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Consumer Cellular Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 70 reviews

Lee McAdams 7/11/2013
Plans are pretty good and inexpensive, however, I have found that the AT&T coverage areas are lacking in the Mississippi area. Lot of dead zones. Verizon just the opposite. No dead zones. I'm sticking with Straight Talk even though their basic plan is more than I really need.

bob 6/25/2013
Have used CC for over a year. Excellent service, Att&t network has great coverage. I had Verizon and it cost over $80 a month with 2 phones. Now have 2 smart phones, and it costs $53 and month.If it looks like you are going over the allowed times, just increase it for a little bit of $ and there is no service charge, and you can change back anytime. I recomment CC to anyone who is not using their phone 24/7

Bob Wagner 3/13/2013
Excelent Phone. Excelent Price. Lowest monthly cost. Great Service. Great Support. I'm paying $23 a month, including taxes, data, text and voice, for a Smartphone! Unbeatable!

paul 2/17/2013
If you compare their prices to other carriers, you will find that cc is expensive. Just shop around and you will see. It seems that cc targets the elderly who might not know any better and choose cc because AARP supports cc.

Penny Duff 2/6/2013
Sounds good BUT, in the end it can be really expensive. Dropped calls are a MAJOR problem, especially since they use the AT&T network, for whom dropped calls has been a real problem. Customer service is poor, and I've had to wait up to 30 minutes for a CSR. They're big on having you go up on plans, but mum if you really could stand to decrease your plan. This might be okay if you only rarely ever use a cellular phone, but for most people, you will find this a frustrating and unsatisfactory company.

Jim 1/12/2013
Have had CC for 4 years now. Good coverage, good price. Had to replace my phone only one time, dropped it in the lake. Would recommend cc to anyone, unless you are on the phone 24 7.

Disgusted 1/8/2013
This company locks the phone YOU PAID FOR when you cancel. They are crooks. They continued to bill after I cancelled. I turned them into the FCC, AARP, and the FTC - all who did nothing. FCC said to contact the atty general state office - fraud division.

Luke4 11/24/2012
I was with CC for more than a year. As my wife and I traveled across the country, CC phone coverage was just good her Verizon phone Then NASCAR came to town. I didn't realize NASCAR fans ALL use cell phones. So AT&T cut off CC from their system so as to not overload their own customer base. I had NO cell phone coverage for the entire weekend. NOTE: It was restored on the following Tuesday.

e senior seattleite 11/8/2012
this company is very predatory with extremely deceptive billing practices. I guarantee you will pay more, they are all about the quick sale, and not keeping customers-they don't care about keeping customers when they can fleece them up front-they are especially deceptive with seniors. stay away-and their cell phones are all extremely cheap, disposable and impossible to return and get your money back on the warranty- check out most of the good reviews and see where the reviewer lives, usually in the portland oregon area-the company definitely knows how to troll a review.

sherman 10/26/2012
My dad had this service. when he passed away I was advised by a very unfriendly customer service rep to ignore bills until a final bill was sent---i continued to receive delinquent notices. My dad died beginning of the month and they refused to credit that month even though I called on the 10th---when i explained that our family was a little busy to call on the day he died , they still refused. Supposed to friendly service---no one even said sorry for your loss. this is not a good company to deal with.

Bob 10/11/2012
My 96 year old father signed up for Consumer Cellular Service. He was not advised of the plan he signed up for, It turned out that he was being charged minutes for incoming calls (WATCH OUT!). He has been in and out of the hospital and had been charged for all those minutes from people who wanted to find out how he was doing. He thought he was going to pay $10 + a little. I saw one of his monthly bills which had him paying $150. His fault--probably. Consumer Cellular--cancelled when I found out about how they took advantage of this old gentleman.

James L. 9/23/2012
two stars. We've had two inoperable cell phones for more than 74 hours. After contacting customer service several times, (each of which involves a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes of wait time to speak with a human being), we are told the problem is 1) the service carrier, not them, 2) the problem is both of our cell phones failed at exactly the same time requiring that we need to purchase new phones 3) the problems will be taken care of immediately and our old phones will be useable in a few hours. Each time we get a different answer and every promise so far has been for naught. Prior to this problem we've always had excellent service. I hope this is not an indication of deteriorating service in the future.

