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2 stars of 5 based on 912 reviews


Michael 9/6/2013
I think somebody steered you wrong!!! I have got nothing but grief ever since AT&T took over. The go phone was great with Cingular. They helped when I was having troubles. AT&T changed everything and told me to deal with it. I told them where they could send there phone, to the land of no sun shining. Went strait to Tracfone. Best move I ever made!!!!

Barbara 9/6/2013
I received a text from AT&T that they will be charging a monthly fee for the 911 service. I have a prepaid account (I don't pay monthly). I had already bought the $100 package that expires in one year. They want to start charging me this reoccurring monthly fee after having this package for 7 months. AT&T told me that all of the prepaid phones now charge this fee. I decide to check with Alltel and Net 10. They both said they don't charge a fee for 911 when it is a prepaid service. Cingular didn't charge the fee either. This came about when AT&T took over Cingular.

Barbara 9/6/2013
I received a text from AT&T that they will be charging a monthly fee for the 911 service. I have a prepaid account (I don't pay monthly). I had already bought the $100 package that expires in one year. They want to start charging me this reoccurring monthly fee after having this package for 7 months. AT&T told that all of the prepaid phones now charge this fee. I decide to check with Alltel and Net 10. They both said they don't charge a fee for 911 when it is a prepaid service. Cingular didn't charge the fee either. This came about when AT&T took over Cingular.

autumn 9/6/2013
i recommend sorta its ok

liz 7/26/2013
a t & t have the worst prepaid phone coverage! My cell phone randomly looses service. I don't realize I don't have service until I check my phone. It has lasted for hours at times. I now log these occurrences and will demand a credit for lost service periods.

Peter M 7/23/2013
Solid service and good 3G data speeds, high reliability. You can compare prepaid plans at

cy c 7/16/2013
I guess compared to Verizon's contract service, this is a downgrade, but compared to Tmobile's contract service, ATT's pay as you go plan is great. They actually answer service calls in the U.S., and the person answering was knowledgeable and took care of the problems.

so very angry!!!!!!! 7/15/2013

made vacation difficult 7/6/2013
don't do it! spent 2 hrs in store getting go phone sim card... $25 to use phone for 3 days. now I am in big city in canada and phone DOES NOT ACCEPT OR MAKE CALLS. all I can do is text! they set it up in store and said it would work but it doesn't! argh! hating atnt right now. making my vacation difficult.

chevyguy1946 6/22/2013
I am an AT&T customer for years, since the phones were the size of house phones. I never had a problem with the service or customer care. I switched to the Go Phone about 2 years ago never a problem. Once I didn't have service for 2 days but they everything they could do to get service back. They were GREAT and easy to get too. I have about 5 different phones I use, just put sim card in and ready to go. I have the $50. unlimited and it is great. I go on line every day and never had a problem, browser is a little slower then a smart phone plan but gets anything you want. I don't even think of another carrier. I can't understand all the negative reviews of the Go Phone plan. Maybe these people will find out when the change carriers. AT&T gets and always had a 5 star review from me.

Disgruntled 6/20/2013
Overpriced. Spotty coverage. Network currently down. Only way to speak to a customer repesentative is wade through a ton of menus and pretend that you have lost your phone. $2.00 per 411 call and their phone number database is outdated (as the woman told me who had the company's old number), an hour to get a refund, finally convinced service representative that in any other business in the entire world, if what you sell the customer is not what they requested, you get a refund.

Katie 6/19/2013
STAY AWAY!!!! This phone is a joke as well as the customer service. Just finished a phone conversation with AT&T about my $10.00 pre-paid go phone. I use this cell when my other cell wont get service, so I rarely use it. I only put a $10 pre-paid card on it and pick the $2 a day unlimited plan ONLY when I use it. AT&T cancelled or deactivated the cell phone because I didn't add any minutes or used it in a while; witch I completely understand. When I activated this cell they only asked for the zip code to where I would be using the cell and that's about it, NO name, NO address and NO password needed to activate it. The only thing they gave me was a "pass code" witch I wrote down(they assigned it to me). So when on the phone with the rude lady from AT%T she said I need to verify the account and she asked for the past code and I gave it to her but she said it was incorrect and refused to activate my cell again. On top of all this the person from AT&T talked in a very slang (ghetto) kind of way. I guess they hire anyone to talk on the phones. Maybe they should hire kind speaking people who sound nice and not people that sound like they are from the streets of Chicago. I will NEVER give AT%T another cent of money!!

Bruno 6/7/2013
Simply DON'T!! I got the plan with 1 giga internet for my last month in the States and was wasted money, simply doesn't work on my unlocked Galaxy SII!! I tried customer service but was all automatic and just asking if I wanted to put more money on the cell phone. Went to the store and they just said they couldn't (more like feeling not to help) 'cause my phone is a 4G and that gophone just works on 3G but "kindly" offered me (not for free) one of their phones...also, they refused to call customer care 'cause they knew already the answer...worst customer service ever seen and wasted money!!

JJ 6/5/2013
Alternatives: Sign up with an MVNO of AT&T. If you use Straight Talk, you can even use the same phone without unlocking it. They use the same network. I get unlimited everything for $45 flat. There is no physical store but the customer service and phone service is much better!

Slopsip 5/15/2013
This phone. I daydream about sending someone horrifically evil this phone. I got the top of the line go-phone smart phone. It crashes multiple times a day. I had a data plan for awhile, but decided I'd rather hand wrote letters and buy an encyclopedia than deal with this crap phone. Customer service is a joke. Next month I'm getting a post-paid plan, and will not even consider going with AT&T. Save your money and mental health. Use smoke signals to communicate. Try strengthening your ESP skills. Stay away from AT&T.

V. Stegall 5/13/2013
My husband & I have been using the To-Go Phone for many years. It is the perfect way to go if you do not use all the other features, etc. etc. .10 cents a minute is the best. We add $100 every year and we always have money left over before renewing.

Hannah 5/8/2013
AT&T is a rip off. I bought a go phone, the $2.00 a day plan and a $15.00 pre-paid card. I've only used it three times and it's now telling me I only have $6.00 left. Obviously, that doesn't add up. Last time I checked 3x2.00 is $6.00 with $9 remaining...NOT $6.00. Also supposed to be good for 30 days, activated & loaded it on the first of the month and it says I have until the 26th to refill. Who's doing their math? It's a strictly as needed phone, but I already hate At&T and will try a different provider. Can't be any worse than this At&T scammer.

Eric 5/1/2013
Stay away from AT&T!! Ok I got the zte-990 phone which didn't work had to return it for another, but this isn't about the phone. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT. Paid the $50.00 refill for unlimited service only I paid it early as to not have my service interrupted at all, it decided I wanted to PAY for texts instead of giving me my unlimited! WTF?! So my plan did not renew. I then had to navigate the labyrinth of "Hmm I didn't understand that" crap (BTW you can avoid all of it by pressing 6 or saying "other options" and then saying customer service to actually talk to a human being, figured this out after a half hour of screaming various commands and pressing various numbers). Their advice? After I was transferred to someone who I could understand (VERY thick accents), Don't pay your bill early, let your service expire and then pay. As I decided I didn't want to be without service for a day, I didn't text AT ALL the last day of the month. Guess what? It did it with the phone calls as well. Scummy scummy practices. I say scummy in that I know their goal is that you'll give up trying to reach a REAL person and just refill the amount to $50 + taxes + fees so $0.50 or $0.18 becomes $5.25 or $4.93 respectively.

Bobby Bongos 4/30/2013
I'm leaving AT&T GoPhone after only 3 months. On paper, this plan is the best out there, but in reality, the phones are suspect and the customer service is COMPLETELY non-existent. As in, I couldn't even reach a human being to help me with phone and account issues (of which there were many). Within 2 months, the online payment system wouldn't take my payments anymore, so I had to physically go into the AT&T store to pay. Within 2 1/2 months, my Fusion 2 phone stopped connecting to 3G and the Contacts no longer worked.

AS 4/16/2013
What's with all the bad reviews from people using GoPhones? It's the best pay as you go plan out there (in the US at least), and their coverage is amazing. I like being able to have a phone plan where I don't pay a fixed monthly price for anything (am on the 10 cents a minute plan), and nobody else has anything remotely similar in this country, at least not with AT&T's coverage.

bwriter2 4/12/2013
Husband wanted a smartphone and bought a Samsung. We researched coverage area--as we have a vacation home in isolated area of NM--according to ATT map--our place would have 2g coverage. Got a GO Phone plan for $25 a month. But guess what--does NOT work in NM. Found out the coverage map is really for paid plans--as ATT only lets GO-PHONE customers on its own towers--while contract ATT users can be piggy-backed on other carriers. So it's back to tracphone for us. And what a hassle to get our phone number ported as ATT does NOT list account number anywhere--you have to CALL. The only bright side was ATT customer service guy Jose--got our last $25 refunded.

AT&T stinks 3/29/2013
I would give this service a zero if it were an option. Not only do you pay as YOU go, you pay for spam phone calls and texts. AT&T doesn't let you block calls with this type of phone nor do they tell you this when you buy the phone--you find out when all your funds are used up when the phone has been sitting in your backpack for a week. Giant rip off.

Donna 3/24/2013
The biggest piece of junk I've ever had the misfortune of purchasing. It's my fault I didn't read all the reviews before wasting my money on this cheap, unreliable crappy phone. It keeps a charge for about a day and also, it shows I have $62 left but that same figure has been showing up each time I use the phone and now they're telling me I need to buy more time. I've had it.

Joe 3/14/2013
I had the fusion2 Go Phone from AT&T The phone exceeded my expectations in most areas for a low cost smart phone.The GoPhone network is a watered down verison of the AT&T network. I took this plan because coverage is very important to me and AT&T has a good network but the Go Phone network was terrible. I did not have service in the middle of a mid sized city in Central Ma. and most every time I entered a building I had no service. The coverage was so bad within a month I dropped the GO Phone Plan and traded the fusion 2 phone towards a new phone on the Verizon network and am very happy since I did so. AT&T does not inform people that the Go phone network is nothing like the regular AT&T network. I would advise everyone not to go for the Go Phone plan it was the worst plan I have ever been on.

ATT Sucks 3/6/2013
Stay clear of these maggots, always manipulating the billing to nickle and dime you. Just a RIP OFF.
An they are cowards and don't provide you anyway to contact them.

jay 3/2/2013
their call-in automatic customer service is a joke. I have been trying to change my credit card that is billed for more minutes, and i get handed off to endless repeating loops of automated questions that never lead to what I want. this kind of nonsense happens everytime I want to get something done with ATT. they have completely dropped the ball on customer service. They have wasted probably two hours of my time through their terrible customer service. LAZY AND GREEDY. Period. Find a different carrier!

Mike 2/11/2013
I have been with ATT for about 15 years, but have been off contract for the last 3. I had a 450 min. plan with 250 text per month limit. I decided last week to give the prepaid a try since not only would I get unlimited talk and text, but also web. I was surprised at how friendly the two different guys I spoke with were. They didn't try to talk me into a contract, but switched me over and then gave me some tips on using the phone. Got a P7640P by Pantech. Though the screen is a little small for internet use, I can connect, voice is clear and I can't tell any difference in call quality. I'm getting all this for about $5 more per month than I was paying. So far I'm very pleased, though I may upgrade my phone in the next few months to an Android so I can have a larger screen and more apps.

Cereal Sally 1/30/2013
I used go phone for years. One day I payed for more minutes and 2 days later my account was empty and I barely even used the phone. I contacted customer service and they were clueless as usual. So I switched to straight talk which is amazing. I should have switched years ago. I'll never deal with AT&T ever again. They need to learn to help their loyal customers.

John 1/27/2013
I had to change AT&T Go Phones three times, and I still have a very poor phone, the poorest phone since A. Bell's initial offering. I came to the Pre-paid Reviews site hoping to elicit credible reviews of such phones so that I can get beyond AT&T, but I was surprised that the AT&T Go Phone is given high reviews. Consequently, I will not be able to trust any of the reviews herein.
A very dissatisfied AT&T customer.

sherree 1/16/2013
i love at&t i just have one complaint when are they gna join the rest and include unlimited data on their unlimited 50 dollar plan everyone else is doing it so whats stopping at&t if they did i would finally buy me an android from them cuz i love their service

Disgusted 1/15/2013
Got the cheap flip Go phone for my daughter with $25 card good for 90 days. The first time she needed it, when separated from us at Disneyworld, she tried to call and it wouldn't work and had to get someone at a store to call me. Turns out it had been 91 days. No warning or "top up now" option like my ancient Virgin mobile phone does. Took it to Target and got a new card...couldn't load it. They told me they'd "burned" the SIM card, whatever that means. Have to buy a new SIM and get her a new phone number for an "emergency" phone she'll use once every few months. So mad at AT&T for having no grace period that I'm tempted to change my home phone service from AT&T also.

Carlos 1/14/2013
I love my Gophone servise I currently use and. iPhone 3G and with picture text and unlimited calling and texting us
And Mexico I ove that.i can ad data anytime 50mg sucks but I would
Buy th ?25 data instead 1gb .but any way I love me $25 dolar Gophone get data you need to change APN settings and u can also get picture texting to and I can send pics and Text is very good I like AT&T Gophone .i give them. 10! Rateing


Eddie 12/19/2012
I have AT&T go phone everytime they steal money from me. A lot of time I get drop calls in my house or at work . So I am gonna sign with t moblie is better for me and is way cheaper than AT&T crap .

Road Runner 12/8/2012
I have had a gophone for four years with AT&T with the fifty dollar plan and auto refill on a basic at&t samsung flip phone and never had a problem with service and i could talk and text 24/7 and never paid any more than the fifty dollars a month well my phone died so I order a new smart phone with the sixty five dollar plan I got the avail smart phone total junk the phone is not worth the money and I have been on the phone with at&t custmer care for the past 2 days trying to get it resolved on 12/7/12 i was transfered to eleven different people at at&t customer care and I was trying to buy a new phone and return this one I did not get a new phone I got a text message saying your auto refill has been canceled thank you very much at&t would I recamend them probly not

Al mo 11/27/2012
I had a contract with these clowns .. with in the first week I realized we had hardly any reception here I went to a bigger city to the airport and that blazing fast 4g kicked in and it was awesome! I can't believe. That they don't discount the service when you don't get 100% of the service RIP OFFF! 2 smartphones with art is like having another car payment except yo can drive it too far with out breaking down.

Every one Hates Cell Phones 11/25/2012
Please complain in writing to the company. Please complain in writing to the FCC. It does work. I did it and it worked. Complaining here is great, but it does nothing. Hit the company where it hurts. Put it in writing. We work hard for our money, so make them work for it too. Peace.

Luke 11/24/2012
I signed up for the GO plan, then discovered that their GO plan doesn't use the entire AT&T network. The GO coverage is much smaller.

energy 11/23/2012
What a absolute ripoff. They say one thing, do another. You would think at&t would regulate, but this is a profit area and they condone the scam artists.
Your best be is to stay well away form these clowns.

Linda Riebel 11/21/2012
The worst recharge and online service I have ever encountered. I like having a pay-as-you-go-plan but it's a major headache every 3 months to renew. They hide behind layers of phone and online labyrinths so you can't get help. This reminds me why I hate ATT.

Jean 11/12/2012
Terrible service and company...bought 1 phone and it works ok...bought another one as a is defective and the AT&T store said it is defective and refuses to replace it...I WILL stick with Verizon Wireless and go back to Virgin Mobile as a backup...screw AT&T...bunch of crooks!!!

chelsea jarmin 11/3/2012
i added minutes on my phone to renew my plan but it didnt work

Mark 11/1/2012
I dumped AT'T as a contract. They would not work with me at all. They wanted $295 to break the contract, and so we dumped them. They would not work with us on the bill too. It is all their money or no service. So we are using their phones and we switched to T-mobile on their phones. So AT'T you lost out because you are greedy. Too bad. Oh, you pre-pay is over priced just like your contracts.

Barack 10/25/2012
If you don't want a data plan it's a very good deal. Their coverage area appears to be among the best. I left T-Mobile for ATT and so far I'm happier.

jason simon 10/14/2012
i need help with my phone and i can not get noopne to help so im not happy with this pay as u go plan

Fran 10/11/2012
I have a "go phone" and I can't text from my house. Not anywhere in my house. Not from my driveway. Not even down the block. I too have a new phone with warranty. I'm now shopping for a new provider.

catina owens 10/9/2012
I thoroughly enjoy your 65 dollar unlimited plan plus 1g but would extremely enjoy 80 unlimited talk text and web I mean I know you guys are elite but you dont want boost mobile making all the money because I was seriously thinking about switching over for a 55 unlimited talk text and web but I do love att but you have to switch to unlimited everything I dont even mind paying more PLEASE HEAR ME OUT

to all 10/7/2012
I don't know what peoples problems are. It's like they came out of a deep sleep from the 1800's and don't know how to operate a cell phone.I have no problems welcome to 2012 people.

Eva 10/6/2012
You lose the rest of your money if you don't use it within the allotted time. It is not what you are told when you sign, up, but that's how they operate.

kim 10/4/2012
att is a total rip off! I have a go phone and was using the $2 a day plan. Then I heard about the $25 dollar a month plan with unlimited messaging and 250 mins and decided to switch my plan. But what they fail to mention before changing plans is that the 250 mins doesnt include cell to cell. I was under the impression my cell to cell would still be free and not use any of my 250 mins. So now, just 1 week after purchasing my plan I have no mins! Screw att im changing to tmobile!!!

Carmen 10/1/2012
AT&T totally deceives customers with the unlimited talk text & web .if you are a smartphone user you must purchase an expensive data plan so you have saved nothing . AT&T should not be allowed to mislead the public .

Jacek 9/30/2012
The phone $20 is junk, I bought a go phone as a second phone to use while away on a business trip at the Wisconsin Dells a mjor tourist hub and the piece of junk did not get a reception. I tried contacting ATT to troubleshoot, forgett that idea no numbers run around websites junk stay away if you have other options

Joe 9/25/2012
i am using an iPhone3GS that i purchased and i wanted to connect it with Go Phone.When i called CS they said that i can connect it to use with ether the $25 or the $50 plan so i asked if i can buy data and she said No , it wont work with any iPhones then i asked about Picture messaging and she said no it wont work.So you will only get talk and text. I asked this is an AT&T phone why cant i use the picture messaging or data ,and she said because you have to be on a contract. I said the phone belongs to me why would i sign a contract. she said thats how AT&T works with any iPhones.So i signed up with Airvoice wireless , they are a company that uses AT&T network and i dont have to unlock the phone. AT&T should figure things out because they will loose so many iPhone users. I guess they dont care.

SD 9/25/2012
I bought the cheap flip GoPhone and it is just barely better than not having a cell phone at all. I have not been able to have a single conversation on it where the other person can hear or understand me. This is when it states that the signal is great. The call will start out OK for the first 30 sec. to 3 min. and then get all garbled for the person on the other end. It has a hard time sending text messages. Also, if you are out of range and a friend sends you a text message, you will never see it.

Cathie 9/25/2012
I purchased minutes to use my Go Phone and when I finally tried to use them, their were no minutes ojn my phone.
Att services truly sucks. Robbing faithful customers is a disgrace.

Robert 9/11/2012
I had a phone on AT&T prepaid service. I was using it for data only. I had money in my account and I had about 250 mb of unused data. In April, I was told that I could no longer purchase data or use the data that was on my account unless I upgraded to a $25/month voice plan in addition to $5 month for data. That made their service no longer cost effective. Because of their change, I lost all of the data that I had paid for and I lost all of the money in my account, since I was not going to throw good money after bad.

anthony nabejas 9/10/2012
why they deduct my prepaid account while im calling from canada to philippines.but my phone already registered to 2 dollars plan a day.

Carly 9/8/2012
With the auto-refill option, I think it's wrong that if you add money to your account before your next refill, when the time for the refill comes, you lose any money that was left on the account. I couldn't understand why I kept getting the message that my account balance was too low for them to refill my account automatically. Makes no sense to me. I only gave 2 stars because the reception in my area is pretty good, but this issue is too annoying to give any more than that.

Ted 9/6/2012
Deduct 2 stars because the option for minus 1 is not given. AT&T has absolutely ZERO customer service. I will be switching to another company as soon as I can find a better one, and I'm sure that will not be difficult. I was a customer for years, but I've finally had enough.

Jill J. 9/4/2012
Cannot recommend this phone because AT&T aren't responsible enough to do their jobs and answer their Customer Service phones-ever.And you will need customer service at least once a month because when a purchase is made-for example you use your debit card to buy more air time or internet time-AT&T will CONSISTENTLY
not let you use the minutes that you paid for. It becomes necessary to find a live human at customer service but there isn't one .It's just one brick wall after another.So you can't use your phone even after they took your money...
Typical AT&T conduct,I know,but really a shame because this is a very good phone at a very fair price.AT&T really had to work hard to drive customers away from this.

Just 8/20/2012
I switched from At&t to Virgin mobile and the transfer of my old number took 45 minutes to change. Why do they hire people with no mental capacity to think for themselves and STOP FOLLOWING A SCRIPT!!!! It was a hassle and took three people to find the account number. I switched companies after loading 25 dollars into the phone and was not able to make calls or texts until i called customer service who in turn "changed plans" in order to commodate the lesser amount of money loaded on the phone! Tottally inconveinent and idiotic. STOP SENDING JOBS OVERSEAS!!!!!

Carol Towne 8/18/2012
I just purchased a AT&T Go phone-prepaid $50.00 unlimited plan on the 8th of Aug. 2012, and can not get customer service to talk to me twice now and just got hung up on because the gentlemen demanded that there was a volume button on the side of either side of my phone, there is nothing, but the charger openinging on the right side. I kept talking to him and realized he had hung up on me and I was talking to no one. Is there a real customer service number for Go-Phone A T &T?

Madan Mohan 8/15/2012
OMG. Still they have not learnt to behave like humans!! I was in CT in 2008. I have faced all of these problems mentioned plus unknown trait of Animals posing as customer care agents. Due to T-Mobile's notorious reception issues I thought of moving back to AT&T GoPhone.. but decided to stay with T-Mobile for sometime and choose another later...

Thecowboy 8/12/2012
I love AT&T prepaid go phone. I currently have my daughter in the $25 monthly plan. Besides the great reception, I have to admit that their cst service is awesome as well. As soon as my current contract expires I'm switching my family to AT&Ts prepaid service instead.

rushin2 8/10/2012
Update: Got through to the customer support (in the first step -> chose "More options" than keep repeating "Representative" - in 3 minutes got through.

rushin2 8/10/2012
The whole point of switching from Red Pocket to AT&T was to avoid absurd charging and billing and have customer service available (it's horrible or better yet - almost non-existent at RP).

Don 8/8/2012
I bought a go phone and prepaid minutes so my wife would have a phone that would work while we were travelling in Canada. The service did not work as indicated and I spent another $20 on my verizon phone trying to get AT&T to fix it. Today I spent over 1 hour on the phone with AT&T Customer Service and subsequently the AT&T store that sold the phone to me but to no avail. The only remedy suggested (by AT&T Customer Service) is to dispute the credit card charges, which I have done. A nightmare of a company to deal with. Pleasant people who cannot help you....

Suzie 8/2/2012
I had a contract with AT&T for 12 yrs and loved them. Most of the family switched to VZW over 2 yrs ago so we did too (big mistake). Anyway, after that contract was up, went to Net10 and that was kind of a disaster. Wanna know HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE? Go with NET10/Straight Talk. Then I walked into my local AT&T store one day with my 5 yr old AT&T flip phone to see if I could come back to AT&T as a prepaid customer, and the guy (Carlos) could not have been nicer. He gave me a new gophone sim card, got my number transferred from NET10 (huge hassle), sold me a $50 a month plan that I LOVE, and told me to go online and order any gophone I wanted and bring it in and he will do whatever needed to be done. I did just that. Could not be happier. I did speak with ATT customer service twice so far on the phone and they also could not be better and nicer to me. That guy in the store did not make a dime off me but was still fantastic and spent well over an hour with me. Try the other prepaid companies and you will appreciate AT&T GoPhone. I LOVE THEM and my Pantech Link 2!!!! I will never leave again!

Hayden 7/28/2012
I use an At&t ZTE Avail gophone on the 50 dollars a month and I have unlimited text and web with NO DATA.

Melissa Carson 7/23/2012
me and my husband both have the 50$ a month plan. My husband has just a regular phone and I have a fusion smarthphone. I don't understand why everyone is complaning about the pre-paid service. We have had at&t for about 6 years and have never had a peroblem. I think the company is great and if we have a problem we just call them and they take care of it. We get great service and have no problem with getting on the internet and all we pay is a total for both phones is 106$. So just go ahead and complan I like the company and we are going to stay with them as long as they are in business.

Zuko 7/19/2012
On my "Pay as you go Online" account, when I look up my account history, it will not tell me any monetary transactions. Yet I put $25.00 in my account 3 days ago. My balance is down to 2.95... I don't know why it's that low and I have nothing to account that for on my online account. WELL THAT'S IRONIC! They are just showing me my calls and texts (texts are free) and showing how it doesn't affect my balance. SO WHATS AFFECTING MY BALANCE?! Is it me being charged a few times for going on websites that i cant access ?? What is it? It took a while for me to figure out on my own how my Rate Minutes differed separate from my Main Account balance. That was confusing. I also don't like the fact that if you top up early, and you don't have exactly 25.00 in your balance or more, you will automatically have to purchase more account minutes. The expiration date doesn't start over when you purchase more minutes.

Go Phoner 7/10/2012
The service isnt great. A lot of text message sends fail when I text heavily. and it is impossible to send a text for a chunks of time. I think it might be a way for them to reduce how much you text/talk. only upside is that it's probably the cheapest for how much i text and talk

helen blowers 7/5/2012
I,m glad i took the time to read all these negative comments, went to get a gophone yesterday, but girl at walmart did,nt seem to want to take the time to answer an older woman,s stupid questions, so i decided to wait til the weekend, glad i did,nt waste my time or money, i,ll stick to my simple plan, i,m probably too old to read the small screen for internet anyway! i agree about Att,s bad customer service, makes me want to hurl my phone through the window!

spadyx 7/4/2012
I have 2 GoPhones, but there seems to be no method to transfer money from one to the other. I have heard that there is a way to MMS money from your account, but have not found a way to do it.

MP 6/30/2012
Very disappointed in the new policy of not allowing those of us with a smartphone to purchase a data package for GoPhone. I have been a very loyal AT&T customer for many years and just upgraded to a smartphone last year. The ability to purchase data as I needed it was a great feature. Now AT&T is losing me. I'm considering going to T-Mobile's $2 day(if used) unlimited talk, text, and DATA plan. Unfortunately, I just added money to my AT&T GoPhone account before I found out about this new policy. Very disappointing.

Ron 6/28/2012
Go phone changed in the past year for the worst. You used to be able to add a data pack to your go phone account. I like to check email and facebook on my phone. Now they force you to buy a monthly plan with is expensive for me and i dont use all the other services a lot so it dont pay. I found another way there is a company called Airvoice that lets you talk for 4c a minute and text for 2c and the data is very reasonable 33c a meg. just for ten bucks a month and it rolls over. they use Att sevice so i didnt have to change my phone. much better than go phone.

Savannah. 6/28/2012
Okay, I have NEVER had an issue with AT&T. I don't know why everyone else has, but they've always worked perfectly fine with me. In fact, I choose AT&T over anything I've ever had before.

blah blah 6/24/2012
ATT Prepaid plans are really only good if you're a) a heavy user, b) hardly ever use it. Heavy users can take the "$1/day just to use once, then $0.10/min", while hardly-ever-users can take the "$0/day, but $0.25/min" plan. $0.25/min?! Are you crazy?! No. In fact, it's a bargain. I hardly ever use the phone; I just don't call many folks. My main contact method is internet IM'ing. I use the phone for a quick text msg or call just to confirm something with family or friends. Texts are $0.20/ea (broken into 160 byte chunks, so large txt msg's will be especially expensive...when you figure that data rates for regular plans make $0.20/160 bytes ridiculously expensive.) However, the $0.25/min plan discourages you from using the phone much unless it's REALLY important, which is good (for me). As I said, if you're a heavy-user, you should take a different plan. Calls are rounded up to the next minute, so even a 2 sec call will cost you as if it took 1 whole minute. Likewise, don't be fooled by how the phone tracks time; phones rack up how much time the call took, w/o considering the time it took to ring. AT&T adds the time it took to ring. So, if you spent 10 seconds waiting for someone to pick up (or their VM to pick up)..yes, that's added into your time, and can count as a 1 minute ph call. Another con is that they charge you to call your VM, which personally I find to be ridiculous. However, all other service calls (cust service, reloading numbers, etc) are free. The reason the $0.25/min plan is a great deal is b/c if you're a casual user, you can literally buy a $25 calling card, load it on the phone, and let it roll for 3 months. When you get the cheap $15 calling card, your money expires in 1 month. $25, 3 months. $50, 6 months (I think). So, loading a larger amount at one time lets the money (and thus the phone) stay active longer. When you do the math, I literally pay $25/3 = $8.30/month on a cellphone. Some months I may use it more, and thus need to load it sooner. But, for the most part, I just load $25/every 3 months. That is amazingly cheap. I bought the cheapest $30 gophone they had. The LG $30 version was good, even had a sudoku game on it to pass time. The Samsung flip phone $30 version...not so good. Hard to press the right button at times. If you're looking to do any kind of internet or tons of txt'ing on the phone, it's probably a better idea to get a cell contract plan that makes it more affordable. But, buying a $30 phone that costs me ~$9/mo to upkeep/use (very lightly) which also doubles as my alarm clock, event calendar, calculator, reminder is a good deal. Again, I'm a very light user. There have been times I regretted the $0.25/min plan, like job-hunting. During a time I was doing lots of job hunting and phone calling, I just bought a 2nd gophone with the $1/day + $0.10/min plan, used and abused it, then got rid of it when done. These prepaid phones/plans can be very affordable and useful if you match your usage to the correct plan. But, one thing to be wary about is spam. AT&T, being a large network, gets inundated with spam messages. They have a spam hotline you can forward txt msg's (and the ph# it came from) to to help week it out or shutoff whoever's doing it. BUT, while the ms'gs to their spam network are free, they don't reimburse you the $0.20 it cost to GET the spam msg in the first place. This can be annoying at times. But, their cheap-o phones come with a 20 number block list. I just add abusive #'s to the block list and get on with life.

Gordon Blank 6/24/2012
I signed up for AT&T's prepaid service. I got the 250 minutes plan along with 50mb data. All was good until I wanted to access the Internet. It seems that AT&T does not allow iPhones to have data on their system. Very strange. I can have WiFi which I would have without the data plan. They turned off the data plan in my account and credited the money back to my account. Still very strange.

Jo 6/23/2012
They added a lower amount to go phone $10 is now the lowest for 30 days. Sweet cause i only use their $10 text plan.

Guest 6/23/2012
Got nickel and dimed to death by these rip off artists. Was charged every time they tried to sell me something and rep refused to call back! Just got a trac fone!

Data Plan not included for smartphones 6/18/2012 you have additionally pay for that. For $5 you can just get 5MB (and recently they moved it to 10MB) what is extremely low... I have $50 plan, and don't have I am looking for another provider, as others (t-mobile) gives you all unlimited for the same price!

Brittany 6/18/2012
Yesterday I received a text from ATT saying that my account would expire on 6/17/12 and so I went out and purchased a $25 phone card and activated it today (6/18/12). And I got a call and I hung up after 7 seconds and now my account balance is $24.10. So I just wasted $25 because tomorrow my phone won't refill.. This happened last month too. Later I'm going to go look at other companies (which has better plans) so I don't have to deal with this crap anymore!!

Denice D. 6/18/2012
I agree. Where is the 0 rating? They just conned me out of over $200.00 in rollover dollars because when I tried to pay a day early, (Sat,)it took 20 calls. Each time the robotic answering machine got my bank debit card number the phone would go dead, blank. I called my bank to make sure my acc't wasn't charged. I called Sunday several times, same problem. I called today, Mon. the following day, to explain the problem , (it took AT&T Company to get me through to GoPhone), and GoPhone said I was late and took my the $200.00 + rollover dollars. Actually I started trying Sat. to pay. It was due Sun. 23 attemts to pay! I said I was going to go to Sprint if this is how you handle a long-time customer. Angry!!!!

Chad 6/16/2012
AT&T is a rip off don' waste your time or money on them if i could id give the 0 stars i swear ill never use at&t again their data packages charge u out the ass their 30 second rule if someone calls u and u don't answer u still get charged they cheat u out of money their service sucks im always droping calls or not geting calls at all if u dont add money to your account service will expire u lose your number and have to get a new sim card and don't get me started on customer service had to look up the number on my computer to call them since when u try to call customer care on your phone that they provide u with u get that stupid automated voice AT&T dose not care about their customers they cheat u out of your money or lie to u go to t mobile or virgin mobile if u want a real pre paid service and phones

val sharlow 6/12/2012
so sick of AT&T! I live in a very rural area and am stuck with them since few other providers have service in my area. I had $8 left in my account and rarely use my phone except for texting...I put $15 per month on it, get 30 days service and buy the ten dollar for 1000 texts pkg. So I have 5 leftover each month and every so often, I dont need to add cash. I had enough to buy my text pkg with plenty leftover but my 30 days were up so they took my leftover money and turned my phone off. I reactivated it within hours and now cannot activate facebook mobile and although I can call out and receive direct texts, AT&T doesnt recognize my number. I cant send a text for a balance or anything...its like they chucked my number out of their system but people can still call me directly. Its so screwed up. I keep having facebook mobile send me a text to get me set up and the text never comes. Same thing with twitter. the maintenence text I send to att to see if texts are working never comes back. Spent 40 minutes trying to get a real person on the phone and gave up. The minute I finally was being transferred to a customer service person, I suddenly got a busy signal and had to hang up. Horrible customer service when your phone wont work and no one is there to help. Yet, I have to continue to pay to use it???

