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Kajeet Reviews
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3 stars of 5 based on 178 reviews

imn2it 5/6/2013
got a kajeet phone for my kid for Christmas 2012. though website navigation is a bit difficult, everything worked as it should after spending a few hours over a few days getting everything set up. Then after 4 months the phone stopped sending or receiving texts from anyone except the those on the approved list even though everyone was allowed to connect from 6am-11pm. When I checked the account my kid was being billed for every txt he sent or received even though we pay for an unlimited texting plan. I called customer service, they said while they received the payment they had not applied the payment to our phone's plan. they apologized, claimed they refunded the incorrectly billed texts and said all was well. now my kid cannot call, cannot text, I cannot call him, cannot text them, no calls or texts can be made in or out and no money has been refunded to our account. i wouldn't really care too much because I just won't pay the bill next month, but I'm out $150 for a phone I got 4 months use out of. someone out there must provide better service than kajeet.

Genea 3/26/2013
So cheap and works. There is a list of specific sprint phones that won't work with byod- so check that out if your phone didn't work!

Cindy 2/23/2013
Do NOT buy Kajeet phones or service. It does not work. My husband spent hours troubleshooting with them and no resolution to the issues, though always the promise that the solution would be delivered any minute. If I could give them zero stars I would. Again, do NOT buy.

WJR 2/8/2013
Data Plan doesn't work with "bring your own Sprint device" ! After 5 looong phone calls they 'resolved' the problem by saying their software doesn't support it. (phone calls and texts work fine).

Julie 1/15/2013
Don't use Kajeet. We have nothing but problems from the day we got it. Phone did not work, they tried charging me more money even though I had not began to use my service. Absolutely horrible customer service. I never complain about anything but I would not recommend Kajeet to my worst enemy.

Chris 1/5/2013
I purchased a kajeet phone for my daughters Christmas present. I tried to activate on the 24th. I was told it would be activated withing 4 hours. It still isnt activated. I've emailed and called numerous times. Its supposedly being dealt with in corporate and they generously added a $10 credit to her line. But that is not much consolation to a child who has a shiny new phone that does not work. So far I do not recommend kajeet.

Bob 12/5/2012
Service is unreliable. My kids only use there phones to call there parents, phone service is unavilable alot, especially on the weekends. No customer service on weekends. When asked why phone service was unavailable, told that they don't own the towers they use, so they don't know. Droping service for ATT go phones.

SanJoseMama 11/18/2012
My 10 yr old grandson has a kajeet phone, just a cheapie little phone which works fine for a 10 yr old, what I'm thrilled with is the cell service, Sprint; my daughter, parents & grandkids live in a rural area, neighbors consist of cows & horses, my Mom and daughter have AT&T and have to be in a certain spot to call from their cell, my grandson can walk all over the house and talk with no dropped calls or breaking up. I wish they had hot spot devices so my parents can get internet without hearing that old school dial up sound.

Scott 11/13/2012
Kajeet is a great idea unfortuantly the network is always failing us and my son does not get incoming calls and text messages either in or out. We have had no luck with Kajeets customer service as they cannot fix the problem. The service is terrible and the system does not work. avoid at all costs.

Phil 10/30/2012
Service use to be good years ago. The GPS locator service is not accurate when it works and it rarely works. The voice and text service work well when you are within the service area meaning roaming is not dependable. Customer service seems to be run out of someone's garage and is very poor. The equipment is expensive and of poor quality. I would no longer recommend doing business with Kajeet. It's sad since I'm one of the original adopter of the service. They need to negotiate their service contract with Sprint maybe move to verizon or at&t. Those of you who have mobile teenagers will rely on the GPS service that is not accurate or dependable.

Arv 10/2/2012
Absolutely rubbish customer service, had to return a broken phone. had to ask for free shipping to return the phone and call back 3 times to see where the replacement was. Only after having a hissing fit did they do something. Can't actually review the phone as I still don't have it.

MATT 9/13/2012
I have been very pleased with Kajeet and their customer service. I have 12 year old twins and this service works great for them. Also, I just found out that Kajeet will work with any Sprint phone except the Iphone or Blackberry.

Guest 8/20/2012
I have the intercept and it is terrible we have had to wipe it clean 2 or 3 times it stinks

Holly 8/10/2012
Customer service department stinks!!! If you need any help use the contact us page on their website to send a issue. After 2 weeks of being lied to by calling their number, I finally got a response by using the contact on the website. .

Jennifer 7/13/2012
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Got a phone for my 13 year old. It worked fine for 5 days, after we finally got it to turn on. Then it just stopped working...I called them numerous times, each time they had my daughter jump through all kinds of stupid hoops to try and get the phone to work. Then they say "tech" will call you back. A week later someone did call back, but wasn't able to to help. When asked to return the phone, less than a month later, they replied we were one day too late. I wanted to speak to a supervisor they said one will call you back. 4 hours later we are still waiting. I'm cancelling this piece of junk phone and their service. Hopefully they will not still be charging my account monthly. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. IT'S A BIG SCAM!!!

Zita d. 6/29/2012
Terrible customer service!

LOUISA 6/20/2012
this company is horrible. I have been unable to activate my new phone (number was ported from Verizon done within 4 hrs) It has taken 5 days and over 10 calls 2 hours on hold for them to tell me that it takes 24-48 hrs each day and same to reach a supervisor. If my phone isn't connected today its not work the hassle. Will cancel

Bryan 6/5/2012
Beware - activation process may not work correctly and customer service is a nightmare. There are no clear business hours, phone lines go down, 24 hour/48 hour response means business hours - hence 48 hrs = 6 business days - 8 calendar including weekends if you are lucky.

Don 6/2/2012
If I could give less than one star I would. I ordered a phone for my daughter over a week ago with the overnight shipping. i have yet to receive a phone and after calling several times and being told the supervisors are always in meetings the listed customer service number no longer works. Hmmm makes you wonder if the positive reviews on here are from actual customers.

I hardly know where to start. Our experience with Kajeet has been a TOTAL DISASTER! At first glance Kajeet's plan for a parent controlled cell phone seemed like a good idea. Well, the $150 phone we paid for did not support text picture messaging despite advertising to the contrary. After only 14 days my son's mobil web account was depleted due to what I found out later was inaccurate billing of $1 per 1 second of web use! I have called Kajeet over a dozen times and NO ONE there is able to correct ANY mistakes and must take a "message" and have a supervisor call you back. I have NEVER received a call back from anyone from Kajeet. Meanwhile my son was unable to use his phone the entire time! So after only 3 weeks and HOURS of time wasted calling Kajeet we cancelled out account and sent the phone back for a refund. Think my story ends there? I wish! Despite having given Kajeet my credit card number they supposedly processed the refund to a wrong card. I called today for the 5th time and was given the same scripted answer "we have to have a supervisor process this and they will call you back shortly..." bla, bla, bla... Oh and the refund will take 5 to 7 business days! Really? In what world does processing a credit on a credit card take an entire week? Do yourself a favor and save endless frustration- DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH KAJEET!!!

WinM 5/4/2012
Dropped calls and dead zones were getting worse. When we called to cancel the account, kajeet refused to refund the more than $500 we had placed in the prepaid "wallet". Whenever we called customer service, we were promised a return call. We didn't receive any.

Sierra 4/13/2012
Okay, So I bought a kajeet phone. But it won't let me text. I bought it over a month ago. Thumbs down.

Ed 2/16/2012
Ordered a phone for my daughter, which cost WAY more than at competing sites. when activating I could not make a claa, just kept getting weird messages about a "private" netowrk. Turns out a neighbor has a signal booster, and kajeet blocks signals like that, so this feature disabled the phone in our house. Pretty useless. Sent the phone back the next day, and weeks later still no acknowledgement that they received it or processed my refund. Calling service sends me into endless pre-recorded loops. Went to ATT gophone which has been much simpler. When ATT is superior, you know this is bad.

Guest 12/25/2011
Very bad customer service. Got a phone for my son for Christmas. Got defective piece and when I called customer service they were most unhelpful. It was a great disappointment. I am still waiting for the replacement part and forget about refund so, if you need a good customer service - this is not the company.

WorriWort 12/11/2011
My daughter has had her phone for a couple months now. The service is pretty good except for at her school. Parental controls are a thumbs up. Wish she could have her own login.

