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The Problem With Smartphone Notifications


It doesn’t matter where you go. If there are people, then I can virtually guarantee that you will, within a few minutes of arriving, hear someone’s phone (maybe even your own) buzzing with an all-important notification from a beloved app demanding attention RIGHT NOW. It’s almost like an epidemic and there is little choice for escape.

If you are one of those people who finds themselves constantly interrupted by a notification on your phone, then you should take a second and read this clever article CNet published titled “My Life In Smartphone Notification Hell“.

Now, normally I don’t relink or reblog other articles–generally I figure if you are here, it’s because you want to read what we’re covering. If you wanted to read something on CNet, then you’d probably be browsing CNet, right? Well, I’m making an exception today as this article is not only humorous but points out something that dearly needs to be addressed: Smartphone notifications are annoying and I’m not just talking about the noise.

Studies have shown that humans are actually pretty terrible at multitasking, and all that notifications really do is distract everyone from what’s going on right in front of them. That constant stream of distractions and information isĀ an addiction and if you don’t believe me then try for one day to not check your phone. And I don’t mean leave it at home. It’s harder than it looks but maybe, just maybe, it’s what we need.

What do you think? Are you addicted to your notifications?