Adam 6/10/2012
ATT prepaid plans were good when there was flexibility. Now they are terrible!
As of April those of us having a smartphone are forced to pay $25 a month for non-roll over minutes just to have the privilege to spend another $5-20 a month for a data plan.
ATT should allow users to pay for data plans without paying a flat fee for voice. That was the case a few months ago, but I guess this way ATT thinks it can fleece more. Well not me, I am sold on the $2 a day competition plan where you get data and voice when you need it. That is until ATT buys the competition. This they are good at.

CoM 6/10/2012
ATT GoPhone used to be pretty good value. We have been using them for a few years. As of late they have started charging me for calls and deducting money when the phone wasn't being used because the phone is turned off most of the time. I've always put a $100 on phone to last me a year, but after 2 weeks with my phone turned off, the balance was down $8.00 already. My husband and sons phones are doing the same thing.

shopper 6/9/2012
They changed DATA PLAN: Plan use to allow pay as u go cust to purchase data pkg and rollover data amt if you purchase renewal.

wizxus 6/8/2012
I hsve 10 cents minute plan. AT&T charges for every time I touch the phone. one and two cents at a time. I asked them for a list of charges - no where to be found. I was told there is no charge to listen voice mail by one operator. Next one told me 2 cents a minute. The actual charge is 10 cents a minute! This is not documented anywhere. I have never paid for retrieving voice mail with my previous providers.

william 6/7/2012
I have heard alot about this 25$ unlimited messaging and 250 anytime minutes but when you call to get that specific plan it is not mentioned or on the available selection menu when you add money too your phone. sounds like a good deal but does this offer exist reallly? and if so why do they make it so complicated that the average person can not access it or figure it out without breaking their phone? What do I haft to do to get this plan they have beeen advertising for over a year or so? has anyone else had this problem with the new 25$ plan?

Maggie 6/6/2012
How does AT&T dare to charge for unanswered calls? This is a ripoff. I just dial the number and no answer, however, they do charge ).10 cents per dial.

Carol 6/4/2012
I purchased the Go-Phone less than 2 mos ago. $135 down the drain. I need a basic phone. This phone has terrible reception. Audio is impossible. Calls are lost in airport, hotels, you name it. Screen goes black in middle of making call. How does AT&T get away with this. Am buying some other phone today.
It is my fourth basic cell three were Virgin Mobiles, no problem phones that I just updated after time. This is the only phone that I have been unable to use, figure out, hear calls in public places. Touch pad so sensitive it is impossible to use. No stars

Marie 6/1/2012
The Pantech P7040 GoPhone is terrible. I went through 3 different P7040's in 3 months due to freezing and the inability to read text messages. I have had to restart my phone a max of 17 times in one day just to retrieve my text messages. Each time I visited the ATT Store, they told me that there was nothing they could do for me after the refund policy expired after receiving my 4th phone. I would not give this phone to my worst enemy. This is the worst phone I have ever owned. I can't wait to get rid of it!

Lori 6/1/2012
Well, for me the 40 dollar phone i purchased at radio shack, the go phone thru att has been great! 50 dollars a month for unlimited text and talk, and u can always use 1800free411 on any phone. As far as the web, I was disappointed that it advertised in a misleading way unlimited web and email when that is not included, but I lucked out since I had verizon so I can take that droid to a wi fi spot with no srvc and get access. I actually think their customer service is readily available, efficient, friendly, and go out of their way to resolve issues or answer questions. I'm hoping since i just purchased this along with the warranty that the phone, store, and customer service don't disappoint. So far so good!

Grant 5/31/2012
I don't understand what everybody is complaining about, I get unlimited talk text and web for $50. My phone has held up and service is great. If you go into your local retailer they have always fixed any problem I might have.

Valina Tice 5/30/2012
I have to say I am so pleased with my At&t to go phone. i have tried others. They just don't compare to my go phone. Thanks AT&T.

Rick 5/29/2012
Things you should know: I recently purchased an AT&T Gophone from Best Buy. I bought the $100 for 1,000 minutes yearly plan (equals $0.10 per minute). I discovered, after I made my first few calls, that the length of the call noted on the phone does not correspond to the charges applied by AT&T. I made 3 calls, each of which was noted on my phone as having been under 1 minute in length. However, AT&T charged me $0.20 for each call. When I spoke later to customer service (and later verified by a stop at a local AT&T store), AT&T charges from the moment you hit the "send" button, while the phone records only the length of the actual call.

Olivia 5/28/2012
I'd give this 0 stars if possible. I ought the 250 minute International Calling Plan for $10. I just got off the phone from Italy and they charged me $17 and change for a half hour call. What a rip off! This is more than double the claimed per minute cost!! And AT&T won't let you use an international calling card. I bought a prepaid card from another company. Even though I dialed a local access number, AT&T charged what the call would have cost if I called Italy directly. I wish I knew how to get a refund. Anyone know? I'm buying a Tracfone.

JerryI 5/25/2012
AT&T infuriates me by charging me a dime when I try to make a call but fail to make a connection.

Sachin 5/25/2012

Pinkerton 5/21/2012
Good inexpensive option for pay as you go. When I was with Verizon I found I was using more text than minutes, so $25 for 250 min + unlimited text fit my needs. Takes a little bit of time to get used to the refill procedure. Using with a second-hand Nokia E71x, which I can take advantage of WiFi on. The phones they had in the store were crap. I got the least expensive one and tossed it in a drawer to be used as a spare.

BL 5/21/2012
If your travel to US and need a phone, get ATT! My phone company wanted to charge me for $80 base roaming fee plus LD calls. But I went with ATT $20 phone and a $2/day plan. No contract.
And the coverage area is pretty wide too.

Frank 5/19/2012
Most of you complaining need to sign up for a contract then you will really be complaining.I had Sprint for 10 years and i was on a contract.I only had 300 anytime minutes no texts and no data.My bill was $40 a month. Now i pay $50 a month and dont need to worry about minutes used and i can text and use email and facerbook and the web.(where sprint or tmobile would charge me $100 plus %20 tax a month for the same service. People wake up.

Tom Barrister 5/18/2012
I set up an auto-refill with a valid (then and now) credit card with an ample balance to cover the $25 charge. The auto-refill never occurred, and a carryover balance of over $150 was lost. All attempts to have it reinstated met with failure.

Julie Lee 5/18/2012
Bought a Avail phone on the go with a $30 card at $2 per day. Called Aust for a short period and called a resident down the road and have only 28c left how does this work. I was told that $2 per day included all please explain. I bought a second one and the same thing happened.

Linda French 5/13/2012
I bought a Smart Phone for the Go Phone plan last September. I don't talk, text or use data much, thus the prepaid plan. I also added minimum text and data on a monthly basis. Well, AT&T does not offer any data to prepaid users. So now I have a phone I can talk and text on, but can't use most of my apps. I am not a happy camper. This will be my last AT&T phone. I've been a customer for over 10 years, but this does it.

Alex 5/4/2012
Was using with great success their data packages before but not anymore: "Data feature packages are no longer available on GoPhone daily or minute plans." So, AT&T data plans for GoPhone can be considered officially DEAD! I'd give a zero rating now if I could... :-(

david 4/10/2012
They don't support 4g on prepaid where t-mobile and others do. come on AT&T!!! Stop trying to force 4G users to long term contracts

John 4/9/2012
Been using gophone plan with iPhone and Galaxy S II skyrocket. Pretty good coverage. Decent data package - 100MB lasts me a month w light texting and google searches and stuff. $25 for every 3month works for me.

nwgal 4/8/2012
I wish this site had an edit feature. I meant to say ...if you want to talk to a human being at AT&T regarding a problem with your service..."

nwgal 4/8/2012
I'd give AT&T a zero star rating if I could. They charge you every time you pick up your phone, even if no one answers on the other end of your call. And when you want to talk to a human being? Well, good luck with that. I FINALLY found a number to call; and the clerk who eventually answered (after going through their anti-consumer automated gauntlet) made it perfectly clear that she didn't give a crap about my question regarding why I was overcharged for a call.
I'm using my last few dollars on this account, and then I'm moving to Credo. I've talked to them (yea, they actually answer their phones--radical concept!)and while their menu is more limited than the Evil Empire's, they come across like they actually want to provide a service.

Spanky 4/6/2012
IS THERE A ZERO RATING? The plan is a ripoff. They tell you one thing and don't deliver.

Cindy 4/4/2012
Yesterday it would have been 4 stars. Loved the fact that I could get data for as low as $5/month and it would roll over. We use it when traveling, so it's perfect for us.
Today I was informed by an AT&T text (that sounds like a 14 year old wrote it) that they will no longer offer the pay as you go data plans. They are switching to a per-use basis only. I know we're traveling soon, so I've been putting the minimum data on the phone and saving up. Now it will all disappear. The new rate is 1 cent per 5kb, which is $20 for 10Mb - 4 times more than I was paying with the $5/month plan!
I also spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with them. I'm not a happy AT&T customer right now.

SS 3/27/2012
I was looking for an option to the $150 a month(regular service) rip-off I currently experiencing with Verizon. AT&T I found out, after buying a month of unlimited, is not the option.

AT&T coverage in my area is good! However, their service STINKS! Because they use an stupid system called the 30 seconds rule that if your call is not answered you get charge BUT even if you get the operator telling you that your call can't be connected, you still get charged. Another issue with this carrier is that their best promotions are only to Mexico I was like What the hell? because not all customers are from Mexico so those "Special promotions" don't work for everybody!! Lastly, when you call internationally, they charge you two rates! One international rate + national airtime COMMON REALLY! why do they charge you national airtime if you are calling outside of the U.S.!! BTW international and national texts are very expensive!!

Curlen Scott 3/21/2012
If I could give no stars I would. I bought a $200 HTC Sense phone on 2/21/12 and had to call for two replacement batteries. The phone would still not hold a charge. I took the phone to a local AT&T retail store and they informed me that the phone was garbage and was notorious for having problems where it would not hold a charge and would not come on. Additionally, I tried to return the phone and they would not take the phone back at the retail store or through their E-commerce store. The experience was horrible and a waste of $200.

Jimmy 3/19/2012
I have been using a GoPhone for 8+ years now. Over that time, service has only gotten cheaper and the phones are now better.(That's not saying AT&T has exceptional customer service though.) And, their refurbished phones are a bargain; I've never had trouble with one. Indeed, I have had very few problems with AT&T and have no hesitation recommending the service to others. (AT&T does see how long I've been with them and invariably mentions it when I call customer service. Maybe a long-term customer is a bit elevated in status.)

Sam 3/18/2012
I love AT&T gophone. This Xmas I got the pantech link on AT&T gophone as my first phone. I have the $50 unlimited plan, and it is amazing!! My phone does soothe work for me, I just buy the card(my parents have me pay my own bill) and enter it before my renewal date, and on the date of the renewal it send me a message that it will renew that day and then it tell me when the renewal was successful. And if you stick with a featurephone(aka non smartphone, no iPhones, Htc's, sidekicks, or androids) you have unlimited data. Which means u can use Internet radio, Facebook, twitter, and surf the web, however much u want, and as far as I know, it never slows down. And it has great service, if AT&T is the best coverage in your area. You have the same coverage as a regular AT&T customer. Mine is actually better than my moms HTC inspire on getting service. By if AT&T does not work best in your area, don't get AT&T get tmobile prepaid, or Verizon. One thing I really like, is that they sell the cards almost everywhere and when I travel I know that at the next gas station there is probably a card near the register. And my friends can't tell that I have a prepaid phone, because it says AT&T and is a reall AT&T phone. All of the offered phones are. Bottom line-Really really good if you want the unlimited everything plan, AT&T is good in your area, you need flexible prepaid service and your on budget:)

Jessica Rose 3/15/2012
I woke up this morning and my phone did not work. I had 11 dollars on it yesterday, but today only 1.92. I called At&t and they advised me that I had activated AT&T navigator. I told them I did not want this service and they promptly cancelled the service and refunded me the 9.99. I was surprised by how easy it was for me to get this resolved.

John 3/9/2012
Paid 100.00 for a one-year, 1000-minute plan. Problem is I don't make enough calls to use up the 1000 minutes. But at 8.33 per month, it's cheap to be able to carry a cell phone around with you.

GO Phigure 3/6/2012
My $40 phone has good sound and phone reception but after an hour on the phone with customer service trying to top up I am so ticked off I almost (and still might) throw it away.None of the contact numbers on the top up card or that are programmed in the phone will actually top up a 10 digit pin. CS will only stick to thier script so you never get any clear answers and after finally getting 25.00 on the phone it kept saying I only have the minutes I had to start with and no one can tell me when my new payment will activate. All the preprogrammed numbers in the phone are for contract service so Go Phoners are outcasts! It's all a rigged scam to get you so damn mad you'll pay some rediculous price on a contract which BTW is so that they can own your soul too. Right now I dont care if I ever pick up a cell phone again!

Audrie 3/4/2012
At first the GoPhone I purchased would not activate. After two hours on their "help" line with two customer service representatives who made me repeat the same steps over and over again, the phone finally worked. I bought the phone for my daughter for emergencies, and as it turned out, I had to keep putting money on it before the balance expired. It was a never ending money pit. One day, it simply quit working. The screen was all white and read "Insert SIM" when there was already a working SIM card inside. Again, I called customer service. By the way, if you want to actually speak to someone, it is not one of your choices from the options menu. You have to say "another option" and then say "customer service" if you want a live person. So this live person made me repeat several steps over and over again then told me to take the phone to a local AT&T store to replace the SIM card. There was no change. The guy at the store said they really don't "do" GoPhones. I called customer service AGAIN. They made me go through the same several steps taking out the battery, reciting identification numbers, etc. After that didn't work, she looked up the warranty and told me it had expired and transferred me to customer care. That lady made me explain AGAIN what the problem was. Then she told me the only way I could be credited for my balance was to get another GoPhone or transfer the phone number to a new contracted phone. I asked if she would credit the amount on a contracted phone through AT&T that I already owned, and she said, no it doesn't work like that. RIIIIIIGHT! AT&T GoPhone is puttig a serious blight on the company. They just took me like thieves for $40.00 that I will never see again. DO NOT GET A GOPHONE!!!!

Serena 2/29/2012
I Cannot complain about At&t go phone.i picked Go Phone because i tried signing a contract but i needed a state ID (Which is stupid) and also i needed to pay a $500 Deposit which i am not gonna Go Phone is what im sticking with for right now..

Diane 2/21/2012
I rarely use my cell phone, and the 10-cent-per-minute plan is delightfully inexpensive. Call coverage is good. Customer service is terrible. AT&T will stay on the phone with me for 20 minutes, then they politely get me to hang up without ever resolving my issue. Now I'm getting unsolicited sales calls on my voicemail, and there is no number displayed so I can report the call to the National Do Not Call list. I used to have Verizon (not prepaid), and never had to contact Customer Service for any reason.

CB 2/18/2012
Love it! Went in to ATT store and got my Iphone switched to 10 cent a minute plan. Added $5 for texting. Use a talkatone app for almost all my calls, so $100 should last me a whole year. Went from over $60 a month to about $8 a month. Only downside is no data unless I am in wifi.

RWR 2/17/2012
The top ups every 90 days for AT&T prepaid plan was breaking my wallet & the rollover feature forced me to use up as much minutes as possible. I then went to T-Mobile Pay As You Go Prepaid, and was stunned that once you have reached Gold Status ($100+) you can then roll over any unused minutes with a minimum $10 refill card and the unused minutes will last "ANOTHER FULL YEAR!!"

Ding 2/11/2012
Just got a gophone plan today and made the first call for only 31 seconds but it costs 20 cents. Called the customer services and she said it starts to charge money wince the ring starts if the call is answered, which is so wired if someone can not pick up the phone in 1 minute then I have to pay for the waiting time?! Not happy with it at all and will stay away since I use up my prepaid money!!

Vinnie 2/9/2012
For my area, AT&T has the best coverage, and considering the low amount of use I put on this phone, the cost is OK, but I would rather get more time for my buck, and reloading every month is just banking for me, since I have so many dollars in there unused. It would be nice if after a period of loyal time has been spent, and dollars added over the month, that AT&T would let those minutes roll over for a longer period before they expire, start at six monts, then a year for those who have tolerated this service for a year or more, without issue, or interuption.

K Paula 2/1/2012
OMG like the other reviewers said we even have to give this a star? ZERO stars is what AT&T deserves! They are a complete RIPOFF! They will do everything possible to rip you off in EVERY way. If a call doesn't go through, you get charged. You have to play a ridiculous game called the 30 second rule to try to avoid it.
Like someone else said below, "they do every single thing possible to make this frustrating and cost you money."
Potential customers BEWARE! There are other prepaid service plans out there that are less frustrating. Avoid At&T at ALL costs!

Dorie 1/22/2012
0 stars Every time I try to make a call, it locks up. I
get charged for calls that inexplicably don't go thru. Took 9 attempts to refill minutes with a $15 card. I dialed the #, it said hit '1' to get key pad, 3rd attempt says you tried too many times. I wasted over $100 for this & bought the 'protection plan' which only gives you another phone, not a refund. The phone #'s I have saved roll by so fast I end up calling wrong #'s. Absolutely HATE it and don't want to buy another bad deal. I hardly ever use a cell, just for emergencies, and can't even get thru for those.

Vivian 1/15/2012
I have had this service for 1.5 months. The coverage where I live is excellent. However ATT uses funny math. How does 54 seconds round up to 2 minutes and 1.38 round up to 3 minutes. When my 25.00 expire, I will port my number to another company. I will not tolerate anyone stealing my money!!!!

S Forney 1/13/2012
Why is there no ZERO stars rating?
They do every single thing possible to make this frustrating and cost you money!
DO NOT get one if you have any other choice!

Tom M 1/5/2012
If I were to sum up the Go phone and Best Buy where it was purchased in one word, it would be "HORRIBLE" stay away from this junk. No service where they claim and the minutes wont load and no refunds. BEWARE of this junk people.

raz 1/4/2012
i dnt like this because all other cu=ountries having free incomngcalls but here they charging incomng calls and text also i purchased AT&T prepaidcard at 25usd and i called to international call my total balance over in this day only then i have number now but i didnt receive any call to my phone nw i dnt have chance to refill my balance in just oneday i finished that much balance thn in my home they dont recharge again to me nw what can i do now to get calls in to my mobile?

chris 12/28/2011
I had same trouble with some recharge cards. It seems the auto-mated account said enter number without mentioning plus pound key. I then get message as others. Card is no good. my point. This is an error of recharge company not Go Phone or ATT

Tim 12/28/2011
Do not waste your time. Full of gimmicks and glitches. Customer service is incompetent. Basically a horrible experience, the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. It is a consumer RIPOFF.

Pourpaix 12/28/2011
AT&T is really bad. First, I don't have coverage at my house. No big deal as I only need a cell phone when I'm out. Problem is, if I don't go out for a couple weeks, they start playing games by deregistering the SIM. Funny how they "guarantee" no problems if I switched to a contract. I have money in the account and therefore a contract. Yet, I can't use the phone because they are always deactivating it. Wonderful to need it and have it fail on you because of gamesmanship. Don't ever use AT&T.

Rick 12/28/2011
thinking they want to churn me away to keep my balance... Ridiculous website wont let me change plans. +Just had 5 days of no service in NYCity,(worked great for ruining my vacation there!) Also went to refill balance but web site said card pin was invalid, repeatedly, Called from landline 800 number and refill worked... um but...WTF??!!?

Rene Lino 12/15/2011
I order the new Fusion smart phone, activated the $50.00 unlimited calls,text and web. Once I activated the phone the internet browse didn't work, come to find out I had to purchase an additional $15 data plan for 100mb of use. Now I was up to $65.00 and with limited internet access. I cancelled the plan and didn't get a dime refunded. They told me that it was a non refundable plan. So disappointing experience!

Don 12/13/2011
I'm on my second gophone. I switched to another wireless company several years ago and had really as bad of service from them as the other reviews about ATT. Secondly, ATT customer service is just as bad as every other carrier's (notice I didn't say just as good lol). I'm back to gophone because it works well for me. Or anyway it works as well as any of the several wireless carriers I've had over the years.

Philip N 12/13/2011
Horrendous customer service takes forever to get a live person on the phone. I have the Pantech link, nice phone but very very hard to find a charger (car or home) for. 3G is in very limited areas. You have to pay $15 for the "data" package or they charge you and it is easy to rack the data up on this phone by accidentally hitting the wrong key, which is very easy. I switched from Straight talk after washing my phone in my pants pocket. I now wish I had just gone and gotten another Straight Talk phone as they are cheaper but offer better quality.

Lisa 12/10/2011
AT&T is terrible for international calls. Often you cannot call abroad (despite my international minute package I bought). And my t-mobile phone worked. Called the customer service numerous times about this, but they are just so " intellectually challenged". they could not understand the simple fact that their international network had been down for days! (I was able to call international before, AND still had more than enough credit. My tmobile phone worked, so the problem was the AT&T network, NOT the phone. But the are too dumb to understand it. For national calls I guess they are okay, but if you want to use it for international. Forget AT&T.

Dan 12/7/2011
I've been with NET10 for a year and a half and recently my phone died. Since I heard it was a nightmare to upgrade your phone and keep the same number with NET10 I decided I would port the number to AT&T and get a GOphone. The porting process has been let's say.......much less than pleasant. I've been told a number of different things from their customer services reps. NET10 as also blown smoke up my ass throughout the last 2 weeks of this ordeal. My NET10 phone still works on occasion so I guess I'll tough it out with them until I can afford a contract.......I'm at a loss, AT&T must not want my business.

Jim 12/5/2011
Unhappy so far. Caller ID cannot be personalized. When I call someone all it shows is "wireless caller". People don't answer because they think it's advertising. The phone I bought, an LG GT550, while being advertised as having Bluetooth will not work with the Bluetooth in my my 2010 Acura TL. Acura says not all phone manufacturers follow the universal specs for Bluetooth.

9wood 12/4/2011
absolute waste of time seems at&t is on gov plan where they have no accountablitly and so called staff can get away with anything.
nothing is there fault must be yours.
give ya run down they are only concerned on who you are and not fixing the problem, lame excuses and incomeptent staff have no clue what they are doing besides doing a reset on phone. master fix you ask? turn phone off or buy new phone, i'm serious thats what i was told.
get hung up on if you ask to many questions or if your question involves more than a yes or no.
supervisors could carelss and are just as useless as well
consumer rpeorts has at&t as worst in newest issue and 2 proiro issues this year for service etc..

Greg 12/3/2011
Well, it took over 3 hours to migrate our existing number over to the new phones, utilizing our existing sims cards....the second phone died the next day displaying sos calls only...what? another hour on the phone ( the automated go phone system is a huge hassle), they needed the sims number from the card again, plus the IMI number from the new phone again , both phones were paid up and have auto refil account ? , hopefully that takes care of any bugs, Phones are the pantech,wish their was a screen display of the numbers as the keypad is super small and useless without glasses on....

S. Huydts 11/25/2011
Bought a prepaid plan as phone for guests from oversees and those without cell phone. Plans are expensive, confusing and expire too soon. In addition, once your SIM/number expires (in 6 months), no chance to re-activate. Website is a fright, and designed for maximum befuddling.

Gretchen 11/25/2011
IF YOU PLAN ON USING THIS PHONE IN NEBRASKA AND NOT IN THE OMAHA/LINCOLN AREA....DO NOT GET! AT&T DOESN'T HAVE "PREPAID" TOWERS OUTSIDE OF OMAHA/LINCOLN DESPITE THEIR WEBSITE ADVERTISING THAT THEY DO. I've had GoPhone for about 2 weeks, all was good until I left Omaha for Grand Island. Their website clearly says that they have service, but they don't. Your phone will show bars of services, but don't be won't work. I called customer service because I thought it was an issue with my device, but the client service reps said they don't have towers in Grand Island. I did let them know that they need to update their website ASAP. I also plan on sending a written complaint about the website.

Steve 11/22/2011
This shoddy outfit actually canceled my account and gave my phone number to someone else. I "pre-paid" $230 for this Go-Phone. They said "you didn't use the phone for a while so we canceled your account." I said "I pre-paid for the service. You are just going to cancel my account and not even refund my $230??" Do not do business with ATT. I send these fools $15,000+ dollars a year on a business account. That's going to stop. Do not invest $1 of your money in this shoddy company. The one and only word to describe my debacle above is "theft." They don't deserve one star.

goodguyFL 11/17/2011
AT&T has really good service. The plans the company have come out with are similar to other companies in price. The only difference, and in my opinion, ends up being much more costly than necessary and not living up to what the plan is really putting forth is the requirement of purchasing a separate data plan for smartphones. I have not seen another company charge separately for a data plan for having a smartphone. I paid the $50.00 monthly for unlimited talk, text and web, AND I paid an additional $75.00 for 1500 megabytes of data which ended up costing $125.00 - a ridiculous amount for a monthly phone bill. I am going to try another company to check the service quality. If I like it, I am going to switch.

Robert 11/17/2011
I think it's ok but I am constantly being charged for minutes that I am not using, even being charged when nobody answers the phone. I tried talking to so called customer service agent about it but she was rude and blamed it on the phone, I explained that, the phone was sold by AT&T but she just wanted to pass the buck onto Nokia's support. Going back to Virgin asap. Also the web hasn't been working for my phone nor does the Mobile Care so I can't check my balance from my phone.

JP 11/16/2011
Horrible experience. Wanted to use ATT go sim card in smartphone but simcard is locked to horrible phone that came with the simcard. Customer support not helpful; ATT store claimed to be unaware of simcard locking. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Tina 11/9/2011
I disagree with your policy of not extending expiration dates. My husband & I use them minimally and we have to add money before the time runs out all the time! Not fair to penalize us for not using our phones all the time.

Laura 11/7/2011
I had a 50$ plan and decided to change'it, for saving money.We buy a 15 $ refill card (200 min. or 1000 text for 30 days),stayed on the phone for 2 hours and couldnt change the plan.Next day,finally, i was able to talk with a human bean there,they sent me a new password code and says ill have a 2$ day plan!! didnt use my phone at all for 1 day, and after 3 days,checking my ballance, was just 8$ left!!

deadmic 11/6/2011
used to b 5stars. some1 found my phone, had online send code to handset, changed my account. i informed att but i now notice they ask for hardly any security info b4 giving info my account info. too late! now my account has been deleted.

Maria 11/6/2011
Well have been on hold for 7 minutes now.........using up precious minutes. Refilled my go phone card and am being charged .10 a minute now....anyone know why. Big corporations can't talk to a human when you need one.

isabel 11/5/2011
not very well because phone says host not found when i try to fill up with refill card for at&t.

Meike 11/3/2011
I like the prepaid card, everybody is friendly, but when it comes to handling a problem they have the most incompetent people working for them. They somehow lost or prepaid phone number in their system and all they said is sorry for the inconvenience! They have the worst customer service, I don´t even know, how such a big company can afford having such incompetent people. Their policies be friendly and never give money back. Regardless if it is their fault or not. Their explanations are very creative, everybody got some weird idea why that number can get lost in their system.

Samantha 10/29/2011
Well, I had a plan with AT&T and they were good most of the time, some of the time I think that i knew more about the things that needed fixed. But after my 2 year contract was up I no longer wanted to pay an over priced phone && plan, so I went and got a go phone && I have had one for almost 1 year, and I love it. I have the pantech link. It's a good phone, not hard to use, simple buttons. The only thing I don't like is; when you use a song as your ringtone, like one that off your memory card or one you have put on the phone it only allows you to use the first 4 seconds of the song. That's irritating. Another thing that I don't like is that when your text message box is full the phone will freeze up && won't allow you to read the new ones so you have to turn the phone off and back one. They have some really cute covers for this phone. I have gotten 3 and love them. All around I like the go phone plan. Next month I'm switching to unlimited talk, text, and web. [the 50 dollar deal]

Karen 10/29/2011
I was on contract at&t for over 8 yrs & decided 1 1/2 yrs ago to go to at&t go phones porting my number I had on contract to go phones simple I love the go phone $50 unlimited talk text & web no smartphones but love it. I don't understand all these negative reviews. The thing I love about it you can use any unlocked gsm phones with the go phones I switch phones all the time. AT&T is great & I've had no problems with my at&t go phones. I hope this helps some with the negative reviews because I would give them a 10 Star if I could.

Very Pleased!! 10/27/2011
This service is fantastic! I went to an AT&T store and took in an AT&T phone I had laying around the house. The rep put a new SIM card in it and had me up and running in minutes, and treated me like I was royalty. I signed up for the new $25/mo. unlimited texting and 250 nationside minutes- this plan is perfect for me.
I've spoken with Customer Service 3 times, and never waited at all. All reps were very professional and extremely helpful.
I'm VERY pleased I switched from Net10.
BTW- don't sign up for Net10 service.

antonio 10/17/2011
Worst possible customer service. Speaking to a human is difficult, adding minutes with a credit card is difficult. If your card is processed it takes at least one hour to occur.

Mick 10/10/2011
First, my review of AT&T. I haven't had a great deal of experience with them, having only set up and maintained a phone my mom used for awhile, but I do know that call quality was pretty good. She had a piece of crap phone, but that's what you get for $15 (and that was at the beginning of 2008-a completely rudimentary phone by today's standards).

Denise 10/7/2011
I found the go phone to be difficult to use. My area did not carry refill cards and when I went to buy a card the sales clerk never knew which one I wanted and either told me they no longer carried them or sold me the wrong one. I finally went to online filling.

upstate ny 10/3/2011
I have been a loyal contract customer for over 11 years...i changed to pay as you go and it has been a nightmare.renewing your package online can debit your account twice or not renew at all and your suddenly paying 20 cents a message .Customer service is a nightmare they have an excuse for everything and in the end only winds up costing you more money ..i have been looking for cheaper companies.. since all i do is text and it supposedly cost me 19.99$ for 30 days but really is 21.54 up to 26.54 a month..i have yet to actuall win a battle with their customer service....wish i could find something cheaper....

danielle 10/2/2011
How much more difficult can it be? The automated system says your PIN number is incorrect (even when the system issued it itself). Then the numbers on the phone card itself is incorrect.
I have NEVER been able to fill my phone with minutes from a card without speaking to a real live person from 8000 miles away, so why does it have to be during business hours?

Kira Inglis 10/2/2011
I purchased on AT&T is making $50 on each customer that orders a GoPhone on line then changes their mind, sends back the package unopened with a USPS tracking number, BEWARE you will only be refunded for the GoPhone but NOT the $50 GoPhone Refill Card!!!! You are short $50 and AT&T just made $50 because you changed your mind. GoPhone and changed my mind and sent back unopened packages with a tracking number from USPS. I never got a refund, after spending close to two hours on phone while being transferred from representative to representative, I find out that I will not get a refund for the $50 GoPhone Refill Card even when I never opened the packages. AT&T will try to avoid telling you this on phone. They claimed initially that the $50 that I was missing on my refund was a one-time activation fee which I may get refunded...Later a different representative told me that it was the charge for the GoPhone Refill Card which is non-refundable! I never even used the phone or opened the packages. I ordered my phone on line. I was told that they will try to get a representative from GoPhone to speak with me but I was AGAIN connected to a number that gave me no choice to sepal with a representative. AT&T is making $50 on each customer that orders a GoPhone on line then changes their mind, sends back the package unopened with a USPS tracking number, BEWARE you will only be refunded for the GoPhone but NOT the $50 GoPhone Refill Card!!!! You are short $50 and AT&T just made $50 because you changed your mind.

Ed 10/2/2011
With the high rates AT&T charges their customers they should hire people who can speak English. The customers also pay for AT&T employees using the company e-mail and phone # to conduct their personal business, ex. a Miguel Micheli who can barely speak/write English has an ad on Google wherein he's planning a trip and gives his employer's e-mail and phone number for people to contact him. The customers pay for this kind of employees.

Review is out of date 10/1/2011
While the overview is still basically correct, the rates/plans in this review are way off. Unlimited talk, text and data for non-smartphones is $50/mo. Standalone data ranges from 10MB/$5 to 500MB/$25. I'm currently spending $30/mo for 250min, unlimited texts, and 10MB data for my Android phone.

Angela 9/28/2011
I love my plan but when you add money on the 29th it says u need to add money on the 28th I dnt think so. That dnt make know dam since to me. mayb they need to explain them selves. and then asking to feel out a survey where is it at.

Nic 9/26/2011
On May 5, 2011 I bought a GoPhone at an AT&T store. I also paid $25.00 for 90 days of service. My receipt says "Refill before your current balance expires and your existing balance carries over to the new expiration date." On July 30, 2011 I went back to the AT&T store and bought another 90 days of service paying $25.00. The above statement about the balance being carried over is on the July 30,2011 receipt.
Now I get to the basis for this complaint. On September 23, 2011 I went to the AT&T website and paid another $25.00 for 90 days of service. After completing the transaction I got the message that my service will expire on 12/22/2011. This expiration date is 90 days from September 23, 2011. The balance of days from the previous two purchases of 90 days was not carried over. I did a little arithmetic and made the following chart:
Dates (from - to) Days
2011-5-5 2011-7-30 87
2011-7-30 2011-9-23 56
2011-9-23 2011-12-22 91
The sum of the three numbers in the Days column is 234.
Thus my three payments of $25.00 for three periods of 90 days should have given me 270 days of service. Because the statement about the balance being carried over is false when applied to the remaining days of service then combined with the random date that I bought additional service, I was cheated out of 36 days of service. I overlapped the To and From dates because the AT&T states "The expiration period for service usage commences after you activate this PIN and refill your balance." If this situation happened to me, there must be other Gophone users who have lost time.

Noah 9/23/2011
If you call AT&T Prepaid customer service, make sure to hang up and call back at least 2 more times because you'll get 2 different answers - especially when it comes to questions about roaming. High School Diploma's and GED's are optional in this department. My suggestion is take the best of the three answers and run with it.

Angela 9/22/2011
I,ve loved having pay as you go. I don't pay for what I don't use, however, I need help from a human being. I don't want to continue in the phone circles.