Jwilliam 12/11/2011
I've found the kajeet service and its (free) parental controls extremely useful for two things: (1) keeping my 16 year-old son from texting late at night and during school hours; and (2) getting automatic GPS location updates on my 2 kids when they get to school and when they arrive home after school. A great cell phone service, and I like the price, too.

Catherine 12/9/2011
I've had kajeet service for my daughter since 2007 and then added my son in 2008. The service has been great for us in that the parental control have allow us to initially closely manage use in and around school/sleep hours and then gradually ease up as they have matured. Additionally, I find the GPS service to be particularly helpful. Receiving the results of 'scheduled locates' directly to my email allows me to see where the are at key times of day even if I'm not in direct contact with them -- that is great peace of mind. My daughter is currently a senior in high school and I expect that she will be going to college next fall with a kajeet phone in her pocket.

Smartphone Customers 12/9/2011
My wife and I have both moved to this service from different major carriers and we are saving enormous amounts of $$. We are both on Android smartphones with kajeet and we wanted to test out all of the service and features before getting a phone for our son (7 yrs old). Everything has worked great! The data coverage and speed has been excellent and the rates/billing have all been much better than our previous carriers.

a parent 12/7/2011
Terrible service. When I tried to activate the phone I was told they were having technical trouble and would get back to me. It has now been 5 days. Everytime I contact them they tell me they will figure it out in 24-48 hours.

Alfonzo 11/30/2011
The kajeet cell phone is great and we use the $50 all-inclusive unlimited plan for our two kids. We never have to worry because it is a monthly recurring charge and no contract. I think that the service good and the phone quality is good too and would recommend the extensive free parental controls to any parent.

Dylan 11/28/2011
kajeet is a TERRIFIC service. I got my son the Optimus smartphone, and he absolutely loves it. He has the time of his life with all the games and apps, and I'm able to rest easy knowing that his web access is filtered. The wallet controls are flexible and easy to use. I've used the GPS phone locator countless times to check up on him and make sure he's safe. Hats off to kajeet!

Nancy B 11/23/2011
I've been on kajeet for about a year now and recently bought their LG Optimus Android. I was using Verizon before that and had my 11 year-old on our family plan. He was eating up our text plan, and I wanted more parental controls, so we moved him onto kajeet. Their plans are very affordable, and the controls are a lifesaver! His school lets him bring in the phone as long as they don't abuse their priveleges. With the contact and time controls, I just blocked him from using voice and text during the school day, with the exception of being able to get in touch with me in case there's an emergency heaven forbid. He loves his new Android, too. The Android filtering is very nice. I was worried about not being able to keep tabs of where he was visiting, but their new smart blocker tool allows me to block pornography, viruses, etc. Overall, very satisfied with Kajeet!

Parentof2 11/23/2011
I bought 2 m300's for my elementary school kids. The activation was smooth and service has been working exactly as expected. For my young daughter, I only allow calls to/from the family. For my older son, he has more open access (when not in school). And for both - I get location updates 4 times/day - which gives me great peace-of-mind.

Joe 11/18/2011
Well, I'm always interested to read these kinds of horro stories. I had seen several prior to initiating the kajeet service for my daughter. I knew I wanted to port her old number, and I was clear about the Parental Controls I wanted to implement. So we selected the phone, Samsung Seek ($149.99), expedited shipping ($24.95)and the Service Plan we wanted ($19.99 per month - 150 minutes, unlimited text.) The phone arrived a day later than guaranteed by USPS - more on that later. When the phone arrived (I was at work) my daughter called at 11:45 am to tell me, and asked to activate it. So, because I wanted to port the number (from Net10 - not exactly known for customer friendly support, btw) I did as the website asked, and called Customer Support. I was connected quickly to a representative, to whom I gave all the necessary information (which, because I previously had asked Net10 for all the information I would need to port the number, learned that it was just the account number. We did not have a contract, so the account number was the IMEI of our previous phone - no password or PIN - very simple and easy) I furnished all the typical account setup information you would expect in any similar transaction. While I was on the phone with her, the agent called Net10 to arrange the port. When we finished with our call at approximately 12:20 (probably less than a half hour elapsed time) she indicated that the port would take place "probably within 4 hours", but that occasionally, it took longer. I thanked her for her thoroughness and hung up. At 3:00, my daughter called from her new phone, with the correctly ported number, happy as a clam, less than three hours after hanging up. I honestly don't think that my transaction was aberrational at all. I was well prepared, the agent was very competent, I we got exactly what we wanted. In addition, we happen to live in an area with exceptionally good Sprint coverage (metro Washington DC area) so the service and call quality have been outstanding. So what about the expedited shipping failure, right??? Not exactly ... I called kajeet the next day, explained that the phone was a day late according to the USPS guarantee, and I would not expect to be changed for expedited shipping. The agent listened, put me on hold, came back in two minutes and stated that he would apply the difference between standard and expedited shipping ($18.00) directly to our Wallets. Seemed perfectly reasonable to me, and I accepted. I should say that my experience as a customer of Net10 much more closer to being a disaster - multi-hour waits on hold, inability to activate, failure of purchased minutes to post to the phone, having to replace the phone, etc. I empathize with the users who suffered through some difficulties, but for us Kajeet has been great, head and shoulders better at all levels than our previous provider.

alex 11/17/2011
I bought the lg Rumor i loved that phone but one day the screen just turned white!!!! I was mad and it was a 130.00 phone there a rip off

Burt 9/15/2011
to Sarah Mendl: You should still considerTracfone even if you have gone with someone else by this time. I had a prepaid phone that used Sprint as the carrier and was disappointed to find no service when traveling in Wyoming. Sprint has no towers in Wyoming so the phone was useless for calling my roadside assistance company if I had a breakdown. There are very few places that I haven't had a signal. I have the LG420g. Their phones also show minutes and service time left right on the display so you always know where you stand. In ayear I haven't had to call CS so I can't comment on that. If you're sitll looking check out Tracfone.

Ina 9/11/2011
Worst customer service ever! Twice we got a phone that "couldn't be activated". Twice they said they were sending another phone that day & a week later I would call to find that no phone had been sent. Spent many, many hours on the phone with them, mostly on hold and while I was at work, since they aren't open evenings and weekends. Finally cancelled. Still waiting to get credit for the phone that couldn't be activated.

Callie 7/3/2011
I made the mistake of buying a kajeet phone for my son after I read an article on yahoo describing cell phones for kid. The author obviously believed the hype on the website and fell for it like I did. Once the phone arrived, it could not be activated! Many minutes on hold and promises of emails to be received soon or phone calls back to me that never came. I finally demanded a refund and cancelled my account after 3 days of talking to customer service reps (but only until 3:00 pm Pacific because they are located in the Carribbean and the company closes at 6:00 pm their time!). They claimed they couldn't activate the phone because there were no phone numbers available in my area code. WHAT? Still waiting to be sure I get the refund on their "guaranteed or your money back for 30 days" cell phone. I feel completely duped, but I am glad I pulled the plug before I was in to this company any deeper.

jay 6/7/2011
Ordered a phone for my daughter for her Birthday. A refurbished Rumor2. It arrived promptly 3 days later. Couldn't activate it. Called and they were closed 6:00 EST. Tried to activate online. Said activated but phone doesn't work. They don't open till 9:00 am EST so had a useless phone. The next day I spent 1 hour on the phone with a tech who couldn't fix the problem. He muttered something about having someone else call back in 2 hours. 3 hours later no one called. I called back and the guy did the same thing the first guy did and couldn't fix it. Finally they RMA'ed the phone still waiting for a replacement. BTW, the phone was nearly dead after trying to get it working for 1 hour. Horrible battery life. Meanwhile the site says my phone is active when it is not so I am paying for service I am not getting. I wish I had never signed up. I have a feeling my money is gone. I only gave them 2 stars because they offered to replace the phone but now I wish I had asked for my money back.

Spark 5/23/2011
KAJEET IS TERRIBLE!!! Horrible customer service. I had to wait forever for someone to come on the phone. His English was good though. My daughter had added services that we did not place there. We were wondering why there never seemed to be enough money in the account. It wasn't her it was Kajeet. Always watch your account if you go with this service.

