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What Does Your Favorite App Say About You?

There is an app for just about everything. Don’t believe me? Do a search for a random term (like cucumber) and I guarantee you’ll find SOMETHING that has to do with that in app form either for Android or iPhone. There are literally thousands (probably millions) of apps available that will do or tell you how to do just about anything. Some are free, some are not, but all of them are just waiting for you to download.

But, despite all of the potential choices, Nielson reported last year that your average user actually only used around 26 apps per month in 2014. When I read that, I had an interesting thought: If I had to choose ONE app that I could never uninstall, what would it be? And what does that say about me?

For me, it’d probably be my Facebook Messenger app. I don’t check my Facebook that much, but I have a lot of friends who use Facebook as a primary means of communication, and the app is just super convenient. But what about you? What app is your must-have app, and what does that say about you?

Check out our list below and click the link to jump to your section, or read through and then decide!

Which one are you?

You are a… Social Media Butterfly

Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media outlet, you simply couldn’t live without your social media app. The idea of uninstalling one of these apps probably  makes you laugh. How would you keep in touch with people? Why would anyone even WANT to uninstall those apps? That’s just crazy!

Social Media Butterflies are usually very friendly and likable people and enjoy not only knowing what others are doing, but sharing their lives with the digital world. You might have a million friends, or simply a small group that you are insanely close with. Either way, you’re probably the heart of your social circle, and people frequently tell you what’s going on in their lives (both good and bad) whether you ask them to or not. But you don’t mind. After all, life is all about sharing, and what better way to do that than social media?

Your motto: I Like!

You are a… Smartphone Gamer

There are gamers, and then there are smartphone gamers. Whether you’re busy swiping away at Candy Crush Saga or owning a friend at yet another Trivia Crack challenge, you simply couldn’t imagine wanting to uninstall your favorite gaming app. Life is full of dull and boring moments, like waiting in line, and games are all about fixing that, right? Who wants to be bored?

Smartphone gamers are sometimes very intense about their chosen games, and are often the first in their friend circle to try out new games. Of course, then as a gamer, it’s your role to share all of the epic discoveries with your friends. Many gamers are a little quiet in their day-to-day lives, preferring to engage with others on the gaming field. But that’s ok. You’re probably the life of the digital party, always with a new idea on something fun to do on those smartphones, and frequently drafting others to share in your fun experiences.

Your motto: Game On!

You are a… Bargain Shopper

E-Bay, Etsy, Amazon… whatever your shopping app of choice is, you simply wouldn’t want to miss out on the great deals and fantastic merchandise found through these shopping apps. Even if you don’t have money to blow, looking through all of the choices and planning out what you would do with it is a great pastime. After all, you can get some really great deals if you pay attention!

Bargain Shoppers are generally very savvy with money and have impeccable taste whether it’s fashion, home decor or anything else.  You probably give the best gifts, and you are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to use things. You’re probably a huge Pinterest fan as well and you always have the newest and coolest things. People frequently turn to you for ideas and tips on what products to use or stay away from, but you don’t mind in the slightest and you’re always ready with a suggestion!

Your motto: Never Underestimate A Sale

You are a… News Junkie

You might be a die-hard newspaper lover or maybe you simply like to keep up with news in a specific area that interests you. Either way, you read all of the articles you can get your hands on, and you always know what’s going on. In fact, you likely actively search out new content, and you the idea of not knowing what’s happening is probably both unappealing and scary. Being informed is important!

A News Junkie is the person in the know, and you’re always ready to share information on what’s happening in your News sphere and discuss new and important topics. You are very well-read and probably a little opinionated, but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts on topics. You probably think everything should be backed up with facts, and you understand the importance of world events. Sometimes, you simply don’t understand why others don’t keep better track of what’s going on, but you don’t mind updating and sharing important news with your friends. You’re the person everyone turns to for information, more likely than not.

Your motto: Stay Informed

You are a… Productivity Specialist

You are a productivity specialist if your must-have app is does things like email, to-do lists, managing other apps, or productivity tasks. You’re probably a very business-minded sort of person and whether you use your smartphone for work purposes or not, you simply couldn’t imagine functioning efficiently without these helpful apps. Smartphones are meant to make life easier, right? You definitely take advantage of that.

Productivity specialists are very goal-oriented and organized people who love being in charge and getting things done. Whether it’s related to your work or personal life, you are probably the most prepared person in the room. You love being in charge, and you have the most grounded and level head out of your social group. You love making lists and goals and others often turn to you for advice and help during difficult situations. You’re also likely a very busy individual and are constantly juggling multiple things.

Your motto: Organization is Key.

You are a… Music Lover

From Spotify to Pandora and back, music is the one thing you couldn’t imagine going without. Music is one of the most expressive means of communication, and whether you’ve got an eclectic ear or you stick to one favored genre, you simply couldn’t imagine your day without tunes. And in this day and age, why should you?

Music Lovers are often the more creative and laid-back people out of all of the types here, and they really know how to have fun. You might listen to music to help with productivity or simply to make time go by faster, but regardless you always have the best tunes and the best taste. Friends frequently ask you for new music ideas, and you’re always on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the pop culture world. Some music lovers are really into celebrity news as well, but even if you aren’t, you probably know more about your favored artists than others. You are probably always on the go, and you frequently get invited to places with friends due to your easygoing nature and fun conversations.

Your motto: Rock on!

You are a… Fitness Guru

From health apps to fitness training or GPS tracking, you are what is affectionately referred to as a ‘health nut.’ You love keeping track of your personal health and what better way to do that than with a piece of technology you always have on your person? While you could probably function without your health apps, keeping track of where you are is important to you, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Fitness Gurus are pretty intense people. Whether you’re in shape or working to get there, you’re always doing your best to stay active and on top of your game. You are probably an outdoorsy kind of person, and you’d take being active over sitting at home any day. You’re probably a more aggressive person and you love a challenge. You are probably the person behind driving your friends to try new things and challenge themselves, but they generally don’t mind. You are naturally a very charismatic person and you are very conscious of your image.

Your motto: Bring it on

So which kind of person are you? Leave me a comment in the space below and share your thoughts!