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Will Tracfone get mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising and prepaid seem to go hand in hand. Many prepaid wireless users are younger, and advertising often targets youth demographics. They’re also more receptive to advertising, and enjoy interacting on their phones. Prepaid carriers have given a valiant effort to this point, but without a sustaining success. Virgin Mobile had Sugar Mama for a while, but they discontinued it earlier this year. Since then there hasn’t been a viable replacement. There’s a chance, though, that Tracfone gives it a shot. The parent company, America Movil, is going to launch a mobile advertising platform, though it’s unknown when they plan to deploy it.

My Screen Mobile will run the platform. They’re experienced in the field. I met up with a few representatives from My Screen at CTIA a few years ago, and they sounded confident in their service. I found a few flaws while reviewing My Screen, but it appears that they’ve been addressed.

My Screen’s platform operates by displaying an ad at the end of every call. This pleases advertisers because it provides them a full-screen experience, rather than an interruption into another medium. That’s why users like it, because it doesn’t interfere with what they’re doing.

There’s no word on when we’ll see this, and whether America Movil will deploy it with Tracfone, Net10, Straight Talk, or all three.