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Liberty Wireless Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 66 reviews

John brock 9/5/2013
I will never use Liberty Wireless again...nor would I recommend it to anyone...I do mean anyone...The last 2 months they hit my bnankcard without permission...I have tried to cancel my services for 2 months and they refuse to cancel my service...

Kelli 9/5/2013
I have had their service for several months I went online to pay my bill this month and the "manage my account" is being updated! On the phone for hours trying to gey someone so I can pay.Any number you try you either get this extension is busy or get put on hold . Have never actually got to a person. Would NOT reccomend.

gerry 1/1/2013
worst customer service ever

Burt 9/1/2011
Yuo think $20.00 a month is a good deal? check out Tracfone : less than $7.00 per month if you're not one of those with the phone growing out of their ear all day long.

Waleed 7/22/2011
This is the worst company I used ever. I was trying to move my phone number t0 another company and they will not release it even after about 10 attempts.Now they hang up on me when I call them. I filed a compliant with the FCC.

Smiley 5/5/2011
I can't even get free ringtones with this phone plus I be on the phone for like 2 minutes and they take like 10 from me.

KyanaBelle 4/30/2011
I was on here looking for reviews for a new pay-go carrier when I spotted this BOMB from the past at the bottom of the list. The only surprise is that they are still in business even while delivering the same lousy customer service, erroneous billing, refusal to rectify any billing errors and providing no grievance procedure to their customers as they did 7 or 8 years ago. I'm astounded as I predicted their quick demise for these very reasons after I went around and around with them until I finally gave up. Right from the git-go, they hit me for a full billing cycle without transferring my phone number from my old provider. They repeatedly claimed that AT&T was holding up the transfer. They did not credit my account because they were not to blame for AT&T *supposedly* not being timely. Since I was a new customer, I initially believed them. It was not until I ended my association with Liberty that I became convinced, based on Liberty's further dealings with me, that Liberty was to blame for the first month of no phone service. Not one of my bills was accurate the entire time I was with them. I was over charged every single billing cycle. When you would call to complain, the attitude you got was basically *our way or the highway and no, you aren't getting your money back* I tried to contact higher ups even through the website. This company had no grievance procedure whatsoever. I firmly believe that this is more than just a case of a poorly run company. I believe, given the length of time this has gone on and the consistency with which over billing occurs, that this is deliberate. That is my sincere opinion. This company is unethical, dishonest, and not to be trusted. This was the worst case of customer ABUSE I had ever been subjected to in my life. DO NOT do business with these people. I strongly suggest you check them out with the Better Business Bureau if you don't believe the reviews here. I'm still shocked that they are still afloat and have not been charged under some kind of consumer protection law. There should be a zero star or negative star rating for this company.

Ronin 1/21/2011
Dishonest company... they will over bill against a credit card and will not refund bogus and unauthorized billings. they should be prosecuted for fraudulently billing a credit card.. once you use one, they will bill against it down the road even if they have no reason too, and then refuse to credit.. they are crooked scum!

Victim of Bait & Switch 9/8/2010
Emailed company before buying and was told that international texts were included in the plan. Instead of the Motorola that was advertised on the home page, I received a very cheap Toshiba (Audiovox CDM-9950). Can't send international texts because the symbols are not available when entering numbers, and the "+" is needed to send texts internationally. The sound quality is poor when making calls. The number assigned to the phone is NOT a local number. Therefore local family and friends would be assessed a long-distance charge when calling this number from their landlines. I emailed the company, requesting the Motorola phone that was advertised. However, no response this time. I can't advise anyone to get wireless service from this company.

