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Changes coming to Virgin Mobile

Be on the lookout for some plan changes at Virgin Mobile. The site got their hands on a PDF sent to dealers, and it details the various plan changes they’re making in the near future. The most notable is what you see above, to the Beyond Talk plans. The super awesome $25 plan gets a $10 bump to $35 per month, while the $50 plan goes to $55. It’s not all that bad, considering how great the old plans were. Now they’re just good, rather than spectacular. The $30 payLo plan will also include 1,500 minutes, 1,500 messages, and 30MB of web access, but apparently that is a “limited time allowance increase.” There’s no word on when these will go into effect, but it doesn’t figure to be long. Also, two phone-related issues after the break.

First, the PDF officially states that the Motorola Triumph will drop on July 19th. We had heard that before, but not in an official-official capacity. Also, via Phone Dog, the LG Optimus Black, an Android handset, should also be making its way to Virgin once it drops later this year. It’s not quite a high-end handset, but it’s a sleek-looking device that includes a front-facing camera and a 1GHz processor. Again, there’s no word on when this will drop, but it could be a while.