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Kids don’t understand the big deal about texting in class

Yeah, like that’s a shocker. We direct you to a story in today’s Northwest Herald, in which a junior at Prairie Ridge High School shows complete ignorance of his actions. Apparently, he thinks it’s okay for kids to send text messages during class…because it causes less of a distraction. “It’s more of a convenience than anything else, and it’s not like you’re making a big disruption in class like picking up the phone or something.” It’s quotes like this that give us zero faith in the upcoming generation.

We’re not even 30, yet we feel like old, old men. School is for learning. Not for text messaging your friends. You’re harming yourself, because when you text in class, you’re not paying attention. You’re harming others, because they’re doing the same thing. So instead of having a class full of kids who know about the Battle of Antietam, you have a class full of kids that know that Bobby McGee farted in front of the entire class! No way! That’s hilarious!

That’s not the only problem with phones. Says Tom George, a high school dean:

“Quite frankly, with the ability to take pictures, test security becomes an issue,” George said. “We really have to be diligent about [enforcing] the policy and students not having their phones on during school.”

That is an issue, and we’re sure kids have caught onto that one, too.

Now, we understand safety concerns. Yes, it’s nice to have a cell phone on you during the day in case of any emergency. However, that should be the only use of it. But how can you regulate that? It’s tough, but remember, school existed before cell phones.

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