Gary 8/19/2010
These negative reviews must be from another distant time and place or the reviewers are really confused. It's currently August 2010 and have no idea how Liberty (or anybody) could do unauthorized money withdrawals for a prepaid plan. Possibly a smear campaign? Read all reviews (mine too) with a critical eye. Pro: At 4 cents a minute for voice, nobody else comes close at an outlay of only $20 a month. My phone came pre-activated and was immediately usable. Never had a problem getting minutes. Usage history details are available on the website and downloadable to a spreadsheet. I really don't care what the editors think of their website; it is primitive and easy to use. Never had a problem with customer service; again, this is 2010, planet earth. Cons The free phone is a clunky obsolete POS Motorola with an external antenna and no user manual. It infuriates me by constantly poo-ba-leeping when the weak (Verizon?) coverage drifts below minimum and back, a "feature" I cannot turn off. As a result, I turn the phone off a lot. As a free phone, I got what I paid for. It would be nice to have rollover minutes and calendar days when you have to buy more during the month, and I have to deal with it on my $20/500 plan once every 30 days and no way around it. I cannot purchase time at local stores, it's online only for me. Bottom line: Cost effectiveness (for my habits) outstanding, coverage (sw lower MI) mediocre, customer service good enough (unneeded except to ask a question), free phone a fail. Since money trumps everything else with my finances, it's a definite overall win.

virginia 6/10/2010
I dislike liberty wireless because they say unlimited for 50 dollars but really it's not true is only 5000 anytime minute and 2000 text messages. They lied about that.

Illinois subscriber 5/27/2010
I have been with Liberty for a little over a year now. Customer service isn't that great, but the rates are as cheap as I have ever seen before or since. I do not like that you can't roam with the phone/service. Overall it has been a pretty good service. I was unable to port my number over from STI mobile and was pretty disappointed in that.

nancy w 4/11/2010
I signed up for a deal that offered $100 rebate after a year of service. When the year was up, I got a check for $50. Customer service was impossible to reach. I finally gave up and canceled service. Since I had opted for a plan with minimal minutes that had a very high cost per minute, I felt I really got ripped off. Never again will I deal with Liberty Wireless.

Davey H. 2/23/2010
I was with Liberty for 8 years (1999-2007). The last year was the worst. They claimed I owed charges that I didn't, and tried to stick me with a humongous phone bill on a 180 minute plan! I never even approached my 180 minute mark as the phone was used for emergencies only. Switched to AT&T in 2008, they got my Liberty phone number for me, and when I threatened litigation, I've heard nothing from Liberty since. Best move I EVER made!

WesternGirl 11/15/2009
Went through 3 weeks of having difficulty activating a new phone that was faulty. They sent a new phone - I would have abandoned Liberty if the customer help wasn't courteous. The new phone works fine, but there's no warning when my minutes will run out, and often it does not accept my credit card whenever I need to put on new minutes - just when I desperately need to use the phone! Yes, you save money, but all of the hassle is definitely NOT worth it!

Richard 10/22/2009
The phone I got was a Motorola V265 and not a Sanyo SPC 8200. The phone sucks and you don't get to even pick your phone although the Sanyo SCP 8200 is the only one listed. This is a bait and switch tactic, because the user is left with no idea as to the phone they are getting but are left to believe the Sanyo SCP 8200 is the only phone available.

houston texas lopez 7/3/2009
dont even deserve 1 star-inexperienced agents dont know nothing.i got my phone number changed without my knowledge.nobody knows how it happened--without a phone for 2 weeks.still cant resolve issue...they stole my phone number and my minutes ,,,these people should train instead of sleeping in their asses all day long thinking us customers have their time, liberty and crew you suck

brian 6/13/2009
liberty wireless is the biggest rip off we all should file a law suit against them

angela 6/10/2009
Never knew anyone to say it was okay since 2008. For anyone Looking Try Page Plus or Net 10;

metiche 5/25/2009
librty dont deserve even 1 star--they rip off your minutes-charge your debit card twice--and they answer phones whenever they feel like--none of their customer service line are active

DIANE 4/17/2009

Jason 4/9/2009
April 9, 2009. About 3 years ago I got Liberty Wireless for $15/mo. for 40 anytime minutes per month. The service was OK (it would be down every once and awhile for "upgrades"). The last month my phone has not worked and their contact #'s have been out of service. Even if they're not out of business, I'm quitting them.

