (automatic refill/charge), so i called on the last day of my service, using that same phone i need to extend service on (obviously my service time is still working!) but the rep says that my service time is up and i need to reactivate and pay another 45$! after some talk he enrolled me in the easy minutes, but the service was absolutely horrible. i can't hear the caller, they can't hear me (cuts out) so the calls take longer just to get the job done. AND they've been charging my card without adding to my minutes! i had alot of minutes rolled over so i only noticed it late. so i called to finally end my suffering, this time the rep didn't seem to know about the plans they offer! i told him about them charging my card without giving me minutes, he said he'll give me one free month. but i checked my bank account, and they still charged me! so i switched to another provider, asked net10 to give me my account info so i can keep my #.. they didn't have any account info registered!! so unorganized, reps don't know about their plans (and even got upset and frustrated cuz i was explaining the plan i was talking about, easy minutes). i used to be a happy customer cuz i thought i had a good deal, but with the bad service, bad costumer support, charging money without giving me minutes... had to switch and am feeling happy now

TASTE OF BLOOD 12/30/2012

WV Sky 12/28/2012
I don't deal with anyone who doesn't plainly post their phone number on their website. Secondly: I don't deal with any company that doesn't allow "Auto-Refill" on their pay-as-you-go phones. That's why I've been with I-Wireless for 2 years or more. $80 a year, roll-over minutes, and auto refill. No muss-no fuss. I got my phone and plan at Kroger.

Dalton 12/25/2012
Absolutely horrible service. Sold a phone in an area that it doesn't work with. Required you scratch the card in order to find out it won't work and won't take card back after you scratched it. Don't use this company!

gisel 12/23/2012
Customer service never resolves anything, they simply give you a ticket (case)# and tell you it will be resolved in 24-48 hours. The problem never gets solved and they close the ticket. Customer has to call again and they create another ticket.Be prepared to spend a lot of time on hold and being tossed around from entry level customer service reps to managers to supervisor to the problem never being fixed. Their new $65 unlimined international calling plan is a hook. It works for the first month and then stops working the next month. It always ends the call after you input the international number. Highly not recommended.

christina white 12/21/2012
If I could select 0 stars I would. Phone service is an epic fail. Net 10 DOES NOT need to be in business. Service is NOT reliable at all. Customer service is a joke, 3/4 of reps DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. I would NOT recommend Net 10 to my worse enemy. You have to reset your phone CONSTANTLY! Even apps & services that are pre-downloaded on phones DO NOT WORK.

Tom 12/16/2012
Since signing up with Net10 over 3 weeks ago I can only make and receive calls when I am approximately a mile or more from my house. Customer support thinks it's my phone....After receiving a sim card, same problem. I get a replacement phone, same problem. I try a sim card with an older phone, ditto. The older phone was deactivated for no reason at all so I had to go buy a cheap phone to hold me over. Now I wait for my third sim card, but with a new twist. The cheap phone I bought was deactivated this morning and cannot be reactivated with my old number -- and the new replacement sim hasn't even shipped yet! I am dissatisfied in the extreme, I've yet to see any good faith attempt by anyone to escalate this to a quick resolution. The online NTresolution sends useless requests for serial and sim numbers when it is already obvious that it's not a phone issue. And now all I get from the Filipino customer service are scripted apologies and promises for extra minutes, and a big ol' 30 days added to a service that has never worked. I know what I can do. I think I'll cut and paste this post into every complaint forum I come across. Merry Christmas (but please don't attempt to call -- the phone won't work if I'm home)

Ripped Off 12/12/2012
between service failing and often charging twice for text/picture/group messages and problems with adding 10 consistently rips the customer off and i would never recommend them to anyone

ken 12/10/2012
I really think it's dumb that on your 750 minute cards you it takes away one minute for a text weather it's being sent or being recived.

carl 12/10/2012
got a problem with web browser.they tel me pretty much to deal with and will not help to correct there problem. do not get net10. no customer service at all.

MaryLee 12/8/2012
I called to activate (South Africa) the new phone from the old one,.I had 1,190 minutes on old phone. They WOULD
NOT put the minutes on my new phone. They told me they showed NO MIN. I talked to them for one hour and 40 min.
I cancelled everything.I will NEVER go with them again...

Brenda Black 12/7/2012
I have used Net 10 for 5 or more years. I travel a lot. I find few areas where there is no coverage. I feel that customer service could do with more English speaking people, but I have had to call customer service maybe 3 times in as many years. I would and do recommend this company to people who want an alternative to other expensive cell phone companies. I really do not understand all the negative reviews, as I have always found their service quite exceptional. I have used Verizon and Cricket before. They can in no way compare to the service I have received with Net10.

Jim 12/4/2012
Could not set up the new phone online, had to call. Had to have the service rep repeat almost everything she said (often 3 times) as English was not her first language. After a long frustrating call, was told the SIM card in the phone was not good for my area. This on a locally bought phone. Now am waiting 3-5 days for a new SIM card to arrive by snail mail.

Maura 12/3/2012
SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY GOOD REVIEEWS ABOUT THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!! Take it from me who has most likely been on the phone with the stupid service representatives that know NOTHING about my phone problems more than anyone. I have had 8 phones with them.... in a short time frame and 5 out of the 8 are replacement phones. They keep sending me the same phone brand every time the old one breaks.... DON'T YOU THINK THAT IF IT BROKE 5 TIMES BEFORE IT THAT I WILL NOT WORK AGAIN!!!?? well, all they say is "did you take out the battery" and barely understood with the bad connection and thick accents. IM LEAVING THIS COMPANY AND NEVER LOOKING BACK! I deserve one of their overpriced crap smartphones that are charged 3x more than it should.

Tim 12/2/2012
Buyer beware.
The "unlimited" web service was disappointing. It lasted great for about a week then i got throttled to sub dial up speeds.
I'm not even going to bother reloading the phone I'm just going elsewhere.

Stacy 11/30/2012
I've had my phone for a week but I still can't tell you how it works because they sent me the wrong sim card with the phone, which they discovered after hours on the phone with horrible customer service. Then I got the new sim card and wonder of wonders, still not working. Calls into tech service netted me about 5 hours overall wait time and the decision that gee, they need to send me a new sim card. That's after working with 4 different people who didn't say a word about the sim card. Right about now I'm regretting ever buying the phone. I thought I'd found good rates but what I found was horrible customer service and bad hardware with no good tech support.

nick 11/25/2012
Take mins without. Useing them then call them they would not re run them I only rejected a call

Vincent 11/25/2012
THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER, IN ADDITION TO BEST BUY WHO SELLS THEIR PRODUCTS AND SUPPORTS THEIR CRAPPY SERVICE. I was suckered in to Net10 by the Tv commercial. I went to Best Buy to purchase to phone. They couldnt activate it in the store online or over the phone. The store clerk told me to go home and do it when their site cones back up. I wanted the $50 unlimited air card plan but the didn't have any so they have me two $25 general cards. I attempt 4 times to call someone to assist with activation and was disconnected three times. The 4th time of giving a ton of information on the phone I was told that the aircards I purchased were not unlimited so I couldnt use them for my unlimited plan. I was told to return the cards to the store and I would have to do the activation process all over again. I went back to the Best Buy Mobile store to get back. It seemed that everyone in front of me had activation issues as well. I told them I was not able to activate the phone at home because of the aircards they sold me. I was told first I couldnt return because it was opened, which they opened at the store earlier when they attempted to set it up. They found some way to overrride that and then said they couldnt refund the cards because the codes were revealed on the back. Which again, the guy who sold me scratched off to attempt to activate the phone at the store. The general manager was an idiot and argued with me a customer, in front of the customer he was waiting on, everyone else in the store. I told them to activate the phone now, they attempted and was told now by Net10 on the phone that the serial number she was giving them was bad. Wtf? Now I've been in the store over an hour I decided to take the refund for the phone and now have two $25 aircards I can't use. PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T JUST SIT BY AND LOSE YOUR MONEY. FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB ONLINE. BOTH COMPANIES MUST BE GIVEN NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. IF WE DON'T THIS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN.

Angel 11/23/2012
Piece of crap company, I went to an authorized dealer to get net10 service, I paid $65 the guy that activated my service with new number and everything he said it will take only 10 mins. I waited 10 mins. Nothing I waited till next day no service, I went back to the store I asked why Ido t have service, he sai let me call net10 customer service, guess my surprise the stupid aget that answered and checked my account he sai that I have to wait 4 to 5 days to get my number activated even though was a new number, well I told the guy I want me y money back I can go to tmobile and get service in less than 10 minutes. They don't wanted to give me my money back, but at last after a long talk for about 3 hours they decided to give me my money back, now I have t-mobile and happy with their service!

hlmurray 11/21/2012
nightmare to activate cannot understand thick indian acccents. now both my phones are disabled and tech dept has no clue stay away as far as u can get form net 10 track phone useless junk

Kelly 11/20/2012
I can sum it up in three words: DON'T DO IT!!!! Oh my GAWD, this company really is BAD (would use more colorful words to describe them actually but trying not to cuss on internet). I got a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Thought the prepaid plan was going to be awesome. Great price, right? Yes, but the service is awful!!!! I have called them at least seven times in the last three weeks - my phone can receive calls, text, and email but cannot make outgoing calls. I can't make a call on my phone! Every time I call it's a crap-shoot -- you could get someone with is very nice and polite and tries to help fix the problem or a complete butt-wad who is rude and could give a crap about your frustrations. Every single time you call expect to be on the phone at least one hour. They "temporarily" fix the problem and every three days it happens again. I have pleaded with them to just tell me where to send the phone back to and give me a partial refund of the minutes I've purchased to no avail. They keep tryig to "fix" an unfixable problem. Finally I will just have to eat it on the cost of the phone and the plan and go directly to Verizon. I am done with this company and recommend anyone to NOT use them. Net10 wireless stinks!!!

Keith w Fox 11/20/2012
Net 10 is affordable and dependable until you need to speak to someone. Customer service is terrible. My minutes would not load for me and it took me nine hours to get someone to talk to. I lost 15,000$ because of it. I am switching carriers.

seroo 11/14/2012
i took me about 5 hours just to make a online plan still unsuccessful, i dont understand why so difficult????

good service 11/13/2012
net 10 is the best service right now they are cheap and have friendly service. i only waited ten minutes when i needed to talk to customer service number. i dont need to call customer service that much since i have byop plan so i have my xperia ion through att and it works flawless just dont tether and they wont cancel your service it says it in their terms of service

Dolores 11/13/2012
I called customer service to get help from a technical issue I was having with my galaxy s2. I was able to access the internet, send and received picture mail and it stopped working. I got hung up on the 1st time I called because some lady couldn't help me. Called back and got transferred 3 times just to be told to call back at a later time. Seriously?! Kudos to changing the call option menu especially the call back option.

jonathan patterson 11/9/2012
If you read all the reviews bellow me and you just got a new android net 10 PHONE you will realize that net 10 listens!!!!! to customers and responds accordingly. best phone award and service award coming soon. get net 10 and see why. i just got rid of at&t for half the price a month i have faster internet and a better signal period the end. i am so happy.

Lucy 11/8/2012
I have been with net 10 for 5 months and have no problems. Yes, most of the customer service rep. are from India but if you be nice to them, I promise you they will try to please you. Another thing, I never wait for 30 mins maybe because I mostly call them between 8p and 10p which you get help faster. As a college's affordable. Also, after the hurricane sandy I still had signals!!! Yes, I received calls and texts and I can return them too. I thought about switching to Boost mobile but I changed my mind because I forgot that they dropped calls all the time.

Amanda 11/6/2012
I have had a horrible experience with this company. I needed a phone for just a couple months and thought NET10 would be great because of the low cost of service and the cheaper phones. This is not so. I have had more of a headache with this phone than any other company. Don't let the cheap monthly plans fool you! This month, I paid for the 750 minute plan, but the minutes never got added to my phone. My phone service was shut off. I emailed customer service and they told me that there was nothing wrong with my phone, that the minutes were on there even though they weren't. I resorted to calling the customer service line from my boyfriend's phone to get them to add the minutes on. I spent about half an hour on the phone. The minutes finally got added onto my phone. Then, last night my phone froze and the minutes were erased off my phone. I just spent another thirty minutes, from my boyfriend's phone which wasted his minutes, on the phone to get my minutes added back on. What I'm saying is this company is horrible!!! Save yourself the enormous headache.

Richard Reimer 11/5/2012
I can't get my phone activated using my existing number. They tell me they can't do it in my service area but yet they sell the phones right down the street. I need my number because I have had it for over 15 years now as a business number. When I call CS the people are in India and I can't understand what they are talking about but at 30 cents an hour what do you expect? I hope everybody reads this because net10 couldn't care less tht they can't offer the service that they promise. RUN AWAY FROM THIS LAME COMPANY!!! I have probably spent $200 that I am going to have to eat. RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Radiantsmiler 11/4/2012
i had my most recent no contract Net10 phone for 10 months. Then, the new LG 900 phone (owned for 3 months at the time October 2012)stopped working without any notice or warnings. the cell phone would not turn on and displayed the red LG logo on the black screen only. After 1.5 hours on my home phone with Net10 customer service (you get numerous countries other than the USA), and repeating my contact information 3 times, they agreed to send me a new LG900 cell phone due to the old phone being under warranty and the determination that it was defective from a red dot indicated near the battery. I knew it was getting fishier when they would not account for the 5 - 7 business days days (my minutes) while I waited for the replacement phone.

Jon 11/2/2012
I've had Net10 for 5 years and it works great. Coverage in rural PA, as well as in FL, east coast, west coast, and midwest. Never been anywhere without coverage ... unlike Verizon.

Anthony 11/2/2012
Sorry, but if I could give zero stars, I would. They could not activate my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, they couldn't couldn't port my old number, and they couldn't even assign me a new number when I was willing to give up my 10-year old number just to facilitate their horrible "customer service". "Call back in 24 hours" is all you ever hear. After a week of that, I gave up.

Frank 11/1/2012
We have a net10 account and same phone about 6 years now and figured it out that to roll the minutes just add minutes before the expiration date and you will be fine,will loose it if you don`t simple as far as CS to add some minutes or for any reason it is no different that any other co. out there as long as you are patience and be reasonable the problem will be solved.The one thing that I noticed is the coverage areas just like my sprint phone or att they all have a black zone somewhere and unfortunally we cannot tell until we buy and fisically test the area with the phone in hand.I would recomend it for sure even though it will use your minutes even cell to cell(for that is only contract phones anyway).I use the net10 for my Mom when she needs it to carry with her and I have the majic jack at home for $20 a year+ international minutes for everything else,that conbination saves tons of minutes during the whole year...but I am always looking around for other services and really looking at their plans and reading reviews before falling into traps.We been happy for what we got and so far so good.

sue 10/30/2012
net10 customer service sucks, they never get anything right, when calling about your bill, i had to call them several times, i paid my bill, and they shut my service off next day, whats going on in customer service with them, i would not recommend u go with them at all, if u want your service to stay on

Molly 10/30/2012
I like not having a contract but Net 10 has some serious issues to tend to. Three times now in less than a year I have tried to buy minutes online, got an error message saying my transaction couldn't go through and days later I find they have charged my credit card one or even two times...after I bought a physical phone card from Wal-Mart because I was told my transaction didn't process online. They will refund your money but it takes 24 hours and they don't refund overdraft fees or late fees for any other bills you weren't able to pay because Net 10 jammed up your bank account. If you used this service pay close attention to the charges especially if you pay online. they told me my minutes weren't used for customer service calls and after waiting 35 min on the phone for a refund confirmation, guess what? They took 35 minutes away from me. Either they are liars, are poorly trained, or both.

Sheila 10/29/2012
I have been a Net 10 customer for over
two years I have never had a problem Even there customer service is good.No more contracts and good basic service

khaled 10/22/2012
My first month was good with the unlimited data plan. I paid about $60 for each month for unlimited TEXT & TALK & DATA and they lie with that. After one month they reduce my data plan that couldn't use my web anymore, and when I called them they said you used it too much therefore we reduced it! absolutely i'll use my web because you all ready sad it is unlimited plan!! and when I paid for my next month they won't return my speed back !!! it is still on bad and slow internet. I didn't even reached 4G !!
Bad company, I didn't recommend it for people who using internet.

@ Cesar 10/16/2012
You have no idea what you are talking about! First Net10 DOES offer minutes that last for more than a month, the ONLY ones that DO NOT are the MONTHLY plans (duh). As far as cheap phones goes, that is incorrect (to a degree). Net10 has some nice branded androids such as the LG Optimus Black, Samsung Proclaim, ZTE Merit, and adding the Samsung Galaxy II in a few weeks. Net10 also has the BYOP (bring your own phone) so you can bring ANY UNLOCKED GSM phone on this network. YES that even includes the iPhone, however NO blackberry because they run on RIM. As far as price they are within line of their competition. I advise you to EDUCATE yourself before writing a review when you have no clue to what you are talking about.

Fred 10/14/2012
I've had Net10 phones for years and the coverage is very good. I've been from the east coast to the west coast and found very few places that I can't call from. Although CS is slow and it takes a long time, I always get any problem taken care of. I only need the basics so I don't need a "fancy phone" and the $15 a month is much better than the contract phone my wife uses. If you don't need a computer for a phone, use Net10.

Barb 10/11/2012
,we also have a tmob post paid phone.I loved net 10 up until now. My phone died with 983 min left and I would have to buy a new phone and try and get the number switched over and add 300 min soon here for $30.I think I am gonna take a loss and just use my sons trac phone,the minutes are good for a whole yr.I do not like that I have to refill the net 10 every 2 mon,we hardly use the phone.I paid 100 bucks for the trac phone with 1500 min good for 365 days,best value Ive seen so I wont have to run and spend $33{incl tax and line charge} every 60 days.Net 10 is good until you have a problem.They never even got back to me in their help forum.

Cesar 10/11/2012
Net10 is the most expensive prepaid phone service. Their phones are cheap but their prepaid cards are only for one month, that is bad for people who use it as a second line or doesn't use many minutes. If you want a very good prepaid affordable company the best is

Lynn 10/10/2012
We've had Net 10 for 4 years. Yep their customer "no" service is crappy at best, but we've really had no problems with them. We live in the country and get pretty good connectivity. I've changed out our phones over the years and there wasn't a problem. I've actually gotten more minutes than I had to begin with when I spoke to CS for the change-overs. When we had no power and the land line wasn't working, our Net 10 Android was there... doing it's job and letting us follow a nasty thunder storm. I do most of my business with Net 10 via their website. One phone is on auto pay and I buy minutes for the other. I've had no problems and we've had the same phone numbers the entire time. So, I have to say that we're happy with the over-all service of the phones themselves. The one problem we've encountered is that once we leave our local area, we have NO service. So I would say that if you want to use Net 10 for traveling, I'd do more research before wasting your hard earned money if they don't have roaming.

Dainius 10/5/2012
Worst service ever. Two days after connecting my phone it stopped working. I was getting "unregistered SIM" message. After spending an hour with CS rep and no results, I'm taking this phone back to the store. Don't go with these guys waist of time and money.

Rosie Gee 9/29/2012
For all you naysayers, I love my love my smart phone LG45C. It is great. But once you sign on to Google, it seems that you get all your apps to work even better. The Google Market Place is fun to look at all the free apps. When you do call Net10 Customer Service, be patient. You have to follow all the prompts. And eventually you can have them call you back, which they do. Instead of being on hold for several minutes. If you do not have a Google account already, it's much easier to do it from your own computer before you trying to do it on your cell phone. I had Boost Mobile, it had to be the worst. Every time I wanted to access my Voicemail, I wasn't able to. Message always said, "The systems was busy and able to access at this time." It happened on several occassions, that is why I switched.

Megan 9/25/2012
I wanted to cancel my $50 unlimited before it refilled and get the 200 minutes instead. And I called their customer service,awful experience. Your on hold forever. And FINALLY when I talked to a representative he said he could not refund me. Which is really stupid! Because I still wanted to do business with them!! But after that I am done with net10. Do not do business with them! Also their website is confusing!!! It's a hard time just to deactivate your phone. I am switching to Virgin Mobile! Oh and the service for net10 is VERY bad! Do not waste your money or time!

Tim 9/14/2012
I currently activated my phone. It says I am activated, but my phone won't program. I have tried calling their customer service number at 1-877-836-2368, but it doesn't even get me to customer service. All I get is an option to make a collect call, or to use or purchase a pre-paid card or directory assistance for 411. I am completely dissatisfied with this company and I will be cancelling my service. The customer service is non-existent!

Shirley Ker 9/14/2012
I don't know what all the negativity is about. I have had my phone about 3 years...simple..I love the 750 minutes text or talk...(each text is deducted 1 minute only)....for only $25.00 a month. I havn't used CS for a long time and putting in new minutes just means typing a string of numbers that I scratch off the card that I buy at Walmart or Target. I am a senior and like to keep things simple and cheap...It works...almost 100% of the time and is easy to use. Best bargain around...I think my phone cost about $20 and it's still doing well 3 years later.

Rebecca 9/13/2012
I have trying to activate my new Net10 phone for 16 days. It took them 5 days to figure out the sim card was defective. I was told I would get a new sim card in 3 to 5 days. It took 8. Tonite I was they would not give me back my lost 16 days. They lost all my future business. And the phone still doesn't work. I have already spent literally hours trying to get this phone to work. Don't waste your time or money on this company!

Coral 9/9/2012
I haven't had any problems with my service, but I have had to contact them a couple of times regarding activation and their customer service is TERRIBLE! Not rude, just time consuming and not knowledgeable.

cory 9/8/2012
customer sevice(if it can be called that) is less than horrible..I have ben a customer for over 6 years and have 3 phones I dread calling for a problem.. usually hours on phone and multiple calls for same issue..I finally think it is time to switch..Many options for no contract phones with much better technology now..I think the worst is the half wit foreigners telling me no,no can't do it when another rep does it.. don't ever settle for no with net 10..Unless they say they don't know thats when they are telling the truth..

Belle_Etrangere 9/6/2012
I had been using NET10 for three years now, and I agree that the rates are good. However, as somebody had already put it, it is great until something goes wrong, and one has to contact customer service. I had already experienced 20 to 30 minutes waiting times back in 2009 and 2010 waiting for what seemed to be the one and only representative with a heavy Chinese accent. However, when the first phone broke down, a replacement phone was sent to me, and the transfer of minutes and service days went with no glitch. Obviously, that was an exception to the general rule because what I experienced this past summer was something out of the ordinary.
My second phone started switching off on its own nearly every time when I would close the lid of the phone. There was no pattern, but it started happening more often than not. I called NET10 and was informed that yes, indeed, my phone was no good. So I went ahead and ordered a new one using the NET10 website.
NET10 only does delivery via FedEx, and here I ran into what turned out to be the tip of the huge iceberg of my subsequent upsetting interactions with NET10.
There was no way I could be at home to receive the package and sign for it and the closest FedEx center was in a 30-minute drive from my place. The square indicating the possibility of FedEx folks leaving the package by the door was not marked. So I gave a call to FedEx. They said that they were unable to change the delivery option since only the sender was in the position to do it. I called NET10. No, there was nothing they could do about it either; however, there was a way to order stuff without the necessary signature on my part. However, the website hadn’t produced that option – the only difference in the delivery ways they had was in how many days, not “leave in the mailbox”, “leave by the door” or “signature required”. The irony of this – I pay for a product to be delivered (okay, NET10 waived the payment since my phone cost more than $19.99 but still) and still have to drive out (30 minutes!!!) in order to get it.
The NET10 phone was shipped on July 9, I picked it up on July 12.
On July 13, I give a call to NET10 in order to transfer minutes, service days and keep the number. A guy says that, if I wanted to keep my number, my phone wouldn’t work for 72 hours.
I call again on July 15. A very helpful female voice assures me that it is not 72 hours but two days maximum with all my voice mail messages kept, no need to set up new voicemail, does the transfer, and suggests switching the phone off and on from time to time in order to see when the process is finished.
I wait for a week, the phone is still dead, and I give a call again. Now I have a so-called “manager’s line” with next to none waiting times; however, the “managers” are just as “helpful” as simple representatives before.
On July 22, I am informed that the problem is in the SIM card that came in the phone. A new SIM card will be immediately shipped out to reach me within three days. I insist on marking down instructions for FedEx so that I don’t have to drive out for it again. They say yes.
Just in case, I call on July 25 to find out what the status is. A representative tells me that the card hadn’t been shipped since there was an error in the address (and I had been a NET10 customer since 2009 so it is really weird how come they don’t have my address!) and transfers me to a manager. I am assured that the error has now been corrected and the card will go out the next day. I am asking for compensation for lost days and the inability to use my phone for ten days now – no reaction. I ask them to expedite the shipment, to make it a one-day or overnight shipment and hear, “I am sorry, Ma’am, we can’t do that.”
To double check, I call again on July 26, am connected to a still another manager who says that the address error is still there and the card hasn’t yet been shipped!!! I am again assured that now, in the long run, it is all fixed and I will see it in 3-5 days.
I call again on July 27 and learn that yes, it is going to be shipped (but hasn’t been yet), however, the manager is unsure about whether my signature is required on the spot or not, but I will be receiving a shipping update via the phone.
Finally, on July 29, I get a call confirming shipment, but am left wondering whether I’ll have to drive out to that FedEx delivery center again or not.
On July 31, Yahoo!, the SIM card is by my door.
I call Net10 to finally make my phone work. No way. I get 300 extra minutes and 15 service days (a ridiculously low number given what I went through), all the previous service days and minutes having been transferred, I have bars, but when I place a call, it drops. I am told that since the SIM card is new, the problem can’t be with the SIM card, but with the phone. Which is also new, by the way. I am advised to switch the phone off and on several times and to check whether the phone starts operating.
I call next day and this time, another “manager” tells me that my phone and SIM card are good on her side, and that it is the other carrier, with whom NET10 has an agreement, that has a problem. This is going to be fixed in another 72 hours.
It was fixed much sooner, in half a day or so, BUT no voice mail is kept, calls go to a newly set up voicemail even though the phone is on, and when I call NET10, I find out that a new number has been assigned to my phone at some stage in this process (Bingo!) and that if I want the old one (which was one of the main reasons for my going through this hell), I need to get another SIM card in the mail. I go no, but no, thank you and again, receive the miserable 300 minutes and 15 service days in compensation.
Oh yes, and SIM messages from abroad now cost 1,5 minutes or a minute instead of a mere 0.50.
My only hope now is that the new phone will be alive for a while now.
One final touch – my old phone was good for making international calls. This one, even though I have 4000+ minutes and 150+ service days still needs me to buy a still another airtime card in order to activate the service. A rip-off, don’t you think?

jim 9/4/2012
cant add minutes online anyway you try!

Joshua 9/4/2012
Kind of wonder what the specifics were for some of the above people...Anyhoo.

neobes 9/2/2012
Net10 is fine if you never need anything but a phone and the 1st number they activate. I made the huge mistake of trying to buy a new phone(from Net10) and transfer over my existing Net10 number. They stopped service to both phones and after 5 hours on the phone at my cost to Net10, they CAN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Anyways, probably best to avoid unless you enjoy aggravation.

Nita 9/2/2012
Our family has been using Net 10 phones since 2006. I can't see us ever changing to another carrier. We have the $15.00 per month easy minute plan and get 200 minutes every 31 days. Coverage is great. I do dread calling CS but I remain patient and polite, and every problem has always been fixed. I rarely have a need to call CS so for 3 phones with more minutes than we need for only $45 per month I am completely pleased with Net 10.

dishman 8/30/2012
wow..i dont know where to start with these losers!
i have been with out service since the 5th of august,now the have spent hours with customer service..and the best part is i have been straight lied to so many times i cant keep track!
the last little b.s. dance i had was on the 21st of august..this is going on from the 5th..we are sending you a new phone,we are so sorry that you have had no phone since the 5th..well..all the lyieng aside,now the 30th,no phone!
guess they beat me outta some minutes,if you go net 10 your a retard!.the suck,and no joke..they have lied to me 3-4x..i am going to go run the pos shit phone over with my car tomorrow..i understand tech issues..but straight up lying to me multible times is unforgveable..going to make it my mission to let everyone i know..thru the 10 SUCKS!

Tina 8/30/2012
I just got the S390G prepaid phone and tried to get activated to find out the sim card wouldn't work in my area,they sent me another sim card in mail 3 days later.So then I call back and was on phone over 2 hours and my phone still was not working to find out I had no service in my area where I live.I had to drive back towards town to get signal and to find my phone number on the cell phone cause they would not tell me.So I have had this phone about week now and I wanted it cause was cheap and has 3G wifi on it I just hope I like this phone,I hate it has no service at my house.

chris gunter 8/29/2012
net 10 is a very good service to have. my mother has had net 10 for about a year.the service is great especially for people who do not have the funds to pay 3times the amount on a contract cell i would highly reccomend net 10 cellular to anyone who needs acell phone at a very reasonable price.

Sue 8/29/2012
Net10 is fine, as long as it works. If it doesn't work, which will happen, good luck getting help via any method. Trying to call will result in a hold time of close to an hour, and they will tell you to remove your SIM card, remove your battery, replace these items, turn off, turn on. When you tell them that you have done this, they tell you to do it again, and hang up. No one ever will contact you back on the website, ever, even after many attempts.
Coverage is poor, and spotty, even in metro areas.
You get what you pay for. Go with Virgin Mobile if you want a decent PAYG phone with good service and very good customer service.

larry 8/26/2012
ope all of you find this better than me , adding air time is just too hard if you dont have all your info,even if you are a new customer and poor, they don not make it easy at all. 46750. age 58.older single man.

Jackie 8/22/2012
Net 10 is useless, helpless, nothing. That's it.

Carolyn 8/21/2012
Maybe your corporate office should look at some of these reviews. HORRIBLE customer service - no help whatsoever!!
They could care less - even you managers!! I am closing me account with NET 10

Madison 8/19/2012
ZERO stars. We have 4 Net10 phones for the past year. Two of the phones keep "losing" minutes and days remaining, plus contacts---just says "00" for days remaining and hours left, always after recharging. This is despite the fact the there were actually hundreds of minutes and almost 30 days left. Every time I called "customer service" I had to go through a long series of steps, entering codes and so forth, to get my minutes back---the minutes I *paid* for. Each time I was told that the problem was something on their end. My phone was zeroed-out yet again on August 7th, so I called CS. This time, a rude a-hole CS rep told me, "I cannot give you your minutes back because you've repeatedly called us about this." WHAT? The guy was implying that I'm trying to scam them, or something. Hey, I'm the customer and I PAID for the minutes and I'm the one who is inconvenienced! SO ridiculous. I spoke to a supervisor who put the minutes back, but why should NET10 think they can treat customers like this? All four phones' service dates will end within the next week, and I cannot WAIT to go to another service such as Virgin Mobile. I hope they do not give me a hard time porting the phone numbers, but they probably will. I do not recommend Net10 AT ALL.

Betty 8/18/2012
My Boost mobile phone broke yesterday and although I had no problem with them I didn't care much for their phones & the ones I did like were too expensive. I went into Kmart and Net10 caught my attention I a small problem porting my phone no over so I contacted cs today. I found them to be very helpful and they got me all set up. So far so good I'm praying that it stays this way.

Dianne 8/14/2012
This was the WORST experience I ever encountered. Every time I called them to fix something they screwed something else up my phone right now is not even my phone number so I cannot get incoming calls. Please no not get this service . I have only had my phone for one month I have had more issues with cs,it DO NOT GET YOU HAVE BEEN WORNED

bryan shortnacy 8/12/2012
they get 0 stars, net10 sucks and are ripoffs,, too much money in your pocket? no broken phone in your pocket? tired of people calling you? net10 can fix all this!!!

