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Cricket Wireless Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 735 reviews

Valleybabes 9/6/2013
Just for Tony...takes a ghetto to know a ghetto, besides cricket is way too good for you loser!

iLOVEmyCELL 9/6/2013
Wow!! has anyone seen Cricket's new Nokia Slider? Well if you haven't, it is sweet! It is almost like the Chocolate phone but better(well in my opinion).I love it.

Cricket is cool 9/6/2013
I love it. Best phones ever. The neon grren color is cool.

Chaos 9/6/2013
I've heard a lot about Cricket and I honestly love it. It's affordable and I don't have a Cricket phone yet, because I have to wait about a year with my stupid Verizon phone before I can get a Cricket phone.

Luis 9/6/2013
Looks like cricket has a very limited phones selection. ugly phones!

Jiminy cricket 9/6/2013
Zippity-do-dah, oh my, what a wonderful day. pleanty of sunshine heading my way. Zippity-do-da, zippity-eh!

Vicki 8/13/2013
Cricket has the WORST customer service. I was transferred a total of 7 times and my issue was never resolved.

Vitaqueen 8/13/2013
I was with the company for 10 miserable years. Bad phones, bad service. I was going to do a phone financing plan to get a galaxy 4 but decided that day to switch carriers all together and get an iPhone from page plus. They run on verizon towers so now I can talk in my own home, no dropped calls, the same text doesn't get sent a hundred times and its only $55 a month no tax. I'm sorry I didn't switch sooner!

Matt 7/26/2013
Absolute garbage. The 3G is a joke. You will NEVER ONCE IN YOUR LIFE get actual 3G speeds on their network. You just won't. Ever. Even when it says 3G connected (good luck this only happens about 5% of the time, basically in the middle of large cities outdoors is it) you will get .5Mbit dl speed at best. It's just pure garbage for using the internet. The simplest pages take minutes to load if ever. Forget facebook or youtube are you kidding me? Also they have the worst customer service on the planet. Which is really bad considering Charter Cable and Dell exist. Their phones are also full of ridiculous bloatware you can never get rid of and that runs all the time. Good luck getting a cricket phone's battery to last more than 6 hours. This place sucks. I hate them so bad. I actually want them all to die. Every person that works there I want dead.

Ugh!!! 7/23/2013
Their flash killed two of my Droids, the first I thought was a fluke, I was wrong. I could rarely use my net browsing, my calls were always dropped if they went through at all. I had to constantly resend my text messages, sometimes they would send in all Alt Codes. I continuously had them texting me at all hours of the day/night about what ever BS promo they had at the time, had to switch my number twice because of harassing prank calls from the last person who owned the number (number was given out too early). This was all in a 3 month period. I suggest you save your money, I'm going back to a contract!

Chris 7/19/2013
Started off good, was cheap, but my phone had very limited memory and when I would go indoors i would lose reception in my own house even with my 3g on. Battery life on my phone was a joke... I switched to a new company after half my text messages said they didnt send do to an error lol I would be outside with full bars and get this message.... Im no longer with them.

TENESHA 5/22/2013
I have been with cricket for about3.5 years and I went with them because of their unlimited cell phone plans. And the fact that their android phones were not super expensive. Not a fan of cricket anymore they're trying to hard to keep up with all the big name cell phone companies and I absolutely abhor the Mauve music phones they are not worth the money they are charging for those phones and I would never purchase an I-phone or a galaxy phone thru cricket knowing that their android phones are only worth about a good 2 to 2.5 years. I will be leaving soon because they are not worth the phones they are selling.

Shaunna 4/23/2013
Just when I thought cricket couldn't get any worse in six yrs that I left them but every sense I went bac to them it's only gotten 10000000000000000 times worse their polocies are to rip the consumer off as much as they can if u buy a phone and even with insurance and u break it before the thirty days that u bought it in any way shape or form u have to pay an outrageous deductible to replace it and if u want to lower ur bill for the following month then not gonna happen they make u pay again before they will change it. I cant believe cricket is even allowed to run business here or anywhere for that matter we have laws on gas price gouging what about phone company price gouging these people are scams and rip people off i'm totally disgusted in them u didn't deserve my business and u don't deserve anyone else s either Some one really needs to get these people SHUT DOWN!

mandi 2/22/2013
The only reason I tolerate Cricket is due to the fact I get service down in Tijuana. Their customer service is complete garbage and the phones are total crap.I tried their so-called broadband and dumped 2 months later because it's like using aol dial up.

Mo 2/16/2013
I've had cricket since 2009 when they first came to the Las Vegas Market. The phones were great initially but after that the phones just got worse. Also their customer service is HORRIBLE! Also Cricket tends to remove features off your plan without notifying you. When you call, they try to convince you that you never had that service. Since cricket doesn't show your call history to prove you used the service in the past there isn't much I can do. Switching carriers this week.

shana 2/15/2013
cricket sucks. . muve music doesnt work and when im on the net the phone will shut off or take me bk to the google home page. tsk, tsk. . id rather waste money elsewhere.

Bob 1/22/2013
Screw you cricket you get no stars. Crappy service and phones that break in 6 months. I'm done with ur lies and ur customer service! I will dance my happy dance when u go bankrupt.

Megan 1/22/2013
Horrible customer service. No English, no help and wrong information is all you get.

Bob 1/22/2013
Horrible! Cricket wireless customer service is a joke. Half educated non English speaking people from over seas who constintly apologize for there incompatincy but NEVER have a solution. I was told I would have to take my phone to a authorized cricket dealer even tho I had the insurance. They told me the nearest one was 45 mins from my house. When I got there to the middle of the ghetto I was told they were in fact not an authorized dealer. When I called back to complain they told me the nearest one to me was infact the exact store I was standing in and that the store employees must be lying to me. And that was my only option in getting my 300'$ phone replaced no charge. Two weeks later they turn off my phone claiming I didn't pay the bill. When I told them I had proof from my bank that I did they told me to bring it to any cricket store Nd they should turn the phone back on. The store said I had to call customer service and so on! I have since switch to tmobile prepay.

Cricket Wireless 1/11/2013
I worked for Cricket for about a year and a half at the call center based out of Misosuri.Cricket does have affordable and cheaper rate plans. On a constant basis we had customers calling into the sales line complaining about how they cannot get through to customer service, and how horrible the service is. There are a few things the cutomers should know. If you call the right number you WILL be able to get through to someone. 1 800- CRICKET is honestly just the automated system for paying a bill, ect. If you need asistance from a LIVE person you need to call the live rep. line which is (866 384-4425)
Cricket is a PRE PAID cell phone servie, and wouldn't be in business if we gave more than a web discount on cell phones. It costs a lot of money to pay agents here in the US, and over seas to take phone calls 24/7. You have pre paid for your service and cricket has no reason to answer you phone call if you cant pay your cell phone bill on time. Service can be spotty in some areas, keeping in mind cricket runs off sprints towers as well as there own. It really depends on the way you look at it. I took many many many customer service calls just because people felt like they should be treated better due to an automanted system, upgrading prices, ect. You honestly get the same service as a contract company except its NOT a contract. You do not have to keep the service if you dont want it. Its that simple. Cancel and go sign a contract. I guarantee it WILL NOT be as cheap as what you were paying with cricket.

Shelley 1/5/2013
Addendum to Shelley below as I didn't see the stars till I entered this. This corrects the 3 stars shown in that review. If I could give them zero stars that would be more accurate.

Shelley 1/5/2013
I've had Cricket for over 3 years now. While the coverage in my area is adequate, I really am going to finally change providers because NO ONE IS HOME!!! There is absolutely NO WAY to talk to a live person regarding service issues. None, zip, nadda. I have had several occassions of needing to just talk to someone and I have to drive all over town to find the "right" store (not all can do all things). I can't even send corporate an email or snail mail because they don't give you information to do so anywhere on the website. Customer Service (REAL service) is my #1 consideration in choosing any provider. Cricket, you loose! There are enough other cheap companies now that I am not stuck with you. Bye-bye.

Adaugo 12/31/2012
The network is very wack in Houston. It does not work in all area, its internet is nonsense and when you call the customer service, the only thing they can tell you is that you should open your phone, remove the battery, put it back in and turn it on. Very wack network.

karen 12/31/2012
Cricket has cheated me out of a 200.00 phone. They told me my phone had gotten wet and would not cover it. That was very untrue my phone was never near water!! There service is so bad. I never had a clear call on the road that I know of!!! I was cheated and lied to!! I would call for service and could never get threw to any one........

Jane Doe 12/19/2012
The teaser is getting you on the $35 dollar plan. When you get ready to top of your plan "OH we don't have that plan anymore." Now it's $25 for less minutes. LAME.

Brian 12/12/2012
As a previous Cricket customer, trust me when I say, they suck. They sell cheap phones that don't work. My phone hangs up on 50% of the people who call. When you ask Cricket for help, they give you the run-around until your warranty expires, then says "Sorry. Nothing we can do!" Don't buy Cricket!

Guest 12/12/2012
I went to radio shack and bought a cricket Alcatel phone (smart phone) I was paying $100 a month to sprint, for what I'm getting with cricket. No complaints at all, service the same, customer service was great with the two issues I've had (neither one of the issues had to do with cricket) stop wasting your money, the best is I also save the monthly taxes that were around $18 mos. I'm a realtor and I'm on my phone all day and night.

bob 11/26/2012
cricket is horrible. customer service treats people like robots. they apologize for everything and fix nothing. I was being double charged monthly and they refused to return the money. phone break easly and even with my insurance package I ended up paying out of pocket for the sMe phone. they said I had to go to an authroized dealer and sent me an hour away and it wasnt even an authroized dealer. thanks cricket for wasting my time and stealing,my money

guest 2 11/20/2012
My girlfriend in Boise is trying to call me in Cali.... IT DOES'T EVER GO THROUGH! SERVICE SUCKS. NATIONWIDE SERVICE IT IS NOT!!!!!!

Matt Hinnen 11/19/2012
this company sucks they took my service away for 3 days all i wanted was to have my own account to pay my phone bill but the smart lady that helped me cancelled my phone completely cricket should train their employees before having them do anything

Jamie 11/14/2012
Sorry just wanted to correct my post below. It says i gave 3 stars, but i didn't . I just didn't realize that i forgot to change that. Im giving one star. Sorry cricket. I don't know why yall have changed or what happened, but i use to b so happy to have yall. Im poor & the options u provided were just unbeatable plus the prices. Now it's all different & i have to switch as soon as i can.

Jake 11/11/2012
Thanks for all your feedback...I'll use smoke signals...most likely will have a better chance of getting my message to my friends on the other side of the mountain.

Thomas 11/10/2012
NEVER AGAIN! I had reasonably good service for 4 years and would have rated this 5 stars, BUT since Cricket started supporting iPhones, their service is 98% crap. I don't know if it is a software or coverage issue, but it's affecting all five family phones ($200+ models). Can't get service, drops CAN'T EVEN TEXT and this is in Phoenix, not a small town. All they say is remove battery/call 228 and reactivate. This does not fix it. From 5 stars to 1 star (only for nice store people) in one release. EPIC FAIL. Come X-mas, we're gone.

Selina 11/5/2012
I had Cricket for about 3 years and everything was good. Never had a problem with trying to reach customer service or no signal. So for these 3 years I had the same number and changed my phone about 6 times, NOT for technical reasons. These 3 years I was paying for insurance because I'm known for losing phones. So recently I lost my ZTE Score phone and I called Cricket, as usual, no problem with canceling phone temporarily and put in a claim for lost/stolen phone. So maybe a week passed and I still hadn't recieved my new phone. I called Cricket to see what was going on and I get told that the insurance I was paying for for 3 years no longer will cover lost/stolen phones. Ain't that some bs. 26 months times $5 a month? $130 I paid to these people and they can't cover the one time I lost my phone. So after 3 satisfied years I'm done. I have since switched to BoostMobile and so far so good. Can't believe the nerve of Cricket.

Paul 11/1/2012
Wow! Glad I read these reviews before
going with Cricket. Thanks to all you reviwers.

somdaysn 10/30/2012
I would have given this company 0 stars if that were possible. Avoid this place as if your life depends on it. The staff are very unprofessional. The local corporate store manager Carol seems to have no idea how to do her job. After having an issue with the huawei mercury I purchased in june which did not work from the moment I left the store I purchased it at(Hickory grove) I returned it to that store the following morning and was told by Marabel who sold me the phone that I would have to take it to the corporate location to have it replaced. I sat at this location for 4 hours without speaking to a single employee other than to be told very rudely to sign in on a kiosk which I did. I stood against the wall for 4 hours waiting to be served because there is only one bench and the place is always packed(wonder why). There is a police officer stationed in the waiting room which should tell you something about this location. A woman was actually hitting her very young child in the waiting area with a shoe and no one even seemed to notice. After 4 hours I had to return home with no resolution. I spent hours on the phone with Crickets useless customer service with no resolution and was directed back to the store where
I waited several more hours with no help. Everyone within cricket, apart from Marabel herself tells me that she should have replaced the phone and they cant help me. Fast forward to October. THATS 4 MONTHS! I am at my wits end and am still paying for a phone that will not work. I finally get in touch with a regional manager for the charlotte area that covers the store I purchased the phone from because the manager of that store (hickory grove) named Muhamed refuses to help me as well. The regional manager named Kelly tells me that if I will pay a 125 insurance claim fee that he will give me a better phone and a discount monthly on my service as well as a credit to offset the cost of the insurance fee. Although I did and still do believe that they should have immediatly replaced the defective merchandise that they sold me, I felt that this was an acceptable compromise and agreed. He told me to go see Carol at the Mallard pointe store and gave me a packet of info to give her to have this resolved. She did get me the new phone and I paid my 125 and she told me that she would text me within an hour to let me know that the credit and discount had been applied and what my monthly bill would be going forward. Needless to say, I never received that text. Just found out that none of that had been done after I left. This has been the worst customer service I have ever received. Avoid cricket at all costs!!!! The convenience of not having a contract does not offset the total lack of professionality and customer service. Every single person I have dealt with within this company made it very clear that they will only do the minimum required and could care less about their customers.

Boston 10/25/2012
i went to the radio shack and saw huvai nice phone from CRICKET so i decide to buy it but first want to check the user reviews and i am glad i did.... so long story short good bay CRICKET so many negativ feedbacks.......

SF in TX 10/14/2012
I am currently AT&T customer and my phone is getting old. So, decided to try Cricket no contract plan. In Austin TX area, signal level is quite weak compare to AT&T. Forget about connecting web, when you see only one or two bar. Side by side compare on download speed, AT&T was 5X faster. (This was only one day after when received new phone from Cricket)
Less than two weeks, I decided to cancel the service. Now, here is the real issue started. I called customer service to cancel the phone. While I was cancelling the phone, my phone was either dropped or customer support purposely disconnected. When I try to re-connect customer support. (They never call me back), my account was already terminated. So, I couldn’t connect to customer service by phone. Phone only has automated function and unless you are existing customer, you can not talk to customer service. So, I had to call New Customer line, explain the situation and connect to live customer support.
It took good 1 hour on this process. When finally I got connected back to cancellation department, they didn’t really know where to return. (Wait for another 5 min) Finally got return address for my phone, but no instruction and no RAM# .

Jeremy 10/2/2012
Tried to pay my wifes phone bill to restore service on our month to month plan. Billing confirmed reciept of the payment as did my bank statement. Customer service (who barely spoke english) applied my payment as a past due amount. Then when attempting to correct the mistake (which took 5 days to figure out) lost the payment. When I tried to cancle my phone and get a refund on my account (that had not been used yet) was told no just because they don't do that unless its an over payment. I've been with other companies but Cricket is by far the worst across the board.

DavidMustang 9/26/2012
I forgot to mention don't get the Phone Replacement Program. I thought It was a bad deal before but I was thinking about doing it because I went through two phones in 6m but before there insurance was $5 a month then when your phone brakes you pay $75 I still think that's insane since why are you pay the 5 month then. But now and this is current up to date info. you still pay the $5 a month charge and then the deductibles are $20, $50, $85, $125 and $150 and are based on the device selected. Please refer to your local Cricket store for more information. So I was told for my Huawei Mercury that my deductible would be $125. Are you Joking the phone brand new was only $200. That's a huge rip off also when searching online for info. I found out how you can not have to pay the $20 fee to get your phone replaced. To avoid paying a $20.00 warranty exchange fee, you can return your device directly to its manufacturer (paying all shipping and handling yourself & with a typical turnaround time of 3 to 6 weeks) or purchase a replacement device. If you chose to return your device directly to the manufacturer we can temporarily suspend your service. Also check with the store and ask them everything making sure there isn't going to be an activation fee when your replacement device comes in the mail from the manufacture. ALSO I'm reading a lot of people saying there is no customer service you have to go inside the store or do it online. That's not true even if your handset isn't activated yet you can still use the phone to call 911 and there customer service dept. by dialing *611

DavidMustang 9/26/2012
Ok cricket isnt half bad if you dont have any issues and that you dont have to deal with customer service. Like if your having issues with phone reception or service or internet is running slow or laggy. Then Dial *228 from your cell phone and it updates it for you. If you call customer service complaining that your phone service is bad or laggy there going to have you try that anyway. But now my biggest prob with Cricket is there phones. I have a Huawei Mercury its one of there best selling phones and I love it to death. Because it actually has processing power. and isnt that to buggy. It was 1000x better before they added Music Muve crap to the phone even though I dont want that program and you need a speical memory card to use that service anyways wtf make people who dont want it stuck with it. Because once they put that on the phone. My phone use to start up in less than 60 sec ready to use. Now takes 4 min or more. Ok now my biggest problem. Since Cricket decided to go with the OMG we have Iphones route. There best selling and Android the Huawei Mercury isnt available anymore to purchase. What kind of crap its this. They have no more decent price mid range phones anymore. Do get a good phone you have to pay $399 to $499 for there apple Ipone. Not to mention that the Iphone isnt Android and I like Android. Plus everything apple cost so much more for everything. Plus if your battery dies you have to get it fixed from apple or take a chance on breaking your phone. Also I hope Apple Iphone 5 that cricket sell has had the issues with the phone battery problems fixed. I am now on the waiting list for my replacment Huawei Mercury for about two weeks now. Thank god that my phone is still working while im waiting because I know they wouldnt credit me back for anyting. Plus the part of me having to pay $20.00 a phone under manufacutres warrenty. Is a load of crap plus Its been two weeks now still no phone and stil waiting.

Pat 9/25/2012
I am on the Pay-go 2 dollar a day plan with Cricket. If I put any more than the exact 2 dollars each day I am charged for ring tones that I never buy. I have never downloaded a ringtone in my life...dont even know how truthfully...Yet about every other day 25 cents or 75 cents is missing from my account. I drive a taxi and more than 3 times they have taken out 25 or 50 or 75 cents without my knowledge and I have been left with no phone after midnite right during the busiest time in the taxi business. Then their phones go down between about 1 am and 4 am and your account shuts down even if you put money on it with top up cards. Ive lost so much money because of this "glitch" as they call it. This past Saturday it happened again and I put 7 dollars on my account at a convenient store and then another 10 dollars from a top up card...3 days later it says I have 2 dollars left. This time I went AGAIN to a full service store and they told me some random company with no phone number charged me chat charges. I NEVER WENT ON THE WEBSITE THEY showed me in thier notes. I have complained about cricket withdrawing money from my account without my consent to various phone reps and stores at LEAST FIFTY times since last November 2011 (NO exaggeration!) Each time they act like they never recieve these kinds of complaints or sometimes they say there's a glitch or sometimes they tell me how sorry they are and will rectify it. THEY NEVER DO. They have reimbursed me over a 100 dollars since last november because I call as soon as I see money missing but they NEVER FIX IT AND APPARENTLY HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF FIXING IT. They either have an internal hacker who is getting rich on thousands of people who never report ringtones or other bogus charges or the CRICKET COMPANY THEMSELVES are theives stealing money. I am going to the media about this. It is outrageous. I have lost money because many times agents are unavailable. CRICKET is TERRIBLY IMMERSED IN THEIVERY OF THE PUBLICS MONEY!!! I havent experienced them stealing with the monthly plans but get Pay-go and your money goes goes goes without your knowledge! I AM so sick to death of Cricket and their stealing and blatant incompetence.

tilto 9/23/2012
My only Problem with Cricket is the unreliable, spotty, laggy service. I have the best phone and plans Cricket has to offer and while my data speeds have improved it still is unreliable. Video streaming works better though. I really want the i phone 5 and switch to at&t but the better companies are so expensive so I'm stuck with prepaid Cricket smartphone.

jenna 9/16/2012
The phone I got from cricket was the muve music one. I purchased the 55 dollar card which includes 1000 talking minutes, unlimited texts and data. My phone would constantly resend my texts like 5 to the same person. The phone was nice though. So the day my top up card was up I bought the 55 dollar card and set up my minuted again. An hour after I got the card cricket sent me a text saying my data was low and I needed to buy more data. I was like seriously how is this possible. So I tried calking customer service. I could not reach them. Than later that day I could not use my phone to call text or internet. I did not even waste my time I went back to . I hate cricket.

i love cricket!! 9/14/2012
I have no idea what people are complaining about Cricket is CHEAP service! With no contracts. Every company has some quirks atleast the bill is always what its suppose to be. I rather have cheaper decent service then pay 600 for a phone and a minimum of 100 monthly like with sprint and Verizon. Stop complaining if you dont like the service then go over pay with the contract companies, sign a contract and then write a review about them about how you don't see why your bill is 400 for one month! Go cricket !

Melissa Kelsey 9/13/2012
My husband and I both purchased Cricket pre-paid cell phones not long ago. I was just tired of my Straight Talk phone, and wanted a touch screen. My husband had problems with his Straight Talk touchscreen phone and wanted something more basic. I purchased the Muve Music LTE touchscreen Cricket phone. This plan came with $50 monthly service, and came with unlimited downloads of music, talk, text, web browsing. I like the phone and it's features but the service itself sucks! Half the time, unless you're right in a town where there is a cell phone tower, you do not get service. When my husband and I text each other, it takes hours at times for him to receive my text. One time I sent a text, and he didn't get it for 14 hours. This was rediculous! My husband purchased a Cricket basic flip phone that didn't do anything special. He went with the $35 a month plan where he got 1000 texts, 100 talk time minutes, and web browsing that he says won't really do anything at all. When I'd send him a message that, according to my phone, did not go through, he would receive the same message 3, 4 and 5 times in a row. What did this do in return? It took each message from his balance of texts. Other issues I have with my phone is half the time I cannot get the Muve Music application to load. It just sits and spins, and spins, and spins, and then tells me it cannot connect. I drop calls all day long on this service so I don't dare make a call where I have to be on hold for an extended amount of time. We have both decided to go back to Straight Talk ASAP! Cricket service sucks!!!

skip 9/8/2012
crickett is just a scam simolp mobile and boost mobil have better customer service, if your bill is due on the 20th and you dont pay it until the30th then your next due date is the 30th with "frickett" its gonna be cut off 10 days early i thought this is prepay cot contract go to boost or simple mobil if you can not always pay by the due date

rl 8/19/2012
had 1500 talk and text and they disconnected me after 925 I dropped them and refused to pay them any more money 8/15/2012
Left Cricket 2 days into a prepaid month, store rep said a refund was due for the unused days. 2 & 1/2 YEARS LATER, I still have nothing and every time I call they say that they cannot find my account and their policy has changed (in the last two and a half years)as far as prorating refunds. Then they said because I ported my number to another carrier, I cannot get a refund. I ported that number from Qwest to them and then from them to Verizon yet somehow keeping the number that I have had for 12 years makes me ineligable for MY PREPAID money being refunded. Crooks. I would use two corn cans and a string before I would even consider using these scammers. Have called 37 refund.

Roger 7/27/2012
Received my phone on 7/24 it arrived broken Cricket will not honor the warranty for 30 days because you can exchange a store bought phone in 30 days but if you buy it on the web page or over the phone you have to return the phone you pay to mail maid in china junk back and get a refund can take 30 days or more customer service is nonexistent and a pitiful joke at best do not use a waste of money

sara 7/25/2012
If I could give this less than one star, I would.
Half of the time people don't get the texts I send them, or they get them weeks after I sent them. You have to call for way too much of the information (such as how many minutes you have left in a month) instead of displaying it online. The customer service is the worst I've ever experienced-ever.
I purchased a phone and a month later the battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than two hours (if I didn't use the phone at all), and started taking a day and a half to charge. I talked to about a dozen different people over a week span, who all told me to call one of the other people I had talked to. Eventually someone told me I would just have to go purchase a new battery, even though I had just bought the phone. Well, you can't buy new batteries online, which is how I purchased the phone. The closest store is 2 hours away, and I have no way to get there, so they basically told me 'tough luck, you have to buy a new phone, or you just don't have a phone." So they sell horrible products and then just make you purchase new ones when they break after a month. Horrible, horrible, horrible company. Not worth it!!!!!

Angie 7/24/2012
Never had so many dropped calls and forced closes on a phone. Will be switching providers ASAP.....

keith hendrix 7/5/2012
Cricket is bad in every way that you could measure. Hard to reach help, slow downloads, based on your home address not your location. Online (help) never helps. They tell you to go to a retailer for most problems. Most retailers are little shops of horrors. It's like going to a welfare office. I payed $140 for a broadband device but I will buy a new one from a new OSP so I can dump CRICKET. Stock holders should fire the CEO.


Richard D. 6/28/2012
Found a scam. Now if you want to make a change online they click and blackout the phone replacement insurance whether you want it or not. Will be moving to Sprint 7/23 the day before their service is up

Barbara 6/27/2012
I wanted to change my payment date and I was told to just not make my payment on time and to pay it on the day I wanted to change it to.I paired it on the 5th instead of the 26 th and when the 26 th came around they shut me off.So I paid all that money for just two weeks service and I need to make a bridge payment to keep it on.I have phone and wifi so I pay a lot and they shut me off after I paied all that moneyI am very mad

M. Mark 6/18/2012
I've had the Cricket phone and service for 3 weeks now. I switched from AT%T after 18 years of phone bills that were always much higher than what i signed up for. The final straw was 4 months of $300 plus bills with no logical explaination from AT&T as to why.

Candice Barnack 6/12/2012
I purchased two cricket prepaid phones and paid for a month on each phone. The phones arrived and did not work! I spent an hour on the phone with the rep and they got the phone to work for a few hours. The next day, the phones stopped working again! I called to cancel the service and was informed that even though I did not get service for more than 8 hours, I would not get a refund for the MONTH I paid! I will never use Cricket for anything again

John brinkman 6/8/2012
This is bull. I have that stupid muve music, and once again, i can't get the app to open. The useless guys at the store have " fixed" this twice, erasing all the stuff on my phone both times( everything!) And giving up and replacing my phone( for a fee!) And once again, surprise, i can't use my music! I'm sick of this! Had no problems before they updated the muve thing a few months ago, now its once a month visits to the flagship store for b.s. and a fee on top. I used to complain about sprint, but I'm thinking of going back. Or maybe boost. I'm quitting telling people about how cool my phone is, and going to grouse about what it was, how useless it is now .just want to thank cricket for taking my money. Jerks...

no name 6/4/2012
if there was 0 stars thats what id give cricket i bought enough of thier phones to own the cop that is the worst phone service i ever had got 10 dropped calls in a roll it would turn its self off would freeze up and to get help u could forget it us cell has a prepaid plan now went with them not had trouble yet and hope i dont if anyone is interseted u can get us cell prepaid unlimited talk text mobile web for 40 mo they are only at walmart stores right now

Bill 6/2/2012
Absolutely my worst experience with ANY company. Phone was horrible, the charge never lasted more than 3 hours (seriously!), customer service was mind-numbing. I feel totally ripped off and would absolutely not recommend.

whatever.......... 6/1/2012
Here's the deal on Cricket.

Angel 5/23/2012
I was a Cricket customer in the past; and I was very frustrated with everything. The phone that I bought was expensive even that it was not a high end phone. Customer service over the phone really bad that it took me like 45 minutes to talk to a real person. They charge you a extra fee when making your payment at retail stores even online. The service at the retails store are really bad, and most of the people there are rude. The reception is really bad. I was really frustrated with cricket the I ended up with almost brand new phone just laying around in my house, I actually let my three year old son play with it which he enjoyed it more than I did. One time I left one cricket store really angry that I swore never to come back again. I would never recommend cricket to anyone not even to my mother in law. One thing that cricket people does like any contract cell phone company is: They see prepaid customers as a second or third hand customers; but believe me that's a huge mistake because more and more people are moving away from contract phone service everyday. I terminated cricket service and I went to another prepaid company that gave the respect I deserve since the day I bought a phone from them. Customer service was great since the beginning. People who answered all may questions and were very knowledgeable about the products and services they were selling. Phone customer service is great and you can talk to a real person in very few minutes. Save some trouble yourself there is a better prepaid service company. Thank you .

Nathan 5/21/2012
I'm not sure when this information was last updated, but they offer unlimited data on the 55 and up plans....not just 1 gig.

Jay 5/2/2012
My phone got messed up and i had a warranty to get my phone fixed and they didn't bother to help me they wanted me to buy a new one. they didn't give me a new one because it had a little scratch you can't even see. The customer service sucks when you call them you can't even talk to them. I would have rated it 0 but the lowest was 1 star. They should change the name to Crooked instead of cricket. Don't waste your time and money on this stupid company.

wm lewis 4/30/2012
the insurance is totally a gimmick any repairs or service's you need after 30 days even ajustments starts at $85.00 insurance company and cricket "not the same company" 'dha,dha,dha can't get signal where i did w/strightalk. do not give this phone or service to a friend. strightalk, i'll be coming home right after i get my check

Tired 4/24/2012
I've never had a service that dropped so many calls. Not moving from my seat with at least 3 bars when I looked at the phone- My phone hung up on my mother 3 times! It would last for about 11 mins then drop, then I'd call her back and another 11 mins it would drop again... and again. It started out as great service (5 months ago) but has gotten to be nothing but dropped calls. I'll be moving to a contract service soon this is BS.

Bad news 4/12/2012
I can not wait to get rid of cricket! The costomer service is horrible!!! maneger was sooo rude and lied to my face.i had just list my ohone and went in to stop my service. I also wantes to buy a new phone.she told me they do not sell phones there uou had to go - online....WHat??? After I left I noticed why she would say that. It was 7:20 and they close 8.. Besides that they have bad service I cnt even get good signal on mybown bed or kitchen!!! No thank you I would rather pay version expensive price and be able to use my phone...oh yea one more thing why do I call other someone on my contact list and a some random person picks up.i have heard that from alot, of ppl lately..bye cricket

JMARIE 4/11/2012
They have terrible customer service! You have to dive 30 miles to a corporate store to get any help and there is NO customer service line by phone.

Jimbo 3/26/2012
I did not even get to the point of activating my phones. I was advised that my phones should have been activated. Then, after receiving my phones via overnight delivery, I was advised to wait 72 hours for the phone order to magically activate the phones after being provisioned in the system. Then why overnight the phones?
Customer support could not assist me in activating my phone. I advised the representative that I needed to activate my phone. She asked me for the SID number on the phone which I provided then she requested credit card information. I advised her that I already purchased service. She could not get in through her head that I had ordered online and purchased service. She could not pull up my order information. She did not have access to this information. I eventually gave up and contacted the sales force.
The sales person attempted to assist me with no luck. She then transferred me to another team who advised me to wait 72 hours because my order needed to be applied in the system. 72 hours came and went with no luck in activating my phones.
I am sending my phones back. The company has no decent RMA process. Just send back to an address and they should take care on this. I have not faith in this process. If I do not receive my refund and cancelation notice in 30 days, I will be reporting this company to the BBB.

Michael 3/23/2012
I have been with three different carriers. Verizon, Sprint and Cricket. I will never return to Sprint, let's just get that out of the way first. Second, Verizon is too expensive but everything else was great. Cricket reminds me of Verizon with more expensive phones. Makes sense why they would have expensive phones though, gotta make their money somewhere! I like the no contract. If you don't pay your bill they will shut everything but your texting off. That is always nice. Overall, I have never had a better experience and I have been with Cricket about 1 year. Thanks for reading.

Jean 3/23/2012
I live near Madison WI and for what I need it for it is GREAT. I have dealt with a lot of the customer services of other companies and they are all bad. But if I have problems I go to the offices here IN PERSON and have had NO PROBLEMS.

debbies 3/21/2012
worst service out there i would rather spend 20 bucks on a prepaid from family dollar and throw it away before i would purchase service again from cricket

Jamie 3/20/2012
Stay Away!! I switched from Boost Mobile to Cricket because they had an android phone on sale at Best Buy. Got the phone, ported my number over, and everything was going great...two weeks ago, I could no longer open apps or use my Muve music. I went back to Best Buy & they said it was a software glitch. Exchanged the phone & activated a new one. It worked for 1 day & did the same thing. They exchanged the phone again (3rd phone) on Sunday, and last night it did it again. The first time it happened, they said it was a software glitch. The second time they said it was a problem with the Google servers (which android belongs to & has no live phone support). Now today they are telling me that you are allowed 500MB (10 web pages) of 3G data, & once you go over, your speed is reduced. I cannot connect to anything at all, but I am paying $55 a month for basically unlimited text & 1000 minutes of talk time. Text only works half the time and they have no unlimited talk plans. I told them I would switch carriers and they didnt even offer an apology. They said "Is there anything else I can do for you?" This is the biggest joke of a cell company if I've ever seen one! Do not waste your time or money!

Susan 3/17/2012
Tried topping up my account with new credit card, it was a nightmare--called several times, no luck with customer svc, who are hard to understand and can't do anything with billing information changes, so what's the point? Asked for a supervisor--what do you know none around.

Roberto Martinez 3/16/2012
The best cell phone company i ever had they care about their customers and more

no name 3/16/2012
I would not recomend cricket wireless. Everytime you call you either talk to a robot, or someone in a foreign country. The tried to tell me that I went 100 minutes over, when I had not even reached 20 minutes of talk time. I very much dilike them.

guest 3/14/2012
Changed 3 weeks ago worst mistake i ever made as far as there so called custmer service on the phone with them right now,4 hrs now no help transfered again right this moment,said i was set again transfered , going to hang up and return all 3 phones and do a charge back.

Zero Rating 3/10/2012
Purchased a prepaid cricket card from Best Buy. Was told by sales person that it was a data card. When I called to place data on broadband, I was told it was not a data card. The purchase of the card was $55. Neither Best Buy nor Cricket would reimburse me. Best Buy and Cricket are both rip offs.

Grace 3/5/2012
I've been shopping, and I have found their better phones extemely expensive. I've also asked around and heard nothing but complaints about the customer service. I tried chatting online and totally agree.

Dummy 3/3/2012
Well Ive been with cricket since they came to houston. The service was great until I switched to their idiotic android plan. Ive never had android in my life so I decided to upgrade to one.First off they screw u from the jump. They say because you switch the moment your bill is due you must pay your current bill and an additional 65 for the first month of android service. Im still scratching my head because isnt that like paying for another on your current plan and the first month on the new plan. Woww and they say its pay as you go so that means I pay another month if I keep that same plan but in this case I didnt, i just changed plans so should I have just been charged the difference. IM JUST WAITING ABOUT TO GO BACK TO SPRINT BECAUSE LIKE I SAID MY FIRST ANDROID AND THE PHONE AND SERVICE IS AWFUL. IF YALL CANT CARRY ANDROID FOR ALL THE DATA WHY EVEN CONSIDER PUTTING IT ON YOUR NETWORK.

Horrible 3/3/2012
I had moved, and my phone no longer received signal. I checked out several companies and decided to go with Cricket. I received my phone, and for the first two weeks I was really happy. After about two weeks, my phone no longer received signal. I talked to customer support and decided I would return the phone. I did so, and was refunded my money four days later. I decided that I liked the service assuming the previous phone was a fluke. I received the new phone and it worked for four days, then it stopped receiving signal. I went to a neighboring town and have full signal there.
I returned that phone, and it took over a month with several very long phone calls to crickets customer support before I finally managed to get my money back.
Buyer beware, you may have a service interruption at any time with a cricket phone.

MOLLY 2/29/2012

Anna 2/28/2012
The servece is horrible because I got a prepay phone for a dollar a day, but they charge me as a long distance when I call someone, so I go to Cricket store almost every other day and try to fix it, but they can't do anything for a mounth now. Every time they say that ticket is out and hopefully maybe it is going to be fixed or maybe not, so last time they changed my phone number, but it didn't help. When I try to call a company, I couldn't reach anybody

s 2/25/2012
Why so much negativity? Cricket is perfect here in Arizona. Practically everyone has a cricket phone in phoenix. I have the samsung indulge, their secnd strongest phone, and it has everything! The price was eh. The bill is fantastic and the service is great with quick download speeds.