mimimimimi 3/10/2009
DO NOT repeat DO NOT sign up with Liberty Wireless. And I actually was with them for a very long ride! Automatic billing on my credit card, albeit only $15 a month, but every time I went to actually use my phone (which is very little), it did not work. There was much trouble when Qwest changed our area code. Then, after having caught them once of charging me the $15 and NOT crediting my minutes, I gave them one more chance! The next time it happened was in February 2009. I called and immediately cancelled. They are in the habit of habitually charging you without crediting the minutes to your phone. You call in and they are oh, so sorry, and take care of you. Then do the same thing again the next month. NOT WORTH IT!

salybrubaker 3/3/2009
Terrible, Terrible Company!!!The free phone I recieved was already activated, I kept getting calls for another party, my minutes were supposedly used in a few days,I did not receive a phone users guide,I cannot get help or response. I truley believe I was sent a phone that was already issued to someone else and not cleared. I found a possible location; Liberty Wireless-Helgeson Enterprises-Inphonic-Continental Promotion Group PO Box100420 Dept. BAG White Bear Lake,Minnesota,55110 0420 USA 888-919 7692 i truley believ

Kyle 1/30/2009
I have been with Liberty Wireless since 2002. Since Jan.2009, I have had nothing but headaches with this company. From my conversations with the "supervisor," there have been under new management since August 2008. I am totally disgusted with them. I've tried on numerous occasions to escalate the matter as to why I had paid my bill and could not dial out. The automated system repeatedly instructs me to contact Customer Service, "Your account could not be validated." Mind you, this happened on a Friday. They do not have technical support personnel and their "supervisors" work M-F. I can't believe how unprofessional the reps are. I will definitely be contacting the BBB in the Michigan area to find out the legitimacy of this so-called business. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

Jon Kraft 1/15/2009
This is not a bad service compared to other prepaid carriers.

Ron Hlavinka 1/6/2009
Just tried to contact their Customer Service number on my latest billing statement - number is not in service!


Ronin 12/3/2008
Fraudulent company. they will bill a credit card without any authorization to do so and when challenged will not refund their bogus charges, leaving you with a purchased phone and no way out except to terminate and to be safe cancel your credit card to keep them from making unauthorized billings... best to stay away from this scum bag company. They should be prosecuted.

Bill Genz 12/2/2008
This is the most unreliable service I have ever experienced. Phone is being constantly deactivated even though the bill is being paid monthly by credit card deduction. When calling about the problem the operators are rude and tell you they will check the problem, then leave you on hold ( up to 20 minutes) then when I hang up and call back I get the same put off from the next operator. They will never put a supervisor on the phone to resolve the problem and say the supervisor in not available. So I end up with a useless phone, never availabe when I need it. I do my best on web sites to tell people of the bad customer service I get from Liberty wireless.

Sandra 12/2/2008
New customer service number is 1-888-919-7692. Will not tell you where they are located-said they are not allowed to do so; she said it was on their official website that they (customer service) is not allowed to say where they are located. Is this not shady enough for people to stop using them? Well, I think I have learned my lesson. This is the last time I fill my cell phone or give this company anymore money. I am going elsewhere. I am tired of turning the phone on only to have it not work and to try and buy additional minutes on their website (, only to have an error message pop up that says that card is 'sold out'. And to top it all off, the rep (can't say customer service-this company has no idea what those two words mean), told me to stop yelling at her!!!! I would turn them into the BBB, but I have no clue where they are located-does anyone else? If so, please post it.

Sandra 12/1/2008
Actually they get no stars. This company has apparently went belly-up. Their customer service number is no longer in service, so you need to take them completely off your list of cell phone providers. They do not email or call you when you are close to being out of minutes. We didn't receive any notification they were going out of business either and are now left without cell phone use. Extremely poor customer service for all the years we have been with them.

WACORY 9/27/2008
This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They are a bunch of incompetent morons. I have asked to speak to a manager numerous times, but they are never available. They never return calls. They turned off my phone with a few hundred minutes left, but no can resolve the issue on Satudays. Managers don't work on weekends. I do agree, if they keep this up they WILL go out of buisness. I am totally livid with the greif they have put me through for last couple of weeks with absolutely nothing resolved. I think the only question on the job application is NAME and I believe some of them got that wrong. What ever you do find another service. You will regret ever getting this one.