Jack 9/19/2012
We were about to sign up for Consumer Cellular,but decided after reading the reviews on their customer service that we would not sign up after all. It's too bad that the customer service seems to fall so much short of common courtesy.

Donna In Lkld 9/16/2012
Purchased this for my father. He and I could not be happier with the purchase. Received within 3 days, set up is a breeze and works the Doro phone works like a charm for him. Customer Service was kind and helpful when I needed a new charger shipped to another address/ hospital instead of to his home. They took care of the issue and even shipped the charger out ASAP to him. Love this phone, it's perfect for my 80 year old father.

Penny Duff 8/1/2012
They've grown so fast that customer service is a joke. If you go over your minutes, it's sock-it-to-you time. Calls drop frequently. No unlimited plans. Overall, I can't recommend AGAINST this company too strongly.

Nicole 7/23/2012
Absolutely terrible service. They can't answer questions on calls. Refuse to let you cancel service. They tell you its cancelled and then you get a bill. When you call back they say - your request was denied by billing. Not sure why but sorry so you have to pay. It will take 5 calls and a written notice to stop charging you before they will finally get someone on the phone who will agree to let you stop using consumer cellular. No contract? its easier to get out of contracts with Verizon and Tmobile then stop using consumer cellular

eric 7/17/2012
very bad....after each bill of 100 dollars or more,and up to 135 dollars,same song and dance...overages,fees,upsale to a different plan..the best thing C/C had to offer is no contract

Jade Lander 6/23/2012
DO NOT!!!! go with Consumer Cellular!! big ripoff esp for seniors. My bill was "Suppose" to be 47.50 a month. I CANCELLED AFTER ONLY TWO WEEKS! and my bill is 135.00!!!! they claim I went OVER my 1200 VOICE min by almost 300 min, at which they charge you an outrageous amt per MINUTE! I even had increased my minutes TWICE in the two week time. They will charge you minutes if you get a call and dont ans or miss a call, etc. BIG RIP OFF!!!!!! way better to go like I did, with STRAIGHT TALK phone and have UNLIMITED talk, texts, AND 411 info all for $45 a month. NEVER go with Consumer cellular. My bill is now WAY MORE for TWO weeks than it was a month with Verizon!! Seniors with AARP beware. Cant believe AARP endorses this company and I wrote them too.

FRED W 6/1/2012
Service over 3 yrs. Never a single complaint. Very happy with service and price. Activation fee a little pricey but all other is great, so far.

Janet L 4/19/2012
Great phone only if you don't want to use it in your house. Paid for service and never got service unless I was miles from home. What good is that? And they did try to help but in the end said, sorry can't help you. Think twice

Guest 3/30/2012
Deplorable customer service. They charge fees on top of fees for everything. They even charge minutes if the phone rings and you don't pick it up! Phone constantly says 'no network' and is unusable. Why does AARP endorse this company? I don't know.

Kent 3/28/2012
This phone plan is not for high usage. More designed for occasional useage, or limited useage. The auto alerts work great to prevent expensive over usage charges, however, there is no auto alerts for downsizing plan for billing periods for under usage. This could easily mean over billing for low usage months unless you remember to change plan

Michael Cummings 3/7/2012
Customer service is deplorable! I ordered a phone from them last month. Checked to insure I could port my old cell number on their site which said I was good. Received my phone 5 -6 days later and tried to activate sim card and then found that the number was not available. Ok so one mistake is acceptable. Then they send a second sim card programmed to the same non working number. After a wait time of 1/2 hr to get to customer service. I decided that I would rather not have to deal with customer service so I said OK I want to swap this phone for a very basic phone that I can synch contacts and appointments..CS No help here did not know products at all. So I decide on a different phone then Louise(cs Agent) tells ME THEY WANT AN ADDITIONAL $75 to ship the new phone. I said no, asked for an RMA and Refund under their 100% satisfaction policy. Lousie said she would ship a return lable and refund my account once the phone was received. At that point I felt relieved that I would NOT EVER have to deal with this inept, unprofessional company again. Im done Yeah! The next day I foind out they had charged my bank account with out my authorization. So I call them back 20 min to get to a cs agent,(john) and asked for a manager. He said He needs to verify my information then tells me its another 20-30 minute wait to get to a manager. Then I mentioned I was filing a complaint with The NH AG and all of a sudden a manager was available.. Mary I believe he name was. Who Insisted they put a hold on my account and did not charge it. I explained to her that I did not authorize them to do ANYTHING with my account and explained that their "hold" was going to cause overdraft charges.. She could not have cared less and did absolutely NOTHING. So Not only did they NOT provide me with a phone, or any kind of competent customer service their ineptitude and apathetic attitude has caused me additional fees to the now $215 of my money they have tied up. This company is hands down the WORST. I left Verizon because their customer service was Poor. Consumer Cellular makes Verizon look like a customer service all star.. *********AVOID CONSUMER CELLULAR*********** JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF Big Business Screwing the consumer!

