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Samsung R810 nearing a release on Straight Talk?

When Straight Talk debuted earlier this year, it was met with a warm reception. The pricing was right, and the company included enough services (including data and 411) to keep most users happy. In that initial marketing phase, there had been talk of the Samsung R810, but that faded a bit after a while. Now a Howard Forums user has noticed that R810 is spec sheet is on the Straight Talk website.

Many, including me, assume that this means the device is coming soon. There’s no guarantee of that, but it’s a pretty safe assumption. But why the delay? That’s an interesting question on which we can only speculate. Reading through that thread on HoFo, some people have heard that Straight Talk will offer up a third plan once they release the R810. That would help account for heavier data usages, since the R810 is more capable than any other phone in the ST lineup.

Adding a $50 unlimited everything plan could benefit Straight Talk. They recently upgraded the $45 plan to include unlimited data, but that’s for the WAP data used by most of their current handsets. The R810 would be much heavier on data. Adding what amounts to a $5 option for smartphone data would be a good move, though I wonder if it will be that cheap, or if they’ll have to go to $55 or $60. Remember, they’re running on the Verizon network, and the last thing Verizon wants is for Straight Talk to poach its customers.

We’ll probably find out more about the R810 and any new data plans during the month.