Christine 8/19/2008
For weeks I was not able to place a call without going through a lengthy automated menu to top off my minutes -- meanwhile they were still making withdrawals from my bank account. I tried for months to reach someone on the phone to cancel the account, and sent emails as well, but never reached anyone. I had to put a stop payment in with the bank to get this to end.

Alex 6/12/2008
I have had them for 3 years and have had no problem.... there customer service recently changed to the USA which is great

Zachary B 5/2/2008
I liked liberty wireless plans at first so i orderd a phone for $15. i send emails and they never reply to them about my tracking number, i call them and they tell me they well send me a tracking number 3-4 days later i still dont have it.. From looking at other peoples billions of problims i wish i would have never chose them and stayed with vergin mobile they are realy good . DONT GET LEBERTY WIRELESS THEY ARE REPOFS AND LYERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Customer 4/4/2008
Customer website has not worked in over a year. Customer service keeps saying maybe it will next month. They keep forgetting to bill my credit card at the start of each new month, causing disruption in my service. Customer service is frequently unavailable. Cheap, but not worth 'cheap.' Look elsewhere.

Bob 3/13/2008
I have had a prepaid contract with Liberty for well over a year and originally it was OK. However, for the past 6-8 months they have consistently NOT charged my credit card, resulting in my having to call them to authorize another month. They have had all kinds of excuses like software problems etc but have not improved anything. Today when I asked to speak with a supervisor I was put on hold and then told that that line was busy! This company stinks!

EKH 3/3/2008
I cancelled my service. What good is it to have a cell phone, if you can't use because the vender has not entered your prepaid minutes for two months this time around. Having access to your account on line has also disappeared for months now. If you don't believe me, check out the complaints filed on the FCC website and the Better Business complaint list. Hand Off is my advise.

ELMAR 2/25/2008
Liberty wireless has slipped to rock bottem for service. They don't refill your prepaid minutes and you are out of service for emergency calls as has happened to me on several occasion lately. Customer service reads a script and does not answer your questions unless you scream and asked them if they understand english and then you have to ask the same question at least four times. No supervisors are available to speak to or call you back. Service used to be good but not at all any more. I no longer recommend this company.

Carl Begin 2/19/2008
I have had this service for 4 years. Coverage: adequate, reliability: good, sound quality: very good. As others have noted, customer service is very poor. Automatic drafting of my credit card has been non-functional for the last 5 months, requiring me to call in to renew. Now even their service computers are off line, now I can't pay for the following month of service?? I would go to another service, but 1000 minutes for $49 is hard to find. But I might have to.

LARA 2/5/2008
This service is good for me ... and never I have problems with the payment they discount it automatic.

Wendy 2/2/2008
I have had the servicer for over three years and use to recommend it. In the last 9 - 12 months the great payment features are no longer available. You can not make payments on-line the automatic billing no longer works, you can no longer manage your account on-line. When you contact Libertywireless Customer Service you are told they are upgrading their system and once the upgrade is done these features will be back. But today was the last straw. My phone has broken. I wanted to purchase a replacement and was told they can't load any new phones in their system because of an upgrade. Even If I was a new customer they could not sell a new phone because they can't add it to the system. I asked it they were actually out of business they said no, but they could not help me and hopefully in a week or more they could sell me a new phone. They also could not credit me back for unused minutes until I purchase a new phone. I will be going to someother provider. It was a great company until the last twelve months. I hope they get it together, but I will no longer be a customer

Mike Mason 1/22/2008
I have had this service (1000 minutes $46.00) for some 4 years. Coverage is good in larger metro areas, good sound quality, and never have dropped calls. Their customer support is poor, with long waits. However, for the last 4 months their automated billing service has failed to debit my account, so that my service is cut off. Then I have to call from a separate line to reestablish. They say it's a computer glitch. I suspect they want to dump me since their current 1000 minute plan costs $65.

