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Virgin Mobile Drops iPhone

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iPhone sales are a pretty big deal. I mean, just look at how much trouble T-Mobile had when it was the only Tier one carrier that didn’t have the iPhone. So why a company would voluntarily stop selling an iPhone is beyond me, but it looks like that’s exactly what Virgin Mobile is doing.

I thought it was a little odd when Virgin Mobile did not stock iPhones during the holiday season, and stranger still when it announced that unlike it’s sister Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile, Virgin would not carry the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at all. Well, now, it looks like Virgin has completely dropped the iPhone from its inventory and Apple phones are no longer for sale through the Virgin Mobile website, although you can still buy accessories.

Prior to this, Virgin carried the iPhone 5s, 5c and 4s models, although “out of stock” notes on these devices has been common for the last few months. Now, the iPhone launch page is gone, and the iPhone is not listed anywhere on their “shopping” pages, although the search still lists the iPhone and an iPhone comparison chart.

I doubt that Virgin will officially announce why they’ve made this change, and all the customer service reps would tell is that they aren’t carrying iPhones any longer and didn’t have any information about future releases. BYOD is, of course, still not supported by Virgin. However, I am sure that users who currently have iPhones through Virgin Mobile will still be able to keep using the devices as normal.