Pgh 9/19/2011
If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Signed up for the brand new $25 plan 250 min/unlimited messaging. Was able to send texts, but couldn't receive any. After 4 calls to customer care, the problem wasn't resolved. I was told that pre-paid customers are not considered 'priority'. Sure enough, some of the texts started showing up early this morning, almost 24 hours later. Not acceptable. I am a paying customer too! Well, lesson learned, I am back on the Verizon family plan as of today.

JC 9/17/2011
A huge pain to reload. After two failed online attempts, spent 45 minutes on the phone being transferred from one person to another via lengthy menus just to buy new credit. 4 out of the 5 (!) customer service reps I spoke with to complete what should be a simple transaction were rude and indifferent. Will certainly be looking for a different provider.

Esther David 9/15/2011
I am the victim of an online SCAM!!! AT&T allowed this company to go into my LG Prime Prepaid Account without my permission and deducted a certain amount out of it and also signed me up for a subscription that I had no knowledge of so they could continually take money out of my account each month. How did this happen???

CHR 9/14/2011
I wanted to select no stars. This is NOT A GOOD DEAL! Go phones are only for crooks, theievs and the nieve (like me)
Allow me to explain: See "pay as you go" there is no money trail or ties to the individual using the phone...How do go phones make a crooks job easy? Say you are a young lady and answer an add in the paper about a truck for a REALLY good price. ok so you meet up with the Perp. to look @ truck & possibly buy. so u like the truck, you hand ovr $8,000, they in turn, hand you the title and the kays to the truck.. It's not until you reach the DMV,try to register the truck, wait,wait, and are met by police. THE TRUCK WAS STOLEN!!!THE TITLE WAS fake!! NO WAY TO TRACE THE PAY AS U GO PHONE TO BUYER!true stiry it happened to a church member's daughter.
The go phone start off ok for emergencies,then i go buy a refill $25card and the phone says network unavailable. So now i have to buy another package plan in addition to calling card? i am so naive. be aware of these phones make u spend more money!

Julie 9/14/2011
Customer service was easy to reach and talk to if you know how to work the system. Call 611, a free call from your go phone, and make your automated selection and then say, "Speak to customer service". The system will ask you a few more questions to direct your call and then I immediately spoke to a real, live person. My deal was that I didn't know that your airtime coverage begins from the date of payment on the pay as you go plan and not from your last expiration date. Meaning, if you have 90 days of coverage and you pay 2 weeks early, your new 90 days begins from the date you pay and not the end of the last 90 days, so in effect you lose two weeks of coverage and are basically punished for paying early. So, I spoke with CS who said there was nothing she could do and explained that coverage begins from the payment date. I began to talk about how I read the policy and didn't see anything about that. She asked me if I wasn't informed of how it works, and of course I said yes. She then explained to me that they recommend that customers refill their airtime the day before coverage ends. Would have been nice to know before. The reminder ATT sent me to refill my airtime came four weeks before my 90 days were up! Could be a conspiracy (you think?) to get you to refill early and lose a month of airtime. If people did that often, think of how much more money ATT would make! Anyway! She then put me on hold and talked to her manager and when she got back on I received a text saying that my coverage had been extended by two weeks. I think people don't realize that if they stay calm and are respectful and continue to talk with CS that eventually they will cave in and do what you want them to do within reason. Keep your wits about you and keep talking. :)

Colleen Palakovich 9/13/2011
My best advice to you....Don'y use At&t. If you want to deal with lack of reception, dropped calls and or no service from many areas in town constantly then this network is for you! Had major issues in charlotte, Nc no reception at house had to walk into street to talk or get service and now living in Wilm, nc and last week no reception at my home here after having service at this house over a year?? Problem after problem and waste of money and time. Go elsewhere snd sefe yourself a lot of headaches and time. Price might be good but service is not so why pay them?!

dmom 9/10/2011
Does anyone know if the messaging pkgs of 200 messages for $4.99 still charge $1.00 per day for usage? Tried to call cs and .....well, you know. Also, I'm on the 10cent/min plan but when I click on any of the message plans to add them to my acct, it says it's not an available option. Don't get it, as that plan is listed with the message pkg option.

CMS 9/10/2011
I have used an AT&T Go phone for a couple years now (have 3 different phones) The service had steadily gotten so bad as to be ridiculous. Dropped calls all the time. Voice quality has gone down the toilet. The website for your account is a joke! VERY difficult to get through to a real person in customer service. Got billed even after I cancelled automatic billing. Got told by CS that there is a no-refund policy. NICE TO FIND THAT OUT NOW! not when I first got the plan. Over 1 1/2 hours on the phone to finally get it straightened out. Thankfully I am changing phones and plans and won't have to deal with ATT anymore! I could go on and on about this.. but I think everyone gets the picture.

C-Legal 9/7/2011
I been using go phone since it started and yeah the prices are a lil high but you can use any phone you want with great 3g Service. A lil mad cause they don't offer the unlimited data to smart phones but still give 4 stars.

Elda 9/3/2011
I just purchase a pre paid phone card at Radio Shack and I purchase the wrong one. Yes, it was my mistake but you would think that AT&T would refund my money back in good customer service. But all they can say is sorry Charlie. Now I just threw away 50.00 dollars. Because I don't know anyone with a pre paid phone from AT&T, what beautiful customer service AT&T have. That's why I stick with verizon. This is what I get for trying to help a friend, oh I purchase the phone card at Radio Shack and their service was no better that AT&T.

Steven 9/3/2011
If you don't talk much, but need a cell phone, this one works. Just watch the expiration date!!! It's 12:00 noon CST (not CDST) on that date... and it's *not* a year; it's 365 days. You're buying "no frills" and that's what you get. Don't expect any customer service.

Candace 8/30/2011
My service was completely nonexistent even when I had "full bars". My calls dropped frequently (2-10x a day) in my own apartment and elsewhere. My phone shuts off randomly, or it just restarts itself. I went to a local AT&T store (not a Radio Shack, etc) to ask them what I could do to improve my service pickup and they said the only option available came with a post-paid plan/contract, which I cannot afford. The reason I chose prepaid is because all I need is flat-out unlimited talk and text and nothing more. On top of receiving no solution for my poor phone service, access to a human being for customer service for a Go Phone is like finding a unicorn. The automated menu on the provided service numbers in my phone led me in circles. Go Phone customers don't even have the convenience of online contact if there is a problem. The nearest AT&T store location is an hour bus ride away. It's like you are shunned if you don't have a "real plan". It's a shame there isn't easier access for prepaid customers. I plan on switching to another provider within the next month. Coming from a grad student who is completely fine with the bare essentials, this has been a total inconvenience.

Deniece 8/28/2011
Bought this a go phone 4 days ago. So far so good. Coverage has been great. Have not had one dropped call. I took it into buildings where I know my Verizon Blackberry did not get any service, but my GoPhone did. I had already accepted the "you get what you pay for' attitude that most ppl have. My husband is paying 89.99 plus 30.00 of data for Verizon right now. I pay $50.00 unlimted talk/test, web is added by I dont use it. Bottom line is, you do "get what you pay for," but prepaid if for people like me who do not want to be held down in a contract. AT&T's rep did not hide the fact that I could possibly get spotty coverage because their "contract" customers will have first dibbs on their towers & partnered towers. I rather have spotty coverage than a 1500.00 to 2000.00 a year phone bill. Now if only I can get that husband of mine to get rid of that Droid..:-))

Fred 8/24/2011
I've had the Go phone for a couple of years using an old Samsung phone. I don't make many calls so it's cheaper for me than a prepaid plan. Problem is it does not use the same network and so I get less bars than others with the same phone, just different plans

Edward 8/20/2011
I had At&t Go phone awhile ago, had the Samsung A177 phone...The main problem i have had with this service is not the call quality or the messaging it is the fact that they are crooks..When i first purchased phone i was doing regular pay as you go and noticed that money was being deducted in small increments from my balance when i was not using phone at all..After awhile i switched to their monthly unlimited plan which at that time was 60 dollars a month (Now its 50) However i was not getting a whole month worth of service for the money i was paying which is why eventually i had to stop using them and move on to another company.

Marty 8/16/2011
I changed from an ATT plan last month to the PrePaid Go Phone plan. FLAT rate at $50. My service SUCKS like no one could believe. In greater Los Angeles - NO service many times, DROPPED calls are the norm. I was lied to by ATT when told the Prepaid phones use the same network. They DO NOT!! When you finally get someone from Customer Service, they listen and give you a good story but NOTHING changes. Sitting in my office top floor of 2 story building. All glass around and NO signal bars!!! ATT get with the CELL program!! Folks, you are losing my business!!

D in LA 8/12/2011
Pretty pleased with the GoPhone for 6 years. TIP: By law you can ask to be transferred to a representative in the USA when foreigners are hard to understand. I did it, wasn't rude but asked politely-it works.

Woodi Nville 8/11/2011
I was happy with the service, but wanting to save money, I moved 2 contract phones from the least expensive ATT Family Plan($74/mo. including all Fed, ST, local tax) over to GoPhones.

Chris J Brown 8/7/2011
My expiration date was 8/9/2011 so I called on 8/6/11 to refill so as not to lose my acumulated air time only to be informed that I was late in renewing
and the time was lost.
When it comes to devious business practices A T & T in right in there with the best of them!

Krysta 8/6/2011
I am VERY unhappy right now. I just went to WalMart to buy a pre-paid phone card for my trip to the Bahamas. I went home and called the number on the back of the card to activate it. The agent on the phone told me to scratch off the back of the card and read her the numbers. Later on in the phone call she told me that I cannot use the card in the Bahamas. The pre-paid card says NOTHING about "the purchaser not being able to use it in the Bahamas", in fact, the card says WORLDWIDE. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING. I AM VERY UNHAPPY. I called back to see if I could mail the card to them so they could send me my money and they said it was non-refundable. I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH THIS AND I think they should be sued for false-advertising.

CK 8/3/2011
Discovered if you only have one bar you will get your text messages maybe an hour or more after a person sent it. Wow awesome great service NOT. Always have trouble with reception, now I have it now I don't. Wished it was still Alltel.

Crystal Reed 8/3/2011
I have a go phone and the price is good but my issue is now I have service now I don't. Its really starting to be annoying.

ME 8/1/2011
poor connections dropped calls when i had the nokia model 2680 are better than any phone that they have on the market even the touch screen 3g is a blimp u have to keep taking the sims card out and wiping it off just to program a number in ya phone because it keep telling me to wait a few seconds i cant keep my numbers programmed because the phone is jacked up.

Kim 7/30/2011
I have been using a go phone for a few years but i am planning on switching i add money and its gone the next day with data and texting plans already there.

hugh 7/30/2011
this is the poorest service out of the three i have had. they sent me 20 plus reminders of my credit card expiration. i got a trac fon on qvc w 1300 min and a smart phone w camera and video and tripple min for life. what ios att doing for u???

Will 7/18/2011
DO NOT BUY THE NEW LG Thrive Smartphone. It is very expensive to operate. It uses more data in a week than my old gophone used in 6 weeks.
Confusing phone. JUNK

Jo-Ann 7/15/2011
was thinking of trying the 'go phone' out for my husband, but after reading the reviews, i think we'll pass. I was drawn in by all their up to date phones & avail. but now, not so much.
I personally use staright talk, the smartphone that uses at&t towers (i live in the sticks) and i have awesome coverage here & everywhere i go. I have my husband on the 'verizon towered phone' w/ straight talk, it works so so here..and great everywhere else. But after reading these reviews maybe i will just get him on the at&t straight talk phone too. Nothing like unlimited talk, text & web, for $50/month, and personally w/ a smartphone i use my phone for everything, its worth every penny. Good luck to you all, thanks for the reviews & in put. It really helped me make a decision.

Guest 7/11/2011
I have had the AT&T's prepaid service since 2008. Service wise, I have not had a problem with it. When I need to talk to someone in customer service is where I have the problem. I cringe everytime I have to contact them... they can speak English but cannot understand it...the reps sound like they are speaking from a script and are following a flow-chart if you have a problem.

mark 7/10/2011
Had at&t and then switched to the go phone. What a deal - 50 bucks unlimited. Now I have no reception but have 4bars on my phone. This go phone is the worst. I have to try to call 20 times to get a call through. I get texts a day later. I cannot express how horrible the go phone service is. The regular plan -not prepaid - was fine.

M.P. 7/8/2011
Horrible reception. AT&T GoPhones have NO ROAMING so you're restricted to using only AT&T owned towers. Price for minutes is fair on the simple rate plan at ~10c per minute but texts are a ridiculous 25c each. Texts are also charged to you whether you open them or not so expect to lose some of your money to text spam that you can't filter (without turning off texting completely). There are better prepaid plans out there, and many of them also have roaming with cheaper texting. Skip this one.

Unsatisfied Customer 6/30/2011
0 Stars-unreliable service, not user-friendly, difficult to reload. There was nothing about this phone I liked. Regret purchasing, learned my lesson.

barbara 6/28/2011
go phone service sucks and they are unreliable...A;ways a problem and now that I cancelled my services over three months one will return calls or you can't get through because they are continuing to take monthly payments out..worse company ever

works for me 6/27/2011
got the 50 dollar plan and love it.

vern 6/27/2011
DO NOT GET A GO PHONE. I have to call my go phone 3-4 times daily to make sure it rings. I recently got my go phone and noticed that it was not ringing. I called my go phone from a land line and it was going directly to voice mail even though it was on, and it never rang. I had to turn the phone off and back on to reset. Last night when I called it I got a fax signal three times. Once again, I had to turn the phone off and then back on. All times I called from a land line. I called AT&T today and get this. The technology for go phones is different than their regular wireless service. WHAT. After my minutes run out I will NEVER use AT&T again. I use the phone for an advertising campaign to track calls. If I can't trust that the phone will ring how can I trust AT&T.

Magyarboy 6/23/2011
We switched from PlatinumTell prepaid serivcce to AT&T gophone service because we couldn't get even bad service where my son lives in West Seattle. By comparison, AT&T is more expensive by double. But it works. In fact, I learned that AT&T has a tower only 3½ blocks away from my son's condo. No wonder everybody in the neighborhood swears by AT&T service.

uses it for 6 months 6/23/2011
no dropped calls so far, yes you have to power down before getting a number and needs to be charged properly. worst thing is that the cheap phone that it came with does not shut down the touch screen, so I was charged for things when the phone accidentaly touched something in the bag or on my body, and the web loaded for example, a message came that the last transacton cost you XYZ and I did not even know what button/function caused it. you can lock the phone touch screen but that will take away the ability to answer calls quickly, so what is the 'easy' phone for if you need a password to open the screen pickup the call...I got an inexpensive phone carrying case instead and the random function activation problem is reduced by 90% or more. still don't like the service expiring every 90 days....good basic phone service for emergencies or 'normal' to minimal everyday use. I am using the refill online at

Toni 6/23/2011
I have had an AT&T pay as you go phone for over 3yrs and I have been satisfied with the service. The only time I do have trouble with connection is in very remote areas. However, I just recently turned off the txt messages, I think .20 cent per txt is too expensive. Otherwise, I am happy with AT&T.

Helion 6/22/2011
Seriously great deal. I am with AT&T 10c/minute, purchase $100/12 month refills. Data and texts are blocked since I use a Blackberry 9000 purely for calls and WiFi for data access. I was spending $70 + taxes + charges for two phones and now only pay $17. The network and calls are exactly the same as when I was on a plan, so my only grumble is I wish I had done this from the start. AT&T just recently dropped from 25c a minute to 10c so now I can make a lot more calls and not go over the $8.50 a month minimum charge. I had to call them to switch but otherwise it was a seamless transition to the new rate.

Tammy 6/22/2011
I LOVE my gophone. My husband is on a verizon contract and I have coverage when he DOESNT. As for the pricing. Go look at verizon's prepaid monthly plans. Unlimnited is 94.99 and you STILL have to pay for data usage. I pay a flat 75.00 a month and get unlimited talk,text, pics and video with 200mb data. Not too shabby! considering a contract will charge you more than that, and then add ALL the extra fees and such! I will never have another contract phone PERIOD!

christine 6/22/2011
I love gophone. You just need to learn how it works. Calling Customer Service will help. They provide excellent Customer Service. The IVR is a headache but you can get rid of it simply by pressing 0 randomly. For sure you will be directed to live rep immediately. The service is way better than the rest.

james mak 6/21/2011
Gophone is headache and waste of money and time. Activated online, says activation successful, ya right. Called att for 30 min. guy assures me it doesnt work because i don't have signal, i say yes i have 5 bars, just wait for the signal then it will work. ya right. 4 days later still doesn't work, says no network. i had no phone for the vac. i bought it for.

Louisa 6/17/2011
Very dissatisfied. I wanted a basic prepaid phone. I have had it for four months and have not been able to use it when I need it. I get messages and I am unable to make calls. I have gone to the office and I have to wait a long time. They tell me it is working and get home and have no luck making calls.
Just today I went and waited 20 minutes and left. Went back an hour later and waited 30 minutes and I signed the paper,
but they waited on people that signed after me. Finally came home and I am now looking for another prepaid service.

Karen F 6/15/2011
You are incorrect in saying the AT&T offers its nationwide network to prepaid customers, so there is no roaming charges. AT&T offers its own network, not ones that are partnered but owned by other services, so its actual coverage is much smaller than postpaid accounts.

Karen F 6/15/2011
Can I give this a 0 stars - as that's the status of my Go Phone service right now. I had the phone activated in one of AT&T's phone stores, bought $100 in time, then went to watch my son's house, in an area not under the "coverage map". I had been assured by their rep that the phone would work there. Even your site says it "offers its nationwide network" to prepaids so there are no roaming charges. No roaming charges because the phone does not work here. Except for a welcome text I received while still in the coverage area, nothing - just ERROR: Action failed, though it shows 5 bars of signal. And no way to contact AT&T by email which can only be sent by signing into your account - which it also won't let me do. I am stranded here with no working phone and no way to contact AT&T.

lalala 6/14/2011
I never really had issues with ATT,but they just got wayy too expensive for us. I hate the fact that they took away the unlimited data. that's so not cool.

larry 6/13/2011
i have had my go phone for over a year and last month and this month i have been charged on a sunday 7.40 for talking to another att phone and in the evening after 7 iwas charged over $3 and any solicitor who calls i get charged even if i do not answer and there is no one to call and get my money back which is close to $30. its like the track phone i had everytime i opened the phone i got charged. this so called web site is a joke!!!!

Oleg 6/12/2011
GoPhone does not work in Canada. So you are offline when you need to travel to Canada. That is unacceptable really.

me 6/10/2011
i like it but there is to much people out there for just data and thats it just get a computer and internet much cheaper.

will 6/10/2011
recently purchased the ATT LG Thrive smartphone from I love the phone. But it uses up the data packages much faster than other gophones.

GoPhone User 6/10/2011
I dunno what everyone is complaining about. I have been using GoPhone service since 2002. It's perfect! I don't even use one of their phones - I use a Nokia 6120 classic I bought unlocked off the internet. Works great for voice and e-mail. I buy a $100 airtime fill and it doesn't expire for a YEAR! I use about $5-10/month, (usually a lot closer to $5), so it lasts me for that whole year too. I've traveled all over the U.S. and Canada with it. Used it in Mexico (Cozumel) and it works great. No complaints. Sure better than spending $100/MONTH or whatever on a damned iPhone!

john 6/9/2011
Bought the phone for my daughter. It works 10% of the time. When I dial her number it rings twice and says "We're sorry, the call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again." She can't dial out. Horrible experience. 3 calls to customer service got me nowhere. AVOID ATT GOPHONE. (My wife has att and it works fine at the house. It's not a "bad signal in a remote area" problem.

Kate 6/9/2011
I have had my go phone for several years. There is no way I would change the phone company to anything else. I have had other phones before I got this one it is the best yet.

Alex 6/9/2011
0 stars.. I bought this go phone for college for going back and forth where there is no coverage for verizon...did not realize nor did the at and t person tell me that if you don't use the phone for 60 days you lose the phone. So i wasted my money because i'm not going to fill up the phone over summer... thank you at and t. Will stick with verizon.

itzbobz 6/3/2011
I have found the simple $0.25/minute GoPhone to be the least expensive plan of all for the occasional user. A $25 prepay is good for 90 days unless additional minutes are added.

randi 5/31/2011
i love the service BUT for some reason after the storms hit here in tishomingo oklahoma no one here has any service AT ALL. Id like to know if this problem is going to be fixed or if i need to go with another phone company! Which i DO NOT want to do BUT i need my phone.

darlu14 5/27/2011
If I could give negative stars...I would! AT&T sucks big time. Customer service is not only unhelpful...but indifferent as well. AT&T is the biggest phone company & yet all calls are "Unknown"...and my daughter's phone cannot send any texts. What a RIP OFF! Hidden fees for sucky service. Can you tell that I'm disappointed? Tracfone is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better...

richie 5/26/2011
this service is the worst Ihave ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New to AT@T Prepaid 5/19/2011
I was concerned after reading some of the customer reviews here, that I would be disappointed with prepaid AT@T service. After using it for over a month, I find the service better than my previous carrier, postpaid Verizon. I live in a remote area in the California desert that is known for spotty coverage, and I can still pick up enough of a signal to make a call and download text messages. My postpaid Verizon Blackberry could not. I traveled with my new prepaid AT@T phone from the California desert, to the coast without any dropped calls, or loss of signal. On the coast, I used the phone to check email, social networking, and read the news, without any problems. Adding minutes is very easy and can be done by phone, or internet. This is a great service for those who want the convenience of a cellphone but don't want a long term contract. I'm very happy I have an AT@T Go Phone.

love it 5/18/2011
i have no problems everything works like it's just angry people that dont know how to use prepay.

Hate at&t 5/18/2011
Ok get this, I have over 2500text messages to use for an entire month. But because I saved my money $12 and bought the 1000 messages for $9.99 before the cash vanishes from my account. (Leaving $.87, that expired.) well needless to say, when that $.87 expired, my messages are technically void. I call the automated refill center and select "check my feature package" and it still says I have the 2500 messages to use for a month. Yet I cannot use it. I popped my sim card into another AT&T phone, tried sending messages and my friends didn't recieve. They tried to text me, I never got their messages.. It's annoying how you need to keep a little cash in your account to use your (already paid for) feature packages.. It's hard to keep cash in your account for the fact that cents at a time is taken away from my account balance.. My reccomendation to you? Buy a decent iPhone or htc droid, have it professionally unlocked, and buy a cheepy boost mobile or virgin mobile or anything better, activate that phone with the sim card in the original phone and after that's done, take the sim card out and pop it into the better phone.. AT&T is a peice of crap and no one should suffer their un-relentless wrath...

Anonymous 5/17/2011
It's a phone company that refuses to provide service over the phone! Why do I need to go to the store. ... I don't trust a phone company that can't provide service over the phone or internet!!! Awful experiance.

paul 5/17/2011
i currently have over 1000 messages on my pre-paid plan but my airtime has expired but my service isn't over until 2 more months, would this effect my ability to send and recieve messages from my phone? i'm asking cause i cant recieve or send any of those messages. p.s. it's not the phone cause i tried sending messages from another phone.

Eddie 5/17/2011
A lot of these problems can be solved by taking the extra 10 seconds to read directions. For the lady who can't find her number, they send it to you when you activate, power down the phone for about 10 minutes and turn it on again. As far as customer service goes, prepaid users are near the bottom of the totem pole. Sad but true. If you don't mind dealing with less than stellar customer service, then its no big deal. Also, these phones can simply be replaced in the event of hardware damage. Shelling out 10 to 20 bucks for a new handset from the store beats sitting for 2 hrs waiting to get out of Paki phone line hell. Go Phone's value isn't bad at all as long as you don't expect the world from it.

mama bnz 5/15/2011
Hello al... I got a new phone from my adult children for mothers day! well this sunday i tried to turn it on/ i'll be darned I can NOT fine the Phone Number any where! I tried to call customer service and they are closed. see my t-moible act has 24 hrs serivce!but not great area phone service where i live.I think I might be able to live that and just put this darn thing in the draw! why do i want to go to a service where I can only get help sometimes? I just think it's a bit odd/ this phone can show you everything BUT YOUR NEW NUMBER!In all fairness it did say it to me very fast the number however I had no pen and was not ready for that there also was no warning/no replay nowhere to see it Hello some of us Baby boomers need a replay! oh why bother.

tom 5/13/2011
Customer service doesn't understand or speak English properly. Refill cards don't work. AT&T said it wasn't activated. Returned to store. Store issued new card and activated it. AT&T still said it was not activated. Store manager was on the phone with AT&T for 30 minutes and could not resolve issue. Store refunded cost of refill card. Now I have a worthless phone that can't be refilled.
Moving on to a different cell phone provider.

DicksGrill 5/11/2011
Have had a go phone for 10 years & have liked it in the past (cingular) ...BUT the last 3 months they have started charging me a $1.10 many times lately for incoming calls that i didnt answer...& now they wont pay back the monies they have taken for me NOT using the phone...they say it's the thing to come... get a 10 cent a min. package...their NUTS... time for a new carrier

bill 5/11/2011
anyone have any experience with the new LQ Thrive smartphone. I read in two reviews that the data connection is very expensive. One man noted he used up 100MB in 30 minutes. Best Buy has the phone prived for $179, but several online retaliers have it at $149 already.

Moussa 5/8/2011
Hi there,
I have one question:
why US carriers don't allow international roaming to their prepaid phones?? It's not a technical issue because all european carriers have been offering it for more than 10 years (it is expensive though, but you have the choice to use it or not) and it is impossible to make a call with negative balance.
I asked once att customer service but they just answered that there is no international roaming on prepaid phones while I was asking for the reasons behind.
I am just curious
Blues Skies

Dinero 5/3/2011
A lot of dropped calls with the $75.00 data plan...

Iphonejunkie 5/2/2011
Using iPhone 4 with $2 a day + a 500mb data package for $25 a month, no problems at all!

Margaret Halpin 4/29/2011
I put $25.00 in my account 2/8/2011 My son is the only one who calls me on my cell and that has been maybe 3times in the last 10 weeks and it only amounts to not even three dollars a call. I would like to know where the rest of the money wen

alejandro reyes ramires 4/26/2011
quiero actibar un selular que meregalaron

Emm 4/26/2011
First of John and Mary, I believe that you are both on the AT&T payroll because I find it hard to believe that anyone would pay as much as this service costs to get such horrible reception and customer service. I deciced to pay a little extra for my service because I was promised coverage and a higher quality of service. Yeah, right... The only thing I actually got out of using this service was a headache. To others who said that the customer service reps are not knowledgable- amen to that. I think I knew more about their network and the phone I had than they did... Funny how I am now on a plan that costs about half as much and have tons more features and actually have network coverage.

Mary 4/23/2011
I had purchased a LG Prime go phone which was stolen. I went to an ATT store and purchased a less expensive phone but then decided that I wanted to upgrade to the phone that had been stolen.
Well, I had a couple of issues with the phone and account but was fortunate to reach a young lady named Lisa at ATT and she had the knowledge to assist me with technical issues that I had on one of the phones and got the other account to gove me the 15.00 air time that should have been given to me at the store.
My family always had ATT and when I moved out on my own at the age of 20, I stayed with ATT and it is people like Lisa that always gets the job done and the fact that you can reach tech support 24/7.
Thanks again Lisa. You are the best tech person and I hope if I ever need tech support that I can reach you again.
Also, I love the LG Prime phone. It is so easy to get used to the many settings and features offered to you. I also purchased a Samsung phone which I did not know how to use but again with the tech support I received from Lisa I am sure that I will come to enjoy that go phone as well.
Mary Walsh

John 4/19/2011
I've had GoPhone service for over 3 years now. I only use my phone really for work calls and friends/family. I typically get the text packages as well for $4.99 for 200 messages a month, which is ideal for me and they roll over if I add more messages. I really like AT&T because I get full service anywhere in my house, Verizon and T-Mobile get very poor service if any at all in my house. I used to not like the prices because it used to be 25 cents per minute, but now they've dropped it to 10 cents a minute with no daily fee which is very reasonable. I have saved so much money and stress going with a non-contract phone. There have been times where I didn't use my phone for over a month while out of the country and my number was still saved for me with no balance on it. I highly recommend AT&T GoPhone for anyone that just needs a phone to calls here and there and lightly text. So please take advice from someone who has used the service for over 3 years with the same number and no problems.

linda 4/17/2011
AT&T online coverage map shows best coverage service in zip code 85547. There is no coverage. They are working on it and may take 2 years!!!

Willie vegas 4/15/2011
What a piece of c-r-a-p! I can't register my phone online to activate it, I can't get the phone to transfer me to the mobile center to activate it!

ATT unlimited lies 4/14/2011
What ever you do dont think ATT knows the meaning of UNLIMITED because they don't! If you talk alot, utilize confrence calling, call forwarding,or call free chatlines, they will take what ever money on your account and shut you service off. Even if your on prepaid (gophone) service and you have paid for that months service and you have ANY OTHER MONEY ON YOUR PHONE they will take all of it! Thats right TAKE not refund! DONT GO WITH ATT! ATT is only unlimited untill you use there service UNLIMITEDLY!
PS ATT wasn't always like that from my experience. Be advised it dosnt matter if you've been with ATT for years. Ever since ATT brought T-Moble the reception
has be HORRIBLE and now with ATT's ever changing definition of UNLIMITED SERVICE who needs the problems.
ATT is not cheap therefore they should give their customers no problems!

venky 4/12/2011
i wish i could give 0 stars.

Kortnei 4/11/2011
i just got a GoPhone and I cant find out what the number is its notin the menu or anything!!!!!!!11 customer service says call 411 not 611 but 411 askes for the number!!!!!!! I hate At&t the worst phone service possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm 4/10/2011
have had alot of problems with randomly dropped callls, but other than that no complaints

Cindy Marshall 4/1/2011
GP038: The activation has taken longer than normal. Please try again later.

Jim 3/27/2011
<<ok heres the deal ive tried to make a payment for my phone that i got from christmas. to only find out that not only i cant make a payment. but someone changed my socaol so i cant even login or even my phone now. when i called tech they were ignoreant of what i was teling them. so i havr to ask is everyone at at&t gophone know thier jobs? or do they have to work hard at being stupid. i dont think i will EVER do any more business with ignorant collection of idiots at at&t again>>

HawaiianSon 3/25/2011
I've been with AT&T's prepaid plan for about 2 years, before switching to Tracfone. Why did I switch? Because I needed to find another plan that was more beneficial.

Wendell 3/24/2011
Poor product/Poor Customer Service - phone died within 6 months - and I hardly ever use it. Dealing with Customer Service/Warranty Dept. was painful - I was put on hold for 1/2 hour at a time, transferred multiple times (so I had to have the same conversation over & over again), interracted w/offshore customer service rep who read entirely from a script & got flustered when I asked questions. She often talked over me, which was really frustrating. They charged me $14.95 to ship a new phone to replace the defective one. They also told me that if they felt I damaged the phone, I would be charged an additional $65. I don't think the phone even cost me that much. The replacement phone sent is a refurbished model - not even a new one, and they don't offer a one-year warranty on the refurbished model, so I have the sneaking suspicion I'll be back in the same situation in the very near future. The only reason I'm doing this is because I have $50 left on the phone. As far as day to day usage goes, it's not a great phone. Texting is a pain, it's not user friendly & you get charged when you receive spam-calls.

Max 3/23/2011
Zero Stars. I have tried for hours at a time to talk to ATT live but the robot keeps repeating my number wrong, and "she" added $66 that I did not ask for, gave me a case# so quickly I could not copy it down, and only then said it had to be used by June. I am leaving the country March 31. I just wanted about $15 put on it. I have no recourse. When I tried to get through on ATT internet, it did not recognize my code. Why? It changed my code without me asking. So I tried again putting in my number where it asked for a number or a password. It won't accept my number. I finally called 1 800 call att. They gave me two different numbers for GO phone, both of which have been discontinued. The phone I have is the most difficult, unpredictable phone I have ever owned and I have trouble calling home. I am not an idiot. I am a journalist/author. This is all so unfair. I have never felt so used by a supposedly respected company. I'll use this for the next week and then bin it - and ATT. The success of most huge companies began by caring for individuals. I remember 20 years ago when ATT was the best. No more. I have struggled with this for a year. End

Steve 3/21/2011
Too bad there isn't an option to put zero stars or even negative 10 stars. This is the worst prepaid phone I have ever used. For example; when I make any call I have and echo no matter when I say something I hear myself say it again. It does not matter where you are or how many bars you have. The scrolling is a joke you should plan on hitting the exit button to go back and try again many, many times. As for the internet that is reason I am dropping this phone forever. I did not pay for the 200mb usage I figured having $15.00 dollars on my account should be enough to pay for whatever I needed from the internet because after all they say they only charge you one cent per kilobyte. Let me give you and example of bad the internet is. I paid for a $2.99 subscription to Chronicles of Narnia which was a 900kb download should be $9.00 right WRONG! With full bars I lost connection when only at 300kb ok try again. Again I lost connection at 300kb which should be a $6.00 charge right? nope the phone charged me $9 so I had six dollars left. Ok no problem I put another 20 dollars in my account on payday. So I tried to download the game again, again it cut me off after 300kb and charged me $5 so because I am stubbron and I had all ready invested so much into this I tried again this time it cut me off at around 900kb about 10 kb's to go before I was done downloading the game and able to play and guess what it charged me $15.00 for it so now I had paid $35.00 for absolutley nothing. So of course I called customer care when I finally got through (it took me a couple of tries) an east indian fellow got on the other end and told me his name was louie and how could he help me. I told him I wanted my money back for the games I did not recieve or at the very least enough kb to make sure I could download the game. He told me that the only thing he could do for me was give me one dollar back as that was policy. I of course asked to speak to the supervisor who not once got on the phone to speak to me. After much cajoling on my part I finally was told that they would give me $8.00 back and that was it. Was I upset you bet I had just been informed that I was going to have $28.00 stolen from me and I had better be happy with it because usually they only give back one dollar. So ok I decided to use this money to buy a license for one of the games that come with the phone World Series of Poker: Texas Holdem. I tried to purchase the unlimted license multiple times none of which ever went through this left me with about $6.00 finally I tried to buy the $2.99 subscription license which went through or at least that is what the phone told me. After I had bought the license the phone told me to exit the browser and have fun playing the game. So I did this. The game did not work and kept askin me to upgrade and purchase the license. So I reset the phone, still didn't work, I tried to get back online to see if I could download my new purchase and found that the phone had charged me $6.00 for my $2.99 game. so now I had spent alot of time and money and had recieved nothing at all for my efforts. What I am saying is simple DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! I have had flip phones that work better charge less and actually give you what you paid for. There are multiple other issues with this phone which I will not go into here, but listen to me this phone is a scam and a complete rip off I am going to try to retrieve some losses tomorrow but I doubt they will be honorable. Again take my advice and stay far away from this horrible device.

