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Virgin to offer Android on $25 plan

Sometimes the biggest news is non-news. Last week Virgin Mobile announced the Samsung Intercept, its first Android-powered handset. Android is a powerful mobile OS, capable of major data usage. It would seem like a steal, then, to get unlimited messaging and data on that type of device for just $25 per month. Since Virgin charges an extra $10 for BlackBerry service, it seemed as though they might do the same for Android. But as notes, you’ll be able to get that unlimited service for the same $25 as you would any other non-BlackBerry handset.

The price of the handset also makes the Intercept an attractive option. Most Android handsets cost $100 to $200 on contract, so they would cost much more on prepaid. But when the Intercept becomes available at Target store it will cost just $250. That means the two-year cost of ownership is $850 plus tax. Yet even that is a bit deceptive, since there is no obligation to use the handset for two years. That’s the beauty of prepaid.

The Intercept should be available soon at Target stores.