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The difference between Verizon postpaid and prepaid coverage

Verizon Wireless has done a good job of marketing its services. It claims to be “America’s Most Reliable Wireless Network,” and openly displays its coverage map on TV commercials. While Verizon’s coverage claims are true for its postpaid network, it does not extend to prepaid coverage. Verizon’s network does not actually span the entire country. Instead, it covers a good portion, with gaps filled in by roaming agreements with other carriers. Verizon allows contract customers to roam in these areas free of charge, but in most cases prepaid users have to pay roaming fees. Since Verizon has its own prepaid service and a number of MVNOs, it is important to note the differences between prepaid and postpaid coverage.

This is Verizon’s postpaid coverage map.

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Verizon prepaid and their MVNOs — including Page Plus and Straight Talk — operate with this coverage map:

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If you’re planning to use Verizon prepaid or a Verizon MVNO, keep this in mind. Verizon might advertise a robust national network, and while they do provide good coverage for prepaid users, it’s not quite at the level of postpaid.

This post inspired by Howard Forums user wralford.