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SafeLink provides more minutes, new plans for low-income households

Not everyone can afford a cell phone, but cell phones have become a near essential part of our day to day lives. There was a study conducted in 2008 that showed the economic benefits of owning a cell phone, which can make all the difference for a low-income household. Programs like SafeLink work to provide low-income individuals and households with free cell phones and minutes so that they might take advantage and improve their situations. Previously this would provide them with a free phone and 80 minutes per month. Recently Tracfone, the company behind SafeLink, announced changes to its program in the Delaware area.

Instead of the single plan, qualified SafeLink users will now get to choose from three different plans. These include 250 monthly minutes that do not carry over, 125 rollover minutes, or 68 rollover minutes with international long distance to over 100 locations. With the first two plans text messages cost one minute, while three text messages cost one minute with the last plan. Each plan also comes a free handset from LG, Motorola, or Samsung.

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