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Virgin Mobile Prepaid Christmas Offers

If you want a great phone that can fit your budget, Virgin Mobile has the perfect stocking stuffer for you this Christmas. Virgin Mobile’s prepaid phone offers will blow you away. While the other big companies are trying to rope you into expensive contract plans with mysterious taxes and hidden fees, Virgin Mobile is making a big push this holiday to offer prepaid phone plans that you can afford. Unlike the competition, that offers prepaid plans on just a few of their lower end “burner phones” Virgin Mobile prepaid plans can be applied to any phone that they sell. You can buy the newest iPhone 5 and activate it with a no contract plan with minimal hassle.

There are two categories of plans that Virgin is offering this holiday season: Unlimited and PayLo programs. The main difference is that the Unlimited plans are android compatible, best for heavy smart phone users, whereas the PayLo plans are more for users who use their phone more for talk and text with occasional data use. You can get a PayLo plan for as low as $20/mo, and it will come with 400 minutes of talk but there will be additional charges for data and text use. A much better alternative is the $30 per month option, which comes with 1500 minutes, 1500 messages, and 30mb of data use. It is one of the best prepaid plans on the market. If you are interested in the unlimted plans, all of them come with unlimited text and data. The 35 dollar plan comes with 300 minutes of talk, which may work for primary smart phone users, but for $45/mo they offer 1500 minutes and unlimited minutes for $50/mo.

Virgin Mobile’s Christmas Offers for their prepaid phones are good for the rest of the holiday season, and can be the gift that keeps on giving for the entire year round.