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Boeing, Blackberry Work on Self-Destructing Phone


I can hear the “Mission Impossible” music playing in my head as I write this. In a conference call last Friday, BlackBerry’s CEO officially announced that they are working with Boeing on what is being called the “Boeing Black Phone.” As the ominous name suggests, this super high-tech phone is the phone that all super spies have been wanting (or maybe using) for years, and has features that James Bond would envy including the ability to self-destruct if tampered with. 

This Android based phone is pretty much the coolest phone I’ve seen in a quite a while–mostly because it looks like something James Bond or Ethan Hunt would be carrying around in their pockets (although perhaps without the conspicuous logo). This phone, in addition to the self-destruct function, uses encrypted calling, a hardware crypto engine to protect data, a root of trust for hardware to ensure authenticity, secure boot, power via batteries or solar power, advanced location tracking via GPS, biometric readings and, as if that wasn’t cool enough, it’s also modular. And I totally want one.

The video I’ve embedded below is from Boeing and refers to the phone as offering “unparalleled mission specific integration.” Do you feel like a spy yet? I kind of do just from watching that. Check it out:

In reality, because this information is available to the public, I am sure the real spies have WAY cooler tech. Details. Another, even sadder detail is that this phone probably isn’t going to be available to the public, at least not for a LONG time–if ever. It is clearly designed for government officials, contractors and other similar security-related professions and is being offered to Boeing partners as well. But, if you like to dream, you can take a peek at the product card with some more information here.

As for me, I’m gonna go watch some Bond flicks.