Zyglo 2/22/2012
They will rip you off when they make a mistake. I have been a Cricket customer for about 6 years. I have accepted their short comings as no company is perfect. But this Last one is totally ridiculous. I bought 2 new android phones, 1 for my wife and 1 for me. We both have separate accounts and her transition went smoothly. When my bill was due I attempted to change phones and the mess started. I did have broadband, and they mistakenly placed my new phone on my broadband service instead of my phone service so after discovering this the next day I went back to the location where it took place and informed them my phone did not work properly. They looked and said it was on my broadband service. So I asked for them to correct the problem. Simply give me my Broadband back and put my new phone on my old phones service as I had already paid for my upgrades, fees and monthly bill the day before. They contacted Cricket as they could not do it themselves at store I guess. This is where the mess really gets worse. They inform me that the only way to fix this is to turn off my broadband service (WHICH I NEVER WANTED!). I told them I did never want my broadband off just the new phone on my old phones service with same number but if they had to turn it off to accomplish it then I wanted it back on as soon as it could be turned back on. They proceeded to do this. Once my phone problem was corrected they said there would be a 55 dollar charge to turn my broadband back on, even tho I had paid for this the day before! They said those funds had been transferred to my wireless phone account and could not be applied to my broadband and I needed to pay another 55 dollars to turn my Broadband back on. I talked with customer service, tech. support, in both departments (wireless phone and broadband) plus 3 supervisors and they all say the same after about 9 hours phone time over 6 days, that I must pay another 55 dollars for their mistake.

Darren 2/17/2012
I was tired of paying for a contract phone but did not want to give-up my smart phone (iPhone 4) - so I bought a Cricket Samsung Android phone. Here has been my experience:

DJ 2/14/2012
been paying for callforwarding option for 2 years... when i finally had a chance to use didnt work....on the phone with custoomer service about it for 3 weeks... not helping much

Mary Akers 2/6/2012
I just purchased a Cricket pay as you go a month ago. I called to add minutes/1 month of service via credit card, it was charged to my back account but I received a text from Cricket that they were not able to charge my account and now I cannot use my phone at all and the 800 number is just automated, I can never get an actual person.

miss. jay 1/31/2012
I had been using cricket as my cell service since they first come to Houston. Since then the customer service has went down hill. My last encounter with them was yesteday. I had paid my phone bill, given it had been off for couple weeks. But still was paid. After waiting 20 minutes i check to see if my service was restored. NOT!! To make a long story short, I RECIEVED THE COMPLETE RUN AROUND. SERVICE NOT RESTORED, NO REFUND, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. 45NORTH AND AIRLINE AREA. I H A T E CRICKET. WILL NOT USE THIS COMPANY NO MORE AND AM NOT RECOMMENDING TO NO ONE. I HATE CRICKET!!

TY 1/31/2012
about cricket cellphones, some are not good quality but like always the items with higher price tag are the better. always review the phones you are getting first. ask about battery,camera, keyboard whatever things you are planning on using on a phone. you can never go wrong with SAMSUNG,LG,NOKIA, MOTOROLA. ZTE is a china brand and quality is not so good. also cricket is prepaid don't expect they will do a lot for you since they don't have you on a contract to offer you a free phone, when they know they will get the money back since you are on a CONTRACT. if you have issues with the phone always go to a corp store not the dealers because there is not much they can do there, and sometime is not even their problem those poor people working as sells reps all their bosses care is about selling , just like cricket only offering good discounts for new customers.

No More Cricket for Me 1/27/2012
I have been with cricket for 6 years. At first the service was good but I have been struggling with dropped calls, poor signal, unable to use the web, texts not getting through. People calling to my phone getting busy signal or unavailable messages. Customer reps blame it on the phone but I bought a new one and have had the same problem. I'm looking for a different company. Just tired of all this nonsense...
Cricket is no good!

STEVE 1/20/2012
Brand new Cricket Mercury phone is broke. Wont power on, Wont Charge. purty much no phone and "no warranty phones available" Soo why do you offer a $5.00 warranty for this phone if you have nothing to replace the phone with? "call the store everyday to see if we get a Warraty phone in" ok will do i said. so far this is my second day of waiting on hold just to see if they have my phone available. 1st day 30+minutes on hold... this is day 2 and 20+ minutes went by but someone just answered so now they are checking. Just can't believe i have to wait so long to just have someone check something for me. if i put my customers on hold for 20-30 minutes everytime they call OMG id be unemployed, just sayin

Mia 1/19/2012
I also would like,to add that , i was on the $55 dollar plan for a smart phone .

Mia 1/19/2012
The service is terrible!!!!!!!!!! My phone would freeze,shut off for no reason , no signal,internet loads really slow , calls&texts from random people who claim there family member had my phone number before , never got in contact with custoner service by phone , took a trip to a nearest cricket store and they were no help.

barbie 1/18/2012
Here is our petition as clear and concise as we could make it, please leave us your story:

Are you tired of having a cell phone provider that does not care about the continuous issues you are encountering. Has dropped calls, error messages when attempting to use the web browser and text that simply don’t go through the norm? When calling customer service instead of receiving someone that can and will help you receive false information, incorrect data and annoyed employees that can/will not help you? Have you spent too much money on your device, your service and simply need it to work properly but can’t get anyone to help you?

Find us on our facebook page and add your friends!

Pensacola 1/18/2012
I bought a Samsung Vitality in a local BestBuy Mobile store. The salesman could not get the phone to activate on a Friday afternoon, and we could not make contact with Customer Service. He said continue to try it over weekend. On Sunday I got an email from Cricket with my "new" phone number. On Friday we thought we had ported my current number over to the phone. There continued to be no service over the weekend. On Monday I went back to the store and we could not activate the phone or reach Customer Service. This continued until Wed. when we finally reached "Victor" who told us the phone was activated on Friday, actually it became active while we were talking to Vic. He couldn't help us with porting my number as he was "Account & Billing Specialist" & would transfer us to the "Porting Numbers Specialist" who turned out to be "Soloman." We explained the problem with activating & an unwanted number. When I asked about the time I'd lost on my plan (5 days) Victor said I was not going to get credit because I didn't call the Customer Service number. See previous on attempts to get through to Customer Service. He continued to tell me it was my fault, thus my loss. I asked for a supervisor and was eventually transferred to "Soloman." We got a lot of run around and a scripted response. The store Asst. Mgr. had been helping me from the initial purchase; he got on the phone then to explain once more what the issues were and Soloman continued to argue with him. By now everyone in the store is listening to the conversation. At that point I told the store manager to cancel the whole thing and I would return the phone and chose something else. He apologized profusely and told me that Best Buy's motto is to supply reliable recommendations and he felt Customer Service with Cricket was something he'd have trouble recommending after this experience Phone & plans may be okay, but Customer Service is lousy!

rh 1/15/2012
Nothing but problems from day example the charge for changing plans..another if canceling they won't refund the prepaid cards
They chg for everything...but refunds its like pulling teeth...not trying to be mean there is language barrier 1/2 the time I don't understand what they are saying... in my opinion I don't see a future for cricket

Jim h 1/12/2012
Good luck paying your bill it is a total pain in the ass it rejects my card every month. And then if you call customer service they want to charge you five bucks to pay your bill. Piss poor customer service!!!!

rick 1/10/2012
This would be 0 stars if the option was available. I moved to a different area, but was assured my phone would work. A lot of the time it does, but there are times when I can't use the phone. They have no online help and I can't call the customer service line because my phone doesn't work. If they have a service outage I can understand, but we're talking, like, once or twice a week (that I know of) for HOURS. These guys suck. DO NOT use this service if you can avoid it. They obviously care about your money and don't care about you as a customer.

adam 1/9/2012
cricket was by far the worst service ever, im not sure how their even still in buisness.. streight talk and verizon are the way to go, you spend less money or the same and get better service.. i have a cricket droid phone and i get no service, it freezes up on me, the text message box says full when theres no one message in their and the phones only 2 weeks old!!!!!! cricket suck and im gladly going back to verizon and or streight talk...
cricket dosent even have a unlimited everything plan for their smart phones??!! yeah cricket is garbage..

Louis 1/5/2012
Cricket has $1 daily plan. According the the customer service rep, if I select this plan, I can make unlimited local and toll-free calls without any extra charge. I made some 1-800 calls and got charged 10cents/min. Also when I was inside a building, the calls became long-distance ones and got charged 25cents/min for roaming. Very weird... Be careful with them and ask all important questions before you sign up for the service

dbebb 1/4/2012
Have tried to load the $$ for a week,
only answer, we are behind will happen in 24 hours, I think not...24 days maybe
Do NOT deal with this company

No Good Service 1/4/2012
The service is very bad and they do not have very good customer service. I lost 58.00 with them and will tell everyone I know about how bad they are.

John Goltz 12/30/2011
I sure wish I would have come across this site before i purchased the Cricket ZTE Score bundled with one month of unlimited service a week ago for $112. ($49 for the phone and $55 for one month service plus tax) I received the phone two days ago and activated it. Used it for an hour and liked it. Then I made the mistake of taking them up on their offer to port my existing Verison number to the Cricket Phone. The phone deactivated as they said it would for 2 to 4 hours during the porting process. 8 hours later I call to check the status and they tell me they accidentally deactivated it during porting and were real sorry but the only way they could reactivate it is if I paid another $55 which they would credit me for the following month. I was very unsure about switching from Verison in the first place, but now I know something is up.
I'm not stupid but they almost convinced me to do it, that is until I read all these reviews. There is no doubt in my mind they are taking every and any chance they get to rip people off and steal their money. 3 days of this BS and well, they have my $112 and I have a fairly decent smartphone I was able to use for an hour, but I know when to cut my losses. I'll unlock and flash the phone to Tmobile and the sneaky bastards
can just try to get their phone back.
I never ever have dealt with ANY company or business that so blatantly goes out of their way to confuse and upset people giving them the runaround as they steal our money. They didn't get the chance to but I'm sure if I paid $55 more like they wanted my first months $55 I paid would have mysteriously vanished. There was even more suspicious behavior with them bouncing me around from one person to another (all of which I could barely understand or could understand me) one would comfort me by saying "oh, dont worry about it. I will take care of everything." The next would say "I cant do anything without more money" I was getting names and still could never get the same person twice and they could or would not connect me with anyone I had talked to before. I'm totally with the majority of you when I say "HOW MUCH LONGER CAN THEY DO BUSINESS IN AMERICA BEFORE WE GET RID OF THEM. WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT WHEN YOU NEED THEM."

Becky 12/26/2011
I paid in advance in October for my November bill. Cricket then contacted me saying they had not received my payment. I faxed them the confirmation of payment they sent to me and my bank statement showing the money was taken out of my account by cricket. I then decided enough was enough and took my service to another company requesting a refund for my pre payment. This was on the day before Thanksgiving. I then was told I had to yet again fax the proof of payment over to them within 24 hours or I would not get my refund. I spent my holiday seeking a fax machine to fax this info over to them. It is now December 26th and I have not yet received my refund. Cricket states that I need to again fax over the proof of payment again in within 24 hours to get my refund. I had been a customer for years before this and am incredibly upset that they sent me a card in the mail statig that I need not worry about my past due charges if I want to come back to them. WHAT PAST DUE CHARGES? They owe me.

Ben 12/23/2011
This is the single worst company I have ever dealt with in any industry. They would rather take advantage of the customer once lose their business than build a profitable long term relationship. They even charge $20 to honr your phone's warranty. Then have the audacity to call providing the service a "courtesy."

Corey 12/14/2011
Cricket is a pretty good company for such cheap prices that they offer,and I have learned from expirence not to even worry about getting insurance from them on a phone, because they will end up charging you $30 for a peice of crap phone and $80 + for your original phone (if it's one of the good phones). And if you think about paying $5/month for insurance then turning around a paying 80+ for a good quality phone you may as well just keep your $5/month and order a phone from them online. Which brings me to the fact that just recently they have took away the option to upgrade mobile phones online! The only way to order a phone online from them as an existing customer is by adding a new line of service which is ridiculous! I called and had a long chat with them about this with many different branches of their customer service, and the online technicians told me they no longer allowed upgrading phones online, and the only way to get a new phone is from a store and having to pay the full price. This makes me highly upset and subjests to me Cricket doesn't give a beaver DAM about its existing customers...

Kaleb 12/13/2011
Okay. So i bought a Cricket ZTE Score a little over a month ago. Well it broke. i sent it in about two weeks ago and they have pretty much just been holding it there ever since. I've been calling every day or so wondering where the heck it is and all they say is that they're going to send a new one and it'll be here in a day or so. well its been over a week since they first said that. I've been payiong for service this whole time as well. So this is more or less a review of their crappy cutomer service. Other than that the phone and service worked fine for me when it wasn't broken. But the crappy customer service just is not worth it.

sam 12/11/2011
You get what you pay for. I first got a new phone from cricket and put on the $25 a month plan. They gave me a new number as I was going to port over my old number later. The new number cricket gave me it seems was someone else previous number as I was getting collection calls and I just received the phone. At this point it seemed urgent that I port over my existing phone number from my other phone carrier. When I called Cricket and they make you listen to the same message 4 times I final spoke to someone who was going to help me port the number over. In the process of porting my number over the had a "New Market error" and they could not port my number over at that time. In the process they also disconnect the original number they gave me. I was told that I would have to wait 24 hours so they can give me a new number and restore my account to active. 4 days later and four 45 minute calls and speaking to supervisors who stated they would call me and assured me it would be fixed shortly, I never received a call from anyone. I returned the phone and contacted my credit card to put a stop payment on the $25 monthly fee for service that I paid. This company sucks.

anonymous 12/6/2011
garbage company garbage service. I've worked for them and everything is flawed. Terrible marketing. They never know when they will have new sales.

Unhappy 12/5/2011
Cricket sucks! I have called them three times to activate voicemail and still havent no been able to do this. I'm so upset I can throw this phone out the window.

d. 12/5/2011
I actually work indirectly for Cricket, as part of their billing department, and I must say that it sounds like the retail stores are scamming people who make bridge payments. Since I work for a different company contracting with Cricket, I don't have access to the local store records, so I can't confirm, but... With the high volume of calls I get regarding service being terminated with a bridge pay in place, I'd have to say it seems pretty suspicious to be an accident so often.

Raquel 12/1/2011
Good deal, until you need customer service. Then you wait at least 10 minutes to either be hung up on, or reach a foreign country. Corporate did nothing about an employee throwing things at me and cussing. Ridiculous.. Stay Away From Cricket.

crooked Cricket 11/29/2011
I just upgrade my Cricket phone. I spent $100 4 the phone. & $55 4 the service.that was is Tuesday & guess what I can't use my phone.4 sum strange. Reason they said my account got locked during activation & it will take 24hrs to unlock.its Tuesday 10:03pm my phone is still not working.I can't even call customer service have to use a friends crooked cricket phone to call customer service.they say there's nothing they can do because my account is this legal.I know the service is cheap but this is NOT HOW U DO HONEST business.tell a friend to tell a friend.DO NOT BUY OR SUSPORT CRICKET.there. r other great prepaid phones

Steffer 11/28/2011
I have been with every provider out there and have experienced either bad customer service, dropped calls, ridiculous fees and disputable calls on my bill I don't recognize, etc...It has always been something sooner or later to make me want to change providers. At least with Cricket I can count on the same price every month AND the better phone you have the better experience. The MUVE service is the best deal for the money when you consider the cost of downloading music. However, internet access is a continuous problem in that you just never know when it will be dependable. Another issue I've had is that there are few Cricket stores here (San Antonio, TX) with employees truly knowlegable about the phones. The other stores seem to be franchised and I always feel like the only care about selling or just taking payments while problems or questions are referred to the customer service number. All in all its a trade-off and you have to decide what's most important to you. If you are on a tight budget I think it's a good way to go.

Leslie 11/27/2011
They offered me a smart phone for 48 dollars if I switched to Cricket. NOW..I constantly drop calls, cant get into voice mail, cant disconnect from voice mail unless I shut the phone off, No signal at home, the most I get is 2 bars when out and about. When I send out a text my friends get it 6 times. Doesnt register incoming calls from my contacts, I get strange voice mails from people I dont know. Incoming calls don't connect (cant hear the person). Takes a long time to connect an outgoing call. And the customer service sucks! In order to get a complaint processed I need to travel 45 minutes to a corporate store. I live in the Chicago Suburbs. WHAT??!! Need I say more....


N.J. 11/17/2011
Would give it ZERO stars if I could! Claim I have insufficient funds when I still have money in my account! DO NOT get the dollar a day plan!


y 11/15/2011
Sounds good but, too bad they can't still make my phone work even though the service fee for the month has been paid. They say they are going to call you in 72 hours or less not really you can wait and wait I have been waiting for almost a month and still no call. Customer service? Which one they are all the same people and they tell you the same thing over and over again So good luck with cricket oh yeah! and they won't refund your money either.

dale 11/13/2011
Man you people complain alot for CHEAP there's the keyword CHEAP phone service. I for one have never had a single problem with my phone service. I don't know what backwards retard phone number you all called but i have always had great customer service i have never had to wait more then 5 min to get my questions answered. If you think it sucks so bad shut up and change services. As for the people who have bad experiences why would you come back to a service that you hated. Bottom line its cheap good service that covers just about everywhere and if your not 10% smarter then the technology your using then don't use cell phones.

paula 11/11/2011
their customer service sucks. i have been a cricket customer for over ll years. i have been trying to reach cricket customer service for over 3 hours now and still can't get through. now they say i have to have an authorization number THAT'S NEWS TO ME THERE IS NO WHERE ON THE WEBSITE THAT HAS A CONTACT US AND CRICKET SUPPORT IS NON EXISTANT

Dean 11/7/2011
Confirm all the comments about customer service, so hard to get through to a live person. The amount they want seems to vary every month, last month they were happy with $39.50 supposedly but now they say I owe $42 something this month and the account shows $84.50 owing for 2 months even though i have an acknowledgement for the payment...It's just for my daughter, I got this phone because they assured me it would be easy to pay from a distance and keep her phone going. My problem is I do not trust any of these pay ahead plans with my credit cards because I lost $100's on Virgin Mobile in unauthorized payments. Now I'm out $35 on Cricket because apparently I chose the wrong topup method at their authorized retail payment agent...No way they can credit to my account...The rep said they do not have a corporate address when I asked for that...what, are they operating illegally? He said there was direct email option on the website but could not point to it. Contacting sales is easy haha but after that you are on your own. I rather think its part of the prepaid market thing. Annoying as Verizon and ATT etc are, I think they are a lot more reputable than the Crickets of this world.

puddycat 11/7/2011
if you enjoy your sanity, BANISH THE THOUGHT of ever getting cricket service..the cistomer service is BEYOND abominable...(oh..and YES,get crocket service and you WILL be spending ALOT of time talking to customer service)...which is just about as useful as talking to the deaf, they either do not understand a word you are saying, or dont have a clue about their own service.Not only are they needlessly rude, you will have to endure about 6 or 7 trys going through their wrist-slittingly ardous/irritating answering service which takes you around the globe and back only to unceremoniously HANG UP on you or ask you to call back...even for little tasks such as paying your bill which shouldnt take 2 minutes using their answering service, BE PREPARED for an extended onslaught....DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THEIR BILLING! let me just say that i have had to pay for an extra phone that i had cancelled and they wouldnt refund my amount of civility, begging or even threatening to sue will get you even a penny back....i assure you that dealing with these crooks will take you to the foot of the cross....and coming from an atheist, that is saying something!...if you enjoy being screwed, CRICKET is the company for you..otherwise, do yourself a favour and look elsewhere!!!

jason 11/3/2011

Sylvia 10/27/2011
Cricket is the worst company ever it doesn't even deserve 1 star my text message would sent 3times I could get pic messages the reception is horrible

Guest 10/24/2011
I would prefer 0 stars - worst customer service, frequently no internet service, I cancelled, they cashed my check anyway, now they won't give a refund umnless I give banking info to prove that they cashed my check. The woman in cutomer service already told me they cashed my check. I have named them "CRICKET THE CROOKED"!!!!!

clock143 10/23/2011
I can't speak for cricket service everywhere but I live in chicago and have had zero problems with cricket service or their customer service.
I've tried every cell service out there at some point in time and the big companies (Att, Verizon, Sprint) were the worst of the bunch.
I had ATT just before switching over and signed up for cricket on it's lowest plan for a month to see if i liked it.
I figured if att is such a huge company and has such lousy coverage/service cricket has to be horrible. Cricket outdid att in every way. with cricket i could make calls from inside my house or the office. i had no dropped calls, i didn't have to keep track of my minutes/texts AND i had internet/ gps for $55 bucks all on an android phone. My att plan was for 450 mins, 1000 txts, no internet, and i had a cheap flip phone for $110 a month.
That's insane!!
Honestly, i tell everyone i know about cricket. For me it's turned out to be great.

Sunny Mitchell 10/20/2011
Glad I have not activated this service yet w/Cricket since reading so many horrible reviews. I have spoken w/3 different customer service people w/3 different answers. The last one rattled on about bucket plans, extended areas, etc. and was extremely rude, hanging up in my face. I am returning my Samsung to Best Buy and Cricket can take a flying leap; I'm done!!! This was a Clark Howard recommendation; while Clark is seldom wrong, he missed the boat on this one. Also, one only finds out that the calls are limited up to 1000 minutes with an overage cost of 5 cents a minute, AFTER YOU OPEN THE BOX AND READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Bummer... don't need more stress!!!

stacey 10/14/2011
Cricket is the WORST company to provide cell phone service. The customer service is NOT helpful, and nobody seems to know what they are talking about. The service is HORRIBLE. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CRICKET.

Chris 10/14/2011
Pros: cheap

Mr. Me 10/7/2011
I'd love to give A lower rating. Honestly the worst company I have ever been with. Terrible customer service; they provide no help at all. I'm unable to make any calls with my phone and they refuse to refund me for the rest of my time.

Sick of Cricket 10/5/2011
Like almost everyone else has said already, CRICKET SUCKS!

krom 10/5/2011
Worst Customer service EVER. I had added a line to my service for a few months. when I wanted to remove one phone from my plan I got nothing but a run around. I still ended up paying for service on both phones one of which I wanted to cancel. I was told that my they will extend my due date by 2weeks to compensate. However it is no longer that way as I just received a message from them that my bill is due at the same time as before(no 2weeks compensation and still paid $105 last month, even though I only wanted to keep one phone) I am very unhappy and looking for other carriers.

WORST EVER 10/5/2011

David 10/4/2011
I use my phone once or twice a month and it is always out of time !! Then when I top up with another 20.00 the expired date stays the same. Be careful using this service, there is something using up our money that they are not telling us.

Jaxxon10 10/1/2011
While affordable, I must say I'm VERY disappointed with Cricket PAYgo. I have YET to have a weekend that I actually receive texts or calls which are sent. What's the point of having the phone when it only works during the work week?

TK 9/29/2011
I have been extrememly happy with my Cricket service thus far. I have the LG Optimus. This is a great phone - no problems technically, and no dropped calls. Internet service is very fast, call clarity is good, and as an added bonus, it has a great camera (for a cell phone).

Steve B. 9/29/2011
I just purchased a Cricket phone from the Appleton, WI store. I got the Vitality. So far I love it. Reception is clear, phone has so many features. Since Cricket has reworked their cell plans and added Muve Music it seems like they have their previous issues worked out for the better. The Muve music is amazing. I haven't tried their customer service yet, which was previously a problem, but thank you to Sarah from Best Buy and Michael from Cricket for your awesome service.

swhite 9/21/2011
I've had Cricket for a little over a year now and it's the absolute WORST service ever!!! The phones are garbage and the service is terrible! I got to college 4 days a week and every time I'm at school, I got very little reception. Every time I send a text, 70% of the time I have to resend it because of "Sending Failed". Even when I have full signal, it'll still do it!!! So i'm sitting there, trying to send a text to one person like, "Alright" and i'll have to send it like 5 times!!! Worst cell phone service in history... You get what you pay for. CHEAP!

justin 9/17/2011
cricket is the biggest joke ever i was always dropping calls and the calls that did go through where garbled the text messages would take hours to go through or send them 3 or 4 time annoying the recipient.there customer service is a joke too there non English speaking Indians that could never fix the problem.I switched to t mobile and couldn't be happier.I wouldn't recommend cricket to my worst enemy

lee e c 9/16/2011
all the reviews are correct,,, worst service ever,, they told me i couldent call customer service for complaints against my phone..was told that billing couldnot turn my phn on was toldthat my phn could not be turned on untill i paid my bill,,i told them I PAID MY BILL! I HAVE CONFERMATION #...we cant help you here and after being on hold for literally 35 min and speakink to " a supervisor" she hung up on me quite rudely,,,,DO NOT BUY THERE SERVICE<CRICKET IS GROUP OF INCOMPENT PROVIDERS

Victoria 9/14/2011
They suspend your account even when you have paid, you will get calls from people you don't know who hang up when you answer and their customer service is from India, so they can't really understand you. Further customer service can't help you since they have no power to adjust your account or set things straight. It is so bad. My boyfriend has only had minor problems with them, but most people I know hate them and have the same frustrations I have had.

jake o 9/12/2011
DO NOT GET CRICKET. WORST phone service company ever! First: got new phone but could not activate since voicemail was still in use. After reps told me I was incorrect, I took phone into store to show them. THEN they agreed with me. Second: My phone get charges mysterious ringtone charges. This is a very specific set of key sequences. Finally able to reverse charges after 30 minute on phone to India. Third: no way to access account info on-line. Forth: I paid $14 in account and then it expires in 10 days. They did NOT tell me, even I confirmed it was good for 30 days. Apparently they weren't listening. Then they get defensive and whiny, saying its not their responsibility to tell me the top-off don't count the full 30 days unless I meet a minimum deposit. Liars, cheats, lazy, <explications and pejoratives follow>. DO NOT GET CRICKET

Cricket Criminals 9/5/2011
Very unhappy with Cricket in general. They seem to be rip-off artists. I bought an LG Optimus C Android phone despite the fact that I HATE touch screens. I got it because I watched some You Tube reviews of the phone and seemed at the time the best phone for the plan rates, and I guess the fancy-shmancy of it sucked me in. My first mistake. The phone never gets more than 2 bars, and the internet crashes about 8 times in just a ten minute span, shuts off and powers back on by itself. I went to a corporate store where I was told that I would have to either buy a whole new phone or pay $21 to have this one replaced. Why? Because they sent me a defective phone? They said I would have to stand there and prove to them what the phone was doing before they even thought about replacing it for free. Yeah, because I just have that much time to do this.

mikey 9/2/2011
It works ok in Phoenix however there are many dead zones and a lots of dropped calls. While in the car. Data cap is a joke at 1gb. My home happens to be in a great coverage area and i rarely have problems there. Like i stated before moving around town can be a nightmare. Bought the lg optimus which was a nice android phone when it works....web browsing cauzes the phone to freez up and restart itself. Took the phone back for a replacement. Cricket clerks were very nice and helpful. They of course could not duplicate the problem but did exchange it dor a new one. The new one has the same problems however do not seem to happen as often. Good thing they are no contract as i will probably not continue service with them and its back to tmobile where I had very little problems.

ML 9/2/2011
WOW the worst service coverage. Never had bars when just leaving the city of Roch, NY - I'm talking just outside the city, Batavia etc.

cheri 8/31/2011
i hate it.nothing but one problem after another.nothing but droped calls or no service at all. it is service you can never count on.going back to verizon..CRICKRT IS A JOKE

Gary S. 8/30/2011
Worst service ever!! Purchased phone for daughter when she turned 18 and moved 500 miles away to attend college. The day after she got the phone it stopped working. She took it to the store on S. McCarran Blvd. in Reno and they "had no idea what it was" and tried to charge her $85 to get a new phone. She told them it was only a day old and they said that the store didn't deal with that - she had to call the 800 number. I called and they said it was "locked" because they didn't have the serial number entered but would have it fixed within one hour since I was in the process of adding 2 more lines for my nephew and his mom. The phone didn't start working again. I called back and they it was all working but she had to enter some numbers and they could walk her through it over the phone. I asked how she could call if her phone wasn't working. Again she took it to the store for help and they couldn't figure it out and since it was online purchase she needed to deal with customer service. We decided to return all three phones since we had the 30 day money back guarantee and two had never been opened. I also paid for the extra insurance on all three. They said that the phones would need to arrive at the warehouse, get checked it, and could take up to 30 days before they even know they were rec'd for a refund. AVOID this rotten service. I went to Verizon.

Dan 8/26/2011
First the customer servive is from India or someplace that they keep shifting you to another person. They just hang up.You call back and the same thing. Its the worst customer service I ever seen. The phone works ok sometimes. I am in a perfect location they said. Then they say there fixing there towers. On and on. I get 8-20 dropped calls in a 2 hour day. This is really bad. So I broke it and my neighbor ran it over with his truck. Bye bye cricket, Never again. Total junk.

Lokey 8/26/2011
This carrier works great in certain areas and is a headache in others. Do yourself a favor and check the coverage map to make sure you're in the home coverage area before activating. It's hands down one of the best values on the market, but when it comes to the handsets, you do get what you pay for. Make sure to buy a decent phone. The Android phones all run well if you maintain them correctly. Don't buy a $29 phone and expect the service to work flawlessly. I would highly advise avoiding customer service seeing as all they do is refer you to a corporate location. Cricket is a great service if you live in a well covered Market. If you're in a rural area, you might want to look at trading in your first born for Att or Verizon.

CRIS 8/26/2011

Tcee 8/20/2011
My husband and I have had Criket service for 4 years. We live in the Portland Metro are and have never had dropped calls. We have had some issue with texts begin sent two or three times but all and all the phone works great. I prefer to go into the store to make payments. If I am buying a phone or need help I go to a corporate store which is trained in resolving issues and giving you the help you need.
Most people, I believe, do not read the fine print on advertisements, online, or when they are purchacing. You should always do your research. Read reviews of the phone you want to buy. Check the coverage map of the company you want to use. My husband and I did this for every phone we purchaced and have been happy with them.
If you travel a lot Criket is probably not going to work for you. If you use your phone for business again probably not going to meet your needs. I like Cricket because there are no contracts there for no surprises with the bill.
You get what you pay for. If you want an outstanding phone that works every where in the USA then your going to pay 10 time more. If you want a decent phone that works well in your major area then you pay less. You would't expect 4 star service at motel 6?Pros vs. Cons you have to weight them out. I prefer Cricket because I get good service for the amount I paid.

LINDA HAYES 8/20/2011

jacqueline green 8/20/2011
i thought cricket service was good until my phone stop working and the cricket store in rochester new york the corporate store didnt honor my warranty not only that they in such a hurry for me to buy another phone. cricket isnt what it used to be the customer service on ridge hudson plaza is awful they are turning customers away i switched to another company im glad i did so i dont have to see their stupidity. cricket will be going down soon.

Kathleen 8/17/2011
Cricket is THE worst cell phone service provider out there. I paid for the service for a year, and calls were regularly dropped, I never had service in my house, etc. I only chose them because I didn't want a contract. Now, I canceled my service in July (I called twice to confirm) and they have still billed me for August. I called again to contest the charge, and was told it would be refunded. Now, over a week later it has not. Since my account has been officially cancelled, I can't even get through to them on the phone to follow up about the additional month's charge. I asked for a confirmation email and they are unable to send one. Cheap product and service, and they've taken an extra month's charge from me. I'm so outraged and disgusted as this company.

BlueGardenia48 8/17/2011
poor email connectivity, dead zones in the Houston area where the phone plainly does not work and now regular users are not allowed to load photos on facebook! that did it, I changed companies after adding $45.00 to my pay-as-you go phone only to find out that after switching to another company they would not reimburse me the unused money. That is just a confirmation of a cheap company culture and a cheap product. I should have expected it, but I hoped they ran their business like most people, with integrity. Goodbye Cricket! thumbs down!

ajax 8/17/2011
got the mauve phone when Cricket bought out pocket. Worse customer service. Have to call them on a land line because their customer service wont except calls from my phone. Half the text I send get a message canceled response. Keep getting subscription canceled for the mauve music feature. When i did get customer service they told me to take it to a cricket store and let them deal with it. Worse company ever.

Laura 8/12/2011
I am a Cricket Customer. Over 1/2 of my calls are dropped. I dont get reception in my apartment & their Customer Service is outsourced to India- This is a cheap service and you pay for what you get.

Mason 8/10/2011
I have had Cricket Wireless since mid June, in response to the commercial to switch your activated phone for a Android powered phone. I have the Sanyo Zio, and now that it is August, and I have not had much problems with Cricket Wireless. Customer Service called me in mid July to ask how I liked my phone. I had a bit of a hard time understanding him since he had a heavy Indian accent, but it was not unbearable. The biggest problem I have with Cricket Wireless is that in areas that have low service bars (or none) I send text messages, and it would say it will not send, but in fact, it would send 5+ times, annoying receiving clients. Another problem is that I keep on getting 3rd party advertisements on texts asking me to bring my phone to get a discount. I also keep getting texts from Cricket saying about the problems about these third party advertisements, and to ignore them. They are not overwhelming and only happen about once every two weeks or less. Customer service is not the best, but if you treat them with respect, they will give it back. They are trying their hardest. (From what I experienced) I'll stay with Cricket, but I will only deal with my problems at my local Cricket Wireless store as the employees are very helpful.

Truth 7/31/2011
I get calls from people I don't know in a language I don't know. My texts are slow. My phone's battery is weak. The touchscreen sucks. It's been a month, but I think I want my money back.

Britny 7/29/2011
Cricket prepaid wireless is the worst service to go with. The service is always interrupted customer service is poor. Its very hard to get in touch with customer service. I would not reccommend Cricket to anyone.

Sophie 7/28/2011
I got the new Muve Music phone and I've dealt with Customer Service twice today due to the fact that I keep getting the "Your service is expired" message whenever I attempt to start up the app. I've had this phone for literally two days it still does not work even after they said it would after 24 hours. And then one lady on customer service told me that to even access the app I may have to have 4 or 5 bars. Um I have never had more than 3 bars in my home. My previous phone had horrible service but was a pretty great phone as it lasted about a year and a half before the touch screen gave out; and it wasn't a cheap-o phone. I only slightly recommend Cricket as it is a good way to save money, but it is definitely not worth the hassle of dealing with foreign people who don't know how to help you and having horrible service.

Tony 7/27/2011
WORST EVER. I prepaid ahead all the time so my phone would never get shut off. I signed a new contract wioth T-mobile as I previously had them and never had dropped calls or no conections like I did ALL the time with cricket. They refused to "port" my numbr over to T-mobile until after a day after my new billing cycle started so that they could keep my credit balance. I called them two days before and they sadi not to worry as the port change request was before th new billing cycle. Now the cricket store is saying no refund and I cannot get anyone in the billing depratment because I don't have a valid account. Sevice is below one star but that is all I can give here on this sight. Like you have always been told if it's too good to be probably is! I filed a complaint at FCC.Gov if a lot of others do....maybe something will be done about them!

BigSky 7/24/2011
I had read so many bad reviews about Cricket that I hesitated for a while to sign on with it. I finally decided to give it a try, and I am very glad that I did. The service has been very good. In 30 days, I only have had interruption in data service for two hours due to network maintenance.

Gab 7/16/2011
Simply awful. I did the trade in your old phone and get a new smart phone "deal" they are supoposed to switch over your old number and everything. As of now (3 weeks later) they have yet to do this. I have called them and my old cell phone company several times. They are apparently trying very very hard, but my old company says they havent heard anything. The advertised phone was unavailable, so i had to get a Sanyo Zio, which cost me $30 more. Not to big of a deal. I was given a small piece of paper to write down all my contacts on, so i could transfer all of my contacts by hand. They of course took my old cell phone to make sure i wouldn't be going back to my old company.
On top of all these issues I get terrible reception. And the phone roams, ALL THE TIME! Which means i can only text, and theres about a 25% chance i won't recieve my messages. I personally dont mind texting too much, however when i am out of town and driving calling is a much much safer, (and not to mention more legal) option. Overall this mistake has cost me over $200 this month (i went ahead and had to buy a new phone with my old company) So if your thinking about switching to CricKet, DONT! go with one of the better much cheaper no contract providers.

Luc 7/15/2011
Cricket phone company is on my mind. They are a terrible company. They offer deals online but then wont honor them just because our address doesn't work with their faulty computer system, they wont fix the problem, and they don't care about us as paying customers.