Harriet H 5/16/2011
The actual kajeet plan is a great idea. Allows parents to place controls on service and actually allows to control spending. You will not get a an astronomical bill at the end of the month because your child went overboard. HOWEVER, their customer service is terrible. I bought two phones one for each of my kids. One of them had problems, where it would arbitrarily shut off. Since I had a warranty on it for one year I requested they send me a new phone. After months of back and forth they finally agreed to send me a replacement which was a USED phone. I was so tired of calling them that I gave in. Note: during this time my son went 3 months without a phone. That is how long it took them between receiving my old defective one and sending me another DEFECTIVE one. However, the monthly charges continued to hit my account. They did issue credits but i had to call them, wait 20-30 minutes on average, and request the credits. Fast forward a few months, we decide to buy a new upgraded phone I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that my original interactions with them were a fluke...BIG MISTAKE! We receive it and it's USED, never mentioned at the time of purchase that it was used. I request a NEW one, they send it to me but at this point i decide I had enough of Kajeet's customer service. Since it had a 30 day money back guarantee, I send it back, still waiting for the refund....when i call for a status they tell me that they put in a request that should take 7-10 business days to process which is what they said 11 business days ago. Bottom line, nice idea, they fall short, VERY SHORT, on delivering the service they promise.

Horrible! 4/29/2011
I so wish I could give this -100 stars! It's horrible! I got this from my parents for Christmas, and hated it right away. They change your plan without you knowing to something more expensive. The phones are EXTREMELY expensive, and the most expensive ones are like $250 and still aren't worth getting for $25. You can't look at pictures sent to your phone, even if they give you the link. I went to the link and it didn't work. It takes about 5 minutes to send a text to someone. the internet SUCKS! if you like the service now, you wont like it in a couple of weeks.

David 4/27/2011
A very affordable phone option for kids. There are different phone plans and phones for every budget. Plans range from $5 to $50 and phones range from $40 to $250. but order your phone from and save 15% off any phone you purchase. Even the phones that are on sale. Do not enter promo codes it will not be applied.

Tim 3/24/2011
I have been on the service for over 1 year. Got a sanyo phone from them. On the $15 monthly plan. My calls have always gone through, no problems ever with texts. Each month I get a text and an email saying my service has been renewed for the $15. My credit card has never been overcharged. I have never had to call customer service as nothing has ever been wrong with my phone/account. I like the price and will continue to use them.

John 3/17/2011
Had been with Kajeet for about 2 years. First bought my daughter Samsung M300, then LG Rumor. Never had a single problem with either of the phones (even with the LG Rumor that I bought refurbished). The service itself has been excellent (Kajeet is an MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator, which uses Sprint as the carrier). Their customer service is lagging a bit, for which I would give 3.5 stars, but overall, you cannot get a better product, with better controls for the kids than Kajeet. They (Kajeet) just need to move the customer service back to US. Whoever said that their phone locator service works via triangulation and not GPS, are dead wrong! It will use triangulation only if the phone cannot get the signal from the GPS satellites, which is what you want to have, i.e. both capabilities. If you are inside of a building and the GPS satellite reception is not there, Kajeet (read Sprint) will triangulate, which is still better than nothing. 300 yards radius is not so bad, when you want to know where your kid is, at least approximately. At all other times, the accuracy will be within 5-20 yards. The ability to control dates and times when your kids can use the phone is great too. And how about being able to block certain numbers from texting them, or calling, and the other way around? Priceless! People are complaining about the 5% surcharges on payments: look at any other cell company bill: a $39 service that comes out to $51 after taxes and surcharges are applied on Verizon, or AT&T .... No thank you, I'd rather get the $2.50 tacked onto $19.99 on Kajeet. One more thing, you can always buy a cheaper Kajeet phone on eBay ... but remember, you can erminate the service any time you want to.

not happy 3/15/2011
beware of the customer service is located in Dominican Republic what are they doing with my money out there is that the reason why they charged 10%

Anonymous 3/7/2011
Kajeets coverage is horrible.If your worried about your kids you better hope the kidnapper stays within 2 feet of a major interstate.There phones are a ripoff compared to prices elsewhere.You better start looking for a better server for your kid,

Lynn 3/2/2011
I love this phone. I ordered it for myself - 150 minutes per month, unlimited text and pic messages for $20.99 a month is great for my use. One time there was a billing problem and Kajeet customer service was fabulous and took care of it right away. It is a great service for phones for kids - parents can monitor and control hours of usage and kids learn how to budget their time and money in their wallet. I plan on getting my daughter a phone from Kajeet also when she is a bit older. In the meantime, I love it!! They run specials frequently online.

DosentLike "KIDS PHONES" Person 3/1/2011
Kajeet shouldnt allow kids above 11 to have kajeets because its emmbarresing having a parental phone at an age above 11. i cant even recive pic messages off my kajeet. its soooooo stupid!!! i gibe it 0 stars it just didnt have zero as a choice.!!!

Kay 2/22/2011
Kajeet says "no contracts" no surprises. The surprises definitely exist. We have had the service for our child since 2009. At first we were statisfied with the service and set up. They tout it to be family friendly. We are finding that means only if you are willing to give them a credit card! We have had incresing changes and limitations to the way that the company operates. Depending on how you put money into to the wallets you can not purchase talk and text packs with the money. Many minutes trying to get a representative on the phone only to be told "sorry" "no I can't help" "a supervisor will call you" and "please hold" prove frustrating! Even with kajeet refill cards, you cannot put the money from the card into the wallet and purchase a text frustrating for both our child and us! I no longer recommend this service to my friends as I did. The idea of parental controls is wonderful, but the limited customer services,lack of helpfulness, hours of operation and frustration are no longer worth it! Purchase this service very cautiously as there are many "hidden rules of use"

Marla 2/12/2011
Customer service used to be great. Now I can't understand a word any of their people are saying and it seems they are located in another country. Don't know what happened to them but they have gone down hill drastically

Sarah Mendl 2/11/2011
Kajeet is actually quite an attractive option. I've only been staring into tracfone's options which are nice, especially the cheapness of the phones, but it seems as though kajeet's rates, and plans are better, cheaper. How is the coverage with sprint? Do they only run off sprint? Roaming is same charge as usual, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Melissa 2/2/2011
They are only getting a 4 instead of a 5 because the built in ringing on the refurbished phone I bought from them doesn't work, but with a memory card in it with downloaded ringtones from our computer it does work. We really just didn't want to deal with returning it and getting a new one because I had heard that their return process is really slow. Anyway. Bought the Kajeet LG Rumor for our 8 year old daughter because she spends time with family out of state often and is involved in a lot of after school activities and one time my husband forgot to pick her up, that was the day we bought the phone. For $15 a month she gets 60 minutes and unlimited texting. 60 talk minutes is all she needs and she definately gets her money out of texting (mostly to me and her dad). The reception is pretty good even out of metro areas. My parents live on the Oregon Coast in a tiny town away from any big cities and we can always get a hold of her there. The GPS feature was also another reason we got it for her. We don't pay for the monthly service, but you can just log in to your account and do a one time use. God willing we will never have to use that feature! Anyway, to the parents who are reading these don't listen to the people who obviously work for other companies and don't listen to the kids who complain because they can't go online. That is obviously their parents deal!

DevineStar 1/31/2011
Horrible service. I cancelled within a month. Don't recommend.

sucker 1/25/2011
Had a $21 plan. Suddenly they made unauthorized charges of $71. Started filling wallets we never asked them to do. On hold now for 10 minutes trying to get my money back.

tomi 1/19/2011
i love my lg rumor2. but the part i dont like is the internet. r u ever going 2 make a internet plan. and u took off a bunch of the free sites and put them on the web. please make a plan soon.

Candy 1/14/2011
As a mom, keeping my children safe is my number one goal. Teaching them responsibility also ranks high in my priorities. Kajeet allows parents to achieve both while taking advantage of mobile technology. It's so convenient to be able to call them up whenever I want. I can also rest assured they won't get into mischief because I've set the device exactly how I want it to be used. Do your research, you'll find Kajeet will fit your budget and keep your children safe.

Kylian 1/9/2011
Virgin mobile sux Diane. No reception for the 3 months I had them. Dropped calls every other call. Kajeet gives me full 5 bar reception everywhere I go and I pay much less then with Virgin. GG. Kylian.