Ronald Weber 2/19/2012
Consumer Cellular Coverage Maps Misrepresented their coverage. When we activated their Phone there was no ability to use. We asked C.C. to close the account so we could return to Verizon. They still have not done so after numerous calls to them. I'll never do business with them again. Beware!!!!

Bob Scarrah 2/2/2012
consumer cellular-very poor reception-very poor service-they gave me a phone number some company already haved. they charged me for these calls.when i called they said they would remove charges,but never did.I canceled service and received final bill,i pay it.three months i received another final bill for $32.00. this is a ripoff company.

Terry Weber 1/15/2012
I have been with CC for about a month and am very satisfied with the service. It appears to me that most of the posters here are morons and should stick with the soup cans and string method of communication.

Marge 12/27/2011
I was ready to sign up with Consumer Cellular and they demanded either that I give the last four digits of my social security number or go on an automatic monthly deduction from my credit card. Reason given is that they wanted recourse if I didn't pay my bill. I have never dealt with them before and did not go through with the transaction. Nervy and not what they advertise.

no service bob 12/6/2011

Deb Elia 9/6/2011
Terrible customer service! You are on hold forever to get help!! I am sorry i changed my plan. They are not #1 in customer service.

Burt 8/19/2011
RE: Previous review.
I would like to add a couple of points I didn't have time to write in the previous review.
1) With Tracphone you don't have a credit check and no monthly bill in the mail as I understand consumer cellular does.
2) No need to recieve a text message to tell you your time is running short. With Tracfone your minutes and service days left are shown right on your phone.
3) You can buy minutes at many locations and add them online. With most phones you get double minutes for life so if you buy a 60 min. card you get 120 min. and 90 days of service. If you add min. early minutes AND service time roll over adding any left over days to the 90. Plus there are always promo codes that add free minutes.
As far as I'm cocerned this is a deal you can't beat!!!!

Burt 8/19/2011
I don't have consumer cellular but would like to suggest to all those who have complaints, check out Tracfone.
I haven't had to use Tracfone cs and understand they are out of country but I have never had a problem that made me conyact them in over a year.
Great coverage with my LG 420g phone that uses AT&T as primary carrier but Tracfone is a MNVO using other carriers cell sites. I don't work for Tracfone but just want to suggest a better alternative to cionsumer cellular.

Pam 8/15/2011
Buyer BEWARE!!!!! Save yourself a lot of time and grief and do not do business with Consumer Cellular. They misadvertise, mislead customers, and they are extremely rude and non-responsive to problems that they create through their misadvertising and misleading information on their website.
Anything positive that you read about this company was probably written by individuals working for the company.

Bob 7/28/2011
Good price's, good service, would recommend!

Jayne Griffin 6/23/2011
Zero Rating, They pray on the ederly. And they dont do credit checks because they also pray people with bad credit because they don't know any better.I know someone that use to work their, they quit because of their bad procedures. And how they take people money (PRE-PAID)

Jayne Griffin 6/23/2011
I recived a phone on May 21,2011 and activated on May 22,2011. Used It for one day and they sent me a text I was over my minutes. The next day June 23,I sent it back for a refund. because when I taked to customer service they told me THAT IT WAS NOT PRE-PAID. (WHAT A LIE). THEY HAVE BEEN CHARGING ME SEENS THE 13 of June 2011 and I DID'T EVEN HAVE THE PHONE. WHAT CROOKS.

