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Is Straight Talk catching on?

It seemed the industry was a bit scared when Straight Talk, the unlimited voice and text offering from Tracfone, debuted a few weeks ago. Shares of telecoms which offered similar unlimited plans temporarily plummeted, though they did recover. The fear is of a price war that might not happen. While the industry has shaken off the passing panic, Straight Talk still stands to do well. In fact, there are already positive reports coming out of at least one market.

FierceWireless references a report by Pali Research saying that Straight Talk is doing quite well in Atlanta. This is no surprise. Yet, has Tracfone implemented a marketing plan in the ATL that they haven’t in the rest of the nation? From the FierceWirless summary:

He also noted in a blog post that Wal-Mart employees seemed knowledgeable about the plan, and that they were pointing out to customers that the plan runs on Verizon’s network. Several Wal-Mart employees said the majority of their prepaid wireless sales had already shifted to Straight Talk. Piecyk said that TracFone commercials promoting the plan appeared to be playing in heavy rotation on local television stations.

It’s really no surprise that sales people know about the plan. It was probably promoted as a big winner by Wal-Mart store managers. Plus, there’s really not much to remember. Unlimited voice and text, plus 30 MB of data, for $45 per month, and it runs on the Verizon network. That’s it. I wonder if there’s as much promotion for Straight Talk’s $30 plan, which provides 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 30 MB of data. That’s the one I like.

Of course, Straight Talk catching on it’s objectively great. Remember, it’s on a six-month trial with Verizon, so if they see too much volume, the offering could get nixed. We’ll have a better idea early next year.