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What Does Your Smartphone Say About You?


I came across a humorous and mostly completely bogus article today talking about how smartphones are a reflection of their users. Surprisingly, people have conducted studies on this sort of stereotyping and discovered that there are certain groups of people who tend to flock to certain phones. Of course, some of the findings are not the most positive.

Here’s what some of the research (both¬†bogus and slightly more legit) indicates your phone might say about you:


iPhone OS/Phones

  • Heavy mobile users
  • extroverted
  • enjoy international travel/culture
  • enjoy luxuries, including spas and expensive clothes
  • like to play sports
  • Very social
  • Better self-image
  • Ambitious

Blackberry OS

  • Business exec
  • Make the most calls/texts
  • drink more tea and coffee
  • Eat out
  • loud
  • Cheerful

Android OS

  • Creative
  • Best cooks
  • Polite
  • Watch a lot of TV
  • Active on Social Media
  • Shy

Samsung Phones

  • Moderate users
  • conscientious and agreeable
  • open to new experiences and taking risks
  • like working
  • play video games

HTC Phones

  • less agreeable
  • don’t consider phones to be status/important
  • relaxed attitude towards work
  • impulsive
  • pragmatic

Generic Flip Phones

  • Older group
  • Don’t get out much
  • like gardening
  • Don’t care about social media


Personally, I don’t put much stock in these sorts of stereotypes. While I agree that certain phones are going to attract certain people, it seems a little ridiculous to me. But what do you think? Do the stereotypes fit you? Let me know in the comments!