Jan 8/9/2012
Net 10 is a wonderful phone. I have used them for about 3 years now and I live 25 miles from anywhere. I have service no matter what or where I am. It is clear and works like a champ.. There is NO tower out this far. Many phones I tried did not work at all out here. But I never have a problem with net 10..Highly recommend it.

Kathie 8/9/2012


Lauren 8/6/2012
Bought a Net 10 phone from Walmart and tried activating the phone online. I got an error message saying the request could not be processed, I called customer service and was on hold for 20 minutes before someone picked up. I was told my SIM card was invalid and one could be sent out in 7-10 business days. No. I returned the phone and went with a verizon phone.

Penny Duff 8/1/2012
Had Net10 for a while. What a nightmare! You spend a lot of time trying to get minutes, and they're not cheap. Customer service is nonexistent.

Southern Fried Yankee 7/29/2012
When I first bought my first Net 10 phone I was pleased that I could talk to my daughter in airports between stops flying from Columbia SC to Hawaii. I once talked to my daughter at the university of Hawaii for 30 minutes straight with no disconnections. I had a phone fail, purchased a new Samsung. The last year 50% of incoming calls are dropped. I get voicemail and notices that pop up 2 hours later saying missed call. 8 months ago I called tech support. They called one time and declared the phone fine. It isn't. I am looking for something else.

Kc 7/29/2012
Was going pretty well until I had a problem with activating. I figured, oh well I'll just call customer service. LOL- if you can even call them that!!!!! They asked the same old questions over and over, including asking me how to spell main st. and telling me to do the same things over and over. VERY USELESS customer service !!! Trying the support forums now, but overall a terrible experience if you have an issue, and that is likely to happen if you are on a prepaid carrier! Virgin mobile was FAR superior!!!!!!

JEFFRE 7/27/2012
The unfortunate thing about these ratings is that most people only respond when their pissed off. Thats why you will find ALL these carriers have horror stories.
My experience with NET10 has been excellent. I have had 2 minoe issues which they addressed immediately and courteously.
I have found the best way to get help is to use the NET10 chat board that NET10 customer service monitors. That way there is no problem with any language or accent issues and you also have a written record of everything that has transpired.
I would not hesitate to recommend Net10 especially with the new android phones and the BYOD program. The only thing you have to lose is a big monthly bill!

Deborah 7/26/2012
If I could have---I would rate the Net 10 company as a MINUS 10 stars!! It is the WORST customer service I have EVER encountered!! they repeat the same thing, ask you the same questions, transfer you---then ask you all the SAME QUESTIONS, and use as much of your time as possible!! almost as if they WANT to keep you on the phone, to use up minutes on whatever phone you happen to be on!! i have owned one of hteir phones for approx 7 months. My phone stopped working and I have spent HOURS on the phone trying to get them to send me a replacement!!! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! I HAVE NO REPLACEMENT PHONE AND I AM NOT CALLING THEM ANYMORE!! I AM FURIOUS!! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN AMERICAN JOBS ARE ":OUTSOURCED TO INDIA"!!! THEY ARE A SCAM!!! BEWARE!!!!

klynno 7/24/2012
I have been with Net10 for over 2 years and have not had any problems with customer service. Today I tried to port a number to a new phone via internet, did not go to good. I called customer service and in 20 minutes everything was smoothed out and working properly. Thank you customer service

Brian E. 7/22/2012
I keep getting unsolicited texts from 1111301000 and they have no message/words. I get 4 to 5 a day and charged for them. Need customer service to remedy this problem.

Kris 7/20/2012
OMG!!! Horrible Customer Service! I have had both my Net 10 phones for almost a year now and I can say I have never had a problem...until now. I cannot believe no one can speak English on the CS Lines!!! Repeat Repeat Repeat How frustrating, and they still screwed me out of $50!!! Maybe if they had to actually WORK for a living, they would appreciate their customers more. I can't believe I had to spend $100 and only got one phone card..could've just kept my At&T and got screwed.

Charlie 7/18/2012
Tried to activate via go.
Tried calling 800# closed after all the menus...
Called to find my sim card needed replacing...3-5 work days...
Returned to Best Buy and got an AT&T and set up in store no problem.
Net10 is a no go.

Net10Sucks!! 7/11/2012
The basic service is ok. It's not great, but it's, seemingly no worse than any other. The problems come when you have a problem. Net10 is horrible at customer service. You either get CS reps that talk over you, interrupt you constantly, make you repeat everything unceasingly while stating what you already know and asking you repeatedly what your problem is. I've had my phone for 3 years but the problems have been numerous. I do have to call them every single time I add minutes. They will argue that the service is active though you can't contact anyone but CS on the phone. They don't provide an online chat, maybe cause it won't be so apparent that they are asking you to repeat all the time. They cannot say anything without getting your ok to it all, they ask you every 2min the same thing as a matter of rule. They will never ask you to hang on for a few minutes or if you can hang on for 10 min even when they know it will take more than 2 min, they will ask your permission to take another 2 min. If you don't say yes every time, they will keep asking you till you do or they will hang up on you. Most speak English well but not all. When I can afford a better service, I will drop NET10 with no regrets. I only use them cause they are cheap, CS can take days or weeks to solve simple problems and they don't listen very well. It's as if you're speaking to numb robots, but they are polite numb robots. I wish I could rate them -100 stars for customer service. you're lucky if you don't call them and end the call without frustration.

Donna 7/10/2012
I have both Tracfone since they started and have had no problem with them, also have Net10 wanted a monthly plan I live in a funny area so they use USCellular for the carrier both can only do calls and texts with no pictures or data on both as USCellular won't give that to them but if I'd go to another zip in next I could get Vertizon and get it all GSM phones don't work in my zip only CDMA but good reception and I'll gone all over the US and get good service so will stay with them, I'll talked with with the CS many times and they have all been nice and have even called me backj to make sure my phone was working, if you treat them with respect they will do the same to you. I'm in my 60's and like the service so I say don't be afraid of trying it once you get it you will like itI think the phones are great I have a lg290c love it and it's on all tracfone and net10 no problems, when I had my number ported from another company they screwed it up and Net10 was great getting it to work, be patient with CS they are trying to help, yes this is a true review of them. I know alot of people with all 3 of Tracfone companies and they all like them and the services.

Joel 7/10/2012
I have had Net10 service for 2+ years. In that time I have had good phone service at a great price. But unfortunately I am dropping them "all 5 phones in the family" & trying someone else, all because of their horrid customer service! Everything was fine until about 3 months ago when I started having intermittent trouble with buying minuets on line. I spent a couple of hours with customer service trying to get it fixed before I gave up & started buying minuet cards from Kroger when it wouldn't work.
But last week after making a successful purchase of minuets online I decided to buy a new phone. That’s when I ran into the same intermittent problem I’ve been having online that won’t let me complete the transaction.
I spent countless hours over the last week speaking to every level of customer service & there managers, all the way to corporate. They ALL have the same problem, they don’t listen & they have no more information than what I got online, plus they could care less if they help you or not.
When I finally got a call from their Executive Resolutions Department they told me that their computer had locked my account out, because their customer service people kept trying to run it thru (which is reticules because it didn’t work from the start) and there was nothing they could do about it & nobody could fix it! They said all I could do is buy it from a retailer! They did not even try to make anything right or compensate me for my time & trouble. Even though I have been a loyal customer (with 5 phones on my account for my family) for 2+ years!
So trust me, no matter how cheap the service is, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

jay 7/10/2012
Good Service I can say best service with less money but worse customer service in world.

Net10User 7/9/2012
I recently switched to Net10 from a contract phone. I have the same coverage as the contract phone, and i pay less than 25 a month after the 7% savings through callingmart. Tests and calls work great, and i got my phone for $10 on sale. All you who complain about NET10, need to remember that CS is not good, but if you are patient with them, they can help you. There is not such thing as loyalty in the pre-paid world, we are allowed to switch whenever we find something new to try. As for me right now, Net10 is a good choice.

justme 7/7/2012
Customer service 3 hours trying to transfer my number to a new phone!!!!And still on the phone giving codes! I am sure I have told her my phone number so many times she should she know it by heart!

tati 7/7/2012
I agree, with Gina they or deserve no stars.i have gone thru to defected phones in less than a month while CS and their horrible customer servise kept me in the phonr for 2hrs without solving the problem either time. My phone still has a defect in, mms txt msg, so I cant send or recieve pic, also, reporting them for selling several defected phones and not solving the issue

elizabeth 7/6/2012
I agree the net10 phones are lacking compared to other model exspecialy for our area code.

JimmyNotHappy 7/3/2012
DO NOT USE. You can do better with any other prepaid! There is absolutely ZERO support. I went through their automated system four times. Finally got a real person who I could scarcely understand, who had me repeat everything two or three times, who could not enter my city of Seattle, and ultimately cut me off. I called back and was on hold for over half-hour.
They said my sim card was invalid, but could not tell me why. Offered to send another which would arrive in 5 days. Meanwhile the minutes I just purchase are no where to be found.
Terrible service. And for the lack of it, you would think the service would be much cheaper. Go with Verizon or Virgin.

Celeste 7/2/2012
Often says "Emergency Calls Only" when I try to make a call. Drops calls a few times per week. Takes 30 minutes for phone to work when I fly to a new city. Customer Service tries but can't help. I will keep it just to avoid going back to Verizon!

Gina 6/29/2012

traderpats 6/29/2012
Good prices and when it works it all works great. However when there is a problem you are transported to CS hell. I spent hours (literally) on the phone with ESL CS trying to fix a simple voice mail issue. Unbelievable!

zte merit 6/28/2012
I've had net10 ever since October 2009! The actual service is good however customer service is not so good, however ALL prepaid companys CS saying! I recently upgraded to a ZTE MERIT android. Love the phone! Android service for $50/month on the At&t 3g network thru net10 is a great deal! just make sure not to stream videos UNLESS U USE WIFI!!!!

Kevdoggy 6/28/2012
@Mary. It's printed on their website, along with their card 1 txt = 1 minute on the 750 card for $25. They do not need to refund for YOUR ignorance. Enjoy being gouged bu Us Cellular!!!

Katt 6/27/2012
I've had Net10 for about 3 years and I love it. I got my hubby a Net10 phone and he loves it because it's simple. I got a new model phone and called customer service to have the old number transferred to the new phone and it was done in about 5 minutes. They even made sure my unused minutes and days were transferred too. I'm having my Mom, who's 77 get one just like mine. She'll love it!

aplus_32 6/26/2012
Still loving Net10. The $25/750 minute plan works great for my daughter, and she was able to call, text and MMS me from Arizona with NO problems at all (I'm in Texas). Great deal for tweens, IMO, and you can still get great deals on phones from

Robert 6/25/2012
I've had Tracfone when they were with Verizon and then they switched to ATT/Mobil, and Net10 which uses the ATT/Mobile network. I tried all sorts of minute combinations. If you talk less than 150 minutes/month...go with Tracfone. More than 150 minutes, go with Net10.
I am now using more minutes so I went with the 750 minute/$25.00 per month plan. I've had no problems with reception from Georgia up to New Hampshire... Minnesota, Seattle and other places. Net10 uses the ATT/Mobil network. I use the 750 mins/30 day card, but I add minutes via the internet site with my credit card on the 28th day of the plan. That way I don't have any glitches waiting for the "automatic" refill. Of course, if I use my 750 minutes up before the 30 days, I just go online and buy more minutes (750 mins for $25). I figured it out that if I use up my 750 minutes in 14 or 15 makes more sense to go with the unlimited 30 day plan for $50.00. So, you have flexibility and control. I have a simple slider phone with a qwerty board for texting. Whenever I had to call "service," I have had no problems with the overseas call center. I am an American used to dealing and communicating with "foreigners." So, go to the site and check out their phones. If you see what you like, no problem. If you want more, go with a regular company...not prepaid.

Mary 6/25/2012
I purchased a Net 10 phone for my son after he begged for a cell phone. Knowing how he loses interest in everything he gets in a few weeks I opted for a pre-paid plan. I started out with the 200 minute plan to see if he would use it. I was charged .50 units per text and it seemed reasonable. Since my son was using the phone daily, I purchased 750 extra minutes for him to find out he would be charged 1 minute per text to send and recieve. The price had doubled with more minutes which was never advertised online. It took the customer service rep 30 minutes and wasting 9 minutes of of my paid time to tell me the 750 minutes cards used units in increments of a minute. Then I was told I couldn't get my missing units back. What a bunch of bull--if you're not trained to answer my call the right way don't waste my time (literally!!) The phone has been one nightmare after another--to add minutes in the beginning I had to call customer service to have minutes added one by one because my online order didn't process right. I shouldn't have to call customer service everytime I want to add minutes to the phone. All I got for my trouble was 20 free minutes-9 of which they wasted for me the second call I made to them. I would not recommend this phone to anyone who plans to use it. If you want a phone for emergencies only it would be fine. Other than that don't waste your time! I'm going back to U.S. Cellular where I know upfront what my charges will be.

tera selleck 6/21/2012
I have mostly been happy with my Net10 phone and service. But this week I went into Radio Shack and just wanted to by my usual $30 for 300 min/60 days. Clerk at RS was very busy selling me on a "DEAL" $25 750 min. I bought into the sale and once I had plugged in my pin number it took away the 70 days I already had and gave me only 30 days and then I found out from the teller at RS that the 750 min. only last 30 days. Well to say the least I was very upset, I usually only need to add min. every couple of months. My cell phone only cost me $15 a month. I Blame Radio Shack for selling me something with out really knowing what it was. I was perfect happy and did not need to be sold a "DEAL". I will be changing my phone company and will not by min. from Radio Shack again.

goodenough 6/21/2012
I wish I could give Net 10 negative stars. The worst customer service. The very large retailer where I buy my airtime cards says it is ready to drop their contract with Net 10. If I didn't have 5000 minutes that will expire today I would drive over the phone with my car, then backup and do it again. I may do that anyway.

Marcelo 6/15/2012
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Net 10 seems like a good deal because of cost. Worse and most frustating experiece EVER!! Net 10 has the worst customer service. I purchased two phones to be used to communicate with my family visiting from out of the country. When the phones arrived it was time consuming to get them activated. One phone worked fine the other didnt. net 10 assigned the same number to both phones. It was a nightmare getting that fixed. I spent well over an hour on two consecutive days to get the phone activated. They give you a series of numbers to enter and send over many times over. It took me over an hour on two consecutive days to get the phone activated. Finally after getting the phone activated when we placed a call we found out the phone was defective- i could here them but they couldnt hear me. Called net 10 and they offered to send a new phone in 3-5 days. Replacement phone arrived. Same nightmare to get activated and a second defective phone. My family was only here for 15 days so i decided to return the phones. BUYER BEWARE: the phone has a policy that says 30 day money back guarantee if returned in original packaging with accessories but when i called to get the address and return authorization number I was told i could not return the phone because i had received a replacement phone. I was pissed because the replacement phone was also defective and they never informed me that. (by the way all phones were returned to them within the 30 days) I spent almost 2 hrs on the phone that day speaking with a supervisor.
Im a patient laid back person but net 10 managed to drive me into my worst rage. I typically dont write many reviews and tend to write for things i strongly recommend but this is an exception. I wasted my time and now i hope i can help someone by writing this review. I wish i had read the reviews before purchasing phones.

Nicholas Webb 6/15/2012
NET10 does not treat their customers with respect. I switched from Verizon to NET10 when they first established themselves in 2005. However, it has not been smooth sailing lately with this company. About a year ago, I bought a Samsung SCH T401G. The phone itself was good, but activating it was a nightmare. I was given a recycled phone number in which I had a caller ID listing that said I was someone named Dawn K. (I will not say the full name due to privacy invasion issues that may come up). I found this out when I called my grandmother. I had to talk to five customer service representatives before I was able to talk to a supervisor. I had to wait for them to give me yet another number, which finally gave me a generic cellular phone caller ID. This ordeal took well over two hours.
At this time, I have an LG 900G. Yesterday, I bought an airtime card with 750 minutes for $25. When I tried to add it, the phone company sent a message to the phone essentially telling me that they refuse to add it. I called technical support to see if they can fix the problem. When I got a hold of a customer service representative, I told her about my issue. She then transferred me to another customer service representative. This repeated two times before I asked for a supervisor. It turned out that I was talking to the supervisor already! The part that really irked me was that the supervisor said, “You are supposed to bring the card to the register before walking out of the store with it”. They treated a NET10 pioneer as the equivalent of a stray mutt! By July, I will be using Page Plus.

Jackie 6/11/2012
A while back a bought a Net 10 Prepaid cell phone. All you had to do was add minutes to your phone when you needed them. Now, I have to add minutes to my phone every 30 days. I had over 600 minutes, and I could not use my phone because Net10 have come out with a 30 day service plan. They have also taken away the 10 dollar phone card. I think Net10 should let people know that there are no prepaid phones. You can buy a phone and and pick a plan for 20 or more each month. I don't think this is fair to people who only use cell phones for emergencies when away from home. I would like to get what I paid for, (a prepaid cell phone). Who do I talk to?

niel 6/10/2012
Damn I hate the customer no-service...worst I have seen ANYWHERE. Enough to dump the whole thing even to pay more elsewhere. If you haven't, don't put yourself through this telephone hell. Ont the phone over an HOUR as they try to fix some problem on their system...

Mahood Ghandi 6/7/2012
I purchased a Net10 Phone and prior to activating it I missplaced the sales receipt. I contact Net10 to activate it and for some reason the store didn't scan to phone properly on purchase and therefore Net10 would not activate it. I contact 1st, 2nd and 3rd level supervisor support (Nuri Crawford) all to no avail. He suggested I throw the phone in the garbage. Gotta love that for supervisor recommendations. He was in fact correct. The phone is GARBAGE. STAY AWAY FROM NET10. In this day and age they should have been able to see that the phone has never been activated. NET10 GET WITH THE TIMES!!!!!

Chad 6/6/2012
Some of the net10 reviews are scary. Claiming poor customer service, etc., etc. You will wait on hold a long time, possibly until the next business day, if you call during non-business hours. I figured out they answer calls from 8am-4pm EST. They will also call you if you email them within 24 hours. That way you don't have to sit on hold at all! The representatives I spoke with were very helpful, and easy to understand...unlike all of the super impatient persons reviews I read about net10.

Robyn N. 6/5/2012
I have the Net10 LG800G Series (Touchscreen) I love it! I don't care what no contract phone you have;all of them have terrible customer service. When u buy these kind of phones, you're taking a risk because of no insurance. Its like going to the E.R. in pain and them turning u away because,you have no insurance! I live out in the country and I get great reception from mine, and have no problems with text and the internet. I don't full around with buying cards that have only so many min.; I always get the $50.00 unlimited everything and instead of calling customer service, I go online and activate/add my airtime to my Net10 Account. I had a straight talk phone that wasn't even a touch screen; That cost me $50. more than my Net10 and I never got a signal out in the country...EVER!!! Not with my Netty though; I don't even have a prob. getting on facebook! I wish ya'll the best and pray 4 all of you that are having problems, will be resolved. God Bless all of you!!!

Sssss 6/5/2012
Net 10 has consistently screwed me over, and screwed me out of money. From airtime cards that somehow didn't have any money on them, though they were activated at the store, to spending 50 dollars at their website for a minute refill but being told my phone was 'deactivated' and that they don't know what's going on. You get what you pay for-even when the phone is working the service is poor, the texts are slow, and the picture messages often never arrive. Customer service is a joke, and on the off-chance you get somebody who is able to speak English, they are usually unwilling or unable to actually help the problem and offer no solutions. I strongly advise against dealing with Net10 in any situation, and instead just shelling out the extra few dollars for a better phone-because in the end, Net 10 will end up costing you both money and sanity.

phil 6/5/2012
i bought 3100 minutes on there web site and , the minutes were never added,called net 10 3 times to try and get them added and they never did add them, tryed the codes they gave, didnt work, called custotmer sevice to get credit and they would not give it to me, asked to talk to manager, they said they were the manager.offered to give me 200 min in place of the 3100 min i paid for and never received.

Jack 6/4/2012
My phone is on the auto refil, my service was cut off 5-3 12, they will not answer phone at help desk.

Ashly 6/2/2012
Terrible service! Their customer service rep was chewing/eating something while talking and her attitude was way rude and non-professional. I had problems sending/receiving texts and wanted to get help. I heard a loud noise in their background and had to call back twice. The last person was so horrible for a customer service person. I am not sure if I can start using their service. I just activated my phone and purchased 750 mins airtime, but I will quit after using up my airtime. I would love to report this person for a bad bad attitude and tried to blame me for changing my net10 phone number. They changed while we are on a phone!! I am normally a calm/easy person. but I had to argue with this lady because she won't corporate with me with a terrible phone attitude. I should have wrote down her name. I am still angry and want to throw away this phone. Do not buy their service!! Go elsewhere.

holi66 6/2/2012
The WORST customer service of any business I have ever dealt with. Only use net10 or tracfone if you need a cheap, throw-away phone for the short term...and you don't mind spending hours (yes, hours) on hold and then dealing with customer service reps who don't speak English well nor understand what the problem is. I'd give them zero stars if I could....

JIm 5/31/2012
Was on phone for hours and still no one could understand what service I wanted.. Not recommended.

Nancy 5/28/2012
Net 10 is horrible for record keeping. I've had to argue to get minutes I've paid for; now I got an email after giving them AGAIN all my credit card info that I will lose service in a few days. WHAT? WHY? "Because we have no record of you" (but how come you have my passwords? What about that call in April that I gave you my PIN # and more...). I'd give my credit card info again, but believe they'd charge my account twice for the same service. Now I'm suppose to buy airtime minutes or lose over 1300 minutes I've already paid for once the due date rolls around this week. HUH!?!!! (last month spent a good 45 minutes trying to get everything straightened out on my account that they can't seem to manage; another time I spent almost 2 hours w/them; today a good 15 or so minutes w/o resolution)Stay away from these guys when it comes to autopayment. Don't know how well the cards will work...Grrrrrrrr!

Steve 5/22/2012
I had been with net 10 for 6 years until they screwed me over. It was a great service until they changed my phone number unexpectedly. it was a business phone so none of my clients could contact me and I lost hundreds of dollars. After two weeks the problem was still not resolved so I switched carriers. DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH NET 10

Michela 5/22/2012
I made a mistake and put 3 stars. Net10 deserves 0 stars. Don't use that company. You will lose your money. Went trough a nightmare for a month, because they changed my number and couldn't give it back to me. Horrible experience. Won't use this company again. Horrible service.

Michela 5/22/2012
Dont' use net10. I have lost money because all of the sudden they changed my number and they couldn't fix the mistake. Horrible service. Lost money. I have changed company now and won't use net10 again in my life.

Ian 5/20/2012
We have used Net 10 for 3.5 years as our only phones.
We use our phone for many international calls a week, and a few local calls. The service seems perfectly OK and relatively cheap. Sometimes there is a delay on the international line, but in recent months it has been better.

Robert 5/17/2012
I bought a Net10 phone with 300 minutes. Upon activation it gave me 10. I called up and the CSR had be punch in a bunch of codes, then told me its old, they no longer sell that and won't give me what I paid for. This company used to be great. But I've been hosed. I have another phone like this I bought as a gift. Can I help it if the store has older inventory? Stay away from this company as they might change the terms on the fly, hosing you too.

Suci 5/17/2012

tyler pattison 5/16/2012
net10 the thang you need to try to work on is the service becouse most people live somewere with no service but i gave you 2 wtars becouse of all the thangs thag you do. also one day i was trying to add air time and i could but my mom had to call from twol phone to get thim but on so i will be bribging it down to one star also we need more air thime for less mony and more days to use thim up in

ricardo 5/15/2012
i have been with net10 since i use cellphones like 7 years ago,the service is reliable,good reception,better cellphones,i use their improved website and i have upgraded my cellphone several times by myself by simple using the net10 website,maybe iam lucky because never have had a single problem with them,i agree de customer service is not good,but when possible i use their website instead calling them.i understand they must have a better CS for customers.till now iam happy with them.

UPLANA 5/15/2012

frustrated 5/13/2012
have had net 10 for years no prob till tried to activate anew "up graded" phone was told could kepp old num but no one could get it to activate it after a week of no phone and duzens of phone calls to custamer sevice speaking to people who constantly gave me differant answers no after a week was told num could not be transfered d/t old phone did not have a sim card but new one did -----this was after returning three phone for another modle have always had good reception terrible cs .wanted to trade new phone for diff one thye refused said they could send a replacement same make and modle --I had tol them i fond phone difficult to use and did not want it they didnt care i will be sending it back ane take the loss of $100 I had paIND FOR A PHONE that I found very dissapointing live and learn

Vanetia 5/12/2012
Switch to an android and they began turning my phone off every day four about 5 days. Each day I called in, they changed my number to a new number saying that the previous ones weren't activated correctly. The customer service reps are mostly in the phillipines and central america and they are not trained correctly. They're clearly reading from a trouble shooting script and they usually can't fix ur problem and have to transfer u to someone else. When u ask for a manager they say "I am the manager" and they claim they have no supervisor. If u persist in speaking to a supervisor they hang up on u. I've been hung up on at least 7 times for asking for a supervisor or complaining. And no, I wasn't irate. Next, I pay for the unlimited ata. Yesterday they suspended my data because they said I'm using the internet too much. What?! I had to go through calling them, being talked to like a child or hung up on a few tines. Until I got to corporate. Finally, people who are trained right. But still I was transferedto loss prevention who were not american again and they clearly threatened to hang up on me when I began asking questions. The woman who was in charge of unsuspending my data told me , at the beginning of the call and before i could say two words to her,to not say anything to her, and only answer her questions or shell permanately deactivate my data and hang up on me. I swear I was not even irate or rude. I just ask who I'm speaking to. I got to corporate AGAIN and they apologized and said they reps aren't supposed to be disconnecting the calls or redusing a supervisor. My question is "why do they all do it except for one or two? Its to the point that u have to calk back like 5 or six times to finally get someone polite and professional. HORRIBLE SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Rhonda 5/10/2012
I bought this phone in a fairly large city, Panama City, Fl., and after an hour of getting the run around while trying to activate it, they told me the phone could not be activated in my area. So why are they selling it in my area? What a bunch of jerks.

humberto 5/9/2012
well the plans they offer are great,i use the $25 750 minutes plan and i must admit the call quality and reception is excellent however their customer service is not that great.sincerely i speak both english and spanish languages so i speak when needed, to representatives in spanish language and my problems are resolved faster however when i had tried to speak in english in most cases they cannot understand me and i cannot understand what they tell me i think they most improve their CS and have the apropiates representatives with good english and spanish languages and better knowledge about the diferent issues a customer may have.i think net10 offers great service the problem is CS hope in the future they can improve it

Tired of NET10 5/9/2012
Horrible - Horrible - Horrible, Net10 use to be alright back around 7-8 months ago. However recently their customer service and plans have dived to a sinking low. AFTER 2 HOURS OF ACTIVATION OF NEW PHONE(without making a call nor telling anyone of my new number)I STARTED RECEIVING TELEMARKETERS CALLS AND TEXTS THAT EAT UP MY MINUTES. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE THE LAST 2 MONTHS. I'M THOUGH WITH THESE CLOWNS.

euchre1o 5/7/2012
Run to another provider fast. This service stinks. they charge you 1 minute per text message you make and 1 minute per message received. I have 118 contacts that i cant move to this phone because they lock the sim card. What a waste of money.

Hal 5/4/2012
Net10 works well enough for the money. But my credit card number has changed and I can't figure out their website. The phone help 15 minute wait.

Shannon 5/2/2012
Our family has (had) purchased prepaid cards for several years. The customer service was lower than average but the phones worked fine. NOW the reps DON'T SPEAK CLEAR English, we had 2 representatives say they were transferring the call to a supervisor but then got back on the phone 'pretending' they were someone else. THEN the 'SUPERVISOR' told us they have policies about their plans but basically non about ethical customer service.
Their MANAGERS basically told us CUSTOMER BEWARE is you did not catch something in their SMALL PRINT to bad for you.

Eric Schulenburg 5/1/2012
This turned out to be a worthless waste of money. My wife uses a phone for four days a year at a conference and I bought this for her...a year ago. I now find that it can be used in only one zip code and that it takes more than an hour to get to someone who might be able to activate it and who knows how many hours more before it actually works. I will give her my phone for four days. That's US Cellular and it works all over the country with not maintenance time at all. This was a waste of my money, and more importantly, my time.

Cooper 4/30/2012
The phones and the prices I could not complain about, HOWEVER the customer service and the sly rip offs I would complain about. If you have any option, go with a different company. NET10 provides the absolute worst customer service ever. I have never been so frustrated when I have had to deal with them. I promised myself that I would never use this company again yet I made a fatal mistake due to the money savings on the plan and upgraded to another NET10 phone. Well, if you want to keep your current phone number plan on being screwed. The customer service rep never told me that my 3 days of service from my old phone would be transferred to my new phone even though when buying the package you are told you will get 60 days of service and 300 minute!!! So after spending $70.00, my phone got deactivated 3 days later and I am told by every person I spoke to at NET10 that there is nothing I can do unless I spend more money to have service days put on my phone. I 100% asked the representative about the minutes from my old phone when I did the switch and he said that my plan from my old phone could not be switched over to the new phone. I would assume that meant the service days as well. That was not the case at all. Unless you want nothing but headaches and to spend more money I would go with another cell phone provider. This company is just a bunch of THIEVES!!!! After being on the phone with several customer service representatives I was told I should have called sooner. I told them over and over again that my phone never displayed 3 days of service and I questioned the customer service representative however they still kept saying that I needed to buy an air time card to keep my phone. It didn't matter that the phone package I bought at Walmart offered 60 days of service and 300 minutes. I recommend highly go with any other company but this one. Absolute worst service I have ever dealt with. Believe me the savings on the service plans and phones is not worth it. They will take you one way or another!!!!!!!!

ANDRE ROLAF 4/30/2012

Sean 4/18/2012
After 3 years I was relatively happy, however my frustration with problems and frustrated attempts to fix through customer service has sent me through the roof. While I am often impressed with their English skills there is something just 'off' in the conversations. It culminated in a supervisor while relatively pleasant really just could not comprehend simple concepts despite great effort to explain. When I asked for compensation for being both overcharged, deceived and having a service that did not work, I was refused. I will be more than happy to try out another company. When I switched plans I was charged twice as much for texts despite not being told this, terribly dishonest. Went without service all Saturday, and horribly frustrating customer service (they took all my minutes and then tried to call me to fix it despite no minutes left, almost laughable).

Joe 4/16/2012
I bought a net10 phone from the Home Shopping Network. The shipping was prompt, but then dealing with Net10 the problems started... It took themm 3 days to get me unlimited minutes credited to the phone, that is 3 days AFTER they got my $. Then today they took out another monthly payment and removed all of my minutes! Hey Net10 - no minutes - the phone don't work! called customer service ( it really isn't service). Some guy from india or something was talking, but his accent was so strong I was having a VERY hard time understanding him. I'm ready to sign a contract with a real company that can provide what they promise, Net10 sure can't

-D 4/14/2012
If you never have an issue, net10 is the way to go. It's very cheap (750 minutes for $25/mo!) and call quality is good.

Clark W. Griswold 4/14/2012
This was my email complaint after several attempts to speak to somebody with a clue:

ME 4/14/2012

Dan 4/14/2012
Cheap is all you can say about Net 10, You are on your own as far as customer service is concerned. I have been a customer for 6 years and my old phone was damaged. I had 5000 minutes and 100 days built up on my old phone, which Net 10 customer service has no record of this. They have changed my phone number 3 times in 3 weeks, and and have cheated me out of 4000 minutes and 80 days of service. Customer service can add minutes and day with a flick of a switch, which they help me with in the past, they just refuse too. It is the cheapest pre paid phone and Its an old story, you always get what you pay for.