Fran 6/14/2011
After months of paying for service I wasn't using decided to cancel my account until a later time. I had no complaints about Consumer Cellular until then - highly unhappy with the "quality" of customer service. They were so bad that they've lost a customer. I would rather deal with a more expensive company than subject myself to them again.

Richard 6/10/2011
Beware! If you use Consumer Cellular your name and number WILL NOT show up on their phones. All they will see is the state you are in and Caller ( Texas Caller). Hardly anyone is answering my calls as they don't know who is calling! So ask the right questions before you start service with Consumer Cellular."

Guest 4/22/2011
HORRIBLE customer service. They do not pick up the phone unless it is a sales call. Waited for 45 minutes, still no one! Emailed about phone, got the free one. Can't hear it if it rings in the other room even with volume all the way up, and my hearing is 100%. Can't hear it in my purse either or if noisy environment. Two days went by and still no response. Tried to contact again via their website saying I was canceling, website came back with ""Sorry, we can't email your message. Problem now, try again later". So I am sending the phone back and hope they don't hassle me with payments later. I will have to report them to if they do. They have a lot of complaints there but seem to have handled them OK once the BBB got engaged. Yes, low cost for bad service. It does make sense. You usually get what you pay for although these days, not even that is true very often.

Scarlet 3/21/2011
I was given a loaner phone because my new phone broke and I had to send it back to the manufacture to be repaired. But I was not told that I was only allowed 45 minutes total talk time for on my "free" loaner phone. I exceeded the 45 minutes so I was charged $15 on top of the monthly $75 I was paying for my normal monthly fee. I am in the market for a new company that is why I am on this site. Do NOT use Consumer Cellular!

Scarlette 3/1/2011
I contacted this company in December to inform them that my father in law passed away. There was someone who had the cell phone before and after I contacted them. And besides arguing with them over the amount due we began having intrest issues. They want to charge my deceased father intrest on his amount due even though they were notified og his passing and that his estate is in probate.

Johanna 2/4/2011
Yeah. The order-taker is very-very nice, but the DORO phone we ordered came with an etch-a-sketch gone wild screen -- never worked. The support person kept insisting it was that way because I hadn't removed the plastic protective cover. And when she FINALLY accepted my description of the malfunction, she promised an envelope to send it back for replacement. In the meantime, a second Doro was sent to us, but it wasn't working either, and now we have two of them and no post-paid envelopes to send them back with.

Art 1/29/2011
My mom was using the consumer cellular’s service before, but she just shifted to Just5. The way she speaks, she looks more pleased with Just5’s service now. With this, she can only spend $3.33 each month for the provider’s minute plan. My mom obtains the Just10, which costs $10 for 100 minute call and 50 messages. But because their offered minute plans expire in 90 days. She only spends $3.33 a month when she avails its cheapest minute plan. Well, for my very practical mom, that offer is really valuable.

Robert 1/21/2011
Way too expensive for a prepaid plan.

Winston 12/15/2010
I switched to them, hoping for a cheaper rate, from their television ads they air! NOT! I switched back to my old provider and Now they are billing me for service, without even a phone no. with them! I don't recommend them to anyone! When I first went with them, a friend asked about them, and ordered one...never activated it and is getting billed for the service! He says they are a 'Ponsi Scheme'!

Terry Dust` 12/13/2010
All very competitive.
Superior telephone Customer Service!
But, they do credit check.

Tracfones 12/9/2010
Their customer service sucks. Their employees don't all know the policies and then they blame you for not doing what they were told and they wouldn't do anything to make things right actually if there was anything below 1 I would have chosen it I would have given them a -0. That is what I think of them If I was you I wouldn't spend any money buying their product not only they take all your minutes but also their customer service is terrible. Don't waist your money on this product

fred w 10/29/2010
two yrs of service and no complaints. excellent coverage where ever i go. good customer service also. limited phone selectionand expensive activation fee. unltd plan would be nice and free cc to cc plan.

Colleen 10/28/2010
We've been with Consumer Cellular twice over the years. We switched to TMobile, then Tracfone, for price but ultimately went back to Consumer Cellular for their exceptional customer service. U.S. company with local service, very short hold times to talk to a live person, very competitive rates, and consistency in their approach to service. We've had NIGHTMARES with other carriers and will never leave CC again.