Diane 1/8/2011
Well what can i say i hate this phone words cant express how much hate i have for this phone. All my friends have phones with web and everything im the one that looks like a dummy with this phone and never even have minutes to call. DONT SWITCH TO KAJEET go to virgin mobile they have the BEST plan ($25 for 300 mins and unlimited web and call) best plan eva and there always ready to help you dont keep you on hold for an hour or 2 - ugh that just makes me so mad

<3 Kajeet 12/26/2010
Got this for Christmas!! Works great!! <3 my parents!!

tomi 12/21/2010
i love my phone. the only thing i don't like about it is that u don't have an internet plan. bunch of other people have comments about it. when are u going to make an internet plan. please make one soon.

Dave 12/4/2010
Holiday discount at 15% off then select the FedEx SmartPost for free shipping. Hurry, not much time left before the big day. You can also enter promo code BARGAIN at checkout for the same discount.

Candy 12/1/2010
We put our boy on the $19.99 plan and it's just perfect. Unlimited text & unlimited picture messages with 150 minutes of talk time. I had to call customer service to ask about some features and was able to get someone right away. No complaints from this family. I suggest this company to all the parents who worry about the dangers of mobile media.

Wendy 11/20/2010
Avoid. Texting only worked intermitantly. Calls always dropped. Supposedly on Sprint network, but who knows? The phone was extremely expensive. But, after canceling, you can't reuse the phone, even with Sprint. It's "locked" with Kajeet. Does NOT say that anywhere on their website. They promise a lot, but it's a total ripoff. Back to Verizon - more expensive, but stellar customer service.

Felicia 11/2/2010
Customer service sucks; must have "talk minutes" for the unlimited texting, which sucks; I was on the automatic "renew," which was required in order to get the unlimted text + 150 minutes pak; however, one month it didn't renew. The guy at customer service told me that I WASN'T on the automatic renew, so I told him to put a flipping supervisor on the phone because I had been on the automatic renewal for MONTHS. So, someone else got on the line and said that they had updated their system, and I was taken off, so they manually gave me my mintues, etc. This is only one incident in a LONG line of problems that I have had with them.

DT 11/2/2010
Tom Stock's quote "It has not worked for me even one time in 50 attempts" Kristin's quote "The GPS locater has worked only 3 times in more than 50 attempts" 3 posts down "Kacheated" Tom Stock's quote "Thanks for the false advertising kacheat." It's the same language. It's the same person trying to scare people off of getting Kajeet because they are competition. Kajeet has won many awards for the excellence in technology and safty. This is the only service that provide free parental controls. The rates are unbeatable. There's a phone for every budget.

Tom Stock 10/30/2010
Seriously this company is A JOKE. What a waste of money. The GPS locator does not work, at all. It has not worked for me even one time in 50 attempts. I am sitting on hold for CS now and this seems like a dead end. I am ready to tell this company to kiss me arse. Thanks for the false advertising kacheat.

Kristin 10/23/2010
Let me begin by saying that I did appreciate the parental controls but that is where my positive experience began and ended with Kajeet. Our son has a serious medical condition and we wanted to be able to give him some independence by way of a cell phone. We were sold on the GPS locater option and the parental controls. When we ordered the refurbished phone we received a phone that was registered to Trumpet mobile and could not be activated. After 3 weeks and many lengthy phone calls, we received another phone. Againt the phone was a Trumpet mobile phone. After 3 more weeks of waiting, promises, and literally hours on the phone, we received a working phone. The GPS locater has worked only 3 times in more than 50 attempts. I have waited on hold with Kajeet for more than one hour on 4 different occassions and one time was cut off mid conversation and had to start over again. I have tried using their email address that they provide for trouble shooting. I received an auto response that my message was being forwarded to the appropriate department. 3 weeks later I received another auto response that they claimed was my trouble shooting response only it didn't even respond to the problem I wrote to them about. The level of frustration dealing with this company didn't make the $24.95/month worth it, especially since the GPS didn't work when I really needed it (my son hadn't come home from the bus stop because he had had a seizure). Good luck to you if you still choose to give them a try but to me the bad far outweighs the good with Kajeet. They also refused to refund the GPS service fee, even though we haven't received anything but "GPS locate failed" messages all month.

Aaron 10/6/2010
Nice review site here. Let me put my 2 cents in. My oldest son has been on Kajeet for almost a year now. There is no way I would let him have a phone from any other service. Reason 1, He texts way to much and Kajeet has the best unlimted text option. Reason 2, the parental controls. He needs to be controled. Reason 3, prepaid and no contracts. We take his phone away often as punishment. There's no monthly charge when the phone is inactive. Lots of his friends have Kajeet phones because I have recommended to their parents. Do yourself a favor, if your are getting a phone for your kids, get a Kajeet phone. It'll make life easier and you will have total control.

dtai 10/1/2010
kacheated, you must be Anne with Virgin Mobile promo code EJP5DwXd. I do notice a lot of competitors bashing Kajeet. Don't worry your promo code will be deleted when the admin sees it. Kajeet has won many parenting awards for their excellence in kids safety. The phones and service are top of the line. Don't try to scare people into thinking they will receive a broken phone. 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 90 day warranty on refurbished phones. GG.

kacheated 10/1/2010
As long as your phone works you should be fine. God forbid you have a problem then the fiasco begins!!! Phones are way too expensive and the "refurbished" phones should be called broken phones; so take your chances. After having receiving 2 broken "refurbished" phones and since I"m unwilling to put out more money for another phone I will take my business elsewhere and just be cheated out of the $100 I spent on the broken phone they've sent me. The prices of their new phones are double that of other carriers. Check out Virgin Mobiles $25 a month plan...that's where I'm going for $5 more a month I'm getting alot more and the phones are new and 1/2 the price of kajeet!!

David T 9/30/2010
Samsung Seek Best Buy $299 Kajeet $249 LG Rumor 2 Best Buy $359 Kajeet $199 Sanyo Katana Best Buy $84 Kajeet $49 Samsung m320 Amazon $52 Kajeet $39 Most of the other carriers require a long yearly contract. There's no contract with Kajeet so there's no early termination fees. You also get parental control for no additional charge. I'm a Kajeet fan. My boys love their phones and we love the price of the service plans.

rider 9/29/2010
i was looking on there site for a phone for my son but these prices are a JOKE, it should be a crime there prices are triple that of other cell carriers stay away.

Zane 9/28/2010
I love my Kajeet phone! My parents switched me to Kajeet and I can text as much as I want!! Got a new phone with a keyboard!! w00t w00t!

Lynn Taylor 9/16/2010
We got a kajeet phone for our 6th grader to let us know when he gets home from school. We have had it for 2 1/2 weeks. They have mistakenly cut off the phone twice and customer srvice is only untill 6:00 on weeknights. Wait time is 20+ minutes. Today I started calling at 5:30, waited 20 minutes each time to have them pick up and then hang up until it was after 6:00 and then got "call back on regular business hours" recording. Getting rid of phone as soon as I can get them to answer the customer service line. Worst experience ever.

Kassie 9/13/2010
My daughter has had 3 different service providers for the past year and a half. I believe we have settled down with Kajeet. Their rates are the best in the industry. I have learned the hard way not to add a teen to your family plan. We gave her the $14.95 plan which allows her to have unlimited text. We were paying way more than that in overages. She loves her phone and we love the free parental control. We have set the phone up exactly how we want her to use it. We've set the phone to only be able to call us during school and past 10pm on weekdays. I have recommended Kajeet to all my mom friends and they have thanked me. All parents considering getting a cell phone for their kids should consider Kajeet. Good luck and happy shopping.

Lisa 9/11/2010
Terrible customer service. To refill the "wallet" they charge 5% fee, no it's not much but soooo not worth it. Charge me money to add money to my account? I don't think so. First phone I received was defective, took 3 weeks to get a working phone. I am being charged the monthly rate when I didn't even have a phone. Terrible. I would never tell anyone to get this phone.

