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Walmart Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Overview

Walmart is one of the most recent retail stores to offer its own prepaid line. Known as Straight Talk, this service provider aims at providing affordable month to month plans without the frills or complications of other prepaid providers. Learn more about Straight Talk before choosing to switch carriers.


Straight Talk keeps things simple by offering only three different plans, as well as three bundled plans that can save you money. The least expensive option costs $30 for 1,000 minutes and texts, and provides 30 MB of data. The most popular plan costs $45 for unlimited texts, minutes, and data. The Unlimited International Plan is set at $60 a month,and offers unlimited texts, minutes and data as well.

The bundled plans cost $130 for 90 days of unlimited service, $255 for 180 days of unlimited service, and $495 for an entire year of unlimited service. These options are best suited for individuals who do not want to save some money by purchasing several months worth of service at once.


Straight Talk offers a convenient auto-refill service that will automatically deduct the cost of your service plan from your account. With this option, you will never need to worry about your service being shut off.


Straight Talk does have a few disadvantages to its service. For starters, unused minutes do not roll over. Similar service providers offer this feature. Another major downside is that the $30 a month plan is not available for smart phones. If you want to use iPhone or Android device, you will need to purchase a $45 plan.

Overall, Straight Talk is one of the least expensive prepaid service plan providers on the market. With reliable service from Verizon and a wide selection of compatible phones to choose from, it offers plenty of benefits to its customers.