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Straight Talk adds multi-month plans

Last year Straight Talk too the prepaid sector, and the wireless industry, by storm when they offered their unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $45 per month. It’s a bit limited in what it can do data-wise, but unlimited talk and text is still a good value for $45, especially when it’s running on the Verizon primary network. This week Straight Talk took things a step further, offering three, six, and one-year plans in addition to their monthly plans. These all include unlimited voice, messaging, mobile web, and 411, and they’re still $45 per month. That’s the only downside. With the auto refill option, you can just sign up for the regular plan and keep renewing. This most benefits those who pay with cash. Instead of paying $45 each month, subscribers can make one payment and forget about it. Of course, at that point they have your money, and there are no refunds, so I’m not sure I’d recommend doing this. Still, if you’re happy with Straight Talk, you now at least have the option.