Mark 9/3/2010
Here is our experience good & bad, purchased an LG Rumor just about 1 year ago about $150 the 19.99 unlimited text + 150 minutes talk plan. My daughter rarely calls but texts thousands of times a month. We thought the price was good and the service fine, we did need to call customer service a few times probably waited 10 minutes on average. After about 8 months my daughter started having a problem with the phone, it worked but would randomly turn off so we contacted Kajeet. they had us try a few things none of which worked and eventually told us we should return the phone and get a replacement since it was under warranty, they told us they would turn this around in about a week. i asked if they could send the replacement first and they said no-(. Well 1 week went by, 2 weeks went by, 3 weeks went by NO PHONE. Eventually we learned that the replacement phone was a refurbished unit which was on back order. After talking to numerous supervisors they eventually sent a phone after 4 weeks but did not credit us the month, after some more calls they credited about 3 weeks. Seems like the customer service folks do not have the capability to resolve customer issues!! the new phone works and the price is still very good so for now we are sticking with them

ctai 8/18/2010
Pretty cool phone company. The parental controls are excellent. I can contact my son anytime I want and also set the phone exactly how I want him to use it. When his little brother is old enough to have a phone, we will get him Kajeet. It's nice to be contract free and the plans fit our budget. Other company's charge for parental control, I get it for free at Kajeet. Big ups to Kajeet.

tjonesjr01 8/17/2010
Pros: I can't think of one. Cons: * customer service * phones * services Summary: What parent doesn't want the ability to monitor/track their child's cell phone usage? And better yet, why not throw in the ability to find out where they are with the GPS? All sounds great doesn't it? Kajeet claims to have these services. However, what they dont tell you is that the phones are junk. And when they do break, and it will break, is that you have to "live" without a phone until they decide what they want to do with your broken phone. 4 weeks and we have yet to receive our replacement. During said time you still get charged for the service. Customer service is an absolute joke. If you get someone that speaks English you are doing well. They ask for your user name and password and log into the same customer portal you do, and support your call based on that information. I suggest you create a very basic password as mine was complex and would take upwards of 20 minutes just to get someone to put it in correctly. The GPS location service. It's based on Triangulation. Your child can be anywhere within miles of whatever tower they are at. Good luck locating your child. The customer service agents do not have the ability to make changes to your account. Your information gets submitted to another group that has to determine if you deserve your refund/etc.. We were charged twice in one month for service. It took their team 2 weeks just to locate the billing error and send me an email stating that they were going to refund me. Took another week to get the refund. I suggest that if you would like to keep your sanity while dealing with a cell phone company, to NOT use Kajeet. Buyer beware.

yamatonadeshiko 8/16/2010
The kajeet website is very dangerous when it comes to accessibility. There is a link on the home page where one can refill minutes without any login information; all you need is a credit card. My son used that chance to use his debit card to refill $55 worth of credits to buy games and minutes. If he didn't have his own debit card, since he is a teenager he may have thought of stealing his parent's or a friends credit card information. People use kajeet because they think it is safe, but there are a few dangerous loopholes that make a teenagers desire to talk and play with his or her phone take over the integrity using a phone safely. Kids are technologically smarter and more literate than we think, and I am very dissapointed in the lack of protection kajeet has when it comes to accessibility. I called them up and they just made it us parents' fault, and didn't even think about fixing the problem. If this happens more often, kajeet will likely get sued. They should appreciate the fact I am actually reporting this.

David T 8/6/2010
Kajeet's new phone, Samsung Seek, is sweet!! The touchscreen is responsive and the slide out keyboard makes text messaging so easy. The camera takes great pictures. I don't know why everyone is complaining about the customer service. I've never had an issue with Kajeet customer care. I guess you can't please everyone. GO Kajeet!!

LB 8/6/2010
I purchased a phone and the service. I had the phone and service for a month and after 8 phone calls and conversations and 3 times being left on hold for over 30 minutes, kajeet could still not get the service to work. They then ask (after I had spent $60 that they would not credit) if they could add a "bit more" from my credit card to try to get the phone to work. $60 and no phone service...back to verizon...

Gina Anderson 8/5/2010
My phone GPS is not working. I have contacted customer service 4X by phone and 2X by email. Each time I called, I was placed on hold for 10-15 minutes with no answer. I still have not had any phone or email response after 2 days.

Patrick b 7845 7/20/2010
I've used kajeet's service for almost 3 years now. The phones are very nice and very durable. Both my kids (11 and 13) are on the $14.99 (unlimited texting and 60 anytime minutes) plan. The customer service is great along with the features offered on their website. Overall kajeet is a fantastic wireless provider and I'd give them 5 stars anyday.

Candy T 7/17/2010
"former customer" and "kacheated" Just to let you know, we've had Kajeet for almost 2 years now and have had great experience with the business and customer service. The parental control is outstanding and the monthly plans fit our budget. I couldn't imagine using any other service for our kids. I've recommending this service to many friends and even strangers. Everyone is happy and has thanked me for the recommendation. I give 5 stars.

Robin 6/5/2010
We have used this company for my daughter's phone for 3 year and it's great. I have never had a problem with customer service although I have had to call a few times. The rep has always been courteous and more importantly could speak English. I have always had a good resolution to any problem that has come up. I currently pay 15 dollars for unlimited text with 60 minutes of talk. It is the best deal around. My only complaint would be that my daughter would like more phone choices. Great company with great service. I highly recommend Kajeet!

Candy 5/26/2010
OK well the Kajeet GPS tracking was a time saver today. Last day of school for our oldest boy and it was also field day. It wasn't early dismissal, but he and his friends seem to think it was. I won't go into details but I found them using the GPS tracking and sent the dads after them. Let's just say they will not be having a great summer vacation. Thank you Kajeet.

parent#1 5/10/2010
horrible! the phones do not work well, once you get on you cannot cancel with out a huge hassle, the staff is unresponsive and surly, they are closed on Sundays so you cannot get any help. overall a bad experience

joseph 4/14/2010
My kids love this company Kajeet.I was reluctant to get them phones because of the cost but this company has really good packages.i got 15% off phones at I would reccomend this wireless company to everyone!

Becky 4/14/2010
Nightmare company. For 3 months straight, my son has not rec'd the 300 minutes we bought. They keep cutting off service. They need to learn responsibility in order for us to teach our kids responsibility.

Dave 4/5/2010
Shopping for a Kajeet phone? Visit and save 15% off your order. Click the "super bonus" button to browse phones and services. When you checkout, your discount will be applied. No need to enter promo codes.

Candy 3/23/2010
Trish, I've had almost every major service provider available. For Kajeet to have replaced your phone once in 6 months is pretty good. ATT doesn't replace phones after 30 days, TMobile is 2 weeks. Seeing these phones are in the hands of rough kids, for Kajeet to have replaced it is pretty good service. It might take a while to get the new phone, but it's that way with all service providers. We are happy with Kajeet and sticking with them.

Trish 3/22/2010
My son bought the LG Rumor from Kajeet it lasted less than 6 months, they reluctantly replaced it. 6 months later the new phone broke, same problem...the lead in the screen seems to leak/crack and it becomes unreadable. The phone cost $150. I have had $15 track phone for almost 4 years and no problems. KaJeet has refused to replace the phone or do anything. Their customer service department is unwilling to help. Their Regional office has not even returned my call. I am cancelling their plan. I thought they were a good company and would stand by their product..I was wrong.

Gen 3/4/2010
I was concerned at first but after reading the poor reviews about things like "It cost me to use the phone" or "I didn't like the camera" so the service sucks, I have no worries. In fact, I looked over the bad reviews and the people writing them could barely spell and were totally wrong about how the service operates. 32 cebts a day costs you 10 dollars a day? If that is the kind of math you come up with, then you should legally not be allowed to own a cell phone!

Dan 1/3/2010
I've been using Kajeet for both of my kids (14 & 11) for a while now. I LOVE the ability to control when the phone is active (ie: not during school, or homework time, or dinnertime!). The new mobile web is great, and I have read that they ARE adding an unlimited web option early this year.

Karl 12/28/2009
Well... okay, these guys were pretty bad. Though their coverage map shows that they should get good coverage through Sprint in the area, in fact the phone would not make or receive calls anywhere in or outside of our house. When calling to try to figure this out, the technician ended the call with "Well, we are through Sprint, but we aren't actually Sprint" and then "sorry, I can't help you any more" and hung up. When I called to try and cancel, get money back from the "wallet," and return the phone for money back, they have so far given me the run-around, though they seem to be willing to take the phone back for a refund. The money we put in the "wallet" may or may not be returned. Boy, what a hassle! Also, there are VERY long wait times to get through to customer service (maybe only over Christmas time frame? That's their claim...), there is NO customer service on Sundays (or at least after 5 p.m. eastern time). PLUS, the web site is poorly designed and somewhat confusing to navigate in terms of figuring out which credit card is being used to put money, getting things all set up, etc. As an update, a supervisor called back, apologized, explained some things about the website that the general phone response guy couldn't help with, and also explained that it turns out they are having problems with the particular model of phone they sent out, so would we like a new, pre-activated phone shipped to us that WILL work? Still, we were frustrated enough to bail on the service and should now get all our money back, etc, though we are apparetnly paying for the post office to send the phone back to them. Oh well, maybe it will work for other people and they really have sorted out the phone issues!