Jeanne 10/7/2010
This company is the worst cell phone company I've ever experienced. after paying for several months and not using my phone...but when i had a death in my family they cut me off because of high usage. then tried to charge me 120.00 to cut my service back on. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE...ITS A RIP OFF

Schizy 8/26/2010
Kissy-kissy amicable attitude when signing up. Problem? A 180 degree change in attitude. You morph from being a desirable customer-to-be to persona non grata “go stuff yourself” attitude. Unyielding, unreasonable attitude on ANY phone problems even if the problem is immediately apparent upon receipt of the phone(s). Their favorite solution to any phone problem: “That’s YOUR phone to keep now. We will not accept a return. You must now BUY another phone”. Charge card issuer and the State Attorney General’s office did cause reversal of their ridiculously unfair attitude. They ultimately, begrudgingly, honored their 30 day return policy.
Remember also: There are NO ‘free’ (weekend, mobile-to-mobile) minutes. Calling your companion ‘family plan’ phone consumes double minutes.
As a previous contributor alluded, they DO check credit records. They checked mine. My file discloses an inquiry from Consumer Cellular!

eugene 7/19/2010
I have been a CC customer for about a year and have no complaints. I have called them three times in that time and have received curteous and knowlegable service. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHEN I CALL CC I TALK TO A PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES WHO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH. ENOUGH SAID.

Darthvagrant 7/13/2010
I initiated cellular service with Consumer Cellular. On 7-9-2010 I received two Motorola EM330 cell phones. On 7-12 one phone locked up. Upon advice, I removed the battery to reboot the phone. When doing so, the battery door latch became disengaged from the phone body. I then advised Consumer Cellular of this event. I was IMMEDIATELY told :’now you’ll have to buy a new phone’. That’s a direct quote. Phone less than four days old? “The Buy a new phone” statement made at least 8 times as I worked my way up the staff levels of customer support. I was ultimately able to reinstall the battery cover latch button, and decided I had made a grave mistake of choosing Consumer Cellular, and elected to return everything per the terms of their ‘45 day return policy’.
Unbelievably, I was then told in no uncertain, terse terms: ‘We won’t accept the one phone back. We don’t accept broken phones for return. You can keep that phone, it’s yours now’.
The phone WAS NOT ‘BROKEN’ ! I had never described the phone as ‘broken’, only that the battery cover latch had become disengaged. I had already managed to successfully reinstall the latch release button.
Their oratory during the sales pitch was filled with accolades of self-praise as to what a great service they provided, how they were the “no argument” cellular provider. ‘We’re different’.
Different they ARE! I have never witnessed such a Jekyll / Hyde transformation of any entity in my life. The mood went from ‘kissy-kissy’ (for lack of better term) to outright acerbic, rude, and irresponsible dialogue in the transition from sale to service issue.
Actually the Motorola EM330 was a poor choice, being cheaply made and overly fragile. Doubly so when dealing with a cell provider with the post sale policies of Consumer Cellular.

Blake 6/29/2010
This review is here probably because they offer a prepaid and a bill statement monthly option, or so it is for me. I've had my service for about 2 years now. No complaints at all.

Gus Janeway 6/27/2010
For a communications company, their absolute worst skill is...communication. It takes a lot of mistakes and shoddy service to get me angry, but consumer cellular has managed to truly piss me off. It is now three months since I canceled my service, packed the phone and sent it back to them, yet they are still sending me "account delinquent" notices despite repeated, polite attempts to remind them of the situation.
I thought this would be a simple, low-cost, short-term solution for us, but when the phone arrived it did not pick up a signal at out house. This is a common problem for AT&T cell users in our area, so when i called Consumer Cellular they said that they did, in fact, use the AT&T cell towers. The person I spoke with was friendly and said it would be fine if I just sent it back, and that he would cancel the service right away, so I thought all was well. Then came the relentless notices, unabated by my replies explaining the situation. I have no idea how much longer this will last, but I am truly fed up with having to deal with this company.