Cassie 4/12/2012
The customer service SUCKS! I purchased the LG Optimus V Android phone and OMG the phone itself seems fine, however, trying to keep your number from a previous carrier...good luck with that one. This will be the 5th time my phone worked for 2 calls and then I couldn't make or receive any calls afterwards and for some reason it keeps disconnecting the number from the previous carrier. I will be sending this phone back and going back to my previous service provider...I can't afford to be without cell service at any given moment with a paid bill.

mike s 4/10/2012
very poor customer service if u call it that. could not make my payment on line because it wasn't registering my credit card,although i had been using it for a year. Called customer service and the nightmares begin. No one works in the states all outsourced,u wait forever and all they do is transfer u to someone else and u wait again I give up , still not corrected going back to verizon even though they soak u

Allison 4/9/2012
After over 4 years with this company, this month be my last month of service. Years ago, Net10 was a great phone service provider that I could access and interact with easily. However, for a year now, I have continuously had my Prepaid service network unavailable. I can never add minutes from my phone now, but am forced to either call Customer Service for 4 hours or attempt to use the highly non-secure website...which still takes hrs-days at a time to add minutes. While ultimately the service is fine once it is active, the process I'm forced to go through each month to add airtime is absolutely ridiculous. Extremely unhappy.

Mary 4/5/2012
When I went on line to add additional minutes to the reserve, it immediately took away the minutes and time I had remaining for the month and started my month all over. Customer service would not reinstate my minutes and days and reset my plan to start at the end of the 30 days. So to add minutes, you can call and be put on hold for 10 minutes or longer or you can go on line the day your service is due to expire. Wouldn't it be nice if I was told that instead of saying I can put time in the reserve. Customer NO service seems to have no problem with a customer losing minutes and days.

aplus32 4/2/2012
My youngest daughter just became a customer via her mother with net10, because I was able to purchase a decent phone for her at a great price from (Samsung r355c). I like the fact that I can switch their calling plans back and forth hassle-free. She's on the $25 30-day 750-minute plan now, but I am waiting to see how that's going to go. I'd like to do the minute-plan cards, because the unused time rolls over month to month.

JIMI V 4/2/2012

mvmv 4/2/2012
ive been with net10 for 2 months now i havent had no issues with the phone or service, it actually works way better than cricket

Ron 4/1/2012
Beware of Net 10. Couldn't even get started. The new LG Optimus didn't even have the right icons described to me by customer service, nor could they get my new phone number to me. Barely audible service reps due to background noise and poor English skills. I'm returning new unused phone for a refund(30 days) and forfeiting my first month's unlimited service charges. Net 10 says it's nonrefundable.

BigAl 3/30/2012
It works just fine as long as you're not INSIDE your house. Customer service should be renamed customer dis-service. After putting my phone through their tests I was told it works fine. But, ummmm, it still doesn't work inside my house.

Taxibaron 3/29/2012
I'm 53 and have never in my life encountered such bad customer service. The web site is equally horrendous. After you spend 30 or 40 minutes on the site trying to do a simple task, one is eventually forced to call their customer service. This means wait time and I'm talking some serious wait time. Their 411 is also horrible. Filled with commercial messages. I regret that I can not give the 0 stars for a rating. This was not an option. One star seems way to high.

Disgusted 3/28/2012
I am so tired of Net 10 Only been a customer for a month,yes 1 month,i love the phone but customer service is horrible,i too had to wiat hours after hours being transfered,now there stupid web site wont allow me to change my plan,and will deny all my credit cards that i put in,what kind of company is this? fact sprint lines up with this as far as customer service goes, if i were you,i look elsewhere .i know i am ..

RAINYJ 3/27/2012

Gretchen 3/26/2012
I would leave less but cannot! I have had a Net10 phone for about 2 years. I have had really good reception. I have the old style Nokia phone. It has started dying after 1 day of being charged so need to get a new phone. This phone is basic, basic, basic. Now, for a week or so I have been trying to add minutes to my phone on the web-site. I cannot get a secure server. I have gone to my husband's work to try. Even when calling Net10 - they do not have a secure connection. But, they tell me that IT IS SECURE. I used to work in systems; this is NOT secure. I get warnings from Kasperky that my content is not safe... Then, when trying to have them add minutes for me via the phone (think 3 hours later) my credit card is denied. Called AmEX and there is no record of them trying to charge my card. Same thing happens AGAIN 3 days later. UGH. While the reception was good while it lasted - Don't EVER expect to get anything resolved when calling them! Even at the end of yet another LONG phone call, they still say that I have a secure connection - while I am reading her the error message... Time to change providers - even if it is only 10 cents per minutes. Not worth the time and frustration.

audrey thornton 3/26/2012
I would give them zero stars for customer service if I could. It took me 30 minutes to cancel an automatic "easy minutes" plan that I never requested. Couldn't even understand the person on the other end of the phone (after 17 minutes of listening to dreadful music). Not recommended.

m12w12m60 3/23/2012
The phone service itself is quite good, but that customer service is just as bad as some of the other reviewers have said. I have found a way around it, though. Call the Net10 corporate line at 800-896-5753, and you'll get much better service.

BoltonBob 3/23/2012
Yesterday my wife purchased a Net10 phone @ my urging @ Walgreens in Tampa… The brochure and sales person said all phones come w/300 trial minutes. Frontline personnel, a supervisor, and a Net 10 Customer service manager (the store manager went up the chain of command) also refused to honor it, saying 100 free minutes comes w/each of the 3 next purchases of minutes. - not what the brochures say.) Over 1 ½ hours of employee time (and my wife’s were consumed as we were on hold and w/Net10 folks over 100 business minutes wo/resolution.
The store manager and visiting sales supervisor for all 4000 Walgreen stores was told to email Net10 for new brochures... they were not happy and neither was my wife. Subsequently all Net10 phones were pulled from the rack by the Supervisor of Sales and Store Managers. (Tampa store on E. Busch Blvd (Mellisa.and Jacob)
BoltonBob out
We're always listening!

Usually Happy 3/21/2012
I have had net10 for the past few years - I loved my previous phone but it was pretty basic and slow. My brother gave me an Android for Christmas and the service is a little inconsistant at times - my cheapo phone had better service. I have dropped calls and my connection often drops from 3g to 1g for no reason. I will go from having full bars to no bars in a blink of an eye. I have had good luck with customer service unless it gets complicated. I really recommend buying cards and handling changes on line. It is really pretty hassle free if you set up an account. The android is an LG and seems well built. I am tough on my phones... its hard to learn how to go from and android which is more like a computer than a phone but over all I have been very happy. Walmart has provided good local service and they will exchange a baf phone no problem.

cc 3/21/2012
We have been with net 10 for several years. We just ordered a third phone for our son in another state and find out that the phone cannot receive calls from a land line. My son does not have access to another phone to put in a lot of codes to fix the problem. Why would net 10 send out a phone that can't receive calls from a landline in the first place? Just goes to show most people in the workforce don't care about their jobs, just a paycheck. I called customer service 3 different times and was told one time that I had to call my landline phone company to fix the problem. Some of the customer service people should not have their job and it should be given to some one who knows what they are doing. In this day of high unemployment, employers should have their choice of good employees. Also, is net 10 a foreign company? If not, then why is the customer service number in another country where they barely speak English?

Guest 3/21/2012
I have had a net 10 pre paid phone for a long time. I think net 10 is one of the best carriers for pre paid, because i like their roll over minutes with their pay as you go refil cards

Danielle 3/20/2012
Net 10 is affiliated with tracfone and straight talk so don't go to them if u have problems it's all the same company I had major problems with the systems changing my number 4 or 5 times a day and then in was 5 days into my service card and my service was disconnected so keep ur cards cause that's what they want even though ur not suppose to be able to use ur phone after ur service end date they still wanted my card information so they could put it back on but I had used my phone for 4 days. Cause I added a card . Just remember there all the same u will very seldom get someone that understands English

taga 3/18/2012
their customer service sounds like not english. i asked where from, they said philipines. they don't know anything other than what the computer tells them.. kinda useless as far as customer service goes

JD 3/18/2012
Absolutely the WORST cell phone service ever. Obviously outsourced to somewhere in India! We reported a stolen phone and were told that the number would be shut down and the information on the phone would be erased. Two weeks later and filthy, disgusting, inappropriate messages are still be sent from that "disconnected" number to the contacts that were stored in the stolen phone. Total incompetence....purchase anything BUT Net 10 service.

rachel 3/17/2012
Wow! I was considering Net10 for myself and my husband after reading all this, no way!

Sally 3/16/2012
The coverage map doesn't work correctly so I called customer service to see if the area I was moving to was covered and they just said over and over they have coverage everywhere. But there is not coverage at my current house. This went back and forth. I don't know how everyone has dealt with this company when there was actually a real problem.

Willi 3/15/2012
I bought Net10 during our last vacation to the states (we are from Germany) to stay in contact with our daughter, who is a highschool student in the US:
I got the LG 900 phone and added $30 minutes; the activation was done by best buy staff right away without any problems and I also did not have any problems, neither with the phone nor Net 10 itself.
As minutes roll over, I still have enough to unse it again during my next stay in June/July.
I would recommend Net10 to friends.
When reading all the bad comments, Net10 seems to have a problem with their staff and some users seem to have problems dealing with phones ?

Kendra 3/13/2012
My Husband and I have been with Net 10 for a little over 11 years (if you can believe that) and I really never had any problems with them, until recently. I had a phone that I had only had for a little over a year, and all of the sudden, I was unable to receive calls, although, I could make calls. And so starts the calls to Customer Service. Talk about a nightmare. It literally took me calling them 5 days in a row, they kept doing the same tests over, and over again, only to tell me that my phone was defective. And since my warranty ran out 2 months prior to this, they wouldn't send me another phone, oh no, I have to pay for a brand new phone. Didn't even get offered a discount for another one. I should mention here that I had to use my Husbands Net 10 phone every time I called, so they could perform the tests. Needless to say, I wasted all his minutes to do this, and when I asked if they could comp him some of those minutes back, they said they would, but of course that never happened, so I called them back the next day to see why the minutes they promised were not there, they told me, "well we show those minutes were added!" Well, they weren't, but of course, once again, I got nowhere. You would think that being a customer for 11 plus years would account for something, but apparently they don't value their customers loyalty to them. My minutes run out in 2 days, and now I'm trying to decide if I stay with Net 10, or go elsewhere. Just not sure yet! The pros of Net 10 for me is It was great for the first 11 years, no real problems. The cons for me at this point is really that they don't account for their loyal customers. It's too bad really.

Regina Bennett 3/13/2012
Customer service is the worst. I've been paying for unusable minutes for 3 months; they've sent me a new phone but I'm unable to activate it because customer service cannot understand me, or cannot hear me. All I want is out, but even that's nearly impossible.

Sveta K 3/12/2012
Don't buy Net10 phones! I purchased one last August when I needed a backup phone for the family. I just tried to reactivate it, since I have some overseas visitors coming, and they told me that my SIM card needs to be replaced, and that it will take them 24 hours to process my order and then 5-7 business days to get the SIM card to me. There is NO OTHER WAY of getting it sooner. So if you have the misfortune of owning one of Net10 phones, and you decide to reactivate it, plan on starting the process a couple of weeks in advance. Terrible, terrible company! I am very disappointed, and I would have never bought their product had I known then what I know now.

Timo 3/10/2012
I have been using net10 phones for several years and never experienced a problem. Today I waited on hold for two hours and 40 minutes to transfer my existing phone number and minutes to a new net10 phone. I received no answer, and finally had to call it a day when another pressing business matter could not wait any longer. I am extremely unhappy and unless I receive a prompt answer and assistance when I call again, I will be using three net10 phones for target practice and recommending my friends and family do the same.

JC_Net10 3/9/2012
Hi, this is JC with NET10. I read your post and am sorry that you are having problems. Please send me your contact information to the following email address . My colleagues and I can help you get the problem resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number. So you don’t have to retype this information, just copy your blog concern and email it to us.

cory 3/9/2012
I have had net 10 from the very begining.I have three phones active(don't ask why)they used to be easy to deal with(customer support) but over the last year I have had nothing but problems.Things like ordered new phone and received wrong model.And for that I was told by more than 1 idiot (customer support) that they would not exchange the phone..I have also ordered phones that didn't work when received.I once called to report phone lost..2 1/2 weeks later I called to reactivate replacement phone and was told by 2 more idiots (customer support) my phone # was given away..Huh 2 1/2 weeks really...So I called the # and the poor smuck that has the # said he was having trouble getting a new # and was tired of answering my calls..(funny huh?)I have Virgin Mobile for my kids and have had no problems(over 5 years)customer support is not great but much,much better than Net 10.I am now porting all #s over and have gotten android phones for replacements(unlimited text & web)I also got a claim with Better Business Bureau For nonworking phone and wrong style phone ordered..You see in AMERICA we do have choices..

Colleen 3/9/2012
Horrible. This company used to be fine, I had phones with them for a few yrs for convenience, but the past 6 months has been problem after frustrating problem.
Yesterday I purchased 200 "easy minutes" which aren't supposed to expire, just to keep the number active. They added ONE day of service, which, yes, today expired. So I paid for 30 days and 200 minutes, and got 1 day and 200 minutes. Can't get thorugh to customer service, no response to my email.
Never again.

mlorra 3/8/2012
Ordered a SIM and $ 50.00 prepaid card, received the sim and card yesterday. Activated the SIM serial number with the request to port a number from AT&T. Received a call this morning from a customer service rep, asking for the AT&T account number (which was already provided with the port request), gave the account number again to the rep. An hour later received a call from another rep, saying that a phone number was already assigned. Told the guy that this is not what I signed up for. OK, he'll check. Another hour later a call from a guy, stating that I have to buy a new SIM card, since there is a number activated on the SIM. Told the dude that I did not request A number, but requested MY number to be ported from AT&T. He reply "well, you have to buy a new SIM". Told him that it's not my fault that NET10 assigned a number instead of porting a number. "OK, I'll check was his reply and call you back". Of course, no call back... Called NET 10 and the rep told me that they need the account number from AT&T to complete the port. Well, they had already gotten it. He put me on hold. After 3 minutes comes back and tells me the same lame answer that there is already a number assigned.

Derrick 3/7/2012
Had net 10 for a couple of years. next to impossible to get anything done with customer service unless you can get a case number for your problem. That is the only way to keep CS on the same page. Usually on the phone with them for one or two hours with little or no results. On the plus side there is a glitch with my phone and on the 750 min. plan the unused airtime rolls over. I've got over 6000 min. Also, I can get a signal when my friends are getting no service. If you don't need customer service it's great. When you do I suggest putting the phone on the charger , turning on speaker phone, put on a long movie, send out for pizza and get comfortable 'cause it'll take forever...
You get what you pay for.

Brandy 3/5/2012
I purchased a Net10 Android on 12/24/11 at the Best Buy Mobile phone in the Avenues Mall, Jacksonville, FL. I had a Net10 phone previously and requested to have the new phone activated and the number transferred. This was not done properly. I struggled for more than two months to get the phone working correctly. My husband and I spent more than 12 hours total on the phone with Net10 trying to get everything working properly. Net10 deactivated my phone often, for no apparent reason claiming that I had run out of airtime. I signed up repeatedly for automatic bill pay to no avail. Somehow a second phone number became associated with my phone in the Net10 system even after my actual number was reactivated which hindered anyone from being able to resolve my problems. No one could seem to get the correct number associated with my phone in Net10's system. I knew what my phone number is and if someone dialed it, my phone rang. Yet Net10 insisted that the number in their system was correct. If they called it, someone else answered and they were befuddled. Sometimes I could make calls on my phone, sometimes I couldn't. My text function stopped working after a month and was never repaired. Even after hours on the phone with Net10 they could not seem to understand my problem or how to fix it. I finally became so dissatisfied with Net10's service that I went to T-Mobile, bought a new phone and signed a two year contract. I had hoped to avoid a contract hence originally signing up with Net10, however I was forced to switch to a company that knows how to do business after suffering through such incompetency at Net10 for so long. I spent $149 on a phone that never worked right with the phone number I wanted for any period of time. Net10 is awful and I will tell everyone I know what a bad experience I had.

dan sullivan 3/5/2012
The phone was ok but two weeks ago I bought a new net 10 phone and wanted to
keep my phone number .Apparently with net10 this is complicated I have spent over 4 hours dealing with customer srevice Friday it seemed everything was
finally ok. Went to use the phone this morning unable to make or recieve calls
I am amazed this company can stay in business I wonder if this is because tracphone bought this company and is intentially trying to ruin them .

Matt 3/4/2012
Do not waste your money or time with Net10. When I upgraded my phone to an Android phone the problems began. Every morning my service would be off and Error 67 would appear. After being on the phone with their customer service they would reactivate the phone. This went on for four days straight as an endless cycle. Every morning at 8am had to call Net10 because my phone had no service. Today I had to wait to call because there customer service was closed for reasons beyond their control. Okay fine. I get in contact with one of their representatives through Facebook and this guy tells me my phone is past due. I know I entered a card to continue my unlimited service through March 31, 2012. This guy tells me my service ended February 29, 2012. This company is inept and I realized I just pissed $50 down the toilet because there representative cannot process an activation card. I call Net10 and they proceed to tell me my service is active through March 31, 2012. Subsequently the representative on Facebook tells me my account will be audited. While my phone is active at the moment, frankly they can take that account and shove it. Switching to a real company and I am certain I won’t be able to transfer my number (account has to be active to do so) because tomorrow morning my account will be inactive again due to Error 67 even though I was told for the fourth time it was removed. It’s not worth the time or aggravation to attempt to retain my phone number. I will take a new number with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint any day over these clowns. Sometimes paying a little more makes life a lot easier.

Regina 3/3/2012
I have had this phone since december and everytime, I put my minutes in before the expiration date, when that expiration date comes, they will deactivate my phone, and according to them its a problem with their system, and it takes me about 1-2 hrs a day for 3 days straight to get this problem fix, and they reassure me its not going to happen again, but it sure does and this time before my minutes were up 5 days before they deactivated my phone, so I give up wasting my money with this company, its not worth the time or the money!!!

Minister 3/2/2012
Pray for Net 10, Lord knows they need it! And before you call costumer service, pray for patience, in the name of JESUS!!!

Marilyn 3/2/2012
After talking with a friend of mine who had recently switched to Net10, I thought this was a great deal. She and I live in the same zip code and I ordered the same phone that she has. My phone arrived this past Wednesday. I charged it overnight and attempted to activate it yesterday. This process began at 8:00 a.m. They ported my old number over without a glitch. Activating the phone was a whole other story. I was told the same thing as others here, I was not at the address I had registered the phone. I was at work, 5 miles away. Same zip code. When I got home, still no activation. After an hour and a half on the phone with a "supervisor" I was told that my phone wasn't compatible with the cell towers in my area. Funny, my friend's phone works just fine. After finally explaining to them that customer service is just that, they begrudingly agreed to refund my minutes purchased and my phone. I called Verizon immediately after and they had me reconnected within 10 minutes. They were able to port my number back within and hour. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Mary Townsend 3/1/2012
Since there is nothing lower here than 1 star, it has to be. I got an LG Optimus 3 months ago. All was fine for two weeks..then, my phone was shut down. I called cust service. They said the system in error shut it down. I had two weeks left on my unlimited plan. They brought by phone back up after two days, with a different number. Told them I HAD to have the same number, too many doctors, business people had it. Again, they shut it down, after two days, it was back, with my old number. THEN, I couldn't text any longer. If I tried to sign up for auto pay unlimited, OR pay with a card, it kept saying that my number entered was NOT a Net 10 number! I called cust service in excess of 14 times. No one could help. Finally, I was put thru to an Olga who seemed to really care and want to help solve the mystery with my phone. After last time of putting it down, it came up and I STILL COULD NOT add unlimited card. I called her back. She was working with another dept and SHUT MY PHONE DOWN without telling me! I said I'm done. I was shaking. After almost 3 months of this???? Come on???? Sooooo, I spent all the money on the LG Optimus (it isn't a cheap phone) then paid $54.00 for the unlimited card I just bought and I have NO PHONE NOW!!!!! No, don't use Net 10!

GOING INSANE 2/27/2012
I would give them -5 stars if the box would have let me. KEEP IN MIND that i am a college student and my parents do not pay for me to have a cell phone - i am on financial aid to pay my way through college. Dont have a steady job to pay for big company cell phone so i decided to go with Net10 and i loved it.....for about a day when MY PHONE GETS NO SERVICE in my area and i JUST got off of a 45 min phone call with the "customer service" saying that i have to travel to get 3 bars to "complete" my programming and to do that i now have to travel 20+ miles (which is hard when gas is high price) just to complete it. my recommendation is DONT BUY IT unless you HAVE to due to financial issues and even then it is VERY debatable on weather you want to put up with the "customer service"

Jeff 2/26/2012
i hate net10, everytime i had to deal with them its a big ordeal, they must only hire arabs to answer phones cuz you cant understand half of what there even saying,flush your money down the toliet befor i give thwm anymore money

Alan 2/24/2012
Customer Service? It does not exist. I tried..what a Joke. Whats scary if a company cant get down something as simple as customer service..what else is going on? Thank You Page Plus..US based service.
Never Net10 again.

Kimberly 2/24/2012
SUCKS! I have to wait while they manually enter my minutes then i still have to call back

cikrysiak 2/23/2012
Bought a Net10 phone Feb 10, 2012 and have spent over 5 HOURS (yes hours!) trying to resolve lots of problems, activating phone, porting phone number, inability to access browser, inability to access user manual online, 750 airtime minutes erased by them in error and the list goes on. Glad I didn't cancel my land line! Also found out phone model I just bought has been discontinued but is still being sold in stores. When I've used up my minutes I'm switching to another carrier.

michael Lebert 2/19/2012
Net10 customer service has taken a nose dive recently. The length of time one must wait for a live person is uncalled for. I pity their employees who must be overworked. As for the actual phone service the coverage is excellent. Unfortunately the customer service will most likely be the end for them.

Gabi 2/19/2012
After many.. many.. many.. many attempts, Net 10 is NOT allowing me to register in their $15.00 monthly plan. Why? I don't know.

esther 2/18/2012
ahh,iam very happy with net10 service,since i don't talk a lot i keep the $25-750 minutes monthly plan and i must say never had a single problem with them,is true the customer service can be a pain but right now they are improving the customer service a lot,just an advise:net10 still is having errors in their automatic billing system so i suggest paying with prepaid card instead using your credit card,hope someday they can fix this issue,but overall net10 is a wonderful prepaid cell that have saved me $$$$a lot.keep going and get better net10

Sheila 2/18/2012
Ive had this phone for over a year Never had a problem with the phone or customer service When Ive had questions they have answered them promptly Their service is cheap and good I dont know why they are getting a bad rap Ive even replaced a phone I got tired of My number was transferred in a timely manner NO Problems

Jonie 2/17/2012
Net10 is one of the cheapest pay as you go phones on the market, however the customer service is awful! I wanted to pay for my minuets a little early, and phone did not load them. So I waited a couple of hours, and nothing happened. i called customer service, and had to wait like 50 minutes before someone actually answered, and the woman could not understand me even though I told her everything she needed to know about the phone. Then she had me hold to transfer to another person which took like another 10 minuets. She had me reentering the same codes over and over BEFORE she finally listened to me and added the minuets manually. It was a frustrating experience, but I managed to keep my cool during the whole thing, and now I'm considering getting a new service because they will not allow me to enroll in the 15 a month plan.

john harries 2/16/2012
Why is customer service not in the net 10 dictionary (because they yet have to find it)after 35mins on the phone to god knows where I give up nice strategy Europeans are told about American customer service (this is a myth) There is no way I could recommend this very un professional company to anyone J.Harries

Happy 2/15/2012
I have been a Net10 customer for 3 years now. I had a cheap little phone for over 2 years with no problems. Eventually it started doing some pretty crazy things like hanging up while I was talking and couldn't read the SIM card. But, I DON'T blame Net10!! The phone was dropped a million times and has been through a lot over the 2 years lol I'm rough on my phones! So, I got a new LG 900G Smart phone and called customer took about 30 mins and had my number and mins transferred over to the new phone. I have had sprint in the past and Verizon and I don't care who your provider is..none of them take your call quickly and they all have people that you can't understand in their customer service's cheaper for them!! I love that I can go by my budget each month!! Some months I'll get the $25/750 min card and others I'll get the $50/unlimited everything card. Is Net10 perfect? No But is any other phone company? NO. I know they are expensive and when I had Sprint and had 2 phone ex and i broke up and I couldn't turn off his phone cause they were gonna charge me a $250 fee. So, I threw it in a drawer and they would still charge me minutes even though it was NEVER used...I called and argued and still had to pay and outrageous bill I should've never had!! I am PLEASED and HAPPY with my Net10 service! Get over the Cust. Service issues..your going to have them with any company!!

Carolann 2/13/2012
My original Net 10 phone broke before the warranty was up. I purchased another for which I received no extra minutes or even a sorry.
I called on Christmas day and asked the representative to allow me to have all the same data be put on my new phone especially the new telephone number.

Warren 2/11/2012
Awful. I keep getting spam text mails, sure they benefit from them. Charges for texts before they're sent whether it sends them or not and sometimes even when I have 3 bars it says it can't send them. The speaker on the phone is the worst I've heard, can't hardly understand anybody. Getting rid of it after one month

roger 2/10/2012
can,t rate any lower,i got a phone from them and couldn,t activeate it,i called and was on the phone for 2 an a half hours
they sent me another phone a reconditoned cheaper phone,i can,t understand half of what there saying,they stink never again will i buy from them

Tried my Best 2/10/2012
So, I don't swear at people, yell, etc. I've also been with Net10 for a couple of years now. I've read a note from a representative from NET10 that says they would like to be respected and if they were and we would listen, a lot of issues would be resolved. That may be the case sometimes, but definitely not in mine. I can tell you that those without complaints on the service probably have yet to experience what we are talking about. I am finally through. In the past I spent hours on the phone just to resolve an issue and went marrily on my way. However, in the past couple of months I got charged twice for the same service. Told that indeed it was a mistaken double charge, but yet, I had to contest it with my credit card company to get it reversed. OK, not good but I can deal with that. But then, the next month my phone mysteriously becomes unregistered. I rely heavily on my phone for my business so this is a problem. I try online - guess what? - they think they fixed it but I can't make calls. SO, I do have to call them by phone. (I also registered a problem again online and did not hear back - so just be aware that that form of communication is also unreliable). So, I talk kindly to a rep who I can barely understand with a fuzzy line. She makes me feel like dirt because I keep asking her to repeat herself. I then talk to a supervisor who supposedly fix the problem. I can make calls for about 10 hours. The next day my phone says the SIM is unregistered again. I call another rep. I get hung up on (i had only just asked him a question, he got my number, then got hung up on). So, call and get a supervisor. He wants to make sure I know to dial the area code first. Yeah, my phone says unregistered SIM and the reason I can't call is because somehow in all my years of making phone calls I forgot to dial the area code. HA! Anyway, he managed to get the SIM registered again, but I am finally through working so hard to keep my cheap phone. It has been nice to Save a lot over the years, but my time is worth more than that.

Josh 2/10/2012
I've had a net 10 plan for just about my whole college career and it's great. Really economical for a texting junkie like me. I recently got a smart phone for a great price, and it works well. It's got good battery life, the apps are cool and my calls don't get dropped at all. Although I would say to anyone else who has the LG 900G (and this is my bad), lock the keys if it's gonna be in your pocket. The reason is I've "pocket dialed" the browser key and I've lost a bunch of minutets at times.

Troy d Lane 2/9/2012
I have a Net 10 phone, It quit working, I bought a new one, it doesn't work. just get a notification that 'the system is down

Arghhhh 2/8/2012
Thought the company was great and cheap until I had a problem (due to Net 10's negligence) and needed customer service. Holy hell, I thought I was being punked at one point and that it was a joke...Listen to the other reviews, wish I had read them before. I had to laugh and agree that ALL the customer service agents sound like they are talking with paper in their mouths. I have spent countless hours being jerked around, hung up on, and being told things that don't even make sense on Mars. I even had a customer service rep tell me that even though they offer a monthly automatic refill program, it doesn't always work and if my # was deactivated, I would lose it (again :'( Last time they changed my number, it messed up a job opportunity and a birthday party where I was the only person to RSVP to. Tell a friend, tell your family and most importantly remind yourself, RUN AS FAST AND FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN, NET 10 IS BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!

Valentin 2/7/2012
I will said. Net 10 is the better for call. is not the best, but. OK. I travel to Usa and Mexico. I had paid for one plan ATT and it was wors.. compare. ATT: 50 month. ilimited tex and call. internet the basic. it mean I can open internet web just like wap.= and it was 50 per month, but Ican not call to long distance. I need add more money about 20 usd. or 30usd, so each call 40c conection + 25 cent per minute. so expesive... so I treid with NET 10., IT WAS BETTER so I dont need internet in my cell. I paid per month. 25 usd. I get 750 minutes. with this minute I can call long distance. alos each minute national can be used for call long distance. just *1 and dial the number long distance.. it was perfec, so for calls. is the better and the best way net 10. I can call to Mexico with this same 750 minutes with 25 usd. nither skype offer this minutes, it is just how you will need the phone. for me net 10 is better that att. for the callss.

maureen 2/6/2012
Terrible customer service. Email/data doesn't work on the unlimited $50 a month plan. They are so frustrating to call that I regret ever buying it.

Tk 2/5/2012
I've had my phone for BARELY a year. My dad convinced me to get it. My phone has randomly shut off about 2-4 times and during conversations. it did however come with a SD card which I believe may have been put in by mistake. ANYWAYS! My phone has a crappy battery in it and so by 1am every night for about a week my phone has had 2 battery bars which that battery itself may be going out. It won't charge correctly. It will be blinking and saying it's charging an hour later still at the same thing so I shut it off and turn it on and now it says no service and I'm at home and I usually ALWAYS have service. and it's saying I need to get minutes by feb 21. It's about 2 weeks away and so I'm really upset. Not only does it say No service but it's telling me I need minutes. It's really stupid. It's been like this for a hour now and i even took the battery out. I suggest NOT to get a net 10 phone. Yeah it cheap but cheap doesn't always mean better.

net10 SUCKS 2/4/2012
Net10 is the worse company you can deal with. No one there speaks any english, they keep screwing up your phone service to add minutes or change your phone. Been on the phone with them for 4 hours straight. GET RIDE OF NET10

New Cust 2/4/2012
Just bought net 10 phone been great so far no problems. But after reading all reviews may regrt buyin.Have not had to contact cust service.I got a great deal online a mot phone and 50$ unlimted card for 55.00 online couldnt pass up hope I cont to have great service!Will post back if I have any problems!

Jon 2/3/2012
I'd give it a negative star if I could. Bought of their cheapo phones a year and half ago to have as an extra in case I needed it for my kids. Need it now, so I go online to activate it. Tells me I need a pin, but if I don't have one I can buy one online. Click the link and it takes me right back to asking me for a pin. What a horrible website, and stupid service. I have to actually physically go to a store a buy a card to punch in the stupid pin number instead of being able to just activate it online and buy some minutes like my other prepaid phone from straighttalk. Their minutes are more expensive than everyone else too....I'd choose someone else but in my area they are the only ones that offer a little 300 minute 30 day plan.

heather 2/2/2012
I Have had Verizon for 6 years and while they used to be a great phone company they are no longer just that and greedy as well i have had net10 now for over a year and no problems with them as for costumer service have had problems with most of the phone company's i have ever been with they all are really guilty of that

annoyed 2/2/2012
I read some of the reviews and they all say a bad some say a good thing but more bad things about it but the truth is that there is no other company that gives you a ten cents a minute without any daily or monthly fee or contract and yes they already added the monthly plans no contract but the customer service is very poor but the best way to deal with it is online chat available and what do you expect from a prepaid company with the cheapest minute to minute prepaid service state of the art customer service I don't think so.