Kajeet? You mean Ka-jip 11/26/2009
Although the prices are low, the service is terrible. It took them a week just to ship out the phone when they told us the phone would arrive in 3 days when we ordered. Then when we were switching the phone number from Metro to Kajeet, Kajeet fail to call and tell us we had the wrong account number. We had to call. After we got the right number, the account was activated and worked for 1 day. Then the phone was able to send messages, but not receive. For some reason, the phone was only allowed to receive messages and call other Kajeet phones. That was fixed, but then a day afterwords, the phone stopped working again. It was revealed that we had no money in the wallet and no plan was selected, according to Kajeet. This angered us because upon purchasing the phone, we pre-paid the bill and selected the unlimited text and 150 minutes of talk plan. It also made us wonder where the credit card information went that we gave them. After debating with the service rep about this, we finally got the phone to work. Kajeet is now on probation here. And it doesn't look good for them. It still has it's downs with randomly not giving the phone service, the battery dying only 20 minutes after being removed from the charger (since they fail to tell us they don't put new working batteries in the refurbished phones), and claiming we have no money in the wallet, even though we do, when trying to go on the web. If it wasn't cheap as it was, we would not be with Kajeet. Hopefully they change and prove they're worthy of our $20.

James 11/19/2009
I am glad to see that they are offering mobile web but they really should offer a bundle that includes unlimited talk, text, MMS , and mobile web like the competition . "@keshon They effective today 11/11/09 (although i have not seen it yet) have added mobile web browsing to any web site at 35cents/0.25mb."

Samuel 11/11/2009
@keshon They effective today 11/11/09 (although i have not seen it yet) have added mobile web browsing to any web site at 35cents/0.25mb.

keshon 11/3/2009
yes, i said when my gram was gettin it for me then every thing changed when i found that they didnt have web. But i still kept them. I then couldnt get a top up card at a store where they said it waz there. Later on they got better phones and more plans. It is ok now and they added mobile web. If you need help with you kajeet service i will try to help you out.

Joe 11/2/2009
It is not clear to me whether the umlimited text + x number of minute plans include MMS (photo messageing). If they don't then paying $.25 for MMS on top of the plan is ridiculous . BTW- Where is the LG Romor2

Samuel 10/30/2009
Best service ever. especially since i got the unlimited talk & text!!!!!!! I have and will continue to recommend it. GO KAJEET!!!!

Wanda 10/22/2009
Although Kajeet is marketed to "tweens," I purchased the Rumour for both my children, ages 15 and 18. I have the $29.99 plan which is unlimited texting (my daughter averages around 10,000 a month) and 300 talk minutes (which they never go over). I like this plan so much I am seriously thinking of getting it for myself. The ONLY draw back is the actual costs of the phones themselves.

Keshon 10/17/2009
When i saw the promos i had to get it and then i got it last year around July it was ok then i found out there was no mobile web on the phones also my mom was going to get a card to add money to my account but she could not find no place by us it and didnt want to drive all the way to bestbuy. The service was cool. The part i hated was that there was no. But when it is my birthday I want to go back because i can get the 20.00 pac wit unltd txting and 150 min plus if she lets me i can get 1000 nites and weekend min for me cause talkin is cool isnt it. lol next mth is my birthday and i am going to try and get it also save up on my money so that i cant pay the bill for it. I cant want to get the mobile web access to 35cents for it cheap but a catch to but who cares anymore just get it for your kids and you can get it to and add some stuff for you it is amazing wat kajeet can do for you so "Use it for Good".

kim 9/23/2009
I just got the phone. I try to activate it and .... no activation number. I call customer service and, although I am now being charged my 20.00 , It may take 24 to 48 hours to get me my activation number.

Jack 9/22/2009
I would like to see Kajeet include picture messaging and IM along with text in the montly unlimiteded messaging plan. An unlimited data plan option would nice too .

FLOYD 9/20/2009
I believe Kajeet is an excellent value if you're looking for a phone for your kids. My son (12 yrs old) gets the benfits of having a cell phone and we have the security of him being able to call us (vice versa) when needed. We pay the $4.99/mo. He covers any additional charges. My son just bought a LG Rumor as an upgrade (used his own b-day cash).

Haley 9/15/2009
We love our kajeet phones! I've got 2 boys with them. I love the GPS feature. We used it once to find a missing phone. We discouvered it had been left at a friends house. VERY cool feature!!

Kajeet Sucks 9/9/2009
I thought this would be a great service also. What I found was a really poorly run company with lousy customer service. It started with the shipping of the phone right to the end when it did not work as advertised. Every time I called for help, from where is my shipment, how come the phone number in the block lists is still working/not working or how come the device isn't being found with the GPS location service, I got the same response. Give it 24 hours. Really? Every time I add a number to the allow/block list I have to wait 24 hours for it to work? You mean I paid $17 for next day shipping but I need to wait another 24 hours? BTW it took 56 hours to be delivered

donna 9/9/2009
still no complaints- but you cant send pictures unless both the sender and reciever are kajeet phones. A bummer when you cant get a pic to grandma and grandpa coz they are on different carrier.

Bill 8/29/2009
This is a very affordable service that offers parental controls (GPS tracking call,records, account management). It would be nice to have logging if the content of text messages too .

Latrish 8/14/2009
Terrible customer service!I ordered (before noon as stated on their website for same day shipping) & paid for priority overnight shipping, but the next day when I was to receive it- nothing! I called, they said "Oops, not processed yet." No reason given! Just that for some reason it missed being processed. They offered to refund my shipping - which is the same as NOTHING as the salesman had already offered me free shipping if I wanted to go with 2 day ship. I would like to tell you how we liked the phone, but can't as we're canceling our order. This was supposed to be a birthday git for our son whose birthday is this weekend, not next week! So I would say if you don't mind not knowing when you'll receive your phone you cold go ahead and try them. I figure though, if they're going to lie to me up front, then I can't really trust them in the future.

David 8/5/2009
Um. I gotta ask -- what kind of prepaid service gives refunds? What kind of wallet balance were you carrying that you are upset about walking away from, yet won't spend $25 to get a new phone to use? My daughter has to be the queen of all dead & lost phones and yet, if she wrecks her new m300, I'll be buying a cheap refurb within a month. I WISH I could buy her an LG Rumor. They are about the hottest prepaids short of a Boost phone. But $180 for the queen? Ha! Seriously, though, why would you expect a refund on money you paid for service???

Annmarie 8/4/2009
If you get caught up in the "deal" DO NOT keep a balance in your "wallet" because, heaven forbid your phone break, you will be advised to buy a new phone or close the account. If you choose the latter they keep any remaining balance and will not issue any refunds. Customer Care should be called customer rip off. READ ALL THE FINE PRINT and do not keep money in your wallet "Just in case"

T.T 8/3/2009
i love Kajeet but i just found out that you cant get it in Canada and im really sad