Moving on in TN 7/11/2011
Terrible Customer service. They do not know how to help and only pass you on to someone else who is supposed to call you in 72 to 90 hours. (Really!! That long to get help!) Also cannot understand the reps as they are in India. Went to another cell phone company and got just as good of a deal and treated much better. Do no use Cricket unless you are looking to frustrate yourself.

Lisa 7/3/2011
It is a great price for unlimited talk, text and internet. I paid that price just for unlimited talk with a leading provider.

Alex 7/3/2011
I recently brought a Lg optimus C from cricket. I’m satisfied with my phone and service. It runs like any other android phone for att or T-Mobile. My previous carrier was att and i had an IPhone. I had more drop calls with att service than i did with cricket so far. I enjoy the monthly plan for 55 dollars a month and would recommend the phone to any of my friends

Dave 7/1/2011
Cricket wireless is crap! It is probably the worst value in wireless.

yuakaw 6/29/2011
There are many Cricket dealers in our area(Portland) but you should check before you buy it.

erica 6/24/2011
coustumers service is horrible on the phone or in person. not worth it!

SLW 6/20/2011
I switched to Cricket after a friend persuaded me, and because Cricket had the first Android phone for bad credit pay as you go customers like me. Its a decision I regret deeply. Their auto-billing policies are unbelievable. First month, they took out their auto pay 7 days early, and a number of checks bounced because I had not budgeted for the payment being withdrawn then. It was explained to me that the payment could be taken out up to 10 days before my chosen date, and 10 days after. So, a 20 day window. 20 days??? That's ridiculous. Plus the dropped calls, the no 3g/internet connection, not receiving text messages, a phone that is broken 4 months after purchase... the list of things wrong is endless. I switched from Virgin Mobile, despite being perfectly happy with them. And I'm switching back to Virgin Mobile again, and putting the nightmare of Cricket behind me.

oksofar 6/16/2011
The web promotion for a free Android phone at the Cricket stores is a scam. The web site, flyers in the store, and even the clerk said the Android would be free with a trade in, as long as the traded phone was active. I went home to get the charger and write down my contacts so I could return for my new phone. I was then rudely told I wasn't eligible because the trade in was a prepaid from Straight Talk and not a contract carrier's phone. FALSE ADVERTISING! Nevermind I was told I could trade an hour before. The offer got jerked away. Last I checked, CRICKET had no contract, so why does my trade in need one?

pizzagirl 6/14/2011
I had cricket a while back and they were okay. I always had issues with my messages. they were slow. Their coverage is also limited. Their prices are great on their phones and plans,but their service is very sketchy.

roc 6/14/2011

Billy Heaton 6/14/2011
I cancelled because of Cricket customer service. I Visit my girlfriend alot and she lives out of my service area by like 1.5 miles. I called and had a roaming package added for that reason, even thogh I hardly ever used the actual roaming because of the fact that I would get to her house late and leave early the next morning to go to work.....INSIDE MY SERVICE AREA.......Little did I know that I was being charged for the roaming minutes even INSIDE my own area. I had my phone (Hauwei Ascend w/$55 a month android plan) which was unlimited everything, because it was an Android, set to automatic. I consistantly tried to get cricket to fix the problem, or at least give me a credit to my account, to no avail. They at one point, even misunderstood what I had said while on the phone with customer service, and switched my adress to my girlfriends address. Then when I called and asked why my phone was charging me roaming even when inside of my area, all they could say was.....I apologize for the inconvenience sir. They even told me that the reason I was not to recieve a credit for the $70.00 extra that i spent in one month on roaming (on top of my $55.00 monthly bill) and that all they could do is reccomend that I move back inside of my actual calling area. I preceded to explain that I did live inside of my area and that a service rep had changed my address on the account while checking to see how far out of the calling area my girlfriends house was, they said there was nothing that they could do for me. I would not reccommend cricket service to anyone!!!!!! I was a loyal cricket customer for years, only to be constantly irritated and angered by the customer service department. The last two weeks of my service I spent about 18 total hours on the phone trying to explain to them that they are rediculously apologetic with absolutely no remorse or attempts to make the problem right. Get at&t or verizon, you are better off.

Brenda 6/13/2011
On 6/6/11 I ordered 2 cells phones online (Huawei).Cricket promised I would receive the cells phones following day before 8pm by Fedex. My disappoint is that I still HAVE NOT received my phones which I paid in full plus paid first month service.Fedex says the phone got lost somehow and that I needto call cricket so they can send me a new order. Did that already called customer service and web service and cricket tells me that it will take 3 to 5 business days to receive a new order but before they do they have to wait until fedex investigates the problem then cricket will send me a new order. Well its been more than 5 days and I'm still without a phone. I'm so angry at cricket because instead of cricket helping me they prefer to investigate the problem first then they will help the customer. And Yes what really rages me is that the call customer service is in India not in the states. Cricket you really stink because Im still waiting for my phones that I paid for in full and cricket left me phone less and I have to be using someone else cell to call customer service!!!Has anyone gotten a direct number to anyone in the states???????

mad customer 6/13/2011

joel 6/4/2011
i have had service for about a yr i hav the same problems no messages being receivd or pple tell me im sening them messages and there is no outbox its very annoying bcause none of the workers know whats going on worst service ever

Tim O'Connor 6/3/2011
Really i would like my rating to be a -10 the customer service is terribul, i made a payment last night with my debit card and it shows i have four bucks on my account and it wont let me use my phone! i went to the bank to prove that i paid my bill, they still wouldnt help me, the kicked me out of the store for getting upset, they treated me like crap. i will never use cricket again.

angry customer 6/2/2011
I've had Cricket for over a year now and uuggghhhh. I got ppl telling me they're texting me and I get nothing. Yesterday, my stepmom was calling and calling and texting me and I only got 1 of the texts. IDK if it's just me, but damn I NEVER had problems like this with any phone company and I had Alltel back in 2006. Honestly, there is no solution to contract phone, they're simply the best and worth every penny cause you never get problems like this. That's why I'm geting an iPhone cause you simply get what you pay for and in my case, haa that's totally true

zack 5/30/2011
ive had cricket full servce for like 2months now and service is decent and i have a nice phone but bout 2 weeks ago my mother showed me an inappropriate message that got sent to her and have no idea how that happened i was embarrased and sinc all cricket oud say is that it happens sometimes i cancelled my acct they also gave me the biggest run around tryig to cancel call the 800 number no u have to go to the store bunch of morons

carl 5/29/2011
ii have full cricket service and also have been experiencing the similar issue customer service s horrible and my phone also sends text messages at its own will and alsosays i have voicemails when i do not, no help at all

bill 5/28/2011
cricket tanks there servece is horrible i am always recieving weird messages from there 800 number then you cn never get ahold of noone

Nancy 5/28/2011
i thought it would be a great service really cheap and good looking phones, well i got the Huawein and it keeps locking on me and sending ghost messages, my daughter kept textng me and telling me i was asking where she was or if she had was strange i called cricket about issues with the device and all they did was change my number but it kept happening, cancelled my service

frank klatil 5/27/2011
I bought a cricket phone for my daughter who was traveling to Seattle. On the first day when she called home, the phone worked OK and I also texted her several messages, but on the second day when I tried to send her a text message, I received an error message that the phone number was not a valid number.
when I tried to return the phone on the following day, I was told that "the system" was down and no returns could be made. They told me to TRY some other day. I decided to call the store before trying again only to find out that nobody answered the phone. They just let it ring. I had no other choice but to go to the store again. A sales person told me with a smile that "the system" was still down and no returns could be processed. This time I asked to talk to the store manager. It took a long time (like in a car dealership) for the manager to emerge. After a while the manager decided that they should take the phone back and instructed his employee to process the return.
This was very unpleasant experience and I would recommend staying away from this company.

Beth 5/26/2011
Well, I think the phones and the prices are good, but you REALLY have to check your area before using them.

MegHan 5/23/2011
Pricing is great, phone is cool. I have the Huawei Ascend. I have had problems though. I was locked out of my phone when my son got a hold of it and I could not remember the google account password. The store in my town was a butt about it, but I went to another store and they just gave me a new phone. The new phone worked great until yesterday. I was in the middle of nowhere at my cousins house and my boyfriend called me, we were talking fine, I said I would call him back. I sent a text. Then I was going to call him back and the phone would not turn on. It had 1/2 a battery left so idk what happened. I am going to the store tomorrow to see what they will do. I will stay with cricket because Verizon was just too expensive to stay up to date with technology. Verizon by far has the best customer service and coverage however because Cricket has such a great price I have to stay with them. It just makes sense.

Susana 5/18/2011
I don't see what all the fuss is about. If you go to an honest store (the ones with mexican americans in them while will most likely be young) everything will go fine 'cause they have criKet phones too and they know how to fix them most days. A lot of my friend have criket and myself included have had it for a long time and no problems. My phone have always worked great untill I did something stupid to them. I even got a call from a representive that spoke great english asking me how my service was going, and I said great, 'cause it was. And even now, it's going great and I have the broadband and the Huawei and they are both great. I don't see what all the fuss is about, I guess only people that have a hard time with the service come complain, and I'm sure other companies have similar little forums er whatever as this. Give it a try, after all, no contract, no compromise. You can give it up and sell the phone and swich carriers easily.

cricket customer 5/17/2011
I really frustrated with cricket right now, i have been with them since 08, my husband bought me the Huawei not so long ago and was working perfect, but now i have like 3 weeks that i cant receive no mms from some of my relatives that have at&t, before i did, so i called customer service about the problem well some Hindu guy answered and i couldnt understand a word he was saying, but i was patient and managed to understand a bit, he told me to take the battery out for about 2 minutes so i did, it still doesnt receive no at&t mms. so i went personally to the cricket store to see if someone could help me, all i got was it wasnt there service that it was at&t's service that wasnt letting me receive mms. What cricket should do is hire ppl that know what they are talking about.Now i want to switch to boost mobile or virgin mobile but dont knnow which is better.

Guest 5/15/2011
Customer support is what made me cancel my accounts. 5hrs on the phone, trying to get my account(s) yes plural....They screwed them ALL up when I only should of had "one"! Demanded me "that any more changes I would have to go find a local retailer to prove who I was & get any new accounts information"? I am retuning all the equipt. & demanding a refund Too!!!

benny 5/14/2011
worst company ever ,please dont even think about having business with them,i know that they are cheap ,but really not worth it.

Betty 5/13/2011
I am so disappointed with crickets defective equipment. I have only had my phone for 3 months and I had to take the phone back because it wouldn't fully download.They told me it was due to water damage,but my phone has never been near any water. I asked the sales guy how did he figured that and he said because the little strip on the battery turns pick. Then he say he don't see any water damage inside the phone, then he said it could of been because of sweat. I feel so stupid I didn't get insurance on the phone. So now I'm stuck with this phone and can't use it. I think if it's only been 3 months I've had the phone the that cricket should have it fixed or replace. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CRICKET AGAIN! I AM TRULY PISSED OFF! If I could rate you guys I would rate u a 0.

Rob 5/13/2011
Terrible company. I was a customer with them for 3 years and about 3 months ago paid $150 for a smart phone. 2 days ago my service stopped working, called cricket and it seems to be their policy to blame the phone and not their service and thats where it stands. Sorry cricket but my phone is not going to make it say 'sorry this number is not in service' when someone calls me. Went and got Tmobile, $20 more a month but better phones and no BS. Now I shall sue Cricket for the month of service I didnt get and the $150 I paid for the phone.

Cathy B 5/13/2011
NOT GETTING YOUR MESSAGE BY PRESSING 1.If you have phone problems don't bring it to cricket it just might be the service not the phone. Price looked very appealing but service sucks. Had problems with a phone I purchased through cricket they tried to get me to get another phone. My samsung phone was working fine only I was not getting my message (inside job) and I was not the only one. I discovered it was not the phone but the service. The service team at the store stated had to upgrade the software to fit there program.They take it to the back where you can't see what they are doing. 3days later phone was completly out my memory card was missing. They asked me lol did I loose my memory card..ha!ha! and they stated phone had to be replace. Don't get had like I did, I think this was a sales opt to get me out of the phone I purchase before. Don't bring it to the store for phone problems if they do anything they will distroy the phone. It is not samsung its cricket.

P. Michelle 5/12/2011
I bought the Muve Music phone and when I received it nearly 2 weeks ago the Muve music function did not work. It gives an error message that says the music function is expired and to call customer service. Customer service and technical support are located in another country and the people who answer the phone barely speak english. It is difficult to even understand what they are saying. For almost 2 weeks I have been given the run around, promised a return phone call from a manager or a higher level technical support person....but no one ever calls back. EVER. Customer service is a big fat zero and they really don't care whether you are happy or not. Cricket bills itself as "the best value in wireless", but value is not defined by lower cost alone. Value also means quality, and Cricket quality is less than none. Don't waste your money on anything this company provides!

Guest 5/12/2011
do yourself a favor whatever you do, do not go to boost you will be very sorry. had the phone for one month it would not charge i called cricket that took me one hour to reach customer service god knows where they were at to have them tell me sorry the new phone i bought from them was only a thirty day warranty that was a joke. i am kind of glad the old story you get what you pay for is the truth ther phone servis was bad to so i switched back to boost!!!!!!!!!!!!my advice go without a phone till you can spend a little more because sooner or later you will switch for quality

Charlotte 5/11/2011
I have a huge problem with cricket. I have several lines thru Cricket for my children and recently picked up the new android phone for my daughter. shes had it for 4 months now and then 3 days ago the screen stopped working. This phone was purchased with a warranty. We went in today to have the phone replaced and they started screaming at us and said they were not going to replace. They were very rude and nasty. I spend over $300 a month with cricket. When I am treated like garbage from people who are being paid to help me I refuse to do anymore business with them.I recommend that NO ONE DOES BUSINESS WITH CRICKET AT ALL. IM GOING TO VIRGIN MOBILE TO SPEND MY $300

Jessica B 5/7/2011
HORRIBLE service. Advertised 3G Network must be missing a period prior to it because it runs like the .3G network....EXTREMELY slow. Pages take forever to load and I'm always being kicked off.

Chris Behnke 5/7/2011
If I could rate this service a ZERO I would! Customer Service reps are extremely get the run-around with every issue. Just when you finally think the issue has been fixed, it hasn't been.

Cathy Stevens 5/3/2011
Cricket Customer Service is the worst, that's if you can get a hold of them. Worse yet, their corporate office in San Diego, the President's office and the Investor Relations office do not respond to call, faxes or letters. The online system shuts down and you cant pull up your account to pay it! Cricket is the worst, imagine contacting the President/CEO of the company and he ignores the customer base. Horrible customer service!

catherine 5/1/2011
Just fell for the $50 rebate offer on the LG; BEWARE, it is only in a few obscure areas, which is not obvious from the way they market it. Lousy!

Las Vegas Guy 4/29/2011
I ordered my phone and $35 monthly service online. Received the phone in 2 days. I turn the phone on it says dial *228 to program. I dialed it "Were sorry were unable to program your phone" I have called 3 different numbers. Finally after being on hold over an hour I get some guy in India. He looks up my order number and tells me "oh your account was never setup" WHAT? "I will submit a support ticket for you. They will get back to you within 48 hours. Hmm It's friday and now they tell me oh I will have service on Monday! I'm really not liking this from the beginning. Customer service does not exist. I'm going into a local corporate store and praying they can resolve this for me. After reading all the nightmares now I have lost faith in this low rate company.

Scott 4/29/2011
I honestly don't know what all the whining is all about. I had Cricket about a year ago for 6 months and it worked just fine. I reactivated the phone a few weeks ago at a corporate store, and it was a breeze - again, everything works fine. Call quality is adequate, I've never had a call dropped. Hey, for thirty-five bucks a month, it's plenty good for me.

felicia 4/28/2011
The Samsung touch screen phone is not worth the money. I spent over $150 for this phone it and it didn't even last 6months.I take good care of my phone and never drop it. All the other phones have lasted me for years. not this one. i will never again buy any phone from cricket again.

Chuck 4/27/2011
Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I kept getting third party promotional texts from Cricket at all hours of the day. Took three weeks for them to confirm there was an issue, and then they could not resolve it. I was told I would get a refund, I never did. Finally an english speaking person was honest enough to tell me that my refund would never have gone through, even though it was there fault. I spent hours on the phone with people who can't handle your problem or who can't understand what you are telling them because of the language barrier. I filed with the Better Business Bureau. Never ever get Cricket, cheap phones, cheap service.

daniel 4/25/2011
donde puedo hacermi pago de crycket en new york es q ya se m vense elplan

CaptStoneWall 4/24/2011
I love my cricket Ascend! $55 a month, unlimited Android service NATIONWIDE!! Unbeatable. I use the navigation system all the time. I notice people recommending corp stores, I like having a cell phone dealer, better pricing and someone to help, with customer service or questions. The issue with customer its just that, cricket will not even answer the phone if your don't be late. That simple. If you want steady reliable service, think about this, nationwide coverage unlimited data plans at $55, then check there coverage map, its bigger the sprint, tmobile or boost. I give them 5 stars for value and excellent customer service, key word, customer, not deadbeat late people.

hmm 4/23/2011
Ive been using cricket for a little under a year now, I dont really care for the customer service(and no one else does). I get decent to great signal everywhere I go and as advertised its cheap. Ive used two smart phones, and for some reason the mic on the phone seems to always be defective. and the mic issues always occur right after the return policy duration has been fulfilled.(10 days) or (30mins use) (BS) I'm kinda getting sick of getting phone replacements, buuuuuut then again, you kinda get what you pay for... and also the bad side is, when girls see you with a cricket phone they automatically assume you are poor and or have bad credit. sad...

SJ 4/23/2011
I decided to get my kids Cricket Wireless for Christmas over a year ago. I immediately signed up for automatic payment so that their service would not be interupted. The auto payment worked the first month, but then the auto-payment turned off on its own and did not charge my card when the next months bill came due and they cut off the service to my kids phones. I called Cricket and had them set up the auto payment and again, it worked the following month, but then turned itself off . . . well you can guess the rest. Needless to say, this has been the sotry for over a year now. Not only that, but try to talk with a customer service rep. The only phone numbers they advertise on their website is either the "order now" number or a automatic payment number. To get a phone number for a human I had to call the "order now" number and ask the salesperson for the phone number to speak to a human about my bill and/or service. This is rediculous. If you're at home and don't travel outside of your region, the service was fine. But, if you travel outside your region, you'll lose service. HORRIBLE. I am planning on moving over to Boost Mobile. Boost has received great reviews and is considered at the top of the list with JD Powers.

sweety 4/20/2011
The call is constantly being cut off! What the hell is this service doing? They do not do exchange even though I want to keep the service and change to another phone and it is within 30 days. They have a policy of if you use more than 30 mins, you can't exchange the phone. I guess their service, signals and phones are all sucks! I have an urge to just throw everything into the bin now and get over it, get a new service somewhere else!

Debi 4/19/2011
I got a cricket after I disconnected my land line.
My calls would be nice to hear, they cut out constantly. The people I call are getting tired of the service because I am always saying what, due to losing their voices.
Ive been to the store twice, three times counting todays visit. Ive gotten three phones saying they would be better. I walked out of the store last week, made a call, and it kept cutting out, they said they had to hear the problem before they could diagnose it, luckily my brother called and I handed it to the representitive, who said oh thats strange. They put out a service through corporate and said I would be called, NOT!
I am looking at another server, isnt the purpose of a phone is to be able to talk to people???? UGH!

shiloh91 4/15/2011
I'm going for 4 stars right now. I just got the EVDO broadband for my laptop. Went to corp store, talked to live person, setup in 5 min, paid cash, got receipt & now able to surf the web for schooling. Local communications co wanted to charge me $50+ for broadband to my house & it would not have been able to "travel" with me. $40 service "seems" today to be good deal. Was going to switch cell phone to Cricket, but after reading these reviews, will wait on cricket cell phone. Am currently with Boost mobile 5 years on cell. Will just change plan to pay-as-u-go to save money.

Courtney 4/14/2011
HORRIBLE DO NOT BUY CRICKET. I tried to order a phone off their website to get the discount on the phone. When I entered my credit card number it said it failed, I thought i entered something wrong and tried it a couple different times. I then called the sales dept and tried it that way, the guy ran it through twice and could still not get it to go through. I knew there was enough money in the account by I decided to check anyways. Turns out cricket charged my bank account NINE TIMES for 250 dollars! OVER 2 GRAND was taken which left me with 8 dollars in my account to last 2 weeks! The next day automatic payments started going out and charging me 40 dollar nsf fees. I called every phone number I could for Cricket each time I got a different answer WITH NO HELP. They said there is nothing they can do, and my bank said unless Cricket contacted them and said the transactions was an error it would be 10 business days before I could dispute the charges. When I asked Cricket if they could please call my bank they said "they are not authorized to do that, or that the bank has to call them" Which banks WILL NOT do. Some people told me it would be 24 hours before the money was put back, some told me 3 days some told me 30! and do I get anything for the 40 dollar nsf fee?? NO, do I have money to buy groceries for my family?? NO. So now, being 3 days later, I get my phone in the mail. I CANT EVEN USE IT. I try to activate it and they say they are unable to activate because of technical difficulties they are having with their system and to call back in 24 hours. FINE, I call back in 24 hours, and GET THE SAME DAMN ANSWER FROM A PERSON WHO BARELY SPEAKS ENGLISH. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT buy a Cricket Wireless phone, you will regret it. There is also at the time being NO tech support number. Only sales, and web support which none of speak English well. Hopefully I'll get my phone working sometime this MONTH.

cricket is a fraud 4/13/2011
sure the service is cheap but you get what you pay card was charged incorrectly and they suspended my account. It took 3 days to resolve and finally service was restored. if there was a way to give a negative rating...

No Good Cricket 4/12/2011
The worst customer service EVER!!!! I pay my bill on time and still shut off my service. Paying online never works and to pay extra fee to go in the store to pay or pay over the phone, big time joke. Why even have online service if you can't use it. Cricket needs english speaking customer service reps for people to understand their problems. Soon as the economy gets better Cricket will sink like a lead ship.......

tttodds 4/11/2011
Zio, was nonstop probs and hours on phone with cust service. Corp store refused because bought online. Service sucks, sound horrible, drops calls all day long. Need a new service but cost is great.

JP 4/10/2011
Horrid. I can't imagine who would give this horrible company 5 stars. They have the absolute customer service, and they give you the run around like crazy and worst of all the customer service reps lie to you. A sad company. I guess people will put up with any thing to save money!

Elizabeth 4/8/2011
Cricket's customer service is impossible to contact online or via phone. My number was disconnected within 6 hours of an auto-pay that failed, after making on-time payments for almost two years. I was informed by text at the time of the incident, and tried to call the number given to pay alternately, but my phone would not access the customer service number. I looked online and tried to email them, but they refuse to acknowledge a disconnected number on their system. To email customer service, you have to have your phone number and your account number, and I was never given an account number. I have no way to contact cricket, and I think it is outrageous to be disconnected less than six hours after my first auto-pay malfunction.

C Alvarado 4/6/2011
Cricket Wireless is scandalous. I tried to cancel my wireless service for three days and each time was told that there system was updating and I would have to call back in an hour. Finally I called back in five minutes and said I was going to be out of the country and was in the service and they cancelled my service immediately. I will never use Cricket again.

JimInPhila 4/6/2011
Sorry and very shocked at the people who are having negative issues with Cricket since it been a dream come true for me.
I'll stress
It really is that simple.

Tony 4/4/2011
Their customer service is the worst I have dealt with. Paid for 2 phones and received them in the mail. They worked for a few days and then suddenly turned off. I called Cricket and they say they cannot see where my payment had been made. I ask them how did I receive 2 Android phones in the mail less than a week earlier if they didn't receive any payment and they have no excuses. I should have known better than going with this notoriously terrible service. The reviews you read about Cricket are ever so true. Going back to Verizon after dealing with this excuse for a tel company.

r2ready 4/4/2011
no fees ha ha 3.00 for this 2.00 for that to pay them they charge you a fee run like hell they lie. in all there adds

pat ward 4/4/2011
i am so tired of cricket. if anyone knows where i can still pay 50.00/month, no plan, unlimited talk and text and web, please advise. cricket takes in pymts but still cuts off service, too many techn problems with their system, took over a Year to remove previous person name off my caller i,d and replace with my name, reps you cant understand, so they hang up on you,no one really helps to answer questions promptly, *611=bill pay, customer srv=different number & hard to get a rep or pay 5.00 to talk to a idiot!...need i go on? a fading customer-since 2007.

JimInPhila 4/2/2011
Probably had my Cricket phone up and running for 8 months. Switched from Virgin because of Cricket's lower rates. Not one complaint. I did a few smart moves in the beginning. I went to a Corporate store and talked with a sales rep. face to face. Before going into the store, I know the plan I wanted. Next issue was to figure out the exact phone I wanted to fit my needs. Having gotten rid of my hard-line phone, I wanted unlimited talk & text. Additionally, call me old. I have a computer so I don't need my cellphone to be my 'puter.
Having done my homework before hand, and with the help of friends' cellphones, I knew that Verizon & Sprint work in every inch of my home. With AT&T and TMobile, one must sit on the window sill with a coat hanger directed to the North Star.
I was in the process of retiring and the monthly bills had to be cut wherever they could.
Additionally, I like to get the "feel" of the phone in my hand so forget the free phones via the web; didn't want to set myself up for failure, then having to deal with the outsourcing issue.
(For the epitome of self-flagellation, get yourselves involved with "Straight Talk.")
Cricket has been perfect. The monthly bill is deducted just as I had set it up. In fact, I'm sent a reminder every month telling me that it's going to happen beforehand. No dropped calls, texts are received as sent, not hours or days afterwards. I've traveled across Pennsylvania and New York with never a loss of signal or calls.
Oh yeah, Cricket is a "5-Star" service for me.

Ec44 3/23/2011
Cricket wireless is like ramen noodles. Cheap. It has crappy phones, sucky coverage, and aweful customer service.

Taryn 3/23/2011
cricket is ridiculous. i bought a android ascend about four days ago and im already having problems. the phone will work in the morning uneiol about 730 then it stops sending/recieving texts and when i try to make a call it says something about making a collect call and entering my credit card number. but then at about 3 in the afternoon it starts working again. im really not trying to pay $60 a month for a phone that only works half of the time. i've called customer service countless times because of this and they told me that if i want help i need to go to the store where i bought the phone. so i went to the store and they "manually programmed" my phone whatever that means and the next day the problam was still happening. those people are no help whatsoever. i should have never switched to cricket because all im hearing are bad things about them.

mierda 3/22/2011
Cricket service is the worst ever!! Their telephone service does not let you get some agent on the phone. I cancel the service on January 20, and three months later it is still on, and they are still charging me!!!! I bought the cell phone because they said that there was service in Puerto Rico, after multiple times and different instructions, they finally admitted that there was no service in PR. NEVER GET CRICKET...

J 3/21/2011
Since they introduced smart phones with web at the end of 2010 the voice quality on their other phones has gotten unacceptably bad. Calls after 8 years with them now sound like Swiss cheese. Looking for another carrier.

funnyboy243 3/18/2011
I just use their PayGo services as a supplement to my cell phone that my parents pay for (since they disabled texting and internet on my phone because they're too old to appreciate them) so I can text and use mobile internet with my own money instead of theirs.

really 3/17/2011
Cricket customer service is beyond unacceptable. Even the BBB has no rating for them because of numerous complaints of there customer service. They are worse than whores because at least u get something good from them :) Don't waste your time with them. They may be cheap but you dont even get what you pay for really. If you think they do then you are just settling.

Tim 3/17/2011
They are the biggest Joke around...Call customer service and can't understand what they are saying.....Their billing is all messed up Last payment 1999 for this month,,,The corporate stores are usually miles away Lost two payments and took over a month to get they money back. I am on disability and cant deal with all their crap... Their reps cant speak english and they are very rude,,,, They should fire the head of the company. You go out of your local area for to long and they can cancel your service even through you paid your bill... WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS I am looking for another company but my but with someone else setting up an account in my name its hard to get another company. They say that their service is better than before. I think they need to be bought out by someone else that really knows how to run a wireless company

Jack 3/15/2011
I have never had such a bad experience in my entire life as dealing with this dishonest company. The customer service is nonexistent and I would suggest going to ANY OTHER wireless company before doing business with Cricket…PLEASE HEED MY WARNING!

Kevin 3/9/2011
Cricket is a damn joke. Please people just spend the extra cash on a real company. i tryed to pay my bill online and by phone for 3 days. There was allways an issue or an error on ther website. Then the I spen 45 minutes a day on the phone trying to reach someone but never did. then the jerks had the nerve to cut off my service for being late on my payment. I then walked in the store to pay and they tried to charge me a fee for coming in to pay? I left

CC 3/9/2011
Crickets customer service is a joke.The phone services works well enough as long as there is no problems..The only thing wrong with this is with cricket there is always a problem..If you call in to customer services accpect to be on hold at least 30 minutes if you get someone at all..
At the time off me giving this review my phone has been down for 4 days each day i have spent at least 30 minutes plus trying to reach customer service and still haven't been able to.
So i went and found a walk in contracted satellite office..They informed me that cricket phone lines would be down from 3 to 7 days while they switched something or another..I asked if they where planing om reimbursing there customers and his answer was i don't know..He had 3 others in there with the same problem as me and was very frustrated himself..
Bottom line if you want cheap unreliable phone service with no customer support Cricket is the way to go..As for me i'm going back to Virgin mobile..

MK 3/8/2011
Look, Iam fortunate in NOT needing a "pay as you go" phone. Calling on behalf of someone else makes me realize these unfortunate people who DO need to resort to these measures get what they pay for. Scripted customer service over simple elementary question(s)... "Yes Mr...., we will be happy to Mr....., Let me consult the Cricket book Mr...".

Lorrie 3/6/2011
it is the worst service. i understand that perpaid is generally for people who do not have good credit, so it is assumed by some that poor serrvice is acceptable. However, there are instances when people can not sign a contract for other reasosn, such as leaving the country. Anyway, I generally don't use this word but it is the most appropriate word for this service, and that is "cheesy." That's it jsut "cheesy." hidden frees, no basis such as call waiting, a bucket, whatever that is, and the hassle of trying to pay your bill is more than I care to deal with. Cricket is very poor. I hope that other more advanced providers develop the month to monthe to month plan. Do ot use Cricket.

Paul 2/25/2011
The cricket customer service is the worst ever.The out sourced idiots are clueless. Not only do you have to repeat yourself fifty times and they get rude with you because you ask for some one state side.I upgraded my phone to the samsun my touch,this phone is very hard to use.I simply wanted to exchange it for yet again another upgrade. I was able to because I talked for 43 min 13 min. over the allowed 30 min useage per there return policy.I had 2 calls from work and had the phone 2 days.I switched to Cricket to save a bit of money because of harder times and simply not worth the head ache.Back to the better of 2 evils T-mobile

Mrs.G 2/25/2011
I bought a Cricket Pay Go phone in May 2010. I should have returned it the next day. My husband and I had a monthly Cricket phone already and were happy with our service. We needed a second phone and bought a Cricket phone at Best Buy. Little did we know, but the differences between a regular monthly Cricket account and a Cricket PAYgo account are extreme.

Gigi 2/23/2011
I got the b-band for my laptop for 50hrs a month for $30. I works wonder great. I dont know about the phone coverage I have the at&t $60. pre paid unlimit talk and text and it works with any kind of att phone. I have these to non-contract plans for a while and very happy with. Think about. O customer service for contract and non is the same and to make u happy they put credit on your account.

Hmm 2/22/2011
No wonder Cricket is losing money. Its coverage is abysmal and its customer service is non-existent. I am in the process of giving Walmart's FamilyMobile a shot. Excellent coverage and roams with T-Mobile's roaming agreements without additional charge. Leap Wireless needs to get with the program.

Waste 2/21/2011
What a waste! 1 month and the service doesn't even work well. Time to go to a new provider.

Guest 2/20/2011
cricket has absolutly no customer servive... they say there hands are tied and hang up on you. service reps should be here to help with problems they just ignore you. DONT USE CRICKET FOR PHONE SERVICE.

pdx girl 2/18/2011
Buyer Beware...Cricket's customer service down right blows & their coverage is marginal at best! It is impossible to reach a person, the online service is not consistent so you are often required to go into a local shop to pay your bill ($3 service charge) or over the phone ($2 service charge). I live in the heart of Portland & don't get consistent coverage @ my house! If I could give negative 5 stars I would! I'm going back to verizon...

Jannymk 2/12/2011
Service it's not good at all!! Phones are cheaply made and not durable =)
They are cheap though!!!

Brisa Campos 2/2/2011
I dont like cricket so far ive had it for two weeks and i hate it so far
my text messages get to me like an hour late i have the pay as u go phone and plan i want to return it but i dont know if i can. Or is there a number i can call so my text messages can get to me faster becuase with sprint i used to have that i would dial 3333 and my txt messages got to me right away

The Omicron 1/31/2011
I forgot to mention: Virgin Mobile is 10x better (what I have now thank goodness). I took the risk of getting them thinking it would be worse since its even CHEAPER than cricket, that their coverage maps would lie as well....but wow. I have service in my basement (spotty service even when I had Verizon), I can send as many characters in texts as I want (I think you get like up to 14 pages of 160 characters each), and its DIRT cheap. $25 a month for unlimited everything and 300 minutes? 300 isnt much, true...but if you dont need to call much, or can limit your calling, you can do as much of everything else you want. 300 minutes is enough for me, because when I'm at home and need to talk I just use the house phone. If you need more, then $15 more a month gets you 4x the minutes...pretty reasonable Id say.

Tony Omicron Rondo 1/31/2011
The plans are reasonably priced, and the phone selection is decent. However, the service is garbage. The coverage maps lie completely, my entire neighborhood (including my house) is apparently covered without any empty spots but I couldnt get service until I stepped out 20 feet from my house into the middle of the road. Also, WHAT GOOD IS UNLIMITED TEXTING IF YOU HAVE TO SEND THEM IN 150-character INCREMENTS? That is one of the stupidest things I could possibly imagine. Sure, alot of texts are along the lines of "Ok, leaving now" or "Hey, where are you?" and the appropriate responses...but in the case of utilizing the messaging on a consistent basis, 150 characters limit is JUST PLAIN STUPID. Immediately returned within the first week.

Hansen 1/29/2011

Jean Schaffrer 1/22/2011
Horrible customer service, a refund was suppose to be issued, never happenned, unable to get ahold of customer service, once finally got ahold of someone I told a completly different story from the 1 I received when service was cancelled. I plan on contacting eery agency I can to report cricket and if you're wise you will not subscribe to Cricket. I know I learned my lesson.

ohwhocares 1/22/2011
I've been with Cricket for about two years know. Pros: No contract, can use an alias name to open an account, pay your bill at local check-cashing store locations, excellent 411 service - immediately speak with a rep, not an automated voice prompt. Cons: Non-existent customer service. I read reviews from people who complains about being hung-up on by Indians. I can't get through the automated system that keeps asking for phone #, dob, zip code to "verify the account". How can a computer "verify" an account? I've had bizarre things occur. For instance, I was calling customer service to complain and resolve a voicemail issue. All of the sudden my out-going greeting was someone else's out-going message. It confused the heck out of those calling me. I finally resolved the issue myself, but going into my voicemail and changing the greeting. That's another thing. I never could listen to the out-going message. When I would call my number from my phone it would just go into the voicemail menu. Since I had the standard greeting the voicemail computer voice kept insisting my greeting wasn't currently set. I couldn't hear what those calling me were hearing. I have the cheapest cricket phone. I doesn't even have a manufacturer name on it. If I am in my voicemail and get alerted to a text message or voicemail while I'm in my voicemail - the voicemail features are disabled. In other words, if my phone beeps in my ear alerted me to a text msg or the like while I'm trying to listen to my voicemail messages - I can't delete, save, or listen to my voicemail msgs. The keypad/options are disabled by the beep alert. It's the most frustrating thing having to constantly call back in to your voicemail trying to listen or clear msgs. The stupid phone alerts me to voicemails while I'm trying to listen to voicemails. It's these little things that I cannot tolerate. The people working at the cricket locations are jo-smoes who can't assist with technical help. There is no customer service at the end of the 800#. This is how cricket can offer such cheap rates. They don't pay/invest in customer service. I'm threw supporting global employment and substandard treatment of customers and customer service reps alike. I'm looking for a new company. Tmobile seems to offer the best customer service (in America), but their plans are expensive and complicated. Looking into Boost. My theory is all phone companies are whores.

