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Boost Mobile Reviews
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2 stars of 5 based on 20 reviews

stefanie maisonet 8/30/2013
Hi i just heard about this company its seem that i want to buy a blackberry style 9670 its an old phone but i dont really care i just want it for this conpany i been told that u guys bacause this phone is old u make better offer i just want to know if is possible

Le 7/21/2013
after reducing the price to $40/month, now i cant use 3G

chris 7/16/2013
Pay as you go is a scam! I keep getting text messages, voicemails, and multimedia messages from people I don't know. I am spending more money on calls/messages from people I don't know compared to the legitimate calls/messages I get from people I do know.

tonyA 7/14/2013
Horrible customer service. I just bought a samsung rush 4 days ago & im unable to recieve or make calls, send out text messages and it'S slow. I tried taking it to the boost store on E. Main street in el cajon and all she did was update it urging me that its ok. 30 minutes later it stopped working. Now they said i cant return it because its been longer than 3 days!!!! Im going in tomorrow and i will raise hell. And im sure as hell not paying a $20 restocking fee to stock a phone that does not work!!!!!

jen 7/9/2013
well this is cool I just received a free Boost Mobile Card Code and it worked! I got it at freeboostmobileminutes? com

Joy 6/10/2013
Iv had boost pre pd for over6yrs mainly for the price, at the time the srvc was tollerable/to satisfactory" sadly for me their srvc & customer support bas fallen rapidly &after spending nearly $170.00 on a samsung seek thinking foolishly it wuld last at least 4yrs it begin to loop after other probs & i contacted fcc who were great n helping me with sprint, i did hav a helpful sprint person helping me who replaced my phone with this "samsung galexy prevail" began baving maj. Probs w/it soon as i turned it on, the lock, the battary was oso hot pnly after 30mln of just being on! The key brd well its an issue all its own!, so boost is now sending me out another replcmnt phone to replace this scratcbed up stain spilled probmatic phn i just rcvd a cupl dys ago; honestly im tired & disliking these easily disfunctional exspensive pc's of "?!" & can find better ways2waist&spend my hard earned $. God help us.isaia

Carol 6/6/2013
THEY ARE TERRIBLE. I would definately stay away from Boost! Their customer service and billing is terrible. I signed up for their auto reboost billing but when I changed my credit card number they continued to charge my old card, even though my account information was up to date. Then they would discontinue my service because the payment did not go through! At that point they considered the payment late so the "shrinkage" billing that they advertise never happened because of their billing errors. The final straw is the double billing last month. I discontinued the automatic billing for several months and started it up again hoping this would fix the billing issues. Nope - they again stated they were going to bill the old card so I made a payment on line. Final straw - this time they did bill the correct card and also processed my on line payment. They won't refund the extra payment because they have a no refund policy! And the supervisor I was talking to hung up on me when I asked his name!

Mollie Flynn 5/24/2013
At first this seemed to be a good thing. The service was good, and I had no trouble with getting a signal. Now as I am nearing my fifth month, I can't hardly get a signal anywhere. I can have 3G and full bars, and I try to get on a web-site and it loses strength and I am not able to access anything!!! What is going on? I have my suspicions but I will not say right now. Can u help me out with this. Thank You...

omg 5/15/2013
my wife just bought and activated her phone and already having issues! first is that she cant even make a phone call or recieve a call cause it says no fundd in the acct. she just got done paying the $55. second was calling tec support which twice hung up on her and then said we have to contact costumer service which was closed for the day so there nothing they can do until tomorrow. my wife dang near threw the house phone through the coffee table as pissed as she was. we switched from cricket which we had to eat $210 and thought boost was worth it. but so far its not. Its only been maybe 3 hrs. i feel calling the turko files or filing a criminal charge against them for miss repesentation and anything else i can gather out of all the "thieft" going down i read in the other reviews. come on boost get your act together

Penny Duff 5/13/2013
I had them for 11 days--11 days from hell. The phone was garbage, customer service was useless, and their website singularly unhelpful. E.g., to find out how to port a phone # with them, you have to go 3 layers deep in the site and work very hard to find the info. Even though I was not yelling or using profanity, Customer RETENTION hung up on me. OMG, this company is awful. Remember too that this company and Virgin Mobile are one in the same.

Allan 4/25/2013
As has already been said , you get what you pay for. I spent almost five days in Rhinebeck , NY last week and could not get service. I was there last year and I had no problem getting service with my Verizon account. Today ,I was twenty mies from my home and couldn't get adequate service. The lure of unlimited everything was what got me to try Boost, but I guess I'll have to pay the man if I want a phone that actually works,

kate 4/19/2013
If there was a -0 rating that would be mine. When my phone/plan was purchased the coverage area (of course)shows we are covered all around the city. The phone did not work. We fought a 2 day and over 6 hours on the phone battle and when the phone was finally activated we discovered that, while the coverage map includes our area, I don't get any service at my house!! The guy at the store said he was sorry he could do nothing about it and couldn't refund my phone/plan. I don't have a land line & now if I receive a call at home I have to stand at the kitchen window to be able to take the call. Sometimes it won't even ring. Recently I received a text stating the address to my account has been changed and contact them if this was a mistake. It was a mistake but I can't get through to anyone! I've contacted automated support that's ALL I get from the # on the website(how we EVER got an actual person when we were trying to activate I cannot remember other than it took days to do so.) There seem to be no automated options to check/change my address. I cannot get an actual person to verify correct information. These guys suck! I rarely ever use that word but there is no other adjective that adequately describes my experience with them - well there are but they're worse. I wish I'd never gotten this phone or switched to Boost! Unfortunately, they have a strong, positive review so I don't even know how to go about finding a better carrier. I don't know who would give them a good review since I only run into people who run when they hear the name Boost.

Lisa 4/1/2013
Boost took money out of my account by mistake and would not return it! I missed work and was on the phone with these people for over 7 hours. I talked to 4 different countries and most of them didn't speak English where I could understand them. I had to get my credit card company involved and they finally took care of it. Also my phone has broken 3 different times and I was without one for 3 weeks at a time..I was also charged for the time I didn't have my phone! They replaced my brand new phone with a piece of junk. Scratches and dents all over it. It broke for the 4th time after I had it back only a month and I was told it was out of warranty! By only 2 weeks. Saving all the money in the world isn't reason enough to deal with such turmoil!!

Billy Roberts 3/21/2013
I have been a boost mobile for years and I recently added the hotspot service to my phone it was told to me that I would have unlimeted access so I bought a new phone and changed my plan they did not tell me that when I used it more than 2.5g they would cut my internet speed down so slow that it is not anygood to me I paid for unlimeted access and got cheated so now I get service somewhere else thankyou boost for telling me one thing and when you got my money doing another

EDWARD 3/19/2013

Nicole 3/7/2013
DONT EVER GO TO BOOST!!!!! u will regret it! i activated my acount paid my 50 to get service... and then they told me the tower by my house has been down for 2 months and is not sure of when it will be fixed... when i asked for my money back (remember... not used any services) they transfered me for 2 hrs back and forth... finally they told me they do not give refunds... i paid 50 for nothing but a headache... how can such a big company be such scammers??????