Everette Singleton 12/18/2007
I have been with liberty for 8 months the first 7 was fine and at $47 with 800 min. it seemed like a great deal I purchased the phone because i wanted web access which never worked and the the web site went down and no one would answer my emails the phone went dead 6 weeks later, even though they had all my payment info. I got a new service from another company I really don't like it but it works and is easy to use. liberty wanted me to rejoin after 2 months of no service but after reading about there bankruptcy just last month noway will i rejoin.

madatlibertywireless! 11/14/2007
Liberty Wireless is a HORRIBLE service! I've lost time, money and family members because of their inability to service their customers over the past 7 months of their (so called) 'system upgrade'. Liberty Wireless filed for Bankruptcy in November 2007. The phone is used for emergencies only and while caring for 2 dying family members, service was cut off, preventing me from helping people I love who were in need. I have never missed a payment and have been very patient. After 2 years of trying to get the $100 rebate and 7 months of having them suddently stop phone service (paid automatically every month), having credit cards put on hold because the system upgrades made the automatic credit card payment in their database incorrect , I am done trying to reason with them. Have spent over 400 hours of my time in the past 7 months trying to get service restored after they began their 'system upgrade'. Any company with over 7 months of a 'system upgrade' which results in terrible service should consider finding someone else to handle the upgrade. As of November 7, 2007, they still can't communicate with their customers and are inconviencing customers, costing them far more than time, money and aggravation. They are cutting off service to good paying customers without communicating with them and without reason. You currently can't manage your account online, they send no emails or txt to the phone if there is a problem, and are unreachable when you call to try to resolve the issues with them. When you call Customer Service, the first message is 'where customer's come first'. The longest you can be on the telephone with them is 1 hour and then you're disconnected to prevent 'fraudulent calls'. They make you call back over and over again - they think you'll give up. They use their customer service team to prevent against customers talking to a supervisor - who won't do anything for you in the end. They will tell you that a supervisor isn't available - that isn't true. Be persistent and you'll eventually reach someone. They spend their time with fake apologies but don't care. They may let you hold for 2-3 minutes to hold for a supervisor (if you're persistent) until the hour is up and you're disconnected. Keep calling back or have mass number of people call at once until you get a supervisor. Johnathan Ferguson is the supervisor. Mr. Robert Goodman is the Vice President of Customer Service. Check the Better Business Bureau reports for the many complaints already filed. Inphonics was associated with them at one time, and although they share the same space and resources, claim that they are not in association. Call any of these numbers - they'll tell you that they aren't associated - which means they don't care how they are affecting their customers. They are associated and are doing shady business. (800) 444-9543 (800) 474-9745 (800) 973-0691 (866) 274-8573 (866) 607-9877 (866) 615-0682 (866) 635-7400 (866) 755-4237 (866) 816-5873 (866) 841-9124 (866) 841-9125 (877) 277-9233 (888) 378-6509 (888) 378-6567 (888) 466-5651 (888) 919-7692 (888) 947-3359 (202) 333-0001 (301) 361-1011 (703) 636-4600

Mike 11/14/2007
Liberty wireless filed for bankruptcy on 11-8-2007. I paid my bill on 11-9-2007 and they kept my money and I have no service. What a rip off ! The service has been terrible over the last 4 months. Warning go to another company !

Paula/Oklahoma 11/8/2007
First few months was excellent, then their website was supposedly being updated and couldn't be used! It is still down and cannot login to my account. This is ridiculous especially when you need a transcript of your phone calls for court. Would not recommend to anyone.

Randy in Indy 11/5/2007
when i first got with this company I was very satisfied, but for the last 5 months I have had the same problems that all the others have had. At this moment I am looking for a new provider. DONT USE THESE PEOPLE THEY DONT CARE

Felicia 11/2/2007
My actual rating would be in the negative if it were possible. I had Liberty Wireless about 3 years ago and it was the absolute worst service ever. We could NEVER get a person on the phone and when we did, they spoke very limited English. There was never a supervisor around either and when you paid your bill online, there was a ridiculous delay wen it was applied to the phone...sometimes days before the service was restored. If the company had been within driving distance, I would have been there in a heartbeat! I eventually moved to another provider and gave the Liberty Wireless phone to our daughter. The plan at the time was 40 minutes/month for $15...perfect for a young teen...until the phone died, which was the final straw...They wouldn't replace the phone even though I had had the service for less than a year. I called the manufacturer (Kyocera) only to find that the phone was a REFURBISH - and the warranty was dead!!!! I was livid!!!! I dropped them immediately, took it as a lesson learned, and never looked back.

