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Straight Talk adding GSM service?

One of Straight Talk‘s bragging points is that it operates on Verizon’s CDMA network. Even though this does not include the roaming agreements that Verizon’s postpaid customers enjoy, it is, with last year’s absorption of the Alltel network, a very large primary network. The only problem is that some of the markets it doesn’t hit are covered by GSM networks. According to evidence produced by Howard Forums user The Sweeper, it looks like Straight Talk could expand its offering to GSM services.

The photo comes from a promo at a Wal-Mart store, which advertises the Samsung T401G. That G on the end is for GSM. You can see on Straight Talk’s website that they have phones ending with C, for CDMA, but none with GSM. So it appears that this was caught a bit early. In fact, if you look at comment No. 3 on this thread, you can see that someone found something similar earlier in the week. Further comments show that this has been going on since as early as March. So what’s going on?

America Movil, Straight Talk’s parent company, already has an unlimited plan on a GSM network, Net10 Unlimited. The service, introduced in the summer of 2008, was discontinued at the end of last year and reintroduced just a few weeks later. Could it be headed back for the graveyard? There are no indications yet, but if Straight Talk really is starting to get more into the GSM game, it doesn’t make much sense for Movil to continue with both brands.

This is something we’ll certainly stay on top of. Straight Talk is the most talked-about prepaid service on the market right now, and a foray into GSM would represent a pretty significant move.