Jessica 2/1/2012
I have been a NET10 customer for years and have never had a problem until today. Today the phone I had been using for about 2 years died. I was so happy with NET10 that I stopped on my way home from work and bought another NET10 phone. Since my old phone will not turn on the website told me I had to call the number to switch my number and airtime. At this moment I have been on hold for 2 hours and 3 minutes. At this point I am just curious how long they will leave me on hold. I am about to go soak in the bath with the speaker phone on and find out. Tomorrow I am going shopping for a new phone, from a different provider.

Stephanie Logan 1/31/2012
I would NEVER again get a phone through Net 10. I have the unlimited talk, text and web for $50/month. My problem with Net 10 is that upon activating my phone, they asked for my home ZIP code. I work in a different town from my home so hence, a different zip code. When you leave your home zip code, you are considered roaming. While you are roaming, you cannot listen to voice mails, send or receive multimedia texts or access your web browser. I never leave the coverage area but because I leave my home ZIP code, I am roaming. I would understand if they used area code but they don't. I vowed that I would make sure that noone got blindsided like I did, hence the review.

marg 1/31/2012
net ten phones use a call center in Columbia and are impossible to add minutes if you try. I have spent 3 hours on the phone trying to reactivate my net ten phone. I give up!

DP 1/31/2012
Price is good and I love not being stuck in a 2 year contract, however, Net10 has horrible customer service! No matter what I do to make sure they have my credit card payment for my prepaid unlimited calls, even calling them 2 days before the end of the month to double check, they still deactivate my phone EVERY MONTH and I end up having to call them to get it activated again. This is the most disorganized customer service and support of any cell phone company out there! What makes it worse is half the time you can't understand them because they DON'T speak CLEAR ENGLISH! Bring the USA support to the USA, please!

Philip 1/31/2012
I am one of the lucky people who have no problem with my Net10 phone and network.The only problem is that sometime my friends send SMS and i don't get it at all. Another thing is that when I try to subscribe to some sites they do not recognize my phone number as a real number and keep asking for a real one.

sonja 1/30/2012
I have had my net10 phone for a year have had no problems with net10 what so ever.. so i was real surprised reading some of these reviews.. its worked out awesome for me.. much better then t mobile contract i used to have..I have been happy with it

Mill 1/29/2012
I purchased a new net10 phone and wanted to transfer the mins from old phone to new one,, The ATT India Indian.. Deativated my old phone then told me OH we have to send you a new sim card now YOU can't use your old hone or the new one until these bastards send me a new SIMS card.. Garbage COMPANY...

Sherry 1/28/2012
This too is a zero- I still had minutes, still had about a week of service, suddenly the phone showed Unregistered SIM- when you called my number, someone else had it!!! It was number was reassigned!!!! Customer sevice could not help, they said it was a "system error". Its TERRIBLE!! They could not get my service back up with my same number. Now I'm waiting for a new SIM card. Another thing- customer service kept transferring me to other reps, Nobody was able to help.

Larry Y. 1/28/2012
I have the Samsung piece of junk... Someone has cloned my phone. I get time deducted almost nightly for calls I don't make to a numbe I've never called... it isn't much, perhaps a half a minute a night, but no refunds or any way yo stop it... so I am letting all time run out this month and that is the end. I got the phone because I didn't have a home number, but I do now... so goodbye Net 10 or actually more like Nut 0...

A 1/27/2012
I have had my Net10 phone for a year. When I first bought the phone it wouldn't allow me to call my dentist but other than that it was fine. Then a week later it wouldn't let me surf the internet but then that corrected itself a week later. After that the phone which is a LG900 worked fine. It is a cheap phone but it had coverage where most of my friends phones did not so I couldn't complain. Hence why I decided I would stay with them after my cat knocked my phone into some water. I had not had to use the customer service until that moment. What a nightmare. First of all the rep barely could speak English. She didn't listen to anything I was saying because my assumption is she couldn't understand me. I was on the phone with her for over an hour and half while her catch phrase was I place you on hold 3 minutes while I ask my supervisor. Finally they realized they needed to send me a new sim card. So in conclusion phone is cheap don't depend on it for business but for personal is fine. Coverage is the plus on this company. The customer service is the worse. It is frustrating and aggravating and in the end it doesn't help.

Carrie Lauer 1/27/2012
They gave me a new phone number when I moved to a different state, only to find out that some of my friends caller ID is coming up with someone elses name. I have been dealing with their horrible customer service, also do not understand the reps for over a week, calling them over 8 times talking with a different reps, telling me something different every time I talk to a different rep. I have talked to 8 different reps, emailed 4 times and they still don't have a answer to my problem. They have no knowledge of what they are doing. I still do not have my phone fixed. I have requested to talk to a manager I can understand and I get only get cust reps telling me they are a manager with no results on how to fix my phone. They have said my friends phone need to talk to their carriers, I have been told it would take 3 weeks for other carriers to fix the problem, I have had reps tell me to shut my phone and turn it on, take out sim card and battery while the phone is on and all kinds of things that do not fix the problem. Someone else had my number and NET 10 didn't remove that name and now I am stuck with a name that shows up on my friends caller ID and it is not my name. I have 8 names, 4 different phones numbers to call NET 10 and NO ONE CAN FIX MY PROBLEM. PLEASE DO RUN THE OTHER WAY OR YOU WILL HAVE GREAT STRESS IN YOUR LIFE THAT IS NOT NECESSARY.

Allan 1/26/2012
Never would I recommend Net10 to anybody who thinks of buying one. I spent more time with the customer service to keep my phone running and they were not able to fix the problem. The 300 minutes airtime that I uploaded to the phone just went to waste and they won't even refund me for it. Please spare yourself with the aggravations I went through. I bought another cellphone from MetroPCS and it works. Goodbye Net10.

Joshua 1/25/2012
I have had the same net10 phone for years. Used to be able to get service all over the state of Wisconsin. Now I can't even get service outside of my county!!!! Seriously. I called the customer support center, and they gave me the usual bs response, "your too far away from a tower." My dad has net10 too 1 hour away and gets great service but I cannot. I guess you can only get service within the zip code you live in. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!

net00 1/24/2012
phone service is ok, customer service is legendary BAD. as long as you won't need customer service (even for simple tasks) the rates and coverage are ok.

Bob 1/21/2012
The worst costumer service they charge your air time to talk to them when you call or they call you. I give them minus 10 stars rating. They are Crooks! They are hard to understand because you are talking to someone in the Philippines. If you buy a phone card and there are not 12 numbers readable they won't replace it. I know this for a fact because it happened to me. emails are returned by an unmanned site and it takes up to 48 hours for a response and they won't help you anyway so to avoid aggravation I recommend not using net10. They stole $25.00 from me by not activating my air time card.

john 1/18/2012
i have had net 10 for about a year now, cheap price with some hassles. It works pretty well in phoenix, but sometimes you get echo and have to hang up to get a better connection. i used to do unlimeted for $50, but the internet is really slow on the phone so had it installed in my house. i went to the 750minute/month for $25. worked perfect for me then they told me i had to sign up for auto-refill as cards would not be available in store. so i signed up, but cards can still be bought at stores 3 months later. once i ran out early, but the auto-refill wont charge and refill until the 30 days is over i guess. i had to drive and get a card at store. why was i forced to sign into auto refill, now i wan't to remove my CC info on their site, but it wont let me. i'll stick with them for now.

Eric 1/17/2012
As everyone else has said....0 stars. As I type this I've been on hold for about 45 min. I bought an android net 10 phone through It worked great until it was time to refill the minutes. I uploaded the card and a few minutes later it had no service due to the fact that it was put on the phone and then "magically" disappeared. I called net 10's joke of a customer service number for days on end. Same problem. Finally I just asked for a refund. After going through 6 different people, one guy tells me they can refund it even though I bought it through Wal-mart. So he give me a return address and I spend another $15 dollars along with the 119 I spent on the phone and the 50 dollar service card that never worked. Well now they have called back and said my claim was declined!!!! They haven't sent my phone back or my receipts or my service card. I've already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. But "customer service" treats you like YOU'RE the crook trying to "get over" on them. It's extremely frustrating. I think they've put my number on a DO NOT ANSWER list. I will never use their service again. And I honestly, at this point, don't care about a refund. I already know I'm not going to get it. I would really like my phone back, so I can at least have the pleasure of smashing it with a hammer. Please don't use net 10. I would rather peel the skin off my face and shove it in salt than deal with these people again. But I guess I'll remain vigilant. Whenever you see a net 10 sign... turn....AND RUN AWAY!!!! FAR AWAY!

Melissa 1/17/2012
Net 10 sucks. You're better off paying more money for a better quality service.

John 1/17/2012
Absolute joke..everything you do a warning screen about minutes pop up. Send a text..get the screen..receive a text..get the screen. Go online..warning. The internet is so will not go on again anyway. Serious..agree with other reviewers. look around..there are great pre-paid providers. Net10 is by far one of the worst.

t grph 1/17/2012
service sucks 5 days with customers service and phone is still not working. you get transfered until you hang up

Phillip 1/15/2012
GArbage phone, Non existant customer service and mysteriously seems to deactivate phones that have rolled over airtime on them and than you lose them on their mistaken reactivation. Crooks would be too kind of a word for them.

liz 1/15/2012
worst prepaid plan ever. I can never get a good line, and I get dropped in the middle of a conversation. I live in LA so you would think you would get good reception. I would never recommend this company,

E 1/14/2012
Once again Net10 stole minutes from me. In the past, I either had lost my phone or broke it and I could not prove exactly how many minutes I had. I have been with this company for a couple of years and I lost or broke phones and when reactivating my new phones, I always felt they shorten me 100 or 200 minutes, the last time probable around 400. But not this time, this time I was ready. My phone was flashing 663.75 minutes remaining. My phone had quit working but still showed the minutes. So I got me a new phone and just before I called I received an email indicating my 200 Easy Minutes were added to my account. After calling they walked me through the set up and acknowledge I had 200 Easy Minutes added. He told me it could take a couple of minutes to a couple of days for the phone to activate, which I knew it will take only couple of minutes, as I said, I have done this before. After a couple of minutes my phone activates with 200 minutes. Bastards! They are doing it again. I called back and behold, I get the same rep. I explain him the problem and he tells me he needs to call another section to verify my total minutes. I also heard that before. He comes back after a couple of minutes saying that he was told I had 539 minutes plus the 200 Easy Minutes. I asked for a supervisor and after 30 minutes waiting he could not find any supervisors. I stopped my easy minutes and my wife and kids too. When we run out of minutes, I will switch to Metro PCS family plan 4 phones unlimited calling, texting and web for $100 a month. I will tell my story to the Better Business Bureau and any website such as this one. I will spread the word and you must do the same. This is war and I it has just began

Guest 1/14/2012
Where is the NO STARS - Prior to this past week I would have recommended Net10 to anyone. I've had it a couple of years. No problems. My flip phone flipped so I went purchase another phone. After several hours of several different people I finally got my minutes and # switched over to the new phone - just to find out that the phone didn't work. Called tech support who told me that the phone had a sim card in it and that won't work in my area - I had purchased it in my area. Got on with 2 other representatives who kept trying and they never could get it to work. I had another older phone that my husband had purchased some time ago and tried to get everything switched over. After being on the phone over an hour yesterday with this one rep who just kept repeating codes for me to put in and it just never would work, I just had enough! I've switched to a dif co. I will never have anything to do with these people. Some of the reps can speak good English, not many, and don't treat you like an idiot but everyone was hard to understand - it sounded like they were talking with paper in their mouth. After this experience it was worth it to me to lose over 1400 minutes just to get away from this company.

Pat 1/13/2012
Have phone over 1 problems. Called Customer Service today....BIG PROBLEM!! Just wanted to change credit card info...can't do online...worst agent ever...incompetent, nasty, and spoke like he had a mouth full of lunch. After 1/2 hour on phone, finally accomplished this small task.,,Corporate Net 10 needs to listen to it's customers and do something about it's Customer Service. People will only tolerate this bad Customer Service so long.

Sandra Sutherland 1/13/2012
I got my Net10 LG 900 as a birthday gift in September 2011 and I have no complaints with the phone or the customer service. I purchase the minute cards that have Rollover minutes and service days and so far, I have service days until 6/13/2013. I like the idea that I could transfer my old cell number to my Net10 and anytime I've had a technical issue, it was resolved PDQ. I've always gotten a representative that spoke very good English and I never presented them with a problem that they were unable to handle. The customer service reps were always courteous and knowledgeable. I like my phone so much that I'm getting my granddaughter one for her birthday. I like al the features on the phone and the style itself. I had been buying the 30 day minute plans until one of their reps recommended the Rollover plans (which I never noticed they had) and I like the idea that I can add minutes directly from my phone. So, I must be a rare case, but yes, I am very satisfied with the phone, the service, and all the Net10 representatives,

Craig 1/11/2012
I purchased a phone and 750 minutes with Net10 a month ago. The caller ID from my phone says I'm Susan Maines..Well, I'm not her! My friends and business associates sometimes don’t answer my call because they don’t know who she is either. I have talked with 4 people allegedly with customer service, countless emails, I even posted it on their Facebook page and nothing happens. Net10 could save themselves money by just admitting you buy at your own risk and the IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE because in essence, that is the truth. Save yourself the frustration and cost. Just don’t buy Net10

nomore 1/10/2012
The customer service is horrible. It is in Outer Zimbobway and people do not speak clear english. They will argue with you till you turn blue - they do not care about the customer just getting their money. Sorry - but this is the truth.

sgt.allen 1/9/2012
net 10 customer service is horrible.These ppl cannot speak in a manner consistent with being a phone support in america.Service is horrible

Mike 1/7/2012
Net10 has too many customer service issues. Its a great plan if you want no data. The Sprint Android phones are useless. I switched to PagePlus, night and day. Much better dont loose minutes every time you touch the phone. Compare the $25 net10 to the $29 PagePlus..its not even close. Phones suck too..very restricted. PagePlus, bring any phone you want.
Think twice before getting Net10, they need alot of work.

ken 1/6/2012
THE'RE THE WORST.peroid Switched to net10 in nov. phone broke day 31 so best buy wouldn't take bake. Took 13 days to get new piece of junk phone. It broke 5 days later took 4 days to get another piece of junk. Not an upgraded phone like I was promised. Then after a hour and a half and feeling like i've been called a liar a half a dozen times the cs rep gave me 3 service days for my inconvience. Anyone want to buy a new samsung slider phone. I don't need it I'm going with a reputable company.

jonny 1/4/2012
I have had Net10 cell phone for 5yrs for me it been a great phone on problem I have had is their phones I started with a nokia was a great phone but after 3yrs it had to be replaced worn out I bought a newer phone at the time it was a lg model what a piece of JUNK after 5 mnths of the b/s I bought a fliptop model samsung and have had no problems at all yes their cust sucks but for the money net10 has served me well

cha 1/4/2012
useless do not buy this phone , it looks ok with plan but when its come service they are horrible , every month some problem happen and customer service is useless , just transferring call to someone and eats time.

Johnny O 1/4/2012
Let me start by saying NET-10 SUCKS! The editors rating above is WRONG! He has obviously never used Net-10. The porting and activation to my net-10 LG 900 was a fiasco. As you read other posts you will see my experience is not isolated, IT IS COMMON! It still doesn't work as I write this. Everything that could go wrong did. I am now strongly considering going back to my old prepaid. I do not recommend Net-10 from my experience!

Guest 1/3/2012
I have barely had my Net10 phone for a month. The service is great, and a lot of the people that say it sucks have almost the exact same phone, LG900. My phone is similar to their phones, but it was 20.00. i got it half off. The only thing i hate is that it really eats up your minutes when you go to your browser

Guest 1/3/2012
Thinking of buying an Android for use on Net 10? Don't do it. Besides the customer service nightmare, and the phone only partially working for 8 hours at a time due to customer service issue, the stupid phone sent an email to the wrong person on my contact list. Shows it went to one person, but the text actually was received by my dad. Not a typo. Worst phone service i have ever encountered

Macrina 1/2/2012
The worst customer service ever! I have had my phone for under 3 months and have had 2 different phone numbers! I pay my phone before the minutes are up and still the phone deactivates on the first of the month. I never get an answer from the reps (and I can't tell you how much time I have wasted calling Customer Service). I requested my money back on my card and was told that they do not do refunds...I told them that I was going to blast them with negative reviews. I am going to eat this month, but if I can get one person from making the same mistake that I made when I purchased Net10, then I will be satisifed. So my advice: not use NET10, I am running back to a legit service.

Mark Baer 1/2/2012
I purchased / activated a Ne10 phone in April 2011 and could not get voicemail working even with numerous tech support calls. I attempted to get this setup again in December 2011 and was blown off. I was given a ticket number that cannot be tracked on there website. I emailed customer service and never even got a response back. If I were you I'd go with another carrier.

Gordo 1/2/2012
Mr. "Better than AT&T or T-mobile" is okay until he tries to change something. I had the same issue with ever-accumulating minutes and made it up to about 13k. When I tried to transfer those along with my existing NET10 number to a new phone, the service rep told me I could only transfer half that amount. His explanation was muddled, including something about "expired old phone card minutes". Unless NET10 changed their business model, this guy was clueless (note: don't waste your time on service rep learning curves). His supervisor gave me all my minutes and deactivated the old phone. I was given a 72 hour wait for service to start on my new phone. That was three (3) 72-hour promises ago. Only after my four phone call did somebody actually write up a service ticket - which reset my misery clock back to zero since only a ticket number actually counts as a 'problem' at NET10. Today I found out that the problem is all about keeping my old phone number. For some reason this caused all my 'service unavailable' problems. I was given 2 choices - take a new number and wait a week for a new SIM card, or wait another 24 hours for T-Mobile to activate my old number. The second 24 hour wait was a waste, you see, because yesterday was the New Year's holiday (service rep's explanation, not mine). I opted for another 24 hour wait, but I expect that nothing short of a new phone number and SIM card will actually restore my NET10 service. If even that doesn't work (and I'm prepared for just that eventuality), then I'll break down and go for a contract carrier. Because it's not the technology, it's the people - wherever they are.

Better than AT&T or T-mobile 1/1/2012
I'm not a big cell-phone user: emergencies and changes in plans only. For me (I hate texting!) this phone service has been really good for 4 yrs. The coverage area is excellent and I LOVE not being tied to a plan! My only complaint is that I rarely use up the mins. and have to keep getting 1-month cards to keep it going-I have about 800 mins. now!
I do agree w/those who say the customer service is bad, usually. As for the ones who, after activating the phone, waste minutes calling net10 on their cells...USE A LAND LINE! If you don't have one, go to grandma's house. Cripes.

John 12/31/2011
Do not touch it. I tried to use its international call. It eats minutes without any response. It sometimes can connected a phone call but I can only hear not to be heard. I tried Gtalk or skype to the same phone( need pay money), they work well.
Do not waste your money on Net10.

lrusch2 12/30/2011
I have had a cheap no frills Net10 samsung phone for almost 2 yrs. It is the cheapest one they sell. I have to say that I have had regular cell plans from ATT, TMobile, Boost Mobile, and Sprint and Net10 has the best coverage for calls. I can tell you so far there are only 3 regular areas I have travelled where I get a dead zone. I think they must run off the Verizon network because that is the only other cell phone carrier who has this kind of coverage. Now the bad.....customer service stinks. I called with a problem and the lady on the phone was an idiot. Was not helpful at all and acted like she could care less. But for the best deal price-wise, you get the most for your money especially if you use the monthly plans rather than the minutes cards with rollover service days. You'll never use the service days - just get the 750 min for 25 bucks or unlimited.

Shana 12/29/2011
Dumped them after two months of service with a android phone. The service was fine when we went to pay the bill, successfully adding minutes only to have the phone disconnected that night. After waiting on hold for 30 minutes, being transferred to 8 different people, they say the phone was active. It was not. Then they discover that a computer glitch changed the phone number, (that i've had for 8 years) and gave me a new number with no explanation. 48 hours later, I got my old number back but had no service for 3 days. Then I assumed all would be okay until the next bill, and the same thing happened again! They gave away my phone number, and I switched carriers and they cannot retrieve my number. I got a refund for airtime I could not use after 300 minutes of being on the phone with them. Net10 SUCKS! Never use them if you love yourself.

Ethel 12/29/2011
I have had my Net 10 phone for 6 months. I have no complaints with the service. Prior to this I had AT&T for the past 17 years. The service where I live was terrible with AT&T but really much better with my 15 dollar Net 10 Phone. Customer service is not always easy to reach but otherwise no complaints and a big savings on the pocketbook.

justpeachy 12/28/2011
Unfortunately, I have to join the ranks of those with a bad Net10 experience. From Day 1, my caller ID was registered to someone else and after a week, they could not get the issue resolved. Day 11, the phone just stopped working and said "Emergency Calls Only" and after spending 30 minutes with customer svc reprogramming the phone, it went back to not working in a matter of minutes. I am done with Net 10~ cutting my losses and going back to my old provider. I am out the remainder of my prepaid minutes, but I am returning the phone to at leas minimize my loss. I do not recommend this service as I did everything "right" and still had to deal with cust svc and couldn't get any issues solved. Seems like disaster waiting to happen, so I am leaving Net10.

APH 12/28/2011
No Customer Service at all; would be better than Net10's Customer Service. I lost over 100 minutes trying to inform Net10 that apparently they assigned me a telephone # that was already taken. I continued to receive calls from people asking for "Lisa." I am NOT Lisa! I was transferred several times and finally told to turn my phone off, then on, and it would be resolved in 24 hours. Twenty-five day later and the issue has not been resolved. I continue to get calls for this "Lisa." I have yet to be able to access the web on this phone. It "eats" my minutes only to tell me to "try back later!" Net10 customer service is your worst NIGHTMARE! After reading all of the above reviews . . . you still decide to get a Net10 and service - YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELVES TO BLAME! BE FOREWARNED!!!!!!

Tonya 12/26/2011
This phone SUCKS! OMG, i am so sick of the minute alerts. It takes you about 3 minutes to check one damn text message! For example: U get a text message, you open takes about 30 seconds for the phone 2 tell u how many minutes they r deducting and how many you have left. Then it tells you AGAIN u have a message so you click okay and it takes another 30 seconds for the message to appear. The service is fine BUT the phone sucks

Seth 12/26/2011
Purchased Android phone yesterday. Was told by Best Buy sales rep that said phone would work and roam on Verizon towers.

fedup 12/25/2011
So... My son gets my brother a net10 phone and minutes for Christmas. He opens it Christmas Eve and my son proceeds to activate it. This was around midnight or just prior. He gives up after an hour or so and says "I'll just call and do it tomorrow". Next day he calls around 1:30 and is on the phone pretty much continuously til 4:30 w/ customer service attempting to activate phone. During this time I think he spoke to about 5 or 6 different people and I don't know how many times he was asked to wait another 3 to 5 minutes. At one point he was asked to point the phone east! What the? Then it got better! Representative suggested he drive to any location approx 10 miles away to further facilitate activation! Is this common practice? Finally last person he talked to said to let the phone sit for 24 hrs and then it should work! Of all things! He had signal and was able to place one call then not sure what happened. It was suggested that due to holidays call volume could be high. Also he was instructed to remove battery and a card from the phone multiple times. Needless to say phone still is not functional! I'm thinking it all reeks of poor equipment and really poor customer service! And just now at 5:39 he used phone and voila! It works! Finally! Still sucks! Has limited signal in house but at least its finally working! Lesson learned! And buyer beware! Oh and he just told me they reset his minutes and added a day back. How generous! Was just the right thing to do! Oh wait the saga continues even as I type this! Phone just randomly has no service! 3 bars signal and back to no service! REDICULOUS! Think I'm done! Who knows when we will get it straightened out! Thanks for this forum for me to vent!

Tom 12/24/2011
Once their service is activated and the phone works, things are great. BUT... their customer service is the absolute WORST I have ever encountered. Sadly, this atrocious service department report is not a fluke. I have two phones with net10 and on several different occasions the customer service has been a nighmare.

Gomer 12/23/2011
I have had Net10 for about 6 months. My first Net10 phone went into the washing machine so I got another that I didn't like so I'm now on my 3rd phone. Try that with the regular cell companies and you will be out hundreds of dollars. That's what I like about prepaid. I get a new phone when I want for a reasonable cost. My current phone the Motorola 408G cost $10 on sale!!!

bellaahbella 12/22/2011
TERRIBLE.. total RIP OFF.. BAD customer serivce, if u ever need to call with any problem u immediatly get treated as if your lying!! I always purchased minutes through a 750 min card monthly, but decided it might be easier to buy it through their website, it's their site what could go wrong..first instead of paying a flat fee like at the store they have some extra sm fees added then before they charge your card the full price they precharge a dollar to my card to validate that its reall, ugh! okay fine i taught i just wanted 30 day 750 min... so ounce i paid a noticed appeared that my minutes will arrive within the next 24 hrs.. (what the?) but i delt with it finally when it did updat i got my days' recieved but no minutes, call CS the said when they verrify i really didnt recieve my minutes they will give me my minutes but noi serivce days because i got my days, okay does that not make any sence, how the H#!! would i use my minuts they give me with out any service days, well needless to say I havent gotten SHiznit yet and its been over 60 days, I HATE Net10 they are worthless, hopeless, incompitent, doinks that make a livine ripping off people.. DONT waste ur money buying this carpy phone sevice. they are low lifes.

Pizzed off net10 customer 12/18/2011
This a follow up to my recent review two posts below this one. That review should have been 1 star.. i forgot to select the star rating before reviewing.

Jason 12/18/2011
Net10's customer service is absolutely horrible. I've had to call a few times unfortunately and there are two major reocurring problems. It is difficult to understand the service folks ironically because if heavy accents and the other is they have no idea how their plans work! Unbelievable. Terrible.

jeff 12/18/2011
Net10 has great plans for people like me who want a cell phone for a few months. I can pay as I go and deactivate at no cost whenever I choose. Customer service, on the other hand, is horrendous or nonexistent. I was unable to reactivate a previous Net10 phone and couldn't get a real person to help me. Eventually I ordered a new Net10 phone which came with a $25/one month/750 minutes card. The total cost was only the cost of the card. In other words, I got a free phone, which I was then able to activate easily online.

Lloyd 12/18/2011
When we went to add more minutes using the Net 10 pin number off the Net 10 card, it came up with a TracPhone logo and then said SIM card rejected. TracPhone and Net 10 are owned by the same company and I think that somehow a TracPhone pin number got attached to a Net 10 phone card. Customer service has been no help at all. They are based in third world countries and even though they speak English they really don't understand what we are trying to tell them. This company is the epitome of bad customer service. Would give them zero stars if that was a choice.

Ken Kemble 12/17/2011
Horrible, Horrible phone service and customer service. Have had 2 phones in 2 weeks and have had a total of about 3 days of service. Phone is either deactivated or just does not work. They do not feel that you shoudl be compensated in any way for the hours upon hours that you have to spend on the phone with them. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

Comptonwoods 12/16/2011
We have just transferred both of our numbers from T-Mobile to Net10. The process was simple. One phone was brand new and the number ported within hours and I was ready to go. The other phone had been previously used in a different state, so it needed a new sim card. The card arrived in 36 hours. I needced tocall customer service with questions, and to help with activation, four different times. ONce I had to wait for five minutes. The other three times the wait was less than two minutes. The staff were very helpful and made sure I was transferred before leaving the line (if needed) and were quite competent. Everything was handled in one call. Yes the phones are basic phones, but for the cost of the phone and the service they are a good value. They are getting some better smartphones in and we may upgrade.

Daniel 12/15/2011
The worst customer service ever...They wont help you at all... Don't buy this crap...

mike_b 12/15/2011
If anyone can see this review and is on the fence. JUMP OFF AND RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!

Gayle 12/15/2011
I bought an lg 800 and asked if I could transfer my 'long time' phone number later if I was happy with the phone. Yes, no problem I was told. So, after a few weeks I emailed and said I wanted to transfer my number. I was told it would take 2-4 hours, no mention of a new sim card. The next day both my other service phone and my net 10 phone were disconnected. After work I got on line and assumed I needed to do something. I followed the instructions and was told that I needed to call a number. I got someone I could not understand one word. I emailed that was 16 days ago and about 30 emails and 10 phone calls. I lost days that I had paid for. I received the sim card which was mailed 7 days after they disconnected both cell phones. Now they want me to purchase a new airtime card before they activate it. ummm I wish the were - stars.

Oren 12/14/2011
The worst service ever. I haver tried to re-activate my phone and wasted 4 houyrs over 3 days with 0 progress. My refund call was disconnected before completion....
I will throw away my $25 refund rather than talk to these people again

Eric 12/13/2011
In my home area, the service is great. But I went to a small town outside the normal calling area that I am in and I tried to make a call. NOT!!!! My screen flashed "Emergency Calls Only" I had the $25 a month plan,I wonder if it is any better with using the other cards.

j town 12/12/2011
customer service said WHAT!WHAT!WHAT!i thought stone cold was talking everytime they said something i said what.stop taking my minutes and i can't even see the picture.nice phone garbage service.lost calls bad service,oh did i say the service is bad too.and don't let me talk about the bad service........i think you get what i'm saying.spend the extra money and get a better phone.because did i tell yall the service was bad.if not the service suxs!later

Donna 12/12/2011
I live in SW Oklahoma were there is almost NO cell phone service except for one carrier. My sons Net 10 phone works great with good reception everywhere my phone does. I would recommend this phone to all my friends. He has a stylish lg touchscreen, unlimited talk, text, and web for 50$ a month. Thinking about switching myself.

nansbeech 12/11/2011
May I say. really zero stars!! Every time I buy minutes they are not active, or are available nut noservice, I can go on and on... bla, bla bla.. No reception bars, dropped calls , can't wait to get another service.

Ken Boekhaus 12/10/2011
If you have any sense at all do not buy Net10 Mobile!!!! I have been on the phone with Tech Service for 4 hours over 6 days trying to get my new Net10 phone to work after upgrading to a new phone. Their Tech Service outright lies to you. They lie about being a supervisor and they lie about being second level support, After an hour they tell you to wait 24 or 48 hours and if it is not working to turn the phone off and then back on. I've learned that this is just a way for the Tech to bail out on the call.

karen 12/8/2011
I just bought a net card for 750 minutes, not knowing that the 741 minutes that I had on my phone was NOT rolled over, Bad,bad, bad. I am going to look for another phone. Times are hard, and as far I am concerned they are stealing from the consumer. Ty

Kevin Barth 12/8/2011
Net10 is not a horrible service, but it does have some drawbacks.

Bill Dunphy 12/8/2011
I have Net 10. Their plan WAS for a 90 day period for $30.00 Now they have kept the $30.00 but reduced the time to 60 days. I am retired and only use it for basic calling, no texting, no pictures and no internet. Basically they have raised their rates by 30% but didn't tell anybody. I have contacted them and will complain intil they rectify the problem or I will be forced to go to another provider.

Dan 12/7/2011
After having NET10 for a year and a half and my phone seeing better days I tried to port the number over to AT&T in hopes of better signal strength and phone selection. NET10 won't port my number. AT&T seems clueless and claims it's all NET10's fault. I give them 2 stars because in certain parts of town I actually get a good signal and my calls and texts go through. Other than that, I think I'm just going to save up for a contract phone.

allison1311 12/6/2011
I've had Net 10 for 3 months now and I am looking for another provider. I never have coverage, I've had to call every month to get my minutes added to a monthly plan that should automatically be added. I'm not happy with the cheap phones or out of the United States customer service.