George 1/21/2011
Iv had cricket for 6 months now and acsend droid phone. Iv enjoyed it a lot iv had t-mobile for yrs. there sevice dose roam in some areas but works everywhere for me and i travel every day. I put 10 bucks in the flex bucket and never run out of roaming mins. my data works great. hard to understand the reps but they do the job when i call. so 4stars for me.

5cr3w Cr1cK3T 1/20/2011
Seriously the worst Customer Service in the wireless industry. Lets bypass the outsourcing and having to repeat everything because there system is crap. Entering it in the beginning of your call makes no difference.

Jamal 1/19/2011
the worst customer service ever, stupid and rude agents,with fake American names,i called them 10 times because i have issues receiving international text, they hang up on me every time, no one helped and i called the last time to cancel my service with them and i got hang up on again

Donald 1/13/2011
Comparing cost of competitors and contracts, the broadband usb card is awesome. Never had any issues and setup was a breeze.

Ms Martin 1/13/2011
I love Cricket. They are the best. Because of Cricket and the customers that have supported them through the years, other companies now have to compete with their prices. I had a problem with my Sanyo Zio due to a Google Server error. Although the customer support in India could not help me, they tried. Ultimately, my issue was resolved by taking my phone to a corporate store once I realized there was nothing left to do but get a new phone. I dealt with two weeks of incomplete service without the ability to use my Android's features, but in the end Cricket kept me happy. I have used all the major providers and the bills were outrageous for the exact same service (and their contracts never end).

TK 1/10/2011
1.It took 15 days to port my number (my employer can’t get in touch with me were angry)
2.Coverage is useless: can’t hear, calls drop. Apparently, they are using Spring network, but there are technical issues they can’t solve. They gave me brand new phone – didn’t matter. Technical teams can’t help, but keep assuring that if I call to an other phone# to “escalate issue to a next level” it will be OK. I had to drop them, no other choice.
3.Service: it takes forever and customer must call different numbers as if he/she works for the company. Area rep. for Spokane area, Aaron 944-3005 is too busy to take care of customers. People at the store don’t care, because they get paid only for sales and service is left to Indians and alike via 800 numbers.
Had no choice, but to drop them

Cheryl 1/6/2011
I have had cricket since they first opened. Ive never had problems until now! I bought the new ascend android phone. It works great except for one thing. I cant access my voicemail! Ive called customer service 3 times AND went into astore to have it reset. Still no VM! And I also went to add a line for $15. Took a newly never been used phone to a store and was told it had to be a previously actvated phone. Total BS! I ended up paying $55 for a flashed phone! O and don't get me started on when this month I payed my bill cricket double charged me, resulting in an overdraft on my account! Calledcustomer service, they had no records of it! It took a week for it to come back in my account, but I still had the overdraft fee! Outrageous! I plan on going to a corporate store to get my VM fixed! O and I absolutely hate calling crcket customer service! I cant understand anything they say! I have better luck talking to the air! Their foolishness needs to stop!

May 12/31/2010
I have a very bad experience with Cricket. I made a mistake by paying to a closed account. I paid it from my online banking for three months and when I called customer service to refund me my money, they couldn't see the account was open three years ago.
They have no records more than two years old!!!!
I'm still fighting with them....

john 12/28/2010
I have had cricket in pittsburgh pa for 7 years now. The service is great, some people are just spoiled, but before i had cricket I had a cordless phone land line that i paid $65 for with only a fraction of the service i get off cricket. No contract and no hassle. Yes the customer service is awful but you have to learn how to work that system. I know the policies of cricket better than their reps do so I know what I can and cant get from the company. my advice.. just stay in your coverage area and the service is top notch. Great affordable price.

Lies, Damn Lies 12/19/2010
They talk about having superior coverage. To bad, most of it is roaming and you get billed extra for roaming.

paul pavlov 12/18/2010
1 star is too much for these guys. I've been overcharged for a month of service on that's been canceled three times since October. Calling customer service is useless, they’ll agree to anything you want them to do (cancel the service) and charge your card anyway. The second time around I got the bill I called and cancelled the service again. Alas, of no avail – called them 3 days before the next billing cycle started, and was finally notified that the line is only suspended, which makes me liable for the service on the phone that has not worked since late October. Best advice when terminating service – get the number of the service rep, time and date of the call, your account number (different from the form number) and file a customer complaint on their website. File the complaint and list the complaint details as listed above. Paper trial, paper trial, paper trial – the term “termination of service” is not in the customer service reps vocabulary (English competency was beyond lacking). That is just to cover yourself and generate a report number, which is something I am providing to my bank on Monday.
So in conclusion, Cricket Wireless is cheap, so anything you can expect to get with $50 per month service comes with it (crappy phone, crappy service, and crappy customer service).

dma 12/17/2010
txtm8 3g micro sd slot is behind the battery.

Chelsea 12/16/2010
I have had cricket for a couple of years now and only had a couple of problems. The service wasn't great at all. I have normally always paid my bill on time and normally had no problem with cricket in general. Because of the economy drop, I have had a lack of money and couldn't afford to keep my phone activated. I let my phone run to the end of the month and waited for it to shut off. It has been off for a couple of weeks now and I'm starting to receive letters saying that I owe them over a hundred dollars. How could I owe them money when you pay your bill at the end of the month to keep it on for the next month? I have tried to call multiple cricket stores and have had no answers to my multiple calls. The automated machine that you normally get is a pain in the ass, and is really hard to get to an actual person to talk to. I am VERY unhappy with cricket, and plan to go up to the store myself today because I can't get in touch with them over the phone or internet. My comments or advice to others would be to NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT CRICKET!!!! It will be the worst mistake of your life.

John 12/15/2010
Cricket is pretty good. I bought the Blackberry back in September. $64 a month, everything unlimited. My local store in south Texas rocks. The reps are knowledgable and the manager always helps me out.
The only downside I see is unless you know who you are dealing with (there are corporate stores and dealers) you will get a much better experience with the corporate stores. The only other thing is I paid almost $360 up front for the phone and service - but I guess I'm saving about $50 a month - So after 8 months I'll be ahead!

Ska 12/13/2010
Wireless "broadband" is slower than dial up and drops constantly. Cricket would not let me "test drive" the service and mis-lead me into 2 months of service to get the modem for free.

frank 12/9/2010
Just bought txtm8 3g online. Advertised with a micro sd slot for pictures music etc. Phone does NOT have a micro sd slot. Called Cricket offered no explanation other than to take phone to a dealer to see what they could do??!! I am sending phone back this week

bigd 12/7/2010
sorry I meant to give 5 stars instead of 3. this phone and plan work for me

bigd 12/7/2010
did a review on 11/10/2010 and nothing has changed I really love the blackberry curve and all the features 2 months with this phone and blackberry plan and not one dropped call all emails come to my phone and sms and text messages have all worked perfect. I would have to say the customer service is different (hard to understand the people) and the wifi and internet work perfect. All my friends are now switching after seeing my phone and how well cricket works in omaha Ne. Its all about the money and saving money is great and no frigging contract unbeatable

Matthew 12/7/2010
Horrible service and even worse customer service, I don't care if this service was 5 dollars a month I will never use it. I have dropped more calls in the past 15 days than I did in 6 years with sprint.. Don't get this service, period...

Muthu 12/5/2010

zac 12/4/2010
Cricket Customer Hotline is offshore. They are Filipinos and they are so nice.

adam 12/3/2010
The service for cricket is fine. I haven't had any problems. However, the warranty policy is OUTRAGEOUS! if you get a phone, it just stops working the next day....$20. Yes, they charge $20 for their phones breaking by themselves. if You break it and have the insurance($5 per month) then you will pay a deductible $20-180 depending on the phone! Total BS!

Babette 11/28/2010
My urgent concern is thatthe phone 's reception is not strong enough for me to make or receive calls in my apartment; not enven 911 calls. I live alone in a wheel chair and have missed so many appointments from my doctor, therapists or transportation. They said they could and would fix it, but that has been since August, 2010. I am a sevice disabled female veteran and have tp roll out in the dark and/or the cold to make or receive a phone call. It's distressing. Other than that it works alright. For me, I need better. I pray it will get better for people like me

cole 11/22/2010
ive had cricket for 9 years, yep,9, i was one of the first customers and ive never had a problem, yeah the normal dropped call etc etc,think about it, you have this little device that lets you talk to your sister in L.A while your in new york,amazing!! of course they are gonna fail from time to time,thechnology is not perfect, just be glad they are around,i like cricket cause i get a flat rate every month and if i dont pay my bill they cut it off that way i dont get more in debt,even though they have the bridge pay and what not which is pretty nice,btw my phone doesnt get cut off, im just using it for example, the only complaint i have about cricket is the customer service people that dont speak good english but unfortunately its that way everywhere in this country now cause the people that run it have no gonads but thats another story.

Brody 11/19/2010
I just switched back to Cricket from T-Mobile and got the new Samsung Messager Touch w/ $45month. Really good phone, no problems whatsoever, and saves me money. My t-mobile plan was 40 dollars flexpay, yet my bill came out to be 75.48!!! But with Cricket, you get what you pay for, and for $45 a month, you can't beat that!!! Keep up the good work Cricket!!

v 11/15/2010
Realy O stars. My daughter just turning 18 bought a cricket phone. Realizing the cost would be too high went to return the phone 3 hours later. After 2 attempts (2 seperate visits) they finally gave a refund on the phone. Would not however return the service fee. There were no papers signed. After the transaction completed, which entailed of handing over 230.00 of her hard earned money, she received a receipt that stated the service fee would not be returned. There was no way for her to know this until AFTER her money had been taken, and a receipt printed and given to her. Very bad and unwise business practice. I will never, ever recommend this type of company to do buisnesss with.

Stay away from Cricket 11/15/2010
Cheap, easy to activate, impossible to cancel. I've been on hold three times today and disconnected by them twice, so, using my hold time to let everyone know to stay away from them, unless you deem your time has no valuable. Trying to see how many bad reviews I can write before they answer.

None 11/11/2010
I once wanted a Cricket phone when listened to the commercial on the radio bc they said that this mounth was free phones and free service until i read these comments.I actully thought the comments were going to be great comments.Then i read them out loud and i ended up having mor bad comments than good comments so i going to be on the side that poeple hate and use a different wireless pre-paid phone company THAT DOESNT LIE AND YELL AT PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR PHONES

D-Shot 11/6/2010
I've had cricket for over 2yrs. Love it, never had a problem. Every now and then i would get a dropped call or bad signal. So i tried Verizon, T-mobile, and AT&T. All in the same location. Guess what? They all had the same problem. Dont know why that area. But im happy with my bill and never had a problem. My internet service is great too.

Suzan 11/1/2010
Worst service ever. And I mean it. Switching off my cell does not even bother to warn when account is going to expire. To fix it have to wait in line for at least 3 hours. Signal is looow. And much more. So shutting down my account and will never come back.

pita bread yum 10/31/2010
I had cricket and liked them my problem was customer service ! but really you dont need them if you read all your instructions . I want to go back and get there BB service anyone tried it?

randy d 10/29/2010
i got my broadband oct.14,2010...used it for one day and did not work as i want it to work...tried to return for refund and told me to screw is so bad and does not give you right coverage...went to CLEAR wireless right away and its worth every $15.00 more that i am spending every month..dont get cricket...oooppppssss...i mean crooked...

John 10/28/2010
Customer service is nonexistant. In store is no better.

Diana 10/27/2010
I did a careful comparison of all major and minor cellphone companies. because money was scarce and I wanted to really get the cheapest plan. Well Cricket was the winner and after a year with them, I have no regrets. My sister and brother are with AT&T and Sprint, and I think it is just too expensive. They are always counting the minutes. The call me only after 9 or on weekends. With Cricket I don't have that problem. I have unlimited calling, text and a cool phone which came with a nice $50 rebate. People are nice and helpful. I'm sticking with Cricket even though now I can afford a more expensive company.

DAH 10/27/2010
Although there is "No Contract". If you decide to shop around other wireless service and you return to Cricket you will be bound to the original due date. Ex: If due date is Sept. 21st and you renew service on following month Oct. 15th, you will still have to pay another $44 on Oct. 21st. Of course, we were not made aware of this "GLITCH" when we paid on the 15th. If you think about it there really is a contract...

Dennis 10/26/2010
I love cricket . Great company. Never had one problem with them. Good signal anywhere i went. Stay away from AT&T and T MOBILE They suck.....Cricket is the best.

cooper 10/26/2010
I have never had a problem with Cricket service.

Harmony 10/21/2010
My daughter and I have had Cricket service ever since the company began. Not sure how many years. No real problems the first few years. Customer service has certainly gone downhill over the years, as others here have detailed. There doesn't seem to be any appreciation for longterm loyal customers. All are treated with the same casual disregard. Well, recently I acquired an iPhone from a friend and the iPhones are just so alluring, I had to give it a try. I didn't have the patience or the cash to get the iPhone "jailbroken" to work with T Mobile, as many have done, so I went to AT&T. They were very nice and patient with me and did their best to educate me about the used phone I had acquired. There's the Apple store too for help with the phone which is nice. There's no unlimited plan with AT&T though. I took the least expensive plan and hoped I could limit my calling primarily to nights and weekends where 3000 minutes are allowed. But I use my phone for my business and can't entirely choose to limit my weekday daytime calling. The absolute bottomline is that the AT&T connection is spotty, and the dropped calls happen on EVERY call, no matter where I am in town. This did not happen everywhere on my Cricket phone, just in basements. No cell service is perfect in this town. So now I am considering switching back to Cricket. It's like that old story....The Pit or the Pendulum....have you heard of it?

Kathy 10/20/2010
The customer service reps want to argue with new customers or People who wat to become a customer. This is Not right and totally wrong.. I recommend AT&T Prepaid to everyone!

jai 10/20/2010
i really wish i could give them ZERO stars or take away stars. i bought my girlfriend a cricket phone with a camera so she could take pics and whatnot. she takes it to the cricket store and spends $20 to get her # switched which i think is ridiculous. then she tries to send a pic and get on the web and it wont work they tell her she has to pay to get the phone flashed but its a cricket phone. i call cricket because this is stupid why should she pay to get a cricket phone flashed to cricket? she shouldn't. cricket hung up on me 3 times. after the third call they had cut her # off and she had to set the phone up again and still no picture mail or web service. i call again and they give me the run around. i will be adding her to my sprint plan

Sam Moore 10/18/2010
I had Cricket for just over a year. There customer service was good not great but they always answered and eventually helped. In Omaha, where I live the service was almost always good. I never got any service outside of Omaha other than the occasional trip to KS City, but I blamed this on my lack of having a roaming plan. Then my bill went up from $40 to $42 and eventually my bill was $48 I called and complained but they said the increases were mandatory. But the next month the bill mysteriously went down $4. I threatened to drop them but the service rep really didn't seem to care. Right before a big trip to Washington DC I checked the coverage maps that said I wouldn't have service unless I upgraded to roaming for an additional $5 per month. So I upgraded, paid the extra $5 and in DC how many bars do I have?!?!? ZERO!!! I called cricket and they said that roaming wasn't guaranteed so there was no refund. I took the extra $5 off but my bill still staid at $49.94 when it should have been only $40. I was actually happy when my phone broke so I could upgrade to AT&T. If you don't leave your home calling area then Cricket is fine for you but otherwise...BEWARE!

Big d 10/17/2010
I have to chime in with my two cents bought the blackberry from cricket online got it 11 hours later and the phone and service are great. 60 dollars a month unlimited and no contract I love it I will never go back to a diffenent carrier this is all I need in omaha ne I have been with every carrier there is and this one fits the bill I have had no problems what so ever and the phone is a breeze to use it took a while for my wife to talk me into this but now that I have it I am saving 80 dollars a month with more features to each his own the nation wide coverage and unlimited everything else help me make my decision and now that I have it I have no worries of overages I think cricket is moving in the right direction. The only bad thing is it is hard to put down the blackberry it is like having a new toy. I also had to pay to get out of my other provider but I think it was worth it for the money I will save.I will repost if anything changes in the future but I don't see that happening

Jamie 10/12/2010
I used to have cricket about 2 years ago. I never had a problem with service where i live. i never had dropped phone calls, i ALWAYS had service, everything was unlimited. I always got thru to the customer service whenever i needed or had a problem. The only thing that was annoying is if you are late paying ur bill or you add or change ur plan u will pay the $15 to do so. It still doesn't matter tho, i mean, right now i have verizon, which i love (however i'm switching here in a week or so back to cricket) I only have 900 minutes a month, 5 friends n family, unlimited text n picture and web, and i pay 135, so if i pay 55 a month and 15 extra once in a while for a change in my plan, then that's still a bill that's half what i pay for verizon. Cricket is wonderful from the stand point of unlimited everything for a fixed price. People just have to understand, that becuase it's so cheap, they are going to nickle and dime you when u cahnge anything bcuz they can. Their customer service is fine, i've only had 1 or 2 problems with them since i had them a few years ago, and i had cricket for many, many years, probably like 5 years. I only switched to verizon cuz everyone i knew had verizon. Now i realize, i'd rather text my verizon friends, or wait til after 9 to talk to them rather than pay 140 a month for a phone plan, it's rediculous. I'm taking my droid and i'm switching to cricket!

Martha 10/12/2010
Why do you say here there is a $15 activation fee? At the store and at the chat they say there is NO fee.

Shirley Esposito 10/11/2010
I went to their store...bought the phone and service...activation, everything. I get a bill a few weeks later for ninety five dollars...tried calling them and writing them...nothing. I ended up with terrible service and had no phone usage for three days. I then ended my phone service and one month later, after I had no service for a month, they charged me again!!! Do not trust this company at all!

sooooo angry!!!! 10/11/2010
I bought a $200.00 dollar phone that had fifty dollar rebate a year ago. (never recieved the rebate) when I called for assistance they told me to go to the store and hung up the phone. The people in the store told me to call in for help with that????? My $25 unlimited plan grew to $35 then $45 and with tax and fees is now about $55 dollars per month!!! the commercial is wrong there are fees each store is run independant of the other so the deals are different. Its $25 dollars to turn the phone back on plus your monthly fee plus $3 for them having to deel with you. in bolingbrook calls are constantly dropped. this is way more headache than its worth.

Angel 10/10/2010
i have had cricket for a year now, my bill was due Oct. 9th and i paid it on the 7th. i was talking to my brother all morning on the 9th and that afternoon my phone stopped working and said i was out of my calling area. i have had to reprogram my phone every 3 months since i got it. i called the customer service and they told me i just needed to reprogram my phone. i have to drive 2 hours to get to the main coverage area to reprogram it. so i did, when i got there i dialed *228 and the system was under maintenance and to try back in 2 hours! so i sat in my car and listened to music for 2 damn hours. i had to call my brother off of another phone for him to look up online how to reprogram my phone manually and after that *228 worked just fine. so i went home and by the time i was 40 miles outside of the city my phone stopped working and by then it was 6am. i got home and waited for the phone lines for cricket support to open, i had to call 5 times because they kept hanging up on me. finally they told me that i was using my phone too much outside the coverage area when i paid for unlimited nationwide call and text ($45 plan) and it was upgraded for the so called "no more roaming" well now after a year of service and no problems other then having to reprogram it constantly they dropped my plan down without consent and said that i have to upgrade to a $65 plan and ill only be able to use it for 2 months! cricket is bullshit! i've reported them to the BBB and i think all of you that are having these problems should do the same... stop letting them get away with this! they can help with a lot of problems

No More Cracket 10/6/2010
Poor service, and horrible customer service. Not to mention, they will try to rip you off at any opportunity.

Mandy 10/1/2010
My personal experience with this company is sucks!! Definatley a rating if negative. Z E R O. I called cust. Service and reported my phone stolen, that I would like to suspend my account until I buy a new phone,just to find out that it would be imposible to do so cuz I don't have my password,I told them I didn't know my password ,and that it's in my phone but I lost Tre phone, they told me ,"sorry to hear that, but you can go to a cricket store and provided your I.D. And they'll be able to help you. Not to mention I told these guys I had recently moved, that they don't have cricket wireless in the state that I'm in advice I was given ,try to remember you password and give us s call back.this some B.S

neveragain 9/30/2010
ok been with cricket for a year now no prob untill now.i bought a blackberry for 182.oo got home everything was fine only they did'nt tell me it was a flash phone and not a cricket brandname cell phone.i was surprised that it worked perfectly fine b4 i went to bed the next morning i got up unpluged the phone from the charger it said i had no radio and no wireless service so took the phone back oh and it had and made no sound whatsoever and yes i went trhough the tools and so on and anyways the sales clerk acted as if he had no idea why it would'nt work.theyre system was down and id have to wait to trade i went back the next day he traded it for a blue home charged it up got trough charging surprise surprise no sound so to avoid confrontation with that guy again i took it to a different cricket store.well they tried and their geek squad guy worked on it and said the phone was broke and there is nothing else they can do since it did'nt come from their store.well went back the next day to the original cricket store i got it from the man clerk started moaning and complaining and said he had already traded me three phones and one was the white i wanted to trade it for a cricket brand phone no can do its not a cricket phone its a flash phone thus is the reason they can not trade it for a cricket phone then he trades the blue motorola for a verizon chocalate got home charged it up no web no picture messaging no i took it back and the guy wanted to keep it and work on it and he didnt know but i already heard other dissatisfied customers about him keeping the phone and not ever returning i took the phone and told him where he could stick his store.went back to the other cricket to find out he hadnt fully flashed i paid 45.oo to have it fully day it stopped working after i charged it so i told them just to flash me back on my old cricket phone.i mean i just wanted a new phone that should'nt be a crime well bought me the brand new samsung messenger it worked for three weeks then caught a virus they claimed there was nothing they could do id have to buy another phone.and i felt so sorry for this ederly lady whom they made paid 10.00s more for her monyhly bill because their system was down the day her bill was due and thats why her bill was late getting paid.oh and he was also screaming at a customer over the phone because from what he said and i quote yes its fixed i know ive had your phone for over a month YES ITS FIXED!and i feel sorry for the woman who had bought the 246.00 blackberry and she's been without a phone for a month and a half because he is still fixing not only can they not count ps i never had the white motorolla.they blame you when you don't buy their bs.and if youre gonna get a cricket phone make sure they don't put spyware in it.because everything i had downloaded on the samesites b4.the very same files can give me a virus please i think the FBI should investegate the store i went to.and im not the only one and thats why i hate cricket buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NotACricketCustNoMore 9/27/2010
I was a customer for 2 years. The last time I paid for service was a month ago. I paid over $57 for my last service. My monthly payment should've been only $45 a month. They told me that I had ringback tones, and roaming. I asked the CS why I had those on my account when I did authorize them to add those service on. She just said Oh I don't know maybe you added them on. Now why would I want to add $10 more to my bill when I can barely handle the $45???? These guys are such rip offs. I will NEVER use this company again. I am now a T-Mobile member they are AWESOME!!!!

me 9/26/2010
Got a Cricket phone with the $25.00 plan special. Started noticing Cicket was charging me more then my plan,then the phone went out, couldn't replace it unless I bought a new one, then tried to discontinue my service. A representative called me I told him I wanted to discontinue the service...He hung up on me! Cricket has poor customer service and is dishonest!

therbie50 9/20/2010
For Reed, 9/15 (secondarily for Lenny, 9/14): Couldn't tell from your post whether you had done the following and there was still a problem, but just in case: I was poking around on the Cricket site under "Support", and it appears that you have to set up roaming minutes BEFORE you roam. $5/month is 30 minutes; Flex Bucket, I think, gives more. I also couldn't tell whether you dumped Cricket or not; if not, I hope this might help in the future. Leaving this at 3 stars because I'm just about to try the service.

DEEA 9/15/2010
For Criket-If it would be minus zero that would be my rating .They promised first month free wif you sign up ,I paied the activation fee and other fees...After the second month the bill was duble -they charged the first "free month" promised . Now the want another 15 dolars FEE. I changed my phone bc the old one broke. One word for Cricket-A BIG FAT LIE!

Reed 9/15/2010
When I traveled to LA, there was no Cricket Service, but at least the phone worked although Roaming at .25/minute. Then I traveled to SF, I had no service what so ever. I called Cricket, they told me I should have dialed *228 before I left my home area (I had done that.) Then another trip to New Orleans and NO SERVICE at all, called Cricket and same B.S. from customer service. Consider this your warning!

Lenny Rock 9/14/2010
Cricket has bad customer service. I paid my sons monthly bill in Las Vegas $45.00 immediately got on a plane and went to Bellingham Wa. Phone didn't work. Wanted a refund from Cricket for no service..They won't give your money back, no appology, just bad service...The $45 won't change my life...It's the principal!!! Bad customer service!!!Don't buy from Cricket

Ron 9/10/2010
I recently got Cricket broadband service because they were giving away "FREE" modems...yeah right! First of all they are not free, you have to apply for a rebate, and if you get one from Walmart, like I did, they tell you after you activate, that you cant get the rebate if you purchase from Walmart, second, if you get a pre-pay you don't qualify for the rebate either, it only applies to those who are on contract, why don't they tell people this stuff when they buy? conclusion: SHADY BUSINESS !!!

Shane 9/9/2010
I went to the Cricket store in Brown Deer, WI on 8/24/10. Katrina a sales rep. helped me and told me that I could get Unlimited Roaming added to the plan for $5.00 more and with where I live (West Bend, WI), I would need Unlimited Roaming because when I’m at home it’s roaming. I paid for the phone ($139.99) and my first month’s service payment of $37.47 (As shown on receipt). On 9/8/10 my phone would not allow me to make or receive calls, saying I ran out of roaming minutes! I called the 1-800 number for Cricket and they told me there’s no such thing as unlimited roaming, your give only 30 minutes of roaming for $5.00 which is not what I was told when I bought the phone by Katrina the sales rep.This is just a bunch of false Advertisement! I tried calling the Brown Deer store on 9/8/10 and left a detailed message. I called again 10:30 am on 9/9/10 and got voicemail. Again I left another detailed message and never heard anything back. So I drove 35 minutes to the Brown Deer store to return my phone. There return policy said you have 30 days to return merchandise and I have had my phone for less than 30 days. I got to the store and they told me they could not refund me any money because I had talked on my phone for more than 30 minutes! They told me it was crickets policy and there was no way they could give me a full or even a part of a refund! I don’t even know why I got this phone, oh wait because I thought I was going to be getting unlimited roaming but am not and now I’m stuck with a $139.99 phone I can’t even use and Cricket won't take back!!!!

Dan 9/9/2010
If there was anyway I could give this company a negative rating I would. Customer Service is non-existent. No matter which number on their website I called I ended up with the same person who could only do new services. They want your money, as long as they don't have to deal with you. I couldn't even get somebody to assist my with upgrading my phone.

nora 9/8/2010
I have had cricket service for about 6 years and I had learned to deal with the problems. They are great, but you need to baby the phones and FOLLOW instructions for the battery care to the letter. Also when traveling out of town you might want to bring a disposable phone for backup. They are GREAT for teenagers who don't really travel anyway and cricket will not let them add up any charges so you know you are safe. NOW, that said CricketPayGo is awful awful awful they take your money I had 15 dollars on my account and only used my phone (locally) 6 times and my money was gone. I had that phone to try it out,to see if I could off even cheaper then my teenagers because I don't talk on a phone much. I just check on my mom twice a week.

Stephen 9/7/2010
This is the worst company that I have ever had to deal with! The customer service is non-existent and the corporate store employees are incompetent. I have never hated a company more than this one. My advice??? Work a few more hours and purchase service from a real company. I would give them a negative 2

Mary 9/6/2010
Totally rip off company. Returned wireless modem after a couple days since it does not working well. It states 30 days free in their return policy, but they will charge $35 restocking fee and $40 service fee. Please stay away this company.

Ripped Off 9/4/2010
Cricket is suppose to be pay as you go...My son paid for talk and text which should be $35.00 a month. Well his bill is $49.10 and they refuse to correct it, when I went online it states he has unlimited internet too. They refuse to take off the internet and are forcing him into the higher plan. I believe they need to be sued for over charging. They are not a very good provider.

KD 9/4/2010

crystal 9/4/2010
Cricket is a company that should go out of business for reaping people off, They said I never paid for two phones and I had the receipts and they still didn't give me my money back.

Guest 9/3/2010
I had cricket for 6 months. I will never go back to it nor will I tell anyone to get it. They charge 3 dollars for you to pay your bill. I went on vacation and was without service for a week because they did not mention I had to call a number before I got out of my calling area. Most of the time I do not have very good service anyways. Also their broadband service, every month my bill was getting a little bit higher and a little bit higher.

bonniehayhurst 9/3/2010
Although the monthly service fee seems attractive, we found that the customer service is almost nonexistent. We could not get help from day one to start our service and still haven't gotten our refund after returning their phones.

TTAYLOr 9/1/2010

m72 9/1/2010
i meant CRICKET HAS an ADDITIONAL $10.00 in added fees and taxes when you buy the prepay that is not really pre-pay.Yo get charged extra if you dont reup your phone minutes in 30 days or less.

m72 9/1/2010
Cricket phones have way to many FEES and $0.00 in added taxes,a $50.00 plan if you pay a day past your 30 days-It would cost me on a $45.00 plan- $70.00 a month. Now i use Straight Talk,i notice the taxes on there plans have went up but not near as bad as CRICKET!
** $45.00 with taxes $48.36
NOW the TAXES are higher:
**$45.00 with taxes is $51.00

hate it!!! 8/31/2010
they add more money to the bill then you pay and dont say its tax when ur on the 40 plan payin 60 thats either alot of tax or a scam whats wrong cricket gota steal money to keep your service going hahahah

Tyra Pearson 8/27/2010
Cricket is absolutely horrible.They interrupt your service when they feel like it and add fees for it!

MEGAN 8/27/2010
I was continplating between cricket and t- mobile, I now wish I would have went with t- mobile. I ordered one o the most expensive phones that they offer and it was advrtised with free over night shipping which is one of the reasons I made my order on line, i did this at 3:30 in the morning before I left for work, Mind you that I did shop around and previously looked at the phone online and it was on back order, but at the time i ordered it, it was not advertised to be on back order.When I got home from work at 4:45 pm and the phone had still not been delivered, so them i attemped to track the order with no luck so I then called and spoke to a costomer service agent who informed me that there was no tracking number set to my account and was unable to let me know anything about my phone. I then asked to speak to there supervisor, after being on hold for close to 10 minutes( I timed them) my call was diconnected. and so I called again and pretty much the same thing happened. So by the 3rd time I called i was heated the 3rd rep informed me that do to too many orders that the phone was now on back order and that it would not be here till Tuesday ( ordered on early Thusday). The money has already been charged to my bank. After going round and round with customer service agent who somewhere in the conversation said that he gets these calls all the time. This is false advertisement and to me way too many excuses. It was not listed as back order, it said free over night shipping so I feel lied to. They refuded to compinsate me in any way to make me even a partially satified They would not let me cancel until the phone is shiped so I can refuse the order and could not get my 300+ dollers without waiting 30 days to get my money back. Due to this I can't even go t mobile and get a phone because I don't have that kind of money. I need this phone so people can get a hold of me at work I am all over the state traveling all day and have no way to call or communicate with any one, due to the fact that there are hardly any pay phones let and this is incredably inconvienant. I felt like they did not care that they are alse atvertising or that I am a Vey Unsatisfied customer and they were very rude at some points of the conversation. I absolutelly do not suggest giving them any of there business. I hope you take my advise for your own sake and if the option was available I would giv them -3 stars

Kathey 8/26/2010
The service is HORRIBLE if you are having a problem with your phone and believe me you will the agent can't speak or understand english and they actually get any with you WTF please whatever you do don't choose this HORRIBLE wireless company

Jeanne 8/25/2010
Four stars because overall Cricket is providing exactly what you are paying for. Decent service, actually excellent in town. I live way out and I knew from the beginning the service/signal here would be questionable, and it is. I have to be in certain areas of my property to get a signal and it's not always consistent. If I get on the ladder or go down the road to the neighbors I'll have four bars of signal. I'm just in a low spot, not Cricket's problem. I tried their broadband when it showed they now covered my area and just couldn't get it reliably most places. Went to the store (don't mess with the 800 number if you don't have to, although I've had fair success that way, too.) and told them I needed to cancel and didn't want to have to wait for a credit on the next bill which is what I was told on the phone from customer service. She said no problem, you don't have to do that, and refigured my bill right there and I was good to go and didn't have to pay the amount already billed and wait for a credit. I know I can get a solid signal here from Verizon but I simply can't justify paying their prices since I don't have that kind of budget. And Verizon makes you pay extra for text and picture messages. I have never had a problem receiving my picture messages and have never had to go to the website to retrieve messages. I only have the regular unlimited plan, I do not pay an extra for web, etc. I've never had charges added to my bill that I shouldn't have. I don't use the flex bucket. I always pay my bill about a day late and have never had a problem nor been disconnected. Text message delivery isn't always reliable but then neither is it with the other carriers, just as email doesn't always arrive. There have been a few issues the last couple of months with strange recordings when dialing, but my guess is that has something to do with general satellite issues, solar flares, etc. that disrupt signals, maybe not, maybe it's just Cricket, but again, it's not a $100 a month service and doesn't require a contract, credit check, and early termination fees. As far as sourcing out CS, so does almost every other company that provides any type of service, it's not exclusive to Cricket and you'll find, from what I've read, that so does Straight Talk as well as many others. I can't complain and if I lived in an area that was 50 ft higher in elevation I'd have no problems. All in all, if you have coverage/signal where you most use your phone, and have a Cricket store near you, you'll not regret your choice.

Doug Capella 8/24/2010
Please add years to your life and avoid Cricket. They lied to me on two different occasions, had no record of promises made that I reminded them were "recorded" and their service sucks. None of them speak English, they are USELESS.

NEYSER 8/21/2010

amber 8/15/2010
i have cricket now and dont have any problems with there calling and texting service working in my area i live in the sticks but i do have a problem with the fact that when i first got the service a little over a month ago three different people from corp store told me EVERYTHING WORKS WHERE YOU LIVE they lied only text and talk works i hve to wait till i go to another city to get picture messages this isnt right....

Hassan 8/14/2010
Most reviews are about much cricket sucks, but for the price what can you ask for. I've had them for about five years and have had only about 10 dropped calls. I agree calling their customer service sucks, you just need to call a few times. Again I say for the price its the best . I have a flashed droid originally from verizon and it works fine. so I'm getting the unlimited call,text, web etc... For 40 bucks + tax . compared to verizons 90$ package.

Clay 8/14/2010
Cricket is AWEFUL. They might as well not havea customer service department. Buyer Beware.

Upen 8/12/2010
I ported my number from 5 yrs from verizon to cricket in July. In Aug, they disconnected my number in error. When I call customer service (after 3 attempts and a loooong wait), they tell me they made a mistake and are sorry for it, but they cannot give me my number back. wtf.. these guys suck.. their coverage sucks....their customer service is useless... unfair business practices....I just filed a consumer complaint against them..but the loss of my number is putting me thru a lot of inconvenience. these guys suck. the pennies you save from cricket is not worth the trouble they give you. STAY AWAY

Guest 8/12/2010
They keep adding things to my bill. things that i dont order and then charge me for them.ringtones, mybackup. they are scam artist. DONT USE THIS PHONE SERVICE. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST IN THE WORLD.

karen 8/11/2010
I ordered phones 8/3/10 next day, still no phones, customer service may as well work for local gas station for all they know about cricket or your order, lots of transfers to other numbers, can't understand anything they are saying and they keep apologizing instead of resolving. i am with verizon and my husband is with sprint and our bills are ridiculous so I have to try something else but if this first impression is any indication I'm in trouble

erik 8/10/2010
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I've never dealt with a business as poorly run and horrible to their customers as Cricket. In the five weeks that I've been a customer, I've had to call their RIDICULOUS customer support system over 10 times to resolve their mistakes, and I've never gotten anywhere! It is, without a doubt, the worst company I have ever dealt with. Mistakes with billing, hidden fees, a useless website, customer support that cannot resolve anything--I could go on and on. STAY AWAY!

Keith 8/10/2010
If I could give cricket 0 stars I definitely would. Everytime you really need to make a call it says "thank you for using cricket services, but the number you are trying to call is not in service" and this is even calling landline's. I'm checking into U.S Cellular.

maria 8/9/2010
costumer service sucks! i order a phone on Aug 3 (overnight delivery) still no phone I called this morning to get them to cancel the order after 3 calls someone supposedly cancel my order! what a mess! don't order phone online if its back-ordered! please email me if anyone actually had an order cancel! like in my situation thanks

Guest 8/3/2010
They make it so that you cannot view you pic or video messages even if your phone is capable. they send it to the website and you can hardly send the pics you want to. I think we should be able to view our pics without having to go to the website

Dennis 8/3/2010
I have had them for 10 months now, not one problem with service, the coverage is great. My bill is the same every month, $50 plus tax. I pay my bill on line with no issues.

