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Free cell phones for Tennessee families

According to a study conducted a few months ago, simply having a cell phone can improve one’s earning power. Of course, so can having consistent Internet access. The overarching point is that the more connected you are, the more opportunities you’ll be open to. The Tennessee Department of Safety, in partnership with Tracfone, is taking a step in this direction. According to WSMV Nashville, they plan to hand out cell phones to 800,000 families. So not only is this good news, but it’s a hefty helping of good news.

The main idea of this — and it makes sense, coming from the Department of Safety — is to give these families unlimited access to 911 calls. MarketWatch lets us know that the exact number of recipients is 812,807, and that they will also receive 60 free minutes per month.

The program will last for one year, at which time families will need to resubmit their information to see if they qualify for another year. The hope, I suppose, is that many families can use the cell phone as an earning tool, and will not be eligible next year.