Janet Malone 12/6/2011
Net 10 is a great and affordable service until you have a customer service issue. Then, any benefit of using their affordable service is out the window. They cancelled my phone number by their error and then could not get it back. Despite hours on the phone with customer service, they could not do anything but give me a new number not even in the same area code I was in originally. That meant that I had to tell all my contacts of my new number and lost the number I had for years. I doubt very much this would happen with a more mainstream carrier.

wendy 12/5/2011
terrible service. Every time I try to add minutes from a prepaid card it doesn't work. It comes up system unavailable try later. I cannot get a hold of anyone in customer service because it transfers your call to a promotions department that wants to give you a free $100 gift card but it is not free because you have to pay for the shipping and handling. And this department will not transfer your call unless you get the card. Your company needs to understand that people do not want gimmicks we just want simple phone service that as long as you follow the directions work properly and that adds minutes as soon as you add the time. System unavailable is inexcusable.

Scott 12/4/2011
I have only been a customer for a four months but, Net 10 has been a very good experience. The online set-up was easy, the coverage is better than my old T-mobile phone. I have not had to deal with customer service yet.

mike 12/4/2011
Do NOT get this phone unless you only want to use this for in case of emergency. I had MetroPCS and did not use the phone enough for the $40/month plan so decided to do prepaid and cut some of my bills. I got the LG900G and the 200 minute plan to start off with for $15/month. What they don't tell you is their internet is EXTREMELY SLOW and although having bars the internet kept loosing signal and logging me off and STILL charging me for the time! Sometimes I would not even get a chance to even connect and it clock for about a min or two then then I cancel and it said it still charged me 2 - 3 minutes and I never even connected to the internet! Want to open attachments... good luck. It also takes FOREVER to do so and of course.... more nickel and dime charges so that one attachment was 5 minutes of airtime that was only a 35KB attachment. Customer service is HORRIBLE. All of them told me to solve ANY issue... take out the battery and turn it back on. That was their solve for everything. CSR also would give you conflicting info. They would tell you that you can switch plans anytime but don't tell you until later you loose all previous minutes even when you ask them upfront. They also have you check internet or try to open attachments ON YOUR NICKLE then NOT credit you for the time... I lost 20 - 30 minutes doing tests with no offer or credits.

Mike G 12/2/2011
Awful customer support. I upgraded to a new smart phone and spent hours on the help line to try and preserve my old cell number. No one could help when I asked for a manager they hung up on me - twice. I am switching back to my old carrier and returning the phone.

Ben Hooper 12/1/2011
Net10 is cheap but every time I go and I buy a 50 dollar unlimited card for the phone, I have trouble adding it and I have to end up calling customer service. My phone wont work right now and I bought a card last week, supposed to be a 30 day unlimited card. Im not happy at all.

cardenangel 11/30/2011
I have read the other reviews on net10 and I am shocked. I have had this services for several years now and have been amazed that my little net10 phone can get service when all the other big boy companies phones will not work. During a net10 was the only phone that worked out of numerous prepaid and postpaid phones that the group I was with were frantically trying to use to no avail. I have been able to get signal in areas where numerous other phone companies phones had none. Refilling my minutes on the phone is so simple even a child can do it and right from the phone. I have roll over minutes so I never run out of minutes. A simple refill of $100.00 last for 6 full months. Now I do not text or use data on this phone but I also have an iPhone that will not get signal in many of the areas I travel to and thus I purchased my Net10 phone. I always works where others do not. I have called customer service and found them to be very helpful. Of course, I treated them the way I wanted to be treated so this could be why. Waiting for customer care is a part of the what happens with all cell phone companies today. Prepaid or Postpaid. I would and have recommended Net10 to anyone who is looking for a dependable prepaid service.

Julie 11/29/2011
1000 minutes from my account was erased. So I called to have them added back and after spending an hour on the phone with customer service I was told I would have to purchase a new phone to have them added back on. Net10 has really gone down hill. Be careful if you decide to use this company because you may lose a decent amount of money to them like I did.

Kathleen 11/29/2011
I give Net10 3 stars or a C grade. My service has been good and reliable in the past, but when I switched phones, I came up against some real website and customer service problems. I was unable to accomplish the number transfer via the web, so I had to call. That phone call took about 20 minutes - got the phone working. However, my current plan didn't transfer - and that was a 45-minute phone call. After they put a new unlimited 30-day card on my phone, they transferred me to a very snotty supervisor who made me hold and hold and hold while she removed five days from my service date. UGH! Total time spent trying to get new phone working and properly updated: 2-1/2 hours!

Hao Zhang 11/27/2011
For me, NET10 is a good prepaid company. I did run into some problems, but they were all resolved by customer service. I guess I'm more patient than other people and I can understand the people better.

judy sankey 11/26/2011
contacted net 10 about purchasing a phone for my daughter for christmas after 14 hours of getting transfered and disconnected finally thought I had the deal done. Received my order comformation ionly to find out they sent me the wrong phone but also over charged me . Contacted customer service to try to get it corrected only to find that not only could the problem not be fixed but wii have to wait 30 days for my refund and they wont honor the special pricing for the phone that they were suposed to have sent . What a rip off artist they are. I don't hink we will stay with this company if this is how they do business

sue 11/25/2011
my daughter dropped her phone in water
3 times!
salt water made it not work for awhile, but it works now like a charm, we buy the $30 plan for two months. but we let it expire for two months. now we are trying to buy minutes and it just says unavailable. maybe it take awhile for minutes to be added, i hope so.. because kids need cell phones.

CJ 11/25/2011
Net10 is horrible. In the last 4 months I have been sen 6 replacement sim cards and 2 replacement phones and still do not have a working phone. I was told by the customer service rep on Nov. 20 that because my phone was not working while I still had aritime that the time would be compensated and the issue would be resolved. I called back today because the phone is still not working. I am now told by another customer service rep that they will not be able to resolve the issue until I add another $50 airtime card. They will not be able to compensate my time until I throw away another $50. The phone still does not work and it is now out of service. I will throw away the phone and go with almost ANY other carrier in hopes that I will not continue tho spend another $50 for a month of service and receive only half (if I am lucky) and that I will not be lied to over and over and over...

MK 11/24/2011
I have had Net10 service for 4 months. Today when I turned on my phone, 545 minutes were gone from yesterday. I thought oh we go,I got to call customer service. After reading all the horror storys about service, I was not looking forward to it. I called the 800 number on their website, someone picked up immediately, yes they were foreign but spoke English very well. She handled my issue very quick and was polite. I was on the phone no more than 5 minutes. She put the minutes right back and I was good to go.
So far this was the only issue I have had, the service (ATT) has been great. I get signal everywhere. I buy the minutes from Calling Mart, who have sale codes every month. How can you beat 750 anything minutes for $23?
I have the LG900 which I bought on a impulse since It was at Best Buy for $19.95, I thought let me try this. Signal sure works better than T-Mobile, who I have all my family phones with. Just giving my opinion of a customer service call this morning.

michele 11/23/2011
My husband and I both purchased Net 10 phones. After 6 phone calls, 4 hours total talking to their service reps, waiting 2 days for new sim cards, 3 days with no phone service at all, we ended up going back to verizon. Net10 customer sevice is a nightmare. They told us both new phones needed new sim cards because they made a mistake porting our phone numbers. When we finally received them my phone was activated but they told my husband he needed a different sim card AGAIN. I highly recommend paying the extra money for the service they provide at verizon. We went directly to the verizon store and they reactivated our phones within a few minutes. Dont waste your time with Net10, they don't keep any records from one call to the next so they have no idea what the last rep you talked to did or told you. A very frustrating experience.

Gregg 11/22/2011
I am writing this review as I'm sitting on the phone with Net10 customer support. I have literally spent at least 10 hours on the phone with their support over the past two months. I originally bought a Net10 phone as a cheap phone for my young daughter, and it worked fine for several months. Then she wanted to upgrade to a nicer, touch-screen phone, so we bought another Net10 phone, and attempted to move the old phone number to this new phone. That's where things went downhill rapidly. They ended up sending me a new SIM card, and after many hours and numerous calls, we finally got it working. Then at the end of the next billing cycle, it stopped working, and I was not able to add more airtime. Now they have reverted this phone to it's original number, and they want to send me another SIM card. I told them I will use whatever number they can make work right now, but they are still having problems. Regardless of the outcome, my daughter is getting a new phone for Christmas, and it won't be Net10! (or any related company like Tracfone)

Phil 11/22/2011
Confusing plans, unusable support. The plans all charge different amounts for texts and pictures. It's impossible to compare plans because you don't even know what it's going to cost to use the plan. Website is slow and confusing, when you can get support on the phone it's heavily accented Indian people who are next to impossible to understand.

Ervin J Morales 11/21/2011
Your service SUCKS I brought a cell phone from Walmart and from day one I got poor service on it.Calls dont go thru or there cancel as your talking,lost signal cant get the call back.I will not renew my service with your company again.I spent 50 dollers on a monthly card and it was a waist of my hard earnd money never again.Total bill plus tax was 90 dollers.I am very displease of the poor service I got thru this phone

abpl2109 11/19/2011
I've had the service for about 4 months. Things were pretty good, phone worked fine. Suddenly, callers to phone from land-line receive fast busy, but I can make calls. But I can receive call from another Net10 phone?? WTHeck! I also can't access the internet any more since I installed last phone card.
I received text just yesterday "reminding me to add more air time" - I HAVE almost 700 minutes of air time!
I tried to sign up at their forum to complain and they won't send me a registration email .They don't respond to the electronic complaints either. I've been waiting a day for the promised "shortly". Needless to say, more than frustrated here too! I thought there was something suspicious when each complaint on the forum was was answered with : "Sorry that you’re having a problem. I’m going to try to help you now. We need to take this issue offline so I can address it further. I will contact you directly with a private message and you will receive confirmation of this at the email address you provided when you signed up for this forum".
In looking through the forum if you're having problems with registration, contact one of the administrators - which can can't access without being registered! They don't want anyone contacting them. Serious problems!!!

Lynne 11/18/2011
Customer Support (Executive Resolutions Dept): These numbers tend to be more helpful and have people with more knowledge.

Cindy 11/18/2011
The phones are good, the plans are good. And when the phones work, it's a good plan. But when there are problems- for instance, the minutes you bought don't get applied to the phone, or the phone is deactivated without any reason why, then you can not get customer service to help you. I am on day 19 of trying to resolve an issue. I've gotten several emails telling me they are closiing my ticket because its been open too long, I got one email telling me that I requested it be closed. If you need any sort of customer service, you will find yourself very frustrated.

Steve Hull 11/17/2011
Nice phone, wonderful reception. Don't let your minutes mount up as you could lose them all. I couldn't get through to add another card and I lost 900 minutes. I talked to several people at Net 10 and all said they would add the minutes back but it never happened. Rollover minutes is a big ripoff, they just don't care.

DianeS 11/16/2011
Customer service is awful! I lost my phone and ordered a replacement. When it arrived, it would not take a charge. I called Customer Service twice--a terrible experience in itself--and was asked to read to them what was on the phone's screen. They could not understand: no charge means blank screen. I tried emailing Customer Service and got the same result. Fortunately, my old phone reappeared, so I returned the replacement. They were good about crediting me.The phones need to be re-charged very frequently.I signed up for automatic payment. It worked fine until they suddenly stopped charging me and my service ended. I was so intimidated by my earlier experiences with Customer Service, I never bothered to reactivate my phone with them.

andrew 11/15/2011
hi,iam a net10 customer one year ago,i would like to say something to the people that is having some kind of problem with net10.i agree customer service could be better,for this reason i have learned a lot about diferent issues customers are having with them,and now i could fix many problems by myself.for example is very easy add airtime with a prepaid card using the 'ad airtime' in prepaid menu.,if they don't send the minutes right away you can enter the digits '555' and net10 will update your account and minutes added almost instantly,also the webpage helps very much to transfer your phone number from another company,just remember to add al the info requested. or you can swap your phone for a new one if you already are a customer.i understand sometimes their webpage can be down but in this case yo must call.also i don't recomend giving your credit card as the payment method since is really true the billing system is the worst,instead buy the airtime pin at any store or you can use one of those vending machine in stores like gas stations that does not charge taxes for buying a new airtime many webpages you can learn many tricks and find important info for issues you can have.of course sometimes could be necessary call the customer service if you think you are loosing airtime or your phone just don't works.get informed and you will have a better experienced with this company that like anyother it has pros and cons.good luck

nikki 11/14/2011
This is the WORST cell company i hav ever dealt with. I received the Lg900g and a $50 unlimited card as a present and on the box it says u can keep ur existing # so i called net10 friday pm and did the # transfer. The rep said my phone should b working by monday which is today as long as i gave her the correct info. Sat am a net10 rep called me and said they could not do a transfer bcause my boost mobile # is being ported out to another provider???they told me to call boost and fix the problem. Of course boost said that was rediculous and the issue was unable to b resolved. So net10 advised me they were cancelling the # transfer and we activated cell w/new # but that did not work either. Today is monday and i still hav no service thru net10 and i hav spoke w/well over 20 different reps and manager and all they can say is it must b network error or mayb sim card so give it more time. I asked for a refund and of course they said no even though i hav the reciept. They said giv it more back in 48hrs.

Tolula 11/13/2011
Yes I like net10 but I just put my airtime on my cell phone LG900G n I can't make calls or text can any one tell me why help me out plesss ;(

eduardo 11/12/2011
well i have been with net10 for four years,to be sincere i have never had an issue with my service but is true customer service can be hard to deal with,now iam using de $ 25 -750 minutes plan since i don't talk a lot, and i must admit the plan is excelent and the new killer phones getting better,i agree with other reviews they must improve their customer service and will get more customers for sure,overall for me net 10 have saved me hundreds of dollars of course i have been learning many things from their service and i had fixed many issues without calling CS by just reading blogs and get informed about other customer issues and fixes

Jamie 11/12/2011
They charge you minutes off your phone during time you are on the phone with customer service, they were very adamant they are irreplaceable when questioned about that. I lost 39 minutes on one call. More experiences with them: I would not get my unused minutes from the prior month, even after several calls saying they "fixed it". And I call several times on monthly basis. I earned them because I used phone cards, not a monthly plan. My phone would randomly be suspended for no reason then I would have to call customer service to get it activated again. One time they had to mail me a new SIM card (as a fix it for one of my problems) which took a week, so I was out of phone for a week, no kind of compensation for time lost either.

Jenny 11/12/2011
At first I didn not have any issues with them but the last few months it has turned into a nightmare. I can't even get them to add time by doing the automatic payment method. Every month I lose my service and have to call customer support WHICH THEY CHARGE YOU FOR to have more time added. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE LOW PRICES, IT'S NOT WORTH THE HASSLES.

JP Lemoine 11/11/2011
On october 21 st I spend more than 4 hours on the phone ( in three cals) with you people to reactivate my phone and finaly trierd with a prépaid card with no success. Most of your people are hardly understandable on the phone and can noot cope with the situation. But you took my money giving additinal time but no service days

Brenda Harmon 11/10/2011
Have been trying to upgrade my Net 10 for 2 weeks! Have spent 8 hours hands-on time with Customer Service. Cannot get my voicemail set up; tried 3 consecutive days; still miight take 2 more days. This is without a doubt the worst service I have ever had.

Kevin 11/9/2011
Horrible!!! Over 400 minutes dissappeared in one day. Called cust serv and was told that I was wrong that no minutes dissappeared and that that was impossible. doing a search on their support forum revealed that this happens often to others as well. TOTAL SCAM!!!! now with Virgin Mobile and much happier

Guest 11/9/2011
Net 10 is terrible. My phone hasn't worked right since I got it. Customer service is horrible & incompetent. I'm dropping them & would never use them again.

JD 11/9/2011
Very disappointed.
Web site and services are unrefined.
Loopholes and pitfalls, like free unlimited web browsing randomly for a while, but single texts that can cost 3 units! Cost would be reasonable if the system worked smoothly, but it doesn't. Monthly plan cost me double this month...

R 11/8/2011
Their tv commercial and website stat that it cost .50 minutes or .50 cents to send a text message. (Even on the review above it states text messages cost .50 units.) Well it all depends on what kind of card you purchase. If you pick one of the two monthly plans, you are charged a full minute or .10 cents to send a text message. False advertising!

george 11/8/2011
Forget about the international neighbors service . This is my 10th local # assigned for friends calling from Canada . It is supposed to be deleted if not used within 30 days . It is used every couple of days . and they still delete the number or reassign it to someone else . Completely frustrating and useless . Have spent way too much time with customer service trying to resolve the problem always with the same response > Call us back if it happens again . It ALWAYS happins again . A complete waste of time .

Suzi 11/6/2011
Net Tens customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Also if you don't use you minutes and your time is up, you've lost what you have paid for.

Joan Hildal 11/3/2011
I can't describe how ANGRY I am. Sorry, usually not so extreme. I bought a new phone about a month and half ago. The gentleman at Walmart registered it but assured me that I could transfer my minutes and number easily later. He also told me that there would be 300 minutes but it turned out that there was only 10. When I tried to transfer the number and minutes from my old phone they told me I had to get a new sim card which was sent to me up in New York. I then tried to do it online several times and just was run around in circles. I tried to do it from my old phone and she told me I had to do it from a land line which I don't have. Finally today I had the time to get on a landline and call. After waiting at least 15 min. to get a real person, and then waiting another 15 minutes for him to get info from me, he told me I would have to get another sim card sent to me!!!!!! I told him I had already done this!!! He finally after another 30 min. saw in the records that I had had a sim card already sent to me. So he then put me on hold and talked to a supervisor and came back with that he had to "open a tool' to give my number to the new phone. After waiting another 15 min. he's still telling me he's 'working on it'. I then asked what could possibly be taking this long and could I speak to his supervisor and so he put me back on hold with the music again. By this time its been about 1 hr and 1/2 and the owners of the landline are telling me they would like to use the phone. I can't believe that its this complicated to accomplish a simple transfer. I have had a net 10 phone for almost 10 years. My husband also has one. We are ready to throw the phones out, its been such a hugely negative experience. Is anybody out there that can actually take care of this simple transfer????????

Norm 11/3/2011
Customer service SUCKS i have been waiting to get through on there 877 # and been on hold for over 2 hours and no answer I ran out of minuets before my 30 day time recharged and phone was reset for another 30 days BUT 18 days later i had 500+ minuets left and they dumped the minuets and recharged my credit card $25 and gave me 750 all over again I hope if i ever get to talk with some one i can get this corrected will see

Sandra Wells 11/2/2011
Customer Service is LOUSY. Each team member has something different to tell you. The Supervisors have the ability to correct the problems, but simply refuse to do so. This company must be in the same league as ENRON, LEMHAN Brothers and other scammers, too big and important to fail. Half of the time there are no towers in urban areas. Continuing to use their service is like hiring out your self to an employer who pays you with water in a leaking bag.

lost number 11/1/2011
DONT BUY!!!!!! Por customer service.
Lost our number. Called 3 times about an hour each.Represenative said she was transfering to supervisor but, I got her instead pretending to be supervisor. She had a distinctive way with words which was obvious. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

mike 11/1/2011
worst customer service ever. cannot buy airtime online (page times out). called customer service and the system is down every time I call.

Chris 10/31/2011
I've spent almost 10 hours on the phone with them to get the phone working, always hanging up after they say they fixed the problem. The problem is one day out of the blue on week 1 of owning the phone it said no service days left. I've not invested much money at this point, but note that I have lost my phone number I have had for 10 years due to them. After 10 hours, I've run out of minutes on the phone (750 Minute Card) and I've made very few other calls. They seem to keep you on the phone to run down your minutes and patience.

Just for you 10/31/2011
I called 411 service once for my local police, didn't want to dial 911. While I was supposedly on hold they tried to sell me services of an attorney. When I asked them again for the local police (won't say what city), again, they tried to sell me attorney services even when the computer couldn't figure out where to direct me. I called Tech support, they're just like Cricket. Same crap, same Middle Eastern people. No wonder the US is turning to crap.:(

Les 10/26/2011
Iv'e had Net10 phones for over 4 years, and have never had ANY problems, until a couple of days ago, when I purchased a $30.00 card to add 300 minutes to my phone service. I tried 3 times to enter the PIN number, but each time the message on my phone read: "Invalid PIN number-try again or contact customer service." I immediately called NET10 customer service, and talked to a very pleasant operator about my problem. Within 5 minutes, the 300 minutes and 60 service days were added to my phone! I was aware that all the NET 10 customer service staff are located outsid the U.S., so before I hung up, just out of curiosity, I asked her where she was located. She responded:In Belize, Central America!! That is a first for me, to talk to someone in Central America! All in all---NET10 ROCKS!!!!! I highly recommend it!

Jackie 10/25/2011
Maybe I've had incredibly good luck or maybe I'm just more patient and able to understand accented English, but me and my husband have had Net10 for 4 years. I've washed 2 phones and he dropped one into water. Each time the transition to a new phone was seamless. I got all my minutes back and the transfer was accomplished in minutes. The phone calls were about 30 minutes each time including wait time.

Frustrated 10/25/2011
I have had 2 of the Net10 phones for over a year and am generally pleased with the reception and quality of both phones. However their customer service and billing infrastructure is the worst I have ever had to deal with. The phones are set up on their "Easy minutes" plan to automatically charge the phones with minutes and service days and this is charged to a credit card. Everything will go OK for about 3 months then one or other of the phones will not get the service days that have been paid for. The subsequent call to customer support will usually involve, up to an hour, before you talk to somebody who (1) will listen (very rare with Net10 customer support) and (2) knows what they are doing. They will usually say several times that the problem was the credit card was refused, even though I have explained, several times, that the card was charged, the hours were put in the phone, but the service days are missing. After an hour of passing you around to at least 6 people who all ask you your mother's maiden name and date of birth you will finally get somebody who knows what they are doing and can fix the problem until 90 days later when it happens again! The last time I dealt with them one phone had not been charged with minutes and service days but the credit card had not been charged (a new problem, it is usually the opposite) their solution was to try to charge me an arbitrary activation fee, I talked to a manager, who apologized, said it would be corrected and then proceeded to wipe out the "Easy Minutes" account of the phone that had correctly charged the card the hours and the service days! Their Customer/ Support is so bad it almost cancels the good reception you get with these phones!!!!

me 10/25/2011
Not too bad- but not great. You get charged minutes (units) for EVERYTHING you do. 750 minutes goes fast if you text or check email. DO NOT enroll in auto pay- they will not let you unenroll once enrolled, and there is literally no way of taking your debit/credit card out of their system unless you cancel your plan (their fine print says this). So, if one day, you decide you no longer want them to automatically charge your card, tough. The only way around it is to cancel your plan altogether. Fine. I cancelled my plan and went to AT&T's new $25/mo. plan and now get unlimited messaging and 250 nationwide minutes (this is a new prepaid plan released Sept 18, 2011). I text A LOT and it's nice for my phone to not constantly remind me that I've used "X" number of minutes. Refreshing. :-)
Also, I've spoken with AT&T's customer service 3 times, and they've all been amazing. No hold times, very polite and professional, and will do anything to help you. Also, when I went to the AT&T store to sign up for prepaid service, I took in an AT&T phone I already had, he put a new SIM card in it, and had my phone up and running in minutes. I was treated like I was buying an $800 iPad, but was only signing up for prepaid cell service. Glad I made the switch from Net10.

Cynthia 10/25/2011
I loved NET10's service - never had a dropped call, had clear service, able to get a signal just about anywhere - then I had to call customer service. I'm still reeling from the nightmare of 40 minutes on the phone and two different reps telling me they will fix the issue "quickly". Let me tell you what happened. We were paying for the 750 minute plan and were making payments online each month right around the due date. I thought, why not just sign up for the monthly plan (still 750 mins for $25) and have them take the payment out automatically each month so we wouldn't have to log in and manually pay it? So we sign up for the monthly plan. On the expiration date of our plan we waited for our credit card to be charged to renew our minutes. Nothing happened that day - no card charged and no minutes added. My husband went online to confirm that we were still enrolled in the monthly plan and we were so we figured NET10 would take out their money and life would be good. Not so. On Monday morning we noticed our phone still had no minutes added AND it had been deactivated. It was too early to call customer service and my husband had to get to school so he picked up an airtime card on his way. He attempted to add the airtime card but the phone indicated that it was still deactivated with no minutes. He went in and checked our email account and there was a receipt for the monthly payment transaction dated for that morning! So now we had the monthly payment charged to our credit card account and potentially used up an airtime card to boot! The first rep said that their system sometimes had a delay in taking out the payment on the monthly plans and our airtime card transaction didn't go through so it should still be good to use next month (took him 25 minutes to tell me this with three times on hold). He then transferred me to "his supervisor" who then kept me on the phone another 15 minutes while he manually input our pin. After a pause he told me he was adding the airtime card. I said NO!!! I've already been charged on my card, why would you put in the airtime card? He then informed me he would put in our credit card transaction instead that the card would be still good for next month. I'm hoping the card will be reset so we can actually use it next month but I'm not holding my breath. Yes both customer service reps had indian accents. The first one was much easier to understand than the second. The second sounded a bit muffled so he was much harder to understand. I think we'll keep the NET10 service and go back to manually paying for it - the automatic service is too risky and I want avoid calling customer service again at all costs.

Karen 10/23/2011
I have been a longtime net 10 customer, and I have received a new phone that didn't work but they replaced it with no ?. The only issues I have is support speaking better English when I call... I like my Net 10 phone srvc so much I am abt to upgrade my phone with them.

Sariah 10/22/2011
I got a Net10 phone for texting, but it turns out that I cannot receive texts more often than I can. I will go through long periods when I cannot receive any texts, though I can text out all I want.

Tina 10/22/2011
Absolutely the suckiest I mean Suckiest phone service ever. My husband bought a phone to use for his business and went with net10 against my wishes. After all it is his phone right?? Well I have been on the phone now with them and continue to get the same thing we need a new sim card but they don't know when it will be here or when they can send it. He uses this for business I told them we wanted a full refund and they kept saying in their indian voice "you need a new sim card yes" and "I understand what you are saying". Good thing b/c I understood zilch of what they were saying. I will tell everyone about this service and how disappointed we are. They say they will handle canceling your acct with the other phone company you have and they did not so we had a bill with them also which we did not have the money to pay. I am not done with them yet they will either refund us or refund us for the verizon service they said they would cancel. I hate this phone and the service.

tom myers 10/21/2011
i started purchaseing more air time from the store for net 10 the 750 card. turn out that net 10 cancelled my last 98 minutes on my card this month because i did not use them up in a certain amount of time. i have never had a problem when i bought a200 min card but i think i am done with net 10 please beware.

erniezana 10/19/2011
The only good thing is the reception. If you have to call customer service dont plan on getting any help. They will not understand anything you say no matter how simple.

chris 10/18/2011
i have been with net10 for the last 5 years, and have watched them go downhill. about 6 months ago, i started getting complaints from friends about not responding to texts, but then found out that i never got them in the first place. after many test and experiments, i discovered that not only were texts no going through on occasion, but phone calls as well, with no record of voicemail.

Charity Fuzessy 10/18/2011
Net10 is a joke. If you don't have a sense of humor you will rip out your hair dealing with their customer service. Can't understand the operators, they in turn don't understand me. Sim cards keep being sent to my house even though the phones work. They changed my phone number without my consent. They deactivated my boyfriends phone for no he bought a thirty dollar phone card at walgreens for thirty days...and the phone is still inactivated contrary to their terms of service. My original LG800 PHONE only worked for one month then it would hang up in the middle of calls. What a's a joke... because these people don't take their job seriously...if you need a dependable phone, that you can use all the time....and you want good customer service go with virgin mobile or US Cellular or some other company because Net10 can't do a good job.

juan 10/17/2011
amazing phones,great reception,now they are offering android phones,the only cons-could be customer service is not the best but i hope they could improve their service in the future,overall,i feel very happy with this prepaid service the reception quality is great here in miami.keep going net 10.

Mercy 10/17/2011
I am very surprised at the negative reviews. My family have been using Net10 for about 3 yrs now. About 6mos ago I joined the plan with my family, It worked and met my family phone needs without any problems. Not one for cell phones I wanted to have one just to remain in contact with my family and for emergencies. We purchase the $30 card every 60 days and prior to the existing minutes expiration date. We haven't lost any unused minutes. In the 3 yrs we have not had to contact customer service for assistance. there are only two spots I have experience no service or drop calls, that is Walmart at the center back of the store and my employment which is a government building. At my employment to be fair no one except those with Verizons service was able to pick up a signal. However, the building has since gone through some changes recognizing the problem and now I can pickup the signal without a problem. I am very happy with Net10 as it stands today.

Michael WARD 10/16/2011
tERRible SERVICE, i ORDERED lg 6oo phone by Mail, NEEDED, NEW sim CARD they SENT to Wrong ADDRESS. then I bought another, Could NOT a GET internet, I am GOING back, TO straight TALK.

Sandra 10/15/2011
I've had my net-10 for almost 4 years, and I've never had a problem with it. My husband and I travel, and we've only had a few places we didn't have service. One was in the mountains of NC, another is any building with a tin roof. For some reason, the signal just can't travel through it.

Don't do it save a few bucks.... 10/14/2011
Uh, on the advice of people I know who went with Tracfone and were actually satisfied, I thought I'd leave my 10 years at Sprint (I never had an issues with them except a few dead zones when visiting my folks) and save a few bucks; worst decision I've ever made. Customer service is non-existent, this whole SIM card thing is a joke (the one that came with my phone doesn't work, the replacement doesn't work....) I've had various people tell me they can't get through, some days the phone randomly works, now it's dead as Elvis--NOT professional. Even if you have a dead phone, they tell you to call them. Uh, a little unclear on the concept, I'd say....not worth the hassles, and going on day 7 of customer "service" hassles.....Going back to my old get what you pay for, for sure.....

Darrell 10/14/2011
I have to agree with most of the reviews,crappy customer service. I
recieve a new phone and five days
later it's still not working! After
six calls to customer service( and
three hours on the phone) they tell
me it's the sim card, that they just
sent me. I can't wait to see how long
it takes to get a new one. Also can"t
understand what they"re saying.

Jim 10/14/2011
My experience with Net10. The truth.

John 10/14/2011
Have been using this service for about a year. Before this, I was on contract plan. This has saved me so much money and customer service is pretty decent. Not really sure why there are so many "haters". I agree with harry b's review, is this some conspiracy to bring down net10? I've never had a problem with their customer service. Just speak simply and straight to the point.

Marcus 10/13/2011
Thanks everyone!!! I was considering this option to save some cash, but this sounds like a nightmare. Ill deal with the devil I know for now (ATT)

Sal 10/12/2011
Customer Svcs is beyond disbelief: Not only are most of their accents incoherent, but they are grossly incompetent. You can literally spend hours and days over a single issue and still be at square one with your problem. Then again, this is the pace and efficiency of the undeveloped societies they are centered in. Ugh!

Eris 10/12/2011
I've called customer service for net10 about 4-5 times, each time with a different question and each time I was answered SATISFACTORILY. First call- to activate and add minutes, second- to change my number, third-inquire about wi-fi and fourth-spoke with manager about different options. I'm not exactly sure why there are so many "bad" reviews. I for one, thought they were no different from other phone companies (at&t, tmobile) who also have call stations in foreign contries. The only thing they really need to work on is hiring more representatives because the wait time to actually get someone on the phone to help you can be a bit long. Other than that, it's all been good.

