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New phones headed to Tracfone, Net10

Some people have a knack for finding new goodies. Among them is HoFo user The_Sweeper. He always picks up things that I don’t see from other people. Most recently it was the addition of four phones to Tracfone. How did he catch this while no one else did? Instead of finding them on the basic shopping page, he found them on the activation page. Clever. These models, two LG and two Samsung for Tracfone, plus a Samsung QWERTY for Net10, aren’t quite available yet, and we don’t know a whole ton about them. What we do know is that they’re headed for these carriers, and the wait shouldn’t be long.

Judging by the pictures, which you can find in the linked post, the Samsung T155G is a basic flip phone, complemented by the T101G, a candybar model. The LG models, 420G and 320G, appear a bit more advanced, but that’s just from their shells. For all I know, they could be just as basic as the Samsung models.

The interesting phone in the bit is the Samsung R355C. I’m not sure what it will run like, but it features a full QWERTY keyboard and, unsurprisingly, somewhat resembles the Blackjack line Samsung makes. The_Sweeper says it resembles the Samsung Freeform, and a quick look at the phone bears that out. So expect a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, and expandable memory. I’m sure we’ll learn more soon, too.

Apparently, these phones hit the FCC a week and a half ago, but I don’t remember seeing any reports at the time. I only found this article when searching for these models prior to writing this post. So it looks like we’re not far from seeing these five phones hit Tracfone and Net10.