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Virgin Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

Virgin Mobile is a small wireless service provider, yet with the no contracts or other fees associated with the larger service providers, it is an extremely desirable company to consider. If you are looking for a way to connect to the Internet through a mobile device such as your tablet or even your phone, you are able to do so through the help of a broadband connection. This broadband connection is then transformed into a wireless Internet signal, which your mobile devices are able to use. This way, you always have an Internet connection for your tablet or laptop computer, regardless of where you are. As long as there is a 3G or 4G Internet connection, you are good to go. In fact, you might be rather surprised as to exactly how fast a 4G Internet connection is on your laptop computer. You are likely to find that this connection is far faster than many of the wireless Internet connections you use at a local coffee shop, hotel or other facilities. With this being said, you need to know what the different prepaid data plans are with Virgin Mobile and how you can best utilize the services.

There are three basic plans for you through Virgin Mobile. The first is a $5 a day plan. This plan charges you a total of $5 every time you connect to the Internet and use the broadband service. This plan is fine when you don’t really need the device, but want to have it around, just in case. You have a total allotted amount of 250 MB per month, so it is not for the avid Internet user. Instead, if you usually are able to connect to the Internet, but might find yourself without such a connection every so often, this is an excellent plan for you.

The second plan option is a $25 a month plan which gives you 1.5 GB of service. While this is not going to suffice if you are a regular video streamer over the Internet, you do have a few options available to you. This might work if you need an Internet connection while you travel over the weekends and don’t want to pay what many hotels charge. With this, you can have your Internet covered and you shouldn’t run into many problems with it at all.

The third plan is a $55 a month plan. This gives you 6 GB worth of data. With 6 GB, you can do your regular works through the broadband service, and outside of regularly streaming videos or playing games, this is an excellent option for you.