Lucy 10/12/2011
Have had my Net10 phone for about 10 months now, and in the beginning it was great. I used the 750mins for $25 cards and always had enough time to get through the month. Service was good, I could even get a signal sometimes when my friends on Verizon couldn't. HOWEVER, over the past couple of months, my service has been HORRIBLE. Chances are about 50/50 now that I'll actually get calls and texts, and when I do, half the time the signal drops in the middle of the call even though I haven't even moved and it was great when the call started. I would love to stay with Net10 because it can be a great deal when it actually works, but I need a phone that is reliable so I'm about to take my business elsewhere.

david 10/11/2011
I bought 200 minutes with Net 10 but they did not give me the 30 days of service. After 8 emails and 30 minutes of my 200 minutes on the phone with them over two days they finally added the 30 days. Is that the kind of service you want? Dont do business with these people. they are terrible.

Michelle 10/11/2011
My family (hubby, 2 teens and me) have had net10 and tracfones for at least 4 years now. Occasionaly we would have problems where we couldn't add minutes using the website, we would get a message stating that we needed to call cust. serv. I can deal with that. But last week my oldest daughter decided to buy an ATT Go phone because it looks like a blackberry so I wanted to use her net10 phone because it was nicer than mine. After calling customer service I was told that it would not be a problem to switch my phone number to the newer net10 phone, they would mail me a sim card and I was to call them back. A few days later I actually did receive the sim card, I called them back, I added air time and minutes to the phone and I was back in business. The next day I tried to make a call and a message told me that my phone was deactivated. I called CS and the phone was reactivated. The next day the exact same thing happened. This time I waited on hold for an hour to talk to a manager in tech support who tells me that the serial # for the old phone was used for the new one and that is causing the problem. He deleted the old phone from the system and this would solve everything. But the next day I have again a deactivated phone. This time I didn't have to wait as long for a tech support person but she basically tells me that she has no idea why the system is deactivating my phone every night. She reactivates my phone and tells me that she is going to look further into it. The very next day, you guessed it, a decactivated phone. I called and told them that I was done with net10, they can't fix my problem and I need a working phone. I wanted a refund of the $44.08 I put on the phone just a week before and of course they told me no way. so I have filed a complaint with the BBB and we'll see what happens.

David 10/10/2011
This company doesnt give a damn about its customers. It has foriegn operators and they just waste your minutes. If you have a problem, you must use someone elses phone to call them to correct it which is hard on single people. Dont do business with. Make them go broke and lay off all their employees especially the foriegn operators.

JeremyC 10/10/2011
Signed up with automatic payment (Easy Minutes) plan. They do not send update minutes. Three times I have had to deal with barely understandable customer service people to get - 30 minutes of my life each time. Each time I asked them to fix their service so I don't have to do this. They don't have a clue. They send email that says you can get updates by logging in online but there is no "Update" click to be found. Soon I will stop payments, get last update and let it run out. They lose a low use customer by being incompetent. Recommendation - don't use Net-10.

hookturn 10/10/2011
There is no instructions for how to work the phone. I have one that supposedly can connect to the internet. Wrong. I called customer service, they could not help. I tried setting up voicemail by looking in the little booklet that comes with the phone. says to follow instructions. When you do you get voicemail that says enter your password, trouble is you don't have one yet. so back to customer service. This is the most un-user friendly phone I have ever owned and will never have one again. Can't even get google maps

MarkT 10/9/2011
Horrible customer service. False advertising. Bought a NET10 phone because they offered "300 minutes free upon activation" promotion. Never got the 300 minutes and calls to customer service were useless.

swiffy 10/9/2011
The phones are pretty good for the money, having the possibility to go month by month is great, but their customer service sucks. I am not sure if they try to help, have been trained what do, are allowed to change things, or just do not listen what customers asked. I simply tried to transfer service from one phone to the other, and after 4 days and about 2 hours in phone conversation and several e-mails, I have my minutes but no airtime or phone number and can't use my phone.

Marcy 10/8/2011
This company stinks...we purchased the 50.00 unlimited talk/text and web and all you can do on the web is BROWSE...if you want to download ringtones,apps or games you need to purchase more time separtely on their web site with a credit card.We have had nothing but problems with our service and spent more then 8 hours on the phone trying to clear things up with people you can't even understand...No one speaks clear english in tech support!!!!!!

James 10/7/2011
These guys have a great service and are now providing better than the basic phones they started with. I have had my phone for a couple years and never had to reach customer service. Recently, I purchased one of their higher end phones and tried to transfer number to it. 10 or 12 hours later, mostly on hold, I had to return the phone to retailer, Walmart, because customer service not only could not get the phone to work, but they also shut off my old phone and could not get that to work again. I waited over 2 weeks to get the sim card I supposedly needed to make either phone work and it never did arrive. I will go elsewhere. Too bad, customer service sucks bad. Everything they told me was wrong.

John 10/5/2011
I wish there was a choice for zero stars. I purchased a phone and a $30 card, could not activate, phone support could not activate it and basically said I dont have a choice and if i could ship every thing to them they may provide a refund. Do not waiste your time with this company.

Joyce 10/5/2011
I have Net10 and my husband has tracfone. We have been satisfied with both companies and the price is right as we use them when we are not at home. Our only complaint is not being able to understand customer service. Need better English speaking employees.

John Smith 10/5/2011
Customer service is the achilles heel of this company. Its obvious you get sent to India or Bangladesh when you call tech support. They're slow, and the now arbitrarily change the terms of service without notifying you. At least AT&T has the guts to tell you before screwing you.
Text messages are no longer 0.3 units, they are now 0.5. Initially my phone was incorrectly charging at 0.5 units so I called them and after about 20 minutes on the phone and a long series of codes entered, it was at 0.3. long text messages get broken up into multiples, so you get charged more than once for a single text message. messages with video/images get charged at a higher rate too.
There's no way to disable the annoying web access, and its too easy to accidentally hit the button on the phone, and instantly you lose 1 minute of time just for doing that. My SIM card is set for access to the AT&T network, and coverage is pretty good. I get unknown calls and messages I can't block, but I guess everybody gets those. Its annoying because incomings get charged too, so people are wasting my minutes. The Samsung T401G is a great phone, and makes up for shortcomings in NET10 service. International dialing requires you to dial a special access number and its charged at 1.5 times normal rates, and it won't access other cellphones, only landlines in many nations. I only buy phone cards with cash and don't use any of their unlimited plans. I don't dare give them a credit card number, who knows where it would end up.

Harince 10/4/2011
I Upgraded from the lg600 to the lg900 which had rollover min. I only keep my net 10 service because I had accumulated over 2800. min.I only used my cell for emergencies. When I replenished my min. this month. someone at net10 lost my previous min. I'm very disappointed with net10 because they did not want to do the research or did not care about me being a customer to try and find out what happened to my min. I paid for these min. I've had over 2,000 min since 2009. but net10 would only reimburse me 1400. min. so I lost money and min. I have called Home shopping network because they endorse net10, this is where I purchased both my phones using the net10 services. I have posted on facebook and twitter, also contacted the attorney general. Net10 doesn't care about it's consumers and when I use up these min. I will never use net10 again, and I will inform any net10 customer to keep track and be aware of the practices of net10

MG 10/3/2011
The phone service is really cheap, but customer service is terrible. Count on wasting hours and never getting anything done.

serge 10/3/2011
Quite honestly, i had net 10 for about 2 years. Ok their customer service isn't the best, but what do you expect for 25 bucks a month? i had the samsung t401g for about a year, and then the lg900g which i have now, they are decent phones. net 10s coverage is decent, and activating the first phone was quick(about 10 minutes) and activating my lg900g with my old phone # was quick also(about 10- 30 minutes). True, sometimes the phones glitch or something with the coverage happen, but not often. adding minutes is also really easy, just go to a 7-11 or to their website to buy new minutes. am i like the only one who doesnt hate net10?

So.. 10/2/2011
This service isn't worth the low rates. I've been on hold for an hour and a half, and I'm on hold because my phone ran out of monthly data usage. I ran a card- It has minutes (and days that are being used up) but whenever I call or text, I get a message about it being disactivated. I bought a card and tried to activate it directly, instead of online, no dice. It doesn't work. The horrible Jazz music on their hold line drove my 9-year-old to tears, and she didn't cry through Star Wars, all 6 seasons of NCIS that we have on DVD, and when her pet cat died. The automated system isn't good for anything except the most phone illiterate, and I have made better contact websites in my college classes. Wouldn't buy again, ever.

jeff 10/2/2011
Good rate everything works fina until i wasted my minutes i bouught a new card when i go home and try it it doesnt work so i call coustmer service and it took them an hour just to respond back to me

John 10/1/2011
I HATE NET10!!! Terrible Customer Service - 4 hrs on tech support (can hardly understand their "English") they activated phone with wrong number. They had to send new sim. then months later... They deactivated phone for no reason after months of use. I was in the middle of a month of $50 Unlimited Use. 1.5 hr on phone w/ tech support - sent me new sim again. This time wrong number again. 2hrs on phone said they'd send new sim - week later still haven't seen it. I HATE NET10!!!!!

Michael Thompson 10/1/2011
This company is a joke, lousy! We bought a phone, set it up on a recurring plan, every month we would have to call to get it re-activated. Hours on the phone with an un-intelligble foreigner. Go some where else, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

Walter 9/30/2011
Incredible bad service. I purchased their phone/service a year ago with the ad that you could also choose one foreign country at special rate (--.15 per minute). This was never possible nor did I ever get a response to my written complaint on this. After coming back to the USA a few weeks ago I find that the phone is dead. After calling them they explain that after 3 months of not using the phone they block you off. When you call them to re-activate they ask you to pay another card service with the promise that after 1 hour you will be re-activated (unblocked). That never happens either.

bob 9/29/2011
the worst company on earth, incapable of the simplest task. avoid at all costs. Outright fraud!

Occupant 9/28/2011
For the rest of us, who don't need their hand held by a customer service agent when activating a phone with something as easy as a PIN number, NET10 is perfect. My Net10 phone works in places my wife's Sprint service won't touch. My phone is simple, crappy, and it always works. Quit bellyaching about customer service. It's a $20 phone and a $25 airtime card. Buy another one and start over if it's too difficult for you! This isn't a service to port your number to. Net10 is like the ultimate burn phone. You out of town and lost your phone charger? Screw it, pick up a Net10 phone to finish your trip. Did you run out of minutes and don't want to pay fees? Get the Net10 $20 cheapass phone and a $25 750-minute card and cover yourself! Wake up and smell the easy!

Hate this company 9/27/2011
Terrible phones, horrible coverage, and customer service will cause your blood pressure to rise. Hate Net 10

D 9/26/2011
Great phones I have changed them 3 times over the past 3 years and never had a problem. Service is great never drops calls and my minutes are always there like they are supposed to be. I have not had a lot of experience with svc or support no reason to.

Jan 9/26/2011
I left Net10 because a 'family plan' was more convenient for my family size (me, my hubby, three teenagers and my mom), but I was 100% satisfied with Net10. Now that I am starting a small business with my sister, my first business decision is to use Net10 for the business' telephone needs.

Harry B 9/26/2011
Been using Net 10 for a couple of years. Very happy. Customer service requires a bit of patience due to language "issues" but the only problem I have had was with a defective phone, and Net 10 replaced it at no charge within a few days.
I suspect that most of these histrionic negative reviews are placed by shills for other companies or by malcontents who have nothing better to do than complain in public.

Sherry 9/25/2011
Worst customer service I have ever seen. I rate them as a negative. Instead of transferring my existing number- they just gave me a new one and didn't even tell me. Tried for 2.5 weeks to get it changed and finally gave up and went with an established company. Net10 is still sending me SIM cards even after I have cancelled the service. They are just horrible!!!!!

John Crye 9/25/2011
NetTen "provides" the worst customer service, cell coverage, and technology that I have seen from any company in any field. It is pointless to complain about any specific element of their service as all are uniformly bad, right down to their 411 service that not only costs you minutes but also forces you to listen to advertising... before you find out that they only provide numbers for people and companies listed with Net10, which is virtually nobody.

ralph 9/25/2011
Phone and service are good. Tech support is the worst ever. If you can do it yourself on line then its a good product. Don't expect help from support.

A. J. 9/24/2011
Use Net10 only if you never upgrade your phone, use Net10 only if you don't care to lost your number, use Net10 only if you have 2 hours everyday to deal with their poor customer support . If you want to complaint, they just laugh out loud. Stay away from them, Net10 is not reliable cellphone provider, wish them go out of business soon !

Chrissy 9/24/2011
You Poor Tormented Souls,
To those of you who have experienced what must be the worst customer service nightmare I've ever read about, you have my deepest sympathies for your plight and I truly mean that without sarcasm. I must say, however, that although I'm thoroughly convinced I will NOT be buying a NET10 phone, reading the reviews made me laugh out loud sometimes just because it reminded me of that old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he says to Daffy Duck "Of course you know this means war!" That's what everyone sounds like when they're saying NET10 should be sued. I applaud and wholeheartedly agree. Go get 'em, people! These morons deserve everything they've got coming to them. To arms! To arms! :) And, on that note, people, this too shall pass, it really is just a phone, fight the good fight, but don't let it ruin your life.

lous bailey 9/23/2011
Id leave zero stars if the system would allow. Phones are ok,its the call quality that sucks.Bleeding in and out. If you get a $50 unlimited card...they wont bother you. Get a 750 minute card or less...and youll get tons of calls from people in India asking for various people. Reversed looked up thier number,and lo and behold...the calls are coming from NET10!! Just a ploy for them to burn up peoples minutes,and increase profits. If you want great prepaid service...go with Straight Talk.

Bill W 9/23/2011
Get ready to spend a lot of time with customer service. The representatives do not seem to know much about what they are doing. If you thought you signed up for an Auto Refill Monthly Plan, don't believe it. Chances are, your phone will not automatically reflect a refill when the month is up. The phone service and price are great. But, if you enjoy talking a lengthy time to folks you may have difficulty understanding, this service may be for you.

Dean 9/22/2011
Very satisfied with price & service. Great deal if you are not a big talker or need the internet via your phone. The SIM card in my phone recently went bad and after a call to customer service they sent me a replacement card which I received in 2 days, free of charge. My phone works like new again.

Lisa 9/21/2011
I would give them ZERO stars or a negative number. The customer service is horrible. All they do is put me on hold and transfer with different support teams. Phone arrived last week and still no service, though hours on hold. Ridiculous!!

Erica 9/21/2011
It's true that they have horrible customer service, but they solved all my problems so far. When you talk to them, you have to use very "simple English". I had a problem with porting my number because I gave them the wrong account number. When I explaind the situation with words like "porting" and "carrier", the rep. couldn't understand and asked if I wanted to activate my phone. When I cutout all the "fancy" words and said that I have a problem with transferring my number from a different company, then he understood and transferred me to a supervisor because he couldn't solve it.. It took about 30 min, but at least it was solved. Another thing you should do is to check your online account because sometimes it says that you need to verify your phone # and if you don't it deactivates your account all of a sudden. It happened to my sister, and it took about 1 hr on the phone to solve it.

Bob 9/21/2011
Net 10 is the worst customer service on the planet. Plan to spend at least an hour a month on the phone to them using your minutes that you paid them for. You explain the problem, it's obvious, for example they double billed your credit card, then it takes about another hour because they just can't figure out what to do about it. As soon as I get the last double billing off my credit card bill I'm removing card from account, I still have little doubt that they will re bill it next month after I remove it. They are totally untrustworthy.

Fred 9/20/2011
I have been with Net10 for over 5 years, but will not continue! I purchased a 2nd phone, an upgrade, and after transferring my old number to my new phone all was well until a few weeks later I tried to activate my old phone with a new number and some 300 additional minutes. During the transaction they erased everything off my new phone, transferred my existing number to my old phone, a erased a airtime card I had just purchased to zero, and could not activate my old phone. I had to reactivate my new phone with a new number, buy additional minutes and subsequently lost all of letterhead, and business card information! I spoke with seven techs and four Sr. Supervisors.......NO ONE knew what to do about this! I have enjoyed the easy programs they sell but if you want to deal with professionals, don't waste your time and your money on Net10!

Run, Run Fast 9/20/2011
Yes I agree with The 1 star reveiws. If I could go lower I would. They Do! For all of thr same reasons. I love the simplicity of the plan.If I could get this elsewhere I would BBB Has rated them very low.WHY are they in business.

mnm 9/17/2011
I have used Net 10 for well over 5 years, closer to 8. I have had 3 phones and with the exception of one bad LG model I cannot complain. The service areas could be better, like really using all cell towers in the area and not just Tmobil because it is cheaper for Net10 to use. If you live in a city or on the interstate you are mostly fine. Get into rural areas and reception really degrades to zip quick. I now have the Samsung T401G and have had much better reception than ever before. I don't have to deal with customer service hardly ever, when I did it was a challenge at times but made it through okay, patience is a definite must. I have recommended Net10 to many friends and family and a lot have switched from post paid cells. It is a cheap cell phone service so you get what you pay for. If you are living in the boondocks, it may not be the service for you. All in all I am quite satisfied and don't plan on going anywhere, I love no credit check and no 2 year contract to be stuck in with just as bad customer service. I was with Sprint and was so relieved to be done with them, too many dropped calls to deal with and too expensive.

Foster Martin 9/17/2011
Net 10 used to be GREAT till they change the phones out , and now it doesn't work good at my home and im charged a minute when i dial and no one answers this is reason enough to start looking for a different phone company before my minutes are used up i am disappointed in NET 10 service i USED to brag on how good they were now ill tell any one to go some where else for service !!!

cheryl wyatt 9/17/2011
the phone I purchased was very low end, and the phone never worked correctly..I returned the phone that didnt work...and then net ten would not refund my $20.00 worth of minutes so I am not very satisfied with their company...I tried for 2 days to deal with the company and they kept telling me they showed the phone as active yet I couldnt make or rcv any said emergency calls only..inactive sim card...and when I tried to put the minutes code in the phone it kept telling me it was an invalid number... and it was a nightmare trying to communicate with a non*english speaking person...

Satisfied 9/17/2011
You get what you pay for. Cheap service which works for me. If you want a cadillac go pay for it. The other carriers charge you more and you still get bad service. If you want something that gets you from point a to point b this works. That doesn't mean you shouldn't file a complaint if they steal your money.

TerribleCustomerService 9/15/2011
TERRIBLE customer service! I have had NET10 for years but will switch after this experience! I upgraded my phone and went through the process of transferring my phone number to the new phone online and it did not work. I exchanged numerous e-mails about the situation with all the details and was told I had to call and speak to a customer service representative to fix the problem. I called and spoke to a rep who assured me she fixed the problem and that in an hour it would work. I tested it based off of her instructions after an hour and the number was not transferred. I sent another e-mail explaining what happened and the number still needed to be transferred. I received a response saying that my old number was no longer available and there was nothing they (the NET10 Wireless) could do about it. Needless to say I was not happy and that is the worst customer service. The representative was unhelpful and the e-mail responses were not personalized (always said NET10 Wireless) and completely unhelpful.

shari 9/15/2011
Can't get online; or recieve picture messages. Network unavailable; yet Net10 still charges me 2.5 units.
Their monthly automatic service doesn't work. I tried for 2 months before giving up. You just have to remember to buy your minutes before service date ends.

paul 9/15/2011
I've spent countless hours trying to rectify "ADD AIRTIME" issue on my phone. It's simply not there anymore. It won't let me activate online, either. People, they truly DON'T give a crap because they don't have to. Most net10 buyers are poor schmucks like us whom they know sill simply walk away, not contact the FTC, or their state's consumer division, as I have. Think it would get their attention if someone (not me) raked a rare-earth magnet over several hundred of their cards at a Walmart or something?

lisa 9/15/2011
horrible. you get what you pay for. Terrible customer service they can't even speak english and they can't understand you either. I lost so many minutes because i lost my phone and they don't know how to transfer over to the new phone they really know how to rake your money. and also every time you call customer service with a problem they erase all data, i lost alot of very important numbers and they didn't know how to retrieve that info for me. This company is sickening

Ashanti 9/15/2011
I'm one of those rare souls who has not had problems with Net10. I go to the store, buy a $20 phone minute card, add the pin to my phone. Voila! Everything works. I think that I have no problems because I only make a few calls a month--no overseas calls.

Mister Ed 9/15/2011
Where the F can I find the numbers dialed. someone stole my phone & it was @ my fiancee (so I cant spell) house.

Beware 9/14/2011
Take heed of all the negative reviews on here.

Gordon von Miller 9/14/2011
I must be leading a charmed life. The only time my phone did not work was when it fell in the toilet. And if you want to activate it, do it on line, not with a person. I love it. Even with big companies, support is a crap shoot. been a customer several years. Maybe I'm special!

Tom 9/13/2011
Have droped my prepaid minuetse 3 times in the last year, Reimbersed me once. Dont turn your phone off once it will drop eveything you paid for.

no name 9/13/2011
Phone terrorist it took a month for them to get 2 phones with our numbers on the right phone. They have customer disservice. Even in the Florida office they were clueless. will not go back to att. Will use a can on a string first.Have lost net 00-0.-5 stars

Jerri 9/11/2011
I did have a little trouble in the beginning with speaking to a customer rep with whom I could not understand, but she appologized and spoke slower and we got through just fine. I opted to keep my old # and Net 10 did all the work to complete my port request and succeeded in less than 24 hours. Also, when adding air time I spoke with an English speaking (with english accent) female and this could not have gone smoother..only took about 4 minutes. So far I have good service coverage and I live in a very rural area. All and all, I was pleased with the ease of the transition.

Matt 9/11/2011
Just purchaced the Samsung Net10 Phone.
It had some glitch to activate but everything worked just fine. I have full bar at home where AT&T normal service has only 1 or 2 bars. Conversation I made to the phone was clear. Photo SMS never worked and it chareged me 25 cents without downloading the pic, so stay away from picture SMS but other than that you can't beat the price since it claim to roll over the min or dates. So far so good.

regc 9/10/2011
Absolutely horrible avoid at any cost

ariel 9/9/2011
what could i say,i find net10 to have very good plans,better phones,great call quality in most areas,however iam an spanish speaking customer who speaks english too and i understand why american customers are not satisfied with net10 customer service because of the bad accent of net10 customer service,i agree sometimes is imposible to understand them and net 10 needs to improve their customer service in their tech help and better spoken english for americans customers,hope in the future this company can improve the service and will get many customers for sure.

SuzinMA 9/9/2011
Purchased one phone for our son, no problem. Purchased two more at the same time, one for me and one for my husband. Took two days to transfer my number, but it has been two weeks now and my husband's phone still does not work. Had trouble with the initial set-up. They sent a new SIM card programmed with the wrong number, so he had one number coming in and one going out. They said they would overnight a new SIM card and didn't. Now they say they will overnight a new SIM card, but it's Friday, so we won't get it until Monday. This is his business phone, we can't afford the loss. If our budget wasn't so tight, we wouldn't have done this in the first place.

Tom Las Vegas 9/8/2011
I have been trying to activate and transfer a phone number to a new net10 phone now for over 2 weeks. I have spent at least 10 hours on the phone with them trying to resolve this and still no activation. The customer service is trrrible and their customer service people do not seem to know what they are doing. WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN BY FAR!!!

MC 9/7/2011
Run as far as you can stay away it is not worth your effort and energy on the worst service ever!

Clifford C. Britt 9/5/2011
The only requirement for Net 10 employees is to speak some english. They are not required to have any technical ability at all. Their lack of technical ability results in one to 2 hour phone conversations to address technical issues. After three to five of your calls your issue is sometimes correted. I have issues that have never been corected. Net 10 would be better off to use employees in the USA that have techical skills and can fix issues with one call. Thay are ruining their reputation by trying to save money by using foriegn labor. They will not provide contact information to anyone in the US. In fact I do not know if they are a US company or a Idonisian outfit. At any rate if service isn't improved they are going to go busted and soon I hope. Please have a person in the US contact me at my email address.

EW 9/4/2011
Theft10 is the worst, no different than the common crooks they are. They never deliver is ordered online, stealing airtime, lying to customers, and completely illiterate. It is no surprise that they're rep are reading from a scripted card. These people need to learn from Hooked on Phonics for kids.

FUCKU NET10 9/4/2011
Worst purchase I ever made, service is absolute dogshit, people at net10 are ignorant know nothing and should be shot in the head before they breed and make more stupids. They somehow managed to hire every dumbass Indian on the planet, none can speak ENGLISH, therefore none are of any use at all-except maybe for TARGET PRACTICE!!
NET10 SUCKS ABSOLUTELY- I have returned mine @ Best Buy; even they agree Net10 hires and uses hapless ignorant idiots that are unable to do anything but read from a card, in some language similar to PIG LATIN. Someone should walk in there and do them all a great favor- and shoot every single one of them.

Chris 9/4/2011
Tried activating phone. It didn't work.


Unhappy 9/4/2011
They deactivated my phone # which I had for 7 years while I tried to add money to my account. They did not even notified me that they changed my phone #. I spent over 3 hours on the phone to figure out what happened.

disgruntled customer 9/3/2011
I upgraded to the new Motorola EX124G from an old Net10 Samsung...when I called from my land line phone to have the new phone activated with my existing Net10 #, they deactivated my old net10 phone and totally lost my # of 10+ years. I an VERY ANGRY as the number is now gone for good:(

Monica 9/2/2011
i wouldnt even rate a 1 star. There should be an option for negative stars. I got a new phone called the CS team to transfer my old phone number to the new phone (simple request right) WRONG whom ever i spoke with entered the wrong sim card number and Since July i have not been able to use my phone I've been going around in circles with these ppl. they send me a new sims card 2 weeks later and the next idiot programs it with a Florida phone number I live in California Dumb A**es yet they happily deducted the funds for my month fee and yet i have not phone to use now I waiting again for another sims card since they programmed it wrong AGAIN. here we go again with the waiting game for another 2 weeks before the next sim card comes in maybe this time they will give me a number in alaska.......-10 is the rating they get

Flash 9/2/2011
Any lawyers out there in cyberland that would be willing to file a class action lawsuit against the parent company "tracphone" for their deceptive and outright stealing business practices with net ten, tracphone and smartphone company's. I will definitely sign up. Please leave your info on this review. I have filed complaints with the FCC and the government fraud site and my congressman till I am about to wear my keyboard on my computer to absolutely no avail. Have not heard back from a single one of them. These ceo's need to be in jail. Period!!!!!!!! I can not believe I let them rip me off as many times as they have. My bad! I don't have to worry about my phone anymore because after finally using up all my minutes this time it got to meet my hammer!!!!

Mike 9/1/2011
Not wanting to renew my contract with T-Mobile, I bought a LG900G from Net10.
The phone is very nice for $29. Activation took all about 5 minutes. Reception is very good. Uses ATT towers. Have never lost a signal. The $25 dollar card is a great deal for 750 anything minutes.You can also add one and place it in reserve. If you put Opera Mini on it..the web is pretty good. Other apps like Google maps run well also. Seems most complaints are with customer service. Shame..if net10 concentrated a little in this area, they would be hard to beat. Don't think I will ever get a phone contract again.
MAy try Straight Talk next..simply because they have better phones to utilize a unlimited plan. They now have a Android phone.

Cindy 9/1/2011
I completed a survey that was sent to my emial and a week afterwards I got a call for a represtenative that never really explained a thing other then ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmm ummmmm. If this is the kind of people that are there to help with problems then I think it is time for me to search for another company.I have used your company at first for the value but I cant get any value inless I PURCHASE THE MONTHLY $50 plan. I am supposed to have web services and dont get them on any card I have purchased. I have bought 4 different phones in the last 5 years and havent gotten any web use from any of them.
Get your business together if you want to keep your customers.

Erica cheeks 9/1/2011
I was trying to make a transaction through Net10 online, and it took funds out of my accoount 5 times instead of just one time. When I was told that the transaction couldn't go through I kept trying. Even though it said transaction failed it still took funds from my account, and it caused me an overdraft on my account. Now if a transaction fails DON"T LET IT GO THROUGH I am beginning to think there is something a little fishy about all of this GARBAAAGE.

Rick Gamber 8/31/2011
as everyone agrees, customer service is worse than abysmal. i need not elaborate. by net10 works for me. i have essentially a $10 phone...not anything more.... for $15 (150 minutes) a month. i rollover minutes so if i'm traveling and using more, no problem. if the phone dies, i spend $10 and am good to go. coverage on all my travels has been excellent.

kel 8/30/2011
Customer service isn't the greatest but I haven't actually had much better at any of the cell phone companies I have been with. Their monthly plans I have had no problem with and they are the best out there. Especially since their is no contract and if I need to switch between different cards and minutes I can. There are draw backs because they are not a contract phone. You just have to look at you get what you pay for and my opinion is that Net 10 is the best bang for the buck. Mainly having to do with no contract so I don't have any extra fees, activations fees, this and that fees, early termination fees is I don't like the service. I have never had any problems with reception that I didn't get with other phones and have actually gotten better reception at work than all the guys with smart phones and contract carriers. According to the coverage map they have the best coverage too. We use them for my whole family and it's way cheaper than if I went with a contract carrier.

geegary 8/29/2011
50 mins on the phone with their support and they tell me to call back in 24 hrs yea right NET 10 sucks the big one

LaMont Lewis 8/29/2011
I like the simplicity of their plans. I had no real problems. However...Net 10 customer service is awful. So I'm good as long as there is no need for assistance.

LaMont Lewis 8/29/2011
I like the simplicity of their plans. I had no real problems. However...Net 10 customer service is awful. So I'm good as long as there is no need for assistance.

Rexall 8/27/2011
Terrible service! Tried to add time for 2weeks phone would not accept it.Now the phone has been deactivated and they tell me I have to reactivate it and get a new number! Customer service sucks, puts you on hold forever, then they cant help you.Do not buy this crappy product! The congress needs to put a stop to this rip off!

ALW 8/26/2011
My phone has been deactivated 3 times through no fault of my own. I am supposed to be enrolled in their monthly plan. It did not work and they didn't add minutes. They finally fixed it and then one day it stopped working even though I have 11 service days left and 730 minutes. They suck. I'm done with them.

sead 8/26/2011
net 10 sucks.nothing but problems with them.Reception is week and customer service is awfull.would not recommend to anyone.

JohnyAloha 8/26/2011
If a 'zero' were available for Customer Service, that is what I would rate it. Why? Because the average wait time for me has been OVER 50 minutes and I have had to make a least 5 phone calls to get my phone activated in trying to keep my old NET10 phone number. Activation online said my old phone did NOT exist even though it showed its serial number as my 'Current Phone'. I will advise ALL my friends and family NOT to use Net10 or TracPhone (parent company). Coverage is very limited as well.

Bridget White 8/25/2011
If zero stars were an option, I would have selected it.

Thomas Brooks 8/25/2011
I cannot express how unhappy I am with Net10 service. The monthly plan is still Minutes based, their Customer service is unhelpful. Their Internet is VERY limited, and is NOT a full service Browser. Be careful bringing your number to their company, as porting it back from them is very difficult, and you will get no help from their end (I had to call my old provider.) If this site would let me, i wouldn't even give them one star.

julio 8/24/2011
good phones,nice plans and service.customer service not very helpfull.they have improved their service and you can activate,port number or change your phone for a new one very easy thru their website,anyway i have been with net10 for 2 years and the customer service is horrible.hope net10 can improve their customer service and they will get more customers.hope don't have an issue with them,the customer service can be a pain so good luck

Susan 8/24/2011
I brought net 10 for my son. We put minutes on it the first day like 750 minutes. It worked ok. The next month I decided to go with unlimited minutes for $50. The phone took itself out of order. I called net 10 whose customer service is horrible. The people are more than willing to help but they cant. The dont know anything. All they do is tell you your phone does not work (like you don't know that). I had to wait 5 days for the new phone THEY sent a new phone and when I called to activate it. It wouldnt work. I had to wait 3 to 5 days for a new sim card for the new phone. They keep turning the phone off. Net 10 sucks bigtime. They dont want to refund my money so after my month is up I am done. I'll go with a new company. And tracfone is no better. Cheap products, cheap service, will leave you with no custumers.