Guest 8/2/2010
Guess what? There family plans don't EXIST right now.

Guest 7/31/2010
Cricket prepaid is nonsense. They dont roll over minutes when you top up. You will probably loose any unused minutes and waste time on your phone explaining.

richard 7/31/2010
Worst customer service ever. Could barely understand the woman I was talking to, took forever to get ahold of them, then, if you are missing any of the information they are asking for, its impossible to cancel the charges to the card, I was missing some, and had to dispute the charge with my credit card company to get the required information to cancel, so, they got an extra 2 months worth of payments out of me. 7/29/2010
the map gives service in Maine, but there is no service there, it shows green for service in Indiana but putting the area code in says there is no service there, I doubt this is a good company !

ct 7/28/2010
I've had their coverage for 8 months now and have been fighting with them for 7 of those months over a bill I paid (and I proved it by going IN to show them the bank statement). the payment was made to my first account...and they have never figured out how to transfer the funds to my new account. they keep shutting off my service. I've about had it.

caril 7/27/2010
Terrible terrible customer service. Say there are no hidden charges but charged tax on first free month...found out AFTER total had been paid. Did not use the auto pay that was set up, so disconnected phone twice, charged $10 to reinstate both times. Impossible to get through on 1800 cricket to live person. Terrible company and it takes a lot to make me dissatisfied.

veronica 7/27/2010
I really like my phone its really cool i always have service and everything is unlimited the only thing that confuses me is that i have the $40 plan but i always have to pay $55 dollars and i dont understand why, i know there is taxes but about $15 dollars of tax thats a bit crazy

JimInPhila 7/21/2010
Perfect! "Bars" everywhere, even in the sticks. Never a dropped call. Perfect reception. (I think they use the Verizon system because when I've called the FREE 4ll service, I'm connected to a Verizon operator.)
Forty Bucks for unlimited talk, text and all the web I need! Can't be beat.
One issue is telephonic customer service. Solved that by just going directly to the store which provides excellant customer service.

Suzy 7/19/2010
Cricket does not provide any support for their customers. They disconnected my picture messaging and still charged me. I couldn't deal with the hassle, and switched to Verizon. They continued to debit my bank account for three months and after three trips to the store and several phone calls, two months later they still have not refunded my money. Every agent gives you a different answer to your question, is rude, and not helpful at all. Coverage sucks. I wouldn't recommend this service to my worst enemy!!!

mrfilter2u 7/19/2010
The worst customer service I have ever seen anywhere. In fact, I predict that they will be put completely out of business by Wal-Mart straight talk phones.

Lynn keeping it real 7/18/2010
Horrible service. Phone and internet. Do not recommend. Customer service is a joke. If they don't feel like taking your call it will put you through a recording that takes you round and around. When my month is up I will be trying Boost.

Ronni 7/14/2010
Switched from AT&T to Cricket for my daughter as she wants to be on the web - AT&T charged $60 for unlimited talk and text, but no web. Paying $51 ($40 plan) for unlimited talk, text, web with Cricket. So far no problems - calling customer service was frustrating, but so far so good.

Devyn Mares 7/14/2010
WARNING: NEVER GET CRIKET WIRELESS. they have CONSISTENTLY debited prior to the debit date, screwed me on service and are now deliberating on whether or not they should refund my money for the month of service I won't use... for the next 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS. then i can "check in" and see if it is going to go back into my account. CROOKED COMPANY, NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

corey 7/14/2010
cricket add things to your bill that you don't even have on your phone and then raise the bill up then its hard to reach customer service to

MS 7/12/2010
Bad service, hidden fees and rude customer service agents!

Kim 7/10/2010
Cricket will steal your money out of your account if you order over the phone. Also, false charegs will be added to your bill that you did not request. When you call customer service, they will remove the feature then tell you that it will be credited to your next bill. You will spend the next few month trying to get the money credited back to your bill. Very stressful service.

Dennis 7/9/2010
I had recently purchased a phone for my son and daughter. Latter on line I saw a family plan was offered. I decided I would buy a phone for myself to get the family plan. Minimum of 3 phones. I was told I could conert the 3 phones on the phone since a company store was 50 miles away. At the end of the month , when I was told to call back and change everything, I was told I could not convewrt those phones over the phone. I finally talked to someone after several trys and they said I could. They needed the ID #s under the batteries of the phones. I did not have the info at the time so I was told to get the numbers and call back. I did. Then I was told that the service on those phones would have to be canceled for 24 hours before thoese phones could be added. I cancelled my phone. I am cancelling my daughters phone, and will cancel my sons phone. I don't like dealing with a company that I can't believe what they tell me. Besides the service has something to be desired as well.

Adam 7/8/2010
I had cricket for a year before i got tired of there lousy service which includes dropped calls left to right. And horrible customer service wow!!!! I'd say ZERO STARS!!!!! RATING!!!

Lisa 7/8/2010
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with! Cricket SUCKS! I order a phone on 6/30/10 with them. I received an email thanking me for my order and it provided a order number. The email also stated that my order would take 48 hours to process, well on July 3rd, I went online to check the status of my order and it said that my order was being processed. Well, I wait another day and checked again, still the same thing. I called and was told that the phone was out of stock and that they were waiting on another shipment, so I asked them since I was without a cell phone because I had terminated my service with another provider and I would take the same phone, but in a different color. The stupid azz rep told me that they cannot switch any phones once the order was placed. I have never heard such a thing. They took my money but cannot tell me when I would receive my phone. Last night I talked to a CS rep who was just DUMB! Couldn't answer any of my questions. I then asked for a supervisor, and then got hung up on. FURIOUS I called back and spoke to someone else and another "so called supervisor" and he tried to tell me the same bullcrap. He wanted me to cancel this order and then go back online to order another phone. HUH?? is he crazy? I told him to cancel the order and give me my damn money back I have been waithing for almost 2 weeks and still do not have a phone. What a bunch of LOSERS! I will never consider them again regarding purchasing their SORRY service. If you are thinking about purchasing a phone from them. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!! and no one in customer service knows anything. What a waste of my time.

sammie 7/6/2010
Cricket what have you done???? my service was great till about a month ago now texts need to be sent 5- 10x for it to go through calls drop constantly. Glad it's no contract I can just stop using your horrrrrible service as soon as my month runs out.

Tucson, Arizona 7/5/2010
So far Cricket sucks. Went to Calif. and didn't have any service even though supposed to be nationwide service. I was screwed. Also my bill is about $37.50 and they said I owe $50 and this is my first month. If you live in Arizona, let's complain to the Attorney General. I am.

Juan 7/3/2010
Well, if you are thinking about using Crooked for your international long distance calls to Mexico, beware: They don't tell you it doesn't work in all areas and sometimes doesn't even work where is supposed to. Let me explain:
My friend has Crooked service since last year and let's me borrow his phone to call Mexico.

el chavo 7/2/2010
cricket has very poor customer service drop calls constantly. will switch to boost mobil without thinking twice.

JimInPhila 7/2/2010
Previously was w/ Straight Talk, now there is a disaster! I've had Cricket for about 3 months now and couldn't be happier. Their one drawback is their "overseas" outsourched, unfriendly, rude, lazy, ignorant, unknowledgeable customer service via the phone. Do whatever it takes not to call them. Having learned the hard way, I go to my local Cricket store. Salepeople there are the exact opposite of the bums on the phone in Calcutta.
I'm got the $40 plan, unlimited everything. I cancelled my hard-wired house phone, giving me additional savings. Never had a call dropped, even if I'm walking down my basement steps, or anywhere as a matter of fact.
Yeah, I'm in a big city, Philadelphia, PA. It also works when I'm "out in the sticks," 130 miles from here.

Glenn 6/29/2010
Should be 0 burned out stars, Cricket sucks. Just got my service and phone from the internet site, the map showed I had service at my home address however it is not there. Everytime I try to dial it says stay on the line until Verizon helps with my call and charges me!!! I called the sucky customer service- a bunch of idiots in some other country who has trouble speaking english. They don't know how to help me with my problem, local store won't help because I purchased it on line. When the 30 days are up so is my patience and I will go back to Net10 great reception, still dealing with CS in another country without English capability but never had many problems.

Sean 6/26/2010
I was tired of cricket.. all the complains in this forum is what i went through.. just went to boost.. better phones and better coverage and 50 bucks flat... sprint/nextel has better coverage than cricket

Mark 6/26/2010
Worst service ever. While the front line sales rep might be able to speak english and sound american if you have a problem good luck understanding them. I ordered a phone, its been 15 days since I ordered it, it still hasn't been sent out. So I call and try and cancel my order, what do you know they won't let me. So after being hung up on three different times and then finally getting through I still doubt my order has been canceled. Then to top it off some sales woman called me back because I had to call her to get the number to try and cancel my order. She tried to sell me another phone. There is no way in hell, and if that phone does some day show up I am going to refuse to take the package, send it back.

Miso 6/25/2010
Cricket sucks. It truly does. You have limited access to awesome apps that everyone else can get, their phones are not exactly worth the cost, they sell accessories at unreasonable prices, and their customer service department sucks. I've had bad experiences with an average 3 out of 7 reps, not to mention cricket cuts you off from being able to speak to a customer service rep if you make a bridge pay or if their que is too high, meaning if you have a technical problem you better pay your bill before you get any help. I've had other companies, and yes all these capitalists in the communication business cut as many corners as possible, but it's all about who makes you feel the most comfortable while you're getting financial exploited, and trust me cricket is the worst. Their company is, for the most part, very open about being crappy. I believe people who have good experiences with them don't walk in with high expectations to begin with, so maybe I should have done the same.

Hajra 6/23/2010
just got my cricket phone, it does not work at all. Very bad customer service as well. very difficult activation service bars either on the phone, I am going to return it.

Cincinnati Ron 6/22/2010
The Cricket service I have is not bad, but the flex-bucket plan they have is one big RIP-OFF! You have to use their plan in order to have ring tones, so, you have to put money into the plan. Presently, I have 73.00 in my flex-bucket and decided I no longer want to use ring tones. I asked for my money back and they said that I have to use it or lose it. If I changed to a new srevice provider, they said "too bad, you don't get a refund"! I never signed a contract or was I ever told that those were the conditions of flex-bucket spending. They need to make that clear to everyone before they decide to use the stupid plan. I even tried to get those idiots to allow me to use that money to pay my monthly bill and they said "No, no, you can't do that!" They need to change their policy. There's no need to be THAT greedy for a buck.

Marge 6/22/2010
Great price but bad customer service. No one was able to help me. I must have been transfer about 8 times and all the people kept saying "sorry cant help you"

cricket Customer 6/21/2010

Jasmin Anderson 6/18/2010
I love crickets pre paid phones.i have one and it is awesome .I can say that everyone in the world should get one your life will be much easier.

Cynthia 6/18/2010
Well i have had Cricket for about 2 years now and i fell that it is a pretty decent company. Before this i had boost mobile and before that i had t-mobile and of the 3 i like cricket. there is the occasional phone call that doesnt go through but i had the same problem with t-mobile. i have friends that still have t-mobile and they are constantly having connection problems with the mobile web and with cricket i rarely do. there are no contracts, unlimited minutes and messaging for about $40+tax. for everything i pay about $100 for 2 lines. i think it is pretty decent vs. other bigger companies. one downside though is the limited phone selection.

Frusterated! 6/17/2010
Cricket is ridiculous when it comes to ANY customer service- over the phone (system hangs up on you and makes it impossible to get to an agent), and at their corporate stores in person. I set up automatic payments so i wouldn't be charged extra $10 every month when i forget to pay for reconnection. Person on phone said payment was declined... i checked my account and i had plenty of $ so couldn't be true. went to dealer, they can't access payments. then went to corporate store. Apparently the person who set up the auto-pay left out the fact that it doesn't start for over a month and a half. so the next month my service got cut off AGAIN and instead of waiving the $10 reconnect fee, the (extremely rude and unprofessional) girl said it was MY fault even though THEY screwed up. I've been dealing with crap like this since the first day i got the broadband card... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i HATE this company!

Rolando 6/16/2010
Well, I am (or was) going to get a Cricket phone...but it seems like that would be a very bad idea...many more negative comments than positive ones...


Neil 6/12/2010
It's too bad you can't rate lower than a 1. I activated my Boost phone yesterday, did it all online, and was done in 5 minutes. I got my daughter a cheap Cricket phone to use with their $25 a month service advertised on their website. When I tried to activate online it said I needed to call them. So I called the number it said to. After being on hold for over ten minutes the person I spoke with told me I needed to talk to customer service and to call a different number. I did that. Sat on hold. Talked to a service rep who said I was at the wrong department and transfered me to the wireless department. That person said they didn't offer the $25 a month plan anymore, but offered a $30 a month one. However, the $25 one included unlimited long-distance/voice, text, and caller-ID. The $30 plan was just unlimited voice/ld. I asked why the $25 service was still advertised on their website and literally pulled up the site and read it off to her. She checked my zip code and said it was suddenly available, but she'd have to transfer me to another department to have the phone cleared and then they would transfer me back to her and she would finish it up. So I'm transferred again and this person says they no longer offer the $25 a month plan and the other rep didn't know what she was talking about. She transferred me (YET AGAIN!!!) to someone else who told me the $25 plan was no longer available. After going through yet the same explanation as before he checked my zip and said whoops, it is available, but I'd need to be transferred to the department I was transferred to two transfers ago. I think the actual job of the Cricket reps isn't to help people, but to put them into an infinite loop of transfers so that they get frustrated and just give up. That's what I did. I returned the phone and will just set my daughter up on Boost as well. Reminds me of two things I've always been told: 1. You get what you pay for. 2. Indians are incredibly difficult to understand.

Don't Waste Your Time or Money! 6/12/2010
I gave a 1 rating, since there isn't a -0- rating. I purchased a phone w/the $30 dollar plan as a Christmas gift for my daughter. We had nothing but prolems! Poor reception, each month the bill was more than $30 and no one at customer service seem to be able to explain this to me. We finally had the phone disconnected. Now they are calling us 20 to 30 times a day on our landline. I've told them several times, that we are not interested in their services and they contiue to call. Just had a call from them and when I asked the rep not to call us anymore she HUNG UP!!!!! I really dislike this company. Do yourself a favor & don't waste your time!

Dave 6/12/2010
After a few days, so far, so good. I bought the plan and phone at the Cricket website. Once it arrived, I did not realize that the phone was for the most part activated, less one final step of calling a certain number, as their instructions on the website don't seem to make that part clear. So I called customer service, and waited on the phone for a real rep. to talk to me. He answered pretty quickly, at about 10 p.m. He was a little hard to understand, and didn't quite know what the heck I was talking about, thanks to my confusion about their website instructions. When he tried to put me on hold, we were disconnected. Horrible experience. I figured it out on my own though. I followed the instructions on the card inside the package, rather than from the website, and all is well now. Next thing I did is checked my bill on-line on their website, to see if all the free offers were marked down OK. The bill was set-up a little confusing. At first, I almost thought that they had charged me for the free months, but figured out that all was correct in the end. State taxes & fees add about $8 to my combined monthly bill of phone + broadband plans. We'll see how it goes.

jose 6/11/2010
by reading all this coments i dicided not to go cricket

Kim 6/11/2010
o stars for customer service.I got my phone today but guess what someone put it inside my door and the dog got it! I have been on the phone since I got home from work trying to order a phone, I'm not even trying to get a new one for free, I am ordering a new one and paying for it I just don't want to be charged another activation fee.

peachie 6/10/2010
Love this service, to all you complainers...everyone has taxes and fees for payments over the phone. Never had any problems with txt, calls, customer svc. I was fighting for weeks to get local internet service through a dsl provider to no avail, and i walked in the cricket store, bought a modem, 5 minutes later I'm online. I recommend this service to everyone I know...

Cooke 6/9/2010
I have to say I am not pleased with Cricket at all. The reception in my area sucks, I can not recieve picture messages or access the internet unless I am outside of the county I live in. The customer service defintley sucks because its difficult to reach a live rep and then when you do, you do not understand what they are saying. Also if you do not go to a payment center, you are pretty much out of luck with attempting to pay over the phone or on line. It has literally taken me 35 minutes to attempt to make a payment and have it processed properly. I am sure that some people may have not had as many issues that I have, but with all the difficulties that I have had, I a search for another cell phone service. To the "new comers" good luck!!!!

Kim 6/8/2010
I ordered my phone Thursday morning, got a confirmation number but no tracking number. I called today and they said it was on back order! Why didn't the website say they were out of stock? They already charged my credit card. It said it was processed at 10 in the morning. We'll see how long this process will take. keep you posted.

AG 6/8/2010
Ever tried their customer service? It stinks.

nice lady 6/7/2010
I have had all cellular carrier services sucks, sprint terrible reception excessive fees, At&T terrible phone service plans sucks, so does Verizon free nights and weekends drop calls all the time. US cellular excellent phone reception domestic coverage is limited which roaming min applies. Cricket no problem best service no drop calls when traveling from state to state activate roaming coverage included in my plan. Internet works great, receive pic messages okay overall service is excellent no complaints. Call customer care wait for rep no problem pay bill online no problem. 4 stars.

Roger 6/4/2010
I got a phone and 3G card in San Diego.
I do not have text and don't want it, however, whenever I sent the company an email, and requested a response via email, they would send an email telling me they sent a text! I would keep telling them "Idiots, I asked you to communicate with me via email because I do not get text yet you continue to send emails telling me I have text.
This went around and around until I got fed up and quit.

Me 6/2/2010
I could give Cricket more stars but it really does not offer anything more to the table than its competitors. Cricket's coverage is still weak when compared with, say, Straight Talk. If they included roaming at no additional charge for their 40+ dollar plans, the choice would be a no brainer!!

very pleased 6/2/2010
I live in Utah and I have had Cricket for about 5 years now. The coverage has done nothing but get better and better (50 states baby!) My old plan gave me 30 minutes a month of free roaming minutes which was nice for going on trips because I didn't need to use my phone that often and I didn't go on many trips anyway. Now that they cover all 50 states, I'm thrilled about the coverage. The coverage is good and the phones are only going to get better. Yes, the phones right now are all the same and kinda suck. I'm just waiting for the smart phones to come out. That will be a big improvement. I'll tell ya, that there is nothing nicer than looking at my phone after a 45 minute call and not worrying about how many minutes I have left. I will NEVER go back to counting minutes again. As far as cons go, I think the only con is the customer service. Luckily for me, I have only had to call them once and I don't look forward to the day I have to call them again. I know I shouldn't judge their entire customer service dept on one experience, but the reality is, I am. I will have to change my plan after I get the smart phone so I can have navigation and web browsing. I'm sure it will be a pain, but it will be worth it in the end. To all of those thinking about Cricket, I would say give it a shot after your contract is up. No commitment, get out if you want, when you want without any fees. Another downside, which I understand why they do it, is you pay pretty much full price on the phone (unless you find a deal).
Pros- Good coverage (now in all 50 states), unlimited everything for super cheap, smart phones coming soon, no commitment, cheap flat rates.

jesse 6/2/2010
this is the worst service ever my wife wanted to try it and it has been a roller coaster since day one. i don't know if im tslking to someone in the states or sone one from the middle east. You cant understand them and when you ask a question, their response is like if they don't understand. "vright,vright, so would u like to pooorchase onn adichinal line"? Ive been waiting for my rebate on two phones and a broadband for seven months. Just tell the truth its collecting intrest for us! carma baby carma! service is poor plans are weak, phones are no good don't get sucked in

30ateDD 6/1/2010
I had Cricket and as long as I paid my bill on time with the taxes totaling about $10 it was fine. The bridge payment I thought was great until I found out you cant talk to customer care at all, until the next month, even if you paid the entire bill the next day. I went out of town, paid for extending coverage and the damn phone didn't work. There we were, 3 people who paid their Cricket bill but not a 1 working phone! They refuse to give any credits esp. with that slow ass internet that I lost connection with 98 times within a 12hr period. I switched.

susan 5/31/2010
Signed up for the $25/month plan they advertised on TV. First two bills were over $50. They told me they automatically updated everyone without a choice. I usually read the fine print - I don't remember signing up to be charged twice the amount I signed up for with zero notification or approval. Don't waste your money they are by far the worst cell phone carrier in existence.

Franky 5/26/2010
If you are in a hurry to get your phone don't trust the online discount or salesman...time is money. You will be told that the phone will arrive in a few phone. A phone call that of course the customer makes reveals you ordered a "popular phone" so it won't ship out until next week. Sorry, don't buy the excuse, not a great way to start a trusting relationship. Hope conditions improve, meanwhile not connected :(

Tulsauser 5/24/2010
Horrible phone reception! Horrible customer service! I was double charged as an error on Crickets end, and they would not give me my money back for 2 weeks! They took over a hundred dollars out of my bank account within seconds, but refused to put it back when they made a mistake! I am switching cell phone providers immediately.

Kirk B 5/23/2010
This company is o.k. It simply works, and for a great price. And with their new nationwide coverage, I'm never without a signal. Sometimes they delay my text messages, which can be an annoyance, but I'm happy with them overall. Haven't had any problems and customer service is helpful.

Barb 5/22/2010
Cricket says they can convert any phone
to a Cricket phone. I have Cricket coverage but cannot receive picture messages on my phone and I cannot access the picture message on the mms website either. The website does not give an explanation of what MDN means
and it is required to pick up a message
even if you have the message id if you do not have the "MDN", you can't access JACK. Cricket also cannot remove
the verizon opening picture from my phone.

karenftx 5/21/2010
I switched to Cricket from ATT when they refused to let me have a regular plan. I have had no trouble at all with my phone or my son's phone. We get texts superfast and my son has all sorts of music downloaded.

Seth 5/21/2010
The prices are good, but the call quality is pretty bad. I tend to use text to avoid having to talk with someone and having an incoherent conversation. Also, I'll sometimes get my voicemails a week later. Can't beat the prices though.

ALICIA 5/19/2010
Bad company, just #@@!!! Switch for another company...the coverage is bad, I was refill for 30 dollars too and they said me because I paid roaming in my home area???!!! I have a service and I paid to get connect and have a good coverage??Too bad!!

Lawrence Kowalkowski 5/11/2010
The phone works well, don't get me wrong, but without customer service (took them 6 days to reply) to explain an increase to the plan each month (+ $2-$3 a month), having the phone isn't worth the hassle and runaround.

MARIA 5/10/2010
on May 5/10 I got Pay as you go I pay 30.00 dollars, I choose the plan of $1.00 per day on 5/5-10 I did another refill of $1.00 and ask for the balance, the balance was $6.80, I didn'nt use the phone then on 5/10/10 I was checking the messages from another phone, but I received the message that The Cricket number was not available,I dialed several times to check it I was dialing wrong number but was the same answer. I call to Garner Cricket Store were it was the last refill and speak with Jacket. she said that the balance was 6.80 and didn't have any explanation, about the issue, she ask me to call back in 5 minutes, at the time of this writing I feel frustrated because I'desperate to find a job and I provide my number to many potencial employers,as I didn't check the messages long before I really I don't know how many calls or emergencies call I Have miss IS THIS FAIR? IS THIS SERVICE?IF ANY EMPLOYER CONTACT ME AND RECEIVE THE SAME ANSWER?WHO ARE GOING TO ASSUME RESPONSABILITY?IF WHAT IF I MISS EMERGENCY CALLS.ALSO I DIDN'T RECEIVE A TEXT MEESSAGE AS CONFIRMATION OF THE PAYMENT WAS RECEIVED PLEASE THE MANAGER OF 1329 5TH AVE GARNER NC 27529 FIX THIS I'M NOT ASSIGN ANY STAR IT IS PREWRITING OVER THER AND THERE IS NO OPTIONS TO DELETE IT

Jon 5/10/2010
I am not a fan of Cricket. But please keep in mind that on any CDMA networks you can not use the internet and talk at the same time. This is one thing at&t has over verizon.

ZuBrain 5/8/2010
..i wish i could give 0 or negative stars ... I left T•mobile for the price ... i feel like a conned traitor ... yeah they said it wasn't a "smart phone" ... but i didn't realize it was a "mentally challenged phone" ... can't recieve a call while i'm in the browser, can't play music and recieve a txt, can't listen to music and browse web, and this is their phone..., TXTM8. ....... ...... and sure as the sun comes up, don't believe the my acct. menu/page, even if it says your bill is paid for the month and your balance is zero, your signifigant other did not pay it and your phone will be turned off ...

ACwrecker 5/8/2010
words can NOT express how UNHAPPY I am with CRICKET service. For 3 months now, my bill has been a different amount every single month (erratic billing) with all inclusive plan (how can that be when I have a set plan). I complained so they changed my plan without my authorization to a more costly one. They had a promotion for a $35 plan which turned to a $50 plan within months. I truly don't believe that CRICKET 'Respect's MY wallet !' load of crap...#@%$!
voicemail doesn't work (lost many jobs because of this #@%$!), went out and they had to reset it. It is easier to win the lottery than get a supervisor on the phone,
the only way to get FACEBOOK to work on the phone is to follow and UNSECURE link from my email acct from the phone (the other links that can be setup DONT work unless you UNSECURELY sign in, leaving your ID & PWD at risk). Which quickly signs me in and bypasses all security ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK). Truly just short of a tin can and a string. I have tried many carriers and this by far is one of the worst. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Jason 5/7/2010
Cricket wireless is absolutely terrible. The only time I get any bars of service are when it's roaming (less than 1 mile from where I purchased it at)Stay away, you'll thank me later.

Mary 5/7/2010
I was with Cricket pay as you go for over 5 years with Cricket their $45 unlimited talk, text & web. I went on vacation in 2008 and I purchased $15.00 extra for roaming. When I returned home a week later I have & repeatedly tried to get Cricket to remove the $15 roaming fee's with no success. Every month my bill kept increasing instead of decreasing to where I was fed up with paying for hidden fee's and roaming when I was not roaming. I would never go back to Cricket because they do not credit their over charges. Cricket has Horrible service! I'm now with Straight talk, and couldn't be happier with it. I just wish I would have switched to Straight Talk a year ago when I first learned of Straight talk, I could have saved myself a lot of money.

Kimberly 5/6/2010
I switched to Cricket from T-Mobile because I was trying to save myself a $100 a month......NOT WORTH IT!!! It has been a week and a half and they still have not ported my number over. Their manager Josh told me it could take 72 hours, which to Cricket means 9 days because they only count 8 hours per day (business hours)! Their entire company is liars! I emailed their corporate office 4 times and have heard nothing back. This is the worst company ever!! Not worth saving a $100 a month!! CRICKET SUCKS!!!!

Neil 5/6/2010
I live in a valley and it didn't work, so I cancelled. They now robo-call me every day trying to get me to reactivate. Don't ever sign up for Cricket. You'll be sorry.

Alicia Dem 5/1/2010
Cricket Broadband-RUN!!!
I was charged 4x when I shouldn't have. My first mth was suppose to be free and I was charged. I had to threaten to report their actions as fraud to get Angel/Angela to admit to seeing all of the charges!! My acct had a note to stop pulling fees and they still pulled fees. Although, the overcharges are present, I have to send them MY proof and wait 7-10 business days to get my own money back. Cricket is cheap or comparative w/ Verison but they get you in the long run. The only plus is that this happen right before I was going to transfer to their cell from another large carrier. RUN!!!

Guest 4/30/2010
here in dc i think the siggnal is great!!! my mother has cricket and its not bad at all

Roy Johnson 4/28/2010
What Cricket doesn't tell you on the PayGo plans is that you have to pay $15 a month whether you use it or not.
I addition if you don't pay another $15 before the end of the month you lose any balance that has already been paid regardless of the amount.

nuvy 4/28/2010
Cricket should b named Looser wireless.. seriuosly Cricket sucks in all areas my boy friend and my mom hav cricket they constanly loose Signal and Txt arrive sooo late really u guys don't waste ur hard earned money they keep saying they hav improved soo not seeing or hearing it. So they are Big Loosers they Loose ur payments , u Loose signal,da cells are Loosers , customer service are Loosers They make u b a Looser don't b a victom of Looseing ur mula people!! I giv them a -0 they don't deserve a star

NancyPanya 4/26/2010
You thought AT&T was bad, they are over 10x worst.Talked to West for signup. Talking to a sales rep. always seems to go easy where ever you go to. When I got the email confrimation for the fedex tracking # for the A600 Modem, my mom's aptartment number was not there. I asked the account to be under my name, because 1. i did not have all of my mom's information 2. I want to deal with all the hassle if there was any. Called Fedex and they said call Cricket. Cricket told they cant do anything for me. I talked a sales person, a Customer Service person named Allen and a manager so he claims to be. Allen could not help me find the order number. I told her that I had two emails that i was looking at. She wanted to hang up on me, and said to call back when i had it. Thats when i lost it. I read her the who email and found it on my own. She should be able to tell me exactly where to find the order number. She cant do this on her own. I called back after allen said she will escalate my call to her manager. I gave her the wrong digit for call back number. Spoke with a guy and he did not say he was not the manager, until much later after the conversation, wich really made even more mad. The manager said that the account was under my mom. There was a reason why i called in for my mom. They do not take notes on calls and i believe there are no individual ques for each of the customer servicve there. My mom never called in there once but she is on the account. Managers solution is if she does not get the modem it will be ship back to them and she can have a refund in 30 days. They refuse to reship the item if my mom does not recieve it. If she does not get it, then i have to put up my mom to call them to get a refund. She yelled at Clear Services before she called me for help. Unfortunatly Cricket does not have the right type of people that will have the patience to put up with my mom and her accent, from what I exerpience. She said that Clear Service did not understand her

Sahray 4/25/2010
i Have cricket and unlike all you guys apparently, i love my cricket phone. i get great service and its a great price(:

Lynn S. 4/25/2010
Unless you have NO OTHER alternatives, THEN and only THEN do you go to Cricket. Even a can and string would be better. I bought my phone from the cricket store less than 5 miles from my home, it does not work at my house. Now, when I drove to Matamaros Mexico, it worked great. Go figure. Just buy the basic phone, if you spend more you will waste your money. They had to provid me with 3 different phones before I got one that worked the way it should. Good luck.

Jay 4/23/2010
I switch to cricket because I had I- Wireless dollar a day freenights and weekends and they went up to $1.50 aday or $60 dollars a month so saw a commerical for cricket 45 dollars for 40 sounded good. I got my bill it was 40 then they add a tax of seven dollars then if you pay at the store they add another three dollars if you with a card another dollar so by the end your bill is 50 dollars so really you only saved 10 dollars and their customer services sucks. I am all for taxes but I thought when you tax 40 dollars you come up with 42.60 not 47 dollars thats how they get you. A cheaper rate but then they add all these all charges so you really are not saving. All I want is a phone that has talk, text and voicemail that is a reasonable price all them other services I don't use. If you need to switch your plan or phone provider I would not recommand cricket.

newmanrf 4/21/2010
I've been a customer of Cricket for at least 3 years and previously had Sprint then Cingular. I've never dropped a call with Cricket, text's work great and voicemail works great. I also have Cricket Broadband and use it every day to work from home developing complex websites and it works just fine. Cricket just plain works anywhere I go - Chicago, St. Louis - works just fine. Again I just want to reiterate - I've never been unable to make a call and I've never dropped a call. My local Cricket store in Pittsburgh is downtown and it's a corporate store - they have always been quite pleasant and always met my needs. Cricket just works.

littlebitofnc 4/20/2010
Cricket Wireless is NOT WORTH WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON. The broadband speed not only sucks bg time but their customer service is CRAP.

paulette 4/20/2010
I don't know what all the fuss is about. Ok I used to have sprint now they had hidden fees! I got my credit screwed over and now i can't go back. But anyway I moved to Cricket basically because I wanted something affordable and reliable. Obviously Cricket isn't the best thing around. but hey it's not that bad either. at least where I live in Texas which worked fine in austin houston san antonio dallas. Im saying this because I've actually traveled to those places with my cricket phone and i had full bars! No lie. Maybe i guess it depends where you live and what kind of coverage you get. cus where i live the coverage is good. I would prefer maybe one or two drop calls and not getting signal in some random places than spending what I spend on sprint. The phones arent that great but give me a break if you want an awesome phone a great phone company without spending money then you're screwed. In my opinion Cricket isnt that bad. Not the best but not the worse.

JimInPhila 4/14/2010
I joined w/ Cricket yesterday. A buddy of mine has them. I borrowed his phone and checked it out all over my house--it worked fine. My Virgin Cell service was good but in 6 months, I had to replace the battery 3 times (Samsung). The Cricket store CSR yesterday told me that all batteries are "tempormental," should never charge the phone more than 4 hours and never charge it overnight--My bad.
CSR give me a temporary number and started the process of porting my permanent number, telling me to call Customer Service in 4 hours to confirm the process. WHAT A NIGHTMARE--Was asked for my phone number, my name, my address, my password, my date of birth.
When he said he needed my social security number, I lost it. I wished him a pain death at the bottom of the Gangus. Returned to the store irate! Issue was resolved in 5 minutes. Stay tuned.

Danni 4/13/2010
If there were a way for me to give less than one star, trust me... Cricket would get none. First of all, the service is absolute crap. I get no texts at all, and then like 20 back to back, because they don't actually go through when they are sent. This is because, after being told that my area would not be a problem, I'm roaming about 95% of the time. The only place where I can actually get online to take advantage of the "unlimited internet" Cricket provides me with is 45 minutes from my house.

I HATE CRICKET 4/12/2010
Dude the service sucks everywhere I need it to be good at. The customer service sucks. I'm paying $50 a month and I don't have voicemail. My phone has miraculously started giving me an invalid address message when I try to send pics to anyone. It's ok if you just stay at home and never leave. And if you're close to one if the few good coverage spots. So absolutely nothing but a scam. If you don't have coverage oh well you're screwed and they lie constantly. So anyone who thinks this is a service for "smart shoppers" you must mean retards who like to be scammed.

Michelle M. French 4/7/2010
Cricket doesn't even deserve 1 start. I have never had such a horrible experience with a cell provider. I could not activate my phone, despite 4 hours on the phone with numerous incompetent robots. I now realize why: the phone has to be activated in a primary service area-a 45 minute drive for me! Of course there is NOTHING in the literature that came with the phone stating that. I just learned it on this website. I was so furious I tore the phone in half (the clueless bots told me the handset must be broken!)

marsha 4/5/2010
crikett has been nothing but trouble. text does not work and they tell me its because they are changing towers. it takes days of constant dialing to reach customer service.

James 3/29/2010
The reception in my area is good and the features are a bargain for the price.

Scarlett 3/23/2010
I'm getting a cricket in the mail not so long from now. I just hope these reviews are wrong. I dnt really yeah. I live in gaitherburg md. Its not really tht small & everyone over here seems to get great reception...sooo yeahhh. Hahaha. :D

Jordan 3/22/2010
love this company, most reliable company i've ever been with, phones aren't that great, but the service is unbeatable. I tried to ditch cricket twice for a nationwide carrier (boost mobile and straight talk) and both were awful companies. doesn't matter though cause cricket is going nationwide on the 23rd, i'm surprised the dude who runs this website hasn't said anything...
the phones aren't that great but the price and service can't be matched. i've been with cricket for 4 years and i don't intend on leaving. anyone who is complaining about a high priced phone, get over it, or switch to a company who will give you a free phone and charge you out the wall with monthly fees, good luck

Rebecca 3/16/2010
Phone was advertised at one price & they charged another saying that included price of first month. Then had trouble logging in to pay bill and it gave a complete price for monthly service. Recommend everyone to use some other service.

joshuas 3/12/2010
Crickets new 25 dollar rate may sound too good to be true. It is. I have it. I purchased it because I'm a broke college student. It's 25 bucks plus tax per month so around 28 or 31 bucks. There isn't a voicemail, and it is only Text and local Talk that is unlimited. It serves me alright, but I didn't know there wasn't any voicemail. It's only 5 bucks extra to add, and so is e-mail, as well as long distance, get the pattern? You can add it on to the 25 dollar rate. I think you'll find that Crickets customer service lacks in ingenuity. You can't get your "call records" unless you go to a "corporate" Cricket store and then from there you have to fill out some forms and go to a notary for an additional process. If you get a driving ticket for being on the phone get ready to go through a long and stressful process. I only recommend this plan for people who stay local, and can hack out the fact that there is no voicemail. I do however take advantage of its unlimited text. Oh and I got the first month free, and then when I had a problem because Cricket wouldn't allow me to pay the bill online, at all, and it showed 0 on my balance on the phone, even pass the "supposed" due date. They waived the fee that was added since it wouldn't allow me to pay online, and offered me a free month if I pay for three months in advanced. It was for 87 bucks and I don't want to think about the next 4 months. So it worked out just alright, however I wouldn't recommend this service to them.

