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Verizon’s Prepaid Sim Card Plans

Like many cell phone companies, Verizon has expanded its range of services to include a variety of prepaid plan options. More and more customers are finding that a prepaid phone plan is much more conducive to their needs and desires concerning a phone service. And, flagship cell phone companies like Verizon has responded to this desire with plans to fit different needs and budgets. One of the most popular prepaid options is the use of a prepaid SIM card that can be loaded with credits or “minutes” to be used on a device compatible with the SIM card.

Verizon Wireless offers some of the most popular prepaid plans that currently exist on the market. In this article, we will explain and review some of Verizon’s top prepaid SIM card options and policies.

A Verizon Wireless SIM card makes it simple to only pay for the services that you use. For many people it’s not very economical to pay for a whole month’s worth of services when they don’t find themselves using much of what the service offers. For example, many people send a great deal of text messages, but speak very little on the phone. Yet, the minimum amount of minutes offered in a plan is roughly 500. Some people only use 50! It seems fruitless to be paying for a service that you’re not using. With a SIM card, you can pre-load minutes on a user-friendly card that is easy to install. Now, you will only be charged when you use your phone, instead of wasting money on a service that you rarely use. You can pay for exactly what you’re receiving.

Verizon offers reasonable rates for its prepaid phone options. It’s phones are basic, but possess all of the essential functions: phone, text, and data capabilities and aren’t too expensive. Verizon offers three different prepaid options. With the first option, the customer pays a $1.99 flat fee that includes free unlimited anytime minutes and mobile to mobile calling. If the customer wishes to use data, an additional $.99 is charged, and text messages cost $.25 apiece. A second daily plan pay-by-day plan only charges a $.99 daily access fee, but charges $.10 for anytime minutes. Finally, Verizon offers a per minute plan in which the customer is charged $.25 a minute for all phone calls, another $.20 per text message, and $.99 per day of data.

If you don’t want to sign a contract, or even pay a monthly fee, a prepaid SIM card might be just the right choice for you. Verizon Wireless’ prepaid options might not be extensive, but their basic services are a solid option for many.