Dean 8/24/2011
Horrible Customer sevcie got phone on 3 occasions that never worked added $100 in air time and never got to use it. Manager told me to return the phones they had sent and would refund phone purchse and airtime. Sent items back was told 30 business days for refund. after 30 days was up called again said problem and was told 30 days more for refund. Now I call and they push me from supervisor to supervisor and put me on hold and then line goes dead. I would not suggest net 10 as a resource for cellular service if you are smart get a plan it will work and they will not steal from you. My next stop is the AG.

Francis 8/23/2011
been with them for 2 months.Horrible Cust
service Added minutes and deactivated my phone anyway so i almost lost my number
which is a number for business i've had for 10 yrs. They did finally retrieve th number but after telling they me couldn't. The CS finally got around to talking with the port dept and resolving the issue. I'm going to consider VM soon
1 star not 3

Mellonee 8/23/2011
Have had a Net10 phone for about 8 years -- have never really had a problem. LAST NIGHT they sent me a text message telling me to call to avoid disruption in service. Today my phone was deactivated and there is no record of it on website. Was told by some incredibly insipid girl on the phone that they had made upgrades and I needed a new SIM card that they could NOW send me which still leaves me with no coverage. I told her thank you very much to not helping me at all to which the stupid ninny actually said "thank you" to. I will buy a new phone tomorrow that is NOT Net 10.

Jane 8/23/2011
Have had Net10 for 3 years and use the Easy Minutes pkg. It worked up until about 6 mths ago and now it is a total frustration. My credit card is billed monthly but the minutes are not added. I call customer service and after about 1-1/2 hrs, it sometimes gets fixed. This last time, last week, the 4th rep I was transferred to deactivated my phone. I had to wait 4 days for new sim card. Minutes still cannot be added and the "manager" (who was my 5th transfer) said the problem still exists and she will submit a ticket and get it fixed....I highly doubt it. Now, as far as reception it's great, I get service almost anywhere in the country. I don't live in BFE, I'm in Dallas area; I did read my contract, I do understand phones. I also understand what Customer Service SHOULD be as I was a CS Director before retiring. The customer service is just about intolerable and in addition to not getting any satisfaction, it is frustrating to not be able to understand what is being said. I'm about ready to give it up. Ain't worth the hassle.

John 8/22/2011
Rarely adds my automatic minutes every month. Even though I have over 600 minutes, the add on minutes every month have not been added. When the minutes get to zero, the phone doesn't work and I try to resolve the problem on the net. Never once has this worked. I end up calling customer service in the Philippines and eventually the problem is resolved after at least an hour of screwing around with them. What a joke. Makes one wonder why they can't resolve the problem after three years.

Mark K 8/22/2011
Just horrible. Tech support is not supportive in any way. The call quality on three different phones was very sub-par. Many dropped calls.

pauline 8/21/2011
THis net10 service has been horrible. THe first 10 days after activation, my service was deactivated twice. Trying to communicate with English-as-a second-language person was also a nightmare. I was in National park when my service was deactivatd and the serial # was on my phone yet the phone could not be turned on. THis has been a very frustrating experience. Beware!

Timothy 8/21/2011
I currently use this service and their customer service stinks. They also have fouled up my phone for 2 weeks or more three times. It currently is out of service due to the fact that they fouled it up 3 times since August first, and now want me to call their customer service again to fix the problem.

TParker 8/20/2011
Luv it!! I am a consultant therefore I travel 24/7 across the US and it works GREAT!! No problems. MUST BUY!

Stacy 8/19/2011
Just had my phone for a week. Started with a $20 card just to try out my first pre-paid cell. activated my phone online and my phone acknowledged my minutes/activation in less than 5 minutes (web site says it could take an hour). minutes do disappear faster than you think they will but you know what the rate is upfront. they have the unlimited for 30 day plans so make the best decision for yourself. my reception gets a little fuzzy sometimes when i'm driving, but i work in Kentucky where the hills tend to mess with reception no matter what phone service you use. The LG qwerty phone is very good. the FM tuner is a nice feature. i dropped it while jogging the day after i bought it and it still works fine. all in all, it's been a good experience. judging from the rest of these reviews i probably won't be looking forward to interaction with CS, but i paid $30 for the phone and $20 for service. if it becomes a hassle it's not like i dropped $400 on an Iphone. I'll try another provider if CS ever becomes an issue.
On the posting front.....looks like some of these agitated and angry customers need to read their service agreement before blasting someone for something that is in black/white on the website (i.e.- $0.05 texts, calling areas, pay-as-you-go vs unlimited 30 day plans). Ignorance is not an excuse. And, this isn't Verizon, Sprint, AT&T.....if you live in BFE you're service is probably not that great no matter who your provider is. Pre-paid phones "utilize" larger companies networks. you do not have the same access as AT&T just because you bought a Virgin Pre-paid cell. you get what you pay for.

WW486 8/19/2011
I have used net10 for many years. I have always had good reception, no problem with adding air time, minutes always roll over. Customer service is no worse and maybe even better than my daughters pre paid carrier.

Kevin 8/19/2011
I have never had bad reception with Net10, and my few experiences with customer service wer pretty reasonable, but I may have gotten lucky. As for what "kim" said about texts, I think that the .5 minutes text cost is only if you are not on one of the monthly plans. That doesn't make sense, but I read another review that said that if you buy the $20, $30, $45, $60, or $100 Pay As You Go cards, then texts cost the .5 miutes. However, I think many would consider it a lie of omission if you only get the advertised text price on that one payment option. I bought a $20 200 minute card, and instead, when I activated it, it gave me the $25 750 minute plan. I saved five dollars and got 550 free minutes, and the customer support said my only option was to use up pthe minutes and add another card. But I noticed I was losing

Kshama 8/18/2011
If there was 0 star, I wld give this service a 0 star rating. I was not able to make or receive calls for more than a week, and each time the tech support cldn't fix the problem. And this was when I had more than 1000 minutes of airtime. For anyone wishing to buy a prepaid, pls do not get a Net 10 phone.

unhappy 8/17/2011
would give negative points if i could. the parent company of net-10 is tracphone and have the most horrible customer service with representatives that do not speak english. their phone malfunctioned (at no fault of mine) and the replacement was not a new phone. then it has taken over 20 phone calls at 1 to 1 and a half hours each call to get my number transferred and the phone keeps deactivating. **MOST HORRIBLE SERVICE EVER**

Bill 8/17/2011
1. Phone NEVER worked
2. NON-Customer Service is a JOKE!
3. 35 Days after phone retuned STILL NO REFUND!
4. Spent OVER 4 Hrs. on hold and listening to Robots read a script, 5-6 calls to CUSS-tomer service!
5. If you have High Blood pressure, you'll stroke out with these IDIOTS!
6. Owned by Trcfone, names include NET 10, STRAIGHTTALK, and TRACFONE, THEY ALL SUCK!

Rita 8/17/2011
People need to know that if FedEx delivers the package, the only option you have is to sit at home all day and wait for them. You cannot have FedEx hold the package at their office so you can pick it up at your convenience. I just hope I'll get a refund since I can't get my package.

esteban 8/17/2011
well net10 has improved their service a little but i agree,customer service still is a joke,just pray don't have an issue with them,in my case i have had luck and the service works as described by them,i ported my number in less than 1 hour thru their website without problems,iam in the pay as u go plan and the service is excellent till now so i think net 10 must improve the customer service attention and many people will go with them since the wireless plans are now iam happy with them for the service but not for the customer service.

gil 8/16/2011
I've had the service for three+ years and we currently have three phones. We have two super-cheap phones that work fine but don't get a whole lot of use. My daughter's phone took about 3 weeks and 20 hours worth of calls to tech support to get it working right when we first got it. It worked for a year, but she let the service expire. Now we are attempting to reactivate it and it's starting over. After 4 calls and 3 hours I gave up and got a refund. That only took a half-hour, if it worked. (That's record time for their tech support.) I'll check my credit card carefully over the next couple of days.

Rita 8/16/2011
I can't attest to what happens after you get the phone. I CAN tell you that the phones that are shipped FedEx, for some stupid reason you can't pick up the package at a FedEx location, they have to deliver it to your residence. If I could sit around home all day long waiting for FedEx, I wouldn't need a cell phone.

lj 8/16/2011
I am manager of a retail store that sells minutes. I have an elderly couple that buy from me because I will enter their pin on their phones. Recently they bought minutes, when added to their phone they received the minutes but not the days. To make a long story short, they used a lot of their minutes, I used minutes on my personal phone, I tried to call from my store phone--- recording said the wait would be 15 minutes. Never happened. We finally gave up. These are people on a fixed income. If I were a executive in this company, I would be ashamed to do people this way.

Sean Sanders 8/15/2011
I'll give this phone and service a three stars. I would give 4, but as most have said the customer service is horrible. The few times I have had to use, I have had to wait 30-40 minutes. That is unreasonable. As far as phone quality, and signal quality, their service is good. It's affordable, works all the time, and I have signal where others don't. Just understand that if you use this service, you can expect long waits and the rep may or may not be easy to understand.

alex 8/14/2011
Net10 is a horrible. I just bought my son a phone and got the unlimited min. We called and activated the phone and NOTHING it would not do anyting no calls txt or internet. I called customer service and after being on hold for 16 min I got disconnected called back 12 min on hold and after explaing the problem I was again disconnected. I was calling them off my own cell but after 5 calls and 3 disconnects I still had a non working phone. End result I sent the phone back. Net10 has the worst customer service.

JeninOH 8/13/2011
I had a net 10 phone for about a year and decided to upgrade, I could not do it all online so I had to call. My boyfriend decided he wanted to join too and so I bought him a phone and card for the 750 min plan. They ported out his number without a problem from his old phone company, but then it only gave me 10 MIN of service. I had to spend over 100 hours of my time to fix it since calling customer service is not free and when they said the wait should be about 15 min.... I gave up after an hour... I finally found another number to call for them and I was not on hold as long but we had to spend 20 min reprogramming his phone, we finally got it to work but I was out 100 min. and they would not fix it, since I had just added the $25 the day before I feel like they should have re added another 750 min and started my time over since I used up so much time on THEM, but NO.... I like the phone and features... but the customer service SUCKS

kim 8/12/2011
i was made to understand that sending a text only used 0.5 of your minutes.. mine takes of 1.0 min each text i i wrong????

mavig 8/11/2011
Terrible customer service. Expect a hold time no less than 30 minutes, but pwords of an hour and a half. Webpage access to account is often not reliable and you're asked to call the toll-free number. WQhen a problem with the phone, you can report it online. Expect a call to resolve the problem after a week.

Christina 8/11/2011
Like everyone everyone else said don't buy this phone, if you may ever need customer service they provide no service for customers and when it comes down to it you will need customer service so after 5 years I will be gEtting new service that can actually answer and support customers

disgruntled 8/11/2011
I have had a NET10 phone for 7 years. Recently due to a technical error by NET10 the removed 1190.00 minutes from my account. After days of trying to get them to make it right, their loss prevention department said I will not get the airtime back. How is this any different than stealing? I can no longer reccomend to anyone that they use NET10.

Toni Rhoades 8/10/2011
The coverage was great! That’s the only good thing I can say about them! The customer service on the other hand is the worst I have ever dealt with! My husband and I both had them. My husband walked into the pool with his phone while on vacation. I had already wanted to upgrade my phone, and thought this would be a good opportunity to do that, giving him my old phone. I could not get it done on line and decided to wait until we got home. We had an old phone that had not been activated yet, I attempted this on line and again the web site kicked it out. When I called I was told the phone was outdated and they would send a replacement (to my home address). They gave me the model number. A few days later it showed up at home with the model number I was given, and I activated it with my husband’s phone number. I had called to switch to my new phone later on the same day that I called for my husband’s phone. I was told that the phone would not work in our area and they would send me a comparable replacement phone. When it didn't arrive (to my work address), I called again and was told that it had been sent. I asked for the tracking number and was given the tracking number of the first package that contained my husband’s phone. This happened several times with different people on the phone. They couldn't understand what I was trying to say, and I couldn't understand what they were saying. The gist of it seemed to be that I was being accused of trying to rip them off. It didn't seem to be a problem to them that I wanted to return the phone that I could not use. They kept insisting that I already had my phone! Not only was it the model number given for his phone, but also it was delivered to my home. I gave them my work address for my phone, I never did receive. I took it back to Best Buy, and I have switched companies. I must have wasted at least 10 hours of my time and phone minutes! I will never use this company again, and will tell everyone I know that they are con artists! After everything with my husband’s phone he hates it and wants my old phone! The problem is that I refuse to waste 2 hours of my time on them!

Elisabeth 8/10/2011
They should indeed make "0 Stars" an option when rating. This is the worst experience I have ever had with anything I've ever bought! Cell phones should make your life easier, not harder, right??? Take my advice, try another prepaid company and STAY AWAY from Net 10! My phone keeps deactivating, and no one at customer service seems to be able to tell their rear end from a hole in the ground, nor can they speak very understandable English. Also, the website is horrible...I've tried multiple times to get my phone to do what I want it to do, and I keep getting circular links. It's driving me crazy, and I cannot wait until my minutes are finally gone, and I can try a different service!!!!!!!

@Pat 8/9/2011
Tracfone sucks, I agree. Try Page Plus. Their tech support is in the US, based in Ohio. Page Plus uses Verizon's network so if Verizon is good in your area, you are fine.

jojo 8/9/2011
This could be one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Seriously the worst cell phone I have ever owned. This service is an absolute joke and I would not use this plan if it were free. Just an absolute nightmare. Keep your money and ANYTHING else.

Pat 8/9/2011
Beware: This company likes to cheat you out of your minutes and days - I had the $50 unlimited plan for a while but I rarely used more than 300 minutes so switched to $25 with 750 minutes. I went back into my account before the end of my month and canceled the automatic pay - service went off and I began looking for another phone company - a day later, my phone rang and it showed I had 29 days and 750 mins. I emailed - calling India for customer service is awful - and said i would go ahead and keep the service for the month but they had to correct and cancel the auto pay and the date for the service to end since it was out for almost two days. Now, they took away my last two days of service for the month and added the auto pay again so i lost money on this deal over and over. Don't you love it when the customer no service rep tells you it is costing you minutes to talk to them and "Do you still want to stay on the call?" what kind of outfit is this? No company ever charged for calling them for their mistakes especially!!!!! I will submit complaint to FCC and to BBB. The BBB is wonderful and gets results quickly. I am tossing this phone when this is corrected and will not use any service that does not have customer support right here in the USA.

VAB 8/9/2011
They really need to get their website working properly. Tried to txfer # to new phone and could not do it had to go on FB page for help. Now trying to add minutes through my account and can't get in. Someone better wake up over there and fix this problem or there might be a mass migration to VM.

Cinna 8/8/2011
My daughter had purchased an LG 800g for 49.99 with the money she had earned during the summer. Come to find she was having difficulties using the picture messaging, so I had called Net 10 and they had informed me that the phone was defective and that would send a replacement phone which was a Motorola EX124G. When we finally received it and tried to activate it, they said the phone would not work in our service area. So they said they would send us a new phone which was the LG 501C which is only 39.99 and that she would be given compensation minutes for the inconvenience for their error. When we got the phone we had it activated, but realized that the phone did not have the same applications as the other phone she had originally purchased. So I had called them up to see if she can be compensated for the money lost on the replacement phone and the time she had lost cause of their inconvenience. After being on the phone several times to talk to someone about this my wait time was approximately over an hour, they only wanted to compensate 20 to 30 minutes. Every time I asked to speak to a supervisor I was transfer and disconnected. Needless to say I am not very happy. Twenty minutes I figured with the 200 min equals out to 10 min per dollar purchase. At the 750 min plan it equals out to 30 min on the dollar. Since she paid 49.99 with the first phone purchase the phone she received was 39.99 that is a $10.00 loss on her part. Even if they gave her the 20 to 30 min she is still looking at anywhere from a $7 to $9 loss. So in retrospect my daughter has now lost $10.00 of her hard earned money,time and energy wasted on trying to fix their mistakes, and the company made a profit off of 13 year old. Wow a big cooperation like Net10 feeding off their own errors, hard working people, and innocent kids working hard to become independent. Way to make a buck Net10!!!!

Tricia 8/8/2011
Not the best website and prayed I wouldn't have to call customer service but just bought a phone, ported my old number, and added minutes with no issues. Took about 12 hours from start to finish. Wish they had some sort of tracking page where you could see where you were in the que but some patience and following the instructions to the letter were key. Unless you are constantly on the phone, I can't imagine going any other way than prepaid

hotsummer 8/7/2011
Service itself is ok, but heaven help you if you need any support. I have had service for a couple of years; now that I'm trying to upgrade my phone I see had bad it is. It is not unusual to wait days, if not weeks in some cases. I would weigh that when choosing.

Bill 8/6/2011
Network is not available for 5 days now....Hours on the phone with 4 different people from other countries and my problem still exists.They lie and cut you off,they all have no clue.I made the mistake of being paid up until next Jan.One preson had the nerve to tell me that the cell phone towers were being worked on in my area and service would be restored in 24 hrs........that was 3 days back....Never again with them...My bad!

paintedpleasure149 8/5/2011
If I could give it less than 1 star I would. Purchased phone and 750 minutes from Net10 website. Phone was defective out of the box. I can't be heard when making or receiving calls, I can hear the other person but he/she can't hear me. I have been trying to get phone fixed or replaced for the past 3 weeks. I speak daily to one of their customer service reps (based out of India). Each time they have to open a 'new' ticket because the person before them 'didn't record it correctly'. Then he/she calls me on the phone to confirm they can't hear me, then tell me it will be resolved within 72 hours. Then I get another call and/or email saying I need to contact them. I am on my 15th 'ticket' with no end in sight. In the meantime I am out the cost of phone and $25 for the minutes (which are set to expire in one week, even though I haven't been able to use the phone). I just finished talking with yet another rep who kept saying "rest assured that you already will get new phone when we troubleshoot this phone to make for sure what is causing trouble".
Here is past of the email I received from them earlier today which led me to make this last call....
"We try to call you today August 5, 2011 at the phone number (removed for posting). We were routed to your voicemail. We need to speak to you directly to verify some confidential information's. If we have verified that your NET10 phone is defective. We will be processing a replacement phone to you. Please call us using the phone number listed below."
And so it continues. I have heard good things about the phone service (I wouldn't know since I can't use the phone) but customer service is a nightmare. Please be forewarned that if you have service issues you will be at risk for a stroke after dealing with this company on phone or by email. I have been getting the run around for 3 weeks with no end in sight. By the way I am going back to AT&T. Rates were ridiculous, but I could use it.

imarie 8/5/2011
i just recently purchased my first ever prepaid phone a month ago Net10 is very easy and basic and very affordable i have no complaints

guest 8/3/2011
AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Danger danger Will Robinson. I rate these companies a 0 rating if I could. Net ten, tracphone, smartphone all owned by the same company and they will rip you off on purpose by outright stealing your minutes or using up your minutes/hours on their worthless customer service from "India" that you can not understand anyway. About half the time on my phones even with a good signal their phones will not be able to make a call because phone will say "no network or emergency call only or you have 0 minutes". Absolutely terrible phone companies. I can not believe the government has not cracked down on them by now, so I am urging everyone that is experiencing these crappy phone companies to write your congressmen & the FCC to complain. They are stealing your money and the government is letting them do it!!!!!

larry 8/3/2011
0 stars if I could! Once again filing a complaint with the FCC. These people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for theft. Forget wasting your minutes using you phone on customer service "from India" they deliberately burn up your minutes on purpose. Use internet instead. I have 328 minutes left and trying like mad to get used up before days of service are gone so can throw in trash in a 100 pieces. But I can not use up because even though I have excellent signal phone will either say "no network or emergency call only or you have 0 minutes goodby" I can not understand why the FCC lets these people keep operating! I had a tract phone that has same problems. AVOID any phones associated with this company at all cost! I urge everyone to file a complaint with the FCC maybe if they get enough complaints they just might do something about putting them out of business. But don't hold your breath! They sell you a service but don't provide it is stealing plain and simple.I just wish I could say some cuss words on this review or better yet be able to meet them in person for some one on one action! At least I could get a little satisfaction that way. YA!

DeJay 8/3/2011
net 10 WILL never get any better,sad to say they will always have customer but not customer sevice,yeah they suck!

Richard 8/2/2011
Absolutely the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. 4 1/2 hours of the phone trying to activate a phone they sent only to find out that it was the wrong phone. Then got disconnected. Wait times for any service from them were from 30 min to 1 hour and in some cases they wouldnt even let you wait. There are other phone companies out there...suggest you look there.

Tony 8/2/2011
Countless people have had there minutes and service days stolen by Net 10. Net 10 should be prosecuted for these crimes.

Tony 8/2/2011
Net 10 is horrible. I had a Net10 phone that broke. Ordered a new one and activated it with my old number and 346 minutes and 22,000 pus service days. Instead, they sent a new number and I lost all my minutes and service days. 30 minutes with customer service and they had to send a new sim card. Three days later put in new sim card and called then as instructed. 2 hours with cust service and I had my minutes but they could not give me all my service days, only 5181. A 750 minute card came in the box with my new phone. Net 10 has always given extra minutes with their phones so I added the card and BOOM! All my minutes and service days were gone. Customer no-service said "sorry" nothing we can do. What a scam. Why in the world would I give up 5181 service days that I fought for 2 hours to get for 30 days service? The printing on the airtime card is deceiving, with the notice about losing your minutes and service days on the bottom AFTER you followed the directions for adding the minutes! Net 10 is complicated, they trick you, they keep you on hold for ever, and then say "sorry" nothing we can do. STAY AWAY FROM NET 10!

Sammy 8/2/2011
Right from the Net10 Website! Read before you complain

VAB 8/2/2011
I see a lot of people complaining about mistakes they made and wanting retribution from Net10. You people obviously think you are owed everything in life, from a business standpoint, tough! For legitimate issues go to their Facebook page they are very responsive, they activated my phone in 5 minutes. Also the website doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to, very slow and gets hung up. Not a bad company, just wish they had better phones, the LG900g isn't bad for the price. I tried the LG800g and learned a valuable lesson, never purchase a $40 touch screen phone.

Carol 8/2/2011
This is the worst phone, and worst service, I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Last month I bought the wrong card for their $50 a month plan with 750 mins. I had about 3,659 minutes I had accumulated over the years, since I use this phone only when traveling.. as soon as I downloaded the new card, my minutes dissappeared. I called to resolve the problem and was plugged into, some man somewhere in India: I could not understand a thing he said, and wondered with our economy as bad as it is, why these companies don't employ Americans, people could understand. Well, after almost 2 hrs. of speaking to "Peggy" I was told they couldn't do anything for me. I had been with them for 4 years, but will use 2 tin cans and some string, before I would ever deal with them again.

patricia thomas 8/2/2011
Net10 is the absolute worst organization I have ever worked with. We added 60 days and 300 min. of time to our fone Aug1 thru their internet, and it wasn't added to our fone. I called yesterday and spent 1hr. and 10min. on the fone, still not done. Today, I have spent another 1hr. and 8min. on the fone. So far, not corrected. They assured me it will be done in the next 4hrs. If not, I am calling my bank and stopping the payment and throwing their fone in the trash. They claim they can't void or refund. Plus the fact that we are dealing with New Dehli, India, and no one can speak clear English. If I could rate them with a 0 star I would.

Claudia 8/1/2011
I absolutely HATE net10 customer service. EVERYTIME i call them, I spend over 25 minutes talking to someone. They take FOREVER to fix problems and answer questions. Today I called them, talked to someone for 35 minutes. She told me the problem was fixed. I realized later that the problem was NOT fixed. I called them back, stayed on hold for 45 minutes. 45 MINUTES!!! on hold! Never had this happen to me. Angrily, I hung up. Called them a few hours later, was put on hold for 24 minutes, until I hung up. I called again now and was put on hold for 29 minutes. Finally someone answered my call, while he was helping me with my problem..we lost connection somehow. I called back and was put on hold for 38 minutes before hanging up. I HATE HATE HATE net10. The ONLY reason I stay with them is because I hate to lose my phone number.

Steve 7/31/2011
As quoted from the review: "Each time you add minutes to your phone, The new expiration date is added to the old and all minutes expire at the later date."

Bill 7/31/2011
Radio Shack activated the phone I purchased there with the 750 minute monthly plan. 10 days before the month was up I received a text advising that I had 10 days left & I should purchase an airtime card. When I called and advised that I had been set up for an auto charge to my credit card, the guy signed me up with a new plan starting today. I wound up spending a couple of hours talking to 4 different people, including a supervisor, to hopefully get a credit for the new charge and a fix to my billing period. Add this problem to being without service for a couple of days till my old number was ported, I am not pleased. Plus, it appears anytime you are on the phone with them you can spend hours. But, I like the phone and the service has been good before and after the out of service for the porting. I'll post an update if they don't get the double charge problem fixed.

Dave B 7/31/2011
Net10 has horrible customer service. Often the line is just busy for hours at a time, other times you are put on hold for an extended period before being connected to a service rep. Often the service reps are based in thre Philapeans, Mexico or perhaps India. The phone connnection quality to customer service is terrible lots of static, background noise, dropouts etc. Very often the reps are extremely difficult to understand. They will ask you for the same information over and over and over and over again. They are incapable of solving even very basic problems in a reasonable amount of time. You will most often find solving a basic problem like getting the correct number minutes and days put on your phone will require mukltiple phone calls, endless transfers to "supervisors", endless repeating of your problem and being told ting that are not true repetedly. Email service is just as bad and basically has NEVER solved a problem for me. I have spent as much as 6 hours over several days trying to get basic problems like correct minutes credited. It is a horrendously badly run company and has the worst customer service of any that I have dealt with. They should not be allowed to do business in the U.S. Read the reviews on any of the sites and you will see huge number of complaints for tracphone, net10 and straight talk all owned by American Movil. The worst telcom company on the planet.

Hansen 7/29/2011
These guys are horrible. I bought the phone from Walmart and then wanted to sign up for a monthly plan that automatically renews. Every month, they would de-activate my phone. I would have call them and have them reactivate it (which took 2 days) - and their customer service was terrible. The people that took your information had no power to assist you.

Stephanie 7/28/2011
This morning I purchased a $25 dollar card to add minuits to my phone and it erased the 30 minuties I orginally had on my phone and net 10 would not give me back my minuites

nej 7/28/2011
First of all, just to let you know I am a stay at home mom who homeschools my kids. I have always taught my kids to be polite and respectful to others in any situation. With that said please forgive my for the harsh words you are about to read. DO NOT, buy a Net 10 phone!!!!!!!! These people at customer service are absolutely the most hard headed narrow minded people I have ever had to deal with in my life!!! My daughter saved her own money to purchase a phone and a 900 minute card. It has been a constant battle for over thirty days to try and get the phone working properly. I could not get them to understand it was defective. Finally after a month and approximately 25 phone calls, I explained to them I just wanted a refund for the phone and minutes. I tried to transfer the minutes from the Net10 phone to my Tracfone. After many more phone calls and sending me 2 new sim cards for my tracfone, they informed me I can not transfer minutes from a net10 to a tracphone. Okay so I told them I just wanted to return the net10 phone and be refunded for the phone and the minutes. After 1 hour and 16 minutes the idiot understood I wanted a refund. I sent the phone back. One day after that my tracfone was disabled! What the hell!!!! They transferred the net10 number to MY tracphone! I NEVER authorized this!!! How can they do this!!! I have had my tracfone and same number for years and never had a problem!! Another sim card being sent for my tracfone. Oh my god. So i get a phone call today saying this is tracfone and they can not refund the 900 minutes. She says there is no record of me adding the 900 minutes to the net10 phone. I say to her, let me get this straight you are calling me from tracfone to tell me that you can't refund my net10 minutes that I added to YOUR defective net10 phone? She said yes they are the same company, net10 and tracfone. Then why can't they transfer the minutes to my tracfone? There was no problem transferring the net10 phone number to my Tracfone WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZING IT!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE DRIVING ME COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!!! This can't be legal! STAY AWAY FROM NET10!!!!!

merlin 7/28/2011
My dad has a simple Net Ten phone.

M.V. Reed 7/27/2011
I have had Net 10 service for my cell phone for 4 years. My complaint is my problems with buying more minutes. For the 4th time when I tried to add minutes on line, the site told me I had run out of time & would have to start over. I had to call Net 10. The person who answered had a heavy accent, which I have no difficulty understanding. I gave him the info he requested. Then he informed me that my transaction was denied. Of course, he couldn't tell me why. I am ready to throw the phone into a pond & buy from a different company.

m12w12m60 7/26/2011
Have four of the Samsung T401G phones using AT&T network and the $25 monthly plan. Previous reviewers are right, the outsourced customer service is pretty much worthless, but that can be fixed by calling the corporate office instead. They have always fixed problems, whether NET10's fault or mine, quickly and professionally. I have no complaints whatsoever otherwise. I'll find out more the first time we travel with these phones.

Ron 7/26/2011
When I first got the phone it worked great. I convinced my wife to switch over from verizon. Slowly over the past two years the service in our area has gotten worse and now we can only make emergency calls in a lot of places that had good coverage in the past. Net10 support cannot tell me why or what to do about it so we will go with AT&T.

stan baker 7/25/2011
I have been a customer for over 6yrs.Because I bought a 750 minute card, they wont work with me and except my error,and i have 500 minutes left and they are shutting off my phone , unless i but another 750 minute card, I lost all the days I built up over the years of activation, they dont care about there customers as they say they do, Id not tell anyone that they are good company,they totally suck.

Mosrite 7/24/2011
Phones work great, 25 dollar monthly plan is great... at least once a month they goof up your account, then be ready to spend about 100 minutes of time you paid for talking to their totally useless service reps.... like being in hell

Thomas 7/23/2011
I have a number with Net10 and have had it 4 years. I have switch phones several times and yes customer support sucks. Best time to call is before 9am. My experience has shown me that the best problem solvers work early shifts. When buying any phone find out what cell towers are nearest your location. Pick the phone and service with the company whose tower is the closest to where you will be using the phone the most. Research the phone you are buying, just Google the model number reviews. All phones are not equal. There are lemons. Think before you spend your hard earned cash and use your PC to find the best phone and service before you purchase.

Joseph Jackson 7/23/2011
Net10 has the WORST customer service of any company I've every dealt with. My phone that I purchased from them hasn't work since May. I've received 3 SIMS cards,each time the different rep telling me that this will fix the problem. No luck. I've asked numerous times to just send me a new phone in working conditon with the number I have and I'll send back the other phone. Words cannot explain the fustration and time I've spent trying to talk to them. I've had over 4 case numbers with the same phone. I keep hoping the next call will fix everything. NO Luck. If you decide to get a NET10 phone, you better hope like hell that the phone works and you don't have to call customer support.

Amy 7/21/2011
Cheap phone service works. But you get what you pay for service wise. If something goes wrong forget about it they can never seem to get their act together and actually fix my account issues. It's really bad don't waste your time.

Stephanie 7/21/2011
Just got off the phone with Net10 customer service. Wow! They are awful! The rep I spoke to hardly spoke english, and instead of helping me nearly cancelled my service.When I asked to be trsnsferred to a supervisor, he didn't offer an apology or try to help either. I figured ou how to fix my problem while I was on hold (forever). I've been happy with Net10 phone service in general, but after this experience I can't recommend it. I mean, if something goes wrong, you're basicaly on your own!

Sue 7/21/2011
Phone was fine until ability to make and receive calls stopped working. Customer service totally worthless, via phone, internet, and forum. Obviously the company doesn't care about keeping customers.