David 7/7/2009
My daughter uses one of these. I do NOT pay for a phone so that my daughter can talk to her friends a lot -- that could quickly get very expensive. $50/mo for Boost would look real attractive, and that's way too much for a phone for her. I pay for a phone for my daughter to that parents can call her and she can call us. Naturally, a phone that's used only for that would be boring, and hence would not be carried. She loves to text (like all tweens & teens, apparently) and she loves games. She has an m300, which she likes a lot. She likes the camera, the downloadable ring tones (real clips from songs), and the games. I think that the games are a bit weak, but she likes them. I have her on the $19.99 unlimited text + 150 minutes. To break that down, $10 is a good price for unlimited text. Since the minutes don't roll over, let's say she uses 100 of them, which would break down to 10 cents/minute. This is quite reasonable. If she goes nuts on the minutes, overage is still only 10 cents/minute. Incidently, if you want to completely pay-as-you-go, get at least the $4.99 Basic plan. If you don't, the daily access fees will add up to $10/month, which is just stupid. Break the $5 into $1 of minutes at 10 cents/minute and $4 for access, and it seems less unreasonable, especially when you take into account the unlimited web access. The web access is only to Kajeet-approved sites, but it's still using bandwidth on Sprint and Kajeet has to pay for it somehow. I love that I can set it up so that overage calls to parents are billed to my "wallet", which is backed up by my credit card, and other overage calls are billed to her "wallet", which is limited to what I intentionally put in there. Both kinds of calls come out of the 150 minutes first. THIS MEANS THAT SHE CAN ALWAYS CALL HOME (unless my credit card is maxed) WHICH IS THE MAIN REASON SHE HAS A CELL PHONE IN THE FIRST PLACE (according to me). I LOVE THAT!!! TO help motivate her to keep under her 150 minute allotment, I reward her with $5 to her wallet if she carries her phone and doesn't have overages that hit my wallet. $5 is about enough to buy one game or two ringtones, which helps keep the phone "fresh" and not boring. I also like the parental controls. I can stop unpleasant calls & texts, so less worries about bullying. I can see the log of who she calls and texts. Most importantly, I can shut off her picture messaging, so no worries about sexting. Parents worry, even their kids "would never do that". Customer service has been superb, the couple of times that I called them. They are clearly not outsourced and are not reading from a script. They are able to fix problems and make intelligent suggestions. I don't think they have room for improvement in this area. On the down side, Sprint does not have the best coverage in my neighborhood. Kajeet phones cannot roam (onto T-Mobile, for instance), but the m300 will constantly try to do that (onto Verizon) if it can't find Sprint service. To ease my daughter's frustrations with that, I set the phone to use it's home network only. It wasn't hard. The phone locater service is neither accurate nor fast, and I didn't like it at all. I wouldn't use the service myself, because of the poor coverage at my house, but it's wonderful for my daughter. On the other hand, if I lived in a different neighborhood in my city, I might be tempted. You can get a high-end (for prepaid) phone with a QWERTY keyboard and unlimited access to Google Maps. Wikipedia and a couple other web sites are supposed to be coming soon.

donna 6/30/2009
I thought you had to keep mins on phone to text. You dont. She used all her talk time- so i blocked everyone but me. She needs some control!Now im waiting for her to tell me she cant text. I LOVE this! I bought another phone for my son!

donna 6/19/2009
customer service i have experienced is great. Email responses same/next day. Spoke on phone to solve problem with incorrect text/talk package. Even restored money that was charged incorrectly. Sanyo katana is simple to use- perfect for me. Getting daughter the lgrumor. It has crappy reviews, but thats the phone maker, not kajeet. Spending only $5 more for two phones with 60min/talk + unlimted text (15.74 a month) per phone than i paid for one tmobile prepaid (130 talk/text minutes for $26.50). If you buy the paks- theres no daily usage. So far- we are happy.

Kajeet 6/4/2009
The only way to get rid of the .35 cent a day fee is to have the 19.99 a moth special (including 150 minutes and unlimited texts)} or any plani come AUTOMATICALLY off a credit/debit card. =]

Keith 5/23/2009
Plans ans phones are very nice, reasonable, and fairly cheap. I wanted to buy a Kajeet, but I do not get service where I live. Sprint sucks.

Megan 5/21/2009
Here is information for those of you who have had trouble finding kajeet refill cards. The best link for information on refills is: You can access this from the home page where it says "Refill Now". This page includes a link to the kajeet refill store on ebay which sells kajeet cards. Best Buy also sells a "universal cards" which can refill kajeet phones. You can find it here: Hope that helps! Megan

ur mom 5/19/2009
this is tank you can get unlimited text and 150 min a month for 19.99$ that is the cheapest and they just charge your credit card there is no gay airtime and shit

callista 4/26/2009
so far ive wanted one of these phones but after reading these reviws im not ever going to consider your phones again.I would LOVE to see the WHOLE company get one of these phones im pretty sure even you would think your phones SUCK.HA HA HA

Ann 3/28/2009
This is a tough one. Loved the concept when I initially learned of the company. But we're feeling a bit of 'bait & switch'. My son uses his odd job cash to purchase refill cards at Best Buy. This is great so Mom & Dad don't get stuck with a credit card charge. HE actually feels his own hard earned cash being spent. Last trip to Best Buy, we learned that they stopped carrying for business reasons. Your website spins it as "green" - nice try. For the $ you are saving on printing & shipping cards, you should have been able to keep your rates low. Now we found that your $9.99 talk pak is no longer available. Now either $4.99 for 10 min or you have to jump to $19.99 plus another $5 for textpak. $10 bucks is a Big jump for a 13 year old. Also, what's up with the alert he got about losing 77 minutes if he buys a new pack with $.03 left in his wallet? This is turning out to be A LOT of effort and time keeping his phone going without incurring your pillaging fees. I'm sorry, I really wanted to like your company, but the changes you've made appear to be out of greed - not consistent with your mission position statements that attracted me to your co. It appears that you are struggling - hope I'm wrong, since we've only had the phone since Christmas - 3 mnths.

yahni 3/25/2009
its cool n all especially the lg rumor (kajeet) yup that's the stuff i thought you just pay 19.99 for the text and that's it you don't have to keep paying every month. other than that pretty good phone!!

James 3/6/2009
Everybody talks about the phone, the phone, the phone, the phone!!! Forget the phone, because nobody sells the PHONE CARDS anymore!!! What good is "the phone" if you can't find the refill card anywhere to use "the phone".

john 2/1/2009
the lg rumor is way worth it with text pak go to sprint add the lg rumor and every thing mesaging look at how many digits ther are belive me.And you better hery if you want the rumor they already took away the white one black is what i prefer

crayon man 12 2/1/2009
i love the lg rumor its soooooooooooooo cool i love its keybarod sooooooooooooooooo cool i have the white one p.s kajeet lovers isnt the web awsome

CAREEM 1/7/2009

Daniel Neal 1/6/2009
James K - You need to activate first: online at or by calling 1.866.4kajeet. You can then refill online, or, if you prefer, by calling 1.866.4kajeet. Best Buy still carries our refill cards. If you don't see a refill branded kajeet, you can use the Best Buy Universal Refill Card. That being said, we're moving more toward online refills with credit cards and PayPal. Contact me at dneal@kajeet dot com if you need to. Best, --Daniel Neal, CEO & Founder kajeet Inc.

James K 12/30/2008
O.K. Dave, people say your phone service is great, unfortunately I have yet to be able to test out for myself. I was given a Katana as a gift but can't find any outlets to by a prepaid card. What stores can I find Kajeet phone cards in?

Daniel Neal 12/23/2008
OK - I'm the CEO and Founder, so I'm biased. But I'm also a customer (2 kids, 10 and 13). Please note that we've launched some great new budget plans: like the $4.99/mo Talk Pak that includes all daily access charges. Add a 1000 minute N+W Pak at $9.99/mo and you've got 1010 minutes for just under $15/month. With NO contract! Additional minutes are just $.10/each. We've also launched some great certified refurbished phone offers for those who are especially value-conscious. Many thanks for the feedback - keep it coming! You can contact me at dneal at kajeet dot com if you have any suggestions, questions, whatever. Happy Holidays to all. Thanks, --Daniel Neal

CORTNEY C. 12/23/2008

candy 12/10/2008
you can get a 15% discount on ALL kajeet by using this url: or using promo code "bargain" and then get $10 in free credit for using BONUS10 at activation!

laura 12/8/2008
i havent gottin my phone yet but i really like this survice. It has cute phones with inexpensive plans with add ons like txtn. :) Since I have to pay my parents for it I love that I can afford it and I get a cute new phone out of the deal. I would totally recomend this company for teens like myself. XD

Sherry 11/29/2008
I got this phone for my daughter. The service is fine, the customer support is fine, and the fees are ok.... but you can not share ring tones with your friends. You have to purchase ring tones from Kajeet and they cost $2.50. That is the rip off. They have good text and talk packages. I spend $19.99 for unlimited txt a month for my daughter and then I buy a talk package which in $4.99 and includes 1 month of daily access charges (.35 a day) and 10 mintues of talk. So on average I $25 a month for my daughter for unlimited txt'n.

BETH 10/27/2008
This phone is AWFUL!!!!! The company does not follow through.More money was taken off than was suppose to and it was suppose to be given back, but here we are 2 weeks and 20 phone calls later and nothing.

Kaklong 10/15/2008
**THIS COMPANY HAS PROBLEMS!! I had trouble getting through to either their phone number to add minutes, or their customer service number. Something bad is happening to this company. Best Buy stopped carrying their phones. I was forced to buy a phone with a different provider.

