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Tracfone introduces discount service provider Straight Talk

It looks like Tracfone is up to a new project. They already have Net10, the provider which charges 10 cents per minute all day every day, no matter what. Now we learn, from USA Today, that they will begin a new service dubbed Straight Talk. This will act in the same capacity as Net10 — a subsidiary with a different plan scheme. While Tracfone users incrementally valued pay-as-you-go cards and Net10 has a one-rate scheme, Straight Talk uses a flat monthly rate for a bundle of services.

The plan is quite attractive, actually, It includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 text and multimedia messages, 30 megabytes of data, and unlimited 411 calls for $30 per month. That’s quite the haul. USA Today reports that this will run on Verizon’s CDMA network. As we learned from Page Plus, the Verizon-Alltel merger providers a larger service area to these MVNOs.

It’s not quite unlimited, but the deal is undeniably attractive. It’s less than the Boost Unlimited plan, has nationwide CDMA coverage, and provides more than enough minutes and messages for even heavy users. The small chunk of data is a bonus, as users can browse headlines and sports scores from their handsets.

As with Tracfone and Net10, Straight Talk will not provide the best of handsets. There are two Motorola mainstays, the W385 and the RAZR V3A, plus the bland LG200. Still, it’s a great deal if you’re not a data-intensive user. Then again, it means dealing with the reputedly horrible Tracfone customer service if something goes wrong. It’s a game of balance, though, and on the plan end of that, this one is unbeatable.

You can sign up for Straight Talk at their website. We’ll have a review up shortly.