Mike 7/21/2011
A friend of mine was using a Net10 phone and told me get one but I was kind of (I dont know) but I seen the phone and kept comparing his coverage with mine as we were all over the place working and his did better than my ATT coverage so I finally gave in and went to Net10 and glad I did. I have been using the LG 900g phones for around 6 months now and my wife and I and have been 110% happy with them. I get as good coverage as I did with the big name companies I was with. I get no dropped calls like I did w/ATT and I am saving around $50 a mo. which in itself is awesome not feeding them corperate money suckers. Anyway I would recomend Net10 to anyone looking to save money monthly. I primarily use my phones as phones not to do video and all that other stuff so it works out great for me. Thanks Net10 for great service. It only took about a week to have my old # transfered to my new phone also so I kept my # I had for years.

Stephanie Lugo 7/20/2011
I used Net10 for a year and have relatives that have been with them for years already, and all -including me-overall satisfied. (NOTE: I left them in order to get a better deal for a family plan from another carrier, but wished I had stayed with Net10 - probably will return soon)! Net10's biggest failing is their "customer service". Terribly poor. Their phones have improved as of lately (I've heard great things about the Samsung T401G and the LG900G), and their plans are just superb, affordable and flexible. I would truly recommend anyone in search of a good connection service, affordable and flexible plans, and pretty good devices to give Net10 a try.

Guest 7/20/2011
I had a Net10 phone and things were going fine until it stopped working and wouldn't charge or turn on. At the time it went down it had 2350 minutes on it, which I had accumulated over the past few years. So I bought another phone to replace it and called customer service in order to transfer my phone number and minutes to the new phone. I told them I was unable to turn the old phone on but that there was 2350 minutes on it when it went down. The customer service rep said he would check with another department about the number of minutes on the phone and when he came back he said there was only 604 minutes on it. I challenged that and he told me that since I couldn't turn the old phone on to "prove" that I had that many minutes then there was nothing he could do about it. I can't figure out what turning the phone on is going to do since previously he stated there was a record of the minutes he could check but the claimed record was far less than what I actually had. This is not the first time this has happened. Last year I bought another phone and called them to transfer the minutes and once again they claimed there were far less minutes on the old phone than what there actually was. In that case they did transfer them all in the end but in the latest case they refused to transfer all of my minutes, effectively stealing 1,746 minutes that I already bought and paid for. I would not recommend this company, Net10, or its parent company Tracfone.

DocJava 7/19/2011
Customer service is really useless. You get what you pay for. The net10 people are unable to connect you to a real 411 service. They say that they are not responsible for 411 service (but they are going to charge you for it!). AVOID NET 10 if you want a REAL phone.

Steven 7/19/2011
I neever had a problem with tracfone but i did have a major problem with net10

elizabeth 7/18/2011
I hate this phone. The reception is horrible and to try and text is next to impossible.

bjsmiller 7/17/2011
This is my second month with Net10 and I must say, so far, I am pleased. The reception I get is excellent and the coverage is much, much beter than I had with Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile messed me up by taking me off a roll-over plan and not allowing me to go back after I was assured that I could switch back and forth between plans, so now I'm with Net10. I love the fact that they not only have two plans with rollover minutes, but service days as well - which Virgin doesn't do (service rollover). I have had some minor trouble with dropped calls, but other than that, I haven't had any issues. I even did forget to load minutes on the phone before the previous month's expiration date, but the following day I had no trouble uploading minutes (from a card) via my phone and didn't have to call customer service. I was a little concerned because it took a couple minutes for my new minutes to appear, but now I know there is a delay. My service days and minutes updated as they should have and so far so good!

Yvonne 7/16/2011
It takes forever to get someone, but once you do (in my experience at least) you are treated fair and all your questions are answered. I was on hold for 4 hours for customer service when I hit option 5 for tech support, so I grabbed my fiance's phone and dialed in and hit option 1 instead and someone answered right away, lolol, I was like "I am calling about some trouble I am having with my phone and I am still on hold on it and am calling you from my fiance's straight talk phone and got you right away..." Anyway, after a little giggle (you get what yoou pay for) the customer service rep listened to my problems I was having with my lg900g not being able to call or hear other incoming calls unless on speaker, she then promptly got my address info to send me a replacement phone for free after doing a test call to my faulty phone. Couldn't be happier, my phone will be here in 3 to 5 days and they send the packaging to ship them back the broken one, then she gave me a code to keep to keep my number and have it transferred once I get the replacement. Aside from the horrific wait time, I am pleased, just don't ever hit the option "all other technical support questions" you will be there forever, just hit option 1, lol.

Katie Heflin 7/16/2011
Do NOT order through their online store. NET 10 took my money, then demanded a signature for delivery. After 3 days, when I wasn't home because I was working, they had the phones shipped back to them. Now over 150 days later I have yet to recieve my $218 refund. You never speak to anyone in america. And you are tosseed around from person to person. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Beware, they are THIEVES and WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!

burned by net 10 7/16/2011
Net 10 only received one star because that is the lowest rating. If zero stars were an option, I would have given it zero stars. Net 10 coverage is horrendously poor, I have to go outside to get any coverage, and even then calls drop more often than not. Worst of all, some voice messages and texts friends tell me they have sent NEVER arrive! And now, the phone's speaker is broken and does not let me hear anything, so people call, leave messages, and I can't retrieve them. Now I have to hassle with their "service" center to find out my default password the phone came with so I can try to remotely retrieve messages. Net 10 is of the worst purchases I've ever made.

Jane 7/15/2011
After being N10 customer for ages, I dropped my service even tho I had 3400 minutes. Got cut off (deactivated) July 4th BEFORE midnight even tho I had added $100 mid-afternoon. 3 days later got reactivated - 1 day later deactivated again because they said I needed a new SIM card which would take 7-10 days to reach me. Rather than leaving the phone in service, they deactivated for the 3rd time in less than 2 weeks so I told them where they could put their SIM card and service (or shall I say "lack of". The "customer service" reps in India/Pakistan or wherever they are are AWFUL and I had to keep asking for repeats. NEVER AGAIN will I be a NET10 customer.

arstart 7/14/2011
I have been on hold just a few minutes under an hour. I was on the phone for a long time a few days ago trying to fix my phone that was shown as deactivated in the middle of my time I had bought. If you want service - go anywhere but Net 10. They have the worst service on the planet.

arstart 7/14/2011
Almost impossible to understand phone reps. My phone has several days and minutes left but shows deactivated. Had to go through hoops and a lot of time on the phone to try to resolve the problem. The worst phone service on the planet. Don't but a Net 10 phone.

Scott 7/14/2011
I've been with Net10 for about six months now. Usually they're fine; nothing great, but they're cheap and you get what you pay for. However, yesterday my Net10 service was cut off. My phone now only allows emergency calls (or so it says, I haven't tried phoning 911). This is despite having more than a thousand minutes and more than two months of service days remaining. I have tried signing up to their online forum to seek help, but newly registered accounts have to be activated by clicking a link in an email WHICH THEY NEVER SEND. The only response I've gotten from their "Contact Us" page has been one automatically-generated email. Obviously, I cannot call them because my phone doesn't work.

Gina 7/14/2011
Don't buy this phone!!!! It gets terrible reception..Drops calls constantly and sounds like you are talking into a tin can..Bad Buy!!

Marvin Skeene 7/13/2011
It a shame that Net10 lacks any notion of customer service; with very few exceptions it is absolutely useless. The only prospects of getting help is through their Facebook page or calling their corporate office (not the advertozed "CS Support Line"). Their phones have been on the cheaper side, but they have made improvements in the last two years. The Samsung T401G and the LG900G are worth mentioning. Connection services are consistently good, having the benefit of using AT&T and T-Mobile's infracstructre nationwide for the most part. The calling plans are very affordable, ranging from $30 (300 Minutes/60 Service Days) to $50 (Unlimited/30 Days), and many others in between, plus the flexibility of switching plans at will without penalty, either by purchasing an airtime card in thousands of known establishments or from their website. This flexibility has worked great for me, and it is a huge plus for Net10. I would suggest for anyone in search of a good, reliable and at the same time affordable cellphone service to give Net10 a try. I did over three years ago and am definitely a satisfied customer.

Brianna 7/12/2011
Net10 has great phones and plans - excellent value for your money. The customer service is outrageous it is so terrible. When you call with a problem you will wait at least 30 minutes to even talk to someone and then the person that you talk to usually has a heavy accent and the place they are speaking to you from is full of other reps, so it is very loud and very hard to understand what they are saying.

Joann 7/12/2011
I have been with Net 10 for over 5 years. I liked the flexibility of the plan, no contract and the cost. Everything is great as long a you do not have a problem. If you have a problem that's when things like this happen. Today, I called customer service and I told the rep; yesterday I lost over 300 mins. I wanted to see if they had a way of looking at my usage and to let me know what happened. I explained that I have a feature on my phone called Call Time. The usage showed Total outgoing 40 min and Total incoming calls 29 min. My card was for 750 min. It verifies that I lost over 300 min in one day. I tried explaining to the rep that I manage my minutes very carefully and something happened. I asked for the phone records for yesterday and if she could send them to me. If it was my fault then I would apologize and walk away from this. I just know something happened yesterday and the only proof I have is my call time on the phone. The rep then check with security and said they were working on my account. She came back to me after some point and told me that they approved she could give me 100 minutes back. I told her that I felt like she was trying to just get me off the phone and I was given the 100 minutes to shut me up. No explanation could be given to me as how I lost the minutes. I really felt ripped off. My experience with customer service on a scale of 1-5 would be a 1. I had to wait 50 minutes for a rep and then once on the phone with the rep and the supervisor for another 50 min. The rep kept telling me text is 1 min and web is 1 min. I know that but that still does not explain what happened to my minutes. She just kept reading from her script. The supervisor could do nothing more then the rep. She told me I got my 101 min and there is nothing more she can do. Then disconnected on me. My phone went to a busy signal. Remember, if you go with Net 10 and you need assistance with a issue you are in their hands. If customer service is not an issue for you then go with Net 10. As for me I am going to see if writing to corporate does anything. I will let you know if I even get a response. I didn't mention the other thing is I wish I was able to talk to someone here in America. This outsourcing is ridiculous.

Megan 7/10/2011
I have used Tracfone/Net10 since 1999. I loved their service and price until about 3 months ago.

Kara 7/10/2011
Net 10 Sucks!!! Its THE worst phone company ever!!!! I got a phone and activated it and it worked for like 15 minutes then quit!!!! WORST SERVICE EVER!!!

Rebecca 7/9/2011
I bought two phones, one for my daughter and one for my son thinking their service would be sufficient for them. Unfortunately, I added minutes to both of their phones on July 2, 2011. I was told that it would take an hour to activate. The phones worked that night and the next day quit working. I called into their customer, again, spent an hour on the phone with them. Once again, I was told that it would take an hour to activate. I said Ok because the phone was working. The next morning it stopped working and by the time I got home their customer service was closed for the day and it happened to be a U.S.A. national holiday weekend. I called customer service at my first opportunity, again got told that the phone would take an hour to activate. Since the phone had not been working I asked for a credit to the days, was told no problem I have to get you over to another department. I was fine with that until they hung up on me. I tried to recall customer service and could not get through to someone. On July 7, 2011 the phones quit working again. One phone said PUK blocked and the other would not accept calls or make them. I called in to customer service on July 9, 2011 to find out what the issue was this time. They said that the SIM card needed to be replaced and it would take 3-5 days to receive it. I then asked to be refunded for the amount of minutes on the phone. They said THEIR POLICY IS NOT TO REFUND!!! I said WHAT! The service rep, if you want to call her that, said that we typed in wrong numbers and it was our fault the phone was not working. I told her that the only numbers I typed in were given to me by them. I then asked for a manager. after another 15 minutes of holding I finally get a manager (Tier 3 customer service rep), I explain that since the phones have not worked I wanted a refund. Again was told no, that it is their policy not to issue refunds. I said I wanted the phone number of someone higher up, as I have been unable to use the minutes/days since I added any minutes/days. I was told that they cannot provide me a phone number and they would have to transfer me. Im highly upset at this point and get transfered to another manager. I finally got another gentleman on the line who said that the best they could do is get my phones working. I agreed because I am not in the finanical position to let 110.00 go to them without something in return. I have now spent over two hours on the phone with their customer service. This is ridiculous. The really sad part is that I still have to wait 3-5 business days to get one of the phones working again. As soon as the minutes/days are up for these phones I am NOT going to give anymore of my money to a company that cannot effecively and efficiently provide service to their end users. Their largest market is the U.S. and our consumption is what drives their business to provide crappy electronics and horrible customer service. With the economy the way that it is and service that they provide, I hope every american bans Net 10 and shows them that their biggest consumer wants nothing to do with their company.

CarlV 7/9/2011
Two years using Net10 and loving it each day! Recently upgraded from LG600 to the LG900G and it is just great. I usually use the $25/750 Minutes monthly card, and ocassionally the $50/Unlimited monthly card, and I appreciate the flexibility.

M.P. 7/8/2011
After reading all the horrible reviews on here I was expecting the worst from Net10. However, I've had my Net10 phone for about a month now with CDMA service (Verizon) and it's been great. The CDMA phone selection could be better but I have excellent reception everywhere and haven't had even a single dropped call. If you're a moderate cell phone user looking for a prepaid plan and you want good reception w/ roaming, you'd be hard pressed to beat Net10.

Gary Wayne Hall 7/8/2011
After reading all of these horror stories about NET10 service, I just have to tell the truth. I bought a card on the 5th and put it on my phone because the last day was the 7th. This brought my minute total up to 3,987.00. The very next day I received a message that I had one day left to buy a card or I'd lose my service. This surprised me because I've had my NET10 phone for nearly 3 years and I've never had any problem. I called twice on the 6th late in the day and could not get through, so I sent them an e-mail. After being a little concerned that I might possibly lose nearly 400 dollars worth of minutes, I called customer service again at about 8:30am yesterday. I didn't have to wait because someone picked up immediately. He definitely talked with a heavy accent, but I could understand him. He was very nice and assured me that everything was alright. Before I called, I prayed for God's will to be done and I'd accept whatever happened and would not get mad. I've learned that faith in God can work in our everyday situations. I wonder how many of these people that have bad things happen to them and post mean and nasty things go to Church? I challenge everyone out there that believes in God, to try and have faith in Him. The church used to believe that He has the whole world in His hands. God Bless.

Steve 7/7/2011
To make a long story short. I have had tried almost ever prepaid cell phone company out there and Net10 is one of the best for price and call quality. The only thing is the guest service is alittle slow. But im happy with the phone and will stay with them for awhile. If you are looking to get a prepaid cell phone and not sure which one to pick. Look really hard at this one. Look at the price plan at all the cell phone company's and compare. You will see some have a $1 or $2 charge just to use the phone before you even make a call. Really this Net10 is a good deal.

shafon 7/6/2011

tired of waiting 7/6/2011
TERRIBLE, their service area is a 3/5 stars. customer service is HORRIBLE, no english! rude, and they took away my minutes i was on hold for hours and hours(literally) waiting for them to activate my replacement phone. they refuse to put me thru to a manager. the quality of the phone is poor and breaks in a month or two. DO NOT BUY!!!!

Rebecca 7/5/2011
I bought Net10 phones for my children thinking this would be a good way for them to have a phone without paying an arm and a leg for the phone. Unfortunately, everytime I have called in to add minutes or get help troubleshooting issues with the phone I have been given the run-around by customer service. If I do not get the run-around I am on the phone with customer service for hours on end. It is almost more hassle then it is worth. I am currently on the phone with customer service and was hung up on. Dealing with their customer service is a joke and I would rather pay for a more expensive phone to receive better customer service then to deal with Net 10's customer service again. Ridiculous!!!!!!

Jeff 7/3/2011
I was happy with the service until something went wrong with the sim card. After being without a phone for a week I finally got reactivated and lost my phone number that I had ported when I went with them. Their non English speaking third world service department is terrible. The phone connections also fade in and out, which probably isn't a big deal since I cant understand them anyway. This is no way to run a business. I am going to try to port my number back to Virgin mobile before I loose it for good.

Brar 7/3/2011
I've used NET10 for a couple years without any hassles. So they're not all bad. Recently though, I got a new (NET10) phone. I moved my phone number to the new one using the website like you were supposed to be able to. It didn't work so I called their support. The person on the line was VERY helpful, prompt and spoke great english. The hassle started when I needed to buy new minutes from the phone. I had the phone enrolled online etc. in order to do so, but it wasn't working. I called the 800 number 4 times over the course of the next few days, waited on hold / was on the phone with them for more than a total of 3 hours. At the end of each call, I was told the phone was supposed to have been fixed and minutes able to be added. The second to last call my credit card was charged and I STILL didn't receive my minutes. Each time I spoke with someone with bad english. I don't know why all the recent technical problems, but my faith in this company and prepaid plans has been shaken.

Frank 7/3/2011
I got a new net10 phone that i just want to activate i tried to go on line to activate but all i get is runaround i just want to activate the phone i have no service at this time .

frank 7/1/2011
i have to apologize to net 10 and the users of this forume. several days ago i left a very negative review of net 10. i since have contacted their corporete office. my problem was handeled proffesionaly, and super fast. thank you.

Eric 7/1/2011
Do not buy Net10! Worst company, worst service ever. By the way the reason nobody can understand then is that their customer service is in Columbia. The "fix" to my no service issue is stand outside or go to a different area. AND ONCE YOU OPNE THE BOX THERE AE NO RTURNS!

Deborah 6/30/2011
To all of you that have had a bad experience...file a complaint with the FCC or the BBB (Better Business Bureau). I also had a bad experience with faulty equipment. AFter about 5 calls and 3-4 hours on the phone with them (after they dropped my call twice), I did get the issue successfully resolved. It was difficult and two reps told me they couldn't fix it, but in the end, the last one did. Demand more from this company by complaining in the proper way where they have to respond or face a negative comment on their record. Also, always ask the rep to spell their name and get a reference number for the conversation, this helps a lot. I gave two stars because of customer service. I have had three net10 phones and usually destroy it myself in some way like snow or water. They have had better call reception in general than my friends phones in certain areas, the last one aside.

Justin 6/29/2011
Easy minutes were anything but easy. The only part that went well was them debiting my account for the money. They weren't able to put the minutes on my phone. I would have to waste minutes calling them, usually waiting around 30 minutes, and then they come on and say they have to investigate everything. What's to investigate. You can see I paid, and that no minutes were put on my account. Then they waste your time by putting in codes that don't tell them anything. I finally ran out of minutes before they could help. I decided to go Team Mobile. You get what you pay for, and apparently 15 dollars a month is just enough for aggravation. Stay away from Net10.

PO'D 6/27/2011
IF you like to be aggravated CONSTANTLY,BEING put on HOLD, NOT getting your` issue resolved, NET 10's Your Company!ALL Trackfone companies SUK!

DIGUSTED! 6/27/2011
TWO WEEKS of ON HOLD, while I access your file, punching in code after code after code, Call failed,NO SERVICE, B.S.! ALL Tracfone ,Net 10, Straighttalk phones, IF YOU HAVE ANY issues, YOUR SCREWED!

Ronnie 6/27/2011
Net 10 customer service has the worst service I have ever tried to work with

John 6/25/2011
After two attempts to reactivate phone, it's a no go, via the phone or online registration.

Bill Again 6/24/2011
correction to my previous post. The three stars I gave them were actually splats from three tomatoes. I like it when they tell you that if your review was negative to check out there side of the story. Sounds like they are use to negative reviews.

Bill 6/24/2011
This is definitely the worst phone service I have had. Half the time I try to use it, I get a "Call Failed" notice. The other half of the time, the quality of the connection is so poor I cannot understand most of the conversation.

eric wash 6/24/2011
Their customer service sucks,if the customer support was in the USA maybe it wouldent be so bad.Their wait time is 1hour or better and then you cant understand the people.

FRANK 6/24/2011
So, I have been from Alltel to At and T with the retarded overpriced service....

Dan 6/24/2011
We asked NET10 to port a number from one NET10 phone to another. They failed. Too long of a story to go into here, but we've switched over to T-Mobile Prepaid. We used NET10 for a year. I guess you get what you pay for. With TracFone in general (TracFone, NET10, Straight Talk), the term "buyer beware" is the key term.

NO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meme 6/23/2011
Horrible customer service. They leave you on hold and then disconnect you. Service is out dated. Customer service is over seas and they constantly put you on hold. You will spend an hour at least trying to get anywhere. I DO NOT recommend and I am actually canceling my service.

Carp 6/22/2011
If you have the $25 or $50 monthly plan you lose your remaining minutes the next month, Duh, If you let your minutes run out and don't add before they expire you will have to call CS, Duh, Press 1 for english when calling CS, Duh, It sounds like all of the whiners on here create their own problems. And no I don't work for Net 10!

Kenny_R 6/20/2011

Kenny_R 6/20/2011
Last week I went to a nearby Target and for only $80 plus tax I got myself a nice, sleek, cellphone with a month’s worth of unlimited service. The LG900G cost me $29.99 (plus tax) from Net10 and the 30-Day Unlimited Service Airtime Card $50.00 (plus tax).
The device is pretty good, very attractive, especially for the price, the flexibility to customize plans is a big plus, and the service is excellent (I had used Net10 before). I installed some apps (Opera Mini, Gmail, Mapquest) and they work great.
I highly recommend Net10, especially now that they are adding better devices (LG500G, LG900G, LG800G).

w davis 6/19/2011
u can not add min. to your phone without losing your min. it makes me so mad i,m going to another phone service.

Kevin 6/19/2011
After years of having a great affordable cell phone Net 10 has joined the greed game. It's called nickle and dime to death the consumer. I work retail so I know how it work's. You have a company that slowly starts to change things up to make more money. Net 10 has done that by not making $10 and $20 cards for sale at you're local 7-11 or circle K. So now you get stuck buying limited service cards and if you don't use you lose. I was on the phone with customer for over 45mins waiting every 3mins as he would have to talk to a supervisor. I know I have to deal with bad polite English reps that's all good but the end result was they did not fix my voicemail and I had to hang up because they went to the static button and could no longer hear him. After I use up all my minutes I will be done with there rotten customer service and I will tell everyone that come's into the retail store I work buying a Net 10 phone will be like making call's or text an average of 25 cents a minute rather then 10 cents and good luck finding a phone activating card under $20 bucks. After 90 day's left I will no longer be a loyal customer!

Hilda - Disillusioned 6/18/2011
The LG900 is fine - until it breaks. My $60.00 internet phone became equal to my former Trac phone (9.95), unable to access the internet, no successful help from Net 10 support, after only three months of use. It's been 10 days of no internet service, with no solution in sight. I was happy with it (like reviewer "Sean", if he is not an employee of Net10), before this. If they made a real effort to help me, it would make all the difference, wouldn't it?

Sean 6/18/2011
I had just arrived to my new home city, Atlanta, and needed a cellphone urgently. Without time to research my best options in the area with the major providers, I decided to get a temporary phone. I went to a nearby Target store and picked-up an LG900G cellphone ($39.99), from Net10, along with a monthly unlimited airtime card ($50.00). Less than $100.00, plus tax, and I had a phone and a month worth of unlimited service. I chuckled, thinking what kind of service I would get with such low investment.
Now I know what kind of service it would be! That was three months ago and I am so happy both with the LG900G phone and Net10’s service, that I already decided this is not a temporary solution, but my true cellphone solution. A great phone, competitive monthly cost, impeccable service…that is all I need and I have it already.
I would strongly suggest to anyone in the market for a cellphone and/or provider to try Net10 and the LG900G phone. The investment is low; if not satisfied there is not much to lose. But, believe me, you will be 100% satisfied.

Hilda - FURIOUS!!!!! 6/17/2011
Updating an earlier review that was too positive: I am SO ANGRY NOW. My 3 month old LG900 "internet" phone has not had internet access for 9 days so far. REQUESTED HOST NOT FOUND message pops up instead. FACEBOOK is NOT your friend if you have anything but the simplest of problems with your phone. I have been given nothing of value, only the runaround for the past 9 days from these is absolutely BEYOND frustrating! They will NOT take the time to focus on the problem with my phone...they only seem to deal with the easy fixes. I have been patient, polite, kind, irritated and humorous with them...I know they have many complaints....NOW I just want them to admit that it's the phone itself and send me a new one instead of constantly asking for the same basic information and suggesting things they know will not work every once in a while so it appears that they are trying. It is more than obvious that they are not trying to fix it at all. On the 7th day Net Clark tried to pass me off to the website to start all over. I have pleaded in every way I can think of, to no avail. I wrote a personal message to Net Sam, asking for her help when no one was responding. Ignored. Then they have the nerve to post on Facebook that everyone should give these phones as gifts to their relatives! Only if you want to estrange them, I say. Fortunately I have a job that puts me in a position to influence many people who would consider this type of internet phone....I can WARN them now and spread the word to not give it even a second thought...STEP AWAY from ALL Net10 products. They're looking to create a buzz? I can do that for them.

Never going to buy! 6/17/2011
I was really hoping for a new phone carrier that I could trust but after reading this blog I will never buy a net10 phone. Especially after Mr.Use your brain's commit!!! The English host on the commercial was the first give away. Another company from overseas targeting "lazy americans". Thanks Mr. Use your brain '-)

Your Friend 6/17/2011
Facebook is your friend for dealing with Straight Talk and Net10. Whenever I've had problems with Straight Talk, I use their Facebook support and my issue is resolved within minutes. I think they use more competent representatives on Facebook.

Mad in Dallas 6/16/2011
Just like most of you, I spent 1.5 hours on my REAL cell phone tonight wasting those minutes trying to get my son's Net10 reactivated. He leaves on a trip tomorrow and they say the phone won't be working for 24-48 hours. Two csreps -- barely understandable. THANK YOU CARL for the Corporate number. I will be calling tomorrow.

Carl 6/16/2011
I have had the NET10 service for some years now and I love it but sometimes when I what to add more minutes online or by using my Net10 phone I don't always get the minutes added. When I have to call the support team it is never a good experience. Long hold times, talk to two or more people, systems are down. So thanks to these reviews I found out you should call the Corporate office #1-800-876-5753 I did and WOW what a difference I talked to one person and what the outsource people could not in 3 days the Corporate office did in 15 minutes no problems. I found out that the Corporate office is in Florida and they speak good English. VERY HAPPY NOW THANKS.

mac 6/16/2011
Thanks for the reviews. I just listened to an infomercial about net10. I almost bit. You all saved by bacon. Thanks again.

Jo 6/16/2011
I ordered a Net 10 phone online overnight delivery. they debited my account immediately but 3 days later they put the money back in my account and I still didn't have a phone. I called them and they said the phone was still in the warehouse. I cancelled the order, got confirmation number and told them I would buy one in town. 2 days later they debited my account again and overdrew it to the tune of $180 NSF fees and still no phone. I just talked to them again a week later. They said they have the phone and will credit me the cost of the phone in 30 days. Their customer service is so awful I would not recommend them to anyone. Also DO NOT give them your debit card number.

F'D 6/15/2011
Net10 is owned and started by Tracfone because tracfone had such a horrible reputation, another "company" that totally uses PAID (Not pre-paid) cell carriers(AT&T, Sprint, etc.) Do you think AT&T and T-Mobile want a pre-paid company like Net10 to have a good repuation? Of course not, that would be competion. Needless to say, they also use turd-party customer service. Everything's turd-party, so the service will always be horrible.

Nicolas 6/15/2011
I bought a lg900 two months ago, but the reception is very bad.When I receive or seed a text with more than ten words, they charge me as two minutes of use,is very treaky.After i used all my minutes this months I'm going to change to a different company.
Net 10 is sucks.

Riley 6/15/2011
Net Ten is awful. The only reason I'm still with them is because they are dirt cheap and I don't care about fancy phone features. Customer service is my main problem with them, and it isn't because they have thick Indian accents. I bought a new phone in April because my old phone would recieve about half of my text messages. I kept my old phone in case I lost my new one (something I do frequently.) When I did lose my new phone, I called to reactivate the old one. They couldn't do it unless they sent me a new sim card. When the sim card came, I tried activating online to avoid the dreaded phone call. It kicked me off, and said I needed to call. After almost an hour on the phone, It finally was activated. I had just put a thirty dollar card on my old phone right before I lost it. In the past, they had transferred the unused minutes, now they said they couldn't. I was able to use the phone, but it said I had zero service days left. I thought it was weird, but I didn't care since I could at least make calls. When my minutes ran out, I bought another card, and tried to add it via the phone itself. It said I had to call. After another hour on the phone, the Jamaican lady told me that she had corrected the issue, and I sould have my minutes in an hour. If they still weren't there, I was to turn my phone off and then on and if that didn't work, call back. Not suerprisingly it didn't work, but the customer service office was closed until the following monday. Monday comes, I call back. The rep was very sympathetic, and after an hour of entering codes to no avail, he said they would have to send me a new phone. The phone finally came a week later, I had to call again to activate it. I talked to two different people over a half hour. So I finally have a working phone.
Net Ten is fine for me until I lose my phone, or buy a new one. Otherwise, I never half to deal with the "customer service" people. Again, their cheap. That's the only redeemable quality.

Donna 6/14/2011
this phone is very bad phone it was shutdown why who can tell .i wish i had never got it the puk isblocked .when i tryedto tell net10 they could not fix it i payed good money for this .bad bad bad now i dont even have a what do i do now net10. they are going to send me a new sim card foe my phone but i should not even need one.

Julijana 6/14/2011
If you're considering pay-as-you-go, please use any other provider but this one. My experience with them has been extremely unpleasant (read below). I have been their customer for over one year and they have always messed everything up. This last experience was the worst. My service had expired so I bought a new airtime card and tried to reactivate my phone. While I managed to add the card, the phone was still inactive not letting me make or receive calls. I called them many times and the outcome after nearly one month of a non-working phone was the following: they sent me a new sim card (after getting my mailing address wrong twice), replaced my phone number (after promising they won't and couldn't change it back to the old one without an explanation), and when I still was not able to use my phone and get my minutes, they refused to reimburse me. I was without a phone for a month! I had to call them a few times a day, be on the phone for many hours and be shifted from one person onto the next to whom I had to explain my problem in detail. This service is absolutely unsatisfying, try to stay out of it if you can.

Lloyd Lee 6/13/2011
The phone arrived in a timely manner and worked most of the time when I was away from home but I cannot make calls from home. It doesn't matter how inexpensive it is but it is of no use to me if I can't call out from home. The map showed it could be use in my area.

jonny 6/13/2011
If it were possible to give zero stars I would. I have made three phone calls for activation of my second net ten phone (1st was junk). The tech assistant did not fix my problem and hung up the phone prematurely and I am now calling back......been on the phone on hold for 45 minutes, first time was 40 minutes.....hence no customer service is really available.

Sam Fisher 6/13/2011
I began using Net 10 about 4 years ago and was very pleased with the service up untill I tried to get a new phone from them. I orderd the phone online and upon getting it was disappointed with the reception it got. It would not get signal in my home, stange becuase the other Net 10 phone never lost signal. After a new SIM card failed to solve the problem I decided to return the phone. After talking for an hour with the tech people in India they told me they could not give me a refund because there was nothing wrong with the phone. I requested a supervisor and after 15 minutes on hold talked to someone who was even harder to understand and was told that yes they could give me a refund, but I had to ship the phone at my expense and it would take 30 days after they got the phone back to give me a refund. I sent the phone several days ago and Im worried the tech people will give me more B.S. before giving my refund. Personally I will be switching to Verizon as soon as I have enough cash.

Betty Siggers 6/13/2011
I had net ten for one month and I stayed on the phone with them,I can't tell you how many calles I made and all they wanted to do was send new sim cards and they never got it fixed so we couldn't use the minutes we still had about 400 minutes left on both phones,I tred to tell them it was the phones but they wouldn't give us new phones I had two phones give to me and I am going to see if the will let me use the rest of my minutes the time is up but it was their fault so pray for me that they will

Don 6/12/2011