San Diego Caller 3/9/2010
I have to agree with many of the other reviewers here. Cricket has great prices, but their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced anywhere. They keep you on hold, repeatedly ask you for your name, phone #, address, date of birth, etc and then either disconnect your call, put you on hold, or tell you that you have to go to a "full service" Cricket store (in the worst part of San Diego) for anything. At the store, the service is about the same, wait in line, deal with reps who don't seem to care. I've been overcharged, aggrevated, and finally just switched to Page Plus Wireless using Verizon's network. About the same price, better calling quality, and much better service on the phone. Cricket needs to fix their customer service and fast, or they won't have anymore customers!

Jessica 3/5/2010
I am warning anyone who is smart enough to look up reviews first..DON'T DO IT!! IT IS SOO NOT WORTH SAVING A FEW BUCKS!!cricket is the DEVIL!! horrible customer service ,quite possibly the worst i've ever experienced anywhere with any company.

SHERAWN 3/5/2010
I bought my son the *TXTM8 Slider* in January. After a month the phone only works when it is on the charger. He has done nothing wrong to the phone. My sister n law works for Cricket and she told me alot of people have been bring this particular phone in with the same problem. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PHONE ***TXTM8 SLIDER***

Rick 3/5/2010
I have had the service with the slide phone for 8 mounths now and I am about to return my 4th phone and pay the $50 dollar fee yet again. I do not recommend this phone service at all. It's costing me more than Sprint cost me in the long run

Cricket has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Don't even bother calling them becasue they will not help. I called several times and was lied to over and over, each time I called I was told a diffrent story and none of the stories were the same, then when I asked to speak with a manager the same customer service agent I was speaking with came on and was rude and knew nothin about customer service. I would give them a zero rating if it was an option. It is not worth the $10.00 you save a month becasue of the cheaper rate to have to deal with the unexperienced and unprofessional cusomer service agents. I would advise anyone to look elsewhere for service, save yourself the headache and don't use cricket. Terrible service, just terrible!!

Sandy 3/3/2010
Customer service sucks. I have had Cricket for 5 years, and whenever I have had to contact CS, I have to wait 1 hour or more to talk to someone, and I cannot understand them, always asking what did they say. My latest issue was that I shut one phone off because it was lost, and they still wanted to charge me for March, and then credit it back to me. Had that done before, and I never got the credit. As for the phone service, I have had good response calling & receiving calls.

Mark Buffalo, NY 3/2/2010
CRICKETY SERVICE IS OK BUT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST IN THE WORLD... Had my 2 phones since they came to Buffalo almost ten years ago and they will do NOTHING to help you when you have a problem. I am going to a REAL wireless provider TODAY!

London Tomlin 2/28/2010
Cricket "Lost" my payment. They cashed my check, but didn't post it to my account. I've had them for over three years and have never been late on a bill. Then I was suddenly suspended for nonpayment. Customer service is truly horrible. I showed them the cancelled check two weeks ago, and they STILL haven't found my payment. Do what I did ... FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FCC. IF they get enough complaints, the FCC will fine them, if they keep getting more, they will shut these bozos down. I'm cancelling and moving to another company tomorrow.

Rochelle J Bryant 2/22/2010
I have had cricket phone service for about 3 years and until I wanted to change my plan had no problems and great customer service. On Feb 3, 2010 I called to add two lines to my existing service for a family plan that advertised for $99. I was told first month free on the two new lines. I was told to go into a cricket store and make sure they were added to my existing line as a Family Plan. I go into the store today 2/22/20 well before the free time ended and find out I wasn't signed up for a family plan at all and had to pay $178. Instead of being signed up for family plan they opened a second account! I had to pay $15 to downgrade my existing plan, plus a month of service and $112 for the family plan. I was literally charged twice for the same line!!!!! The girl in the store claimed she was the manager, which I seriously doubt. I called cricket got hung up on by one agent and bamboozled by a second. I asked to speak to a supervisor he put me on hold came back gave a different name and that he was the supervisor. First thing out of his mouth was I had overpaid and should have a credit. Before the conversation was over I owed them. I had no problem letting him know that unhappy customers tell everyone and happy customers refer. Before I go to bed tonight I intend to post on every available site that cricket is a bait and switcher!

chewy 2/18/2010
they suck and you dont get to talk to anyone over here in washinton when your phone messes up and mine doesent get service in my house most the time so ide get anythingbut them

Buffalo NY Cricket 2/17/2010
Great Broadband service,you just have to be in an area that gets coverage(I am by a thruway).Good value!

Luther 2/15/2010
I had these clowns for 6 months and first week I had the phone some other inner city hag had my same number and was getting my calls,Then finally that was straightened out just to have another problem,check this out.....they were unable to process my payments either online or over the phone because for some unknown reason they had a corrupted database that could not match my billing address to my account and after a nightmare of calling the dummies at corporate,nothing was fixed so I gave up and went to problems paying online and great reception.Oh and its also a better price.

Thomas Lee 2/12/2010
Worst customer service out of any company I have ever dealt with. Everything is on you and they accept no responsibility for their products or services. My recent issue rendered my phone useless for 3 days, had me purchase another phone, only to find out that it was a problem with their service and not the phone. Since I was just at an AUTHORIZED DEALER and not a CORPORATE STORE they could only give me a small credit on my bill, but do nothing about the unnecessary 60 dollar charge for flashing another phone over. I wouldn't let my dog so as much piss on a Cricket product. I will never use this service again.

Brieanna 2/10/2010
I do like cricket because you can't beat the price, but i have this phone with a keypad, and it won't turn on, unless it's on the charger. When it is plugged in to the charger, it randomly shuts off and says insert battery, then it says battery charging, then it says charge complete. What is wron with it

matthew 2/10/2010
cricket is a good phone company there's no fees for walking away i never had a call drop they now have nation wide for 5 buck you cant go over you normal crick bill from texting or downloading and if you got a prepay cricket phone your stupid cause say if you talk 5 mins a day for week that's 35 buck you could have just payed a month of service for unlimited text caller id plus text n long distance

daniel 2/5/2010
its good i get good internet and texts are fine i have fine coverage and rarely drop a call i live in the southern indiana area though but maybe thats why its got good coverage i have 45 a month plan pre paid

cyberstoic 2/5/2010
Got a txtm8 phone for my son. Coverage map shows "good" signal for my area and around my house ("we've got you covered!", it says). At my house and the surrounding block, I get 1 bar to no bars, so the phone is USELESS in the house. I talk to a CS Rep about this and I get "we don't guarentee coverage". Great, so now I have a $130 dollar phone that doesn't work where I live. Their coverage map is a LIE, do yourself a favor, try boost or t-mobile EM+ and avoid this company

pb58 2/4/2010
I would give them 0 stars if I could. They suspended my service after 1 month because I did not pay my bill. I never got a bill so I could not pay it. Customer service would not waive the late payment fee because I should have known when to pay. These people have the worst customer service I could think of. I would be better off with a more expensive but better company.

benne 1/30/2010
cricket wireless is a complete crock. I have a company cell phone that I have when I am working. Only need a backup cell when I am not working and so forth. I barely ever use it. Cricket either does not work in areas where I am or it is roaming so you have to pay the extra 25 cents a minute. It is to be pay as you go, if you add less than $15/month then it costs you $1/day. If you add the $15 and dont use it in a month then you lose it. It is not pay as you go at all. It is at least $15/day. Service sucks. Voicemail does not work half of the time. When I called customer service they acted like they were reading from "cell phones for Idiots"

Sucks!! 1/29/2010
Just tried Cricket Broadband. I couldn't even get a signal in my own house. I got a Return Authorization Number and the garbage is going back.

unknown 1/29/2010
cricket sucks....period! i have it right now, and its the WORST service ive ever had!!! i have signal most of the time, and even like that it wont send my txt mssgs. and then i NEVER recieve any txts, and when i do their usually like hours later, and my friends have to call me at least 10 times in order for me to recieve their call. ITS THE WORST!! last night i was calling my cell phone w/ my sisters and the call didnt even go through! and i was right next to my phone!! NEVER get cricket, it is the WORST!

What-the 1/27/2010
I fell asleep while on my cricket phone and my bill stayed the same and while I am not sleepn,I am txtn all day....I LOve It!!! LMAO!!!

HAMSTER 1/24/2010
Cricket is fine for teenagers who use a ton of minutes and text but don't really go anywhere. I have it for my 17 & 19 year-olds and it is sufficient. Calls are dropped virtually any time they walk in a building or drive too far away from the major roads. Customer service is horrendous. Even paying extra each month for the phone warranty plan, they will only replace the phone twice and then you are out of luck. Phones are not the same as their supposed equivalents at competitors and do break easily. Buttons fall off, keypad quits working, etc..... To replace with a phone that is anything other than basic is at least $150-$400. Calls and text are not always delivered. It's really a crap shoot. If you need a couple day extension to pay your bill, it's a $10 charge.

Chris 1/24/2010
I am in Portland OR, and have had a cricket phone plan and usb modem for almost two years. I am extremely happy with my choice after having had a plan with most of the big name carriers. I originally started my plan after my verizon contract was up and had cricket flash my enV phone for $35. I think that most of the complaints I have read on here, have been from people who may find actually reading the information provided from cricket too cerebral. <-- For you morons, that means you are a moron, just so we are on the same page. The bane of my internet existence however, is the 5mb limit on the usb modem plan, after which once exceeded slows to a trickle at best. I do however watch a lot of movies, download podcasts and spend an inordinate amount of time on my laptop which is a surrogate for books, tv, and radio. I am on the internet for a good 10 hours, usually downloading about 2 movies a day, and don't get slowed down until about 25 days into the billing cycle. That being said, although the internet does slow down, don't fool yourself if you think you are going to get any better from the other service providers. They all give you the 5mb and then charge the bejesus out of you once exceeded, which cricket will never do.I just started a new account due to my phsyco now ex-girlfriend breaking my phone and cancelling our mutual account. I have had the samsung R211 (the cheapest of their phones) for about a month with no problems, and am just waiting to get a new phone, probably an evoke or txtm8. I am listening to a funemployment radio podcast online while I write this, which is the greatest thing since Rick Emerson b-words, so please pardon my discombobulated post. For less than $85 a month for unlimited texting, calling, and internet with no contract what do you need.

Eric 1/17/2010
Man, some of you folks out there really seem to have not bothered to read the contracts, looked at the rates or even thought about what you were getting. If you wanted no fees, cheap or free phones and the ability to travel plus great coverage you should stay with a major carrier. Cricket is for people that stay in a major city, checked that it actually has coverage and needed a cheap plan and are willing to pay for loosing a phone, switching phones constantly and being somewhat self reliant when it comes to problems. As for customer service, if you don't get someone that can help, ASK FOR A DIFFERENT REP or a supervisor if they have one. If not, call a local store, often they can help, even if they are on the other side of the city. If you live for texting and move around a lot, test the waters with a cheap phone and a prepaid plan, make sure it will do what you want before signing up and getting an expensive phone. I tried 3 different low rate services with the same phone before settling on Cricket. I cannot travel, it's texting is slow, it COSTS $40 less than my old plan, thats what I care about. I can take the lesser service and slower Texting to save $480 a year.

James 1/15/2010
Cricket has improved over the years. Service is good if you don't travel much. Local and long distance calling is great. If you travel, if not on a partner network, you have to have money for roaming, otherwise - no service. I was paying nearly $75 for unlimited everything plus being able to have roaming. Now I am only paying under $50 for unlimited talk and text through StraightTalk and have a much larger coverage area. Just don't do Boost - horrible.

Roy 1/12/2010
It's cheap for the starter plan to use it as home phone. But you'd be careful not to call long distance, not to use it out of your home area!
Anyways, you get what you pay for. Stinky coverage, roaming fees, limited data plan and etc
Dude, if for $50/mon pre-paid I get everything inclued, with Nationwide coverage somewhere else!

want2cbetter 1/8/2010
While the cell service is good where we live, that is all that I find positive about Cricket. Their customer service is outsourced - which is not necessarily bad. What is bad is that you never get the same response twice... I tried to set up autopay four months in a row - finally gave up. I paid by check over the phone and had the service disconnected the next day and they never tried to take the money out of my account. They apologized, helped me pay online, restored the service and then the automated system cut it back off 1.5 hours later. Three of the four months, they have cut off the service even though payment was offered - they apologize and then restore it.

Believe Me 1/6/2010
You'd be much better off going somewhere else. I've had so many problems with Cricket service, and customer service, as well as staff at their stores, it's just ridiculous. It sounds like a great deal, but really, it's not worth it. Coverage is awful, and I don't travel. My area, according to what I looked up on the Cricket website, is very well covered. Yet still, text messages don't come in until I make a call, calls don't come in, and when they do, the signal is usually lost. I paid for a plan that includes voicemail, and yet I have none. I paid for the phone insurance, that is supposed to allow you to replace your phone for free if it's lost, broken, etc., and yet when I needed my phone replaced, they charged me 35 dollars. Both times. Their phones are ridiculously priced for their cheap, crappy quality, and though there's a store right next to my house, when I lost my charger and needed it replaced, they didn't have it. They had a wall of chargers, they even had my exact model of phone in the outlet store, and yet the didn't carry the charger for my phone. I was told I had to go all the way to their main store to replace it, which was a hassle. They lie to you, they don't give you what you pay them money for, the service is awful, the phones are awful, but worst of all is the customer service - and no, not because they're foreign or whatever. I don't even think the people I spoke to were from a foreign country--they were just awful. So bad, in fact, that though I pay for voicemail, I don't dare contact them to complain about the fact that I don't have one so that I can get one set up - they'll probably slap me with charges. Once, my monthly phone bill was in excess of $100 dollars. I have the $40 dollar a month plan. No, I was not roaming. It's just ridiculous. I've never tried Boost Mobile, but I'm sure it's a hell of a lot better than this terrible service.

dispise cricket 1/4/2010
if i could rate using no stars than I would,customer service is in another county, I recieved a txt msg from cricket about a sell at best buy, and my phone went black, too the phone to the retail seller, they stated it was to their discretion if they would replace the phone. I was asked if I ever downloaded any music or tones, I stated yes, with my old phone and I just upgraded to this phone three weeks ago and cricket switched everything over to my phone for me and I paid 12 dollars to do that. The rep then denied to replace the phone stating I may have downloaded a bug. I said "if I downloaded a bug my other phone would not have worked. I had insurance on the phone they wanted me to pay 35 dollars to replace the phone. I refused. I called the foreign customer resp. and they told me all I can do is take the phone back to the store.... Cricket is the worse company

question 1/3/2010
can you turn a flashed phone into a jump

Guest 12/31/2009
What users need to focus on in having good reception. It is not only about if you have good service in your area, but what if you decide to travel. With Cricket, you most likely will not get service. That's why I chose Boost Mobile. I'm from DC and I had to travel to GA, then TX. I had great reception in all areas. Did not see any Cricket retailers, but a lot of Boost Mobile retailers.

Thom 12/30/2009
Can be a good deal but BEWARE:
The $1 / day plan may cost you quite a bit more.

paul CA 12/29/2009
i wanted to try Cricket out but they don't even offer service in my area. i live in a major CA urban area. looks like a rinky dinky operation.

danine 12/29/2009
Their customer service is horrible!!!! give wrong information and lied!!! they did nothing about it. I will NEVER use or recommend CRICKET!!!!

Austiniter 12/23/2009
I had Cricket for 1 month in Austin, TX. Dropped calls, call clarity was horrible, I tried taking it back to Cricket after 5 days and they told me I had 4 days to try it out, after that no refund for phone, nor for airtime. The company focuses on low income people, rips them off and continues to do business as is. MAJOR RIP OFF. Go to StraightTalk at Walmart, its $30 for 1000 minutes, 1000 texts or $45 for Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Tex and Unlimited Web. I did - and its been great.

Ri 12/22/2009
One last thing, I got my 50.00 rebate card because I sent my rebate in with all the required info. If you do it right, you WILL get your rebate. I also got $20.00 off my Samsung Messager ll when I bought purchased it by phone. The people who are giving shitty reviews are either ignorant or paid by the competitors because they are worried that Cricket Wireless might steal their customers! If you want to keep getting ripped off, stay with AT&T, us smart shoppers will stay with Cricket!

Ri 12/22/2009
I have the $45 dollar plan which they gave me for only $40. I have unlimited everything, local, long distance, text, pic & video messages, mobile web/internet, unlimited 411. I dare you to find another company besides Cricket Wireless which can offer you that. With tax, my bill comes to about $43.00 a month. Not even Boost can give you that! I recommend Cricket Wireless 100% if you're lucky enough to have it in your area.

Victoria 12/19/2009
I'm looking to switch to Cricket, but I thought I'd just make a few comments on some of the previous reviews. First of all, when the people say you can use a 'pre-flashed phone', they have no idea what they are talking about. 'Flashing' your phone means to re-install the firmware on your phone, which has nothing to do with switching providers. You mean to say if you get a 'jail broken' or 'unlocked' phone. This means your phone has been opened up to use on different providers. Also, it looks as if some of the people who are bashing the service are illiterate and really have no business even having a phone. Complaining about the customer service is one thing, but blaming it on the fact that the person is foreign is ignorant. I have called many customer services on different providers and they have been extremely helpful and have been from India or another country. Let's grow up people and give some clear and honest reviews for those of us who need them. Also, these supposed 'hidden fees' such as the charges when you pay your bill and the activation fees are written clearly on the cricket wireless website. Perhaps you should have looked and read before you signed up! Thanks.

Abbi 12/18/2009
the worst switching back to Tmobile..i got the phone a week ago and the reception is stuck with the phone now since i cant return it..i dont recommend the service to any one...go to Tmobile..

Mike of Charlotte, NC 12/18/2009
Ive had jump mobile every since it first came out. never had any problems wit it and you can use any cricket phone on it. I love the service as long as you stay in your service area. i just got rid of it because its about to dis continue in feb of 2010. but mainly because im limited to my service area. im getting a straight talk phone now. but jump mobile was so affortable that i was able to keep it connected after loosing my job twice! great service provider!

Orgel M 12/17/2009
Had Both phone and broadband and all worked great untill Cricket began harassing me each month over billing! Discovered customer service is ignorant " Monkey see, Monkey do Social Trainers" and couldnt help you if they could understand complaint.
There should be some way people could recoup the millions embezzeled by them each year. That would take a act of Congress and all americans know Congress only acts too benifit Congress! Cricket sees all of you as Maggots just like your Congressional Representatives Do. FACE THE FACTS!!!

nikki 12/15/2009
well im back again i still the customer service sucks, im so tired of talking to people i cant understand, and then bein hung up numbers times then when you tell the next rep what happened you dont even get an apology. they seriously need to hire american people! but ok so i switched over the messager 11 phone i got from ebay, so far so good, i like it, i had to call in twice to get the charges taken off of my bill since they are prorated and my bill is still different from what iw as told. they played games with the rebate, apparantly i didnt fill in the modem phone number on their spot, which i thought i did, they had a copy of the paperwork but nope that would be too much work! the modem came in handy though during training for this new job work at home, we had a bad storm and the internet went out, so instead of loosing a days pay i was able to use the modem to at least connect to the meeting and get paid for it. the modem does not work well to watch videos though, it tends to freeze up. now im trying to add my modem to my main account and take $5 of for combining and it wont let me. have no problems wtih this new phone though getting calls or texts.

amazing 12/13/2009

I think the cricket phones r ok I mean they r cheap but the coverige is not the best but 4 the price it is good

BIG DADDY D 12/11/2009
GARBAGE these phones are garbage do not buy i bought a cricket and used for one day had 0 service where i lived and tried to return 24 hrs later but because i used it at work for 49min i was 19 min over the max usage and could not return or even exchange ihave no use for this phone that i am stuck with it it is going in the garbage

Shirene 12/9/2009
I have had cricket for 3 years now..It works great for me..I dnt have to travel so Im not worried bout the coverage.Kansas City area gets fantastic coveragen there are cricket stores ALL over my area.I have gotten familiar witha ll of them n they all treat me GREAT.The corporate did use to be awful with the long lines..They are improving now..I dnt go there unless I absolutly have to..I find that the private vendors seem to be more efficient. I usually uprade every year to keep up with all the new phones..The best deals are either on the website or ebay.

trisha 12/4/2009
just i wnt to know if is true if the service going to be cut because that s will be suck.........

kadijah 12/3/2009

Jeff 12/3/2009
pay as you go $30 a month a buck a day you can't beat it. Only for local, if you travel alot I would use another carrier

Rochelle 12/2/2009
I WOULD recommend Jump but they're discountinuing their service on February 26 of 2010. That's right. So don't bother switching over now. Anyways, I have had almost zero problems with Jump other than the fact that the Cricket phones I bought for some reason didn't "work" on Jump. Great service though.

J Jones 12/1/2009
Please DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE!!You can not reach customer service! NEVER! They will over charge you for your service! I can not believe they are still in business. I tried to go to Customer center and waited nearly an hour to get no assistance. I had to call in like I wanted new service to talk with anyone. It is the worst service and not worth the money!! Please do not get any of these phones!!

todd 11/26/2009
i got cricket broadband service and have never had an issue, even got my rebate card. it's slow but competitive.
downloads averag 500Kbps. but the phone service is worthless

ScooterKeon 11/25/2009
Cricket wireless is the worst cellular service I have ever used. Customer service is horrible, and often unreachable. *611 is customer care. That's a joke! Dial 1-866-384-4425 to return the phone to get a human response and then agents are dishonest and often disconnect you when escalation is requested.

Jason 11/25/2009
I used jump before i moved out of cricket service area (co to fl) great service just dont use the ut starcom phone it was useless displayed full service however i could not make/recieve calls or txts couldnt even dial 911. best to use a cricket phone they will easily activate jump service that way as both cricket and jump are kin to leap wireless.

HIDDEN FEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11/23/2009

nikki 11/22/2009
i have had cricket service not quite a year yet. in the begainning the service was awful. i got the kyocera basic phone to start and it was muffly. i hated it. so i upgraded to a motorola hint phone, WHICH I LOVED! at this time cs was ok, but ya most people are overseas and it was hard to understand. though every now and then i did get an english speaking person, because one of the work at home companies was servicing cricket. then the work at home company lost cricket, which was right at the time i got the worst phone ever made by cricket which is the motorola evoke. I HATE IT! during this time i had issues getting phone calls, they would go right to voice mail, my texts would never come on time, 4 hours later i would like get 10 of them at one time. you couldnt get anyone for customer service at all, nobody would pick up the phone. nobody really knew how to help me with this phone either in the stores. i did call a main store location in my area and they were good and knowledgeable and helped me. now in oct, service got much better. the only problem with my phone i have is that if i turn it to the side nobody can hear me. i hate paying $15 extra for a data plan when the internet really isnt that great on this phone. they claim its suppose to be like an iphone, umm no its not. im currently looking on ebay for another phone so i can just sell this one and save myself the mandatory $15 that is charged to have this phone going. when i first updated my plan since they didnt have the save $5 off a plan it didnt go through, however, the agent fixed it for me and i did get a refund for the previous months i was charged the extra $5. the plans are great, and overall i am very happy with cricket. not happy with the $15 charge every time you change phones. thats ridiculous. there activation charges are insane. i guess with plans so low they gotta make there money somewhere. and honestly im on the $50 plan (now $45) and i like that i dont get billed for 411 calls, which i tend to use alot. and once i get rid of this phone and this data package. i will still be paying less for combined services then i would with us cellular and tmobile. i had a big issue w tmobile when i went over my mins and they charged me over $400. you never have to worry about that with cricket.

Gary 11/21/2009
I purchased prepaid Cricket Broadband from Wal-Mart.

Harley Bradley 11/21/2009
Cricket is great unless you want to call local numbers. I can call anywhere in the country and text as well but when I try to call some local numbers a recording says they are out of service. I can call the same number from any other non-cricket phone without a problem. When I called customer service (over and over) each time they would re-program my phone to no avail. Customer service is friendly but rarely fixes any problem. I'm thinking of going with Boost mobile and dumping Cricket.

Bailey 11/20/2009
Their customer service is not that great. If you are on a bridge payment (pay a small amount to keep your phone turned on), you cannot talk to anyone at the 800 number. You have to physically drive to the store to talk to someone. But when you can talk to someone at the 800 #, they rush you off the phone.

Elizabeth 11/19/2009
Do not buy one of these phones. Very poor service. I had to travel to another state and went to the Cricket store and told them I wanted roaming. They charged me for it and when I needed to use it I didn't have it. Cancelled as soon as I got home. Very Disappointed in the service I received.

Misty 11/19/2009
I switched to Cricket a couple of years ago, and everything was ok until recently. OMG if you have to call the customer services(forget about it) you ALWAYS get some person from overseas who barely speaks English, and trying to understand what they are telling you is almost impossible. Every month for the last 3 months Cricket has been nickle and diming me -$3 here $2 there. I shouldnt have to go through these kind of changes every month. Dont even request to speak with a supervisor is like pulling teeth-the CSR have no customer services training what so ever! I spend a hour arguing with a CSR and never got to speak with an supervisor. CRICKET you have to step your game up! Your customer services sucks and needs fixing immediately. The US is a finanial wreck and CRICKET wants to hire people from overseas to do their customer service. Hire someone in the US and we will get better customer service!

jojo 11/17/2009
The Trick is to not buy Cricket Phones.
Buy verizon/sprint/Alltell phones off The internet/Ebay and Flash them over to Cricket..Or Buy Pre-Flashed phones
Cricket Service 2.5 stars..
Cricket Plans 5 stars

Slim 11/16/2009
Cannot reach a real live person at Cricket, thus, no hope of having my problem solved in a timely manner. Think I'll just change my service, maybe pay a bit more, but they can afford to hire people to speak to!

Daniel 11/13/2009
Worst service, non existent customer service, rude workers, plans not explained, no refunds, no help. We were even given a bogus number by an employee as her number for her manager. I can't wait for the class action lawsuit on this one.

kathy creager 11/8/2009
I really thought I liked Jump until my account kept getting shut off for no reason. On Nov. 8, 2009 after being shut off for the 4th time in three weeks the supervisor now informs me that we used all of our minutes. This is totally untrue! I can even prove that Jump charged me for incoming calls which are supposedly free. We used our other cell phone to call this Jump phone. That is an incoming call to the Jump phone which we were charged for, as well as others. Now that is now the reason they tell me we are shut off when only two days ago we supposedly had $28 left on the account and have made absolutely no outgoing calls from the Jump phone. Then the supervisor hung up on me. Terrible, terrible service!!! Please call me at (937)520-4461 if you want further information about how terrible this service is.

brent 11/6/2009
Cricket wireless is super sloppy. What a terrible company. I payed $60 for a card to reactivate my phone and not only will they not reactivate it but they wont refund my money.

Guest 10/29/2009
The absolute worst customer service with the additinal charge to pay your bill at a location, the web site conveniently down so you can't get aq free pay, you never talk to a customer service person, you have to leave your name, number and other information and they will call you back, but when. I'm going to drop them asap. The probably won't answer the phone.

bressa 10/28/2009
i think that cricket is byfar better than ay&t phones cricket is more afordibale for people who cant relly aford a more epensife phone... i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demuel 10/26/2009
Cricket is cheap but the service is lousy, a lot of dropped calls and almost impossible to speak to a person at customer service, I pushed the button to buy a new phone and that's how I got a person. I bought a new phone about 3 months ago have yet to receive rebate, they sent me a letter saying I haven't had service long enough, but when I finally got a person they said oh don't worry you'll get your rebate and haven't received it yet. If you can afford it spend the extra money for a plan with another carrier.

chris 10/25/2009
incorrect info on coverage. Cricket Wireless now has nationwide coverage in all 50 states and no roaming charges on the $45 and up plans. We have touch screen phones and a variety of qwerty keyboard phones.

JGREEN 10/17/2009
The only issues I've had with their service is when I am in a area where I don't receive coverage, which is what I was told upfront. I have a Cricket plan, and have had it for going on four years now. The coverage area is constantly expanding, last time I traveled, on a $65/mo plan, I got internet, phone and text service in five major cities, and it is GREAT! I don't know what previous posters expect as far as customer service is concerned, obviously, they've never stood in LONG lines at an AT&T store just to not have major issues resolved, or pay a $400 stinking bill where overage fees cost 40 cents/minute, but never notify you. If I get unlimited everything for $65 a month, no late fees, no overage charges, and no increase unless I change my bill, I am willing to put up with an international accent while talking to customer service.

Juliet 10/15/2009
Well, I'm considering switching to Criket from a Net10 prepaid phone. I have read each and every review on here and I guess, basically, this is a good idea only if you are in a good service area, don't need to travel with your phone, don't mind switching phones every 6 months and you better pray you never ever have a problem with your service. Because I'll never get any problem I have with Cricket resolved. So basically it's a HUGE gamble to get their service....hmm....I'm not much of a gambler...but then again all I need is a phone to make calls with, no text messaging, no call waiting, no data plans, just phone calls....I think this might be ok. Only 30 a month is not bad. With Net10 it was $30 for 300 minutes which I used up within 2 weeks no matter how hard I tried to make them last. So I guess I'm gonna take a gamble and go for it! Wish me luck!

rockstarcycling 10/14/2009
I've had nothing but trouble with Cricket. My bill is never the same every month and unless you go to a corporate store they scam you. The phones are cheap. You get what you pay for! Cheap service cheap phones. Beware!!

RILEY 10/8/2009

Ruby 10/6/2009
Worst cell phone service period. Terrible customer service both instore and when calling the 1 800 number. Even though I live in a major city, my neighborhood usually gets NO SERVICE. I have to constantly go online via my phone to see if I have any text messages, I receive about only 20% of my phone calls and when I am trying to use my phone it usually drops the call. Whenever I go instore to pay my bill I swear its a dollar more than the month before.

marin 10/5/2009
I just got the wireless internet from cricket and i am very disappointed from it.I have internet only in couple big cities.

Nick 10/2/2009
Came from MetroPCS service area with whom I'd never had a real problem besides customer service to Cricket - this has to be the most ridiculous company I've encountered. My phone has begun to die after less 6 months, I normally keep phones for about yrs - called Samsung for warranty replacement, rep runs my ESN and tells me the phone I paid full price for is a refurb...she says it's common with Cricket, the phones are not new. Meanwhile, wanted to pay my partner's phone bill and mine at the same time by phone - automated system wouldn't let me pay hers b/c I was calling from my phone; finally got a rep after almost 30 mins and was offered the opportunity to pay $5 for the privilege of giving them money. Last night, looked at upgrading myp partner's phone and attempted to change her calling plan on the website; the refurb phones are too expensive and I would have been charged a $10 migration fee for the price plan change.

MM8 9/20/2009

bob-e 9/8/2009
expensive and obsolete cell phones,poor customer service, hidden fees ,($3 conveniece fee $15 reactivation fee) most dropped calls i have ever had, if someone is trying to reach you they r equally fustrated by having it ring ten times on their end and your phone still has not rang once. like the saying goes "you get what u pay for" in this case a boat load of garbage,headaches and indian c.s. shinanigans. honestly stay away if u can

lisa 8/27/2009
jump sucks...
i have been trying to contact jump for 5 days now and always busy....they havn't fixed the problem with getting and sending pictures and im being charged for calling them....

Rick 8/26/2009
I'm one of those people that never rates anything, but because Cricket is new, and because I've had such a positive experience with them I thought I'd put my two cents out there on their behalf. So far my experience with them has been great. For what I was paying for phone service alone with one of their competitors I now have full featured phone and service and broadband for my computer. I opted not to get the 3G phone and service in part because of the additional $15/month charge, and because I didn't really use all of those features on my old phone. But I did get a Motorola Hint phone and am quite happy with the way it looks and with it's features. And besides, I figure with the money that I'm saving I can spring for a mini-laptop and use the broadband device that I got from Cricket if I'm out and need to surf the net or use some ap that was on my old phone. And contrary to alot of the comments that I've read I've found Cricket's customer service to be AOK, although I've basically only used them to transfer my phone number - that went easily. I probably wouldn't recommend Cricket without thoroughly checking it out first if you're a big traveler as I understand that there are coverage issues. But for me it's been great!

henry 8/25/2009
All the reviews below with 1 star are quite suspicious to me--ie like an indian spammer was paid to write them.

Kris 8/25/2009
I have Cricket and I love it. I pay $38 bucks a month for unlimited talk, text and long distance. I get better reception than I EVER have with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Cincinnati Bell Wireless!! I have no issues. I get online and pay the bill every month and that's it!!! I went to the USED cell phone store, bought a used phone that was already flashed and had it turned on through cricket. I have gone through three phones and all three I have had no problems ever!!!
**If you don't like getting text messages from CRICKET then reply to them with "STOP" and they will respond with an auto-reply letting you know that the messaging will stop.***

James 8/21/2009
Cricket is good for local area coverage. As for roaming, not the best choice. However, your bill will not be more than what you have available on your account (flexbucket money if you add any). No overages that I ever came across. Have been with Cricket off and on - signal has improved over the years. Shop around, for there are some over prepaid carriers that are utilize other carrier networks and may have a larger coverage area for a lower price, even roaming without a contract. Just switched to StraightTalk and Page Plus Cellular looks comparable and offers roaming. Stay away from Boost.

Patricia 8/20/2009
I have been disappointed with Cricket and experience many dropped calls.

SheShe 8/16/2009
What to do? I currently have Alltel prepaid which Ive had for 6yrs, but Ive moved from NC to MD and Im roaming. I have the 1 dollar a day plan but its getting expensive so I need some help on which 1 for MD I should choose: Boost or Cricket,HELP!

james 8/13/2009
service is excellent. i had it for about 9 months no problems. I got a Htc Touch Pro from sprint and I flashed it to cricket. I get everything, unlimited talk, text, web, picture message, youtube and more.

jessica Johnson 8/4/2009
on aug.4 2009 i have been tring to contact jump mobilefrom Memphis TN and their sayin dat every one iz talking to a custormer. So i called bac later and they were still sayin the same thing,so then i keep hanging up n calling back hoping to get in touch wit someone, but it would not go thhrough and i've been trining scence 11 o'clock thiz morning and it iz 8:06 pm and they are still saying the same thing please see wats the promblem.

Samuel 8/1/2009
Where in America can you make and receive unlimited calls, unlimited 411 directory service, unlimited text for under $60 per month? It is a steal for most American's, who are having difficulties making a living wage - energy bill, rent or mortgage, auto loan, FOOD... Bottom Line: Do your homework, then proceed from there. This is a valuable life lesson!

David 7/28/2009
These reviews are painful to read. Chris: Maybe it's not the American public, but the Cricket demographic.

chris 7/28/2009
My wife & I are looking for a cell phone because of some trips we are going to be taking.After reading comments on different sites,I'm now convinced of two things: 1) there are NO good/decent phones or plans out there and 2)the American public has the IQ of a tomato! Learn how to spell,use punctuation and complete sentences,will ya?? Jeesh, my head hurts just from reading your comments!

michael 7/25/2009
AT&T GoPhone is the best choice, period.

Jerry Martin 7/25/2009
I bought their "wireless" computer service for my computer under the promise that all downloads were to be instant. They are not. As slow, if not slower than my former land service. All the reports I read here about poor to non-existence service are true.
I don't see how a company can stay in business like this.
Zero recommendation.

Lee Lee 7/24/2009
the sevice crosses up a lot and sometimes when you try to make a call the phone is silent and the same time ur minutes burn when u talk to a representative they dont listen when you try to explain they argue with u and talk crazy and i dont like that and this is the first time this has happen after i spoke to 5 of the representives

mark 7/24/2009
This has been the worst phone company I have ever delt with. There paygo is nothing but a bait and switch scam as far as I can see. The phone has never worked since day one and has charged long distace fee on every call regardless of dialing area. Customer service is no where to be found. All they say is some one will get back to you in 24 hours till your time runs out. When your time gets to low they will not even answer only saying "all lines are busy" Go to the store and they say just move up in plans to solve things..ya right. After 10 days of waiting for some one to call me back, I will try to get my money back.....

dre 7/15/2009

preston gallatn 7/6/2009
Have had a phone for about 6 months.Paid all my bills on time,no big problems till now..No service called customer service No speak english,Asked to speak to someone whom speaks are tougue,or a supervisor,whom,speaks English,placed on hold,I waited,waited,waited,Hung up called back...Same story,,Hey what gives with customer service with these folks,Da,well when its cheap,its cheap,I have a sugjustion,how about a five day waiting grace period..Now adays people are using thier cells at home,as thier primary phones,I guess what, Cricket is leaving its self wide open for a lawsuit if someone needs the police,ambulance,or Doctor in an emergency..So a warning to you fokes,and wake up,and smell the roses before I or another Lawyer sues the hell out of you..Customer service is deployable,service is fine..When you manage to get it.Get someone working there who speaks anything besides broken english,after all the primary language in the United States is english and please stop puting people on hold for hours at a time..All told I was on hold for 2hrs and 16 minutes only to be rudely transfered,to another person whom couldn"t speak english,and they still did"nt answer my questions,,So I finally gave up..So I guess I'll just go to another service,I don"t have the time for the run around..Don"t get a Cricket phone..GO FISHING !!!!with a live Cricket..

