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More details on the Walmart Family Mobile plan

Last week we heard what might have been the biggest prepaid wireless announcement of the year. It’s not that Walmart Family Mobile in an intensely good plan, though it does have its merits. Rather, it’s because of the fact itself that Walmart is getting into the cellular business. Since the initial announcement we’ve heard a few more details that help clear up questions about the service. You’ll probably want to know those if you plan to purchase the service, which is available starting today, September 20.

First, after initially writing about the service I received an email from Walmart PR saying that the Walmart Family Mobile is not an MVNO. I was confused, but the rep explained that T-Mobile would handle all the billing and account information. In other words, it’s T-Mobile prepaid service with Walmart branding. Or at least that’s what I took from it. I’m not sure if this means that Walmart Family Mobile is not an MVNO, but it certainly does function differently than other MVNOs.

Boy Genius Report also filled us in on some details. Each family mobile plan can include up to five lines. Again, the first line costs $45 per month and each additional line costs $25. You can purchase WebPakTM cards for additional services, like data above the initial 100MB per line allotment. It also allows you to call internationally to 14 cities at 5 cents per minute.

As for phones, they’ll have available five phones at launch: the Nokia 1661 for $35, the Samsung t139 for $50, the Samsung t749 for $150, a device similar to the Samsung Gravity for $100, and the Motorola CLIQ XT for $250. You can also choose to activate any unlocked GSM handset for a $25 activation fee.

You can, of course, pay your bill at any Walmart store nationwide.