Kellie 10/6/2008
Awful! They charge for messages that do not even send. The plans are lies as well. They do not tell you that you must also have talking minutes in order to use your unlimited texting. Rediculous policies. Don't waste your money!

sydney 10/4/2008
i kinda like kajeet i been having my phone for a year already. kajeet its ok but i think that its pathitic that they take away 35cents every day!!!!!! thats just wrong!

Kelli 9/16/2008
Rip Off! My child broke her phone and Kajeet continued to charge money for calls from her "wallet" when the phone was not even working !! Watch the fees with this one. And, if you cancel service, they will not refund any of your prepaid money. The customer service rep was rude and unwilling to assist with invalid charges against the prepaid monies !!!

nELLY 9/14/2008
35 or 32 cents a day is definately a rip off its like 10 xtra dollars a day u have to pay. the camera is crappy,the locate is always an error message, they need 2 work on that xtra 10 bucks a mth and the main thing the locate feature also text 2 find would be a good feature instead of locating from the web, but locates dont work more than half the time anyway

Bob Sanregret 8/31/2008
kajeet is an excellent provider that allows no charge intenet access all you want of course to sites that they have pre-approved to help protect the kids using the phones. My kids did the Sports Bytes program kajeet created that is powered by Hot Lava Software and it is great.

Steve 8/19/2008
I have Kajeet service and a black Katana II and I cant think of anything bad about it. when I need customer service they get to me right away and are right to the point. The 32 cents daily access charge isnt very bad considering AT&T is $1 a day and Verizon is $1, $2, or $3 depending on the plan you choose you also get your daily access charge included if you buy a talk pak which are great deals. I highly recommend kajeet for any kid.

Carter 8/3/2008
complaing About the 35cents a day? Try a gophone from att. for mine, it takes out a whole dollar a day.

jason 7/30/2008
i love it it is a perfect phone for me

Yourmom 7/6/2008
Not at all what it's cracked up to be. The pricey 10 cents a text send or receive really turned me off. Oh and it says that you can surf the web. No you can't. I have that feature turned ON and it says that it has been turned off.

Bajan Mommy 5/21/2008
I got Kajeet for all three of my kids and I love it. I control who they call and monitor everything that they do. Unlike when they had other carriers and they were able to access any site on the web, on Kajeet they can't. It is teaching them responsibility because we can decide who pays for what calls so if they use their minutes talking to their friends they can't talk to anyone they pay for but the numbers I pay for still can be made. I love this company and would highly recommend them.

Strawberrie 5/10/2008
I have had my phone since January, and I think it is a great phone. I have a Katana II, and it is a great phone. I love using aim on my phone, the text is easy to read and its only 1.00 to use. I have gotten the unlimited aim for $6.99/month, its a lot better than paying a dollar every time you use aim. I use aim quite a bit. I also have the unlimited texting, and its a great deal for its price. My mom spends$30.00/month on my phone, a lot cheaper than plan phones and with the same uses. I LOVE YOU KAJEET!

John 5/7/2008
GPS doesn't work. Bought phone 8 days ago for my son. We have called the company every day since. The customer service rep says a service tech will call back within 24 hours. 8 days later no one has ever called back.

Jcarlos 5/6/2008
Kajeet phone is very bad. Old man used it to call my son then Chris Hanson showed up and took him away. Cellphones not good for child! Also it said free minutes but I only get three minutes they lie very good!

denesha 4/22/2008
dont let the look fool you. no one ever said that it costed .35 cents a day no matter what, and it costs for the web. you cant even check ure wallet unless u use the web. what a rip off. mine as well get on the internet.and now they just changed the rated.(higher rates.)so tell ure kids to find something else and like i said... dont let the looks fool you.

Janet 3/21/2008
Don't waste your money! The phone my son bought with his own money never worked, but it took kajeet a month to final approve a RMA for him.(after MOM spending about 8 hours on the phone with them) Now he is waiting 4 weeks for another phone( we think ) No one at kajeet can verify that the phone we PAID to ship back to them was ever received, but they assure us all is as it should be and that a new phone will be shipped just have faith. I know that kind of talk works on small kids, but come on, try to have a little better customer know how. Any idiot can talk nice on the phone, I would like to see a little knowledge when I speak to a company.

Ashley 3/7/2008
I hated this phone they cost you 35 cents a day. It's pathetic!!

Kat-5 3/5/2008
This is a wonderful service that helps parents teach kids responsibility with cell phones. Kajeet now has text packages which is necessary in a world where texting can be more common than voice calls. Parents have the ultimate control over usage because of the wallet idea. You can use the wallets to make a point (whether for good or bad) to your children. What I mean to say is you can add or take away the ability to use the phone with a mouse stroke. Also handy is the ability to limit who can call the child, and when. You can make your calls go through at any time however. I love the idea that they have the ability to reach me at any time, and I have the ability to limit usage. Thanks Kajeet!!!

susan 2/24/2008
:( I hated this phone. Especially the digital roam. It was constantly on so I could never access the web or make/recieve calls.

Brittany 2/10/2008
Even though I havn't gotten this phone yet I love It but the only promblem is that I can't keep my same number from my old plan. But still I am a young girl needing a phone and this is the ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubblz 2/3/2008
This phone is awesome and great for kids I'm trying to make my parents get me one because my friend has one I'm so jealous

Deborah 12/29/2007
I just had my phone for a day. I bought it for myself (over 18). The guide book doesn't have clear directions on how to access all of the features. The print is also too small on their illustrations in the book on which button to push to access a feature, i.e., the "talk" button in the book. I need bifocals in order to see it/them. I like the design of the phone itself. It's a very good-looking phone. I thought "pay as you go" meant exactly that; it wouldn't include any fees if you didn't use the phone that day, I don't care if it's .35 or not. I like the fact that long distance calls don't cost more, and that there are no roaming fees, however. I'm going to keep the phone, but I still thought there were "surprises," even though there weren't supposed to be.

brent 12/19/2007
Had kajeet about a week. Saw the phones at Best Buy and though they were really cheap for nice phones (for prepaid). Didn't know it was for kids when I bought it, but still the phone is nice and the rates are decent. A little disappointed that you can't check your balance from the phone (at least I can't find a way). Customer service is weak (the guy that set up my service seemed very 'slow'--maybe I just got a n00b rep or something). Overall I'm quite please with my purchase--$79.99 included a Katana and $5 free service. Kudos, Kajeet!

matthew 12/14/2007
i like certain parts of the service,but i dont like the fact that you cant get the comprehensive mobile web info like sports scores and etc.they dont offer great applications like weather forcasts and sattellite photos like they should.their game selection compared to others i feel is very poor.customer service you get is good and very helpful.

Dupree 12/6/2007
Their Pay As You Go Plan is more like a Take What They Want plan. Maybe I'm the one mistake they made, but when your bank account gets hit ten times in a day with unauthorized charges...It's not exactly my idea of a good day....or a Good company.

Charlotte 12/3/2007
Got it for my teenager. It's great a monitoring when and how she uses her phone. Easy to add minutes and it look great.

fred 11/23/2007
the only thing wrong with kajeet prepaid phones they have lots of out dated ringtones,games ,and i wish they had mp3 phones and allowed you to go on the web

bayleigh 10/26/2007
I LOVE KAJEET! It is soooooo awesome. If I didn't know about it, I would be in TORTURE! It's so cool.

Mike 10/1/2007
1 Word SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

alan 8/28/2007
I thought I was getting a deal, I had tracfone prepaid before but was limited to only two ugly phones, however, I could find tracfone refill cards on ebay w/code that doubles your minutes, I was able to get close to a 1000 minutes for 75$, kajeet has no promotional codes and cards arent always easy to find..other than that it works, what more can you want (except a cheaper promotional card code? and having a FM radio would be a great add-o!! Now, I have to buy an i-pod!) Alan

Erin 8/25/2007
I really want a kajeet phone but I can't get one!!!!!!!!!! I still love them though

carl 8/23/2007
I switched to kajeet because Kajeet prepaid was available with bluetooth on the kantanna model. the system is comparable but the daily rates are not! they do have graet customer service howerver

John 7/22/2007
Great service. price is right, company is awesome!

biGDoGG 7/15/2007
Love iT SOOOOOOOOO much Low text rates, @5 cents per text (send and recieve) and low call rates @ (10 cents per minute) and a whole bunch of good stuff KAJEET ROCKS!!