John O'Neill 7/3/2009
Anybody who sayas Cricket is a fraud is just plain wrong. I had Sprint for 7 years in Las Vegas and I had dead AREAS, not dead spot but whole areas of town that had bad or no service. Now true, I could drive from Las Vegas to Charleston, SC and stay on the ASprint phone the whole way but get of of the interstate and they suck.

dakeshon 7/2/2009
cricket has alot of flaws in its service and should of merged with metro pcs (and they still might). It has unlt'd almost everything and roaming. It is good for talker,texters,browsers, and many more. Cricket is ok.

MJERTAL 6/26/2009
I love Jump but I let my services get disconnected, now I have a new number. I went on the site to download stuff but I couldn't HELP PLEASE and I can't get in touch with a Jump Rep.

Uncle Jed 6/22/2009
I would HIGHLY reccomend Jump to a student or young adult who wants a plan w/ unlimited texting but doesn't want to spend a fortune. Any cricket phone works with Jump, so don't worry about the lack of Jump Mobile phones.

scott 6/20/2009
had unlimited data plan had two modems that both broke within a month. . wanted me to pay to replace even under warranty . . the network was terrible . . what a scam this Cricket or Leap should be ashamed of themselves. .went with Virgin wireless. . it rocks . .

sexyboy13 6/20/2009
i so freakin love jump mobile service it is so cheap and i love it and for a teenager that doesn't call out alot but textes 24/7 this is the perfect deal

Floyd 6/6/2009
I have left and returned to cricket several times. 1st. it was the terrible service. Then when service improved. I needed roaming. But, I was charged roaming when I was in a service area like my home, (Big bumber) So I droped cricket again. Now it is custormer care. I needed to make an insurance claim. Cricket only sends claims to a few stores in it's areas. So, when you go to make a claim. You have to take a number and wait in a line longer than at the DMV. Only to lied to so cricket does not have to loose money, My phone stoped letting me make calls. I only had it a week. And I took Premo care of it. They said I had water damage (A LIE!) When the sticker in the phone was the same color as it was when I got it. Cricket custormer care service is worse than a one. About a -10 in my book. I can say one good thing only about cricket. There mobil broad band is a good deal. Lord help me when that stops working. I'll just buy a new one. As crickets insurance is completely worthless and there service is too. I'll only use there broadband but NOT there cell phone service. I'll go back to prepaid. I recommend buy cheap phones you can afford to replace and don't get insurance if you use cricket.
You will never collect on it. And you will loose 1/2 a day of your time trying in a DMV office type of enviroment. OH, They will send you to differnt people and make you get back in line as they did me. Bad bad service to custormers.

So Frazzled 6/2/2009
I have had Cricked since 2003. I get buy used Verizon phones that have been flashed over because the quality is so much better. For a fraction of the price too.

Nice 5/27/2009
Freedom to speak freely!

greater 5/27/2009
Buffalo,Ny Greg
Sprint has the worst service ever.
and stop bothering people at work. you pcs

Sean 5/27/2009
I love my R211 simple and rocks

mymy 5/21/2009
cricket is really making money. they charge you for every text you get with the prepaid phone and some of these texts I'd rather not read. if I change my plan,I should have an option whether I receive texts. other than that, the phones that are 19.99 are crummy, but the service has been a blessing since my sprint phone has been on shut down. Thanks so much!!

Buffalo,Ny Greg 5/20/2009
I walked into a cricket store for the past few days on my lunch break (1hour) and wait for someone to ask if I need help and not 1 person acknowledged I was there! That's a pretty good sign of their C.S. !!! After reading some of these reviews as bad as it sounds... I'm staying with SPRINT!

Jawed Memon 5/17/2009
Never buy their service. I have made a huge mistake buying their services. Please go for boost mobile if you want a better and cheaper service. I had no service for two months and after two months they charged my credit card with out my consent. Down with cricket wireless.

jasmine 5/12/2009
Look i just a cricket phone i dont liv in a remote area or anything like that. Its always static. It wont let me read my picture texts. I called and they said go on a certain website. I went there it didn't work. I love the pay for my phone and bill but ask yourself 1st is it worth it. FYI Im payin for pictures and texts

Jeni 5/10/2009
Jump is great, my hubby and I have both had them for several years and never had a problem. The few times we needed to speak to customer service they were helpful. Jump is the best deal out there.

OhioAnonymous 5/9/2009
If I could give them a 0, I would. If you're smart, you would avoid Cricket like the plague.

Justin,credible 5/9/2009
These phones are great. There are so many ways to get around their system. Just mail them a money order for their bill. 40 cents stamp and 36 cent money order. That saves you the 3$ in store charge. If you want free wallpapers and ringtones go to However I will agree with their over the phone support. Their acents are to strong to understand sometime, that's why I go cooperate store for any issues

lucila 5/9/2009
everyone should get cricket and its really great get unlimited web texts,pics,minutes.and no contracts and it can save you a avarage of 600dollars a year.can you amigine if you switch to other plans like other phone companies you cant be saving alot of money and imagine how much money youll be saving a year!so switch to cricket.and they have unlimited family plans.

BIG MIKE 4/28/2009
From the beginning i had troubles.Its like once you buy your phone they just don't care.Customer care just about comes out and calls you a liar. Supervisor's can't help he didn't even speak very good English could not understand what i was talking about. The stores try and run you out with no resolve.DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

miguel c 4/24/2009
cricke it is a good company but the signal for the phones dont work good because wen am outside i get 4 bars but inside my house i dont get any so i think they should have more signal everywhere....

Sadie 4/21/2009
Poor phone service and poor customer service...nothing more to say! I'd rather eat the cost of the phone and switch to another carrier than deal with this. I do not recommend them at this time. I am in Chicago and have poor service for calls, texting and web. I also incur roaming charges (?) in the Chicagoland area and out of state regardless that a call does not go through.

ORLANDRIA 4/21/2009
I think cricket is awesome as long as u tick to the plan and dont add all the ringback tones and stuff the bill will stay the same every month..and if my bill every gets to high (which it doesnt) i can just disconnect my service for free and start all over.. let me see you do that at sprint!

gigichild 4/18/2009
I just ordered my new phone from cricket it was cool and easy. As far as the drop calls it can be any different then T Mobile. They have to be the worst service ever. I look forward to a cheaper bill with Cricket. I can get basically for 60 bucks vs a fave five plan with 600 mins and ulimited texting for 80. Heck I will risk dropping a few calls as long as I can call unlimited.

Janalva 4/16/2009
I made changes to lower my account bill because $243.17 seems crazy to me. So the cricket representitive tells me what to pay. $181.52
So I did on March 26th early by the way was not due until April 12th
My services were shut off on the April13th
mabye 12th unsure about that,did not try use it til 13th April

Craig. B 4/14/2009
Cricket is a great company and they are always growing! They now have service in Chicago, Il Milwaukee, Wi Philedphia,Pa!Customer Service 858-882-6000..Don"t bother calling there toll free number.. You wil get a faster, and quicker response at this number!

deanna 4/14/2009
Don't buy Cricket phones or get their service. I had a problem where they neglected to send me a bill, so I overlooked it. So, when my son came home from school one day saying that his phone wouldn't work, it dawned on me that I hadn't paid the bill. Duh, how could I when I didn't get a bill. So, I had my husband to go to the nearest Cricket store to pay the bill. Well, not only was he hit with a $3 convenience fee for paying it at the store, but also a $15 late fee. So, what is normally $42 taxes and all ended up costing us $60. Well, then the bill for next month came and I hit the roof. It was for $98. So, already fuming I call customer service( what a joke) to get to the bottom of this high phone bill. The so called customer service rep tells me that I should actually owe $56, not $98. But when asked why the bill reflects $98, she had no satisfactory answer other than it was a mistake. I understand that $56 is better than $98, but it was still higher than my average bill should be. Then, I noticed on the bill that there was a $15 reinstatement fee. So, that brings the total in fees to $33, none of which were my fault. They didn't send me a bill. Oh, and the customer service rep even had the audacity to say that I did receive a bill. Excuse me, does she check my mail or do I? So, then I was really mad. These people have cheated me out of whole months bill in fees which were none of my fault. So, I asked to talk to a supervisor, they put me on hold, and when she finally came back on the line, she informs that the supervisor is too busy to take my call, which again pisses me off. The best that the so called customer service rep could do, was to take $5 off my total of $56. So, I called them a bunch of crooks and informed them that the best I could do was to never ever recommend their services to anyone, not even my dog. Take it from me, customer service for Cricket is lacking BIG TIME!!!!!!

jessica 4/12/2009
I love my cricket service... the only problem is that theservice is bad but u cant go wrong with the prices what do you expect .. everything is free,
i just bought a new phone and i love it

Bill R 4/11/2009
I use my phone for business and I have had the same number since 2001 and my service was taken over by cricKet. I found that paygo was to expensive for the options that I needed so I changed it to a monthly plan......BIG mistake.

Candace 4/10/2009
Horrible. Clueless customer service, treadfull porting. But I am going to get this resolved.

jayla 4/10/2009
i want to tell you all that i like cricket because it is cheap but one thing that concerns me is when i go out of town the phone dont work no more so what if it's an emergency and i need to contact somebody? so that's all i have to say but thanks anyways for just trying and that's all that matter....thankyou love lots jayla

Michel 3/31/2009

bonnie lagrone 3/24/2009
Very interesting reviews by all. In honesty everyone is telling the truth. I have no problem with them, even though they are not the best. I love the plan but the phone is a piece of crap. Another phone would be too expensive right now, so I'm using duct tape.

LESLIE 3/18/2009
Cricket has the worst customer service-you pay for their mistakes. You will hear "Im sorry" about 100 times in one call but they do nothing to fix their screw-ups.

Marie 3/16/2009
I had cricket for about a year and the service is bad...DONT DO IT!!!

Cricket Premier Dealer 3/15/2009
I have just recently moved to chicago IL, to work for Cricket, We do have lot of advertisment and great deals of free 1st and activation. phones are instant rebated and great other in store promotion. I am not writing this for an PR of Cricket. Premier dealer call support is so horrible that i wanted to break my store phone, I do give hard time to non-helpful customer reps, They always give this and that other words and different everytime when I speak with some1 else. I try my best to figure it out for the customers in the store but the worst support I ever had from my wireless experience. Ive been with verizon , MetroPCS. but the worst. I know its all new in the City and of course it should have technical problems of course but Cricket should train the Call support little bit better. Cricket is for people for low incom and should be the company stand by most affordable way to help the customers. But when they had a problem all these get arounds. hopefully these problems will be resolved anytime soon

lol 3/14/2009
I have cricket for 2 years in Austin TX.
no problems so far. Cricket customer service is not the best. They don't have a good selection of phones. But here is the solutions to all your problems with coverage. Get roaming on your account and you don't have to worry about coverage. I don't like people to know that I used "crooked" so I flash my own phones. Treo 700w aint bad.

JUAN 3/12/2009

paul s 3/11/2009
i was wary of cricket when i first heard of it because of the size of the network, but a couple of my friends had it and i figured 'what the hey'.
I dropped Sprint when my contract was up and got a motorola w315 and the $35 plan. ive never looked back since.
I'm using a Samsunng jetset now and loving it.
i came to a conclusion that may help those new to Cricket service- it 'seems' the new phones and such have a 'break in period' in which service and sound quality are a little iffy. Both my phones were new and took approximately 2 days each to straiten out and sound right. Most of the dropped calls i ever had were during this period. Hope this helps.

Guest 3/10/2009
CRICKET IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE IT AND ITS THE BEST Wireless service ive had and its so cheap I really have a hard time believing I get unlimited talk text and internet for 45 bucks a month.

Guest 3/10/2009
Criket is REDIC! I hate them! My phone sucks!!!! They text me all of the time and the new people that they have working in the Sandy store in Portland are JERKS!!! They let go of the only good person working for them. Now I dont want to deal with them at all.I WILL be switching service VERY soon!

Anita 3/8/2009
Go with boost Mobile. Unlimited everything!!!!!!!!!

Bob 3/6/2009
Without a doubt, Cricket is absolutely the worst cellular service provider there is. Not only are their prepaid phones junk (especially the Samsung u340) but they refuse to honor their warranty to replace a bad phone. Service areas are spotty at best and constantly dropped calls are possible while traveling in a vehicle. If you go to one of their Corporate stores to do business with them, expect 1-2 hours delay while sitting in their waiting room. Customer Service at their Corporate Stores is as bad as their cell service. I will never do business with Cricket again. Don't walk away from Cricket, RUN!!!

janica 3/3/2009
I wish we can rate them as zero. i have a phone with 50 dollars and im trying to get it switch over to another phone the young lady on there told me i cant switch my minutes. they got terrible customer service. they dont take time to talk with you. all i wanted to know can a boost phone can be switched over to a jump. they are working my last nerves. if anybody agree write me thanks!!!!!!

Yolanda 2/27/2009
The plans are cheap and ther service is horrible. I get text msgs weeks later or not at all. I get dropped calls daily. Sometimes my phone doesnt even ring. I have 8 other family members who have the same problems.

JENNY 2/18/2009
I live in Racine, WI and I personally don't have the cell service, but I do have the wireless internet. My boyfriend has the cell service and although the price is right, he does get a lot of dropped calls. However, the service is rather new to our area and I expect signal to get better as time goes on. As for the internet, it's no Roadrunner high speed, but it sufices for my needs. All in all, I'm content with the service and so is my boyfriend. This is a good provider for those who cannot afford other providers such as AT&T or T-mobile due to bad credit or what have you. It's also a good starter phone for teens who work part time and have to pay for thier own phone (which I think is a smart move for parents to teach thier teens to work for what they want). And the wireless internet is a smart move for anyone who doesn't want the hassle of going through cable (especially time warner - whom i cannot stand)

afk. 2/17/2009
i love reading this kinda stuff. fact is crickets phones suck. NOT there service. i flash htc phones to use on cricket. the mogul. the apache the touch the touchpro. and i had great service my buddy who had many of there phones on the other hand. got crap service. as for the data. thats a joke. u can only use port 80 so no messengers. or pop3 email. ect. basicly its a great service for ppl who do Not travel out of there respective counties. i had great service with them till last month when i went to sprint. as for CS they was not that bad. Try dealing with Sprint. now there RUDE and prolly the wrost place i've ever delt with. my service was down 3 weeks out of the month and all they wanted to offer me was a $4.79 credit? talk about a joke. Cricket is great. i'd highly rec them to anyone who don't travel. i've delt with sprint tmobile AT&T and Verizon. if i had to pick a big phone provider. Go with verizon. the other 2 suck. otherwise go to cricket.

junior956 2/17/2009
well i live in south texas n i used to have sprint but they charge way too much evry month than swith to pocket a local unlimited provider but their service was really bad specially the coverage area than i swith to cricket n i already been with them for over four months and the service is great the only thing i dont like is that sumtimes i cant download my picture messages but oh well bseides that is a great company

In Reno 2/13/2009
,I've had Cricket since they came to Reno,NV. I've had up to 4 lines on my bill (kids). They've come along way; added cell towers, roaming works to name a few. I love the no contract (I hated Sprint-will never use them ever again). I get $ off for multiple lines. I use the customer service at the store as they have outsourced their call in customer service. The outsourcing is the reason for a four star instead of five. Many of my friends have switched to cricket after the hefty fees w/Sprint, Att etc. I'm glad for cricket, raising 3 daughters can add up!!

pissedoff 2/13/2009
made a payment still no service,called 1800cricket and cant get a live person,called 5 stores locally and not one person could help me,try to go online and their website wont work either,highly pissed off at this point,I'm ready to take my new phone and throw it at the wall and buy another one somewhere else

works4cricket 2/10/2009
Working for cricket was going to be a fun adventure until you start to deal with the customers. It is not all there fault I mean I would be super Pssed if I couldn't get through to customer service but what I wish they coud figure out is that the new sales line really can't pull up any account information!

Olrac 2/6/2009
People should understand that dropped calls could be caused by a lot of reasons. First thing you need to know about cellphones is that it depends on signal strength. When you use any of your service, you have to check the signal bars. Calls are getting interrupted if you stand on areas where there are obstacles for the radio signal to transmit on the phone. We often complain about customer service reps, but what if we were on their place and someone with a very string hispanic accent calls in shouting and wont even listen but himself/herself. What do you think would you feel. As customers, we should always be wise of our bills, remembering our due dates (like what were suppose to for our mortgages and utilities), and of course understanding the details of our bill.

no one needs to know 2/4/2009

B.W. 2/4/2009
Great deal on unlimited features, but phones are too expensive, they charge too much to start with the service, and customer service are difficult to reach.Feels more like a contract phone than a prepaid phone.

kiera lipscomb 1/30/2009
I got a picture phone but cant send or get picture

beachymom 1/28/2009
First I have NEVER, not once been able to speak to anyone over the phone. And you must give out ALL your personal information, SS#-DL#-Bank info-Credit/ Debit info, not just to begin the service but even just to pay a bill. I have been checking and the company has a very high incidence of credit/debit card fraud. It is just NOT worth it.

Nicole Weatherly 1/21/2009
I purchased a samsung messenger for my daughter for xmas and it malfunctioned on her within 2 weeks. Cricket looks at the battery and automatically stated it was water damaged. The phone has not been near any water. There is no technical support to correct the problem so samsung emailed me a shipping label for me to send there product back to them to either fix or replace since it has been less then 30 days of purchase, and get a replacement from cricket. Cricket does not honor any manufacture request and stated I had to pay another $85 for insurance when they can't even tell you what is wrong with the phone. Cricket is a big fraud. My daughter can hear other people's conversation's when she is near another cricket owner and sometime's when she at home in her room. Cricket is a real fraud. I've just spent $200 on a phone that is no good and will take 2wks to get back from samsung. Cricket is a real fraud.

Bobby 1/20/2009
My family has put forth a lot of effort to avoid telemarketers... being on no-call lists, etc. We all are familiar with email spam as well... so why oh why does my own phone company (Cricket) continue to text spam me with advertisements !!!?? I have been in the stores, dialed 611 to customer service, wrote letters... to no avail. There is no stopping it. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER CARE.

ms.lily 1/19/2009
my mom has jump mobile and i want the same fone now but i cant find it any where!!!!!i tried the internet and 30 other stores!i dont no where to get one! :( help!

SAM 1/19/2009

jon 1/16/2009
a cricket is an insect that should be stabbed with a fish hook....NOT a phone company. i tried to pay with their evil recorded voice system, and they wouldnt take it...then they said i owed them a late fee...and i was on the 25 a month plan...they charge me 35...i tried to change it on the phone after 8 calls when i finally got a human...they said there was no such plan...but its on tv i told the idiot girl prom its not she said...after 20 minutes i said i want the supervisor...hes busy...ill wait as long as i have to...days weeks...theyre all busy...ill call the federal trade can do that she says....they are evil i tell you....E V I L ! ! ! im talking stressed out...dropped reception...everyone i talk to sounds like they have a mouth full of marbles...hatred and discontent...death by tiny ants is too good for they

Donald Yeaton 1/14/2009
I had a horrible experience with the Broadband card activation. I had no help from over eight service reps and 3 supervisors. No one could give me a direct Broadband tech number or knew how to activate my card. Furthermore, the 800Cricket did not have a Broadband tech option. At least three service reps said the Broadband support was down for maintenance. Even my local sales people who sold me the card indicated the tech people were unavailable and to try later or tomorrow. And, I just want to get the card activated !! I will keep my Verizon air card. It costs more but the Verizon service people are knowledgeable and AVAILABLE. I will not recommend Cricket to anyone!

hoffmanjam 1/11/2009
I just want to tell everyone and anyone who is thinking of signing up with this company. We signed up and all was going good til the first auto pay bill came. Our bill was due on the 14th but it was withdrawn from our bank account on the 8th! Without reading the fine print we were screwed! It bounced everything since I was going to the bank Saturday to put in for our payment....yet it was already paid and we had an NSF fee. We called to see what the heck was up and were told with the automatic bill pay they can take your payment up to 7 days before your bill is really due! Now, every other company who has this automatic bill pay the day your bill is due thats the day they pull the money. NOT CRICKET!! They had caused us to bounce our other bills due to this issue!!! We called to cancel ASAP!!! Beware if you do automatic bill pay!!!

Martin 1/10/2009
Lots of people talking about the 1800 customer service - or lack of it!
I have to say that the customer service over the phone is not very good, with long wait times and poor service when you do get through.
Just go to a company-owned cricket store, they look after you, value your custom and fix your issue.
I've had cricket for about 6 months now and I love it. If you don't add internet or ringbacks to your plan then the bill will stay the same and the broadband internet is way quicker than at&t.
The only thing for me is that they can't expand quick enough so I can get all my family with them.

love to text cali girl 1/7/2009
Well, in my experience I have not had like the best service at all with cricket! Like, no thanks! I went ahead and had daddy spend some more money on me and hooked me up with a really nice iphone on at&t and it is like really awesome! cricket is okie dokie but only if you like being frustrated to the point of like screaming really loud! like, uhhhh! anyway, hope this helps. a hot dog with no bun? I think I've done that one before!

Martina 1/7/2009
If you live in a remote area, I wouldn't suggest Cricket. But, If you live near the city, It is great service. Everything is unlimited, and that's what I love. I am a text-a-holic, and it is unlimited for that service. The only bad thing is the coverage, but I would suggest it.

its OK 1/4/2009
i have cricker but my broadband connection is super slow when i go to mexico i get signal in some areas in mexico and its awsome i would like to recomend this to anyone who wants to have a nice cheap phone but after these reviews u might think cricket sucks oh well

Whitley 1/3/2009
I have been using jump for nearly 3 years and haven't had any real issues. I originally bought the blue motorolla phone and after about a year the phone was all messed up(due to me dropping it a lot and constantly talking the battery dead). So I bought an old regular cricket service phone from a friend and I called jump customer service and had them to activate it with Jump. On that phone I could send and recieve picture messages and everything. I spend $50 every 90 days instead of the $54 I was spending every month. Great deal. Now I have a new phone from cricket the Samsung Messenger and it is great. I can send completely FREE ringtones to my phone from so I never have to buy them. I would recommend anyone buying this phone to purchase a reg cricket phone not the super ragedy phone they sell for jump. I think that is what is causing everyones problems.As far as the customer service goes it is pretty frustrating sometimes but with a quality phn you really don't have to worry about it. Good Luck!!!

d 1/3/2009
umm idk anything bout them but these poor reviews- i only wanted 1 to get the discount w/ their broadband svc. fyi. if u peeps want a good plan virgin has a 7$/mo. with 10cnts/min.

Olivia 12/29/2008
I would LOVE Cricket Wireless, it has amazing features and I don't mind an activation fee...but there's just one "little" barely has coverage anywhere. I will be going to college next year to an area that has no coverage...therefore I would be paying massive roaming fees. Cricket would be the perfect cell phone, but they need to really get more coverage.

elaine 12/28/2008
Cricket PayGo does NOT charge you for days you don't use your phone. The do NOT suspend your phone for having$5 past due amount, you have to have at least $12 past due. YOU should know about how much your bill is, don't try to blame your under paying on the automated system. MOST of Crickets call centers are actually in the US. If you are losing SO much money with your business, then why do you need a Cricket phone to begin with?! If you buy a cheap/used/refurbished phone,what do you expect? Why don't all of you do a class action suit? You would lose, that's why there hasn't been one because most of you, the ones complaining about billing issues, KNOW that you owe the money & YOU"RE trying to scam Cricket & get something for nothing. Unhappy? Go elsewhere, there aren't any contracts!

nichole flenoy 12/22/2008
i like jump but only thing i dont like is when you got to use pm your mintues in a certain amount of time

EZ 12/22/2008
I just received cricket. I must say this is the worst service ever. Everything I read I have witnessed

delila 12/18/2008
man, yall is hatin..real got unlimited everything..for a reasonable if yall so paided den go to verizon or tmobile and pay ova 100 dollas for stuipd service..stop complaining..

Celeste 12/15/2008
I loved cricket. Truly I did. My fiance got one because it was affordable for his income for an indefinite time in the current economy.
While I'm away on trips, we keep in touch by texting each other.
This was working out great for a month.
However, before his first bill was due, his text responses to me stopped. (Cue me panicking)
I figured, "OK, call him." However, not only was he not getting my texts, but, when the phone rang, it would ring one time fully, then half the second and drop to dead air. Every time.

Lucy 12/12/2008
great service as far as price, $50 every three months is fantastic. no phone choices and customer service does suck, but haven't really had to use it. have had Jump for 3 yrs now, would recommend to everyone

Josh Pattillo 12/12/2008
Here is my overview: 1. Very poor service... even in the city, I usually get about 1 bar (2 if I'm lucky). 2. I pay my bill on time each month, but more often than not, I get my phone disconnected near the end of the billing cycle because for some reason they left $5.00 on my account that counts as a "past due amount". 3. I tell phone system to pay my past due amount and current due amount, but it does not pay all of it, which leaves me with a late charge and my phone getting disconnected again. 4. I receive lots of annoying spam ON MY PHONE from Cricket, sometimes multiple times a day. I have sent the message "stop" to the number, and get back a message saying I wont get any more, but I do. I have even called someone at Cricket and told them about this and they said I would no longer receive the messages, but I do. 5. I never received my $100.00 rebate because apparently (after talking on the phone with someone at cricket a few months after buying my phone) the person who sold me my phone didn't include the bottom part of my receipt which has the purchase date, which for some reason they need (they don't have it on their computers?). 6. I can't seem to find a number to call to dispute all my problems (what happened to the number I tried calling before?) they seem to have removed all customer support numbers from their website. 7. Because of all the B.S., I end up paying about $60-75 a month for this "service" (if it can be called a "service") and I am planning on switching to a more reliable carrier who will charge me that amount up-front, instead of lying to me just so I end up with the worst service ever. Overall, a very poor company in every facet of their operation. I would like to file a class-action lawsuit against them for essentially stealing from me every month and charging me for services not rendered.

CancelingCricket 12/11/2008
I can't speak to the quality of the Cricket service, as I have only been a customer for one day. However, I just learned from customer service that their Paygo phone plan is misleading, so much so that I would call it false advertising. I'm taking my phone back to the store tomorrow for a refund and cancelling the service.

Keeping It Real 12/11/2008
I purchase the phone that was a little over $200 dollars. Mp3,camera, video the whole 9 sweetie. The pics were gorgeous on this phone, video was amazing. Before i spent that $200+ I asked alot of questions. Again! after two years... The problems began. Go into the store and given a replacement. I've only had the replacement for 2 months... Guess what? problems! Given another replacemet, but different model... yeah you know it problems! My son is on my acct. Bought a phone from a friend, its a verizon,flashed it with cricket and has had no problems at all, so far. Said all this to let you know i spent alot of $ thinking that maybe less problems. I don't know what is going on with cricket, but i hope things get better for all of you that are having problems. I've since disconneted service on my line. Since no issue with my son's line im still paying. The moment he complains of "any" service problems, Goodbye cricket!

Keeping It Real 12/11/2008
If You can afford better, please select a better company. Read my comment over and over again, before you decide to take the leap to cricket. If you do, please put insurance on your phones. If you don't you will wish you did. Price reasonable, don't look for things to be so grand after about 2-3 years with this service and their "phones" Keep receipts to everything concering purchases through cricket. Something with this company just "Is Not" right. I have this feeling that in due season it will be exposed. I see potential law suits! Oh yeah, im with you, some of these comments are hilarious! pay attention.

Keeping It Real 12/11/2008
Scott Deaver,
I'm not laughing at your dilema, trust me. I just read your comment, and you had me cracking up on somethings you were saying. In all honesty, you are telling the truth sir. I don't want to say what i am going through with cricket because it will only make my headache worse. I will say this... If there is anyone who has a cricket phone only 2 yrs and did not began having problems instantly afterward, please let me know. If you are honest, i bet after 2-3 years something went wrong with the phone and after the B S with customer service, you eventually ended up purchasing another phone or changed cell phone service to someone else.

Dale C. 12/8/2008
I have been with Cricket since they came into the Denver Colorado Market, (6 years +) I have had fairly good luck with their service as far as reception. As far as them being loyal to long term customers-- forget it. If you need to talk to customer service via phone about 50% of the time you get a recording that they are "experiencing high call traffic" and referred to their website which is a complete joke. If you go into one of their stores you had better pack your lunch, because you are going to be there sometime. Oh, and yes as people have stated, when you do get a real live person in customer service I hope that you speak whatever language they may speaking because it sure as heck ain't English!

Vontaria 12/5/2008
I ordered a cricket phone via telephone November 2008. I received my phone a few days later. My primary wireless provided use to be verzion but then I chose Cricket to be the primary mobile provider(HUGE MISTAKE). However, I kept my verion phone but decreased my plan. Anyway, I requested that my existing verizon number be ported to my cricket phone. What a mess!!! It took them forever to complete the process. Finally, when it was completed I had to call back to get my phone activated. Well, in doing so, I was informed that my request could not be done because the phone I ordered from Cricket was not a cricket phone (What)!! Therefore, they sent me another phone(exact same one) and guess what the same thing again. I've called 1800Cricket and everytime I call I get an automated voice message that says "We are experencing a high volume of call today call back in 24 hours." The next day, the same message. The day after that, guess what the same exact message. I am going to send the phone back and I'm going to stick with Verizon. Granted I pay more and I have a contract but it's worth having a piece of mind knowing that anytime you call you will be able to talk directly with a rep!! Another thing, Cricket does not have the capability to transfer calls. Every department is independent meaning that if I call the porting number they can't tranfer you to another department. Cricket is cheaper but please take my advice and go with another provider. Cricket suck!!!

Estelle 12/3/2008
Really NO STARS... Worst...Leave 25 miles maybe less an NO Service. God Forbid you are down to $5.00 and they shut you off and make you go into a store to turn it back on. If you lapse longer than a week you need a NEW SIM card and are ASSIGNED a whole new phone number. Blue CHeap phone CRAP CRAP CRAP! Where is the Better Business Bureau when you need them

Paul B. 12/1/2008
Cricket is the worse!!! DO NOT GO WITH THEM!! I had my number ported over from Qwest and it never worked right from the beginning. Of course Cricket blames it on Qwest. Their customer service is overseas somewhere and they read off of a script and all they try and help you with is resetting your phone!! I have a business and who knows how much business I have lost already!! Also, just go into a main cricket store and you will see a much lower class of people which I am sorry to say. They cater to people with no credit and no contracts and their phones are so expensive. I paid over $450.00 for 2 phones and now I will sell them on e-bay. DO NOT GO WITH CRICKET!! I am stiching over to T-Mobile today!!

Alan 11/30/2008
Iv had cricket for almost 4 years now and it honestly is tha BEST service iv ever had. I used 2 have T-Mobile and it was alright but i would lose signal inside buildings and tha amount i would have to pay was ALWAYS different, I never paid tha suposed amount i was suposed 2 pay. Whenever Cricket came to Houston i decided to try it out because they said it was prepaid, it was cheap, and it was unlimited. And just like they said, it was prepaid, cheap and unlimited. At that time i couldnt go outside of houston without my service going out but cricket was smaller back then. Now that Criket has gotten bigger I can go to other cities and im still good, as long as im not going to tha middle of nowhere ill still have service. Now tha reason I say that Criket is tha best is because ill be in buildings and while other people that have Verizon and TMobile and Sprint are looking around trying 2 get signal i already have it. The phones are pretty good too, they have phones that are cheap that will break really easily but then they have phones that are accually good like Motorolas and Samsungs. Costomer service is probably tha worse thing about Cricket. Its true that the costumer service people do have trouble with English and sometimes u do get people that are really unhelpful but for the most part iv never had any trouble. The best feature is the price, at the most i pay 60 dollars and i get unlimeted calls, messages, internet, and then all tha other features they have like unlimited 411... I would recomend cricket to everyone. The people here that are writing negativly about it is because they bought the cheap phones and are stupid enough 2 spend hours on the fone waiting for someone to answer their questions. Honestly if ur on the fone for even 2 mins. with someone that u kno isnt gonna help u, just hang up the fone and call back, its that simple.

day off 11/29/2008
Ive been a Jump costumer since it began and I love it! I use to work for Virgin Mobile activating phones and costumer service in a call center, and one thing I found out is some people are way too stupid to use any cell phone. 1 star? I give Jump Mobile 5 stars!!!

aaron 11/28/2008
lousy client service - took 2 hours to get a phone (i was the only person in the store) they said i couldn't keep my same number - turns out - i could - now can't text - can't get ahold of anyone

TB 11/26/2008
I thought Cricket would be a great deal, Boy was I wrong!! The phone was cheap, after 2 months the phone would not charge anymore and kept turning off..I couldn't even get service in my house, I had to go stand by the road to get service. The service was awful!! Customer service was terrible, they messed up and sent my phone to my post office instead of my home (FEDEX) can't deliver to post offices. I called Cricket and after staying on the phone with them for almost an hour..they told me I had to deal with wasn't there problem and they weren't going to refund my money. I had to call FEDEX and beg them to deliver it to my home, when really Cricket was the one that should have called them. I would not recommend at all!!

James 11/22/2008
I have owned many cricket phones. What do I have to say about the service it’s not the best in the world the battery gets hot in order for me to talk on my cricket phone I have to leave it plugged in? In order for me to talk on it even with doing this it still has the intendances to disconnect and over heat. I do have to say that I’m a shamed to even admit that I’m a cricket owner I also feel as if cricket takes advantage of people who are on low income and can’t purchase a Real cell phone so my advice is any one who’s thinking about getting or signing up on cricket Don’t it’s not worth the money buy a real cell phone from venison or one of the other real companies out there.

MB 11/21/2008
i think jump mobile is awesome... i have been a customer fo about 4-5 years now and i spend 50 every three months... this is great for teenagers who love to txt non-stop. and as far as phones go i have a sliver but i found out you can flash phones and connect them to jump mobile, you can be walking around witha choclate or something and be paying about 17 bucks a month!!

blessed2comp 11/20/2008
I have had Cricket for about 2 years and I have had problems with customer service and them turning my phone off after I have paid before the due date. The phone cost too much they are not worth the price they ask. They need competition maybe the service and price will get better.

Austiniter 11/19/2008
I'm using Cricket Wireless in Austin, TX. Comparing it to my AT&T Wireless phone I find it works much more better in downtown buildings, and I have not had any dropped or unplaced calls for the past 90 days of use. I have reduced my AT&T minute plan and will soon be utilizing Cricket Wireless exclusively after the near year (2009).

Ron 11/19/2008
Thsi is the worst cell phone service provider. You cannot get anybody on the phone and when they charge you unecessarily. I moved my number to another carrier but they still charge me after wards coudnt get anybody on the phone to return my money. Very rude customer service reps. Please dont fall for the cheap price thing . You get what you pay for. Cricket to me is the worst cell phone carrier .

fedup 11/18/2008
Definately a zero or negative even for customer service!! A family member has one, and whenver I try to help out by paying their bill for them - it is a nightmare getting through - be it automated and their ""can't understand you" or whatever and cuts you off, or the ONE time I finally got thru after hours of trying to a live peson - who was totally unhelpful. Just today - I had to try via my cell (another company - no problems with that company) at least 7 times - no luck, kept cutting me off with their "try again later" - and 3 more times from a land phone before I finally could complete an automated payment. On top of the horrible customer service, having to pay for using a credit card, and then the limited area the family member can use the phone in. Verizon, T-mobile etc. - way bettert any day - and can get live customer service easily. Do Not publish email.

Anna 11/11/2008
This is the best minute phone I have ever gotten! i'VE Gotten 3 for my daughter and recommended it several times.

