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5 Most Annoying Smartphone Habits


As the New Year rolls around, everyone is beginning to think about their resolutions for 2015. Well, here at Prepaid Reviews, we decided to put together a list of the top 5 most annoying smartphone habits that everyone has and everyone should, in our humble opinions, resolve to stop doing this year:

1. Taking Pictures of Food

food photo

For the sake of all that is yummy in the world, stop taking pictures of your food and just eat it! Not only does food generally not really look that great in photos, but no one really cares what your meal looks like. Twitter and Facebook will still be there if you don’t post that picture of your sandwich, I promise. So keep your phone in your pocket and enjoy your meal.

2. Talking in the Checkout line


Maybe it is because I worked in retail for years, but seeing people talking on their phones and ignoring (or even being angry with) a cashier who is just trying to give a total and change is really annoying. So this year, try and remember that your cashier is a person too, and pause your conversation for ten seconds to swipe your card and take your receipt.

3. Talking in the Bathroom


I’m not even going to touch on how weird and gross I personally find it to be talking on the cell phone while doing your business in a public bathroom. But even if you and the person on the other end of the line aren’t bothered by bodily functions, endeavor to be considerate of those around you. Just because I don’t know you doesn’t mean I am ok with you broadcasting my bowel movements as background to your conversation. It’s just plain tacky.

4. Not Checking your Autocorrect


We’ve all done this at least once, and there are some incredibly funny autocorrect fails posted around the internet thanks to phone dictionaries making odd connections (see above). But, for the sake of your relationships this year, resolve to double-check your texts to make sure that all the words are right and that it makes sense before hitting ‘send.’

5. Sending Streams of One-line texts


Last but not least, this year try to think before you hit ‘send.’ Is there more you want to say? Instead of sending four or more one line (or, god forbid, one word) text messages and making your friend’s phone buzz right out of their pocket, be considerate and try and send it in one or two messages. As a bonus, there’s a smaller chance they’ll be received out of order.

Can you think of any other annoying habits you’d like to see people stop this year? Leave a note in the comments below!