Linnea 10/10/2007
DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. The last time I was able to pay my payment online was back in May 2007. I have been unable to get a rep in cust. svc who could answer my questions regarding setting up payment options, cancelling cc numbers in their system, etc. I have had nothing but problems with them since the switched over to a new owner (look on the bottom of their customer service page on their website). I originally got this phone through my "Christian" charity-giving long distance provider. Even when I called them, they were unable to help me get through to customer service. I told that company they should disassociate with this company asap. What I want to know is can I use my LG PM 225 with a locally purchased prepaid cellular card? If so, whose?

nana 9/30/2007
I like Liberty Wireless a lot! And I've used other cell phone companies in the past. I always get a representative on the phone in under 2 minutes when I call from my cell phone. They are always helpful. I don't have to worry about a contract and the mysterious large fees that always seemed to put my bill almost $20 above the advertised price per plan with other companies. I know my bill will be around $55 (at the most) each month and I don't have to worry about going over on minutes.

W A Ray 9/5/2007
I signed up through AARP because I don't use my phone very much and wanted a plan that offered such. Based on the info from AARP and Liberty Wireless 120 min for $32 + tax, sounded really good. I've had the plan for about two years and have had to situations occur where I was double charged for no reason. The most recent situation occurred last month when Liberty shut off my service for no reason since they had billed my AMEX for one full cycle and I still had 98 minutes in my phone account. When I finally able to reach cumtomer service they could not tell me why my service was terminated and why I had been charged when I still had minutes. Needless to say I'm actively looking for another service while I use ALLof my minutes, since Liberty said they could not refund my money.

Carl W 7/30/2007
The world's worst customer service! Great rebate offer with one catch; they won't give it to you. Choose ANYBODY other than Liberty. My real rating is negative 4 stars.

eric j 7/21/2007
liberty wireless has gone downhill in the last 3 months..i have gone with another provider..they will not return e-mail and you can't get a rep on the they cut off my phone while i had 213 min left...then drafted $$ out of my account..i will now report to BBB

chandzo 7/21/2007
2007 June service went to hell: can't reach customer service, can't access via web, can't add minutes when the computerized system says you're out of minutes a few days after account was supposedly renewed for the month/40' and have not used the phone (except to try to get customer service/buy minutes). BBB complaint filed after no response to letter sent to 6101 Blue Lagoon Drive, Ste. 450, Miami Fla. 33126 address given by CS a month ago.

Lisa 7/15/2007
This was my first cell phone i ever had. The plan was good. The phone just didn't work that great at my house( i live in the sticks). But the customer service was the worst. It took me 5 days before i got my phone turned on at first. I had problems with there web site not working when i went to pay and my phone was turned off. Then i tried the 800 # and could not get anyone. When i did get someone and paid the monthly charge by phone. My phone still didn't get turned on for a few day's. The best service i have found for a prepay phone has been T- Mobil to go.

Claudia 5/28/2007
I've used Liberty Wireless for almost 2 years now and even though I have no problems with the actual plan and coverage, I have been trying to get my phone rebate for months now and all I get is another rep on the phone. Good service as far as the phone is concerend but lowsy customer service.

JOHN 2/16/2007
Great wireless provider ! I have no trouble at all with customer service.

Sonya E. 12/29/2006
I have been with Liberty since 2005. So far, I haven't had any bad experience with customer service. I have service interruptions also but not as often as what others say.

Susan Price 9/25/2006
The phone worked great for a month, then they shut off my service even though I had paid them my money!!! Repeated calls were getting me no where. I had to actually get in my car and drive to the stupid store in town to get someone to listen to me. "Technical difficulties" they said. 24-48 hours they said. I'll never use them again. If they actually had kept my service ON since I paid, they would have been great. It really makes me mad.

Brent W. 9/25/2006
Do NOT use Liberty Wireless. They have thw WORST customer service EVER. They're overpriced and I regret ever signing up with them. As far as I'm concerned, a company like this will eventually be out of business. They need to get a GRIP.