Ang 3/17/2011
I hate that I pay for the least amount of minutes that is allowed and I never use them all. But to have the un-used minutes rolled over each month I have to purchase more minutes. It sucks I can't just use the minutes I've paid for then buy more when I'm ready. Unfortunetly it's still the cheapest plan I can find. Frustrating.

rick 3/15/2011
I only have at&t because nothing else works in my area. I hate that they start sending out reminders to renew the plan a month before its due. The reason is that you lose any time already paid for from your previous plan if you do this early, its a scam. I hate the fact that here in the USA we all pay both ways on cell phones, in my native UK we pay for calls we make, not calls others make to us. It just shows the greed of the companies here and the fools we are for paying them.

Gio 3/14/2011
Best coverage in Rhode Island.

Kotter 3/14/2011
AT&T Go Phone prepaid is the way to go, not only do they have much better coverage than T-Mobile in Rhode Island, as Eden said, but they are CHEAPER. AT&T only charges 20 cents for international texts to Philippines, while T-Mobile charged 35 cents. AT&T offers features like 200 texts for just $4.99 and international texts are included. So I pay only $5 per month to send and receive close to 200 texts, where it would have been 20 cents each ($40), without the text feature. Also, a tip, only add the text feature when you refill your phone (I refill for $25 and it's good for three months) so the $4.99 is taken from your current balance, and not charged as a additional fee. If you don't use your phone often but like to text often, AT&T Go Phone prepaid is for you.

Linda Hartman 3/13/2011
I am exasperated with AT and T. I set up my billing for the same day each month for automatic withdrawal. They seem to either shut the phone off every month or charge the account a week early. I can't seem to talk to anyone that has beyond an 8th grae education and get different answers each month. I have had this service 11 months and have had issues ll but 2 months. If you are thinking about AT and T go phone, I would shop another company.

Missy 3/9/2011
Way too expensive... I just changed my number over to Fuzion Mobile and now only pay 39.95 for unlimited talk and texting and I can talk to a real person instantly. Great customer service and saves me money

fortheloveoggod 3/8/2011
ok heres the deal ive tried to make a payment for my phone that i got from christmas. to only find out that not only i cant make a payment. but someone changed my socaol so i cant even login or even my phone now. when i called tech they were ignoreant of what i was teling them. so i havr to ask is everyone at at&t gophone know thier jobs? or do they have to work hard at being stupid. i dont think i will EVER do any more business with ignorant collection of idiots at at&t again

Denise 3/8/2011
I have the gophone and 10 cents a minute plan. I put $100 prepaid card on it and the phone is active for a whole year. That's more minutes than I will use in a year and if for some reason I need more, I can always add them. The service is great and I actually get a signal in my house. Verizon is the only other carrier with a signal I can get inside my house and their prepay plan costs a lot more.
I tried net10 before the gophone and had horrible problems dealing with their customer service, so at&t's customer service is a dream comparatively.
Assuming at&t has a good signal in your area and you are someone who doesn't use the phone much, I would definitely recommend the gophone.
If you are someone who lives on your phone or feels the need to text 1000 messages a day then a prepaid phone is not the the correct plan for you.

Miguel Garcia 2/28/2011
Phone is disabled after 60 days if you don't use/recharge minutes. AT&T will not re-activate the phone even if you call, the phone has to be thrown to the garbage. So no use if you want to have a phone for family/visitors...

done with att 2/27/2011
I've had four phones with the company and each one stopped working between 2-3 months. Either it wouldn't turn on or you couldn't use the touch screen. I was very annoyed by customer service. Something about me telling them not to send the new phone to my billing address and if they could send it to where I was. Most have been too tough for them to understand. I wasn't happy with the price but I can say I never dropped a call. After my last issue with my phone and customer service. I am not going to use their service again.

LeavingAT&T 2/27/2011
Besides the fact that:
--AT&T plans are more expensive than other carriers and
--I have almost zero reception at home (in Los Angeles) and
--dropped calls in the middle of NYC

Munkey 2/26/2011
I recorded my encounter with AT&T and their shitty phone is quite funny

c. bronner 2/23/2011
The service is incredibly expensive ($30 per month for one ten second call per day plus ten cents per minute for anything after that, and the company lies about the charges. I just added a $25 card that is supposed to also add 90 days, and no days were added. They both steal and lie.

Cecilia 2/20/2011
Stay away from the AT&T prepaid phone cards. Although they claim they are rechargeable it is a hassle to do this and they force you to buy another prepaid card in turn, AT&T keeps the unused money because they don't transfer the balance to the new prepaid card. Try to speak to a rep. who is unable to communicate in English and are based in India or the Philippines. A company that boasts to be up to par in technology doesn't have the facility to do this simple transfer. So glad AT&T is no longer a monopoly, I remember years ago when we had no choice but now we can choose and report them. If you need prepaid phone cards I recommend Kroger they are sold at Smith's supermarkets.

1976Marine 2/17/2011
I love my new Go Phone!! The $2 a day unlimited talk and text is perfect for me. If you don't use it, you don't pay for that day. And the biggest bonus for a me is the 3 month rollover. If you don't use your balance it stays on there for 3 months. That is strong for a prepay phone, and when I do use it I can talk and text all day long for $2. I coudn't be happier!!

kid 2/13/2011
*aghem* TheSaintOfPain, don't you think you could have wasted the other 10secs writing the second part of your post (and the other 30secs re-reading it with some stupid smug on your face just grinning to yourself) maybe trying to get some cyberpussy rather than you trying to put work into CHARLES.

Drew 2/12/2011
I have not had a single issue with my phone! I have a refurbished Pantec Pursuit and use the $2.00 a day plan. Dont use it, dont pay. Use it all day, for talk and text, $2.00. I did use it to check email but since all email today has pics of some type in them, I dont check anymore. Pics and Internet is extremely expensive. Downloads like wall papers and such are over priced too, but thats how ATT makes money! Nothing is free anymore

Bobby 2/12/2011
We bought a phone in Nov and put 15 on it for my 8 year old in case of emergency which we have (thankfully) never had. Today is Feb 12th and my phone shows $0. I was told your minutes expire (dissappear) if you don't keep putting at least $15 on it. When I asked if it makes sense to them that the phone is basically $15 a month I was told that this is the way all prepaids work. it isn't. Also, I can't sell the phone because they will deactivate the sim card after another month of not feeding it $15. f- at&t and their policy of not giving a crap about the customer.

Jenii 2/10/2011
I got my Nokia GoPhone about a month and a half ago, and I had no problems...UNTIL Superbowl Sunday....around 7:00/7:30 my phone said "no service" and we couldn't figure out why....well the following night it STILL wasn't working and my brother came into town to see what was going on since someone who was NOT ME was answering my phone...well apparently AT&T saw it fit to reassign my phone number to someone else! Mind you, I STILL had money on my account and I last used the phone roughly 10-15 minutes before they reassigned MY number! So I called AT&T from my brothers phone and their excuse?

arthur washington 2/8/2011
yes i had paid for a go phone two tymes in i didnt get it yet whats the hold up is.

Kathie 2/7/2011
My nephew uses a gophone and needed ATT minutes refill card. The numbers came off the card when we peeled off the tape. The store won't replace the card, as the money is IN the card. Called ATT support, NO HELP AT ALL. Guess now I will have to drive 50 miles to nearest town where there is an ATT store and hope for the best. I think I'm out 60 bucks. I have a real cell phone through US Cellular, think I might add my nephew to my plan, ATT isn't impressing me in the slightest.

good morning 2/5/2011
Just started using gophone and i like it 10 cents a min. and no daily fee is nice. And as long as you pay on time everything roles over.

TheSaintOfPain 2/4/2011
I have personally not had any issues with AT&T's service with my GoPhones. I am one of those people that doesn't use my cell phone for much more than important or emergency calls, and a $15 card will last me for the 2 month duration it lasts. I've never had a dropped call, except for a couple of times when the battery was almost dead, and the calls are always clear. Coverage is excellent, and I always have at least 3 bars in any given location I go.

Robin 2/1/2011
I had an LG Neon Go Phone and it got stolen, the only bad thing that I can honestly say is that it didn't have a tracking device so it is gone for good. I really like the Go Phone but unfortunately I can't find one anymore except online for like $80.00. If you call the customer representative at 611 on your go phone you can have them put you on a $2:00 a day plan and that covers everything unlimited text, talk and web. So for $60.00 a month you can get everything and I am from a very small town in South Eastern Ky. and coverage from Appalachian wireless isn't very good. When I was on their plan I was paying almost double for it and my coverage wasn't very good either. My calls always ended up getting dropped. With the tracphone you are charged 30 seconds a text and 1 minute for a voicemail. So really if you go with a Go Phone your best bet is the $2.00 a day plan.

charles 1/29/2011
I had A old go phone and the battery died so Iweny to the Athens,GA store and purhase a new one.I am old and do not unstand all the new things that the new ones does. so I ask one of the men at the store to block everthing but leave it so I could call out and get calls.They said that it could not be done and laughed.he was real rude. so as soon as I can find another company I will scrap this crap you call a phone. Thank Charles Nelms 706-788-2618

Stan 1/27/2011
They nickel and dime you to death. For example: if your call is incomplete, that is, the other party won't answer or you give up, you will still be charged for 1 minute. I yet to see where they disclose that little gem. But more insidious is that the text messaging can drain your entire account and you can't do anything about it. Here is what happened: a friend of mine got one of those smart phones and and then downloaded an app which contained some kind of virus. The virus went through his address book and started to sent thousands of text messages to the numbers it found, including mine. I start getting the messages, and there was no way to stop them coming until they totally drained my account. Eighty bucks went poof! It can happen to you too! The only way to prevent it is to block all text messages. Good job AT&T!

red_kira 1/14/2011
AT&T Go Phone service, which I've been using for almost a year now, seems fine. I do notice more dropped calls than when I was with T-Mobile, but have generally told myself that the spotty-ish service was more than made up for by the cheapness of the non-contract service. My husband and I can talk to each other for free, and even factoring in all the other calls we make, we are still spending considerably less than we did with T-Mobile, and Verizon before that.

jacki 1/13/2011
I use the $2 a day service which is pretty good except for the bogus tel calls every day to make you answer and get charged the $2 a day fee.
Every morning around 8.30 and if I don't answer again around 11.30 I get emergency calls looking for some obscure named person or from my contact list but when I call my friends they tell me they made no such phone call!
Do not appreciate the whole emergency phone call BS as if I did have an emergency call, I would no longer answer. Can never tell if I have a real phone call or not! Not cool AT&T!

bruna 1/7/2011
Hello I put credits on my phone on 04 January, and not the credits came on the phone. I put 15 dollars and my number is 225-276-9231. I bought at the Mall of Louisiana (Baton Rouge), with the store of AT & T. What can you do?

Ham Bone 1/5/2011
I have had AT&T GoPhone for about 3+ years now. I started out with the 10 cent a minute plan. With that plan it cost an additional $1 per day service charge for every day you use it. The plans have now changed. It now costs just $2 per day for unlimited talk & text. No daily service charge with this plan. It is a great plan for me. It is not the cheapest but it is acceptable and better than the 10c/min + $1/day svc charge.

Walt 1/5/2011
The AT&T service was originally Cingcular Pay as you go and I liked it. Since AT&T bought it the fee structure has down graded to the point it is no longer acceptable. They have changed the service plan to a limited structure and keep adding fees for every little piece of the service. They charge your phone even when you don't use the service. They charge for unsolicited calls you reject. I'm looking for a new service and I have two phones. Good bye AT&T.

Marie 1/4/2011
Horrible. I would NEVER recommend ATT (go phone or any service through ATT). They took my money, sent an e-mail saying I did not have enough money in my acct (holiday) therefore I had no phone service. I paid again (another $25) and still no service. I checked w/my bank today and ATT DID take $25 from my acct. both times yet told me I lacked funds. When I spoke w/ATT rep. I was told I was on the $60 unlimited talk and text. That is not what I paid for I paid $25 for the minute plan. ATT rep., in Dec. 2010, decided (on my behalf and without my knowledge, let alone, permission)to enroll me in the unlimited talk and text package. So when I called to purchase minutes and I verified $25 for the minuted plan, ATT felt they had the right to over-ride my authority and my bank acct. Oh they did turn on my phone after I told them I NEVER enrolled in any plan and transfered me to a rep so that the additional $25 could be reinbursed to me however, before I could even speak with the rep. ATT disconnected the call, twice. Most shameful company. Would NOT recommed this company.

San Francisco Customer 1/3/2011
San Bruno Town Center,1206 El Camino Real, San Bruno, California

Chelsie 1/3/2011
For day to day use, I have had few problems with AT&T prepaid sim card. However, when I went to visit my hometown in central Illinois, I did not have service the entire time as well as having intermittent service on the highways between North Carolina and Illinois. Also, I have had problems with texts not sending when I have reception and no reason for them not to send. I have had my phone for 3 years back in the UK and have never had any problems on the Virgin Mobile UK prepaid plan. Will be using another prepaaid service when I visit the states again.

pdonaldson789 12/31/2010
Sorry, this isn't going to get me to switch from Tracfone which allows me to double my minutes by buying a card, I saved 500 dollars last year and this doesn't seem much cheaper than their contract service.

Pepperbell 12/30/2010

amy 12/25/2010
i think at&t should get the plan that straight talk has $40 or $45 a month. i would get my 4 kids an me all at&t phones. they have tracfone an i have at&t. i like at&t phone styles better. they would get alot of people switching.

T-Mobile prepaid 12/23/2010
With T-Mobile prepaid plan I've paid $100 for the first year (to became "Gold Reward member"). In a year to prolong the service I've added $10 to my account and all unused minutes just rolled over into it. I'm doing that for the past several years and found that it's very convenient for users like me, who don't need to talk too much :)

noname 12/20/2010
why not go to walmart and get the straight talk unlimited talk and text for 45 dollar makes more sense

Kristopher 12/15/2010
I purchased a gophone because the deal sounded good, well its not. What att does not tell you when you buy a gophone is that gophones work on far lesser towers and they will always tell you it is the phone that's the problem not the service. Well I finally got an honest customer service person and they told me all kinds of stuff about att. It was really an eye opener. When I asked how were they getting away with telling me all this they told me "I'm quitting anyway, so let em fire me". They are way more expensive for the same service other companies give and the customer service is lousy. Come on att do you really think we are that stupid? The gophones are junk too, I agree with one of these other reviews on this issue. Att used to be the standard in communication, not any more. Finally what 97% of all Americans are they speaking of when they say they cover 97% of us all? Must be all the other people I don't call or try to call, I'm switching.

True2mywords 12/9/2010
i bought the samsung A177 almost a year ago and ive had no prombelms w/ it. i load my $60 dollars on their every months and it works jus fine txtin talkin&i use these services very often so if it was able to withstand my usage it must be durable.The only things i didn't like was the pricey plan choice 4 $60 you really dont get ur monies worth judging by competitor prices. also the phone charges for internet, which is fine but alot of the games are connecting to the internet so even if you buy the games you'll still have 2 pay for the games each time you use it, which made me kinda sad..:(overall though its a really nice reliable phone w/ pretty gud service&customer service, its not perfect but what phone is.

wood 12/8/2010
customer service is very poor and lakcing, they mainly read a script and know nothing else. had one guy ask me if i had a dial tone? uh....... than there standby excuse of a poor tower signal or something just to get you off there backs is common excuse. very slow network. consumer reports also confirms there the worst

bethann 12/5/2010
Got a GOPHONE for neice to use for texting. Am using the unlimited talk/text. Her phone got shut off and there is no way to TALK to any one about a gophone. Email is specifically stated not for gophone users. How the hell am I supposed to find out why her phone is shut off??? Web site is a joke.

an old alltel customer 12/3/2010
I thout i was crazy but i guess not ATT needs 2 get it 2gether there bout 2 loose all their"Par per day"customers strait talk or verizon here i come

DEbbie 12/3/2010
it's time for me to renew our contract the service is good but the cost for at&t is outlandish. Plus, I have yet to receive a phone upon renewal that is worth the cost on my monthly bill. And, believe it or not I live in Los Angeles and the only service store is too far, way in Beverly Hills, CA as if at&t is not robbing the poor people too. Customer Service used to be excellent now it's down the hill. AT&T we pay too much!

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sassylassy 11/29/2010
i love the phones but the plan is to EXPENSIVE for $60 a month without internet !!!! that is crazy to me . . i would like straight talk phone but the phones are ugly and look really cheap . . at&t REALLY needs that plan NOW !

wendyday25 11/27/2010
i dont give at&t go phone no 5 stars but it is the best that i have used so far. let's discuss the other carriers such as virgin mobile, verizon, straighttalk, boost, sprint, tmobile. in the area of southern ohio valley those carriers don't seem to get much signal. i've only had about 4 calls dropped since i had my go phone for 6 months. i started with first then decided that i would explore other companies, well back here again. i just wished they would lower the price of the unlimited talk and text and extended the days to month to month instead of every 30 days.

Sandsnow 11/23/2010
Well here in south TX att works best out in the middle of nowhere, cost more yes, but good. Got a new LG touchscreen and my bad, didn't keep the receipt to take it back. It was good except contacts info software acts funny. So keep your receipt, and I never got that $50 airtime credit as well. That was the first time that has happened to me, Ive been with att a long time too, so if you need it watch out. Overall, I'll still stay with att.

Littlebunnyfufu 11/22/2010
Yes, with no daily charge AT&T is now 10 cents/minute but has free mobile to mobile. Although at least one recent posting below has this wrong, the comparison tool at is up to date.

Littlebunnyfufu 11/22/2010
However, with little fanfare AT&T recently dropped their daily fee on the cheapest GoPhone plan. This is official and has been verified with my actual charges. This makes AT&T GoPhone better than Verizon on cost by a long shot and as good as most of the no name companies. Wondering why there is so little known about this? (I think it happened in last 90 days.)

slothy 11/20/2010
I started with AT&T Wireless back in 2003, which was then sold to Cingular a couple years later, only to become the "new AT&T" again! I was fairly happy with their service in Seattle, and have only had signal problems over the past few years in the Raleigh-Durham area and near the University of Maryland in College Park. After careful consideration, I switched two months ago for the simple reason that their pricing structure was too expensive - nothing was more annoying than to be charged the $1 daily access fee just because somebody text messaged me right before midnight! Their customer service has been quite good, and the ability to buy cheap replacement phones right off the shelf is very convenient. I would probably recommend AT&T to someone who prioritizes reliability over value - as I said, the pricing structure is expensive, although you may find that you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

Jack 11/19/2010
I have had a Verizon phone, and I have had Sprint in the past (and AT&T back when it was Cingular.) I opted to go with a pick your plan option instead.

Alicia 11/17/2010
I was w/ATT for 9 yrs due to mergers of other companies. I stayed because I settled and was afraid to branch out. I have learned. Straightalk is the way to go. ATT will drop calls frequently. If you travel to wooded areas, good luck. The service will not be consistent.

Chuck 11/13/2010
Stay far away from AT&T. Customer service is lousy and there are too many exceptions to their rules.

SW 11/10/2010
At&t Is No Good. The service is expensive, Cust Service. Is bad at best T-mobile Gets all the awards. After Having my account from B4 the Cingular Takeover and through today I can tell You all my experiences with AT&T Help, when required, were bad and cost me. money.

Samsung A177 11/3/2010
omg i have had 3 go phones in my life time and i hav come up with a philosophy about these phones.....every phone that ATT has that have glitches on it are the phones they make into go phones! There was only one phone i didnt hav a problem with and that was my pantec. You know why i didnt have problems with it.... its because it wasnt a go phone! It might have had a go phone plan but i assure you that it wasnt a go phone and thats why it worked so good. GO PHONES ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL!! And if your thinking about getting your child a go prepared for complaints. I am lucky if i get 2 bars in my house while other people in my house that hav ATT regular phones get service all around m house. Simple statement: GO PHONES=PAIN AND AGONY

Peache1321 10/29/2010
I have had At&T for almost 2 years now. I have always (until this last month) used the $60 unlimited talk and text plan. I really dont use my phone too much (at least I didnt think) so I decided to try and save money this month with night/weekend plan $20 and 200 text $5. low and behold of course everyone and their mother have been calling me this month. Long story short, the $60 unlimited talk and text plan is definately worth it. My first phone I had with At&T after a few months went defective. After calling customer service and then going to a store for a visual confirmation. I was mailed boxes and instructions for returning the phone. Within one week I had my replacement phone and didnt have problems after that. Customer service has always been great for me.

Headwinds 10/29/2010
I use the Auto-Refill service for my GoPhone. Even so, as the end of each 3-month billing period approaches, before I am allowed to dial a number, I must listen to a message that warns that my minutes are about to expire -- even though the account may have $20 or more in remaining credit. Of course the AT&T support Web site is configured so I can't even tell them they have this problem.

casey 10/27/2010
I'm a kid and got the phone to just let my parents know when to pick me up after sports. I was getting random calls, texts and voice mails from debt collectors and sales calls. these calls charged me and stole all my free and prepaid minutes. My mom called customer service and they told her to use the house phone to call the annoying numbers to ask them to stop because my number was recycled to soon. I continued to get calls and went 3 miles away to an AT&T store twice. finally I got my number changed but they would not give me my free minutes. I hate this phone. Hard to text and overall lousy. Jane from customer service was a ditz and wasted 2 hours trying to explain things to her. Can't wait to get a real phone.

Shakilya 10/25/2010
Im on the plan where I have unlimited talking and texting and I was wondering if I was to download ringtones off of and send them to my phone would that use up my unlimited talking and texting?

V. Wright 10/25/2010
I have placed an order two weeks ago and haven’t heard anything since then. If there has been a delay, I should have been sent out a mail at least. I called up AT&T helpline and spoke to one of their Manila based Rep who was very difficult to understand. She informed me that my order is still in a pending status and she could not tell me the reason for the same too. Not a good experience !

god 10/24/2010
to Anti-AT&T
I also got one of those ebay refills but thank god the refill didn't show up after 24hours so i started going a google search and found out all the ebay refills are done by stolen credit card numbers they people who do the refills are from china i got my money back from paypal but ebay still has not closed there ebay account, i guss you can say i am lucky the refill didn't work

Anti-AT&T 10/24/2010
I have been with AT&T for the past 3 years under their GO-PHONE Simple Plan. I recently bought a refill card off of ebay 3 months ago and reloaded my phone. Today, I went to refill or reload my account for their super savings unlimited monthly talk and text package, and was told someone used a stolen card to refill my account from ebay. My phone number and account was canceled. I offered to forward ATT info regarding whom I recieved the refill card from, and they declined stating they were not going to pursue the issue. Their customer service leaves much to be desired as I waited for 6 hours all day to find this information out from their "SPECIALIST" department. Needless to say, I switched to Boost Mobile, and now have unlimited talk text and internet tethering on my phone for way less that waht I was paying AT&T every month. I have the conversation recorded between my self and the at&t phone "SPECIALIST". It really is funny to listen to, especially since they don't have a clue what they are doing. I RATE THEM AN F-

owen_mshengu_sharif 10/24/2010
Like so many telecommunication services - all have their foibles ... some more expensive (downright costly) than others.

Randy Ison 10/24/2010
AT&T Wireless is terrible when it comes to their 3G service-prepaid and regular. I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and am constantly having problems with my service. I have a lot of problems with not receiving text or picture messages, calls being dropped all the time, network being busy, calls not being clear or where you can't hear the other person's voice, spotty coverage, and bad customer service. No one is willing to admit that the network is overloaded and is very unreliable. 3G is always going down and you can never connect to the internet. If you go prepaid, I highly recommend Verizon or Boost, they are much better. AT&T Wireless is awful at least in the Cincinnati area.

Edward 10/18/2010
At&t sucks i had a samsung a177 with their service and first off they charge too much 25 cents a min for talk 20 cents per text,Thats bad enough but on top of it their customer service sucks,I called them because whenever i called my family the caller id displayed a different name,I later found out they had given me a number that had been given to another customer,They told me they would fix it and didn't they wanted to charge me 18 bucks for a new number..Then i noticed that i was being charged for things when i was not even using my phone,25cents here 20 cents there so basically they were ripping me off,The only other alternative was for me to do the unlimited plan which is 60 bucks,i don't talk that much on my phone so that for me was out of the question,I ended up dropping at&t and buying a cheap phone with virgin mobile...Dont bother with at&t its just not worth it.

mike 10/14/2010
I have had a prepaid go phone since dec.2004. A short time ago I find that anyone calling from a land line to my cell phone must dail my area code even if they are in my area code. I am on the .25 cent a minute deal. And when I first got the phone you didn't need to dail my area code from land lines and my rate was .10 cents a minute. With out letting me know my plan was changed. Want a bad deal. I have lost out on many job offers because of this and find that AT&T doesn't have a very good custmer service Dept. I would not tell anyone to get or use Go phone.

Ashley 10/13/2010
well I've had my gophone since december 2009 and so far its been good to me. However, refilling my account then buying the feature seems to be the downfall. I don't know if it is the phone, but the automated system never gets anything right. if there's the slightest noise in the back round it tells me it " didnt quite get that". My issue is now that i already put money on my phone, the prompt said that i had bought my feature and it was okay to hang up. That was clearly a automated lie because its eating up the money i put on it to buy the feature in the first place. So now i have to add an additional $15.00 just to buy the feature i already dumped money into??? thats ridiculous. and i cant get through to a human with customer service...

Dan 10/11/2010
I have used Go-Phone for about 2 years and never used up the $25 card in the 90 days that was alllowed. Now that they have changed the rates to .10 per minute, this is a phenominal deal. If you are not a heavy user this is definitely the way to go.

Bill 10/9/2010
-My wife and I have had AT&T go-phones for several years with very little problem. We are not heavy users, and have a plan that charges 25 cents per minute. We usually put in 100 dollars at a time which is good for one year, or until you use up your minutes. The way I look at it, it is a phenomenal bargain! If I use up all the minutes in one year, I have cell-phone service for 8 dollara a month. There are no taxes, fees, etc. Each time you finish a call, the display tells you your balance. If your year is up, you get a message telling you ahead of time to re-up. The AT&T store even has a kiosk where you can swipe your credit card to get additional minutes. Any balances at the end of the year are rolled over. The phone has worked very well in our travels in the U.S.A., though there were a few dead zones in central Texas. I attempted to talk to customer service to inquire about using the phone on a trip to Asia, but eventualy gave up because I could not reach a human. Their internet site is not helpful with this either. I will give my family the numbers of the hotels we'll be staying at, and use an internet-cafe to e-mail them if needed.

Brian 10/7/2010
I've had my Go Phone for almost 6 years and it has been great! NEVER dropped a call. Customer Service has always been courteous and helpful. Managing my account online is easy and convenient.

Skicrazer 10/6/2010
I have used the gophone service for over 7 years and have been very happy. While never happy that I forget to sometimes "re-up" and loose my balance, I can only blame myself, as the terms of use clearly state that the balance is lost if not recharged before the minutes expire. It appears that I am on an old plan, but the higher charge during the day keeps me from yaking on the phone too much, which is a good thing. The lower cost during the weekend and evenings works great for me, as well. I also do not have coverage problems, though sometimes the signal can be pretty weak in certain areas. (hopefully that will improve when I get a new phone)

dee 10/3/2010
I went to the ATT store thinking maybe they would be more helpful,I made a mistake it seems either by phone or walking into the store that thier customer service people lack the knowledge to really help you. I find there plans confusing and i,m told something different everytime i try to get help.I feel they will tell you anything to get you to buy the service and after that your on your own . I also find that money wise most mistakes made are to there advantage. I can,t afford to to be treated like that so i,ll be going back to virgin mobile at least I can get a answer or resolve problems after a 20 minute wait.,Im still being mislead after a month by Att and with no real answers to even the most basic questions i am returning my phone and returng to virgin mobile.BYE BYE ATT

njteen 10/2/2010
i have the samsung a177 and i loved it for the first 3 weeks. this is my first experience with a prepaid GoPhone and I am getting rid of it in a week when my first month is over. I can send out texts, but I haven'y gotten replies all day when people are telling me they've sent me so many messages.


tennille 10/1/2010
I haven't recieved my phone yet and are already having problems...I would just like to say that customer service is so crappy that after the 3 hours of back and forth BS I had to go through last night I wanted to bang my head into the wall. I don't know how the service is now because I was with t-mobile, but so far it sucks, and the phone isnt even at my house yet.

Frances Hackett 9/29/2010
Tried to set up automatic payment. (unable to access due to automatic touch of # didn't work. called customer care - tried to make a payment- the representative told me he confirmed my payment. When I checked there was a zero balance. Called supervisor - he hung up on me . Very difficult to get to a real person to talk to and when you do they are unable to make a simple transaction. I spoke to 3 representatives and one supervisor twice who couldn't understand any of the transactions that transpired only to pay $60. What a mess! What a waste of valuable time. I am sure that Mr. Randall Steveson will come to my rescue.

Jeff Henrich 9/28/2010
AT&T's 3G service is really bad in the Cincinnati, Ohio/Northern Kentucky area. I have a brand new Go phone and am already getting every other call dropped, not receiving any voice or text messages, having really poor voice quality where I can hear crackling in the line, mobile web that is really slow, and poor coverage. Go with Boost or Verizon, you will be a lot happier.

bob 9/24/2010
I want to that what if i put 10 dollars in my prepaid phone how many minutes would that be

fritzi 9/17/2010
i want to know if you can have 2 data plans like unlimited txting and unlimited night and weekened calls

Tuisto 9/15/2010
In theory the GoPhone is an inexpensive option for those of us who have limited use for a mobile phone (now that public phones are virtually extinct). Unfortunately, even though I refilled my minutes ahead of time, AT&T has once again deleted my account, claims to have no record of me, and appears to have re-assigned my phone number. This is the third time this has happened. Their customer service is abysmal - either on the web or the phone you'll spend half of your time being misdirected to their regular mobile service that can't help you. When you finally get to the GoPhone service, their main solution to any problem is for you to buy a new phone and start over. I'm still trying to resolve what they did with my account and minutes this time, but I am about ready to switch to another carrier. Even though it will cost more up front, in practice losing my minutes and the aggravation of dealing with AT&T's customer disservice representatives makes the cost higher from AT&T.

Bebo 9/14/2010
I've just bought my "Motorola Backflip" and I have a Prepaid plan on it, It's been going out very well for me. I have signal under tunnels, mountains, and in my house, so basically everywhere I go. AT&T is pretty expensive, but have great features. I love this service, It's better than ALL the others I used. I love the company and the phones that they have. They have great deals on most phones. I give AT&T 2 thumbs up and 5 star! :D

Deanna 9/12/2010
alright let me explain i bought the a177 phone ive had it 8 months well i have been fighten it the last 4 months because i spend all of my time erasing double typed letters every word i type it types the same letter 2-3 times example phhonnee i hate going back every word fixing it that drives me batty why cant it type what i type but the coverage is good and you cant help dead areas it happend it's never been anything spilled on it ar even dropped on a hard surface to even make it do that idk as soon as the firt of the year comes ithat will be the first thing i run out and buy and it wont be one with little keys either thats another problem they need to make phones keys the sixe of your fingertips

steve 9/11/2010
i to have at&t prepaid on my iphone4, reception is a constant 1 bar. but i just mainly use the wifi in the house. i got the $1 a day 10 cents plan and the $19 100mb data plan. so i get 3g on the street. jailbroken and carrier unlocked.

Ann 9/5/2010
I bought the LG touchscreen. It is horrible. I am returning it today. The touchscreen is lousy aand for some reason I cannot access the internet. I have spent approximately 3 hours on the line with their customer service who are extemely inept and hard to understand. I was disconnected several times and instead of them calling me back, I had to call back and wait again for up to 20 minutes. Horrible experience - horrible service - horrible equipment. BOOST Mobile here I come. You can buy a blackberry for Boost on Home Shopping Network for less than $200 and it includes one month air time.

Marilyn Bloch 9/4/2010
AT and T has the night rate of 20 per month. I had Virgin Mobile only one month and could not add any more minutes to it because only Alex answers the phone so now I have a new phone and what to do with it.

shriek 9/3/2010
I would rather deal with customer service than the morons in the store who do not have a clue what they are doing.

T. M. King 9/1/2010
Att fails to show in their advertising that the coverage is far more restricted for go phones vs. regular cell service. They also do their best to conceal that you will have to purchase new time at the end of either 30 or 60 days even if your paid for time isnt used up. That seems a bit deceptive to me.

Big Jon 9/1/2010
Have been on this service for 9 years with very few problems. Great coverage, just drove 1300 miles with good signal even in mountains. Plans are a bit pricey but it always works and the service for me has been good. Seems like many people here did not fully read or understand their plans. Glad I'm grandfathered in on an old plan though!

Ralph Danley 8/31/2010
When visiting my parents often in South Carolina zip code (29164) I, can't get service. Many areas there have limited service with no solution from customer service.
Talk, text and web prices for smart phones are higher than competitors.
Considering another service.

teresa 8/30/2010
some of you people need to read your reviews before you send them in. they only make sense to YOU. i cant understand 1/3 of your comments. thanks for trying though.

will 8/25/2010
just recently purchased the new LG Prime gophone from att. It is a horrible piece of equipment. The touchscreen feature is horrible. I have reported problems with the phone to both ATT and LG to no avail.

