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Reviews of Verizon Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Verizon is an American broadband and telecommunications company based in New York City. The company has a number of mobile virtual network operators to deliver their services efficiently. Mobile virtual network operators provide mobile airtime, data services and messaging from one of the major operators and they usually offer such services at a lower price.

List of Verizon’s Mobile Network Operators:

• Affinity Cellular – this particular MNO provides services to the members of the American Automobile Association.
• Flash Wireless
• iQ Cellular – this MNO activates the 3G signal of Verizon units.
• NET10 Wireless – it also activates 3G signal of Verizon units.
• Page Plus Cellular
• Selectel Wireless – it activates the 3G signal of Verizon units except their Blackberry mobile phones. It covers Verizon’s roaming partners as well.
• Straight Talk
• Millenicom

Page Plus Cellular
This is one of the oldest Mobile Virtual Network Operators today and is being used by Verizon as well. They do not support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices, which in case urges users to be responsible for the device programming of their BYOD devices. They also allow tethering on all of their plans.

Selectel Wireless
The monthly plans that they offer are quite the same as the plans that are being offered by PagePlus. Their Flex Card, valued $10 can be utilized to pay for overage on any of their monthly plans or on their yearly plan, valued at $75. One of the best things that they provide their users is that they don’t extra charge their boice and SMS off-network roaming.

StraighTalk and NET10
They offer their own branded feature phones and smartphones. However, their phones can only be activated through their unlimited monthly plans. NET10 included off network roaming with no extra cost.

These are some of the reviews of Verizon mobile virtual network operators. Without them, you will not be able to use your Verizon devices. These companies or operators allow Verizon to provide the best services to their users. Verizon is the 2nd largest US mobile operator today and they always strive to offer their users the best services, yet they only have a few mobile virtual network operators, as you can see above. Nonetheless, they still have the one of the best services all over the US with over 117 million subscribers including their 5.4 million prepaid customers. It seems like Verizon is really the best choice for you, it’s something that will be worth every penny!