Cedric 11/9/2008
Cricket is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!! Any phone company that has customer service like these guys ought to be banned and shot! First of all, none of their reps speaks proper english! You can't understand them and they can't understand you! I was TRYING to do a ESN change to another handset over the phone (Simple), and the moron gave me a change of my number! After that, u cant recover your old number back at all! THEN, he not only gave a new #, but the idiot didn't even program it to the same phone! IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!! I tried to speak to his manager and guess what?.... THEY HANG UP ON ME!!!! PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM CRICKET!!!

Keisha 11/6/2008
Jump's customer service is the pits. They don't take responsibility for anything and it's all the customers doing and liability. They have no way to contact their leaders/managers and their front line agents are pinheads. They barely speak let alone understand English. JUMP MOBILE makes you want to JUMP to another service provider!!! The cost is great, but watch everything else closely!!! If you ever need customer service there goes the problem.

Jeff 10/28/2008
OMG! If I could have given this a minus 0 star I would have. More calls are dropped than completed, voices sound garbled... Worse than terrible. Even if one was on welfare, there must be something better than this! Sucks big time!

Margaux 10/27/2008
I've been with Cricket for 7 years. Loved it then, love it now. Cheaper, better and no hassles. Customer service has been great!

Darryl 10/27/2008
I was 14 when I had Cricket and I truly thought that Cricket had the worst serive ever. Sure, unlimited minutes and text sound great, but if the serivce sucks, then it's not worth it. Customer service was TERRIBLE!!! And signal strength was the worst. I couldn't even get a signal in my own house!!! WTF Cricket? I'm so glad I'm back with AT&T. Better phones, better customer service, and and better signal. People might make fun of my for bashing Cricket, but once they can afford the higher services, they'll realize that Cricket isn't worth their money.

Linnea 10/24/2008
First, many of the people who trash this plan aren't the people the company is directing their service toward. If you can make enough money to switch to Sprint or T-Mobile or ATT then you probably should: they have better customer service and better phones. Cricket plans are for people who either cannot afford a $99 month unlimited voice and text plan or do not wish to have a contract or early termination fees and the like.

josh 10/24/2008
Wow I just spent hours reading every review on every company to get a better idea of who's service to go through & have heard mostly NOTHING good about ANY of them lol Im no better off now than I was before I started reading them, what a waste of time that was. Though I will say this about cricket, there are 15-20 local stores in my city & i spent 2 hours calling everyone of them over & over & over just to ask a question about flahing my old phone, & not ONE single store answered, not ONE!!!!

Bryan 10/24/2008
I've used Cricket for a while now, and I just got my second phone with them (by the way, stick with them for a year, they give you a $45 credit towards a new phone, any other company, you have to wait 18 months, and get a $50 credit). Spending $75 a month for 2 phone lines (yes TWO) with unlimited text, unlimited local and long distance, unlimited internet, and picture messaging (also unlimited). No I don't expect customer service to be worth a damn, (although I've NEVER had any problems as long as I went to the store) considering I'm paying HALF of what I paid for my sprint phone (with far more restrictions), who happened to have worse customer service, and didn't get the billing right ONCE for the 8 months I was with them. Not only that but with my good friend sprint, I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to report it stolen, and still got 3 more bills.

peaches 10/23/2008
I do agree that cricket customer service is the worst. They are the rudest people. I too have a long story to tell but I won't. They ended up with extra money from me and the problem did not get solved. They did reimburse $15.00 for my trouble though. That is, they reimbursed 15.00 out of 170.00 cost. Which they acknowledged was there fault. I also got back $50.00 they took out of my debit account but did not put onto my bill. The only reason I keep the service and gave it 2 stars is because I do like the unlimited minutes and is cheaper than other company's. This is a plus if you have children. This phone is for them. So in that sense, I did give them two stars. If it werent for my kids and needing a cheaper service with unlimited minutes, I would of gave it a lower rating. Just because of CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have worked as a customer rep. at another company. This behavior would not be tolerated.

Amanda 10/21/2008
I have had Cricket for almost 1 month and I am sooooo canceling my service. They are the ruddest people!
I called their 1-800-cricket # for a charge that was never suppose to be on my phone in the first place and the first time I was put on hold for 20min! then I called back and got a really rude lady who I could not understand and I asked her why my bill was so high and all she could say is "omg" like I was irritating her, everytime I wanted to talk she would talk right over me in a loud voice so I had about enough of that and asked for her manager and she hung up on me. I then called one of the stores here in Reno,NV and the girl who answered that phone said they would not refund the money back that they wrongly charged me for and when I asked for her manager guess what happened.
I am very discussded with Cricket and I advise everyone to NOT SIGN UP with them.
FYI I would actually give them NO STARS but I can't do that.

Rick 10/13/2008
Despite what we might have been told, we are using walkie talkies. Nothing more - Nothing less. If you are close to the tower you will do good. If you are out on the edge, you won't. The BIG NETWORKS will do better and you might get a "thank you" along the way. Get this: None of them "love you". They are all stealing from you but some of them can do it without breaking into your window and they are good enough that you will actually thank them for doing it. Cricket? At least you know from the start that they are all crooks. You see the glass on the floor when they break in and rip you off. If you are going to steal from me, at least have the decency to acknowledge that you are a thief. Cricket does this really well and I appreciate that about them. Looking at it that way, at least they are honest :-) Show me a carrier that is fair and honest and I will show you Cricket. They are all the same. Big business, lots of money for them and not you. They will sucker you all the way to the bank and laugh behind your back. They don't care! That is why our economy is SO bad right now. No one is doing fair business anymore. Greed, dishonesty and a lack for integrity, that is what our country is built on. What do you expect? Do you treat everyone fair? Do you stand up for what is right? We are talking about cell phones here right? NO, we are talking about walkie talkies with slick interfaces and cool sounds. Nothing more - Nothing less. Keeping all that in perspective, I choose Cricket any day of the week. OH, and the reason customer service nevers calls you back is because they are unable to get a call through into your house - THERE IS NO COVERAGE LOL Cricket does not pretend to be anything other than what they really are - Greedy, ruthless and a bunch of liars. I respect thier honesty and if I could get half a bar on my phone, I would call and tell them so. Relax, make a call when you can and remember that YOU are the who decided to hook up with a company called, " CRICKET".

Terry 10/12/2008
Worst customer service in the US! They send you to another tech after waiting 20 minutes who then sends you to another tech and repeat then drop you. They tell you they have corrected the problem by "refreshing your phone" and hangs up. No corrective change is ever made. They sent me a phone and told me to let it charge overnight. Never worked. I sent it back and they said they would reimburse me for it after I bought a new one at Wal-Mart. Instead of sending a refund (after I paid shipping costs to receive the brick they sent me and I paid to send it back) they sent me a bill! They acknowledged receiving my non-working phone and credited my account then took it all back under "Fees"?! of $63.21. They actually billed me $1.96!!
I called them stating they sent me a Brick and I sent it back as damaged and they BILLED me!!! That was 3 months ago and and have spoken with 12 different operators that assure me they are looking into the problem!!! Haven't seen a penny yet. This is a scam operation full of liars and thieves!! Stay away from them unless you like faulty cheap phones and horrendous cutomer service!!

Guest 10/11/2008
i liked it because it was unlimited min. tex/pic msg. i dint like it because off the internet system it used which wouldnt allow you to download free ringtones

dave 10/9/2008
i had sprint for three years 900 min plan.alwats had a bill over a hundred dollars. extra charges for text internet ect. now i have cricket my bill is sixty dollars and i get unlimited contract no overages ect best way to go.

Sara 10/4/2008
I love my jump phone, iam a single mom thats cant afford 50 a month, i pay 50 every 3 months, ive been a customer for 1yr 1/2 and I LOVE IT, its the best pre-paid phone!!!

Jeremy 10/4/2008
I switched from AT&T which I have been with from before they were Cingular...excellent service, but the difference in plan pricing was something I had to try. I was paying $120 for unlimited talk and text at AT&T...Cricket was $40 with no commitment, so if I am ever not happy I can just go elsewhere. Customer service is average, deals on phones are not the best, and i have had every phone out there...not kidding. With AT&T I was able to do that, but I was wasting money and time. Cricket simplified things and cost so much cheaper. Phone works fine and works as well as anything I have tried. Basic but sensible cel package overall. Service as far as consistency in quality calling I give it 3-4 star, which I think is average. Value is awesome...I went over my minutes with AT&T and had a couple of $300-400 mo. bills...Cricket is a cheap $40 unlimited...never a worry.

MC 10/4/2008
You get what you pay for. I switched from my dependable, but more expensive service with T-mobile, to the "unlimited" service with Cricket. I get a lot of complaints from those that I call that they can't hear me or the reception is choppy. The phone I got was the Lingo, which after a $100 mail in rebate (which I still haven't gotten) was about $80. I see why it is no longer being sold, it "freezes up" constantly. You have to undo the phone and remove the battery to get it to work properly again. And the web browser on this phone is a joke. I tried to check my aol email, and it kept timing out. I eventually realized they wanted you to purchase the remote mail program which is $1.99 per month, and you can only get to your email from this program. So if you want questionable and unreliable service, cricket is the way to go.

Katherine Chadrick 9/30/2008
I recently was swindled out of $270. 47 from Cricket. There customer service is the worst I have ever seen and it is impossible to reach a manager. Their system is set up in such a way that if they dont want to speak to you they never will. After cancelling my account after only 30 days they continued to steal money from my checking account for 2 months. I only had one internet modem...hjow do you take $270. in 2 months from a closed account? They are crooks...don't go there.

nisha 9/26/2008
this has been the worst cell phone experience i have EVER had. I have been to the "customer service" location three times in the past week because of problems with my phone and I'm having to go back ...AGAIN. I can't reach anybody when I try to call any of the locations around here, and when i call the infamous 1-800-cricket, i get some indian guy named "darryl" who i can barely understand, and he's a freaking moron. I'm through with cricket. They SUCK!

CAZ 9/18/2008

miranda 9/16/2008
I feel so bad that some people all they do is hate on cricket. I have a daughter that works for cricket, she comes everyday from her job tired and sometimes overwelmed. She tells me that there at the store she works they try to help everyone out, but sometimes they have very rude customers that argue why their bill is so high, but they check the customer records, the customer has added ringbck tones, internet and they try to blame it on cricket. oh please, you all cannot blame cricket for everything , as far as i know on the ringback tones a customer has to press the agree key in order for them to be charged.
So all i got to say is:
Take some responsability as a customer, dont blame everyghing on cricket, not everything is their fault.

Beamer 9/14/2008
Cricket is the absolute worse. I put my daughters phone on vacation mode while she was away, I won't even go into how much trouble that was, but now I can't get it to activate. Customer service is experiencing high call volume so I can't get through. When my local Cricket office is open there is a sign on the door always saying back in 15 mins. These people are crooks!!

Shannon 9/4/2008
HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I am talking the worst in America! This is ridiculous, I have been trying to call Cricket on a Thursday for 7 hours now to argue about my bill. It keeps saying "We are unable to answer your call right now, please try back later" I've tried every option and it gives me the same message. There is not ONE phone number in the phone book for a main branch, they all list the 800 number. The ones that are in are DISCONNECTED! Gee I wonder why, they HATE dealing with customers with a passion. They are always rude and ignorant and don't want to help you at all! They make u pay for the 1st month when u sign up with them and here I am 1 month later with a $150 bill, WTF! I have two phone lines on it, both with the $40 plan, where are these extra charges coming from, I was told with tax and everything my bill would be $101 and some change a month. Of course my bill is due and I keep getting text messages from them stating that it will be interuppted if I don't pay the bill, which they will then charge me a reconnection fee BECAUSE THEY WON'T ANSWER THEIR DAMN PHONE! Are the phones good? Sure if u don't mind having them constantly on charge! Are their prices good? Sure if you don't mind lots of hidden charges, talk about false advertisement (no hidden charges, my ass!). If you have good enough credit to go to another phone company I STRONGLY suggest u do. Talk about preying on the poor, this company does it! You guaranteed all this service for a cheap price but they don't fall through with the service.

Nicole 8/25/2008
Their calling plans may be cheap, but they make their money off of you other ways. You pay a "fee" to pay your bill, if you add any feature in the middle of your billing cycle they nail you with additional fee's. I added ring back tones, which they say are $5.00 a month, I got tagged $20.00 a line for them with no explanation to why it was so high. If you underpay your bill by even a dollar, they shut you off and you have to pay a $30.00 re-activation fee. Their "customer service" is less then service, the people are rude and barely ever get the problem resolved. You get a different story of what they can do for you depending upon who you talk to at customer service, half the time the person barely speaks english, talks fast with a heavy accent and gets angry with you if you ask them to repeat themselves. I have cancelled my account with them and went back to Verizon Wireless, it may be more expensive but it is definately more worth it. I wouldn't recommend Cricket wireless to anybody.

Lisa 8/25/2008
I hate Cricket or as I refer to them Ckrooked! They can't get my due date correct I get messages to pay my bill when it is past due or I don't get a text message at all then my phone gets turned off. They understand your inconvienence if I hear that sentence one more time I will scream. If you don't have to get a cricket then I suggest you don't. It is the worst cell phone company in the world my daughters track phone is better. I have gone through 4 phone in a year. I am so fed up with them I switched today. And for goddness sake they really need to get customer service that speak english.

.heart. 8/22/2008
I was really starting to think about getting Cricket, but after reading these reviews, that's a HECK no! Cricket is COMPLETELY out of the question. Ill just stick with my prepaid wireless, although slightly pricier. But in this case, it sure seems worth it.

sarahw 8/21/2008
Go with Boost! Boost has unlimited prepaid phones AND great customer service. Cricket has BY FAR THE VERY WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER INCOUNTERED!!!! If you are even able to get a real person on the phone, they keep transferring you, hang up on you, pretend to take your information and lie to you saying they will resolve your problem, after being on phone for about an hour with them, then do absolutely nothing to resolve you problem! I cannot even believe that they get away with this and are a legitimate bussiness!

LDenise 8/21/2008
Cricket is honestly NOT good service. I have it now and having problems with my phone. I just brought my phone about 3 or 4 months ago and now it won't charge. Took it to repairs, they told me that they can't honer my warranty because it's has sratches(cheap paint for a cheap product right?) Other than that you can tell my phone is in good condition. Their phones were for people who was tired of bellsouth,sprint,at&t or simply bad credit. yeah you have unlimited long distance & a great service package, but when your phone breaks & you lose service in your house or ROAMING IN YOUR OWN HOME! Is it worth it? I believe they wanted my phone to look new to resale it to someone else.(my opinion)because it would have to be sent to the manufacterers. I believe they ARE stealing from consumers by selling cheap products so consumers can keep coming back buying "something" just to keep their "good service". I will be taking my business elsewhere & wondering what took me soo long.

Joe 8/20/2008
If you have a jump mobile all you need to do is purchase a cricket phone and call customer service to do an ESN switch to switch service to the cricket phone for only $15. It works with all cricket phones and if you switch to a camera phone you will be able to send pictures and sounds at no additional cost. Jump mobile has been great for me. Only problem is customer service representatives cannot speak fluent english and are very hard to understand.

Scott Deaver 8/19/2008
Unless you are a drug dealer, a wannabe rap musician, or an illegal alien (the kind of people who fill Cricket lobbies), stay away from this company. First, the service itself is terrible - dropouts everywhere. Second, they CHARGE you for the PRIVILEGE of PAYING your BILL!!! Even if you pay by kiosk, or at a corporate store, or with CASH, they rip you off for a $3 to $5 "fee" - for PAYING THEM! If you try to pay online, and it is within a week of your due date, they charge you a $5 "late" fee! It is Tuesday, August 19 as I am writing this, and I am being charged $5 even though my bill isn't due until 8/21! And get this - I don;t have a contract - I'm NOT OBLIGATED TO PAY AT ALL (if I want to drop the service) YET THEY ARE CHARGING A LATE FEE... IN ADVANCE OF BEING LATE! They charge you for a paper bill, they charge you for paying online, they charge you if you stop in front of their store to tie your shoelaces. The phone prices are excessively high, the quality of the staff is basicly slum level, you have to wait in line at their corporate stores to do anything, and you get absolutely no service or features of any kind. My advice? Go to a legitimate cell-phone company (one that isn't run like the front for a mob drug lord).

David Kalani 8/14/2008
If you are basing your decision to get Cricket service based on these reviews, you've got to know that people are much quicker to complain than they are to praise. Plus, consider the overall attitude of the people who are writing these reviews.

Judi 8/12/2008
I signed up for Cricket and they sent me a phone with instructions to call to activate. I called and they said it was activated to someone else. I sent it back to them asking for a new phone and my shipping fees, since it was their mistake. Then I called two weeks later to ask where my phone was. They said your account has been cancelled. I asked who cancelled it. They said you did. Then they billed me again. They have not cut off the billing to my credit card. I complained to my credit card company it is in dispute now. I would never use Crickit again.

mari 8/8/2008
I have two Cricket phones. The first one is getting very old, over two years old. But still works great. I love the fact I can call and not have to worry about minutes. Problems, leaving the calling area, then the phone makes a good paperweight.

Ms Wade 8/3/2008
I have cricket and most of the plans do indeed come with the features you are used to.

mrsnbracey 7/29/2008
cricket phones are horrible. i thought i was getting a good deal with going with cricket over priced cell phones. so i proceeded to purchase. Their claims of giving u the first month free is straight bull. the phones are so over priced i'm sure the firsts month is figured into that cost, my service was horrible, couldn't go out of town without using my roam mins, shoot i couldn't go in certain sections of my house neither in that case. i only had service for 6 days which came up to 282 mins used, which averaged out to 3 mins a phone call (95calls) A Stylish Phone+ A Sweet Promise= Horrible service, and unobtainable refund, sounds pretty illogical to me. hey u be the Judge......?

Gary 7/24/2008
Beware if you try and leave Cricket! I tried to port my number in May and it took Cricket until June 6th to allow my porting to occur. Then, in July I received a bill for June and a charge for reinstatement in order for them to complete the porting. Cricket told my carrier that my number was part of some ghost porting and they couldn't approve the port. I tried to call the number on the bill (412-853-1055) and guess what... The number was disconnected. Unless you have a current Cricket number you CAN NOT contact them. You call their 800-cricket number and you go into an almost endless loop. The reason it isn't endless is they say "I'm sorry you are having problems" and disconnect you. While I had the service it was fine. But don't leave your service on auto billing if you plan to leave because they will auto bill you for a lot more than you expected. Fortunately for me, I took my service off auto bill just before I ported. This company should be investigated by the FCC for their less than customer friendly service to customers who try to leave their service. I would say NO to using this service to anyone thinking about it in the future. When I went to the Cricket store manager said I couldn't pay the bill they sent because my service had been "disconnected." But the screen still showed an amount for the last bill. I'm just afraid that since I can't talk to a live person that my bill will either go into collections or I will be harrassed as a nonpayer. All I wanted to do was talk to a Cricket representative and try to resolve my problem. My new carrier couldn't even get in touch with with them to help me. NO ON CRICKET!!! In addition, this site isn't allowing me to add my comments with less than a 5 Star rating...

Tori 7/11/2008
The service is ok depending on the plan you have. Some phones that you want to use (non cricket phones) can not be used roaming or on the internet. The customer Service Stinks. Avoid at all cost if possible. But you want to make phone calls only, cricket will work for you. ...and the phones they offer..please upgrade to the the year 2007 at least.

kristina 6/29/2008
yea jump is soooo cheap like who cant afford 17 dollers a mounth but im missin my pic meging good serive i have no prollblems but i hope 2 meny ppl dont get it or well ll b textin 4real i just hate having 2 worrie about mins

no jump for me 6/24/2008
Jump is just another part of Leap wireless. They are connected with Cricket. They have awful service. They have a way of eating up the minutes and charging outrageous amounts. I rather have Cricket's nasty service, at least i can call out. I guess this works for some, but not for me.

Rita Roberts 6/24/2008
Cricket really has very dissapointing customer service. I have been with them for almost 5 years. During that time I have had my phone cut off after payment. I have also had them going after me for 15 dollars that i did not owe them at all. It is very hard for me to speak with customer support,as they do not seem to speak any english. I am going to be changing phone comapnies. I simply do not need the headaches. Also their phones seem to be highly inflated pricewise. Beware. This is good for teens or kids that dont demand great service. It seems they should be able to do better as much as they charge.

Dave 6/22/2008
The Trick is to not buy Cricket Phones.
Buy verizon/sprint/Alltell phones off The internet/Ebay and Flash them over to Cricket..Or Buy Pre-Flashed phones
Cricket Service 4.5 stars..
Cricket Plans 5 stars

dgp 6/11/2008
had billing errors, spent 2 hours on the phone tring to correct! All they did was transfer me to differant department! Cricket has the WORST customer service I have EVER had!

Hallie 6/10/2008
If I could give this "service" zero stars, I would do so in a heartbeat!!! Someone on here said she and her husband purchased two cell phones from cricket and they started messing up within 2 months. She said they wouldn't charge. I can top that: my husband's cell phone, that we bought on Friday AT 7PM was screwed up BY SATURDAY NOON. That's not even 24 freakin hours! His battery overheated, which could cause it to explode. The battery won't keep a charge. Literally, the phone went through the WHOLE BATTERY in, like, ONE DAY. And now the phone is on the charger and the phone won't turn on at all. He has tried going to the store to get the phone replaced. They won't do it. They've bounced him around from store to store in our area, saying, "Oh, so-and-so at this store can fix it for you." That was a lie. So-and-so at that store, when asked about the problems my husband is having with the phone, didn't know what the crap she was doing and DIDN'T FIX THE PHONE. He has spent hours on the phone with "customer service" and got nowhere with that, as well. I was just listening to the latest round and the lady on the other end gave him the run-around after he'd already explained all the problems he was having with the phone. She kept telling him that maybe this or that could be done for the phone. He kept explaining that he'd already tried all her "solutions" at least three times. Finally, he asked for the corporate number. She refused to give it to him. So he asked to speak to a supervisor and she wouldn't allow him to do that, either. At that point, he did what I would've done: he kept insisting that he be allowed to speak to the supervisor or be given the corporate number. And she kept saying that she understood his concern, sticking to her script, (and at that point, if I had been talking, I would've said, "Well, understand this, lady, and act on it: I want to speak to your supervisor. NOW. It's as simple as that.") And when he still insisted, she began to get rude and started shouting. And when he kept on insisting, she kept saying she was going to release the call. When she said that, he asked for her name so that when he called back, he could tell the supervisor who he had talked to. Failing that, he said he would tell them to look and see who was the last one to access his account. It is illegal for a CSR not to give you their name if you ask for it. She did not do that. She refused to give him her name. And then she released the call. I WAS gonna get a cell phone from this company, too, so that we could have matching plans and pay on the same day and all--WAS being the operative word here--but now that I see what he's going through, I'd rather take that $100 that we spent and throw it in the TRASH first rather than give it to them! But hey, I guess since we bought a phone and a plan from cricket, I GUESS WE DID THROW THAT $100 IN THE TRASH!!! THIS PHONE "SERVICE" IS CRAP. (I CAN'T SAY WHAT IT REALLY IS SINCE THEY HAVE STATED THAT ANY COMMENTS THAT CONTAIN OBSCENE LANGUAGE MAY BE REMOVED. IN OTHER WORDS, MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR.) I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CRAPPY SERVICE TO ANYONE. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO WITH A BETTER, MORE REPUTABLE COMPANY AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS, COWORKERS, NEIGHBORS AND FAMILIES TO DO THE SAME! DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!

Frank 6/6/2008
So,,, I had a second Cricket line that was not using many minutes but was still costing the basic service. I decided to cancell and explained why to the cricket person when I called to cancel.
I told her I was thinking of a Go phone and she suggested I transfer the second line (my daughters) to a jump phone. She took care of it for me right there. "HOWEVER" when I call my daughter I get the voice mail of somebody else and am not able to reach my daughter,,, She can call out but no one can call in.
There is a help line but guess what?? there is NOBODY at the end of the other line. When prompted to enter the phone number it replies this number is invalid,, yet it did'nt have any problem taking my money for hook up and buying minutes.
After trying for about two or more hours I have found there is NO customer service and it does no good to talk to Cricket because they just send you to the same number over and over where there is no help. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY and time

Pat 5/27/2008
Cricket has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. If you email their customer service you get no response at all. If you reach someone at the 800 number, they are unable to speak or understand proper English. If you visit a store, they will do their best to help, but somehow that help never reaches the billing department. I have now had an unresolved issue with this company since March. Today, I am filing complaints with the BBB and my state's attorney general office. In my opinion, one can save oneself a lot of aggravation and unnecessary expense by steering clear of Cricket.

Kim 5/21/2008
The computer makes alot of errors. My service has been interrupted a couple of times. Customer service can not resolve the issues. My minutes and days don't gel. Then no service without notice. The customer service act as if I am lying. I do like the service however I don't trust the computer. *729 is not accurate.

brittney mays 5/5/2008
MetroPcs is a great advance pay company. they offer the simplist plans with no worries, all my features work and their in store customer service is unsurpassed. stop hating on metro!

mal 5/2/2008
i had cricket a few years back. bought my phon at a circle k and it wouldnt activate for two weeks. noone in dallas could figure out why so i took it to a dealer and they activated it for me then when i cancelled my service with them cus i was moving to a part of new york that didnt cover cricket, they kept sending me these "we want you back" cards to my old address even after i told them not to cus i was moving which someone somehow intercepted and activated a phone in my name. luckily cauht it before the first month was up and contacted cricket. i liked their response time to fixing the prolem but didnt appreciate how the guy worded his response to it:
"alright,the phones been disconnected and you dont owe any thing on it cus you cancelled it within the first 30 days"

Andy 4/21/2008
I have had jump mobile for about 2 years now and still think its the best value in prepaid hands down. The calling aream is pretty small and every once and a while I have a problem with missing calls, but for the most part, all good. I had the utstarcomm phone for about 2 years and it was and is a great phone. I just bought a flashed Samsung a950 that was originally a verizon phone. Flash was successful and number transfer was flawless. Only thing that sucked was a 15 dollar fee for transferring. But still, as I said, Good stuff.

D. Hulsizer 4/13/2008
Lousy service at every level. Cannot communicate with them - if you get a live person , they will not get off-script. They make it nearly impossible to pay for without major hassles and extra chyarges. When I went to pay my bill at the store, the house was full of disgruntled customers!

redbone 3/26/2008
i love jump mobile cus i got free texting and picturing texting messaging n free incoming calls anyways it goes it cool

Aaliyah 3/11/2008
ok i like the service alot! because the free texting free incoming calls and all that good stuff. the oinly thibg i do not like about jump mobile is that the minutes ecpire!!!because im buying minutes and if i dont use them all it was just wasted! but like i said i love the sevice dont get me wrong im actually going to buy one tomorrow :]

Tony 3/6/2008
I have been with cricket for a long time now & honestly other then the fact that my phone over heats in a matter of minutes & they never honored the 90 days warranty or coverage for phone replacement when I first bought it its not a bad service. I pay about 52-55.00 a month & get unlimited talk time which isn't a bad deal though I only talk to a select few people so I really don't need the plan I have but then again when you don't have it is when people start calling you lol so better safe then sorry. I would highly suggest that anyone thinking of getting this service talk to people who have it already & ask them about the phones they bought before you buy one yourself to save yourself the time & hassles that I have had to face with mine. Its easy to pay your bills with cricket I just do it online & other then crappy phones the service is good.

Montesha Shaw 2/28/2008
jump mobile has some very rude representatives.... i added $50 with ny credit card and it was taken ou tof my account but it wasn't put into my jump mobile mi. account and i do not appreciate that because this is not the first time something like this has happened so either they find my money or this time i am seriously sewing jump mobile. or someone needs to be adding some temporary credits to my account please and thank you

Cricket Customer for 1.5yrs 2/28/2008
3 days after getting my phone and service, I logged on to see my bill and it said that I was a month behind, had a $5 late fee and a $15 reinstatement fee in addition to my balance forward for unpaid service from prior month. Well, this was a new line. I got my first month free and had only had the phone a couple days. I called customer service and they told me not to worry, that they would fix it. They never did. This meant that the automated payment system and web payment options wouldn't work for me. I have had to call my payment in every month.
The problem with that is that you can't wait on hold for someone. If the call center is busy it wont let you out of the automated system. It would take me an average of a wek of calling in all the time to finally get someone. Sometimes that meant that my phone would end up getting shut off while I tried to pay for it. Then they wanted to tack on more stuff.
My most recent problem is this. I actually got through the DAY BEFORE my bill was due for once. I went to pay and the lady said, "Oh, I'm sorry, we can't take payments by phone after 9:30 pacific. You'll have to call in tomorrow." I told her that I wouldn't be able to get through and she said, "I'm sorry, you'll have to try." By the 17th (now 2 days late) I still couldn't get through. Phone was going to be shut off. I risked the billing issues and just paid online. I checked my bank account the next day and BOTH payments had posted. $75 each!! I called for an hour every morning and about 2 hours every night from the 18th until the 20th. Finally I called a cricket store ho said they couldn't help me but would contact corporate and get me a call back in 2-3 days. Still haven't heard back. Kept trying every day and finally got through on Sunday the 24th of this month. They said they could have my refund done in 24 hours (still haven't sen it) and that he would contact corporate to get me a call back since they would not release the corporate address or number to me. He promised a call back in days (still no call).
I got my tax return and decided to join Verizon. Still nothing from corporate and still no refund. I'm going to have to either let the $75 go, or get legal support. The first charge was taken without my authorization technically ... and they provide no effective method of contact.
Out of all my friends with Cricket, I'd say about half have similar nightmarish billing issues. From what I've seen, if things go right from the beginning, you're fine. If it starts out screwed up, it will stay that way.

Barb 2/27/2008
This is a great phone for my teenager...she does not make many calls but does ALOT of text messaging so this works out great. We did have trouble getting it programmed in the beginning but two calls to customer service and the problem was resolved. I have no complaints about them so far

cricketphx 2/20/2008
I think that in general cricket is a great service provider. Yes there phones do seem to experience a little more technical problems, but that is only natural with the amount of use they are put through. I feel that many of the people that are experiencing issues with customer service, have to do with there own actions. I remember the first time I had a problem with cricket and billing issues. I paid my bill late but paid my regular bill of $52.00 I wasnt aware of the $15 reinstatment fee that is applied to the bill, but the next month I noticed my bill was higher. I call the 800 help line and they explained why it was higher and offered to waive the fee as a one time courtesy. Since then I try to pay my bill on time but occasionaly get behind, so when that happens I have to remember that there will be a $15 fee that will be billed now or on next bill. So the next time you have this type of problem, you need to step back and think did I pay a bill late did I make any changes to my account, before you go off yelling at a cusotmer representative.

Andrea 2/17/2008
I have had the cricket plan for over a year and just recently switched to T-Mobile, while I enjoyed the luxury of no contracts, unlimited text and talk, there is still other issues I am not so happy with about Cricket. I think it is an excellent plan for teenagers and individuals who cannot qualify for other plans. However, they will get you some way or another just like Verizon, TMobile AT&T. In my opinion they are far better than SPRINT. I changed to T Mobile because Cricket wanted some ridiculously high price to have a phone flashed to Cricket because I wanted my daughter to enjoy her unlimited talk town. The phone plan and phone I received from T-Mobile was a great offer for me. Sorry Cricket, I do have 14days with T-mobile to change my mind and that is when my Cricket bill is due again, so we will see.

71601 2/12/2008
I like only paying 50 dollars every three months what I don't like is not being able to get real music downloads from other sites it always says service is not available with this provider.

lidafitz 2/8/2008
Calling area is too limited. It costs a bit much for the coverage area & plan features.

Tiffany 2/6/2008
I have a jump phone ,I also brought my daughter one. I wish I never did it the customer sevrice is rude the hold time is forever. They cut your phone off when they feel like even if you have minutes. For instant I had 50.00 on my account they cut my phone off. when I call them the ladie argue me down. when put the money down I already had minutes on the account previous. I call on 1/27/08 she told she could only give me a month or util 3/4/08 I got tired of debating with her so I agreed. Today 2/6/08 my phone is off again. Same thing happen again had to debate with another lady she say will give tell 2/29/08 after she put me on hold for a hour from 3:30 - 4:30. I said listen I have no need to lie to you. My service has been interupted a number of times because of your company computer error. The last two time it seem like their making me out to be lier. I said im being ripe off. I told her look I already acepted March 4. Im still losing. then she ok but dont pay with your credit card anymore buy the slips at the store what kind of garabage is that. If any one gets jump moble keep your reciept tell your minutes expire and never double up on payments they will try to ripe you off.

Jake B. 2/4/2008
My experience with Cricket Wireless has been nothing but terrible. To begin, everything seemed fine and dandy. All the bells and whistles worked. Except, you have to pay for anything short of basic phone coverage. That was annoying. You have to pay for the ability to download games, and then for each game itself. Like I said, annoying, but not important.
Well, important would be the services I was already paying for. Like, picture messaging. Sure, I could send pic messages, but could I receive them? No. It just didn't work. None came through. So, a lot of friends sent me pictures, and got angry when I didn't say something like "I love that picture!" or something along those lines. "Well, that's a bother. I want the services I pay for." I say to myself. So, I email the cricket customer service people from their website. I get a reply. "Cool. That was relatively fast." I think. It tells me to "Dial *228, and this should fix your problem. If it doesn't go into a cricket wireless store near you, and they will fix it there." "Okay, cool. I can do that." So, I do. Nothing. It doesn't fix the problem. A week later, I try it again. "Maybe it needs the reprogramming again?" Nope. No dice. So, sunday morning, I try it for a third time. "Maybe it will work this time?" I think. Wrong. Dead wrong. Upon reprogramming my phone, it attempts to restart my phone with the new programming in effect. But wait! It won't turn on. And it still won't turn on. No matter how many times I press the power button, it will not turn on. It's broken.
"Well, damn." I think. I mean, Really damn. I had just met a girl and she was supposed to call me in a little while. But, my phone's broken. So, I go for a walk to see if I can get it fixed. But the store's closed on sunday! Imagine that. People don't need phone service on sundays, apparently. Utterly fed up, I decide to switch to T-mobile. Okay, done. New phone in the mail. Now all that's left is to cancel my old plan. Sweet. A phone call and we're done. NOT! Haha. They had me fooled. Sure, most people can cancel their phones over the phone. Not me, though! You need to know your date of birth to do this. Which I do. I've been celebrating this day for nineteen years, I know the day. Not! Apparantly, someone at the store I bought my phone from originally made a typo while putting my DOB into the system. So, I can't. I have to go in to the store.
So, I do. I go into the store. But, alas, they're busy! I go run an errand and come back. Still busy. I go run another errand, and they aren't so busy. But, this store can't help me! I have to go to one five miles away. Oh boy! Running around town! So, I go.
Now, my phone's off. I'm losing the $15 I have on my flex-bucket, and I can't get it back. Now I own a blue brick that has phone service til the 19th, and I want to hurl it across the street. I do not reccomend anyone use cricket wireless. Go with t-mobile, cingular, sprint, or verizen.

now4ever 2/2/2008
I Love Cricket, unlimited everything.. Dont have to watch how long I talk anymore... It just sucks I live on the edge of their local coverage area.

J. Munoz 1/23/2008
Ok...If you go into the service not expecting the world you can be nothing but satisfied with Cricket's service. They offer affordable rate plans with unlimited calling and text. I switched from Verizon and am saving almost $100 a month and receive great coverage. The 800 number is a downfall but I was able to receive the help I needed in the store. The wait was longer than I had expected but it is worth it to me for the money I save. My only advice is to make sure you are fully aware of what you are signing up for and ask as many questions as possible.

Rudy Navarrete 1/10/2008
I want my, hope to get my soon I can't wait, thi's like a gold mine.

BOB (is sexy) 1/8/2008
I got a jump phone and so did my mom. my has broke and I still want to service there isn't very many phones to choose from. :( but I am still happy with the service. :)

Drew 1/7/2008
Worst Service ever. In short, charged me for a service that was unused for over 3 months, attempted to charge me more to resolve the issue. I have spent easily 20 hours on the phone to try and get my money back from them, that they admittatly owe me. Still no $ and it has been 5 months. All friends and family members have left thier service after they have heard how they do business. They acknowlege your issue but will do nothing to solve it. Good luck.....

Wary Consumer 1/4/2008
I am doing my research before purchasing a cell phone plan. Cricket was my first choice. After reading the reviews listing customer service, phone and billing problems I have decided to go with another company.

liz 12/28/2007
Cricket customer service i can't believe there is nothing that is done when one of there customers is using there cricket service to do phone harrasment with there service, it is just not right.

Scott 12/19/2007