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Prepaid Tracfone Coverage Map

The TracFone coverage map is not easy to find, many visits to the official TracFone site revealed no navigation to a coverage map. TracFone has set the website user interface for sales of selected models in designated area codes. There are secondary sources for the coverage map information, and when one finally gets there, it is impressive For basic telephone service with a low-cost Motorola model phone, a coverage guesstimate from the color-coded map appears to be well above 95% of the area of the continental U.S.

Estimated Coverage
The map has a disclaimer from TracFone that it is for customer use but not incorporated into the service agreement. Further, one can frequently not match the advanced and newer models with the coverage map list of models. There were many more models for sale than on the map list. This is a reflection of the fast-paced marketing efforts of TracFone, offering an ever-fresh array of new models and additional features. Clicking the model numbers brought up coverage maps keyed to the specifications of the model.

Coverage And Features
The least favorable ratio of no coverage white, to full coverage green was with the Android system models. These models featured 3G speeds and data plans that required broadband WiFi connections. These seemed fine in most of the big cities, east coast in particular. However, as the eye to the west the white areas far outnumbered the green. This appears to be a growth area for TracFone, which, like many other parts of their services, has grown from a beginning level in rapid increases.

Many Feature To Choose
The basic appeal of TracFone and its related brands is the no contract, pay-as-you-go, service with calling cards available online and thousands of stores. TracFone offers models that have features similar to advanced phones from major carriers; however, the speeds and reliability will depend on the model and area, and when roaming there will be additional variations. However, this is also true of the major carriers; there are pockets of poor coverage in areas they regard as well covered.

Overall, the TracFone coverage map is a terrific way to pick models and services. The value line services remain among industry leaders with low monthly expenses and user controlled total costs. To the extent that one chooses advanced features and Android platforms, the coverage maps should assist in estimating coverage.