Happy Missourian 6/5/2010
Initial receipt of phone fast, transfer of number immediate, voice quality excellent, phones cheap, no contract. Added line competitively priced. "Extra mile" customer service - 2nd phone mailed to daughter at vacation location.
Service reps answer phone almost immediately, speak native American English, and try to be as helpful as possible. Only downside for heavy users is charges to both phones for mobile-to-mobile(no free mobile-to-mobile), and use of AT&T towers and backbone - AT&T has a knack for screwing up its network, as noted extensively in current (June 2010) tech press and blogs. Overall, very satisfactory service, competitively priced, with customer service that shames AT&T into bottom place.

Joel B. 5/25/2010
Sign-up was a breeze! The phone arrived in 3 days, and activation was almost immediate. Had a little problem getting voicemail setup and the web access working, so I called the toll-free number and the agent immediately identified the problem and fixed it - had something to do with transferring my old number from Sprint.

Rev 5/14/2010
Just because BBB rating is high doesn't mean that Consumer Cellular is doing their job or offering the greatest service. Reps are not knowledgeable; their response to the fact that one of their phone offerings called "Doro" which was not free may I add, automatically ate up my minutes due to its design was "Looks like you need to sign up for a plan w/more minutes." I was flabbergasted--their service is not cheap as it is. They do nothing for folks 50+ like they claim they do. Texting should be unlimited for the amount of money paid & it is not--there's packages for texting charges & there's no over-head for any cellullar company for this. Another huge problem w/CC is there is no in-coming call log. I lost many calls due to this issue. When I asked the rep whether it was the phone itself or the service she couldn't give me an answer. They are soaking 50+ individuals. I was told there were no credit checks for securing service w/CC. Just because CC is a member of BBB doesn't mean anything when these types of issues are going on with this service. There are less expensive deals out there. Right now I have a "Doro" phone that is in excellent condition however, it is of no use to me as no matter where I secure it with the case on mind you, it will activate & eat up my minutes due to the flat design. Thirty days is not enough time to make an a decision as to whether a phone/service is working for an individual. What good is no contract with all these problems?

angrey costomer 5/3/2010
i got a pree paid phone card added it to my phone yesterday befor my time was up,today they turn my phone off i have been tring to get ahold of a coster service rep. since 8a.m. today, one lady answrerd after two and a half hours she hangs up on me and i have not been able to reach anyone since i have been wating on the phone for hours i thank they should treat thire costomers with more respect i give onley one stat becouse that was as low as it would go im verry disappointed in the service i have recived to day

They were the best 3/19/2010
I resently called CC customer service to discuss my account and I was told by the rep that I am not an authorized user. I explained, well I tried too, but she told me she could not give me any information and I needed permission from the account holder. Again I told her that I was and had been using and discussing this account since we opened it in March 2008. There are two numbers on this account. If she would checked further she would have seen I was on the account as well as my wife. But I guess that was too much work for her to do.
I get an email back from them stating that my wife had called, as I requested, and I was added as an authorized user. How could I have been an unauthorized user for the past two (2) years? I take exception to being labeled as such. Customer service has gone down hill and I'm thinking of changing service.

Al 3/17/2010
I have my mom on Consumer Cellular. I don't have any complaints with them. But I think I'll change her service. I've tried a few others, and I can get just as good for a cheaper price where she lives (south of St Louis about 50 miles). I could put her on T-Mobile prepaid and give her more access while spending less.

Country Girl 2/4/2010
I have been with Consumer Cellular for 4 months and have had very good service. One time I saw that my minutes were high so I called and increased my minutes for that month. I didn't get any penalty for going over and the rep on the phone was very helpful and pleasant to work with.

Jim 1/24/2010
I was all set to sign up. But the sales rep (at their toll-free number) couldn't tell me anything (and I do mean "anything") about their phones. All I wanted to know is what type of GSM phone I would get -- quad band, tri band, etc. This is pretty important. So I'll just find a different service. The lackadaisical attitude of thier sales rep fit with negative comments I've seen on other blogs. Too bad.

Happy 10/29/2009
Consumer Cellular has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Contrast that with some of the other networks.

Relax Friends 10/21/2009
Some of the other providers on this list are not prepaid either. Really, this review list is for no-contract plans. But yes, Consumer Cellular does conduct credit checks.

anonymous 10/17/2009
Why is this review even here? Consumer Cellular is not a prepaid company, and they do require a credit check.