Brian Wahl 8/22/2010
The AT&T Wireless network is horrible. I have had so many problems since I bought my new gophone. I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and am constantly getting dropped calls, horrible voice quality where there is crackling and static in the line, text and picture messages that I never receive or receive them a day later, spotty coverage with many dead zones, and poor customer service. I can't believe I actually pay for this wretched service. I am switching over to my local company-Cincinnati Bell iwireless. Their prices are a lot better too. Do not go with AT&T Wireless. Their network reliability is poor.

delphyne 8/20/2010
In November, 2009, I was given a Sansung AT&T Go Phone as a gift. I neither asked for it, nor wanted it. During the first month or two, I could refill it monthly, without losing the money accumulated in my account, for $4.99. I did that because I did not want AT&T to steal my money already paid on the account. Then, they discontinued that plan, and the least expensive payment is $25.00 for three months, although those three months keeps shortening in days before expiration time. I do not use the phone. I keep it for strictly emergencies, but, I am not happy with having to refill it when I have lots of money already in the account. A month before the current expiration date of the money in the account, I kept getting messages from AT&T telling me that it was time to refill my account, when I had about $75.00 already in the account, and it was not due to be refilled for another month.
I am not happy with their ability to steal people's money which can be a large amount, if people don't continually keep adding money to an already large amount. I don't know how they get away with it. Believe me, I think it is theft. I now have $95.00 on a phone that I never use, and in another 3 months, I will be required to add another $25.00 or I will lose the $95.00 that is in the account, or whatever large remains at the time. It should be illegal.

Brad Anderson 8/19/2010
I have been a AT&T PrePaid GO PHONE Customer for years never had any trouble at all out of the service or with customer service. I just ordered a new Samsung phone yesterday and it should arrive tomorrow. I will load $100.00 onto the phone and it will last me anywhere from 9 to 12 months depending on my usage. I would not use any other service I feel like I am getting a great deal as most of my calls are to other AT&T subscribers which is a free call since you get free mobile to mobile. I give AT&T 2 thumbs up and a 5 star gold rating.

Guest 8/19/2010
AT&T Go phone
Over a month and a half ago I purchased a new phone (Samsung SGH-a167) and the service for unlimited talk & text. I asked if the text part can be blocked, the answer was YES!. Guess what? It's impossible to do that. After that I never received voice messages in my phone. After a week like that, finally they changed the SIM card. From day one, when I answered the phone it takes a few seconds for me to hear the caller or be heard. What's worse is in the middle of the phone call my phone goes mute, they can not hear me but I can hear them. After visiting the AT&T store many times, they finally changed the phone, but the same thing happened. Because the 30 days store warranty was not over, I have to deal with customer service. Well so far NO SOLUTION.
A week earlier I needed to call 911, and they couldn't hear me. I HAD TO DRIVE THREE blocks to use a pay phone, with an AT&T phone in my pocket.
Today I called AT&T customer service asking for my account number a number of times. After they asked me the reason that I wanted my acount number, they put me on hold. Finally they gave to me. My best advice stay away from AT&T and Samsung SGH-a167 phone!

C. Heuett 8/18/2010
I have had At&t cell pay as you go since 2000. Back then I had a giant old Nokia 5165!!! My service has been great. I get more reliable reception than my friends' with contract services. I usually load $100.00 at a time and it is good for a whole year. I use my phone moderately for local & nationwide calls, mostly to other At&t cell phones. Those calls are free and there is a $1 a day phone charge.
I have never had to experience all the problems that others have had with contract monthly services, from any company, like surprise over minute bills that can spike up to $600, or having my service cut because payment was late.
At&t pay as you go Go-phone has been great the last 10 years and is still the service that works best for me!! Highly recommend!!!

Dan 8/17/2010
Left with a balance of about $13 on my GoPhone account and having opened a new line on my regular wireless account, I asked how to get that balance transferred to my main account. I was given 866-499-7888 as a contact number. This was a decoy.

smartone 8/17/2010
I've only had the phone for five months and it broke and wen I contacted AT&T they told me they wud only give me a refurbished fone after I paid over $100 for one...if my fone is under a warranty I shud recieve a brand new one not something yu claimed yu I cancelled my service they people were very nasty and rude. AT&T needs to coorporate wit their manufacturers point blank period...yu guys list a valuable cusomer bak to verizon I go

TerrieNJ 8/15/2010
I have hade GOphone for approximately 6 or 7 years. It was Cingular when I first bought my prepaid service. I was quite happy with Cingular. Only 10 cents a minute. I only use my phone to make a call and receive cetain calls from a select few family members and friends. I would buy $100.00 dollars worth of minutes and it would last me about 11 months. When it switched to AT&T, I still enjoyed the same service---pay 10 cents per minute and no more. Then about 2 years ago I noticed that AT&T had attached a daily service fee of $1.00 per day and I was furious. I called AT&T and asked about this and they tried to tell me that it has been charging a fee for at least 2 years. This is not true because two years prior which was 2006, the phone service was under Cingular. The problem I am having is that I may use my service maybe once or twice a day but at the end of the month, I will have used 30 or 31 dollars of my minutes. And I have to pay it because I don't shackle myself to monthly cell phone plans because I don't use my cell phone as a primary phone. As a result, I'm ready to give up my cell phone and save my $31.00 per month in this economical crisis. I have a home phone and AT&T is charging me this kind of fees for service Go back to the Cigular way---10 cents a minute. I am giving AT&T 4 stars is because, no matter where I am I get excellent reception, even in upstate New York in the moutains where I could not get service prior to AT&T taking over. I also get service in some of the deepest basements. And the customer service is just perfect. I never had a problem connecting to CS and and they have always remedied any small problem I may have such as not receiving voicemail until days after the caller recorded it.

zackry 8/14/2010
I've had GoPhone for about 6 years. The $1/day plan works great for me. My complaint is about the coverage area. The GoPhone coverage area is much smaller than AT&T in general. Therefore, when I travel out West I have no cell service even though all my friends with AT&T have service. I am going to have to find another pre-paid service. The rest of them all seem to have the same coverage area as their "mother" service. No one talks about this. But it is a huge deal to me.

Gp 8/13/2010
I bought the prepaid Go phone and it is the worst phone I have ever came to contact with. The buttons suck and it is not worth the $100 I paid for this piece of crap. This is my warning and I strongly recommend to not waste your money and NOT get this phone!

Angie 8/11/2010
I haven't had to deal with customer service yet. But I have the go phone and I use LGCT810 Incite. I love the phone and so far my service has been great. I get the basic package with $60 unlimited text and talk and I have even downloaded free games from for my phone and have not been charged extra. I do use my usb when I am on the internet not sure if that makes a difference or not. I hope they do include data like the walmart straight talk phone has for $45 a month. I was going to go to that b/c I just got out of a contract for Sprint. Talk about a service that is terrible! Don't get SPRINT! I decided to go to AT&T because of the phone I have. Not a problem yet! Thank God!

disappointed 8/11/2010
i have been dealing with this company since march of 2009. i have had nothing but problems. i think just about every month i have to call cuz of something. like yesturday i had to call cause i was able to recieve text messages but not be able to send out. then just 3weeks ago i had to call cause i was getting text messages for advirtising stuff and it tells u to text stop if u don't want them to continue sending u texts. well i texted stop, the next thing i know the 30dlrs i had on there was gone. so i called them. they said theres not much they can do, for me to just ignore the texts. and make sure i review the texts that i got. service goes in and out. then they stopped saling the 5-10 dollar cards. i was getting them for my kids every month. so they can have at least an emergency phone on them. now i can't do it cuz i can't afford almost 200dlrs a month just 4me and my 4kids to have minutes. customer service people can be so rude and disrespectful. they need to remember we customers are the ones bringing them there business. i am single mother tring to raise 5kids on my own. at&t/cingular needs to give better service. and reception.

ann 8/7/2010
I bought a go phone and on the package it was written that I'd get $10 airtime included. I activated the phone and the airtime was not added (despite claims that free airtime would be added automatically).

ramon del rosario 8/7/2010
i call 611 and my i have only $0.25 yesterday i add $60.00 if i hear right confirmation # 452399798802 thank you

debbie 8/6/2010
To be honest a 1 star rating is to good for the customer service that they don't provide. i have been using At&T pay as you go since Feb. 2010 and have had nothing but problems every month. I orginally enrolled in the $50 unlimited talk and taxt plan and enrolled in the automated monthly payment plan. So supossedly every month on a certain date $60 plus tax should be withdrawed from my account and be placed to my AT&T go phone account automaticaly renewing the unlimited talk and text. After six month that has never happened. I have to call every month (sometimes twice) and explain where the money was suspossed to go into my account. Customer service is horrible. The people have very heavy accents and some don't speak english well at all. Evry month When I have to call they set it up so I should not have to go throught the same thing every month and so far no one can get it done. Even management. Do not pick this company for pay as you go. It's not a deal worth your time.

guest 8/5/2010
Customer service is pathetic. All you will ever get is an automated voice. I'll be moving to another provider.

Lonely Hiker 8/5/2010
The problem that I am having with GoPhone is that it only works in major metropolitan areas, and I travel a great deal to rural areas. Last month I was on a trip, and for over 400 miles my phone did not allow me to make a call in all that time, even though my wife who has Tracfone could make calls the entire time. I had 2-4 bars reception the entire time, but when I tried to make a call, my screen said "Emergency Calls Only." Very disappointing. I'm not sure what AT&T is trying to accomplish by limiting their GoPhone coverage area, because I can tell you that if I were to upgrade to a monthly plan it would definitely not be with AT&T.

Bimal 8/4/2010
Dont buy AT&T Go phone, It it money and its chargers are day light robbery.worst ever service I ve used in many countries

Peeved 8/3/2010
Don't buy an AT&T GO PHONE! Customer service reps via telephone do nothing but tell you they can't do anything, AND the prepaid cellphone support is horrendous. It's ALL computers with no option of talking to or emailing a human being. I wanted to get a phone reactivated after it had been unused for some time. To make a long story short, they wouldn't activate or give me a new phone number unless I bought another SIM card. (I know people who've changed their number and it doesn't require buying a new SIM card) Plus, I lost the money spent on a GO PHONE refill card for this phone because they wouldn't refund it. Instead, whoever has my old phone number now has my refill card added to their account balance. I'm so glad to switch all my family's phones to another company.

Jose 8/3/2010
At&t is the worst prepaid carrier in the Market.

Tricia 8/2/2010
AT&T continues to charge the most money as they can from their customers. First it's 25 cents per minute ~ then you are charged extra for every add minutes. EG: I entered all the information needed to pay by check ( second time ) which took about 3 minutes and an extra $1.00. Then the recording transferred me to a rep who wanted to then add $6.00 to the total amount to complete the transaction. I cancelled. I would NOT recommend anyone buy Cingular or AT&T unless you have money to waste.

Coach 7/31/2010
Deceptive advertising: None of the plan outlines mention refilling your account. You have to buy minutes which expire when not used. You can't maintain a balance like EZPass to draw from. In my opinion, money does not "expire". I was told that there is no penalty for not using the phone for a month or two. Losing prepaid minutes sure seems like a penalty, and if you don't keep filling your account, they terminate your service.

Chris 7/31/2010
I am a US citizen living in Australia and travel in the US once or twice per year for several weeks. Brought my new Aussie phone and got a AT&T SIM for it. Had no idea that ATT prepaid had a different system to monthly plans like my children have and I have paid $60 for a months service in New Mexico where there is no service and ATT won't give a refund.

mallary 7/30/2010
st&t services are the WORST its too expensive 60 dollars a months for only free talk and text when you can get the free talk free text and unlimited internet on metroPCS for only 40$. ONLY HALF THE PRICE!!!. what in the world...

Amy 7/28/2010
If you don't use your phone for a month or so they will deactivate your SIM card and take away all of your information. If you want to use the phone you have to pay for a new SIM card on top of refilling your minutes. POOR!

Drew 7/26/2010
ha, im a grandfathered alltel prepaid customer taken over by verizon and for $20 a month i get unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited text AND unlimited data and i have a new blackberry. i can add unlimited calling to one number i choose and unlimited mobile to mobile for 25 cent each which will STILL be WAY cheaper than an at&t prepaid plan. so no.. $20 a month for unlimited text alone isnt a deal (and no one liked alltel when they were around?!.. you GOTTA be nuts)

Wordsmith 7/25/2010
AT&T Lied and then effectively STOLE my phone from me. Here's that happened -
I wanted to purchase a backup phone for emergencies so the clerk directed me to the Samsung Go Phone with the "$3.00 per day, on the days you use it" plan. Sounds perfect, right? Well, a few months passed and I needed my backup phone again -- When I tried to put more minutes on the phone ATT told me that they deactivated my SIM card because I hadn't used the phone and hadn't spent any money with them for a few months, and I would have to buy another SIM for $20 for the privelige of using the phone I paid $50 for 6 months ago.
What other industry would DARE try to get away with a business practice like this? If you buy an appliance from your local gas company, but don't use it for a few months, do they deactivate your clothes dryer or oven and charge you extra to make it work again? Of course not! This is PURE THEFT!!!
It's bad enough that they CHOOSE to make your purchased airtime expire after 30 or 90 days, but to electronically vandalize your PURCHASED AND PAID-FOR hardware??? THIS IS OBSCENE!!!!

Selina 7/24/2010
My whole family, including my boyfriend have had nothing BUT at&t prepaid phones. We all love them! They are cheap and in my area where verizon doesn't get service what-so ever it is perfect for us. I have a Sony Ericsson W350 and have loved it since i got it over a yr ago (it was refurbish)My boyfriend and i only pay 19.99 a month for unlimited txting and thats all we need. calls are too expensive. but if you have a land line..who cares!
hope this helps :-)

Kelsi 7/22/2010
The att go phone customer service is unbelievably horrible. I have called three times, none of the calls have been noted on my account or received the attention that was required. I have been promised return phone calls and never received them. I have been lied to and mislead. I would not reccomend ATT because of poor, inept customer service. I will not be using ATT in the future.

will 7/20/2010
I bought the new LG Prime. While I like the phone, I am having problems with the browser. When I try and enter my login and password on certain websites, I get a message that says, "Bad Request". I called ATT, they blame the problem in LG. I called LG and they blame the problem on ATT. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

breona 7/20/2010
i also have an att prepaid $60 month plan.I love it.The only problem is i have an iphone 3g and i can use everything except the internet.I can call,and text but no wifi or internet. can some one tell me how to fix it?

CC from WA 7/19/2010
I found out that I was not getting calls periodically on this phone. I had 2 people in the last week tell me that they called me and left messages on my phone. No record of any call or message from these people. Who knows how many other people have left me messages and I haven't heard back (BTW...I was recently laid off from my job and have been job hunting the last 3 months).

charm 7/19/2010
I have used several carriers, contract and prepaid. ATT is by far the best way to go. We traveled across country with an ATT prepaid a boost and a verizon. In the middle of the desert and in the mountains with nothihng aroundd for hundreds of miles, ATT was the only phone that worked! Boost was the worst with dropped calls and distorted sound. My parents have verizon and their family plan with just them runs $230! We have 3 ATT prepaid phones and pay under $200 a month! Im sure Att will add the web in package one day. ATT $60/mo plan is the absolute best way to go for anyone! Simple quick easy service!

KR 7/16/2010
They are deceptive in their description of the plans... I had to contact customer service every month because I could not add the $60 unlimited talk/text feature via the automated system. I was told every time that I needed to add $60 to my phone account IN ORDER TO BUY THE FEATURE PACKAGE for an additional $60. This despite the fact that I already had time on my phone and an expiration date months away. I would take them to task each month and work my way through a rep or two until I got a supervisor. They all read from a script and treated me as someone simply incapable of understanding what needed to be done. Eventually, there came a point where the person I was speaking to would suddenly act as if the fog had lifted and they got my point(I have time on my phone/I'm on the proper plan/I just want to pay $60 for the unlimited T/T feature). They would apologize for the confusion (theirs, not mine!) Long story short... This was once a great company that has reduced itself to using deception and stonewalling to try and chisel another buck or two out of it's customers. I've been with them for years, btw. Shame on me.

ashley 7/16/2010
okayy i want to kno if minutes on a simcard from a phone that you bought can expir before you activate the sims?

Paul Valley 7/15/2010
I switched back to AT&T from Verizon because it's only a dollar a day where as Verizon charged me 3.99 a day

Jay 7/15/2010
I have the AT&T go phone, unlimited for $60 a month. I have had it for about 6 months. I do keep extra money on my account and I only pay the $60 + $4 tax per month. I like not having a 2 year contract. However, I have been having ALOT of problems with texts not being sent to the correct number. (And yes I'm sure it is not operator error 8-). I have reported this to customer service on several occaisions. They have no idea and only appologize (which I appreciate but come on and fix the problem!!!). The last time I called, I was promised a solution and a return call within 30 days. 45 days later, I'm still experiencing texting problems and when I called, they have NO record of my call, problem or the promise of a solution! So I have been waiting, paying for service that I can't be sure is actually working properly! I asked for a number to file a complaint and thry said I would have to go to the website to find that number!! Well, trust me I will. Also, I am switching to another carrier next month. Customer service is not very helpful, takes up way too much of my time (2 hoours this morning) and even $60 a month is not bad-- there are cheaper options available.

danniel 7/13/2010
I got att prepaid $60 month plan.I love it.The only problem is i have an iphone 3g and i can use everything except the internet.I can call,and text but no wifi or internet. can some one tell me how to fix it?

QUE 7/12/2010
I've had a Samsung phone for several months now using the $60 unlimited plan. Customer service has been ok the 1 or 2 times I've used it. It has been extremely simple to use, especially if you do it online. The guy who was charged 65$ on his bank was probably purchasing the $60 plan and didn't realize there was tax involved. I buy the $60 cards and again, it's very simple.

Sheilah 7/11/2010
Terrible coverage, terrible customer service, and a rip-off at the end when I wanted to cancel my contract. I'll never use AT&T for anything again.

william 7/10/2010
does anyone know if the nokia 3g will work with a go phone chip if so how?

Mike 7/10/2010
Great service! Lot more options to choose from than boost or verizon, plus faster! I bought the LG Prime best prepaid phone form At&t at a awesome price. The one dollar mobile to mobile plan is only one dollar on the days you use it. That is is unlimited call to all At&t costumers. Its 10cent a minute to any NON At&t costumer. You can get unlimited texts for $19.99 for 30 days with rollover. At&t has 4 prepaid plans and 3 features. Hope this helps!

ReneS 7/9/2010
Just purchased the Samsung Gophone, pay as you go plan yesterday. Registered and set it up. Added $15.00 airtime on top of the $30.00. This morning I'm down to only $23.00 credit! All I did was register and download a ringtone. Discovered too that anytime you need to check messages, upload a new ringtone, etc...the loading process is
( intentionally? ) extra long, adding minutes and depleting your account of funds. Customer service was prompt I must say. Will be returning this phone for refund today. Very deceiving.

Jackie 7/8/2010
Hi, Kelly
They charge you a dollar a day for every day you use you phone, free to call another ATT customer and 10 cents minute to call anyone else. Good service but a little pricy, your better off doing the unlimited $60 dollar talk and text. :-)

Kelly 7/8/2010
I'm just curious if I'm the only att user that is being charged the $1 a day AND 10cents a minute?? IDK wth is going on, I signed up for the dollar a day..isn't that all I'm supposed to be deducted??

D.D.S. 7/8/2010
These go phones completely suck! Dont get them. They charged me more than the card said per minute. AND they took off money automtically sometimes just because my phone was on! D: Its a ripoff and im upset i wasted my money, this is the FIRST phone Ive ever gotten. im 15... and soo dissapointed.

James Tillman 7/5/2010
Pros: Coverage. I stay in a very remote location in the southern border of KY and I receive service while people with other carriers do not. Great selection of phones. At&T really has the best phones and I've been through plenty.
Cons: There are a few to list. First off price. 60 dollars is a tad steep to ask of someone for just unlimited talk and text while their competitors can offer the same for 45. Also to my grievance I purchased the $20 nights and weekends only to find out that every day I use it I'm still being charged my 1 dollar a day access fee and it doesn't tell you this in the description. But if you get unlimited text for 20 you do not have to pay 1 dollar per day access fee. So essentially if you wanted unlimited nights and weekends every day during the month thats like 50 dollars for just Nights and Weekends. That is a rip off. Do you hear me A rip off. If however you have the cash and a fancy phone that can even serve you breakfast than 60 dollars for all unlimited doesn't seem bad. but for a guy who only calls someone about once a week the pay as you go is stupidly expensive with the daily access fee. So this service is NOT for casual talkers. While I'm not hating on AT&T I acknowledge that it is an expensive service because it is really good service. I'm stuck with it cuz of lack of coverage for now. But beware the daily access fee on the monthly packages.

scott 7/5/2010

Data pricing a bit much. But excellent customer
service they helped me switch over my poor samsung go phone to a tmoblie g1 by unlocking the sim for me remotely. Now I have android on att.

phil 7/5/2010
I bought the gophone so when I wanted to go out to my brothers in Vernal, UT. I would have a way to communicate with someone if I needed to during a long trip,
Well turns out there service which is supposed to be great doesn't work past park city and not at all in Vernal. To top it off if you don't use the phone for three months they discontinue your sim card service and you have to buy a new one for 35$, that's more than I paid for the dam phone. So if you are just looking for a phone for occasional use with good service for making road trips, this phone is not it. If someone knows of a more ideal phone for this kind of use please let me know at

Ken B 7/5/2010
I'm retired, never felt I needed to spend every waking minute with a phone glued to my ear, frying my brain. So I did not have a cell.

sadie 7/3/2010
im with all of you who get absolutely NO customer service regarding your cell phone...i have the unlimited talk and text plan...yet im continuously being charged for every phone call or text i receive...what am i not understanding here??? not like i can ask a customer serv rep cause..haha...all i get is the automated thing...guess i'll stick with the 2 year contractual agreements and another carrier...this has seriously been more work than it's even worth

dam-dirty-ape 7/3/2010
Have been an AT&T wireless customer since '97. I live in a small town that FORMERLY had two towers and excellent reception. That went away a few months ago and the signal is now so puny that calls are often dropped or service is unavaialble unless you stand on one foot, face North, put left index finger in know the drill. As a result of this, and their unwillingness to get better reception here (despite numerous complaints made about it), I'm dropping my expensive AT&T plan and getting a simple pre-paid ringy-dingy that has a dialtone when I want it, and rings when ever somebody wants me. I'm scouring this site thoroughly to find an INEXPENSIVE solution. Too was really good service at one time.

Forrest money on it in about three months. Went to go add $, I am told the SIM card ahas been deactivated and I have to buy another one for $3 6/30/2010
It is near impossible to get a human being to help with a problem. Then when you do, they can't do anything. So I have a go phone I keep as an emergency back up. Hadn't put money on it in about 3 months. Went to go add minutes, was told since it wasn't used for 3 months, SIM card is deactivated and they want me to buy another one for $35. I told them congratulations that they are doing so well they can afford to throw customers away like this.

AT&T=Best Pre-Paid 6/30/2010
Well some people who gave $hitty reviews are not very smart people..if u set the account up on the "simple" plan that means u are simple minded the 1 dollar mobile to mobile is a good plan if u have alotta friends and famaily who uses ATT if not the best way to go is the 60 dollar unlimited plan u get all the texts for a month unlimited...and u can call any phone number on any network for a a month unlimited... i know people who have actual plans and they pay atleast 60 or more s month and dont have unlimited texts ...props to ATT on the 60 dollar unlimited plan

mike 6/29/2010
hi i am thinking about buying a gophone for the summer due to the fact that my dad is taking me off the plan for the summer so its only for 2 months so is it worth it i have 50$ at the moment and right before my dad gave me the news i bought a samsung impression with at&t. i was going to unlock it sothat i could use the phone on my tmobile plan and have a question all of these reviews are bad about at7t and are alright for tmobile prepaid so should i go on with unlocking the phone and use it on a tmobile prepaid plan? please help me out because i dont want at&t to screw me over

anon 6/28/2010
AT&T goes out of their way to make it complicated. Customer service is done by AT&T, billing center is contracted out w/Vesta. Vesta is a high turnover assembly line customer service "center" but joke is more apt. Billing center reps can't help you with tech support. If you call customer service, you'll be on hold for hours just to get transferred to Vesta if you need to pay your bill! Should you have a tech question after paying your bill, Vesta has to transfer you back to AT&T again! They only know how to take payments, they can't even tell you plan details. They will make the minimum effort to help you as they are timed on all phone calls are fired if they take too long. CSRs that take the time to help you, struggling with the shoddy computers that crash and freeze on them constantly are fired quickly for "being inefficient." Most of them are new employees that barely know what they are doing. I have a few friends that worked there & they described a horrible place. Their billing software & computers are so complicated and unstable that double billing, failure to access funds when they ARE available & failure to set up auto-bill are the NORM. (They also put funds holds on your bank account without telling you!) Auto-billing for the monthly plans CANNOT happen unless you give them an email address. If you don't have email, or don't want to give it to them like me, you will have been on hold for hours waiting to set up auto-pay just to be told no. Their reasoning is, they have to notify you of pending charges. I asked them to do that by my mailing address and they said no. Since I couldn't auto pay with my debit card without email, I purchased a pre-paid card and was told it only worked with the pre-paid minute plans and not the monthly plans. What is the difference? Minutes are minutes! They then told me at the billing center they had to transfer me BACK to AT&T customer service to deal with the pre-paid card issue. I politely said no, I'll pay by check now and deal with it later. It was even worse than setting up auto-pay, as they wanted my social security number! I should not have to give out my social security number just to use a phone!

sugarbaby 6/23/2010
my boyfriend bought me a $15 dollar refill receipt to my at&t prepaid phone from the dollar general store. when I try to add it it says my request can't be completed. I call customer service and they tell me I have a permanently disabled pin number to go to the store where I bought it from. the store says they can't do anything, call at&t. I got ripped off, what do I do? never had this problem before!

kurmat 6/22/2010
bought a plain jane samsung and signed up for the 10 cents a minute, $1 a day since I only use it infrequently. Also signed up for automatic replenishment of minutes every 3 months ($25 plus tax) to allow carryover of unused minutes. I can just ignore the emails and texts telling me that my minutes are about to expire. I did have to call them when my credit card expired and do one payment manually. Now have $180 in my account after 2 years of usage. Cost is less than $9 month which beats most prepaid plans. I'd like to upgrade to a phone with a camera but not sure if switching SIM card is all that's required. Signal strength has always been adequate when I needed to use it.

warning 6/19/2010
Just a warning to some prepaid customers... I had to add more money onto my phone in order to download any ringtones (even after opening my account with the $60 unlimited). It has been a nightmare trying to download any ringtones so just be prepared.

will 6/14/2010
was told by ATT customer service that gophone will NOT work with Blackberry or Iphone even if the phone is on the ATT network

Tim Y 6/11/2010
Whenever I try to contact Customer Support I am stuck with a bot that I do not know what to do with. I need a real person! I was given a Blackberry Pearl and the gophone SIM won't work with it. I really would love it if it worked. Will gophone SIMs work with Blackberry if I get the SIM card unlocked? If the hell do I do that?

Gi 6/11/2010
The AT&T prepaid is only good if you need text only. The web is suggested if you use little to check email without attachments and can let the data rollover. I switched to T-Mobile prepaid. 450 anytime, unlimited night & weekends at 7pm, unlimited data and unlimited text with pictures and video mms included. All for $50. 3 star points are free roaming, mobile to mobile and 3g on prepaid. AT&T only allows 2g with their medianet service.

Will 6/11/2010
I was told by Wal-Mart that ATT pulled all of their feature cards from the stores because customers were not using them for the services purchased.

Carolin 6/10/2010
In 2010, I bought an unlocked phone and to use it in the US, I bought an at&t sim card via ebay (about 5 $) and loaded minutes for 15 $ on it. I chose the so called "Simple Plan".
My review? At&T just SUCKS, I really have to say that. I get spam texts all the time that are not easy to stop, plus for every text I receive and write, I have to pay about a quarter dollar. So that sums up pretty easy! Same with calls. Coverage is okay, but I guess there are better possibilities out there than paying so much for At&t. I am from Germany just here for vacation so I couldn't make an unlimited plan or something, but I would NEVER EVER choose At&t for prepaid again. Never. Website is not very informative, the service sucks, managing your account, too. I am more than disappointed. (Have to say, in Germany, prepaid is pretty cheap!) As the 15$ went away so fast, I was going to walmart buying a new phone cards to add minutes, that worked fine. But now, At&t wrote me that I have to carry over my balance and they are not sending me any passwort for doing the accounting online! What the heck! Already hate those guys... ;)

Vona 6/8/2010
Not to happy about the refiling options i was able to get the money out my account but then they gave me a proof that they only took out $60 but it was $ now i owe the bank some money but it was all my mismanagement in thinking that i can get a cell phone company to do what they are suppose to do ...the service is good ....i rarely ever not hae coverage ...i want the internet and some consumers are able to get that with the price tag that we are paying ...but the service may not be the same............but i am willing to try...because i really wont the internet im really undecided ......for a big company they need to do better!!

AL 6/4/2010
Can someone tell me where can I buy the At&t pay as you go feature card $4.99 200 messages or 1MB MEDIA NET I am in SANTA ANA, CA.

Khyrie 6/4/2010
With a gophone can you switch the sim card to another phone?? everytime i try it the thing never works..but overall the $60 a month plan is pretty good.

lucas hill 5/31/2010
best plan ever and great service, can text forever.

grace 5/29/2010
I had a monthly plan and then asked for it to be switched to pay as you go. I had to load additional minutes by May 21st in order to save the $205.00 I had built up. I missed the deadline by one day. Initially I got no help but called again and immediately was told they could restore my minutes. I was very happy with the service and appreciated the courtesy.

e-dubinpdx 5/29/2010
Pretty happy with prepaid $60.unlimited talk and text, just can't figure out how much it will be to add web plan on to it. Anyone???

horrible service 5/28/2010
I just HATE ATT prepaid service I dont know where to start I got spam text from them and i tried 411 and it didnt work NEVER get their service EVER and the plans ar expencive!

Andre 5/28/2010
The $60.00 a month plan is great! Unfortunately I have an iphone and there is no real support for it. I feel penalized for wanting to use my iphone for all its capabilities. Perhaps AT&T will "raise the bar" as they claim to do.

john 5/22/2010
RIP OFF! I've been getting spam text messages, and it's eating away all my minutes. I can't find any way of shutting off the text messaging, either online or through their automated "customer service" number.

norell polk 5/18/2010
all incoming textmessages

Kevin Becker 5/16/2010
I agree with Tim in the previous review. I also live in Cincinnati, Ohio and the AT&T Wireless 3G service is very unreliable here. The voice quality of most calls is very poor. I constantly hear crackling, interference, and garbled voices. It also cuts out even with full antenna strength. Many of my calls get dropped. A lot of the texts I send never get received by people I send them too and vice versa. DO NOT go with AT&T Wireless for your prepaid service. Go with Boost or Virgin Mobile you won't have the problems you do with AT&T Wireless.

Arturo. 5/14/2010
Well, I recently purchased my GoPhone like a week ago. I've gotta say, the service is wonderful. I live way out in Buckeye, AZ and trust me that's kind of distant from Phoenix. When I had Sprint, Ughh, don't even get me started with their company! But I do have to say I have the same amount of bars as I do in Phoenix. With Sprint the most bars I got were at least 0-1 and they were always rising and falling. I have many compliments to give to AT&T. I love AT&T, the customer care service, And the $60 UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT. I love it. I plan to stay with this company for a long while! Also, With all of you people giving bad reviews, If you hate the $1 a day plan or have .25 plan, upgrade to the $60 plan. You get everything unlimited, except web.(Web is a add-on.) Its at a perfect price, I'm sure everyone is able to pay that. You really have to think about what your paying, If you want a good plan with EVERYTHING UNLIMITED(except web) YOU WILL Enjoy this plan! I hope this review helps you.

Clyde 5/14/2010
Absolute ripoff! They made me buy a second phone AFTER I paid for more minutes, then no customer service after the new phone wouldn't take the minutes. Absolutely NO recourse if the equipment doesn't work. Stay the heck away from these idiots.

Tim Lupariello 5/12/2010
The AT&T Wireless 3G network has many problems and issues in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that never get fixed-no matter how many calls to technical/customer support you make. Ever since I started service with them, I've had about 50% of all my calls dropped. During morning and afternoon rush hours, you can never get a clear call-there is always crackling and static in the line. The voice will also cut out. Many times, I won't receive text, picture or voice messages people send me. Especially people who send me messages from Verizon phones. The 3G network goes down quite frequently and you aren't able to check your e-mail. Coverage is spotty at best and there are quite a few dead zones throughout the city, reception in and around my house is poor, and customer service is very unknowledgeable. They will always try to blame your phone for problems happening. I've read many other reviews online of people having the same issues I am having with them. No technicians are ever sent out to check the problems. When will they come to Cincinnati and fix the tower issues here?

Deven 5/11/2010
This was a great phone service. A little on the expensixe side, but great quality.

kim 5/6/2010
The issue is not so much whether or not a 60/month plan is a good deal. The issue is whether or not there is truth in advertising! You will note that the majority of complaints are coming from persons using plans OTHER than the one to which you can link the Unlimited Talk and Text Package.

Don from soCal 5/6/2010
I moved to an area that I was told only Verizon cell worked. I bought an AT&T prepaid phone because I wanted to make sure it works in my area. Well it works very well and after looking at their plans I stayed with the $60. a month all the minutes are included. I think this plan is very well priced and the service from AT&T is very good. Any phone from AT&T works, you just slide your sim card in and your ready to go. I have had many cell phones and even a over priced Blackberry from Verizon, with them you pay your normal phone rate then a $30. additional fee for special service for a Blackberry. I am totally happy with AT&T and the Go phone. Thanks so much AT&T for doing a great job. :)

Jessica 5/6/2010
I would have to say the go phone is amazing $60.00 unlimited talk/text hello that is cheaper then a contract.Yall arent doing it right!!I am simply amazed how my daughter only pays 60.00 for a phone that has coverage out in the sticks where we live and can talk and txt whenever then my husband has verizon a contract 109.00 with no txting and 1000 minutes!so I would say do some research befor rushing!!

