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Virgin Mobile ends Sugar Mama

Sad news for all the Virgin Mobile users out there. It appears they’ve begun sending messages saying that Sugar Mama is no more. We started talking about Sugar Mama at Prepaid Reviews two years ago, almost to the day. For those unfamiliar, Sugar Mama was a program whereby Virgin Mobile subscribers could sign up to view ads, respond to text messages, and fill out surveys. They were compensated with free minutes. It sounded like a great program, and Virgin was going strong with it as recently as a year ago, when they launched a Facebook app. It’s unclear what happened between now and then to cause its discontinuance.

Strangely enough, Alcatel-Lucent has started a similar project, whereby mobile subscribers can earn free services when they view ads. Perhaps Virgin will go with them rather than Sugar Mama, but that doesn’t sound likely. Unfortunately, it appears we’ll have to play the waiting game in order to get an explanation.