Guest 5/6/2010
Actually, it may be time for a re-review of the prepaid options offered entirely through this company. Debit and credit card information, including security code on the back(which may eliminate the use of prepaid Visa/Mc'S; and the phone account MUST MATCH the name of the person on the credit/debit card(which eliminates anyone doing a favor for someone who does not have a credit/debit card.)Further, there are only three actual rate plans. UNLIMITED talk and text is NOT a RATE PLAN, and can only be used in conjunction WITH a Simple Rate Plan of 25 cents per minute which amounts to 15.00/ hour! Buyer beware.

geo 5/5/2010
go phone prepaid sucks.they rip you off.sorry to say i will never buy from them again.i use boostmobile now.and net 10 is way better.

kc 5/5/2010
I part company with your review on the issue of "prepaid" service. While I agree on all points of the plans themselves; the unlimited package requires a link to a credit or debit card. That differs from the "prepaid" concept behind tracfone; net10; etc.

Gil 5/3/2010
AT&T prepaid service doesn't have integrity. My account balance often gets deducted even if I don't make a single phone calls! I will not advise anybody use their service!!

Mel 5/2/2010
The service is down for extended periods of time at least two and sometimes three times a day. If you can't use your phone when you want to, what's the point of having it!

armynda stanley 5/1/2010
I am very disappointed with this service, I talked to 3 csr and 2 supervisors, one hung up on me because I was given wrong info. and everyone including supervisors passes the buck.

judy svrcek 5/1/2010

Luddite1 4/30/2010
Because I use my cell phone rarely, I am constantly being ripped off by AT&T. I can never use up the minutes before I have to put more in. I get lots of credit that I can never catch up on. Alternatively, ATT reminds you so early, if you renew, you lose time. I've lost money trying to gamble on when to renew so my minutes are way more than .25 a minute. I don't mind that price for my calls. What I'd like would be minutes that never expire as long as the phone is used once a month and would remind you when your money gets below a certain amount. THAT would be the time to remind me to renew. I also don't need all those bells and whistles for what I need now, which is just a phone. If ATT can't do the simple, I'm pretty sure I'll look elsewhere when I need a more sophisticated cell. But that would be so helpful that I'm sure ATT would never do it. If I find someone who will, I'll be gone in a flash.

rAvEn 4/30/2010
I am using AT&T pre-paid go phone. Im paying $60.00 a month. But i was just wondering if I can use any AT&T cell phone for it? Or any unlocked phone? please help!

Mike 4/29/2010
It was just too expensive at first for airtime. Things got much better when I stopped paying the expensive 15.00 I started shopping around and found a cheap site and got the prepaid under 14 bucks at and that helped. Coverage was good all over and I usually had really good bar strength.

Lady925 4/27/2010
I have AT&T iPhone so far I'm happy my pill is the same every month 126 had them for 3 months

vanessa 4/26/2010
i have a at&t samsung that was on and the bill was always more than inspected so i had it cut off. im looking to keep my phone and possibly switch to a prepaid plan. will they allow me to do that or should i just sell my phone and get another reliabe and inexpensive phone? please help???

Will 4/23/2010
I use ATT simple plan @ 25Cents per minute. My phone and ATT dont agree on how long I talked. I am always charge MORE for my calls than is indicated on the phone. Why?

Kayla Cage 4/21/2010
I am enjoying my Lg Neon

gary 4/20/2010
at&t gophone is the best nationwide prepaid, the $60 unlimited talk and text is great and using a blackberry

Miley 4/19/2010
AT&T is okay but I was thinking about switching to verizon wireless because when i buy minutes the run out quickly but I am not sure if it will be any better

arby 4/19/2010
We spend 100 bucks a year (400 minutes) to have cell service. 25 cents a minute, but 9 dollars a month. This only works if you know how to get to the point, then shut up.

Nomoreatt 4/19/2010
When I had AT&T prepaid service I kept getting tele-marketing calls telling me there were $1500 reserved for me, or something like that. It happened on average once a day, costing 20c each, so in a month you'd be charged $6 for those stupid calls.

terrible i didnt know you can get charged because someone calls you what da hell iz that at&t sucks i swear hate at&t im switching over and also hate thet dont support the iphone no more on prepaid Thats bull..........

Ashley 4/17/2010
I have a samsung propel,I lost my job and wanted to go prepaid, I was going to buy a at&t go phone and use that sim card, now im wondering if I should evan bother..looks like I should go Altell!

Dave Krueger 4/14/2010
I've had my gophone for a couple years. I like it but don't like their sleazy attempt to get me to buy more minutes a month before my 3-month subscription runs out. If I buy minutes when they begin sending the notices, they will restart the clock and I will lose a month of my subscription. My opinion of AT&T as an ethical company vanished with the practice. I no longer trust them not to try and trick me into spending money for something I don't want.

sherrie 4/14/2010
this $60 unlimited talk and text is better than pageplus they kick you off 4 goin over 5,000 mins= low

JC 4/14/2010
I have never been charged for being called before! I am done with ATT. I used ATT pay as you go for several years and just went back on. I am horrified that I am getting charged for people calling me! I can't believe this!

DogDaddy 4/13/2010
I have had my Go Phone for more than 4 years, when it was Cingular. I have always been very happy with the service from Cingular and from AT&T. In fact, I have been so happy with AT&T that now I also have a 2-yr contract phone. I now use the Go Phone mostly for texting, and sometimes for email.

bob 4/10/2010
avoid buying the 19.99 unlimited weekend and evening package. In order to buy that package, you must be on the $1 a day plan. You get charged $1 even if you make a call in the evenings or weekends. So therefore, if you used the phone daily only during the evenings and weekends, you would pay an additional $30 each month PLUS the 19.99 for the unlimited feature. ATT is a ripoff company.

danny. a 4/8/2010
to avoid not being locked down to gophone for 6months call c/s to unlock simcard remotely

will 4/7/2010
I sold my Samsung a177 phone. I had purchased it in Dec. 2009. The buyer placed her SIM card in the phone and it worked fine with her phone number. When I attempted to place my SIM card in another GoPhone, I got a message that said, SIM Crash. I called Customer Service and one very rude agents who barely spoke English told me my SIM was locked for the first 6 months after purchase. What can I do? Does anyone know?

Codie 4/3/2010
I've had At&t for a year on prepaid plan and its not bad, I dont know what you people are talking about because first off you activate your account online. I get service every where, its not that bad if you "know what your doing"

will 3/31/2010
ATT charges $18 to change your phone number. You used to get one free a year. That is highway robbery.
As soon as this month's unlimited service expires, I am going to switch to Straight Talk.

pam 3/30/2010
be careful, anyone can use ur e-mail info when setting up an account. it happened to me. i started recieving promo with another person's name but my e-mail address used. i don't have a go-phone

vanessa 3/29/2010
I have a go phone and was wondering if I could change the phone number/ area code, I purchased the phone in Phila but I live in hawaii

Joe F of PDX 3/28/2010
AT&T's claim that there's no extra charge for roaming with prepaid is deceptive, bogus and misleading.

Emily 3/28/2010
I was wondering if Tmobile sim cards (which already has a tmobile plan) will work in the AT&T Go phone? or, will it not function properly?

Rachel 3/28/2010
I have a question.. With the 60.00 per month unlimited talk and text. Do you get free picture mail too ?

Tyler 3/28/2010
I have to give them 5 stars. I use the $60.00 unlimited plan and rarely have a problem with reception. I bought a nice used AT&T phone and had customer sevice unlock my prepaid sim so it would work with the phone. They did this with no problem and were very nice about the whole thing. My wife is on a regular plan and pays almost twice what I do for the exact same service...

Scott 3/25/2010
We have used AT&T for years prepaid. We are done with them when our minutes run out. We have already bought Net 10 and love the service. AT&T rapes their customers with the $1 a day usage fee, they charge you if somebody calls you and you dont even answer. If your phone rings 4 times they charge you a $1 for that day. They find every way possible to take and take and take from good customers. They are corrupt and rude! I am glad to be switching to Net 10. We already tried Net 10, their signal is much better and they dont screw their customers like AT&T does. Good riddance AT&T it has NOT been fun!

graham 3/22/2010

Carolina 3/20/2010
ATT go phoe is terrible. To activate you have to call customer service, which never allows you to get a person. I just took a new go-phone and smashed it on the front sidewalk with my foot. Not worth the $30 of aggravation for the "special plan" with 150 minutes as all they did was tell me to buy minutes from the start.
Never ATT again.

robert 3/13/2010
is the fifty dollar card is free for every thing a month or what

danny 3/12/2010
i have a go phone up to now i haven't had any problems with it. I give it 4 stars because once in a great blue moon it will drop a call but thats with any cell phone you use. to all the people giving these bad reviews move on thats why its called a go phone if you don't like it GO on the the next phone.. I recommend the phone to anyone and as far as the $60 month unlimited talk and text it is great

Mike 3/10/2010
I've had AT&T Prepaid for just over a year in Buena Vista, VA. I give them two stars, and would have switched to another provider earlier if I had known for how long I'd be in the country.

pablo 3/7/2010
I wish I could rate 0 stars. I paid 30 dollars for a prepaid card and well, it hasnt worked at all for international calls. I just wasted my money because AT T didnt want to refund my money. The customer service is terrible. DONT BUY PREPAID CARDS FROM THEM

Justin 3/3/2010
the reason i gave it 4 and not 5, i have the iPhone on the prepaid plan not too bad except the calls of course, i mean it drops less calls now, but anyways customer service has always been nice to me, not a problem always credited me if need be, the reason i cant leave at&t ( many people have them i know therefore free min for them when i call or vice versa)

ariel 3/2/2010
Customer service is TERRIBLE - was hung up on once, tried to get a manager, disconnected again, third call, sent to a spanish voice mail system. Can't wait to see AT&T loose their iphone contract so I can switch all of my business over.

Vonda 3/2/2010
My brother purchased a prepaid go phone for me. Shortly thereafter, due to a layoff,
I moved to another state where at&t offered absolutely no coverage. They will not refund the money I paid for the minutes even though the phone is useless to me. I do not recommend this phone for that reason.

Jen 2/27/2010
Average signal between Corsicana and Dallas, TX. I think Net 10 (/w free Nokia phone) may have a better signal in Corsicana. I bet you'd get a good signal around most big cities.

great whiteowl 2/19/2010
AT&T has best coverage where I live, so the go phone works fine for me. I used to have Net10, but got REAL tired of those "no service" messages when standing in shopping center, for example, where everyone is using their cell phones.

Mattt 2/18/2010
I had go phone on a 3 dollar a day plan, and I switched before they started offering unlimited for 60/month.

ATT thumbs down 2/17/2010
I had a billing issue with my Go phone, they told me there was insufficient funds in my account to pay my monthly unlimited bill, I called the bank and there was more than enough money to cover. I had to buy a refill card because they couldn't process my card. I also had extra money on my account to use for downloads which they took 3 dollars of as a charge to call customer service!!!!!

lizzi 2/15/2010
I live in Chicago and coverage is dreadful. I often get no bars and the call quality is far worse than I got with Sprint. Nearly half my calls need to be redialed bc of breakup or garbling. Not sure if the fault is the phone (Samsung A177)or the network. Customer service has been great so far but if I can't make intelligible phone calls, why bother?

Otto 2/6/2010
AT&T stay away from this company. I am in New york city...very bad connections...not nearly as good as Verizon is here...and calls drop all the time...there contracts sucks..
stay away from them, there is far better company's out there, a lot of my friends here in NY likes T-Mobile...

John 2/6/2010
It's the worst service you can ever dream off. Took the $60 prepaid unlimited talk and text plan, only to find that after a week i get a message saying your balance is too low to make this call, even while calling within the United States. By all means avoid it!

delnana 2/5/2010
I've had the AT&T GoPhone for a couple of years now and am very pleased. My neighbors with other service providers have to go outside on their porches to get a signal but I can use my phone anywhere in my house/car/stores. My family is also on the same setup and it works great for us. Yea the $1.00 a day is rough but sometimes I don't use it for 3-4 days at a time so it works out.

Eve 2/3/2010
I have the unlimited $60 a month plan and I have been very happy with it. My mom lives in an obscure part of California where I have NEVER gotten a signal before (Sprint/Virgin)I got my At&T go phone & it works almost everywhere. I have had a few dropped calls and no service in some places while traveling, but This is the 1st phone I've had that works out here. The only other thing I don't like about the GoPhone is you cannot transfer your sim to another AT&T phone....

KC 2/2/2010
I don't mind att i just hate how my phone always breaks and the cheapest phone is like 30 dollars with no camera when you look at other company's and the cheapest phone is like 9 dollars,they need to put the prices down on their phones..

Jason 1/28/2010
I'm fed up with AT&T,I have an unlocked iphone and I bought a prepaid card from them and they certainly don't allow me to use the data plan. I'll transfer to T-mobile after the package of this month is used up.

ebc 1/27/2010
AT&T does not allow unlocked iphone users to use their data service on prepaid based plan. They try to push iphone user to use their expensive monthly plan rather than prepaid for iphone user.

Phil 1/23/2010
Does ATT charge to change your phone number? My guess would be YES, since they charge for everything eles. Can you change it yourself online?

Mike 1/21/2010
Reception: 2 stars
Phone selection: 5 stars
Customer service: 0 stars

chartguy 1/19/2010
The service is fine, if you're in its coverage area. If you travel, there are many areas (e.g, Durango, CO) that are not served, especially in the West.
Also, be aware of the fact that you must buy $100/year ($25/3 months) to roll your minutes.

Unknown 1/19/2010
I have had my go phone service for about 2 months and it's been great. I unlocked my Iphone and I am using it as a prepaid with internet as well. So far I'm comfortable with at&t

Rich 1/17/2010
AT&T eats my $50 worth of minutes in 2009 by trashing my remaining balance at the end of the year on my go phone card. Unlike their ads on TV saying they keep my minutes. Sorry AT&T don't!

nkw 1/16/2010
I previously had metro pcs $45 plan. After they tack on all these stupid charges it was about $60 a month that I was paying and as soon as I left coverage area, the phone was only good as a paperweight. Couldn't use any of the places that I travel to. I have encountered no problems with AT&T. Been to Cali to South Carolina and all places in between with no problems.

Phillip 1/16/2010
8474883313 is Chase Bank collections department calling from India.

Allison 1/16/2010
I've had the LG Neon for almost 3 months now and I'm going to switch to some other carrier. Their customer service is terrible. I've had to call them 8 times in one day to try to resolve an issue that still hasn't been resolved. They charged my family long distance fees even though we live less then 5 miles away from one another and its the same area code. When and if you call their customer service for the first 5 mins you fight with their automated voice machine who thinks when you say customer service you want to make a payment. I highly recommend if you want a prepaid phone not to get att or you might get screwed over like I did.

dissapointed 1/15/2010
Beware of scams (and beware of null customer service from AT&T) - I get about 10 calls per day from 8474883313. When I called them to stp harrassing me, the charge from gophone was over $3.60 (one call, less than one minute)

Tom 1/14/2010
Except for an occasional dropped call and occasional weak reception inside certain buildings the $60 unlimited talk and text plan is the best. AT&T is definitely better than Boost and Metro PCS so is worth a few more bucks for the their unlimited plan. With any cell phone carrier you must make sure you get good reception where you use it the most. If it doesn't work good in your town or home it sucks period. AT&T's other prepaid plans are not that great. The 25 cent a minute plan is crap you can get 1000 min for $100 which is 10 cents a minute with T-mobile and they last a year. Even Net 10 has 10 cents a minute you have to put about $15 a month on it though but you won't have to lay out $100 like you will to get 10 cents a minute with T-mobile. AT&T $60 unlimited talk and text has no hidden surcharges or taxes. The only tax you pay is sales tax when you buy refill cards which is 5 to 9% depending where you live and beats the average of 18 to 22% tax you pay with some plans. So for pre-paid unlimited talk and text and good reception ay least in NYC go with the AT&T $60 unlimited talk and text plan. It's a winner!

S.M.H. 1/14/2010
I have been on the go phone plan since 2003 at $100 per year on auto-refill. My rollover got to $463. Auto-refill will not work if it would put the account over $500. I lost my $463 rollover since the plan expired. Customer service resolved it by taking $25 and restoring my rollover amount.

shady 1/14/2010
at&t really doesnt make activating a phone easy and it makes me mad. its a struggle

Jerry 1/13/2010
I have the simple plan. Someone please explain this to me. I make a call. The phone says I talked 53 seconds, yet ATT deducts 50 cents. I talk 1 minute and 49 seconds according to the phone, ATT deducts 75 cents. Does ATT begin timing the call from the first ring or the answer?

hpage 1/12/2010
i have the 3rd option... $3 unlimited minutes per day...$3 per day!!! plus you have to purchase text, the smallest package is 200 messages for $4.99 $3/day is cheaper than 25 cents per minute if you use it more than 15 mins per day... it is crazy expensive, custoner service is horrible AND you charged extra for everything! i have the samsung wannabe blackberry look alike and it connects to the internet randomly which also cost me money... i would not recommend going with this, it costs me AT LEAST $100 per month....OUTRAGIOUS! they did let me transfer my home phone to this prepaid phone which is the only reason i choose it, most prepaid do not have that option.

Sharon 1/10/2010
I have the $.25 per minute plan and have been apparently very lucky with my service, I have never had a dropped call, or coverage problems. I would give a better rating but I do agree with most others .25 is EXPENSIVE but luckily I dont use my phone that often. The customer service has never given me any problems, I had to call about 1 month after getting my phone because of spam texts were costing me a ton of minutes, which at .25 is a ton of money but customer service was very nice and turned my text off for me. Also I have been out in the mountains and a friend has a EXPENSIVE monthly plan with Verizon she never has service when were there but I do with no monthly plan or high dollar phone, I have the Motorola Razor phone which cost me $100.00 hers was alot more expensive!

Will 1/10/2010
Today I changed my plan from $3/day unlimited to the Basic Plan of 25Cents per minute. When I did that, I did not realize it would wipe out one of my feature packages. But yes, it did. The $19.99 data package that I had added only a few day ago was wiped out. Fortunuately I spoke to a very nice CSR who added that package back to my plan for free.

Rod 1/9/2010
i think all the people that gives att 3 or less stars should go back to school cause att is one of the most reliable carriers. i have had att for several years and i have been friends with alot of the reps at att here in jefferson cit missouri i have never had a signal problem on contract or on prepaid wit them u need to check the coverage out in ur area before getting it cause there are some places that are spotty but not alot. the activation is really easy on the prepaid service it took me less than 5 minutes to activate the prepaid phones and i have activated alot of them for my friends and family members if u think this service sucks u need to be droped off of the face of the earth.

daniel 1/9/2010
i love at&t go phone $60 unlimited talk/text plan its the best for prepaid customers who want everything unlimited without being on a 2year contract

MikeG 1/5/2010
one more thing from my last review-my existing phone number was ported within 5 minutes (I was shocked).

MikeG 1/5/2010
I just switched from a contract with Sprint to the Unlimited Service with GoPhone and couldn't be happier. Unlimited talk and text for $60 a month, no contract, clear service-it all adds up to a big plus for me after getting ripped off by Sprint with 4 different local communications taxes for 2 years.

BP 1/4/2010
AT&T GO Phone canceled my service with no notice; no opportunity to continue service and kept my $75.

Jenny 1/2/2010
This is the worst prepaid service I have ever had. No one told us about the $1/day phone charge-even for wrong numbers or checking your minutes. This has to be the biggest con going. Customer service is of no help-they don't even speak English. I have been with AT&T for 30 years for everything-land lines, cell phones,internet. I'm dumping them! If I could give a -5 rating, I would

TJ 1/1/2010
Works Awesome ! The $60 a month for unlimited talk and text is a great deal for me.

Ron 12/31/2009
Att sucks,I have a prepaid phone had it for three years and in the three years I have used only 20.00 dollars of the 400.00 that I have on this phone and the reason is because Att does not work here,what a rip off and if I don't refill the min. each year I loose the money anyway

Ian 12/31/2009
AT&T still throws away your unused minutes! Minutes are expensive at .25 each. The coverage in Maine is sparse at best, I am considering switching to net10.

Lady Hyena-Chan~ 12/28/2009
I've had a go phone for a while now much better then a tracfone, or virgin moble plus if you want to stop your service you dont get charged like you do for regular contracts. I love the unlimited text for 20$ a month(includes IM and emails)you cant beat that PLUS you can take your SIM for the gophone and put it in ANY att or unlocked phone and it works~ ive went from a samsong something(basic phone) to a sony ericsson(better) and now using a quick fire! My sister has a LG VU they worth perfectly, sevice is great(most times obviously not in dead zones) and also with the sticker atena thingy you can buy off ebay for 0.99 for 3 its well worth it~
Beats a contract any day~
Specailly when you dont have 100s of dollars for big old fancy phones PLUS contracts. I havent yet to use the talk time feature but my sis does and she likes it for the most part.
THe thing is AT&T actually told us that it cost us a dollar a day to use the phone itself but it doesnt~

MamaCita 12/26/2009
I have used GoPhones in the past. Like 2 years ago. The phones weren't as nice as they are NOW. Well, since I lost my job I decided to go back to a GoPhone. I was given it for Christmas. It was the Samsung-A177. I like it so far. I bought my 9 year old the cheapest cell phone they had. The Nokia 2610...I think? She loves having a phone and NO child under 13 should have a TRICKED out phone and plan in my opinion! This is hopefully going to teach her to be resposible for her minutes....I read so many GOOD and BAD reviews about the Samsung A177...but MOSTLY the reviews were good. The set up of the go phone was just pushing some numbers into the phone for the plan and zip code you want and that was it. It's ideal for regular folk that don't have time to do 1 and 2 pages of typing on the computer to fill out forms(I have a life). Go phones are simple to set up. The plans could be a little more diverse though......they really don't take in a wide variety of circumstances and ages groups. But hopefully with the NEW year they will ADD more diverse plans and GO PHONES to their list......

Chuck 12/22/2009
I have at&t plan with 500 minutes per mo. because I only use my phone when traveling. I cannot get a signal inside my home however others with other services can get signal on their phone. I also agree with others the service from outsourceing is very bad. It is hard to understand them & yes they will disconect from you. I guess I will keep the plan for now because it only cost me $35.00 & some change per mo & the minutes accumulate up to 5000.

Tricia Doty 12/19/2009
I have had many of phones, with and with out contracts. From motorolla,to verision,to an old prepaid net 10 phone,and none of them would work inside my house. You see, I live in KY. between to mountains down in this valley, and started to just come to the conclusion that it didn't matter what phone or carrier I had, because of were I live, I was not going to get good service! ( it wasn't just me, you can see people pulled over trying to be able to talk on there phones.)Then one day everything changed! My daughter come home with a phone she had bought from a friend at school. I was kind of upset. Thought she wasted her money on another bad phone. We went to go get her some minutes,and to my surprize, she was able to buy the minutes on her own because she didnt have to give $30.00! Well, we got it home and I told her to put it up, so she put it in her purse. It wasn't ten minutes and the phone started ringing, I answered,(to my surprise #1 the phone had signal enough to ring in her purse, then i was able to answer the phone!) and I was in the middle of my house talking on the phone!! I could not believe, after 2 and a half years I finally found my perfect phone!!! It Was AT&T! And we are able to talk to each other for free!(considering that's all we use is AT&T phones!)I am so glad my daughter brought that phone home! It has completely changed our lives!! thanks
we love your coverage, and your service! Once again THANK YOU!!!

t1140 12/19/2009
5 stars for price, service, simplicity
1 star for performance (reception)

Suzanne 12/17/2009
I bought a phone and bought time for the AT&T Go Phone. I asked specifically if there was any extra charge, and was told no. I paid a lot for time, so I wouldn't have to worry about constantly buying more time. Then after I bought the phone and the time, I discovered that for every day that you use the phone to make a call or if someone calls you, even wrong numbers, you are charged $1.00 per day in addition to the time for minutes talked. I find that outrageous that I have the extra charge that I was told there would not be. Also, I was encouraged to take another phone and buy more time for my husband. So, get this, if I used my phone once a day for a month the extra cost in addition to my paid for time used would be $30 just for the dollar per day charge, and for the other phone that would be $30 just for the per day charge, which would result in a $60.00 charge in addition to the charge per minute talking time. I find that disgusting, especially since I was told there was no extra charge. Net 10 does not charge for anything other than your talk time. I have lost all confidence in AT&T, and will never do business with them again. I am even thinking of changing my land phone from AT&T, after all these years of using them. When the time is gone on this phone it will be goodbye to AT&T.

Kay 12/17/2009
I had a plan for years and changed it over to prepay two days ago. Since they I no longer have my 3G (using same phone) and my calls keep being dropped. I will look somewhere else from now on. They just want the money and don't care about the customers or their service.

steve 12/14/2009
The service is bad and you have different people giving you different answers to the same question. Ask for a supervisor who are knowledgable and who are better able to clarify your questions.ATT is a dissapointment for me, Cricket Wireless is honestly better in my opinion.

Joe 12/10/2009
To the user who left a review below me you said your gonna go to virgin mobile for txt's..... (((((DON'T DO IT))) virgin mobile texting suk's it can take a day or two for the other person to recieve it i had virgin before so i know. just figure i tell ya

Hehe 12/10/2009
You know... the unlimted messaging for 20 was enough to convince me to switch, until a rep at the store told me I would have to pay another 20 if I wanted to hop on the instant messangers... =/. Meh, I think I'll just switch to virgin mobile. I think their unlimted messaging plans include IM, not just text.

Salai 12/8/2009
The GoPhone sucks. My mom got me one and I had the 1,000 messages; she put the UNLIMITED on by usuing the internet & she said by Dec7 that my phone would have unlimited texting. It dosen't. She said she would call but she's positive that the UNLIMITED WONT BE ACTIVE BY jan 7- I think it should be put on now because she's already pai for it, and it said it would be active this month.

ame.H 12/8/2009
I just got the Go Phone this past month!...I payed 60 for the unlimited text and talk!...Ive gone through over 5000 txts and used my phone calling all and every person i problems..I give it only the 4 stars because well of the coverage, it does kinda suck...but still as far as the costumer service! when ive needed help they've solved my problems...and been simply awesome....The Phone is great..and i Love how just for $60 i can talk day n night..and txt as much as i please without worrying that ill get this big ass bill! =D

Bstro 12/6/2009
At&t prepaid sucks dearly. After being on the $39.99 pick your plan since 2005. I decided to switch to the new $60.00 a month unlimited talk and text. I very rarly used this phone and had built up about $100.00 in unused balance when I was on the $39.99 pick your plan. When I switched to unlimited talk and text the rep took $60.00 out of the unused $100.00 balance. So I still had $40.00 left over. When December 1st 2009 came I started gettin a automated message when I call out saying that my airtime will soon expire. So today I pick up my phone to make a call and no service. Now granted I just purchased the unlimited talk and text on Nov 29th 2009 for $60.00. Now tonight at 6:00pm eastern time I get off the phone after 1 hr with customer service just for them to tell me that I need to take my sim card out and re-power my phone and that should fix the problem. HUH? Still no service after that...So when I call back they say I need to buy more minutes....To keep my sanity all I can do is laugh. She said I have to buy more minutes because they expired on the 5th of Dec, 2009 at 12:01am. WTF!!! Also they seized the remainder of the balance of $40.00. Needless to say I had to buy $15.00 of minutes to get my phone turned back on. I told her I was going to shop around for another carrier, and wanted to kow about requirements to use number portability. She said she dont think that prepaid participate in number portability program. She put me on hold and never came back to the phone..

Dee 12/6/2009
The worst service possible I think. Every time I called customer service I got someone that could not speak English. They seem to keep repeating the same thing over and over like they were robots. The conversations never went anywhere. Just added to my frustration.

KLS 12/4/2009
I wish there was a NEGATIVE 5 for the rating!! I bought my first & LAST Go phone today. The only reason I went with ATT is b/c I had been told that their coverage area was so good. Their coverage may be good, but, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS the MOST INCOMPETENT bunch of outsourced IDIOTS I have ever called!! I had problems with entering my airtime pin & when I attempted to do a Chat session with customer service it kept kicking me back out to the home page to log in. So, I called 611 from my Go phone. After about 15 minutes of going round & round with the automated "operator" I was finally able to reach a real person in customer service. Only to be told that the phone that I bought had expired & I needed to take it back to the store that I bought it from!! WTF? Needless to say, I was not happy. After over 30 minutes of heatedly discussing my issue with the first person, I demanded to speak with a manager. I was was then put on hold for SEVERAL minutes (long enough to read every word on the packaging label to see if there was anything written about an expiration date anywhere... and there wasnt). Then when the "manager" was placed on the phone... I had to go through the same crap with him. I was finally able to get airtime. But, not the 10 minutes of airtime that was listed on the package that was IMPLIED the purchase of the phone came with. Once these minutes are used up? I will go buy myself a pre-paid phone with a different provider!! ATT Go phone SUCKS!!!

Aap 12/1/2009
Outrageous prices! Even with calling plans, Att and other providers are ripping people off, big time. Anyone giving more than 3 stars must obviously work for Att...

joe 12/1/2009
I give 2 stars for coverage. Everything else sucks big time. PAYG .25 plan is too expensive (Tmo $100 will get you 1000 min = .10/min)Customer service is the worst. Words can't even describe how incompetent Service Desk people are. I wish I Tmo has better coverage. :(

jobby 11/27/2009
I've had a go phone for several years, with the $.25/min plan. It is super for a minimum user like me. It costs me $25 every 90 days. I got my phone at Radio Shack for $15. After a year it had a problem connecting, so I just go another one like it, transferred the sim card, and was back in business. I'm really happy to be able to avoid all the gadgety gimcracks that most people pay through the nose for.

marge 11/25/2009
Both my husband and I invested hundreds of dollar for 2 go-phones 9 months ago. And too bad there isn't 0 stars because ATT SUCKS. We barely used our phones and when we wanted to make an occasional call we were unable to use our phones except for emergencies; no outgoing calls at all. We've gone twice to the local service center. They first insisted that the signals were intermittent in Berkeley (which was BS). Then they switched our cards and sent us out again into the world. After we paid for $50 more dollars to pay for more time, we ran into the same problem again (no service except for emergencies). Again we returned and the same BS was given to us. Finally the manager told us to place these chips into our former cell phones and try that. Yipee, we thought. Once they charged up the message we got was, "restricted usage." The manager said we could buy new phones (we bought them in February of this year) and we had a 30 day window to return them if they didn't work. Her final suggestion after we had expressed our frustration in loud and no uncertain terms was: "TRY ANOTHER CARRIER." Good advice!

George B. 11/24/2009
I just bought a Go Phone for my granddaughter after her cell phone was stolen. The customer service rep was very helpful and explained in detail the rate plans available. I picked the &60.00 per month plan with unlimited talk, text, & visual. I don't know what the complaints are about biut my experence with AT&T was excellent.

W Young 11/24/2009
Poor outsourcing help, I was hung up on by one person, called back asking for supervisor, put on hold and never picked up. Also, you get a msg that time is expiring on a certain date and find out you have two months grace but are never told that and I end up putting more money on account that has over $20 already in. That is very misleading

DB 11/23/2009
Poor outsourcing help, I was hung up on by one person, called back asking for supervisor, put on hold and never picked up. Also, you get a msg that time is expiring on a certain date and find out you have two months grace but are never told that and I end up putting more money on account that has over $20 already in. That is very misleading

Luis 11/23/2009
for me, gophone is the best! i have had it for over a year now and im kind of pissed that they took away the unltd data plan, and the rewards. but overall it is almos the best, great coverage, i have the 25c per minute since i never call just text all the im waiting for my texting plan to expire so i can get the $60 plan to see how good is it..everyone says im dumb but hey i have a sony ericsson c905 which nobody that i know has. and i guess if you want something good you have to pay for it. i love having something nobody else has!

Cindi 11/20/2009
AT and T is the worst cell phone company ever. They will not help you if you have any problems or if you make a mistake. They are all about greed and just getting money. Screwing little ppl over because they R big and don't have to care. The only way we will change this is for everyone not to use them. If U get screwed over you have only yourself to blame after U read this.

Hmm 11/19/2009
25 cents a minutes? Damn.

jr ii 11/14/2009
I just activate my go phone, it's pretty cool and easy to do. The only thing is the service price. It should be a little bit sheap.

Marcia 11/13/2009
I have had a go phone for about two years and although I get a little worried that the Motorola phone get too hot when talking for more than a few minites I got an 'ear bud' and that helps. The problem started a few days ago when I wanted to start up the AT&T World Connect plan for $3.99 a month to call Sweden. My best friend's mother has been diagnosed with incurable cancer and my friend had to go home to help care for her so I wanted a plan to be able to call her without having to pay a fortune. I called and was assured by the technician at customer service that the charge was .09 per minute to Sweden, that's all and I could get a plan for $49.99 that would give me 300 anytime minutes with no dollar a day fee and 500 9pm to 6am minutes and free calls to anyone on my network. Great, I thought. I called my friend after starting the service, talked for a little over an hour and thought the call would be approximately $6.94. Low and behold when the phone call ended and the price showed up on the screen it was almost $18.00!!!! I called 611 the go phone customer service line and literally, from 2pm to 6pm (I documented everything) talked to ten different people, some of whom hung up on me, talked to one supervisor for over an hour, of course being put on hold many times with her asking me the same questions over and over, like "Are you sure the number was a land line not a cell phone?" I told her when I called, My friends mother answered the phone, my friend ran upstairs to use the phone up there then her mother hung up the down stairs phone. She then asked me how I could be sure the phone was not a cell phone! I almost fell out of my chair!! I have never spoken in my life, to such idiotic, stupid, and untrained people in my life as I did that afternoon with these people! No one to this day could tell me why I was charged 23cents a minute, instead of the .09 cents as promised. True desception and hidden costs. They deceived me from the beginning. Also when they said 300 anytime minutes, I assumed they meant that if I spoke to someone for 5 minutes that I had 250 minutes left for free with the plan. No!! Everytime I hung up I was charged .27 or .18 or whatever. They were deducting from the $49.99 plan I had then would have had to pay again during the month when my money ran out! Totally a fraud. I wouldn't recommend this to any one and I have written to the FCC and Consumer's Reports and the local paper aobut this. Did they give me my money back, you can believe they did after I got through to another supervisor. I was worn out after being ont he phone for 4 hours with these stupid people. Fraud, fraud, fraud, greed, greed, greed. That's all they are about. And oh yes, once again, they are so stupid as to be rididulous.

karl 11/10/2009
I think at&t prepaid is a great deal for those people who do not use cell phone on a regular basis, just need to be aware of the air time expiration date, had my previous balance of $90 taken cause my airtime expired, customer service was able to assist me properly and happen to get my money back to my account

summer stacks 11/10/2009
ok waiting two years to get a up grade then if you break your phone you have to pay even if you have insurance come on now i just want a new phone better then this nokia crap at&t your lucky my grandma is paying my bill or i would be with verzion gosh....

t.i.m. jo 11/9/2009
Good: 25c min, other choices.
Poor: can not view '
register profile' site before
filling in data!

angrycincyguy 11/7/2009
AT&T is the worst wireless company around. Their service is horrible. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and am getting a ton of dropped calls all the time, missed voice and text messages, poor voice quality where there is crackling and static in the line, choppiness in the audio quality, poor reception, and the 3G network is always going down. Avoid them! I have had so many problems. Customer service doesn't care at all-they always blame your phone for the problems. It's their crappy network that is being overloaded and they refuse to spend any money to fix it.

kokko 11/6/2009
I thought I would finally get a cell phone but after talking with the att customer service (sales department) I was so turned off by their greedy strategies and little tricks that I am going to stick with my land line, at least for now.

Jackie 11/4/2009
I've had ATT for a little over 2 years, the service is Excellent no dropped calls, no roaming charges and I have service everywhere, Customer service is great, they solve your problems, not like Metro Pcs I think they go to work drunk, Excellent service if you get the $60 dollar unlimited text and talk as long as you keep $60.00 dollars in your account your good to go, just remember that if activate a new phone make sure before you make that first call you have picked the $60 plan or if not you will be using money from your account. I've had every cell company out there and ATT is the best.

Sarah 11/3/2009
I love my go phone! I've never been charged more than I use. I've used it for almost a year and wouldn't change a thing. I had a great phone to start with an Sony Ericsson, my sister then gave me her old LG shine and it worked perfect I just slipped in my SIM and not I have the Pantech Matrix. I love the coverage. I do agree it can be expensive but it's a lot better than being tied down to a 2 year contract that you have to pay to get out of. It's cheaper in the long run and you won't be turned over to collections if you can't afford minutes. I talked my sister into getting one when she was taken off a plan she shared with a friend and she loves it. It's easy for the both of us. I use their daily $1 access fee at 10 cents a minute and have the unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited texting. When I'm low on cash on the phone I just turn it off and don't use it. The same amount of money is on the phone when I turn it back on. I've never had a problem with the customer service either. I was getting spam texts costing 1.99 per text and called them and they stopped the texts from coming in.

Karen 11/2/2009
I put minutes on my go phone last Friday,then all of a sudden I get no service meaning I am now getting the little phone thing on the left hand screen with a slash through it. I have coverage and forget about talking to customer support. They didn't find anything and when he went to switch me over to tech support, I got disconnected on my home phone!!!!!!

NoviJovi 10/31/2009

RE 10/29/2009
The "free roaming" with the AT&T GoPhone apparently is a fake because I believe you can NOT connect via any non-AT&T wireless network in the U.S. (Roaming in Mexico available for a price.) Does anyone have any different information for us?

KAB 10/28/2009
Go phone doesn't work at my home, but I need cell phone service when traveling. Seems like cheap way to keep in touch with home, well on a recent 8 day trip from Texas to Wisconsin I was able to use it once after reaching my destination. AT&T let me make one call successfully, after that I got a message that my phone was good for 911 calls only. I'm really unhappy with AT&T and Go Phone. Shopping for new prepaid plan.

mario#1 10/26/2009
this sucks. i know 1$ a day it should be less yo. id rathier go to verizon and get a 400$ phone then spend one dam dollar at att

Chris 10/25/2009
I was woundering if the unlimited texting brings unlimited picture and video messaging

RWJ 10/23/2009
A one stare rating is still to high. Just like most of you I have had my blood pressure up because of the "so called" service department. All in all if you don't have problems with the phone service you have it's not to bad. Look out once you do, you are on your own. I would not mind the cost too much if the service was good. I have spent too many hours on the phone trying to get something simple straight so I just turned all service with at&t off. Reading these reviews sorta helps me smile cause I am not the only one they make frown

NiCOL3 10/18/2009
i am a little confused about the att service. i just recently got a gophone account about 2 months ago. my friend also has an att go phone. she gets 3g network, but i was always got the edge net. but my phone was stolen this week, and im wondering if i could call and put my phone on hold. and if i get a new sim card, if it would be possible to keep my number, but i dont know if you can for go phones.

Tom 10/17/2009
I am wondering: Does using the AT&T pre-paid service protect you from having huge charges placed on your phone in the event it is stolen? My concern is that they (the thieves) might have a way to authorize additional amounts of MY money added to the account my virtue of being in possession of the physical phone(?). Thanks in advance to those who reply!

Kristi 10/16/2009
As far as service I think they are awsome, as far as the representatives, most are awsome but feel like we should keep our jobs in the US not the phillipines or foreign conutries just because they will work cheaper, need to take care of our own starving people in America!!! and can understand our english

Steve999 10/15/2009
I'm on the simple .25 per minute plan. It sounds expensive. But, as a limited user, I put down $100, and it lasts me about 8 months (or $12.50 per month). My wife talks more and only gets about 6 months (or $17 per month) for her phone.

moto 10/14/2009
they suck. cus service is a joke. $1 per day plan sucks cause even if you dont use the phone to make or receive a call but someone calls you and leaves vm which i never check they charge ya that buck. prepaid coverage is not the same as their regular cell service. 10 cent a min may be the normal for the big 3 but is tooo much. after all we give them our money upfront. edge net service is so slow just to check my email cost me $1.25. i dont live out in the sticks either. not sure who is getting my biz next but with all the cash AT&T is screwing from iphone users you would think that they would invest some of it to keep the rest of us complacent.

Pat 10/14/2009
I like at&t's coverage, I have NEVER been to a place where they have no coverage. It's Just too expensive!! I often find myself asking to use my mom's phone in order to not incur the $0.25 per minute rate. Don't get if you're on a budget. If you are, I recommend O2 wireless, they use the EXACT SAME NETWORK at gophone and they're a LOT cheaper.

Mark 10/7/2009
I have to say this is by far the best pre-paid company/service out there.
I use to have cricket monthly 50.00 plan but their customer service is HORRIBLE and had problems trying to use my 30 minutes of roaming that came with the plan outside my calling area. With AT&T no worries about coverage as it is NO roaming and a very wide range of national coverage! I simply love the customer service when calling in about any issue big or small. They treat you very well and with much respect.
I am a 'pick your plan' service at&t subscriber and pay 69.99 monthly debited from my debitcard and get 650 monthly minutes with unlimited night and weekend minutes. A+

tony 10/6/2009
Here's the scam with the att phones, they set up plans where you're charged a daily access fee where your minutes are free to other att phones, but charged by the minute for anyone outside the network, so the days that you don't use your phone then you don't have to pay. Sounds great but then they arrange spammers to call you each and every day, not entirely annoying but once or twice; you pick up to see who's calling and they net more revenue. This begins the day you activate your phone and the frequency and consistency is enough to suggest att is directing the spammers

Laura 10/2/2009
My sister received an add in her phone bill for the "no contract" go phone. She was mislead about what she was getting, and they signed her up for some kind of contract that she didn't understand.

Thanks AT&T 10/1/2009
I Have know had ENOUGH!! This Company is by far, the worst in the business. I ordered a different phone W/minutes to replace a lost phone. I put my # on standby till I was to get the new phone. The phone never arrived, and now after a month the minutes are gone-So is the Money from my Bank. I can't find anyone in service that can even find me in the system. Class-Action, I wonder if they can find that on the radar?

donn 9/29/2009
they have a $60 unlimited talk/text feature. ppl use an better phonelike buy 1 straight up n ull get full service

pro_att 9/26/2009
I love the service of AT&T I love the fact that coverage is so wide and not regional, I love the plans they have and I can choose from. go and use AT&T,

MMay 9/25/2009
Apparently AT&T doesn't want to have prepaid customers anymore. They are ending their bonus program & raising prices for several of the features or plans.

Frank 9/23/2009
Be very careful when getting an ATT GoPhone. ATT uses recycled numbers and you, from day one on, will receive countless marketing calls to your GoPhone. And of course, you pay for these calls. ATT Support is clueless and unhelpful. Stay away from this.

Tim 9/22/2009
I have prepaid AT&T Go Phone service which I will be replacing ASAP. Took a trip to 3 New Mexico cities which AT&T says have network coverage via "partners". My phone would not work. A fellow traveler had an AT&T full pay plan and his phone worked just fine. It appears that AT&T does not pay their network coverage partners enough to provide normal service for prepaid plan phones. I strongly suggest that anyone considering a prepaid phone look elsewhere, an AT&T phone may very well not work at all when you need it the most. There is a reason AT&T and Sprint scored the lowest in cell phone service in the January 2009 issue of Consumers Reports (see page 32 of that issue).

andy g. 9/21/2009
att is 2 high priced!!!! dont get me wrong they have great service it is just CRAZY how much they charge.

DeeJaye 9/20/2009
@ JJL. I think the reason you and your wife haven't had any problems with AT&T is because you're already paying TOO much. You're on the 25 cents a minute plan without any fees. Since you're already OVER-PAYING to use their prepaid service, there's no reason to nickel and dime you. And since there are no fees, if AT&T were to cheat you, you would immediately realize it. Those who have had problems with AT&T are those who have chosen the Pay-By-Day plan. People who plan not to use their phones often choose this plan because they think it would save them money (since they're only charged a $1 on days you use the phone). This is a good deal for customers who don't use their phones often but, it's not a good deal for AT&T. How would AT&T make money off of ppl who aren't using their phones? They can't. So, they FIND ways to charge these ppl. Like, charging them to check their voicemail from a landline phone or whenever they send a call to vm. And since sending calls to vm or checking your vm from another phone are considered "calls," not only are they charged for the length of those calls but, they're also charged the $1 fee for that day. So, let's say I added $25 to my account on Tuesday but planned on waiting to use my phone on Saturday. If someone calls me between Tuesday and Saturday and I sent those calls to VM or if I checked my VM messages from another phone, I am CHARGED for those calls (even though I haven't used the cell phone itself). So how am I saving money? I'm not. I would be better off on the 25 cent per minute plan. The way AT&T rip their prepaid customers off is ridiculous.

DeeJaye 9/17/2009
I still don't understand why the editor has given AT&T so many stars when everyone else is giving AT&T 1 star. I hate AT&T's prepaid. They charge you for everything. You are even charged when you're not using the phone.

YT 9/14/2009

Sucks!!! That's all I have to say.
Getting charged for voicemail, incoming sms, incoming phonecall, calling someone and reaching their voicemail.

Robert 9/6/2009
I don't think this is any better than the rest, I have used it for years and I think it's over priced, but otherwise it's decent service.

Lynn 9/6/2009
My daughter got her go phone stolen from another classmate and I called Customer Service to get a hold put on the phone. They were helpful and I did not get run around from one representitive to another. I had to purchase another go phone and when I called them back they transferred everything to the new phone. I don't know what these bozos are talking about having a bad time with these phones. If they want better than these then they need to get into a contract which will at least last 2 years. With a very expense activiation fee. These phones are for people that don't use a cell phone that much. I've had go phone for years and have not had any issues and I've even upgraded my phones over the years. I have 3 one for me my husband (which by the way is truck driver and does'nt have trouble with coverage out west) and my daughter.

Harold 9/3/2009
I've had AT&T prepaid for years and have never had a problem. I started out
with the basic pay-as-you-go plan, but as I used the phone more I switched to
their monthly plan, where I pay $33 a month, which gives me all the minutes I
need. What I would never do is get a plan with a daily access fee, which makes no sense to me at all. But the monthly plan is great and works perfect
for a moderate phone user like me.

Kim 9/3/2009
Phone selection at ATT stores poor for go phone service. Usually just have 2 choices and they are always something out of date. They screw you on coverage too. Check the maps! Go Phone doesn't even cover major interstates which other providers do. Unless you go with a monthly plan don't expect great coverage unless you live east of the Mississippi river. Western part of the US has minimal coverage except in very large cities. If you live in the northern US don't expect coverage in Canada even if you only live a few miles away from the border. I've heard they now offer some sort of service in Mexico though for go phone users. Customer service is sad. Plan on spending over an hour of your time talking with more then 3 reps to get any questions answered correctly. More time and more reps for a problem. Ready to get nickled and dimed to death? Get a go phone!

caveat emptor 8/29/2009
I wish o stars was an option. My wife lives in Thailand. She calls me for 10 cents per min. and AT&T charges me over a 1.50 to answer. Over 3.00 to call her. They charge if no one answers.They charge to hear voice messages. They charged me 20 cents each for 14 SMS's I recieved one day that said "error 18". The reviewer must be getting some kind of kickback to give this company 4 1/2 stars.

karjay 8/28/2009
When cell phones first came out I was traveling between 2 states. I got the go phone over 10 years ago. Because I don't spend my life on the phone, it costs me about $100 per year for short calls. I am a substitute teacher and depend on my phone for calls to come in to teach and I am very happy about the way I can use this phone. I always go to the AT&T store for refills, service and questions as I upgrade my phones.

Suzie 8/28/2009
If I could give them 0 stars I would. My phone won't receive calls so I call customer service twice - 30mins each time. Nothing happens so I'm told to go get a new phone. Mine's old anyway so I go and get a $50 phone cause they had no others in the store. Then I still can't get phone calls. I go into the SF downtown store to speak to someone and this idiot boy informs me that the only way I can get it to work is if I buy a $100 phone!!! I couldn't believe it! So I think it's time for me to go try Metro PCS and get rid of AT&T for good

Jae Mizz 8/27/2009
I bought a iphone and bought a goPhone just for the SIM. Ive been using it every since, I bought the unlimited text and nights and weekends. Its the shit, I can text whenever and talk mobile to mobile whenever. SHit is sweet, you're never supposed to use the goPhones you buy,they will always be terrible. Buy a nice phone from ebay, then use the sim from these piece of shit phones so you can save on features. Plus I dont use EDGE, iPhone has Wi-FI. =D

MADASHELL 8/27/2009
0 STARS. The go phone is a piece of ____! you fill in the blank. At&t phones suck. They are the worst service and worst phone. My original phone I got from a family plan constantly did not work...I had to replace it twice then I had enough and the representative at the At&t store suggested I get a go phone and put my sim card in...well that plan sucked because my damn network never works so I can almost never use my phone...I live down south. I have an emergency and I can't use my phone to take care of it...I am going to take a hammer and smash my phone to pieces today...and after spit on it. If I could I would burn it. I HATE AT&T. PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER CARRIER.

babygirl 8/26/2009
I think vigin mobile is better cuz when i could not afford minutes they would help me and not limit me and the service is soooooo much better

kndykn 8/24/2009
Was looking at the plans they have but now that I have read all the reviews, I dont know what I am going to do. I just want a phone for when I travel, because my car might break down. Maybe I will check out the ones at the Dollar General store

DeeJaye 8/24/2009
Why is the editor's rating higher than the user/reviewer ratings? I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile because I got tired of being charged for calls that I did not answer. I once got a call while I was sleeping so I let it go to voicemail. I check my balance and found out that I was charged for the call I sent to voicemail. I would also be charged whenever I would check my voicemail messages from a LANDLINE phone. I was buying so many airtimes cards just to keep money on my account and I hardly ever talked on the phone. All of my money was being eaten up by calls I sent to voicemail or whenever I'd checked my messages from another phone. AT&T is a rip-off.

calaverasnick 8/24/2009
I spent $41 to buy a phone and a $25 phone card. When I turned on the phone, it said I wasn't connected and when I went to the website it said my phone number was not in the system. I called AT&T and spent two hours on the phone with customer "dis"service. Needless to say, I got the runaround, no answers and no service. I'm thinking about filing theft charges.

Linda 8/20/2009

Rick 8/18/2009
I have AT&Y Pre Pay service and something changed. Now they charge me for a call even if the party doesn't answer, if I get a busy signal and even for an 800 number.

Roger 8/17/2009
The coverage on their prepaid phones is not the same as their regular phones. Make sure you have coverage where you want it. Most rural areas are not covered. They really screw the prepaid customer.

Glendale85306 8/16/2009
Go Phone's are a piece of junk, because i didn't use it for a few months and went and purchased minuted to add they informed me that my phone number had been rotated in the system and i needed to puchase a new sims card in order to activate my phone which is another $25 dollars or go buy another phone. Now I have a $15 dollar card and can't use it. Obviously pay as you go doesn't mean pay as you go it mean its a contract where you have to make sure your paying minutes every month or you phone is trash. And its not explained that when your minutes expire so does your sims card...

Blahh. 8/15/2009
ii Just Bought A At&t Go Phone Yesterday & i Think Their Noo Good. The Featuress They Promised On The internet Arent Alwayss What They Seem & They've Been Charging Me For Services i Havent Even Used

Stevens 8/14/2009
Expensive: $120 per month for normal usage. It's only $40 out the door (i.e. Radio Shack) with a working phone: Phone = $15, startup minutes = $25. But normal usage eats up minutes quickly:
1) Minutes start at 25 cents/min. Switching to a 10 c/m plus 1/day is easy (by phone), but not much better = 20 minutes / day = $3 day = ~ $90 month.
2) Texts are 20 cents each (both way). Five texts a day = $2. Add to phone usage = $5 per day/ $150 per month!!
3) 411 calls are ~ $2.80 IIRC.
4) Web usage is charged per KB. Reasonable, but adds up quickly, and slow.

keshon 8/8/2009
i got gophone cause i didnt like paying 1 a day for verizon inpluse so i went to gophone and i was paying so much but i needed a phone first i had a 15 dollar card and i didnt even get the 5 of airtime min into my account which said ir would and then i didnt want to pay 50 dollar for unltd text so i got 1000 for 10 and i would get the 15 dollar card which didt have enough for talkin so i let it get to 10 and also on my one phone i had a confusing one when you press the ok button it would go to media net which cost me some money so i got the razr but inconcusion att has a ok coverage and a fast 3g network but is a little to much dough 4 u to spend

knightrider022783 8/7/2009
att is junk they sold me a phone on the phone and sent me something i didnt want then i cant activate it also there monthly plans are way too expensive and forget customer service you might as well say they dont have one

kenyon 8/6/2009
i think ATT is coverage is okay, their coverage not as good as verizon. i was a verizon customer, i left because they didnt have cool go phone like ATT. i also have problems with my phone the first time i got it. i called the customer service and they were a great help. i agree with some of you guys that they dont have great customers service like verizon. i wish verizon has sims cards like ATT. i would go back to verizon if verizon got sim cards in their phone. thats the only down side with verizon. so far i dont have any trouble with my ATT phone yet, and so far the coverage is great

sheila 8/6/2009
NO STARS!! I will not buy one more minute of ATT prepaid wireless service. NOT ONE! Terrible customer service. I bought a go phone and called customer service to get assistance in setting up the security feature. The rep I spoke with gave me a code to put into the phone, which did not work to enable the feature. He then gave me several different codes to try, which eventually locked up the phone, then he hung up! I know he hung up because he did not call back on the call back number I provided at the beginning of the call. I called back and spoke to another rep who said that the lock up was the first rep's fault. He said the first guy provided incorrect information and led me through the procedure incorrectly, causing the phone to lock up. He apologized for my inconvience and said to rectify the situation he would give me a new SIM card free of charge and sent me to a local ATT store to get one. At the store, they put in a new SIM card but the phone was still locked up. They would NOT replace the phone; it is brand new. I have not made a single call on it! I have spent hours trying to rectify the problem; could not understand the heavy accents of the reps on phone; and was treated rudely and still have no resolution. ATT finally told me I needed to contact Nokia, the manufacturer, to unlock the phone. This is UNBELIEVABLE! If I get the phone unlocked, I will not spend one more cent on ATT wireless service and am considering discontinuing all of my services with them.

Nick 8/5/2009
ATT in general is for little kids and run by kids as well. It's incredibly expensive compared to any other phone company. Check out Boost and Cricket for unlimited daytime minutes for just $25-$50 a month.

alicia 8/5/2009
ok so i bought a cheap go phone that had a samsung phone in the ppackage. I have had it for only about a couple weeks and the phone is junk. It wont turn on anymore and they wont let me register my sim into another phone. I believe this is a crock of shit. I spent 30.00 on this and i also have 25.00 on my account. So i feel they should either let me do it or give me a refund of all the money i have spent on it.

kenyon 8/4/2009
i just got the go phone service..and i like my .25c plan.. i wonder if i get the $1 plan, if i use text messages than would ATT charge me the $1 perday ? i know they charge it for voice mail, but dont really know about text messages, and i got the $10 bundles. can some one answer my question please.. thanks

autumn 8/3/2009
i lovee att because when i had it (and still do) i got a whoke week of coverage free with the go phone plan! it was so cool! i could do what ever i wanted and i had no minutes! they make this mistake alot so if you go with att the best plan ever!! you might just get luckyy!!

PAGoPhone 8/2/2009
Personally I'm not happy with GoPhone. While I understand that I didn't get a texting plan where it would be cheaper to text, I cannot excuse the sluggishness of text messages in general. Even if my phone's on for a good period of time I would receive messages hours after I'd get them. Also GoPhone does not offer services in areas where I need them but for most places that I've traveled to it's fine and have never experienced a dropped call. It's very easy to put money in your account by going to an AT&T kiosk, store or Radio Shack. I would recommend that any new GoPhoners set up an account online ( to monitor when your minutes expire and when your phone ultimately gets cancelled. I would suggest also that you look at the plans to see which is right for you. My service was the $1 a day plan but you should only get charged that for voice calls (which includes voicemail) and 1-800 number's in my experience do not count as free either. All in all, it's not horrible but my needs require something a little better than GoPhone. But hey, what doesn't work for me might work for you.

Emylee 8/1/2009
TERRIBLE Customer Service! If I could, I would give AT&T GoPhone ZERO stars! I have been a GoPhone customer for 5 years. At first I liked the service -- the deals weren't too bad for prepaid, and I've never liked the idea of a contract, so it worked for me. Now, the rate plans aren't worth much, and customer service is a joke! I just spent over an hour and a half on the phone with "customer service" because I had used AT&T's automated voice system to change my rate plan to a lower amount, yet the next time my credit card was charged, I was charged the higher amount. My call to customer service felt like I was Alice in Wonderland -- the five technicians I spoke to kept twisting my words, telling me that I never had changed rate plans, and trying to insinuate that I was calling to change rate plans that day. They were rude and mocked me when I asked them to repeat information because they were speaking too quickly and were hard to understand. I got transferred between "customer service" and "payments" departments three times, and at it seemed as if many of the "transfers" were a way to get rid of me rather than help me resolve the issue. DO NOT go with AT&T, especially if you are considering prepaid! The customer service is the worst of the worst! I am currently looking for another wireless provider. Customer service is very important to me, and I've had it with AT&T!

SC 7/31/2009
I have had an AT&T prepaid phone for about 4 years now and I just love it. And I have no problem adding minutes online.

Hornet 7/31/2009
I was going to order an AT&T go phone but after reading some of these reviews about this company I also checked out there minutes
@ virgin mobile a $50.00 refill card will get you a 1000 minutes I'm going VM.Period.

darwin 7/29/2009
I do not really know how at@t prepaid services work but anywhere you go we will encounter problem. Whether it's postpad(with contract) or prepaid. it's just a matter of us knowing the terms and condition as well as clarifying plans you are into. Ask if you do not understand. At the end of the day, it's our responsibiloty too.

GRRR 7/29/2009
ATT pay as you go makes it very difficult to load $ on line using credit card. they call you back in about 1 1/2 hrs, ask for various confirmation including last 4 digits of SS; generates obnoxious questions including verify the county name of an address I lived at 20 yrs ago and the make/model of a car i owned 10 yrs ago. lucky i remembered. seems they make it hard to give him my business and money. oh, and it took over 45 min on the phone with rude people that kept passing me to the next dept.

dond 7/27/2009
My complaint is long but hopefully it will caution others.
While on a trip my Nokia phone provided with my sign up for the Go Phone prepaid service failed. It was still under warranty. I stopped at the next available AT&T store (Not a contract provider but an AT&T store. They verified that it was not working. they could not provide me with a replacement because all warranty work is provided remotely. My only choice to continue service was to purchase another phone. they did atleast advise me that if I got throught the repolacement prociess in 30 days I could return the phone and get my money back.

JPS 7/24/2009
I signed up with Cingular before AT&T bought them out. I buy $25 worth of minutes every 3 months. I have never used all my minutes but this is coming to a close now that they have implemented the $1 cell to cell. Now my minutes will be gone in 25 days if I were to use it every day (which I don't). I mainly got a cell phone to carry in the car in case I had trouble. And I use it to make long distance calls. I don't make many LD calls. I resent being charged if I call and nobody answers. I resent being charged if I check missed calls. I liked the old way. Don't like the new way. So I just turn my phone off during the week, turn it on on Saturday to make any calls I need to make.

THEY-SUCK 7/24/2009
ATT Prepaid sucks! It's nothing but a rip off. 1.00 a day, please, you can talk longer on a pay phone. I am so sorry I ever purchased a to go phone. I don't know if any of you noticed, but att really tries to push it sales of the go know why? because it is "quick" money maker for the company. Hey guys, look up "NET10" it's a prepaid phine also. this phone is excellent. All the others can go to hell!

Dennis 7/23/2009
I too have experienced the $1 per day useage charge, which was not part of the agreement when I purchased my pay as you go phone. Thus I will no longer be purchasing minutes for this phone,and will be looking for a new provider. ATT appears to treat its customers like congress. Once they get their foot in the door, they will crap on your carpet.

d.e. 7/13/2009
The cool thing about AT&T Go Phone is that you get to use the AT&T 3G network (where available) on the phone of your choice (AT&T or unlocked GSM). On the other hand, if you don't plan to use data, there is no point to using Go Phone. Rates are high, and customer service is not exactly the best, although it it still better than Tracfone's.

ATKeys 7/11/2009
I wrote a review earlier that gave three stars to the service, but wrongly criticizing AT&T for the omissions and lack of clear direction on phone functions in the Nokia User Manual. My error: the fault is Nokia's. However, I did buy the phone at an AT&T store; either AT&T should insist on a better manual or its sales representatives should be prepared to help a new user to understand how to access the phone and to exercise the service's features.

Deep 7/11/2009
I agree with Dave - I just got back to Seattle after a few manths and am very upset by the 1$ daily access fee. Go for it Dave. I am with you all the way. Just pure Greed from AT & T. They are just Manipulating the Public. AT & T sucks.

Rozen 7/10/2009
I HATE AT&T! IT SUCKS! I went to look to see what games they had for me to buy. I didn't buy anything but when I got off of the site, they charged me 23 cents! I didn't do anything! Sometimes I would accidentally press the media net button and would quickly get off of it and they charged me 20 cents! I didn't even talk over a minute and they charged me $1.10! That is rediculous! People if you have any brains DO NOT GET AT&T! YOU WILL REGRET IT ALOT!!!!!!!! I only had AT&T for 2 days. The WORST mistake of my life to get it!

TTTTT 7/10/2009
Bad customer service, very rude, they will not help you when your number is haunted by creditors (my feeling is they are [ATT] those creditors) try to call you so that your prepaid minute must be used up quickly, and you will end up spend more money for them, very devious devilling company, should never use their service. Very sorry, but now I am done and out of their dirty business.

Bill63 7/8/2009
Beware the huge ATT Wireless Rip-Off!

JP 7/6/2009
ATT prepaid is decent, not great. If you have a 3G capable device like a Blackberry Storm, Nokia e71, OR iPhone it doesn't make much sense to go with a prepaid plan. I have a Nokia e71 I bought new because I don't like 2-year cell phone contracts and honestly wished now I would have just went with the 2-year contract with unlimited data. There isn't much I can really do, if you have a prepaid plan forget about surfing the web at 1 cent/kb (costs you about $6-$10 just to email one photo depending on size). So if you have a simple cell phone just for emergencies and only talk on it about 10 minutes a week than prepaid is the way to go, if you have a more sophisticated phone want to do a little more than talk a few minutes per week on it, the prepaid plans are nothing but traps to get you into a more expensive monthly text/data/voice plan which combined range anywhere from $70-$100 per month. Boost mobile and Verizon seem to offer way more budget friendly options than ATT overall.

jennifer 7/6/2009
i super love AT&T. THEY ARE THE BEST!

LM 7/2/2009
Tip for viewing phone call details on ATT GoPhone Web site. When reviewing calls you clik the "info" link by a call and instead of displaying info it takes you back to a login screen. I have found if you highlight the entire data section and then paste it into Word, you can see the entire call information including the numbers called, time of call, where called, etc.

LM 7/2/2009
Here's the bottom line..... Read thoroughly and understand the Terms of Service on the ATT Web site for both "Pay As You Go" and "Pick Your Plan" versions of the GoPhone before doing this. A customer's ignorance of the terms does not mean the company's customer service is necessarily bad - there may be nothing they can do for you. (I personally think that Pay As You Go has ridiculous terms and I would never do it - Note that I have Pick Your Plan). If you decide to get one of these phones I would find a knowledgeable salesperson at a standalone ATT Store to set things up and function as your customer service person in case you have any problems.

Joshua 6/29/2009
The service area is fine I have good signal and have never had a dropped call so in that respect this phone is great. I use the 1$ mobile to mobile and the price seems to go farther than most prepaid plans. My neg feedback is due to customer service, try emailing or using the chat, I have and I am redirected to resign into my account they should stipulate chat for att customers holding a contract. I bought this phone and purchased the 15 dollar card thinking it was the 25$, the phone advertises a 10$ bonus if you purchase 25$ within 7 days of purchase well they would not return the card I bought at the store so I added that and an additional 15$ to my account thinking I would get the 10$ bonus. I finally got a hold of customer service using the 1800 number and getting redirected yet again, (I had to dial 0 to get the operator) when I finally reached the right person she just replied by saying you have to purchase a 25$ card that two 15$ cards even though they were purchased the same day will not work. I would have hung up and dropped this since it is only a 10$ bonus but I feel cheated and that alone can tarnish a companies name I do not even want to use this phone and if anyone asks me I would more than likely refer them to another provider.

LM 6/29/2009
Does anyone have a problem with "Pick your Plan" (my experience with ATT Go Phone) or is everyone's problem almost always with the "Pay As You Go" form of the ATT Go Phone. This is the one recurring theme that I seem to see here. Could be an important difference.

ja 6/29/2009
Annie - you should read Tracfone reviews. I think you will change your mind shortly after :)

Dennisp 6/29/2009
I ordered a go phone and was charged twice on the online ordering of at&t. I was notified the next day that there was a problem with my order, and to contact a number, I did so and got the run around for over 4 hours and when i thought it was resolved it wasn't, they charged me 4 times for one phone of 16.00, and the order was for 10.65, I waited on line for an hour to speak to a manager, and never got through, I finally hung up. the next day i get a call from a supervisor, she to was dismayed at the problems I was encountering, she assured me she would take care of it and get me my phone and refund all moneies I was over charged, and give me free service, well guess what, the matter isn't resolved and i haven't got my phone. I think the company has become another monopoply again and the government needs to step in and shut them down, they have gotten too big for their own good.

Annie 6/29/2009
My contract with AT&T is over and I'm going on a month to month basis. I came here to decide it I want to get a pay as you go plan, or whatever it's called. After seeing these reviews, I'm NOT going to. I think I'll check Verizon or some other company. In fact, I think I'll get a Tracfone! Thank all of you who sent in your ratings. :)

Todd 6/28/2009
I would actually give it 0 stars The customer service reps disconnected from me 4 times when I was trying to get help setting up voice mail. Why this was complicated I am not sure. I could not understand tthem when they spoke to me and the quality of the reception was awful i.e. I could hardly hear them when they spoke to me.

AT&T enemy 6/27/2009
Wow, AT&T kept slipping in new charges - they changed the phone service without notice, and the customer service is rude.

BravoBilly 6/22/2009
I went to AT& T because I used to have one when I worked at Radio Shack. I wanted a PrePaid because I did not want anything special. But, what kept happening was I wound up on websites that asked me to fill out my cell phone in order to take a IQ test. That was the test. LOL. Then I was charged 6.99 by one site and 19.99 by another and it wiped out my entire fund that I had for calling.
Somehow I had people texting me and everytime I was charged. I am really upset by all of the BS. All I want is a simple phone, that has a alarm in it, and not something that I will accidently get on the internet and be charged. I am now looking for another company and another phone unless I can go back to my old Motorola phone with the new company.

Gregorina 6/17/2009
This is so sick nasty y'all!!!

robin 6/17/2009
Archie bunker once referred to at&t as "american thugs and thieves"! NO truer words have ever been spoken!

LM 6/16/2009
I think you will find answers to most of your questions and criticisms here:

jacque stuart griffin 6/15/2009
The cost if far above other companys and even if you do the prepaid monthly the cost are not worth the minutes you get.
I love att coverage but the plans make it a bad choice.

Rosathedog 6/15/2009
AWFUL Don't do it. They are very sleazy! They charge you 1$ EVERDAY in addition to your calls.NO STARS!

sheila 6/15/2009
Nobody answers when try to phone ATT store, and when I try the online phone, I cannot understand the person who is trying to help me. I want to upgrade my phone, but cannot get anyone to help me!only give in NO STARS

KAT 6/14/2009
I wish I could give them an absolute zero rating. ATT is the WORSE in the country. Ridiculous fees, overcharging, and hideous service. Switch to Tracphone, it's cheaper, easier to figure out and has better service.

Joe 6/13/2009
I opened a Pay-as You go account with ATT yesterday,I pay 3 dollars for the day I use it, unlimited talk,I think that pretty good!
Now the bad...ATT customer service is SHIT!
I fought with 3 different people for about an hour over a 3 dollar charge,I didn't think was fair.
Here the story,I was wanting to set up my voicemail and on the ATT site it says to hold the 1 button down and it will go to prompts to set it up..well I did that as instructed and ATT charged me 3 dollars for the day and this was at 7pm!
I called them and told them I was just setting up the account per ATT instructions and NOT accesses my voice mail because it was not even working at that point!
Well..they said they were sorry and couldn't do anything..BULLSHIT,I spoke to 3 supervisors and told them I have ALL night to argue this..they told me I should have used my landline phone to set the voice mail up so I would not get the 3 dollar dailey charge..but here's the catch, I told them..ATT DOES NOT TELL YOU ON THEIR SITE YOU CAN DO IT THAT WAY!
After a long battle they refunded my 3 dollars to my account after the 2 preveous so called supervisors said it could not be done!

LM 6/10/2009
Correction of above..... should read $0.133/min and NOT $0.15/min.

LM 6/10/2009
I have Go-phone Pick Your Plan 300 min since 4/09. Signed up at ATT store and sales person set up an unlocked Motorola K1 KRAZR I already had with a new sim card/phone number. Plan cost $39.99 ($44.04 after all surcharges) charged to my credit card at the beginning of each cell phone service month. I can call/be called by/speak with anyone with ATT wireless, anytime for free (up to 500 minutes total). Sat/Sun are free to anyone (up to 500 min total). Daytime calls during the week to non-ATT people are billed at $0.15/min in 1 minute increments starting when the dialed number begins to ring (but no charge if no answer - but getting someone's voice mail counts as an answer). Long distance is free except for $0.15/min for daytime calls to non-ATT people during the week. I specifically disabled sending/receiving text messages. I rolled over $32.00 after the first month, as I primarily speak to people with ATT during the day and I save the rest for nights/weekends. After I have accumulated nearly $250 (the limit) in roll-over, I plan to take the $3.99/month International Calling Plan and let my wife use up the accumulated rollover calling her parents in Ukraine. Only thing I don't like about this account is that checking your own voice mail is $0.15/min if you do it from your cell phone. Checking your voice mail from a land line does not cost anything. Go figure. Note that I have not been charged $1/day. I was charged a E911 fee during the middle of the month ($0.50 in Indiana is deducted from my balance) as stated in the go-phone program description. I have had no surprises so far (other than the voicemail from my phone charge) and have had no need to contact ATT customer service.

Jackie Holla 6/10/2009
NO STARS i hate AT&T phones my mom put momey on my phone and i had $36.11 on it and now even if i'm not using it, it says that i'm doing someting that cost 20 cents like last night i left my phone sitting on the dresser and when i pick it up in the morning it says i used 20 cents yet i have no new text or anything and i have free texting

Richard Smith 6/9/2009
I will never use AT&T again. I lost $ 70 because I was 2 days late on adding another $ 100 to my phone.

Dobb 6/9/2009
If you are thinking about trying out any of the ATT Wirless GoPhones, save yourself your time and money and do not do it! It literally is a scam. Here are the facts:
I decided to try ATT's GoPhone mostly to see if their coverage is any good in my area, since the wireless coverage in my neighborhood is poor. I went to ATT's website and placed an order for their cheapest cell phone ($10) and prepaid card ($25).That was on 05/19/2009. The website clearly stated that it would take up to 2 business days for the phone and 3 to 5 business days for the prepaid card to arrive. The phone did arrive the next day, no problem. The prepaid card did not, and it has been almost a month. I have called ATT many many times trying to get my money back with absolutely no luck. Their reps have:
-- promised to cancel the charge, but talked me into waiting another 2 to 3 business days for them to ship another prepaid card, which never did show up either.
-- refused to cancel the charge, even if the previous CSR did offer to do so.
-- transferred me total of 6 times, for a whopping 2 1/2 hours and finally hung up on me.

Trawick 6/8/2009
Cingular was all well and good untill AT&T took over im so tired of not having service that and every fone i buy from them messes up i just bought a palm centro cost me $358 and my buttons dont work its a nice fone but for that much money there is no reason why it shouldnt work....
its just frustrating...

Barbi 6/7/2009
Terrible customer service, always saying their regular plans are much better (cheaper) than pay as you go phones. Not helpful in finding better deals.

DeLunaStella 6/4/2009
it works AWESOME if you WORK IT :) understanding the rules and applying them to your situation makes this pre paid plen the best. Text packages stretch your dollar and encouraging friends to join att helps even more. I use my phone when I want and average 25 dollars a month. It doesn't get better then that. ATT RULZ.... and this comes from a 35 year old married mother of 2.

Sheila 6/2/2009
I have had Att GoPhone for 4 yrs.Just noticed the $1.00 fee this week I'm mad as hell and will change stat.Legal action is neccessary

Karen Conrasin 5/30/2009
I LOVE MY GO PHONE! This is the best especially with the prices of the cards, but the best part is I found this site that has cheap minutes for at&t go phones. It's called Pinzoo..the representatives are so nice and they help you out with adding minutes and everything. they sell it at a cheaper price, wholesale price or something. It makes the Gophone easier to use. Try it out and go with Pinzoo for minutes, youll save some money finally!

TM 5/30/2009
Being prepaid, I'm not sure if you are under any contract. You don't like it anymore - change provider. I suggest T-Mobile.

Dave 5/29/2009
I've been using pre-paid wireless since it was Cingular -- that has been for the past 6 years. I just learned that AT&T charges the 1.00 a day fee when you use your phone. The thing is, I still have my service agreement with Cingular which AT&T was bound to when they purchased Cingular. There is no mention of a 1.00 service charge fee in my contract. So, AT&T has made a unilateral modification of my contract without first getting my consent -- a fundamental breach of contract law. I will be raising this issue tomorrow with a store rep but I am sure I will get no response. So, I intend to look into starting a class action law suit against AT&T. I am a practicing attorney but this is not my area so I'm going to consult with a bigger firm that handles these types of cases in Seattle. I don’t know if he/she will be interested, but AT&T must be stopped. When I took contract law in law school, we learned that when a unilateral modification is made by one party I believe that constitutes an anticipatory breach of the contract allowing the offended party to get damages for that breach if successful at trial. Enough is enough -- AT&T is motivated by nothing more than greed and avarice. More to follow.

michelle 5/28/2009
uhm i was wondering is it true u buy 1 phone and get three free

(: 5/27/2009
I've had this PAYG phone since September of '08 because I'm only 19 with no credit, so I could not get a contract.

guangqing zhang 5/26/2009
I live in Golden,CO, and bought a prepaid AT&T Nokia, but there is a big problem.
Once, I went to Neblasca, there was no signal at all. I was isolated completely. That time I thought it it might be a problem of my cell phone itself. Right now, I am in Rangely, CO., in the same state this time, The same problem happened, there is no signal at all!! I do think it is problem of AT&T Prepaid service.
Who met the similar problem before?

lame 5/26/2009
no stars

tom 5/25/2009

Ron 5/25/2009
Love it!! gets service anywhere!! no need to hold your phone up high. way bettrer than tracfone or any other provider.

DW 5/24/2009

marshall 5/24/2009

x 5/24/2009

aswd 5/24/2009

CHOCALATe 5/24/2009

QWERTY 5/24/2009
GREAT. If you like prepaid phones, gophone is what u go with.

timothy 5/24/2009
LOVE IT!! Get it now. best phone youll ever have

bLaKe 5/24/2009

Dont need 2 know 5/22/2009
Its okay da only thing i hate is that they take a dollar everyday then 10cent when u make a call 20cent on message dat 2 damn much . That mean we gotta keep putting mins.on our phone but its straight but i wuld preferred contract.

Ben 5/21/2009

TM 5/20/2009
Go to T-Mobile - they dont charge per phone ringing in your pocket. They charge for actual connection.

Pat Simpkins 5/20/2009
ATT has very poor customer service when it comes to refilling your prepaid phone. I visited ATT at 1351 McFarland Blvd, in Tuscaloosa, AL to add minutes to my phone. The bill pay machine took only the exact amount and I needed change. I asked everybody in the store including the customers for change of a $20.00 bill. Each cashier stated they did not have change. I could not believe it; out of 6 cashiers no one had change. When I decided to wait on a cashier to make this transaction I stated if she had change I was going off. The greeter at the door threatened to call the police so I left the store. Thank you ATT for making up my mind to seek new phone service.

Nick Laramee 5/17/2009
Worst service ever i have had my Phone for less then a month and already I have dumped over $250 in so called airtime I would have been better of sticking with Sprint for 85/month but besides the money the service has been great oh yea and that free bonus for every 100 dollars spent is total crap I have only received it once

Go to net 10 5/16/2009
First prepaid phone I got for my daughter.Didn't know better and payed this ridiculous $1 dollar a day fee even if you used it for just one minute (which should only be a 10 cents charge.) Also charged me a $25.00 upfront fee. At Walgreen's, I see this deal which includes 300 minutes and a free phone in a package. But most importantly no dollar a day when you use the phone which eats up all your money.We get great service in our area. Simple phone and simple plan.Go Net 10

Ex-AT&T 5/11/2009
I used to have AT&T prepaid wireless. Overall, decent service, but is that true they now charge for uncompleted calls? If so, that is outrageous. I have Verizon now, they don't charge for calls that don't get answered. Also, they don't charge for voice mail when the phone is off. If AT&T charges for unanswered calls & people leaving voicemail then they are the most expensive service. I find Verizon has better coverage and call quality. And 58 second calls are billed as one minute.

GoPhoner 5/9/2009
Although the plan is perfect for what I need in a lot of ways, there are a couple of problems with the Go Phone and its customer service that make it a major hassle. The biggest issue is that the phone seems to get reset by AT&T somewhat regularly, deleting all text messages and recent calls as well as resetting your settings to the default setup, such as changing it from vibrate to a ring tone and other minor stuff like the background picture and volume. At first I suspected it was just the phone itself, but my father who has the exact same plan that I do had the same things happen to his phone. Sometimes this won’t happen for weeks, sometimes repeatedly during one day. When I called AT&T, the support rep seem baffled by the problem and stated that it wasn’t them despite the fact that it happened on multiple phones and the phone itself appears to busy doing something right before it occurs, as if it was in the middle of updating or something. As for the support rep, she kept insisting that it was me who was somehow changing the settings and halfway through the conversation said -is there anything else I can help you with today?- even though she hadn’t even taken a real effort to understand what the issue was.

Natalie 5/5/2009
Worst customer service on earth!!!

gabby 4/22/2009
at&t is good but it could better...
i've been having a Go phone for about three months... i like that they have opptions when buying futures... i just wish they mobile to mobile even if you didn't have money on your phone. i'm a teen and i go to school if i ever needed to call my parents in case of an emergency i can't(they both have at&t) i can't call them till after 9 at night!!! and OMG i hate that we have to pay to listen to our voicemail i think that's bullshit!!!! i think it should be free!!!! i like the unlimted texting.... they should send a text when 30 days is up... i would save a lot of confussion!!!! their costumer service is full of crap!!! they shouldn't charge to get help!!!! other than this they have pretty good service and for people like me that have to depend on my parents to put money in my phone prices are okay=)

Dan 4/20/2009
AT&T is a dishonest company. Cingular was so much better. The new service cuts me off. Now I get phone spam which costs me a dollar even if I do not answer it or the phone is off. Tell me that is not on purpose. I will be changing to a different service soon. It is a sign of the times. America is finished.

claire 4/19/2009
the only thing that i hate about at&t is that their $1 a day that you use your phone...

Carl 4/16/2009
You would think that a company would want to make it easy for one of its customers to easily upgrade, but ATT Wireless seems to believe otherwise.

ron 4/15/2009
i dont like them a all their phones are junk their sevice is no good when you buy a new phone it dont work and they ack like they dont even care

Anthony 4/15/2009
I started my prepaid contract with cingular and had no problems, but once AT&T took over, things went south fast. I wont go into details except to say that AT&T will RIP YOU OFF for every dime they can, and be aware theres a time limit on your prepaid acct, your balance could suddenly be $0 and no amount of complaining will reverse it. In my opinion, this amounts to stealing, which is why Im taking my business elsewhere after 3 years with the same #

fred 4/11/2009
I wanted to purchase time to put on a prepay phone online for my duaghter and was not able to. NO one from customer service answer the phone.

Dean 4/10/2009
They take that extra 10 cents at times. I have caught them. The cost is more than that of a monthly account with alltel or something else. The prepaid plan is too expensive. Half the time I go without minutes because it goes too fast.

Mad 4/5/2009
I am only giving 3 stars because while I do get good reception in my area, I am unhappy that the cost of text messages has increased from 5 cents to 20 cents. I seriously doubt that it is costing the company more to send our "texts". I have also been charged when others called me and I didn't answer. I do love the free mobile to mobile but hate the fact that Cingular doesn't want people giving their old phones away after upgrading. Also, two of my sisters had some type of issue where they had to buy a new SIM card for their phone and the agent offered no explanation as to why that was. *LOL*@MEL... I have let someone borrow my phone and the first thing they heard was, "PLEASE! Refill your account."

George 4/4/2009
I bought an AT&T GoPhone as back-up in areas where I don't have T-Mobile coverage. I observed that actual usage IS NOT what AT&T charges. I have been using less than a minute calls (54 secs or lower) but I am charged for 2 minutes - 50 cents - instead of 25 cents per minute! I think it is an elaborate way of how AT&T get money from unsuspecting customers. It does not mean a lot to me, but when you think of millions of subscribers (50 million?), then sums up to millions of dollars too.

Dee 4/4/2009
Coverage is good but Customer Service is a nightmare! Long hold times, they can't get my account straight and I have now had to call three times on the same issue, each time staying on the phone for close to an hour. You get transferred from one person to the next and not one of them knows what they are doing!!!!

Laurin 4/2/2009
AT&T is a good pre-paid phone but as someone else said, you have to PAY to listen to your messages. that should be for free. and, for text on my phone, it costs me 20 cents. those are the only cons that i can think of...otherwise its a good phone

Connie Lynch 3/30/2009
When I added minutes to my daughters phone on line it always told me that the transactin didn't go through. However it did. I have tried since December 08 to get a refund of $100.00. They said they refunded it on the next day, and after sending a copy of my bank statement showing them that it had not been refunded, my account had a security breach and I have not received my money since. My bank caught the breach and notified me right away. I am not saying that it was AT&T, but sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Here it is March 09 and still no money from these people. They have a nice scam going on.

Jim williams 3/28/2009
I get charged for no answer and when i call another AT&t customer. I have since quit selling them in my store and went strictly to tracephone. I cut the at7t service to all my businesses and will not ever use them again unless they take over tracephone. Sorries cuctomer service since i dealt with Cox cable company.

Sidhe 3/27/2009
I have two ATT pay as you go phone services and have noticed I have been charged 50 cents per minute instead of 25 cents..since there are no bills with details of seems unlikely to get this issue resolved.
What government agency is responsible for oversite? If I could I would give a 0 rating for customer rip offs.

Downtown Dave 3/24/2009
March 24,2009: I just had a Customer Service Rep(Rebecca) explain that ALL cellphone companies now charge a $1 Monthly 911 Admin Fee on their Prepaid(i.e.GoPhone) Cell Plans! NOT Verizon or VirginMobile as I Have BOTH! Why wasn't/isn't this in the Terms of Service agreement? Just talked to ATT Rep in PERSON(Pennsylvania) and they said: "NEVER Ever Heard of Such Fee"! P.S. NEVER Ever BELIEVE ATT Customer Service Reps On The PHONE.
P.P.S. One Month-NO Charge! Explanation-Not Much Phone Usage! HUH!!! Makes NO Sense To ME or ATT Person(LIVE In PA)... WHAT GIVES with ATT Wireless GoPhone PrePaid?

brent 3/22/2009
att sucks they charge you not only a doller a day but 10 cents a min on top of the doller i had unicel and was paying 160 a day and i could talk and text with out being charged now i cant get the phone to last more then a week with 50 dollers on it last me like 8 days i think att sucks if i could go back to unicel i would but att bought them out

brian 3/22/2009
at&t pre paid started out good.i have 1 major problem with it though!!!!! my prime example i put $25.00 on my pre paid last night and when i went to bed i had a balance of $21.60. i woke up this morning and made 1 phone call and i found that my balance was down an even $10.00 dollars. thats bullcrap, and its not the first time it has happened. i would like to know where the money goes. and further more how the hell do u get a real person on the phone to get your money back!!!! its not like im loaded with money or anything.

Kaci 3/19/2009
For any of you... You deal with paying via the phone or internet to get your minutes, and then have troubles. When I had a Go Phone, it was easy enough to go to AT&T store or agent company and get minutes. They entered the card number,etc. they checked the balance to confirm it took. If it didn't, they called from the store to customer service line (Yes, they have special numbers they call to get in as they are a store and can jump the Queue) and they got it fixed. All they had to was say they were with AT&T store# or Agent# and Cust.Service snapped to. But it is cared for then and there. I had the same thing with Cincinnati Bell's iWireless GSM. Buy the minutes at the store, have them add the minutes and check they took. If something goes wrong, they call and deal with it. Having the ability to say, "Yes, this is store#xxxx, and we are having a problem with minutes we just added to a customer's phone..." gets things done. I never had a problem with CinBell. Only reason I got away is because I am not in Cincinnati area anymore and phone would show "iRoam" too often (which is no biggie since there are no roaming fees), but then you can't access wireless web features or #225 to check balance. Trust me, when you buy minutes, you need to get them at the AT&T store or an Authorized agent who also handles postpay stuff. Have them put them in. Then the blame lies with them if your $25 in minutes don't get credited. 'nuff said. :-)

Rennie 3/16/2009
One of the worst customer service experiences I ever had. Transferred among three different "representatives," getting jerked around for maybe a half hour over what should have been a simple matter, and finally speaking with a supervisor. The "service" reps were clueless and the supervisor was downright haughty and belligerent. NO satisfaction was ultimately provided. I will be changing companies.

Met1ck 3/11/2009
Wow! I'm glad I came here before getting an AT&T GO phone. I have been happy with their monthly service plan but was considering changing to save a few bucks. I don't believe this many people are lieing about how bad the charges and service is. Thx to all who posted their comments...

Betty Sue 3/6/2009
One thing I failed to mention in my review is, when you need to add more money to your phone, you don't have to go to the store and purchase a card. If you have a debit or credit card all you have to do is dial 611 from your phone and you are not charged for the call, just listen to the recording and do as you are prompted to do and you can add money from any where as long as you have your debit or credit card. You have the option to add any where from $15-$100. You can also add your feature packages.

Betty Sue 3/6/2009
I have had the go phone for a long while now. I haven't had any major problems with it at all. It works just like the ones with the contracts sounds the same and all. You can even buy a different AT & T phone and stick your go phone sim card in it and it works. I first just bought the cheap 19.95 phone then I have spent over $100.00 for my next one and it worked fine. I have gone from state to state with it with no problem at all its just a phone. I am a truck driver and I don't see it cutting out in any area any different than one with a contract would cut out in. I have had both. I just prefer this one because to me it's cheaper. You can talk to anyone with an at& t phone and not be charged minutes just like the ones with contracts, if you choose the $1 a day plan. It is 10 cents a minute if you talk to some one other than an at& t phone. You can check your voice mail with out being charged by using your spouses phone. You can also by features to use such as unlimited texting. I choose the 200 messages a month unlimited for only 4.99. The only thing I don't like, is when you hang up it rings to give you your available amount. I don't think it should ring after hanging up. When you go to make your next call you will see your available amount when you start to dial. Most of us look at our phones when we pick them up any way. So all in all I think it's a great deal.

real person 3/3/2009
the "reviews" on this site are obviously fake. I hope att gets busted for this garbage turf marketing.
The review itself is wrong, ATT prepaid does NOT have the same coverage as regular ATT. Huge area missing, lie thw whole state of Wyoming

J.j 3/1/2009
I did some research and net 10 is owned buy tracfone wireless. I was looking at purchasing the att go phone Motorola razr and realized that it was cheaper at walmart. Then one day i went to target and got the t mobile Motorola razr for even cheaper yet. att needs to lay off there prepaid customers and put the pressure on the ones that have a contract. Prepaid phones are meant to be cheap and work as well as any other phone. i am just so disappointed that they have to do that.

Nova 2/26/2009
AT&T have aLOT of phones to choose from, more downloables, customer service is excellent, much better than what I got with T-Mobile.

Nancy 2/24/2009
I cannot begin to describe the "run-around" by these people at AT&T. The battery would not keep a charge and in order to mail me another, I was asked to give them my credit card no.? When I told them I didn't have one, I was told to give someone else's number. This is a real scam. Never, never give out your number to anyone for excange of a $20.00 replacement. Needless to say, after speaking with ten more people and getting hung up on,disconnected and transfered to ten other people, I decided I would take the loss of $30.00 balance on the phone that I could use and spread the word about how terrible they treat their customers. I will never again use their service and hope others will learn from this experience.

GotRipped 2/24/2009
I tried the ATT Go-Phone for three months and felt that I was ripped off by ATT. They would send me messages and reminders to refill and then deducted from my remaining minutes for these messages. It also deducted minutes for me to check the balance of my remaining minutes.
ATT definitely have lost my trust. I don't know if I want to even use ATT for my regular monthly cell phone plan while I am shopping for one now. The regular users should look carefully how your minutes are being charged by ATT.

ismael 2/19/2009
At&t is the best because you can chose ur own plan and features

mel 2/9/2009
The only proplem that I have with AT&T go phone is that after every call a message is sent to your phone displaying the balance. Is there a way to not let other users of your phone know your business?

Breyona 2/6/2009
at&t's go phone is okay...not the best!! not nearly the best!!! U get no service in my house-u practically have to stand on the sofa next to the window. it's sad...all the commercials say u can get service anywhere, anytime. well, they are lying!!! if u dont a a feature package, every text message is $.25--it's ridiculous. i am definitly going to switch over to alltel or u.s. cellular!!! if u want good service and good package NOT turn to at&t. that's it!!!

Cheyenne 2/5/2009
I have never heard of a cell phone company that does not charge you for texts you recieve. you can block texts if you want to, but if you dont want them blocked you are allowing people to send you messages. and you will get charged for those!

Dave 2/3/2009
The phone is great, but AT&T does everything it can to con you into buying additional time weeks before your current subscription expires. When you do that, you loose whatever you had left of your subscription because the new period starts immediately. Even when you sign up for periodic automatic billing at 30, 90, or 365 day intervals, they don't actually give you that much time because they renew your subscription before your old one expires. You loose a couple days each time.

Jon 1/23/2009
I like the service but I wish when my unlimited texting packages is about to run out, AT&T would send me a text telling my that.

Jenolichii 1/21/2009
The web site is not very helpful to someone who is trying to active a use prepaid cell phone.Your web site is redireting me from one site to another and that is very frustaiting. Whaen your main task is simply trying to active a prepaid cell phone

Larry E. 1/18/2009
I was fine w/ the Company especially the free in network calls. However the problems began w/ the $1 a day usage fees... $31/mo right off the bat was taken off my account ... How is that a good deal?

Rosalyn 1/17/2009
I HATE AT&T with a passion. Their GO-PHONE plan should GO!!! Have to add money weekly and it's about $25 each time. It's a huge rip-off. I loved U.S.Cingular and when AT&T bought them I almost cried. The service is piss poor. You will be on your phone for hours just trying to get technical help. You minutes expire, your text messaging expires and then it's .20/text message. It's absolute crap!!! I agree with Robert 100%. If you can go with Cricket or T-Mobile, do it. My boyfriend GAVE me my Samsung Slider phone and I love it or I would change in a heartbeat.

Robert 1/12/2009
I have a GO phone for my 85 year old elderly mother living in a nursing home in FL, I am in NY. Last September it came to my attention that her minutes expired and for some reason the automatic billing did not go through and $450.00 in unusd minutes expired. After several calls to ATT they gave us the minutes back with a 25% penalty on a 1 time basis. The same thing happend. On December 9th, my minutes again expired again and again my credit card did not go through on automatic billing. On both occasions I was able to use the credit card that had ben set up for automatic billing to avoid this situation. I asked them why they did not contact me vial e-mail which they have my aaddress, nor by telephone which they have a contact number to reach me. ATT claims they can only contact me via a text message to the phone. Most 85 year olds probably have no understanding of text messages. ATT use of email or phone is for solicitation purposes only not for problems I was told by ATT Customer Service. ATT must have an office that Bernie Madoff works in to steal from its cutomers because thats what they are doing!

ATT is NOT a good plan. Reception is just okay, but that is actually the best thing about them. Expensive and not good deal for "pre-paid" service and that is whether you talk a lot or even just a little bit (especially their flat monthly rates or even their per call rate with the expensive $1 a day charge!). ATT is the most scam-like regarding minutes and roll over. Expiration dates seem to change by one or two days in any given cycle (computer print outs of purchase vs. phone inquiry expiration dates)and then ATT seems to relish the fact that one second past this floating/ambiguious expiration time you lose all accumulated minutes. Also extremely unsecure. Actually had all my minutes used up by TWO SIMULTANEOUS OUTGOING calls I supposely made out of the country. Even the ATT rep couldn't explain it and had no choice but to return minutes (after a 24 hour wait!!). AVOID THEM!!!

nicole 1/10/2009
i hate att!
they are terrible!
i didn't have service anywhere and i
live in sarasota florida
(that's a big city in florida)
text messages took atleast
20 minutes to send and recieve
and then they would charge
me double the money!
so then i switched to tracfone which is great!

steve 1/9/2009
have used this at&t prepaid for about 4 problems.
only problem is the cost per min. at 25 cents per min.......
and texting at 20 just too much to handle!!!!
i am switching to t-mobile

Tony 1/6/2009
Call quality is OK in my area. ATT prepaid rates are too high, esp. txt messaging, ridiculous 20 cents in and out. Most important, ATT steals your minutes. For example, att charges you 2 minutes when your phone shows 55 second; att charges you one call even nobody picks the phone (without answering machine). Customer service sucks, every time you called, they just tell you problem will be solved, but never did. I switched to T-mobile recently, don't know their service yet. But it appears you can't check call history online, only feature I liked in att.

Walt 1/2/2009
I rarely use my GoPhone and am happy enough with the actual service. Customer support is another story entirely. First, they do their best to prevent giving out the money we're due for referrals. A referred person has thirty days to register, and ATT says verification can take forty days; right there, they make it too late to correct any problems. Trying to rectify the situation requires waiting forever on hold, and usually being shifted to another rep who may or may not know anything about the program. Finally, they send emails after the time they were supposed to approve the payouts has expired, and tell you to try again. However, the person referred, who has had the service for awhile by now, is already on their list of current customers, so can't be referred again. They deny the payment initally, and then require jumping through more hoops, which also don't work. Don't count on getting any referral money from their program. If others have had similar problems, a class-action suit might force their compliance. wojunk@yahoo

Chantay 12/30/2008
AT&T has been one headache after the other. At first I liked their reasonable packages and no strings attached GoPhones. It was convenient and pocket friendly. But as time has passed AT&T has gotten ridiculous with it's rates. I have seen the text messages go from free to 10 cent, to 15 cent to 20 cent! Not only that they charge you every time you access your voicemail. That was one of the final straws for me. I just switched back to Sprint (somewhat reluctantly) and will pay for their Simply Everything Plan, that way everything is covered. The price is worth the freedom and convenience.

Christina 12/30/2008
I've had my gophone for a year with the pay as you go plan. I havn't had problems with coverage, I'm in the California bay area. I like how you can buy the text cards for how many you want for a set price.

Liv 12/30/2008
It gets 2 stars because I have luck with the service in a variety of areas, but that's about the best it gets. I am constantly charged for all sorts of things. Like, whenever someone calls me I always am charged 10 cents for it even though I didn't answer it at all! Plus, if someone sends me a message I am right away charged a dollar for that day even if I haven't touched my phone.
I am also very unhappy in how their rates keep going up. When I first got my phone, the texting was at 5 cents per text: I could deal with that. But now, it is at 20 cents per text! And with my plan, I am unable to get a "messaging package" so I have to pay for every stupid 2 word text I receive and/or send.
AT&T Go Phone is a total rip off. I'd rather go with a plan and pay an activation fee that will stay consistent in what they promise and not be totally ripped off by some cell phone cons.

Sexy Redz 12/29/2008
Overall, I must say that I am satisfied with my ATT Go Phone and service, altjough I must admit that the charges to use the internet are a bit ridiculous and also charging a extra .50 cent delivery fee for answer tones. If I had to make a complaint, it would be about the text messaging. I don't think you should be charged for other people sending text messages to your phone. I mean you can't control when other people text you. This uses up all of your minutes, even with a package. I will be switching over to the Prepaid account that gives you minutes and extras as a plan and they automatically take your payment from a checking account or credit card. I will see how that works, if not I will switch back.

Jeff 12/22/2008
They nickle and dime you to death. They charge you to listen to your message's which is a total rip-off. They also charge you for people leaving a message on your phone, even if it's off. I changed to prepaid to save money cause I don't call people much, but they stick it to you anyway they can. ATT prepaid is nothing but a ripoff!!!! Thanks for nothing ATT!

Mary 12/19/2008
I've been a customer for a couple of years. Whenever I have needed it, I have always found customer service to be poor--difficult to access, giving wrong information, and even at times rude. Recently, because of incorrect information given to me by customer service agents, I had two breaks in service right in a row and lost over $100 in built up airtime. Though they even confirmed that they saw in the notes that I had been given incorrect information, and that they understood that was the cause for the break in service, they refused to reinstate the minutes the second time because there had been a break previously. Yes, let me repeat that--they admitted that they could see in the notes that it was totally their fault, and yet refused to make good. There are other plans just as inexpensive, and it is impossible to believe they could be worse in customer service.

C. Ella Hacher 12/16/2008

nanc 12/11/2008
I bought a prepay phone about a year ago and it worked just fine for a couple of months but within the last few times that I have added money It has taken more money than what it should I had $3.85 on time made a free phone call and seconds later I had $.38 WHAT A RIP OFF... I do not recomend this plan to any one and whatever you do DON'T BUY THE SPECIAL FEATURES!! Free nights and Weekends more like CRAP!!

kyle 12/9/2008
I Do/Don't recomend this because if you lose your phone, they dont offer any plans for inshurance for the phone. Also, they should make the voicemail calls for free, not charging me 5 dollars. Its ok for a last minute resort.

Ulysses 12/8/2008
I've had AT&T for several years after they bought out my original carrier. Then it was Cingular which had pathetic customer support. Not it's AT&T again and instead of Free2Go it's GoPhone. I have to buy $25 worth of minutes every 90 days or my minutes will expire and be lost. That comes out to $8.34/month. Not too bad. BUT when my minutes are about to expire they send me email, text messages, and block my call with a voice message that I have to listen through and then push the # key to continue to make my call. Then it charges me 50-75 cents for having to listen to their sale pitch!!! They refuse to stop blocking my calls with their message. They will not acknowledge that their message cost me money. Aside from all that the service is reasonably reliable and it's the only network what will work in my rural area. I'm looking into Net 10 but from what I've read I may just stick with AT&T. I boycotted AT&T for years because of their long distance got-congress-in-their-laps extortion policies but they took over my original cell phone company so I got stuck with them. BTW I had "AutoPay" with Cingular and every 90 days my minutes would expire and I would lose my rollover minutes. They never informed me there was any kind of problem with my credit/debit card or gave me any kind of grace period. Personally I consider AT&T to be a bunch of crooks (Cingular too) but they seem to have me by the, well, you know.

Pat 12/6/2008
I've had a go phone for about three yrs. I haven't had any major issues & the ones I've had have been taken care of by Cust. Ser. I've been reading about not having good reception, etc., I find the opposite is true. I had the cheap phone & up-graded to a Samsung & am totally satisfied.

mary t 12/5/2008
I have the AT&T Go phone for $1.00 a day and 10 cents a minutes. I have not seen those 15 cent text messages, the only ones i get are from AT&T. I only had it for a month, usually someone just leaves a voice mail, coz im not there to answer it. how do you know if the 25 cents a minute plan would be bettter if I seem to miss a lot of calls and someone just wnats to leave voice mails for me. would the 25 cents a minute be better?

k2 12/3/2008
at first lots of spam calls. got that solved but the coverage is terrible!

ryannnn... 12/2/2008
ive had a tracfone,simple freedom, tmobile, virgin mobile, and att. do not listen to ppl that do not like att. they are either mentally challenged or too stupid to work a phone. go phone is easy, relatively cheap, great service, it doesnt take an idiot to work the phones. GOD!!!!! everything else is either too expensive of difficult....

Max 12/1/2008
This is a rip off.

madisongarvin 12/1/2008
I had an at+t prepaid gophone. Needless to say, the customer service was very bad and the custmoer service representatives were rude to me. I would not recommend any gophone at all or any at+t phone

Brian 12/1/2008
This is the best! I got a Cingular Go Phone back in early 2005 and have never had a problem with the service. I've used the phone in many states including FL, MO, OH, TX and in between. Always a good signal and clear calls. Still have the same phone. I put $25 on it every 3 months.
When AT&T took over Cingular I started some of those annoying text ads from AT&T but I called customer service and they put a stop to it.

Jack 11/26/2008
The call quality is good but the rates and customer service is very poor. I am changing to another carrier because money/minutes dissappears rapidly out of my account because of a ring one scam that att will not or can not do anything about. the customer service reps are condescending and are hard to understand at times because they have strong accents

rick arnold